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My creatures at FWA <3
My creatures at FWA <3more_vert
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My creatures at FWA <3 2019-05-12T03:12:08+00:00close

I don't know why I didn't think of posting this here until now, but look at these beautiful creatures in the wild! I wish I was there, hopefully next year!

Still sewing
Still sewing more_vert
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Still sewing 2019-05-09T03:08:00+00:00close

Are these pictures getting dull and monotonous? Imagine how it feels to stare at this for hours a day :'3

I'm almost done with the tan fur seams, which is well over half of the sewing on the bodysuit. I have a few white seams to do, then just the long seams between the two colors. I'm really trying to be done with the fur this week, but I am really struggling to sit down and sew for 6+hrs per day like I would like to do... I'm doing some physical therapy on my right arm for the wrist pain that's been underlying, so that's promising!

Back to sewing!
Back to sewing! more_vert
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Back to sewing! 2019-05-07T22:15:05+00:00close

Not a terribly exciting picture, but sewing what seems like miles of seams on the bodysuit isn't a terribly exciting thing to do :'3 Tomorrow is more of the same!

All set up for recording tomorrow
All set up for recording tomorrow more_vert
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All set up for recording tomorrow 2019-05-07T01:37:23+00:00close

Apologies for the blurry photo, my hands are shaking pretty bad today :'3 But I managed to get the DSLR back in the rig and everything is hooked up, so I will be able to start whenever I am ready in the morning :3 I'm really close to done sewing the bodysuit fur on Gromm, so it'd be a nice thing to get through that soon!

What's left to do on Gromm, for the new patrons and anyone who doesn't remember:

I'm in the process of sewing the bodysuit fur. Then he needs a zipper and the edges lined (I opted not to on Tiberius because his fur was short and it would just make it more noticeable, Gromm has longer fur so it hides it better), and the padding liners installed and the arm muscles sewn in, then the body is done. After that, he just needs some detail work on the mask and paws (that's always done at the end of the build), mask internals (mesh, tongue, straps, padding), paint, and whiskers! He's very close to done, but I had to drop everything to get the maintenance/repairs done for my clients from before the tutorials in time for their spring conventions. I'm going to *try* to finish up this month before I have to finish Kierpaws, but we will see if that's possible in practice!

Ottillie is done!
Ottillie is done! more_vert
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Ottillie is done! 2019-05-06T03:30:07+00:00close

She's already safely boxed up and ready to go home tomorrow morning. I'm utterly exhausted and ready to go to bed :'3 Look out for her in FWA photos for me <3

P.s. Thanks to your contributions, I splurged on an ultrasonic cleaner for my airbrush today. This is going to save me hours of fiddling (and stress, crying, and anxiety) with the airbrush every time I need to use it, so thank you so much for improving my quality of life <333

Lined and ready to go home!
Lined and ready to go home! more_vert
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Lined and ready to go home! 2019-05-04T21:13:30+00:00close

As per tradition, I did the last of the sewing in the car :'3 I absolutely love this liner, it's so slick and clean and really gives it a feel of elegance. Final photos tomorrow, and she'll be on the way home Monday morning! Keep an eye out for Ottillie at FWA next weekend <3

Almost finished!
Almost finished! more_vert
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Almost finished! 2019-05-04T04:39:55+00:00close

Just a couple of seams on the liner left and adding the straps now!

Testing the new tags!
Testing the new tags! more_vert
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Testing the new tags! 2019-05-03T03:21:31+00:00close

Finished up the rest of the liners this afternoon after a rough morning. I remembered at the last minute that I had these, so I put a set in each of the paws and hooves and I'm really satisfied with the results! I can either put them in flat, or as a folded tag, and each works perfectly fine. I'll definitely be ordering more for everyone in my client queue!

(not pictured: I also patterned, pieced, and clipped the hood liner and it's ready to sew tomorrow)

Meet Hachi!
Meet Hachi! more_vert
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Meet Hachi! 2019-05-01T01:59:14+00:00close

Today was a really long day, but after a lot of research and paperwork and some negotiating, we have a new friend <3 We both love basically everything about it, and we got all the features that we each wanted without having a painful compromise on anything. Now I can make supply runs and ridiculous 1000+ mile overnight deliveries again!

Tomorrow I'll be back to regularly scheduled programming, finishing up Ottillie so I can express ship her out in time for her pre-FWA con!

Comments (1)
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User #6423147 - 1 May 19 04:34
Assortment of updates
Assortment of updates more_vert
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Assortment of updates 2019-04-29T04:34:24+00:00close

Here's the new horn position, just before I positioned the ears. I've painted the horns too.

Today was kind of a bust, because we found out that our car is a total loss :/ So we have to hurry up and figure out a solution for a replacement so that we can transition quickly once we get the settlement. Really bad timing for all of this with my FWA goals, but I have to do the leg work on Google because Kyou is going to lose enough time dealing with the stuff that I can't. So tomorrow is not looking good for making a lot of progress :/

And then she died
And then she diedmore_vert
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And then she died 2019-04-27T05:02:25+00:00close

My fingers hurt and I'm going to bed. Horn attachments are sewn in and I only sewed through (and then had to cut off) two safety pin loops :'3

Zipper done
Zipper done more_vert
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Zipper done 2019-04-26T03:22:16+00:00close

I finished like 10 minutes ago, and I am ready to drop. Gonna push really hard tomorrow to make up for lost time.

Yikes more_vert
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Yikes 2019-04-24T01:01:07+00:00close

On the way home from a supply run, we got caught in a nasty hailstorm. The car looks like a golf ball from the dents in the body, the windshield is cracked in several places, the back window is totally shattered, and there's glass and water everywhere. We, luckily, weren't in the car at the time, so we're safe, but I am going to have to clean up the mess tomorrow.

I got my thread though :'3

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #6423147 - 24 Apr 19 04:26
Damn, glad neither of you were hurt. Sorry about the car.
user avatar
β˜… kitsuneillusions - 24 Apr 19 04:29
Insurance *should* cover the repairs, thankfully. All in all, it could have been way worse.
Almost there!
Almost there! more_vert
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Almost there! 2019-04-23T01:25:09+00:00close

This weekend was really weird :'3 Kyou had Friday off, so we cleaned up the house and did our errands, and on Saturday/Sunday we worked on the garden and more cleaning because we're still so far behind on housework from doing so much overtime for the past few months. I did a little bit of sewing over the previous three days, but not a lot. Until today, that is! I finished all the fur sewing and am set to go on the zipper tomorrow. If I can manage it, I'll do the liner too, but I am going to wait until I get the other two horns in (she's been nice enough to send me the top two for photos) so I can perfect the ear position before I do the liner. Fingers crossed that I can finish tomorrow!

On a roll!
On a roll! more_vert
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On a roll! 2019-04-19T00:37:06+00:00close

This morning my new packaging tape came, and I got a chance to see my design in print for the first time! I'm really really happy with the way it turned out, and I am even more excited about seeing the fabric samples now! In the meantime, I'm in *love* with the lycra I found for Ottillie! Today was finally fur time, and with one more big thanks to Shagpoke for righting me on the pinning direction I managed to sew the fur for Ottillie's new neck on the machine! Even curves and ease! As of now, it's pinned to the face fur and ready to be sewn tomorrow. I put in the horns to make sure I can get to the screws, and thankfully I can! So the order of operations tomorrow is sewing the rest of the fur, adding the zipper, and sewing in the horn mounts, then I can pattern for the liner. Almost done now!

Also, I've had an influx of new patrons this week! Thank you so much for supporting my art, and I'm looking forward to sharing with you <3

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #435714 - 19 Apr 19 22:44
Oh that pun is ok, but pawfection isn't, I see how it is... ;P Great job, you've been really knocking it out of the park lately!! <3
user avatar
β˜… kitsuneillusions - 19 Apr 19 22:51
OK so originally I wrote that with no pun intended!
Horn rig part 3
Horn rig part 3more_vert
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Horn rig part 3 2019-04-18T00:55:22+00:00close

Continuing from last time!

Step 16: Cut some felt liners for the inside of the horn surround (not pictured: cut out a pass through hole for your screws). Step 17: I didn't manage to take a picture of this one, but lay your horn mount pieces against-the-head side down on the wrong side of lycra/spandex and trace the outline. Cut out the pieces. Step 18: Contact cement your lycra/spandex pieces to the against-the-head side of the horn mount pieces (not pictured: cut out a pass through hole for the screw). Step 19: Cut and glue a piece of felt on the bottom of the horn, and cut a pass through hole for the screw.

These are the functionally complete at this point! I'll be sewing them into the fur on the head once I get to that stage, but I'm sure they could be glued if that's more your speed.

Horn rig part 2
Horn rig part 2more_vert
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Horn rig part 2 2019-04-17T02:23:18+00:00close

Continuing from last time!

Step 7: Pattern around the platform and the base of the horn to make a retaining ring that keeps the horn oriented right. Trace the pattern onto eva foam and add two extra foam widths to each end, one for the shortage the pattern will have because of the thickness of the foam, and one that will be cut into a bevel for a clean joint. Step 8: Contact cement the retaining rings around the platform. Step 9: Test your horn fit and adjust as needed. Step 10: Press the screw through the hole and make an indentation in the foam to mark the position you'll need to mount your threaded tubes in. Step 11: See it all together and feel like a genius! Step 12: Drill out space for the threaded tubes. Step 13: Since I'm using two each, I taped together the two pieces for each side to keep them aligned. Step 14: Protect your surface with a little bit of tape and double check your positioning. Step 15: Embed your threads in the horn with apoxie sculpt. Press it down the sides of the tubes with a popsicle stick or similar tool. Allow to cure.

To be continued!

Horn rig part 1
Horn rig part 1more_vert
Post file flag
Horn rig part 1 2019-04-15T02:58:46+00:00close

OK, let me really quickly try to explain what is going on the best way I can :'3 I started by taking a pattern from the mannequin head for the area that this is going to rest on. Then I transferred it to Eva foam, cut it out, and glued up the darts (picture 1). I then took a paint pen, figured out where I wanted the horns and traced the base of the horn onto the Eva foam (picture 2, sorry about the crop here). Then I cut it a bit flat in preparation for the next layer, and with a little bit of help from Kyou I figured out how to get a clean hole for the screw head (picture 3). I used a pipe for the big holes, and the top of my propane torch for the small holes in the second layer (picture 4). Once everything was prepped, I attached a big washer between the two layers and smashed everything together (picture 5). Now the horn is nice and fitted with the Eva foam rig (picture 6)!

Still a bit more to do tomorrow, but I'm pretty satisfied so far!

It's been a busy few weeks, with more to come
It's been a busy few weeks, with more to come more_vert
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It's been a busy few weeks, with more to come 2019-04-09T12:25:17+00:00close

March started out with me working on Gromm's padding and bodysuit, until I realized that I wasn't going to be able to finish both his body and Kier's repairs and replacements before the end of the month. Then I shifted to high gear and worked my tails off to finish Kierpaws. I never cease to be surprised by feline paws and how long they take! Between the massive amount of seams (and the sewing/picking/trimming that accompanies them) because of the complex shaping, and the fine detail sewing on the claw surrounds, I put in nearly 100hrs on those paws in a little over a week... Then I swapped out the tail belt and padding, which was a little worse for wear after three years. It was a good opportunity to upgrade and engineer better versions though, and I got to use the sewing machine for some of it! Then I made a one-day turnaround delivery trip to Dallas, immediately before a last minute weekend trip to Dallas for TFF (I wish we could have been certain that we could make it on the weekend, but such is life).

April has started off a little slower, with last week being mostly recovering from the previous onslaught (including the neglected house chores) and a bit of gear shifting to different projects. I have two masks here that just need a little bit of attention (Ottillie and Thirteen) and my priority right now is to get them home asap. After that, I will be shifting back to Gromm's bodysuit, padding, and the final detailing/paint. Then it's moo time! The next few weeks will be an adventure, and I look forward to sharing it with y'all <3

I promise I'm not dead!
I promise I'm not dead! more_vert
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I promise I'm not dead! 2019-04-05T00:50:24+00:00close

This is an old picture because I'm not done yet, but I spent most of the day hanging furs and organizing fabrics. It's been a disaster zone in there for months, and I've been tired of searching for things! Tomorrow is going to be more cleaning, but I should be back to regularly scheduled work on Monday.

TFF 2019 con report
TFF 2019 con reportmore_vert
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TFF 2019 con report 2019-04-01T01:18:57+00:00close

Whew, this was a long weekend to say the very least. The previous two weeks have been a marathon of overtime getting Kier's peets and bodysuit alterations/upgrades done, and a Schrodinger's con whether or not Kyou was going to be able to go. Last we knew it was a no go, so I packed up the car and drove to Dallas on Friday to take him the things and have a lunch with Shagpoke and Kier so I could at least get a few hours of social interaction before I turned around and drove home. We had sushi and chatted and I have Shagpoke a bluebonnet and a tumbleweed in an HEB bag so she'd have a bit of Texas, and I headed for home, only stopping for a table top for a new cutting table on the way. 12hrs of driving on Friday x_x

Kyou got lucky and was able to finally get away for the weekend, so on Saturday morning we turned right around and went back to Dallas :'3 We got to hang out with Shagpoke for most of the time, and we were able to run into just about everyone that we were hoping to see! Kyou even got to suit for a while, it was really fun! This morning we packed up for home, and I finally got a chance to see the new peets with the suit before we had to go! Definitely worth all of the hard work :3 We got sushi again and we are about half way through the long drive home now. I consider this one of my favorite convention experiences, so thank you everyone for the fun times, especially Shagpoke who I hadn't seen in years and was totally cool with just hanging out with my exhausted self.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #388296 - 1 Apr 19 02:20
Aww thank you for everything πŸ’™ I had a lovely time and I'm so glad you could make it!
Successful delivery
Successful delivery more_vert
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Successful delivery 2019-03-30T05:05:09+00:00close

I drove like 12hrs today so I don't have enough brain cells operating to make a real post, but have this picture Shagpoke took of Kier and his new peets for tonight and I'll make words good later :'3

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #388296 - 30 Mar 19 05:16
Good day!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
user avatar
β˜… kitsuneillusions - 30 Mar 19 05:18
Very good day <3
Kieran peets!
Kieran peets! more_vert
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Kieran peets! 2019-03-26T22:09:46+00:00close

Paw perfection! Painstakingly sewn by hand, these feature:

Separate L/R sculpts for both cast foam inners and pawpads!
Two-tone claws with quicks are retracted within lined and stuffed sheaths, and are properly offset!
Fully lined with ZERO raw fur edges!
Hidden zip on the back!

Kieran peets!
Kieran peets! more_vert
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Kieran peets! 2019-03-26T22:09:22+00:00close

Paw perfection! Painstakingly sewn by hand, these feature:

Separate L/R sculpts for both cast foam inners and pawpads!
Two-tone claws with quicks are retracted within lined and stuffed sheaths, and are properly offset!
Fully lined with ZERO raw fur edges!
Hidden zip on the back!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #435714 - 28 Mar 19 21:02
.... Pawfection? Missed opportunity!
user avatar
β˜… kitsuneillusions - 28 Mar 19 21:03
*side eyes snow leopard sticker*
Kieran peets!
Kieran peets! more_vert
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Kieran peets! 2019-03-26T22:08:55+00:00close

Paw perfection! Painstakingly sewn by hand, these feature:

Separate L/R sculpts for both cast foam inners and pawpads!
Two-tone claws with quicks are retracted within lined and stuffed sheaths, and are properly offset!
Fully lined with ZERO raw fur edges!
Hidden zip on the back!

Kieran peets!
Kieran peets! more_vert
Post file flag
Kieran peets! 2019-03-26T22:08:26+00:00close

Paw perfection! Painstakingly sewn by hand, these feature:

Separate L/R sculpts for both cast foam inners and pawpads!
Two-tone claws with quicks are retracted within lined and stuffed sheaths, and are properly offset!
Fully lined with ZERO raw fur edges!
Hidden zip on the back!

Stitch highlights!
Stitch highlights! more_vert
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Stitch highlights! 2019-03-24T03:00:47+00:00close

I'm *really* proud of my sewing on this set of paws <3

Claw surround purgatory
Claw surround purgatory more_vert
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Claw surround purgatory 2019-03-20T03:03:51+00:00close

All of today was more claw surround work. I sewed in and stuffed one to test my pattern, and while it worked beautifully (and made a perfect peeky claw!) I realized that I needed to pick the seams... So I pulled it off and spent literally 9 hours picking and trimming seams. The results were worth the effort, but I am tired and cranky (I made dinner but by the time I got around to eating it an hour after it was done it was too spicy for my still upset stomach and too late to make anything else). The lengths I go to for good paws...

What a difference 1/3" makes
What a difference 1/3" makes more_vert
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What a difference 1/3" makes 2019-03-19T01:23:45+00:00close

Top left is the way I originally patterned the toe tips, and bottom left is after trimming approximately 1/3" from the area between the claws and the knuckles of the toes. Granted, this burned through my whole day, but wow am I happy with the results! I figured out how to pattern the liner for the claw surround fur and cut out the pieces, which I'll sew in and stuff tomorrow. I have a small bubble to patch along the fabric edge of one paw pad, and then I'll be able to sew the pads in! I might do the zippers while I wait for the urethane glue to cure... We'll see how it goes!

Test fitting on the second paw!
Test fitting on the second paw! more_vert
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Test fitting on the second paw! 2019-03-18T02:03:58+00:00close

I see a few things to tweak, but overall I'm really happy with this shaping! Gonna edit the toes a smidgen and get them stuffed tomorrow if I can get that far.

Test fitting!
Test fitting! more_vert
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Test fitting! 2019-03-16T01:22:55+00:00close

I've been sewing and sewing and sewing! Apparently I messed up my pinning on the second one, but about an hour of correction with the pattern and it's fixed. My estimate for the position of the claw surrounds is way off too, so I'm going to have to fix that on the first side (shown above)... I really made this pattern a mess :'3 But it's an easy enough fix, and then I'll be able to get some beans in and be ready to assemble! Wish me luck over the weekend!

One sewn peet
One sewn peetmore_vert
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One sewn peet 2019-03-15T17:27:24+00:00close

Yesterday got a little hectic in the evening so I wasn't quite able to get through it, but I got up this morning, did my taxes, and powered through the rest of this one! Time to start on the second one :3

Patrons really do help! 2019-03-13T20:40:55+00:00

For y'all here, I'm still working on taxes, but my Patreon supporters last year paid for all of my website hosting fees, my Adobe subscription, my phone/data service, my 3d printer and all the accessories, and my new countertops for the studio. In a real sense, every single dollar helps me to keep things running in the background while I'm focusing on getting stuff done and also gives me so much more to work with to improve my working conditions and abilities! So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support <3

Especially right now while I am still doing the tutorials, this is a huge chunk (literally more than 10% this year) of my gross income and I'd be really struggling otherwise. Hopefully this will wrap up today and I will be able to share some projects tomorrow :'3

Still sewing
Still sewing more_vert
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Still sewing 2019-03-09T01:39:46+00:00close

Bodysuits are roughly 20hrs of hand sewing just for the fur, and my hand is protesting so much that I can manage about 3hrs a day lately. So this is my life for now :'3

On an unrelated note, I finally committed myself and registered for TFF today. Who will I see there?

Kind of dull day today
Kind of dull day today more_vert
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Kind of dull day today 2019-03-06T23:55:00+00:00close

I put in about 3hrs of sewing on Gromm, transferred about 100gb of new footage, and printed/cut out these templates for Kier's claw surround fur. Incremental progress toward the goal!

Post file flag
Peetspeetspeets 2019-03-06T01:57:49+00:00close

After an atypical episode of insomnia, I woke up late today and found out that Kyou was coming for lunch, so I opted to work on some Kierpeets instead of recording today. These are easily the most complex shapes I've done, and the pattern was extremely confusing to put back together, but I managed to get the fur cut and pinned for each side. I still have to print the claw surround templates, but not today. Here's hoping that I can sleep tonight and get a regular day tomorrow!

Pinning fixed, sewing started
Pinning fixed, sewing started more_vert
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Pinning fixed, sewing started 2019-03-04T23:09:09+00:00close

After about another hour and a half of taking things apart and using the pattern pieces to guide pinning again, I finally got everything in the right place to sew. I've done about 3hrs of sewing on one of the legs today but it's freezing cold and I've had about enough for one day!

A day in the life of recording tutorials
A day in the life of recording tutorials more_vert
Post file flag
A day in the life of recording tutorials 2019-02-27T19:32:03+00:00close

A typical day recording tutorial footage:

I become conscious around 7am, make tea, and work on waking up. Then I go over the plan for the day many, many times in my head to really lock in all the details of the order of operations, define the teachable moments and how to capture them, and try to make sure that I have all the supplies and equipment I need for the task at hand. This varies depending on the complexity, but usually wraps up around 10-10:30am. Then there's often cleanup from the previous shoot and set up for the current process, which again varies but usually takes about an hour. Then I have to cook lunch in anticipation of Kyou's arrival shortly after noon. We eat lunch, and then around 1pm I finally get a chance to start construction!

I try to keep my recording sessions to about an hour (maybe a little more) each with breaks in between them. Usually I can manage 3-4 of these, though if I'm close to reaching a comfortable stopping point or finishing up I'll often go longer. I usually finish recording between 5-7pm on average. In the beginning, I had to transfer the footage and empty the SD card every two hours, then for the longest time it was every 4hrs which was effectively daily, but now I have two cards with 8hr capacity so I tend to only do file management once a week. After making and eating dinner, it's usually around 8:30pm. I compile my Patreon daily digest of what I've been doing, and I try desperately to get decent sleep despite my insomnia.

So that's a good 'average' for my routine! Sometimes I do more, sometimes I work weekends. Sometimes I get a late start because I didn't sleep well, and sometimes I suffer from burnout/depression and I don't get much of anything done. It's all variable, but I am much happier with my current routine and it's keeping the progress at a maximum and burnout to a minimum and that's the ultimate goal!

Sometimes my life is weird :'3
Sometimes my life is weird :'3 more_vert
Post file flag
Sometimes my life is weird :'3 2019-02-27T02:46:46+00:00close

Today's been a long day of cleaning up and resetting the recording area back to the standard configuration, dealing with file management and backups, trying to tame the fur room situation, and running around trying to find the correct color samples for Charm's darker color since the online utility said that the middle green in the sample above was very close to the hex code but it obviously isn't what we're looking for! But I've got one more store to raid and then we can start trying to find the perfect tone to do a custom run of! I couldn't find my fur hangers in the store though, so I am frustrated with that...

Anyway! Tomorrow looks like a good day for picking a white fur for Gromm's body and transferring the pattern over. Maybe pins if there's any time?

P. S. I literally just remembered that I was going to get shelves too. Myad.

I got my vertical pictures!
I got my vertical pictures! more_vert
Post file flag
I got my vertical pictures! 2019-02-26T01:29:36+00:00close

I *really* regret not getting this set of photos with Tiberius, but I dragged Gromm through the whole house twice today for some vertical pattern pictures and these foam placement shots. Kyou helped me move tables too, so the recording area is set back to the standard configuration for the next phase of the build process. Next comes flattening the pattern, transferring to the fur, and cutting/pinning up for sewing :3 It's going to be a busy week for me!

This got complicated quickly :'3
This got complicated quickly :'3more_vert
Post file flag
This got complicated quickly :'3 2019-02-14T23:21:08+00:00close

I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to best approach this process in a way that I can keep things symmetrical and not lose track of pieces, and this is what I came up with! The pattern piece is still in one piece, and I can easily go muscle by muscle and not get way off track on the placement. The rest is just cut and paste!

A new (broken) arrival
A new (broken) arrival more_vert
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A new (broken) arrival 2019-02-06T22:44:37+00:00close

Today's been a long day... I have had a migraine since 10am that's resisted every bit of self care I've thrown at it. Then the bull skull I ordered during our trip to Houston last month finally arrived, but as you can see in the bottom right corner, it was damaged along with being late. I've been negotiating a partial refund with the seller through my headache, so that's being dealt with, but I haven't been able to make any progress on Gromm today between the two pains :'3 I did take the time to clean up the shelf and put it up with the rest of my large specimens because I couldn't very well leave it on the bed... From left to right: juv. black bear, wolf replica, lion replica, horse, and my poor broken bull.

Having real/cast from real reference is absolutely essential for my studies and shaping. In concert with the anatomy diagram books, anatomical model sculptures, taxidermy references, and copious photographic examples, real/cast from real specimens are the key to success with understanding the structure that exists beneath the surface in three dimensions. Comparative anatomy studies ftw!

Arms in progress
Arms in progress more_vert
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Arms in progress 2019-02-05T23:35:22+00:00close

Over the course of the day, I patterned and sewed the base layer for the arms, patterned and shaped the cuffs of the shoulder blades, edited the shoulder blades and back pad until the motion was good (the back pad needed to be cut down a ton), and gave the shoulder blades a gentle curve to glide easier against the back pad. All in all, a good day's work. My back is miserable from having to work two feet in front of my body, so I hope I can finish the foaming tomorrow and wrap up the patterning this week and switch back to the normal shooting setup. We'll see!

One Gromm dtd!
One Gromm dtd! more_vert
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One Gromm dtd! 2019-02-02T03:09:55+00:00close

I did the thing today since our schedule is slightly normalizing and I didn't lose half a night of sleep last night. I've done a preliminary overlay on the smilodon skeleton side view, and I have a good idea of what padding is necessary. I'll do up a cleaner version on the tablet tomorrow. I'm really excited for the pads I'll be doing, it's a very different approach from Tiberius so it'll be fun! I hope :'3

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User #17605773 - 17 Mar 19 18:52
Good ?
Set up for the dtd stuff tomorrow!
Set up for the dtd stuff tomorrow! more_vert
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Set up for the dtd stuff tomorrow! 2019-01-28T00:39:19+00:00close

Bleh. Let me whine about this for a minute. The gopro has three settings, narrow field (what I use for the standard shots), medium field (wider angle, I use it for full body shots), and a wide field that I don't use at all. The gopro needs to be tilted at a different angle for the narrow and medium ranges, because I'm working in a different area and the framing is too much on the wall if I leave it in the position I use for the narrow field. So, I have some paint pen alignment marks for each setting, and I just have to change the settings in the gopro and tilt that arm until the other set of marks is lined up.

That's not the hard part though. I have two of those folding tables that I have to line up with the counter to expand the workspace enough to hold a dtd that's stuffed with the arms out, and those are the same tables that I actively use for holding stuff in the studio... So I have to empty them, get them in position, cover them with the paper, and then literally crawl on top of them to be able to get to the camera to start/stop recording and swap cards. And during all that, half of my stuff is on the floor where the tables were :'3 This time is extra suck because I have fully 1/3 of the studio filled with cabinets and it's like a Benny Hill clip of me moving things around for an hour to make it work :'3

So, I'm switching from regular to full body style today.

From full body to regular on Saturday.

Back to full body again after like two weeks of sewing the bodysuit.

And back to regular after I paint the bodysuit the next work day :'3

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User #133093 - 28 Jan 19 01:46
Complete peets!
Complete peets! more_vert
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Complete peets! 2019-01-26T01:03:51+00:00close

Gromm's peets are done \o/ These are carved upholstery foam construction, fully lined, rear zipper entry, featuring solid cast silicone pawpads, the claws have quicks, and the claw sheaths are pink and fleshy inside! This set is the exact pair made for the tutorial series <3 https://t.co/TuKDNOhUXQ

Insomnia, ugh 2019-01-22T13:04:52+00:00

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past few days, insomnia has been kicking my ass worse than usual (and that's saying something because it's frequently pretty bad). I'm trying a few new things to combat it, so hopefully I'll be able to get it under control and get more than 4hrs of broken sleep a night soon!

All of my hopes and dreams are in this bin
All of my hopes and dreams are in this binmore_vert
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All of my hopes and dreams are in this bin 2019-01-20T04:50:35+00:00close

After a good bit of tetris, I managed to get all 24tb of drives in this little tote. Both of the big archives of everything, the smaller archive of raw only, and the little quicky drive that is best for doing quick backups of fresh footage. I have a smaller power strip on order, but this works for now. Kind of crazy to think about, that this is literally everything I have for the tutorial series!

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User #4955854 - 20 Jan 19 05:28
Phew! Having done data recovery on these, it’s scary to have all your video eggs in one basket! Oh! Met Tiberius in person at FC! Even more amazing in person!! ?
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β˜… kitsuneillusions - 20 Jan 19 05:33
I've been in the unfortunate situation of having to recover data from two burned out drives in the span of a week, due to mismanagement by my previous computer guy... Hence having three now :'3 EEEEEEEEE! I'm so glad you were able to see him! I wish I could be there myself but I have too much to do :'3 Maybe next year!
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User #4955854 - 20 Jan 19 05:21
Two words - Backups. ... Backups.
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β˜… kitsuneillusions - 20 Jan 19 05:23
I have three of each raw file spread across three separate drives for overkill levels of peace of mind!
Beeeeeeeans! more_vert
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Beeeeeeeans! 2019-01-19T22:35:31+00:00close

All sewn in! Currently fighting with my drives and all of this backup file management, but I'll get back to these later <3

Bean day
Bean daymore_vert
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Bean day 2019-01-19T03:56:58+00:00close

1/2 sets of pads are sewn in. This morning was a bit rough, but I managed to get a good bit of work done nonetheless. Going to work through the weekend and try to get these things done.


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