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Too Much Dynamite (toomuchdynamite)

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“HE SAID YES” 🐺💍🦊more_vert
Post file flag
“HE SAID YES” 🐺💍🦊 2020-05-24T20:14:31+00:00close

Wolf popped the question!! And probably Fox’s coccyx...

When Wolf can’t contain his excitement he releases waves of unmitigated mild cartoon violence.

Media (1)

IMG_5030.jpg (557.4KiB)

Comments (14)
user avatar
User #21384633 - 24 May 20 20:31
yes. YES <3
user avatar
User #31865747 - 24 May 20 20:34
user avatar
User #21662247 - 25 May 20 01:40
I wanna attend the wedding !
user avatar
User #26392610 - 24 May 20 20:15
Ya that sounds about right
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 24 May 20 20:18
The weight of Fox’s decision is starting to sink in. Into his spleen.
user avatar
User #26392610 - 24 May 20 20:51
I mean at this point I am sure Fox knew what he was getting in to with Wolf
user avatar
User #15577938 - 24 May 20 20:26
You made them look so cute❤️. So when’s the wedding?
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 24 May 20 20:35
They’ll let you know when they send out the invites. UwU
user avatar
User #11644500 - 24 May 20 21:42
Aww so sweet! 😊
user avatar
User #21662247 - 25 May 20 01:39
THIS ❤️❤️❤️
user avatar
User #144654 - 25 May 20 13:01
This is canon.
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 25 May 20 15:37
100% yes
user avatar
User #10056448 - 24 May 20 22:09
alongside being stunning to look at, your art just brings me such smiles hhHH thank you!!!
user avatar
User #10106171 - 24 May 20 21:09
This is the best one ever!! 😍 My heart is filled with joy and happiness! 😁
“Lewi’s Noodle House for Wayward Demons” - THE COMIC!!
“Lewi’s Noodle House for Wayward Demons” - THE COMIC!!more_vert
Post file flag
“Lewi’s Noodle House for Wayward Demons” - THE COMIC!! 2020-05-23T00:36:57+00:00close

WHOAAA OKAY I KNOW I know I said I wanted to explore the dragon bathhouse idea for my first full-length comic! And I still want to explore that.

The story for it felt only half-baked for me and needed more time in the oven. I knew in my heart that I wanted to create a comic and finally put it out there. Some of you might remember the game I had in mind, “Lewi’s Noodle House for Wayward Demons”. The story for that was entirely fleshed out and ready to go! But I didn’t have the time to put together the game I wanted just yet.

I figure it would be great to adapt as a comic first and release the game later. Lewi’s Noodle House has a story that’s deeply personal to me with a bit of my own experiences mixed in. I feel strongly about moving forward with this as my first real deal comic.

Thank you for waiting while I posted this, this week. A lot of it was stage fright. But after getting a pep talk from a good bud, I’m ready to share this with those who support me and my creative works as passionately as y’all do. 💜💜💜

I have 6 pages mostly thumbnailed and ready to be revised into full pages! Gonna experiment with keeping consistency and uploading a finished page each week.

I really hope y’all dig this series. Thanks to you I’ll be able to work on more serious projects that truly matter to me. Gonna be pouring all I am into this!! ✨🐺✨

Media (4)

Adjustments.jpg (358.2KiB)
Adjustments.jpg (389.5KiB)
Adjustments.jpg (373.1KiB)
Adjustments.jpg (313.8KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #15577938 - 23 May 20 09:23
I remember when you were making all the characters. Can’t wait to see them in the comics
user avatar
User #5546058 - 23 May 20 01:02
ohhh fantastic =D
user avatar
User #4823783 - 25 May 20 23:29
Yes Pleaszsz
user avatar
User #96298 - 23 May 20 01:24
yes … yesssss .... YEESSSSSS .... ❤️
user avatar
User #2412901 - 23 May 20 00:48
Sounds like someone's in trouble Really liking the vibes of it, can't wait to see where this goes! <3
"J-Jetpack?" 🐺💦🦊
"J-Jetpack?" 🐺💦🦊more_vert
Post file flag
"J-Jetpack?" 🐺💦🦊 2020-05-17T05:33:35+00:00close

He's getting a lot better about asking to be spooned. 💜

EDIT: Thought the comic would be a bit cuter and more humorous if Wolf referred to spooning as “jetpack”. Inspired by some good sweet friends. UwU

Media (2)

IMG_4991.jpg (467.8KiB)
IMG_4982.jpg (458.6KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #5546058 - 18 May 20 06:27
Aaaaa too cute, this has slain me <3
user avatar
User #177845 - 17 May 20 08:02
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 17 May 20 18:34
THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Workin on these has been like therapy for me during the quarantine. 💜💜
user avatar
User #15577938 - 17 May 20 05:47
Snuggle Snuggle🦊❤️🐺
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 17 May 20 05:49
I relate to Wolf a bit with this one, haha. I’m very TALL and BROAD irl but I like to be spooned. UwU
🍖"Thomas Ref Sheet" (Culinary Creature Commission for Gnoll Breath)🍖
🍖"Thomas Ref Sheet" (Culinary Creature Commission for Gnoll Breath)🍖more_vert
🍖"Thomas Ref Sheet" (Culinary Creature Commission for Gnoll Breath)🍖 2020-05-15T18:56:14+00:00close

Here's Thomas!! A totally sweet and charismatic striped hyena who thinks he makes the best lasagna in town when really it's about as good as the frozen ones. But don't tell him that! He's got fangs but he's very sensitive n just wants you to enjoy his mediocre food and company. UwU

BIG ENORMOUS THANK YOU to Gnoll Breath! Thank you a ton for being this month's Culinary Creature! Working alongside you to breathe life into Thomas was such a relaxing and smooth process. You freaking rock, man. Your generosity and patience means the world to me. ; w ;

Hope y'all enjoy his new boy!! 💜🍖💜

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #15577938 - 16 May 20 00:07
He looks so damn good❤️❤️❤️
user avatar
User #12105652 - 15 May 20 20:17
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 15 May 20 22:58
🥩BIG BITER REWARD! WIP Wednesday - "Gnoll Breath Ref Sheet" (SKETCH)🥩
🥩BIG BITER REWARD! WIP Wednesday - "Gnoll Breath Ref Sheet" (SKETCH)🥩more_vert
Post file flag
🥩BIG BITER REWARD! WIP Wednesday - "Gnoll Breath Ref Sheet" (SKETCH)🥩 2020-05-13T23:18:26+00:00close

This month's Culinary Creature, Gnoll Breath, wanted a ref sheet of his striped hyena character, Thomas! He doesn't have any art of his character made just yet.

There's something so gratifying about drawing someone's character and giving them form for the first time. Probably the most endearing thing about doing commissions for me. ; w ;

I'll have a SFW and NSFW version for him, too! I'll have updates for that in the coming hours.

Thank you for following along so far! See you in a bit. UwU

Media (1)

Gnoll_Breath_Ref_TMD_SKETCH.png (3.9MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7488771 - 14 May 20 01:39
I love Mr. suspicious-face over there on the right ',: |
🍭Dynamite Weekly Update!!🍭
🍭Dynamite Weekly Update!!🍭more_vert
Post file flag
🍭Dynamite Weekly Update!!🍭 2020-05-11T19:02:29+00:00close

Hey, Sweets! Hope y'all had a nice weekend. My body still kind of aches from all of the gardening I did. Feelin pretty satisfied and rested for what I have planned this week!

First I want to thank Aaron Richardson, absurd_nobody, Arturo, Ashen Natura, Dewald, Eric S, Ivan, Jason, John Doe, N-Shang, Oscar Lambert, Ponpokora, Rick, Rocket, TechnologicRy, and Vaska for supporting me this month!! In these days it's important to take care of yourselves and those close to you. The fact that y'all have space in your hearts to fund my works means the world to me. Thank you so much! 💜🐺💜

This week I'll be working on this month's Culinary Creature Commission for Gnoll Breath! He asked for a ref sheet which is super exciting for me since I haven't worked on a proper furry ref sheet in a while! Gonna load it with personality and do my very best to help convey the character of... well, his character! I'll be dropping WIP's of it by Wednesday after they get approved by Gnoll Breath to make sure I'm on the right track.

That about does it for the update! Lookin forward to sharing my doodles with y'all. Thank you so much!! 🍭🐺🍭

Media (2)

patreon_ty_card_4.png (1.3MiB)
patreon_ty_card_xd.png (332.1KiB)

“Good Game” 🦊 🎮 🐺
“Good Game” 🦊 🎮 🐺 more_vert
Post file flag
“Good Game” 🦊 🎮 🐺 2020-05-10T03:37:41+00:00close

Wolf is lucky to have his player 2. UwU 💜

Media (1)

IMG_4971.jpg (578.0KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #2469763 - 10 May 20 03:50
Lucky indeed...
user avatar
User #29309920 - 10 May 20 04:57
This is super cute
user avatar
User #7488771 - 10 May 20 03:44
All I can imagine now is Wolf barking at the switch like a little dog
user avatar
User #3639774 - 10 May 20 03:38
This is definitely me and my boyfriend he's not as good at some games as I am lmfao
user avatar
User #15577938 - 10 May 20 03:45
Wolf tried to catch a scorpion in AC but got stung and now fox is showing him how to catch it
Post file flag
"Contour" 2020-05-09T04:46:37+00:00close

Nothin quite like loving every inch of your best bro. Worshiping every bit of them that makes them so special to you. 🐺💜

Thank you for holding tight while I wrapped these dudes up! Wanted to put a bit of extra tongue in this week's piece since this will be the last pinup I do for a few weeks. Shifting my attention to comics for a bit!! Super excited about it. :3

Hope you like it!! Got a Patreon commission queued for next week then going all in on the comic. STOKED ✨🐺✨

Media (1)

tattoobear_redux.png (7.3MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #15577938 - 9 May 20 04:52
✨💦Bro Goals💦✨
user avatar
User #7450278 - 9 May 20 05:10
Holy hell! That's such a glorious tongue...🥵
user avatar
User #7488771 - 9 May 20 06:28
When your buddy is so big you can use his dick as a dakimakura <3
🥩BIG BITER REWARD! WIP Wednesday - "Contour" (FLATS redo)🥩
🥩BIG BITER REWARD! WIP Wednesday - "Contour" (FLATS redo)🥩more_vert
Post file flag
🥩BIG BITER REWARD! WIP Wednesday - "Contour" (FLATS redo)🥩 2020-05-07T03:58:38+00:00close

Okay so haha

Took so creative liberties and started this guy over. Wasn't super crazy in love with the initial idea's layout. Wanted to do a lot more with it. Felt more like involving him with another character and do some more kissy stuff.

Hope you like this new take on the week's piece. :3

I'll work on having these boys done for y'all by Friday! 🐺💜

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2469763 - 7 May 20 03:59
Always love the kissy stuff! Just like in the Minotaur piece!
🥩BIG BITER REWARD! WIP Wednesday - "Contour" (SKETCH)🥩
🥩BIG BITER REWARD! WIP Wednesday - "Contour" (SKETCH)🥩more_vert
Post file flag
🥩BIG BITER REWARD! WIP Wednesday - "Contour" (SKETCH)🥩 2020-05-06T20:11:30+00:00close

Since this will be my last pinup for a little while, I wanted to have another go at one of my older character from not too long ago! He's a big ol tattoo artist who made a pretty successful career for himself.

He'll have full-body tattoos that elegantly lace about his contours which I haven't added yet. He had them done to celebrate getting over his body issues and working towards having the body he'd always imagined himself having. Thought it'd be nice to draw him in the middle of a moment with himself. Lookin over his hard work and hardships. UwU

Thanks for stickin tight while I got this put together! Gonna move towards refining the sketch and laying down the linework next. See you soon! 🐺💜

Media (1)

tattoobear_redeux_sketch.png (6.6MiB)

🍭We're In May, Babies!! Weekly Update Time!🍭
🍭We're In May, Babies!! Weekly Update Time!🍭more_vert
Post file flag
🍭We're In May, Babies!! Weekly Update Time!🍭 2020-05-04T21:43:15+00:00close

Before we dive in, let me first thank Gnoll Breath for becoming this month's Culinary Creature!! Next week I'll be working on a custom commission for him of a ref sheet! Gonna do something a bit special with it so it's both functional as a sheet and giving it my own twist. Gonna be a lot of fun to work on! Thanks again, friend!

I also want to extend my sweetest thank-yous to Azel Stoltz, Clive Palmer's Secret Kangaroo Hentai Stasher, Darwen, Devon Coley, Howlie Tigerpaw, Jeremiah Alexander, JojosAverageAdventure, Lyle, Milo, Tomei Shepski, WarBird, and Zander Monkey for subscribing this month! Seriously your support during these times means everything to me. Looking forward to showing y'all what I got in store for you this month!

This week I had an idea to do a sort of tastefully-erotic, elegant sort of pinup involving a tattooed polar bear I drew a few months ago! I like his rounded design and the fact he's a tattoo artist. Inspiration hit me pretty hard when I saw photos of my friend who's covered in insane full-body tattoos. I want to explore that with a tasteful pinup of my bear and give him a reprise much like how I did with one of my other previous characters! It's gonna be real good, I can feel it!

I'm giving myself this week and next to finish pinup style works for a little bit. They aren't going away completely! Lately I've been more interested in exploring comics. I've had a lot of practice with the Star Ship comics as well as my 30k piece and I'm itching to do a narrative.

A while ago I made the decision to stop hosting my PSD's here on Patreon and upload them to my Google Drive. It was alright in the beginning, but after a time I realized updating who had access to the files, sending mass invites (Google has a daily quota so I'd have to send them out in daily waves), and a ton of other headaches made me reach the conclusion that I'm better off just hosting the files as attachments here on Patreon. I'll be getting around to posting the remaining PSD's here as attachments so they're more easily obtainable to everyone! Thank you for your understanding and my deepest apologies for the neglecting that content.

Last quick update! I haven't updated any of the dialogue or messaging on my profile since I created my page. I'll be going through it this week to give it the facelift it needs especially since I'm moving on to do more experimental works. The only thing that will be getting a change is I will no longer be uploading Patreon Exclusive works. It can be a decent driver to bring more people to my Patreon, but I'm feeling more confident that my works and my Patreon can do better standing on its own without the use of that strategy.

That about wraps it up for this week's update! I'll see y'all my Big Biters here for WIP Wednesday in a few days! Stay safe and clean out there, sweets. :3

Media (2)

patreon_ty_card_4.png (1.3MiB)
patreon_ty_card_xd.png (351.4KiB)

“Don’t Let Your Heart Overheat” 🐺💕🦊
“Don’t Let Your Heart Overheat” 🐺💕🦊more_vert
Post file flag
“Don’t Let Your Heart Overheat” 🐺💕🦊 2020-05-04T07:01:47+00:00close

Fox is on one of his rants again. Thankfully Wolf is there to keep him grounded. UwU

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #129985 - 4 May 20 08:28
I ADORE these! they're so precious!
user avatar
User #15577938 - 4 May 20 07:04
So that’s how you calm a fox down? With rubz and a kiss
user avatar
User #3639774 - 4 May 20 15:58
I've said it before and I'll say it again BLESS this series
user avatar
User #29309920 - 4 May 20 20:01
I love how you draw these two
user avatar
User #5546058 - 4 May 20 07:57
"And I'd done like, three barrel rolls already and here he is telling me to do another. And then slippy" *pawtouch* <3
“A Short & Sweet Comic!” 30k Subscriber Celebration!!
“A Short & Sweet Comic!” 30k Subscriber Celebration!!more_vert
Post file flag
“A Short & Sweet Comic!” 30k Subscriber Celebration!! 2020-05-01T21:31:52+00:00close

It’s hard to condense the last 6 years for me in a 3-page comic, but I did my best!

Gaining a following of 30k in such a short period of time scared the heck out of me. I wasn’t sure what to think of it at first, let alone what people would think of me. Some of my concerns were legitimate, but an overwhelming number of my fears were all in my head. Internal fears became a reoccuring theme throughout my creative life that impacted my thoughts and decisions. From the day I quit my job even through today. There’s no getting past it. You can only try to midigate it.

I’m not as strong as I’d like to be, but I’m sure as heck a lot stronger than I was when I first started. Understanding my own worth and respect took years for me to recognize and practice. If it weren’t for my friends and supporters like you, I wouldn’t have the confidence to keep trying new things and improve on what I’ve been building within myself for so long.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being with me. 💜🐺💜🐺💜

Media (4)

30knowwhat.jpg (498.3KiB)
30knowwhat_2.jpg (684.5KiB)
30knowwhat_3.jpg (704.3KiB)
IMG_4923.jpg (536.2KiB)

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #333597 - 1 May 20 21:59
Very happy and thankful that you're here and sharing your passion with us!
user avatar
User #10106171 - 2 May 20 13:10
I’m so happy I got to see u reach 30k subscribers. U followed ur passion and it lead u to this point, idk if u have a ways to go still?. But I’m just happy and excited for u, plz keep on doing wat ur doing.! 😘😊
user avatar
User #15577938 - 1 May 20 22:02
Your Welcome. And thank you for all the fun and creative things you’ve made for us and for yourself. Keep doing what you’re doing!!!❤️❤️❤️
user avatar
User #23121237 - 1 May 20 21:44
Thank you for the share ! Enjoy your happiness ^^
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 1 May 20 22:01
Still got a ways to go and improve in various aspects of my life. It never ends, and I hope it doesn’t! 🐺 💦 Thank you 💜
user avatar
User #26392610 - 1 May 20 22:10
Congrats :> I’ve only followed you recently thanks to my friends sharing your adorable Wolf/Fox art but I love what I see <3
user avatar
User #221279 - 1 May 20 21:36
This was so sweet!
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 1 May 20 21:41
Ah thank you so much!! I hope my message was clear. On the creative side, I hope my flow and pacing was alright. I haven’t given a comic this much thought in a very long time. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your everything <3 <3
user avatar
User #5314786 - 1 May 20 23:34
Always thought about doing this with art and I’ve never jumped into the deep end, love that you continue to produce art and remain inspiring for fledgling artists 💜
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “30k Subscriber Comic” (UPDATE)🥩
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “30k Subscriber Comic” (UPDATE)🥩more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “30k Subscriber Comic” (UPDATE)🥩 2020-04-30T00:45:13+00:00close

Got the first page done!! Just two more to go. Sheesh making comics takes so long. It’s a lot of work, but it’s great practice since I’m wanting to do them more often!

This entire project is a bit personal for me, which is why I’m really taking my time with it to make sure what I’m trying to convey is coherent. Not gonna get too deep with this, though. But I do wanna at least go into some things about what all this growth has been like and what it means for me. :3

Gonna start working on the next page! I’ll update y’all again when it’s finished. The last page isn’t very heavy with detail and info, so I hope to have this entire thing wrapped up by tonight or tomorrow. 💜

Media (1)

IMG_4891.jpg (697.4KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2469763 - 30 Apr 20 01:33
Goodness. Well, it looks rather great so far! Take your time! The “best friend” is also cute, just... total sidebar.
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “30k Subscriber Comic!!” (SKETCH)🥩
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “30k Subscriber Comic!!” (SKETCH)🥩more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “30k Subscriber Comic!!” (SKETCH)🥩 2020-04-29T17:09:52+00:00close

Hey, babes!!

I hit yet another unexpected threshold over on my Twitter. 30K!!? It’s pretty wild for me to think about... I went from 20k to 30 in just a few months. Thank you all for helping to make that possible. ; w ;

When I hit 20k, I wanted to draw something special to commemorate the milestone. I was so bogged down with work and projects that I wasn’t able to create something special on the side. This time I wanted to create something special and open up a little on my feelings with garnering a large following and what that means for me. I’m making that my focus this week. :3

Here are the thumbnails for it so far! I’ll be working on this throughout the day and sharing updates as I progress. I think it’s important for me to go into my background a little and my journey into freelancing. Starting out with only a few hundred followers and the rampant growth that affected me in deeply personal ways. It’s been nice settling down a bit and thinking this project out. I hope you find it interesting. :3

I’ll share another update here in a few hours! Thank you. 💜🐺💜

Media (4)

IMG_4885.jpg (473.1KiB)
IMG_4886.jpg (341.8KiB)
IMG_4887.jpg (490.1KiB)
IMG_4888.jpg (285.7KiB)

Love Has No Shape 🦊 💤 🐺
Love Has No Shape 🦊 💤 🐺 more_vert
Post file flag
Love Has No Shape 🦊 💤 🐺 2020-04-27T04:30:20+00:00close

Wolf has a hard time accepting that he’s not in the shape he used to be. But to Fox, he loves him no matter what shape he takes. UwU

Media (1)

IMG_4864.jpg (529.2KiB)

Comments (18)
user avatar
User #3639774 - 27 Apr 20 04:33
Oh god I think my heart just melted
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 27 Apr 20 04:44
Heeeee 💜
user avatar
User #11246624 - 27 Apr 20 04:34
Think about it would you rather have 6 small pillows or one big pillow with two small pillows?
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 27 Apr 20 04:45
I can’t argue with that tbh 💜
user avatar
User #15577938 - 27 Apr 20 04:39
Wolf will always be perfect. No matter what❤️🐺
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 27 Apr 20 04:46
MMHM!! 💜
user avatar
User #11714271 - 28 Apr 20 03:08
This is beautiful 😭
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 29 Apr 20 17:10
Thank you! ; w ;
user avatar
User #5546058 - 27 Apr 20 07:47
<3 too sweet. And I bet the thong still looks good on him!
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 27 Apr 20 04:43
Wolf likes his junk food but that’s okay. UwU
user avatar
User #10106171 - 27 Apr 20 04:31
My heart! 😭❤️
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 27 Apr 20 04:44
I put a lot of emotion into this :3c
user avatar
User #10106171 - 27 Apr 20 04:45
U did another amazing job with both
user avatar
User #21662247 - 27 Apr 20 04:31
I adore this
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 27 Apr 20 04:43
user avatar
User #177845 - 27 Apr 20 04:32
He just got more comfortable!
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 27 Apr 20 04:44
Wolf has __the squish__
user avatar
User #2469763 - 27 Apr 20 05:08
I think the not-quite-as-perfect body he has is better anyways! Need a boyfriend like fox someday.
“Together At Last” 💕
“Together At Last” 💕 more_vert
Post file flag
“Together At Last” 💕 2020-04-24T23:13:27+00:00close

Tucker and Andre had been neighbors for about 10 years now. It’d never occured to them that they might one day find themselves falling in love with each other on Andre’s cheap rug.

Tucker had moved in from far out of town. Burning his bridges after realizing nothing was tethering him to his hometown anymore. A mind and body ready for new experiences and friendships. Although determined, Tucker feels his life lacks direction. College felt like a bust, so he left before he was in too deep in a degree he didn’t want. He needs something else, yet he doesn’t know what that is.

His new neighbor, Andre, was a much older gentleman who had seen and done it all. He spent his years building his own restaurant empire in town, simply called “Andre’s”. Opening 4 locations downtown and running it all like clockwork. He can do the business stuff just fine, but Tucker had always felt at home in the kitchen. It’s one thing to eat baked mac and cheese. It’s another to have Andre’s mac and cheese. Everything he cooks comes with years of direction and experience. Failures and successes. But all that amounts to the things he’s missed out on. He’s been in love, sure. But not for 20 years. His work was his lover. It took as much as it gave. It was always there for him.

After Tucker moved into the apartment next to Andre’s, his sensitive sniffer picked up the delicious scents the meal Andre had prepared to welcome his new neighbor. Still, he acted surprised when Andre invited him over for supper. Before long the two became very close friends. Sharing meals, stories, and everything about themselves. Tucker would try to cook for Andre, but would usually resort to takeout by the end of the endeavor.

This went on for a few years until they could both feel a sort of friction between them. Not the friction of anything ominous or concerning. More like the feeling of pieces coming together. Pieces fitting into the empty spaces they had in their own lives. Something about the times they’ve shared together was making them feel whole.

It all came together after they celebrated Tucker’s 10-year mark in moving into the neighborhood. Andre and his friends surprised Tucker at Andre’s restaurant with incredible food and laughs. During dinner, Andre’s eyes met Tuckers and they both felt the friction come to a snap. Their surfaces were now complete and smooth. No sign that anything was missing. They knew they were in love.

The night ended with Tucker back at Andre’s house where they had their first kiss. It escalated pretty quckly as you can imagine. Nearly a decade of desire that was kept between them exploded into something to finally put an end to the things they had been missing. Andre had helped Tucker find a more clear direction in what he wanted out of life. Tucker had helped Andre find love in something other than his career. Those thoughts and emotions manifested into every kiss and grope they pressed onto each other. Taking form into several rounds of lovemaking until the night became day.

Finally, they were together at last.

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IMG_4850.jpg (487.9KiB)

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #15577938 - 25 Apr 20 00:11
It’s touching my feels ;-; great job with the story and pic
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 25 Apr 20 02:11
Thank you very much!! I really slowed down and took my time with this piece and the narrative with it. Glad you like it man. :3
user avatar
User #195213 - 27 Apr 20 04:39
Dynamite, that story really was so touching, made me so happy for these 2. Great writing mister! great work! you are so wholesome in your works, great job.
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 27 Apr 20 04:47
AW GEE thank you very much!!! I really gave it my all with this one ; w ;
user avatar
User #2428286 - 25 Apr 20 02:58
This story was such a delight to read, with an amazing pic to go with it! Amazing work!!
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 25 Apr 20 17:49
SHUCKS thank you! ; w ;
user avatar
User #7450278 - 25 Apr 20 00:08
You went above and beyond with this story. I luv it!
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 25 Apr 20 02:10
That makes me so glad!! Really happy you enjoy it. :3
user avatar
User #11977893 - 24 Apr 20 23:15
So touching!
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 25 Apr 20 02:10
Thank you!! I let myself go a little with the narrative, but it was really fun to put together. :3
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP...Thursday? - “Together At Last” (FLATS)🥩
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP...Thursday? - “Together At Last” (FLATS)🥩more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP...Thursday? - “Together At Last” (FLATS)🥩 2020-04-23T22:46:37+00:00close

Ya’ll I’m really wanting to do more pieces like this. Having a wonderful time putting this together. 💜

Gonna spend a few more hours on these guys before doing the final renders tomorrow. I wanna wind down this evening by starting Monday’s Star Ship comic strip.

Thank you for following along!! Gonna get these boys ready for their debut on Friday. :3

Media (1)

IMG_4847.jpg (405.7KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #195213 - 24 Apr 20 01:21
aww looking great! BFs like this makes me happy! one day!
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Together At Last” (LINEART)🥩
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Together At Last” (LINEART)🥩more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Together At Last” (LINEART)🥩 2020-04-23T04:51:33+00:00close

Whew!! Thanks for holding out while I got this far!

I’m really, really loving this piece a lot. It’s taking me a while for sure, but it’s a pace that’s helping the illustration come together organically. I’m really loving the puppy’s face a lot and him having his glasses askew a bit adds a bit of personality to the piece.

There are still a few things I wanna fix. I don’t like the cat’s placement of his left paw but that’s an easy fix!

Gonna put a few more hours into this before I call it a night. I’ll share the flats if I’m able to get to that point tonight. If not then I’ll definitely make an update on Thursday!

Hope you’ve enjoyed following along so far tonight. The updates are spread pretty far apart but I wanted to wait until I reached certain thresholds before I posted anything. This piece means a lot to me already and it ain’t even done yet. I’m glad I can share it with folks like you. :3

Media (1)

IMG_4843.jpg (388.1KiB)

🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Together At Last”🥩 (REFINED SKETCH)
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Together At Last”🥩 (REFINED SKETCH)more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Together At Last”🥩 (REFINED SKETCH) 2020-04-22T21:16:27+00:00close

WHEW okay!! Gave the sketch a bit of a facelift. Really pleased with the more dramatic pose and expression. Just the sort of new rigging this piece needed!

I’m also thinking about thumbnailing my coloring more in my sketch. I feel like after a certain point beyond the sketching phase I sort of just “wing it” or work too loosely with an idea. Gonna experiment with thumbnailing my progression more so I have a much clearer direction with what I’m gonna do.

Anyway sharing the lineart here in a couple of hours! Stay tooned. UwU

Media (1)

Adjustments.jpg (287.1KiB)

🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Together At Last” (SKETCH)🥩
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Together At Last” (SKETCH)🥩more_vert
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🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Together At Last” (SKETCH)🥩 2020-04-22T20:25:09+00:00close

Hey!! Got bit by the Spring Cleaning bug today and took the time I had away from work to do some tidying up! I was working on this between breaths and wanted to show you were I’m at so far!

It’s still VERY much in the beta stages. I wanted to move the pup’s head closer to his friend’s maw to finally draw some make-out action! I adore adding romantic elements to the adult content I make. The sex alone can make something rather adult, but the feeling of romance is an element I love adding to up that special factor. A little long winded explanation but it’s how I FEEL, friend.

Anyway I’m done cleaning for a while! Gonna make this my main focus and share a tidied up version for you here in an hour or two! Gonna keep taking my time with this to make sure I make something truly special. 🐺 💜

Thank you very much!

Media (1)

Adjustments.jpg (292.4KiB)

In A Pinch 🐺 🦊
In A Pinch 🐺 🦊 more_vert
Post file flag
In A Pinch 🐺 🦊 2020-04-20T21:25:54+00:00close

All I’ll say is drawing someone being picked up by the nipple... I was visibly uncomfortable drawing it, haha. But that just comes with the job sometimes. 🐺💦

I love making these comics so dang much. Hope you liked this one!

Media (1)

IMG_4828.jpg (480.1KiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #23121237 - 21 Apr 20 16:06
The Migthy Power of Experience ^^
user avatar
User #11246624 - 20 Apr 20 21:32
How is that possible there's no sound in space?
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 20 Apr 20 21:35
Nipple pain so severe it breaks all laws of physics
user avatar
User #11246624 - 20 Apr 20 21:41
Oh my God, we just made a BREAKTHROUGH!!!
user avatar
User #11714271 - 20 Apr 20 21:56
user avatar
User #5546058 - 20 Apr 20 22:28
user avatar
User #11714271 - 20 Apr 20 21:56
That was so Hot Dynamite! Great job!!
🍭Delicious Weekly Update!🍭
🍭Delicious Weekly Update!🍭more_vert
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🍭Delicious Weekly Update!🍭 2020-04-20T17:37:35+00:00close

Hey, y’all! Hope you’re as safe and cozy as you can be right about now. I’ve been holding up alright myself. The biggest thing for me is missing my friends a lot. Seriously looking forward to going out and seeing them again when all this is over. Taking it all day by day as best as I can. :3


Got quite a bit of you to thank!! Special thanks to Bismutt for becoming this month’s Culinary Creature!! I finished his commission last week, showing off his partner Howlite dadding it up! Had a blast creating that piece for you, bro. So happy your man loves it, too!

Big, buttery thanks to Carlos Gonzáles, Bauske Destad, MightyBeast1506, Darren, ylsun, Woebbi, Gloober, Winged0ne, Pixrent, Dominic Cortez, McHaunch, Morgan Zephyr, Robster, Rolan Jackal, Large Gut, Snelly, Baruke, Jakob Garner, Pewger, and D for becoming this month’s patrons!!! Gosh, so many of you! Thank you all so, so much for supporting me, especially considering the days we’re living through right now. Your support means everything to me. Thank you for helping me and finding value in the things I create. 💜


I’ve had a lot of ideas spinning around my head this week. First of all I’ll be finishing up this week’s Star Ship strip here in about an hour after this update. I have all the linework finished. Just gotta throw down the colors!

I’ve wanted to do a lot more experimenting with comics and other ideas. So pinups will likely be taking a backseat so I can focus on some of these bigger ideas. While I have some pretty decent ideas, I think they need just a little more time to bake in my brain before I can commit to the idea. Some of the comics I have in mind are going to be more than just 4-panel bits. I hope to make them into a full on multi-page series if possible.

Part of the main reason why I’ve been doing the Star Ship comics is so I can get back into the flow of making comics. Haven’t made any real comics in a few years so I want to be sure I’m as confident as I can be when I fully commit to one again.

In the meantime, I want to do a cute, sexy singlet or underwear piece. Something with the quality I expect from myself while also not going super overboard. I’ll play around with some sketches this week and have something worth sharing by Wednesday!

Thank you all so much for following along with today’s update! Although the weeks a months to come are going to be tough, the best medicine for me is continuing to stay creative and productive. The work I create brings so much joy to me and so many others. Providing creative comfort motivates me to keep my head high and put 100% of who I am into the things I make. I have y’all to thank for that motivation.

Stay safe out there! 💜🐺💜

Media (2)

IMG_4826.jpg (739.6KiB)
IMG_4827.jpg (512.0KiB)

“Wiggle Room” 💦 (Culinary Creature Commission for Chadwick)
“Wiggle Room” 💦 (Culinary Creature Commission for Chadwick)more_vert
Post file flag
“Wiggle Room” 💦 (Culinary Creature Commission for Chadwick) 2020-04-18T01:57:27+00:00close

Major shoutouts to Chadwick for becoming this month’s Culinary Creature!!

He got the slot so he could gift his boy this surprise illustration. Man has a heart of candied gold. There’s nothing I love more than going all in on personal art pieces for someone, especially when it’s meant to be a surprise for someone! Hearing that someone is a big fan of my work and working on something for them in secret tugs at my heartstrings, haha.

Here’s Howlite, all dad’d up and ready to share some bedspace with you. The night is warm enough to sleep with the windows and the patio door open. The smell of the fresh air mixing with the intoxicating aromas the big, burly badger gives off provides a blend of comfort and arousal. It’s hard to explain... But it becomes more clear to you after hearing the bellowing of his confident voice, calling you in for a close cuddle. It’s so warm you don’t even need any blankets. Just each other. 💜

Thank you all so much for following along with me this week! Looking forward to another creative week with y’all. Got some comics mostly doodled up. I’ll try and share them before the weekend is up if I can! Trying to keep things real calm and organic for me so I don’t spin myself out. 💜🐺💜

Media (1)

IMG_4817.jpg (497.8KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #841258 - 18 Apr 20 06:14
Imma cuddle him so hard
user avatar
User #10106171 - 18 Apr 20 02:19
Yes!!! Let me cuddle with him 🥺🙏
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 18 Apr 20 02:38
Get in there!! 💜
user avatar
User #10106171 - 18 Apr 20 02:46
Ok, I will!
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Howlite”🥩 (FLATS)
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Howlite”🥩 (FLATS)more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Howlite”🥩 (FLATS) 2020-04-16T03:29:41+00:00close


Thank you for waiting up! Took some time but I was finally able to lay out the flats colors. He’s a very detailed boy, but I’m SUPER happy with the composition and everything so far. Giving this boy all I GOT! 🐺 ✨

I want to thank everyone for following along on this week’s piece! The highlight of my week is sharing my progress of my pieces with y’all. It’s one thing to get the traction and interaction through Twitter, but sharing my progress on Patreon is a bit more personal for me. Your feedback, jokey bits, and wholesome comments gives me the light I need in these darker times. I appreciate it a lot. :3

I’ll be sharing the final of this on Friday!! See y’all then! 💜

Media (1)

IMG_4802.jpg (333.0KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #639326 - 16 Apr 20 12:12
why does every boy you draw look so utterly lovable?
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 16 Apr 20 19:44
SHUCKS thank you!!! I love drawin dudes lookin more than just super horny 💜
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Howlite”🥩 (LINEART)
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Howlite”🥩 (LINEART)more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Howlite”🥩 (LINEART) 2020-04-15T22:41:47+00:00close

All clean and tidy! Now if only we could do something about those bedsheets...

Even though I don’t take commissions very often, I get find a lot of joy in creating a custom made piece for someone. Especially when it’s a surprise gift for someone! Giving this one my all. So happy Chadwick loves it so far!

Slappin on them flat colors next! Update coming again soon. :3

Media (1)

IMG_4801.jpg (315.4KiB)

🥩Bit Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Howlite”🥩 (SKETCH)
🥩Bit Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Howlite”🥩 (SKETCH)more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Bit Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Howlite”🥩 (SKETCH) 2020-04-15T18:14:07+00:00close

Here’s the sketch for this month’s Culinary Creature commission for Chadwick! He’s dedicating the slot for a surprise piece for his boyfriend, Howlite! But he doesn’t know about it yet. No spoilers!!

I’m running each pass to Chadwick first before I post any updates here. I wanna make sure I nail his vision before the updates come in. Moving onto refining the sketch and adding all them necessary, delicious-daddy details!

Cleaned up version coming in a few hours! 💜

Media (1)

Adjustments.jpg (233.1KiB)

STAR SHIP - "Good Heats" 🐺🔥🦊
STAR SHIP - "Good Heats" 🐺🔥🦊more_vert
Post file flag
STAR SHIP - "Good Heats" 🐺🔥🦊 2020-04-13T22:23:44+00:00close

The origin story of how Fox learned to love extra spicy Thai food.

Also I like to think that after this happened Fox has to be Wolf's guide dog for a couple of days.

Hope y'all like it!! I love making these comics so dang much.

The strip and my update is coming a bit late today. The start of the week got ahead of me but I'll posting my weekly update here in a bit! 💜

Media (1)

IMG_4779.jpg (560.9KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #15577938 - 13 Apr 20 23:06
This is how he learned Fire Fox so he could use in smash
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 13 Apr 20 23:07
user avatar
User #3639774 - 13 Apr 20 22:25
I love this series so freaking much haha
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 13 Apr 20 22:26
Aah I'm so glad, thank you! 🐺💜
"Dungeon Dating"
"Dungeon Dating"more_vert
Post file flag
"Dungeon Dating" 2020-04-03T21:14:36+00:00close

The more I worked on this piece, the more a narrative came to mind involving a guy who explores dungeons and falls in love with a minotaur. Seems silly, and it should! A plot like that has a lot of potential for romance, comedy, and steamy bits. The more I thought on it, the more attached I got to these characters.

I'm wanting to explore different types of content more. Lately comics have been on my mind. The Star Ship comics were an unexpected success that started out as a joke I wanted to put to paper. The motivation to try out new characters and ideas is pretty strong. Haven't felt that way about comics in quite a long time.

The thoughts on this post are a bit of a tangent, so I apologize!! Just some thoughts I had while creating this piece. I want to sketch out what a comic involving these two might be like over the weekend. If I come up with any fun concepts I'll share them here for y'all to see and get some feedback!

As a reminder I'll be taking next week off to get some much needed creative rest. I won't be going hard and all in on illustrations next week, but I'll be doing my own fun doodles and sharing them here so it's not dead air for an entire week! I hope you'll understand. :3

Lastly I'll be uploading files to the Drive here next!! Thanks for waiting while I got to that task.

Thank you all SO much for your incredible support for the last couple of weeks. I'm extremely grateful to have folks like you encouraging me to do what's right for me creatively and personally. Enjoy your weekend and as always stay safe! 💜🐺💜

Media (1)

minotaur_bf.png (4.7MiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #15603993 - 3 Apr 20 22:54
He's a lovely minotaur!
user avatar
User #10106171 - 3 Apr 20 21:15
So hot.! Keep it going 😁
user avatar
User #21662247 - 3 Apr 20 21:33
I can’t speak for everyone here but I have to say the love and creativity you put to your art is why I became a supporter , if that means exploring comics or narratives I’m on board for that adventure as long as I get to see your amazing content once your finished I think it’s safe to say it’s worth the wait . Especially since I would love to see more of these two together <3
user avatar
User #5546058 - 3 Apr 20 22:53
Here's the beef <3
user avatar
User #15577938 - 3 Apr 20 21:21
He’s ignoring the main quest and doing side quests and getting bigger rewards. Have a chill week off!!!
user avatar
User #7450278 - 3 Apr 20 22:47
Not exactly a minotaur but I really like him all the same. I'm super weak for bulls and big dicks so I'll be rubbing one out to this later... Thanks for creating such an artwork!
user avatar
User #2469763 - 5 Apr 20 21:03
Gotta say, this is one of my favorite porn pieces I’ve seen. The Minotaur has a lovely cock, facial hair, a lovely expression, handsome face... and the spit from making out... huff. Incredible.
SMELLY!!!!! 🦊 🧼 🐺
SMELLY!!!!! 🦊 🧼 🐺 more_vert
Post file flag
SMELLY!!!!! 🦊 🧼 🐺 2020-04-03T05:57:07+00:00close

I wanted to draw them squabbling and shouting at each other but remembering how much they love each other. Because love can stink a little (or a lot) sometimes. 💜

Media (1)

IMG_4731.jpg (450.5KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #15577938 - 3 Apr 20 06:03
When the musk gets a little too strong
user avatar
User #21384633 - 3 Apr 20 06:19
You really are getting so good with your expressions when you draw. These comics really show it
user avatar
User #177845 - 3 Apr 20 06:12
I fucking love Fox's battle stance.
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Minotaur BF" (FLATS)🥩
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Minotaur BF" (FLATS)🥩more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Minotaur BF" (FLATS)🥩 2020-04-02T00:14:05+00:00close

Thank you for hangin tight!!

Been super pouring myself into this piece this week. Hot dang I'm so inspired right now. I think a lot of it has to do with some self revelations and some insecurities I've gotten over in the past several days. Feeling super refreshed and calm. UwU Much like these boys!!!

Man I can't wait to put more work into this tomorrow and Friday. Gonna take it real chill and let progress happen organically.

Thank you all so much for supporting me and following along today! This WIP Wednesday has felt particularly satisfying. Felt like I was at my best the entire way through. Looking forward to having these two lovers finished by Friday!

Take care of yourselves until then! 💜🐺💜

Media (1)

minotaur_bf_flats.png (3.3MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #15577938 - 2 Apr 20 00:16
Will it fit? Coming together great
user avatar
User #15603993 - 2 Apr 20 02:55
This is wonderful. Love the way their fingers are interlocking.
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Minotaur BF" (LINEART)🥩
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Minotaur BF" (LINEART)🥩more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Minotaur BF" (LINEART)🥩 2020-04-01T21:07:32+00:00close

Thinkin that the dog there probably fell in love with this beastie while dungeon crawling. After a few trips down the catacombs they soon fell in love! The narrative needs some work... but it has a lot of potential for a cute setting! I wanna add a dungeon-y background and probably have the dog dude's adventuring gear nearby.

It's been lovely letting go and working on this at my leisure today. Hope you're liking it so far!

Gonna slap on some colors next and sketch out the bg. See you in another 2 hours!

Media (1)

minotaur_bf_lineart.png (2.1MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #28978601 - 1 Apr 20 21:08
That’s such a cute couple drawing!! Minotaurs are always great but never get enough love 💕
user avatar
User #21662247 - 1 Apr 20 21:08
I’m already in love with them both
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Minotaur BF" (SKETCH)🥩
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Minotaur BF" (SKETCH)🥩more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Minotaur BF" (SKETCH)🥩 2020-04-01T18:39:52+00:00close

Been aching to draw a Minotaur again! They're so hunky and dorky. I love them. UwU

Taking my time with my progress today. Don't wanna rush it since I'm feeling real good about it already! Took some extra time to figure out how I wanted to position the guy on top of him. Hoping to make this a horny/romantic piece. :3

Gonna focus on having the linework version in the next 2 hours!

Media (1)

minotaur_bf_sketch.png (3.4MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #96298 - 1 Apr 20 19:01
I cannot complain about your recent size-difference presentations. <3
user avatar
User #21662247 - 1 Apr 20 21:09
Already deeply in love with them both
user avatar
User #2469763 - 1 Apr 20 21:19
Yessss... love the facial hair. Need a boyfriend like that!
Post file flag
"Klank" 2020-04-01T02:56:33+00:00close


My first koopa-sona. Which is sort of a weird thing to type out loud... "koopa-sona". But heck it makes me happy to give him a name and an image! Honestly while the trials leading up to the finished image was a lot for me at first, the end result is something I'm truly happy with.

Y'all have my deepest thanks for your patience last week. I've realized I don't need to put so much pressure on myself all the time. You gave me the lift I needed to give it my all and more on this piece as well as with myself on a personal level. Super grateful to have a base as wholesome as you. :3

Get ready for some Minotaur realness tomorrow!!! The layout for the next bit is looking so dang fine.

See you then, Big Biters!!

Media (1)

ffcfff.png (5.2MiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #31865747 - 1 Apr 20 04:00
Yeah although I never heard of Koopa-sona I'm glad your doing art you enjoy also did I see minotaur...
user avatar
User #7450278 - 1 Apr 20 02:58
My favourite part is that Klank is having the time of his life gettin' pounded by that rabbit. Imagine how he'd go with something...bigger. Also, minotaurs!?
user avatar
User #2469763 - 1 Apr 20 02:57
Whew! He’s a stud!
user avatar
User #6718849 - 1 Apr 20 15:17
You are an astronomically talented creator. Always put yourself before the pressure of this stuff. We'll be here to support you and your art no matter what. Klank is amazing, BTW. One of the best boys you've made yet. ^^
user avatar
User #413038 - 1 Apr 20 03:52
Oh boy! Size difference. *Heartbeats* 💙
user avatar
User #21384633 - 1 Apr 20 03:11
Mamma Mia that's some sexy boys
user avatar
User #15577938 - 1 Apr 20 07:14
So how would Klank be if he was the one topping?
🍬A Delicious Weekly Update!!🍬
🍬A Delicious Weekly Update!!🍬more_vert
Post file flag
🍬A Delicious Weekly Update!!🍬 2020-03-30T18:38:14+00:00close

Hey, y’all!!

Hope you’re keeping life safe n clean. Let’s get into what I got goin on this week for you!


First I want to thank 💜Zaffytaffy💜 for being the next top-tier patron!! Dude I can’t thank you enough for signing up for this particular tier. Given our current climate, it means so much that you’re willing to provide for me and all of my creative endeavors. Deeply and truly, thank you. :3

And the same goes for SwatKat, Regal, Sin, Roylee, JrSonic 2003, Stefan Vincent, and Ant for supporting me, too!! The kindness from people like you and all of my other supporters gives me the lift I need to keep pushing forward with my projects and challenges. Looking forward to another amazing month with y’all. UwU


For starters, I want to thank all of you for the encouragement while I put together last week’s illustration. I feel the restart was a super good move for me. While I’m still in the midst of coloring it, I should have it completed today!

Thursday I had scheduled a 1-week vacation to go to Hawaii with my friends, but that had to be cancelled for obvious reasons. So my vacation has turned into a staycation! Thing is... I’ve had a really difficult time forcing myself to not work. I felt it necessary to keep working on my Patreon work during my vacation. This space has been so therapeutic for my creativity to flow more freely and focus on the projects that matter to me most. But part of that process is knowing when to take time off for myself. Knowing when to cool off is important if I want to keep creating content.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to keep making content here and give myself the balance I need to stay motivated and healthy. I’ll be giving myself a week off Patreon every 6 weeks or every other month. On top of the work I do here, I also work full-time in the games industry as a concept artist. It’s a LOT of work to do my job, Patreon, and my own personal projects at the same time. These breaks are something I need. I hope y’all can understand. ; w ;

In terms of what I’ll be doing this week, I have a concept for a hot-as-heck Minotaur illustration! I haven’t sketched him out yet, but I’ll definitely have something to share in time for WIP Wednesday! After that, however, I’ll be taking the week off to refocus and take a much deserved breather.

I hope y’all understand where I’m coming from. A year and 3 months of solid, weekly illustrations and comics without a break isn’t healthy for anybody. Taking these breaks will help lift my mood, ensure newer projects can come in, and will directly impact the quality of my work. I want to make stuff I’m proud of. Not for the sake of keeping a schedule, but for the sake of my own happiness and fulfillment.

I don’t say this enough, but I’m genuinely thankful for the friends and the fanbase I’ve made over the past year here. Thank you for sticking with me and for genuinely the best group of supporters ever. 💜🐺💜🐺💜

Media (2)

IMG_4682.jpg (289.0KiB)
IMG_4680.jpg (726.0KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #3214633 - 31 Mar 20 12:11
this is such a surprise to see my name. really enjoy your works and really happy to join your patreon.
user avatar
User #2942933 - 31 Mar 20 01:08
I am so happy to be able to support you again. Excited to see what you have in store for us!
user avatar
User #23121237 - 30 Mar 20 18:54
Thanks for this message 👍 and for all the wonderfull work you share with us! Take care and enjoy your well-deserved quality time!
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 30 Mar 20 19:51
Aaahhh thank you, Sin!! :3
user avatar
User #31865747 - 30 Mar 20 18:40
Hey I'm on here cool!
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 30 Mar 20 18:50
You bet'cher sweet bippy!!
Klank Update: Lineart!
Klank Update: Lineart! more_vert
Post file flag
Klank Update: Lineart! 2020-03-28T19:38:29+00:00close

So far so good!! Still a few more adjustments I wanna make before I lay out the colors. I’ll update y’all again with the flats when I have them!

Basically today is going to be a WIP Wednesday but I’m opening it to everyone since I wasn’t able to make my usual post on Friday. Hope you’re digging the process so far! 💜

Media (1)

IMG_4670.jpg (295.3KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #28978601 - 28 Mar 20 19:40
You’re still doing great! I’m so glad you didn’t give up on this it’s amazing! A true artist at work!! ❤️
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 28 Mar 20 20:02
HNGGHHH! 💜 You’re too kind!
Re-Klank Update!! 🐺✨
Re-Klank Update!! 🐺✨more_vert
Post file flag
Re-Klank Update!! 🐺✨ 2020-03-28T05:35:19+00:00close

I can’t thank you enough for all the encouraging comments from my last update. :3

Going in I felt pretty defeated, but your kindness gave me the lift I needed to regain my confidence and try again! I’ll put a few more hours into this tonight and post the lineart later tonight or tomorrow. 💜

Also, shoutout to Coal for suggesting the Bunny!! I realized I hadn’t drawn one at all since starting my Patreon! It was a refreshing challenge. 🐺 ✨

Media (1)

IMG_4668.jpg (329.7KiB)

Comments (13)
user avatar
User #28978601 - 28 Mar 20 05:37
You’re still doing great!!
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 28 Mar 20 05:44
Dude thank you!!! :33
user avatar
User #15577938 - 28 Mar 20 08:08
Great idea with the new position. We get to see more of Klanks front side. Can’t wait for the details you’re gonna put in
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 28 Mar 20 17:07
Thanks dude!! Feeling a lot better about this new approach. :3
user avatar
User #14981295 - 28 Mar 20 05:37
This is spectacular. Big bottoms <3
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 28 Mar 20 05:43
Yeah?? I knew when I designed Klank that he would debut as a bottom. Been wanting to play with this aesthetic for a while now. Glad you dig it! 💜
user avatar
User #14981295 - 28 Mar 20 05:46
In that case I can't wait to see more of him!
user avatar
User #21662247 - 28 Mar 20 10:27
Omg ❤️🥰❤️😍
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 28 Mar 20 17:07
YEAH!!! Thanks for the suggestion! :3
user avatar
User #27922366 - 28 Mar 20 05:36
Wow now this is hot uwu 💙
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 28 Mar 20 05:44
Aaa thanks! I appreciate the feedback. UwU
user avatar
User #21384633 - 28 Mar 20 07:16
The 1st pose was good, but this one's even better. Can't wait to see the finished results!
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 28 Mar 20 17:07
Thank you very much! ; w ;
UPDATE: Regarding Today’s Illustration! 2020-03-27T20:53:03+00:00

Hey, babes!

This week’s illustration is turning out to be a real puzzler for me. I’m having so much difficulty drawing in the extra character at Klank’s rear. Earlier I reached out for suggestions on what species you thought the character should be and got some great ideas from y’all! But even after sketching out all of the examples a few times, I realized more and more that I may have drawn myself into a corner here.

Right now, I have 2 options:

1. I can keep trying to make this one work. I tried having him just riding a toy, but that wasn’t what I originally had in mind. One of the driving ideas behind the piece was to have him engaging with a character that the viewer can easily see themselves being. I’ve also been wanting to do more duo illustrations to up my character interaction pieces. It might take a lot of edits with what I have, but it could potentially be done.

2. The other option, and one I’m sort of leaving towards, is starting over with another illustration but with the same character and concept. I have an idea for another angle that would be much better suited for the idea I have in mind. The downside is I would likely be drawing it well into the evening, so it would be a much later upload than usual. As troublesome as that is, I’d much rather be late posting something I’m proud of rather than something that’s on time and feeling rushed.

Thank you for being patient with me. I take a lot of pride in maintaining a rather consistent schedule here with my Patreon for more than a year now. Having to make an update like this makes me feel a little bit vulnerable to be honest. But for me it feels like the correct thing to do is to be honest with myself and honest with you, too.

I think for now I’m going to sketch what the alternate take on the piece and share the sketch here for feedback. If you want me to keep going with the original idea, then I’ll do that! But if you feel happier with the alternate, I’ll move forward with that direction.

That sound ok? 🐺💜

Comments (11)
user avatar
User #2412901 - 27 Mar 20 21:00
Whatever works for you my dude! Nothing works better to insert yourself as a character than a POV piece! If that differs than what you were drawing, then delaying it to make something your proud of is much more important! Cheers <3
user avatar
User #2469763 - 27 Mar 20 21:51
Do whatever you think is best for you. I wouldn’t have signed up to give you money if I didn’t want you to enjoy what you did.
user avatar
User #261531 - 27 Mar 20 20:56
A delay is totally fine
user avatar
User #14981295 - 27 Mar 20 21:22
Go for the alternate! It sounds like you and us will be happier for the better direction.
user avatar
User #15577938 - 27 Mar 20 21:02
You could put the character you originally wanted behind Klank to make it easier. Take your time too, no rush, you got this
user avatar
User #6846744 - 27 Mar 20 20:54
I'm totally fine with that!
user avatar
User #31667265 - 27 Mar 20 20:57
Hey, I'm not going to be upset with a delay as long as it's something you're more proud of. If you're making stuff that makes you happy, it'll make us happy 👉👉
user avatar
User #21662247 - 27 Mar 20 21:20
❤️ seems like everyone agrees you always put out such amazing quality there’s no way we wanna rush that ❤️
user avatar
User #23121237 - 27 Mar 20 22:57
Do whatever suits you the most !!
user avatar
User #18574839 - 27 Mar 20 20:57
The alternate sounds better if you feel like you would like it more 💚
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 27 Mar 20 21:06
I seriously think I have the best community of patrons out there. Thank you so much!! 💜 🐺 💜
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Klank" (FLATS)🥩
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Klank" (FLATS)🥩more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Klank" (FLATS)🥩 2020-03-25T21:12:48+00:00close

Gettin there!!! I don't want to force too much on myself while I work on this. Still needing to conceptualize his partner there in the back. Any suggestions from the crowd on what species of friend who's snackin on him back there? :3

Gonna work on some day job tasks and come back to this later tonight! Technically I'm on a 1-week vacation so I'll be doing a LOT more relaxing than drawing for a change. Going at this for over a year without a proper break is tough. Whew.

Gonna have Klank and his friend finished up for y'all by Friday as usual! Thank you for helping to fund this illustration and for your engagement. I look forward to all my posting days to share what I've been working on and get y'all's feedback. 🐺💜

Media (1)

Noopa.png (2.0MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #694764 - 25 Mar 20 21:36
A floppy eared hound dog would be fun to see
user avatar
User #21662247 - 25 Mar 20 21:33
Honestly it would be great to see a bunny
user avatar
User #15577938 - 26 Mar 20 03:04
What about... a birb
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Klank" (LINEART)🥩
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Klank" (LINEART)🥩more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Klank" (LINEART)🥩 2020-03-25T19:12:57+00:00close

Rounded him out in a way that I'm MUCH more comfortable with! Nothing more satisfying than improving on an old concept sketch and bringing it back to life. Super digging this guy and this piece again. :3

Left some parts un-inked because I want to do a more painterly fade with his tail and possibly his ponytail. I'm also not super set on the design of the guy behind him just yet. Gonna ponder that some more as I move towards the coloring phase!

Updating you again in another 2 hours! Thank you for following along so far. I love sharing my progress.

Media (1)

Noopa.png (1.4MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2469763 - 25 Mar 20 19:14
He’s a handsome bugger! Always had a thing for Bowser, and it’s nice to see another bigger koopa!
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Klank" (SKETCH)🥩
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Klank" (SKETCH)🥩more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Klank" (SKETCH)🥩 2020-03-25T17:02:08+00:00close

A little while ago I wanted to make a Koopa-sona for myself. Sketched out this big beastie to play around with some size difference stuff. Probably has his a good bud behind him snackin on his rump while twistin his crank.

There are a few alterations I wanna fix with the sketch. Mainly just readjusting his chest so it's more forward rather than twisting to the side a little. Still, I feel this is a great start!

Gonna make some corrections then post the lineart version here in about 2 hours!

Media (1)

Noopa.png (2.6MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #15603993 - 25 Mar 20 17:02
He's adorable 😍
user avatar
User #221279 - 25 Mar 20 18:41
OMG this looks beautiful
🍬Dynamite Weekly Update!🍬
🍬Dynamite Weekly Update!🍬more_vert
Post file flag
🍬Dynamite Weekly Update!🍬 2020-03-23T18:04:08+00:00close

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening, sweeties!

Hope you’re all holding up as best as you can. I’m doing pretty good myself! Staying indoors, listening to music, playing Animal Crossing, cooking, and putting more time into hobbies I had to put on the back-burner. The very least I can do is keep making the content that makes me and so many others happy. Let’s get started, yeah? :)


Big, big thanks to Noah Infusino and JamesThePolarBear for becoming my latest patrons!! During times like these, it can be difficult to make generous contributions to artists. It means a lot to me that you and so many others here are willing to make the extra effort to support me and my projects. Your generosity is taken to heart and that love will go directly into my future works. Thank you very, very much! 🐺 🍭


March of Dragons is nearly over now, huh? Came and went so quickly!! Still, I have an obligation to make a sultry, swole dragon to wrap things up! And what better way to do that than with a Koopa??

Not Bowser, I’m afraid. A few weeks ago I designed my OWN Koopa sona—Klank!! He’s a big, beefy, dumb, horny, gooby.... well you get the picture. I wanted to break him in using this month’s theme. Thought it’d be a perfect way to wrap up this month. Already got this weeks illustration pretty well drawn out! I’ll queue up the posts for WIP Wednesday now so they’ll be ready right off the bat!

Super looking forward to ending this month’s projects. Got plenty of goodies planned for next month. Can’t get too excited for those just yet! Gonna take it day by day. Thank you all so much for your amazing support. Couldn’t do it without you. :3

Media (2)

IMG_4635.jpg (166.8KiB)
IMG_4634.jpg (718.9KiB)

Button Masher
Button Mashermore_vert
Post file flag
Button Masher 2020-03-23T04:15:58+00:00close


Media (1)

IMG_4633.jpg (490.0KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #7450278 - 23 Mar 20 05:05
That boi is playin' two games now...
user avatar
User #2469763 - 23 Mar 20 04:16
Cheaters never win! But they do look hot.
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 23 Mar 20 04:32
They’re the true video game boys
user avatar
User #15577938 - 23 Mar 20 04:26
What if Wolf tampered with Fox’s joystick? Love the different scenarios you put these 2 in
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 23 Mar 20 04:33
Thanks dude! 💜💜 Working on these are so fun and therapeutic for me
user avatar
User #7488771 - 23 Mar 20 06:17
He's THAT good! Whichever one you think I mean, you're right ;)
"Roommate Rituals"
"Roommate Rituals"more_vert
Post file flag
"Roommate Rituals" 2020-03-20T22:25:30+00:00close

You could probably make a well balanced list of the pros and cons living with Gus. As a dragon, he can be a bit cocky and a huge slob. On hot days he'll strip down to his nothings and just splay on the sofa, leaving his clothes and ice cream wrappers scattered about the living room. He's hygienic where it counts, but he can get rather ripe in a few days, too.

Gus only has 3 pairs of underwear. One he considers his "lucky pair". The elastic barely holds up and the holes in the fabric leave nothing to the imagination. Making for the perfect thing to bite down on when getting an eye and lung full of his junk. No need to replace em if they serve their purpose just fine.


Thank you all so much for supporting my piece this week!! If it were up to me I'd draw dragon boyfriends all day, every day. But this will do for now. Hope you like. :3!

Media (1)

underwearoomate.png (4.1MiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #10106171 - 20 Mar 20 23:23
So hot 🥵😍
user avatar
User #15577938 - 20 Mar 20 22:30
Now who’s gonna be the one to clean up all that jizz that gets everywhere
user avatar
User #7450278 - 21 Mar 20 02:28
You. Now get lickin'...😈
user avatar
User #7450278 - 21 Mar 20 02:28
I'd love to be his roommate. The pros outweigh the cons.
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Roommate Rituals" (FLATS)🥩
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Roommate Rituals" (FLATS)🥩more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - "Roommate Rituals" (FLATS)🥩 2020-03-18T22:00:09+00:00close

Thank you for waiting!! Here's what they look like with a lil bit of color.

I wanna have a groovy, cozy living room with a balcony going on in the background. Since y'all are roommates, it makes sense that you n Gus practice your rituals in the comfort of your own home.

Super jazzed to have this finished for y'all by Friday! See you then. :3!

Media (1)

underwearoomate.png (3.4MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #21384633 - 18 Mar 20 22:09
The colors, the poses, just "chef kiss"
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 18 Mar 20 22:18
HEEE thank you!! :3
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Roommate Rituals” (LINEART)🥩
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Roommate Rituals” (LINEART)🥩more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Roommate Rituals” (LINEART)🥩 2020-03-18T19:01:47+00:00close

Hooo yeah!! I still wanna put a rugged, torn a-shirt on Gus here. I’ll work on that during the flat color update.

See y’all again in 2 hours!! 💜

Media (1)

IMG_4605.jpg (280.1KiB)

🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Roommate Rituals” (SKETCH)🥩
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Roommate Rituals” (SKETCH)🥩more_vert
Post file flag
🥩Big Biter Reward! WIP Wednesday - “Roommate Rituals” (SKETCH)🥩 2020-03-18T17:25:21+00:00close

Ho yeah. Somethin a little more scandalous this month! Got all that romance out of my system. ;3

Gus, your kinda lazy, stanky roommate has a lot of the same urges as you. And what a pair you two make... 💦

Posting the lineart version in 2 hours!! Super stoked for this one. 💜

Media (1)

IMG_4618.jpg (280.3KiB)

🍭 Weekly Update Time!! 🍭
🍭 Weekly Update Time!! 🍭 more_vert
Post file flag
🍭 Weekly Update Time!! 🍭 2020-03-16T21:27:10+00:00close

Ho boy. It’s only Monday and what a week it’s been already!! Hope everyone is staying sanitary and safe. Been thinking a lot about my distant friends and just everyone in general during this time. Be well and stay safe, y’all! 💜


Holy smokes—so many of you!!!? I’m tremendously grateful!! Thank you to trendain, selis, tecwyn, sir gull, mia, valcre, GammaBlu, Marcus, Hamilton W, Wakewolf, Austin Miller, sewer gator, hYpErRiFiC - Buddy Goodboy, John Hawley, Jeffrey, Patchhes, Hound, Isaac Padilla, and NackV! I pour all that I am into the pieces I make. It’s so much fun coming up with new concepts and characters and bringing them to life. Being able to share those experiences with folks like you has so much meaning to me. Thank you all so much for driving me forward. ; w ; 💜


With the Gavin piece finished up, I’m ready to move onto a new dragon boy! Already got a lot of headway into the illustration already!

This feller bein a sort of grungy, grungy, but warmhearted dragon who also happens to be your roommate! He spends a lot of his time at home, lounging in some old briefs and a tattered t-shirt that should have been replaced years ago. He’s a real treat to be around though.

You’ll see. ;3

Thank you for following along with today’s update! Came in a little late but I’m so excited to put more time into my projects this week! More updates coming this Wednesday as usual. 🐺 ✨

Media (2)

IMG_4609.jpg (512.5KiB)
IMG_4610.jpg (695.5KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #5546058 - 16 Mar 20 22:23
Happy to be here!
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 17 Mar 20 07:43
user avatar
User #2469763 - 16 Mar 20 21:52
I picked the right time to become a Patron with all of these dragons!
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 17 Mar 20 07:43
YEAH!!!! It’s gonna get real spicy UwU!!
Night into Day ☕️ ✨
Night into Day ☕️ ✨more_vert
Post file flag
Night into Day ☕️ ✨ 2020-03-13T21:27:25+00:00close

After a long, impassioned lovemaking session with Gavin, you two spent the entire night just talking. About everything. Each topic organically spurring into another. Laughs and heartfelt exchanges of support warmed your hearts as the sun began to beam through the stained glass windows to the bedroom. Time seemed like an afterthought as you realized you had kept each other in good company all night long. 💙

A little somethin on the romantic side this time! Gavin is such a hunk. He seems like the sort of dude who’d get so engrossed in what you’re saying. Sometimes losing himself, just staring back at you with romantic delight. UwU

Thank you all so much for your support this week. Couldn’t do it without ya. :3

Media (1)

IMG_4571.jpg (462.1KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #7450278 - 14 Mar 20 00:17
I like that he's so enraptured with the conversation that he doesn't notice/care that he's leaking cum onto his bed.
user avatar
User #17155436 - 13 Mar 20 21:45
Best dragon boyfriend~💖
user avatar
User #15577938 - 14 Mar 20 00:09
Now I’m definitely going to get Spyro
user avatar
User #2469763 - 13 Mar 20 22:58
Damn, what I wouldn’t give for a boyfriend like that.
user avatar
User #10106171 - 13 Mar 20 21:32
I think he’s perfect as a boyfriend 😊😉
Star Glazing 🐺🌟🦊
Star Glazing 🐺🌟🦊more_vert
Post file flag
Star Glazing 🐺🌟🦊 2020-03-13T15:52:20+00:00close

Real smooth, Wolf...

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #5546058 - 13 Mar 20 16:27
Haha he's such a perfect horndog
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 13 Mar 20 16:33
Always has the “butt brains”
user avatar
User #5546058 - 13 Mar 20 16:57
It's a one track mind. And that track leads right into a tunnel of love~
user avatar
User #7488771 - 14 Mar 20 01:29
Everything you have them do is too cute... you've grown too powerful and must be stopped...
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 14 Mar 20 17:43
user avatar
User #15577938 - 13 Mar 20 16:31
Fox: Wholesome Wolf: H O R N Y
user avatar
toomuchdynamite - 13 Mar 20 16:33
Their exact dynamic yes
user avatar
User #7450278 - 14 Mar 20 00:18

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