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OhieKhe (ohiekhe)

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Hekapoo 2017-09-09T23:00:12+00:00close

Attachments (1)

HD.zip (2.6MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #233055 - 10 Sep 17 22:37
She's HOT! (pun intended)
Janna's Turn (page 4)
Janna's Turn (page 4)more_vert
Janna's Turn (page 4) 2017-09-09T05:34:12+00:00close

Attachments (1)

4.zip (3.0MiB)

Star Butterfly
Star Butterflymore_vert
Star Butterfly 2017-09-05T01:58:50+00:00close

You asked for it :v

Attachments (1)

HD.zip (1.9MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2295604 - 5 Sep 17 05:29
We sure did! And now we got it. Thank you.
user avatar
User #3778201 - 9 Sep 17 04:12
*throws cash at Ohie* Shut up and take all of it D:
user avatar
User #233055 - 6 Sep 17 02:00
How about some Hekapoo as well?
Miraculous Ladybug
Miraculous Ladybugmore_vert
Miraculous Ladybug 2017-09-03T21:19:44+00:00close

20$ Tire Reward #1

Attachments (1)

HD.zip (2.4MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #7426038 - 3 Sep 17 21:42
cute asf
user avatar
User #2295604 - 3 Sep 17 21:41
Ladybug looks so cute! Thank you!!
user avatar
User #2295604 - 3 Sep 17 21:45
The schoolgirl look is very cute, too!
Janna's Turn (page 3)
Janna's Turn (page 3)more_vert
Janna's Turn (page 3) 2017-09-01T05:51:39+00:00close

Attachments (1)

HD.zip (4.2MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #792466 - 3 Sep 17 18:33
Janna looks pretty cute just staring at Marco like that in panel 4. This is definitely going to get interesting and I bet she has some big plans for him!
Moon Butterfly X Marco Diaz
Moon Butterfly X Marco Diazmore_vert
Moon Butterfly X Marco Diaz 2017-08-31T19:48:15+00:00close

Attachments (1)

HD.zip (1.8MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #792466 - 31 Aug 17 23:49
DAMN! This is some hot Marco and Moon action right here! I hope we get to see Marco paired up with other girls from you later on. :D
user avatar
User #7426038 - 31 Aug 17 20:09
Great art ❤️❤️
user avatar
User #6743199 - 31 Aug 17 20:04
good lord
Queen Moon Butterfly
Queen Moon Butterflymore_vert
Queen Moon Butterfly 2017-08-27T03:46:08+00:00close

I'm running out of titles for Moon pics

Attachments (1)

HD.zip (2.2MiB)

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #265759 - 27 Aug 17 04:06
I would like to see you draw Star, Hekapoo, or Jackie Lynn.
user avatar
ohiekhe - 27 Aug 17 03:52
Any other character you would want me to draw? I think it's enought Moon for now
user avatar
User #7417200 - 27 Aug 17 03:57
Star butterfly o overwaifu si es que te gusta 6u6
user avatar
User #792466 - 27 Aug 17 19:25
I would actually like to see you work on some of the background characters or just see you work on some of the ships in the show. :)
user avatar
User #2295604 - 27 Aug 17 11:41
More Star Butterfly, Jackie, or Janna. You draw a great Star and Jackie. Also, the world needs more good Janna art - yours is one of the very few.
user avatar
User #6743199 - 27 Aug 17 04:11
I hope that doesn't mean an end to moon pics, they're amazing
user avatar
ohiekhe - 27 Aug 17 04:39
they'll never end
user avatar
User #7426038 - 27 Aug 17 03:54
More Star in this style m would be gr8 ❤️❤️
user avatar
User #7426038 - 27 Aug 17 03:54 - revision 2
More Star in this style m would be gr8 ❤️❤️
Horse Stuff
Horse Stuffmore_vert
Horse Stuff 2017-08-26T00:42:59+00:00close

4 versions of horse NSFW stuff in the rar file

Attachments (1)

4 versions.zip (45.3MiB)

Moon Butterlfy NSFW
Moon Butterlfy NSFWmore_vert
Moon Butterlfy NSFW 2017-08-22T18:23:02+00:00close

Thanks god I had this Moon stored for when I had nothing to post :v

Attachments (1)

HD.zip (1.8MiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #5619597 - 23 Aug 17 00:25
Muy gud :v, lo malo es que ya se me va acabar el Patreon :'v
user avatar
ohiekhe - 23 Aug 17 05:20
Paga otro mes, cuesta menos que una ensalada >:v :v
user avatar
User #7417200 - 23 Aug 17 11:19
A si que hablas español :0 Y haces buen contenido de svtoe cuando pueda te apoyaré mejor :)
user avatar
ohiekhe - 23 Aug 17 15:25
Gracias :')
user avatar
User #7426038 - 24 Aug 17 19:02
Pledged, love your Star art. Looking forward to more pinups of the series. ♥♥
user avatar
User #231502 - 22 Aug 17 18:43
Loving the view, nice work
Janna's Turn (page 2)
Janna's Turn (page 2)more_vert
Janna's Turn (page 2) 2017-08-17T20:19:03+00:00close

Attachments (1)

2.zip (4.3MiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #792466 - 18 Aug 17 01:03
Wait, so is Marco locked up in Janna Locker at school? Also Janna look super cute in Marco hoodie!
user avatar
ohiekhe - 18 Aug 17 02:26
Is that what it looks like? He was suppose to be chasing after her through the hallway. I think I drew the hallway way to narrow
user avatar
User #792466 - 18 Aug 17 05:50
well I can tell you two different reasons why it look like that, the first one is that you don't get the reader the idea that he's remembering what happened before. The other reason is that because of a white background in the other panels makes it look like that he's looking out of the Locker. Because to me, it looks like the light is coming into where Marco is being tide up. so mainly I think you need to make some small adjustments to let your reader know that this is a flashback to what happened to them before.
user avatar
User #4170205 - 19 Aug 17 13:25
¿Por qué la primera solo está para los mecenas de 10 dólares y la segunda para cualquier mecenas? Yo que quería ver la primera página ;_;
user avatar
ohiekhe - 19 Aug 17 15:12
WTF se supone que esta tambien era para 8 dolares me equivoque agg XDDD
Another Moon NSFW
Another Moon NSFWmore_vert
Post file flag
Another Moon NSFW 2017-08-15T00:25:20+00:00close

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #231502 - 30 Sep 17 22:52
sexy cutie :3
Lapis Lazuli NSFW 2
Lapis Lazuli NSFW 2 more_vert
Lapis Lazuli NSFW 2 2017-08-14T22:34:51+00:00close

Attachments (1)

HD.zip (1.7MiB)

Queen Butterfly NSFW 2
Queen Butterfly NSFW 2more_vert
Queen Butterfly NSFW 2 2017-08-09T23:39:58+00:00close

And that's how Star was made! THE END


Attachments (1)

MoonXRiver_2.jpg (511.2KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #8707840 - 6 Dec 17 09:16
Not bad
Janna's Turn (page 1)
Janna's Turn (page 1)more_vert
Post file flag
Janna's Turn (page 1) 2017-08-09T04:38:50+00:00close


Peridot NSFW Version
Peridot NSFW Versionmore_vert
Peridot NSFW Version 2017-08-06T22:05:13+00:00close

Attachments (1)

HD.zip (1.0MiB)

Star Butterfly NSFW
Star Butterfly NSFWmore_vert
Star Butterfly NSFW 2017-08-04T21:23:04+00:00close

Attachments (1)

Star.zip (1.8MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2295604 - 13 Aug 17 15:49
Star looks great! Convinced me to join.
Janna NSFW
Janna NSFWmore_vert
Janna NSFW 2017-08-04T02:29:12+00:00close

Attachments (1)

JannaNSFW_HD.zip (774.1KiB)

Moon Butterfly NSFW Version
Moon Butterfly NSFW Versionmore_vert
Moon Butterfly NSFW Version 2017-08-02T22:21:34+00:00close

Attachments (1)

Moon Butterfly_Fixed.zip (4.7MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
ohiekhe - 10 Aug 17 01:08
Fixed :)
user avatar
User #3881899 - 10 Aug 17 00:37
The zip file doesn't carry the nsfw version of princess moon!
Lapis Lazuli NSFW
Lapis Lazuli NSFWmore_vert
Lapis Lazuli NSFW 2017-07-29T20:26:05+00:00close

Attachments (1)

LapisNSFW.zip (24.2MiB)

Peridot NSFW
Peridot NSFWmore_vert
Peridot NSFW 2017-07-29T20:15:08+00:00close

Attachments (1)

PeridotNSFW_Final.zip (19.7MiB)

Apple Bloom NSFW
Apple Bloom NSFWmore_vert
Post file flag
Apple Bloom NSFW 2017-07-21T10:39:31+00:00close

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #15726156 - 11 Feb 19 21:07
Maple Rose
Maple Rosemore_vert
Maple Rose 2017-07-18T15:19:04+00:00close

I was taking my final exams, so I couldn't be online all this time and the comic I was making got erased by a mistake of mine xD I'll be soon uploading a new comic (probably this week) to compensate for all the lost time

Attachments (1)

Final.zip (8.5MiB)

Starlight Glimmer EG
Starlight Glimmer EGmore_vert
Starlight Glimmer EG 2017-07-01T01:02:17+00:00close

Attachments (1)

StarlightGlimmerEG_NSFW_HD.zip (12.7MiB)

Jackie Lynn Thomas
Jackie Lynn Thomasmore_vert
Jackie Lynn Thomas 2017-06-23T23:39:04+00:00close

Attachments (1)

JackieLynnTomas.zip (4.3MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2295604 - 24 Jun 17 08:41
Jackie looks great!
Naomi (OC) - NSFW
Naomi (OC) - NSFWmore_vert
Naomi (OC) - NSFW 2017-06-18T02:28:11+00:00close


Attachments (1)

Naomi.zip (8.1MiB)

Starlight Glimmer 2 NSFW HD
Starlight Glimmer 2 NSFW HDmore_vert
Starlight Glimmer 2 NSFW HD 2017-06-12T08:26:26+00:00close

Attachments (1)

HD.zip (1.1MiB)

Starlight Glimmer NSFW HD
Starlight Glimmer NSFW HDmore_vert
Starlight Glimmer NSFW HD 2017-06-10T15:29:57+00:00close

Attachments (1)

HD.zip (1011.3KiB)


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