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Comments (3)
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User #20536607 - 20 Aug 20 04:21
AWESOME!! thank you man! Love your books! Truly makes one reflect on things as they are and what they can become.
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β˜… klevanski - 20 Aug 20 05:11
Thank you for warm words! Will you leave a review on Amazon? It's very important for the book 😎
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User #20536607 - 20 Aug 20 05:12
yea man, for sure!
Let's go on with the book 8!
Let's go on with the book 8! more_vert
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Let's go on with the book 8! 2020-08-16T09:35:32+00:00close

Hello folks!!!!

Thanks a lot for your reading! Your reviews, warm words, and your money, that really give great help and make the translation faster and better!

Writing is not the easiest work I've ever done. The Muse used to be rather capricious and there occurred that the months passed by and I couldn't but write a word. In such moments I reread your reviews and it used to help) Not always my lazy ass is so sentimental, however... lol)) Thank you! It's very pleasant to know your attitude and your emotions! That's great!

The publishing of the 8 th book will have the same schedule. Free chapters on RR per week and extra chapters on Patreon. Thank you for following the series and my story! I appreciate it very much!

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Release! 2020-08-11T18:30:10+00:00close

Hello folks!
Yoohoo! The release date is tomorrow!
Guys! The pre-orders are the great help of you. However, I have a small request. The reviews help very very much for the rating, too. The higher the rating - more people will see the book and read it.
If you have an opportunity to leave a review on Amazon - it would be really a great great help. Do please. Even if it would be a one-line comment - it helps very much.
Thank you guys for your support! I appreciate it very much.
Stay safe! And enjoy your reading! Yeahhh! Tomorrow! Don't miss!

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Comments (3)
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User #26897669 - 12 Aug 20 15:02
Yup finished and already pre-ordered Land of the enemy that sounds exciting
user avatar
User #21859183 - 13 Aug 20 00:43
I’m ready for more chapters. If you created higher tiers to pay more money I would happily pay. My favourite story.
user avatar
User #21859183 - 12 Aug 20 13:10
No already finished
Tier 3. 06.08.2020 2020-08-06T16:59:15+00:00

Hello all!
Great news! The release of the 7th book is moved to the 12th of August!
It's high time to pre-order

These are the last chapters here. In a week the whole book will be on Amazon.
Thank you for following and reading my story.
Stay safe!

P.S. As for the schedule, I will publish new chapters of the 8th book here after the release of the 7th on Amazon.


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Comments (2)
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User #3237605 - 6 Aug 20 17:42
6 days the count down begins.
user avatar
User #35931216 - 6 Aug 20 17:17
The Hype is real
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Comments (3)
user avatar
User #7421194 - 15 Jul 20 14:02
user avatar
User #37085456 - 19 Jul 20 08:15
That’s great! I can’t wait to read the entire book!!! I hope it’s as long as the 6th bookπŸ™πŸ™! How many chapters will it have?
user avatar
User #36404538 - 15 Jul 20 19:33
amazing! I can't wait until the next chapter! Already got the pre-order in.
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Comments (1)
user avatar
User #37328935 - 2 Jul 20 11:40
Hi, long time fan first time posting. Am I mistaken or are there only 3 extra chapters rather than 5?
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THE LAND OF DEMONS 2020-06-12T07:12:19+00:00close

Hello all!

The publishing a chapter by a chapter of the 7th book THE LAND OF DEMONS is started on Royal Road. Schedule: 3 chapters per week.

Here I will make posts once a week + extra chapters as it said in the Tiers.

Also, I want to copypaste here my answer to one reader and say "Thank you for all of you".

In Russia the pirates do their work brilliantly. 90% of my readers read the series for free. A new chapter appears on pirates' sites in half an hour.

Anyway, there are men who love Hadjar and the story and still support my project with money. 16 books and 3 years... ugh.. not everyone will stay reading and waiting. Thanks to them the series was still alive when I came to the desire to translate and give a try.

Thanks to Amazon's readers I've got the opportunity to share my story with the whole world. Thank goddess it works and the sales cover the translation, which costs over 10 000 dollars for each book) yeah.. crazy sums..

Anyway, I am happy as a shit 😁 that Amazon gives such an opportunity to enroll the book in Kindle Unlimited. And more men can afford reading for them.

It's great for me and I will do it with all the series. For me the opportunity to share the story with the maximum amount of readers - the greater purpose.

And I am so grateful to you, men, who still pre-order and help me to continue the story.

For me such support is priceless.

Thank you)

And the AMAZON link for PRE-ORDERS:

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CUF7x2w_Lhk.jpg (1.0MiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #32150266 - 14 Aug 20 13:16
Hi Kirill can we get an update, on how you are getting through this pandemic? Also just read dark wizard!!! Awesome book, loved the dark vibe and pointers to Harry. Will there be additional books?
user avatar
User #6947897 - 10 Jul 20 19:58
Subscribed to support you. Don't really need the extra chapters, but this is an outstanding story and I truly love the world building from the solo PoV.
user avatar
β˜… klevanski - 15 Jul 20 07:43
Thank you, Joshua! The money is going to my team of translators to stimulate them working harder and faster for you to get the extra class product. Have a nice day!
user avatar
User #9138448 - 12 Jun 20 20:26
You do realize that it isn't just MEN who read your books, yes? I'm definitely NOT a man and love Hadjar's story.
user avatar
β˜… klevanski - 12 Jun 20 20:41
Sorry, dear Alisa 🌹 In Russia 99% of my readers are guys. However, he is my lack of knowing English. I was told the word "men" it's like people, folks, etc. I am very glad to know that not only men reading my story) Thank you firvyour reading πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
user avatar
User #32150266 - 21 Jun 20 04:16
Hi Kirill I am so happy to have found your series. Have bought them all so far and canβ€˜t wait to read book 7. I salute you for your wonderful story and wish you all the best.
user avatar
β˜… klevanski - 21 Jun 20 04:21
Thank, man! I do hope my team will manage to release the 7th book in September πŸ₯³
Tier 3 2020-06-03T05:08:24+00:00


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Comments (11)
user avatar
User #24754772 - 11 Jun 20 06:01
More! More! More!
user avatar
β˜… klevanski - 11 Jun 20 18:06
I will do my best to renew tier as soon as possible
user avatar
User #37085456 - 12 Jun 20 11:16
Hi Kirill, thanks for the amazing universe I can't believe that I found such an amazing story, let alone from a Russian author. I can't wait to read more, please release more chapters!! I didn't know that the translation cost that much, I guess that's why it is really good if I read it without reading the description I would have thought it was originally written in English. Anyway, I'm glad I found a direct way of supporting you, and getting more chapters in return is a plus!
user avatar
β˜… klevanski - 12 Jun 20 15:35
I will do my best to publish here more chapters. Thanks for support and warm words to the translator and editor. They are doing their best and even more.
user avatar
β˜… klevanski - 8 Jun 20 04:42
Hello, Hugh. The translation of the book costs over 10 000 dollars. I don't translate it for publishing on the RR. The 6th book, as the previous 5, are out on Amazon. You can read the whole story there. Here are only extra chapters for true fans.
user avatar
User #25054343 - 9 Jun 20 02:17
Ah, that's where my confusion was. I only started reading your 6th book on Royal road. I had read the others on Amazon. Thank you for the answers and prompt reply!
user avatar
User #36845578 - 11 Jun 20 15:38
Hey kirill is there anyway you could release an extra chapter a month until the book comes out. I know it’s asking for a lot but I am just dying waiting for more.
user avatar
β˜… klevanski - 11 Jun 20 18:05
Hello man) Thanks for your waiting. Of cause I will add extra chapters here. As soon as they are ready. I will ask my editor for more. Now there are all chapters I have here. However there already should be ready extra ones.
user avatar
User #25054343 - 8 Jun 20 04:39
Why do I feel like I missed a large chunk of the story between royal road and here? And do you know how often you'll be releasing content here?
user avatar
User #6991975 - 8 Jun 20 17:04
Hey Kirill, Can you explain Hadjar's feelings/beliefs towards the Black General to me? In Books 1-5 it felt like he treated the Black General as a neat or even Noble person. But in Book 6 he seems to hate him, and I feel that it came out of nowhere. What's up with that?
user avatar
β˜… klevanski - 9 Jun 20 06:26
Thanks for your comment! Well, according to the legends, the Black General is the Enemy of everyone and everything in this world. He wants to destroy this world, he hates everybody. He uses his descendants to fulfill his 'plan', he deceives and destroys the ones who believe and help him. Before Book 6, Hadjar only heard the legends but didn't meet the Black General. But when they met, the Enemy tried to capture Hadjar's soul and body. So it's difficult to love or think good about such a person.
6 book is released! Grab it!
6 book is released! Grab it!more_vert
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6 book is released! Grab it! 2020-05-28T11:36:47+00:00close

Hello folks!

The release date of the 6th book of Dragon Heart: Land of Magic is today! The 28th of May! Grab it!

Lots of thanks to you, who reads my books and support the translation.

You are not only reading a story you like, you also give Hadjar an opportunity to tell his story to the readers all over the world.

The years will pass and one day a man will read this story and maybe it will change his life.Or maybe he will read the story and will write his own the better one. Is it a miracle? I don't think so. It's a destiny. All the people we meet in our life are not random. And I am glad that I met all of you and you met me and my strange story)

Thank you guys for being with me and reading my story. I appreciate it much.

The 1st book is here: HTTPS://WWW.AMAZON.COM/DP/B07NKGQ7RJ/

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B11M5RwiVdQ.jpg (371.3KiB)

Dragon Heart. LitRPG wuxia series 2000 chapters long
Dragon Heart. LitRPG wuxia series 2000 chapters longmore_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Heart. LitRPG wuxia series 2000 chapters long 2020-05-19T17:20:31+00:00close

Best Seller
#1 in Asian Myth& Legend eBooks
#1 Fantasy Adventure Fiction
#1 Dark Fantasy Horror
#1 Dystopian Science Fiction
#1 Superhero Science Fiction

"Dragon Heart" is one of the top-rated Wuxia LitRPG novels in Russia.
The author has been writing the story for only two and a half years, however, it already has 1400 chapters spanning 15 books. The whole story is planned out and will have over 2000 chapters and 20 books.

The Russian version has been read over 20,000,000 times.

This story has made Mr. Klevanski the #1 author on the 4 biggest self-publishing sites in Russia.
From December of 2018 till now, "Dragon Heart" was being translated into English and published chapter by chapter on several American sites.

Within a month, the story became popular with foreign readers and caused quite a stir.
On Royal Road, it was holding the top spot in trending fictions and gathered more than 2000 followers.
On Creative Novels, it's being followed by over 1500 readers.
Webnovel received the book warmly and the readers are eagerly waiting for new chapters. I hope you'll like the story, too.

Have a pleasant reading

#wuxia #reincarnation #adventure #matrial_arts #litrpg elements

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oUrBNHtbjHA.jpg (253.9KiB)


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