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August poll 2020-07-10T09:56:10+00:00

I'll be drawing RD sunbathing once I'm home from my vacation, but feel free to vote for next month meanwhile.

Edit: Random zero on option 2, thanks phone, I'm not allowed to change it.

On vacation 2020-07-03T21:30:37+00:00

Until the 19'th this month I'm on vacation. Been a bit busy with preparations so art's been slow and will be on hold until I get home.

I'll be hard to reach until then as well, but as usual I'll be easiest to reach on discord.

July poll 2020-06-27T14:58:35+00:00

Sorry it's a bit late, I'll let it run a couple of days longer to give a better chance of voting.

The drawing will be a bit late as well as I'm going on vacation, but hopefully done in July.

June poll 2020-05-21T00:02:24+00:00

Multiple votes allowed as usual.

May poll 2020-04-20T18:52:54+00:00

Same as usual, vote as many options as you want.

April poll 2020-03-22T12:10:11+00:00

5 years of art (Poll) 2020-03-01T17:08:50+00:00

As of now, I've been drawing for 5 years, and for that I've decided to celebrate by drawing an older artwork again.

You can go here to vote which:

These are the options:

The poll is open for everyone, and the options were decided by the people on my discord server.
Thanks everyone for staying with me, and here's to another 5 years! ;p

March poll 2020-02-22T00:42:42+00:00

2 new options this month, one way out there in fetish land and one slightly more vanilla.

2019 art bundle 2020-01-13T19:17:16+00:00

Finished putting together the 2019 art bundle. Available to anyone with the art bundle reward.

Contains all art made by me in 2019.

Feburary poll 2020-01-13T17:59:34+00:00

Kinda late, but not super late like last. Gonna get back on track asap!

January Poll 2019-12-26T03:02:16+00:00

Again sorry for a late poll, with the draw of the previous one, I couldn't really put this up earlier with the delayed November pic and all. But despite delays, be assured that I'll always make sure to get the art made.
; )

Still allowing multiple answers until there's a few more patreons again.

December poll 2019-11-14T02:27:40+00:00

Letting everyone have multiple votes still until there are a few more pledges again

Giveaway stream is live
Giveaway stream is livemore_vert
Post file flag
Giveaway stream is live 2019-11-09T14:02:06+00:00close

Media (1)

Giveaway_announcement_v2.png (2.1MiB)

Giveaway announcement
Giveaway announcementmore_vert
Post file flag
Giveaway announcement 2019-11-01T20:04:37+00:00close
Stream giveaway, 9'th November at 3 pm - 3 am GMT +1
Come watch for a chance to win some free art:
First giveaway winner will have their prize drawn in the giveaway stream.
No limit on prizes. Every sketch will be given at a 10 viewer increment.

Feel free to ask questions.

Media (1)

Giveaway_announcement.png (2.1MiB)

Octavia ahegao face
Octavia ahegao facemore_vert
Post file flag
Octavia ahegao face 2019-10-13T06:30:59+00:00close
Made this to test out my new tablet. Octavia doing a funny face ;^)
Also, I have a new tablet, meaning, well I don't really know, but it's gonna be different for me.

Media (1)

Octavia_ahegao_face.png (648.3KiB)

November Poll 2019-10-13T02:45:04+00:00

Due to loss of patrons the past months, I've decided that everyone can vote for all the options you want so there'll be a better chance for options to be highest or lowest decided.

I've put gender bend Spike back as promised, and now you can decide between the two as a series, or a third option of the ones bellow.

I have made a public LET wallet 2019-09-29T00:16:18+00:00

Everyone who has LETs can now see them here:

I'll make a more official link on my patreon and in my commission queue's info panel, hopefully soon.

Concerned Caramel
Concerned Caramelmore_vert
Post file flag
Concerned Caramel 2019-09-25T19:37:07+00:00close
Needed to draw something while everything else I was drawing turned bad.

A new emote for discord and picarto, Caramel is a bit concerned.

Media (1)

Concerned_Caramel.png (3.9MiB)

Added reward 2019-09-25T15:34:11+00:00

Minor addition to all who are currently pledging and will be pledging. (will change conditions at about 15 pledges due to limited supply)

All who wish to have a specific custom emote in my discord server are allowed to have one of free choice, it can also be your avatar or whatever you like.

October poll 2019-09-08T19:05:59+00:00

Spike has been selected the past 6 polls, and I'm willing to continue the series, but I've decided that I will not add part 7 to the poll until next month.

The option that get's selected this month will also be added to next month and you'll be able pick which you'd like to continue as a series.

September Poll 2019-08-18T21:49:55+00:00

Not sure if I should change the way the polls are held or if it's fine that there's a chance you get the same options every month.

I'm still a bit late with the previous 2 polls, but they're on the way, thanks for the patience.

Vacation 2019-07-12T17:23:16+00:00

I have some vacations this month which is why I haven't been much active, but I'll do the monthly chosen image from the poll, it'll just be slightly delayed.

August poll 2019-07-12T17:20:31+00:00

The spike train is still going.

July poll 2019-06-11T02:14:23+00:00

June poll (tied options) 2019-06-02T01:33:09+00:00

Since there was a draw between these 3 options I've opened the poll so anyone who wishes can vote as according to my poll conditions.

The 2 options that doesn't get picked will go on to next months poll except Gender bend Spike (Part 3) which will get removed from the poll if not picked, also as according to the poll conditions.

Once this poll ends the 8'th, I'll put out a new patreon only poll, for July.

June poll 2019-05-08T13:32:23+00:00

Tie between the two lowest options and due to the new conditions of the poll, it's resulted in the same poll this month.

Open poll about polls 2019-05-06T03:11:41+00:00

I've had an idea for polls, and would like to know everyone's opinions. The idea is:

Out of the options in the poll, one or potentially more of them will be a series of images, so every time series gets picked, I'll make the next part of the series, but if it get's voted out, then it's out of the poll for good, and I'll put in a new series.

Got this idea because of how gender bend Spike was chosen and then a continuation was chosen, I could keep making continuations and end up with something similar to a short comic of sorts until it get's too dull for you.

If I put this in practice, then it would mean each month would offer 3 images to pick, and 1 continuation of an image series.

Here's the options I've thought about:

a) Don't change anything, the polls are good as is.

b) One image will be for a series. The option will be picked by me and will get kicked from the list as if it's any other image if it has least votes.

c) Which ever image gets picked, will have a continuation option the following month, but if it doesn't get picked as top next month again, it's thrown out of the poll.

d) Same as c, but the option will only be removed from the poll if it has least votes, like regular options. (This could result in multiple series at once)

e) Same as a, but if the image series isn't highest voted the month after getting highest vote, it's kicked out. (Image series would most likely become rare)

I've decided that anyone should be able to vote on this, and you can choose as many options that you think are best. In case of a tie, I'll decide between the top 2. I'll let the poll go for a couple of days, and then let the next patreon poll start when I get the results from this.

May poll 2019-04-02T15:04:43+00:00

Again a tie between the 3 lowest scoring, so they'll all have another second chance.

About polls 2019-03-07T19:09:50+00:00

To give all options in the poll a more fair change, I have some rules I'll follow to between every iteration of the poll.

Nothing you'll have to think too much about, if you're a supporter all you have to do is vote on the polls, these rules are for myself to follow.

  • When the month ends and an option is picked, the two second highest options will go on to be in the next month's poll.
  • If there's a tie for last place, both options will return next month.
  • If there's a tie for first place, there will be a poll for non-patreons in my discord group or on stream to determine which one gets picked.
  • I will not vote on the poll, and if I do so on accident, I'll subtract it after the voting is over.
  • Options added with the LET reward will be removed next month regardless of number of votes unless a patreon decides to renew the option with an additional LET
  • In case an option from an LET reward wins, it'll be the two lowest voted options that'll be replaced, unless there is a tie for the second and third lowest.

This should ensure that all options have a decent chance to get picked. Even if they're not picked one month they may get picked another. Ideally it means you'll see two of the options return each month, one get discarded and one that's the winner.

If you have any questions or scenarios I haven't thought of, feel free to ask

LET-Shop 2019-03-06T17:17:08+00:00

As part of my rewards you have the option to get monthly LE-Tokens which can be used for the following rewards:

30/60 min drawings

  • An 'in 30 min' drawing
    (1 LET)
  • An 'in 60 min' drawing
    (2 LET)
  • Upgrade an already existing 30 min drawing to a 60 min drawing
    (1 LET)

Poll option

  • Add an option of your choice to the next month's poll*
    (1 LET)

Last resort

  • If you can't figure out what you wanna spend your LETs on you can spend them for a 2€ discount each on your next commission.
    (1+ LET)

These rewards are in no way fixed. If you think they're unfair or you have ideas for more rewards, feel free to leave a suggestion.

You can decide to accumulate your tokens over time if you want, but after a year they will no longer be valid.

* Within conditions of the poll and what I find acceptable to draw. If the option doesn't get selected in the given month it will be removed from the poll regardless of the number of votes unless option is resubmitted.

Second goal reached 2019-02-15T15:39:22+00:00

I now have 8 supporters and have reached my second goal, and for that I'm very grateful.

As announced yesterday, I'm thinking of new benefits, but seems I'll also have to decide on new goals too now, I'll set up a poll for the patreon request next month once I decide on the options.

Reason I prioritized the goals like this was so I could have enough patreons to vote on a poll fairly and have more than one vote on each option.

Currently I'm thinking my next goal will be upgrading the poll. I'm still inexperienced with patreon and all that, so bear with me if I'm not making the best decisions, and feel free to give suggestions or critique if you think I can do better.

And thanks everyone for your continued support and/or following.

Patreon and commission updates 2019-02-15T01:00:04+00:00

Updates: I'm going to be updating patreon with new rewards and changing the current ones. I have some things in mind, but always feel free to give suggestions if you think I should have something new on patreon.

I'm also going to be updating my commission prices. They won't be changing much, primarily I just want to switch from USD to EUR.

These changes will take effect hopefully within the next couple of days.

Sorry for the lack of new art 2019-01-13T13:59:46+00:00

I've been very busy the past months with moving, exams, Christmas and tumblr killing my blog, so I've had almost no time to draw since November.
It might not be my fault, but I still feel bad for it, especially for the commissions I've let wait and the patreons who support me with no new art for months. I don't think I can make properly up for it, but from now I should be able to draw regularly again, so I hope everyone's good and maybe I'll see you in my stream.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #17605773 - 1 Mar 19 23:14
Anthro cow transformation
Anthro cow transformationmore_vert
Post file flag
Anthro cow transformation 2018-09-25T23:07:58+00:00close

Commission for: Anonymous
Their OC Tamarind Breeze, went into Caramel Lust's store. Unfortunately for her, she went to try out a poorly labled magical artifact. Now she'll be spending a good while serving the customers, one way or another, mostly with her surplus of milk though.
Hope you like it.


Discord|Patreon|Kofi|Tumblr|Furaffinity|Derpibooru|e621|Inkbunny|Pixiv|Picarto|Commission info| PostyBirb
In 30 min 2018-07-28T18:59:18+00:00

Just uploaded all the 'In 30 min' images I've ever made, as they're now part of a reward I should probably upload them here too, if you go to my tumblr or pledge 1$ or more you can see all 39 I've made so far.

If you would like a 30 min pic done every month you can get the 'Monthly 30 min request' reward for 5$

Hello 2018-05-21T17:00:23+00:00

Here's just a short message for everyone here if you're reading this.

I noticed that you can actually follow on patreon without pledging and saw I had a few followers, so I'm making this post to tell you I know you're here and thank you for following.

Don't really have any content to post that is viewable for non-pledgers, but all my art is available on my tumblr and most is also on furaffinity and derpibooru as you might know.

If anyone have suggestions for how I can improve the page, either with goals, rewards or something else I'd like to know.

Unfortunately due to the nature of my art I can't really post it here for non-pledging followers, but as said you can find it all on my media, and if you'd like to chat you're always welcome to join my discord server.

Reward update 2018-03-06T19:51:12+00:00

Due to people/bots abusing the rewarding system I've removed the 20$ reward link post but will now instead provide the link manually to anyone who pledges 20$.

Post file flag
Other/Personal 2018-02-28T15:35:31+00:00close

Post file flag
Commission 2018-02-22T21:11:37+00:00close

Post file flag
Commission 2018-02-20T16:32:44+00:00close

Post file flag
Other/personal 2018-01-31T15:54:55+00:00close

Post file flag
Other/personal 2018-01-14T01:29:00+00:00close

Post file flag
Other/personal 2018-01-14T01:28:37+00:00close

Post file flag
Commission 2018-01-14T01:20:58+00:00close

Reward: Download access to all my art 2015-2017
Reward: Download access to all my art 2015-2017more_vert
Post file flag
Reward: Download access to all my art 2015-2017 2018-01-11T15:28:20+00:00close

I'll allow you to do what you wish with this, but I ask you to:

- Not to distribute the .psd and .sai files to others

- If you use the .psd and .sai files provided to make new or altered content, that you give credit to me

- Not post my art without the used watermarks

Embed data


Provider URL

2015 - 2017.rar

MediaFire is a simple to use free service that lets you put all your photos, documents, music, and video in a single place so you can access them anywhere and share them everywhere.


Post file flag
Commission 2018-01-09T03:28:36+00:00close

Post file flag
Commission 2017-12-07T01:45:05+00:00close

Commission (complete)
Commission (complete)more_vert
Post file flag
Commission (complete) 2017-11-30T09:33:26+00:00close

Commission (complete)
Commission (complete)more_vert
Post file flag
Commission (complete) 2017-11-30T09:33:00+00:00close

Post file flag
Sketch 2017-11-30T09:32:12+00:00close


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