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Weekly talk 31 2019-08-09T13:24:34+00:00

Hi here another weekly talk!

There was a time when i did those the monday of each week.

now it's more like "Oh shit we're friday?"

But i didn't missed one so far, so ... it's ok i guess



I got a couple of simple drawing commission i ll do, by simple drawing i mean, a character, no background; the type of stuff that don't ask you one week, and make your computer howl as it die from the weight of photoshop.
Then i'll attack the CYOA following, rough a 5 page comics commission, and attack the monthly pic of May, Featuring not one, but TWO Indriya into a cute selffucking pic!
That's at least how i plan it D=
Also, i recently got some more 40k commission, so expect even more Emperor's gals in peril situation in a close future!


Those who talk to me know that i love tabletop RPG; been playin some recently, and we just finished a campaign on it. Not Heroic fantasy or sf one, was on the game Monster High. It's a sort of BitLit and other monster movie/serial type of game. It's kinda funny. We started with a feeling a bit of the New adventure of Sabrina type, and ended with a Buffy the vampire slayer vibe at the end of it.
We already decided to go back to a "season2".

Video Games:

I get back to play at fallout shelter, this time on pc. i used to play it on phone. I was really pissed off to learn that bethesda made a recent update, seems only to cancel all olders mods made by the community. No Nude mod then for me D=
Sad story indeed!

It's kinda all, yes my week been short, but the comics took a lot of time, and i just wanted to work on smaller stuff after.

C ya soon!

weekly talk 30 2019-08-02T08:43:43+00:00

Yoh folks it's another weekly talk!


Been a quite not busy week, working on 2 big things, the Forest ambush goblin pic, and the Claire comics p3, that i might continue today! Then i'll work for another Ecchii small commission and we ll pass on next week!
Next week i ll focus on a commission about girls in Tactic combat bikini! And the rest of the week ll be about the next CYOA pages! aand i say with an S, cause i want to make some pages between each choices! What would it mean? That the next choice ll be more sparse, and that i'll regret this decision like 10 minute after first rough. That the quality ll be more sketchy than my other comics, to gain time! But that you'll be able to see moar of the consequences of your choices!


I seems to go more and more toward the comics thing. Wich is great, it's one of my favorite stuff, and always been a pleasure to draw.
I know that i'll become more potent and faster at it with time, and that for a pro drawer i'm still quite young, i mean, most of my refs as "good" drawers are all in their fourties or fifties. i just hope i'll keep the run till i meet such quality content.


To become a drawer, you must leash yourself and harness discipline. It's a truth i had to learn those last month. i mean, i work, alone, in my bedroom computer. on wich is instaled all my games. i got internet, and NO ONE to come over my schoulder asking why facebook is open instead of my workstation. It's becoming more easy over time, telling yourself "i work from this hour to this hour"
Pals like StuddioPirate help a lot too, cause they work at the same time as you, and when they come poke you with a "Hey come draw and chat with meh!" it's hard to say no.
Buuut lately i encounter a flaw.. my brother! XD
I love to play with him, and he changed his work scheldule, and now his only free time is on the afternoon. And it's hard when your best buddy, that is also family, come and ask you to quit your draw and come to play. Explain why i kinda reduced my work time this week.
NO PANIC, to counter that i just decided to shut down discord and phone on my work time afternoon. So i should work with moar discipline now... i hope! D=

Thanks for your support guys, over and over, it's really BIG!

Also thanks if you took time to read till there, i'm quite sure no one does, but it help a bit to say the things out loud... or writte them on internet X)

Anyway thanks again!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #315465 - 2 Aug 19 16:23
I read these every time, they give a good look into the mindset of an artist
promenons nous dans les bois...
promenons nous dans les bois...more_vert
promenons nous dans les bois... 2019-07-31T19:10:19+00:00close

YES it's quite sfw! Barelly echii!

But believe me, the following ain't! In fact the follow up is so frightening that i might not be able to host it here!

So as usual, i'll drop box it and send a link ONCE IT S DONE!

I'll do it next week! Now i resume to work to claire's comics!

So what ll happen between this pic and the next? Let me tell you a Tabletop rpg story:

It happened to me on a game once, all lvl 3 chars on pathfinder, we get ambush by as much goblin as players, so we were like "ok, 1 goblin per dude, kinda ez! I was a rogue spe duelist, so was totally not in dange..

turn 1 : nat 1 , confirmed, i loose my weapon... it's ok got my dagger. The goblin attack, crit, confirmed, i'm mid life
turn 2 : 2 on the dice, i miss, i need to do 3 to hit him - he stab me, he need to do 17 or higher to hit, he do a 19
Turn 3 :, another 1 on the dice, not confirmed, i keep my dagger, he hit me again, i'm at 1 hp
last turn, i hit.. and don't kill him, he stab me, below zero, down

their sort of druid, use a vine spell, everyone else byut me failled their save, then failled EVERY save
we loose 1 companion, and the rest were taken alive to serve as "next meat"
But it's ok, the campaign shifted a bit, and the GM made a cool sort of "try to escape the prisoner camp" scenario, where we ended as Rambo, putting traps out of wood and vines and taking them down one by one

As usual all wips in attached piece!

Media (1)

01sml.jpg (700.2KiB)

Attachments (7)

01sml.jpg (426.0KiB)
01.jpg (2.7MiB)
01wip.jpg (3.8MiB)
01wip2.jpg (3.4MiB)
01wip3.jpg (2.7MiB)
01wip4.jpg (3.4MiB)
01wip5.jpg (3.4MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #325476 - 31 Jul 19 22:31
Cool story, bro!
Dragon age CYOA EPISODE 1
Dragon age CYOA EPISODE 1more_vert
Post file flag
Dragon age CYOA EPISODE 1 2019-07-23T17:33:11+00:00close

It's out! Finaly! Took me a few days, cause i wanted to rework some poses.

The Vote is already open RIGHT HERE!

As usual, you'll find all the wips and version in attached piece!

See you soon for next episode!

weekly talk 28 2019-07-18T03:31:09+00:00

Hii folks!

Work :

I finally finished sister jeanne pic! In line now is, a commission of an elven slut with a skimpy dress (yes another, but the last piece had success and some peoples wanted their =) ). Then i'll attack the next CYOA while finishing the claire comics.
At this point i'll attack several patreon's work in late X). Busy month then!


It's a small hentai games maker i discovered recently. He do a kinda cool game. With lot of lore on it universe, and some quite cute girls. i kinda like the whole 3d rendering, making the whole lookin a bit like some Clay animation features sometimes. It's those graphism that catch my eye first. The BDSM and Mind Control part did a bit too!
His game is released in episode, and the first one is availlable to everyone to DL and play. So i recomand you to go take a look =) It worth the time

395Games patreon is here!

Bad movies:

Recently i didn't felt a lot like streamin, instead i prefered drawing while looking at silly and bad movies, or movies i seen ton of times. Why you ask? Well this way i can draw without having to care about missing the plot X)
Tough, if you got some nice "bad" movies to propose, on Netflix for exemple (i can use a vpn to access US one, so don't hesitate to recomand movies)

Come Back:

Was a nice Holiday i take for myself, and thanks to all of you for having patience with this short break! Was hardly needed! Now just time to catch the rythm again and we're good! Anyway, let's get back to Business!

weekly talk 27 2019-07-08T20:23:08+00:00

Ahoy boys! It's time for a new weekly talk


As i told you i took a week off of Holiday, was cool so far. i 'll certainly restart the work in the coming days. Was cool to take a bit of me time but i got some ideas back! and i wanna finish some other stuff.
So far i went to visit my family, visit some other cities and went back home today. I think about giving me a last day of rest to go to the city and use the summer sold. i'll see tomorow how it turn!

Work planing:

So when i get back to work, first i'll finish the sister jeanne pic i started (see the discord for the rough); then i'll work on the p2 of Claire comics and at the end of the week i'll start first episode of our new cyoa. Finished to write the scenario, and ll try to make it EZ to follow for non dragon age player, and with enough easter egg for the fans =)


Started recently to play the Far cry new dawn aaand... even at 20$, it's not worth it. The game is Grindy as hell, and propose you to pay IRL money in this full solo game to have the best weapons. Ennemy with higher lvl are just guys that got 5 time the HP of a usual mate, and wearing helmet that forbid the headshot, makin any infiltration impossible task. The post apo side is so little that they just could have said it's a foreign region, cause, fuck, everyon got a car, gazoline ain't a problem to find, and any settlement is well provided in food, water, electricity and even gor radios. There's still planes, helicopter etc etc.
Seriously, this game is a pain in the ass, and i recomand anyone tempted to change their mind. Oh and at first i tough 'ok there's 2 ebony twins.. at least coul provide some porn right? NOPE! cause they're so badly written, that everything they say is crap.

Like "i want you to work for me cause you could be super helpfull, so, instead of takin your crew and use them as leverage to make you work, i prefer to slaughter everyone and hope you'll still wanna work for me after"

So: don't play this shit.

That's quite all folks! Short weekly talk, fewer info on the work, but well, i'm in Holiday =D

C ya soon!

Weekly Talk 26 2019-07-01T18:56:07+00:00


6 Month:

Well, if you are an average human being (no offense for you Lizard men dudes), with an average or mild intelligence level, you can calculate that 26 weeks make 6 month.
And that means i'm a pro drawer for that long.
Honnestly... i didn't knew if i would be able to stand so long. It's still a hard job, but each month i get more people following me, and you guys keeep supporting my ass. And it's really important for me =)
Not only for the money, but knowing that 34 peoples, keep sending me stuff, just to be sure to keep an eye on my shit, is big!
Thanks you a lot for that!

Comics and Heat:

I won't lie, drawin, front of a computer, when it's hot as hell in and outside the house, is kinda hard XD. So for a long thing, like a comic pages, i kinda slowed down a bit. At least p2 is almost done. I ll try to keep a rythm of one page a week for my other project, let's see if i keep it!


I'll take a small hollyday at the end of the week. Going to see the family! =D I'll try to do some quick stuff to feed you with lewds while i'm away.

Adoptee and CYOA:

The vote for the cyoa adventure is done, so as promised, the 2 others char ll be landed as adopted!
I'll host the adoption thread in my discord (because i don't know if it's against patreon rule, honnestly, but seems fun, and they don't like so much fun stuff around here :/ )
For the cyoa, i plan on doing a bit more than 1 image and text, so i'll take my time between each take. i'll try to not make it more than 2 to 3 week between each episode tough. Some episode ll have content that patreon won't like. So, i'll censorship the part with picture of Keanu Reeves.... because who wouldn't? and post them whole in a dedicated dropbox!


I made the mistake of buyin 2 games this sold of Steam. Slay the spire.... and after one run... of 2 hours, i know WHY it's so popular. XD This ll suck my life away!
Second is Phantom protocol. Wich is a sort of Xcom 2, but base on spy and infiltration. You can do all sort of shit that you see in cold war spy movies. Like kidnap and torture opposite agent, before brainwash them, so when you get in fight and he his there he betray and join your side. etc etc. It's quite addictive too. So i need a lot of discipline to not get back to it right now D=

That's all for now!

Thanks for reading so far (if any does) Thanks again for the 6 month dudes, and c ya soon!

Weekly talk 25 2019-06-26T17:56:02+00:00

Welcome again, you that ll read all of this

and you that ll just take an eye on your notification box, see it's not porn, and close it, i welcome both of you with equal love! And You, that pay nothing, don't support me, but follow me still, hoping for lil free stuff around here!

Welcome in this weekly talk

Work :

I'm quite happy with my work scheldule this past week. i didn't posted a lot, but started my first comics in more than a year, and could test some things with it =D
This gave me envy to buy and try for Clip Paint Studio, cause there's tools to help comics writters on it. But so far i can afford it, so i'll wait a bit, and finish the current comics on photoshop =)
Also spend a couple of days on the design of the elves for the next CYOA.
The two that won't be used ll maybe be guest at a point on the story, but more, i'll certainly propose them as adoptee. So if interested don't hesitate to poke me around =3

Life :

I'll take a week end to go to my mom place soon, certainly next week, so expect some days of silence. i'll try to do some quick sketchs to post while i'll be away =D, don't hesitate to drop some silly ideas if you get some =)
It's also the Steam solde time. i'm ... broke as usual, so i'll give myself a 15€ budget for the whole event =D. To be honnest some games are so cheap it won't be a problem! But if you feel like spoil me like a cute princess and offer me games cause ima cute piece of cat, feel free =3 (XD this scenario ll never happen!)

Future project:

Comics. I.. i'm a quite insecure guy. i like to do what i know, and it's hard to get out of my confort zone. Sooo often i just push myself to things, or i'm affraid of a project and i don't even start it.. You kno, if you don't do it you fail cause you're a lazy shit, not because you're a failure :/
i'm tryin to work on that. The fact i accepted and motivated myself to do so many comics project (small one still) recently, is a bit me tryin to fight that.
Same for the game. i like it and each time i go over this feeling i advance a lot. I just need to keep making steps forward. And i can do that, in part, because of you guys. So thanks you all for the support =D
i'm baby leg, and you are all my fellow, regular leg colleague

Ok that all for emotions Guys!

Thanks a lot for reading (if any of you did so far D= (wich is ok, those logs help me keep tracks of the time in this job too ))

C ya soon!

CYOA - dragon age - episode 0
CYOA - dragon age - episode 0more_vert
Post file flag
CYOA - dragon age - episode 0 2019-06-25T19:53:15+00:00close

So this is it, new CYOA ll be set on DRAGON AGE universe. You didn't played the games? Well then let's give you a quick heads up about it History (May contain SPOILERS about the games). it's a bit long, so if you want more info on each path, just scroll down X)

DRAGON AGE Universe : It's a dark fantasy universe, with a complex story, i'll try to resume it here for those who dunno it, or don't remember much.

Long ago there was only Elves. They were immortal and the gods used to walk into the lands. At a point, the magic world and the material world were separated and they loose most of their powers. The elves says it's because Humans joined the world, but no one know for sure.
The Dwarves seemed to appear around those times, they already had a large underground empire, but they got a strong caste system, and if you get out of the underground, you're then seen as out caste, and don't even exist on the eyes of other dwarves.
The elves, after the loss of their powers been enslaved in vast majority by humans.

Some centuries later, when a girl named Andraste saw the Creator in her dream and created the Chantry, the major religion in the game (+/- catholic church, exept it's ruled by women priest and pope). The Chantry not allowing slavery, most elves were released, becoming "only" servant, and raised and born into some ghetto , threated like low life servant even by the most poor of the human

At the times of these events, an empire of mage used to rule the world, in their search for more power, they tried to steal the Throne of the Creator (+/- christian god). As punishment of such behavior, they were turned into demon, locked away in the depht earth. To punish the humanity, the Darkspawn were created. They're sort of zombie/ork creature. They infect species, turning female into broodmothers, and turning human dwarves and elves as sort of dark zombie/creatures.

To fight the Darkspawn the Grey Warden were created, a sort of company of high skilled warriors, that fight the darkspawn everywhere they dare appeared. They succesfully

After these events, the population went quite un pleased with the mages, and now wanted them locked away. They are now locked into mages tower, guarded by templars, guard that specialize into fighting mages.
At the same time, some elves went away from the Ghetto, and get back to the woods. Calling themselves the Dalish. They kinda live as nomads, trying to rebuild their society and culture by mymic of what they found into the old elvish ruins.
Around this period, the Qunari arrived from the east. Sort of big horned chunk. They are a sort of religion/communism culture. You don't have a name, only a fonction, decided in your youth depending of your skill. Every race that are born into the Qun are equals, only count the skill. They manage to conquer a big part of the east part of the continent, and are in open war with Tevinter, the last "evil/blood mage" empire remaining.

THAT is for the world. For the games, here is a brief resume of each plots:

DA 1-origins = You're a elve/human/dwarf that is recruited by the Greywarden. After being betrayed and seen almost all the order of Ferelden being destroyed, you ll, during the wole game, trying to build a big alliance, to fight the Darkspawn invasion

DA 2 = You're a refugee from the Darkspawn invasion. You and your family manage to reach Kirkwall, an ancient city-state quite powerfull, where your family used to be sort of local nobles, in past time. You'll spent most of the game to rebuild the wealth of yours, and at the same time, trying to ease the tension into the local mage circle, where the templar treat the mages like animals.

DA3-inquisition = After the event of Kirkwall, most mages declared hey were tired of being prisoners only for the crime of being born with magic. Templars on their side decided to exterminate most of the rebels. And it ended in an open war between the two faction. A peace truce decided by the chantrie turned badly as the castle chosen for the treaty explode, killing everyone... exept you. You'll have to proove that you're not responsible, and discover what happened, and what is this giant breach in the sky, leading to the magic world, and why it seems to react with you, and you only.


The adventure this time ll be in 7 to 10 episode. First ll be a sort of introduction life for the chars, should be no sex there, but after i'll put sexy interaction in all of them, promise =D

Then there ll be from 2 to 3 episode per period of time depicted into a game. There ll be some Huge spoilers on the stories.. but fuck, some of them are released for more of 10 years D=<

The city elve : You are a tug, born into the Ghetto of the town of Denerim. Losing your right eye in young age, you managed to learn how to aim right with only one. It made you quite a strong girl, a bit cynic. This path ll bee the most "vanilla sex" of all

The Wooden elve: Born into the Dalish society, you clan travelled to Ferelden's forrest to meet another clan for a mariage.. and it's there that you learned about the Darkspawn invasion, and a Werewolf plague that spread into the woods. The elder sent you, his best scout (and assassin) to learn more about those events. This path encounter the most monster sex

The mage : Born in a mage tower, from both elves mage parents. You knew your whole life only the wall of this golden cage. The outside world being a fearsome but curious place you learned about only by the books you read, and some of the talk with the templar guards. Tomorow, you'll pass your final test - succeed and prove your strength or be slain. What is the test? You dunno, but you heard it's about demons... This path encounter Bondages and lot of Dickgirls content.

Here it is, i'll open the vote thread just after this one! =)

weekly talk 24 2019-06-19T14:36:06+00:00

Aaaand.. it's me or i missed the weekly talk again? X)

Work news

So what's new? i'm working on comics! I'm right now doing a 3 page comics, as commission. After i'll have another 3 page comics, a 4 page for a patreon reward LONG DUE, and a 1 page comics stand alone as commission... Been long since i did comics as commission, so i was kinda letting some of the things rot X), it's time to get back to business!
Anyway some of the coming pages should be against patreon policy, maybe, not sure, it's SO VAGUE. So to be sure to avoid problem, i'll open a dropbox when i start each of the pages, and send you all a message, and drop each page finished into the specific Dropbox. This way, no problem i guess.


We re.; totally out of the deadline XD. To be honest, we saw it coming like 2 weeks before, and we knew it woould happen, so i guess, if you know already you'll fail, it's only a half fail? We re still on the track at least, and i still got time to do those background, just hope it ll be fine

Video Games:

This days i'm playin at Kingmaker, again, the RPG. Since last year they patched almost all bug, and added a tons of new event. So it's a pleasure to get back on it, and to not have to reload and loose 6 h of game because a npc decided his trigger zone is there only the monday from 2am to 4 pm, and that you loosed it =D
Restarted some good ol borderlands 2 with buddies too. The pleasure of looting colorfull guns and doing tons of damage never gets old!

That's quite all in my super original and interesting life. Again, thanks for the support folks! and C ya soon!

weekly talk 23 2019-06-11T17:14:14+00:00

Aaaand, it's second time i write it. Yesterday i closed the page without saving and was so pissed of i didn't re writted it X)

Slow week

Been a slow week last week. I Decided to restart from zero last big picture i'm workin on, and took some days. This week before finishing it i'll work on some smaller project, so you folks ll have some drops over the coming days =)
Other Reason for the slowing down.. is the E3 X) . Spent my night lookin at it, and kinda fucked up my scheldule, now i'm exhausted at all hour of the week D= i messed up.


Speakin of the E3, lot of good games. As usual Devolver's show been the funnyest to watch, with all the jokes and acting.
Can't say was super hyped by all project. But some get my attention. Like Baldur's Gate 3, or Vampire bloodlines. And indeed Cyberpunk 2077.
Was a lot of good stuff to watch, some were really stupid, but i'm good public most of times. Don't hesitate to tell me what you liked the most =3


Vote of this month ll be about the next CYOA i'll host. i plan it a bit longer then the Eldar one. like 7 or 8 episode. It ll depend of what is voted for.
Also, a client asked me if i would take a CYOA commission, i said yes. So in the coming weeks expect to see it coming. The difference would be, because it's a commission, i won't write the text, and choose the event, and i can't promise that the vote for it would be hosted here, after all, i'm only the drawer in this one.
More news to come when it's done!

Seems all i had to say, thanks for the support, and Cya soon =)

Weekly talk 22 2019-06-03T14:46:38+00:00

Hi peoples hope you're well

The Patreon Message

First, if you're on our discord, you followed what happenned earlier today, i've been contacted by patreon, to remove some content not suitable to the community guideline.

With this was the last Eldar vote, that was almost complete anyway, so i closed the vote earlyer, sorry if you had no chance to vote yet.

so What of the future?

Well, all the content i think would be borderline, i'll post only on DISCORD, i repeat, not my public discord, the patreon only discord! I understand it's not a quite confortable decision, and if you decide to revoke your membership because of that, i won't be mad, i understand.
But community guideline precise you can't provide extern link to image they determine as against community guideline. So i can't just message you all and link it. Wouldn't be a good long term valuable method.

They seems to accept that i post such things on other site (and if they wouldn't i would just close the patreon), so if i post borderline production on the discord and

DON T DISPLAY A LINK TO IT (i prefer to be sure everyone read this part)

that would be ok. So in the future i'll just post such content in the discord, and don't message it here. Same for the votes! The votes for CYOA that seems a bit borderline, i'll post on the discord on a special channel (that i already created)

For the few of you that dunno how to do to create a discord account or link it to your patreon :


here it is.


Cause yes other things happenned in my life. Two big project came in my commission box recently, But i'll tell you moar when i start workin on it. I finished most of my commish queue things, so i ll be able to advance on the olders project of patreon's monthly picture, and i will finish the Eldar CYOA this week.

For the future i already got a couple of ideas. I provided some on the discord (IT AGAIN D= ) don't hesitate to go there, see and comment about it!

Personal project:

Studio Pirrate gave me the first base of Background, so i'll work on this with my research, and ll try to finish the first of them this week. Once done i'll post it here indeed! The project is following it steps and we're on the time for our deadline, wich is great!

Also i'll hav e a bit of time for me, and i think of working back on some older unfinished pics in the coming weeks =)

Thanks you for your attention, c ya soon guys!

weekly talk 21 2019-05-28T18:38:20+00:00


It's another weekly talk!

Commission :

I've almost ended all commission already paid, got a 5 sketchs series about a Resident EVIL character and a Licker, soon to be shown around here. Then only 2 sketch commission. The eldar girl is almost finished, i'll start episode 4 soon, and the next should be the last.

For the after, i think i'll take 2 weeks to work on something else, and propose another one short. I'll see then what it ll be about.

Pantboy also told me he might ask me for a serie of 2Koma, wich i'm exited about cause i wanted to try such things for some time now

Cinema :

A Freaking lot of movies and Blockbuster came out this month, and i had time to watch one only XD. So i plan to go see some of them this week. I would love to watch the new Godzilla, the last one had some problems, but i really liked how you could feel the Mass and gigantism of the Kaijus. Soo i'm lookin forward for this one too. Most of time i drop my advice on the discord when i finished one movie, soo, if interested, don't hesitate to come discuss it with me =)

We still working on the first assets with StudioPiratte. We got 2 weeks left before the deadline we gave us, i'm confident about makin it! At first it ll be only a technic demo, like, walking, interact with some elements, in a non colored background. But i'll see if i can drop it here once it's done, to show you a bit of what we wwere working on.
Once the first demo ll be released we ll certainly open a Patreon dedicated to it. We still have to discuss details, but i think we could head to a working pattern like some do around patreon. With the newest version only for patreon, and a free earlyer version for free, till the game is done.
All i can say is that i wrotte the final version of the scenario of chapter 1 already. We need to writte the dialogue and find some peoples to double check the grammar and double read us. Studio and scorp already find how to make the char walk around in the game, and if the background is still our biggest step to do, it's on it way. =D
More info soon i hope!

It's all! Last week we had quasi no release, but as you could see, i was working on big pieces! Hope you like it by the way! Drawin monsters is really fun!
I'm still open for commission if you're interested, just mp me =D

C ya soon!

weekly talk 20 2019-05-20T20:47:38+00:00

20 really? Time fly!

So what new to say for another week under the emperor's light? D=


Working on two fll color commission recently, ll take a couple of days before i finish them, maybe more, but i'll try to move on fast. We're also almost at the end or the current CYOA, and it was a funny one to do, it's better to start knowing how many episode i'll have to do.
I already have another idea for next type episode. Maybe a poor imperial guard girl falling into the hand of a cult of Slaneesh?
Would be fun to draw for sure.

newcomers :

There was a lot of new peoples on this patreon recently, like a lot lot. Thanks you all for joining the crew =D. means a lot. it help, on financial side indeed, but even more on the moral one, to see so many support! Thanks you all guys!


I falled into the hands of Battle Brothers again recently. God this game can be quite addictive! To resume it, take a bit of team management simulation, the difficulty and harshness of a darkest dungeon, and a procedural map, whom event, cities and various details ll change over time.
in my actual game, an ancient roman empire seems to try to rise from the ashes, and attack isolated cities and caravan all around the country. As you dream every night of them, knowing you got a link with all this shit! But well... more undead sure mean more money for your Dogs of war!
It's quite addictive if you like strategy games.


Finished last episode of Game Of Thrones. Won't spoil anything. Many didn't liked, i did. On the side i can't not tell myself that, whatever the showrunner would have done, the net would ve been mad to them. Series and ending are always a problematic matter. You attach to the plot, the peoples, the place itself, and an ending is always a shaddy moment. There can't be a "ok" end. it ll be good, or bad.

For me it was quite good. but it's only my opinion =)

That's quite all

Thanks again for reading this nonsense i dare call a weekly talk!

C ya soon!

weekly talk 19 2019-05-14T10:11:25+00:00

SHIT forgot it was yesterday D=


Am i a joke?

Anyway, what is new?


I'm tryin different technique of sketchin recently, some take me moar time than before, but it's also because i'm new to it. Could also talk to some artist i like for a long time, and exchange some tips and advice, and , i dunno if it ll change anything, but it was cool. I 'm finishing the commission in late recently, because.. well i'm in need of financial arrival after the month of March and early april without so much work from my part. I just reopenned the queue for commission btw, don't hesitate to contact me, Patreon always get first ;D

Video games:

Again i get back to play at my favorite game, Stellaris. I can spend countless hours into this one, building spacial empire, tryin new build, using mods, stuff like that. It's also a video game of the chill. It's a 4x, can be quite slow depending of the speed setting you choose, so it s a nice game to put while you're watching a movie, or just try to chill out.

So it's all, i worked, played a bit some game, not a super busy or impressive week. Thanks to all the new people around! +9 since the beginning of the month, it's quite impressive!

Stay tuned for more!

C ya

weekly talk 18 2019-05-06T22:13:04+00:00

And here is a new (and almost late) weekly talk !

So, first, hello to every of our new friends that joined us in the coming month!


As you can see, i took out the fingers of my bum, and resumed to a more healthy and regular working habit. I'm right now doing a full color, that you'll see, i hope, tonight. And i'll start to sketch the new adventure of our new eldar vict.. friend, once i've done it.

Coming this week, the first step of a SFW comics page, and maybe a new sketch series from pantboy (yay i know, but i got 2 in motion already, so expect more to come soon!). My IRL friend noticed me he won't see me before two weeks, so i'll maybe pause the SFW sketch i shown on the discord for this week and resume next.


I've finished the assassin's creed odyssey... but like, really. i mean, except DLC and a lot of the random event and side quest i did all the major event, hunted all the 43 hidden Mutafukaz, fucked my way around all greek world, finished the main quest, and exept ONE character, get all the major chars alive to the end!
And i liked it. I mean, been a fan from the beginning, of the series, and been quite demotivated by the French revolution one and the ones after. Sooo i'm quite happy with this one. Seems the series goes in the right direction for me with the new dialogue system, all new mechanics. I mean, there's a lot of polishing, and OH GOSH, some of the hidden boss were pain in the ass (I talk of you gorgone, Not funny, cause.. WAY TOO EZ and lame, take 20 minutes to kill, but not once i felt in danger)
Soo i wait for the next one. Was so far, my favorite since the 2.
So now, i think i'll try to finish (again) persona 5.. And if i do, means i'll propose more of those waifu's choice in monthly choices D=


I paused the pirate one, the time i think of how get it back in more health. I think of a page per month maybe, With a CYOA vote between all of them. More suitable. But then should i restart from zero the adventure? That's something i must question.
Till i do, i'll do as i proposed here. Smaller and quicker CYOA. With a limited number of episode. This way i know where i go, more, and i know when it ll end, and it should go against my usual "oh lame to work on that again" effect.

Other not interesting news

Appart from that, i'll go to see the new hellboy movie wednesday, i kinda want to give it it chance. i mean, yes, it means Guillermo Del Toro won't be able to finish his vision of it. But it's not the fault of the team that brought this movie. And Mike Mignolia said he liked it.. so why not? I've been a HUGE fan of hellboy, mostly because of the graphic style of Mignola, so maybe a hellgirl pin up if the movie please me? D=>

That's all folks! Sorry for the lame talk again, it's kinda my way to tell someone my not interesting life, but, if some of you take the time to read it, i guess it's not so boring in the end!

C ya soon!

Weekly talk 17 2019-04-29T21:12:39+00:00

Time fly!

it's impressive!

So what's new?


Aaaaand the art block seems to be gone... but not exactly. I still feel this sort of dull feeling when i draw. like if whatever i do, it look shitty. I know it's a big part of me, that most of you like the things, but it's still here.
But i owe a lot of stuff, and it's time to stop whining! So i'm back to work!

Convention :

This week in my town Toulouse (France) a quite big city (1 millions in the whole pack); there's a convention about games. Tabletop RPG, boardgame, life size RPG, kids games, etc etc. it's the "Festival du jeu"
I ll work as Volunteer there, so for 4 to 5 days don't expect a lot of news D=. i'll maybe post picture on the discord, but not much. I'm workin on some sketch works and ll delay the posting on Patreon over the week to give you some things to watch in the coming days =)
If you're around the town (that i doubt, cause 26 of you in the whole country... exept you piroro... Well don't hesitate to come to the convention, and if you can find me, come to say a hello =D

Other news:

Been watchin GOT recently, the last seasons. It's quite impressive on the direction part to see such quality in a "tv" show. i mean for us born in the nineties, when i was kid, the big show in terms of money, were stuff like Xena, Buffy, or Sg1. And to be honest, they look quite old now. So i'm always impressed by such things

Went to see the Endgame movie, was fun honestly, the scenarii don't work all the time but, meh, i accept some inconsistency if it help the show to look cool.
That's my opinion only indeed

Playin some good games recently, i recommand you Islander, on steam. Quite the chilling game. if you're a bit under pressure and angry, help to chill out like nothing XD

That's quite all folks, c ya soon, and thanks for the support! =D

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User #325476 - 29 Apr 19 21:54
You say that your art block is almost gone but I saw you cementing a girl in a cube. You just don't want it to go away
Eiliya comm 2
Eiliya comm 2more_vert
Post file flag
Eiliya comm 2 2019-04-28T00:35:36+00:00close

Second SFW commission for the same guy as the girl one month ago.

Seems he need them for a project or a game.

Sound exciting D=

Comments (1)
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User #325476 - 28 Apr 19 06:54
That's cool, now give him huge tits :p
Post file flag
corbac 2019-04-26T12:33:27+00:00close

a quick sfw sketch i did directly with marker and ink pen. Liked it so tough i would share.

Comments (2)
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User #2682197 - 26 Apr 19 12:35
Let me tell you, it's going to be VERY difficult to masturbate to this.
user avatar
darkminou - 26 Apr 19 12:36
It's because you don't believe in the Soul of your Card Kaiba!
easter quicky
easter quickymore_vert
Post file flag
easter quicky 2019-04-22T09:19:53+00:00close

People told me i shouldn't go pick my eggs at Tchernobyl...

Guess i should had D=

ll call it Gerard! Cause he is fat as Depardieu!

Comments (1)
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User #546719 - 22 Apr 19 09:23
No sexy bunny for you' only fat chick =p
Resident Breeding Finished 2019-04-18T15:17:32+00:00

The commission is finished!

So how to find it? 2 Options, first go on thePatreon secret Discord

or go check your patreon message, i'll send a link to the dropbox where you'll find all link Low and High Def pictures and 4 variations!

Weekly Talk 15 2019-04-15T13:43:50+00:00

Heya guys:

So what 's new?


Here it is, i resarted working on a more regular rythm, but the last big piece i'm crafting is agains't most of Patreon's rules, so i suggest you to go take a look at the discord to see all the wips, or to wait one week after i finish it, to take a look on my HF gallery!
I'll work also on one or two ideas i had this past weeks, if i find the time. I got a lot waiting to be done, and it ll take time to finish it all already =) But i ll


Two things happened this week. I rediscovered some ancient Cyberpunk things i used to read, as i was working on the Game.
As you know, if you read around here often, i'm working on Background, so i m doing some research recently about it. First i'm working on a sort of hidden asteroid lair for the hero, i don't want to spoil, but it's the first level. I want to work on a special identity for the place, but i dunno, maybe ll i fail and in the end it ll look like a generic SCI FI place. It's one of those fear that maybe made me gather a lot of reference, and not yet dare sketch a page of it ^^
Till i didn't started, i didn't failled it :/ That's dumb, i know, but i got a team on my back, so i know i'll start it eventually, in the coming weeks. =)

Muh life:

Extraordinary not interesting part of the thing, when i speak of myself. What can i say? i kinda kill my sleep scheldule those last weeks. And now that i look at it, it started when i started my art block. So is it the lack of art will that made me unable to sleep properly, or the opposite? I think more the second, cause the will is here. it's just i feel constantly exhausted. It's hard to tell yourself to focus all your will in a draw when you feel not able to do half of the draw before stoping and going to sleep

Also played the last episode of Star Channel 34 by akabur. It's as funny to play as usual, and we're starting to have true sex scene on it! I really like where it's going =)

Exept those whinning of mine, not a lot more to say. I got work, and i'll go back to it =)

Thanks again for the moral support, i had so many cool messages from some of you when i wasn't feeling at the best, and it help folks, really =)

C ya soon!

Weekly talk 14 2019-04-09T06:41:52+00:00

Aaand i forget X)

All the day yesterday was like "oh it's monday, must writte the weekly talk"
AAAAAnd i forget it anyway D=

Soo it's a late one!

What's new?


I'm on my way to try to conqueer my art block! First i'll try to get back to a more healthy rythm of life. Recently i've been living the night, and sleeping only a few hours per days, and it's not healthy at all!
I'm tryin to get back on my feet, and many of you nd your kind word helped, so, thanks to you all =)


I plan to do one more episode this week. Not sure when, but i wanna finish another comish before i get to it. So, expect it soon.

The game:

Not a lot of news on that side. I 've started to make research for the backgrounds, we want something a bit cool and that change of most space looking stuff, but that look quite scifi. Soo i took the decision to go on a sort of "art nouveau" vibes. With decoration about vines and nature. Seemed logic that, in deep space, you wanna see a bit of nature, instead of more blank and cold furnitures, when you're in the middle of the clod and blank space. I'm tryin to get some info on it, so it's time to a library drop for me =).

It's a bit all. I'm trying to get back slowly, so expect more draw soon, as i get back to a more regular rythm.

That's all =)

C ya soon!

the Dog of war
the Dog of warmore_vert
Post file flag
the Dog of war 2019-04-08T04:59:17+00:00close

The client resumed the char as a sort of dog snake... for me it means a chinese dragons. Proposed to make it a sort of dog of war warriors. Kinda like the result, look quite cool

anyway, was a sort of commission. Sort of cause 2 years ago the guy was a patreon, and remember he never asked his reward (even if i did track him to ask him what he wanted twice in the same time!). Then asked this :/

Well, at least it was funny. Hope you like, back to the lewd soon

the demon binding - robe version
the demon binding - robe versionmore_vert
the demon binding - robe version 2019-04-07T01:40:41+00:00close

HD and LD version of the pic with the robe.

Took a bit my time on this one, but i hope it does worth the wait!

Weekly talk 13 2019-04-01T17:48:18+00:00

So.. it's the 13.. and we re a 1st April... strange things happenned here D=


Almost finished the line for the demon girl, but i decided before all to work on the game, and FIRST CHAPTER SCENARIO IS WRITTEN!
Got only some minor change to do, but most is done! ... In French. Cause yes, to go faster it was the requirement. I wrotte it in French, all the team speak Moliere's language anyway. For the game dialogue i'll start soon, but first ll make some study and research for the background. I'll try to work one full day per week on the game, maybe two when i'm late, the purpose is to advance as fast as we can! And provide a first demo before September!

Illustration and art block:

I was still slow last week, but managed to work against the art block and go further! this week i plan to end 2 more works, in addition to the game. Slowly i'm taking back a more decent rythm. And i'm sorry if i slowed down in the month of March. I'll work my ass off to provide more content soon!


I bought outward recently. I won't lie, wasn't my wisest move, but my brother was playin it and insited that i joined, and i could never say no to that kid D=
It's.. kinda HARD, like a lot! So i'll give myself a challenge, my char is a girl, and you can't really die, you just be dropped in the nearest location (bandit takin you, villagers saving you) when you die in the wild.
So to motivate me to work better, each 3 death, i'll make a quick sketch with the thing that killed me fuckin the character! This should provide more lewd, and force me to be better to not add more work on my scheldule!

That's all folks, thanks you again for your support =)

It really help =D.

Remember for those i owe reward to come and ask me your reward before the 15 of the month, thanks!

a mushroom tale
a mushroom talemore_vert
Post file flag
a mushroom tale 2019-03-29T20:59:23+00:00close

So, what is that? It's a comics commission by an irl friend for a friend of him. It was a private joke with his friend and he wanted to make it a small comics. So what does it say?

Well, first it 's a private joke, i'm not part of it, i didn't writte the text. So if you don't find it so funny, it's kinda normal. Anyway

Panel 1:

" So, how was the funny stand up show you went yesterday night?"
"Oh la la! Horribe! a True Nightmare!"

Panel 2:

"Oh? Why?"
"After a few classic jokes everyone heard twice already, she dropped an embarassing sex themed joke, a dirty one!"


"How rude... Even more when you remember it was supposed to be a familly friendly show!"
"Yes! And worst, the joke was tarrible, meant nothing..."


"..Dunno for you, but I don't need to wear short to do some Spore(t)"
[ The comic career of Pouchiche on the Mushroom land never really worked]

Voila, not the best, tried to translate the closer from the original thing. To understand, in French, the T of Sport is silent, so it sound exactly like Spore

Anyway, working on the silly mushroom faces was funny on it's own. =)

Rebecca Gowthem - commission
Rebecca Gowthem - commissionmore_vert
Rebecca Gowthem - commission 2019-03-26T01:10:39+00:00close

*edit* made some subtle change in the character (shoes) so here is the new one

A commission happened today, a man paid extra cause he needed a pic of his char for tomorow morning.

You know me, i love money, so i did it as he asked, but only for a sketch in plain white. He said ok.

So here it is!

You'll find more version and wip in attached piece =) Hope you'll like!

Attachments (4)

eiliyawip 1.jpg (811.0KiB)
eiliyaLD.png (188.5KiB)
eiliya.jpg (95.3KiB)
eiliyahd.png (1.1MiB)

weekly talk 11 2019-03-18T18:06:46+00:00

Heya guys! here is our 11th meeting together!

First i wanted to say hello to all the new faces, happy to see you around folks!

So let's start

Slowing down:

Last week i slowed down a bit my rythm of drawing. Wasn't in the good spirit, but i restarted nicely this week with several wips and sketch done.
I plan to finish various picture this week and ll try as much as possible to get my waiting work done. Got also one new serie for Pantboy in the making, soo expect news from that soon

Video games:

i play games a lot, those day i'm often chilling on apex and prison architect. But this week ll be released a game i wait for a long time : We The revolution; a game taking place in the First french revolution (yes first.. there was like 6 or 7 in less than 80 years) and in the Terror. The graphism looks good and most test i read so far seems to give the game a good name sooo, i hope i'll have enough money to take it for me ahaha

Commission :

I started or did half the commission i had taken, so i'll reopen commission next week i think. But because you're my first fans , i'll reopen it earlyer for you, one week ahead, i must redo my commission price sheet first, so when it ll be dropped here you'll be free to ask me for a slot if you feel like =)

DBZ super movie:

Went to see the new broly movie (with one of you btw D= ), can't say i find it super good, there was some quite awesome animation, but the quality was really strange. Some times the animation were fluids and impressive. Some other times the quality went down, almost not pro at all.
Also the new Green Lady totally look like a "let's make a Rule 34 friendly new character!"
One thing nice, i went to see it in French Verson, and they almost get back all the original show french casting, wich was really good back in time; was one of the best features of this movie for me ^^

Also i m old enough to remember the first Broly movie, sooo for me this one was more a remake of an old one i loved than a new movie. i won't lie, it certainly modified my way to see the movie.


I tried a bit different formula, speakin a bit more of my personal life. Tryin to make the weekly talk a bit less empty. Also i feel like it's a bit a good way to share stuff with fans, soo sound not like a bad idea for me

Thanks again for your support

and C ya soon!

Monthly sketch announcement! 2019-03-14T09:49:14+00:00

This week end i'll start, and maybe finish the monthly sketch of the month, a Tiefling girl in bondage.

I started to sketch some things and i think i'll do a thing a bit artistic...

In traditional art.

Well no big deal, you know i know my shit, so what is the news?

Well it's simple, once i'll finish it, i'll sell it!

Sell the original i mean.

i didn't choose the price yet, but to this one i'll add the price of the delivery too, so ll certainly make something small for you patreons!.
Wait for it to be finished, but wanted to make you all know before it happen =)

Voila c ya soon

The discord! 2019-03-10T06:10:08+00:00


If you received a Private message from me about the secret patreon discord, it's normal, i just took the time to go and send the message to every one of you that i suspected to not been linked with

the Tutorial to do so is here:


It's not forced, but i often post the wip thare quickly, cause the platform is kinda Easy to use that way. And the content Patreon policy doesn't allow around here.

It's all, i wish you a good day folks!

CYOA 1-3
CYOA 1-3more_vert
Post file flag
CYOA 1-3 2019-03-09T03:01:19+00:00close

Toook way more time that it should have

And it's totaly my fault. i kinda was striken by how few the support were on the internet for it and i concentrated on other stuff

but it's no excuse, i shouldn't have! I'll try to fast a bit the scenario

SO the NEW system

The Heart mean this route is Fastest choice to NSFW scene

The STAR is fastest choice to the scenario, mean you rush to the end of the chapter. The other choices ll offer variation and element that are optional, but can open new route later.

I'll open the vote soon for 3$+ rank!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #140627 - 9 Mar 19 03:59
Glad this is back.
user avatar
darkminou - 9 Mar 19 11:00
good to be back
reward rename vote 2019-03-08T12:54:32+00:00

2 weeks ago we opened a vote to know what sort of image for reward and rename for each rank you would prefere. So it's the mage path you all prefered!

With a clear majority

Yer a wizard Harry it seems!

demon head
demon headmore_vert
Post file flag
demon head 2019-03-08T01:19:12+00:00close

just a quick warmup demon girl design

Not the best but some interesting features, so might use her soon

weekly talk 9 2019-03-04T19:24:07+00:00

So was my birthday this sunday, and we had a sort of surprise lil party with 2 friends, and it was fun!

But the hangover forbad me to draw most of the day XD
Not cool! i'll have to sketch tonight

So anyway what's new:


The scenario advance, we took some decision about how the gameplay ll go, and i started writting the first enigma sequence, i think i'll start the sketch in one of two week. Studio Pirrate, whom i make the game with (and with Scorp too indeed) just had his firstborn! So he won't be able to work on it for a couple of month. but he had taken some advance, so for now it's just for me to step back and work my ass off


I recently find a story i kinda like a lot, by MePenName3000. it's a basic MindContol story, but there's a twist. instead of a male or femal protagonist, using Mind control to bend people to have sex and become sex slave. This one is about a young submissive girl, that use her power to be sure her crush and closest relatives become harsh dominant on her, insted of being nice and caring.
I find the concept quite appealing, and, i know i got a CYOA to continue XD, but.. i think about maybe writte on my side and for me something about it. Cause i find it QUITE HOT

Vermintide 2:

Vermintide2 + beastmen futur DLC = more Kerilian Porn incoming!

Sister Jeanne:

I ll continue to propose monthly opportunity to work on Sister Jeanne porn each month. I think you guys really like her a lot. And i ll use her for various fetichism in the future, that i wanted to try but never took time for so far.
Don't hesitate to MP me if you have concept for future pictures. If i like them it could be in the next monthl choice!

That's all! thanks for your patreonnage again! You guys are the best!

Comments (3)
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User #423742 - 5 Mar 19 19:56
Now Im curious about this story
user avatar
darkminou - 6 Mar 19 01:53
the story itself, or me doing one?
user avatar
User #423742 - 6 Mar 19 07:28
Well I was thinking about the one you read, but both now :D
It's midnight in France 2019-03-02T23:35:03+00:00

Meaning it's my birthday!


I turned 32 years old D=

am old naow

Special thanks for all of you that gave me small gift and attention for it D=

Was super nice, and thanks the other too for continuous support!


Comments (2)
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User #7692352 - 4 Mar 19 12:56
bon anniv!
user avatar
User #325476 - 3 Mar 19 04:28
Happy birthday, old cat
Weekly Talk 8 2019-02-25T13:53:01+00:00

Yay! It been a good week for me! I mean, my mother and brother came for a bunch of days, it was really cool to have them around. Even if it slowed me down a bit, i still worked and produce some things, and i'm Fuelled up for the coming week =)

Week program :

First i'm gonna work on the patreon sketch and finish the two comish i started last week. Then i think to start a personnal draw for myself, for my birthday, and work on the Game assets.

The game:

Scorp manage to produce the first demo to test the animation and a bunch of quick interaction. It work so far, so now we have to start fill it. It's far from being interesting to share, but it's cool to see that we passed the first bugs succesfully

We re programming hard! (at least Scorp). For my part i must write down the entire scenario! Aaand... it's kinda cool

Sister Jeanne :

You folks seems to like her a lot! Like a lot =) and it's kinda cool. So i'll try to think at maybe a small comics, or use her more often when i do warm ups. I changed a bit her design in the last picture, fixed it would be more precise. I used to draw the hair in a certain way but changing it each time, this time i decided of a general look and i think it ll be easyer to keep it in the future

(BTW this AMAZING piece of pixel art is done by Steeljoe, go check is page, it's impressive and he deserve love!)


if there was a big absent this month, it was the CYOA. Won't lie, the initial way people dealt with it was a bit demoralizing. But i shouldn't focus on it! The scenario is writen, and the text is done, even started some sketch, the next one ll be simpler, but i'll add a change in the choice selection. I'll give some indication on each choices now.

Star choices would be the fastest route to story resolution. Mean if you vote this, the scenario goes faster.

Hearth choice would be Fastest route to LEWD content. Pick it and there ll be a lewd things, can be panties shot or pinup, or sexual act

I'll introduce it in the coming episode!

Movie night :

Wither, one of you proposed me to host movies night. Meaning stream while we look a movie together. I think i prefer drawin/movie night.

For now there's two option, or i stream, and hoist a movie while i do, or i co stream with someone hosting the movie. I think honnestly i 'll try the both, see if it's ok and work well. I'll indicate when we do the first one, and if it's a success, maybe host more in the future.

We believe in the force of the Pull Out

I'll finish this long weekly talk with a little gif of pure joy!

Cya soon guys!

weekly Talk 8 2019-02-18T15:20:22+00:00

Beeen a loong and silent week, on my side.

Those last 2 weeks i've bee striked hard by a massive art block. Tryin to emerge from it, but not so easy. So it kept hitting on the moral. You know, you don't do things cause you don't feel good, so it make you feel bad for not workin, so you feel worse etc etc.

At a point gonna have to stand, and move my ass. Tryin to do it now. What ll help i think too is that my familly ll come for 3 days at the end of the week, and spend a bit of time here. It always feel better when i spend time with my relative, so i think it ll be better after.

I almost finished all the late rewards, got to do some commission this week, then we're good

That's kinda all. Exept that the week been a bit empty to be honest X)

i'll try to get back first by doin some quickies, so expect more sketch in the comings days

That's all =)

Thanks you again for the support guys

C ya soon

weekly talk 6 2019-02-11T11:17:05+00:00

And here we go again folks, for a new weekly report.


Dunno if i told you before, or if i told it here, but, i'm, with two friend, starting to build a game. Not a lot to say for now, exept that they started to work on the animation and the game engine. I'll do the background AND the scenario, and it ll bz a point and click.
I tell you that because i'll certainly start to work on it soon, and then, you'll be able to see some background design.
I don't want to say a lot cause, we're at the begining, and a lot can still changen so no real interest for me to drop ints if it's gonna change in two weeks X)
What i can say is that it ll NSFW friendly, that the story is SF/Space opera type; that there ll be humor, and that we want the NSFW not to be just a sort of reward, but in the DNA of the project, mean some enigma ll be about sex, etc etc

The 3 of us are Francophone, so, for now we decided to work in english, but it's not impossible that we decide to do a french version too. But again, i don't want to make any promess about any thing till we're way more rooted into the project.


It's hard to know if i'm late. For now i still struggle about if i'm too slow or not. I mean, you see that i drop at least 2 to 3 draw per weeks, a part of me tell me it's nice, another that i should work more. it's always hard cause i dunno if it's me just tryin to say to myself i suck, or if i really suck X)

I finished the Text for next CYOA episode, and to doodle the image, so expect it in the coming days. I think i'll do a 2 episode a month for now, cause i got a lot of late comish to do. If i do so, maybe should i do then longer episode, in content. in extended period of time.I dunno, i'll see how it works i think.

Sleep deprivation:

I fuckin deprivate myself in sleep last week. Some events happened in Personal life, that could have been bad. To resume, my sibling had a lot of problems and it kinda made me a bit concerned. It's hard to sleep when you keep thinkin about problems, and it's hard to take a decision for others peoples, soo made me sleep less. And i think it kinda impacted my drawing speed rate too :/


Another cause is APEX.. God.. i suck at this game. But like, a lot. I must have done 20 frags, in total for 10 h of games, EZ. And when you know that a game is max 15 mins, and most of time around 2-5 when you suck like me
You can see how much i suck XD
Also i think the thrill llpast fast and soon i'll just stop playin, to go back to vermintide 2. So, if you wanna do a game with me, it's free and my origin pseudo is Darkminou


It's ll for this monday talk!

Thanks you all for your continue support =D

500 twitter
500 twittermore_vert
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500 twitter 2019-02-10T12:19:01+00:00close

just a quick cute sketch to celebrate the 500 followers on twitter.

Weekly talk 5 2019-02-04T16:49:38+00:00

QUIICK!! Minou is doin a new weekly talk!

Well fifth week.. I won't lie, i've been way less productive last week.... and it's for the reason, i think, that i've started KH3



The funny part is, i see the games problems, like, i missed only 2 of the games on the 7 that been released, aaaand i still miss 1/3 of the plot. So for the peoples that played only the first 2... Can be a nightmare. I know there's 5 movies to remember you the plot, but i feel a 40 minute exposition movies, as way to not lost half of the player as a semi fail. When you need to introduce an element, it's never easy, but there's tons of way to do so, and i kinda felt it as a "the tester don't understand shit to the story? Add a small movie to explain them"
Also the cinematics often seems.. blank. I mean, often we got those cinematics, with no music, and just peoples staring.. ankwardly. The gameplay is cool, but, feel exactly like the 2 with some features you had see in the episode on portable and 2/3 variation.

But still, it work! I love it, i spend hours without noticing, and if i see clearly the problems, i still go in each part of the levels to find hidden treasure and easter eggs, etc etc. The story works.. But mostly because of the feels it give. I know i'll cry at least once in the process of playin, i know i ll laugh, but mostly because i already care for the characters.

Anyway it's a good game, just feel a bit of rush into.. Strange for a game that took that long to edit

The shadding

Also if you follow me for some time, it's no surprise that i often don't like my own works, it's usual, but recently i seems unable to do a shading i like, so expect to see a lot of test in the coming works, i should really take a technique, sit my ass on it, even if it sucks at first try, and make it work over time! I mean, with training and all, but well. Impatience!

The CYOA :

I'll continue it this week.. when i found time for! I'll try to do between 2 to 3 episode per month, for now. When i'll have less work, or if this patreon start to work better i shall make more. For now, i got commission, enough to live, and I almost finished all the late work, soon i'll be up to date (let's hope! X) )And i ll be able to concentrate more on personal project.

It's kinda all that crossed my mind! Thanks you all again for this new month of sub! Hope my lewd ll still please you as much as usual

I also again greatly invite you to link your discord to patreon and get access to the private patreon discord, where i stuck a lot of non patreon friendly creation and things!


Alyxnia jedi padawan
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Alyxnia jedi padawan 2019-01-30T01:03:44+00:00close

wanted to try a shade technique i had tryed in the past, and this time it worked well. I'll certainly try it for other design and sfw stuff, work well and i really like how it look in the end.

So expect more to come!

RIOTS Picture 2 and 3
RIOTS Picture 2 and 3more_vert
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RIOTS Picture 2 and 3 2019-01-29T04:19:18+00:00close

Put the 3 on display cause.. it's way funnyer. Also took a hell of time to do so many character! was fun tough!

Next episode it start to become Kinky, then, next bunch ll be totally NSFW =)

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User #325476 - 29 Jan 19 05:22
Hellboy is born
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darkminou - 29 Jan 19 05:32
Ah! you're the first to notice! No one made a remark so far, i was like 'what? Wasn't obvious enough?
weekly talk 3 2019-01-21T13:03:42+00:00

It's official, it's a trilogy now D=

For now, everything is FINE, and it's quite surprising! To be honest i don't have a lot to say for now, so 'ill just drop the usual "talk about random stuff" thingie


First, i'm fine. I know some of you saw the videos of the weekly mini riots and police enforcement tactical use of non lethal gun, in the street of France, i know cause "be carefull Dark" or "stay safe" are like the stuff i heard the most those last weeks from foreigner. Don't worry, i live a bit far from city center, and i took the habbit to not go in town when a movement is called, to avoid being tased at the corner of a street on my way to buy a manga.
Don't worry for me ^^

Fantasy adventure:

So in a way it goes faster than i expected, i mean, i didn't planned a true rythm for this one, more that i want the pictures and next episode to be at least, 2 weeks after the last. To keep a good rythm, without stepping on commission works. So far it works, expect the next scenario in the coming days. I hope it still appeal you, i know there's less sex in this one, but, in a way, was kinda announced, and it's your choice that made it so far =D
But i don't fear, i'm sure you'll end choosing a route that lead to sex eventually ^^

Change of reward:

The change happenned for 2 reason, first to make it more in the reality of what is my life and commission now, and also.. because i prefer greyscale work X)
It's just my opinion, but flat color, always make me a bit frustrated, it's not "enough" without shading. Greyscale are more simple, but also let me add a bit more of variation, in the shades. Anyway, i hope you'll understand my choice here.

It's all, again, 3 weeks since i started a pro life, kinda strange, feel more, and less at the same time. Expect more lewd and awesomeness soon

C ya!

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User #17026309 - 2 Feb 19 16:50
weekly talk 1 2019-01-07T15:37:33+00:00

Hello fellows!

Because i'm a rip off i'll try like lot of more famous artist to send those one week message, as i did last week! Trying to copy the success \o/

More seriously, i think it can be a good way to give my view on the even of the week, and to have this weekly meeting that allow me to see the path already walked on this lewdy valley!

New technique :

As you have seen, i'm trying a new technique those days, about the line. it's quite the same as before, exept i use only 2 to 5 pixel large brush for it, giving this almost pencil like touch and texture i love. Also it allow my paint to look more stunning! Well it's my opinion, but i think we find a good catch there, that goes well with my style. I'll keep it for a time and see where it lead us. Indeed it ll mean also some errors and mistake, because, when you start a new, often you make mistake, but i think it ll pay off on long term!


So, it beggins! For true! =D
I'm so glad of it, cause we worked on it for long, and i pass my original fear about long term preparation. You know, i'm a fuckin DIVA, if you talked to me enough, you must have learned that. When i prepare something it must be as great as the teasing i did! So often, i spend hours, DAYS thinking of the best ideas, giving 10 shots.... and doin nothing cause nothing i can think can be as good as i said it would, sooo, it sucks!
It's a bad habbit! And i try to fight it as much as i can, and it's kinda hard to do! But this time i managed, moved my ass off, and made this one!
The scenario is already written for the 2 to 3 next events, so it's rolling, all that matter now is to keep the rythm!

Rythm :

I decided, and pushed a bit by fate, to start a full drawer's life. i dunno if it ll stand on long term, we ll see, the most important for now is to keep the rythm! I'm a procrastinator dude, and it's hard to not report things X)
But also to understand when you have the right to slack off, like when you take a day off cause you worked 8 hours a days for almost two weeks and deserve a me day. Managing my time, learning to see my limit is my goal for now, and i just hope i'll be good at it. So far it seems to work, so i'll try to keep the work done!

For now, it's all folks, i'm not sure what to say in those report still.. and it's more a me thing than a thing to you for now X), but if you have concerns or stuff you think i should talk about there, don't hesitate!

C ya soon space cowboy

Fantasy adventure:  episode 1.1
Fantasy adventure: episode 1.1more_vert
Fantasy adventure: episode 1.1 2019-01-03T02:23:01+00:00close

Here is the VOTE, for the +3$ patreons

Ok, so, the first episode is lack of sexy, i know D= . But honestly, when come the sexy, now, is your duty! Cause you'll vote for the choices!

This first episode is meant to build the basic of this CYOA. It ll be like this, 1 to 3 or 4 draw, illustrating the choice or element told. The whole building a story. You got also the first glimpse of the system, and how the roll ll change the shape of the adventure. Here, Martouf is the only one your char know well, due to a good natural 20 on a d20 roll!

On attached piece, you got also the first draw, in HD version, and a wip of this draw!

It's the first episode, and i got many to change things that ain't work, so if you got concern, or advice, don't hesitate to tell me, here or in mp if you prefer, could help me for the next!

Also, i'll post the first picture, tomorow, on tweeter, only the first picture, as advertise!

Thanks you all guys, this baby, is yours too! I hope, we ll live a good Adventure!

Attachments (2)

1.1 wip.jpg (494.3KiB)
1.1 sketch alone.jpg (1.1MiB)

Fantasy adventure cover
Fantasy adventure covermore_vert
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Fantasy adventure cover 2018-12-28T22:00:15+00:00close

Opening cover for fantasy adventure

Wanted something like this for 3 reasons 1, it make sense to me (maybe for you too if you think about it =D )

2 i wanted something teasing and SFW to put everywhere for advertise

3, my weak point is background, so i tough, drawing a background details could be a good exercice.

So it's a wip, the rest come soon

Tumblr is dead
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Tumblr is dead 2018-12-03T19:25:32+00:00close

Tumblr ll die soon from a puritan brain attack, so here is the link to a newground thing i made!

Embed data


Provider URL


I'm a French drawer, i love to push back my limit as what i do, what i propose and what i can create! Expect lot of stuff, from different kink, lot of NSFW and lot of silly joke around here!



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User #14889568 - 11 Dec 18 09:18
THE CYOA STRUCTURE 2018-12-03T14:04:28+00:00

Heya all

on this message i'll just explain how i plan to build the next CYOA-fantasy adventure

So a lot of talk, and not a lot of draw X)

Sorry. But I ll add some soon!

So, i plan to make the coming CYOA a 4 or 5 chapter thing. Each chapter being a specific place or event.

The prologue ll happen on your Ship, as exemple.

The adventure ll be parted in two different type of pictures:

  • Each chapter begin, i'll spend time in a picture, explaining and resuming the zone, and the information you know (based on a roll off your Lore stats) This picture ll give a view of the playable zone, or at least a resume or a plan, some hint about your objective, or what to expect, and the major PNJ resume (the one you know at least!). I'll take my time on each of them, spend a week or two (maybe more), being sure everything needed is know, before starting again the adventure itself.
  • The adventure itself. To avoid the problem of the last CYOA i did, expectation of more, trying to catch up, and having to do an extra awesome pic that take me hours. I'll force myself to a very simple type. No or extremely simple BG, like no color on it, only the major char (hero and pnj interacted with) colored. Each ll be followed by a text describing the action and Roll (failled or success) and the next choice. This should be simple enough to allow me to make them in a regular basis.

Voilà, you know more about the thing. it's why i already started making the Character.

For patreon exclusive, you'll have access to all design ahead, the vote, and a more detailled Background for each PNJ.

Voila for the info! I hope it was clear, don't hesistate to ask question about it on the comment below.

Character is almost ready!
Character is almost ready!more_vert
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Character is almost ready! 2018-11-24T01:30:50+00:00close

So, after an aleatory throw (look the discord for details) for the equality on trait, Golden tongue was selected!

I made the change, and then bough her starting gear. Courtesan dress is a dress that give a bonus for seduction. Lockpick is quite good to open the place people don't want you to visit. Good quality dagger, mean mean they won't break easy. The leather armor give a good +2 AC bonus, without impairing the Dex.

You can see also the dammage. The throwing of a good dagger is base on body bonus, cause you throw it with force after all.

For the details fo the character, i struggled a bit. I wanted at first to do a sort of resume of her life, as first part, to present her. But then i told myself it would be more interesting to saw her telling her past and making you discover her life bit after bit. like a true player giving hint about his personal history over time.

I think i will be ready to host the first part and choice/tutorial for the first week of december. The problem is i struggle over the form it would take. Not storywise, i finished to write the scenario already (at least the main quest). More, do i do one illustration only, and the rest as text? Or do i make several, maybe less detailled, draw to illustrate the thing. I'll make the choice in the coming days anyway.

Hope you're as excited as i am


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