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Mei Stickers
Mei Stickersmore_vert
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Mei Stickers 2018-01-07T16:48:44+00:00close

Finished sticker pack for Tree-San, of variable-boob-size Mei. XDD

2017 Year in Review
2017 Year in Reviewmore_vert
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2017 Year in Review 2018-01-06T03:52:24+00:00close

Just a quick snapshot of pics I've done over the past year.

People using are assholes 2018-01-06T00:23:58+00:00

Just saying. If you're pathetic enough to scrape _my_ page for content, when like 98% of what's here is freely available already, you pretty much suck balls.

To the handful of ACTUAL people supporting me on here, you guys rock.

Image Setup
Image Setupmore_vert
Post file flag
Image Setup 2018-01-05T10:03:34+00:00close

I've been increasingly experimenting with more tools to set up scenes for my pieces. This one uses both SketchUp and Magic Poser to figure out the background and character placement for the piece. =3

I... am a durp 2018-01-05T08:03:52+00:00

So I just realized I haven't really been paying attention to the new tiers I set up here and I should prolly do that, lol. Sorry, it's been awhile and I'm still getting used to this. Enjoy the stuff that's been posted thus far, and I'll try and keep things properly set in the future.

Flat colors
Flat colorsmore_vert
Flat colors 2018-01-05T05:15:50+00:00close

Making progress, slow but steady. =)

Attachments (1)

fullsizeoutput_430.jpeg (1.1MiB)

Telegram sticker WIPs
Telegram sticker WIPsmore_vert
Telegram sticker WIPs 2018-01-04T18:59:42+00:00close

Working on a sticker set for Tree-San, which will end up with two bust size versions, lol. XDD

Attachments (2)

fullsizeoutput_42b.jpeg (1.1MiB)
fullsizeoutput_42c.jpeg (1.1MiB)

MFF Commission WIPs
MFF Commission WIPsmore_vert
MFF Commission WIPs 2017-12-26T21:41:01+00:00close

Four more of my MFF commissions in progress, just for you guys! =3

Attachments (3)

malciorinksm.png (204.0KiB)
noirexinksm.png (242.2KiB)
squeezyinksm.png (133.6KiB)

December Art Dump
December Art Dumpmore_vert
December Art Dump 2017-12-26T21:37:30+00:00close

Hey guys, I know things have been quiet here. I've been working mostly on stuff from MFF, and I figured I'd give you guys a first look at the stuff that's finished. =) I've got a few more in progress that I'm still working on.

Attachments (12)

baroque001.jpg (93.5KiB)
celierra.jpg (440.8KiB)
inasex.png (598.0KiB)
jakkal001.jpg (127.9KiB)
japony.png (174.4KiB)
jazmine.jpg (119.6KiB)
max.jpg (579.0KiB)
naerism.jpg (124.1KiB)
railhugs.jpg (320.7KiB)
shogun.jpg (817.9KiB)
weirdsciencegaryatkins.jpg (190.6KiB)
loganairshipsm.png (626.3KiB)

Patreon Upcharges on Your Pledges 2017-12-07T04:37:27+00:00

I know there are only a handful of you on here, and you may already be aware that Patreon has some changes in the works. You will potentially be receiving an email from them starting tomorrow explaining changes in their fee schedule. Here's their explanation of what's going on:

It's set to go into effect Dec 18th.

I am hoping Patreon will see sense and roll this back. I am not happy with them, nor are many other content creators. Ostensibly, yes, it means I would be receiving more money, but charging YOU $1.40 so that I receive $0.95 is bogus. I'm angry, but not at you, and if you need to support fewer creators because of this change, and I happen to be one of them, I understand.

I am hesitant to go forward with re-launching my Patreon in great part because of this. I'm the business. In every other payment processing industry, it's *my* responsibility to cover the processing fees, and I am happy to do so! Those fees later come out of any taxes I owe on my art income. Patreon is, even in a small way, increasing the amount of tax I have to pay at your expense.

If you would like to tell Patreon how you feel about this change, you can submit feedback to them here:

Alyx in the leaves
Alyx in the leavesmore_vert
Alyx in the leaves 2017-11-24T23:33:14+00:00close

Still working on getting my Swaggerdile archives synched up, but here's a few pieces from earlier this week.

Attachments (2)

meileavessm.png (1.6MiB)
emberfrontpantssm.png (701.9KiB)

Patreon Revamp 2017-11-20T00:29:36+00:00

Took me long enough, but I think I've got this spruced up the way I want it. Unlike my Swaggerdile, I've set this up more like a tip jar so that people who want to toss me a couple bucks a month will get access to some fun extras. The monthly commission tiers was a fun idea, but I was never able to stay on top of it properly, so I'm ditching that for now.

I will never paywall my finished art away from the public. That'll always be posted for everyone to enjoy freely (it'll hit Patreon before other sites, but without much of a delay). But if you like seeing sketches, WIPs, coloring pages, silly doodles that otherwise aren't finished enough to share, etc, this is the place for that.

I know this is a switch from what I originally set this up for. If I ever continue the Night to Remember story, that'll probably end up here, too, though, so no one's missing anything that way. I'm currently working on linking my content from Swaggerdile over here. Once that's done, patrons at various levels should have access to the archived content as well as new things.

Thanks for bearing with me, and I hope this page will be a good deal more active from now on!

Untitled 2015-02-27T23:14:26+00:00

Hey guys!

Sorry for the short notice, but I'm going to try and work up the next pic tomorrow. I'll post the private stream notice once it's up, barring unforeseen events. =)

Untitled 2015-02-05T00:12:14+00:00

Patreon rewards were mailed out today to those of you who're getting them! =) If you didn't let me know a specific image for your mini print(s), you got one or both of the two latest images in your thank you card.

Bonus Pic
Bonus Picmore_vert
Post file flag
Bonus Pic 2015-02-04T05:44:06+00:00close

No story with this one, and no charge either. I actually drew it some time ago and completely forgot to upload it, so you guys get a look at James in all his glory as an extra bonus while I work up the next actual image. =) Enjoy!

Suspension and Pleasure
Suspension and Pleasuremore_vert
Post file flag
Suspension and Pleasure 2015-01-28T01:29:36+00:00close

Finally got myself organized enough to get this one posted for you guys. It's a little longer than some of the previous chapters. Enjoy! =)


The stallion said nothing more, merely turned to his Slave. “Come here Slave,” he ordered. The husky complied without hesitation, her eyes fixed on the ground. Alex watched as James put cuffs around her wrists and ankles, then wrapped a series of wool-backed leather straps around her waist, thighs and chest, just under her pendulous breasts. The doe blinked when she realised that the cuffs on Ryssa’s wrists and ankles were larger than normal, and shaped differently.

He then made her kneel before Alex’s chair, knees spread lewdly, with orders to please herself while the doe watched. Alex licked her lips as she watched the husky trail her fingers through her own thick fur, rubbing her breasts and flicking her thumbs over her nipples. Ryssa’s hands then moved down to her crotch, fingers of her left spreading her wide while her right teased her clit and dripping sex. She arched back, giving Alex an excellent view as she played. A shiver passed through the doe. Ryssa’s pleasure would be much more intense than her own. Just the sight made Alex’s nipples ache to be touched, her spread sex inviting a caress. Though the vibrator buzzed inside her, her own clit was untouched. She found herself tilting her hips in response to gain a little pressure from the ropes on that so-sensitive spot, but discovered they had been tied in such a way that it was nearly impossible to get enough sensation to get herself off. She could only watch and want.

“Slave,” James’ hard voice cut through her focus on the husky. Without thinking, she shifted her focus to him. The stallion gestured. “Come here.”

Ryssa rose obediently, a brief pout showing her displeasure at being forced to stop. Alex realized that while she had been focused on the husky, he had been running a confusing collection of ropes through a pulley hooked to the ceiling. Ryssa stepped over to him and stood passively while he looped and tied the lines to the straps and cuffs with quick, practiced assurance. When he was finished, the husky was suspended from the ceiling, face down with her feet up and her arms forward and bend at the elbow. The pull of the ropes connected to her ankle cuffs forced the husky’s legs to spread wide. Alex saw that the cuffs there and on Ryssa’s wrists were designed for suspension, not just restraint, with the weight of her arms and legs resting comfortably within them. The straps around her thighs and torso supported the majority of her mass, preventing too much stress on the husky’s limbs. A loop around her tail was connected to her collar, arching it up over her spine.

James tied the lifting line off to a cleat bolted into the wall, leaving his Slave dangling just below his waist. With a gentle touch to her foot, he sent her spinning slowly, ensuring Alex got a good look at her from all sides.

The doe swallowed, unable to tear her eyes away. Watching Ryssa masturbate herself was enticing, but this was a whole new level of erotic.

Once their Master had ensured that she had gotten a good look, he went to the toy table and retrieved several items. Setting them on the other chair, he began to use them on the helpless canine, turning her to ensure Alex could see what he was doing.

First, he slid a leather harness over her head, forcing a small rubber ring between her lips. He buckled the harness so that the ring was held firmly in her mouth, just behind her canines. She made a grunting moan as her tongue lolled out of the middle of the ring. Alex found herself panting softly, lips slightly parted. She licked them again, waiting to see what he did to Ryssa next.

She didn’t wait long. James picked up the next item from the chair and strapped it over the gag harness. A shaped piece of black silk covered the husky’s eyes, completely blinding her. It was held by a thin black strap that he buckled behind her head. Two small snaps attached to the gag harness, ensuring that the blindfold would not slip. Ryssa shuddered as her sight was taken from her. It made Alex wriggle in her bonds. She knew now how much not being able to see heightened the experience.

James moved to the next item. Alex wasn’t sure what it was at first. All she could see was a mass of leather with some straps. She figured it out when he unfolded it and slid it over the top of Ryssa’s head, the leather forming padded pockets around and over her ears. A strap under her chin ensured that it would stay in place, effectively blocking out all sound from the canine’s hearing. The doe squirmed in her chair, watching him take Ryssa to such a level of sensory deprivation. If you couldn’t see or hear, all that was left was scent, and in this situation that was precious little help. It would enhance every touch, every caress so much more not being able to track where it was coming from or when.

“It excites you, doesn’t it, Thumper?” her master said, suddenly facing her. He sent the husky spinning with a light touch, ensuring that she was thoroughly disoriented. “To see her like this, to be helpless to intervene,” he went on, smiling coldly, “To imagine yourself in the same position.”

What else could she say? He was right. “Yes, Master,” Alex murmured. She leaned forward in her chair as much as the ropes allowed and was momentarily rewarded with a slight intensification in the vibrator’s frequency. It still wasn’t enough to get her off, but it felt damned good.

He crossed the distance between them with a stride, gripping her chin firmly in his hand and forcing her to look up. He kissed her fiercely, possessively, his tongue forcing itself between her lips and invading her mouth. She opened for him, letting him take her mouth as he had taken her sex the night before.

His tongue swirled for a few moments before he broke away, pulling back enough for her to meet his gaze. “Do you feel that desperate need building, unable to sate it, unable to stop it?” he asked in a hard tone. “Do you like it?”

“Yes, Master,” her tone sounded urgent and pleading to her own ears. “Please?” Alex wasn’t sure what she was asking for, whether fulfillment or more teasing. She would gladly have taken either.

He straightened and moved away from her, letting her see Ryssa’s twisting come to a slow halt. The other woman’s sex was pointed right at her, lips flushed with arousal, the shiny glisten of her moisture damping the fur around it. Her master stepped up beside the husky, his fingers playing across her body lightly; a caress here, a feathery touch there. The touches were random, falling all over her suspended form with no rhythm or pattern.

Alex heard her moan into her gag and watched her twitch with every touch. The doe wriggled in response as though the touches were falling on her own body. She knew that the touches must be tortuous, the feelings of utter helplessness overwhelming. Alex ached with desires she could barely articulate, watching Ryssa twitch and writhe and moan in the sling.

He had carefully avoided touching her breasts or sex, restricting his touches to arms, legs and sides. He continued to torment her for several minutes before suddenly stopping. He retrieved the red case from the toy table, the one that held the suction cups. He set it on the chair and extracted the silver cylinder and two of the glass cups. Each was a little under two inches across and three inches deep.

He crouched beside the whimpering woman, attaching the cup to the cylinder without looking at it. Instead, his eyes were fixed on Alex’s. She could feel him measuring her, studying her responses to what she was seeing. The doe flicked her ears and watched intently. Her own nipples were pebble-hard, begging to be touched.

He returned his attention to Ryssa, placing the open end of the cup over her left nipple. He worked the handle on the cylinder a few precise times, watching the small round gauge she hadn’t noticed before. The husky arched at his actions, letting out a long, guttural moan. With a final small pump, he turned a valve on the glass, sealing it so he could disconnect the pump. He then pulled an identical cup from the box and repeated the process on her right nipple. When he was done, he gave Ryssa a spin, stopping her while she was side on to the doe to tease her breasts. Alex could clearly see the other woman’s nipples, held hard and erect in the clear glass vacuum cup. The doe didn’t know if so much pressure would be painful or pleasurable, but she guessed the latter from the moans Ryssa made through her gag.

The splash of fluid from her sex that dripped to the floor confirmed it. The stallion stood and let the ropes twist the husky back around. He resumed his soft touches across her body, though now he would occasionally touch her breast or the outer lips of her sex. Ryssa’s moans became whines of desire, her tone rising with her need. He continued for several minutes, and then stopped, moving around behind Alex’s chair. The doe gave a soft whimper when she lost sight of him, but she had been ordered to watch Ryssa. Her ears swiveled to follow the sounds he made, but she resisted the temptation to turn her head and follow his movements.

His whisper in her ear still surprised her. “Are you enjoying things?” he asked softly. She felt his arms encircle her, fingers teasing her hard nipples.

“Y-yes, Master,” Alex managed to stammer, shuddering with sudden pleasure.

“Does seeing my Slave like this excite you?” he asked, “Does it make you desire?”

She squirmed under his touch, straining against the ropes. “Unn... Yes. Yes, Master.”

“Do you desire to watch as Slave is pleasured and teased?” he whispered, one hand slipping down her belly to lightly rub around her clit. “What do you want done to her?”

“Nngh.” It was hard to think past her arousal, especially when he touched her there. “Please, Master.” What did she want? It felt so strange having to think about articulating her desires and say them out loud. It made her feel strangely shy.

“Please what?”

Alex sucked in a breath. “T-tease her ‘til she s-screams for it,” the doe stammered as he did interesting things with his fingertips. “Oh god...” she moaned. He had brought her closer to orgasm with a few touches, but not close enough. She squirmed against the ropes.

“I like your idea, Thumper,” he stated, “So I shall.” And his fingers left her. Alex whimpered softly. The stallion moved back into her view, crossing to the hanging woman. Ryssa squirmed as he touched her foot lightly, causing her to start spinning slowly again. His fingers traced across her calf and down her thigh. The husky whined plaintively. A large drop of fluid splashed on the floor below her.

James continued to touch her softly, his finger playing over her body. His attentions slowly focused upon Ryssa’s crotch, the touches upon her sex and rear becoming more frequent. She struggled in her bonds, her breathing becoming fast and labored, her whines more urgent.

He paused for a moment, going to the toy table and selecting several items. He returned to the husky, setting all but one of the items on the chair. He held up the last, letting Alex get a good look at it. It was a black butt plug, with a short tube and a squeeze pump like she had seen at the doctor’s office, on the blood pressure cuff.

He squeezed some lube out of the bottle he had set on the chair and liberally lubed the toy. He then rubbed his lube covered hand all over Ryssa’s ass, a finger slipping inside her tight sphincter. The husky shuddered and whined. He then pulled it out and slid the plug in, her rear taking it with a soft plop. The stallion then took up the hand pump and squeezed it five or six times. Each pump dragged another needy whine from the husky, plainly audible through her ring gag. The doe quivered as she watched. The thought of looking away never occurred to her. Every time she moved, she could feel the ropes tug on her own toys. Alex shivered as her body clenched tightly around them.

James watched her for a moment before continuing to torture Ryssa. He picked up another item from the chair and held it up for her to see. It was a large clear glass rod, twined with blue glass ridges and bumps. The base was a round ball and it had a slight bend in the middle. He touched it to the husky’s lips and she gasped. Alex realized that the glass must be fairly cool compared to Ryssa’s sex. He slid it into her with a single, swift motion. Alex watched raptly as she cried out at the sensation.

He left the dildo firmly within the bound canine’s sex and turned to the doe. “Is that what you wanted to see, Thumper?” he asked.

She nodded, sucking in a breath when the motion pulled on the ropes in new and interesting ways. “Y-yes, Master.”

“Do you wish to cum, Thumper?” he said, crossing to her. His member swung pendulously before her. “Do you feel that need that isn’t quite satisfied? Is it frustrating you?”

Alex squirmed against her bonds. She had never felt so aroused in her life. “Please... Yes. Oh yes, Master.”

He stroked her chin softly, leaving a trail of lube and Ryssa’s juices along her jaw. “You are mine, Thumper, body and soul,” he stated, “And I decide when and how you cum.” He straightened and spun around, returning to the hanging woman. He pulled the glass dildo from her sex and set it on the chair. He then stepped up behind the husky and slid the head of his cock into her. He grasped her hips and looked back at the doe before plunging his length into his Slave. The husky let out a howling cry of pleasure as he spitted her. Alex bit her lip and quivered in her chair. Her breath came in soft pants, her whole body aglow with arousal.

She watched, enraptured, as James slid his hard member in and out of Ryssa’s dripping sex. He took her roughly, his motions causing the bound woman to swing in the suspension rig. The swinging made her meet his thrusts, his cock slamming into her. Alex could see his heavy balls swinging as he took his Slave, the furry globes whacking into the husky’s clit. Each impact made her howl with pleasure. Alex whimpered and writhed, desperately wishing she had enough stimulation to cum, but denied release. She could only watch Ryssa through her haze of arousal and wait for her own turn.

After several minutes of furious pounding, Ryssa suddenly howled louder than ever, her whole body going rigid. A steady dribble of fluid splashed to the floor beneath them as she came hard around the stallion’s shaft. He continued to thrust into her, reducing her cries to a soft mewling, until he finally came. His hips bucked one last time, burying him deeply within her. Alex saw his balls contract with each spurt of his seed, knowing that it was coating the walls of the husky’s dripping sex, filling her with hot cum.

James stood still as his orgasm subsided. Alex could see the tension leaving his large frame as it did. After a few moments, he stepped back, his shaft slipping from Ryssa’s sex with a gush of white cum. The husky sagged in her bonds, her head lolling as though she was barely coherent. James stepped around to her head, his softening member glistening with fluid and still dripping on the linoleum, where he bent down to check on her with a soft touch to her nose. Ryssa made a quiet noise and the stallion nodded, gently patting her head.

Then he returned his attention to the doe. Alex gave a soft whine and arched her back, thrusting her chest out and pulling on the ropes. The dark look in his eyes would have been frightening if she were less aroused, but she wasn’t. Even here, there were safe words. He approached her slowly, his posture and expression confident and powerful.

She stared up at him her seat, his mass looming over her. He grasped her chin and met her gaze sternly. “If you want to cum, you have to earn it,” he stated flatly, his tone brooking no argument, ”What will you do to earn it?”

Alex fidgeted. “Whatever you want,” she whimpered softly. “Just please, Master, please please!”

“And if I ordered you to clean me?” he asked, moving her head so that she was staring at his member, the mottled flesh still glistening the result of his rutting with the husky. Alex licked her lips.

“Yes, Master,” she replied without hesitation. After all, she had tasted both of them the previous evening.

He arched an eyebrow at her, moving her chin to refocus her gaze to his face. “Then perhaps I will, later,” he said, circling behind her, his hand still holding her chin. She felt him crouch, his fingers moving her head, forcing her to start at Ryssa hanging limply in her bonds, her sex splattered and glistening. As she watched, a large drop of white fluid rolled down her lips, clinging to her prominent clit for a moment, before dropping to the floor with a wet plop.

“For now,” he continued, his voice a breathy whisper in her ear, “I want you to cum.” His other hand snaked beneath her, finding her engorged clitoris and providing the stimulation she so desired. Alex squeaked and writhed happily in her chair. The feeling of being bound, unable to escape his touch heightened the experience intensely. The toys and the show had her so aroused that it didn’t take him much to bring her to orgasm. Climax, when it came, was even more explosive than she had expected. Her body went rigid against the ropes, tightening down on the toys so hard she might have been in danger of squeezing them out had they not been held in place. Alex cried out, her head tossing back.

Sticker Designs!
Sticker Designs!more_vert
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Sticker Designs! 2015-01-26T06:21:27+00:00close

Just wanted to show you guys some of the sticker designs I've been working on. These, and other images, have a chance of being included in the thank you cards I'll be mailing out to folks who've pledged at the applicable levels. =) Each card that gets stickers will have a random assortment included.

Streaming done, new chapter posted soon! 2015-01-25T00:25:29+00:00

Hey folks! Finished a new art card tonight, so once I have a chance to scan stuff, I'll be posting the next chapter. I've also been sketching up more sticker designs so I'll have some fun stuff to send folks who've pledged at higher levels. =)

Private stream today!
Private stream today!more_vert
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Private stream today! 2015-01-24T22:31:56+00:00close

Hey guys, if you're available and want to watch, I'll be working on the next art card today. =) You can access the stream here:

And the password to access it is: ryssa

I'll be at it for a couple hours this afternoon, so feel free to drop by if you like.

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Provider URL

" Zannah Doodles Tigerdile!




Thoughts on the private stream? 2015-01-19T20:56:28+00:00

Hey guys! I've been catching up on chores and such (stupid housework), but since there are a couple of you who've pledged at the levels that offer access to a private Tigerdile stream, I wanted to know if you had preferences when I ought to run that (assuming you're interested in watching). It'd probably be on a day I didn't run a normal stream, and it'll be password protected so you and my stream mods would be the only folks with access. If you have thoughts, let me know! Otherwise I'll work out when I next have some free time in my schedule and let you know the password here. Just wanted to give you a chance for input before I begin the next drawing. =)

Will have another chapter up soon!
Will have another chapter up soon!more_vert
Post file flag
Will have another chapter up soon! 2015-01-16T17:36:02+00:00close

Hey guys! Sorry for the hiatus. I promise I'll have some new content up here soon. In the meantime, I've been catching up on commissions (I got kinda slammed over the holidays) and experimenting with shibari badges! My first attempt was Ryssa from the story. I think she turned out pretty cute!

A Night to Remember - Pt. 1 - Pic & Story by zannah -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
A Night to Remember - Pt. 1 - Pic & Story by zannah -- Fur Affinity [dot] netmore_vert
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A Night to Remember - Pt. 1 - Pic & Story by zannah -- Fur Affinity [dot] net 2014-10-31T04:08:03+00:00close

My page is now live! All NSFW content uploaded has been marked patrons-only, but it's all available free right now once you sign up. You can also see all the existing images to date and read the story (warning, contains NSFW content) on my FA page here:

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A Night to Remember - Pt. 1 - Pic & Story by zannah -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Fur Affinity, the internet's largest online furry art community.



Let's try some Shibari!
Let's try some Shibari!more_vert
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Let's try some Shibari! 2014-10-30T21:34:45+00:00close

Getting all tied up.


Ryssa had shown her where everything was in the large en suite and let her be. The husky had showered while she’d been on the phone with Marguerite. James had used the other bathroom and was waiting for them downstairs, as naked as she was.

“Ready?” he asked as Alex came down the stairs.

She nodded, feeling that little tingle of excitement again. It had taken an effort to leave the towels in the bathroom, rather than wrapping one around her for modesty’s sake. This was the longest she could remember having gone without clothing. “I’m ready,” she said.

“Follow me,” he said, going to another door. It opened onto a stairway leading down. A switch on the wall illuminated it with soft white light. The naked stallion led the way. Alex followed, with Ryssa behind her. They were going down to the basement, which had clearly been nicely finished, though not like the basement of any home Alex had ever visited before.

The ceilings were as high as the floors above, the lighting both directional and recessed. Alex’s eyes went wide as she realized that with the exception of a utility and laundry room, the entirety of the space had been turned into a functional dungeon. There were padded benches, what looked a little like a scaled down version of a gymnastics horse, and some old wooden chairs. At least one looked like its seat had been mostly cut out to form an empty ring in the middle. The large wooden X-frame against one wall with its dangling restraints she recognized as a St. Andrew’s Cross. An assortment of straps hung from rings set into the ceiling in one corner, forming a sling or swing. There were pegboards on the walls with an assortment of tools, toys, and implements of pleasure hanging neatly, and several covered tables with more of the same, as well as locks, lengths of chain and coiled rope in several sizes. Alex also spotted more spreader bars and extra restraints, some of which looked more decorative than functional, a pair of cages, and several industrial sized pump bottles of lube.

As she stepped off the stairs to the tile floor, she realized that it was actually soft linoleum, heated from beneath.

The doe had to take a minute to absorb everything she saw. “Wow,” she commented quietly. “This is... Wow.” When he had said what they had done the night before was light, he hadn’t been kidding. This place looked like it could have easily supported a full BDSM orgy of ten or more.

“When it’s what you like,” James explained, “No reason not to indulge.”

“It’s amazing,” the doe said. She could feel the beginnings of arousal just from letting her gaze rove through the dungeon.

“How about a tour,” he said, “What do you know already?”

“Definitely,” she agreed. “I recognize the St. Andrew’s Cross, and the benches and cages are pretty self explanatory. Most of the toys too.” Alex gestured toward them. They ran the gamut from dildos to vibrators in assorted shapes, sizes, and colors, to anal beads and plugs, along with clips and clamps. There were leather floggers, whips, feathers, and other devices for teasing sensations. “Though not all. I’m guessing that’s a sling?” she asked, pointing to the straps hanging in their corner.

“You’ve done your homework,” James said, smiling, “Good. And yes, that’s a suspension sling.” He walked over to the toy table. “We have toys for all but the most extreme kinks.” He pulled a pair of cases she hadn’t noticed out from under the table and set them on one of the benches. He opened up the first. Inside was a silver cylinder and an array of small glass cups. “Suction cupping, if you’re interested.”

“I love it on my nipples,” Ryssa stated.

Alex gave a curious nod. “Can’t say I’m not interested. I’m more than willing to try almost anything,” she finished a little shyly. The dungeon was a tad intimidating, but far more exciting.

“It’s not for everyone,” he reassured her, “The fact that you’re willing to try says a lot about how you feel.” He closed the box. “We’ll approach it slow.” He opened the other case. Inside was a small assortment of black plugs and tubes. Strapped to the lid was a black rubber bag. “A guess at this?” he asked, smiling.

The doe’s ears flicked down, and then back up. “That I’m less sure of,” she admitted. “I’ve never seen something like it before, but I’m going to guess it has something to do with anal play? Just from the shape of the plugs.”

“It is,” he confirmed, “It’s for administering enemas.” He smiled. “Ryssa tells me that the feeling of fullness is very pleasurable. And it’s really the most intimate of bodily invasions.”

Alex nodded. “Like I said last night, I’ve never tried anal, but mostly due to lack of opportunity. I’m definitely curious, but that’s probably something else we shouldn’t rush into, I think.”

“You don’t rush into anal, ever,” James said, “That’s a sure route to pain and injury. Possibly bad injury, if you’re very stupid about it.” He closed the case. “If you’re curious, we’ll start off with very small.”

“I’m curious,” she confirmed with a smile of her own. “And very open minded.”

He put the cases back on the first table and crossed to the other. What she had previously thought was part of it turned out to be a large trunk. “Costumes, for setting the mood,” Ryssa purred, “All kinds of naughty costumes.”

Alex felt her pulse jump. “Sounds like fun.” Now her curiosity was really piqued.

“So, anything you were expecting to see but didn’t?” the husky said.

“Well, I didn’t really have much in the way of expectations,” Alex replied. “So no... This is very, very thorough. Color me impressed.”

“We’ve been at it for a while,” James admitted, “We add new things here and there.”

“I like it,” Alex said. “Very much.”

“Shall we play?” Ryssa asked, the collar Alex had worn the night before dangling from her hand.

“Please?” the doe responded, tail twitching with her growing excitement.

“Come here, both of you,” James said, suddenly domineering. Ryssa obeyed without hesitation. Just as with the previous evening, Alex was only a step behind her, responding before she could think about it. Her blood thrummed in her ears and her stomach tightened with anticipation. She let Ryssa set the cues, following behind the husky. The stallion held out his hand and his Slave laid the collar in it. “Thumper, turn around and lift your chin.”

Alex did as he commanded, putting her back to him and raising her head. She felt the leather strip encircle her throat once again. She shivered at the feeling as he clasped it comfortably tight around her neck. The slight movement made the d-ring jingle.

“Now come with me,” he said, stepping over to the table that held all of the ropes and chains. Alex followed his lead obediently. He selected a coil of soft, white rope and turned back to her. “I’m going to tie you up,” he said, “Are you still okay with that?”

She nodded. “Yes, Master,” she replied softly, getting into the mood.

“Wonderful,” he said, letting most of the rope coil drop to the floor. He held a loop in his hand and moved to stand directly in front of her. She watched, intrigued, as he put the loop around the back of her neck, two lines of loose rope dangling down her chest. He then proceeded to tie her. Complex knots formed intricate patterns on her fur, ropes going around her back and then to her front. Around her breasts, circling them and constricting them snugly. Along the base of her ribs, then down to frame her stomach, before dipping down through her sex and back up her rear. More knots and loops saw the rope work its way back up her spine to connect to the loop around the back of her neck. Alex shivered lightly. Any move she made, however slight, made the ropes constrict in interesting ways. He led her to toy table and gestured. “Choose two,” he ordered.

She still had her hands free, the ropes concentrated around her torso. Her eyes roved over the neatly lined up toys. It was sex toy buffet. The first one she picked was a blue and white dildo very much like one she had at home, tucked away in the drawer of her dresser. The push buttons on the bottom told her it was also a vibrator. She couldn’t be sure what he intended the toys for, so she had to guess they might be for her. Of course, they might be for Ryssa too. Alex hesitated on the second choice, finally selecting one of the smaller plugs. It was heavy for its size and cool in her hand, an looked almost like a glass sculpture made small. If it wasn’t intended for her, he would certainly correct her.

“Come,” he said, gesturing for her to follow him to the center of the room. Alex trailed after him, the toys held tightly in her hands. He turned and held out his hands. “Give them to me,” he ordered. She complied, setting the toys into his hands. “Slave,” he said, “Restrain her.” Alex stayed passive as Ryssa came forward. The husky grasped her wrists. The stallion gestured to one of the chairs. “Bend her over.”

“Yes Master,” Ryssa replied, pulling the doe to the chair and forcing her to bend over it, exposing her rear to the stallion. He stepped up behind her, and with deft fingers parted the ropes over her sex. She gasped as the cold head of the dildo touched her sex.

He rubbed it up and down her moist lips, smearing her lubrication on the head before he slid it into her. Alex whimpered softly, very glad there had been time to rest. Most of the soreness from the previous evening’s activities had faded. This dildo wasn’t nearly as large as James had been, but she still felt twinges when he pressed it into her. The endorphins of having her wrists captive, her body bent for him were rapidly overcoming any mild discomfort. He moved the ropes back over her sex, using them to hold the toy firmly within her.

Then she heard a pumping sound, like a hand soap dispenser. Ryssa look met her gaze and gave her a tiny smile. Alex returned it with a faint one of her own. She couldn’t see what James was doing behind her, only speculate and wait. Even though she was waiting for something, she still started with a gasp as a cool slick finger touched the sensitive flesh of her rear.

“Just relax and let it in,” Ryssa whispered softly. The husky still had a tight hold on Alex’s wrists. It took an effort not to clench. The doe exhaled and forced herself to relax, as per Ryssa’s suggestion. She wasn’t used to anyone playing with her there, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Her tail twitched and the ropes pulled slightly, shifting the dildo that filled her sex. Alex let out a soft moan as she felt him press gently deeper, lubing and stretching the sensitive tissue in preparation.

He worked the finger in deeper, lubing her virgin rear. He moved it in and out, spreading the slick fluid all around inside her. And then he removed it. Alex closed her eyes and gave a little shudder of pleasure. Her eyes shot open again when the cool glass pressed against her relaxed ring. It pressed into her, cold and hard, invading her in a manner she had never before experienced. She shuddered at the chill sensation as her sphincter tightened around the narrow taper of the plug before its base, naturally holding it within her. But that wasn’t enough for her Master; he moved the twin ropes running over her sex to cross the edge of the plug’s base, ensuring that it would not slip out. There was a dragging sound and then his hand was upon her chin.

“Come here and sit, Thumper,” he said, forcing her upright and making her face the other chair he had dragged over. It was the heavy wooden one with the middle of the seat cut out. The remaining surface of the seat formed a ring around the hole, sanded to a smooth polish and contoured so that it would be comfortable to sit on.

“Yes, Master,” she replied obediently. Moving even those few steps felt odd with the ropes pulling on the dildo and plug. The glass, like the latex, had quickly warmed to her body temperature, and the sense of fullness was amazingly erotic. She seated herself on the chair as he had ordered. Her nether bits hung over nothing, perfectly accessible, while the remnant of the seat gave her just enough support that she didn’t feel as though she was going to fall through it.

He didn’t stop with having her sit. James had already retrieved more rope by the time she was settled. He proceeded to tie her to the chair at the wrists and elbows. Then he knelt and spread her legs wide so he could secure her knees and ankles to the heavy wood. When he was finished, the only things Alex could move easily were her head, her fingers, and her toes. The ropes forced her to sit fully exposed, displaying her sex and the toys he had pressed into her. The slightest shift in her weight tugged on them, tightening here, loosening briefly there. Alex gave a little moan of pleasure.

The stallion then reached beneath her and turned the dildo on. It was set to a low speed; enough to fill her with pleasurable sensations, but she knew right away that it wouldn’t be enough to make her cum. The sensation made her arch her back, which pulled the ropes tighter. Alex let out a little gasp. She could feel her own wetness growing around the toy, the dildo and plug together creating a rubbing sensation through the thin walls of flesh that separated them internally.

“Do you like that, Thumper?” her Master asked.

“Mmm, yes, Master,” Alex replied through the building haze of pleasure. It was slower, more gentle that she was used to, arousing without pushing her to the hard edge of orgasm, but still wonderful.

“Good,” he stated sternly, “Now you will watch. You will not look away. If I catch you not watching, you will be punished. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” she replied softly.

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Alex and Ryssa share a private moment


The lovely, ticklish feeling of someone tracing their fingers down her spine brought Alex from sound sleep to a lazy doze. The doe made a soft, pleased noise, and arched into the caress, only to freeze a moment later when her brain finally booted up and reminded her that she lived alone. And this wasn’t her pillow. Or her bed. Or her apartment. It took several more seconds before she recalled the events of the previous evening, and remembered where she was, and who she was with. Alex relaxed again.

“Good morning, dear,” came the feminine voice behind her, “How’re you feeling?”

Alex stretched, and then groaned softly. “A little sore,” she admitted.

“Not surprising after a night like last,” Ryssa said, scooting over to snuggle the doe. She gave Alex a hug and propped her head up on her hand, elbow on the pillow. “So how do you feel?” she asked, emphasizing the last.

“Good.” Alex smiled. “Last night was totally amazing. I really enjoyed it.”

“Thought so.” The husky smiled back. “But I wanted to be sure.” She yawned and stretched luxuriously, the late morning light catching on the silvery rings of the collar she was still wearing. “James went downstairs to make breakfast about twenty minutes ago. It should be about ready.”

“Mmm, he’s a very good cook,” Alex said. She pushed herself up into a sitting position, moving slowly and testing her muscles for kinks and sore spots. Her groin, in particular, protested the move. “Ahh, might take me a bit to get downstairs,” she admitted ruefully. “I don’t remember the last time I was quite this sore.”

“Well, you said it’d been a while,” Ryssa commented, “And James isn’t exactly small.”

“Yeah,” Alex agreed. “I’ll be ok. I just need a bit to let my body calm down and realize it doesn’t need to scream at me.” She chuckled.

“I’m well acquainted with that feeling,” the husky laughed as she crawled out of the large bed, “Would you like some help up?”

“Sure,” Alex agreed easily. She knew from the night before that Ryssa could certainly support her weight, and the help would be appreciated.

The other woman offered her help to her feet, then nodded at a door. “Bathroom?”

“Oh.” The doe flushed beneath her cream and tan fur as some of the previous evening’s excess moisture made itself felt. “Probably a good idea.”

“First thing in the morning, it usually is,” Ryssa laughed and slid an arm around her back. The husky gave her some support as they walked to the bathroom. Though much to Alex’s relief, it seemed Ryssa didn’t feel the need to stick around while she took care of business. She emerged feeling a bit more like her old self. Interestingly enough, Alex found that her nude state and Ryssa’s didn’t bother her at all. It would have been silly to get upset over something so trivial after everything they’d done together the night before. She stretched her arms over her head, working the last of the kinks from her spine.

“Shall we?” the husky asked, offering her arm. Alex took it with a smile.

“Let’s,” she agreed.

They left the bedroom and came down the stairs to the smell and sound of sizzling bacon. James, as naked as them save for an apron, was before the stove flipping that bacon over. He looked back at them and grinned.

“Omelets alright?” he asked.

“Sounds great,” Alex replied.

“What would you like in yours?” the stallion queried, gesturing to the ingredients on the counter. “Mushrooms, peppers, cheddar, swiss, ham and spinach.”

“Actually, all of that sounds good,” Alex said. Her stomach gave an audible rumble to underscore her words, and she felt herself flush again.

“Deluxe it is,” he laughed, dumping some egg from a bowl into a second pan. He added generous helpings each ingredient and worked to cook them up. “White toast?”

“I’m not fussy,” Alex returned. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Sit your cute bum down,” he ordered, pointing at the table.

She grinned. “Yes, sir.” Alex went to sit. Ryssa was already at the table. A few minutes later and there were three large plates on the table, replete with omelets, toast and crispy bacon strips. James took the seat opposite her.

He gestured with his fork and a grin. “You’re hungry, eat.” She needed no more encouragement than that, gladly digging into the food he had placed before her. As with their midnight snack, everything was delicious. Alex ate until she thought she would burst. She didn’t manage to clean her plate, but she finished most of it, finally slumping back in her chair, stuffed.

Ryssa pushed her nearly clean plate across the table and James finished it up. He gestured towards Alex’s with his fork and a question in his eyes. At her nod he slid the plate over before him and polished it off too.

Once all three plates were clean, James sat back and regarded her. “So,” he said after a few moments, “What did you think?”

“Of last night?” Alex asked with a smile. “I loved it.”

“Last night,” he confirmed, adding, “What did you like most?”

Alex didn’t even have to think hard about it. “The last part,” she said. “The cuffs and bar, and...” She felt her ears go pink, but forged ahead anyway. “And being bent over, spread and used.” Even now, just mentioning it brought a thrill of delicious heat to her belly.

“Being restrained and helpless is wonderful, isn’t it?” Ryssa asked honestly.

The doe nodded. “It is. It really is. It just... It felt so right. I loved it,” she repeated.

“What else did you like?” James went on, “Anything you’re unsure of or didn’t really like?”

Alex considered, going back over what they had done in her mind. “Nothing big or particular,” she decided. “Vocalizing felt a little weird at first, but not once I really got into it. I kind of wish we could have kept going,” she added, letting her ears fold shyly. “But I was pretty done-in when we stopped last night.”

“It’s tiring,” Ryssa agreed, “But you certainly took to it.” She grinned. “How do you feel about it now?”

“Still a little sore,” Alex said, smiling back. “But no second thoughts or regrets.”

James smiled. “As long as you’re sure,” he said, “The Scene is definitely fun if it’s your thing. But you have to be sure.”

She nodded. “I really enjoyed it. I’d love to do it again, or even try something new. I had a great time.”

“Mmm, so did we,” Ryssa purred, “We enjoyed your company. We can definitely do it again.”

“What would you like to try?” James asked levelly.

“Well...” Alex twiddled her fingers together. “More bondage, definitely. I really enjoyed the scene, but that was my favorite part. And... I was really intrigued by the panties you had on Ryssa when we first got here. The ones that locked? I’m not sure I’m up for quite that much stimulation just yet, but I liked the thought of it,” she said honestly. “Scene-wise, I’m not sure I can think of anything specifically, but I enjoyed what we did already.”

“Bondage we can definitely do,” the stallion said, “Last night was very minimal restraint. It can be a lot more, if you wish.”

Alex nodded emphatically. “Oh, I wish. Very much so.”

“Just how much so?” Ryssa asked. “James can get very inventive,” she added, grinning seductively at the horse.

“I don’t really know,” Alex said with a grin of her own. “But I think I’d like to find out.”

“Well, we have all weekend,” she replied, “If you want.”

“If you don’t mind showing me the ropes,” the doe said, smile widening. “Pun totally intended.”

“Ropes, straps, chains, cages,” James started to list of in a nonchalant manner, “What sorts of things strike your fancy?”

Alex gave a little shiver at his casual rundown. “Any of that, really. It’s not as though I’ve really had a chance to develop a personal preference for one thing over another yet.”

“Only way to learn is to try,” the stallion chuckled, then asked seriously, “Everything we negotiated last night, with additional discussion as necessary?”

“Sounds great to me,” Alex said. “I should probably check in with the friend I texted last night, but aside from that, I’m totally game.”

James grinned. “That was the next thing I was going to tell you to do. You and Ryssa go shower and do what you ladies do in the morning. We’ll talk more when you’re both done.” He shooed them off. “And take your time.”

“Okay,” Alex said, rising from her seat. She felt buoyant and happy, just a little tingly with the anticipation of more BDSM play to come. “Umm... Silly question, but where did my phone end up? I lost track of everything after we came in the door.”

Ryssa blinked. “Umm, should be in the living room still,” she said after a moment, looking at her husband, “Unless you moved it.”

“Nope.” James shook his head. “Your clothes and purse are right where we left it last night.”

“Thanks,” Alex said with a smile. “I’ll go call Marguerite, then we can get on with the rest.”

“Take your time,” the stallion said, standing, “I’m going to go shower.” He looked pointedly at Ryssa as she started to rise too. “Alone. You need to save it for later,” he added with a grin.

The doe chuckled softly to herself as she turned and headed for the living room to hunt up her phone. It was late enough in the day that Marguerite should be awake now, even after an evening partying at the club. She found her cell in her purse, set atop the neatly folded stack of clothing and the shoes she had been wearing the night before. It took less than a minute to pull up her friend’s number. Marguerite answered on the second ring.

“Alexandria, chika, what have you been up to?”

Alex winced, glad the jaguar couldn’t see her. “Hi Marguerite,” she responded.

“Oh no, you do not get off that easily,” her friend chided in her colorful accent. “I assume all is well?”


“Then you must give me the details, si? Was it good? Did they tie you up? Did they spank you? That stallion looks like quite a stud. Is he nicely equipped below?”

“Marguerite!” Alex felt her ears go bright red.

“Well, you cannot blame me for being curious,” her friend said, sounding completely unrepentant. “I knew you were interested, but I did not guess you might be so interested, hmm?”

“It... Seemed like a good opportunity,” Alex said.

“Oh, chika, I do not mean to criticise,” Marguerite said. “I am glad you found something you like and had a good time. It has been a long time, yes?”

“Too long,” Alex agreed. “Anyway, I’m fine. I just wanted to check in with you.”

“Ahh. You are home now?”

“Well... No,” Alex admitted. “I’m staying with James and Ryssa a little longer.”

Marguerite’s rich laughter bubbled out of the speaker. “My, my, you really are enjoying yourself. I would never have guessed. All right, chika, you have fun. Call me if you need a ride home. I have the address.”

“O-okay, Marguerite,” Alex said, feeling a wave of relief. This was why she had texted the jaguar rather than their other friend Stacy. While Stacy would have been just as understanding, she would have kept Alex on the phone until every detail had been passed on. Marguerite would happily wait to ambush her later.

“You realize this does not get you off the hook. I will require a full report later.”

“Of course,” the doe agreed with a grin. “Talk to you later, Margeurite.”

“Si. Have fun, chika.”

“I will.”

Once they had both hung up, Alex put the phone away, and went to seek the promised shower. Despite her momentary embarrassment, she was very much looking forward to the rest of the day.

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Getting to the meat of the story.


Ryssa led her out of the bathroom and back to the bedroom. James was waiting. His member was hard once again, standing proudly from his crotch as he stood by the bed. He silently ordered them to come before him, finger pointing to the carpet. The husky obeyed instantly, crossing the room and dropping to her knees. Alex was only a few seconds behind her, taking her place kneeling beside Ryssa.

He reached down and grasped their chins, forcing them both to look at his member. “You want it, don’t you Thumper?” he asked, “Should I indulge her, Slave?”

The husky grinned and nodded. Alex just licked her lips in anticipation.

“Slave,” he said cooly, “Bind her.”

Alex felt a surge of giddiness at his order. She kept herself passive, James’ hand on her chin, while Ryssa moved beside her. She could feel her own pulse rate and breathing speed up.

There was a faint jingle as the other woman picked up one of the cuffs and seized her left arm, pulling it out to the side and wrapping the cuff around it. Once it was secured tightly, she released it and moved to the other side, repeating the procedure.

James lifted her chin to make her look at him while his wife wrapped a cuff around her ankle. Alex balanced on her knees, body beginning to tingle with excitement as each cuff pulled tight. Even just the simple act of being cuffed raised heat low in her belly. She could feel herself growing moist again, and trembled faintly as she held her pose obediently.

Ryssa finished buckling the last cuff and shuffled back.

“Rise,” James ordered, putting pressure on her chin. Alex got to her feet and stood still before him, hands at her sides and feet slightly apart. He slid a hand between her thighs, fingers delving into the damp recesses of her sex. “Are you scared, Thumper?” he asked.

A soft whimper escaped her as his fingers pushed deep into her folds. “N-no, Master,” she replied softly. Her eyes were earnest, despite the faint quaver in her voice. The way he took possession, probed and explored her idly with his hand left her with an almost indescribable longing for more. She would have let him do almost anything if she could continue feeling like this.

“Good,” he said softly, his fingers teasing her clit and wet lips. He held her chin with his other hand, leaning in to kiss her hard. Alex opened her mouth to him, letting him swallow her eager little noises. His tongue explored her mouth in a perfect mirror to what his fingers were doing to her sex. Her knees felt weak with the flood of pleasure.

His hand in her sex kept her upright, sending new, more intense jolts of pleasure as he practically lifted her off her feet. He broke their kiss and looked behind her, nodding once. Alex felt Ryssa’s hands close on the cuffs that bound her wrists. She let the husky draw her arms back obediently. A moment later, a lock snicked closed, and Ryssa’s touch vanished, leaving Alex with her wrists locked firmly together behind her back. She had little time to consider this new development, as James moved his fingers in her sex again, forcing her attention back to him. The stallion was all but supporting her weight with the one hand.

Alex gasped faintly when he took his hand from her chin and wrapped it around her shoulders, pulling her closer to his body and lifting. It had the dual effect of forcing his fingers even deeper within her and picking her up off the floor so that her feet dangled above the carpet. She barely noticed as the other woman grasped her ankles and attached them to something that forced them wide apart.

The stallion smiled down at her possessively. “I’m going to make you mine, Thumper,” he said softly, fingers wiggling within her. She couldn’t have closed her thighs now even if she wanted to. Alex loved it.

“Yes, Master,” she breathed, letting desire heat her voice. Standing there, bound and spread, held open to anything he devised for her, she felt the slightest thrill of fear riding the edge of her emotions, but it just made the pleasure sharper. Alex knew in the back of her mind that she could call it off at any time, but she was far more interested in what came next to even consider it. She could only balance in place until he moved her where he wanted her. The helpless dependency of her current position was brought home by the fingers that continued to stroke, tease, and massage her now dripping sex. Arousal had made her soaking wet.

He moved her to the edge of the bed, turning her to face it. She found Ryssa sprawled back upon it, half lounging against a pile of pillows, her legs splayed wide and her dripping pink sex opened invitingly.

“Do you wish her to please you, Slave?” James asked. His hand was still in Alex’s sex, his body pressed up behind her. His hard member lay along her spine, pressing into her with every small motion.

“Yes, Master,” the husky replied demurely, “She is very talented.”

“Hmm,” he hummed softly, then apparently decided. “Alright Slave, you may have her head to do with as you please, as a reward for finding such a wonderful toy.” His free hand pressed upon the doe’s neck, forcing her to bend over the bed and down to the husky’s sex. Without her hands to catch her, Alex lay belly down, bent over at the waist. It put her muzzle at the perfect level to service the husky. At the same time, her spread legs kept her ass and pussy presented to James, totally exposed and vulnerable, her short tail lifted like a little white flag of surrender.

“She wants it, Master,” Ryssa said, smiling down at the doe, reaching to softly stroke her cheeks. Alex gave another soft whimper, letting her eyes close at the caress. She couldn’t see James at all in her current position, with Ryssa’s enticing folds filling her vision. She shivered with anticipation, not knowing what he might do next, or when. She heard the stallion moving behind her as the husky grasped her head and pulled it to her sex. Alex obediently lapped at the pink flesh. Her leaf-shaped ears rotated back, trying to track the stallion by the sounds he made, but it was near impossible with the bedroom’s thick carpeting.

She suddenly felt his hands lightly grip fleshy cheeks, spreading them. A whisper of warm air caressed her. She steeled herself for the tongue that would follow, but it never came. She started to whimper into the husky’s sex, only to cut off, eyes going wide as she felt a large, hot pressure on her sex. She felt the latex on his member as he rubbed it on her sensitive lips, smearing her juices over it.

And then, with a steadying hand gripping her tail, he slid the head in. Even as wet as she was, he felt impossibly large. His tip breaking her surface stretched her as Ryssa’s strap-on hadn’t. Alex gasped into Ryssa’s folds, her lapping growing momentarily ragged as the stallion teased her with only the head of his cock. He hadn’t simply taken her, shoved himself in to the hilt, but only pressed shallowly into her pussy. Alex felt moisture surge again between her thighs when she realized how fully in control he was. He could choose to fuck her, or not, even though she ached for it. This waiting, drawing it out, only made her want it more. She whined softly between licks and tried to flex her hips, but she had no leverage in her current position, only his grip keeping her tail lifted and the hot, heavy promise of his tip just barely penetrating her sex.

He withdrew from her, leaving her desperately wanting him back. “So eager,” the stallion rumbled, “Shall I tease her some more?”

Ryssa grinned down at her. “What do you think, Thumper?”

Alex had never felt so bereft before from the simple loss of sensation. It was maddening. She wriggled in her bonds. “Please?” she begged. “Oh please...”

“She did say please, Master,” Ryssa said coyly.

“That she did, Slave,” he replied. His other hand moved to caress her rear. “Since you’ve been so obedient, I shall grant you this indulgence. I will continue to tease you like you wish.” He slid the head of his member back between her engorged labia, a finger slipping down to tease her clit. Alex shuddered, her eyes falling closed. The touch on her clit increased her desire tenfold, but she still had only the tip of him and she was desperate for more. She whimpered into Ryssa’s sex, lapping frantically at the canine as her only recourse.

Ryssa threw her head back against the pillows, murring in pleasure. The stallion continued to play with her clit, moving his head in and out of her slowly. After several strokes, he suddenly slid in a little deeper. Alex made a happy noise in response, wiggling her tail where it protruded from his grip. She thought she might explode before he got halfway there. He slowly slid back out, until he was just barely within her before slipping back in, a fraction of an inch deeper than before. Then he did it again, slipping in even further.

Alex whimpered softly as the stallion’s cock stretched her just a little bit farther. She strained her neck forward to concentrate her own attentions on Ryssa’s clit even as James’ fingers stroked her own to heights of ecstasy only previously imagined. It was delicious torture to be teased so close to the brink of orgasm without cumming. Somewhere in her fevered brain, Alex noted that whenever her whimpers took on a particularly frantic note, the caresses slowed fractionally, and he pulled back. The stallion was adept at keeping her fully aroused without allowing her to cum until he chose.

After what seemed like ages, she felt his heavy balls come to rest on her thighs. She realized that he was fully within her. “Are you alright?” he asked warmly.

The doe gave a fully body shiver of pleasure. “Unng...Uh huh,” she managed, her tongue still occupied with pleasuring the husky.

“Thought so,” he laughed, shifting his grip to put a hand on either hip. Firmly grasping them in his hands, he pulled back until he was almost out of her, then slid his whole length back in. He filled her so fully Alex felt like she was going to burst. She cried out, most of her noise muffled by Ryssa’s damp folds.

He held her tightly as he slid back in, fucking her with a steady rhythm. Alex could have swooned, it felt so good. She moaned eagerly as she lapped up Ryssa’s juices, barely aware of the hysky’s contented humming. The stallion impaled her with long deep strokes, his sheathed member filling her as she’d never been. As he increased his speed, he moved his hands to her wrists, holding the lock between the cuffs and using it to pull her into his cock. The slight change in angle made him push into her even deeper. Alex found herself uttering little muffled cries with every thrust. The pull on her bound wrists emphasized the utter futility of any attempt to escape the pounding assault on her sex, just as the bar locked between her ankles kept her legs spread for his pleasure. The doe abandoned herself to the feeling, surrendering utterly and letting him take her fully, any way he pleased. The stallion claimed her in a way no one ever had before, and she loved every moment of it.

His pace continued to increase, his heavy balls beginning to slap against her clit with each stroke, the impact finally driving her over the edge. Alex screamed into Ryssa when her orgasm slammed into her, her body tightening around James involuntarily as wave after wave of pleasure made her helplessly try to buck her hips. As she screamed, the stallion continued to slam into her, his thrusts becoming forceful, almost bestial. She wasn’t aware of when it changed from simple thrusting to a feral rutting. If she thought he had taken possession of her before, it was nothing compared to the power he employed now. He pushed her to the absolute brink of what she was capable of taking.

Alex came again, totally lost in the physical bliss of James’ pounding rhythm. And then Ryssa suddenly pressed the bound woman’s face into her wet folds, her thighs squeezing as she came. This seemed to set James off, the stallion thrusting into her hard one last time. His member pulsed and throbbed, seeming to get even larger within her. She could feel the tip of the condom expanding with every jet of his hot seed. The moment seemed to go on for an eternity.

When Ryssa pulled back enough to let Alex breathe properly again, the doe found herself quivering over every inch of her body, totally and utterly spent. She moaned softly. The husky was panting from her own orgasm, but she reached down to stroke Alex’s hair as their master pulled out of her. She shuddered as his member slid from within her, the filled condom pulling heavily at her insides.

A moment passed and then there was a mechanical click. She felt the lock on her wrists release, James gently letting her arms down on the bed. He then removed the bar from her ankles. With great care he scooped her up and lay her on the soft covers beside Ryssa.

“How was that, Alex?” he asked, bending down to give her forehead a soft kiss.

“That... That was...” Words failed her as she snuggled between the two of them, eyes closing on a soft shiver of remembered pleasure.

He just chuckled and stroked her hair. Ryssa wrapped her arms around the doe, pulling her into a comforting embrace. “It’s alright, dear,” the husky said soothingly, “Just relax.”

She heard James straighten and the soft snap of latex as he removed his condom. The toilet flushed a minute later and the stallion returned.

“Shall we adjourn for the evening?” he asked.

Alex managed a weak nod and a smile, still cuddled close with Ryssa. “Please,” she said. “I think I’m about done in.”

“It’s been a full night,” Ryssa agreed contentedly.

“All right, let’s get to bed,” he said benevolently, reaching down to slip his arms beneath Alex’s shoulders and knees. With a straight lift, he plucked her off the bed and turned, offering his back to Ryssa. The husky laughed and climbed upon it, wrapping her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. The doe let out a quiet eep, not having expected that. The stallion laughed. “You didn’t think I’d make you walk after that, did you?” he asked, smiling down at her.

Alex smiled back. “No, I guess not,” she admitted. Ryssa giggled.

The stallion carried them both upstairs and into the house’s master bedroom. It was as tastefully furnished as the rest of the house, the center of the room dominated by a king sized bed. He turned his back to let the husky drop onto it, Ryssa sinking into the soft comforter. She rolled over and pulled it back while he turned, opening a space for him to set the doe down. Alex would never normally have considered spending the night in a strange house, but she was too tired and sated to think of doing otherwise, and it had definitely been a night for firsts. The husky grinned and rolled away to the other side, pulling back the covers and slipping under them. James set her down gently.

“Would you like this off?” he asked, softly touching the collar around her neck.

Alex hesitated for a moment. She really did enjoy how it felt around her neck. “It might be more comfortable to sleep with it off,” she admitted.

“I thought I’d ask first,” he smiled, reaching around behind her neck to unclasp the buckle. He placed the leather strip on the night stand. “Bathroom’s through that door,” he said, pointing, “If you need it. You all right sleeping here with us?”

She nodded. “I’m okay with that.”

He circled the bed and crawled over the husky to slip down under the covers between them. “Need anything before Ryssa kills the lights?” he asked, smiling at her. Despite his size, the bed had plenty of room for the three of them.

“No.” Alex shook her head and smiled. “I’m fine.”

“Good night, Alex,” James rumbled, “Sleep well.”

The lights went out. Alex felt and heard the bed move. “You can snuggle him if you want,” Ryssa said in the sudden darkness, “He doesn’t bite.” She giggled. “Well, unless you like it.”

The doe gave a chuckle of her own. It felt a little odd to sleep in a bed with two other people, but not unpleasant. She wriggled a bit to get comfortable, and finally let exhaustion take her. It had been a truly amazing evening, she reflected, as she drifted off to sleep.

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She looks a little unsure, but she's definitely getting into it!


Alex felt the dildo pull out, and gave one more little involuntary shudder as her body convulsed a final time. She let Ryssa pull her into a sitting position, leaning comfortably on the other woman’s shoulder until she could get her limbs to function enough to stand again. The husky supported her all the way into the cozy, attached bathroom, getting a fair amount of cum on herself in the process. Once the bathroom door was closed, she giggled and gave the doe’s cum smeared cheek a long lick. Alex managed a dazed smile in return.

“Did I do okay?” she asked softly.

“What do you think?” Ryssa purred, running a finger through the doe’s cum soaked fur to tease her nipple. Alex shivered and closed her eyes briefly.

“I think so,” the doe admitted. She gave a wry chuckle and patted at her sticky face and chest. “I have a feeling we wouldn’t need to clean up quite so much if I’d done poorly.”

“You would have been corrected.” The husky grinned.

Alex nodded. “I gathered that,” she said with a smile of her own.

“Now let’s get cleaned up before this starts to dry,” she suggested, “I don’t know how much experience you’ve had with this.” She fingered the cum on Alex’s breast. “But it’s a bitch to get out of fur after it dries.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” Alex said. “I’m all for getting cleaned up.”

“Good,” Ryssa replied huskily. She reached into the shower and turned it on. “First we need to take these off,” she said added, offering her cuffed wrist to the doe.

Alex obligingly unfastened the buckles, laying the cuffs on the counter next to the sink when they came free. The husky presented her legs next. Besides the ankle cuffs, there was the strap-on harness firmly attached over her crotch. The doe knelt on the bathroom rug to undo the ankle cuffs before moving to the more complicated fastenings of the harness. When it all finally came free, she and Ryssa were both left wearing nothing but their collars.

The other woman then turned and offered the collar to her. “We’ll put them back on when we’re done,” she explained with a grin, “Don’t want to wreck them.”

“Good point,” Alex conceded, helping Ryssa off with her collar, and turning so the husky could reach the catch on her own.

Collars safely on the counter beside Ryssa’s cuffs and harness, the husky pulled aside the shower curtain. “After you,” she smiled.

It was a perfectly normal shower and tub setup. Alex stepped in while Ryssa bent to fiddle with the faucet, adjusting the temperature slightly. The husky then slid in behind her, arms wrapping around the doe’s waist. Alex leaned back into the shorter woman’s embrace, closing her eyes and enjoying the feeling of the spray on her chest. In its own way, she realized, getting cleaned up was another cool-down period like the meal had been earlier. It was a way of pacing things so nothing got too intense or too exhausting. Despite all they had done so far, Alex had only a few twinges of soreness. Her body was flooded with endorphins from the multiple orgasms.

After a good minute soaking, one of Ryssa’s arms disappeared. The sound of a shampoo bottle being opened echoes within the shower, followed by a healthy dollop dropping into her hair. The other arm left her waist as fingers began to gently massage her scalp, the shampoo lathering nicely. Alex made a contented sound and kept her eyes closed so no suds ran into them. she felt Ryssa’s hands move from her head to her shoulders. The canine’s fingers worked the suds through her fur, turning the act of soaping into a relaxing massage of the muscles in her shoulders and neck.

“You’ll want me to work the stiffness out now,” Ryssa whispered as she massaged, “Trust me.”

“Mmm, please,” Alex murmured back, her words barely more than a groan as the canine worked the knots out of her spine. The doe placed both hands on the cool tile to brace herself so Ryssa could work without fear of knocking her over. It felt unimaginably good after all that exertion.

The other woman’s fingers worked down her back, paying close attention to the muscles around her spine and shoulder blades, before slipping under her arms to work shampoo into the fur on her belly. It was an almost ticklish feeling, and Alex was hard pressed to keep from twitching away from Ryssa’s fingers. She moaned softly when the canine’s hands moved up to massage more soap suds into her breasts, cleaning the sticky white fluid James had left behind out of her creamy fur.

Ryssa spent more than a minute massaging Alex’s bosom, making a number of slow, teasing passes over her hard nipples. She eventually relented in her ministrations, moving further up the doe’s body to clean the cum from her neck and upper chest. She then continued to shampoo Alex’s arms, massaging down her left, then her right. The doe stayed passive throughout her actions, letting Ryssa move her limbs as needed. She couldn’t remember the last time she had had someone bathe her. It was a nice feeling.

The canine finished the last of her fingers, then moved to the small of her back. Gentle strokes worked shampoo into the fur of her spine and waist, ensuring that every inch of her was properly soaped. Then the moved down to her tail. Alex shivered despite the warmth of the water when Ryssa stroked the short length of her tail, her fingers perilously close to the intimate parts the husky’s tongue had so thoroughly explored earlier.

Ryssa finished soaping the fur of her short tail. Her fingers slid down Alex’s hips before circling back to massage her firm buttocks. Alex let a faint whimper escape when the husky’s fingers kneaded her rear. The other woman worked her muscles over, then slid a hand between her cheeks, one soapy finger lightly tickling her tight rosebud. The doe sucked in a breath at the unexpected eroticism of the caress. Ryssa soaped her rear up well, before moving down her left thigh. Alex obediently spread her legs apart to give the husky better access, responding to Ryssa’s gentle touches rather than words.

She cleaned down the doe’s leg, scrubbing her fur down to her ankles before lifting her foot to soap it, even cleaning between her toes. Her left leg complete, the canine woman moved to her right, this time starting with her toes and working her way back up. Alex kept her weight shifted to help, patiently letting Ryssa take her time. She worked up to her hips, having completely soaped the doe, other than her trimmed pubic mound. Ryssa gently massaged the shampoo into it, extra careful to prevent the suds from getting anywhere that might irritate her. Alex shivered again at the gentle touch and moaned softly. Getting cleaned up hadn’t seemed like a terribly erotic thing, but she had been so aroused for so long that it didn’t take much. Even now, her mind was more on what was next after they finished showering. She had come to savor that little thrill of anticipation fluttering in her stomach. It drove out any thoughts of sleep. There were too many interesting things going on for that.

Ryssa stood and took down the shower head on its long hose. She gently washed the shampoo from Alex’s fur, paying careful attention to her breasts and rear. As with the soaping, she saved the doe’s sex for last. She pressed Alex against the tiled wall, stretching up to kiss her fully on the lips as she directed the warm spray between her legs. The doe made an inarticulate noise when the water struck her full on the sex. Pushed back against the cool tile with her thighs parted, there was nothing she could do to mitigate the pressure on her intimate parts. She barely registered Ryssa’s other hand slipping between her thighs, fingers reaching to spread her lips and give the water full access to her sex. Alex whimpered and pressed her head back against the wall, her eyes squeezing shut.

The delicious pressure built with amazing rapidity, much as though a vibrator had been pressed firmly against her clit. The water pummeling her sensitive flesh brought her to orgasm in under a minute. Only the support of Ryssa and the tiled wall behind her kept Alex upright when the sensations made her knees want to buckle. The husky kept her upright as the powerful aftershocks subsided.

She hung the shower head back up and held Alex until she could stand on her own. Then she kissed her and said, “Now you do me.”

“O-okay,” Alex managed with a dazed smile. She had lost track of how many orgasms she had had tonight. It was an enormous change from normal sex for her, but definitely a pleasant one. She reached for the shampoo bottle. The other woman stood straight, facing her with her body relaxed. A small smile graced her lips. Alex followed the same path Ryssa had, starting with the Husky’s hair and working up a good lather before moving down to her shoulders and arms. She massaged the suds down each arm in turn, and then concentrated on the canine’s upper chest. Ryssa’s breasts were larger than her own, pendulous and heavy in her hands. She rubbed her thumbs across the husky’s pebbled nipples where they poked out through the thick fur and smiled at the response, remembering how good it had felt in return. As Ryssa had, Alex massaged plenty of soap into the husky’s fur, fingers trailing down from her breasts to her belly.

The husky writhed under her touch, moaning softly with pleasure. Understanding the thrill that came with waiting and anticipation better now, Alex studiously avoided Ryssa’s mound. She washed the other woman’s legs and feet instead. A smile curved her muzzle when a stroke to Ryssa’s inner thighs brought a small noise of pleasure, but Alex was careful to go no higher. She ran her hands up the back of Ryssa’s legs, working slowly up to the husky’s buttocks. The canine pressed against her fingers, silently begging for her touch.

Alex kneaded the husky’s plush flesh, squeezing the softly furred cheeks in her hands. Ryssa possessed more curves than she did, and exploring the other woman’s frame was a pleasure. She made note of the way Ryssa shuddered softly when Alex’s fingers brushed beneath her tail. Anal was definitely on her growing list of curiosities now. Alex rose to her knees, moving on to soaping the husky’s long, heavily furred tail. Ryssa placed her hands on the wall and leaned forward, giving her full access.

The doe licked her lips, hands sliding back to Ryssa’s hips. Tentatively she ducked her head just slightly and let her tongue flick across the husky’s sex, tasting the salty juices that lingered there. The canine quivered, her sex pulsing with pleasure. Encouraged, Alex continued to lap at her folds until a stray dribble of soapsuds oozed onto her tongue. The doe made a rueful face and pulled back.

“Gack,” she said. “That’ll teach me to get distracted...” She smiled up at Ryssa. “Sorry. You taste better without soap, though.”

“Well you can rinse it off,” she replied in a sultry tone.

“Hmm, yes, I can,” Alex said, climbing slowly to her feet. She reached for the shower head on its long hose. She hadn’t gotten to Ryssa’s back, but it didn’t seem to matter. She took her time using the gentle spray to clean the suds from the husky’s fur. It was much thicker than her own, and took more time to rinse clean. She was just as pliant as Alex had been, letting herself be moved as the doe thought necessary. Alex watched the gentle shudder that passed through the canine’s frame when she moved the spray to Ryssa’s crotch.

The husky leaned back against the wall, her legs spread to give Alex full access. Her head was back, her eyes closed, a look of pure bliss on her slightly parted lips. Leaning down, Alex reached to spread the husky wide with her fingers, letting the water wash over the sensitive tissue. A shudder passed through her body, starting at her toes and moving up to her ears. She moaned in pleasure, thrusting her hips towards the doe, silently begging for more. Alex obliged, but instead of using the water, she went back to her knees and pressed her muzzle to Ryssa’s sex, keeping it spread with her fingers as she lapped with abandon.

Ryssa’s hands went to her head, pressing the doe’s face into the cleft between her thighs. “Oh gods yes,” she hissed as Alex assaulted her clit. There was no teasing or subtlety to their actions this time. It was just about getting Ryssa off as quickly as possible so they could finish their shower.

It didn’t take long at all to reduce the husky to a quivering mass, howling in pleasure as she came hard. She grasped the walls of the shower, and between that and Alex’s head in her crotch, managed to stay upright.

“You are very good at that,” the husky gasped out, catching her breath.

Alex grinned up at her from her kneeling position. “I’m a quick study,” she said.

“Let’s finish up here and get dried off,” Ryssa replied.

“Good idea.” Alex cleaned her own face off, and gave the husky’s crotch one last rinse before reaching to hang the shower head back up. Ryssa grinned and turned off the flow of water, then reached out of the shower, retrieving to large, fluffy towels. She wrapped one around the deer, before hanging the other over herself and starting the scrub the water from her fur. Again, Alex was grateful for the relatively short, sleek quality of her own fur. Ryssa was still scrubbing and fluffing when the doe had managed to get herself no more than slightly damp with the help of the towel. She moved to help Ryssa squeeze the majority of the water from her thick fur. She smiled in gratitude.

With most of the water gone, Ryssa tossed their towels out of the shower and pressed a recessed control on the wall. Small vents opened in the walls and ceiling, warm air streaming out of them. The canine started to run her fingers through Alex’s fur, letting the warm air carry off the last of the moisture trapped within. The doe did the same, fluffing and petting Ryssa’s thick fur to help it dry.

Once they were both dry, they climbed out of the shower and put each other’s collars back on. “What about the rest?” Alex asked, gesturing to the cuffs and harness still laying next to the sink.

“Grab those,” she said with a smile, “Master will instruct us.”

Tasting James
Tasting Jamesmore_vert
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Because horses.


Alex helped Ryssa finish rinsing the last of the dishes before they were tucked neatly into the dishwasher for later. Neither of them had bothered to dress, and standing about in the nude felt almost natural now. James had proved to be as excellent a cook as he was a dominant, and the food had been delicious. Much of her earlier energy had returned, and with it a tingle of excitement and anticipation for what still lay ahead. If her first experience was any indication, it was apt to be an even wilder ride.

Ryssa guided her back to the table, where James was waiting. He nodded for them to sit.

“Ready for some more?” he asked.

She nodded. “I’d like that, yes.”

The stallion smiled. “Alright, but we need to discuss a few more things first.”

Alex nodded. “Okay.” She had come this far. She was more than receptive to whatever he had to say.

“You said you’ve had experience with men,” Ryssa asked, “So do you have any objection to contact with James?”

The doe considered for a moment. “No,” she answered after some serious thought. If they were as serious about their relationship as everything else, this wasn’t something to take lightly either. “I don’t have any objection. I’m not on birth control at the moment, though.” She blushed. “It’s been a long time since I’ve needed it.”

“That’s not a problem,” James said, “We’ll be using protection.”

Ryssa explained. “Please don’t take offence, but we’d insist on playing safe.” She ran her hand along the doe’s thigh. “Maybe, if we keep playing, we’d bareback if you wanted, and were back on birth control, but not now.”

“No offense taken,” Alex said with a smile. “If you hadn’t brought up protection, I would have.”

“That’s good,” James said, “You might be surprised by how many people don’t.”

“Not really. I have a number of family members, mostly cousins, who made that mistake,” Alex admitted. “Kids are nice and all, but if I ever decide to get pregnant, I’d rather it be by choice, not an accident I could have prevented.”

Ryssa nodded and smiled. “We feel the same way,” she said, “Though that’s not the only concern. We get regular physicals, but you don’t have anything but our word on that.”

“I’ve trusted you so far,” Alex said. “I know I’m clean. I haven’t had anyone for a couple of years now, and I’ve had checkups since then.”

“And just like you with us,” Ryssa said, “We only have your word on it.” She smiled and drew the doe into a hug. “We trust you too, but this is something we’re firm on. It’s not something to screw around with.”

“I agree,” Alex replied with all seriousness after she had returned the hug. “I wouldn’t want to put myself at jeopardy to catch anything, much less endanger someone else by passing it on, knowingly or otherwise.”

“Then I think we’re ready,” James declared with a grin. He stood and offered them each a hand. “Ladies.”

The doe put her hand in his, a thrill of excitement coursing down her spine. She let him draw her to her feet, suddenly conscious of her nudity in a way she had not been while they were simply eating and conversing.

The stallion led them to a well furnished bedroom. “Slave, Thumper,” he said, his tone commanding once again. “Remove my clothing.”

Alex followed Ryssa’s lead, mirroring the other woman to help James off with his attire. He was well toned and buff beneath the leather vest. She bent to unlace and help pull the shoes from his feet. The husky did the same with the other shoe, then gestured for them both to remove his pants together with a sensuous lick of her lips. Alex reached to help Ryssa with the button and zipper on his jeans, and then both women tugged the denim down. The loose jeans slid off his hips like water off a window, revealing a pair of black silk boxers.

His erection pushed against the front of them, very noticeable as he stepped out of his pants. Alex was seized by an urge to run her hand over it, but held off. Instead, she hooked her fingers into the elastic waistband of his boxers and helped Ryssa pull them down. His big, dark skinned member was revealed slowly, very large but only half erect. As she watched, it continued to grow, angling upwards as it straightened. Alex felt her eyes grow wide. James was larger than any of her previous partners had been. Quicker than she would have though possible, it grew to full erection. It looked like it was at least a foot long and wider than she could fit her hand around.

“You want to touch it, don’t you Thumper?” he said, looking down at her. “Answer me.”

She swallowed hard, eyes still fixed on his cock. “Yes, Master,” she murmured.

“You may touch it, Thumper,” he permitted, adding, “Slave, pleasure her. Softly.”

The husky wordlessly lay on her back, pulling the doe down to her knees, guiding Alex to straddle her face, her tail towards Ryssa’s legs. This let the husky look up as she began softly licking Alex’s sex. James moved to stand before her, his member pointed at her like a cannon. The doe shivered with pleasure and anticipation. She raised one hand to tentatively stroke down his length. The dark skin was velvety soft under her touch, but beneath it he was hard as a steel bar.

“That’s right, touch it,” her master said, “Rub it. Caress it. Pleasure it.”

Beneather her, Ryssa made a happy sound, her nose buried in Alex’s sex. The doe brought her other hand up, cradling his shaft between them. She rubbed up and down his entire length, from the elastic softness of his tip down to where the rigid member ended at his sheath. Alex cupped his chestnut-furred balls in her hands, marveling at their weight and softness before she caressed his shaft again. Ryssa’s tongue on her sex was a mild distraction, but not enough to pull her away from the fascinating textures of James’ cock. The stallion made a soft noise of pleasure, indicating that she was touching her master in a correct manner.

A drop of clear fluid slowly grew on the tip as she rubbed him. James looked down at her. “Taste it.”

Obediently she raised her muzzle to catch the droplet on her tongue. The flavor was new to her, salty, but somehow astringent as well. The musky scent of his maleness was markedly different than Ryssa’s, but intriguing in ways all its own. The drop was quickly replaced with another.

“Do you like it Thumper?” he asked sternly.

She watched the glistening drop hang on his taut flesh. “Yes, Master,” she said, licking her lips.

“Then you may have some more.”

Alex licked his tip carefully, getting another taste of precum. It had a faint note of bitterness to it, but not unpleasantly so. Emboldened, she lapped at the head of his cock again, her tongue tracing its curves.

“Mmmm,” he murmured, “You have a wonderful tongue.” He reached down to run a finger lightly along her cheek. “But how well do you use it?”

She responded by dipping her head to run her tongue all the way up the underside of his length, from balls to the tip of his shaft. Alex let her mouth close over the head of his member, swirling her tongue around it. She had done oral sex on guys before, even if none of them had possessed James’ length or girth. This much, she knew how to do. She felt it pulse in her hands, then head expanding for a moment unexpectedly.

“Very good,” James said, his eyes stern but approving. He petted her hair softly. “Pleasure me.” Alex complied, taking more of him into her mouth. Even considering the length of her own muzzle, he hit the back of her throat before she could take all of him in. His hot thickness filled her mouth. She could feel his pulse beneath her tongue. “Stroke it with your hands,” he instructed patiently. Alex obligingly wrapped her hands around the rest of his length, alternating strokes with sucks. She kept her tongue working, knowing that would feel better than simply bobbing up and down on him.

He let her continue for several minutes, subtly guiding her rhythm with a hand on the top of her head. She was really into it when he said, “Slave, complete her.” Alex squeaked around the cock in her mouth as Ryssa’s lapping sped up intensely. Even with the break they had taken, she had been on the edge of hypersensitivity, and Ryssa had been licking her sex in languid strokes for long minutes, slowly bringing her closer to orgasm. When James gave the order, it didn’t take much to push the doe over the edge. Alex’s hips bucked involuntarily against the husky’s face. She felt James’ fingers clench in her hair, holding her still and muffling her scream of pleasure with his cock.

When she was reduced to pleasurable shudders, he pulled his member from her mouth. “Stand,” he ordered tersely.

Shakily, Alex managed to climb to her feet. Even that sent little shivers of ecstasy up her spine. The stallion took her shoulders in his hands and guided her to the bed. “Lay here,” he ordered, “On your back with your head at the edge.”

Alex complied, climbing onto the bed and laying on her back so that she was staring at him upside down. Her arms were crossed loosely over her stomach as she waited for his next instruction. It felt strangely vulnerable, even though she wasn’t doing anything particularly provocative.

“Slave,” he said, “Get your harness.” He smiled coldly down at her, slowly stroking the length of his member. The husky got up and went to the closet, returning a moment later with a complicated collection of leather straps and a large pointed dildo. The stallion held out his hand for the gear, which was promptly placed in it. “You will watch,” he ordered, before turning to Ryssa. “Present yourself.”

She complied immediately, bending her knees slightly while leaning forward. Alex watched attentively as James quickly and surely secured the straps around the canine’s waist and thighs, leaving the dildo hanging from her crotch.

He turned back to the doe and asked softly, “You still okay?”

Alex hadn’t moved from her spot. “Yes, Master,” she replied in kind.

“Good girl,” he said, his dominating demeanor back in full. He stepped up to the bed before her. She found that she was at the perfect height for him to slip his cock into her mouth when he did just that, grasping her head in one hand and his member in the other and sliding it between her lips. She obediently opened her mouth for him. “Now pleasure me with your mouth. Slave, fuck her.”

She was concentrating so much on the hot flesh in her mouth that Alex barely noticed the shift in weight as Ryssa climbed onto the bed. The doe parted her thighs obediently at Ryssa’s touch. Alex gasped around James’ cock when she felt the dildo’s cool tip brush her heated flesh. She barely had time to register the sensation when the husky thrust the toy in using one smooth motion of her hips, filling Alex to the hilt. All the earlier play had the doe more than sufficiently warmed up and lubricated. The sensation of coolness faded as the dildo warmed to match her own internal temperature. Alex whimpered around the cock filling her mouth when Ryssa began to rock her hips, thrusting the dildo in and out.

“That’s no excuse to stop,” James chided, running a finger down her jaw. His other hand reached out to take her breast, fondling it firmly.

Reminded of her task, Alex returned to suckling his member. She had use of her lips and tongue, but no longer possessed the leverage to move her head very far. She could only suck on what he gave her, no more or less. One advantage of her current position was that it allowed her to take in more of him that she could have otherwise. She swirled her tongue around the length of him that she could reach.

He smiled down at her, obviously pleased. “You may make me cum, Thumper.”

With small motions, he began to move in and out of her mouth in time with Ryssa’s thrusts. She sucked harder, making eager little noises as they used her at both ends. The pair matched their motions perfectly, the canine’s large dildo quickly bringing Alex to another orgasm. And another.

And just as she was riding the edge of yet another orgasm, James’ whole body tensed. From her inverted position she saw his balls contract and pulse. Her eyes widened as she watched that first pulse travel down his long shaft towards her, seemingly impossibly slow. It passed through her hands, that ripple of feeling in her fingertips indescribable. She felt his head flare in her mouth as the pulse passed her lips.

And then everything happened at once.

Her master’s first spurt of cum flooded her mouth with far more volume than she imagined. It crashed into the back of her throat, forcing her to swallow or choke. The second spurt arrived as the husky pushed her over into her own shuddering orgasm. Alex gulped down as much as she could, but the sheer amount and speed overwhelmed her capacity to swallow it all. Some of it leaked out the edges of her mouth, dribbling into her fur and hair.

The stallion withdrew his member before she choked, a third and fourth spurt of cum splashing on her neck and breasts. Alex swallowed the last of the salty, astringent fluid in her mouth, and gasped for breath. She lay splayed out on the bed, Ryssa’s strap-on still buried between her thighs.

James grasped his softening member and wiped the last of his cum along her cheek. “That was excellent, Thumper. You have pleased me.” He stepped to the side and waved them away. “Slave, take her and get cleaned up. I want you both clean when I sample you,” he ordered.

Sexy Positions
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Spicing things up!


“Then turn around,” he ordered. She heard him move back into his chair. “Straddle my Slave and present yourself to her.”

The withdrawal of his hand made her want to weep with frustrated loss, so it took no prompting at all for Alex to position herself as he ordered. She could feel Ryssa’s breath warm on her nethers as she placed her own sex to give the husky access. The canine’s musk and salt still filled Alex’s senses.

The other woman was still until their master said, “Slave, pleasure Thumper.” Then her tongue was all over Alex’s quivering sex. The doe whimpered again, this time with relief as waves of pleasure swamped her mind in time with the strokes of Ryssa’s tongue. “Thumper,” her master’s voice penetrated the pleasurable haze with a firm, commanding tone, “You were not told to stop pleasuring Slave.”

Alex obediently dropped her muzzle back to Ryssa’s sex, tongue flicking eagerly over the silky folds. She lapped up every drop of moisture she could reach, savoring the salt on her tongue. Ryssa’s mouth brought on a flood of intense sensation that made Alex fight to stay still.

“You’re having trouble, Thumper,” James stated sternly. She glanced up to see him rise, a collection of straps in his hand. Without another word, he stepped over to them and squatted. Laying the straps on the floor, he selected one and wrapped it around Ryssa’s left thigh, gently moving Alex’s head out of the way without forcing her mouth away from the husky’s dripping sex. He repeated the process on his Slave’s right thigh, then strapped a pair of leather cuffs around the doe’s wrists, similar to the one’s Ryssa wore. He then produced a pair of small padlocks, attaching her wrists to the other woman’s thighs most securely. He then moved out of her view, and she felt him belt straps around her thighs as well. The snick of two more padlocks sounded with finality. Now there was no way to move away from Ryssa’s questing tongue. There was some additional tugs on her thighs, and then she felt something soft slid between her ankles. She realized that it was probably a pillow being tucked beneath the husky’s head.

The stallion was suddenly before her again. “Are you still all right?” he asked warmly, his eyes showing he was serious.

Alex wiggled once to test the snugness of her bonds, and shivered. The feeling of being restrained was at once everything, and nothing like she had imagined. She loved it. “Oh yes,” she breathed. “Yes, Master.” She felt Ryssa’s tongue between her spread thighs again, and the capacity for speech left her momentarily.

“That’s good,” he said. He reach out and attached a double latch between the rings on the sides of her collar and Ryssa’s thighs. Now she couldn’t move away from the husky’s sex; she realized the same was true for her own. It was a wonderful, thrilling, terrifying feeling to submit to such treatment. Alex went back to work on the pink flesh before her nose, whimpering softly when Ryssa reciprocated. She felt the pressure building inexorably in her groin, no matter how hard she tried to concentrate on what she was doing. Her thighs quivered and twitched with exertion, but the straps held her firmly. There was no escape from Ryssa’s questing mouth. The canine’s tongue washed over and over her sex until Alex thought she would explode or go mad from the intensity. She tried to keep up, but her own strokes were growing ragged as it got harder and harder to stay in control.

Finally, Ryssa pushed her over the edge with one last stroke. Alex felt her body clamp down impossibly tight as orgasm gripped her. She had to pull her face away to gasp a shaky breath while her muscles spasmed of their own accord, and she knew the wetness trickling down her thighs was more than just Ryssa’s saliva. When the spasms quieted and Alex had regained her breath somewhat, the canine resumed tongue-washing her sex, but this time with long, lazy, gentle strokes that lacked the previous intensity. Regaining a measure of concentration, Alex turned her attention back to the husky, determined to return the favor.

The doe flicked her narrow tongue over Ryssa’s clit and earned a happy moan in return. She repeated the motion again, and again, doing her best to judge based on the noises the other woman made. She felt the husky start to squirm again beneath, telling her she was having the desired effect. Almost as quickly as she had cum, Ryssa’s thighs tried to clamp on her head. Only by pulling with her cuffed hands was she able to continue to breath, though it felt like the flood of fluids from the husky’s sex nearly drowned her. Alex worked her tongue faster, concentrating on Ryssa’s clit, since that got her the most response. At last she closed her mouth over the sensitive bud, suckling it even as she ran her tongue over it. Ryssa’s tongue attempted to distract her, but Alex kept at it.

The other woman gasped before redoubling her own efforts. The doe felt yet another orgasm building, heat pooling and surging between her thighs. She could not pull away, so she was forced to dig into her reserves to stay on task. The restraints would not allow her to simply get up, and her own pride would not concede defeat so easily. She sped up her own motions, matching Ryssa lick for lick. It was almost a race to see who could get the other off first.

Ryssa continued to lick and suck on her sex, alternating between her clit and her lips. She could feel the husky’s breasts move with each rapid breath, her hard nipples rubbing against the doe’s belly. Alex responded by pulling hard on the locks that bound her wrists to Ryssa’s thighs, forcing the canine’s legs farther apart. With greater access, she pushed her own efforts as fast as she could manage, pushing her tongue deep within Ryssa’s sex with every other stroke. The other woman responded in kind, sucking and flicking her clit, her tongue like the wings of a humming bird. Alex lost it. She simply did not have the experience to keep up in the face of Ryssa’s assault. For the second time in less than five minutes, her body bowed under the assault of orgasm.

Ryssa gave her a few more soft licks before throwing her head back with a cry of pleasure. Her muscles went taunt as she came as well, juices flooding out of her. Alex slumped back against the other woman, still twitching with the aftershocks of her third orgasm of the evening. Though she lapped at Ryssa’s juices, she felt drained, without the energy to bring the husky again so soon. She could hear Ryssa panting beneath her, the husky still having small movements of pleasure.

A soft clap got her attention. “Very good, Thumper, Slave,” James said, standing, “You have both pleased me greatly.” He came to them and began unclipping her collar and unlocking the cuffs. “Now you both need a break,” he said warmly. He moved to her rear and unclipped Ryssa from her thighs. He stood and helped them both up. Alex wobbled on her feet, gladly leaning on his supporting arm. Her legs felt like rubber bands. The husky looked just as unsteady.

James slid his hand beneath his wife’s tail. “Would you like this out, slave?” he said as she moaned.

“Please, master,” she mumbled. She then shook and reached out to grab Alex to keep herself from collapsing. James smiled and turned off the blue vibrating plug he’d removed from her.

“Are you both all right?” he asked them.

Alex gave a shaky nod. “That was... Wow,” was all she could manage. Ryssa just nodded and smiled demurely.

“Glad you enjoyed,” he said, sounding genuinely pleased. He guided them both into the kitchen. “Sit,” he said, pulling out a pair of chairs, “You need something to drink.”

The doe sank willingly into the offered chair, letting Ryssa lean on her until they were both settled. It should have felt odd, sitting there naked in an unfamiliar kitchen, but after what they had just done, there was no reason to feel embarrassed by it.

James returned a few moments later with a pair of tall glasses filled with water. He set one before each of them, then slid into a chair on the opposite side of the table. “So what do you think?” he asked, smiling.

“And be honest, please,” Ryssa added, taking a long sip of her water.

Alex set her palms on either side of the glass, cool condensation beading against her fingers. “It was amazing,” she said quietly. “Totally mind-blowing. I’ve... I’ve never felt anything like it before.” She took a long drink from her own glass, and set it carefully back down. “I never knew it could be like that, especially with another woman.” Alex felt her cheeks heat, and she glanced shyly at Ryssa. “But I liked it. All of it. A lot.”

“There is something about it, isn’t there?” Ryssa said throatily. James smiled.

“Oh yes.” Alex touched the collar still around her throat. “It was exactly like what I thought... but totally different too. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve felt it, I guess,” she admitted. “But it didn’t freak me out or anything. It felt a little weird at first, until I really got into the scene.”

The stallion’s expression was a mixture of warm pleasure and excitement. It was clear that he was enjoying himself, despite his lack of physical contact. “That’s good,” he explained, “That’s exactly the feeling we’re aiming for.” His expression was openly aroused. “After a bit of a breather, would you like to try a new scene?”

Alex gave a little nod. “I’d like that,” she said. “I really enjoyed the first one, but I’m glad we’re taking a little break. I don’t think I could have kept it up for much longer.”

Ryssa chuckled. “Long scenes are not something one just jumps into,” the husky explained, setting her now empty glass on the table. “You have to work up to them. Though they are glorious.”

The doe gave a little shiver. “I think I’d definitely like to work up to that,” she said. “I’m so glad I met you two.”

“We can talk about that over some food,” James said, “Since I’m sure you’re hungry.”

Ryssa nodded with a murmur of agreement.

“I could definitely eat,” Alex added, a little surprised to find she was hungry as he had suggested. Perhaps she should not have been, considering how much energy she and Ryssa had both expended on each other.

The stallion stood. “You two relax,” he said, “I’ll go whip something up for us.” He came around behind them, one hand softly caressing her neck, the other on his wife. “Any restrictions?” he asked.

“No, actually.” Alex smiled. “I broke the family mold by deciding not to be a vegetarian.”

“I know just the thing.” He grinned. “Pancakes and bacon. Back in a few.” He stepped away into the other part of the kitchen.

Ryssa From Behind
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The strip-tease scene


“Very good, Slave,” James’ voice broke through her pleasured haze. She looked up at him from where she lay to see his pleased expression. “Did you enjoy that? I think you did.” He looked down at her appraisingly. “I believe Thumper is a suitable name for you,” he said, “Don’t you agree slave?”

“Oh yes Master,” came Ryssa’s reply, “It suits her very well. Especially when she lays with her tail up like that.” To punctuate her statement, the husky licked from the top of Alex’s slit all the way around to the base of her tail. Alex gave a shuddering gasp, limbs twitching.

“Oh!” she exclaimed.

“Come here, Thumper,” James ordered, indicating the spot on the floor before him. “You will kneel here and watch Slave.”

Still trembling, Alex managed a nod. “Yes, Master,” she murmured. Not trusting her legs yet, she made her way to the spot he had indicated on her hands and knees, turning to face Ryssa once she reached it.

“Very good, Thumper,” her master said, giving her hair a soft stroke, “Now watch. Ryssa enjoys an audience. Slave, strip.”

“Yes Master,” the husky said breathily. She stood before them, still clad in her black bodysuit and black shoes. The soft light of the room made the rings on her collar and cuffs glitter as she moved. With slow movements, she reached up and began to unzip the front of the body suit, exposing the creamy fur of her chest inch by inch. The zipper stopped just below her navel, her hands sliding back up the slick material to her breasts. She fondled them for a few moments, her hips beginning to move to a rhythm only she seemed to hear. Her hands moved to her shoulders, revealing that her nipples were pressing prominently against the black fabric.

She crossed her arms, each hand gripping the opposite side of the neck. Her entire body began to gyrate as she slowly slid the suit down one arm and then the other, pulling her hands through sleeves. The greyish brown fur of her arms made the black leather cuffs still on her wrists stand out prominently. She continued to writhe, maintaining her rhythm as she peeled the the bodysuit down her torso, revealing her breasts and stomach. Like Alex, she wasn’t wearing a bra, the bodysuit itself providing support for her ample bosom. She maintained steady eye contact with both Alex and their mutual master throughout, a happy smile on her lips.

James continued to softly stroke Alex’s hair as his wife and slave performed for them. Watching another woman strip was a new experience too. Alex licked her lips, noting the differences between her own form and Ryssa’s. The husky was all soft curves, lushly female compared to Alex’s more slender build. The rings on her cuffs and collar jingled faintly in time with her movements. Though she would not have claimed to find other women arousing before this evening, Alex had always appreciated the female form, and Ryssa was simply dead sexy.

The husky continued to move, the bodysuit slipping past her waist and over her hips. Alex’s eyes widened as a leather strap encircling Ryssa’s waist was revealed. A second strap descended down, disappearing between her thighs, completely covering her sex. A small metal lock jingled in the buckle, ensuring that it couldn’t be removed without a key. Ryssa lowered into a squat as she pulled the black clingy material down her legs, then rolled onto her back to pull it over the cuffs on her ankles and off her feet, taking her shoes with it. She kicked her legs out into the air, fully exposing herself to them. The dark leather was of stark contrast against the creamy white fur of her crotch and inner thighs. As she rolled back up, the leather glistened in the light, revealing that it was sopping wet. She stood once again, now naked save for the black leather cuffs, collar and belt over her sex.

The stallion’s hand left Alex’s head for a moment to beckon the husky towards them. She sauntered forward, stopping mere inches from the doe, the black leather covering her groin before Alex’s nose. This close, the scent of the other woman’s musk was strong, but not unpleasant. The slightly salty smell combined with the odor of wet leather, and the combination was enticing in a way Alex had never considered before. A faint buzzing noise reached her ears, but the doe could not quite discern where it was coming from.

James reached out to cup Ryssa’s sex, pressing the leather. The buzzing changed pitch as he did, and the husky moaned and shuddered. “Does my Slave want to scream?” he asked, his voice deep and husky.

“Y-yes Master,” Ryssa stuttered, her eyes lidded.

The stallion reached out, a tiny key between his fingers. With practiced motion and a faint click, he removed the small lock. “Lay down slave,” he ordered, “Thumper will assist you.”

Ryssa dropped to the floor with a happy whine, laying on her back with her legs spread, her sex towards them.

“Thumper,” he continued, “You will remove Slave’s thong and pleasure her until she screams.”

Alex swallowed back a sudden flutter of nerves. “Yes, Master,” she agreed obediently, and crawled forward to crouch between Ryssa’s legs. She had never tried to pleasure another woman before, but Alex wasn’t totally inexperienced. The doe knew what worked well on herself. The buckle came loose freely, freeing the strap from Ryssa’s waist. She reached for the sides of the husky’s leather thong, pulling it gently down Ryssa’s thighs. The canine wriggled helpfully to assist her in removing it. Alex felt her eyes widen when she saw what the strip of damp leather had been concealing.

Rather than just being a chastity device, it had served to keep the husky on the edge of orgasm as long as possible. There was a tiny vibrator suction clipped to Ryssa’s clit. Below it the end of a large ribbed dildo projected from the husky’s sex, slippery and glistening with her fluids. To add to the rest, a second vibration emanated from a plug pressed firmly into her ass. Alex felt the muscles in her own nether region tighten in response. What must it be like to spend hours like this, so close to the shining edge of orgasm, but never quite allowed to cum. Realizing she was giving in to distraction, Alex leaned down closer. Spreading the lips of the labia gently with her fingers, she gave Ryssa’s sex a tentative lick. She felt the husky shudder in return, and did it again with more confidence. The sweet-salty taste filled her senses.

Alex licked around the bulge formed by the protruding dong, and up to where the clitoral vibrator buzzed gently away. A little pressure from her tongue pushed it more firmly against Ryssa, and set the canine moaning and writhing. The doe concentrated on that spot since it seemed to gain the most reaction, teasing it with her mouth. With a free hand, she spread her fingers and pressed gently on the base of the dildo and the plug in turn, imagining how wonderful the feeling of being filled utterly to the hilt must be. Ryssa was clearly enjoying it.

The husky began whining; a sharp, insistently urgent sound. Her claws raked the carpet as her muscles spasmed uncontrollably. Alex kept up her own actions. She had been ordered to keep going until Ryssa screamed, and a whine wasn’t quite there. The whines grew in volume, alternating with heavy pants. Alex could tell she was getting close.

Ryssa came suddenly, the only warning the sound of her claws tearing into the carpet as her spine arched. Her panting whines turned into a howl of pent up ecstasy. Alex caught a small amount of fluid with her tongue as it seeped out around the large dildo. The doe carefully cleaned it away, licking her lips and pulling back a little as the husky’s climax eventually settled into little twitches and shudders prolonged by the buzzing vibrators. Alex felt a shiver of her own travel all the way down her spine, setting her short tail flicking.

“Remove it,” James ordered softly.

Alex caught her lip between her teeth, and reached carefully for the base of the dildo filling Ryssa’s sex. It came out with a gentle pull, bringing yet more of the canine’s juices with it. Alex went slowly. The other woman whimpered softly, her hips quivering. The dildo slipped free with a sudden rush of fluids. It slopped down over the base of the plug and soaked the fur of Ryssa’s tail. Alex felt her eyes go wide at the sheer amount of wetness. The scent of Ryssa’s musk was heavy in the air now.

“You smell her, don’t you?” the stallion asked, “Does it call to you?”

The doe leaned close over the still twitching husky’s glistening sex, her eyes half-lidded. The dampness between Alex’s own thighs had increased to the point that she was surprised she had not had a similar flood of her own. She ached to be touched, used, filled and teased until someone brought her screaming. Alex closed her eyes and breathed deep, drawing in the fresh salty-sweet musk.

“Yes, Master,” she murmured, not even trying to conceal the note of desire in her voice.

“Remove the vibrator, then you may taste her,” he allowed.

Alex reached obediently for the most obvious source of buzzing, and gently pulled the tiny vibe from Ryssa’s clit. A bit of tension left the husky, and a faint moan escaped her. Alex set it carefully to the side with the big dildo. Now the canine’s sex lay fully exposed, save for the faint buzz of the plug in her anus. Alex lowered her mouth once more, quick tongue darting out to lap at Ryssa’s folds.

The husky moaned, her hips shuddering with another small orgasm. A fresh trickle of fluid ran out, splashing the doe’s tongue. Alex caught it, savoring the salty flavor. Intrigued, she pressed deeper, letting her tongue delve into Ryssa’s innermost secrets as she sought more. Even as she worked the husky’s sex with her mouth, Alex could feel the heat pooling between her own thighs again. She had been allowed a single orgasm, but she wanted more, so much more. The need to be touched was nearly a palpable thing, especially as she crouched low over Ryssa, her own ass thrust into the air, exposed and vulnerable. The waiting was a sort of delicious torture all its own.

She nearly started at the soft, almost non-existent, caress upon her rear. A soft finger delved into her exposed cleft, probing the seeping moisture within. Warm breath whispered across her flesh. “Do you feel an overwhelming need, Thumper?” James asked softly.

Alex whimpered against Ryssa’s heated flesh, hips automatically pressing back against that gentle touch. She raised her head enough to speak, her whole body quivering. “Y-yes, Master,” she whispered. “Please...”

The Ride Home
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Things heat up a bit!


Alex obediently followed the leash into the club’s parking lot, coming to a halt beside a dark sedan. The back passenger door swung open, the bottom of it crossing her downcast view.

“Slave, in,” the stallions voice ordered. She felt Ryssa leave her side, seeing her feet move past and climb into the car. She blinked at the realization that the husky was wearing cuffs around her ankles as well. She felt the stallion’s presence, his lower torso filling her vision as he stepped in front of her. “Still all right?” he asked softly.

Her heart pounded in her throat when he addressed her, but she was still in the game, still willing to go forward. Alex swallowed back her nerves. “Yes, Master,” she replied, though the softness of her own voice did little to disguise the quiver in her words.

He chuckled softly. “Very good,” he commented, unhooking her leash, “Now get in there with Slave.”

“Yes, Master,” she repeated, feeling a little thrill this time, as she had clearly pleased him. Alex hadn’t known that was part of it, that making the dominant happy, even in little things, also felt good. Carefully keeping her gaze down, she climbed into the car after the husky, smoothing her short skirt as she settled herself in the seat.

James closed the door and slid into the driver’s seat. “Slave, secure our acquisition,” he ordered, “And perhaps entertain her.”

Ryssa leaned across the back seat, seizing the shoulder belt and pulling it across the doe. As she clipped it in, she smiled up at Alex seductively, her free hand caressing the doe’s thigh. Alex sucked in a breath at the intimacy of that simple caress. It was as though all her senses were heightened. Just a touch promised so much more to come. Ryssa reluctantly moved her hand away, stretching up to lightly rub her nose on Alex’s chin, giving the tiniest of licks. She moved back as the car started, securing her own seatbelt.

The car shifted into gear and swiftly left the parking lot. Alex got a glimpse of the passing storefronts before fingers once again slid along her thigh, starting at her knee and working up under her skirt. Ryssa’s other hand moved up her arm to slip behind her head, pulling her towards the husky. She turned her head, only to be met by a passionate kiss. Alex felt her eyes widen in surprise. She had never been kissed by another woman before. A moment later, the fingers beneath her skirt brushed lightly over her cotton panties, and she forgot her surprise in a rush of sensation. It ceased to matter that they shared the same sex. Alex found herself returning the kiss just as ardently, submitting to Ryssa’s clever caresses.

The other woman’s tongue probed her lips, seeking entrance. They parted without thought, her tongue twining with the husky’s, twirling madly. Alex could not stop the small, eager sounds that escaped her as Ryssa fed at her mouth, tongue delving deep. The husky’s other hand pushed her legs gently apart, toying with the elastic at the side of her panties, and then brushing a feather light touch across them that made Alex strain against the seat belt, wanting more.

The doe whimpered faintly into Ryssa’s mouth when the husky denied her more contact, withdrawing her fingers completely. After a few moments, though, the caresses returned. Ryssa smoothed the creamy fur of Alex’s inner thighs, and resumed teasing the doe’s crotch with the lightest of touches. The maddening sensations only served to stoke the heat building in her groin, Alex itched to plunge her own fingers beneath the cotton and finish what Ryssa had begun, but that wasn’t part of the game. The collar around her neck was a constant reminder of the role she had willingly assumed. So she arched against the seat belt and opened herself to Ryssa, wordlessly begging for more, letting her body do the pleading for her.

The other woman’s touches gained momentum, coming slightly faster and harder with each stroke, pressing the thin fabric of her panties into her wet sex. Her world shrank to nothing more than her and Ryssa. Where they were and where they were going faded before what they were doing.

“Slave, stop,” a voice intruded upon them. The husky immediately stopped touching her, their kiss lingering for a moment more before she slid away. Alex whimpered quietly at the sudden loss of sensation.

The car turned into a driveway, coming to a halt within a well lit garage. James got out of the car as the overhead door slid closed, opening the door beside Alex. “Out,” he ordered. Alex hurried to comply, fingers fumbling with the seat belt’s catch. Her pulse pounded equally hard in her ears and groin both, a slender thread of delicious heat that snaked to her core. As she climbed to her feet, his hand intercepted her neck, deftly snicking the leash back to her collar.

“Stand here,” he said, tugging her to his side with the leash. Alex moved obediently to the place where he indicated. Ryssa’s ministrations in the car had more than floored her. Whatever lingering doubts she had possessed were buried beneath a desire for more. “Slave,” James stated. She heard the husky climb out of the car, followed by the click of the other leash. The car door closed as the leash tugged on her collar. “Come,” her master ordered.

Alex followed the pull. With her eyes down, all she could see was stained concrete and a few tools, normal things most people kept in their garages. They passed through a short hall and a doorway, and the flooring changed to soft carpeting. Alex could see the edge of a leather sofa, a matching end table and the base of a lamp. The furnishings she could see were tasteful without being ostentatious. The house smelled faintly of cinnamon, as though someone had been baking earlier in the day. She would have liked to look up and take more in, but she hadn’t been given permission.

“Stand here,” James ordered, guiding her into position with the leash. She felt it disengage from her collar, leaving her standing in the approximate middle of the room. The stallion’s feet passed through the edge of her vision and a moment later she heard him sit upon a chair. It squeaked faintly like a recliner, his mass making the leather creak. “Look at me,” he said.

She looked up, meeting his eyes. He was seated in an overstuffed leather recliner, facing her directly. For the first time she noticed that he was wearing simple jeans and plain shoes in addition to the brown leather vest. He was leaning back in the seat, obviously comfortable, his fingers steepled before him. A pair of leashes lay draped across the left arm of the chair. His eyes softened. “Still ok?” he asked warmly.

Alex nodded, still floating in the euphoria left over from the car trip. “I’m okay... Master,” she tacked it on a little belatedly, but still remembered.

He flashed her a smile before his expression hardened again. “Slave, strip her. Slowly.”

The doe let out a faint eep of surprise and let her gaze fall back to the carpet when she felt Ryssa’s hand touch her shoulder. Though Alex felt a flush rise in her cheeks and ears, she stayed passive, arms at her sides, legs slightly spread for balance.

“I didn’t give you permission to look away,” James said. Though his statement was quiet, the commanding tone remained in his voice.

She felt her blush redouble, but Alex raised her eyes back to his face. It was an almost physical effort. None of her boyfriends had ever done anything like this. She felt Ryssa undo the catch on her halter top’s neck, and a fine tremor swept through her body.

The stallion’s fingers remained steepled, his body relaxed. But his eyes held her, clearly assessing her, appraising her submission. Ryssa let the fabric lower slowly, baring Alex’s upper body to the room. The halter was backless with its own built in support, so she had not worn a bra. The doe shivered as a faint breeze from the home’s air handler caressed her softly furred breasts. She wanted to look away. It felt so strange to look at him watching her. Alex fought not to fidget as Ryssa unfastened the halter’s waist tie and let the top fall away entirely. Now the doe stood there clad only in her little leather skirt and pumps.

Her new Master studied her intently before nodding, making a small noise of appreciation. “Continue.”

She felt Ryssa crouch down behind her, pressing her bosom to the doe’s spine as she sank to the ground. The husky’s hands wrapped around her right ankle, soft pressure directing her to lift it. As she did, Ryssa slid her shoe off, laying it to the side as she set the doe’s bare foot to the soft carpet. She repeated the procedure with the other foot, quickly leaving Alex’s toes on the cool pile.

The other woman didn’t stop there. Her hands slowly slide up the outsides of Alex’s shapely legs, all the way up to her waist. Once there, they moved around to caress her rear for a moment before undoing the clasp at the back of her skirt from the inside. Reaching a finger through the loosened waistband, Ryssa deftly unlocked the small zipper and slid it down, allowing her to lower the leather skirt slowly to the floor.

Alex watched the stallions nostrils flare slightly as her cotton clad sex was exposed to his view. But that was his only visible reaction. The temptation to raise her arms to cover herself was very, very strong. Her face and ears had to be nearly as red as her auburn hair by now, but she held herself still with an effort.

“You control yourself well,” James said levelly, “Good.” He looked her up and down for a few moments, clearly taking her in. “Slave,” he then ordered.

The husky’s hands returned to Alex’s hips, fingers hooking into the waistband of her blue cotton panties and pulling down ever so slowly. Her last scrap of coverage was slowly peeled away from her, a fraction of an inch at a time. This time, Alex couldn’t contain a faint whimper. Her muscles trembled with the effort of not moving while she allowed Ryssa to bare her sex. Secretly, she was glad she had taken the time to keep herself neatly trimmed there. The cotton pulled away to expose a short triangle of auburn fur that matched her hair. Alex sucked in a breath as cool air whispered across her bared folds. Obediently she lifted one foot, and then the other to allow Ryssa to remove the panties entirely. Her whole body throbbed with a strange combination of shame and arousal, and Alex felt wetter between her legs than she could ever remember being before.

As though reading her thoughts, the stallion said, “Afraid? Ashamed? Aroused?” He smiled knowingly. “Slave, tell me, is she aroused?”

The doe squeaked as the felt Ryssa’s nose slip under her tail, the husky’s hands embracing her hips. A moment later, a soft tongue flicked out to probe the wet slit between her thighs. Alex’s head went back involuntarily, eyes falling closed, a soft gasp tearing from her throat. Her knees wobbled until she managed to get her legs back under control. Alex found herself panting for breath from that first simple flick of the tongue when she managed to bring her eyes back to James.

“Yes master,” Ryssa said, her voice partially muffled in Alex’s thighs, “She is very aroused.”

“Very good,” he said, rising to his feet. A single stride was sufficient to bring him to them. He cupped Alex’s chin in one hand, holding her gaze with his own. She could feel the heat of his body upon her, the fine white fur of his forearm grazing across her erect nipples. His breath was a soft caress upon her face, the barest hint of sweet mint in her nostrils. He gave her an approving smile as he said, “You may continue slave.” And then Ryssa’s tongue flashed over her sex again.

Alex gave a soft cry as the canine’s clever tongue went to work on her most intimate parts, building on all the sensation that had been so carefully denied in the car. She noticed, even through the haze of building pleasure, that Ryssa was careful to avoid the sensitive bud at the pinnacle of her sex. While Alex’s arousal and desire continued to grow, she was in no danger of spilling over out of control. Time ceased to exist, and only James’ hand on her chin and the careful strokes of Ryssa’s tongue were real for her. They quickly brought a sense of frustration once she realized the husky had no intention of allowing her to cum. Alex whimpered quietly, wiggling her hips in an attempt to gain more sensation.

“The frustration is delicious, isn’t it?” he said, releasing her chin. He stepped back to his chair and sat, adding, “Finish her, Slave.”

The husky pressed harder, making Alex unconsciously lean forward to give the questing tongue more access. The other woman worked her sex furiously, her tongue sweeping over and through her sex. Alex made a soft, almost mewling noise. Ryssa’s strokes washed over the sensitive nub of her clitoris, teasing faster and faster, until she thought her head might just explode from the pressure building within her. It wasn’t until the husky closed her mouth over the tender bud and suckled that orgasm finally came. The force of it bucked the doe’s hips involuntarily. This time her knees really did give out, and she tumbled to the carpet. For a long moment she could only lay there, quivering with little aftershocks. Alex had never imagined a tongue could do so much. None of her previous love affairs had involved much in the way of cunnilingus.

James and Ryssa
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Now we meet our other main players!


The husky fluttered her eyes as a shadow fell over them. Alex looked up, finding her view filled with dark fur and leather. Her gaze kept on traveling up until it finally reached the stallion’s face. He would have been a terribly tall man had she been standing. Seated, he looked enormous. Alex felt her eyes go wide, and she could think of nothing intelligent to say.

“Alex,” Ryssa said in a sultry voice, “This is my master. For now, you can call him James.”

Alex gulped. “Um, hi,” she managed, just grateful that her voice didn’t squeak.

“Good evening, Alex,” he said, his voice a deep baritone. He slid into the booth beside Ryssa. “How are you?”

He was deep chestnut in color where he wasn’t wearing leather, with white on his forearms and a splash on his nose. His mane had been cut short enough to stand on end, and did little to soften the lines of his face, but his manner was open and friendly even if she found his size intimidating.

“I’m... I’m doing fine,” Alex finally managed. She took another drink and continued somewhat lamely, “we decided to take a break from dancing.” She could have kicked herself. Surely he knew that. Hadn’t he been watching? The first real dom she had ever met, and she had to go off spouting stupid phrases.

“Relax, hon,” Ryssa said, smoothly scooting over beside her. The husky touched her arm softly.

“Sorry,” Alex apologised. “I guess I’m still a little nervous.” She finished off her drink and set the glass back on the table.

“New to all this?” James asked pleasantly.

“Well, yes,” Alex said. “I’ve wanted to learn more...get more involved, but I didn’t really know how. Ryssa and I have been talking, though.”

“Talking is the most important thing,” the horse replied, nodding.

Ryssa gave her hand a squeeze. “Despite what you may have thought, communication is very important. The idea is to push limits, not break them.”

Alex nodded gratefully. Ryssa squeezed her hand again. “That said, are you still interested?”

“I-. Yes,” the doe said, and returned the squeeze. She genuinely liked Ryssa, and James wasn’t nearly as scary as he had first seemed, after a few minutes of talking to him. “I’m still interested,” she affirmed. After all, how likely was it that she might get another chance like this one?

“Ok,” James said, “Do you have someone you trust?”

Alex chewed her lip. “I came with two friends tonight. I trust both of them, though I’m not sure where they are at the moment. I have their cell numbers, and they have mine.”

James pulled out a wallet and removed two cards. Handing them across, he said, “Take a pic of these and send them to your friend.”

The doe picked them up, studying them in the light of the fixture mounted above the booth. They were drivers licenses for both Ryssa and James. Her brows shot up when she noticed the couple shared the same last name. They weren’t just dominant and submissive. They were married. Her brain worked furiously over the implications of why he had just handed her these. Trust. It was all trust. This was a way of saying that if something went badly, someone on the outside knew who they were, where to find them, and that she was with them. Suddenly, the idea of a safety net of sorts seemed like a very good idea. However pleasant they seemed, they were all essentially strangers to each other.

Alex set the licenses on the tabletop and snapped an image with her phone’s camera. She sent it to Marguerite with a harried text explaining she’d met someone, and not to wait up. The more level-headed of her friends, the jaguar would understand. Alex tucked her phone away once the message was sent, and slid the plastic cards back across the table to James. “All done,” she announced, feeling a little thrill.

“Good,” James said, tucking them back in the wallet. “You understand the purposes of that?”

“We don’t know each other, not really,” Alex reasoned. “Doing that not only lets a friend who I trust know who I’ll be with, but where to look if I don’t turn up again within a reasonable amount of time.”

“Exactly,” he confirmed, “And it protects us too.” He grinned and added, “Safe play is the only play.”

“And playing is fun,” Ryssa said, her fingers tickling along Alex’s arm.

Alex shivered lightly. “That all makes sense to me,” she agreed. Part of her felt almost lightheaded with anticipation. Pondering and fantasizing were rather different than being faced with the reality. It made her wish she had more to bring to the table than half-formed desires she didn’t fully understand herself. “Sorry I’m so new at all of this,” the doe said. “But if you don’t mind guiding the newbie, I really am interested. I won’t chicken out on you.”

Ryssa shook her head. “Don’t worry about that, Alex,” she explained, “If you want to stop at any point, we stop. That’s a firm rule.” She slid a little closer to the doe, moving her hand around to tease her spine. “That’s what safe words are for.”

“Which,” James added, “We need to agree upon now.” His expression was warm and patient. “We like to keep it simple. Yellow means slow down, you’re making me uncomfortable, and Red means stop right now. Does that sound all right?”

Alex nodded slowly. “Easy to remember, easy to distinguish. I’ve got it.” Safewords definitely took some of the anxiety out of the situation. It was good to know there was a release valve so she couldn’t accidentally get herself in too deep.

“Try not to forget them,” Ryssa said, pulling herself close, “Though James will be paying close attention anyway, so it’s alright to lose yourself in the moment.” Her eyes half closed and she moaned with a soft shudder. “It’s indescribable.”

Alex felt her own body tighten in response, the former butterflies in her stomach descending to her groin in a little cascade of pleasant tingling warmth. The doe leaned into Ryssa’s warm softness, savoring the novelty of the sensations. Her life hadn’t allowed for much in the way of physical contact with other people. Doing graphic design for a phone company’s website wasn’t the most touchy-feely of jobs. The husky’s warm paws tracing down the thin silky tan fur over Alex’s spine felt absolutely amazing.

“That’s the ultimate goal, yes,” James said, “But getting there is a delicate thing. So now we need to negotiate how we go about that.”

The doe’s eyes widened a bit. “Wow, this is more complicated than I thought it would be,” she admitted, cheeks flushing. She paused for a moment in thought. “I understand the reasoning, now that I think about it, but I never expected it to take so much forethought... I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me, though. You do the thinking now so you don’t have to later, right?”

“Mmm, you’re a quick one,” Ryssa murred.

James chuckled. “Quite. Ryssa took a while to figure it out,” he said, grinning sheepishly, “I had to be told.”

“I-I’ve done a little reading,” Alex admitted. “But some of the sources are so contradictory, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.”

“I thought as much,” Ryssa said beside her.

James nodded, adding, “Most of what you’ve probably read is complete bullshit, written by people with no actual experience. Which leads to people getting hurt, unfortunately.” He shrugged. “But that’s not a concern for us,” he went on, smiling, “So, the contract. We’ll start by laying out what you absolutely don’t want to do and go from there.”

“It’s the easiest place to start thinking about what you ultimately want,” Ryssa explained.

“Okay...” Alex chewed on her lip and briefly considered her limited knowledge. While it felt weird to lay her own fantasies out in the open, that was what this was all about anyway. “I’m not a virgin, but I’ve never done anal, so I’m not sure how I’d feel about that,” she started. “I’m not claustrophobic. I don’t really know what my pain tolerances are, but I don’t think I would handle blood or knives or needles well,” Alex said, wracking her brain for the most extreme things she could remember from her reading that had seemed a little too scary to attempt.

James nodded. “I think we can strike edge play off the list,” he said, “It’s not really our thing either. So no blood, branding, piercing or other permanent or lasting damage.” He paused while the doe nodded, her eyes a little wide. “Anal is something to be approached slow and small,” he continued, “One doesn’t just plow right into that. How do you feel about scat or pee play?”

Alex wrinkled her nose faintly. “I can understand the attraction in marking someone, or in being marked, though I don’t think I’d like it much. Scat is right out, though.”

Ryssa pressed her body against Alex. “Poop is icky,” she murmured.

“Very icky,” Alex agreed.

“Alright,” James said, “How about breath play? Choking, asphyxiation, limited air, that sort of thing?”

Alex toyed with her empty glass. “I’m not sure about that,” she said. “One of the books I read recommended staying away from it, period, because it’s too easy to make a mistake. It sounds like it could be sexy, but I’m a little leery about it.”

“A reasonable view, we’ll say no to that,” James agreed, “And it can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. I prefer to stay with merely restricted breathing, personally. One gets most of the feeling of no air, without the danger of actually suffering harm.” He grinned. “But some like it all the way.”

“I think I would be okay with some restriction,” Alex mused.

“We’ll table it for now anyway,” James stated, “It’s not something to really delve into your first time. How about bondage and humiliation? I ask about them together because they’re separate but can be closely linked if desired.”

Alex felt the husky squirm beside her. The doe sucked in a breath. “That’s the part I really want to explore,” she said quietly. “I like the idea of being tied up. Really, really like it. I don’t know enough about the humiliation side of it to say for sure, but if they go hand in hand... maybe? I’m pretty open minded about this, I think.”

James smiled. “Bondage we can definitely do. We’ll see about the other.” He leaned back on the bench. “What about punishment? Are you all right with spankings and maybe light paddling?”

She nodded. “I’m all right with that.”

The husky shivered and audibly licked her lips. “I’m getting all tingly.”

“Patience, dear,” James said lightly. “Now, the last important question is how long you are up for? Things may be shorter, depending on how it goes, but we need to set a maximum time limit.”

The doe frowned thoughtfully. “I’m not really sure,” she admitted. “I’ve never done more than think about all this... I don’t really know how long I can go. Is there a normal length to these sort of things?” she asked.

Ryssa laughed. “Define normal,” she said, giving the Alex a squeeze. “How about we say dawn? That gives us lots of time.”

“Okay, that sounds fine to me,” Alex agreed, feeling a little silly, but still glad she had asked. It was Friday night, after all. Whatever happened, that would give her the rest of the weekend to recuperate before work on Monday.

“I think we have an agreement then,” the big stallion said, offering his hand to to her. Alex met his hand with her own, and they shook on it. He then rotated her hand upwards and leaned in to plant a soft kiss on her knuckles.

As he released her hand he said, “Would you like to wait until we leave, or start now?” With that, he extended his other hand over the table, a simple black leather collar dangling from his grasp. Alex’s eyes fixed on the black strip, a thrill of anticipation zinging all the way down her spine to her groin.

“I’m okay with now,” she said softly.

Ryssa’s demeanor suddenly changed. She sat straight, her eyes on the table. “May I, master?” she said quietly, raising her hands in supplication.

James nodded sternly, lowering the collar into the husky’s outstretched hands. He fixed Alex with a piercing stare. “Turn and face out of the booth.” His tone brooked no dissent.

The change was so abrupt, it almost threw her, but Alex found herself responding automatically almost before her brain had a chance to catch up. She shuffled obediently so that she was looking out over the club and dance floor, Ryssa at her back and James only just visible out of the corner of her eye. Her breathing and heart rate had already begun to speed up. She felt the husky’s hand wrap the leather strip around her neck and cinch the buckle closed, leaving a small ring to dangle at her throat. Alex’s eyes fell closed, one hand slipping up to touch the warm leather snug against her fur. It felt even better than she had imagined. The doe gave a little shiver, even though it wasn’t cold.

“Now face me,” James ordered. She turned to find his expression soft and friendly again. “How do you feel?” he asked gently.

“I... Surprised,” she admitted. “But good.” One hand toyed with the d-ring on the collar. Alex gave him a shy smile in return. “Really good.”

“That’s the idea,” he said, standing. He moved to loom over her and Ryssa. “Now hands at your sides.” His tone was commanding once again. She complied, more curious than anything. Alex didn’t mind being ordered around, especially when it lead to interesting things like the collar now securely around her neck. “Very good. You will keep your eyes lowered and your hands at your sides at all times, until I order you otherwise. You will refer to me as Master. Any and all questions will be ended with Master. Do you understand?” he asked, his hand cupping her chin firmly, forcing her to look up at him.

“Yes... Master,” Alex finished, meeting his gaze. It felt funny to say it, but it was part of the game.

“Did I tell you to look at me?” he said sternly.

She dropped her eyes immediately, a little twist of anxiety mixing with the anticipation. “N-no, sorry, Master,” Alex stammered. This required more paying attention than she had thought.

“Better,” he replied, releasing her chin. His other hand came up and she heard the snick of a clip and felt a slight tug on her collar. “Now stand up,” he ordered, adding warmly, “And don’t forget your safe words.”

Alex climbed to her feet, a strange euphoria settling over her. One tiny corner of her brain told her no rational person would allow themselves to be collared, leashed, and ordered around by two near-strangers. The rest of her mind firmly told that one piece to shut up. She was tingly with excitement and anticipation, fully enjoying the feel of the collar around her neck. It was just the right degree of snugness. Alex stayed passive, keeping her hands at her sides and her eyes on the ground, waiting for the next direction from James.

A soft tug on the leash made her step to the side. “Slave,” James said, “Up.” She heard Ryssa slid out of the booth and stand, followed by the click of a second leash. Alex shivered again. She felt the husky take up position beside her.

“Come,” the stallion ordered, tugging her leash. He led them both towards the nearest exit. It was almost surreal. No one looked at them strangely, no one said anything at all. It was clearly an accepted part of the evening’s festivities, just like the other leashed patrons Alex had seen earlier in the evening. Stepping out through the exit felt like crossing a threshold. Until dawn had sounded like a good idea seated within the safe confines of a booth inside the club. Walking at the end of a lead, listening to their footsteps on the concrete and the faint jingle of Ryssa’s cuffs brought a whole new dimension to just what she had signed up for. It wasn’t precisely giving Alex second thoughts, but it added the barest edge of fear to the emotions sloshing around in her mind. It also made her very glad the club had not been serving alcohol. The negotiations and the fact that the safewords would let her stop the game at any point if it grew uncomfortable assuaged most of her doubts.

Alex at Pearl
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The first sketch that started things off.


The music slowed enough to allow Alex to disengage from her friends and head for the bar, pleading the need for a breather. Laughing, they let her go, already pounding into the next set as the doe threaded her way through the leather and latex clad bodies. Fetish night at Pearl was turning out to be an exhilarating experience. She was glad she had allowed Marguerite and Stacy to talk her into going, though Alex felt positively normal in her little green silk halter top and leather skirt. Almost everyone around her seemed to be sporting fantastic designs in rubber and latex, or leather strapping so complicated she could barely discern how it went together. Everyone was having a great time, though, and the atmosphere was infectious. It made Alex wish she had bought that leather collar she had been admiring online.

A little shouting back and forth with the bartender got her a coke, and Alex turned back to watch the wildly gyrating bodies on the dance floor with her drink in hand. She had been mildly disappointed to discover that alcohol wasn’t served at all on fetish nights, but Stacy, who had been once before, explained that it was a safety measure. The management didn’t want anyone getting drunk and stupid, or getting hurt and trying to sue later because the booze loosened them up a bit too much. Put in that context, it made much more sense. With this many happy people crowded into an enclosed space with the lights flashing and the music booming and throbbing up through your feet and into your chest, there was barely a need for liquid courage anyway. Alex sipped her drink and leaned casually back against the bar, letting her pounding heart rate slow back down to something more normal.

While she watched, a busty skunk clad in form-fitting purple vinyl strode by, heels clacking and hips swaying. She held a lead in one hand, attached to the collar around the neck of a person so covered in latex, Alex could only determine that the sex was a very happy male, but not the species. The hood was designed to look like a stylized feline, but the tail was wagging far too much to fit the costume. The sight sent pleasant little shivers down her back that had nothing to do with the club’s cranked AC.

Alex had always wondered what it might be like to play with someone like that, to feel the collar cinched tight around your neck, rubbing your fur. What was it like to put your body totally in someone else’s hands? Part of her was hungry to know, but apprehension had held her back. Some of her friends dabbled with the edges of the BDSM community, but there had to be more to it than cheap fuzzy handcuffs and adult games from Spencer’s. Alex wanted more, but had no idea how to proceed. It was why she had agreed to come along tonight. So far she had yet to do anything the least bit fetishy, but she was still glad she had come. Maybe after a few more of these, she might even work up the courage to ask someone into a few of her own private fantasies. She certainly did not expect anyone to approach her, the ‘norm’ in her boring club clothes. Alex was definitely going to have to invest in at least a collar the next time she came to Pearl’s fetish night.

“You look a little lost,” came a voice beside her. The music had gone to a low, trancy throb. While you could still feel the bass line in your chest, it was much easier to talk over.

“Oh!” Alex startled and glanced at the speaker. It was a woman, a husky a little shorter than she, dressed in a tight bodysuit that showed off every curve. She wore a heavy leather collar around her neck and a smile on her gray and white furred face. The doe felt a blush rise in her cheeks, and was glad of the club’s dim lighting. “Yeah, sorry. My friends got in touch with me at the last minute about coming tonight. I don’t own any clothing like this...” She gestured to include the room in general. “Yet,” Alex finished, hoping it did not sound too wistful. “I hope I’m not too out of place here,” she added as an afterthought. No one had mentioned a strict dress code when they had entered, so she had assumed her normal club wear was all right.

The husky smiled. “Everyone had a first time,” she said, “You’re here with friends?” She moved as though looking around, but her green eyes stayed focused on Alex.

“They’re still out dancing,” Alex admitted. “I needed a drink and a bit of a breather.” She lifted the half-finished coke.

“It’s good not to tax yourself,” the husky stated, turning and ordering a ginger ale from the bartender. “I’m Ryssa,” she said once she had her drink.

“Alex,” the doe returned. “I guess it’s pretty obvious I’m a first timer,” she said, fighting the urge to fidget like a naughty child. “I definitely want to pick up a more appropriate outfit for the next time I come to one of these nights.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s ‘pretty obvious’,” Ryssa replied, “But you do seem a bit unsure.” She smiled. “As long as you’re having fun, right?” she added, finishing off her drink.

Alex finished her own. “Oh, yes.” She was positive her blush was visible now, even with the subdued lighting. “I mean, it’s not like my friends tricked me into coming or anything. I’ve always been curious, I just...” She ducked her head and set her glass on the bar. “I’m babbling, sorry.”

The husky turned to face her, the subdued light glinting off the ring on her collar and flashing in her eyes. “That’s just nerves,” she said warmly, holding out her hand, black padded palm towards the doe. “Want to get back on the floor?”

The sensible part of her shied away from the offer to dance with a stranger, and the unconventionality of accepting an offer from someone of her own sex, but she was having a good time, and there was no harm in it. After all, she had just come from dancing with two other women, since none of them had brought a date for the evening.

“All right,” Alex agreed with a smile, and took the offered hand. Ryssa smiled and led her out to the floor as the DJ transitioned to a new song. The steady bass pounded them as the slid into the mass of dancing people. The world became a mass of gyrating bodies, arms waving, feet moving with the rhythm. All around them was an ocean of brightly colored latex, dull rubber, leather and spandex dampened with sweat. The air smelled of musk and perfume and warmed fur. Alex’s focus narrowed down to her spontaneous partner. The husky had picked up the beat instantly, shifting and swaying in time with the steady techno. The lights glinted off her bodysuit, tracing her curves in enticing ways. Alex could really see the benefit in such clothing now. The canine raised her arms, and the doe noted for the first time that she wore a pair of matching cuffs on her wrists, D-rings jingling merrily. Alex let the music catch her up, forgetting to be nervous as she moved along with everyone else.

She lost track of how many sets they danced, or any thought of looking for her friends. She was simply enjoying herself too much. As the evening progressed, their dances became closer, with ever increasing contact. It started with a touch of fingers here, a brush of hips there. When the music finally broke, they were hanging onto each other like old friends. Alex was suddenly aware of their closeness, the shorter woman’s hands around her waist, their noses close enough for her to feel the husky’s breath.

“That was fun,” Ryssa said just loud enough for her to hear over the noise, “How about a break?”

Alex nodded in agreement. “I think I might fall down if I try to dance anymore right now,” she replied with a grin, one arm still around the husky’s shoulders. They slid through the crowd and back to the bar.

“Ginger ale,” Ryssa called to the bartender.

“Another coke for me,” Alex added. The gyrations continued on the dance floor behind them, though more people were occupying the booths and tables than before as the evening grew later. The bartender quickly delivered their drinks, with Ryssa tossing a five down for. Alex looked at the husky, unable to discern where it came from.

“Let’s find a booth and give our feet a rest,” she suggested to Alex, leading her away from the bar, arm still around the doe’s waist.

“Okay,” Alex agreed, glad of a chance to sit for a while, and happy to let Ryssa take the lead. Her own friends hadn’t come looking for her, and she had caught a ride with Marguerite, so it wasn’t as if there was anyone waiting or depending on her. They threaded their way through the sea of people in neon latex with interesting holes cut out in various places toward a shadowed booth along the far wall of the club.

“So what are you curious about, exactly?” Ryssa said as they approached the booth.

“Oh.” Alex felt her face color again. Why was it so hard to talk about this stuff? “I’ve been interested in the whole BDSM scene for awhile. I’ve just never really had anyone to try it with. One of my old boyfriends used to pick up some of the novelty stuff from Spencer’s, and we’d play around, but it was like... There has to be more to it than that.” She looked out over the colorful crowd. “He thought it was being adventurous, but I think seeing something like this would have freaked him out. I like all of this... I’m just not really sure where to go with it, I guess. What comes next.”

The husky nodded. “It’s overwhelming, isn’t it?” she asked. She slid into the booth, pulling Alex down and sliding around so they faced each other around the circular table while still being close enough to reach out to each other. “The first thing to ask yourself is how do you feel about collars?”

“I’ve been meaning to get one, actually,” Alex admitted. “They look like fun. I actually have one picked out on this website. I just haven’t purchased it yet. I’m not even dating anyone right now, and I felt a little silly buying it if I never had a chance to use it, you know?”

Ryssa smiled and reached her hand out to touch Alex’s, the metal ring and buckle on her cuff clinking on the table. “They can be a lot of fun,” she agreed, “When the right hand holds the leash.”

Alex felt a delicious little shiver run down her spine. “But how do you know?” she asked. “How do you... How do you trust someone that much?”

“You get to know them first,” the husky explained, “You sit down somewhere, and talk. Like we’re doing.” Her smile was sultry.

“I suppose,” Alex allowed. “You’re the first person I’ve really talked to about this. My friends are into it, but strictly as dabblers.”

“And that’s not enough,” Ryssa stated.

“No,” Alex agreed, dropping her gaze to her drink. “It... It isn’t. I don’t think I could explain it to them, though. It’s just... How I feel.”

“Mmm, the feel of the collar on your neck is hard to describe,” she agreed, “It’s so much more than mere physical sensation.”

One of Alex’s hands had crept up unbidden to toy with the soft fur where her neck met her shoulder. She stared at Ryssa’s collar, the heavy ring glinting in the lights from the dance floor, and swallowed back her apprehensions. “I want to try it,” she said softly. “I just need a place to start.”

“Would you like to meet my master?” the husky asked quietly.

A combination of nervousness and excitement set off flutters in Alex’s stomach. The doe gave a tentative nod. Meeting someone wasn’t a commitment. She could get up from the table and leave any time she wanted. But she didn’t want to. Curiosity and her own secret desires drove her on. “I-I think I’d like that,” she replied just as softly.

Ryssa nodded and leaned out of the booth, waving at someone out of sight. Alex sipped her coke to cover her own nervousness and growing intrigue. She knew a little bit about how the scene worked. There were dominants and submissives, primarily, though there were also people called switches, who could play either role and enjoy it. Alex thought of herself more in the submissive category, but knew she wouldn’t really be sure until she had a chance to try it for herself. The prospect of meeting a real dominant, a ‘master’, as Ryssa had called the person, was more than a little intimidating.

“Nervous?” Ryssa asked with a knowing smile.

“A little,” Alex admitted.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” she purred.

“I-. Yes, it does,” the doe replied, almost as surprised to find the anticipation really was enjoyable.

The Story Begins!
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Hey guys! If you'd rather read it there, here's the link to the start of the story on my FA page. I'll also be posting the images so far here on Patreon to make it easier for people to see them all in one place. =)

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A Night to Remember - Pt. 1 - Pic & Story by zannah -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

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