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Mr. X-Toon (mrxtoon)

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About commissions, polls and downloads.
About commissions, polls and downloads.more_vert
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About commissions, polls and downloads. 2020-05-23T05:02:45+00:00close

Some masters are asking me about ordering commissions. Well, I am currently working hard to finalize our current goals "hercules vs Aladdin" and later "Kristoff vs Flynn".

Animation takes time! Please have a little patience, I am doing it with all my efforts. Members with Gold tiers above will be able to suggest the new characters.

I will select the characters that are most horny and I will make a poll so that all members can vote. The most voted characters will have a juicy animated video available in animated gif for bronze members, 720p for silver members, 1080p for gold and diamond members.

The files are always available at the end of the post, as in the image in reference

Media (1)

download_here.jpg (191.2KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5735571 - 23 May 20 08:52
Sorry but I can't download it... I don't see this post...
 We did it!!
We did it!!more_vert
Post file flag
We did it!! 2020-05-17T01:41:40+00:00close

Good news! We hit our goal for Hercules vs Aladdin and to celebrate I'll post the full El Dorado video TODAY. Soon I will finish Hercules vs Aladdin and soon after I will go to Kristoff vs Flynn Rider. Did you like it?

Media (1)

Untitled-1.jpg (19.0KiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #18814628 - 17 May 20 01:59
user avatar
User #5157012 - 17 May 20 02:03
Awesome! Your work is amazing!!!!
user avatar
User #6222165 - 17 May 20 06:51
Love everything about it 😍
user avatar
User #31829518 - 17 May 20 01:42
Love it 👍
user avatar
User #2582328 - 17 May 20 02:30
user avatar
User #5414291 - 18 May 20 00:20
user avatar
User #3829038 - 17 May 20 07:28
Congratulations 😊 !
El Dotado! Tulio's cumshot is in work in progress
El Dotado! Tulio's cumshot is in work in progressmore_vert
Post file flag
El Dotado! Tulio's cumshot is in work in progress 2020-05-10T16:10:30+00:00close

Thanks for all the support on patreon! We managed to reach our first goal! Thank you masters! I already started working on the tulio cumshot!

It will be exclusive here for the patreon!

Media (1)

ezgif-2-d99232afea62.gif (421.1KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #2350632 - 10 May 20 19:18
So excited for this 💖
user avatar
mrxtoon - 11 May 20 05:32
Get ready because the cum will be juicy!
user avatar
User #913169 - 10 May 20 18:12
Nicely done. What software do you use? It's amazing. 👍🏻
user avatar
mrxtoon - 10 May 20 19:14
Thanks! It's Toon Boom Harmony.
user avatar
User #2839441 - 10 May 20 16:34
your doin great!
user avatar
mrxtoon - 10 May 20 19:15
Thank you, master! =)
Welcome, my master! 2020-05-10T05:24:45+00:00

What next animation do you want to see here?

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #653492 - 10 May 20 08:29
Tadashi fapping sounds delight, but I can't say no to Kristoff <3333
user avatar
mrxtoon - 11 May 20 05:30
I confess that I wanted Tadashi. But your request here is an order.
user avatar
mrxtoon - 10 May 20 05:44
Tulio vs Miguel - Download 1080p
Tulio vs Miguel - Download 1080pmore_vert
Tulio vs Miguel - Download 1080p 2020-05-10T05:13:47+00:00close

Do you want to see a cumshot from Tulio in miguel's mouth?

Our goal is 500 dollars.

Media (1)

Image1.jpg (669.6KiB)

Attachments (1)

eldoradomxtoon.mp4 (32.0MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2659107 - 10 May 20 06:21
I'd love to see that! I must spread the word!
user avatar
mrxtoon - 10 May 20 06:36
Thank you very much, master!
Hercules vs Aladdin -  A wish from the Gods!
Hercules vs Aladdin - A wish from the Gods!more_vert
Hercules vs Aladdin - A wish from the Gods! 2020-05-10T04:54:07+00:00close

Did you like it? I'm posting this little 15-second loop as a sample of what's to come. A 1: 30min short with development, climax and cumshot (creampie for Hercules and hands free for Aladdin). I will make these files available exclusively here, the videos will be in 1080p with full quality.

This short will only be possible with support.

Our goal is 2 thousand dollars.

Shall we make these princes cum?

Attachments (1)

hercules vs aladdin.mp4 (23.7MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #17156529 - 10 May 20 08:18
can’t wait for the cum shot
user avatar
User #2839441 - 10 May 20 16:35
im sure its gonna be fantastic!!

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