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(Monthly Set) Nearly Nude in November Video
(Monthly Set) Nearly Nude in November Videomore_vert
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(Monthly Set) Nearly Nude in November Video 2019-11-27T01:13:17+00:00close

A video to go along with this monthly set :)

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BLB nude set.mp4

This is "BLB nude set.mp4" by Brittney Keating on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



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Comments (2)
user avatar
User #22664672 - 27 Nov 19 09:50
OMG, I just LOVE you!!!!! Thank you SO much!!!!!!
user avatar
User #15408831 - 27 Nov 19 18:57
WOW. i'm a Biggg fan !!! can't wait to see you in December ; ) ;) ; )
(Monthly Set) Nearly Nude in November
(Monthly Set) Nearly Nude in Novembermore_vert
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(Monthly Set) Nearly Nude in November 2019-11-27T00:45:13+00:00close

I felt super sexy in this kimono top, as it draped over my body struggling to cover all of me. I also love the way my ass looks in a thong, and the way the creamy beige color camoflauged with my silky skin. Some of these poses were inspired by the song lyric “One of these days these boots are going to walk all over you”. Enjoy!

Media (51)

IMG_0157.JPG (1.5MiB)
IMG_0117.JPG (2.3MiB)
IMG_0118.JPG (2.5MiB)
IMG_0120.JPG (2.4MiB)
IMG_0121.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_0119.JPG (2.2MiB)
IMG_0122.JPG (1.7MiB)
IMG_0124.JPG (2.4MiB)
IMG_0123.JPG (2.2MiB)
IMG_0125.JPG (1.7MiB)
IMG_0127.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_0128.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0129.JPG (2.3MiB)
IMG_0130.JPG (2.3MiB)
IMG_0131.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_0126.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0132.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_0133.JPG (1.7MiB)
IMG_0134.JPG (1.7MiB)
IMG_0135.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0136.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_0137.JPG (2.4MiB)
IMG_0138.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_0139.JPG (4.4MiB)
IMG_0140.JPG (2.4MiB)
IMG_0141.JPG (4.2MiB)
IMG_0143.JPG (4.2MiB)
IMG_0144.JPG (3.9MiB)
IMG_0142.JPG (4.2MiB)
IMG_0145.JPG (4.1MiB)
IMG_0146.JPG (3.9MiB)
IMG_0147.JPG (4.4MiB)
IMG_0148.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_0149.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0150.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0151.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_0152.JPG (1.5MiB)
IMG_0153.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_0154.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0155.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_0158.JPG (1.5MiB)
IMG_0156.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0160.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_0159.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_0161.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_0162.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_0165.JPG (2.2MiB)
IMG_0164.JPG (2.2MiB)
IMG_0166.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0167.JPG (1.7MiB)
IMG_0163.JPG (2.3MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #22727987 - 30 Nov 19 23:16
That is cool.
user avatar
User #25944266 - 1 Dec 19 13:54
Lovely :)
(Monthly Set) Office Strip-Down Video
(Monthly Set) Office Strip-Down Videomore_vert
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(Monthly Set) Office Strip-Down Video 2019-11-09T19:00:02+00:00close

This is more like a strip-up video as I slip (wiggle) back into my clothes.

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office video.mp4

This is "office video.mp4" by Brittney Keating on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



<iframe class="embedly-embed" src="//" width="1906" height="1080" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>
Comments (1)
user avatar
User #22727987 - 10 Nov 19 08:46
Britt, You are so sexy ! Wow ! 😜😬😘🥰😍
(Monthly Set) Office Strip-Down
(Monthly Set) Office Strip-Downmore_vert
Post file flag
(Monthly Set) Office Strip-Down 2019-11-09T19:01:00+00:00close

Considering I work from home, I don’t often get an opportunity to show off my curves for a sexy coworker that I have a crush on. So for now, I’ll just have to pretend, and capture my strip-down to share with you! 😉

Media (53)

IMG_0023.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0025.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_0026.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_0030.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0032.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0033.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0027.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0036.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0037.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0038.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0039.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0040.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0043.JPG (2.2MiB)
IMG_0045.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_0044.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_0046.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0047.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0048.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0049.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0050.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_0051.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0053.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_0055.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_0056.JPG (2.2MiB)
IMG_0057.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_0052.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_0059.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_0062.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_0058.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_0064.JPG (2.2MiB)
IMG_0063.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0066.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0067.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0068.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0069.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0065.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0071.JPG (2.3MiB)
IMG_0072.JPG (2.3MiB)
IMG_0073.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0074.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0075.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0076.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_0077.JPG (2.2MiB)
IMG_0078.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0079.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0082.JPG (1.7MiB)
IMG_0083.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_0084.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_0080.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0085.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_0087.JPG (2.2MiB)
IMG_0088.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_0089.JPG (2.2MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #22727987 - 9 Nov 19 22:30
Awesome 😘🥰😍🍾🥂
user avatar
User #15408831 - 9 Nov 19 23:40
mmmmm lovely lovely lovely
Bonus Pics! Behind The Scenes ;)
Bonus Pics! Behind The Scenes ;)more_vert
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Bonus Pics! Behind The Scenes ;) 2019-11-07T20:20:33+00:00close

Hello November Patrons! Before I hit you with a sexy monthly update, I thought I would give you some bonus content. When I'm setting up my camera and lighting I often take practice shots in whatever I'm wearing to see what needs to be adjusted. I found these sexy pre-shoot photos on my camera and thought you'd enjoy the view. So here you go ;) See you soon with a monthly update!

Media (10)

IMG_9795.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9796.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9797.JPG (2.2MiB)
IMG_9798.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_9799.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_9800.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9801.JPG (2.3MiB)
IMG_9802.JPG (2.3MiB)
IMG_9804.JPG (2.5MiB)
IMG_9803.JPG (2.2MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #22727987 - 8 Nov 19 16:36
Big kisses dear ! 😘
(Monthly Set) - A Cozy Costume
(Monthly Set) - A Cozy Costumemore_vert
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(Monthly Set) - A Cozy Costume 2019-10-31T23:26:10+00:00close

Happy Halloween! Instead of dressing up I decided to dress down… and be cozy! Plus who doesn’t love some daisy duke jean shorts? Come join me for my morning cup of coffee which didn’t get much attention in this set as I was too busy wedging myself into this tiny chair and stripping my clothes off.

Media (55)

IMG_0001.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_0002.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_0003.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_0004.JPG (1.5MiB)
IMG_0006.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_0007.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_0008.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_0009.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_0011.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_0010.JPG (1.5MiB)
IMG_0012.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_0013.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_0014.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_0016.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_0015.JPG (1.7MiB)
IMG_0017.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_0018.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_0019.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_9958.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_9959.JPG (1.7MiB)
IMG_9961.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_9962.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_9963.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_9964.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9965.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_9966.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9967.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9968.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9969.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_9970.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_9971.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9972.JPG (1.0MiB)
IMG_9973.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9974.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9976.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9977.JPG (1.5MiB)
IMG_9978.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9979.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9981.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9983.JPG (1.5MiB)
IMG_9982.JPG (1.5MiB)
IMG_9975.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9984.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9985.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9987.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9988.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9989.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9990.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9991.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9993.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9994.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9995.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9997.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9998.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9999.JPG (1.4MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #22727987 - 8 Nov 19 16:38
Beautiful Britt 😘
user avatar
User #20504810 - 16 Apr 20 11:35
Nothing better than a hot chick in daisy dukes
Walking Into Heaven
Walking Into Heavenmore_vert
Post file flag
Walking Into Heaven 2019-10-25T17:41:40+00:00close

Imagine walking into Heaven and being greeted by me, a BBW angel… this is what this set reminds me of with the bright white light surrounding me. It makes you wonder if I’m real or just a figment of your imagination… Halloween is coming up here in the States after all.. maybe I'll be an angel ;)

Media (47)

IMG_9870.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9871.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_9875.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9876.JPG (1.5MiB)
IMG_9873.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9880.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9881.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_9883.JPG (1.7MiB)
IMG_9889.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_9878.JPG (1.5MiB)
IMG_9893.JPG (949.0KiB)
IMG_9895.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9884.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_9896.JPG (845.3KiB)
IMG_9897.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9898.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9900.JPG (968.7KiB)
IMG_9902.JPG (1.0MiB)
IMG_9903.JPG (1.0MiB)
IMG_9904.JPG (855.9KiB)
IMG_9905.JPG (815.8KiB)
IMG_9908.JPG (753.3KiB)
IMG_9909.JPG (738.8KiB)
IMG_9910.JPG (769.7KiB)
IMG_9911.JPG (763.9KiB)
IMG_9907.JPG (852.3KiB)
IMG_9912.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_9914.JPG (1.5MiB)
IMG_9915.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_9916.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_9917.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_9919.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_9923.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_9920.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_9924.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_9926.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9929.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_9932.JPG (1.5MiB)
IMG_9936.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_9942.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9940.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9943.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9948.JPG (1.5MiB)
IMG_9951.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_9953.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9954.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9955.JPG (1.0MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #22727987 - 8 Nov 19 16:38
Cool set ! 😘
user avatar
User #22664672 - 26 Oct 19 08:45
Wonderful set! But let me tell you this: I prefer you as a living person rather than an angel!
Bonus! Sexy selfies ;)
Bonus! Sexy selfies ;)more_vert
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Bonus! Sexy selfies ;) 2019-10-17T05:05:47+00:00close

I’m waiting on a new computer charger to arrive so I can upload a new set for you all. In the meantime, enjoy some bonus photos I took for you today!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #22727987 - 28 Feb 20 22:40
Weight, what?! Weigh-in video! 2019-10-09T21:44:52+00:00

Here's my weigh-in video as part of my Weight, what?! monthly set. Make sure to check out the photo post and the measurement video as well!


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<iframe class="embedly-embed" src="//" width="1906" height="1080" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>
Comments (2)
user avatar
User #22727987 - 10 Oct 19 18:24
Much trimer than before but sweet Brittney’ splendid roundnesses remain.🤩😬😉😋😛😜🤪🥂🍾🥰😍😘🤓👌🏽✌🏼❤️
user avatar
User #14707904 - 10 Oct 19 19:31
Damn, I miss the days of 330! Still looking great!
Weight, What?! Measurement video
Weight, What?! Measurement videomore_vert
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Weight, What?! Measurement video 2019-10-09T21:34:11+00:00close

Here is the first video where I take my measurements. Make sure to check out the photo upload and weigh-in video for this set as well.

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Provider URL

measurement video 1.mp4

This is "measurement video 1.mp4" by Brittney Keating on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



<iframe class="embedly-embed" src="//" width="1906" height="1080" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>
Comments (1)
user avatar
User #22727987 - 10 Oct 19 18:16
WoW ! This video is really cool. So much roundness ! 😋😛😜🤪🤩🥰😍😘🍾🥂👍🏽👍🏽
(Monthly Set) Weight, What?! Photos!
(Monthly Set) Weight, What?! Photos! more_vert
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(Monthly Set) Weight, What?! Photos! 2019-10-09T21:32:01+00:00close

It has been years since I last did a weigh-in and measurement set. Although numbers are meaningless to me, I find it interesting to share with you my measurements in depth to help you paint an accurate picture of what I look like in person. So... enjoy! I'll see you in my next monthly set later this month. ;)

Media (61)

IMG_9805.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_9806.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_9807.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_9808.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_9809.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_9810.JPG (2.2MiB)
IMG_9811.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9812.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_9813.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_9814.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_9815.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_9816.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9817.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9818.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9819.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_9820.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_9821.JPG (2.2MiB)
IMG_9822.JPG (1.5MiB)
IMG_9823.JPG (2.2MiB)
IMG_9824.JPG (2.2MiB)
IMG_9825.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_9826.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_9827.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_9828.JPG (1.7MiB)
IMG_9829.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_9830.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9831.JPG (1.7MiB)
IMG_9833.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_9834.JPG (1.7MiB)
IMG_9835.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_9832.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_9836.JPG (1.8MiB)
IMG_9837.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_9838.JPG (2.3MiB)
IMG_9839.JPG (1.7MiB)
IMG_9840.JPG (2.0MiB)
IMG_9841.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9842.JPG (2.5MiB)
IMG_9843.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9844.JPG (2.5MiB)
IMG_9845.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9846.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9847.JPG (2.5MiB)
IMG_9848.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9849.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9850.JPG (2.3MiB)
IMG_9851.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_9853.JPG (2.5MiB)
IMG_9852.JPG (2.1MiB)
IMG_9854.JPG (2.4MiB)
IMG_9855.JPG (2.5MiB)
IMG_9856.JPG (2.5MiB)
IMG_9857.JPG (2.5MiB)
IMG_9859.JPG (2.4MiB)
IMG_9858.JPG (2.4MiB)
IMG_9861.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9860.JPG (2.3MiB)
IMG_9862.JPG (1.9MiB)
IMG_9863.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_9864.JPG (1.6MiB)
IMG_9865.JPG (1.9MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #22727987 - 10 Oct 19 18:14
Weight-What?? ;)
Weight-What?? ;) more_vert
Post file flag
Weight-What?? ;) 2019-09-30T21:30:59+00:00close

Thank you September Patrons for supporting me this month. I invite you to stick around as I have a very exciting set coming for October... an updated measurement and weigh-in video! It has been years since my last. ;)

Remember if you haven’t claimed your free week of my new premium Snapchat, message me your username and I’ll add you.

see you soon,


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This is "trim.C2166ECB-8A42-4B03-8F3F-4497E6BE8771.MOV" by Brittney Keating on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



<iframe class="embedly-embed" src="//" width="720" height="1280" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>
Comments (3)
user avatar
User #22727987 - 3 Oct 19 00:32
Cool but very short...
user avatar
BodyLoveBritt - 3 Oct 19 00:36
This wasn’t a set. It was an announcement post that I chose to add a video to, otherwise it would have just been words. Sets will be marked accordingly
user avatar
User #22727987 - 4 Oct 19 23:28
Bonus Mini Set - Upskirt Moments
Bonus Mini Set - Upskirt Momentsmore_vert
Post file flag
Bonus Mini Set - Upskirt Moments 2019-09-23T19:11:55+00:00close

I found these photos that I took earlier this summer and wanted to share them with you as a bonus mini set until my next monthly set goes up. Enjoy :)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #22727987 - 27 Sep 19 16:17
This set is excellent. Hyper sexy !
user avatar
User #24200587 - 26 Sep 19 21:27
You are so natural devined beautiful!
user avatar
User #24200587 - 26 Sep 19 21:23
You are a God, so beautiful!
Bonus Video! My Ass Is Eating These Jean Shorts
Bonus Video! My Ass Is Eating These Jean Shortsmore_vert
Post file flag
Bonus Video! My Ass Is Eating These Jean Shorts 2019-09-16T01:54:57+00:00close

I love shorts that allow my ass cheeks to hang out of the bottom... I think the look is super sexy. Thought I would share this little video with you until my next monthly set... enjoy!

Embed data Vimeo proxy


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This is "bonus" by Brittney Keating on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



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User #22664672 - 17 Sep 19 18:35
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User #21157936 - 22 Sep 19 18:48
That was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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User #22727987 - 18 Nov 19 22:23
Magnifique ! 😍🥰😘
Set Video - My Holey Bottom
Set Video - My Holey Bottommore_vert
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Set Video - My Holey Bottom 2019-09-16T00:42:47+00:00close

Here's the video for the set posted previous to this. Enjoy!

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Ripped Jeans video.mp4

This is "Ripped Jeans video.mp4" by Brittney Keating on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



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User #22664672 - 17 Sep 19 16:43
Holy moly! I just LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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User #20504810 - 8 Apr 20 20:13
I heart bush
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User #22727987 - 16 Sep 19 13:33
Wow ! Impressive Brittney !!!
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User #22727987 - 28 Sep 19 22:15
user avatar
User #21157936 - 22 Sep 19 18:50
So nice gotta get custom video from you so sexxy 😋😘
(Sept Monthly) – My Holey Bottom
(Sept Monthly) – My Holey Bottommore_vert
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(Sept Monthly) – My Holey Bottom 2019-09-12T02:47:37+00:00close

I have loved this pair of jeans ever since I got them a few years ago. However, they were pre-ripped in the front and I knew it was only a matter of time until my thighs decided to bust these holes open even more. Before letting these jeans go, I decided to cut out the bottoms and let my ass fill the empty space. I really enjoyed taking this set. I leave it for you… ;)

Media (72)

IMG_9690.JPG (956.7KiB)
IMG_9691.JPG (1.0MiB)
IMG_9692.JPG (911.4KiB)
IMG_9693.JPG (959.2KiB)
IMG_9694.JPG (1013.8KiB)
IMG_9695.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9696.JPG (998.5KiB)
IMG_9699.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9697.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9700.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9701.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9698.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9702.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9703.JPG (1.0MiB)
IMG_9704.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9705.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9706.JPG (951.3KiB)
IMG_9707.JPG (1.0MiB)
IMG_9708.JPG (1002.5KiB)
IMG_9709.JPG (902.9KiB)
IMG_9710.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9711.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9712.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9714.JPG (840.4KiB)
IMG_9713.JPG (1.0MiB)
IMG_9715.JPG (930.6KiB)
IMG_9717.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9718.JPG (1.4MiB)
IMG_9716.JPG (985.7KiB)
IMG_9721.JPG (767.9KiB)
IMG_9722.JPG (783.4KiB)
IMG_9719.JPG (1.0MiB)
IMG_9720.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9723.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9724.JPG (834.9KiB)
IMG_9725.JPG (769.1KiB)
IMG_9726.JPG (993.0KiB)
IMG_9727.JPG (1.0MiB)
IMG_9729.JPG (809.3KiB)
IMG_9730.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9731.JPG (584.0KiB)
IMG_9732.JPG (850.7KiB)
IMG_9733.JPG (886.7KiB)
IMG_9734.JPG (897.0KiB)
IMG_9735.JPG (904.7KiB)
IMG_9736.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9737.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9738.JPG (1011.4KiB)
IMG_9739.JPG (650.6KiB)
IMG_9740.JPG (623.6KiB)
IMG_9741.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9742.JPG (985.3KiB)
IMG_9743.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9745.JPG (871.9KiB)
IMG_9746.JPG (852.0KiB)
IMG_9747.JPG (536.0KiB)
IMG_9748.JPG (557.2KiB)
IMG_9749.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9750.JPG (1016.9KiB)
IMG_9751.JPG (986.9KiB)
IMG_9752.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9753.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9754.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9755.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9756.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9757.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9758.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9759.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9760.JPG (1.2MiB)
IMG_9761.JPG (1.3MiB)
IMG_9763.JPG (1.1MiB)
IMG_9762.JPG (1.3MiB)

Comments (3)
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User #24200587 - 14 Sep 19 06:05
This woman has changed my life like a lightning bolt that touched me and I am very grateful that she came into my life.
user avatar
User #22727987 - 12 Sep 19 23:08
Wow ! This set is awesome ! What a beauty !
user avatar
User #27339465 - 30 Apr 20 12:03
Whoever ripped up those jeans is a true genius. Amazing the way they conceal and reveal your awesomeness. Mmmmm, like me a little fur.
Wet n' Wild! Bonus! Part 2
Wet n' Wild! Bonus! Part 2 more_vert
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Wet n' Wild! Bonus! Part 2 2019-09-03T23:30:32+00:00close

Here are the photos I snapped while filming the Wet n' Wild shower video for one of my August monthly sets. I love these photos because of the way some of them really show how hot and steamy this bathroom got! The camera was even getting fogged up, where you can just make out my curves through the steam. Enjoy :) I had a lot of fun.

Media (34)

IMG_9627.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_9628.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_9629.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_9630.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_9632.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9631.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_9633.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9634.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9636.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_9635.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_9637.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9638.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9639.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_9640.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9641.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_9642.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9643.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9644.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_9645.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9646.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9647.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9648.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9650.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9651.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9649.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9652.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9653.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9654.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9656.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9655.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9657.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9658.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9659.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9660.JPG (2.8MiB)

(Video) Shaking My Ass Off
(Video) Shaking My Ass Offmore_vert
(Video) Shaking My Ass Off 2019-08-17T01:47:21+00:00close

I love filming custom videos for you guys. I had just finished up filming a custom video which really put me in a feisty mood to capture the bounds of my body. So I decided to shake my body like crazy to share with you… Enjoy ;)

Edit: videos are now correctly attached

Attachments (2)

body shake pt (157.9MiB)
body shake pt (168.8MiB)

Comments (2)
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User #10445804 - 17 Aug 19 01:54
You make dreams come true with your beauty, I have always wondered what a angel would like.
user avatar
User #22664672 - 17 Aug 19 17:22
Dearest Brittney, you are such a blessing!!! I really thank God that you exist!
(Video) Shaking What My Mama Gave Me 2019-08-17T01:35:44+00:00

I love filming custom videos for you guys. I had just finished up filming a custom video whI hope really put me in a feisty mood to capture the bounce of my body. So I decided to shake my body like crazy to share with you.. Enjoy ;)

part 1 is file AFAD...

part 2 is file 2F1B...

Please excuse the weird file names- i uploaded from my phone

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #23240658 - 19 Aug 19 20:34
Can I c the kitty
(Monthly Set) Highschool Hoodie
(Monthly Set) Highschool Hoodiemore_vert
(Monthly Set) Highschool Hoodie 2019-08-12T23:38:41+00:00close

I graduated highschool in 2007 and have had this hoodie since. I love it so much even though it has begun to fit me much differently than it did 12 years ago. At this point it's more of a crop hoodie however I feel sexier than ever in it these days. I noticed it hanging in my closet and how much it matched my nails so I pulled it on and had a spur-of-the-moment photoshoot. Check out the photos as well as the video attached below. Enjoy ;)

Media (57)

IMG_9564.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9565.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9566.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_9567.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_9568.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_9569.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_9570.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9571.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_9572.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_9573.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9574.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_9575.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_9576.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9577.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_9579.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_9580.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9581.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9583.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_9582.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9584.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9585.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_9586.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_9587.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9588.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9589.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9591.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9590.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9592.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9594.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9596.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9595.JPG (2.5MiB)
IMG_9599.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9600.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9601.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9602.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_9603.JPG (2.4MiB)
IMG_9604.JPG (2.5MiB)
IMG_9605.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9607.JPG (2.3MiB)
IMG_9606.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9608.JPG (2.3MiB)
IMG_9609.JPG (2.4MiB)
IMG_9610.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9611.JPG (2.5MiB)
IMG_9613.JPG (2.5MiB)
IMG_9612.JPG (2.3MiB)
IMG_9614.JPG (2.2MiB)
IMG_9616.JPG (2.4MiB)
IMG_9615.JPG (2.5MiB)
IMG_9617.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9618.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9620.JPG (2.4MiB)
IMG_9619.JPG (2.5MiB)
IMG_9621.JPG (2.4MiB)
IMG_9622.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9623.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9624.JPG (4.6MiB)

Attachments (2)

BLB hoodie pt 1.mp4 (118.3MiB)
BLB hoodie pt 2.mp4 (112.3MiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #22664672 - 13 Aug 19 14:24
Dearest Brittney, OMG you are SO beautiful, it actually hurts... ;-) I´m so happy and relieved to find you "back on track" again - and that´s not only regarding "adult stuff" - given what you stated on youtube!!! You are very brave! Thanks for all you dol!!
user avatar
User #10445804 - 12 Aug 19 23:47
Your more beautiful than a sunset after snow fall.
user avatar
User #10445804 - 13 Aug 19 00:46
I would enjoy cuddling with you under the stars in the mountains, your videos are excellent.
user avatar
User #21774867 - 12 Aug 19 23:42
You are so hot!! Love seeing a little more of "down there" than usual ;) Awesome post
user avatar
User #10963000 - 13 Aug 19 22:36
Wow, just stunning. Amazing photos, you really know how to shoot them and showcase your wonderful curves in the best way possible.
Yellow... extra content ;)
Yellow... extra content ;)more_vert
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Yellow... extra content ;) 2019-08-09T04:05:44+00:00close

Here's a few extra pics I snapped while taking Instagram photos. I wanted to share it with you... enjoy ;)

Media (13)

IMG_9222.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9208.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9223.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9220.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9234.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9228.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9245.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9199.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_9252.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9255.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9230.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9241.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9248.JPG (3.2MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #22727987 - 9 Aug 19 11:45
Nice ! Cool & sexy pictures.
Bonus Cellfies - Feeling Naughty
Bonus Cellfies - Feeling Naughtymore_vert
Bonus Cellfies - Feeling Naughty 2019-08-06T03:34:00+00:00close
  • I was laying in bed thinking about how grateful I am for all of my patreon members and started to feel a little feisty from all the love and support. So I made a little video and took a few photos to capture the energy. I love generously supplementing bonus content like this to you.

  • Video attached below

  • For custom videos & Skype sessions, I am accepting inquiries at

Attachments (2)

pt 1 bed (115.1MiB)
pt 2 bed (131.1MiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #10963000 - 6 Aug 19 19:57
Absolutely gorgeous woman, with such luscious curves. Would you mind telling your weight, for those of us for whom that's part of the sexiness? :-)
user avatar
User #10445804 - 6 Aug 19 09:55
I enjoyed the videos you have a beauty no other woman can match.
user avatar
User #22204948 - 6 Aug 19 06:52
I like the pictures. Pity that I can't find the video but maybe my web browser is broken.
user avatar
BodyLoveBritt - 6 Aug 19 08:10
The videos didn't end up posting from my phone but they are uploaded now :)
user avatar
User #4053102 - 6 Aug 19 14:40
wow!!!! wow!!!! amazing!!!! also very excited about the custom video news
user avatar
User #10445804 - 6 Aug 19 03:42
Wow you look like a goddess, you have helped give me a few ideas for your next poem.
Slitted...Bonus Mini Set
Slitted...Bonus Mini Setmore_vert
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Slitted...Bonus Mini Set 2019-08-03T07:56:16+00:00close

I felt so sexy in this outfit when I decided to snap some photos on my cellphone... that I believe I will do a full set with my professional camera in this outfit. Imagine going to the grocery store and seeing a woman like me dressed in this outfit... no panties... hehe

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #22664672 - 3 Aug 19 15:21
Dearest Brittney, there´s just no way to only halfway tell you how delighted I am to see you back! Since you are "retired" on BC I felt very abandoned :-( but now that you are back my life has become very much better again! Pictures of you - and even more videos(!) ;-) - regularly make my day! So, it´s time to say THANK YOU SOOOO Very MUCH!!!
Fun, Sexy Cellfies ;)
Fun, Sexy Cellfies ;)more_vert
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Fun, Sexy Cellfies ;) 2019-08-03T07:42:09+00:00close

Here’s some work extra content of sexy cellphone selfies I’ve taken lately... I need a better mirror to capture all of my glory but I’m grateful for what I have for now hehe

(Monthly Set) Rawr…That Thong Th-Thong Thong Thong
(Monthly Set) Rawr…That Thong Th-Thong Thong Thongmore_vert
(Monthly Set) Rawr…That Thong Th-Thong Thong Thong 2019-08-03T07:13:11+00:00close

I love the way thongs look on my ass. I wish I had more of them, I’d wear them everyday. I also find it incredibly sexy when the tops of my thongs peek out of my pants. I was feeling very sexy today in these baggy, plain sweatpants feeling my thong consistently creep up the back and expose itself every time I’d sit down. I finally gave in to my thong wanting to be out and decided to strip down into nothing but it. Enjoy this set as I had a lot of fun creating it.

The video is attached below this post! Enjoy 😉

Media (53)

IMG_9493.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9494.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9495.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9496.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9497.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9498.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9499.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9500.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9501.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_9502.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_9503.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9504.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_9505.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9506.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9507.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9508.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_9509.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9510.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9511.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9512.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9513.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9514.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9515.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9517.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9516.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9519.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9518.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9521.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9520.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9522.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9526.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9523.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9524.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9527.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9528.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9529.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9530.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9531.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9532.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9533.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9534.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9535.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9536.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9537.JPG (2.4MiB)
IMG_9538.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9539.JPG (2.4MiB)
IMG_9540.JPG (2.4MiB)
IMG_9541.JPG (2.2MiB)
IMG_9542.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9543.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9544.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9545.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9546.JPG (2.9MiB)

Attachments (2)

BLB thong video pt 1.mp4 (104.2MiB)
BLB thong video pt 2.mp4 (113.2MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #10963000 - 3 Aug 19 11:03
Very sexy set, I especially love the second video, you're looking better than ever with your curves!
user avatar
User #21157936 - 7 Aug 19 23:10
Wow I really enjoyed that yummy 😋 can i 😘 your belly
Bonus Update!
Bonus Update! more_vert
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Bonus Update! 2019-07-30T23:03:54+00:00close

I am so excited to announce that Patreon has now added a “Image Gallery” feature which will make viewing my photos SO MUCH MORE ACCESSIBLE! Yay! Prayers answered! Thank you Universe, I’m so grateful for this update to the site. Divine timing. So enjoy this bonus set I am gifting to you as patient Patrons. I appreciate your support and look forward to ease of use on this website now and moving forward! Woo!

Media (29)

booty_gif.mp4 (8.2MiB)
IMG_9266.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9269.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9275.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9277.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_9271.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9294.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9289.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_9281.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9311.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9316.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9299.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9341.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9324.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9358.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9325.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9367.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9305.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_9348.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9375.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9330.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9369.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_9379.JPG (2.7MiB)
IMG_9361.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9319.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_9343.JPG (2.8MiB)
IMG_9352.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_9384.JPG (2.6MiB)
IMG_9408.JPG (2.8MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #22727987 - 1 Aug 19 13:46
Hi There ! A sweet romantic set. Perhaps was it inspired / reminiscent of David Hamilton' smooth style. A light fill with the flash _ flash on, not on auto _ would have helped counterbalance the intense light from the window.
user avatar
User #10963000 - 3 Aug 19 11:01
Good timing for you starting to model here then! Although they certainly have things to fix, scrolling only works for the first 12 pictures.
Packing Pudge
Packing Pudgemore_vert
Packing Pudge 2019-07-28T06:34:21+00:00close

This was the second set I took upon deciding I was going to begin adult modeling again. I was packing up my items as I was getting ready to leave the living space I was in and head back on the road. While packing I decided to play around with my camera and get back into the vibe of sharing and capturing my body. This set is a little bit more innocent as I begin to strip down… getting comfortable and back into my groove of taking sexy photos. I’m glad I decided to step back into my power, reclaim my body and sexuality in this way, and continue to share my body-love journey with you.

Enjoy… 😊

Media (56)

IMG_7817.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_7825.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_7820.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_7829.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_7832.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_7835.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_7836.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_7847.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_7850.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7840.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_7970.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7895.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7867.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_7872.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_7985.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7827.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_8003.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_7884.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_7859.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7988.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_8016.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_7980.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7890.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7912.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_7877.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_7920.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_8094.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_7941.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_8014.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_8052.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_7949.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7999.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_8036.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_7865.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_8087.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8056.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_7925.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_7934.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_8051.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_7889.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_8032.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_7953.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_8098.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_7931.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_8081.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_7916.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_7960.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_8092.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_7962.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7967.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7944.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_8009.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_8075.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8043.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_8069.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_7992.JPG (3.2MiB)

Attachments (56)

IMG_7817.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_7820.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_7825.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_7827.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_7829.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_7832.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_7835.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_7836.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_7840.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_7847.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_7850.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7859.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7865.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7867.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_7872.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_7877.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_7884.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_7889.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_7890.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7895.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7912.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_7916.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_7920.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_7925.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_7931.JPG (2.9MiB)
IMG_7934.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_7941.JPG (3.0MiB)
IMG_7944.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7949.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7953.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7960.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7962.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7967.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7970.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7980.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7985.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7988.JPG (3.1MiB)
IMG_7992.JPG (3.2MiB)
IMG_7999.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_8003.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_8009.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_8014.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_8016.JPG (3.3MiB)
IMG_8032.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_8036.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_8043.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_8051.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_8052.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_8056.JPG (3.4MiB)
IMG_8069.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8075.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8081.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8087.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8092.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8094.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8098.JPG (3.6MiB)

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User #21774867 - 28 Jul 19 23:56
Any chance of more videos? Did you get my private message? :p
Chaturbate Cam Shows 2019-07-18T06:00:12+00:00

Hi Patrons! I’m excited to let you know that I’m going to start doing live cam shows for the first time!

If You enjoy my content and would like to start watching me live on camera doing different things, like eating shows, stripping, and enjoying my body, find my profile here and follow me:

otherwise, I’ll see you on here very soon with a new set ;) muah

Follow me on Twitter @bodylovebritt

Comments (6)
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User #21774867 - 22 Jul 19 23:49
Love this. Check your inbox lol
user avatar
User #22727987 - 19 Sep 19 23:32
Great to catch you on Chaturbate the other day. I was lucky.
user avatar
User #4814322 - 18 Jul 19 20:50
Your boobies are AWESOME! What size are they these days?
user avatar
BodyLoveBritt - 12 Oct 19 03:28
Hello! I really need to buy a new laptop as mine always freezes when I try to cam. Follow me on there though so you receive a notification each time I do go live. Hopefully again soon.
user avatar
User #22727987 - 12 Oct 19 01:33
Hi Brittney, No more Chaturbate sessions 🤔
user avatar
User #22727987 - 2 Aug 19 22:32
Hi Brittney, I hope that all you do will help you recover and get back on your feet quickly. Would you have any schedule for your shows ?
Tantalizing in Teal
Tantalizing in Tealmore_vert
Tantalizing in Teal 2019-07-07T23:00:25+00:00close

My camera has been an asset along my journey to self-discovery and body-acceptance. I went through a period growing up where being in front of the camera often made me feel uncomfortable. This was due to my insecurity with how my body would look, not because I just didn’t prefer to be in front of it as some people do. As I entered the modeling world in 2009, I began embracing how my body looked and my relationship with the camera began to rapidly transform. Amongst doing adult modeling I’ve created a plethora of other opportunities for myself that include a camera filming me. What was once an enemy in my life is now something that absolutely liberates me. This freedom is how I felt while taking this set. Enjoy. 😊

Media (48)

IMG_8110.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8115.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8128.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8147.JPG (3.8MiB)
IMG_8148.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8123.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8135.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8160.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8177.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8119.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8169.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8183.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8141.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8137.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8191.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8195.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8209.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8157.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8201.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8224.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8231.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8206.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8213.JPG (3.8MiB)
IMG_8226.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8215.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8254.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8243.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8244.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8237.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8256.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8249.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8272.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8255.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8279.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8233.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8262.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8280.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8303.JPG (3.8MiB)
IMG_8273.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8239.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8261.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8276.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8304.JPG (3.8MiB)
IMG_8299.JPG (3.8MiB)
IMG_8285.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8309.JPG (3.8MiB)
IMG_8290.JPG (3.8MiB)
IMG_8296.JPG (3.7MiB)

Attachments (48)

IMG_8110.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8115.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8119.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8123.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8128.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8135.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8137.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8141.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8147.JPG (3.8MiB)
IMG_8148.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8157.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8160.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8169.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8177.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8183.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8191.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8195.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8201.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8206.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8209.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8213.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8215.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8224.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8226.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8231.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8233.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8237.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8239.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8243.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8244.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8249.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8254.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8255.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8256.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8261.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8262.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8272.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8273.JPG (3.5MiB)
IMG_8276.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8279.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8280.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8285.JPG (3.6MiB)
IMG_8290.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8296.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8299.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8303.JPG (3.7MiB)
IMG_8304.JPG (3.8MiB)
IMG_8309.JPG (3.7MiB)

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User #4053102 - 8 Jul 19 02:41
Amazing!!!!!!! I love the teal color against your skin plus the way you posed really was captivating

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