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E-Motion 1.8 Idle preview
E-Motion 1.8 Idle previewmore_vert
Post file flag
E-Motion 1.8 Idle preview 2020-06-27T23:35:50+00:00close

Here I have set her up to be a bit energetic and restless which is why she is a bit all over the place :P

I expanded how breathing works a bit to be more varied, especially when aroused. if she breathes rapidly it will lead to a period of slower breathing with different timing to normal breathing. Normal breathing is slightly faster in than out but switches to in being slower than out after panting for a while. This 'panting' system prevents her from breathing rapidly for long periods which can make her look like she is hyperventilating!

Ive also fixed up the issues with kissing not animating properly and also how she will suck on your fingers, though not seen here obviously :P

Embed data


Provider URL

VAM : E-Motion 1.8 Idle test

Virt-A-Mate : https://www.patreon.com/meshedvr EMotion : https://www.patreon.com/VRAdultFun



E-Motion 1.7.5 test build
E-Motion 1.7.5 test buildmore_vert
E-Motion 1.7.5 test build 2020-06-25T01:24:36+00:00close

Hello everyone! Sorry for the extended delay, I have now moved into a new house all to myself and work has resumed on E-Motion!

While there are still some things I want to work on before a proper 1.8 release I wanted to get something out asap to give everyone something to play with :)

Feature changes :

Improved Idle Motion system to be smoother and more controllable. You can now set values for arms seperately
Improved interest target select to hopefully be more responsive while still feeling curious

Fixes :
Issue with eyes flickering randomly hopefully fixed now!
Improvements to some expression blending with smiling
Default state no longer effects any joints
Other minor tweaks and fixes to code

Included in the zip :

Emotion 1.7.5 (new default and example preset included)
Hand Animator
BVH Player
Long Hair v2
Deepthroat and Bulge Morphs

E-Motion is still a loose script at the moment, however version 1.8 will be released as both a VAR on the hub and as loose script files here for compatibility.

Media (1)

Jessica2020.PNG (1020.2KiB)

Attachments (1)

VRAdultFun E-Motion v1.7.5 test.zip (7.9MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 25 Jun 20 01:34
I accidentally uploaded 1.7.3 so redownload to get 1.7.5
user avatar
User #415760 - 25 Jun 20 04:32
glad to see updates. one of my main plugins. thanks
Update on the current progress of my plugins 2020-05-14T23:14:14+00:00

Hello everyone, firstly thank you all for the support you have given me, I cannot thank you enough!

Unfortunately with the pandemic and restrictions in place at the moment, I am finding it difficult to get an opportunity to work on my plugins and as such the progress is going extremely slowly at the moment, much slower than normal.

I have no intentions of stopping or abandoning any of the projects I am currently working on, however as it could be a few months before life gets back to normal I wanted to update you all and give you the chance to cancel your subscription for the time being.

During this slower-than-normal period, I will release any beta tests publicly.

Again, thank you for your support and understanding!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #415760 - 15 May 20 16:29
thanks for the heads up
E-Motion 1.8 Idle Test video
E-Motion 1.8 Idle Test videomore_vert
Post file flag
E-Motion 1.8 Idle Test video 2020-04-15T03:13:23+00:00close

Lots of little tweaks to aspect of E-Motion on display here (although you might not notice :P)

The Idle Motion feature is getting a huge overhaul along with the 'special features'. Here the body motion is adjusted by E-Motion from the base static pose she has

Another update of note is you can now set an offset for the base smile position, allowing greater control over her expressions and general emotional feel

Embed data


Provider URL

E-Motion 1.8 - Idle Motion

Lots of small improvements to E-Motion and alot of bug fixes! Here she is standing in a static pose and the idle motions are all done by E-Motion There is also a new slider to offset the base smile position to allow better control of smiling and the overall feel of her expressions



Comments (2)
user avatar
User #23101399 - 5 May 20 15:03
when do you plan to release the 1.8 version?
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 6 May 20 06:35
Apologies for the delay, thing have been hectic of late in the real world
E-Motion 1.7.4 Release
E-Motion 1.7.4 Releasemore_vert
E-Motion 1.7.4 Release 2020-03-29T23:00:58+00:00close

Its finally here! :) E-Motion 1.7.4 is mostly a bug fixing update that brings significant stability and reliability improvements! Hopefully its closer to plug-and-play now for all scenarios.

This is a 'loose' script version of E-Motion. I am still looking into the Package Manager

Fixed issues with using E-Motion on Male models, causing some functions to fail
Fixed issues with loading scenes with E-Motion saved in them
Fixed issue with default load mechanic to prevent unwanted changes
Fixed issue with loading scenes that don't have a person target where the plugin doesn't do anything until it is reset
Fixed issue with finger sucking mechanism that caused eyes to twitch
Fixed issue with E-Motion modifying certain morphs even when Morph Control is disabled
Fixed issue with E-Motion modifying certain joints even when all body motion is disabled

Added option to enable or disable control of the Eye Target
Added option to set object target as primary target (ignores person target)
Added option to multiply the length of time each face/brow/eye/mouth state stays active
Added slider to control the amount of breast lift created by raising arms above the chest (Body Movement Settings)
Completed Reworked Kissing function
Character can now be interested in their own hands

Interest Based target selection now checks for relative angle to head before choosing a target
Current target can be overridden if head angle becomes too great in relation to the body (Distance and Angles)
Improvement to eye saccade movement for better eye wandering
Improvement to Avoidance/Glance target selection
Facial Expression tweaks and improvements
Lots of little code fixes in the background

Updating from an older version
When you update E-Motion, simply replace all the existing files with the new ones. The included Presets will be replaced with updates, however your own presets will not be touched

When loading a preset from a previous version, unfortunately VAM sets missing options to 0. Check these values on your presets and once corrected, resave your preset
Feature Controls -> Eye Target Control (Enabled by default)
Personality Settings -> Expression Length Multiplier (1.0 by default)

Please see the included ReadMe file for usage instructions, and a text file with descriptions of all the sliders for reference

Included in this Package :
E-Motion 1.7.4
Hand Animator v1.4
Bulger 1.0
Light Point 1.0
V3 Long Hair v2 + Presets

Media (3)

Emotion174.PNG (610.7KiB)
Emotion174a.PNG (535.9KiB)
Emotion174a.PNG (550.5KiB)

Attachments (1)

VRAdultFun E-Motion 1.7.4.zip (8.0MiB)

Comments (27)
user avatar
User #33450281 - 11 Jun 20 20:22
Love this plugin! I do have trouble getting a direct gaze. I have 'Personal Space' maxed out and 'Gaze Variation Mult' set to 0 as per your notes. My model still looks away for long periods sometimes. Any suggestions? Thanks again for this great plugin.
user avatar
User #547334 - 26 Jun 20 21:13
Have you tried increasing the "Head Interest" slider which can be found towards the top of the column on the right in the plugin? I've set mine to 1.4.
user avatar
User #3388108 - 30 Mar 20 08:06
Oh I have been WAITING for this!
user avatar
User #27149541 - 7 Apr 20 19:34
I don't know why, I cannot reliably use this with the latest version of VaM. When I load the plugin, it simply doesn't load any presets; the explorer window doesn't appear. Changing the sliders doesn't cause any animations either. It's like the scripts beyond the interface don't load, but there's no error message.
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 8 Apr 20 00:03
Are you on the official Discord? PM me if you are (same alias)
user avatar
User #19248380 - 15 Apr 20 12:33
I have the same problems like Joel...Is there an fix for this?
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 15 Apr 20 12:39
I am working with Joel to resolve this one. I believe I have it. feel free to PM me on discord
user avatar
User #27149541 - 15 Apr 20 13:23
Actually, this problem got fixed for me seemingly by itself. Although I had deleted the E-Motions folder and reinstalled the latest version a few times and still had the same issues, after I did it the last time I haven't had the issue again. Who knows.
user avatar
User #10905780 - 5 Apr 20 00:33
Where are all the other plugins listed included in the package?
user avatar
User #9116897 - 30 Mar 20 19:03
Sir you are a Legend. Thankyou
user avatar
User #2314410 - 30 Mar 20 13:09
Thanks !!
user avatar
User #6130165 - 30 Mar 20 22:23
Nice!! thanks! the only thing I noticed is that the head of the male angles down too much and is unable to kiss the female
user avatar
User #8516939 - 20 Apr 20 00:13
idk seems this doesn't do anything with he newest version
user avatar
User #5632710 - 30 Mar 20 09:44
Appreciate the work you do on this, this is my MVP
user avatar
User #8153654 - 3 Apr 20 12:53
Love your work! I have loaded my old profile and the girl is always looking down while kissing. Any idea why?
user avatar
User #34670303 - 26 May 20 21:55
I have an issue with the sound not playing... The wavs are loading correctly it seems but no sound is playing :/ Sound is working in other scenes with no issues
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 27 May 20 02:35
If you go into the scene sound manager, can you play any of the loaded sounds manually via the test button?
user avatar
User #34670303 - 28 May 20 18:57
I can hear some of them... but very low.
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 28 May 20 22:11
Hmm. if you can hear them then at least the sounds loaded. In the Features tab of Emotion you will find a sound slider. try pushing that up to a high value
user avatar
User #7408850 - 30 Mar 20 00:41
Love love love your stuff man. Thank you!
user avatar
User #5650736 - 30 Mar 20 09:21
great work, why not pack a var?
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 30 Mar 20 09:29
I plan to keep it both so people on older versions can still benefit from the updates. Once I've figured out how presets are going to work from the packages I'll be releasing another file ;)
user avatar
User #12934546 - 9 Apr 20 13:07
Awesome work man! this was what VAM was missing, and it is now my main realism plugin. Is there any way to increase the intensity of the breathing/sound effects? i know the arousal/intensity of the actions does affect the ramp-up, but it seems there should be a slider/multiplier for her to reach climax... Or am i just missing these in the options? Either way, utterly amazing!
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 27 May 20 02:36
Apolgies I missed your comment. There isnt at the moment, however it is on the list!
user avatar
User #21393719 - 30 Mar 20 13:28
Awesome, awesome, awesome. Out of curiosity, what model is in your pic above?
user avatar
User #26857662 - 30 Mar 20 19:21
The model is his model, if you download the plugin, you will download the scene including that model..
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 31 Mar 20 00:07
Hi there. The girl in the image is a new Character of mine called Alice. I am trying to figure out how to get Morph Merger to work so I can share her. Currently she uses a bunch of custom morphs and so I can't share her yet
E-Motion 1.7.1 Test
E-Motion 1.7.1 Testmore_vert
E-Motion 1.7.1 Test 2020-03-16T11:57:04+00:00close

Here is another update for you all to give a whirl! This one is focused on bug fixing and I managed to find and squash quite a few bugs!

Fixed issue with loading scenes that don't have a person target where the plugin doesn't do anything until it is reset.
(Hopefully) fixed issue with scenes not loading the saved settings from the scene file - Note this will only effect scenes saved after installing this update!
Fixed more issues with using E-Motion on males
Fixed issue with finger sucking mechanism that caused eyes to twitch
Added some additional checks and re-initilisations of functions after load incase they don't setup correctly to prevent the script from bugging out

Improved the system that detects when an expression is finished, stops expressions getting cut short when they shouldnt, allowing them to finish their animation
Significant improvement to the new targetting mechanic to prevent cross-eyed situations -Movement and switching is faster and more natural

Added slider 'arms lift breasts' under body movement settings that allows you to adjust the amount of 'lift' that is caused by raising the arms above the head (female only obv)

Media (1)

alice.PNG (816.7KiB)

Attachments (1)

VRAdultFun E-Motion 1.7.1 Test.zip (7.0MiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #8464425 - 26 Mar 20 20:06
great plugin! Update on when the next version will come out? cheers!
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 27 Mar 20 06:15
Hi! I am currently waiting for news from MeshedVR on the script sound loading issue. This problems is preventing Emotion from being able to load its sounds into a scene. Providing there is a patch in the works I will hold off releasing an update until then. Just incase it also requires code changes. If no news comes soon though I will end up releasing it as is, with a disclaimer on the issue
user avatar
User #15832534 - 17 Mar 20 01:38
Had a decent test with the previous test update, I've been working around some of the issues you mention so I'm glad you're chasing them down. Keep up the good work. I tend to set the attitude all the way positive, push the arouse to max, and then end up making out with default girl for an hour.... Then I mess with joint spring and dampen, I was turning off config head so I can un-stick her head rotation and I turn off gaze glancing/aversion completely or she goes exorcist on me. I make her ignore my right hand to avoid grabbing her looktarget while making adjustments. I't quite a chore right now, but I'm please that I'm getting the hang of all the settings, and presets make it not too much hassle to jump back in. Great work, would like to know more about how its supposed to work since I'm usually guessing. Using it for interactive, not making vids etc... THANKS FOR THE NEW UPDATE Can you elaborate on the difference between the interaction distances? Seems like face interaction and kiss distance might overlap? I always end up jiggly them around and cant get the distance just right. I may need to adjust my head bubble but i forgot how.
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 18 Mar 20 02:28
Personal Space is the maximum distance between you and her where she will be highly interested in you. Half of the personal distance is considered intimate, where she is less likely to look away from you or go into bored mode if your motionless. Interaction Distance is used to determine if you are touching her breasts, butt, v etc. Face Interaction Distance is the same thing but just for the face. Kissing distance is solely used to determine if it should check to see if she can kiss you
user avatar
User #24034036 - 19 Mar 20 08:03
I've just upgraded to VaM and the emotion sounds aren't loading any more. Have you tried it yet?
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 19 Mar 20 12:04
Unfortunately it looks like a bug in 1.19 of E-Motion. I have raised the issue with MeshedVR
user avatar
User #24034036 - 19 Mar 20 12:28
I think you meant a bug of VaM. 😊
E-Motion 1.7 Test
E-Motion 1.7 Testmore_vert
E-Motion 1.7 Test 2020-03-12T05:57:05+00:00close

Hello everyone! Apologies for taking so long on this version, life has been a bit busy!

Im still a ways off before a proper release however there are quite a few improvements here that Im sure you will enjoy

Major Updates :
Kissing system redone entirely and now extremely easy to trigger (maybe too easy but we will see)
Eye Saccading improved alot so it does not reset as often
New back end system in place to catch and try and prevent her from looking at something at an odd angle, going crosseyed
New option 'treat object as primary' under Target Controls to have her look at the object all the time
Additional Options in Look Adjustments to help with tongue placement (these morphs get reset by VAM when loading a scene, these option will set them back again)
She can now be interested in and look at/glance at her own hands (if they are in view) when she is not highly interested in you, or you are out of view.
Improved several expressions to look more realistic
Improved the timing on smiles
Fixed odd look to Pout and Pucker
Fixed an issue with loading onto Male characters, and them not getting detected as males
Fixed an issue where not all features would work if no target person was selected
Other small value tweaks to improve the meshing of systems

There is no example scene included in this one as Im sure you all have your own scenes already :P

Media (1)

emotionalice.PNG (690.4KiB)

Attachments (1)

VRAdultFun E-Motion 1.7 Test.zip (7.0MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #27784263 - 14 Mar 20 00:52
As usual, what an awesome addition. My humble observation is that, males still not working? Or, I'm doing something wrong?
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 19 Mar 20 04:10
Try the new update 1.7.1
BVH Player 1.1.3
BVH Player 1.1.3more_vert
BVH Player 1.1.3 2020-02-20T04:57:25+00:00close

Here it is! This is a huge update to the BVH Player that brings tonnes of new features!

Improved UI - Like E-Motion the UI is now collapsable so you can see just the sliders you need

Keep on Floor - System to try and keep the person touching the floor at all times. fixed issues with BVH files with kneeling/bending over in them where the person begins to float

Proximity Playback Speed - This new features allows the playback speed of the animation to slow down and speed up according to how close the animated person is from another designated person. fantastic for lap dances!

Custom Phyics Weight - You can now adjust the amount of weight of different body parts for greater customisation and smoother playback with low hold settings

Position and Rotation Hold - You can now adjust the hold strength of the atoms for both Position and Rotation seperately, on the Body, Legs, Arms, Wrists and Ankles

It is now possible to completely disable Position hold on the person and allow only rotations from the BVH file to animate the person. This can greatly help with smoothness of the animations in some situations and works best with mostly stationary animations.

With Custom Weights and low hold strengths you can make an animation very interactable so you can push/pull the person while the animation plays, great for lapdances!

How to install :
Extract the contents of the ZIP into your VAM installation folder. replace existing files

Media (1)

JessicaNewShoot4.PNG (512.7KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6802303 - 12 May 20 15:38
VR Adult Fun, I have been looking for a BVH booty poppin twerk animation forever, any suggestions on where i could get one or purchase one that works with VAM.. Love the addon thanks so much
E-Motion Expression Tweaks
E-Motion Expression Tweaksmore_vert
Post file flag
E-Motion Expression Tweaks 2020-02-12T22:15:13+00:00close

The next version of E-Motion is coming along quite nicely! I should have a test version out soon for my patrons to try out :)

In this video you can see the tweaks to the idle expressions to make them a bit more sexy.
I adjusted some of the morph mixing weights and parted the center of the lips a bit more in certain situations, which gives her that 'desiring' look

I noticed how important it is to get the mouth (lower and upper teeth and the tongue) aligned just right, so the Look tab in the UI now has some more options for positioning the tongue, and a test expression option which will show the 'big smile' expression constantly to help you adjust her mouth and e-motion to make smiles look great!

E-Motion can finally properly detect the sex of the person it is on, meaning Male's now work alot better.

I have also overhauled the kissing system and it works great now! If you get close enough and your heads are remotely pointing toward each other, it will kick in and try and angle the head into the right position. The angle of the head while kissing is also working better and in VR its easy to avoid nose bumping. Having two E-Motion girls go at it works great but they do still tend to bump noses.

Finally Ive adjusted how the player/person2 view angle is calculated so you don't have to be so direct. This helps alot with getting her attention by looking at her

Embed data


Provider URL

Virt-A-Mate : E-Motion expression tweaks

Some tweaks to the various expression morphs and how they mix together, still a ways to go, but sexier for sure



Comments (3)
user avatar
User #4220896 - 14 Feb 20 01:08
thanks so much for looking into the male model bug! I cant wait for this update!
user avatar
User #3388108 - 13 Feb 20 23:06
Oh nice, the last version wouldn't work on male models at all for some reason. The shoulders would just drop and then nothing.
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 14 Feb 20 00:14
Thanks for the response! This should be totally fixed in the next version. It was sometimes detecting the guy as a girl. If it does that it tries to use things that don't exist (like breasts) on a guy and the script bugs out
Hand Animator v2 test
Hand Animator v2 testmore_vert
Hand Animator v2 test 2020-01-30T23:31:27+00:00close

Installation : Copy the file into VAM\Custom\Scripts\

Usage : Add to a person on the plugin tab. adjust via the UI

If you haven't seen this plugin before its a simple plugin I created which animates the fingers of both hands for animations and motions such as dances, walking, stripping etc

The hands will take different poses depending on their proximity to various areas of the body, their movement speed, and their height relative to the chest. There are lots of options on the UI to adjust how it works such as animation speed, distance scale, movement scale, and individual morph amounts.

Proximity works on the following body parts : Head, Neck, Chest, Nipples, Abs, Hips, Butt, Other Hand

Version 2 brings a couple of new features. The simple one is that she will now flatten her hand out when placing it on the floor.
The more complex addition is the walking mechanic. If you enable this it will adjust the toe angle dependant on the foots angle and position relative to the floor. Greatly assists in stopping the toes from getting caught beneath the foot during walking and dance animations. Not designed for high heels

Media (1)

JessicaNewShoot3.PNG (463.3KiB)

Attachments (1)

HandAnimator.cs (34.5KiB)

BVH Player Update Test
BVH Player Update Testmore_vert
BVH Player Update Test 2020-01-22T04:52:52+00:00close

Copy the file to VAM\Custom\Scripts\

As I don't have an E-Motion update to share yet, I thought I'd share this with you all instead!

For those of you who don't know, I updated the BVH player a while back to allow adjustments to the various joints to help fix alignment issues with files not designed for Gen2.

This update adds a new option that attempts to keep the character on the floor at all times and is great for animations that hand bending over, kneeling down, lying down etc which previously would lead to the character floating in mid air.

If a body part tries to go below the ground level, their hold strength will be reduced so the body part doesn't freak out

You will find the new options at the bottom of the UI

Be careful with adjusting the settings, changing the floor height to be less that the solid floor in your scene can cause an eventual crash as the script attempts to pull the person down (but can't)
Also, adjustment speed should be adjusted in 0.01 increments as having too high a value will cause bouncing

Media (1)

Submission3_VRADULTFUN.png (934.5KiB)

Attachments (1)

BVHPlayer.cs (59.5KiB)

Suggest a feature for E-Motion
Suggest a feature for E-Motionmore_vert
Post file flag
Suggest a feature for E-Motion 2020-01-11T23:29:39+00:00close

Hello Everyone!

I would love to hear from you all on what you would like to see added into E-Motion that is not available at the moment, or which part of E-Motion you would like to see expanded on

The 'Special Features' (kissing, sex, bj) will each be getting a major overhaul in the coming months as they have been neglected for too long now, however if these are your choice please let me know anyway!

Media (1)

JessicaShoot2.PNG (713.3KiB)

Comments (23)
user avatar
User #12093888 - 19 Feb 20 18:46
E-Motion is by far my favorite plugin for vam and a must-have for just about every scene. I would love an expansion of the kissing behavior to include neck kissing/recognition of lip touch on neck! That's a big wish. Thanks!
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 20 Feb 20 05:45
Interesting, I might be able to help you there
user avatar
User #12093888 - 21 Feb 20 05:36
That would be a lovely surprise!
user avatar
User #15832534 - 5 Feb 20 05:22
I ended up here after attempting with some success with the last e-motion (from a pack, while back), was glad to see a new version because I have trouble using the one I have, it works, I just dont get how to use it proper I think. Looking forward to updating now and trying again.
user avatar
User #26730517 - 30 Jan 20 02:32
the audio files are not working for me i get a "Error 404" Please help
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 30 Jan 20 23:22
It sounds like you have not installed E-Motion correctly. The sound files should be inside the E-Motion folder in the sounds folder. Did you follow the installation instructions?
user avatar
User #415760 - 11 Jan 20 23:44
for me the bj options top priority. Also maybe some integration with TempestVR Plugin for OSR3 Machines... imagine the possibilities.
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 12 Jan 20 00:05
Could you give more information, I have no idea what TempestVR Plugin is, and when I search reddit I get 0 results
user avatar
User #415760 - 12 Jan 20 03:40
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 22 Jan 20 04:56
I will have to have a look into how this works!
user avatar
User #7479325 - 29 Jan 20 07:57
I am new here. I think an interesting development would be sleep mode. It could have a deep and light sleep. Wake up and interact. have dreams. What do you think ?
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 30 Jan 20 23:21
I find this idea quite interesting. let me have a think on that
user avatar
User #809318 - 14 Jan 20 17:45
I'd like to see sort of memory in the characters... not sure this is related to your plugin but perhaps this could be adapted into some sort of waifu simulator style plugin? Its great that your Virt-a-mate can have a personality but itd be nice if that could be persistent with your characters that you build. Your spunky high spirited Virt-a-mate girlfriend should remember you and express her excitement when you visit her.... honestly your awesome eMotion plugin is just one piece of the larger whole that should be a frame work that literally brings Virt-a-mates to life. So add thought bubbles that clues the player in to what their Virt-a-mate is thinking. Have her ask the user to perform certain acts. Like "I want a kiss"
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 22 Jan 20 04:58
I think something that complex would have to wait until the next version when I rewrite the whole thing. at the moment its just too convoluated to add something like this in :(
user avatar
User #809318 - 15 Jan 20 15:33
I'd also suggest getting some other interested devs that know Ai and deep learning
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 22 Jan 20 04:58
Now its just a matter of finding those devs :P
user avatar
User #22714112 - 23 Jan 20 17:19
When E-Motion 1.6.3 is set, the breasts is pulled and the shape is deformed. If the shape is a small breasts, the deformation becomes noticeable. Is there a way to keep breasts from deforming?
user avatar
VRAdultFun - 24 Jan 20 01:48
Unfortunately I do not understand what you mean. can you PM with me more details
user avatar
User #22714112 - 24 Jan 20 15:31
https://imgur.com/qS20nw0 https://imgur.com/wQVsXtr The uploaded image is a stack of two people in the same pose. E-Motion 1.6.3 is set for a person with blue skin. When Emotion is set, the nipple is slightly pulled to the side. The effect is stronger than in the arm-up pose. This effect is more pronounced in models with small breasts, and the shape of the breast changes. E-Motion 1.6.1 did not have this problem. Is there any way to avoid this problem?
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VRAdultFun - 24 Jan 20 21:30
ah, i never tested this on smaller breasts. Go into Custom\Scripts\E-Motion\Scripts\ and open EmotionEngine.cs and comment out lines 1117 and 1118 to disable this effect. Comment by putting // before each line
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User #22714112 - 25 Jan 20 09:42
Thank you. The problem was solved the way I was taught.
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User #17269565 - 12 Jan 20 16:51
Different 'personalities'. Dominant, submissive, hostile, etc. Great work, btw.
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VRAdultFun - 22 Jan 20 04:57
Im not sure if this will happen in V1 as it was actually the original intention of the personality matrix, but it ended up geing just one personality really. We will see :)
E-Motion 1.6.3 Test
E-Motion 1.6.3 Testmore_vert
E-Motion 1.6.3 Test 2020-01-05T22:20:18+00:00close

Here is a test version of 1.6.3. You will need to have 1.6.2 installed first before trying this file. Just copy the contents into your VAM installation and replace all existing files

Changes in 1.6.3 :
Fixed head tracking issue where character would continue to follow a target well behind her back
Added a new system to select a temporary target if the current one is too far behind/to the side
Improved eye movements when tracking a moving target to look more realistic
Some other small tweaks and fixes

Unfortunately I did not get an opportunity to fix kissing last night so thats still to come!

Attachments (1)

VRAdultFun E-Motion 1.6.3 Test.zip (83.5KiB)

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Provider URL

Virt-a-Mate : E-Motion Plugin update

Lots of little tweaks and improvements this time around! Head tracking now correctly disengages immediately if you go behind her, or generally at a bad viewing angle New target override system system that engages when above is in effect to select an appropriate temporary target while the main target is out of view Eye movement looks more realistic when tracking a moving target Improved some facial expressions further



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User #415760 - 6 Jan 20 08:15
shes looking good
Thank you and progress update! 2020-01-05T07:28:31+00:00

Firstly I just wanted to say I am overwhelmed by the support I've recieved, thank you all for supporting me! I have always enjoyed working on E-Motion and bringing my virtual girls to life, however I will admit that making it usable for others is quite a bit tedious, it's really good to know that there are people out there using E-Motion and wanting more as it makes the time spent on all that worth it!

I plan on using the money I raise here to keep my VR system up to date and perhaps look into toys that can be integrated into E-Motion for some epic experiences!

E-Motion Progress Update

Ive been working on fixing a few areas that have been bugging me of late, mainly how she will say try and look at your hand when its under her chin, making her cross-eyed and also stopping her from turning too far when tracking something such as walking behind her.

It also seems I borked kissing a little, the angle required to get it going is suddenly off. Luckily I plan on giving these special functions an overhaul as I have not touched any of them in months. Kissing is an easy fix by removing the angle requirement and basing it on distance between the lips. I haven't decided yet if I will work on blowjobs or sex first..

I will hopefully get a test version uploaded tonight with the changes to the view angle and the fix to kissing!

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User #415760 - 5 Jan 20 09:03
Sweet I vote for bjs
E-Motion 1.6.2 Update Full
E-Motion 1.6.2 Update Fullmore_vert
E-Motion 1.6.2 Update Full 2019-12-30T01:53:10+00:00close

Version 1.6.2 of E-Motion is a little more user friendly with a new interface and updated help file to make accessing the different areas of emotion easier.

The new UI allows you to select which sections of the UI are visible a the same time. The options on the left side will reveal sliders on the left, and those on the right show on the right, allowing you to have key options open side-by-side for easier access.
More than one option can be selected at once for flexibility

There is a new feature that tries to simulate a sweaty look when she is aroused for an extended period by adjusting the skin materials Gloss, Specular Intensity and Specular Bump values. When the feature is enabled it will capture the current values of your look and then adjust them to make the skin shinier. Arousal must be above 8 for the effect to get applied and it builds and dissipates relatively slowly

Idle arm movements have been completely redone and give a much more natural set of motions. They also work quite well in a lying down position such as on a bed

There are now a new set of options under 'Look Adjustments' that are designed to help you get the expressions to best fit your characters individual look.

Advanced Config file now available to disable certain look and face states. Several people have requested a way to disable certain looks (such as smiling) and this file is the solution.
Simple change any "True" to "False" to disable that state.

As usual alot of tweaks in and bug fixes in the background. E-Motions code is a bit over-the-top and Im always finding logic mistakes!

How to Install :
Extract the CUSTOM folder from the zip into your VAM installation. If asked replace any existing files.
If you would like the example scene, also extract the SCENES folder into your VAM installation

How to Use (see ReadME for more detailed instructions)
Add a character to your scene and select them
Select the Plugins tab and click ADD
Navigate into the E-Motion folder and add the plugin file called E-Motion_AddThisONLY
Click the Show UI button to view E-Motions interface to configure E-Motion

I recommend you begin by using one of the many included presets to get going quickly, and adjust from there. Once you are familiar with E-Motion and its functions you can create your own from the default template.

Attachments (1)

VRAdultFun E-Motion v1.6.2.zip (8.6MiB)

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E-Motion 1.6.2 for Virt-A-Mate 1.18

Version 1.6.2 brings alot more polish to E-Motion with an overhaul of the User Interface to make it easier to access the various features and options. The included UI guide text file has also been updated to match the new UI layout to make it even easier to find help on each option Other improvements include an overhauled idle arm movement system and sweat simulation through material adjustments https://www.patreon.com/VRAdultFun



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User #5345258 - 2 Jan 20 06:34
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User #415760 - 30 Dec 19 06:06
thanks. a ton of great changes
E-Motion 1.6.2 Test 2019-12-26T07:51:14+00:00

E-Motion 1.6.2 Update test. Please note that you need to have 1.6.0 or 1.6.1 installed before using this file.

How to install : Copy the contents of the zip into Custom\Scripts\E-Motion\ Replace all files.

New in this version :
Improved expressions again
Config file to disable facial states
Reworked UI for easier access to sliders
Improved Idle Motions
Lots of tweaks and fixes to code


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E-Motion 162 test2.zip (113.0KiB)

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User #809318 - 26 Dec 19 20:48
There are basic details that could be integrated with every character by default that does not require any customization or input from a user. Breathing/ air variable: (If a user chokes, or blocks the air ways of the actor they will react appropriately. This is easy to script and would add much needed feed back to immerse users.) Bladder/ bowels variable: (The actor can have a bladder that can be filled up or become full over time. The user can urinate or defecate if the bladder/ bowels are full.) Pressure/ force: (Pinching a part of the actor's body too hard will result in an appropriate reaction. Slapping, poking, groping etc... forcefully ) Pleasure / pain variable for each touch point: (A basic tracker for each erogenous zone that keeps track of how much pleasure or pain the actor is feeling overall. This could also make the genitals begin to secrete fluids as pleasure increases. Realistic pre-cum emitting from the tip of the penis and vaginal fluids from the vagina. Forcing pleasure as high as the user can before causing the actor to orgasm would cause a squirting orgasm.) Genital orgasm: (For both male and female actors, the genitals should always lead to an orgasm if pleasure is high enough and the user stimulates the actor by touching them here. This could also have trigger colliders for the testicles, shaft and glans for males then labia, vagina and clitoris for females.) While users can build their own scenes and content, these are just a few that I feel should be a constant. Users could have the ability to tweak variables like the pleasure threshold required for an actor to orgasm or whether or not an actor can reach orgasm from Genital stimulation only or not etc... These are a few features that could come with every actor by default. Sorry for the novel. I see tremendous possibilities with this project and would love to help if ever you are ready to receive it.
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VRAdultFun - 26 Dec 19 22:28
Alot of these features would have to wait until version 2.0 of E-Motion. I plan to eventually redo the script from scratch as I learnt alot during the process of making E-Motion. VAM will need to get some form of built-in particle system before excretions could be added I think.
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VRAdultFun - 26 Dec 19 22:28
Thank you for the feedback however and I will have a think about what can be done now in E-Motion
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User #809318 - 28 Dec 19 18:27
I actually can't get this to work. Maybe a bit more guidance is needed
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VRAdultFun - 28 Dec 19 21:51
Can you give more info? I cant really help off of this alone
E-Motion 1.6.1 2019-12-26T05:17:03+00:00

Download Full Package Here (Google Drive) (07/12/2019)
1.6.1 Hot Fix (Install after primary download) (09/12/2019)

Example Videos (Mostly SFW non nude Youtube) :
Head Tracking Test
Eye Saccade close-up
Idling for 5mins

How to Install :

It is recommended to delete your old E-Motion installation (Custom\Scripts\E-Motion) when upgrading to V1.6
Copy both folders in the ZIP into your VAM installation folder (where the VAM.EXE is). Choose to overwrite if asked.

If you have an existing preset from an older version of E-Motion, move it to custom\scripts\E-Motion\Presets\


Included in the Download :

E-Motion 1.6
Hand Animator v1.2
Bulger 1.0
Light Point 1.0
V3 Long Hair + Presets
Deepthroat morphs
Example Scene (you may get errors about missing morphs, just ignore them)

Option Morphs used by E-Motion if Installed :

AshAuryn 174 Sex Expressions Pack (Free, Highly Recommended)
SkyBox3D's Shoulder Fix morphs (Patreon exclusive download. Not essential)
Morphs Reloaded Lite

E-Motion Overview :

The basic idea behind E-Motion is to make your virtual girl react to your presence and anything you do to her.Your face, hands and pelvis (if you possess a Person) are tracked in relation to her body and given an interest rating which is then used to determine what she will look at. Depending on what she is looking at, what you are looking at (or touching!) and how far away from her you are, she will become more or less interested in (and aroused by) you.

How happy and/or aroused she becomes will affect how interested in different body parts she is, as well as what type of expressions she can show. Depending on how interested in you she is, she will switch between various emotion or attention states that define overall facial expressions and special looks. Those expressions are built from 3 layers, Eye Brows, Eyes and Mouth which can be set individually or in sets.

In addition to the reactionary system above, E-Motion allows her to react to blow-job and Sex animated scenes (motioned must be created by you) and gives her the ability to kiss her target.

The UI for E-Motion is very complex and allows you to adjust almost all aspects of E-Motion. See the below Instructions and included UI Description file

E-Motion is built first and foremost for Virtual Reality and it is recommended to possess a male character. It works fine in Desktop mode and she will look at the camera if you do not select a target however it works much better if you have a body.

By default E-Motion's defaults set everything to off. This prevents accidentally effecting poses/morphs when adding E-Motion. There are several presets included to quickly see E-Motion in action and you can save your own presets to quickly get E-Motion up and running on new scenes.
It is recommended to overwrite the 'E-Motion_Defaults.json' preset with your own preferred settings once you are familiar with E-Motion. The settings in this file are loaded when you first add the plugin to a person, or if you press the 'load defaults' button on the UI.

Features :

  • Personality Profile

All of the functions within E-Motion are driven by a profile of 3 values : Agreeableness, Extraversion and Stableness
The randomness of each function is affected by 2 statistics : Arousal and Happiness

Agreeableness - Higher values will generate happiness faster from interaction and allow more indirect gazing
Extraversion - Higher values will generate arousal faster from interaction and allow more direct eye contact
Stableness - Higher values allow longer gazing and less frequent glancing and avoidance

Arousal - Increases breathing rate, eye contact time, pelvis/penis interest as well as changing what expressions are displayed
Happiness - Increases touch based arousal, head and hand interest as well as changing what expressions are displayed

  • Expression Control

E-Motion animates many facial and expression morphs to create different looks and facial reactions according to what is going on.
Eyebrows, Eyes and Mouth are animated separately and can be mixed together for greater variation
Blinking is controlled by E-Motion and tied into eye movement for a more realistic appearance

  • Breathing and Moaning Sounds (Female voice only)

Over 90 sound effects are included with E-Motion to bring your character to life
You will be able to hear your character breathing, and as they become aroused, they will let out short moans of pleasure
The characters mouth is animated to sync with the moans for greater realism and immersion

  • Points of Interest (POI)

E-Motion gives a character the ability to look at multiple parts of the body : Head, Left Hand, Right Hand, Chest, Pelvis, Penis (if exists)
Each body part is given an interest value based on stats like proximity, movement, visibility and interaction
The two highest valued POI's are then selected as targets with the character looking at the primary target and glancing at the secondary
An object can also be selected as another POI that can be looked/glanced at. If a Person is selected as the object, their head will be selected

  • Head and Eye Movement

E-Motion gives characters a complex gaze control system that is driven by the above POI and has several sub features
*Direct Gaze - Look directly at POI and follow it precisely
*Indirect Gaze - Look in direction of POI and follow it loosely
*Glance - Look at secondary POI without moving head
*Avoid - Look away from Primary POI and avoid Direct Gaze. Look at secondary if visible
*Saccade - The eyes flick around the target area to simulate human saccadic eye movement
The type of gaze, frequency of glances and avoidance are controlled by the personality profile.
Very close proximity to the characters face will override the gaze to look at whatever is very close

  • Body Movement and Breathing

E-Motion provides a built-in breathing morph animation and upper body movement that is tied into arousal and happiness.
Adjustments are also made to the pelvis, abdomen, chest, shoulders, neck and hands to enhance the expressions being displayed

  • Character Interaction

If a Person is selected as the target (or you are playing in VR without a target selected) the face/hands/pelvis/penis can be used to interact with the E-Motion character in the following areas : Head, Left Breast, Right Breast, Pelvis (covers front and rear), Left Hand, Right Hand
Close proximity, touching and caressing these areas will affect interest, arousal and happiness as well as trigger expressions or special features

  • Special Feature : Kissing

The Character will attempt to line up for a kiss if the target's head is very close to their own. If contact with the lips occurs a kissing animation will activateTwo characters both running E-Motion targeting each other will kiss each other

  • Special Feature : Blowjob reaction

If you create a blowjob scene, the E-Motion characters face and lips will animate to enhance the experience. If the Deepthroat morph is installed, this will be animated also
Note - E-Motion does not create the thrusting motion, this must be done via the scene (such as a cycle force)

  • Special Feature : Sex reaction

Touching/Inserting the penis / fingers / face into the characters V will initiate sex and generate lots of Arousal and happiness as well as play a series of sex expressions
Note - E-Motion does not create the thrusting motion, this must be done via the scene (such as a cycle force)

  • Special Feature : Face Holding

Holding the characters face in your hand(s) will cause the character to press their head into your hand and look into your eyes.
Touching the characters lips with your fingers will have the character kiss and suck the fingers

Hand Animator v1.2 (disable Hands in E-Motion to use them together)

Animates the following hand morphs dynamically :

  • Hand Grasp, Fist, Chop, Straighten (Left and Right)
  • Finger Bend (Each finger both hands)
  • Thumb Fist, In-Out (Left and Right)

Animates based on movement speed and proximity to :

  • Head, Neck, Chest, Breasts, Abdomen, Hips (front and behind), hands

UI Controls for adjusting how each morph is applied, resting hand position and speed, distance and animation scales.

Bulger 1.0

Animates the custom morphs for throat and belly bulging (morphs included)E-Motion already provides this feature when targeting a Person. Bulger can be used to allow her to react to an object like a dildoIt can also be used by itself

UI Controls allows you to set the trigger distances for the effects, as well as how much effect to apply.

Light Point 1.0

Simple plugin designed to be added to Spot Lights that will make them point at the chest of the person called 'Person'

There are no ui options, this is used by the example scene

Long Hair Style

I have included my V3 long hairstyle which can be seen in the included example scene and images


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