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Weekly talk 59 2020-02-18T18:36:41+00:00


Dudes.. we need to talk!

Like every week ;D


Last week was Meh, didn't did a lot, but .. it's because i forgot it was my mom's birthday (imma bad son) so i bought myself a round trip to her house and back to mine in the same day (6 h train yaaay imma good son!) And that kinda limited how many days i worked XD
So That explained, quid of next week? I'll focus on patreon rewards. Got a comic page i got to do from a long ago, several sketches. And i'll see from that what i do.

R6 siege

If you follow me for some time, you know i like the game, it's like the game i played the most the last 8 month. Started it in summer and got more than 220h on it already D=
And they released an ultra cool CGI thing about this recently. High quality, High intensity, High waify material
Jeez, i know i'm on my way to be known as a Warhammer nsfw maker, but would be that so horrible if i double up and do R6 booty piccs too D=
DAMN those asses are thick! So i decided i'm gonna do some as warm up in the coming weeks. =)

LOT of tabletop

Recently i bought myself Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition; received Pathfinder 2nd Edition, and received yesterday the reboot of the Vermine 2047 tabletop, that was one of my fav tabletop of the early 2000 that just reborn from it ashes.
So i'm extra poor, and i got more than 1000 pages of rules/lore/illustration to roam around! Lot of time of fun!
Wich one i'll start with? Vaampire indeed! When they learned i bought it, almost all my geek friends were like "ah cool..... master it D=< "
Aaaaand i kinda love the direction they took, lore and rule wise so far. Impatient to finish it and start ploting ;D

And that's about it, thanks for the support again ghuys!

Remember if you're a patreon with active pledge to come to the discord time to time, we share, speak and have fun with the lil community there =3

thanks again, and see ya next week!

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #2371444 - 20 Feb 20 16:01
hmm sounds intriguing.
user avatar
User #2371444 - 19 Feb 20 15:31
They have a 5th edition of Vampier Vampire the Masquerade!? I usually just play 5e D&D mostly home-brew stuff I love the character options you can build in pathfinder but the math and combat system is to much for me to handle in game lol.
user avatar
darkminou - 19 Feb 20 21:52
Yeah! And it's super nice (the new vampire)! It's the following, the Gehenna started but, as they say, it's a vampire end of time.. so.. it might at least take literraly Hundreds of years to just wake for good. On the same time CIA/fbi and all agency started to track vampire. So Sabbat is dead, Camarilla is crumbling, Anarch are quite powerfull, and there's so many thin blood they're becoming and official clan in some cities. The empahsis on the struggle to try to stay human never been so big. they lighten a lot the combat stuff and all and put it all on the "try not to become a beast" part
user avatar
User #701708 - 18 Feb 20 19:13
Double dip into RB6 booty
user avatar
darkminou - 18 Feb 20 21:14
let's plant there
Ectonurite girl
Ectonurite girlmore_vert
Ectonurite girl 2020-02-15T05:40:55+00:00close

Was a commission of char design, a female of the Ectonurite species, from Ben10 show.

TBH never watched the thing, all i know come from the porn we found on the internet D= (wich is enough to know i guess). So what i learned is the Ectonurite are sort of Alien that look like ghost.

Girls don't get a name so far, anyway here is a sexy creepy monster. hope you'll like folks!

As usual all wips in attachments!

Media (1)

tyranus1ld.jpg (273.9KiB)

Attachments (5)

tyranus1ld.jpg (273.9KiB)
tyranus1.jpg (1.5MiB)
tyranus1wip 3.jpg (2.0MiB)
tyranus1wip 1.jpg (2.3MiB)
tyranus1wip 2.jpg (2.3MiB)

Weekly talk 58 2020-02-12T01:02:40+00:00

Hooy Another week another talk!

What's new in darkminou's life?

Here it is:


Last week i finished 2 big full color and provided a lot of quick sketch for the amusement of everyone, so even if it wasn't what i planned i'm quite happy with the result. This week ll start to work on page 5 of takan twin comics, and try to do one or two commission. I'll work on tentacle Trouble part 2 next week!

Big fucking pic:

Some years ago, i sometimes spent 1 or 2 weeks on one of the patreon monthly pic, adding details over and over, burning 40 to 60 hours on one... Aaaand i stopped. For two reasons. First, i get better, and what took me 10 hours then take me 3to 2 now. (leveling)
Second, most peoples don't really notice the quality in a pic. They see if a thing is well drawns, or realist, but when it goes further than realism, it's harder for them to see. So, when you have choice to do, or a big pic, or 10 sketch, most peoples ll get the 10 sketchs.
Well, not EVERYONE, but most. So i still like to spend for myself, 40 hours on a draw, the type that make my computer yell at me "I LL FUCKIN CRASH IF YOU ADD ONE MORE LAYER!! ASSHOLE!"
But exept of commission and sometimes me indulging myself it happen less.
Why i say that? Well i just tough about it recently, and fuck it it's my week talk so i talk D=<
Anyway, thanks you all for the support on my messy and good looking pieces =D
So to celebrate the big picture..

Big project:

I'll now select 3 days each month to work on my next big project. You saw some images for now. I want to advance fast, at least fast enough to make the part of it show more =D
I'm still at design part, so many assets ll change a lot, don't hesitate to give me feedback about it, even more if it's a commented one, like "ah this here seems weird".
I promess myself not to talk much of it till it's not launch for true, but the one that know me must know what i'm planning, soo, next month next news!

House breaking:

As you know, been robbed, in my house, seems i'm out of the whole Insurance and police administrative shit that follow up. Seems my insurance isn't so unwilling to pay me back at least a part of the cost involved. So Should be resolved for good in the coming weeks. And that is a true blessing. There's few stuff i dislike more than dealing with administrative stuff XD

And that's about it!

Thanks again if you read so far!

And thanks for the support guys!


tower design
tower designmore_vert
Post file flag
tower design 2020-02-06T08:13:00+00:00close

did the first three based on other draw or design or concept i saw, and kinda mixedthe 3 for the final part, using all i prefered in the others

It still nbee work, but getting closer!

Media (1)

tower_1.jpg (1.1MiB)

Weekly Talk 57 2020-02-05T14:06:09+00:00

Hi! What's up folks?

Sooo what this week? Well first i'll work on one of the past monthly pic! Then i'll work on p5 of TakanTwin comics and certainly do a commission or sketch reward or two in the mean times!
I'll be a bit busy irl due to the house invasion i suffered recently, so i prefer not to put too much weight on my shoulders this week. In case i don't deliver much, here is a pair of bouncing ...pair, all in Family friendly scope

Miyazaki's time!

On Netflix France they started to release a lot of Ghibli's studio anime! Started to watch them, and rewatch them too. I started with Porco Rosso, wich is the first one i ever saw, and certainly my favorite.
In French he was dubbed by Jean Reno himself, and i was quite surprised to hear he japanese actor, cause his voice really sound the same! Anyway all to say, don't be surprise if i sketch a things or two related!

Back to the Vermintide

Recently with friends we head back to the ruins of Ubersreik and restarted playin Vermintide2. I saw it was under sold recently, the game can be really hard and technic some times, so if you wanna lvl up and need help of old chum on the game, don't hesitate to give me a bump once you bought it. Would be my pleasure to show you the ropes!

Ancilla redesign
Ancilla redesignmore_vert
Post file flag
Ancilla redesign 2020-02-05T13:50:52+00:00close

Ancilla was an old char i used for Tumblr and was based on my Ex....

So i kinda stop using her when we broke up for obvious reason X)
Time to rebirht for a new secret project, once i got more stuff to show i'll unveil it!

Media (1)

ancilla_1.jpg (1.9MiB)

Discords problems 2020-02-03T15:21:14+00:00

Well, maybe you've heard.

There is some problem, on patreon side, with the bot that distribute roles on discords.

Lot off people are complaining, so i think they ll fix it as fast as they can

But wanted to share, in case you don't have access to the discore anymore

Following, some Friendly Family content to make your day brighter

not dead yet, maybe some complication 2020-02-03T05:34:33+00:00

Yoh! not dead yet!

Still working on sister jeanne next episode, shouldd be done soon i got the photoshop open and the line is 4/5 done (only one char to finish and it's the easyest onei let for the end ^^)

BUT, if you were on the discord you knew, i've been robbed!. in my house!

Someone broke in yesterday, while i was watching a movie on my room, and my roomate had let open one of the windows in the living room. I went to the room later and several things went missing. mean we send Police report and insurance one, but cause it was Sunday, means we ll have to go to the police station, then to insurance HQ, etc etc. ll take time, and honnestly i'm a bit pissed off!

Anyway i'm safe, every thing is fine, but ll take a bit of my time.

Recently i had.. not really a burn out, more a decrease of motivation, due to different things that happened IRL. Some happening in France for exemple. The whole drawer/writter/artist profession took several hit as there was several mistake made by the administration that calculate out taxes and retirement fond, and we discovered that our money ll never be used for our retirement (first slap) cause they just.. used t for other things. But that we need to keep paying cause it's the law, and that we're cut of some of government help, but at same moment we have to pay extra fee..

I won't give up tough! Just, hard to keep faith in the job in this country :/
Anyway, some of the new you told me "whoa you post a lot" but, it's not my apex . i could do more, and i should do!

So i'll manage to kick my ass a bit more!

But due to this whole police stuff, might be a bit late to deliver other stuff for the next weeks, just wanted to notify that!

Thanks again for your support guys! =)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2682197 - 3 Feb 20 18:13
Merde mec, all we want to do is sit in our hovels not bothering anybody and draw cartoons having sex with other cartoons. But the world at large just can't leave us alone, such a shame....
user avatar
darkminou - 3 Feb 20 18:24
It's ok, i got a plan. I'll buy a Large large box and a wooden stick! I put a XboxOne into it, and i instal the whole in my living room! If the guy get back i'm 100% to caught him. Anyway, thanks man =)
Weekly talk 56 2020-01-28T22:42:21+00:00

Hoy, how re you folks?


LATE! Again! i know. Almost finished the comics page about monster Hunter World, should be done by the morning, after i'll work on the Siter jeanne long awaited new Episode with Tyranids!(YAaaay)
Then i'll work a bit (at least a day or two) on my new personal project, and then.. i'll see if i got more time, but next should be a new commission and a Monthly pic done, but that should be next week! But well, i prepare! i plan! This is how you win war!

Lot of you folks!

Seems a lot of you came recently in this humble portion of internet, so, thanks you all and welcome in my patreon! I hope you'll find what you seek around here, and please excuse in advance my poor english and my grumpy nature.

Lot of Warhammer:

Recently i started to see more and more warhammer porn on the hentai part. There's a lot of friends of mines, and other drawers drawing demonette, and other sister of battles, and a Hello morathi fan art!
Kinda cool, i just hope it won't push aside some new peoples that would have ended discovering my own art \o/. But joke aside, it's great to see that slaneesh manage to conqueer more part of the mortal lands!

That's all, yes most of time i talk of games i play or the last show i was watchin, but not so much new on that side those last days, so, just good ol good bye

and c you next week!

Weekly talk 55 2020-01-22T10:54:14+00:00


i forgot the weekly talk!


Bad minet! BAD!

Ok let's start then:


Last week was kinda weird, the comics page took me way more time than expected, but in the end wasn't 100% sure of it, for the 2020 pic, need to do a quick edit (forgot the OC tatoo on left arm), then what?
For the week to come it ll start with a pic that ll end in patreon's dropbox, cause i'm quite sure Patreon won't be fan of it (watch the discord to see it wip, if you don't i'll send the mess with the link to the dropbox later). Should take me several days, then i'll start to work on new CYOA episode of Sister Jeanne. From that point, i got a personal project i want to work on, so i'll spend the rest of the week over it. I Think you might like it folks!

Warhammer projects ideas:

I got several ideas of lewdness in the world of Warhammer. So, told myself i'm gonna land them around and see if you peoples like some of them. After all last time someone proposed me to pay to make one real X)
One was already pitched, the life of a dwarf Slayer, on it way to powerfuck anything that is in the land. how is it? Well the slayer king, sending him to the world used the word "Find them and Fuckt the hell of them!" aaaand he took it literal...
Another would be kinda cute/creepy. About a high elve magic apprentice falling into the end of a Matriarch Dark elve, that would corrupt her. Turning it in a creepy lesbian BDSM relation, ending with the High elves, deeply in love and need of approval of her dominant. Quite fucked up, but interesting (and 100% lore accurate ;D )
For 40k, i would love to continue the adventure of our Dark eldar wife. I would like to see her interacting with some T'Au scientist, a sexy blue weeb gurl. Who would certainly discovre the love in the Imperium by Ogryn dicking! Would end with half the species of the galaxy in the guys harem! X)


Played a lot latelly to the new DLC of the game FROSTPUNK. Kinda cool, and there's a sort of sexy explorer girl involved in it this time =D Well.. maybe not sexy, let's say cute at least! The new scenario is kinda good. i liked how it switched the usual rythm of the game. But i'm far from mastering it.
Exept of that i keep roaming around on R6 siege, enjoyin the new maps and the fact that i think i found my FPS. i mean, for once i end most of game with or the head of the team or the middle in term of point. Plus i like the girls bum in the game! i mean SPANDEX! Still gonna rethrow the invitation, if any of you folks wanna come and play it with me at the occasion =D

and that's about it! thanks for following me/filling me MONEY

You're all awesome! and i hope i'll keep doing quality content you all like! =3

Weekly Talk 54 2020-01-14T18:00:27+00:00

BONG! new weekly talk


Rhaaa, i really tough that i could finish the two pages before the end of the day, but i doubt that i would be able to finish the line of page 2 in time. Page one just need some B/W effect to be done, so shouldn't take more than tomorow (i hope) to finish those two pages. But in the end this comics entrance been more complicated to draw that what i initialy planned.
Well at least it's soon to be done. Then what next? One page commission comics is to come, i'll try to finish it before the end of the week end.
And after this one, time for the Tyranids to continue their ploting with Sister Jeanne. I Highly doubt that exept of those two project, and maybe some warm up, i'll be able to do much more this week. But well, ll mean (if i succeed), 3 pages of comics, not like if i was sleeping on my past succes right?

Warm up;

Before i used to open a thread each month so people could lend ideas. Not the type like a request or a commission, could be pictures of some characters, ideas of quick stuff to sketch etc etc, the type of things i could draw as warm up before a day of work. Recently i tough about restarting, but told myself "you do this weekly talk each week, better giving it a use!"
So now (i'll repeat it each week) if you wanna drop ideas/images/ref of chars and stuff, it might give me some ideas for the future warms up. Just, try to avoid OC and complex stuff, the OC because, well i would just do exercice, and won(t care about your char universe/story/background etc etc, and i prefer not to have to deal with someone un happy of how i handled his char. And the second cause, i rarely spend more than 40 minute on a warm up, so complew stuff won't do it.
That said, don't hesitate to drop some stuff, if you wanna.


Recently i received a massive payment for a commission that ll come soon, so i could gift myself something i wanted for long, Tropico 6. I played it a bit, and i kinda miss the whole campaign mode that was before. Then you had an island, then switched 4 or 5 times, and then get back to the first, at the point you had dropped them, sometimes to change it all. "AH you had made a Tourist paradise? Now turn this Island in the center of a powerfull industry!"
Tough, it's still a fun game, they made some adds that are cool, and it's still a pleasure to play a benevolent ruler that never send opponents into dungeons to be tortured for days, before executing all their relatives! NEVER!

Anyway, not much to say for this week, thanks again for your continue support, and see you soon!

weekly talk 53 2020-01-08T01:56:52+00:00

So far so good, seems no one is dead yet!


Gonna finish the elf pic commission, then working on a patreon reward. Then the rest of the week ll be me working on first chapter of Tentacle Trouble, the new CYOA comics. Should be two pages, with a guest! =D
If i finished it by monday i'll start working on a one page comics commission!

Weeb stuff:

I like anime, not like a super Weeb guy, i mean, i like to watch some, even if most super cliche type just bore me super quickly. But recently my borther show me some on Netflix, and as i was sick as hell last week i binge watched one or two show. Including Overlord and Carole and Tuesday. So as i didn't knew what else i would talk about why not those two.

Overlord: Kinda liked it, animation is good, sometimes it's even really really good, like in some fights. But i hope the overlord ll find adversaries that can destroy his minions or stand against him in efficient way at a point, cause if not it could become quite boring in the end. The openings were all fuckin great tough, the type you listen out of the show.
To resume for those who didn't saw it. it's a "i'm trapped into a game" type base story. Exept the npc start living and having true reaction and all, and the world change, it's not the world he used to know. Plus the Player is overpowered and as a Lich don't feel anything for human life anymore.
So it's a bit a "Doctor Sauron or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Darkmagic" stuff, with anime waifus

Carole and Tuesday: Is an anime by the guy who did Samourai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop and some more funky stuff. The music are good, the characters well written, and in the end you really care for the girls and hope they'll be able to live from their music. Certainly my favorite show of early 2020!
To resume: it's anticipation type. In the future, Mars been colonized for 50 years now. We follow 2 young girls, differents, from differents settings and lifes, that share a same passion for music. They ll band together and try to find a way to make it a living. It tells a bit all the beginners shit you encounter as an artist when you start, the struggle to make it a living, the scams, how you meet peoples and start building friendships, etc etc.
BTW the album is on spotify, it's a good one! If all song ain't super good, a lot are the type you'll whistle while doing something else

And that ll be all, i didn't had a lot to say this week XD

Sorry if that bored you i talked about some Anime shit, i won't do it anymore promise D= (exept if you guys are interested by such things)

Thanks again for your support, and see ya next week!

New year 2020-01-01T05:23:49+00:00

Just to wish you all an HAPPY New YEAR!

Weekly Talk52 2019-12-31T04:48:29+00:00

One Year! It's been 1 year since i decided to get back to serious business and make it a living of my passion. Won't lie, been rough sometimes, but even if it stop this year (wich i don't plan, but well, life is a bitch sometimes) i would be super proud of doing it for a time!

And that for a big part thanks to you guys! Well, for now this patreon don't make enough to live only of it. But it's more the support of this tiny community, all the word to encourage myself that keep me in line when i feel lazy, or when i doubt! So keep the good work ! =D

So this weekly talk ll be a bit different than the usual, because new year eve and stuff, so instead of the usual planning for next week, let's see some of the stuff i wanna do this year!


  • I did get back to comics this year, and i plan to continue! Around february/march i wanna launch a project for Resident Breeding 2. i already proposed a first scenario, but it was a quicki and i'll certainly change it till then. Last time was mostly the client and me, this time would be my comics concept and idea, and seeking people to finance it .

  • That said, I'll work on the comics CYOA about tentacles and my OC, Maybe ll it be shorter than i planned at first, cause i get some others idea, but at least i plan for a 3 to 5 part one, each with 1 to 3 pages. First episode should be released mid january!

  • The other CYOA, about sister Jeanne should come even sooner, so smile w40k fans! =)

  • This year if i find time for it, i would like to start working on a comics i'm thinking of for nearly 5 years. Would be short episode comics at first, like a 2 p or 3 p stuff. Sometimes sexy, sometimes silly. And if i see you guys like, maybe more =)
  • I think also about proposing something new this year in the monthly sketch pole. Would be fake fantasy creature "sexual habits". Like a book about "how and why the forest troll mate with more tiny creature" or "Habbit of reproduction of tentacles creatures"
    In the past some peoples seemed interested by fake fantasy lore books, so i tough i could give it a try :) Indeed would be other choices, so if you guys don't want it you'll just have to vote something else.

Change to come:

There's another change to come soon. Soon i'll open a new role at 6$. What ll it be? Well it's quite simple, this role ll have the same reward as 3$, so vote right. but also ll have the right, twice a month to drop request of pics for me to draw. Twice a month i would host a private for patreon only 3 h stream, and while on this stream, pick and draw those request. If there's not a lot of request, well increase your chance to be picked. I dunno if i would make it on aleatory choice, or if i would pick ideas depending if it please me, or like , if i didnt picked yours last month, would this one.
Indeed i would try to do as much as possible of them, meaning a lot would be quite sketchy, but it's still a request pic. I talked about it to some of you folks and you were quite open to the idea. So i ll open it soon for 2 month,and see at March if i keep it or not =)
Another change, i'll rename the reward and remake the little draw to goes with. I'm still unsure about the think but i assure you it should be cute and (i hope) funny =)

And that's about it.

I hope it ll be a good new year for everyone of us.

Thanks to all of you to following me so far

And to not end with the hobbos

Come with me to the new year and more boobs physics!

See ya next year!

it's a meh
it's a mehmore_vert
Post file flag
it's a meh 2019-12-31T00:19:36+00:00close

Because he is the strong brother!

Media (1)

it_s_a_mehv2.jpg (284.6KiB)

overquick luigi
overquick luigimore_vert
Post file flag
overquick luigi 2019-12-30T04:33:27+00:00close

Cause honnestly, his music theme is way more epic than all the other nintendo chars

anyway was a day warm up

Media (1)

whoyougonnacall.jpg (186.0KiB)

Post file flag
FAN 2019-12-29T19:38:25+00:00close

old silly comics i did some years ago about a fan stepping a bit too much on privacy

Media (5)

le_fan_1.jpg (347.1KiB)
le_fan_3.jpg (572.9KiB)
le_fan_2.jpg (384.6KiB)
le_fan_4.jpg (478.8KiB)
le_fan_5.jpg (716.4KiB)

Weekly talk 51 2019-12-24T16:00:03+00:00

So here we are!



When i come back i'll finish the takan twin page first, only the color to add and it ll be done! Then i got a commission i wanna end. And if i got time i'll start sketchin the next cyoa pages! As there's now 2 cyoa at the same time, i'll take my time and not rush myself on this one, leaving it at 1 couple of page per month, with 5 episode, should make a 10 page comics in the end, Easy peasy.


I wrotte this from the past! cause i did before christmas and programmed it! But it's the good day! I hope no one is alone out there D=. Because, ok it's a highly merchandise and corporatist trademarked celebration. But it's also an occasion to share, in the heart of winter. And no one should spend a long night totally alone in this cold month.
I wish you all a merry christmas =D


Gonna make some sexy draw while the week goes, on traditional, but i won't be able to share them here at first time, so go in the discord to watch them before i come back =3

that's all, thanks again for your support guys!

You're the best!

and C ya soon!

Christmas 2019
Christmas 2019more_vert
Post file flag
Christmas 2019 2019-12-22T06:43:53+00:00close

Aaand here it is

Minou Nerdy and Gothy wish you a merry christmas =)

I'll be back in some days!

See you soon!

Media (1)

christmas_2019.jpg (2.8MiB)

Weekly Talk 50 2019-12-17T20:20:08+00:00

Hooy Wassup everyone?


Again a bit mixed this week. on one hand i finished several pieces and started everything i wanted done, but on the other hand i didn't finished the comic page in time.
So this week sheldule ll be simple, finishe the comic page, do the holliday special pic.
Also a little surprise. You all saw the new series about sister Jeanne and Sister Alicia (the name of the second taller sister). We talked about the commissioner, and he wasn't sure what should be next part, so we decided... this serie ll be a CYOA!
I'll host first vote tomorow, so again this time you'll have not one but 2 CYOA at the same time =3 But be sure, the plot is the number one priority in this new serie!


I'm going to my family several day! I go Sunday in the morning, and get back next Friday if everything goes like planned.
But i should be able to lend a weekly talk on date (using magic tricks like programing post date XD ). I hope you'll all be able to see relatives/friends/peoples for the date. I'll make sure i lay to you all at least one message for the occasion =3

Toys that made us:

Speaking of things i do recently, i started a show call "Toys that made us" on Netflix. It's a good documentary serie, quite fun and about toys and toy industry. It's funny, but at the time terrific how much this sound and look like a fuckin blood bath to step in. no one make gift in the toy industry, and only the fierce warriors and more deadly brand can make it!
But honnestly, i'm not a super duper toy fan, but i keep being stunned how interesting and cool all those stories are.
A must watch for sure =)

That's all for now!

Thanks again for your patronnage all of you! and see you soon!

Weekly talk 49 2019-12-10T18:42:43+00:00

Aaand a new Weekly talk coming out! All for you folks!


I won't lie, i didn't worked as much as i expected last week, and it's 100% because i get myself sucked on playin Phoenix Point.
Even with so many hours i stil didn't finished the game yet D=
It's quite massive honnestly, even if i feel i'm getting closer to the end now.
Anyway, i finished part of what i wanted, but i expected to finish more. So this week what to expect? First another pic of 40k luv, sketch is done, need to clean up a bit and color. It ll be the first part of a new commissioned series! =)
Then i'll (at last) work on takan twin comics p4, and maybe do one or two more commission. Next CYOA ll be done next week, with the special christmas pic
Anyway, long road ahead, let's embark on the boobyTrain

Movies that made us:

If you follow me for some time, you maybe know that i'm a huge cinephile. And that i love to read and watch stuff about cinema as much maybe as i love a good movie; so i was kinda happy with this documentary serie "Movies that made us".
It's kinda short, but really interesting. Each time they take a movie that is a massive culture part of that time (like dirty dancing or Die Hard) and explain the problems that made it almost not being made, etc etc. It's quite cool, and incorporate a lot of interview by staff and actors of the movies.
They also made a serie of documentary about toys, that i might take a look at to.

Next monthly pic and talky talking:

Next one i'm gonna work on is a pic for Gothy and Nerdy, i already got the idea, won't be a real comics, more a two panel things, but i think that would be sexy And funny.
It's fun to see that my 3 principal trait as a drawer are Porn, Horror and Humor. I like to draw scary or gross looking monsters in horrific settings, but as i love to pun a good pun or somethign that ll bring a smile while someone fap to my stuff.
That explain certainly why i do so much warhammer.. The universe is kinda cheesy as fuck, and you can draw really stupid looking stuff in it, but also some horific vibes. And there's a porn god, so, the third wheel of my Lewd machine is set up naturaly in!
All to say, seems lot of you guys get sucked in by my warhammer stuff, so there's big chance i get back to it soon (well i already spit the bean about a new commish series being started already...)

Anyway, thanks for reading again

C ya soon!

Indri-nosaurus 2019-12-07T22:41:04+00:00close

A cute comish for once, made for my friend Indriya.

Tooook long enough, 5 month to finish, between me forgoting i hadn't finished it, Indry not sure of the color.. took time. Funny thing, im not even sure if this color ll stay in the end, so if in this week i repost it with color changes, don't be surprised!

BTW indry mentioned she would maybe use it to sell print on mugs or t-shirt if she see enough of her fan interested. If she does so i'll post the link to it here =)

as usual, all wips and version in attached piece

Media (3)

indri_01_icon.png (780.1KiB)
proto_1sml.jpg (359.5KiB)
proto_1sml.png (876.4KiB)

Attachments (15)

indri 01 icon.png (780.1KiB)
proto 1sml.jpg (359.5KiB)
proto 1.jpg (2.7MiB)
proto 1sml.png (876.4KiB)
proto 1.png (11.5MiB)
indri 01wip5v4.jpg (2.4MiB)
indri 01wip5v2.jpg (2.1MiB)
indri 01wip5v3.jpg (2.2MiB)
indri 01wip5.jpg (2.2MiB)
indri 01wip4v2.jpg (1.8MiB)
indri 01wip4.jpg (1.6MiB)
indri 01wip3.jpg (2.1MiB)
indri 01wip2v2.jpg (2.4MiB)
indri 01wip2.jpg (2.3MiB)
indri 01wip.jpg (1.6MiB)

weekly talk 48 2019-12-04T19:10:58+00:00

Aaand another week, another talk!

So first, it's not tuesday, it's just yesterday i totally forgot it :/

For the new peoples here, each week i tell what i think i'll work on, and some recent stuff on my life, so if interested about what is going to be posted, read the first part, then go back to your normal life =D


So finally i completed 3 commission on the week, and started the Kerillian small comic page. I think i'll finish this one first, then work on p4 of the Takan Twin comics (long due) from this point i m not sure if i'll have enough time to start another biggie. Maybe more working on some sketch comish. I wanted also to practice a bit about Bewbs physics. mean the squishy part, so if i take myself an afternoon for that, be sure i'll drop the result here =3
I think the next cyoa should be next week. And i ll certainly do it in B/w this time!

Phoenix Point

So it's on, the game i wanted for is released and i played it a bit already. It's really good. A few bug still in the package, but not as much as Xcom2 when it comes out X)
For those who dunno, it's a mix of tactical game and a gestion game. You do turn based combat when in a battle, And must take direction of a series of bases and event on the world scale.
In the game you fight a sort of virus that make people muting into Crab Peoples. Indeed there's a bit of Cthulhu based lore under that.
Anyway, good game!

Christmas coming:

As Christmas is coming closer, i think i'll propose a vote about my Christmas pic of the year next week. This way next one, i do it, and it should be ready for the big day! (for once)
I wanna something simple (wich is what i say EVERYTIME before going to super complex stuff). Anyway vote ll be on soon =3
I'll also take a week to go see my familly around the 20, i dunno when i'll leave yet. The week before i'll let you know

And that's about it!

Thanks for one more month of your patronage each of you!
And C ya next week, on time this time!

NEXT CYOA 2019-11-28T22:01:37+00:00

So the vote are closed, was short, with the two warhammer scenarios loosing at one point of difference, and the Tentacles winning.

I already got the scenario for first episode. Might be a 2 or 3 pages one, maybe more two, but can change if i see in the end that it pack the pages too much.

What expect of it? Well i plan to make it a several episodes 5 or 6. At each episodes the tentacle monster ll short the distance with our Heroin. The option won't be this time about how it fuck her, but WHO she throw at it to slow the creature.

So each episode, there ll be guest, OC of mines, and references to pop culture. Each time it ll also put Viktoria on another path, and give her a chance to escape, or to get caught D=

The whole ll be kinda silly in the scenario, so expect a lot of comics relief and slapstick humor.

Also, it might be in B/w greyscale. Why? Well i never worked this way for a comics longer than a couple of pages, and i wanna try it, see if it's faster to work this way for me. As there ll be a lot of characters, i hope it ll.

I ll certainly start working in the first episode in 2 weeks! It give me time to work on commission this way.

Weekly talk 47 2019-11-26T22:23:33+00:00

Hello, yes it's 47!

So what new?


I took more time than expected on the two pages of the Sister Jeanne comics ending, but i think you guys enjoyed it, so it must be ok. Also i ll finish the Rowena pic later, the client decided he didn't care anymore and i had other clients waiting, so i worked on them =)
This week, i'll work on the pokegirl pic color, Maybe do one of the Rowena pic left, another commission and finaly starting to work on next page of TakanTwins comics (this one ll involve an amputee cyborg girl and tentacles =D)


The next CYOA vote is almost done, it's close but i don't think we ll see more Warhammer this time, as most people prefer the Slapstick comedy and tentacles of a Pirate adventure.
For those fans of W40k pic, don't go, i got a project of sketch series commissioned by one of you, involving a lot of Sister of battles and some dirty Xenos ;D
Well it could still change tough, we ll see in 12 hours. I think i might attack it next week. I still dunno if i do it in color or in sepia. Maybe more the second, would take way less time to do, and give me more time to work on the number of page.
First episode ll be more setting the pace, but Lewds ll come right at the second episode, like real lewd, not just a pair of tits jiggling in the corner of the picture. I'll certainly use friends OC and refs in the comic, so if you got OC of your own you want to propose drop me a link with a ref. I might use it if i need it or find a role for it =D


Finished Dead in Vinland lately. Liked the game, but in the end it involve a lot of combat, and as i said before, the whole combat game mechanic is really not the best part of the game.
I'm mostly waiting for the Phoenix Point game, that land next week. I hope to make some bucks so i can buy it till then XD. For those who dunno it, it's a sort of Xcom game, understand you manage a base/organisation, and when combat happen, you use a team of agent in turn based mechanic. If they die, they're dead for good, and you must recruit a new one.
The Phoenix Point game involve a lot of Lovecraftian type monster. I'm sure i might propose some dirty things based on it D=

And that's about it!

Thanks again for your support guys!

Means a lot =D

Weekly talk 46 2019-11-19T16:00:08+00:00

Hii! and here we are for a new week talk!


Almost finished all the stuff i had planned to last week, exept the Kerillian short comics, but i took another quick comish and had no time after.
This week i'll start by finishing the sister Jeanne and the demons, already started to rough it. Would be 2 pages this time. Instead of lot of action ll be a bit less massive in content, but ll give some breath to my pages.
After, what next? I Want to finish the Ramona series. Been too long since i started it, there's only 3 pieces left, so i'll try to finish it this week. 3 Big sketch with multiples characters, but should be ok!
The Kerillian one page comics ll have to be pushed to next week, and then i'll get back to a more regular production of commission. AND the new CYOA indeed!

Here it is for the planning!

La Cucaracha, La cucarachaaa

So, recently i discovered a small game that sound promising. The demo is for now Extra limited, and honnestly there's various artist and the level ain't super good for all of them. But in the concept it's quite fun.
To resume you're an Orc, in a shadowrun type society (understand futuristic world with fantasy creatures such as orc elves etc etc) And one day you receive a masochist elf sex slave and a club as heritage.
Game would be a management game involving sex slavery and SM, all consensual. Seems good, so if interested, go drop an eye. And who know, the guy seems to like my arts, maybe you'll find some of mine in the game one day X) (i give the link this way cause there's a massive bugs with patreon about links recently):


The discord is ALIIIVE:

Just wanted to tell that recently, with all of the new guys, the discord start to live for good, and it's quite greate to be able to exchange with my community this way. So just wanted to say thanks for the support folks!
Mean a lot! =)

And that's about it! Thanks for reading and c ya soon!

Horny meme jar
Horny meme jarmore_vert
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Horny meme jar 2019-11-14T16:59:45+00:00close

Just a fetish list, but i found the way it was done funny, so i participated

The original is done by Mr_Sewers on tweeter =)

Media (1)

horny_jar_meme.jpg (440.6KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4517307 - 14 Nov 19 17:45
Pretty cool :-)
weekly talk 45 2019-11-12T14:50:45+00:00

Hoy! here is a new talk to come!


For once let's start with my workflow shceldule for the coming week! So this week i'll work on takan comic page 3. if you watch the preview on the discord, it start the sex, and should please all of you with it content! That done i'll work on Rowena's adventure next chapter, and start the pin up Kerillian voted in September. This one ll be the first "comics" page, but instead of a comics i think more of a page with various views of the cutie. Once all of that is done , and if i got more time, i'll work on final episode of sister Jeanne and the demon and open the vote for next CYOA!

Dead in Vinland

Started to play another game about vikings. it's a game about a Viking family tryin to survive in the wild Vinland, dealing with hunger, smugglers and depression. It's kinda good, and quite addictive. i won't lie the last two day i barely succeed in takin myself out of it D=
I know, not serious, ll work harder this week to amend myself. Anyway, good game, thanks for the dude that offered it to me =) (even if he is not here X) )

Video Game girls:

For next vote i would like to propose you folks to propose me some video games girls/boys to draw in the lewd. i got some ideas, and i know mostly what i'll ask, but if you guys got some that i dunno, from games i didn't played myself, why not? I often propose the same girls, so could offer a change ! =)

that's about it, short one, but not a lot to say outside of this.

Thanks again for your support!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #701708 - 12 Nov 19 18:22
For Game girl, its an oldy but Velvet From Overlord. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/overlord/images/5/53/O1-Velvet.png/revision/latest?cb=20181018170416
user avatar
darkminou - 12 Nov 19 21:41
ooh remember her!
A Winter sportswear
A Winter sportswearmore_vert
A Winter sportswear 2019-11-08T00:03:58+00:00close

Yeah had no idea. Quite simple flat color sfw commission

sometimes it's cool to just do simple stuff =)

Media (1)

davixld.png (296.5KiB)

Attachments (7)

davixld.jpg (173.2KiB)
davix.jpg (1.5MiB)
davix wip 03.jpg (941.5KiB)
davix wip 02.jpg (3.0MiB)
davix wip 01.jpg (2.9MiB)
davixld.png (296.5KiB)
davix.png (4.6MiB)

Weekly talk 44 2019-11-05T20:13:15+00:00

Hi all, another week weekly talk!

First, i wish all newcomers a warm welcome around here! thanks for your patronage =)
I use those weekly talk for talking about random stuff, like games i liked or such, and give a heads up on what i plan to work on next week

News Week

Last week wasn't my most productive of the whole year :/
I did only one full picture, and almost finished the episode 4 of sister Jeanne and the demon, that should aired tomorow tough, as i have finished the line and started the color. Truth is that i spent way more time that i had planned on the Halloween picture, trying stuff on the color side. And that it took me hours to finish :/
All to say it was kinda a lazy week, and i plan to work more the week to come

The next CYOA

Tomorow i should host sister Jeanne and the demon episode 4, and with it the last vote, as i had announced it would have only 5 episode. So time to think about the following serie. I got one idea Warhammer battle related, and one for 40k. But if you can think of other subject that interest you, OC of mine, other universe you might like me to try, just don't hesitate to drop such ideas in the comment below, i'm sure it could give me some ideas for the next series =D


Humble Bundle gave me this month Yakuza Kiwami, that is, if i understood right, the remake of the first episode of the serie.
Always been intrigued by the stuff, so i started to play it recently. Not sure i'm super fan of the whole combat system, but i understand why it got such success tough. I think i'll continue it soon, and i really took a liking in some of the characters. Tough, for a games R18, involving Yakuza, i expected more panties and lewdness D=


So last week was a total faillure! But i spoke of that already, and to be honest, the Halloween pic was kinda good, so i 'll say it was worth the trouble. Plus, it's good sometimes to spend a lot of time on a single pic. But now i wanna advance on my project. So this week i plan to finish the sister jeanne episode 4. And at least 2Commissions! We ll see how it goes from there. if i do more than two this way i'll be way more happy!

That's about it, thanks for reading, if you get That far

C ya all!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #701708 - 6 Nov 19 00:33
I mean Warhammer is awesome so I don't see any issue ever.
weekly talk 43 2019-10-29T19:39:07+00:00


Here we are for a new week talk about life nonsense and video games!

Sleep deprivation

Yoou maybe noticed i kinda slowed my delivery of lewdities the last 2 weeks. it's because i completly fucked up my sleep scheldule on my own, and that i m under a quite severe sleep deprivation X) . I'm managing to get me back on good tracks, and i hope it ll make me back to my usual productive habit. in the mean time i still produce lewds, so i hope it's ok for you folks.

Demon Lady of Halloween

The next Halloween pic is on the rail, you can find a first rough wip on the discord right now. but if i start to draw the girl more often, would be better to give her a name. I'llhost a vote soon, but if you feel like propose one, be my guest, just drop your idea in comment on this weekly talk!

Die Young

Bought this game cause i was seeking a rust type of game that was mostly solo experience and with a story. I mean, there's this game with dinosaur too that can be played this way, that i should try. But i don't swim on money, and Die Young was quite low cost.
Quite good, not the best game, but interesting enough to make me come back after one hour on it. It's mostly exploration, you don't buy campbase or anything, And you must discover an item to be able to craft it (at least a poor make with the scraps replica). The story is, you're a young woman, quite wealthy, and been abducted by a sort of pagan cult/civilization, on an island in mediteranean sea. There's some ennemy type "unkillable giant shits" and the IA is dumb as shit (like run in circle around a rock and they ll follow you till they loose sight and forget you). But it's still a good experience to try despite that. A Bit gorey tough (cannibalist cult)


This week hmm i finished more than i planned, but not WHAT i had planned so i'm a bit not so happy. So this week i'll finish takantwin p3, the Halloween pic tomorow (or the 31 if it take more than expected) And start the episode 4 of Sister Jeanne and the demon adventure. The rough is made on paper already, just have to redraw it on computer.

It's all for now

Thanks for reading till this point, and i wish you a scary Halloween night!


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Streaming! 2019-10-28T05:12:17+00:00close




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darkminou - Picarto

darkminou is live on Picarto.tv! Watch our streamer do Hentai stuff and chat with likeminded people. 9567 have watched darkminou's stream!



Weekly talk 42 2019-10-22T20:59:14+00:00

Hoy! Another week another talk!


Winter is coming, at least around here, the heat slowly decrease and it start to get cold D= But it's ok, i kinda like it! Always prefer the cold season. There's snow, you can wear better clothes, and the food specialities are WAY better. In France we have Tartiflette, Fondue, Raclette (+/- 3 different melten cheese speciality). In my region we have another spaciality, the Aligot. Wich is Melten cheese and mushed potatoes mixed... Yay i know, lots of cheese.

Baby Killer simulator

Wich is kinda the nickname of Crusader King game series. I mean, you can often plot to take the life of other rulers, and let's be honest, it's way more EZ to throw a toddler out of the window than poison someone wine.
And crusader King 3 just been announced, with a cinematic about a baby, a craddle and a deadly snake... So you see it's really a baby killer simulator D=
Anyway, i spent like thousands of hours on this serie, and i'm quite sure the 3 won't help me get social life.


I'm kinda mixed about last week. I was ofen away from home, so i couldn't work a lot, and when i was i could finish various commish. But not the work i said i planned to finish:/
This week i'll finish another comish, finish the page for Takan Twins, and sketch the 4th episode of Sister Jeanne and the demon. Not rushing me to much, so if i do more i would be happy!

That's about it!

Thanks for your patronage! C ya next week!

weekly talk 41 2019-10-15T21:40:02+00:00

And here i am again!

Lots of new faces

First, wanna say hello to all the new patreon, thanks a lot for your support! I'm a kinda lazy man, and i try to change that, with a bit of discipline, but it isn't as EZ as it sound. X)
Anyway, you guys make me work, cause each time i'm just "oh dang, should post at leat 3 things per week, should move back to work" etc etc. And it's mostly cause i wanna please you guys! So, thanks for making me workup!


The sister of battle CYOA goes well, i feared at first that the whole "sketchy lookin comics a bit hidden by quick made colors" would unplease you folks, but you seems to like it, so maybe ll i use it for future CYOA. Dunno, those make me test stuff, and it's why i try to change between project. Maybe ll i get back for the dragon age project this way. i 'll see if i get time

R6 Siege

Yeah, i know, i think i maybe find my game from the heart. Also really want to draw some of those cuties in nsfw. Really thinking about making them the next quick CYOA. Like an agent Breaching in the R6 Headquarters and then breaching in every panties he find. Seems goofy, but fun to draw. Plus i really hope the next monthly pic would be Dokkaebi in bondage suits, the girl is a brat, but i'm sure she can handle it!


Erf, i didn't did as much as intended last week. I finished the cyoa 2 pages, and started a commission + the Coloration of the Kerrigan and chaos beast colors. But didn't acchieve much more :/
For next week, i'll work on the TakkanTwins comics next page, full of alien sex! Finishe the Kerrigan color, and work on the animation. Only those three, cause i really want to finish this animation and move on with the rest of the serie. I need only to refine a bit the movement and add the hairs. Maybe add some detaisl too. But i don't want to be too greedy and drop it without ever finishing it. LL i make it as planed this time? Suspens!

And that's about it!

Thanks again for being there guys! C ya next week!

weekly talk 40 2019-10-08T16:28:11+00:00

heya again for a new week!

There' s alot of newcomers around here recently, and so, thanks a lot for following my works and to decide to pledge! i hope you'll find what you seek around here!

Recent work:

So last weeks i finished all i had planned, and even advanced on the animation blowjob, while creating two new characters that seemed to tickle your interest guys!
So for this time it's a win, even if i just finished the p2 comics today X).
I think i'll redraw Nerdy and Gothy soon, for my fun, cause i got some funny ideas about them!

Tome Death

Many of you shouldn't know Spirou. If you're francophone you maybe did tough. To resume, he is a hero made in the spirit as Tintin, but with more fantastic/sci-fi vibes adventures. The Marsupilami for exemple is a creature that were created in it comics (and if you dunno the yellow beast, well again you're a foreigner). Anyway, when i was young, Spirou's adventure already been kinda old, being born in the seventies. But at this time it was taken back by two men, Tome and Janry. Tome was the scenarist, and he made Spirou a fuckin nineties heroes.
The comics were full of adventure, and didn't fear to show violence and bad things, but the hero stayed fair and good no matter what. There was more criminal and mobs, more sci-fi, and the thing clearly get a more adventurous vibe. He also wrotte the comics SODA. The stories of a cop, whom mother think he is a priest, because he fear to make her have an heart attack if she knew the risk he was taking. Anyway

Those two comics been really important to me, like base of my childhood discovering of comics adventures and stuff. and Tome recently passed away. It's a bit my "sad news" of,the week. But if it make you discover any of those two comics, would be worth it. Note that Spirou again changed of direction and i kinda stopped readin it for years so i dunno what you would find from new writters.


So new workflow this week. Start and finish cyoa of Sister jeanne episode. Work on a SFW comm for Davix - do the color of sister jeanne chaosbeasted pics (maybe redraw it a bit too, ll see if i got time) and continue the animation on my free time!

C ya next tuesday!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #325476 - 8 Oct 19 23:41
J'aimais bien lire Spirou
Nerdy n Gothy
Nerdy n Gothymore_vert
Nerdy n Gothy 2019-10-02T15:15:49+00:00close

One of you told me "Gothy should be bullying some nerds" and i told myself "Ooh a cute gobelin geek gurl!"

So here is nerdy! (her solo pick is on this page too =) )

If i got time maybe i would drew the both more. At first more for the comic.

Nerdy is like a geek on history and magic, and Gothy is the first elf she ever saw of her life. Under her super ankward and social fear, she is a fuckin lewdy girl, totally writting tons of fan fics about bdsm and mind control stuff. indeed each time about innocent goblin girl falling victim of cold elf magic D=

So the duo would be like Gothy kinda liking the lil creep, and Nerdy totally red as she can sit with what is her biggest fantasy made "real" =3

Tell me folks if you wanna see moar of those two =D

Media (2)

nerdy_n_gothy_1.jpg (249.9KiB)
nerdy_1.jpg (164.4KiB)

Attachments (3)

nerdy 1.jpg (164.4KiB)
nerdy n gothy 1.jpg (249.9KiB)
nerdy 1wip 1.jpg (626.1KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2678208 - 2 Oct 19 15:17
user avatar
User #315465 - 2 Oct 19 16:54
VERY cute. I want to give her a hug.
SCP warm up 2019-10-01T11:48:55+00:00

This month is October

Soon there's Halloween.

I guess most of you know what are SCP.

For the others, to resume, it mean Secure Contain Protect. It's a Fundation that try to contain secure and protect diverses creatures and strange phenomenon. Most being dangerous for men or even existence.

Each is named by the letters SCP - following by a number.

You can find the wiki of the foundation HERE

So what about it?

Well this month instead of cute girls, i'll draw SCP for warm ups!

Wich one? Here is the trick, the one you want folks!

How to propose your SCP? Simple, go fetch it on the site, or on your local SCP branch. Tell me the scp number (and a link if you can). Once i'll warm up, i'll come here and fetch one!

Please note that the SCP must be in English or French so i can read the details and data of it.

I hope some of you ll participate =)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #175271 - 1 Oct 19 12:05
Scp-2521 http://www.scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-2521
user avatar
darkminou - 1 Oct 19 12:46
a classic
user avatar
User #8044692 - 2 Oct 19 09:22
I'd propose the classic SCP-1471 (http://fondationscp.wikidot.com/scp-1471) but SCP-682 might be more interesting (http://fondationscp.wikidot.com/scp-682
user avatar
darkminou - 2 Oct 19 09:53
1471 is certainly the scp that freaks me out the more of them all X)
user avatar
darkminou - 2 Oct 19 10:13
http://www.scp-wiki.net/capone =3
weekly talk 39 2019-10-01T02:16:21+00:00

Woooh!i'm on time this time!


And i'm quite happy how the last cyoa turned out. I tried a bit more sketchy with smaller pencil size + color, and went fine, so i'll adopt this style for the rest of the series!
Kinda like gothy too, simple but she seems like a funny thing to play with =D
For a time i thinked about doing a kinktober, but the truth is i'm already under a lot of project, and i shouldn't add another duty on me like this!

CYOA time:

Most of time i try to give you ghuys a solid week of exclusivity for any draw i do. it often get more cause i post on you anything, and i don't do such things on all site. But for the cyoa i think i'll post a bit earlyer now, so people could get a chance to be hyped and come here, suscribe and vote!
But i prefered to tell you before =)
And as appologise, here is a "family friendly" sexy thing


Well it worked last week! So this week i give me 2 solid deadline, and one more fluctuent. I'll start and finish p2 of Takantwins commission comics, and the sketch for the game for MPQueen. I'll also restart working on the DP animation of Rowena, tht i didn't touched in 3 weeks X). Cause i'm a super newbe in animation, i totally dunno if i can finish it in 1 or 2 days, so i prefer not to promess i'll.
That's it for the workflow of the week. IF i finish these early, i'll certainly work on a cyoa, or the Dragon age one, or the Sister Jeanne one, i'll see then.

And i think that's about it!

Thanks for following me another month guys! C ya soon!

Gothy in the house
Gothy in the housemore_vert
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Gothy in the house 2019-09-30T12:44:12+00:00close

Here is Gothy!

She's an elf, totally Goth tier waifu!. Problems, elf are like super positive assholes, that try to much to look healthy and have a ultra bright smile to be goth!

So Gothy isn't her real name, just how the other elf call her. She got a crush on an Ork, singer in a ORK Metal band!

Aaand that's all info on her for now!

She was made for my twitter, to have a mascot that would be here for the milestone, and be used to other stuff, like christmass card and stuff.

Anyway, she look kinda neat and i'm happy how she turned out!

Hope you'll like her dudes!

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User #315465 - 30 Sep 19 16:33
Kinda want to see her bully a nerd
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darkminou - 1 Oct 19 01:54
ahaha who know
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darkminou - 1 Oct 19 16:22
re thinked of it.. why not a lil cute Goblin nerd girl
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User #315465 - 1 Oct 19 16:43
That sounds perfect
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User #2678208 - 2 Oct 19 14:15
Oh! Wouldnt mind seeing more of her, either doing lewd things or having lewd things done to her ^^
user avatar
darkminou - 2 Oct 19 15:08
and not doing cute things? D=
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User #2678208 - 2 Oct 19 15:13
Im she she can be both lewd and cute =D
weekly talk 38 2019-09-28T23:19:14+00:00

Wait a minute.. ddid i forgot again?


So what's new on the Minou TV

Working on the CYOA right now, making some scribbles to see how to put the page, i think i got an idea! Might be cool, from my perspective. First we will reveal her naughty new demon companion pal! aand his... mandatory polearm. And by polearm i totally refer to his penis. Anyway soon we ll see Jeanne saying stuff like :

I reached the first k followers on twitter! Well most of the guys there don't really follow, they just pick a "ah yeah show me stuff" and ou're drown in the hundreds of others news. plus i don't tweet often, cause i'm not so much into those "youngster" stuff.
Anyway, i opened a small vote there for a mascote for the twitter. Seems the Goth Elf girl got a lof ot vote. It's the only time there will be vote with you guys not the first to pick, promise =D. And you'll soon have a new waifu to fap for!

So, now i think i'll not only state about my art done and what to do, but about my workflow habit. i think i've been hit by some lazyness recently. Once i'm drawing, i'm on it, it's cool, but sometimes it take hours to get to it. like you know, you remember "ah i didn't washed my clothes this week" or "ah i should bake this before i loose the ingredient" etc etc. And in the end you don't draw much. I know it's 100% psychologic pattern, but still hard to get out of this and move your ass to work! Even more when you work at home on the PC that you use too as gaming D=
So now, here i'll tell what i think to do in the next week. Like not just a "ah i'll work on this" like real, this day this date i should have done that.
This way each week i'll have to keep my promise, OR notice i asked myself too much and lower the charge, or at the opposite higher the charge!

So, for the rest of the week (iknowing it's Saturday night, that it's almost sunday) so... for tomorow, i'll try to do 2 things:

The CYOA of sister Jeanne and the demon episode 2

A design for the Tweeter mascot (once the vote closed)

And Monday, i'll try (this time) to be on time and say what i'll do for the coming week!

Thnks for supporting me guys =D

Again! And CYA!

Space armor design
Space armor designmore_vert
Space armor design 2019-09-27T06:54:28+00:00close

Space armor design. The client seems like it, but the cooperation over it was.. rude...

Anyway space armor then!

Not super fan of the thing itself, i mean, the client provided , and i changed the project a lot to follow what he seemed to like more in term of design. You can see all steps in the wip attached to this page =)

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for the emperor
for the emperormore_vert
for the emperor 2019-09-25T06:20:26+00:00close

Nope, it's not sister Jeanne, it's an OC of one of you, and a reward for one of our 25$ guys!

Was cool to make =)

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weekly talk 37 2019-09-19T13:49:47+00:00

Aaand here we are, weekly talk 37!


I've been.. lazy as fuck. Sorry. Dunno why, but for almost a week i had absolutly zero will to do anything. And not only drawing. just like lay down, wait for my kitten to start eating me alive, or such things. not even depress, just like ZERO WILL.
Was weird. And even right now, i'm just punching my ass off to work my no less than 6 h per day work regime.
So it's why you didn't saw a lot of update recently.. and certainly why 5 of you left in a week XD
Anyway getting back to it, and must eat all those late comm stuff, so let's move!
I'll another patreon Barbarian's sketch, then ll work on the comics and the animation for the rest of the week.

Oh and also took 3 hours to make the new small CYOA once the vote end, wich should be soon. I'll work on dragon age comics next weeks !


Rainbow Six Siege. I've been playin on xbox in the past and... meh. maybe it was the gun physics, or the contoler i wasn't used too, but i just couldn't do anything good. So after a bunch of hours i just left it X)
Recently had it with a promo code and started to play it at the same time as a bunch of friends. And dunno, this time it just worked fine! So now making my 2 to 3 game, shooting peoples in the face, or unloading 12 shot of Shotguns into the direction of a guy, prayin that one of those shitty Russian loads of this shitty Kapkan gun ll put him out of his misery before he turn and snuff me for good! (yeah there's a story behind)
And i get back to warhammer in total war too.
Making me think that for next short cyoa, maybe i'll try to go moar to a warhammer fantasy settings. Got a fuckin bunch of good ideas!

At least i think they are good...


As some of you might know, i had to take the lil Edward (my kitten) to the vet, because he was sick. he get way better, no harm, just a tiny parasite. he got his pill and he is good as new. Sleeping right behind me right now =)
Thanks for all of you that inquired for him. The lil plushie deserve all the praise =D

That's about it.

C ya soon guys!

CYOA vote ended
CYOA vote endedmore_vert
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CYOA vote ended 2019-09-16T11:43:29+00:00close

Aaand it was almost a tie! =D

But seems tentacles fans are stronger than the wolves one D=

Don't be affraid, i feel like we ll see the Dire Wolf again in the future.

I'll start working on the pages next week. And there ll be lewds content in =3

weekly talk 36 2019-09-10T14:02:45+00:00

HOHO! Another Weekly talk!

So what's new?!


About Rowena series: You liked it (so far) i'm working on the new episode of the red hair barbarian right now. It's a bit complex and i wanna keep some surprise, and i think it'll take me some more days to finish it, but i think you'll all like it =)!
If you don't like surprise, i put (under spoilers tag) some WIP on the discord =3
About the comics, the client gave his green light on the first page sketching so i'm doing the ink this afternoon. This time i'll do one page per page, instead of sketching all and ink all etc etc, like i used to be. no real reason exept i wanna see if i work faster this way.


There's a lot of AWESOME games releasing in the coming month! Gears 5 seems kinda cool, Borderland 3, and even my favs games released some DLC!... Aaaand i'm broke as shit so i won't really test anything related to those games. but it's kinda cool to know so much fun exist, and that maybe i could play to it in the futur! But it's ok, i still got Stelaris! the Funnyer game ever created (if you like micro management of a dozen planet and tell your scientist how to dig better on their xeno archeology stuff (wich i do!))

Anyway, had a lot of new comer to this patreon on early month, and a lot more that leaved us right after^^, the usual, but i don't let it crush my morale. You're all awesome, even if you pledge one dollar one time, it's already a lot =)
Thanks for droping by guys, and hope to see you around soon!

C ya!

weekly talk 35 2019-09-04T20:28:26+00:00

Heya all!

First, thanks for following me one more month! Always a pleasure to help you perv around =)

Now, the news:

Work :

Started the next comics commission, working on it at morning, and doing other job on afternoon. This way i switch project more often and i can avoid working over the same things over and over, wich can be quite boring after a moment X)
This week i'm working on May Patreon pic. A selfcest! Meaning the same characters, cloned, having funwith itself!
Then i'll work on another installment of Rowena's story! Got an idea i wanna try with this last one, and could take a couple of day, or more, to finish. For the patreon pic, the Sketch is already on the discord if you're curious =)


i'm happy cause a lot of you seemed interested in the new CYOA's pages. Not so much sex in it so far, but well, it's on your choice isn't it? ;D
Anyway, i already know the page content depending of the decision the 3$+ patreon ll vote for, so i think i should deliver the following before next month
It is possible thaat i propose a smaller sketchy type CYOA between those big one, depend if i found an ideas fun enough to be made


Started the new show on Netflix. And it's quite impressive. been a fan of the movie since i was a kid, and really look close to it. So far tough i didn't really attached myself to a character. But the world itself make me come back, so i guess it's ok =)
So if you seek a good show, take a look. but i dunno how someone that didn't saw the movie would react seeing it.

That's all folks!

Thanks again for your support!

New Picture on the dropbox bin 2019-08-28T20:39:57+00:00

There's a cute doggo to announce the pic i just uploaded on the august special dropbox reserve!

I'll send the link to it again tomorow, and remember it's avillable on the discord!

weekly talk 34 2019-08-26T14:05:39+00:00

Heya! i'm here people for a new summary


The cyoa is on the way. it's just i struggled with the form, but i finally decided myself, so i should start to draw it soon. Expect it in the coming weeks.
It would be a bit sktechy in quality, but be more also than just a couple images and text, so i hope you'll excuse me

Commissioned works:

So, i'll continue the rowena serie, there's still 6 more draw to do in this series (or 5 , not sure). And on the side i'll start the comics for TakanTwins. Once again most of those two series would be against most of patreon limitation, i think, i mean, right now i suspect that anything involving sex is out of the line, honnestly, so i prefer put everything on the dropbox X). Maybe i'm wrong, but at least i'm safe to keep it. Once i finish those two i'll reopen for commission, so get to me then, if you're interested for one!


Recently i restarted to play some series i loved, Xcom. I kinda hope they'll do a following, but well, the two get out like 4 years ago now, dunno how long they ll take. But we can still have some.; Surprise!

That's kinda all.

weekly talk 33 2019-08-24T03:35:16+00:00


Almost failled to make a weekly talk this week D=

So this one ll be quick!


If you go on the discord, you saw a bunch of the picture of EDGAR, my new kitten. People use to say cats quickly got the personality of their owner, if it's true, i'm a cute pain in the ass =D
No seriously, love him, but he is young and do a lot of exploration. he love to come and beg for caress and cuddle when i draw. I won't lie to you, between a cute pussy and the boobs, it's hard to decide D=


As you saw we sarted working on a ROWENA pic series. There's already all pic planned, and anoter short 2 pics series of her after. I'll try to make one or two of them per week till it's done, cause it's been a while that it stay on my to do box, and i prefer to empty it now.
The scenario of the next 6 page comics commission is done, i'll start first page rough this week end, if everything turn nice and cool!

Heat again:

WEATHER IS HOOOOOOOT. No seriously, weather keep changing in France. Going from moist to hot and dry. I just hope it fix at a moment X)

That's all, i must discipline myself better, but you guys help, as i remember often "shit i must produce for the patreon pleasure!"

So thanks for the support guys! =)

Cya later!

weekly talk 32 2019-08-13T15:02:57+00:00

And here we are again, a new Weekly talk


Been a bit slowed down on the work this week end, by some friends coming home, un expected, but not unwelcome! So we spent some quality time and i ended up late (again). For the rest worked on two commission, one is in pending, the time the client decide wich color pattern we take, the second is 3/4 down, should be released here this afternoon.

After i'll work on the CYOA and a 5 page comics commission! For the CYOA i'll go a bit more quick and sketchy style.. and each time i announce that i spent 5 hours cleaning the damn sketch D=<
For the comics expect the rough soon, on discord, cause again, this comics won't be patreon friendly! I'll host another dropbox, release wips on the patreons and make an announce and teaser family friendly for each page done!

New kitty!

Next week i'll adopt a new cat, he is on his way. he got 2 month, is black as the darkminou, so i gave him the same name as the Darkminou " Edgard".. What you didn't knew the guy had a name? Now you know!


The beastmen en released, and fuck it, those guys are ROUGH! i pity Kerillian's ass, cause i'm gonna draw her soon or later. but Patreon think that Minotaur ain't family friendly material, so when i do some i'll drop it on discord and maybe a drop box

That's all folks!

Thanks for follwoing me, and supporting me!

C ya soon!


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