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Downtime at The Evil One
Downtime at The Evil Onemore_vert
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Downtime at The Evil One 2018-05-14T00:37:14+00:00close

I thumbnailed the idea for this piece about five years ago, but didn’t quite have the technical ability to pull off what I wanted. Magic Poser let me actually build out a ref for the scene, but I’ve been fighting with lighting for the past month or so, and finally got things to look the way I want them. =) Characters belong to various friends.

Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossomsmore_vert
Post file flag
Cherry Blossoms 2018-05-13T04:15:37+00:00close

Digital painting attempt with a couple of Chaser’s characters. =)

Patreon Chibis!
Patreon Chibis!more_vert
Post file flag
Patreon Chibis! 2018-05-04T19:46:08+00:00close

Finally got around to making pledge tier images for Patreon. =3

Post file flag
Shauna 2018-05-04T06:05:06+00:00close

Doodled my monstery defel hybrid character Shauna! She works a lot better digitally, lol.

Mando Mei
Mando Meimore_vert
Post file flag
Mando Mei 2018-05-01T02:01:55+00:00close

Pretty quick digital bust for Tree_san of Mei, trying a more loose and cell shaded look for the most part. Did this so it could be used as an icon if he wanted. =)

Zan'ika Denid
Zan'ika Denidmore_vert
Post file flag
Zan'ika Denid 2018-04-28T03:47:03+00:00close

Been playing around with Zanny in Mandalorian armor for a couple years now, and I'm starting to really like the look. New avatar, since my previous one is a couple years old now.

Blackpaw gift doodle
Blackpaw gift doodlemore_vert
Post file flag
Blackpaw gift doodle 2018-04-20T21:58:26+00:00close

Was chatting with Blackpaw last night when they watched my FA page and became my 3000th watcher. XDD They jokingly asked if they got a prize, so I said what the heck, sure, and doodled up a quick colored sketch of their character. =3

Mandos process
Mandos processmore_vert
Post file flag
Mandos process 2018-04-19T22:33:15+00:00close

Making this one public because it showcases a nifty tool! I’ve been using MagicPoser a LOT to set up poses and scenes for drawings, and this is why. I can set up crazy action scenes any way I want, from any angle or perspective! I can add props or build them out of geometric shapes! =3 The basic app (iPad) is free, and it’s $5 to upgrade to pro (well worth it, IMO).

what are they fighting? I have no idea. I sketched this out at like 3 AM. XDD

Elf Doodle
Elf Doodlemore_vert
Post file flag
Elf Doodle 2018-04-17T02:35:49+00:00close

So little bit of backstory on this one. It’s not super finished (and probably won’t be) but I have this whole album of pics my mom had taken of me when I was 16. It (and the dress I had on) was a birthday present. Aesthetically I still love these pics, even if they’re not super representative of ME (then or now). They have this very medieval faerie princess feel, and they’re pretty. On a whim, I doodled over one of them and made a couple changes just to see how it came out. My digital art skills still need quite a bit of polish, heh, but it’s not horrible for something I didn’t spend a lot of time on.

Lilli's Stickers
Lilli's Stickersmore_vert
Post file flag
Lilli's Stickers 2018-04-05T05:47:02+00:00close

Finished telegram sticker set! It's more work, but I like the softer colored line look. =3

Marshmallowy Goodness
Marshmallowy Goodnessmore_vert
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Marshmallowy Goodness 2018-03-15T00:33:09+00:00close

The last couple weeks have been EXTREMELY stressful, and I do not regret my life choices.

(And this is something I always wanted as a kid)

(Yes, that’s just marshmallows. Two pounds of them.)

(I am totally an adult. Somehow.)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #661873 - 19 Mar 18 16:39
*paws at screen*
user avatar
zannah - 20 Mar 18 05:04
They’re more addictive than they have any right to be XDD
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Home! 2018-03-13T19:39:08+00:00close

We are home! I don’t think my wife will be riding in the car for awhile, given how the trip went, but we’re out of the hospital and settling back in. Just missed the snow, too. Still working on prescriptions. Insurance is being fucky about the painkillers. 9_9

I very much need some sleep, but hopefully I’ll be able to work on stuff again now that I’m not fighting city traffic or anxiously waiting in a hospital room.

Improvement! 2018-03-12T20:59:48+00:00

Wife is very much improved today! OT and PT both signed off. She wants one more night in the hospital just to make sure everything’s in working order, and then home tomorrow. *Final Fantasy victory music* I’m basically her home health aid for the next three months minimum, so my schedule may still be pretty nuts, but at least I won’t be driving back and forth to the city anymore.

Hospitals and the Buttcrack of Dawn
Hospitals and the Buttcrack of Dawnmore_vert
Post file flag
Hospitals and the Buttcrack of Dawn 2018-03-10T12:12:11+00:00close

Oogh. Rissa asked me to stay with her last night, so I crashed on the couch in her room. Not a very restful night, this thing is like sleeping on a lumpy brick, but I tried. And then they came in at 5:30 to get her up to pee, so I’m awake now, go me. The pain’s still hard for her, but as far as we know they’re planning for her to go home Monday at the latest.

Post file flag
X-rays 2018-03-09T21:11:45+00:00close

We just got new x-rays back post-surgery. The top image is before and the two bottoms ones are after. Bionic spine! She went from a 60 degree kyphosis to a more or less normal curvature. The pain’s still bad, but she can do a little more each day, so we’ll take what we can get.

Still at the hospital
Still at the hospitalmore_vert
Post file flag
Still at the hospital 2018-03-08T23:23:21+00:00close

Not much to update, just small progress, but I’ll take what I can get. Discharge says I should be able to bring her home this weekend, if all goes well. Sun setting over the city is pretty, though. =3

Post file flag
Skyline 2018-03-08T08:21:50+00:00close

My wife spent Tuesday and about half of Wednesday in the ICU, and her room came with this fabulous view of downtown for that. Her new room faces away from it, so while it’s nice, it’s nowhere near as impressive.

Chicago Sunrise
Chicago Sunrisemore_vert
Post file flag
Chicago Sunrise 2018-03-08T08:19:27+00:00close

Belived it or not, this was the view from the pre-op area Monday morning of my wife’s surgery. The one thing I wasn’t expecting this week has been the absolutely spectacular views of the city. Some of the nurses told us to come check out the sunrise, and it was pretty damn amazing.

Wife's Surgery Update 2018-03-07T04:53:27+00:00

So good news! My wife Carissa...

...came through her spinal surgery just fine. The docs all say it went as perfectly as they could hope for. Her pain levels are still sucky, so the ICU nurses are still working on that. She managed to get out of bed and stand up with help from the PT department, which is amazing for the day after they cut apart her spine and bolted it back together. They started her on clear liquids tonight, and hopefully tomorrow they'll move to soft foods and a regular hospital room instead of the ICU. If all goes well, I'll get to take her home this coming weekend. I'm exhausted and have spent the past 48 hours in waiting rooms and a not-so-great pull out couch bed thing in her hospital room. Home tonight for a shower and a real bed.

Charge-Up-Front is live!
Charge-Up-Front is live!more_vert
Post file flag
Charge-Up-Front is live! 2018-03-01T18:53:08+00:00close

Have a pic of Boo and Dusty being cute!

That aside, I just got the notification from Patreon that my account's been switched over. For existing patrons, there's no change. Everything will bill the same way it has been, at the first of the month.

NEW patrons will be charged when they pledge, and then will roll into the 1st of the month billing cycle on the next month. This should cut down on the bots and fake pledges because they won't be able to just pledge, suck down content for free, and drop out anymore.

Thanks again for your support, everybody!

Marker Completion!
Marker Completion!more_vert
Post file flag
Marker Completion! 2018-02-25T19:49:58+00:00close

Thought I’d share a pic of my Copic collection. These are what I use for most of my color pieces, and I’ve officially filled in all the spaces in my carriers. =3 Gonna have to figure out how I’ll store refills from now on, lol.

Noirex's Predicament
Noirex's Predicamentmore_vert
Post file flag
Noirex's Predicament 2018-02-19T20:37:05+00:00close

Basically the last of my MFF homework commissions, Noirex's blue yoshi character in a bind, lol.

Malchoir Tentacles
Malchoir Tentaclesmore_vert
Post file flag
Malchoir Tentacles 2018-02-19T20:33:44+00:00close

Smol dragon and tentacles, one of my last couple commissions from MFF.

Post file flag
Roxy 2018-02-16T05:43:57+00:00close

Woo, knocked out the colors on one of my handful of remaining MFF commissions. Just a couple more to go. @_@

Got my copy of NAF!
Got my copy of NAF!more_vert
Got my copy of NAF! 2018-02-13T23:00:35+00:00close

Not really anything new here, but my member copy of North American Fur showed up in the mail today! =3

Finally getting charge-up-front! 2018-02-07T03:27:52+00:00

Hey guys! I finally heard back from Patreon about switching my account over to the charge up front model (as a way to combat the bots that keep subscribing to scrape and repost content).

What does this mean for you?

If you're already subscribed, nothing will change for you and you don't need to worry about anything. Everything will roll over on the 1st of the month like it always has. It will only affect you if you change to a different pledge tier or cancel your pledge and re-subscribe later. If you do that, it'll charge you immediately, so please be aware!

Otherwise it's pretty much business as usual. Any new pledges will be charged when they sign up, and then on the 1st of each month they stay subscribed, starting March 1st.

Just wanted to let you guys know what's going on, and thanks again for your continued support! (I know I've been posting a lot lately, feel free to let me know if it's too much, and I'll try and schedule things so they're a little more paced out instead of all at once.) =3

Birb Nouveau - Color
Birb Nouveau - Colormore_vert
Post file flag
Birb Nouveau - Color 2018-02-06T00:13:34+00:00close

The result of several days of experimenting in Medibang Paint. Symmetry pen, concentric circle guides, edge pen for the grass, leaf brush, and flowers from the downloadables library.

Post file flag
Alexis 2018-02-04T20:28:07+00:00close

I was originally just experimenting with drawing rainbows in Medibang and then this happened.

Wicken and Robbie
Wicken and Robbiemore_vert
Post file flag
Wicken and Robbie 2018-02-03T09:18:46+00:00close

W00t! Finally finished this commission for Chaser. Experimented with some digital PWYW type stuff on this one, which let me play around with things.

Rissa Sticker
Rissa Stickermore_vert
Post file flag
Rissa Sticker 2018-02-01T20:03:58+00:00close

Added a new sticker to Rissa's pack on Telegram. =3

Post file flag
Penny 2018-01-31T07:34:57+00:00close

Full inks and color commission for DaPepster from MFF. Alllllmost caught up on these!

Skip Conbadge
Skip Conbadgemore_vert
Post file flag
Skip Conbadge 2018-01-30T07:57:58+00:00close

Hey new patrons! Thanks so much for supporting me. =) Finished this one tonight, and the scan isn’t great, so I took a little video instead. Shiny!

Mei sticker
Mei stickermore_vert
Post file flag
Mei sticker 2018-01-30T00:46:22+00:00close

Started as a doodle and turned into a new Telegram sticker for Tree.

MFF Commission - Neko
MFF Commission - Nekomore_vert
Post file flag
MFF Commission - Neko 2018-01-17T06:12:29+00:00close

Pretty pleased with how this one turned out!

Elena's Commission
Elena's Commissionmore_vert
Post file flag
Elena's Commission 2018-01-13T08:11:28+00:00close

Inked and colored MFF commission for Elena.

I drew a potato cat
I drew a potato catmore_vert
Post file flag
I drew a potato cat 2018-01-10T00:28:46+00:00close


Content Scrapers 2018-01-07T18:32:33+00:00

Because content scraping continues to be an issue on Patreon, I've dropped my support tiers to just the tip jar and sketches levels. I'm not comfortable uploading my old sketch archives or the PDFs of my art/coloring books since they'll just get stolen and redistributed. Book sales are a small but significant portion of my income, and Patreon just doesn't offer the same sort of protections that Swaggerdile did. =(

I would love to be able to offer more perks to subscribers, but assholes on the internet ruin things for everybody.

Mei Stickers
Mei Stickersmore_vert
Post file flag
Mei Stickers 2018-01-07T16:48:44+00:00close

Finished sticker pack for Tree-San, of variable-boob-size Mei. XDD

2017 Year in Review
2017 Year in Reviewmore_vert
Post file flag
2017 Year in Review 2018-01-06T03:52:24+00:00close

Just a quick snapshot of pics I've done over the past year.

People using yiff.party are assholes 2018-01-06T00:23:58+00:00

Just saying. If you're pathetic enough to scrape _my_ page for content, when like 98% of what's here is freely available already, you pretty much suck balls.

To the handful of ACTUAL people supporting me on here, you guys rock.

Image Setup
Image Setupmore_vert
Post file flag
Image Setup 2018-01-05T10:03:34+00:00close

I've been increasingly experimenting with more tools to set up scenes for my pieces. This one uses both SketchUp and Magic Poser to figure out the background and character placement for the piece. =3

I... am a durp 2018-01-05T08:03:52+00:00

So I just realized I haven't really been paying attention to the new tiers I set up here and I should prolly do that, lol. Sorry, it's been awhile and I'm still getting used to this. Enjoy the stuff that's been posted thus far, and I'll try and keep things properly set in the future.

Flat colors
Flat colorsmore_vert
Flat colors 2018-01-05T05:15:50+00:00close

Making progress, slow but steady. =)

Attachments (1)

fullsizeoutput_430.jpeg (1.1MiB)

Telegram sticker WIPs
Telegram sticker WIPsmore_vert
Telegram sticker WIPs 2018-01-04T18:59:42+00:00close

Working on a sticker set for Tree-San, which will end up with two bust size versions, lol. XDD

Attachments (2)

fullsizeoutput_42b.jpeg (1.1MiB)
fullsizeoutput_42c.jpeg (1.1MiB)

MFF Commission WIPs
MFF Commission WIPsmore_vert
MFF Commission WIPs 2017-12-26T21:41:01+00:00close

Four more of my MFF commissions in progress, just for you guys! =3

Attachments (3)

malciorinksm.png (204.0KiB)
noirexinksm.png (242.2KiB)
squeezyinksm.png (133.6KiB)

December Art Dump
December Art Dumpmore_vert
December Art Dump 2017-12-26T21:37:30+00:00close

Hey guys, I know things have been quiet here. I've been working mostly on stuff from MFF, and I figured I'd give you guys a first look at the stuff that's finished. =) I've got a few more in progress that I'm still working on.

Attachments (12)

baroque001.jpg (93.5KiB)
celierra.jpg (440.8KiB)
inasex.png (598.0KiB)
jakkal001.jpg (127.9KiB)
japony.png (174.4KiB)
jazmine.jpg (119.6KiB)
max.jpg (579.0KiB)
naerism.jpg (124.1KiB)
railhugs.jpg (320.7KiB)
shogun.jpg (817.9KiB)
weirdsciencegaryatkins.jpg (190.6KiB)
loganairshipsm.png (626.3KiB)

Patreon Upcharges on Your Pledges 2017-12-07T04:37:27+00:00

I know there are only a handful of you on here, and you may already be aware that Patreon has some changes in the works. You will potentially be receiving an email from them starting tomorrow explaining changes in their fee schedule. Here's their explanation of what's going on:


It's set to go into effect Dec 18th.

I am hoping Patreon will see sense and roll this back. I am not happy with them, nor are many other content creators. Ostensibly, yes, it means I would be receiving more money, but charging YOU $1.40 so that I receive $0.95 is bogus. I'm angry, but not at you, and if you need to support fewer creators because of this change, and I happen to be one of them, I understand.

I am hesitant to go forward with re-launching my Patreon in great part because of this. I'm the business. In every other payment processing industry, it's *my* responsibility to cover the processing fees, and I am happy to do so! Those fees later come out of any taxes I owe on my art income. Patreon is, even in a small way, increasing the amount of tax I have to pay at your expense.

If you would like to tell Patreon how you feel about this change, you can submit feedback to them here:


Alyx in the leaves
Alyx in the leavesmore_vert
Alyx in the leaves 2017-11-24T23:33:14+00:00close

Still working on getting my Swaggerdile archives synched up, but here's a few pieces from earlier this week.

Attachments (2)

meileavessm.png (1.6MiB)
emberfrontpantssm.png (701.9KiB)

Patreon Revamp 2017-11-20T00:29:36+00:00

Took me long enough, but I think I've got this spruced up the way I want it. Unlike my Swaggerdile, I've set this up more like a tip jar so that people who want to toss me a couple bucks a month will get access to some fun extras. The monthly commission tiers was a fun idea, but I was never able to stay on top of it properly, so I'm ditching that for now.

I will never paywall my finished art away from the public. That'll always be posted for everyone to enjoy freely (it'll hit Patreon before other sites, but without much of a delay). But if you like seeing sketches, WIPs, coloring pages, silly doodles that otherwise aren't finished enough to share, etc, this is the place for that.

I know this is a switch from what I originally set this up for. If I ever continue the Night to Remember story, that'll probably end up here, too, though, so no one's missing anything that way. I'm currently working on linking my content from Swaggerdile over here. Once that's done, patrons at various levels should have access to the archived content as well as new things.

Thanks for bearing with me, and I hope this page will be a good deal more active from now on!

Untitled 2015-02-27T23:14:26+00:00

Hey guys!

Sorry for the short notice, but I'm going to try and work up the next pic tomorrow. I'll post the private stream notice once it's up, barring unforeseen events. =)


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