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Results! 2020-07-09T06:16:19+00:00close

Iowa won!....

but for who voted Unryuu or Musashi don't worry..she and Yamato will not appear in the next poll since i want to give both Unryuu and Musashi more chances.

That said, next video is on Iowa. I'm still recovering from the last video..please don't expect a flash release. thank you.


Media (1)

iowa.png (2.3MiB)

New Poll (vote for next video MC) 2020-07-07T10:21:49+00:00

Ok next video's MC's poll is now opened.

For the next video i'd like to do something short and less complicated than the last Yamato video. Also as you can see there are 2 new characters in the poll that i need to convert their model to R18. Keep that in mind when voting. Also 2 votes are allowed.


Next video character poll 2020-03-26T11:59:15+00:00

This time no clothes option.

I'll use the most needed for the video.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #6174751 - 26 Mar 20 12:00
yamato with yahagi pls
user avatar
User #19852071 - 26 Mar 20 13:31
nagato and musasi pls
Poll result 2020-01-08T20:55:34+00:00

Ok for Iowa.

She will be in her ero form. ... or something new

Comments (4)
user avatar
RMDB - 9 Jan 20 21:26
user avatar
RMDB - 9 Jan 20 21:26
..i wander why i even asked ......
user avatar
User #4429824 - 10 Jan 20 02:00
I come to your channel just to watch iowa videos ^^
user avatar
User #4429824 - 9 Jan 20 20:40
Yay! xD
Vote For next video character 2020-01-07T11:33:09+00:00

There are less choices this time cos i'm working on a new character and reworking the old ones since i think i have improved a little.

I'll post something later if i succeed

This poll is set to pubblic.

STATUS UPDATE 2019-09-05T22:39:47+00:00

i ended the video part with a total lenght of 11 mins and 42 secs.

Now i'm starting to add the audio.

I'm pretty confident to release the video this month.


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4429824 - 6 Sep 19 21:51
cool. :o 11 minutes and 42 seconds is just slightly more than half of an single anime episode, they're like at 22 minutes or so. so i'm surprised you made an single show that long xD
user avatar
User #8301897 - 6 Sep 19 00:58
11min over? It ’s a great work. I look forward to the video being completed and published.
Start working.....and working.... 2019-07-15T20:25:11+00:00

K ... aehm.. Iowa won again X-)...but..

Since my vote cancell all yours i' d say Nagato too.

Jokes aside...I've a good story plan for both..and i started working. But keep in mind double the girl double the work.

About the clothes i'll spoiler when i have something concrete in hand

Also someone may like this Link

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4429824 - 15 Jul 19 22:54
My thirst for Iowa is greater than all the water in universe can drench. :p
user avatar
User #6174751 - 16 Jul 19 04:01
yeah yahagi
NEXT VIDEO CHARACTER POLL 2019-07-14T16:02:30+00:00

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #6174751 - 14 Jul 19 16:04
maybe yamato with yahagi?
user avatar
RMDB - 14 Jul 19 16:06
I CAN. But i need time to convert yahagi to r18. I'll post here when i'll convert the model. Dunno if there is already one converted out ther
user avatar
RMDB - 14 Jul 19 16:45
anyaway probably i have a compatible body. ill try after this
Next video concept
Next video conceptmore_vert
Post file flag
Next video concept 2019-06-27T21:10:43+00:00close

mmm....i was thinking to make some country music video. Still planning how to add sex in it.

Btw just a concept

Vote for next video character 2019-06-20T10:10:10+00:00

If you want you can comment which situation or pose you would like, but keep in mind that it must be doable.


Comments (1)
user avatar
RMDB - 21 Jun 19 18:55
well....sasuga iowa-chan....maybe?
Next video character 2019-04-25T08:59:35+00:00

For the next video i'll try to add phisics (butt and belly maybe) for your chosen character

Comments (1)
user avatar
RMDB - 28 Apr 19 16:49
well. ok for Yamato. Honestly I would never have expected this .Anyways i'm working on the model.
Next video's poll results. 2019-03-25T07:22:44+00:00

Ok it seems Nagato and Iowa won again ..Lol i wander why,

Anyway since i don't want that people get bored of Nagato the next will be a Iowa video.

I may try to add Sara in the process. No promises though

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6174751 - 14 Apr 19 04:33
waiting for new YAMATO video:)
Next video character 2019-03-22T17:49:45+00:00

Poll for next character open (set to public). Keep in mind that may be a long process it may requires from 1 to 2 months.

Nagato video is up on Iwara 2019-03-20T04:22:54+00:00



Thanks you all and hope you'll like

Poll result: it will be Nagato 2019-02-20T11:56:35+00:00

Ok for Nagato, but i will not go easy on her this time :-)

Which character would you like to see in the next video? 2019-02-13T18:04:49+00:00

MINI POLL 2018-09-25T10:43:13+00:00

Which character would you like to see in the next video?

About videos 2018-05-07T19:44:33+00:00

First of all i wish to thank you all to be my patreons. It is encouraging!I'm only considering this a support page that's why thanks...really.

Second : i'm posting this to say that all my future videos will be released on iwara of course with the highest quality possible for my skills. At the end of the videos i'll release credits with names of patreons.

Hope you enjoy the next videos, but it will take a month or two.

Thx again



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