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NerdGasm Characters - Beatrix & Lydia
NerdGasm Characters - Beatrix & Lydiamore_vert
Post file flag
NerdGasm Characters - Beatrix & Lydia 2020-01-31T00:19:11+00:00close

These are new characters I've brought into the Nerdgasm banner, whether or not they'll get to do anything will remain to be seen, but sometimes I just like making new girls and expanding the roster.

Beatrix is a college girl from another game idea I had but she can still fit in with NG. And Lydia is here because I wanted a goth girl. These still might get edited around a bit until I'm completely satisfied with them.

Media (2)

Character_Beatrix_prev.jpg (116.2KiB)
Character_Lydia_prev.jpg (124.1KiB)

Sketch Dump # 7
Sketch Dump # 7more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch Dump # 7 2020-01-27T00:29:58+00:00close

Some of these you may have seen from streams before but I figure I'd throw it all together in one convenient place. To be safe with Patreon standards I'll be sending a link to the zip folder to your inbox.

If you don't get any link it's probably because your card has been declined or there's some issue with your patreon account that needs to be fixed.

Media (2)

Velma_look.jpg (440.3KiB)
Annotation_2020-01-26_161240.jpg (144.2KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #40377 - 27 Jan 20 00:56
Great looking take on Velma!
user avatar
User #4412977 - 27 Jan 20 01:50
Nice Velma
user avatar
User #2727195 - 27 Jan 20 03:40
Attack Girl Comic - Page 3
Attack Girl Comic - Page 3more_vert
Post file flag
Attack Girl Comic - Page 3 2020-01-24T01:53:52+00:00close

The fact that it's taken well over 2 years now to work on this comic and it's still not finished is a testament to how truly bad I've gotten at making comics. Sorry Infernalperson, I'll try to finish this before we die.

Media (2)

AG_CTA_3_text_co.png (945.5KiB)
AG_CTA_3_copy.jpg (101.1KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #40377 - 24 Jan 20 04:29
Each update has been great, though! Looking forward to the following pages of course :D
user avatar
User #3337729 - 24 Jan 20 08:46
Hah, I'm so happy to see you going back to touch up this comic! Can't wait to see more.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!more_vert
Post file flag
HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2020-01-01T00:36:08+00:00close

Let the balls drop and explode your confetti!

Media (2)

NewYears_JBT.png (7.0MiB)
NewYears_JBT_2.png (7.6MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2613194 - 1 Jan 20 00:53
The mega QTS!
Nessa & Krampus
Nessa & Krampusmore_vert
Nessa & Krampus 2019-12-25T14:00:03+00:00close

Merry X-Mas! Hope you all have a good holiday and enjoy this brief return from Krampus paying a cheeky visit to the monster-slayer herself, Nessa. Full images attached below.

Media (1)

NessaKrampusPrev.jpg (674.8KiB)

Attachments (2)

NessaKrampus.jpg (818.6KiB)
NessaKrampus cum.jpg (864.8KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2727195 - 25 Dec 19 16:12
Merry Christmas
user avatar
User #3800474 - 25 Dec 19 22:27
This looks so damn nice man
user avatar
User #3337729 - 25 Dec 19 17:00
Oh sweet, you did bring back krampus! Thats so cool, love that skinny fuck. Merry Christmas sticky!
Naughty Elf Perry
Naughty Elf Perrymore_vert
Naughty Elf Perry 2019-12-20T20:00:03+00:00close

College Student & Gumshoe detective, Perry, got a gig as a Santa Elf this holiday season and the job gets a little naughty. Did a series of images for this on twitter but I've zipped all the hi-res versions in a folder for you guys. Set features undressing, stocking stuffing, cumming down the chimney, and more! Hope you enjoy!

Media (1)

ElfPerry0.png (2.2MiB)

Attachments (1)

NaughtyElfPerry.zip (39.3MiB)

Punk Nova (finished)
Punk Nova (finished)more_vert
Punk Nova (finished) 2019-12-18T00:45:33+00:00close

I did a more finished up version of Stew's OC Nova in her punk form. Went ahead and attached a zip of the photoshop file as well if you're interested.

Media (1)

Punk_Nova.png (5.1MiB)

Attachments (2)

Punk Nova.png (5.1MiB)
Punk Nova PSD.zip (15.1MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #589010 - 18 Dec 19 00:47
Dude, it' s so amazing!!!! Thanks so much again for doing this take on her! :D
Post file flag
Tinaween 2019-12-02T05:51:32+00:00close

Here's the Tina pic I failed to finish in time for halloween but I'm too impatient to hold onto til next year.

Media (2)

Tinaween.jpg (564.4KiB)
Tinaween_cum.jpg (586.6KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3337729 - 2 Dec 19 05:57
i was wondering where this piece was, Excellent job as always!
user avatar
User #2613194 - 2 Dec 19 05:52
Tina the major QT
Junebug Stuffed
Junebug Stuffedmore_vert
Post file flag
Junebug Stuffed 2019-11-29T21:34:29+00:00close

Decided to update this Junebug pic a little with some more color and shading to match the Nessa pic.

Media (2)

Junebug_Stuffing.jpg (533.5KiB)
Junebug_Stuffed.jpg (567.9KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #227988 - 29 Nov 19 23:26
Frecklezez ; P
Nessa Wishboned
Nessa Wishbonedmore_vert
Post file flag
Nessa Wishboned 2019-11-28T20:00:03+00:00close

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's the result of the last poll, Nessa Solomon getting her thighs spread and glazed on the dinner table. Make sure you say grace!

Media (3)

Nessa_Wishbone_1.jpg (503.9KiB)
Nessa_Wishbone_2.jpg (543.2KiB)
Nessa_Wishbone_3.jpg (619.8KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3337729 - 29 Nov 19 03:13
RIGHT ON THE DINNER TABLE?? (nice work my man lol)
user avatar
User #2727195 - 29 Nov 19 00:14
She got boned alright!
Perry Overshadowed
Perry Overshadowedmore_vert
Post file flag
Perry Overshadowed 2019-11-28T01:20:50+00:00close

Some people wanted some Perry so here ya go

Media (4)

PerryShade_0.jpg (472.2KiB)
PerryShade_1.jpg (442.8KiB)
PerryShade_2.jpg (453.4KiB)
PerryShade_3.jpg (484.7KiB)

Post file flag
Yuri 2019-11-26T21:00:02+00:00close

A drawing of my OC from Full & Fertile, Yuri, in her yoga outfit. I don't draw her as much as I should.

Media (1)

Yuri.jpg (428.3KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2613194 - 27 Nov 19 04:27
user avatar
User #2727195 - 26 Nov 19 23:47
Dude, you should draw Yuri more often. She's hot!!!!! Oh yeah, you also said you had a sequel panned out for Full and Fertile, right? I hope you can get back to it again. I'm dying to see and know what happens next time with the idols. Also, I was wondering if you'll ever do refs for said characters later on.
user avatar
β˜… stickymoncomixxx - 27 Nov 19 06:08
Yeah I'll definitely do refs of them at some point. Refs are usually the easiest thing for me to draw, even when I have pretty bad art block and I've been trying to do more and more refs for all my characters lately. Since she's on my mind now they might get some soon.
Hazel design
Hazel designmore_vert
Post file flag
Hazel design 2019-11-26T03:39:18+00:00close

Developed another fantasy character, a Satyr named Hazel. I'm torn between giving her ram-like horns from the nude model or gazelle-like horns from the clothed model.

Media (1)

hazel_char.jpg (507.5KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #40377 - 26 Nov 19 05:01
She's really cute! I'm leaning towards gazelle horns, but maybe the glasses would look good with ram horns too.
user avatar
User #3337729 - 26 Nov 19 03:42
i think the gazelle horns are way cuter for her. (plus you can hold on better with those winkwink)
user avatar
User #2727195 - 26 Nov 19 04:56
The Gazelle horns work perfectly for her.
user avatar
User #589010 - 26 Nov 19 03:46
I think combining the ram horns with the nerd glasses would make for the best combo :)
user avatar
User #875503 - 26 Nov 19 05:06
I think the Rams horns work better aesthitically.
Turkey Day Stuffing 2019-11-23T22:48:18+00:00

Last year I was able to do a Junebug thanksgiving themed pic, I'm usually really bad at getting holiday themed pics out on time but I was curious if I could do another one who you all would want to see me draw the most out of my OCs.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3337729 - 23 Nov 19 23:03
so many good choices, its too hard to pick!
Dr. Smorgasbord
Dr. Smorgasbordmore_vert
Post file flag
Dr. Smorgasbord 2019-11-23T22:36:32+00:00close

Holy crap it's been several weeks since I last posted. I've barely had time to draw nsfw stuff, I've been busy on so many fronts. Sorry about that. I've got some finished and rough stuff tho so I'm gonna try and post a thing everyday for a week starting today. Lets see how that goes!

This was one of the commissions I did, using a different brush to draw with that I might use more often. Commissions might have to come back real soon btw so be on the lookout.

Media (1)

Dr_Smorgasbord.jpg (201.6KiB)

June Bug Halloween
June Bug Halloweenmore_vert
June Bug Halloween 2019-11-02T22:19:29+00:00close

The only other Halloween picture I was able to finish in time was this one (although I'm posting it here on Patreon 2 days after the fact), I guess if you all still want more Halloween themed pics after Halloween I can finish them and post them or ya but only if you want.

Enjoy the hi-res versions.

Media (2)

Halloween_Party.png (5.9MiB)
Halloween_Party_cum.png (6.2MiB)

Attachments (2)

Halloween Party.png (5.9MiB)
Halloween Party cum.png (6.2MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #227988 - 2 Nov 19 22:25
Sketch crazy
Sketch crazymore_vert
Post file flag
Sketch crazy 2019-10-27T00:16:13+00:00close

These are some attempts at getting art done of the past few days, I'm still trying like hell to get the Tina or Junebug Halloween pic done before Halloween, it's just been tough trying to find the motivation.

Media (4)

sciarm.jpg (243.3KiB)
sktchness.jpg (169.2KiB)
Perryshook.jpg (140.8KiB)
Velma_looks.jpg (152.0KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #3337729 - 27 Oct 19 00:36
here's hoping you get your groove back soon. also i love your velma-lite gurl you made lol.
user avatar
User #18013117 - 29 Oct 19 06:01
Gimme da freckles!
user avatar
User #2727195 - 27 Oct 19 04:10
I hope you get through it.
10K Twitter Followers
10K Twitter Followersmore_vert
Post file flag
10K Twitter Followers 2019-10-26T23:55:06+00:00close

The art block has come back with a vengeance but I still needed to do something to show my appreciation for this twitter milestone, I haven't done a thanks for following pic in so long I figured I should at least do one for 10K. And Junebug is always a fan favorite so here we are.

Media (1)

10K_thanks_jb.jpg (763.0KiB)

Pounding Pelo Party
Pounding Pelo Partymore_vert
Post file flag
Pounding Pelo Party 2019-10-15T21:56:15+00:00close

I was super enamored with Andava's latest pic of Pelo twerking in a halloween makeup and realized I had to draw her. This is the aftermath of what happens at a party when you start popping moves like that.

Media (3)

Pelo_Party_1.jpg (961.5KiB)
Pelo_Party_2.jpg (924.6KiB)
Pelo_Party_3.jpg (942.4KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #3800474 - 15 Oct 19 21:57
By god that is freaken cool
user avatar
User #2613194 - 15 Oct 19 21:57
You're too good to me bro
user avatar
User #69010 - 16 Oct 19 01:29
well hot damn
user avatar
User #2613194 - 15 Oct 19 21:56
user avatar
User #3337729 - 15 Oct 19 22:00
Wonder if I could work at TWAT? πŸ€” stellar work as always!
Original Character Showcase - Mike & Nessa
Original Character Showcase - Mike & Nessamore_vert
Post file flag
Original Character Showcase - Mike & Nessa 2019-10-13T02:19:42+00:00close

I've been struggling to get a good Nessa picture going but I ended up having enough sketches to do a proper showcase. Mike K. Wolf and Vanessa "Nessa" Solomon are two characters I've showed off before that are highly influenced by Teen Wolf and Buffy the Vampire Slayer respectively. Mike K. Wolf obviously a take on Michael J Fox, is a teen jock who becomes a werewolf and when Nessa, a monster slayer, rolls into town to take care of monsters popping up he takes a big liking to her.

They end up romantically involved though Mike desperately does his best to keep his werewolf persona a secret from her, that won't last forever tho. And Wolf Mike is much rowdier and unable to keep his dick focused on just one woman. I never came up with a clever title for their adventure/story and maybe I never will, but since they're adjacent to the spooky stuff they live firmly in the Esther & DD, Adam's Eve, and UNF territory with all the other monsters.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #227988 - 13 Oct 19 02:25
I love how your characters play together.
user avatar
β˜… stickymoncomixxx - 13 Oct 19 03:14
Thanks! I try my best to come up with interesting dynamics between them as much as possible
user avatar
User #2613194 - 13 Oct 19 04:59
I know one of these characters B)
Colette's Hand Fulls
Colette's Hand Fullsmore_vert
Post file flag
Colette's Hand Fulls 2019-10-08T19:00:02+00:00close

Finally managed to finish this one up with color and everything. The other Colette image(the removed one) is also completed but I'm working on getting my official website done so I can post it and other images like this one there.

Media (2)

Colette_Hands_Full.jpg (547.5KiB)
Colette_Hands_Full_cum.jpg (632.8KiB)

Nessa on the Hunt - Sketch
Nessa on the Hunt - Sketchmore_vert
Post file flag
Nessa on the Hunt - Sketch 2019-10-07T23:02:31+00:00close

It's Cocktober so I need to get on the spooky monster drawings, I'll do my best to catch up this month. Thinking about pitting more OCs against big dick monsters again but we'll see how many of those I'm allowed to post on Patreon.

Here's my neglected girl Nessa Solomon, the monster slayer about to get a rude surprise.

Media (1)

Nessas_Hunt.jpg (1.6MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2727195 - 8 Oct 19 04:17
Oh this is awesome!
user avatar
User #227988 - 8 Oct 19 02:19
Exellent 😎
Perry Payton Lap Trance
Perry Payton Lap Trancemore_vert
Post file flag
Perry Payton Lap Trance 2019-09-24T19:15:33+00:00close

If anyone remembers my character the tomboyish teen detective, here's a image set I did of her not too long ago but completely forgot about. She gets involved in a lot of grinding, rubbing, and dry humping incidents.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #18013117 - 25 Sep 19 08:14
Freckles and specs, I love freckles and specs :)
Emma and Daoud (Craig of the Creek)
Emma and Daoud (Craig of the Creek)more_vert
Post file flag
Emma and Daoud (Craig of the Creek) 2019-09-19T22:06:52+00:00close

Obscure characters (based off real people in a band apparently) from the show Craig of the Creek that I took a liking to, in particular Emma and Katie (expect a Katie pic at some point in the future).

Media (2)

Bandgirls_Emma.jpg (1.4MiB)
Bandgirls_Emma_cum.jpg (1.5MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #40377 - 19 Sep 19 22:46
Haven't heard of the show, but great scene!
user avatar
β˜… stickymoncomixxx - 20 Sep 19 00:46
Thank you!
Mystic Mages
Mystic Magesmore_vert
Post file flag
Mystic Mages 2019-09-16T00:39:07+00:00close

So I thought I had posted about these guys before on here because I've talked about them a lot in chats or on streams but turns out I never officially showcased them here. Probably not a smart move for me to dump all the characters here at once instead of spreading it out posting them one at a time, but the patreon's been kinda light on updates so I'd rather give y'all an extra big post.

This is a concept I've had in mind for a comic/story for a long time (the main characters were drawn years ago). It's essentially a more comedic and raunchy take on a D&D like fantasy setting. In this world adventuring parties have to work through official channels to get quests and rewards and have to start at a lower tier and work their way up to the big epic quests (similar idea in the anime/manga Goblin Slayer). The most epic quest of them all is the quest of the Mystic Mages, it's one no one's succeeded at yet and has claimed a lot of lives and involves world breaking consequences or some shit.

Our Wayfarer Heroes: Irma, Vindolyn, Taryn, Cedius, and Tigerclaw, are a ragtag bunch of characters who all found each other through chance and random circumstance. Irma is a ranger like goblin archer who's desperate to find some action, all kinds. Vindolyn is a half-elf thief who's in the group mainly because it protects her from the authorities who want to arrest her. Taryn is a distraught human paladin who broke accidentally his celibacy vow and is now lost forsaken by his religion and trying to redeem himself, but keeps fucking it up in the celibacy department. Cedius is a former cleric who abandoned his faith to become a sorcerer and world class alcoholic. And Tigerclaw is an incredibly competent and intelligent beastess warrior with her own mysterious motivations for joining the party.

Needing at least 5 members to register an adventuring party they all kinda say fuck it and come together. And the story follows them along their awkward hijinks filled road of fulfilling quests, tasks, and errands working their way up to the biggest of them all. Starting out they have to handle things like finding a poor farmer couple's daughter(Brynn) a husband, because she's of age but still living at home and has a weird obsession with horses. Or there's a town plagued by a bridge troll guarding an essential bridge and forcing crossers to pay a toll, and they have to pay one way or another.

Villains new and from their past will also make appearances, like the Brimstone Bandits, a group that Vindolyn used to run with and had a very intimate relationship with the twins Tork & Garrik. And their leader Krys is super ruthless and hellbent on tracking them down. Also toss in some horrible monsters, vicious creatures, and hellish demons for them to face off against as well. Once I figure out the fastest most simple way to draw this as a comic (maybe black and white, or just flat colors) it might finally start seeing some adventures come to life.

Media (3)

MM_Heroes_chart.jpg (3.5MiB)
MM_Bandits_chart.jpg (3.4MiB)
MM_Misc_chart.jpg (3.0MiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #3800474 - 16 Sep 19 21:48
Tayla best girl
user avatar
User #18013117 - 16 Sep 19 07:17
This is great! Anticipating the mischief! Thank you Sticky
user avatar
User #119852 - 16 Sep 19 04:34
Cool designs. Quite a variety of unique character types amidst the parties.
user avatar
User #3337729 - 16 Sep 19 00:46
so happy to see the full cast. ( mostly happy to see Tigerclaw lol) Can't wait to see what shenanigans they get into!
Armistice vs Colette
Armistice vs Colettemore_vert
Post file flag
Armistice vs Colette 2019-09-10T06:01:15+00:00close

It's robo arms vs robo arms! Winner gets to top!

Media (1)

ArmisticeColette_sketch.jpg (274.4KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3337729 - 10 Sep 19 06:11
i would totally have this as a wallpaper.
New Elf Character
New Elf Charactermore_vert
Post file flag
New Elf Character 2019-08-30T16:58:43+00:00close

Messing around with a new elf girl, some kind of magic user shaman or druid? I haven't figured out her name yet, maybe Effy, and I'm still figuring out her colors (outfit reminds me too much of slave leia at the moment) . She's gonna be kidnapped by orcs to perform some ritual but ends up getting paired with a big nerdy half orc who's not into the whole evil thing and they end up falling for each other and going on the run, or maybe something entirely different I'm not sure yet. I'm thinking a dynamic of an innocent but horny prisoner and a reluctant captor at least.

Media (3)

Elf_Sketch_co.jpg (184.4KiB)
Elf_Character_co.jpg (177.5KiB)
Elf_Roughs.jpg (427.6KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3337729 - 30 Aug 19 17:07
Don't even know her, and already I love her.
Original Character Showcase - Stiletto
Original Character Showcase - Stilettomore_vert
Post file flag
Original Character Showcase - Stiletto 2019-08-28T07:29:27+00:00close

Thanks for being patient with my lack of updates lately. Time for drawing has been very rare lately so I'll try to pull from my premade stash as much as possible, like this character.

Stiletto, another character from the Attack-Girl universe, she's a stealthy assassin with an expertise in using knives, stiletto knives in particular. She has black stiletto knives lining her suit that she can pull from to throw and stab as she pleases.

Ruby Rose was a big inspiration in her design so I tried to emulate that style as much as possible. I haven't had time to sketch her in any sexy situations yet but if you have any ideas for some I'm all ears. A picture of her with a battle damaged Attack-Girl in a completely ripped up suit (from the knives) sounds kinda cool.

Media (4)

Biopic_Stiletto_co.png (142.6KiB)
Stiletto_co.png (139.6KiB)
Stiletto_sketch_1.jpg (120.3KiB)
Stiletto_sketch_2.jpg (154.6KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2727195 - 28 Aug 19 08:55
Dude, she looks badass. And that pic idea of her with a battle damaged Attack-Girl in completely ripped up suits sounds sexy as hell.
user avatar
User #14808131 - 28 Aug 19 23:05
Her vs Action-Girl?
Sketch Dump # 6
Sketch Dump # 6more_vert
Sketch Dump # 6 2019-08-19T00:04:37+00:00close

I'm back at work again so all of my precious free time is up in the air once again but I did have sketches available that I combined in a dump for you. There's even some new stuff in there too, the Colette pic isn't completely finished yet (still working on the alts) but you can at least get a preview of the first version.

Media (1)

Annotation_2019-08-18_165445.jpg (220.5KiB)

Attachments (1)

SketchDump06.zip (11.9MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3800474 - 19 Aug 19 23:58
That Roxy is ace
Punk Nova fan art
Punk Nova fan artmore_vert
Post file flag
Punk Nova fan art 2019-08-06T23:11:09+00:00close

Don't know if this is finished yet but I had to do a bit of fan art of Stew's girl Nova in her punk look.
Original design by Stew:

Media (1)

punk_nova_fan.jpg (315.1KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3337729 - 6 Aug 19 23:31
Nicely done, you did stew's design justice! Keep it up!!
user avatar
User #589010 - 7 Aug 19 01:32
Fantastic :D
Psy-Chicks Foreplay
Psy-Chicks Foreplaymore_vert
Psy-Chicks Foreplay 2019-07-29T21:35:58+00:00close

Bethany and Kiva playing reversed roles in their relationship. Illustration I worked on during the stream.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #227988 - 30 Jul 19 01:52
I love your stuff, I cant say more because there are no words!
user avatar
User #3337729 - 29 Jul 19 21:41
god, i love the detail of you can see thru the dick. Fantastic work as always Sticky!
Original Character Showcase - Armistice
Original Character Showcase - Armisticemore_vert
Post file flag
Original Character Showcase - Armistice 2019-07-26T18:00:03+00:00close

Another character from the Attack-Girl world who tends to randomly cross paths with Attack-Girl quite often. Whereas Attack-Girl dabbles in bounty-hunting but mostly acts selflessly as a vigilante, Armistice is a full on career bounty hunter when she's not moonlighting as hired muscle. And she tends to butt heads with AG whenever the hero gets in the way of a good bounty.

Armistice is tough as nails and full of attitude. Despite her namesake she's not really known for keeping the peace, never being one to back down from a fight. Over the years she's gotten several cybernetic/biomechanical enhancements to her body to help her be a stronger brawler and better bounty hunter. With her upgrades she packs a serious punch but can also take a serious pounding.

Her overconfidence however can get her into trouble at times and way in over her head. She's easily put many thugs and bad guys in their place but when faced with the likes of villains like Tenta-Killer and One-Eyed Monster she's a tad outclassed.

And it's when she finds herself in tricky situations like this she ends up having to reluctantly ask for help or work with Attack-Girl. Fortunately Armistice has earned a lot of respect in the field, her friends and her enemies know not to mess with her. Her backup plan is probably a fruitful career in the Mega Women's Wrestling Federation.

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #2727195 - 26 Jul 19 20:01
So she's a cyborg in some cases? Cool. Man oh man, the more I learn more about this Attack-Girl Universe, the more I wish it was a comic now more than ever.
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User #3337729 - 26 Jul 19 18:56
so the fact that she might be part of the wrestler group that has Las calaveras in it made me love armistice even more. Damn you sticky! Keep up the good work as always.
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User #3696341 - 26 Jul 19 20:48
She's very hot
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User #119852 - 26 Jul 19 19:35
The "Attack Girl verse" keeps getting cooler.
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User #18013117 - 28 Jul 19 21:32
Biomechanically enhanced vulva? I wana see what it can do, haha! Good work!
Original Character Showcase - Attack-Girl
Original Character Showcase - Attack-Girlmore_vert
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Original Character Showcase - Attack-Girl 2019-07-26T06:38:44+00:00close

You're probably already familiar with Attack-Girl but even though she's been a character of mine for a while I haven't really shared much about her background info. She's a vigilante/sometimes bounty hunter with slightly enhanced abilities. Whenever she's aroused her strength, stamina, agility, and durability increase past her usual limit. And risk and danger turn her on so it feeds into her thrill-seeking habits and devil-may-care attitude.

She operates with a large array of gadgets, developed by her and a close friend. Her weapons range from plasma pistols, plasma blades, energy whips, tasers, concussion grenades, and much more. She also wears under her jacket and boots a smart nano fabric she acquired by questionable means. Though it rips up easily it can mend itself as well as reshape into different designs and help heal Attack-Girl's minor injuries.

Attack-Girl's past is pretty secret for now but a big part of her origin is a large energy explosion that gave her and hundreds of other random citizens mutations and enhanced abilities. She's dedicated her life to protecting the mutants who have become victims and fighting the ones who've become villains. Though if she's not careful she can get too distracted fucking when she should be fighting. Her world is chock full of heroes, villains, and a whole variety of crazy and interesting characters and she's smack dab in the middle of it all.

Original Character Showcase - Perry Payton
Original Character Showcase - Perry Paytonmore_vert
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Original Character Showcase - Perry Payton 2019-07-26T06:35:47+00:00close


This was a concept that struck me recently when I had a small window of free time to sketch. I came up with a new character and story spun-off from my NerdGasm idea, Perry Payton Teen Gumshoe.

Probably my most petite character yet, Perenelle "Perry" Payton is a 18 year old girl (and cousin of Tina & Maddie) who went to college early for her genius intellect. She's visiting her hometown over summer break where she reconnects with her old childhood friend Dewey(name subject to change) and they're thrust into trying to solve a grand mystery.

Perry was an infamous kid detective ala the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew in her youth so she's somewhat of a small town celebrity in her home. She's also constantly mistaken for a boy and despite being a very competent detective gets herself into many "sticky" situations.

She'll come across a variety of interesting, shady, and downright creepy characters during her adventures. And she might find herself getting down and dirty to get the information she needs. This seems like a character I could do a few short comic strips about but if I had all the money and time in the world I'd want to make a detective mystery visual novel game for her where you could try to solve the mystery but also navigate through lewd and indecent scenarios. What do y'all think?

Original Character Showcase - Sir Loin & Tenderloin
Original Character Showcase - Sir Loin & Tenderloinmore_vert
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Original Character Showcase - Sir Loin & Tenderloin 2019-07-26T06:31:23+00:00close


Two heroes from the world of Attack-Girl. They're a classic golden age type duo, no real super powers to speak of just peak physical strength and agility. Sir Loin is an old-fashioned American pie hero aided by his trusty nimble and nubile sidekick Tenderloin. Sir Loin originally started as a sidekick to a previous Sir Loin hero long ago, eventually he overtook the mantle and got his first sidekick, a young man who went by the moniquer Short Loin. The two fought many battles together but tragically Short Loin lost his life and left Sir Loin to retire in grief. But years later he re-entered the vigilante ring this time aided by a young teen girl who took the title Tenderloin.

However to work her way around Sir Loin's old fashioned misogyny she pretended to be a boy to join his side, or otherwise risk rejection from participating in "man's work". But having grown up a gigantic Sir Loin & Short Loin fan she puts up with the charade in order to be apart of the team. Unfortunately though this has led to the very traditional and conservative Sir Loin to have a crisis of identity, finding himself on several occasions becoming aroused by the sight and movements of his ward despite being the most manly heterosexual to ever punch criminals.

This leads to some very awkward and confusing interactions between the two, with Sir Loin doing his best to convince himself that he's not gay for his teen "boy" sidekick. Eventually the truth has to come out but until then Sir Loin will have to struggle with his inner turmoil over his feelings and his "values".

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User #2727195 - 26 Jul 19 06:36
Well, here's hoping it doesn't get taken down again.
Panzer Sky
Panzer Skymore_vert
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Panzer Sky 2019-07-26T06:26:56+00:00close


Gonna be reuploading some stuff I think might be safe enough for Patreon. If I get hit again I'll know for sure if they're allowed or not.
This has been a random sci fi adventure thing in my head for a long time that honestly might be too ambitious for me to draw, but it has a lot of interesting and cool characters I think.

So funny enough, the story does not revolve around Lady Blue. People think she's the main character because I've drawn her the most (plus she's hot) but it's actually more of a team, crew story with Hauser (the dog guy) as the lead. It has the obvious Firefly and Guardians of the Galaxy influences of being a rag-tag crew of space adventurers.

(Above: random character design, no story for her yet)

In this story though they are apart of Blue Squadron which is a rank of this space federation command thing that's the shitty boring squad that all the troublemakers and screw-ups are dumped in. They normally deal with junk like sanitation or cargo transport, but time there's a high-profile princess pop singer named Aroara (the skinny cat chick in magenta) that needs to be transported securely across space, and Blue squadron is tasked with the job with the assumption that she'll be safe because no one will suspect Blue squadron to be carrying her.

But that doesn't go according to plan when their ship is randomly attacked by space pirates called the Stryfers, lead by Dagger-tooth (above left). Hauser, Lady Blue, Aroara and their other crew mates end up narrowly escaping on a Panzer Sky spaceship but then become targets for the Stryfers AND the space federation who think Blue Squadron went rogue and kidnapped the princess. D-Rex, a character that's popped up before is a part of a group of dude-bro mercenaries that Hauser actually used to run with and they're one of the many groups hired to pursue our heroes.

And of course space hijinks would ensue. I never had much more developed for it than that setup aside from a few scenarios like them crash landing on a planet with tentacle monsters or the crew being stranded on a planet needing ship repairs and Lady Blue & Aroara having to prostitute themselves in order to pay for it. This is definitely a story I still have interest in but realistically don't know how or when I'd pull off, because it's heavy scifi it involves a lot of creatures and tech and spaceship stuff that would be a lot to draw over and over again in comic form. Who knows this might be a good candidate for a vignette or storybook type of thing that's like illustrations paired with texts and some comic pages in between for the lest detailed stuff and sex scenes. I'm not sure but it'll have to sit on the back burner for a while.

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User #2727195 - 26 Jul 19 06:37
I hope to see it as a comic in the future
Patreon Issue Solved 2019-07-24T20:37:49+00:00

It looks like everything is in order with the Patreon now. I removed all the offending content from my page, and I set up a new discord channel for members to be apart of where I can showcase work and chat with people. I was entertaining guests for the last several days so I wasn't able to get back into posting until right now, sorry for the wait. Expect to get a discord invite very soon!

Comments (2)
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User #2727195 - 25 Jul 19 04:58
Cool. But ah... how will we see your artwork here?
user avatar
β˜… stickymoncomixxx - 25 Jul 19 06:06
There will still be art posted here on the patreon
Patreon Guidelines 2019-07-13T20:54:20+00:00

So my patreon page was put on notice for violating Patreon's Community Guidelines , particularly they said "The problem with some of your posts is that they show the characters being grabbed or trapped, showing also signs of distress, crossing over into sexual violence."

So in order to keep my patreon page up I have to go back and remove images that fit this description. This is what their guidelines are and that's fair, there's no use in getting too riled up over it, I just have to act accordingly.

My concern is there's a lot of gray area in what could be considered a violation, does this mean all tentacle drawings(I guess that's "trapped"), any drawing where a character is holding up another (does rough sex equate "grabbing"), every depiction of a character with a "distressed" expression even if the act is meant to be consensual.

Regardless I'll remove what content I believe violates their terms but if there's something I miss and I'm not able to remove anything I'm not sure if they'll give me a heads up to remove it or just outright suspend or delete my page. So things are up in the air at this point, if there's something you haven't downloaded yet that you want please do it now as it might get deleted very soon. And if this ends up being the last post of this Patreon then thank you immensely for supporting me and following my work as long as you have. It's been a pleasure and an honor having you along this sporadic, turbulent, artistic journey of mine.

Colette Sketch Preview
Colette Sketch Previewmore_vert
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Colette Sketch Preview 2019-07-09T21:38:55+00:00close

Preview look at a Colette drawing I'm throwing together. Colette's a 4chan /co/ character.
I've got other characters I want to draw, mostly OCs. The more sketches I come up with I'll post them up.

Sketch was changed because Patreon deemed it violated their guidelines

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User #2613194 - 10 Jul 19 06:29
That short stretch!! hnng
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User #2727195 - 10 Jul 19 02:11
Oh, I thought she was in that new ESP story concept
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β˜… stickymoncomixxx - 11 Jul 19 06:39
Nah this is an unrelated character to that
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User #3337729 - 9 Jul 19 22:05
loving all the alts my guy. Good to you back in the groove! hope you have a wonderful day!!
Psy~Chicks more_vert
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Psy~Chicks 2019-07-08T03:03:23+00:00close

Future Comic Idea # 149

Sorry all for the small hiatus, I've finally gotten a real break from my busy schedule and I get a couple of weeks to take easy. I've been incredibly burnt out so I've been slowly trying to get motivated to draw again, and usually the best way to do that is coming up with new ideas. So here I am again with another new concept that's sorta helping me out of my slump and giving me inspiration to create again.

Psy-Chicks is a new concept about this couple, Bethany and Kiva, who are two high school girls with psychic powers. They have a social media following and a youtube channel with their camera girl Sam (who also has some psychic ability), and they try to help people with their problems. Bethany is a very posh and femme and has telekinetic and force field creating powers. Though she acts very delicate she's a tough physical fighter using her telekinesis to give her an extra push in combat and resistance to damage .
Kiva is a rough around the edges tomboy, she's prone to be aggressive and get in fights but all of her powers are cerebral. She can read thoughts, enter people's minds, astral project, and see visions, but she has no fields or telekinesis to protect her in battles so she's more scuffed up than Bethany. Kiva also struggles with turning her mind reading off so often she gets very graphic and obscene visions from guy's minds of what they'd like to do to her.

Usually the problems people bring to them involve palm readings or life advice, but sometimes they get involved in more serious conundrums regarding other powerful psychics. Battles can take place in the astral plane where psychic abilities are enhanced or people's minds. And when Kiva and Bethany are in a psychic mind more powerful than their own that mind can take as much advantage of them as they want. Having battles inside powerful psychic minds leaves tons of room for the imagination (giant dicks, tentacles, monsters, GIANTER DICKS) all the while out in the real world everything looks normal.

But psychics aren't the only threat, there is a secret plot being conducted by demons who are fueling a lot of psychic turmoil and strife. Master Leonard, a Grandmaster of Sabbats (Witch gatherings and Demon orgies) with his own psychic power and the ability to corrupt men into psychic sexual deviants, works along with Asmodeus, the Demon Prince of Lust. Together they're trying to bring Asmodeus out of the astral plane and into the real world through a human vessel and will cause as much chaos to do it. It'll be up to Bethany and Kiva to stop them but best believe they'll get a little "banged" up along the way.

This is all I have for now, I've got stories roughly planned out but overall it'd be a short saga, not something that I'd want to go on forever. Here's hoping I'll be able to make some of it happen though. These characters would absolutely slot into the world of Esther & DD and NerdGasm.

Anyway, let me know what you think of this story or the characters or anything. I must say thank you very much for sticking around with me through the silence, I truly appreciate your patience. I'm getting back in the mood to create again so I'm gonna keep it up as much as I can for you guys. I'm working on more right now so more is on the way!

Comments (6)
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User #13358593 - 10 Jul 19 18:02
Sounds pretty awesome to me! Definitely a unique concept
user avatar
User #2727195 - 8 Jul 19 05:46
I like it. I haven't check out as much as I'd like, but this is awesome to say the least. Question though. When they have their psychic battles in their heads, are they clothed or naked? Just asking.
user avatar
β˜… stickymoncomixxx - 8 Jul 19 07:27
They're usually clothed but they're vulnerable to getting their clothes ripped off
user avatar
User #119852 - 8 Jul 19 14:47
That's neat. You don't see astral projection/dream world used as much any more. Like you mentioned, it allows for all sorts of bizarre stuff while still have characters grounded in reality. And astral demons is a cool idea, sort of like the Persona series.
user avatar
User #18013117 - 9 Jul 19 08:06
I dig it, hang in there man!
user avatar
User #227988 - 8 Jul 19 03:14
I love your nerdgasm world, but it will al be better if its done at your pace (not killing you) = )
No charge for this month 2019-06-28T05:07:29+00:00

Hello to those who are still left, and thank you for sticking around with me! You won't be getting charged for this month since I didn't really produce any new content at all and have been silent for the past few weeks.

My current job has just been kicking my ass and I was supposed to be wrapped up up weeks ago but they're so behind they kept extending my stay so needless to say I've been incredibly preoccupied and very tired. But I'm only there for one more week (as that's all the energy I have left to give them) and then I can hopefully recharge for a bit if life allows it.

I have very few things here and there I wanted to post but they're all so rough and bare bones that nothing was good enough to be posted yet. I'm looking forward to getting a break soon where I can actually rest for a bit and be able to draw something substantial for once in a while.

Comments (4)
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User #18013117 - 29 Jun 19 00:37
Thanks, all the best champ!
user avatar
User #11882207 - 28 Jun 19 10:39
Thanks, but make sure you’re taken care of!
user avatar
User #3337729 - 28 Jun 19 06:03
the guy above me is right! They better pay you a lot after all this time. but aside from that, i also hope you get some well deserved rest my man.
user avatar
User #2518436 - 28 Jun 19 05:11
Make sure they pay up the money
CumBust Dump #3
CumBust Dump #3more_vert
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CumBust Dump #3 2019-06-08T17:00:01+00:00close

Comments (1)
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User #3337729 - 17 Jun 19 08:33
my favs are the samurai shodown one and the redraider comm.
Girl x Girl Dump #2
Girl x Girl Dump #2more_vert
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Girl x Girl Dump #2 2019-06-05T17:00:00+00:00close

Comments (4)
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User #5368657 - 5 Jun 19 23:53
Hope you get your mojo back soon. Itchin for some new shit
user avatar
User #3696341 - 5 Jun 19 22:04
user avatar
User #3337729 - 6 Jun 19 08:26
happy to see bulletina gettting some action.
user avatar
User #40377 - 7 Jun 19 01:53
Nice set! Happy to see Chickpea show up :D
Futa Dump
Futa Dumpmore_vert
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Futa Dump 2019-06-02T18:00:02+00:00close

Tentacle Dump #2
Tentacle Dump #2more_vert
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Tentacle Dump #2 2019-05-30T19:00:02+00:00close

Comments (3)
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User #5758858 - 31 May 19 08:39
Great stuff!! would love to see a continuation pic like this of the She-Ra you drew a while back!
user avatar
User #3337729 - 30 May 19 19:09
All of them are just wonderful!
user avatar
User #2727195 - 30 May 19 23:55
Awesome work
CumBust Dump # 2
CumBust Dump # 2more_vert
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CumBust Dump # 2 2019-05-27T19:00:02+00:00close

Kris(Redraider), Follaria(Lewdstew), Lily(InkAsylum), Taki(Soulcalibur), Tambry(Gravity Falls)

Also Happy Memorial Day I guess

Comments (2)
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User #40377 - 28 May 19 00:04
I like the last one particularly, nice to see it again!
user avatar
User #3337729 - 28 May 19 04:49
the taki one is my top fav
Girl x Girl Dump #1
Girl x Girl Dump #1more_vert
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Girl x Girl Dump #1 2019-05-25T21:18:11+00:00close

Tentacle Dump #1
Tentacle Dump #1more_vert
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Tentacle Dump #1 2019-05-22T05:22:40+00:00close

Dump of some of my favorite tentacle drawings, I'm too lazy to figure out where some of these characters are from.

Comments (5)
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User #3337729 - 22 May 19 05:29
alright so i know the first one is The doll from Bloodborne, the second and third pic are from animes i think... and the last two are probably OCs. i think my job here is done. lol (bangin work btw man!)
user avatar
β˜… stickymoncomixxx - 22 May 19 06:02
Well done
user avatar
User #3696341 - 22 May 19 07:19
The third pic is a character from the game of Tales of Symphonia.
user avatar
User #119852 - 22 May 19 06:31
Second is Iria from Zeiram (the live action was goofy, but the anime was badass) and the fourth is none other than Bambi from The Party by Clumzor
user avatar
User #3800474 - 22 May 19 11:52
Man the clothed ones are the best. Never gets old
CumBust Dump #1
CumBust Dump #1more_vert
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CumBust Dump #1 2019-05-18T21:34:34+00:00close

Alyx Vance, Gaige, Huntress, Ken Marinaris, Justina (InkAsylum)

Comments (1)
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User #3337729 - 18 May 19 22:35
the Alyx Vance and the Gaige ones are my favs
Update (Or lack thereof) 2019-05-18T21:12:40+00:00

I apologize the lack of posts this week and last. I tried really hard to work on drawings to post but my art block is so bad right now I can't make or finish anything worth while. Most likely the result of stress and the increased workload from my job it's kinda taken all the wind out of me despite how desperately bad I want to draw.

But the best I can do for now is pull together some collections of my favorite old drawings and commissions and post the hi-res files throughout the next couple of days/weeks while my job gets close to wrapping up. It's all most likely stuff you've seen before but not in larger resolution. I know it's not a lot but I hope it's better than nothing. I'm hoping in a couple of weeks I can get some mojo back and be able to draw properly again.

Thanks for understanding.

Comments (6)
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User #3337729 - 18 May 19 21:21
we all have one of those days my man, hope you can catch a break! <3<3
user avatar
User #4412977 - 18 May 19 21:13
Hope you’re alright πŸ™
user avatar
User #2727195 - 18 May 19 23:28
I understand, I get like that with fanfictions. If you ever do get inspired, I hope to see another June Bug comic... or at least a Full and Fertile sequel.
user avatar
β˜… stickymoncomixxx - 19 May 19 19:18
Sorry I haven't been able to follow those up yet but I at least have plans to https://www.patreon.com/posts/full-and-fertile-8325793
user avatar
User #168784 - 18 May 19 22:35
If you suddenly get inspired to make another rainbow sprite comic, it’s because I’ve been trying to put it in your brain telepathically.
user avatar
User #18013117 - 19 May 19 21:02
All good! Anyone creating does the world a favour. Sending you positive energy!
Halloweek Hi-Res & PSD Files 2018-11-20 1550160839