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November Writing Update 2015-12-01T01:36:58+00:00

November is over. Time for the update

This month's word count is 58,857 words. a good result, on part with previous month.

I finished the first draft of Demons. I am happy with it over all, I think it's going to be the first book of a trilogy.

I started book two of the 'Tristan & Alex' series, it's working title is Crimson. at this point I expect the series to be 5 books long.

The Orr family chronicles got a few more stories added to it one called 'Alex's Dilemma', a very short vignette about Robert's parents simply called 'Melina' which is his mother's name. And another one called 'Dietrich's loss' which explores what caused him to become an alcoholic.

The rewrite of a Wasteful Death is finished, and now I'm adding a few sort of brand new chapters to it to lead to a scene that's been missing in the story.

I also officially started a Bate Reading group to go over my stories. They are currently going over "The Society".

Fighting addiction 2015-11-30T01:52:58+00:00

First item, I just noticed I lost a patron, Goodbye, I'm sorry to see you go.

now, work wise my week has been utterly forgettable. I am so pleased about that.

On the personal side of things.

Over the last few weeks my writing has been getting more and more difficult. I didn't mention it before because I didn't want to acknowledge the problem. and the problem is my addiction to Minecraft.

Don't laugh, mental addictions are a real thing.

I know I've mentioned the game before, I'd stopped playing for a few years, and a few months ago I started again, figuring I could keep it under control, only play it when I had done all the writing I had planned on doing. And for a while it went well. I'd do my writing, then kill whatever time I had left with it before going to bed.

and then things changed, my writing sessions got progressively shorter as I started looking for excuses to play Minecraft. I didn't even consider I had a problem since I did do my writing, so yeah the chapters were shorter and shorter, but I wrote so things were fine, right?

Then last night I decided to play Minecraft instead of writing. my reasoning? I'd only taken one day off this month when I'm allowed 2. Did I fell like writing? well, no, how could I? I'd excused my playing Minecraft.

I realized what had happened once I was in bed, and my mind couldn't stop thinking about what next project I was going to do. I had trouble falling asleep my brain was working so hard on that.

Not on stories, on Minecraft.

So I made the decision to delete the game as soon as I got up this morning. And... okay, it didn't happen that quickly, I started finding reasons not to do it, after all, what if I want to play it again at some point, I'll have lost all my progress. I don't really want to have to start from scratch, do I? No, of course I don't. Except, there isn't going to be a 'at some point', I am done with the game, so I should delete it right now.

This went on for a couple of hours at wish point I just stopped listening to those voices in my head and deleted the game. and then emptied the trashcan.

I'm already seeing a positive result, I wrote 2000 words today, and an hour later then I would have normally. but now I want to play Minecraft so badly I'm feeling a little sick.

Fortunately, that will pass.

movie wise, this morning I watched 'The Man from Uncle'. This is a movie remake of the 1960s TV series of the same name. I've never followed the series, as it was before my time (come on now, I'm not THAT old) I remember catching an episode here and there in reruns, but I couldn't tell you what the show was about prior to watching the movie.

The a cold war era spy movie with solid comedy element, but not an outright comedy. The story is something of an origin story and revolves around the disappearance of a nuclear physicist, his daughter, a US spy, and a Russian one. The story was good, the action entertaining, and the comedy just the spice the mix needed to enhance it.

I bought the DVD full price and it was worth the money.

Onto the writing.

Crimson got a few chapters, short ones.

Part 4

Today, I started on a new Orr story revolving around Aaron and Damian, where, even though Aaron is a black belt in karate, coming in second in the state championship, he refuses to fight when pushed around by a bully. Damian witnesses one such even and Decides that Aaron needs fixing.

The story came about because someone who read Adam's fear mentioned he wanted to see Adam fall and hurt himself because Damian should be made to fail at some point. and I freely admit that Damian is something of a super character, which is why I try to not to make him the main character, and I know I often fail at that. but it got me thinking that yes, One of Damian's plan should back fire on him in some way. I immediately knew who it had to be since I've already established that Aaron really doesn't like Damian, but I hadn't really figured out what Damian could have done to have to engender that extreme of a reaction, until I consider it being as part of a failure. then the story started forming.

So we get part 1 of Aaron's Change, this being an Orr story, there is incest in it.

On the editing front

A Wasteful Death got 2 new parts, that fit in the middle of the story. I need to introduce an entirely new day because of a scene I really need to add for the story.

this sequences of scenes com after chapter 10 and before chapter 11

Part 6

And that's it for this week. I'll see you in a few days when I post the monthly wrap up.

Just under the wire. 2015-11-23T04:48:27+00:00

It's still Sunday as I'm typing this, (although it probably won't be by the time I hit the send button) so I'm calling this on time.

The week was mostly forgettable, the memorable part was Friday. I was dropping my trailer at the yard in Laredo, TX and three hours from there I received my instructions for my next load, I'm taking a trailer that's already waiting for me there, going to Illinois for Tuesday morning. That's nice, I quick turn around, drive for three or four hours, means I can park early on Saturday and have a slightly longer reset than normal.

The one thing they forgot to mention was that the trailer needed to be repaired. And that as usual, the mechanic didn't start working on in until after I was there for 2 hours, then it took him another 2 to do the work. It gave me the time to do some shopping for food, and then some writing. By the time he was done it was 4pm, locally. I learned an important lesson. with the yard's new location, it isn't worth trying to get out of the city after 3pm.

Before it was close to the highway ramp so I could leave at any time and at worse it was 5 minutes to get there. Now, well, it took me an hour to do 5 miles. so from now on, pass 3pm I'm spending the night at the yard.

This morning I watched Mister Holmes. This wasn't the movie I was expecting at all, and it was the better for it. I was expecting a Sherlock Holmes moving, and this was a movie about Sherlock Holmes. There was some deducing, a hint of adventure, but ultimately its the story of a man growing old and forgetting who he was, while at the same time and trying to remember. It's melancholic, but not depressing. having said that, rating it is a little tough, because tastes will really influence how much someone will like it. I paid full price for the DVD, and I think it was worth the money. People looking for a more classic Sherlock Holmes movie might want to wait until it's in the discount bin before getting it.

On to the writing.

Crimson got 5 chapters this week. compiled into one file for your convenience

Part 3

On top of that I wrote anther story in the Orr Family series, focusing on Alexander. A few years after joining the police, right after transferring to a new precinct Alex is confronted with corruption withing the department on a major scale, and he needs to decide what he's going to do about it

Alex's Dilemma

In the middle of writing Alex's story, I had a scene pop in my head, and insisting on being written. It's about Melina, She would be Alex's Great-great-grand Mother. Howard's wife. It's just a short scene of a Sunday afternoon as she's about to get started on preparing the Sunday family dinner, and is interrupted by one of her son, and her husband.


On the Editing front,

I rewrote the last 4 chapters of A Wasteful Death. now all I have to do is slip in an entire new day in the middle of the story, for the sole purpose of adding 1 scene I promise as part of what's already written, Telima going to see his unborn child. I have an idea of what I can use to fill the day, I just have to make it work

Part 5

And now it's way pass my bed time. I shall see you next week

A little late 2015-11-16T12:14:40+00:00

This week was okay. I don't remember much of it, which is a good thing.

Yesterday I had brunch with my parents again. It's the first time ever, since I've left home, that's I've been close enough for us to meet up two weeks in a row. Normally it's months between times when we meet. It was a good brunch, great conversation, although the restaurant was extremely busy. It's the first time we've gone there on a Sunday and it's a very different atmosphere there on that day.

This week I watched Jurassic World. It's an okay movie, that tried extremely hard to give us the sense of wonder the first Jurassic Park brought, but never actually manages it. Multiple time the music swells and you can tell they want you to feel something, but nothing's actually going on on the screen, or if it is, it really doesn't match the emotions the music is trying to engender.

The characters are okay, although no always believable, I mean the lead female runs around the jungle in high heels, and while it's pointed out once, she never trips or falls because of them, or break a heel. I'm run in the wood in sensible shoes, and I can tell you it's not always easy to stay on your feet, in heels? Talk about suspension of disbelief.

The effects are amazing, if you like dinosaurs, then you definitely want to see the movie for them. The story is okay. You have kids in trouble dinosaurs chasing people, people chasing dinosaurs. Dinosaurs who are way more intelligent then they have any right to be, and compassionate too.

so over all it was an enjoyable movie, but I'd say wait until it ends up in the discount bin before getting it.

On to the writing.

Demons got it's final chapter done this week. I'm not particularly pleased with it, but it is the conclusion. I'll be able to come back to it in a while and rework it.

Part 6

and if someone prefers reading the entire story in one file, here it is.

Crimson got a Chapter done, I was aiming to work more on it, but something happened

CH 2

So instead of Working on Crimson this week I ended up writing another story in the Orr Family Chronicles. This one came about because of a comment a reader made about Dietrich fathering a child during one of his drunk time. that got me thinking, which is never a safe thing for me to do, and I realized that it could completely change the reason behind his fall into alcoholism. I couldn't stop myself, I had to write that.

Dietrich's Loss

On the editing side, A Wasteful Death gets a few more chapters done, one of which was partially changed. The scene that takes place in the academy gym in the previous version was changed to be in a history classroom. it enabled me to insert some world backstory.

Part 4

And I've attached the sketch The artist sent me for the cover of Tristan. I have to admit this is nothing like what I envisioned, but I quite like it. I can't wait to see the end result


Attachments (1)

Tristan Sketch.jpg (204.3KiB)

This wasn't too bad. 2015-11-09T03:02:51+00:00

This week was memorable, but no where near as bad as last week.

It was mostly paperwork problems this week. another trailer without its papers, but at least the office had it.

The next day I'm sent to a shipper to pickup a trailer, and it isn't there. I check with the shipper, and as far as they know, it's still in their yard. So I call dispatch to find out if another of our driver did a pickup before me and might have hooked my trailer by accident. they say no, since he had to pickup 55261, and my trailer is 329741, not similar at all.

except that I'm parked right in front of 55261, so it's still there. No one can figure out how he managed to pickup the wrong trailer, or how the guard didn't notice that the papers he handed to the driver didn't match the trailer.

At least that was easily resolved. I brought the trailer to the yard and Papers were switched. but I was out of hours so I no longer had to worry about it.

That allowed me to have lunch with my parents and that was really great. It had been a few months since I'd seen them.

Yesterday I watch the movie "Inside Out"

It's a fun movie. It is certainly an interesting concept and it's well executed. The movie follows the emotions inside a young girl as she gets uprooted across the country due to her father's job.

It's an interesting explanation for how mood swings happen, and I quite liked the 'visualization' of the emotional maturation kids undergo.

over all I'd say you should wait until the movie is on TV.

Unless you like cats, in that case go buy the DVD, it's worth the price just for that one scene.

Unto the writing.

Demons gets two chapters. the second one isn't all that great, Fights with a lot of people isn't something I'm really go at.

On the editing front

I rewrote 2 chapters of 'A wasteful Death'

And that's it for this week. See you next time

So this week was memorable 2015-11-02T22:55:35+00:00

Remember how I said week that fly by, where nothing is memorable, are good? Well, this week was very memorable. You're going to want to sit down for this.

Monday and Tuesday, nothing happened.

Wednesday, things were going well, until I get to the yard, and I'm told I'm moving into a brand new truck. Now, that isn't a bad thing, per se, the problem is that it's dinner time, and normally moving from one truck to another is a 3 to 4 hour affair for me. I managed to get it done in one and a half, but that's because all I did was move the stuff into the truck, I didn't put anything away. As of today, I'm not done putting stuff away. I did manage to get some writing that evening.

Thursday, Because I'm in a brand new truck, with a lot of bells and whistles I can't figure out I ask for a run down what how they work. The guy who has the training on that arrives at 8am. when I go look for him at 8:15, I find out he was called away because one of our driver got into an accident. Nothing major, but since it was close by, he had to go supervise, he's in charge of safety. It's close to 10 by the time he gets back, and he give me the run down.

Of course, dispatch didn't pay any attention to that, and they gave me a load that needed to be in Connecticut by 8am the next day, and i had to go pick it up. By the time I had to park I still had 4 hours to go. so.

Friday, I get up 4 hours early, to make the delivery on time. I'm okay with it since it means I'll be able to park early... or so I think. delivery goes well, I go do the pickup. I get there around noon. They aren't ready for me. It's 5pm by the time I get to the dock, and that's only because the guard made a mistake and had me go in instead of the truck the shipper actually wanted there. Still they left me there. it was close to 7pm before they were done. I drive myself to the closest truckstop and try to get some writing done... I manage to put down a few hundred words.

Saturday, I drive till 2pm to get to the receiver, yep, I was surprised too that they were opened on the weekend. and figure I'd go to the yard and be able to rest.


I'm sent 10 miles away to do a pickup. I get there at 3pm, and they don't put me in the dock before 5pm. fortunately it's only 30 minutes after that, that they are don't. but I still have to drive to the yard. It's 7:30 pm by the time I get there. Again I try to do some writing. this time nothing happened. I'm told my next load is waiting for me at the rail yard, and it's going to Laredo, TX, so I think at least I'll get to rest on Sunday, not for the full day as I like, but half the day, at least.

Sunday, I get the to rail yard, hook up to the trailer, to find out none of the custom papers are with it. I call my dispatcher, they don't have the paperwork. Seems that not only did the driver who picked up the trailer, to bring it to the rail yard never bothered making sure it was with the trailer, but the weekday dispatchers never asked him to fax that to them, as is the established procedure. They tell me to start driving while they try to find the papers, and to park in London ON, so they can fax them to me there.

An hour and a half later, I'm halfway to London. I had to go through a major construction delay, otherwise I'd have been there by that time. I;'m told to turn around and drop the trailer in our yard since they can't find the papers.

When I get there I'm given a load that needs to be in Illinios by 8am Monday. So not only did I lose my relaxing run, I'm put on a rush one and I have to drive all day. On top of that there was an hour delay at the border.

By the time I park I'm exhausted. I manage to get what I call my Writing Management done, that's where I figure out what I'm posting to various sites as a way to try to promote my Patreon, and I know I'm not getting any writing done.

As I went to bed I realized I'd forgotten to write this post, hence why it's a day late.

So now you know what a really memorable week looks like, and why I don't like getting them.

On to the writing.

Demons only got one chapter this week, see above to find out why.

Part 4

As I mentioned in my monthly update I started something called "Story Starter" Normally what comes from that is only 500 words or so, but the second one really got me going and gave me the start of something I might revisit at a later date

Looking to die

As I said, not much writing happened.

ON the editing front, I continued the rewriting of A wasteful death, and I'm realizing that I didn't post what I did last week on that, so you're getting a larger part. I guess that helps make up for the lack of writing.

Part 2

And while I'm tired, It's Monday, so there's editing to be done. See you next week

October Writting Update 2015-11-01T23:30:00+00:00

October is over. Finally.

Okay, the month itself wasn't that bad, but this last week certainly was

enough hassle affect the whole month, but that's not why you here, is


On to the writing

The monthly word count is 57041. A very respectable number, although

there has been some rather low days this month, and one day without any

writing. that would be today, I'm burnt.

Black and Cat got a couple more chapters and was put on hold as

inspiration hit and I started on a story called Demons, which is,

surprisingly enough, for me, a General Audience story. It's about

Derick, a 'man' created to fight the demons preying on the humans in the

city, and what happens when he finds out he might not know the entire

truth about himself and the people who made him.

I spent most of the month working on Demon. I think I'm more than 3/4 done at this point.

Other than that, the pilot for Mystical got some more rewritten, and more on the first episode has been written.

The final edits on Tristan have been done. Now I need to start looking

into how I go about getting it on Amazon and other self publishing


And I started doing the rewrite of "A wasteful Death." which is going to

be the next book I'll publish. I'm aiming for the end of March.

the last thing I did is that I started a weekly "Story Starter" for

myself and anyone else who wants to join in. It's my variation on the

Thursday Prompt, since I realized, after following that for a few years,

that a one word prompt just doesn't work for me.

The vagueness of that one word, which lights a match in the imagination

of many writers just locks me up and I don't know what to do with it.

The one time I managed to participate in the Prompt it was a picture,

instead of a word.

Then a few weeks ago I came across a tumbler post with prompts, but

short phrases instead of a word. And with each phrase I read images

formed in my head, stories began to unspool. so I decided to steal the


Anyway, that's it for the month. Hopefully November will be a little less eventful

This was a week, right? 2015-10-26T01:53:17+00:00

Another week where nothing really happened. Just work, and writing, really.

So today I watched San Andreas. A movie starting Dwayne Johnson as a father who trying to find his way to his ex-wife and then his daughter. oh, right, and there's a gigantic earthquake happening at the same time.

It's an okay movie, not all that memorable. The ex-wife's boyfriend is the stereotypical self centered rich guy you always find in those types of disaster movie. Dwayne is the father who sort of broke the family apart because he couldn't deal with a tragedy which happened before the start of the movie, but who patches things up by the time it's over. You have a love interest for the daughter, and you have a young kid. Can't have a disaster movie without a young kid. In this case he's the love interest's younger brother.

All the characters are interesting enough, it's just that the story is so predictable I was able to call the death a good minute before they happened.

I'd say, wait for the DVD to be on discount before buying it.

On to the writing.

Demons in moving along steadily. I don't feel the burning enthusiasm I sometime get for stories, but the inspiration is steady on it. While I like when the need to write just talks over my life, I have to say it's nice to have a steady flow in a story.

Part 3

I decided to rewrite the start of Crimson. As much as I liked the Prologue and Epilogue, it just wouldn't work for the tone I want. and Alex would have had to lie too much.

Chapter 01

On the editing side, Tristan is now fully edited

Part 2

And that's pretty much all there is. See you next week.

Where did the week go 2015-10-19T01:37:24+00:00

This is one of those week where nothing unusual happens, so one day merges with the next and you don't realize the end of the week is here. It's actually a good thing, in trucking you don't really want too many memorable weeks, it usually means things went wrong.

Today I watched Tomorrowland. The latest Disney ride translation to movie. I think it's the third one. Pirate of the Caribbeans and haunted Mansion being the other two.

The story follows Casey, a young girls full of dreams and imagination as she comes in possession of a mysterious pin that shows her a world of scientific marvels each time she touches it. Quite the contrast to the world she lives in, as she watches the launch pad at Nasa being torn down. Trying to find out where the pin came from she comes into contact with an eccentric (to put it mildly) genius, a girls who is more than what she seems, and a whole lot of wonder.

While it's not as good as Pirates, it's certainly better than Haunted mansion as a movie. I can't comment how it fares as an adaptation of a ride since I'd yet to go to Disney. The movie is fun and filled with hope. I don't think it's a movie you want to watch over and over again, but it's certainly worth watching it once.

As such, I'd say it's worth getting the DVD if you find it at discount.

On to the writing

This week was all about demons, 6 chapters of them.

Part 2

on to editing, that was quick, wasn't it?

Alright, I did the rewrite for 2 chapters. Yeah, I know, considering there aren't actually any reach chapters in the previous draft, it doesn't mean much.

Part 1

My editor returned the last edits for Tristan, and I have gone through half of them. And I'm letting all of you see them.

Part 1

And that makes for a complete week.

I'll see you next week.

Back to work, finally. 2015-10-12T01:12:38+00:00

Let me start by saying I have a fifth Patron. Thanks Shiver!

The plumber came on Monday and fixed the Tub's drain pipes and put new fixtures. I didn't get to try them, I had to get back to my truck, to find out the company had emptied it before lending it to other drivers. I don't mind that, but I do wish they had informed me. I would have come in a few hours early to make sure I had the time to do all of that properly.

Other than that, work went well. Right now I'm in Laredo TX, probably for a few days, based on previous experiences, at least I can claim the wait time.

Today I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron. The second Avenger movies, and while not quite as great as the first, very entertaining in its own right. The story follows the Avengers as they need to take down Ultron. Simple premise, fun execution.

Nothing much else to say about it, other than I would pay full theater price to see it again.

On the writing front.

That isn't quite as great. For some reason thus week had been off when it comes to writing. most days it was a hassle to get in a few hundred words. I even have one day where I didn’t even manage to get 100 words down. and most of those words are just little snippets spread over various stories.

I do have chapters for you, just not as many.

Black and Cat didn't get anything this week.

Mystical EP one got the first part of act 2 done, where Jake goes to Chris for assistance.

And I started a new story. I know, I really need to focus on what's already on the way, but as I said, this week's been weak, this popped in my head and I went with it to keep myself writing.

The working Title is Demons.

It's the Story of Derick, a hunter for an organization who protects humans from Demon attacks. A creation of the organization, and not quite 2 years old Derick is happy in his job, but there are many things he doesn't know, not that he's curious about them. Until a Demon forces him to question the things he's been told.

The story came to me while listening to "Demon Slayer", on the album "We Will Be", by Foxamoore. If you want to take a listen to the song you can here : and if you want to support Fox, his Patreon is here :

The song as a narration at the start, which talks of someone having a demon trapped inside him, and immediately Scenes started building in my head, the opening scene was almost all form by the time the song was over. and as I listen to the title track "We Will Be" I just kept adding to the story.

I did try to do something. I tried to build an outline for the story.

okay, some writer stuff first. I'm what we call a discovery writer, called a pantser in the vernacular, because I write by the seat of my pants. Clever, isn't it? Anyway. the day before the story came to me I bought a book called "Take off your Pants." And it's claims to be able to turn any discovery writer into an outliner. It was 3 bucks, and 90 pages, so I gave it a try. I've been trying to crack the outlining nut for years now, because I know that if I can manage it my writing will increase, and hopefully improve.

I read the book and come to the conclusion that it was a failure. I can't wrap my head around the method she talks about. and to be honest, What she proposes doesn't feel so much as an outlining method, and more like a formula method, which I guess technically speaking is any outline? so maybe it's what she claims it is?

But anyway, I read it, and couldn't make it work. I didn't have a story, and I couldn't see how that method would help me create one.

The next day I get the idea for demon, and I'm writing quick notes on pieces of paper, since I'm driving. Then it occurs to me that I have the perfect opportunity to put her method to the test, here I am with a brand new story, so why not.

Once I'm parked I take my notes and start going through her method, trying to make it work... yeah, trying, because as you'll notice with the outline I'm including, I still couldn't make it work. The bottom line is that I can't understand what she's doing, an her examples don't help since they seem cherry picked to support her arguments.

This books feels very much like a case of : "here's how I do things. Since it works for me, it must be perfect for everyone else."

So here's the outline

and part 1, oh, yeah. This story is General audience. I'm going to do my best to keep it like that.

on the editing front.

Tristan is still with the editor.

I have decided which book I'll be publishing next. A Wasteful Death

I'll be starting the rewrite on Monday, and I'll be dedicating Mondays and Tuesdays to it. the plan is to publish it before the end of march.

The last draft is here :

And with that, I'll see you all next week

Vacation, extended and transformed. 2015-10-04T23:48:59+00:00

So, I was suppose to be back at work on the 1st. On the 29th I called the office to remind them of that, and I find out my truck isn't at the yard. It was lent out to another driver, and he's on the east coast. he's not expected back until the weekend.

Before I continue I need to clarify something. When I say "my truck" I don;t mean that I own the truck, it's company property, but it's the one that's assigned to me full time, hence, "My truck".

okay, so I'm stuck home for a few extra days, annoying, but I can live with it.

On the 1st, about 2 hours after I would have been on the road, if my truck had been at the yard, the drain pipe for the bath starts leaking. I call a plumber for him to take a look at it, and give me an estimate. he does that and tells em he can come back on Monday and have the work done in the morning, So now I need to stay home until after he's done the repair.

I would be complaining, except for one thing. If I had been on the road, my housemate would have been the one stuck dealing with it. He isn't in a position to handle that, he doesn't have the finances for it. He would have to contact me, which can only be done through email, I wouldn't see that until the evening, the next day I'd have to find a plumber to call, try to convince them to take a credit card payment over the phone, and hope nothing went wrong during the repairs.

So yes, the Fates did know what they were doing, and for that, I'm grateful.

alright, I watched 2 movies this week.

I watched Furious 7, the 7th in the Fast and Furious franchise, which is basically an excuse to have car chases and pretty impressive stunts. This one deals with someone coming after Dominic Toretto and his family. If you liked the previous ones, you're going to like this one. It's also works very well and the last chapter in the story... which makes me a little worried that there is an 8th movie in the planning stage. This is a movie I have no problem buying the DVD at full price.

The second movie is Kung Fu Panda.

I've fought against watching this movie for a long time for 3 reasons. 1) it's an animated kung fu movie, not done by a chinese studio 2) it's a been advertised as comedy and 3) it starts Jack Black.

This is probably the perfect trifecta of bad movie potential (I apologize to the Jack Black fan out there, there is one, right?) the only thing that would have made me fought harder against seeing it is if Adam Sandler was also in it.

But my housemate has been on my back for a while to watch it. and a few days ago I gave it and watched t over dinner, and I was kinda amazed. It's actually a very good movie. I won't comment on if it's sensitive to Chinese sentiments or not, I'm not qualified, but it certainly wasn't the farce I was expecting.

It's funny movie, but it's also very touching, about a panda who really wants to do kung fu, and then finds out that not only can he receive training, but he's suppose to be this prophetised warrior who is going to save everyone, much to the dismay of the kung fu master and his students.

There are a few cringe worthy moments, but they are quickly over shadowed by the veracity of the emotions the characters show to each other, good and bad.

In the end, I'd have paid full price to see this in theater.

And on to the writing (I think that's what you're actually here for, right?)

This week was, a bit rough. the words didn't come as easily because me staying home threw me off my game a little, I'm not one for staying home to long with nothing to do.

Black and Cat for 2 chapters, and I also spent some time trying to figure out where the story is going, it's a mystery after all I should know what the mystery is going to be and how it's resolved, shouldn't I?

Part 3

The Mystical Pilot got a rework of the second part

and the first episode also got it's second part.

Over all that probably isn't as much as I've produced in previous weeks, but I'm still happy with the results.

On the editing front, Tristan has been resent to my editor for him to go over the changes. He said to expect his reply in 2 weeks.

And with that, I'll see you next week

Vacation... erg. 2015-09-28T01:44:19+00:00

Someone should have told me vacations were this exhausting.

I've been visiting friends and people I haven't seen in far too long. It isn't as much driving as when I'm working, or going to conventions, but hanging out with people is a lot more tiring. Still, I am enjoying it.

Yesterday I went to a breakfast buffet in Downtown Toronto and a dozen people joined me, great time. When I was home more regularly, I used to organizes those breakfasts every 3 months or so. It had been 2 years or so sine the last one. Then we stopped by a comic book store and geeked out for a good hour, before we broke up and went our separate way.

because I spent the night at a friend's place, I didn't want any movies today, but I did watch the premier of "Heroes Reborn" this week. This is a follow up series to "Heroes" which first aired in 2006. If you haven't seen that series, I highly recommend you want the first 2 seasons. Reborn starts about 10 years after the end of the original series, and a year after a terrorist attack in Odessa that sent people with powers into hiding.

The first episode is a 2-fer, actually being episode 1 and 2. and it manages to recapture the feel of the original first season, and I'm hopeful for the rest of it. This is one of my 'must watch as soon as it airs' TV shows.

Onto writing.

Even while being on vacation, I did some writing.

I did 3 chapters of Black and Cat, and I'm liking them. I've introduce a police detective who will be a recurring character, if this ever turns into a series of novels.

Part 2

On top of that, I've gone back to Mystical, I want to made this a serial, and I'd been in talk with another artist to have him help me Co-script it, unfortunately that didn't work out, we aren't really compatible, but out of the meeting we did have he gave me good notes on the original story, which you can read here :

as well as the idea of the first episode. So I'm working on both on restructuring the original story, which will now become the pilot for the series, as well as the first episode. and I'm going to start looking for another co-scripter.

Pilot-Opening act

Episode 1 - Opening Act

And with that, I'll see you all next week.

Vacation GO! 2015-09-21T03:01:05+00:00

This week was a decent week. I got to the yard Tuesday morning for them to repair my truck, which they did, although for the batteries all they did was tighten the cables, and charged them. I pointed out they were so dead that it took 2 hours to charge them enough to be able to start the truck. I got the usual reply of "oh, that's normal" By the time everything was done, it was almost 10pm, so I hooked up to the trailer i was given and parked in the staging area. Should I say how not surprise I was the next morning when the truck didn't want to start. The overnight mechanic, because this was before the morning crew arrived didn't fight with it, he just put in 4 brand new-ish batteries. the truck has been starting perfectly since then

Yesterday I got home late morning, for the start of my vacation. spent most of the afternoon talking with my roommate. I'm not going too far this time around, no conventions for this vacation. I'm going to use the time to go visit friends I haven't seen in a while.

This morning I watched 'Interstellar'. It's an interesting movie, which aims for a '2001 a space odyssey' feel, but doesn't quite achieves it. The story revolves around a farmer, in the near-ish future, when almost all the food crops have failed, who used to be a nasa pilot. Due to some odd events he finds himself back at nasa to pilot a ship though an artificial wormhole in the hopes of finding a new planet for humanity to migrate to.

The lowest point if that 'Love' is a tool that's used to help resolve the story, when there was absolutely no need for it. Even with that it's good enough that I'd still buy it from the discount bin.

On to the writing.

Family Troubles got two chapters, and I'm stalled on it again. I think I'm going to take an official break from it for the time being.

Part 8

So I'm going to work on a new story I'm calling 'Black and Cat'. It's going to be a light mystery, I hope, but it's going to be in the mature folder because of the language used. Seems that my characters pretty much always end up swearing. While sex will be mentioned, again, they are living beings, I have no plans to show any of it in the story.

The story is about Nicholas Black, a wandering jack of all trades who after inheriting money due to the death of his parents decides it's time to settle down. he buys a building to renovate it into a bar and his apartment. Unfortunately for him, it turns out the building comes with a cat, and a dead body. Nick's curiosity leans him to look into it and get drawn into some trouble.

Part 1

In the editing front, I have finished the edits my editor sent me, which lead to a rewrite of the epilogue, so I'll include a link to that here.

He will be looking over the changes I've made and corrections I added, and then return that to me. once I'll have gone through those, the book will be officially finished. and I'll have to move on to the next one.

Epilogue rewritten

and since I shoudl have been in bed an hour ago, that's where I'm heading. see you all next week

A short week of 7 days. 2015-09-14T00:43:07+00:00

This week saw me parked for almost 3 full days. It took two and a half days for my company to find me a load after I delivered in Kansas, and today I was parked for half the day.

This let me do a good amount of writing. and sleeping in. I got up at 7am instead of 6am those mornings. Yay me.

but because of that, I had to do some driving today, so I didn't watch any movies today. and that half day parked? I spent it at custom. Someone at my company didn't do their job properly and my load wasn't cleared to cross, even tho they told me it was. and this being Sunday, the broker was closed.

So it was 5 hours while my company tried to figure out who to contact to get this resolved. In the end they made me fill out paperwork that would let the load be cleared at a clearance shed in Mississauga. so I take that in the custom office to get it processed, and the officer tells me I don't need it. The load has cleared custom.

I don't know if it's the officer at the booth who didn't check things properly, or my dispatcher calling around that woke up someone and they did their jobs. I'm just happy it got cleared. Dealing with Clearance sheds can be a hassle.

So, onto the writing front.

This week saw me finally finishing Tom's Story. this turned out to be 18,000 words. probably 4 times longer than what I expected when I was envisioning it in my head.


There is rape in this story. Read with care.

I also wrote 4 chapters on Family Troubles.

Arnold finally has his investigator, and now they start on finding proof of what his dads are planning. and I still have no idea where the story is really going. and yes I know I've been ignoring Brian for a while. I also don't know what to do with him for the moment.

On the editing front,

Tristan is edited up to Chapter 14. no major changes, although one did require more work, not that it's long, but the crafting of the scene was troublesome. I kept making Tristan too nice.

And with that I'll be off. see you next week.

I am tired. 2015-09-07T02:40:15+00:00

First off, I want to thank you for you support. As a reminder, you can get all the stories through this link :

My week has been mostly quiet. Until Yesterday, when the battery decided to die. So when it came time to get going in the morning, I didn't go anywhere. With it being a Saturday it took four hours to get the someone to boost my truck, and it took over two hours for the batteries to get enough of a charge to start the truck. The batteries are dead, but my company would prefer paying 500$ each time I have to turn off the truck and it doesn't start, rather than getting the over the road repair guy to install new batteries.

They have that, lets save 1$ today, even if it costs us 500$ down the line.

I didn't watch a movie today. I tried to watch a Jackie Chan movie called Police Story:Lockdown. but it is a translated movie, and while I know that Chinese and Japanese women talk in a fairly high pitch voice, when it's translated in English it's even worse, so I didn't last 10 minutes.

On the writing front.

I only have one chapter for Family Troubles. It's along one, so I'm not disappointed. I was hoping to have a new short story for you today, but it's running longer than I was expecting.

Part 6


This part has explicit sex in it, and an underage child is involved. DO NOT READ if that disturbs you.

On the editing front.

Chapter 5 to 8 have been edited. and the editing in chapter 8 is so massive that I am including the it here. (there are typoes in it, because the changes have not been edited themselves yet.)

Last week I forgot to mention that I lost the artist who had agreed to do the cover of the novel because of "Artistic Difference". Yeah, lets call it that.

But I have found another one, and I have much more confidence in him.

I think that's it, so I'll see you all next week

August Writing update 2015-09-01T01:22:09+00:00

I figure I should give you a tally of how August went. I only took one day off, and wrote 52,628 words.

The Society was concluded, and Family Troubles advanced.

I wrote a new "Patrick" story called 'a father'. It deals with his eccentricity, and some of the work he does for the first company he he works for.

In august I found an artist to do the cover to Tristan's novel, then lost him due to creative differences.

I found a proof reader and Chapter 1 to 4 have been done.

See you next month

What do you know, it's on time. 2015-08-30T23:56:15+00:00

So, I logged in to find out I have two new Patrons, thank you very much for your support.

This week has been good. The coolant leak has finally been fixed, although that ended up stressing out the scheduler. Even though I'd sent them more than one message telling them I had a significant leak (By the time I reached the yard i was adding a gallon of water every 3 hours or so). He still put me on a rush load going to Atlanta. Well, he had to deal with it. Once the shop found the leak they weren't letting my truck go. they were actually amazed I made it there without the pipe exploding.

The shop managed to do the repairs that evening, and I was able to get on the road in the morning. I made it to Atlanta on time, although that was it's own fun. The numbering system on the road where the customer was located went up and down, making it difficult to find them, and then I had to back to their dock with very little maneuvering room.

Because the scheduler pays a lot of attention to what's happening, he gave me a pickup I couldn't do, so they had to cancel it. The one they found me after that was extremely tight on time, but I managed to get there 30 minuted before the appointment time. Only to find out the product wasn't ready. It took them 4 hours to load my trailer. Such are the joys of trucking.

This morning I watched Survivor. A thriller staring Milla Jovovich, and with Pierce Brosnan as the main villain. I'll admit I bought it because 1) it was discounted and 2) Pierce is in it. I'm a fan of his, ever since discovering him way back when on Remington Steel. I did think he would be the main character (I didn't really do more than glance at the synopsis) But I wasn't disappointed.

It's a fun movie, It's relatively straight forward, with the one exception that they don't bother throwing twists after twists. You quickly know who the players are, and where they stand. If you've watched many thriller, it's somewhat predictable, but that didn't take away form the enjoyment.

My rating? I would have bought the DVD full price.

On the writing front.

I took a break from Family Troubles, The last few chapters last week required a lot of work to get out. I think it's such a dark story that I needed to work on something a little lighter. So I went back to the Orr Family Chronicles, and wrote something that I don't think has any actually Adult parts in it, although it is definitely for a mature audience

It's a new story featuring Patrick, and it follows him on a job now that he's working for Royal Security. It's 15,000 words, and I completed it in a week. Which pleases me since it confirms I can do it.

A Father

On the editing front.

Chapter 3 and 4 of Tristan are edited. when it's recompiled 3 will be merged with Chapter 2. It also required a bit more work than I thought. on top of what the editor pointed out, a friend noted that it felt like in one part Tristan wasn't using the most efficient route available, so I have to add information explaining why it actually was.

And now I'm tired. See you all next week

A day late 2015-08-25T00:58:50+00:00

I won’t assign blame, after all, this time it was a conscious decision. Yesterday, not long before I was planning on writing this up a guy I know dropped by the truck stop where I parked. We had dinner then hung out. When we were done, It was time for me to go to bed. So this got delayed.

The week was good. A couple of short days, and one late delivery, due to bad weather, but I make good miles (2400 of them).

I watched Jupiter Ascending this week. A nice action flick aimed at the younger female audience, Just like a bunch of them that have come out in recent years. It was good enough at points that I found myself forgetting I had webpages waiting for me to look at. It’s something of the usual story of a young girls, late teens, early twenties, living a boring everyday life to then discover she’s destined for great things. As such, this one had all those elements. She’s helping her mother clean the house of rich people, has pretty seedy relatives and isn’t going anywhere. Then she’s attacked, and her world change.

I thought the main actress was decent, and so was the main actor. The supporting cast was… forgettable as a whole. The big problem with the movie isn’t it’s fault. It’s that no matter how perilous the situation she found herself in, we know she’s going to survive, so it’s tough to feel excited at the ‘danger’. I will say that it was nice that although she was somewhat the ‘damsel in peril’ She did everything she could not to be, she didn’t know how to fight, but she fought on anyway and by the time she needs to be rescued, you at least felt she had done all she could to get out of it herself.

My rating for this movie is : Buy it at discount.

On to the writing.

This week was all about Family Troubles, 4 chapters of them.

Part 5

On the editing front, The editor sent Chapter 1 and 2 back, and it was mostly grammar and typoes. But talking with others, I was made aware that in a few place in the story they felt Tristan wasn’t going about his task in the most direct way. And since on of Tristan distinction is that he’s quite efficient, I’m going to have to go through the scenes and either change how he goes about it, or explain why it’s actually more efficient to do it that way, without actually explaining it.

That’s about it for this week, Seen you next Sunday (hopefully)

A little late. 2015-08-18T23:22:25+00:00

So this post is a little late. I can blame work. Late week was disorderly. Spent two days barely driving, one was to wait for the office to figure out what to do with my load. the next day was because there was trouble with the loading. Because of that, it meant I had to drive on Sunday, which sort of threw my schedule out of wack and I ended up forgetting to write this up.

I was going to do it yesterday, but ended up parking in an area with no internet connection, even my cell phone couldn't provide me with a working internet.

So I'm doing this today.

It wasn't a bad week, don't misunderstand, it's just that I tend to become set in my ways and if things have to change, I forget where I'm at.

I did not watch any movies. I have nothing left to watch in my DVD case, and I didn't find anything I was interested in watching at the stores during the week.

On the writing front.

As you'll see there's quite a few chapter in this part. the week went well, although the story isn't moving as fast as I was expecting. I'll let you in on a little secret of how I write here.

When I start a story, I almost never know where it's going. I might have a vague idea of what I want to see happening, but it's the rare story where I know the ending when I start writing. The first draft serves a lot to figure things out.

I don't know if you'll be able to tell in this week's chapters, but two of them are only there because I didn't really know what to do. I wanted time to pass, but not just say time had passed. so I put a few characters together and wrote what happened. I didn't get anything pointing to an ending out of it, but I got clues to what those characters might want. what they might be willing to do to get it. and indirectly I figured out one character's problem.

Family Troubles part 4

On the editing front.

The editor got back to me, we agreed on the rates and he has edited the Prologue. He's doing more than simple proof reading. He'd also giving me some structure help. I am quite pleased with his work at this point.

And I am tired, so I'm off to do more writing. have yourself a good week.

A week like any other 2015-08-09T22:32:47+00:00

You know the week was uneventful, when you can't even remember it going by. I know I drove, but other than that, I'd have to go look at my log to know where I went.

Yesterday I did go an see the new Fantastic Four movie. It's an okay movie, nothing more. really, for a movie about a group called the "Fantastic" four. there was no sense of the fantastic in that movie what so ever. Frankly, for all it's flaws, the one that came out in 2005 is much better.

Now I'm going to address one of the thing that sent a lot of people raging when it was revealed. Johnny Storm's blackness. Frankly, I couldn't care about that. Thinking about it made me realize that if it's a character that's dear to my me, I would be bothered, but secondary characters, or characters I don't care for. it won't bother me.

No, here is what bothered me about the race switching... Why is it that Sue Storm is white? The father was black, the mother was (supposedly, since we don't see her) also black, Johnny is black, but Sue is white and adopted? Why the hell? Why didn't they keep the Storms an actual family and make her black too? Is Fox saying that Reed Richard would never date a black woman? Is Fox afraid of showing an inter-racial couple on the big screen? *THAT* is what bothered me about them making most of the Storms black.

so, what's my rating for the most recent Fantastic Four movie? I'll only watch it if I come across it on TV.

On to the writing.

This week saw me finished the first draft to "The Society", just finished it a couple of hours before posting this actually. It certainly isn't perfect, I already know some changes that need to be made, but I'm happy with the over all result. Inspiration helped, but I got the feeling it was reluctantly, I had a few days where after a couple hundred words he moved the focus to 'Family Troubles', So that story got three chapters.

The Society

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

And for those who prefer reading it as one file The whole story is here

Family Troubles

part 3

One the Editing front, everything is at a stand still. I have found Proof reader for Tristan and I emailed him to find out his rates.

and that's about it.

See you next week.

August? Already?
August? Already?more_vert
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August? Already? 2015-08-02T23:39:00+00:00close

May, where does the time goes? Feels like just yesterday it was January.

The week went well, the driving was uneventful, Went to Vancouver, now I'm on my way to Tennessee.

This morning I attempted to watch the Annie remake that came out a few years ago. The one that takes place "today" I made it about 15 minutes in before I had enough. The music wasn't engaging, nether were the characters. I can't really say why, I just couldn't care for them. maybe I'm too old for this version? I ended up listening to the Commentary. which was the reason I bought it, on special. so yeah, I guess my expectations weren't too high from the get go. My rating? I'd watch it if it was on TV.

On to the writing.

Since we've crossed over a month, I should give the end tally for last month. 80,343 words. I'm quite happy with that.

This week, I ended up working mostly on "The Society." Yep, after my comments on how Inspiration has changed his focus, I was able to have a talk with Him and we reached an agreement. ( Hey, I'm a writer, I'm allowed to be metaphysical) He's going to continue helping me finish this story, and I'll work on the others in my spare time.

That amounted to 4 chapters, assembled into part 12

Family trouble got 2 Chapters done,

And I have started work on the followup to Tristan, called Crimson. which will tell Alexander's story after Tristan abandoned him. I wrote the Prologue and the Epilogue.

On the editing front.
The edits on Tristan are done!
I need to get it proof read, and the writing of it will be done.

Over the next few weeks (finger's crossed) I'm going to be making changes to how you access the stories so that instead of just looking through folders on my google drive, you'll have a webpage (of sort, I'm no web designer) where you'll have a description of what the story is about.

that's all I can think about, so see you next week

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At Inspiration's mercy
At Inspiration's mercymore_vert
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At Inspiration's mercy 2015-07-27T01:00:22+00:00close

So, on the work side, things are going well. I'm on my way to the west coast, with only a minor hitch in the plan. I forgot my Verizon Cell internet card home, so I have to rely on my cell phone for internet while on the road. It's providing it, but just barely. Next time I'm in Brampton, I'll make sure to drive by home to grab it.

Today I rewatched R.E.D. 2 Most definitely a fun movie, and in my opinion much better than the Expendable franchise. here we get to see older actors kick ass and have an actual story with Character development moments. I still live Bruce Willis as an Action hero. My rating? Most definitely a movie I'd pay full theater price to see again.

On the writing front.

I've been thrown something of a curve ball.

I'm going to start by saying that I have no institution training when it comes to writing, not a complaint, just a statement. One of the consequences of being self taught in the art of writing stories, is that I never taught myself to actually work at writing. Until recently I've always been content to be at the mercy of Inspiration, because, really, he knows what he's doing. When he hits me over the head with that 2x4, man to I start writing.

Unfortunately, that doesn't mean I'm able to write as fast as he works, so a lot of the times, when he says that he's done... I... might not be finished writing said story.

Before, I would just drop the story and move on to another one if he had another 2x4 for me, or simply move to something else... and you can tell by the number of incomplete stories.

That brings me to now.

He changed 2x4 on me a few days ago. So they desire to work on "The Society" as been replaced to work on something I'm calling "Family Troubles", a story in the same universe, but focusing on the Orr family, well, on Arnold, as he has to deal with troubles within his family. It also contains some spoilers for "The Society" since it takes place a few months later.

The main trouble is that I have to finish "The Society". I owe it to you, I can't afford to be satisfied with just jumping from one story to the other, not caring if they remain unfinished. I promised you finished books, and I intend to deliver.

I am going to have to teach myself how to work at writing stories (or figure out a way to wrangle Inspiration... I'm not holding my breath on that one, he's very slippery)

So, on to what I did this week.

The Society
Part 10

Part 11

Family Troubles
As a reminder, there are going to be some spoilers in this, in Regards to "the Society" I don't think it reveals twists or anything, but some events that hadn't happened yet will be alluded to. Also, this is going to be most definitely and Adult story dealing with gay themes and sex. read with care.

Part 1

On the editing front.
The proofreader for Jeremy has gotten back to me, to inform me that LIFE happened, and that I might want to look for anyone proofreader. Unfortunate, but at least now I know. He did about 85 pages out of 260.

For Tristan, I have edited Chapter 11 to 15, and I have the last 5 in my inbox, So I should be done editing this novel by the end of the week.

Not complaining over all, not complaining at all

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Vacation's over
Vacation's overmore_vert
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Vacation's over 2015-07-19T21:44:36+00:00close

this has been a good week. I hope it's been good for you too.

first item. I have a second Patron! (Hi Dad!)

The rest of my vacation went okay. rested at home, ran some errands, wrote. Still need to store my DVD collection. I have way too many of those (I know, I know. No such thing as too many movies.)

Speaking of Movies. I watched X-Men:Days of Future Past, Rogue edition this morning. It's still a good movie the second time around. This one had extra scenes in it involving Rogue. They were nice, but I see why they ended up on the cutting floor, they don't add much to the movie other than allowing the actress' name to be in the credits. It also explains why Kitty gets hurt. It really wasn't needed since her wound never added to the tension. It was just an excuse to go get Rogue. so my rating? It's worth buying, but unless you're a fan of extra feature, as I am, just get the DVD version.

Still on Movies. I need to try to go see Ant Man in theater. I've been staying away form reviews, but I hear it's good. I should have time once I'm in Laredo. (finger's crossed)

On the the writing!
Another week focused on the Society. This story is coming along nicely, and while I still don't know exactly what the ending is going to be, I know there will be one, so I'm considering making this the second novel I'll publish, because of how adult it is, I'm not sure if I'll do so under my name or use an alias. I'm not worried about adult stories being associated to me, but I think reader will prefer the clear division.

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

On the editing front.
The edits on Tristan are now done up to CH 10. I have more coming, with the goal of all 20 chapters being done by the end of the month.

Jeremy is still at he Proofreader. I sent hi man email asking for an update, or at least a sign he's still alive. If I don't get anything back by mid August, I'll start looking for someone else.

And a Deal has been reached with an Artist for him to read Tristan and give me a few thumbnails.

When I have something to show, I will let you know.

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Tired 2015-07-14T02:41:41+00:00close

Anthrocon was quite good. Got to catch up a few friends, but some stuff, and write a whole lot.

I have to say that right now I don't particularly remember many details of the Convention. I've been home for a few hours now, catching up to email and other stuff. The drive back was about 6 hours. We did surprisingly good time.

I hope those who went had fun too.

I don't expect any writing will happen tonight. it's already pass my bed time as I write this.

so, on the writing front,
It's all Society.
I've also realized that it's probably annoying to have to click 20 links, because I wrote 20 chapters in a week, so I bundled them in larger parts

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5
This part contains more explicit sex (I'm going to have to move this story to the Adult section after all)

On the editing side,
everything is at a standstill.
No word from the proofreader, and no editing done.

but I'm hoping I've found an artist for the cover. I sent him a message and we'll see what he says

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On vacation, startign now
On vacation, startign nowmore_vert
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On vacation, startign now 2015-07-05T23:02:45+00:00close

The week was good.

the driving went well, got plenty of miles in.

I tried to watch the animated movie "Hotel Transylvania". To be honest, I got in knowing I wouldn't be able to watch it, and while I turned out to be right, it wasn't for the reason I expected.

Adam Sandler voices the main character. I can't stand Adam Sandler. I'm sorry for the fans of his, I just can't stand him. I gave this movie a try because it's animated, so all there would be was his voice, and that would be bearable. And I was right. Sandler is not why I turned the movie off.

the Story is why.

the moment the human entered the hotel, I saw where the movie was going. trying to hide the human, trying to pass him off as a monster, a series of comedies of errors. that kind of thing. That isn't for me. I can enjoy comedies, but I need them to be smarter than this promised to be.

I'm going to try to listen to the commentary at some point, and maybe that will give me an appreciation for it . . . . but don't hold your breath.

And today I start my vacation. Ten days off the road, well, if you don't count the drive to Pittsburgh, for Anthrocon. Yes, you'd think that I wouldn't want to drive while on vacation. What can I say, I love driving.

How will that affect the writing? I'm not sure. the plan is to continue writing every day, but vacations do tend to be unpredictable. And while at Antrhocon I will be offline, so I'm not sure how that will affect the next Sunday post.

on to the writing update.

Rascal Redux.
The rewrite of the Rascal Pilot is finished!
It tapped off at 29,090 words. much higher than I expected, considering I removed the entire childhood part. This version isn't the final one. This was primarily an experiment to see if I could give it a "TV show" feel. I don't know how successful I was, my beta readers haven't gotten back to me on that yet.

Considering that it's almost 30,000 words, and there's probably 10,000 on the childhood section, it might be worth trying to make this an actual novel.

Scene 37

Scene 38

Scene 39

Scene 40

Scene 41

Scene 42

Scene 43

Scene 44

Scene 45

The Society
This, this was unexpected.
This is the story of Denton Brislow, a police detective in Denver, who, in the process of investigating a triple murder, makes some discoveries about himself, and the world he lives in.

This story kind of blindsided me, And this isn't a complaint. the day I complain about Inspiration striking, even if it's with a 2x4, I need to get out of the writing gig.

It came about because a friend of mine, who is also a writer, and was a beta reader on the Orr family chronicles, got inspired by it to write his own take on it. It told me about it, I even read some of it and it's quite interesting. the world where it's happening is intriguing. and then one day he asked me if I thought the Orr family might enjoy participating in what the story described.

My initial reaction was, of course not, they aren't in that universe, but then I asked myself, what if they were. Who would they Orrs be if they lived in a word where the kind of mysticism my friend described to me existed. While I contemplated that question, my mind build a world for that answer to come forth.

The Society is the fruit of those answers.
and through Denton I'm exploring it.

Part 1

On the editing front.
Still no word on the proof reader for Jeremy. I'm starting to become concerned.

And I didn't do any editing on Tristan. That was suppose to happen today, but The Society is what showed up.

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nothing much to say
nothing much to saymore_vert
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nothing much to say 2015-06-29T01:20:40+00:00close week has gone by. Summer is here. Work is the same as ever. I hope everyone's enjoying the hot weather we're having. Wow, I literally have nothing to say about my week. On to the writing then. I didn't do that much writing this week, I basically didn't feel it at all. the Rascal Redux Scene 32 Scene 33 Scene 34 Scene 35 Scene 36 and one story in the Orr family Chronicles. The Mother. Damian meets the woman who gave birth to him for the first time. On the editing front Still no word from the Proofreader, in regards to Jeremy. Chapters 5, 6 and 7 of Tristan have been edited. I'm okay with the writing output this week, even if it was a little lower than I would have preferred.
a good wook over all
a good wook over allmore_vert
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a good wook over all 2015-06-21T23:33:45+00:00close

This week has been good, all things considered, I hope it's been good for all of you also.

The driving has been uneventful, other than my truck going in the ship for 2 minor things, and spending a whole day there because they found a couple of major thing that couldn't wait (the one I was told about was that the exhaust was about to fall off)

I watched Kingsmen, From the reviews I'd seen, I knew I'd enjoy it, but I have to say I really didn't expect to enjoy it quite that much. It's a fun spy movie that isn't silly, it's slightly over the top, but just enough to make it more enjoyable, without ever becoming campy. And on top of that they make a few interesting commentaries about he state of spy movies today.

On to writing updates

The Redux of the Rascal Polite is moving along, wrote a lot of scenes for it the week

Scene 21

Scene 22

Scene 23

Scene 24

Scene 25

Scene 26

Scene 27

Scene 28

Scene 29

Scene 30

Scene 31

Also part of the Rascal series
Romnalin's Wrath : I know this will be in the second season, although not precisely where

In the Orr Family chronicles, I wrote something I'm calling 'just a walk' where Aaron, Alex and Patrick walk back to Alex's place after catching a football game, and are interrupted by a gang. there is sexual talk, but no sexual acts in this story

On the editing front . . . Well, I slacked off on that one. My alpha reader has returned me a bunch of chapters for Tristan, I just have to sit down and go over them

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Meet Google Drive - One place for all your filesmore_vert
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Meet Google Drive - One place for all your files 2015-06-15T00:43:59+00:00close

The driving this week has been good. Full days of driving all most every days. nothing special happened, this is probably going to be what most of my work recaps are going to look like (hopefully)

On the writing front.

The redux of the Rascal pilot is moving along nicely 5 scenes written this week.

scene 16

scene 17

scene 18

scene 19

scene 20

I also wrote the first scene for what will be the 3rd book in 'The lord Commeth' series

On the editing front,
Jeremy is still with the proof reader. I emailed him to get an update.

Chapter 3 and 4 of Tristan have been edited. My beta reader had now sent me up to CH 10 of notes and corrections. Which I will start on later this week.

and that would be it

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an okay week
an okay weekmore_vert
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an okay week 2015-06-08T00:50:59+00:00close

this is one of those week where the only descriptive that fits is "work's work" it get's the job done and money in the bank, but really, if I could have managed to do without, I would have. roads were okay at best all week long.

On the writing front,
The redux of the Rascal pilot is moving along.

I wrote scene



and after being sent here I got inspired and wrote this, based on rule 54 and 138

I may write more, as the mood strikes.

On the editing front, nothing much has happened.
Jeremy is still with the proof reader,

and I've received 2 Chapters of correction for Tristan, and I have started on the first one. I don't have any excuses, just laziness.

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This Evil Overlord List is Copyright 1996-1997 by Peter Anspach. If you enjoy it, feel free to pass it along or post it anywhere, provided that (1) it is not altered in any way, and (2) this copyright notice is attached.



on the rebound?
on the rebound?more_vert
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on the rebound? 2015-05-31T22:19:09+00:00close

This week has been uneventful, only in relation to the previous one.

It's been a lot of short hauls, and not making much money. Nothing really bad happened, just a lot of small work related stress.

on the writing front.
The redux of the Rascal pilot if moving along well, with a bunch of scenes, some entirely new, while others are reworking of already written ones. In total, over 5500 new words this week.

Scene 3

Scene 4

Scene 5

Scene 6

Scene 7

Scene 8

Scene 9

Scene 10

Scene 11

Scene 12

On the editing front,
Jeremy is still with the Proof reader, haven't gotten any update.

And CH 3 of Tristan was done.

So, all in all, better than last week

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Somethign of a rough week
Somethign of a rough weekmore_vert
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Somethign of a rough week 2015-05-25T00:49:29+00:00close

The last week hasn't been all that great.

still fighting the depression, which makes writing tougher.

On top of that, I had to switch truck on Tuesday, which isn't quick. Took me 4 hours to move my stuff from one truck to the other. Then I had dinner with my folks. once I got back to the truck I just crashed. so no writing done. and I didn't sleep all that well, so on the next day, which was spent putting all that stuff away, I also didn't write anything.

I was aiming to write 3000 words of new stories this week, only got 1200 done. not particularly happy about it, but I'm not going to make a big deal of it either.

What I did work on was redoing the Pilot for Rascals. I'm trying to see if I can make it feel more like a TV show, rather than a novel.

I have the opening,

the first scene,

and second scene,

I was hoping to have the third scene done today, but I had to drive all day, so it's going to be next week

On the editing side,

CH 2 of Tristan is done. that's the only one I worked on this week.

and Jeremy is still with the Proof reader.

not too impressive, next week should be better

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one week has past
one week has pastmore_vert
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one week has past 2015-05-17T12:03:51+00:00close

I'm going to try to give updates to what's going on every Sundays

maybe also make them life updates. dunno, we'll see what happens.

this week was about half editing, and half writing. Depression hit last weekend, and made things . . . interesting.

On the writing side, I wrote three pieces.
2 are part of an attempt at writing a TV like family drama, with my twist on it, as usual.
the working title is 'Mixed bag' because it's a family composed of two father, a wold and a fox, and three sons, a lion, a squirrel, and a badger. the fathers are retired thieves, and have powers.

as I have no idea how a family drama is suppose to be structured, this is going to require research.

what've written at this point is two random scenes to get a feel for the characters

The other came out of drawing a total blank on what to write, and having no energy to inspiration to work on what was already started, so I asked a guy I know online to give me something to write about

after a bit of help structuring it, the initial offering was 'write a mystery'. this is what he came up with. "An ordinary guy wakes up to find his lover dead. the lover was a cop, and he was killed because of an investigation he was doing. the city is mostly run by the criminal element." I've paraphrased here, that's that mostly it.

this is what I came up with.

this will almost certainly change, since I can't see this being what he had in mind. but I don't know how it will change since he's the one who will tell me what elements to modify, and I'll see how that will impact the story.

I tried to write something of the Orr family chronicles, but the depression hit right in the middle of it, so that's not going anywhere for the moment

On the editing side,
Tristan is getting a 3rd draft. hopefully, it's the last one. I may just put my foot down and say it's the last one. we'll see. the prologue and CH 1 have been done.

I also sent the first five pages to an editing podcast : they've accepted it, and will do a podcast where they review it. it should air sometime in august, and I am scared shitless of it,

Jeremy is being proof read, and should be back in a few weeks. Once it's back I'll have to determine how to go about the second draft. I already know I need to add elements to the story. just have to decide what they are, where they will fit and how to make them fit there.

as I don't know how to end something like this, I'll end it here.

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