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Versus 12
Versus 12more_vert
Post file flag
Versus 12 2020-03-22T23:58:04+00:00close

Tiem for cute and sexy characters on hard times. Which one do you want to see first the next week? Thumper posing in a very naughty pose or Djali on the bed (2 versions, the original colors and doppelganger version).

Media (1)

1_Versus.png (557.5KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #590105 - 23 Mar 20 05:32
user avatar
User #1017325 - 23 Mar 20 05:46
user avatar
User #8958618 - 23 Mar 20 08:26
user avatar
User #12286054 - 23 Mar 20 01:54
Versus 11
Versus 11more_vert
Post file flag
Versus 11 2020-03-07T20:05:58+00:00close

This time, 2 white characters, on the left Skippy rabbit from Robin Hood and on the right Asriel Dreemurr from Undertale. Both pictures come with different variants of clothing, I mean, a picture of the chracters wearing pants and those things and other picture with underwear.

Which one do you want to see first this week? Skippy or Asriel?

Media (1)

1_Versus.png (487.7KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #12286054 - 7 Mar 20 20:37
user avatar
User #590105 - 7 Mar 20 21:53
user avatar
User #1017325 - 8 Mar 20 03:06
Skippy in undies!
user avatar
User #8958618 - 8 Mar 20 08:56
user avatar
User #196471 - 7 Mar 20 20:09
More New WIPS
More New WIPSmore_vert
Post file flag
More New WIPS 2020-03-07T04:47:54+00:00close

I´m preparing for new pictures, new characters and I´m going to work with some old sketches and other wips I want to finish.

The new characters on my gallery are:

-Nello and Nembo (they are twins, they are from the second book of Bambi: Bambi´s children).

- Kuzco (from New emperor groove)

- Coming soon more dinosaurs, between those Denver the last dinosaur, and I have in mind draw all the horses of Disney as anthro, example Pegasus, Maximus, obviously Achilles, etc.

If you have characters in mind let me know and maybe I can prepare something on my wishlist. :)

Media (1)

Wips.png (1.9MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #1017325 - 8 Mar 20 03:05
I really like your couple pictures. Very heartwarming.
Twilight Walk
Twilight Walkmore_vert
Post file flag
Twilight Walk 2020-03-07T04:31:13+00:00close

The sun is leaving for the night comes, and the time for rest is coming too.

In Position
In Positionmore_vert
Post file flag
In Position 2020-03-01T00:17:55+00:00close

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #8958618 - 1 Mar 20 08:34
... set... LEAPFROG! :)
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 1 Mar 20 21:34
user avatar
User #1017325 - 1 Mar 20 16:02
:O a free post. Ppl gonna go wild on your galleries. I think it's a cool detail with the elastic band that goes over the tail. Makes stealing the speedo more difficult for Ronno.
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 1 Mar 20 21:37
Actually they are... moderated. They are not crazy like the other pictures of Bambi and Ronno... you know, that story of love and friendzone. :v Is something I always had in mind with anthro characters and their clothes (mostly on my OC chracters), a band between the butt and the tail, this is for prevent it falls easily, but maybe can affect the tail with the time by the preassure. On the case of Bambi now he is already protected against a wild random Ronno. =P
Versus 10
Versus 10more_vert
Post file flag
Versus 10 2020-02-22T02:08:39+00:00close

In this time, things of adults, kinda. Bambi (on the left) as an old deer and his father (on the right), the Great Prince. Which one do you want to see first the next week? our young prince or your majestic?

Media (1)

1_Versus.png (455.8KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #12286054 - 22 Feb 20 04:13
user avatar
User #1017325 - 22 Feb 20 09:14
I need to address the elephant in the room here. --- The great prince is giving me bedroom eyes. Im'a have to vote for him cause he's irresistible.
user avatar
User #8958618 - 22 Feb 20 08:13
The Great Prince.
The Report of Today 2020-02-20T04:02:11+00:00

Hi, how are you? first to all thanks for all the new people is supporting me, I really apreciate it.

Well I come to talk to something, my apologies if I am not posting in fact "new art", since this year started I am complete disorganized, however finally I could able to put order, draw something and I hope the versus will back soon.

Also I noticed something funny, I´m going to post soon a new WIP content, but I noticed I have a lot of new pictures and completed, I have around 30 pictures! Oh boy! So I hope going publishing it slowly and with the time post new content and starting to upload some old pictures posted here into the public galleries, those obviously will be the pictures of "free post".

Well, this is the point I want to share, this mean, coming soon more new pictures and will back the versus. I think it gonna be interesting because I have a lot of new content of Simba, Kimba, new characters like Mune, even Kuzco and some new deers from the second book of Bambi, I am focusing now on Nello and Nembo, those are twins and well I am going to share a prototype for they, I hope you like, I think looks cute.

Expect new content, and I am preparing for work with some pcitures I have in mind with more than 3 characters, those are very hard pictures, so I hope I can able to make it, I have time planning a dino party but for many reasons I couldn´t do it.

Anyway, for now that´s all, thanks for your patience and your support, see you soon with new pictures. :)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #1017325 - 22 Feb 20 23:08
Looking forward to it!
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 20 Feb 20 04:07
I forgot to mention the next, pictures reaady: Asriel Dreemurr 2 pictures (both has variant with his outfit and on speedo), Djali 2, Skippy 3 (same as Asriel), Kimba 1, Thumper 1, Mune 2, Bambi 6 (one is as centaur), Simba 2, Great Prince 1, Ronno 1 and Gobo 1. Other 2 pictures are about OCs.
Positive Message
Positive Messagemore_vert
Post file flag
Positive Message 2020-02-14T08:08:11+00:00close

For all the people requested me art of Sanic...

( - _ -)
( - _ -)>⌐■-■

There is my answer... kinda. I loved the games when I was a kid, my favorite chracter are Tails and Knuckles, but the community is... interesting. xD

Do not be offended, just I want to say goodbye the meme of the creepiest design of Sonic .

Quiet Sunset
Quiet Sunsetmore_vert
Post file flag
Quiet Sunset 2020-01-31T07:08:47+00:00close

Bambi is walking around enjoying the sunset, relaxed, without worrieds.

he is fine.

Enorme Perspectiva 2
Enorme Perspectiva 2more_vert
Post file flag
Enorme Perspectiva 2 2020-01-31T07:04:30+00:00close

Doppelganger version.

Enorme Perspectiva 1
Enorme Perspectiva 1more_vert
Post file flag
Enorme Perspectiva 1 2020-01-31T07:01:37+00:00close

Let´s say Djali is very... relaxed.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #1017325 - 2 Feb 20 21:20
There's his signature pipe. :O Now if only there was a speedoless version :P You did a good job regardless if there's a speedo there or not. Djali is the best <3
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 3 Feb 20 01:18
Yeah his pipe returns. :v Mmm, maybe one day I will make a picture with "both versions", I have many Djali´s pictures in process, so maybe one day I will make one with this idea. ;) Thank you, I´m glad you liked it. :D
Colorful City
Colorful Citymore_vert
Post file flag
Colorful City 2020-01-29T05:20:23+00:00close

There is a serious question (and maybe only the mexicans will understand)... What would to do our ancestors about the actual "tlatoani"?

I am pretty sure they would sacriface him or send him to the Popocatepetl... just for in case the gods would be angry.

Who knows? for the love of Tonantzin, Curicaberi, Shataranga and maybe Quetzalcoatl... and of course the new foreign god arrived with the spaniards I really hope all change for the future, or I´m afraid everything will end soon.:v

WIP 9more_vert
Post file flag
WIP 9 2020-01-25T07:17:32+00:00close

More pictures for the future: warriors, speedos, and many others.

Mune, Bambi, Ronno, Skippy, Kimba, Simba, Djali, Copper and others. I hope I can able to finish all of those... and the other wips... damn is a lot of work. xD

I hope for the future show you other projects I need to scan, is about a, well is an experiment about anatomy I am doing, but I need more practice. I hope later publish it.

Media (1)

Wips.png (2.2MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #1017325 - 27 Jan 20 19:01
Djali sure is flexible. Couldn't imagine being able to stretch my leg like that. And Skippy in his Robin Hood clothes is awesome. I really liked that cartoon as a kid. Was one of my favorites next to a Peter Pan. It's a funny pose, but why's Mune being a spider? xD
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 28 Jan 20 00:58
Yeah Djali is very flexible, is something I even I can´t do it too. xD Robin Hood is one of my favorite Disney cartoon films, and Skippy is for me, well, something special. :3 For Mune I got that pose from a frame of the movie, is not my fault. :v I traced the pose but I modified the body a little and I changed the size of the head. But yes is a weird pose. xD
Nothing Left 2
Nothing Left 2more_vert
Post file flag
Nothing Left 2 2020-01-13T10:34:29+00:00close

"Bambi, Everything will be fine, I mean, we are together, as best friends, you know, best friends forever to the end. Come on Bambi, don´t be sad, I will protect you, but please, come with me, I cannot live without you."

Thumper stay next to him in silence.

All is lost.

Everything they loved.


Speedpaint here:


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #1017325 - 14 Jan 20 02:22
Really sad T-T I like this one more cause it feels more real. Very dark and muted. The remnants of a burnt forest and two sad characters shares a story that only one can think is bad. Then the description says that they lost all so its even more sad.
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 15 Jan 20 09:59
True. The sad thing is this is part of the life and on any moment can happen something like this, and I cannot imagine (well maybe I can) the fear of see the power of the earth roaring and destroying everything... and killing everything. Some people asked me a second part... and I am considering this option for the future. :v
Nothing Left 1
Nothing Left 1more_vert
Post file flag
Nothing Left 1 2020-01-13T10:30:56+00:00close

"Bambi, Bambi, we should leave, nothing left here."

Bambi not reacted. He was crying in silence.


Speedpaint here.


Post file flag
Hefna 2020-01-07T21:43:09+00:00close

I will destroy all my enemies this year.

It is time for payback.

Media (6)

Hefna.png (5.0MiB)
Hefna_V5.png (5.3MiB)
Hefna_V4.png (5.3MiB)
Hefna_V3.png (5.2MiB)
Hefna_V2.png (5.5MiB)
Hefna.png (5.0MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #1017325 - 12 Jan 20 18:06
I find it funny that ppl are questioning the shiney balls on your other accounts. Ppl know animals get hot right? Anyways I feel like I might have seen this character before. Cause of the squared off / cut horns. Idk. Maybe it was a line drawing some time ago. Is this one of your OC's? What's his name?
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 13 Jan 20 06:25
Yeah people is sometimes weird questioning strange points. :v He is a new prototype character, for now is just called Hefna.
Versus 9
Versus 9more_vert
Post file flag
Versus 9 2020-01-05T08:50:31+00:00close

We start with a clash of titans, the elite of the elite of my gallery... well, not exactly, but they are heavy dudes.

Djali or Bambi, which one do you want to see the next week on this first versus of this year?

Media (1)

1_Versus.png (640.5KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #12286054 - 5 Jan 20 10:08
user avatar
User #1017325 - 7 Jan 20 04:24
Djali (OoO)
Fantasia Hecha pegaso (Special)
Fantasia Hecha pegaso (Special)more_vert
Post file flag
Fantasia Hecha pegaso (Special) 2020-01-05T03:06:09+00:00close

Inspired on the pegasus of Hercules... kinda.

Fantasia hecha Pegaso (White)
Fantasia hecha Pegaso (White)more_vert
Post file flag
Fantasia hecha Pegaso (White) 2020-01-05T03:00:07+00:00close

Actually that color not exist on the movie, at least on the small characters, but I decided make this version.

Fantasia Hecha Pegaso (Golden)
Fantasia Hecha Pegaso (Golden)more_vert
Post file flag
Fantasia Hecha Pegaso (Golden) 2020-01-05T02:55:02+00:00close

I think he looks good.

Fantasia Hecha Pegaso (Pink)
Fantasia Hecha Pegaso (Pink)more_vert
Post file flag
Fantasia Hecha Pegaso (Pink) 2020-01-05T02:50:43+00:00close

Well that color is not for me, but I am following the canon...

Fantasia Hecha Pegaso (Tan)
Fantasia Hecha Pegaso (Tan)more_vert
Post file flag
Fantasia Hecha Pegaso (Tan) 2020-01-05T02:47:10+00:00close

I think on tan looks good.

Fantasia Hecha Pegaso (Azul)
Fantasia Hecha Pegaso (Azul)more_vert
Post file flag
Fantasia Hecha Pegaso (Azul) 2020-01-05T02:45:13+00:00close

I Decided paint him to blue.

Fantasia Hecha Pegaso (Revision)
Fantasia Hecha Pegaso (Revision)more_vert
Post file flag
Fantasia Hecha Pegaso (Revision) 2020-01-05T02:43:08+00:00close

I decided make a small update on that picture.

Badili, Don´t Be Shy
Badili, Don´t Be Shymore_vert
Post file flag
Badili, Don´t Be Shy 2019-12-22T07:39:41+00:00close

He is kind of new on this topic.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #1017325 - 22 Dec 19 18:25
Badili has a really big butt \(^^)/ What kinda cat is he?
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 22 Dec 19 21:43
As I understand is a leopard.
Bad Ending
Bad Endingmore_vert
Post file flag
Bad Ending 2019-12-22T07:34:30+00:00close

Djali: Si, eres bastante desafortunado.
Ronno: Oye, eso... ¿"es"?
Djali: Si, eso "es".
Ronno: Me lleva...


Djali: Yes, you are quite unlucky.
Ronno: Hey, that ... is "it"?
Djali: Yes, that "is".
Ronno: Damn!


GAME OVER YEAH!!! ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3


This is the end of that short story, I hope you enjoyed.xD

Media (5)

Final_Malo_1.png (2.6MiB)
Final_Malo_1_V4.png (2.8MiB)
Final_Malo_1_V3.png (3.1MiB)
Final_Malo_1_V2.png (3.2MiB)
Final_Malo_1.png (2.6MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #1017325 - 22 Dec 19 18:23
lol bad ending is with Djali. Prolly not.
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 22 Dec 19 21:43
Well for Djali is not bad in all. :v
Very Bad Lucky
Very Bad Luckymore_vert
Post file flag
Very Bad Lucky 2019-12-19T08:32:24+00:00close

Damn, I think I have bad lucky with Bambi, isn´t?


Oye, como que tengo mala suerte con el Bambi, ¿no?

Media (5)

Mala_Suerte.png (3.7MiB)
Mala_Suerte_V4.png (3.8MiB)
Mala_Suerte_V2.png (4.0MiB)
Mala_Suerte_V3.png (3.7MiB)
Mala_Suerte.png (3.7MiB)

Caught In The Act AGAIN!
Caught In The Act AGAIN!more_vert
Post file flag
Caught In The Act AGAIN! 2019-12-16T06:37:12+00:00close

Ronno: THE F..!?
Faline: Oh, hi Ronno...
Ronno: WOMAN! What have you done to my little Bambi?
Bambi: But Ronno, I am learning how to love.
Ronno: You are loving the wrong person.
Bambi: But Ronno...
Ronno: Woman, you ruined him!
Faline: Oh...
Bambi: Ronno, Can you give us some space, please?
Ronno: f-u-c-k . . .

Ronno dissappeared.

Bambi: What is wrong with Ronno? Lately he is acting weird.
Faline: Don´t pay attention Bambi, now, focus, let me continue showing you how to love.
Bambi: Alright.

Post file flag
Figaro 2019-12-15T02:27:41+00:00close

Well, is the turn of this little cuttie cat.

Media (7)

Figaro.png (3.5MiB)
Figaro_V6.png (3.8MiB)
Figaro_V5.png (3.8MiB)
Figaro_V4.png (3.7MiB)
Figaro_V3.png (3.8MiB)
Figaro_V2.png (3.9MiB)
Figaro.png (3.5MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #1017325 - 17 Dec 19 04:59
good stomach deformation
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 17 Dec 19 09:45
Is hard! I need practice more. Thank you for notice it. :3
Learning How To Kiss
Learning How To Kissmore_vert
Post file flag
Learning How To Kiss 2019-12-13T09:12:55+00:00close

Faline: Are you ever kissed somebody?
Bambi: My mom...
Faline: No, no, no! I mean, kiss somebody for love? On the mouth.
Bambi: No... I think not.
Faline: I can show you how.
Bambi: Do you know?
Faline: Yes... yes and no... Emmm... just kiss me, alright?
Bambi: What if I do it wrong? if it doesn´t like it?
Faline: I am pretty sure I will love it, Bambi.
Bambi: I will try... Faline.
Faline: Hey, Bambi. Did you love me?
Bambi: I... Yes... Yes, Yes! I love you Faline. I love you!
Faline: I love you too Bambi.
Bambi: I love you so much!
Faline: Kiss me...

Dat Bambi Is Mine!!
Dat Bambi Is Mine!!more_vert
Post file flag
Dat Bambi Is Mine!! 2019-12-10T08:51:59+00:00close

Ronno: Hey, woman, dat Bambi is mine.
Faline: No is not, he is mine.
Ronno: Woman, listen, I will not tolerate that attitude, come back with dat Bambi, because dat ass is mine.
Faline: Oh no, I think not.
Bambi: Hey Faline, where are we going?
Faline: I will show you how to love.
Ronno: Bambi, come back with me, what are you doing?
Bambi: I can´t get out Ronno, she is so strong and amazing. Sorry, I´m going with her...
Ronno: Woman! this is the last time, I warming you, put dat Bambi on the ground.
Faline: I think not, I am a strong an independient woman and I can do anything I want. See you loser!
Faline: C´mon Bambi, we are leaving.
Bambi: Oh alright.
Ronno: Woman! Come back!! Bambi you promised me stay with me the rest of this serie!
Bambi: but I haven´t control of myself.
Ronno: Bambi, woman, come back!! WOMAN; THAT BAMBI IS MINE!!!

Bambi: I feel bad for Ronno.
Faline: Don´t worry Bambi, he just has a personal problem called dissociative identity disorder, but is not your fault.
Bambi: Oh ok.
Faline: Now come, let´s love.
Bambi: Sure.

Faline dissappeared and Ronno become on a meme for the rest of his life.


To Be Continued...

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #1017325 - 13 Dec 19 04:04
Ronno became the butt :p
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 13 Dec 19 09:16
Jaja, good point! XD
Caught In The Act!
Caught In The Act!more_vert
Post file flag
Caught In The Act! 2019-12-07T08:35:32+00:00close

Bambi: Oh... hi Faline... I... well...
Ronno: Do you need something, woman? We are "busy".


Bambi: Oh, hola Falina... yo... bueno...
Ronno: ¿Se te ofrece algo? Estamos "ocupados".

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #1017325 - 9 Dec 19 05:22
Does Bambi just kinda roll with it cause he knows he'll get beat up by Ronno if he rejects the offer? Cause I see Bambi is more interested in Faline.
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 9 Dec 19 20:27
Versus 8
Versus 8more_vert
Post file flag
Versus 8 2019-12-07T08:05:11+00:00close

I think this is the last versus of this year, and I decided end it with uncommon or new characters in my gallery. On the left, Badili, a shy leopard from the lion guard series (only appear him on 1 chapter but I don´t care, he is cute) and Figaro on the right, he appears on the classic movie of Pinocchio of Disney.

Which one do you want to see first? the shy leopard Badili or the old friend Figaro?

Media (1)

1_Versus.png (610.4KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #1017325 - 9 Dec 19 04:31
Been ages since I seen Pinocchio. I don't even remember a cat. I remember a grasshopper though. Since 2 others picked Figaro I shall too.
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 9 Dec 19 20:26
Alright. :)
user avatar
User #8958618 - 7 Dec 19 09:13
Figaro! Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, Figaro! (sung to the tune of The Barber of Seville)
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 7 Dec 19 19:27
Excellent reference. :D
user avatar
User #590105 - 9 Dec 19 01:25
GALILEO FIGARO (magnificooooooooooooooooo)
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 9 Dec 19 20:28
Explendido. :D
Do You Really Want To See It?
Do You Really Want To See It?more_vert
Post file flag
Do You Really Want To See It? 2019-12-07T07:59:19+00:00close

Ronno is just acting, playing innocence, he is not the kind of shy boy, isn´t?

He Is Mine
He Is Minemore_vert
Post file flag
He Is Mine 2019-12-04T08:04:25+00:00close

Ronno: Look, look it that! is perfection, is a magnificent specimen. Is soft, is clean, so warm. And is mine, you cannot touch it, don´t even dare, I love the vanilla flavor of this heart. Look, look, oh yes, is, perfect.
Bambi: Well... Are you done?
Ronno: Never. Shut up.
Bambi: Is weird you are talking with my...
Ronno: I´m not even talking with you.
Bambi: Oh alright... so, can I...?
Ronno: No, no you can´t, you are mine. Only mine. You cannot leave.
Bambi: (Sigh)

Media (8)

El_Es_Mio.png (2.9MiB)
El_Es_Mio_V2.png (3.3MiB)
El_Es_Mio_V5.png (3.2MiB)
El_Es_Mio_VFinal.png (3.2MiB)
El_Es_Mio_V6.png (3.1MiB)
El_Es_Mio_V4.png (3.0MiB)
El_Es_Mio_V3.png (3.3MiB)
El_Es_Mio.png (2.9MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #1017325 - 6 Dec 19 02:28
Oh the story behind it is even more funny. He's taken ownership of bambi's rump. :O
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 6 Dec 19 08:00
He is out of control. :v
Post file flag
Tasting 2019-12-01T07:37:33+00:00close

Ronno the furious hungry boy butt lover is doing it again but this time he got the thing he always love.

Media (7)

Degustacion.png (3.6MiB)
Degustacion_V6.png (3.6MiB)
Degustacion_V5.png (3.8MiB)
Degustacion_V4.png (3.9MiB)
Degustacion_V3.png (4.0MiB)
Degustacion_V2.png (4.1MiB)
Degustacion.png (3.6MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #1017325 - 2 Dec 19 00:58
This is a funny picture.
user avatar
AtlasfielD - 2 Dec 19 01:59
Indeed. xD
Oh, Hi There
Oh, Hi Theremore_vert
Post file flag
Oh, Hi There 2019-11-30T02:16:35+00:00close

"Hey, what are you doing there?"

Goat Simulator
Goat Simulatormore_vert
Post file flag
Goat Simulator 2019-11-30T02:09:13+00:00close

Two things Djali never experimented... and is a strange dream of Bambi.

Media (1)

29_-_11-_09_-_3.jpg (868.2KiB)

Comments (4)
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User #590105 - 30 Nov 19 02:41
That title >_>
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AtlasfielD - 30 Nov 19 03:56
Well, is... you know. <_<
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User #1017325 - 30 Nov 19 03:51
"Bambi's dream" lol
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AtlasfielD - 30 Nov 19 03:56
The dream will become true. ;)
Some bambi And Mune Experiments
Some bambi And Mune Experimentsmore_vert
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Some bambi And Mune Experiments 2019-11-30T02:06:56+00:00close

Practicing a little more. Mune is an interesting character, is hard, but is heasy too, the key is... imagine you are drawing a watermelon, that is Mune´s head, the rest should go slowly and easy.

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User #1017325 - 30 Nov 19 03:49
Kinda like Hey Arnolds football head.
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AtlasfielD - 30 Nov 19 04:01
Maybe, but not very exagerated. xD
Butt Hug
Butt Hugmore_vert
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Butt Hug 2019-11-30T02:04:33+00:00close

Ronno is more naughty than other days...

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User #1017325 - 30 Nov 19 03:47
yep, Ronno the butt hungry fiend.
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AtlasfielD - 30 Nov 19 04:02
Ronno the furious hungry boy butt lover. xD
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User #590105 - 30 Nov 19 02:42
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AtlasfielD - 30 Nov 19 04:01
Soon. ;)
Versus 7
Versus 7more_vert
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Versus 7 2019-11-23T04:03:40+00:00close

A clash of titans... at least on my gallery: the naughty boy Ronno versus the innocent and cute Bambi.

Who want to see first for this new week? time for vote and decide who is the best deer on this match.

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User #590105 - 23 Nov 19 21:49
this is an impossible decision haha. Ill go bambi
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User #8958618 - 23 Nov 19 09:20
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User #1017325 - 23 Nov 19 19:45
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User #12286054 - 23 Nov 19 07:20
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Moonlight 2019-11-23T03:56:17+00:00close

Looks like Mune feel funny this night.

I am experimenting with some light effects, not at all perfect, but is a first try.

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Luz_Lunar.png (3.2MiB)
Luz_Lunar_V6.png (3.1MiB)
Luz_Lunar_V5.png (3.2MiB)
Luz_Lunar_V4.png (3.2MiB)
Luz_Lunar_V3.png (3.3MiB)
Luz_Lunar_V2.png (3.4MiB)
Luz_Lunar.png (3.2MiB)

Hey, What's Up?
Hey, What's Up?more_vert
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Hey, What's Up? 2019-11-16T21:40:13+00:00close

I come to visit you, how are you?

Versus 6
Versus 6more_vert
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Versus 6 2019-11-09T01:44:41+00:00close

We are back with the versus. :D

In this time is the powerful belly of Thumper, and the tinner character of all my entire gallery: Mune.

Which one do you prefer for the next week?

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User #8958618 - 9 Nov 19 12:43
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User #12286054 - 9 Nov 19 01:57
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User #1017325 - 21 Nov 19 04:33
Thumper won.
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AtlasfielD - 21 Nov 19 21:26
Next time I will put a hard one. :v
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User #590105 - 9 Nov 19 10:47
Chronic Cachexia
Chronic Cachexiamore_vert
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Chronic Cachexia 2019-11-03T02:38:34+00:00close

Ṱ̋͢͡h̟̪̄̈́ȩ̹̣̯̀̀̏̅͜͝ ̮̣̩̥̟̿̈́̉̊m̳͍̺̼̃̈́̂̋o̢̪̭̔̈̚r̜̤̰̈͐̾a͖̻͈̯̅̇͗͊͘͟l̼͓̽̅ ̧̛̣̺̓͆͂ͅó̙f̜̹̤̑́̿̽͜ ̩̟̅͊th͓̀at̯̜̩̉̒̉ ̛͙̳͕͖́̽̂st͉̞͖́̉̀o͕͎͕̽̄̅ry,̗͓͂̚ ̦̮͔͍̏͗̂́͞ͅm̙̝̍͋̕ͅỹ̮̖͕̊͞ ̡͈́̈́c̨̬͙̪͐̐̎̒h͖̙̹̰͂̂́̌i̡̯̗͖̅̾͒̌̌͢l̖͍̍͘d̦̗̗̯͂͒͗͗ ̡̋î̯s̢͓͍͑͌̈́ ̜͉̤͖͂̃͒͡s̨͎͞͡ǫ͉̟̮̦̿̾̓̍̕m̩̞͌͂́͜e̼̒t̢̻́̿ḧ̡̬̫̺͇̐̽̕͝i̻̳̽̅n̡̲͖̥̬͌̆͆̍͡g͚̏ s̱̱̲̥͌͒̕͜͡͝i̠̠̓͗̇͟m̦̹͗͛p̖̎̐͜l̬̲͋͞ḙ̦̣̅͐̏͗͜:̳͓͕̋̑̔ e̡̬͈̲̔̂͡͞v̗͘e̱̩̯͊̿̽rỹ̻̟̳̃͠ ȃ̧c̣̥̘̰̄͗͆͝t̩͞i̦̗͍̇̋̓o̥̙̥̎̇̾n̻̥͙̅̌͘ ̧̮̤̐͗̄h̘̓ą̦̲͊͊͛͟͡s̰͗ ̢̹̙̫̃̅͒̕ą̠̥̬̍͆͘͝ ̢̀c̗͙͐̌͡ͅô̗͓̯̑͘n̜͍͚̐̄͛̀͟c͇̝͕͐̚͡ê̢̠͂c̘̠̼̻̈̀͋͘u̮̽e̤̲̲͋̑͂nc̳̊͋͜e,̇͢ ̰̣͈͛͑̄a̰̫̔̕ņ̛͙̠͚́͑͞d̰̜̥͇̀̀̀́ ̬̈́ś̠̩̻͆́͘͟o͍̗̭̜̬͒́̍̊͠m̺̘̏̈́e͚̋t̝̺̦͗͑̑͜͡ḭ̻̪͉͐̿̑̕m̝̩̐͞es̢̛͎̱͖̍́͠ ̬̹̤̭͌̈́̿͡o͉͍̖͒̄͌̽͢û̫r̫̃͂͜ ͎̿͢͡s̡̠̉͑͟͝í̟n͙̖̰͓̿͐́͌š̨ ̩͔̬͊̋͠r̟̻͖͓͈̾̾̆͆͡et̡̗̓̌u͔͇͇͗̾̀r̢̯̯̀̽̈n ͖͑t͈͝o̯͌ ̢̙̌̂p̟̅erś̠̫͈͌̚e͕̲̠̓͐͠ć̬͙̘̯̄̍͝u̦̐t̜͈̮̀͋̌ẽ̢͎͕͡͞ ͎̪̥̙͐̓̇͠us ̬̳͓̱͗̐͒̓̕͟fò̗̦̔r͉̞̺̫̣͑̃͒̅͠ ̗͒͗̏͟͟t̘͈̯͋̆̈h̝̓ę̲̮̽̓̕ ̘̠͇̿̃̚r̡̨̺̰̉͋̀͡ė͓̘̻̐͝s̢̞̖̄̃͊ ̡̝̳̰̎́̏͠o̙͌t̥͂ ̻͇̖̦͋͆̏͞t̠̼̒͊h͇̍ě̩ ̲́̃͜l̹̺̀́ǐ͍f̛̰̥̦̬̫̈͂̚͡e̼̳͚̻̣͆̈̅̀̕.̩̞̏́͟͝ ͕̽Ạ̜̤̯̉͂̎́n͇̺̆̊̚͢d̺̈ ͚̘͇̝̄̍̃̓b̤̠̎͌e̛̫̬̺̽͗̓͜l͉͍̲̒́͂̚͢ie̺͍̊͌͝ͅvè̳ ̻̺̀́mé̦,̡̛̗̂͢͝ ͇͖̫̀́̅e͙̲̬̅̃̆v͔͒e̲͔̗͍͉̅̉͛͛̓ṙ̘yǫ͕̩̱̦̍͌͂̈́͞n̮̗̲͒̓̽e̞̱̽͂ h̝͉̅͘ǎ̜̩̩́̀s͕̱̼̔́̚ a͚͘ ̜̠̳̂͌͞pl̟͔͔̎̉̃a̙̲͊̕c̢̛̳̰̅̎ę̬̝̊͑̚ ͎͝i͓̐n̞͞ ̼̝̭͂̾̐̇͟t͓̜̣̋̉͠ẖ͗i̲͚̓͠s̛͍̝͇̈́́ ̪̗́̊ẃ̢̪̺͕̆̔͡o̠̊ŗ̣̊̅l̦̜̘̈́̌̆͟͝ḓ͑,̛̣̤̣̥͋̃͝ ̨̻̪̹͐̒͑͌e̢͈̺̱͕̋͆̀̔͝v͙̖̘̮̽̎̑̄e͉̥̥̱͋͐̂͐n̦̱̦̉́͑ ̨̞̱̞̀̉̓͋I̘̙̹͖̤̒̊̓͒̀ ̗͎̠͛̆̕͜͝k͇̦͒͂n̦͊ǫ͕͛͗͢͡w̪̑ ͉͇̃͗̑ͅm̼̘̳͗͋̚y̯͇̠͉̙̑̾̈̍̚ ̨̬̿̉p̳̣̐̊ĺ̨͓̲̙͗̌̓a̗̫̍͂̚͟ç̯̀̕e̼̋:̫̘̬̽͆͛ ̻͔̊͒͜͠ȋ̢͕̘̻̓̋͘n̥͔̥̔̀͘ ̥̊y̢̡̱̤̐̌̕͞o̖͙̯͛̀̒͟͝u̼͚̠͍͍͋̄͆̓͌ȓ̢̤̪́̀ ̥̼̬̎̊̀h͙͉̀̉͛͟è̛̛͍͈̣͓̹̀̚a̛͖ḍ̄͡ͅ.̭̰͖͇̼͗́͌̐͠

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AtlasfielD - 3 Nov 19 02:39
Look it that! all my death Gobos killed on my old pictures arrived to say "hello". Nah I´m joking. :v This is the last picture of this short special serie for haloween and day of the dead, I wanted add more but I couldn´t, I hope you liked it and tank you for your support. :)
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User #1017325 - 9 Nov 19 03:41
I know its a topic you've got to address. I just have a hard time with it.
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AtlasfielD - 9 Nov 19 09:12
Don´t worry, take your time, is good to read you again. :)
Freedom Dies
Freedom Diesmore_vert
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Freedom Dies 2019-11-02T03:24:05+00:00close

T̢̧̞̘̻̃̀̚̕͡h̬̊é̢r̢͗ě̯̼̓ ̛̟̱̚i̛̩̲̲̗̋͆̽s ̭̗̯̋̄̕t͖̚ḩ̠̓͘e̮͚̅̎ ̟͠cơ͇̘̎ṉ͎͚͊́͆s̖̥͛͡ec͈̎u̟͎͊̃e͓̝͂̓n̝̺̊̆͗͟ce̢̪̐̄͟͡ ȏ̯̥̳̊͐͡ͅf̨̧̖̘͆̽̍̔ ̺̃͛͢h̨̞̼͙͐́͒̀̚͜i̫̭̚͞s͚͍̜͉͆̉͂̊ ̧̦̽̄̄͢s̨̙̲͕̎͌̍̕ĩ̠̩̀n͍̮͓͂̅͆̊͟ş͍̊̓,̛̹ ͈͔̋͝f̢͙̒̀͊͜͡ͅor ̖̾t̛̙͓͛͛͢rủ̠̝̒s͚̲͐̀t̢̐ ̛͎̱̜̱̍̉̿o̰͖̾͑n̙̘̱͛̐̎ ͔͙̉̒t͍̗̗̺̽̑͡͡h͎͍͓́̆̇e ̹͕̥͓̂̋͘͠e̠͎͊͌ń͎̬̯͛̈́͢͠e̙̫̓͒m̰̝͈͍̓̓͒́ỹ̡̰̳͐͂ ͎̔͑̉͟͜f͈̱̓͂o̪̕r̜̰̰̳̂̎͌̊ ͙̹̈̌͟͝ó̙̩͉̻̼̀̂̈́̉n̗͡ě̝̟̂̕ͅ ̫̦̅͗̓͜mo͔̿r̨͉̹͎̈́͋̈́͛e̦̟̠͑͆̕ ̡͙̻̫̬͒͌̀̉̕ṱ̥̊̕ĭ͈̬̐m̯͉͊͞e͇̗̹͉̔́͠͡.̛͍̮̀̀ͅ ͕̆S̝͚͊̅ȯ̢̤͕̩̖̓̎͘͝ ̳̗̣̜͊̿̓͑͋ͅp͈̬̰̣̫͗̃͋́͗í̢̫̳͑͡ť̨̨͚͉̏̑͒y̬͊,̞̞̗͉̀͊͛̚ ̞̟̌̋s̻̅̀͢ó̤̙̪̍͝ ̛̻͂͋͜͟p͖̻͓̦͐̚͞͝i͈̝͒͆t̬͞y̜͉̯̔̓͠.͍̺̪͂́͝B̲̠̂̔ừ͈͢͝ͅṯ̒ ͈̔i̤͙͍̊̄̽s͍̝̻͔͐́̓̕ ͈͓͎̮̒̅̆̑n͖̎o̬͠t͓͇͎̺̬̒̽̕͡͠ t̨̺̰̐͑̔h͙͆͆͢é̡͓̦̤̀̆͐ ̫̒e̖̝̗͂̂̋n͍͇̱̾̎͛d̩͈͋͑, ̲̩̟̀̀̈o̘̣̗͇͐͊͒̕n̨͎̟͒̎̈l̘͚̙͛̇̿ỳ̮̫̮͊̿ ̞͘l̞̭̒͗͟͡e̜̹͊̽f̤̌t̩͍̊͆ ̥͑͜͝a̡̛̬̗̪͌́̐ ̛̳͚͎̫̀̈́͞c͔̱̿̾ȯ̻̖̳̉̃n͍̥̋͡se̘͈̊̓̊͢cú͎̼̠͙̀̆̈ě͉́͒͢ͅn̨̫͐̂c̠̩̜͌̀̾e̳͉̹̝̾̇̍͡.̜̎.̘̼̀̋.

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P̷͔̅́̎̆͐̋̈́͘ą̸̡͙̝̟̥͙̻̔̓̃ͅy̴̨̢̞̟̲̭̟̟̭͈̟̦͂̐̀͊̿ ̸̧̗̝̠̳̘̮̱͈͍̒͑͆̂͒a̴̺̝̫̳̅̀̅͌̃̆̇̔̚ͅt̴͙͙͎͉͌̂̌͛̍̕͘͘ţ̸͕̬̬̊͒e̸̫͚̥̽̿̑͐̐̎͑̒̕͜͠n̵̡̡̳̘̣̗̱͇̒̓͜͠t̶̛̛̬͉̪͔̱̩͉̞͓͉͚̳̓̇̆̀̏̉͘͘͠ȉ̶̡̡̤̺̘͖͖̤̱͔̓̏̃̎̎͘ͅỏ̷̞͖̖͜͠ṉ̷̭̖͎̦̘̪̪̬͍͈̌̑ͅ,̴͇̬̺͖̓̌̄͂̅͗͋̎̚͠ ̷̙̃͗̄̒͛͗͝m̸̙̣̊ͅy̵̛̭̱̪͉͎̻̤͇̝̜̣̩̒̒̿͛̉͗̓͌̒͐̋̑̓͘ ̸̢̦̲̹̮̗̅̂́̾̏̓͑̀̓ć̶͇̾ͅh̷̼̜̹̯͛̉͌̌̓̿̑̕̕͝͝i̶̧͙̻̙̳͔̦͎̖̳̒͠l̴̘͉̼̙͎̿̐̀ͅd̴̢͖̘̏̒͆̋́,̷̧̨̢̛̛͍͈̖͍̫̥̖͗̄͊͊̓̓̈́̋̎ͅ ̵̱́̈́̋̓̓̏̊͌̽̔̽́͝l̷̛̝̹̖̙͖͉̤̪̯͉̈́̍́̀͊́͒̓̐́͘͠ì̵̢̜̯͕̜̩̭͓̌̀̚ş̵̨̡͓͕̟̦̰̣͙̟̞̯̾̋͗̉̂̒̋̄̒͘ͅt̸̫̰̗̮͈̓̃̈́̈́͌̊̓̑̚͝ȩ̷̡̛̙͉̥͚͔̘̪̠̭͙̍͋̀̓͂̊̾͑͛̚̕͜ͅn̸͔͓͇̙͙͙̒̋͜ ̴͉̗̗̥̈̇̒̆̾͋͐̓̐͘͝c̶̡̪͖̺̃̍̍̽̐́̋̋͋͒͑ă̸̱̲͕͖͖͈̟͍͖̱͇̱̩̿̍̆̋͜r̴̢̝̗̜̗̻̠̬͓̰̀̑̈e̴̢̳̣̳̟̼͔̣̣̜̤̭͆̅̍̒̈̈̀͊̅̀̎̕͝͝f̶̢̛͉͉̪͇̤̖̞̭̙̙̂͂͋̆̓͆̔̆̈́̋̅͠͝u̸̺̇̂̉̍͆͛͠ļ̴̨̨̩͔͉͍̱̝̤̱͖̤̯͈̑̇̽̄͒̚͝͝ḷ̴̼̰̖̰̲̼̖̺́̎͌̿̌̏̚͝ͅy̴̥̹̜͒̀̍̿͑̕,̸͈͓͉͉̾͐̈̏̌̊̑͌͝ ̵̢̢̦̼̰̪͓̼̞̬͚͉͋͂̄̊̊̓̈́͗͛̂̍͜͠͝͠t̵̡̖̰͌̅̈̅̍ḧ̴̤̮̰̳̫̠͕̭̝͍̤̟́̈́̃̄͛è̸̠̻̫̗̄̀̀́̐̓̔̿̈́̓̚͠ṟ̶̨̡̨̪̺͙̺̘͔͕͙͉̝́̓͊̆̓e̵̡̢̠̖̺̱̼͎̤̯̦̤̯͌͊̓ͅ ̴̹͈̬̖̙̓̔͋͊͆̿͑̓̈́̽͊̍̀̚͜ͅĭ̷̡̛̤̮̟͕̰̬̥̣̻̗̝̐̂̂̊̅̈̿̓ͅš̴̮̮̲͍̮̩͚̥̣̬̈͝ ̸̢͖̪̺͕̼̱͌͊̃͜a̶̧̡̰͔̖̖̦̺̖̲̯͎͛̉́͑̿̔͒͝ͅͅ ̴̛̱̐̾̿̊̎̀̀͊̾̒͐̕̚s̴̰͇̈́̾̉̍̅͆̒̊̀͂̆͑͗̓̚a̷̡̺̲̳̤̲̔̉͐̂̊̋͝ͅd̷̛̖͂̈̽͌̽̎̽̓̾̕͝ ̶̧̨̨͍̘̞͍̻͉̞̱̺̘͑̽͑̈́̊͆̊̽̾͘s̵̫̑̎̿̋̍̄͊͐̓͒͒̓̀͠ţ̶̪̯͇̝͊̍̊̂̊̽͌͜o̴͖͍̺̲̝̮͒͌̂̏̆̾͊̏̐̇̓̅̌̽r̴̨̛̛̯̪͔̮̥̰̣̘̉͐̒̉̓͒̐͆͑̏̔͒̈́͜y̷̡̥̩̠͈̞͚͆́͑͜,̵͓͇͆̓͑̈́͒̌̎̈́̅̄͠ ̸̛͓͙̺̖̗̘̖̽̔̎̆̚͝͝m̷̨̛̦̬̘̜̥̺̗̟̠͇̼̳͉̠̐̾̔̒̐̃̓̈́̓́̚͝a̸̧͔͎͍̜̭͎͌̄̾̓̈́̅̓̍̑̓̀͘̕͠͝y̸̖͉̫͇̯͒̐͗̑̿͋́̎̈͗̍̄b̷̨̠͉̱͍̦̥̹̥͌̀̍̈̉̿̀͌͐͜ë̷̤̼̜́̈́̐̅̈́̂͠ ̶̡̠̞͉͍̣̮̇̿̋̎̀̑ȳ̶̡̪̖͍̪͈͇͍̖̗͙̳̰̼̳͐̐̈͋͌͋̾̆̌̀̃͋͗o̷̟̮̅̈́ư̴̧̨̥̙̑̄̄͗̍̾̽͆̄͘͠ ̸̢̜͍͇͙̌́̀͌w̸̙̝̦̱̜͓̫͈̻͍̟̖͐̄͐͋̿̔͒͋̚ͅį̴̢̮͖͓͈̥͔̬͎̗̥͎̰̏̓ͅĺ̸̛̟̙͈̭͕̉̍͂͒̀̋̎͛̕l̵̡͊̈̃̇̉̔́͜ ̸̛̩̲̻͆͌̀͆̐̈́͐̇́͐͗̂͗ñ̷̰̪̝͈̰̭̝̬̂̓ọ̶̢̨̨͕͕̗͕̦͎͕͜͝ṯ̸̨̡̟̩͖̜͍͙͍̰̳͈̮̀ͅ ̷͍̰̗͈̬̽̏̊́͐͊́̇̾͌̐͜ļ̷̡̗̜̝̣͉͕̓̾̅̓͛͌̂̐̍̏̈́̚͠i̸͓͕̺̪̫̤̼̙̋̓̊̃̐̎͗͋͛̏͘͝͠k̷̡̰̜̈́̀̉̈́̆̍́̍̿͑̕͝ẻ̷͕͚͙̙̝̭̺͉͍̭̺̑͝ ̸̧̧̟̳͙̫̝̐̃̿͊͐̈̌͘͜ͅt̵̝̟̰̞̦̲̃̂̐h̴͙͎̞̹͔̫̣͇͍̖͆̀̊͐̈́͒̊̅͌́͛̕͠e̸͍͉͙̓̒͜͜ ̷̲͉̼̣̻̄̽e̸̢̧̨̛͖̲͙̟̙̓̾̆̈́̃̑́̇͑͝n̵̠͚̰͚̣̻͔͓̹͑͆̓́̈̄̌̓͌̓̐͑̚͝͝ḓ̷̡̰͚̟͙̲͚̾̅̏͋̊̌̾̅̓̅ͅ.̸͔͔̋͗̋́̚̕̚.̶̞̘̪͖̦̩̺̰͊̈́̈́̃̍̊͝͝.̷͚̣͓̜̲̖͍͔̙͔̈́̂̈́̊̾́̏̚̕͠

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User #590105 - 1 Nov 19 17:14
ş͙̮̳͈͚͈̪̋ͨͥ̽̍̊͢͢͠o̵̡͕̫̥̙̳̻̘̥̤̝͉ͩ̀̀̓ͧͫͧ̈̓͗̅͒̓ͦ̑̈́̐ͥ͠͠m̛̪͕̱̖͔͉͈ͥ̏ͣ̽̌͌̄̓ͬͨ͑ͦ̚͞ę̨̟̰͉̤͙̖̤̪͈̔̋ͪͦ̾͒ͭ́ͨͬ͗̋̾ͤ͛͂ͩ̚͘͟b͎̖̙̖͍͔̹͙͚̼̺̄͌ͪͥ̓̐̋ͦ̓̆̊̅̋̄́͢o͋̅͂͗͒̍͑͂̐ͨ̂̀ͧ͟͞͏̠̲̺̫̟͇͚̱̥̞͍̯̘́͜ḑ̴̶̺̖̲̒͗͐͛̀̍̀̌͑͝ͅy̭̹̪͉̜̳̹͚̙̬̻̹̫̫̐̀ͪͮ̎ͤͦ͊̓ͨ͒̆̏͐̀͌͋́̚͘ ̵̢̧̥͙̙͔̻̲͓͊͑̌̇̐͝͝oͩͬ̃͂̽͐̃ͧ̑̏̎̇̆̽̚͞҉̝͖̮͓̰̭̤͙̮̭͔͓͕̮ņ̷̇ͧ͗ͭ̾̉͐̍ͮͥ͟͏̡̣̟͖̺͖̻̼cͭ̈̏̔̉́̉̃͒̿ͣ̀͞҉̸͔̪̰̯̖̬̪͚̣͚͎̻̕e̷̢͙̺͕͍̥̞̜͍͚͚͉̎̀̉̓̒̽̉̔ͤ̃͛ͨ̓̈́͊͢͜͞ ̢̨͍̰̻̣̦̤͎̱̟̠̪͔̰̙̣̞͚ͣ̅̍͐͛ͧ͗̽̎̅ͥ͊̇̚͠ͅtͣ̃͑̎͘҉̴̳̯͎̮̯̕o̵͓̯͇͙̮̞̫̹̲̤͇̳̹̎͂̉̍̐̿̒̃ͣ̿̐̅͛̍̚l̡̢̓̈́ͮͧ̂͂̋ͥ̌̈́͊̈̈̋͟҉͍̹͈͠d̶̸̫̤͔̯̻͈̰͖̩͚̣̻̟̈́ͦͦͦ̚̚̕͞ ̨̡̝͍̺̩̥̙̜̩̦̏͆͊̒̏̌̐̈́͆͂̍͐́̚͟͞m̸̛̦̼̜̗̯̒̋̽̍͡ē̄͋ͤ̈́̓̒̉ͬ̂̐̆̀͢҉̠̪͚̱̥̳̀ ̄ͭ͛̿̍̐̓̆̉͌̔͊͌́̚͏̢̰̻̪̙̳͙̮͔̘̙͖͕͍̟̀͞t̡̡̬̯̭͕̰̲̒̾̾̍̔͆ͥͬ́͐͊ͬ̽ͩ̕͟͢h̵̢̛̬̞̺̟͍̗̳̫͉̦̺̼ͫ̅̊ͩ͜͡e͎͉̟͑͑̈͗ͬͭ͗̓͑̾̐ͧ͜ ̧̢̱̙̪̻͓̳̭̘̾͊́ͣ̇ͨ̀̃̃̓̎̋̎ͩ͘͞͞w̫̙͖̗͚̝̆ͩ͂̇ͫͧͭ͝ͅo̡̜̖͍̣̦ͬ̒̑͆ͩ̐͊ͪͫͯ̍̓ͭ̈̐̇̃͊͡r͎̫̖͚͚̞̦̖̮͚̗͇̮͑ͯ̽ͥ̍͆ͥ̈́ͤ͒̾ͮ̚͝l̳̭͚̹̠͉͛̿̐̉ͫ̒̑̒ͭ̄ͣ̿̔ͪ̒ͧ̾̕͢͜͠d̵̵̛̮̯̼̻͉̜̖͍̩̘̝͓̱̩͔͆͒̓̋̑͑̌͌ͦͪ̏̊ͯ̓̑̓̂̊̚͝ ̴̱̘̖̖̣̪̠͍͕̲̎̐̾̓͗͋͐͑̎ͪͧͯ̚̕̕͟w̶͎̦̦̹̞̦͕͕͓͔̲̪͚̩̥͈̒ͫ̓ͤ͂̃ͭ͊͆̑̾ͥ̈̿̅͢a̶̷̲̱͖͖̺͙̞̼͙̲̱͙͍̩͈͔͍̓̃̇͂͐͋́̆̋ͬ͌ͣ͑̇̎͒̚̕͞s͆͊ͣ̅ͥ̇̓̆̑̒̑̾̉̓̇͊̊͏̧̺̹͕̰͇ ̧͉̗̺͉̮͖͔̣̮̘͔̙̽̌͐ͧ́̔ͩͬ̀̎ͦ͗ͪͧ͑́͌́̄̕ṁͤͧ͐̿̋̒̾̽́ͮ͐ͦ͑̅ͧ̀̀́͏̖͓̩̩͚̱̘à̵̜̩̮̪̘̖̟̹͔̣͕̪̓̌̅̑̂̔ͦ͑̓͘͡c̴̗͖̱͎̭̯̾̿ͣ̑͗ͭ͗̂͐ͭͭ̀́̚̕͢a̷̶̛̭̤̪̖͙̘̟̰ͫ͗̉̚r̨̡͈͇͕͉͇̭̦̱̦͚͔͎̳̟̯̰̘͌͑ͮͮ̆̑̃̉o̻̖̗̭̘̖̼̻̮̗ͤͯͩͩͨͪ̂͋ͪͩͪͥͬ͛́́̀̚͟ͅn̨͔̗̪̘̈́̍̿̈̈́̀̀̕͘ì̡̠̻͔̪͈͈͚̻̱̼͖̟̝̹̒̃̌ͪ̈́͂̍̑ͦ̿͒͂͟͡
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AtlasfielD - 1 Nov 19 18:39
Ę̵̻̝̗̲͇̥̫̠͔̹͖̞͋̏̀̓̂́̀̽̍͌̓͊͋͠ą̶̛̣̻̤͖̯̙͉̰̫͛͐͗̃̇̿̄͐͒ṱ̷̨̭͔̗̙̋̍̓͊̂͆̍͗̏̂̉͑̄̈́͝ ̶̧̨̳͍̣͍͙̦͇̟͎͔̩̞͖͂f̷͖͓̪̯͕̀̊̒͝r̷̨̺̠̘͍̞͖͈̳̗̻̖͌̕ͅự̴̗̞̬͚̥̊́̅̒̇͆͐̏̔͋́͋̅i̴̦͛̈͊t̶̛̮̗̰̳̗͔̩̞̞̤̝̪̻̦̽̓͐͗̈́ş̴̞̜̪̺͍̰̍͜͜ ̷̡̫̦͓͕͙̳̖̇̓̌͛̽̏̔̑͛͝â̵͍̖̦͓̮̯͎͑̓̄͗̍̌͠͝n̴̤̫̮͙͐͜ḍ̴̡̧̨͓͚̩̰̭̖̯̫̈́̽̇̄̈ ̴̢̡̢̫̼̻̮͕̮͉̯͍̞͈͌̅͆̑v̸̘̺̥̆̆̏̓͌͗̆̂̓͗̽̋̃͘e̸̫̘͒̅́̽̎̈́̂̓͛̇̚ģ̵̛̛̱͎͚͔̮̿͆̒̅͂͗e̷͚͈̺͓͔̠͜͜͝t̵̗̥͚̻͎͖͖̬͉͉̣͉̏͊̇̎̀̏̎͌̏͒̓͗̔́͜͠ą̸̨̥̜̦̗͓͙̗̯̩͖͓̥͗͊̈́͑̈́͒̈́̀̎͐͌̚b̴̢̛̻͎̯͕̩̱̝̰̗͋̌̾͑̈́̂͗͘̕͝ļ̶̻͓͕͙̈e̵̪͓͔̝̬̬̹͖̍̉͌͊͊̈̈́͗̌̑̆̂̃̒̌ͅs̷̝̥̺̜̱͎̮͉̫̭͙̹̳̺͐̀̆̽̓̈͆̊̀̽̓͘͜͠.̶̨̛͕͈̳͓̖̺̜̞́͆͘͘ ;)
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Macabre Show 2 2019-10-31T08:33:18+00:00close

"Every picture tell us a story, sometimes we don´t like the ending, sometimes we don´t understand it."

Cheshire Catt.

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Macabre Show 1 2019-10-31T08:23:49+00:00close

Showing the path for a tragedy story...

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WIP 8 2019-10-29T21:06:06+00:00close

Preparing new characters and pictures of Halloween and day of the death, it gonna be fun.

Also I am working with very old works, one of those is Ferdinand with Spirit comparing their... underwears? (is a weird comparison xD) and the pictures of Mune are coming, slowly but sure.

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