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Abused - writing 2019-01-10T14:36:43+00:00

Remember when you and I used to play vampire and succubus

The games we had that you thought were serious

The time you took me to get my first Philly cheese steak sandwich

And I got upset on my birthday you got it with extra peppers

Because it was what you wanted and it wasn’t what I wanted

But I smiled & said I’d try to eat it

And I thanked you for the gesture

I can’t remember when it started to get boring

When I was dissociating and you started using

When you’d threaten me to come over

Or else you’d tell everybody we had sex

All I seem to remember is when things were good

Not like the 4th of July you made sure I didn’t go to the beach to see fireworks with my family

You made sure I didn’t

You told me I had to come over in your slum with your mom and her brass knuckles

Threatening the neighbor

When you took me off to fuck me and I didn’t want to

When I talked to your 7 year old sister and you didn’t like that so you threw me on the floor and hit me

There are so many bittersweet things I remember

The things I can’t erase

I know you thought I was crazy but I remember when you

Told me I had to give you my virginity or I didn’t love you

The truth is who could love a monster like you?

I loved what you originally presented me with

Not what you kept showing me with the back of your hand and your face towering over me

I will never forget the times we shared that I was so happy being controlled by you

I thought if I just did what you said

No one had to know what you did to me

But in the end I couldn’t take anymore

No matter what consequences you told me awaited me

I quit school

The lunch monitor would not protect me anymore

All he thought was we broke you

You isolated me from my friends cuz you told them I betrayed you

When I left you for beating me and I never did

You just couldn’t figure out any reason in your pathetic head that I could possibly go.

You took them from me and you left me with these scars

I remember quitting school cuz I couldn’t bare to see your face and stand up for myself

Everytime I saw you I’d remember the times you told me my blow job was bad and I was only 14 and that your hand would feel better

Everytime at night I cry I think of you

When I didn’t want to have sex when we went on our walk to our secret spot in the woods you beat me over the head with a piece of wood you had hidden away

I think about your sister who was so nice to me

But you took it out on her because your parents always beat you and you told me I couldn’t do anything

You told me “don’t say anything”

“I don’t want to be taken away”

You don’t realize how damaged we both were

Remember when you would make us food and smile and tell your father you loved him

And he would split and start beating you in front of me and then you’d take it out on me

And start beating me and raping me later

I was so scared of telling anyone

Because I wanted to protect you so badly

You forced me to get birth control you forced me to stay

The reason I was so scared was because my dad told me that if I ever had sex or if any boy ever hurt me he would kill them

And I was terrified of my dad killing you

Because even though god knows you deserved punishment

Inside I knew you were as damaged as you made me and what happened wasn’t your fault

I still believe you deserved a chance to not be locked away and killed by my father

I gave you that and look where you ended up now or at least I heard a couple of years ago

You were drugged up in prison

The last thing I remember us even talking about was when I was 15

And you were with your tall friend you were only 5’1.

You were on coke and everything

You told me you swam across the road

You had some acid and were running away from giant ants

I remember also when you pushed over your friends parents fridge and

When your mom called me and I had to lie you weren’t on drugs

Because he accidentally called you thinking it was me

When he screamed so slurred I couldn’t understand him

But I knew what he wanted and what he would do to me later and I couldn’t take anymore

And I told him I don’t care who he tells or who finds out I had to go

And you called me a slut, called me used, called me terrible things

But it was all worth it

Because I never have to see you again

I don’t have to be abused again

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #16057166 - 10 Jan 19 21:03
Thanks for sharing noodles, 😥😦
user avatar
User #9938722 - 3 Feb 20 19:14
I have no clue why people do this. Sorry you had to experience this.
user avatar
User #4868091 - 10 Jan 19 14:42
Man, that's heavy... I don't know what to say...
user avatar
User #17026309 - 2 Feb 19 18:18
Cool :-)
user avatar
User #9733408 - 10 Jan 19 14:47
Reading this now makes me wonder what path in life you are at?? Is this a venting true story??
user avatar
invadernoodles - 10 Jan 19 14:47
This is a true story of my abuse.
user avatar
User #9733408 - 10 Jan 19 15:00
Hopefully you are far away from that type of situation, and years to adjust. Even though you are currently confessing about it. I'm terribly sorry you experienced that!
user avatar
User #14802064 - 10 Jan 19 19:06
user avatar
User #4369787 - 10 Jan 19 14:42
Don't need that in your life.
I shouldn’t- song 2018-12-15T00:36:53+00:00

I shouldn’t- song written by invadernoodles

Should I rub my eyes and get up

Or should I fall asleep with these pills

I get mad too easy

Sad and lazy

I find all these problems that need fixing

But In the end

I really don’t think I’m worth the time

I could cry forever

I could stay alive for more sunshine

But just cuz see rainbows once a week

Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t die

And I feel the sun and I felt the cold

But that doesn’t mean this world has meaning to me still

Im not always cold Ive felt the sun

Yet There’s not nothing stopping me from dying

I felt the sun even recently

I whisper

I have To run

I’m scared of what you think

I’m scared of material but I’m caught on these things

I wish I could say

I’m a product

I am a product but I’m OK with it

Vex me as long as I’m on time

Tell me how bad I am

whatever is making the money now

If i can eat food I can wear a smile

Now now now

Dreamy = money now

Everything is Money now

Everything is Money now

Fake little day dream now

Art block now

Art block now

I dream in forward notion

Without all this commotion

The future is still in the past

I think all day long about you about you about your choices

When the focus should be on me

Who am I fooling

Im not happy at all

It’s just Never enough

It can’t be enough

Cuz I’m more than enough

More than loveable I’m valuable

Just good enough

No I can be as “much” as I want to be

I don’t own me

I just hate me

I’m suffering


Can make me better

The doctors by me

Pills beside me

Nothing fixes this sadness

Nothing fixes this madness

I’m facing

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #14889568 - 27 Dec 18 15:19
Ok =)
user avatar
User #568170 - 17 Dec 18 16:31
This is amazing! :)
user avatar
User #11107988 - 15 Dec 18 04:37
<3 hugs
All late content will be message 2018-09-02T03:32:58+00:00

I’ll late content will be messaged. All the Content I didn’t deliver on time will be messaged the dropbox in every selected teir On September 4&5th

love you guys!

Thanks for sticking with me! 2018-09-02T02:50:30+00:00

The move and all these other things have been insanely hectic! I’ll be posting tons of things every single day! And a hell ton a lot tonight!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #11241006 - 13 Sep 18 03:17
I'm done
user avatar
User #236249 - 2 Sep 18 03:56
Patreon was being dumb, *again* and I had to call my bank before my charge this month would go through. I hope it doesn't turn into a monthly thing with them.
user avatar
User #11946609 - 2 Sep 18 11:31
Love everything u do. 😁
Currently digitally signing the body pillow front and back! Reply to messages!
Currently digitally signing the body pillow front and back! Reply to messages!more_vert
Post file flag
Currently digitally signing the body pillow front and back! Reply to messages! 2018-08-09T04:48:58+00:00close

Currently digitally signing my ikaros body pillow cover that comes with my $75 US patreons this month only! all you have to do is reply ”yes I’d love the body pillow this month!” And I’ll get yours signed right now :)! Thanks!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #11107988 - 12 Aug 18 23:56
so sexy
New phone number 2018-08-01T03:46:52+00:00

All my $75 patreons now can text me on my new number whenever they like, please send me a message on patreon to get my new number :) you can also place a call with me once a month near the end of the month! Thanks!

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #4916038 - 2 Aug 18 00:16
Why pay to text or talk?
user avatar
invadernoodles - 2 Aug 18 00:16
It’s a perk that comes with my high tier. It’s everyday. I’d rather it be personal and not for over 135 people cuz it’ll get leaked and abused easier
user avatar
invadernoodles - 2 Aug 18 00:20
I don’t have to give anyone my number I just want anyone in my high tier that wants it is available to have it.
user avatar
User #16559530 - 17 Jan 19 04:40
You actually talk to your Patrons over the phone? That really is very cool of you
user avatar
invadernoodles - 17 Jan 19 04:41
Yes message me! And I’ll give you my phone number
user avatar
User #16559530 - 17 Jan 19 04:48
I can’t even figure out how to do that, lol! Where should I message you?
user avatar
User #4916038 - 2 Aug 18 00:19
I get that. But just to talk to you about your day or random things?
user avatar
invadernoodles - 2 Aug 18 00:21
I have a group chat that’s completely free to talk to me. But 1 on 1 takes a lot of time. If people want my phone number they can meet me in person and get it if I like them or this option so it isn’t abused
Continued $75 tier upgrades for august 2018-07-31T20:26:13+00:00

Which I mean is another full nude Snapchat But will include way more videos than the other one and will include screenshoting.

another perk. My phone number you’ll recieve ill be available to text you all month long. As well as take calls from you once a month if you would like to call me.

Patreons will also recieve more selfie sets then they have previoisly recieved in my high tier And more try on videos.

Patreons in high tier will enjoy one wax play video a month as well

hope You enjoy these changes and I hope to see you in August!

My best time to signup to my high tier is august
My best time to signup to my high tier is augustmore_vert
Post file flag
My best time to signup to my high tier is august 2018-07-31T20:18:28+00:00close

My best time to signup to my high tier $75 tier is august. It has the most content out of every of my tiers and will have the highest amounts of sets ever released in one month on my patreon in august. i would love your support that month. As a thanks you’ll not only recieve the awesome contents and prints but a free ikaros body pillow of me one side nude one side non nude If in US. All with tracking a month after!

My $75 tier will also come with its own version of snapchat now as well. Not my normal lewd Snapchat. Which will have the same things BUT will have even more so when I stop the recording on either one ill move to the other snap. This snap will act as a mOre as an automatic close bond snap. And will start august 7th.

which includes 4 request snaps a month & you’ll have access to patreon only snap and my other site purchase snap For one month!

the patreon Snapchat allows screenshots The original one doesn’t. Thanks!

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #335517 - 31 Jul 18 20:33
Should I message when I support? Cause I get paid mid month
user avatar
invadernoodles - 31 Jul 18 20:35
Yes you should you can manually add it to your patreon by once clicking on tier change the amount of the pledge on it to the amount you would owe thank you! :)
user avatar
User #335517 - 31 Jul 18 20:30
What about canads
user avatar
invadernoodles - 31 Jul 18 20:31
I can ship outside of US if people cover the $13 shipping fee via my PayPal.
user avatar
invadernoodles - 31 Jul 18 20:32
But if your talking about with the body pillow the fee would probably $18 because of the extra size of package and shipping thanks! $13 is my typical monthly for just prints :) hope this helps!
Free body pillow cover with high tier pledge in august 2018-07-30T23:12:01+00:00

Sign up anytime in august on my $75 tier if your in USA (AUGUST ONLY) and recieve a free exclusive body pillow cover of my ikaros cosplay double sided one nude one not. Tracking info will be given once my order comes in in September. (Mid september ship out estimate) :) also all prints from June- August’s orders will be shipped end of August <3 and will recieve tracking from now on!

this months content 2018-06-30T05:47:33+00:00

this months content will be posted throughout now until july. since my shootfest was late i just now have sets im shooting, and it takes me time to edit. if you dont want to stay next month DONT WORRY you'll still be getting the content i promised. all the sets will be posted on patreon (the sets that were supposed to be posted in june will be sent on a message as well to patreons of those tiers). julys content and junes content are being shot at the same time. so im going way overtime right now. thank you for your patronage i promise to make BOTH months content extremely special and i apologize for it being late. YOU'LL still recieve it though! and recieve messages AFTER JULY 1ST for anything i was supposed to post in your selected tier will be messaged via patreon to you! thanks much love!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #11107988 - 1 Jul 18 05:38
Looking forward to seeing what you've done congratulations and good luck with the shoots 👍😎
user avatar
User #11157066 - 3 Jul 18 15:57
Just wondering if you will be at AX expo in Los Angeles, July 5th

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