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Archive ♥ Dancer
Archive ♥ Dancermore_vert
Post file flag
Archive ♥ Dancer 2020-02-13T21:44:18+00:00close

Hello again *^-^*

I was away last week and couldn't post these pictures, I'm happy to share them with you now! Some archives of my sweet Dancer for you today ♥

Have a lovely one!!

Media (10)

01.jpg (4.6MiB)
11.jpg (8.6MiB)
18.jpg (6.7MiB)
31.jpg (8.4MiB)
37.jpg (7.7MiB)
46.jpg (8.1MiB)
42.jpg (7.6MiB)
51.jpg (7.2MiB)
52.jpg (7.3MiB)
68.jpg (7.5MiB)

News + February's Androids ♥
News + February's Androids ♥more_vert
Post file flag
News + February's Androids ♥ 2020-02-13T20:05:52+00:00close

Hello there, everyone!!

Back home and late rewards ♥

I'm back home and hard at work already! I'm slowly correcting every late reward (the tablet I brought to work during my trip has huge screen problems, I'm trying to have it changed now...) and uploading it! I'll also ship the late physical rewards within a week ♥

I'm keeping track of everything, so no worries, I won't forget you :)

Sorry again for the delay, I did a lot of photoshoots last week and planned everything to have more done next week, this way I will have pictures shot in advance, just in case of trouble, especially during trips!

February content ♥

The theme for February is Androids! I'll post more previews in the next days, enjoy this first one for the Lab set of the month!

I post way more often on Discord, so don't hesitate to join it, and send me a little PM so I can make sure you get your access!

Media (1)

25.jpg (4.0MiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 14 Feb 20 02:18
Keep up the great work ❤️
user avatar
User #896337 - 13 Feb 20 20:18
That's an awesome look!
user avatar
User #9726526 - 13 Feb 20 20:34
user avatar
User #2582465 - 13 Feb 20 20:15
Keep up the great work
user avatar
User #9311088 - 15 Feb 20 16:34
Very pretty, love the outfit! Big fan of stockings! 💝
Archives ♥ Maeryll
Archives ♥ Maeryllmore_vert
Post file flag
Archives ♥ Maeryll 2020-02-13T19:58:25+00:00close

Do you remember this set?! It's already two years old now, I'm stunned to realize that, damn, I need to do an other Maeryll cosplay now...

I'm waiting for my hardcover book of I Roved Out now, I read it online but I really like to have my fav books in my library at home!

You can read it online here, there are also links to support the artist on his Patreon, drop tips, or shop the book and goodies~!

No matter what, enjoy some sweet elf ass'n'titties ♥

Media (10)

19.jpg (9.0MiB)
18.jpg (9.1MiB)
26.jpg (8.2MiB)
30.jpg (9.1MiB)
37.jpg (7.5MiB)
40.jpg (8.3MiB)
46.jpg (9.2MiB)
51.jpg (8.4MiB)
57.jpg (7.0MiB)
61.jpg (3.9MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3240967 - 14 Feb 20 06:14
An Elf with silver hair and pale skin wearing all black. I love this look.
Lingerie day~
Lingerie day~more_vert
Post file flag
Lingerie day~ 2020-02-02T04:55:32+00:00close

Some sweet pictures to wish you a lovely weekend 💕

I took these photos just before leaving Paris but I didn't have the chance to post them!

I am still in the US for now - which is why I wasn't posting much lately, in case you missed the info - and will be back home on February 10! February will be very busy for me, as I will make sure to catch up and keep you updated! Thank you again for your patience!

I will also write full posts posts about my trip when I'm back, with pictures of course!

Oh and January's rewards will be sent soon <3

Some more cute gifs to wish you a good night!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4558613 - 2 Feb 20 04:57
That make up is a new look for you I like it!
user avatar
User #7145126 - 2 Feb 20 05:27
I love the gifs. So naturally cute.
Content updates and news!
Content updates and news! more_vert
Post file flag
Content updates and news! 2020-01-30T16:46:08+00:00close

Hello everyone!

A little update and apologizes for the delay with the content. It's been more difficult for me than expected to work on my content during my trip, and to keep you updated, but I don't forget you, I promise!

Today and tomorrow I have some photoshoot planned, and I'm also working on editing and uploads :)

As for physical rewards, I'll send everything once I'm back home (February 12), I got caught by surprise by the lack of post office here ><"

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #29488345 - 5 Feb 20 17:07
user avatar
User #12849533 - 30 Jan 20 22:35
Hehehe ... Is there really no post office where you are right now ?? I wonder what is the reason for this?)))
Tamamo's Bikini ✨
Tamamo's Bikini ✨more_vert
Post file flag
Tamamo's Bikini ✨ 2020-01-30T16:36:26+00:00close

Hey there!!

Sorry for the lack of updates this month, I've been working in the shadows!!

Some previews of the Tamamo bikini set for January <3

Media (5)

03.jpg (7.9MiB)
12.jpg (8.4MiB)
07.jpg (7.6MiB)
16.jpg (8.3MiB)
30.jpg (8.2MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #7145126 - 2 Feb 20 05:28
My favorite type of animal girl. Fox girl.
user avatar
User #4449699 - 30 Jan 20 20:16
user avatar
User #18879641 - 30 Jan 20 16:39
So beautiful Shae_ as always xx
Happy New Year! (+rewards)
Happy New Year! (+rewards) more_vert
Post file flag
Happy New Year! (+rewards) 2020-01-01T01:30:47+00:00close

Hello there my dear friends and fans,
I hope you're doing well!!

I wish you all a happy new year eve, or happy new year :) Be safe and enjoy, no matter what you're doing tonight!

For the rewards of December, I'll try my best to send everything this week, the Lab Set is uploaded but the app/phone website won't let me access to my list of patrons and send the PM :( The Elf set is almost ready and I just need better Wi-Fi to upload it, same for the videos, and I'll be able to upload the rest this week hopefully 🙏

Thank you for your patience, the rewards for January are almost ready and 2020 should be a better year 💕

I love you all, thank you for your support ❤️

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #11355737 - 1 Jan 20 01:31
Happy to give you all the support I can give. Here’s to 2020.
user avatar
User #526172 - 1 Jan 20 03:39
Happy new years. Enjoy your new yeares eve celebration.
user avatar
User #9118573 - 1 Jan 20 01:38
Happy new year gorgeous
user avatar
User #5329653 - 1 Jan 20 01:31
Happy new year!!!
user avatar
User #9118573 - 1 Jan 20 02:17
Happy new year ❤️
user avatar
User #13574431 - 1 Jan 20 02:05
Happy New Year. May 2020 bring you happiness and plenty of beautiful projects, and a lot of fun.
Merry little elf~
Merry little elf~more_vert
Post file flag
Merry little elf~ 2019-12-31T19:38:00+00:00close

Hello there!
A quick update with some cutie elf that you'll get tomorrow if the Wi-Fi is with us 💕

I hope you had a wonderful year!!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #492566 - 31 Dec 19 23:12
This was the year I finally met you in person (twice). Though both trips were very different, you were delightful and I’m glad I went.
user avatar
User #11355737 - 31 Dec 19 19:39
Mine’s had its ups and downs, probably not one I’d call a great year, but not a bad one either. Still, I’m gonna try to make the new decade a better one.
Merry little Shae~
Merry little Shae~more_vert
Post file flag
Merry little Shae~ 2019-12-26T04:49:21+00:00close

Hello again!!

Here are some more previews from the Lab Set of this December!!

It's almost ready (I forgot to transfer the selfies from my phone to the tablet...) and I'm excited to send it! Hopefully the Wi-Fi will be nice with me tomorrow and I'll be able to upload lots of stuff! 💕

I'm sending you all my best wishes!!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #526172 - 26 Dec 19 05:16
We can't wait to see it too. Happy Holidays Shae.
user avatar
User #4519910 - 26 Dec 19 04:49
Happy Holidays Shae! 🎄💙🥰
Happy Holidays!!
Happy Holidays!! more_vert
Post file flag
Happy Holidays!! 2019-12-26T04:45:00+00:00close

Happy Holidays, my dears!

I'm working hard on this month's content while being far away from home, celebrating holidays with my friends here, getting ready for the road trip, and of course enjoying Florida!

I'm sorry I didn't get to post many updates on Patreon itself this month - travelling makes things a little bit tricky sometimes as you have to deal with different Wi-Fi quality, limited data, and not having all your material of course (I don't have a keyboard on my tablet so I'm posting this update from my phone, hoping it'll work!)

I send you all my best wishes for the holidays, tomorrow I'll post some more pictures for patrons to enjoy!

Take care, stay warm!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #13574431 - 26 Dec 19 09:53
Warm it is, thanks to you :)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 26 Dec 19 20:07
Mesmerizing in red ❤️💋
Archives ~ Makise
Archives ~ Makisemore_vert
Post file flag
Archives ~ Makise 2020-01-15T23:59:59+00:00close

Hello my sweet patrons!

Today some new archives : Makise's first set, shot by Lys ♥

It was my first Steins Gate cosplay! ^-^

Media (10)

56.jpg (6.1MiB)
13.jpg (9.0MiB)
22.jpg (7.6MiB)
34.jpg (9.0MiB)
38.jpg (8.6MiB)
43.jpg (8.7MiB)
52.jpg (5.2MiB)
02.jpg (5.9MiB)
18.jpg (8.3MiB)
58.jpg (6.1MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7145126 - 22 Jan 20 02:38
I love how the color of your hair matches the Dr. Pepper. So fashionable Shae. Love it.
Bonjour ♥
Bonjour ♥more_vert
Post file flag
Bonjour ♥ 2020-01-15T23:59:59+00:00close

Hello my dears!

Today's Archives are my first Makise set, shot in January 2018 with Lys ♥

Enjoy this nice close up *^-^*

Media (1)

18.jpg (8.3MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 17 Jan 20 01:24
Bonjour 😍
user avatar
User #10019525 - 16 Jan 20 01:33
Hot 😍
user avatar
User #2582465 - 16 Jan 20 00:24
Very nice
Bonjour ♥
Bonjour ♥more_vert
Post file flag
Bonjour ♥ 2020-01-09T00:00:00+00:00close

Hello there!

Some new Archives for my Lab tier patrons today ^-^

Enjoy some sweet swimsuit pin-up and have a great day~!!

Media (1)

01.jpg (13.0MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 9 Jan 20 01:32
Bonjour 😍
user avatar
User #18879641 - 9 Jan 20 00:03
Soo beautiful xxx
Archive ♥ Swimsuit beauty
Archive ♥ Swimsuit beautymore_vert
Post file flag
Archive ♥ Swimsuit beauty 2020-01-09T00:00:00+00:00close

Hey there!

I hope you're having a nice day, here are some oldies to brighten it ♥

We shot this set during a trip with Bakufu! I love this swimsuit!

Media (10)

29.jpg (11.2MiB)
01.jpg (13.0MiB)
10.jpg (12.1MiB)
62.jpg (11.2MiB)
50.jpg (12.1MiB)
20.jpg (12.7MiB)
66.jpg (11.0MiB)
68.jpg (8.4MiB)
76.jpg (16.1MiB)
91.jpg (17.2MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #28031546 - 9 Jan 20 00:02
One of the best sets :D
user avatar
User #11827659 - 11 Jan 20 03:26
These are beautiful! You are absolutely gorgeous! 🥰
user avatar
User #13574431 - 9 Jan 20 03:46
These new swimming pools seem wonderful.
More Archives for January!! ♥
More Archives for January!! ♥more_vert
Post file flag
More Archives for January!! ♥ 2020-01-02T00:00:00+00:00close

Hello there, sweet friends~!

A new month and new archives to unlock hehehe! Let's start with one of my first sets produced thanks to the support received on Patreon, shot by photographer Niernox~

I hope she'll help you have a nice day ♥

Media (1)

49.jpg (2.4MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 3 Jan 20 02:56
Archive ♥ Elf beauty!
Archive ♥ Elf beauty!more_vert
Post file flag
Archive ♥ Elf beauty! 2020-01-01T23:00:01+00:00close

Do you remember this elfic beauty? ♥

It was one of my first Patreon sets!! Shot by Niernox and edited by me!

I can wait to work on more wood elves, I love these colors so much!

Media (10)

Elf.jpg (8.4MiB)
41.jpg (2.5MiB)
49.jpg (2.4MiB)
18.jpg (2.6MiB)
14.jpg (3.1MiB)
43.jpg (2.6MiB)
35.jpg (2.7MiB)
21.jpg (3.6MiB)
90.jpg (2.7MiB)
83.jpg (2.7MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #11355737 - 1 Jan 20 23:01
I remember seeing it. I always loved your Elf cosplays
user avatar
User #5517276 - 2 Jan 20 19:58
Beautiful scenery and gorgeous set.
Archives ~ AMHX
Archives ~ AMHXmore_vert
Post file flag
Archives ~ AMHX 2019-12-18T23:00:02+00:00close

Some good sweetness from last year ♥♥♥

I shot two different sets, the first 5 pics are from Lys, and the rest from Niernox ^-^ (All edited by me as always!)

It was a good excuse to eat japanese snacks hehehe ♥

Media (10)

16.jpg (8.9MiB)
04.jpg (9.3MiB)
11.jpg (7.9MiB)
29.jpg (9.6MiB)
30.jpg (9.0MiB)
05.jpg (12.1MiB)
16.jpg (12.4MiB)
19.jpg (12.8MiB)
35.jpg (8.7MiB)
40.jpg (9.4MiB)

Sweet day!! :)
Sweet day!! :)more_vert
Post file flag
Sweet day!! :) 2019-12-18T23:00:02+00:00close

Hello there!

Some more Archives unlocked today for the Crossroad Corridor! Last year I shot two sets of AMHX with photographers Niernox and Lys ^-^ I sent both sets as a reward!

I hope you're enjoying your Thursday ♥


Media (1)

05.jpg (12.1MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 19 Dec 19 01:41
Adorable 😍
Bonjour ♥
Bonjour ♥more_vert
Post file flag
Bonjour ♥ 2019-12-12T16:00:02+00:00close

Have a nice day everyone!

As it's Thursday, enjoy a little throwback with some great memories of this set shot two years ago by Lys!! :)

I posted 10 archive pictures for Lab tier (and up) patrons today ♥

Media (1)

07.jpg (5.4MiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 13 Dec 19 07:54
You look incredibly beautiful and pretty here, is this set really 2 years old? Amazing, have a nice day!
user avatar
User #9118573 - 14 Dec 19 01:35
Bonjour mon amour 😍
user avatar
User #11355737 - 12 Dec 19 21:49
One of my most favorite sets of yours :3
user avatar
User #9726526 - 12 Dec 19 16:15
Такая милая..
Archives ♥ Champagne
Archives ♥ Champagne more_vert
Post file flag
Archives ♥ Champagne 2019-12-12T16:00:02+00:00close

Hello there!

The Archives for the Lab tier this month! We shot this set with Lys 2 years ago!!

I hope you enjoy and wish you a lovely day!! ♥

Media (10)

17.jpg (5.7MiB)
02.jpg (6.0MiB)
24.jpg (5.7MiB)
71.jpg (5.7MiB)
78.jpg (5.5MiB)
19.jpg (5.3MiB)
07.jpg (5.4MiB)
57.jpg (5.2MiB)
47.jpg (6.4MiB)
30.jpg (5.7MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4546932 - 12 Dec 19 19:26
Un de mes préférrer si n'est lui.
user avatar
User #4558613 - 12 Dec 19 16:06
Really like how natural this set is
New perks! The Monthly Archives!
New perks! The Monthly Archives! more_vert
Post file flag
New perks! The Monthly Archives! 2019-12-07T16:33:51+00:00close

Hello everyone!

I'm leaving tomorrow for the US and my WiFi is being sooo chaotic, I can't upload anything at the moment and have to use my phone to communicate... I'll make sure to bring everything I need to work in America tho, and I'll stay at a friend's place for 3 weeks where I'll have WiFi and some time to work ^-^♥

I'll keep you updated on everything, and make sure to shoot extra content for you during HolMat, my next convention!

An other nice update for you all is the Monthly Archive!

Starting December, I'll post 10 pictures from an older set for the Lab Room, Elves Lounge and Crossroad Corridor, every month, directly on Patreon! The new gallery option for posts makes it super convenient to do ♥ So I hope you'll appreciate this extra treat!

Talk to you soon and take care of you!

Media (1)

20.jpg (5.4MiB)

Archive ♥ Ribbon Elf
Archive ♥ Ribbon Elf more_vert
Post file flag
Archive ♥ Ribbon Elf 2019-12-07T16:27:54+00:00close

Hello my dears!

Starting December I'll post 10 pictures of an older set for each set tier, every month ^-^ The new gallery option for posts makes it way easier to do that, so I hope you'll enjoy!

Let's begin with some sweet elf, the Christmas Cutie of last year ♥

Media (10)

08.jpg (5.2MiB)
15.jpg (4.7MiB)
20.jpg (5.4MiB)
10.jpg (5.7MiB)
42.jpg (5.1MiB)
36.jpg (4.8MiB)
50.jpg (5.5MiB)
60.jpg (5.0MiB)
18.jpg (5.6MiB)
25.jpg (4.7MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #492566 - 7 Dec 19 18:17
Love this set. Surprised Raluca stealing presents didn’t make the cut though.
Summer side Mercy ♥ First picture + Gifs!
Summer side Mercy ♥ First picture + Gifs! more_vert
Post file flag
Summer side Mercy ♥ First picture + Gifs! 2019-12-01T17:52:02+00:00close

Hello there, dear patrons!

As the two top options got the same amount of votes for the holidays set of this month, we'll have an extra dose of erocosplay in December~!

The RP set of December will include a dual version of the sweet doctor, with a summer part and a winter part. I hope you'll enjoy! ^o^

Here's the first preview from the summer part, and some gifs for you ♥

Media (1)

33.jpg (10.1MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #492566 - 1 Dec 19 18:16
December is going to be a great month.
user avatar
User #4740123 - 1 Dec 19 19:14
So nice, I can't wait
user avatar
User #526172 - 2 Dec 19 06:20
You look so elegant. December is going to be great.
I'm back! News on content and upcoming changes!
I'm back! News on content and upcoming changes!more_vert
Post file flag
I'm back! News on content and upcoming changes! 2019-12-01T01:22:54+00:00close

Hello there!

I hope you're doing well ♥

Some news for today as I'm officially back on tracks! ...Almost! Haha! But exclusive content and pledges are back so let's see what we'll have this month~


Due to new requirements from Patreon, I'll no longer offer Snapchat access as a reward. If you already have your access you can keep enjoying the silly backstages, I'll be back on it soon :) I'll also make sure to post more WIPs on lens!

As any kind of custom content is now apparently forbidden, I'll also have to change the print system to avoid any problem and pick the same monthly print for everyone. I'll make sure to pick a great one ♥♥♥

DECEMBER CONTENT (Visuals next week!)

Lab set (15) -> Casual winter set! Photoshoot on Monday~

Elf room (25) -> Christmas Themed Elf! I'm building the set tomorrow!

Erocosplay (35) -> Snow 2B! Finishing the costume tomorrow, I'll make a post with progress pictures!

Print (50) -> Mercy print + Snow 2B Pola!

RP Set (69) -> Mercy inspired look (Summer and Winter) ... Summer part is ready, I'll shoot some winter stuff with the christmas set I'm building tomorrow!

Goodies (100) -> 2020 calendar!

I'll post previews during the month as always, and you'll get the full sets on December 31! ^-^


I'm planning to send everything before leaving next week. In the worst case, if I can't upload something due to trouble with WiFi or anything, I'll have my tablet with me anyway, and will be able to work during my trip.

November goods will be sent tomorrow (on sunday ♥)

July lvl 15 is a B&W Selfie set waiting for upload as my WiFi is being terrible this week T_T I hope to be able to send it tomorrow, it's ready!

August RP set will be shot this week. (It's the only one I'm afraid I won't be able to finish and upload this week tbh but I'll try my best ><)

August vids just have a minor issue with sound that should be solved tomorrow.

September RP set is currently being edited.

September vids just need minor editing and upload.

Physical rewards will be sent on Tuesday.

(PS: The gif is mirrored! Damn! I swear the hair was on the right side!)

Media (1)

G_09.gif (1.0MiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #4519910 - 1 Dec 19 01:39
Welcome back, Shae!💙
user avatar
User #106697 - 1 Dec 19 11:40
It’s good to have you back.
user avatar
User #9118573 - 10 Dec 19 00:02
Good you are back
user avatar
User #11355737 - 1 Dec 19 01:25
Good to have you back, Shae. Hope you’re doing better than you were prior to your 2 month break.
user avatar
User #12849533 - 2 Dec 19 06:48
Glad to see you back, this is incredible, I wish you great creative achievements, stay with us, please!
Holidays Set Poll and Content Update! 2019-11-20T12:32:32+00:00

Hello there sweet people!!

Here's the long awaiten poll for the Holidays set of the year! It'll be a cute set in a holidays-themed outfit, it'll be available to lvl 15 patrons this December :)

Let me know which waifu will bring you warmth this winter ♥

Also regarding the rest of the content, I'm working hard on it!

I made great progress, and already sent a bunch of stuff :) I'm leaving for my next trip on December 9, and everything will be done and sent before that, I promise.

To keep in touch, get updates and understand with sets take so long to create/be sure to get all the updates with previews and all, feel free to join my Discord! We also post sweet memes and chat about random cool stuff there ^-^


Comments (3)
user avatar
User #10708149 - 20 Nov 19 22:15
user avatar
User #12849533 - 20 Nov 19 18:58
I wish you great creative strength in preparing this holiday set, I am sure it will be a awesome set.
user avatar
User #492566 - 22 Nov 19 08:17
Looks like it’s going 2B a close vote
♥ Some News ♥ Break + Future trip!
♥ Some News ♥ Break + Future trip! more_vert
Post file flag
♥ Some News ♥ Break + Future trip! 2019-10-24T23:47:37+00:00close

Hello there, kind people!

I hope you're doing well :)

Health/Break update

October got busier (and more stressful) than I wished, and I'm sadly not fully rested.

My body was so tired that I severely injured my leg's muscles this past week-end, and I was expecting to get better within few hours but it happens that I'm still not able to walk properly to that day, 5 days after the incident. Therefore, I prefer to take a break from Patreon and social medias in November aswell. I feel that the break was much needed and helping, but my recovery isn't as fast as I wished, so I prefer to take some more time to avoid feeling bad again in just few weeks.

I will be back in December, with a lot of cute content to celebrate the end of the year with you *^-^* I'll have you vote the lvl 15 set of December (A Holidays special!) on Discord, which you can join here : https://discord.gg/tGkzM7n

Late content is slowly coming and I'll ensure that everything get sent in November at the latest, including physical rewards! (Most of it is almost ready ♥)

If you pledged in October to get older sets, please send me a private message to choose them ^-^

November : 10 years of cosplay!

However, I'll celebrate my 10 years of cosplay in November, so I'll do a special event with old/fav erocosplay and fantasy content here on Patreon! Sets will be doubled for the occasion, and I'll have some extra bonuses :)

Your pledges will be paused again, but you can still cancel and re-pledge to keep supporting me, and get access to these sets (I'll tell you which one it is very soon!)

US Trip!

I'm also excited to announce that I'll be leaving for the US during winter! That's also why I prefer to take some time to get my content ready in November, as well as creating new costumes for the events I will attend.

I will be part of the CosplayDeviants team at Holiday Matsuri (Orlando, Florida) in December, and will join them for a road trip in the south of the US after that! There will be public meetings, so stay tuned ^-^ The goal of the road trip is to create a new book with exclusive content like the one we did in Tokyo, but this time, we're allowed to shoot our own content during our stay, which is a good new for everyone here, as it means I'll be on a lot of cool locations with a lot of great people to motivate me, and will probably shoot a lot of sets and videos for you too /o/

I've more exciting news to tell you about in the future regarding this trip!

Gumroad available!

I also opened a Gumroad and transfered my digital sets there. It's much more convenient than Etsy as you're able to download your content from the platform directly! No more waiting, no more lost email!! I just have few more sets to add and we'll be all good, but if you want to support me this month, it's a wonderful way to do so ♥


Thank you for reading, and take care of yourselves!

PS: Feel free to join the Discord if you want to chat :) I'm there almost every day to talk with my community and post random stuff (aka cats and food haha, but sometimes more)!

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40.jpg (832.8KiB)

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #11355737 - 24 Oct 19 23:49
Get better as soon as you can, but don’t push yourself even for us. I’ll miss seeing new content from you for a while longer too.
user avatar
User #12355755 - 28 Dec 19 10:18
Il est cool ce costume ! Il y a un set complet avec ?
user avatar
shaeunderscore - 1 Jan 20 07:17
Ouiii il arrive en Janvier !!
user avatar
User #106697 - 25 Oct 19 02:10
Looking amazing in this pic, super pretty lady. Sorry that your month off was still stressful and busy. Not what I would have hoped for you. 😥 Sounds like you did a number to your leg muscles. I hope it doesn’t take much longer to heal. Definitely be careful. Looking forward to your triumphant return in December. Here’s hoping the second month goes much better. Much love. ❤️💜💚💙🧡
user avatar
User #12849533 - 25 Oct 19 17:45
Rest and get well soon, gain strength and prepare your content for the USA! I think this is a very important moment in your life!
user avatar
User #22332825 - 26 Oct 19 14:23
You are very sweet, it suits you, elf😍😊
user avatar
User #9118573 - 26 Oct 19 01:36
Gorgeous bunny 😍😍
user avatar
User #4740123 - 25 Oct 19 04:40
Take good care of yourself ;-)
user avatar
User #24800757 - 25 Oct 19 15:32
Sending some goods tonight ♥
Sending some goods tonight ♥more_vert
Post file flag
Sending some goods tonight ♥ 2019-09-30T19:36:59+00:00close

Hello everyone!

I'll send the Saeko and Pool elf sets tonight, and the rest in few days :) (Red bikini set should be sent on Wednesday, and higher rewards at the end of the week!)

I'll keep you updated on Discord with more previews hehe!

Physical rewards will be sent through October ♥

I'm about to pause the Patreon for October, if you have any concern, let me know *^-^*

I'll stay active during the month and will post previews for the future content as always!

Much love, and thanks for choosing to stay around!


Media (1)

26.jpg (2.8MiB)

Comments (1)
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User #4558613 - 30 Sep 19 19:38
Really hope this break gives ya the time you need to recharge and relax
~OFF October~
~OFF October~more_vert
Post file flag
~OFF October~ 2019-09-24T20:13:21+00:00close

Hello everyone!

I have some important decision to share with you tonight: I'll have to take a break in October to take care of my health, so I'll pause my Patreon at the end of September, this way your pledge will be on hold and you won't pay for the month, it'll automatically go back to normal in November. You don't need to cancel it, you'll be able to stay here and enjoy the posts, and I'll be there if there is any mistake or problem :)

Why do I need a break?

There won't be any new sets in October but I'll stay active on social medias (just probably less than usual) and Etsy, plus I'll post some news here when I update things or to show you my crafts! This is a very frightening decision for me as I'm a freelancer, and this is my main way to gain money and keep a roof on my head, eat, keep creating, but my health has been very concerning during the whole summer and I've been dealing with a lot, leaving me barely able to sleep, so I'll take care of myself a bit, before I loose sanity.

While I adore my job and I'm extremely thankful that you give me this opportunity, behind all the cool trips and glamourous pictures are intense hours of work alone at home (I usually work 80+h/week on my content only + take side jobs to cover personal expenses...) and not taking holidays for 2 years and half has been damaging my mental health more than I'd like to admit... So taking some rest is much needed T_T"

Updates planned

While on a "break", I still plan to update my website, Etsy, and to finish catching up on late content. Following the problems with my banks, I still have late mail to send, so I'll take care of all of that if it's not done yet ♥

I'll also focus on crafts as I haven't been able to touch a needle since June, and I really miss that. I'll try to work a bit on new cosplays, maybe Lohse or my fantasy Overwatch designs, or my faun hooves if the weather allows me to!

I'll also do photoshoots and edit pictures, this way the future months will be less stressful for me. You'll keep getting updates on that ♥

Want to keep supporting me in October?

-> Treat yourself with some sets, prints or goodies on Etsy! In early October, I'll add new sets, prints and goodies for you to enjoy :)

-> Patreon oldies goodies! As I can only pause my Patreon to active patrons, I'll give the option for new patrons (and patrons who choose to re-pledge during October) to pick older content for their tier. There will be a list of previous Patreon sets you'll be able to choose from :)

I hope you will understand this choice, and I promise I'll be back with awesome content in November ♥ You support means a lot to me, not just financially, but also the fact that you believe in me and enjoy my creations enough to choose to help me to keep making it!

PS : Spoiler for November! The sets will be: Tamamo swimsuit set, Wild Elf, Nidalee, and the Brigand Wolfgirl + A bunch of fun videos! ♥

Media (1)

P4.jpg (62.9KiB)

Comments (12)
user avatar
User #8630849 - 24 Sep 19 20:32
Focus on your health, we'll still be here when you come back. We'd rather enjoy your content from you than not have you around at all.
user avatar
User #24584443 - 25 Sep 19 21:33
Health is the first important thing. : )
user avatar
User #11355737 - 29 Sep 19 18:12
Thanks for holding off the October payments; it’s a real nice gesture. I hope you get better soon, but more than anything, you need the well-deserved rest. Take care of yourself, Shae, and we’ll see you again in November.
user avatar
User #9118573 - 25 Sep 19 00:54
user avatar
User #22198288 - 3 Oct 19 23:29
The red color of your hair is perfect for you. 😚 ☺️ 😚 ☺️ 😚 ☺️
user avatar
User #11847865 - 25 Sep 19 20:41
It's understandable. You work every month without too much rest. Health goes first. :)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 25 Sep 19 15:59
Take care of yourself and your health, this is much more important than everything else. I wish you to recover and return on Patreon.
user avatar
User #5517276 - 24 Sep 19 20:29
Your health is more important. Take care of yourself.
user avatar
User #9848437 - 25 Sep 19 22:00
Get well soon
user avatar
User #7600093 - 27 Sep 19 10:27
It’s been 2 years long trip of course you need rest.
user avatar
User #3240967 - 27 Sep 19 04:52
You take care, dude. See you next time around when are more rested and feeling better.
user avatar
User #7532345 - 24 Sep 19 21:07
Hope you get to feeling better soon beautiful 😊
Saeko's last previews :)
Saeko's last previews :)more_vert
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Saeko's last previews :) 2019-09-23T21:10:58+00:00close

Hello there!

Here are the last previews for the Saeko set!

I'll send it next week and hope you'll enjoy!

I wish you a great week! ♥


Media (3)

58.jpg (2.5MiB)
61.jpg (2.1MiB)
27.jpg (2.9MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4558613 - 23 Sep 19 21:31
Such a fancy bathtub
Saeko's bath ♥ New previews!
Saeko's bath ♥ New previews! more_vert
Post file flag
Saeko's bath ♥ New previews! 2019-09-19T20:26:46+00:00close

Enjoy some more previews of the Saeko set!

This one will be about 60 pictures, I only have 5 or 6 left to edit now ^-^

The purple lingerie was difficult to find but I really appreciate it~♥

Media (1)

29.jpg (3.0MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #4546932 - 19 Sep 19 20:48
Il va être ouf se SET !
user avatar
User #8978068 - 19 Sep 19 21:02
We really appreciate it too! ;-)
user avatar
User #526172 - 20 Sep 19 00:33
Yes we do. The extra effort really adds that extra special touch.
Bank account issues now solved ♥
Bank account issues now solved ♥more_vert
Post file flag
Bank account issues now solved ♥ 2019-09-19T20:20:06+00:00close

Hello everyone!

Just a quick update to let you know that after more than a month, my bank issues are now solved and I'll be able to catch up with all late stuff T_T" Long story short for people who missed the info, I had no working credit card anymore, and was unable to access my money. I got stuck at home for almost a full month, had to cancel half of my latest trip, couldn't send mail... It was really bad :/

It'll take me some time but I should be able to print and send all late physical rewards next week, and work on sets again!! I'm sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience ♥


Media (1)

DSC09317.jpg (493.9KiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #8978068 - 19 Sep 19 21:02
user avatar
User #10708149 - 19 Sep 19 20:41
Great news
user avatar
User #526172 - 20 Sep 19 00:35
Good news to hear.
user avatar
User #9118573 - 20 Sep 19 02:23
Gorgeous ❤️
user avatar
User #9311088 - 19 Sep 19 22:42
I'm glad you figured it out, really pretty photo! 💝
user avatar
User #12849533 - 20 Sep 19 18:52
Sometimes there are circumstances when everything goes wrong, so you can understand. You look great.
user avatar
User #2582465 - 19 Sep 19 20:35
That's good news
Saeko's bath~~
Saeko's bath~~more_vert
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Saeko's bath~~ 2019-09-14T12:47:01+00:00close

Hello there!

This month's erocosplay set is Saeko, taking a bath to relax... ♥

I hope you'll enjoy! The first part (10 first pics) were shot by a friend, and the rest by me *^-^* I'm very happy with these self-portraits! I think I got some really nice angles and compositions! This set has as some very nice feet pictures for all feet lovers, by the way~

It also has 40 selfies and 30 gifs :D

The set is almost complete now, I'll do some color correction at the very end but still, have some previews!

Media (1)

19.jpg (3.2MiB)

Red Bikini ~ Work in progress ♥
Red Bikini ~ Work in progress ♥more_vert
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Red Bikini ~ Work in progress ♥ 2019-09-14T12:36:45+00:00close

Hello my dear patrons!

Today the first HD pictures of the red bikini set. I may do some slight adjustments at the end as always so consider it a "work in progress"! It's my Lab set of the month because editing beach pictures taken at noon is super new to me and quite difficult to do @__@

Still, I hope you'll enjoy ♥♥♥

I'll show you more next week!!

Media (1)

06.jpg (16.5MiB)

Red Bikini ♥
Red Bikini ♥more_vert
Post file flag
Red Bikini ♥ 2019-09-09T00:35:53+00:00close

Hello Patrons ♥

I'm back home and already back to work!! Tomorrow I'll be able to upload the things I couldn't while I was away! But before that... Enjoy some previews of my LAB set of September : Red Bikini!! Shot by Bakufu during the Ibiza trip last month *^-^*

All pictures including selfies are sorted, I just need to edit the HDs now!

I hope your weekend was great, and that the updates this week will brighten your days ♥

Media (1)

G_11.gif (986.1KiB)

Summer Rewards summary and dates + September plans!
Summer Rewards summary and dates + September plans! more_vert
Post file flag
Summer Rewards summary and dates + September plans! 2019-08-31T17:18:34+00:00close

Hello my dear patrons!

Here's a summary of all the Summer rewards and delivery dates.

I apologize once more for the mess that this summer was. Sadly many things went out of control, it didn't go as planned during my first trip, leaving me with only 2 sets instead of the 10+ planned, I had trouble with goodies I ordered and had to send back, some problems figuring things with photographers to be able to use some sets, my bank locked all my accounts because of a mistake on their side and I can't access my money for 3 weeks now... I'm working very hard to fix all that mess and I promise I won't let you down ♥ Thank you so much for being patient with me.

June rewards

lvl 15 : Mirror set (Delivered)

lvl 25 : Garden elf (Delivered)

lvl 35 : Miku bikini + Bikini Panty (Will be sent in September)

July rewards

lvl 15 : Casual set (Will be sent in September)

lvl 25 : River elf (Will be sent tonight)

lvl 35 : Naru (Almost ready, will be sent in early september, depending on WiFi)

August rewards

lvl 15 : Casual Body (Will be sent tonight)

lvl 25 : Book elf (Will be sent tonight)

lvl 35 : Scathach (Will be sent tonight)

lvl 69 : RP set will be sent in September. Videos are almost ready and will be sent either tonight or in the next days! There's a cute bday spanking video (requested on Discord!), a casual one with the body, and a feet one for this month :)

Sadly all my physical rewards are stuck as I can't access my money. I promise to let you know when the situation is solved, and will add free goodies to all your letters when they can finally leave the country ♥

As for September

lvl 15 : Red Swimsuit set

lvl 25 : Pool Party elf (Photoshoot this week)

lvl 35 : Saeko (Photoshoot this week)

lvl 69 : Will be announced soon ♥

I'll be away this week for photoshoots, and hopefully get a lot of content done this time, this way the rest of the year should be better T_T" I'm in an advanced state of anxiety because of all the trouble, so I'll try my best to focus on the sets and I promise to catch up with everything when I'm back. Thanks a lot for being the best and understanding the situation! Love on you all ♥


Media (3)

17.jpg (7.4MiB)
18.jpg (4.4MiB)
03.jpg (6.2MiB)

Comments (11)
user avatar
User #9848437 - 2 Sep 19 23:27
Thanks for everything you do we know your working hard just take care of your health
user avatar
User #4558613 - 31 Aug 19 17:21
So much to expect tonight!
user avatar
User #12465852 - 2 Sep 19 17:11
Anyway I can get the casual body set since I just subscribed? Saw that on Instagram and it looks amazing <3
user avatar
User #12355755 - 31 Aug 19 20:11
Tu devrais prendre un mois de vacances !
user avatar
shaeunderscore - 1 Sep 19 02:28
Malheureusement je ne peux pas encore me le permettre... L'idée c'était de cumuler du contenu cet été, mais tout ne s'est pas passé comme prévu :/ J'ai un peu d'espoir pour cette semaine !
user avatar
User #11355737 - 23 Sep 19 05:20
Such a beautiful Elf ❤️
user avatar
User #861527 - 1 Sep 19 00:57
Après ça tu mérites de souffler un peu voir beaucoup !
user avatar
shaeunderscore - 1 Sep 19 02:29
Hey there! I just sent the elves of July, August, and I'm about to send Scathach. I'll send the Lab set of August tomorrow as the WiFi is being slow! ♥
user avatar
User #4502078 - 5 Sep 19 02:24
You look very confident in the body set! Beautiful.
user avatar
User #4546932 - 31 Aug 19 17:33
Allez courrage !
user avatar
User #2582465 - 31 Aug 19 19:33
Keep up the great work
Scathach set ♥ Almost ready!!
Scathach set ♥ Almost ready!! more_vert
Post file flag
Scathach set ♥ Almost ready!! 2019-08-31T15:44:43+00:00close

Hello dear patrons!

The Scathach set is ready and will be sent tonight, keep an eye on your emails/PMs ♥♥♥

I hope you will like it! Next set for September will be Saeko from HOTD, I'll do the photoshoot in the next days, previews soon *^-^*

Media (1)

49.jpg (7.1MiB)

Monokini Mornings... ;)
Monokini Mornings... ;)more_vert
Post file flag
Monokini Mornings... ;) 2019-08-19T19:00:02+00:00close

Some more Scathach for you ♥

I hope you'll enjoy! This set is almost ready (I just have to sort the selfies!!)

Media (3)

29.jpg (7.1MiB)
44.jpg (6.9MiB)
39.jpg (6.7MiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #4449699 - 24 Aug 19 19:12
What a beautiful location. Quality content and effort 🙏
user avatar
User #526172 - 19 Aug 19 20:37
These previews look amazing. I can't wait to see the entire set.
user avatar
User #4558613 - 19 Aug 19 19:02
These just look fantastic. No other word for it but fantastic
user avatar
User #8978068 - 19 Aug 19 19:57
I totally needed this today! Thank you!!! ❤️
user avatar
User #492566 - 20 Aug 19 01:10
Monokini mornings make Monday mornings better.
Birthday! + News, Discord, August Elf preview!
Birthday! + News, Discord, August Elf preview!more_vert
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Birthday! + News, Discord, August Elf preview! 2019-08-17T23:59:20+00:00close

Hello dear Patrons!

Sorry for the lack of news here lately, I worked very hard on photoshoots to bring you great content! Don't hesitate to join my brand new Discord for daily news, fun chat, and exclusive previews! You'll get access to special rooms depending on your Patreon pledge :) To make sure you get your access, please send me a message on Patreon or Discord, with your name on Discord, your name on Patreon, and the email address linked to your Patreon so that I can make sure you get everything ♥

Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/PdgVeP6

Today (August 17) was also my birthday!! Many thanks for all the kind wishes! I enjoyed a calm day, working a bit on editing, drawing, eating good things and chilling with an old friend. It was pretty calm but I've been very busy lately, traveling a lot, so being able to stay at home and relax was very sweet!

To celebrate, here's a picture from my elf set of August that I'm currently editing!

As for trips and all, I've one last for the summer! This time I'll go to the South of France to shoot great sets and visit my family a bit. I'm very excited for the photoshoots opportunity it offers and I'll make a poll tomorrow for you to help me pick cosplays and outfits for the trip!

Last weekend I also went to Ibiza where I shot a natural swimsuit set and my Nidalee erocosplay one ♥ I can't wait to get the pictures and start editing them, it was such a gorgeous location!! I'll post previews soon, and I think the set will be ready in October! :)

Much love!


Media (1)

08.jpg (568.2KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #7532345 - 18 Aug 19 16:08
Happy Birthday beautiful :)
user avatar
User #4973303 - 18 Aug 19 00:00
Happy Birthday Shae!
user avatar
User #2582465 - 18 Aug 19 00:06
Keep up the great work. Hope you had a great birthday.
user avatar
User #11355737 - 18 Aug 19 00:00
Happy birthday!
Sweet Dreams! ✨
Sweet Dreams! ✨more_vert
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Sweet Dreams! ✨ 2019-08-09T00:36:41+00:00close

Hello there! I'm away from home this weekend for photoshoots and I'll be back on Monday <3

I'll have time next week to update you on Summer content (late July and August one!!)

Thank you for your patience 💕


Comments (3)
user avatar
User #13699633 - 9 Aug 19 11:39
The wait only makes finally having it sweeter
user avatar
User #8978068 - 9 Aug 19 20:37
Have fun, be safe, much love! ❤️
user avatar
User #13574431 - 9 Aug 19 02:13
Have a wonderful trip. Enjoy.
Swimsuit Scathach preview (work in progress!)
Swimsuit Scathach preview (work in progress!)more_vert
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Swimsuit Scathach preview (work in progress!) 2019-08-07T00:21:30+00:00close

Hello there!!

Tonight, a first picture of my Scathach swimsuit set ♥ I've sorted all pictures and started editing them - It's not totally done, I still have some light and color balance to do! But still, I wanted to show you some previews~!

Shot in Oregon on the beach... It was very cold but such a beautiful location! Tomorrow I'll keep editing this set :)

Sweet dreams!

Media (2)

17.jpg (4.7MiB)
07.jpg (4.8MiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #492566 - 7 Aug 19 02:03
Just like the character in Fate GO. Great job!
user avatar
User #526172 - 7 Aug 19 00:38
Thats a nice and intricate swimsuit design. A nice color too.
user avatar
User #12355755 - 7 Aug 19 01:01
Is it for August ?
user avatar
User #8978068 - 7 Aug 19 01:54
Fantastic! 😍
user avatar
User #4558613 - 7 Aug 19 00:24
Love the way u look in pink
user avatar
User #4740123 - 7 Aug 19 04:39
Very nice swimsuit. Can't wait to see the result
August Elf <3
August Elf <3 more_vert
Post file flag
August Elf <3 2019-08-06T01:10:04+00:00close

A sweet preview of our elf of the month!

She's a cute bookworm who loves to read some great novels on rainy days! <3

Do you like this cutie? I think the twin breads look super adorable with the ears! More previews soon!!

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #526172 - 6 Aug 19 02:45
The twin pigtails make you look absolutely adorable and give you a countryside charm to the elf character.
user avatar
User #492566 - 6 Aug 19 02:55
This might be your cutest elf yet. Looking forward to the set when it’s ready.
user avatar
User #11355737 - 6 Aug 19 01:21
Always love your Elf cosplays the most ❤️
user avatar
User #8978068 - 6 Aug 19 01:52
I adore this cutie! 😍
user avatar
User #4558613 - 6 Aug 19 03:00
It makes me think of the Wendy’s girl also I keep imagining her with “bread” instead of braids and giggling cause of your typo
user avatar
User #7532345 - 7 Aug 19 05:10
Sounds like the perfect evening with an elf 😊
Update : New Tiers, Discord, Elves and Videos!!
Update : New Tiers, Discord, Elves and Videos!! more_vert
Post file flag
Update : New Tiers, Discord, Elves and Videos!! 2019-08-01T19:07:53+00:00close

Hi everyone!!

I hope you're doing well! I'm still catching up from my trip, and rewards will arrive shortly.

This month has been hitting my Patreon hard, so I'll try my best to ensure that August is a much better month so that I can keep creating beautiful sets for you ♥ As I told before leaving for my trip, I'm upgrading my Patreon this month!!


New Discord: From now on I'll be using a new Discord for more rewards and to chat with my patrons. Discord is super fun to chat with you, and I want to make sure that I've full control on mine to post exclusive pictures and let you interact during photoshoots. Patrons of higher pledges will get updates before the photoshoots and able to make suggestions on poses they'd like for each character/theme. To make sure that you get access to the private channels, I'll keep track of patrons and their pledges, so I'll contact you soon to make sure you get everything! I'll stay active in my other Discord groups, that doesn't mean I'm leaving anything and that's not in any way because of any problem with fellow models :)

New Tiers/Tiers update:

1$ - Tip Jar : No changes.

2$ - The Tavern : Get access to my exclusive Lens posts on Patreon for daily fun! (SFW)

5$ - The Fireplace : Full blog posts about my life and travel will be posted on Patreon frequently, aswell as ressources like Lightroom presets and pictures for fellow artists to use. You'll also get access to a private channel on Discord with daily updates such as previews, updates on editing, selfies and all! (NSFW)

15$ - The Lab : No significant change here, still a full HD set with selfies and gifs! This one will be more conceptual and will help me trying new things, like the black and white festish set I shot few months ago ♥ Feed and chan on Discord to chat about the sets!

25$ - Elves' Suite : A new HD set! Patrons may have noticed, this tier will now get a monthly elf set with HDs, selfies and gifs! Sets will have a cute pin-up vibe, with nice lingerie and few nude images. Feed and chan on Discord to chat about the sets :)

35$ - Crossroads Corridor : No changes, still the erocosplay set of the month! Feed and chan on Discord to chat about the sets for this one aswell!

50$ - Letter's Corner : No changes!

69$ - Secret Room : The new tier!! A new lewd roleplay set with full story, HD pictures, selfies and gifs! I'll also do fansigns for patrons ♥ Plus...Videos! They will vary (It can be cosplay, fantasy, casual, sensual dances, whispered reading, scenes filmed during photoshoots...!) and I'll tease them on social medias~! I'll have few videos each month :)

100$ - The Loot : No changes, I just added a warning that I'll need about 2 months to get your goodies ready ♥

I hope you'll enjoy all the news! I'll go back to my editing!

Love on you all /o/

Shae ♥

Media (2)

Ban.jpg (331.8KiB)
T42.jpg (41.4KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #9118573 - 9 Aug 19 17:51
Keep going 🙏🏻❤️
user avatar
User #4740123 - 2 Aug 19 04:49
Happy to see you are still growing in your hobby/career ;-)
user avatar
User #5776939 - 1 Aug 19 21:05
Sounds awesome.
user avatar
User #492566 - 2 Aug 19 00:58
Signed up for Secret Room as soon as I saw it. Can't wait to see what you are creating.
user avatar
User #12849533 - 2 Aug 19 05:21
Yeah, before leaving we always have to do a lot of important things. Keep upgrading your patreon account. Good luck and have a wonderful trip.
New Cosplay ♥ Panty Anarchy!
New Cosplay ♥ Panty Anarchy! more_vert
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New Cosplay ♥ Panty Anarchy! 2019-07-28T07:29:56+00:00close

I'm glad I can finally share some pictures of my Panty cosplay with you all!!

I had a "V1" at ALA in January but I wasn't entirely satisfied with it, so I improved it before wearing it again at Anime Expo! There are still few details I'd like to change but I'm happy with how it looks now :) It's all handmade except for few details like the gloves and bracelets!

Panty should be my erocosplay set for September!! ♥

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #2278466 - 28 Jul 19 07:40
Panty is such a good cosplay on you! You look gorgeous!
user avatar
User #526172 - 29 Jul 19 03:23
You look angelic. I will be looking forward to seeing more of your panty next month.
user avatar
User #22332825 - 9 Aug 19 08:09
This shot is so tender and you..., I love your cosplay in different lingerie, it's just awesome. You are so amazing!
user avatar
User #2582465 - 28 Jul 19 07:34
This is amazing
user avatar
User #10708149 - 31 Jul 19 15:40
❤️ ❤️
I'm back!! Summer content and changes ♥
I'm back!! Summer content and changes ♥more_vert
Post file flag
I'm back!! Summer content and changes ♥ 2019-07-25T21:13:59+00:00close

Hello my dear Patrons!

Sorry for the lack of updates during my trip, my phone's battery died in the middle of our journey, making regular updates almost impossible - Aswell as cute selfies and all...

Now that I'm back there's a very strong heat wave in Paris that makes it very hard to work on editing or upload... It should get better on Saturday though!! So I'll be able to send you all the late June sets (Garden pin up Elf, Miku bikini, and complementary Erocosplay set!) on Saturday or Sunday!

As for July content, I may be a little late too, but things will go back to normal after that. Sadly photoshoots didn't go as planned during the trip, and I didn't get any set I can use for Patreon. I'm very bummed as I visited amazing locations and was very excited to shoot there, and it's too late to book a photographer, but I promise to deliver wonderful selfshot sets instead. I'll work days and nights if needed, and should be able to send everything on August 5 at the latest. There are many things I'd like to try with my own equipement so that'll be the occasion, I guess!

I'll also send all the mail next week ♥

Regarding next month, I got a new trip (Just a weekend this time!) planned with Bakufu and Melee, in early August, so I'll be able to get more sets done in pretty places! I've yet to decide which cosplays I'm bringing (I can only have one small suitcase!)

I'll also have big changes in my tiers starting August so please keep an eye on your private messages!

Thanks everyone for your patience!

Shae ♥

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User #2582465 - 25 Jul 19 21:17
Have fun on your weekend trip.
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User #8978068 - 25 Jul 19 22:13
Glad you are home safe, and hope you had a wonderful trip! Have fun on your next one as well! ❤️
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User #7532345 - 25 Jul 19 22:04
Pretty sure we support you no matter what beautiful
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User #526172 - 26 Jul 19 00:36
Take your time and don't push yourself too hard before your next trip. On the upside/downside, because the heat wave force you to take a break. Hopefully you are able rest and get ready as best as possible.
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User #12355755 - 28 Jul 19 15:43
Si c'est des sets avec tes nouveaux cheveux, j'achète. Parce que ça te va super bien ! 😍 Sinon ce serait cool que tu postes une ou deux previews des sets niveau 25-35 accessibles aux niveaux 15. Que l'on puisse upgrader à temps si on les trouve super cool. Me semble que des fois j'ai cherché et je n'en trouvais pas... Passe un bon été ! 😘
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shaeunderscore - 29 Jul 19 17:33
Je poste des previews pour tout sur les réseaux sociaux :) Juin / Juillet ont été un peu chaotique mais je suis en train de restabiliser mon rythme pour les mois suivants, y'aura à nouveau des updates régulières et previews :)
Shop update and sales + Schedule during the trip!
Shop update and sales + Schedule during the trip!more_vert
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Shop update and sales + Schedule during the trip! 2019-06-24T09:24:19+00:00close

Hello my dears!

A little update as I'll leave on Friday for 3 weeks in the US with my sister for Anime Expo, tourism, and photoshoots with my friends!!

Patreon Schedule!

I should have the internet during this trip so I'll happily post many updates here! I'll use Lens and Snapchat a lot to show you my new costumes and lingerie, and keep you updated on the photoshoots!

For the sets, I'll keep working during my trip! I'll have a tablet with me to edit my pictures, so don't worry about rewards! The mirror set is ready to send, the elf one is almost done, and I'll have some cool goods for the erocosplay set(s) of the month aswell ♥ As for July, since I'll have both my camera and devices to edit pictures with me, I'll be able to shoot content during the trip. I wanted to shoot some before, but have been focusing a lot on costumes!

Due to being away and super busy I may take some time to answer you, the easiest way to contact me in case of an emergency is through Instagram or Twitter I think, since the Patreon app can be a little bit tricky sometimes :) ♥

I hope you'll enjoy all the updates! I'll make sure to post some niiiice pics on Patreon ^-^

Etsy shop sales! New prints! New polaroids! Pre-Order some from the trip!

Such a long journey with my sister is expensive, and our grandma helped us with my sister's plane tickets, however, I used my own savings from commissions to pay the rest of the trip. We thank CosplayDeviants for having us during Anime Expo and can't wait to be on the booth to meet everyone! (My sister is volunteering so you may see her checking IDs or bringing us drinks ♥)

To help us with that I'm having some sales on the Etsy shop! Here are the new items and items on sale :

Limited Prints collection! (Only pics made by my sister and I!)

Sales on sale! -25%

New polaroids available + Preorders for Polaroids taken during the trip!

Many thanks! We can't wait to show you all the cool pictures we'll be able to take during this trip ♥

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User #16338751 - 24 Jun 19 17:19
Have a nice trip! And great Yuna shot!
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User #3365180 - 25 Jun 19 10:24
How was the Expo? I wish I had been nearby so we could have met up and shot!
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User #12208704 - 28 Jun 19 02:36
You look like an absolute angel in this pic. I love it!! ♥ ♥ ♥
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User #2582465 - 24 Jun 19 09:36
Hope you have a wonderful time at AX and can't wait to see you.
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User #12849533 - 25 Jun 19 20:48
That sounds great! I'm so glad for you that you will go to the US at the anime expo, I hope you will have great success. Good luck to you and your sister.
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User #9118573 - 24 Jun 19 18:25
Reflected ♥
Reflected ♥more_vert
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Reflected ♥ 2019-06-18T23:43:43+00:00close

Hello there~!

More mirror goodness for you!

The set is now all edited!! I just need to sort the selfies =)

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User #11355737 - 18 Jun 19 23:44
Cute! Can’t wait to see it! 😍😍😍
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User #11355737 - 1 Jul 19 23:25
I’ve been having trouble decompressing the set file to view it. My RAR extractor keeps saying that the file isn’t compressed and can’t be accessed.
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User #4558613 - 18 Jun 19 23:47
I’m curious how hard it was to keep the photographer out of the mirror lol
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shaeunderscore - 18 Jun 19 23:55
Once we found the right angle it was fine ^-^
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User #8978068 - 19 Jun 19 02:53
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shaeunderscore - 1 Jul 19 23:28
Please allow me a little time to answer you. I received the message you sent few hours ago but I can't answer or solve your problem on my phone and 3G since I'm in the US. I will see what is wrong as soon as I am back to the hotel tonight.
Mirror Mirror!
Mirror Mirror! more_vert
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Mirror Mirror! 2019-06-17T00:58:29+00:00close

Some late first views at my Mirror set! ♥

What's even better than a Shae? A double Shae of course! :D I really like how this set looks so far, I really wanted to shoot a set with a mirror for as long as I started modeling, and I'm super happy with the result!! Being able to play with my reflection really helps with the poses and expressions!

New previews in the very next days!!

Comments (2)
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User #526172 - 17 Jun 19 05:00
Double vision is the best now🤔
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User #11355737 - 17 Jun 19 00:59
It’s an interesting idea, a mirror lingerie set, and I like your thinking. More Shaes is always a good idea. 😍
Sunbathing elf ♥
Sunbathing elf ♥more_vert
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Sunbathing elf ♥ 2019-06-16T16:18:15+00:00close

Hello there! I hope your weekend is as pleasant as mine!

I saw my sister after several weeks (she visited our mother in the South of France!) and we talked a lot about future projects together!! ^-^ Including more sensual fantasy! We'll tell you more next week as we hope to shoot some content during our trip in July!

I hope these new previews will significantly improve your day ♥♥♥

Comments (4)
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User #8978068 - 16 Jun 19 16:25
Significantly!!! :-)
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User #492566 - 17 Jun 19 01:09
My weekend was good, but these did make it better. Thank you!
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User #4558613 - 16 Jun 19 16:22
Love the way the sunlight plays on your skin in these pictures
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User #14051169 - 16 Jun 19 16:21
Whoa!! Amazing😍😍
Enchanted Nap ♥
Enchanted Nap ♥more_vert
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Enchanted Nap ♥ 2019-06-10T00:11:26+00:00close

First pictures of this delicate, new elf set!

I managed to find some time today (when I needed a break from all the crafts) to edit more, it's half done now! I want to add some more golden tones to few pictures of the set but the light was lovely! This set has a very peaceful, relaxing atmosphere, and many cute close-ups on the lingerie. It was very fun to shoot :)

I'll show you a lot more next week!

Beaches, Bikinis, Babes?
Beaches, Bikinis, Babes? more_vert
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Beaches, Bikinis, Babes? 2019-06-07T22:56:18+00:00close

SUMMER IS COMING and it's time to bring back the bikiniiiis!!!

This summer I'll try to do something nice and fun for my erocosplay sets, bringing you a bikini set every week from June 22 to September 22! They'll be shorter sets as a result, so June will get a complementary set to make sure you'll get your monthly dose of nice and sexy cosplay ♥

I'll shoot the complementary set in the next days (probably on Monday!) and will show you pictures soon! To help you wait, here's a raw (I've yet to edit it!) picture from the first bikini babe! I shot it last year with Bakufu! ♥

Some other characters have already been picked, including some fan favorites! I made sure to have a nice variety of characters but I've spots for 5 more waifus so don't hesitate to leave your suggestions below in the comments! ^-^


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