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Happy Valentine’s Day 2020!
Happy Valentine’s Day 2020!more_vert
Post file flag
Happy Valentine’s Day 2020! 2020-02-14T14:38:04+00:00close

Love is in the air! Hello and happy Valentine’s Day, one and all! Today is a day set aside for couples of all kinds, so let the love shine in and brighten up your life a while! Admit it or not, we all love somebody or something, and today is the time to show it!

Be it young love in action, a more mature understanding to cherish, or just a deep passion you can’t do without… Have a Happy Valentine’s Day from us here at beWilder and enjoy your biggest love together or in your own way!

Be loved up and beWilder!

Media (1)

Valentines2020.jpg (1.1MiB)

Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth (NTR) v0.6 – “And Then There Were ‘4’” (Public Release)
Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth (NTR) v0.6 – “And Then There Were ‘4’” (Public Release)more_vert
Post file flag
Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth (NTR) v0.6 – “And Then There Were ‘4’” (Public Release) 2020-02-10T14:54:37+00:00close

Hey-ho our dear fans on the outside of the beWildernaut barracks, we’ve got more ‘Little Toscana’ to share with y’all, right now! We hope you have an appetite all worked up, because it’s chow time for Noemi now! Take a look at the details within the patch notes below, and grab the game at the link too.

“This release, dubbed “And Then There Were ‘4’” marks the sixth full game releases in the NTR branch of the beWilderverse. The continued war with Sal escalates as he takes some misleading details to the public, at Noe’s expense. To get out from under his thumb, Noe has to make a deal with a different devil. In addition, Sal has a secondary scheme in the works, one that can really hurt Little Toscana, but that’s a side perk after the ‘connections’ he’s making. On the upside, a new relationship is beginning to bloom for Noe, if she’s up for making the most of it. To top it all off, the Restaurant Manager steps up some more with the rewards and the customer satisfaction, while Noe’s days off have her able to forge some friendships with her girls too. This release also marks the first appearances of the key girl Kelsey, Clair from Kriem’s NTR Origin Story first main appearance, and the new lady Heather too. So you know that that means? It’s time to…”

… Enjoy our main course of Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth!

Download Link (Win): NTR v0.6 Windows

Download Link (Mac): NTR v0.6 Mac

Download Link (Lin): NTR v0.6 Linux

Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.6 – “And Then There Were ‘4’”

In this update we’ve pushed the game’s total time up to 66 days, taking us into the early part of Month 3. The main story takes another big push forward, bringing Kelsey into the mix with her first appearance. She’s a step away from completing the game’s cast and Little Toscana’s staff. We’ve also moved ahead in both the Sal and Damon arcs, preparing to take them even further as we go.

- Technical information

⦁ Version: 0.6 (‘And Then There Were ‘4’’ Release)
⦁ Weight: 783 MB
⦁ Weight Packed: 399 MB

- Content

⦁ 5 Full Scenes (for 29 Total).

⦁ 52 New Scene Rendered CGs (for 345 Total)

⦁ 8 New Gameplay Rendered CGs (for 67 Total)

- 4 New Restaurant Management Outcome CGs Total.

- 1 Good Waitressing Outcome at 2nd level of Flirtation for Noe, Kriem and Frankie. These Outcomes are more flirty, and higher rewarding too. They are added to the pool of outcomes when Noe’s nerve is 4+.

- 1 Good Waitressing Outcome at base level for Frankie, putting her even with the other 2 girls.

- 4 New Day Off Outcome CGs Total

- 1 New Poker Repeatable and 1 New Yoga Repeatable for Relax Mode, Unlocked at 2+ Competitive and Open Mind Respectively.

- 2 New Training CGs, 1 for Kriem’s Competitive and 1 for Frankie’s Romance, allowing them to train and increase their stats too.

⦁ Added 11 new days to the playable game time (now up until the end of Day 66 / Month 3 Day 6 - Wednesday)

⦁ Added 2 new Permanent Outfits to the game: Noe’s Professional Meeting Attire, and Asana’s Semi-Formals.

⦁ Added a new Progress UI pop up to the Day Menu, showing the achieved/available scenes for all arcs, as well as simple unlock info for the next Main Story Arc Scene and the time remaining in the current game.

- Features

⦁ Expanded the Restaurant Gameplay section to include Second Level outcomes based on Noe’s Nerve for the Waitressing task. The new outcomes include more flirty situations, allowed thanks to Noe’s grown resolve to win, which in turn comes with higher base tips earned.

⦁ Altered the formula used in the Promote task that takes the girl’s Competitive stat into account for the bonus to Rep Change. Instead of all point bonuses (+ for LT Rep Gained, - for SD Rep Lost) kicking in every 4 points, the effects are now staggered. Every 4 points of Competitive Stat from 2+ gives a bonus point to LT’s rep now (that’s at 2/6/10/14/18, up to the same +5 potential bonus per day), while the extra point off Sal’s Rep still kick in at every 4th point (4/8/12/16/20 for 5 extra points to take away). This means raising the Competitive stat is twice as rewarding in the gameplay sections as it was before. We continue to look into making every increase meaningful, but for now this major improvement is the first big step.

⦁ Expanded the Day Off section of the Gameplay to begin allowing for Kriem and Frankie to train their stats for the restaurant sections too. This initial test allows for Kriem to train competitiveness through Poker and Frankie to train Romance through cooking training (Visit Girls – A New Activity added). These stat increases can be used to improve their results in the management section of the gameplay, specifically in the Promote and Cooking tasks

⦁ Continuation of the Main Story arc up until the first appearance of Kelsey, the last of the game’s cast, plus the continuation of the Sal and Damon arcs.

⦁ Updated Decision UI, including the handling of consequences from earlier decisions and required stats. Previous choices come into play, allowing for consequences to Noe’s actions reaching more than just the originating scene.

⦁ Added a new UI Pop Up on the Day Menu. This new UI shows the total amount of scenes in the version for each character arc, as well as deeper details on the Main Story arc including when the next scene will play and what debt requirements it has. The character arcs that require Noe’s stats as perquisites (the non-waitress characters) also have an icon denoting the primary stat needed for them. This UI may well undergo some beautifying revisions in future versions, but for now the helping info should be all there. This is the first test of it.

- Community Feedback

⦁ Thanks to reports of difficulty in unlocking scenes, primarily (we gather) from difficulty in keeping Noe’s debt down, we’ve removed almost all costs involved in her Day Off sections. Stat increases are now free (only costing the use of the day), and poker will only add to Noe’s earning, she can’t lose money playing (except in Character Arc scenes). Only Yoga still adds to the debt, but comes with a much bigger stress relieving effect compared to other options. This should mean it is much easier to keep Noe’s debt going down over time, and therefore keep the game pacing well. Thanks to several people for this!

⦁ We’ve increased the Typewriter effect’s speed by 100%, making the text reveal at twice the speed as before. As always, you can still turn off the effect completely with the ‘T’ key, as noted in the Keyboard Controls text file that comes with the game exe.

⦁ We’ve added a Jump feature, a way of skipping/jumping whole scenes entirely or to the next choice if one is present, by pressing the ‘J’ keyboard key. This will allow for quicker/easier replaying of the game. It can be used on both Story/Character scenes as well as the repeatable Day Off scenes. To skip the Restaurant Outcomes scenes please use the Simulate button instead.

- Known Issues

We are thrilled to report that there are no known issues at this time. Please do inform us via message or our Discord server if you do come across any, we sincerely mean that.

Media (1)

NTR_PUB_06.jpg (200.7KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #8027190 - 13 Feb 20 21:56
I'm not able to save anymore. Is there a fix for that? It lets me go to the save menu but I can only load as the save slot will not work
user avatar
beWilder - 14 Feb 20 14:26
Strange... Are you using Mac by any chance?
Anniversary: 3 Years Living the Dream! Let’s Celebrate with a Rave…!
Anniversary: 3 Years Living the Dream! Let’s Celebrate with a Rave…!more_vert
Post file flag
Anniversary: 3 Years Living the Dream! Let’s Celebrate with a Rave…! 2020-02-07T14:52:08+00:00close

Hello, hello, hello! One for every year we’ve been in this game we call Adult Devving! On this day, 3 full years ago, our Patreon page went live, our Engine Test of AoH was first adapted into a game engine, and the wonderful community that would later be called the beWildernauts saw the first of their ranks. Yes, it’s been a full 3 years of us doing what we love, and might we say, doing what we do so very well!

Just a couple of short weeks ago too, we as a team under the banner of beWilder, turned 2 years as well. We’ve reached some great heights since then. We’ve enjoyed seeing a community of fellow fans gather to enjoy, debate and even love the work we do, the characters we bring to life and the hot, dirty, thoroughly wild sex that goes on in these parts. We still get a kick every time we see a release get posted after a hard month of sweat and effort. We excite ourselves with new ideas for older characters, and whole new concepts for girls to come. We have a passion for the beWilderverse we’re pouring our energies into, and that many of you are too. Keep those fan creations coming!

But hey, it’s not all about today and how we got here, what makes today even more special is the prospect of what’s to come. We’ve been through the ringer of the “learning to walk” phase, we’re striding now and we’re here to stay as long as the ground is beneath our feet. We’ve got two big games to finish, too many to count games to start, we’ve got comics, special content and other stories to tell yet. We’ve got a world in the making to reach higher potentials, indeed higher payoffs, and most of all we’ve got heaps and heaps of girls (new and familiar) to have our way with along the way! Lewdness cannot move forward without heaps!

And of course, we wouldn’t let this occasion pass without thanking those who made it possible, each and every beWildernaut strong, from Day 1, to now Day 1,095. Some of you are even still with us, and a few still in the tiers of old too, never giving up. We thank you one and all, everyone who has showed us their love this way. Today is your day too, we all did it, horray!

So, then fans and fannettes? What do we think? Can we make it 4 years?! I think we can…!


It’s our anniversary, so we got y’all a little something to celebrate. This kind of super milestone needs a super personality to share it with, a real heavy hitter. We’ve been keeping quiet on this girl for the most part, though we have made hints here and there, and we have shown off a few much earlier versions in our Discord and the old PWPs before… We wanted to keep her for when we really could afford to put her to use in a game cast, or maybe even a leading spot of her own, but hey… she’s such a knockout that why wait that long to get some glimpses?

We’ve put a lot of work into this girl between our work on Nat and Noe, we’re still making her top grade even now where we can, but that hasn’t stopped us from accumulating a pile of canonical beWilderverse stories for her over the last year and then some. Those are still in our back pocket. We love her, we know plenty of you will too.

So, about that special Rave we promised you…

Happy 3rd Birthday to us and to you!


Be strapped in for a whole new year of sex, action and beWilder!

Media (1)

HappyBirthday_V3.gif (7.5MiB)

Too Cool for Pool: AoH is Back for February!
Too Cool for Pool: AoH is Back for February! more_vert
Post file flag
Too Cool for Pool: AoH is Back for February! 2020-02-04T21:08:41+00:00close

Hey-ho all who enter here! It’s February already and so 2020 is already steamrolling on, and we’re right behind it ourselves. Last week we topped January with our second release of the month, and now that we’ve had ourselves an electric injection, we’re zapped and ready to rock this month too! We’re going to need all hands on deck for this one though… our leading lady for this month is too hot to handle alone!

Natasha’s so hot-blooded she’s fine to chill by the pool in February! What a woman, and what secret glint that she hides behind the eyes!

Yes, as of this sentence, this one, right here, that keeps going, Agents of Heels is back in the top spot of Development! Bring on AoH v0.15! Now, as everybody knows, February is the short-shorts of months, which means we’ll be leaving the chilling to Nat while we get our hoofs in gear on our Pre-Production and beyond. We’re already packing the snacks, coffee and sodas down in our underground sex forges so we can really drive Nat somewhere special (and sticky). Where do we plan on taking her this time? Well… We’ll leave that to our Teaser posts to tell the tale of!

Here we go then, let’s get our Heels on!

Be stretching those bikini strings to the limit and beWilder!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4158169 - 5 Feb 20 01:59
can't wait to see what you come up with
user avatar
beWilder - 7 Feb 20 13:32
And we can't wait to show it either! Going to be another saucy month!
Aims for February and January in Review! 2020-02-03T23:24:49+00:00

Welcome back partner, to our monthly round up and wrangling of our efforts! It’s another goals post! It’s time once more to hold ourselves to account with the help of y’all fans and folks out there who want to see the beWilderverse succeed and then some! Yeah, it’s only been 3 whole weeks since the last one, but we’re due and it’s doesn’t hurt to hit it again! Let’s see what we’ve all got since mid-January!

Our January Goals:

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.8 Released to the Daring fans. Complete! – We’ve packed up our Noemi and shared he with y’all again! Wait… That makes us sound weird… Let’s put it this way, Noemi’s v0.8 is here! Daring fans, she’s all yours! This was our first character focused release, with Noe butting heads with Beckett, first at cards, but then…? Well, we’ll not spoil anything! Unlike the usual “thinly blackmail the woman for good times” story, Noe’s problems spring from within, as the more she gets boxed in on all sides of her life, work and home, the more she’s willing to lash out and do something she might regret… or not. Get yourselves into the competitive spirit, and go kick off the opening contests of what will be a very contentious “relationship”! We’ll be here, holding our check mark.

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.8 Walkthrough Released to the Daring fans. Complete! – And to go with the last goal, we have of course updated our walkthrough too! For those Daring fans who’d like a helping hand, an instructive nod, or a way to game the game’s systems to become a restaurant tycoon, the extensive PDF guide is right here! Everything one would even need know, and then some, is listed and linked within the walkthrough, so have at her for a leg up if that’s your playstyle, we’ll take a tick for this goal while you do. Cool? Cool!

- Agents of Heels v0.14 to the Brave and Bold fans. Complete! – Here we go! Seems like only a few weeks since the Daring release, eh? It was! Since then though we’ve had Nat make her fans in the Brave and Bold brackets! Mid-month saw Nat’s investigation into her own past and the whole of Heels’ future revealed to the Brave fans, and just before Noe showed her latest hand, Nat showed the Bold fans how her folds go, although you might argue Ivy had a hand in that too. She’s had her head in a muddle as of late, and her body in a shuffle too, and these releases were no different! Go see her for yourself, but remember to keep that suit close at hand as she’s not far from pulling another duty (or booty? Yeah, that too actually). Can we get a check-check? Check!

- Agents of Heels v0.12 to Released to the Public. Complete! – To go with the love Nat has built for herself and all our girls, we’ve in turn shared some back to those fans out there who love us, follow us, help us and herald us, but who can’t support us for one reason or another. We’ve updated the public record of sexy and story for our beWilderverse, with a public release of all the goodness that is AoH v0.12! Now the origins of the kinky Catwoman and here snazzy suit are laid out for all to bare witness, not to mention how she and our Nat tangled with the Subject32 as a team. How’d that work out for them? Time to go and see! While your at it, don’t forget to tackle the Harbour Warehouse, either by stealth or by grand action, because you know there’s a few to find hidden that way!

- Kick off a year of kink and crazy, and set the tone right through Posts, Updates and Chats on the Discord! Complete! – This is a slam dunk goal, don’t you think? What a month we’ve had! Starting with Discord, and discounting the lovely adult pics we’ve had shared there, we’ve had a few things to say in the last few weeks. Which beWilder girl would you take with you on a road trip or holiday? We yakked it up and got deep into some plans, didn’t we? Who’d have thought Noe in Hawaii would be on several people’s minds! Plus, we hit 300 folks at once on our server, which is a new community milestone for us all to enjoy! On the topic of post and updates, we’ve been busy boys there too! Starting off with our 4th set of On the Couch interviews, we let anarchy reign while Kelsey and Quiet took our questions. We… learned a lot? Anyway, soon after we had our handover post, letting our ladies’ legs swing low, from clingy heels to wedges to booted feet, we enjoyed them in place of a starter’s pistol. And thus, we were off! Well on our way to making our latest release. We broke out the Def Leppard tapes and the soapy water, as we poured some sugar on Noemi! What a pic for our first ever 4K wallpaper, and what a way to wash a car, eh? Plus check out that soapy logo too… nice. After that, it was time for another page invasion from Kelsey as she posted for us… It was hut butt, she posted her butt. That’s why she’s got a big following after all. We kept plugging away at things, and we had a number of teasers come up from our work on Noemi, from her sans clothing game of poker, to her gossipy days on the couch with Frankie and wine, and including her special and selective use of fingers, we saw it all! But that was only the tip of the sexy iceberg, we kept all that for the game itself! So with all that in our bag, we think we’ve hit this goal square on the head, haven’t we? Check-ola!

Yeah, yeah, yeah! That’s a total 100% (5/5) and that’s a damn fine thing! We know it’s a slightly scaled down list for a scaled back month this time around, but in 3 weeks we accomplished a whole lot and that’s worth a cheer! We’re kicking February off with a clean slate and a supercharged passion, now it’s time to get 2020 into some serious sexy point scoring territory! Now, what have we got in store for the next 4 weeks? Care to check it out?

What to expect in February:

- Agents of Heels v0.15 to the Daring fans. Natasha’s coming back, but what has she got in mind for us now? It’s hard to say since she’s caught in the middle of a web of intrigue, and it’s all about ready to crescendo! Where will her ultimate loyalties lie? Heels? Ivy? Maeda? Herself alone? Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of that in what’s to come, or maybe it’s time to have Nat explore her surroundings some more and get to some frivolous fun between her neighbours and her local fans in town? You’ll just have to listen close as her strategies reveal themselves all throughout February, for Agents of Heels hits it’s v0.15!

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.8 Released to the Brave and Bold fans. We’ve kicked off our 2020 with a 5 stars restauranteur acting like a 1-star faithful wife! Noemi’s come back and we’ve put together her first specially focused update, Beck took the first crack because he’s so damn forward! Get ready to follow Noe and the Daring fans down a path of fire and feistiness, bypassing fidelity along the way… Through poker bouts and races and car washing humiliation, it’s all ahead of you fans and her now!

- Agents of Heels: The Last Raider Chapter 3 Update to the Daring and Brave fans. We’ve been pulled in all kinds of directions lately thanks to short version cycles and turn of the year holidays, but by now it’s time we got our boots back on and make our way back to Mexico! Lara’s Last Raider is still on the radar, and it’s time to make it a little more x-rated while we have her bound and bouncy! We hope Quiet hasn’t got her kill just yet, we want to play with her more!

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.6 Released to the Public. It’s time to do some Restaurateuring! A few months back we let loose the whores of war, the war between Noe and Sal that is…! Ok, that metaphor didn’t work, so let’s say it straight, it’s time we let those fans on the outside see a little more ankle and heel, as things take a turn in Noemi’s life that requires our friendly neighbourhood sociopath to fix! We can’t keep Kelsey bound up forever, and come February, it’ll be time to update what NTR fans can find out there.

- Go flat out for February with Posts, Updates and Chats on the Discord! One of the places we shine most is in reaching out and touching our fa… let’s rephrase! We like to party with our fans and make their day as much as their night! Between posts for bringing sexy back, chats to have a bit of flirty fun, and updates to give it to y’all straight about what we’re up to… We’re here to keep things hyped, informed and hungry for special lovin’! We’ll do the same this coming February, and you can take that to the bank!

And that’s what to expect when you’re expecting from us! We’re full of painful references today, aren’t we? But it’s true, that’s what we’ve set ourselves for February and the next few weeks ahead of us. It’s time to make the beWilderverse bigger and wilder yet again because that’s just what we do and what we love! Next time it’s around Nat’s way again! Speaking of what we do and what we love, it’s not only us who love the girls and their world, you the fans do too. This is the perfect place for us to make a note of that where the real world can see it. Thank you to all our supporters, past, present and future. Sincerely, it’s your support that makes it possible for each month’s increment, every bit of sex and sin we can make together. It’s as much the efforts and support of you backers that make what we do so good, and for that, we thank you all too. And so, let’s suit up, pack heat and ruin a few sets of underwear now, for February is already upon us and we’ve got sexy to see too!

Be fanatical about February and beWilder!

Bed, Butts and Beyond!
Bed, Butts and Beyond!more_vert
Post file flag
Bed, Butts and Beyond! 2020-01-24T18:45:16+00:00close

Happy Friday pervs and pervettes! Guess who? It’s pretty busy around here, the boys who do the work on all this good stuff are doing their “Crunch Time” thing, and they're working undercover of darkness to get to their deadlines… It’s tiring work, even for me! See?

I’m about ready for bed, but here’s a little sumtin’-sumtim’ to keep you boys up all night! My blanket’s big enough for two, by the way, just wanted you to know that!

Oh, yeah, I was supposed to leave y’all this note from Spook2099, wasn’t I? Here…

“Hey there everyone. We’re hard at work on the NTR release, so much so that we’ve had to let Kelsey handle the post for today. We wanted Noe, but she’s busy in every render, and Nat is out on a mission right now. We were planning to show off some of the new Gameplay CGs but they were a little to NSFW in a few cases that we couldn’t do it publicly. While not quite a teaser, Kelsey tells us she’s got a nice pic to show you instead and she swears to us she kept it clean. Did she? She didn’t, did she?

As for the game, it’s coming along well. All the gameplay art is made, placed and tested. The whole game's rebalance of stats has been play-tested from start to finish and then again. It’s all good. We’ve got a little under half of our scene art through the renderer too and they they’ll be running in the game tonight. We expect a busy week ahead, but a productive and properly enjoyable one. We’ll be sure to check back in with y’all after the weekend and again mid-next week too. We’ll be reachable on Discord over the weekend if needed, and as always. Alright… That’s about it… Back to it for me!”

Got that? Good! See, Noe-sizzle will be with y’all again soon, and so will I. Kriem and Frankie too, but it’s hard for me to get excited about that part. Now, I’mma rest up and be ready for ya’s, good luck doing the same with this full moon tonight!

Night-night pervs! Love’ya Lots!

B̶e̶ ̶“̶f̶l̶e̶x̶i̶b̶l̶e̶”̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶b̶e̶W̶i̶l̶d̶e̶r̶!̶

- Kel

Media (1)

Kelsey_NightNight.jpg (1.1MiB)

NTR v0.8 Public Teaser – Up the Ante. The Shoes Are Just the Start.
NTR v0.8 Public Teaser – Up the Ante. The Shoes Are Just the Start.more_vert
Post file flag
NTR v0.8 Public Teaser – Up the Ante. The Shoes Are Just the Start. 2020-01-21T08:04:47+00:00close

Welcome, welcome! Please wait to be seated! Little’s Toscana is opening up for another service, but the place is already pretty buzzing and busy right now, so we’re going to have to clear you all a table! While you wait, we’ve got something to serve up as an appetizer, or should we say… deal it out?

Yeah, we’re add to our poker playing and… wait? Is Noe betting with her shoes? Oh, does that mean it’s that kind of poker game? The one where you get colder the more you lose? You know the kind we mean! It does look that way, doesn’t it? And she’s already lost her necklace too? Oh girl…

Yes indeed, we’re putting together our first character arc focused release at last, and we’re starting with Beck, Brad’s best friend and Noe’s worst enemy (after Sal of course). That’s why this version is dubbed “Beck in Business”. We’ll be picking up the arc from were we left off back in v0.4, so y’all should expect Noe to let the darker competitive side of her personality get the better of her and make her act and do things she normally wouldn’t if she didn’t need to win so much! Sure, that growing competitive spirit will help fuel her fight on Easy Street, but if she pushes too much… will she ever know how far is too far for victory? That’ll be for y’all to decide!

We’ll not show our hand just yet, but expect the Beck arc to be highly competitive, with lots of head butting, and no love lost because they don’t have any. There’s corruption and immorality in store for Noemi if she thinks the win is worth it, but this isn’t your typical “I hate the bad guy until I love him” story!

So, what ahead for v0.8 then? That calls for a list! Here we are:

- 5 Full New Scenes! Yes, we’ve got a complete pack again, and this time it’s all 5 on the Beck arc, giving him 6 scenes total so far. We’ll see plenty of poker, some games with some rather immodest rules and offers, a humiliation punishment we can all enjoy, and even some outdoor activity too. These 5 scenes include 1 x-rated one in its ranks (or as much as 3, depending how you count it). Oh, and something else to say loudly, Noe’s not the only girl looking to get in on the game!

- An expanded Downtime (Noe’s day off) section of the game. There are more character story scenes to find for Beck, a whole new activity for Noe to unlock and us to enjoy (as well as make some money-money for her!). She’s even got herself a new outfit for washing all those Cars! In addition, we’ve added a new training option each for Kriem, Frankie, and Kelsey using these activities, and now that Noe has gotten to know Damon in his arc, she can spend a bit of time with him in a new Park relax repeater. We’ve even gone and upped the amount of stress relief everything on Noe does!

- A thoroughly rebalanced Restaurant Management gameplay section, including new Outcomes! We’ve added a first batch of Lv2 outcomes for Promoting (Reactive/Green Shield version), one for each of the 4 girls, each showing off their unique talents from where to find hungry stoners to physical assets. We’ll add in the other side of the street’s Lv2s when we can, plus some more Lv1s in time. We’ve also added a set of Lv2 Day Off outcomes for Kriem, Frankie and Kelsey, including sexier ways to bust that stress (and more stress busted too!). As for the rebalance part, we’ve reduced stress gain across the board on all jobs, made Good Outcomes more likely for each job, Bad Outcomes less likely, and flattened out the variables across all the girls to make them fairer between them. It should be an easier task to burn through that debt of Noe’s and to get the goodies that lie behind it!

And that’s the gist of what to expect with our v0.8! We’re getting deeper into the sex and the stickiness now that all the girls are present. Noe gets to fight with another guy in her life, only this one is a lot more susceptible to settling things quick and dirty, rather than Sal who enjoys playing with his food. Maybe Noe will get to work out those frustrations, in more ways than just laying down cards!

Enjoy the look see at the first bit of hands on our special 1-vs-1 poker game has to offer. It only gets spicier from there! We’ll be back with more teasers and a Brave and Bold release in the weeks to come before February too, so get your boots off and your underwear off too, because that’s how you get to beWilder!

Be ready to bet it all and beWilder!

Public Release: AoH v0.12 (Mac+Linux Included)
Public Release: AoH v0.12 (Mac+Linux Included)more_vert
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Public Release: AoH v0.12 (Mac+Linux Included) 2020-01-17T15:39:52+00:00close

Hell yeah, it’s time to get wild with our Public Fans! Nat’s all suited up and out on her missions once more, ready to thrill and to kill as the case may be! This time she teams up plenty, leading the way with Scout and spreading out her social circle by doing some jobs with Cat! We tell ya, this one will really shake up the beWilderverse something serious, beyond just the 4 walls of this first game! Want to find out exactly what we mean? The game’s waiting for you below! First though, for fans of Subject 32, y’all better get ready because he’s got one last real showing in this version before his part is played, but whatever will he do, and what will our Agent accomplish in taking him in? Will it be Dead or Alive? That’s for you to decide! So go on and get some Nat to yourself, now once again on Mac and Linux too!

Download Link (Win): Agents of Heels v0.12.0 Link!

Download Link (Mac): Agents of Heels v0.12.0 Link!

Download Link (Linux): Agents of Heels v0.12.0 Link!

0.12.0 Patch Notes

- Technical information

⦁ Version: 0.12.0
⦁ Weight: 2.67 GB
⦁ Weight Packed: 1.86 GB

- Content

⦁ Added a whole new day to the gameplay once again!

⦁ Added 3 full new scenes (technically 4). 1 Main Story scene with Good and Corrupt Nat text variants plus a completely unique Bad Nat path. 2 Side Event scenes in the Good and Corrupt Nat’s Cat/Subject32 event line, bringing that side story into line with the Bad Path and nearing conclusion.

[SPOILER] 1 Main story scene with Scout, where the duo infiltrate/assault the Maeda Cartel’s warehouse as per Miller’s orders. New info, and more, are revealed to the team and the player. Comes with 2 distinct and unique paths, the Good and Corrupt side having their own variants while Bad side has its own pathway.

[SPOILER] First Cat/Subject 32 Side Event scene, where Nat and Cat join forces and gear up for the counter hunt of their target. This scene marks an important development in their relationship and future beWilderverse events. This scene contains extensive environmental modelling and design we plan on keeping.

[SPOILER] A second Cat/Subject 32 Side Event scene, where Nat and Cat work together to catch or kill their target. Depending on choices and stats, characters can cause outcomes similar to the Bad Nat path version, as well as cause x-rated results. Be on your toes if you don’t like that kind of content, it is avoidable if you pay attention!

[SPOILER] A new permanent outfit for Cat: Agency Cat Suit, to replace her Homemade Cat Suit in certain paths.

⦁ 85 new CGs, 20,000+ new words of Text and Dialogue.

- Features

⦁ The continuation of Act 3 the story, tying up more story ends, and pushing the plot forward. Also injecting some spy and gunplay action to the mix, not just story and sex.

⦁ Added to and concluded the Cat/Subject 32’s Event Side Line, now on the Good/Corrupt side too. Regardless of which Nat you are, you can help resolve Cat’s troubles in various ways, as well as set up some important decisions that will carry into the end section of the game and beyond.

⦁ An important milestone and new look now attainable for Catwoman.

⦁ A return of the Stat System and consequences based on Nat’s in game trainings, to help round out the decisions system and game elements.

⦁ We’ve added a new limitation to the Bad Nat version of the Cat/Subject32 event line. Since its outcome is highly determinative in the Bad Nat Mission #2 variant, it’s now necessary to complete her scenes before taking on Mission #2 (Bad Nat path only). If not, Cat will give up on waiting for your help and deal with her situation alone, as If you had ignored her. She’ll not appear for her remaining scenes after Mission #2, and her later interactions will all depend on a different events outcomes.

⦁ Included a new fully and uniquely modelled interior location, made by Unshi, including minor modelling, extensive texturing and retexturing, lighting and other environmental effects. It is a highly complex and beautiful locale, which we intend to make use of modularly in future content.

- Community Feedback

All community feedback fixes are subject to play testing and further review, but all have been shown to be fixed in our internal testing. If you experience any of these, or anything like them, please contact us here or via Discord so we can address any issues. Cheers.

⦁ Fixed the now confirmed (and killed) bug that allowed the High Infected scenes of the park jog and bum teasing/handjob to play even if you reject the pop up. The events now play at the right time and only if you choose to allow the infection to take a hold of Nat via the pop-up. Thanks to laflare82 and few other people for reporting this.

⦁ Another trigger issue resolved. It should now no longer be possible, even in the minute amount of cases as before, to trigger the post-Mission #2 wrap up scene with Scout before taking part in Mission #2 itself. Thanks to HeelsMaiden for this one.

⦁ Yes, one more trigger issue fixed to. The hospital/Ivy files scene should no longer be skippable anymore now that it’s been reported to us. Quick fix, ho! Thanks to HeelsMaiden for this as well.

⦁ We’ve fixed a newly reported issue with Cat and the Bad Nat version of her side events. It now works as intended, in that you have to fully complete the entire side event line and not let “bad things” (vague for spoilers) happen to her or she’ll be mad with you for either not helping her or for what happens to her. If you complete the event line with good (enough) outcomes, she can be called upon to help you in Mission #2’s Bad Nat path. It is a ‘Known Issue’ that this fix will not apply to older saves with mismatched content completed (See Below). Once more, thanks to HeelsMaiden for mentioning this to us.

⦁ Thanks to a heads up, we’ve improved the beWilder splash screen intro, which depending on your CPU and memory, could potentially get caught in a clocking error loop and repeat. This shouldn’t happen anymore, even in those rare cases it used to, and we will also be able to bring this same fix to Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth and future builds too. Thanks to Joe for this one.

- Known Issues

⦁ A heads up to folks with old saves! For those people who have completed the Bad Nat version of Cat’s/Subject32’s side line events before this version, but did not yet play through Mission #2’s Bad Path, the fixed variables will not be available to resolve the error in Cat’s Mission #2 choice of her being mad or not (See above about fix). Anyone who completes the event line in this version or later, and then do Mission #2, it will work as designed but otherwise she will be mad at you regardless. This is sadly an unfixable error at this time, but will fade out in importance as more versions are released.

⦁ Due to a need to update from ‘net 3.5’ to ‘net 4.5’ APIs between on start-up, scenes may reload during the boot up process of the game. This may cause the beWilder Splash screen to repeat once in the beginning (but not loop as that separate issue has been fixed in this update), but only in rare cases. Player experience in-game once the programme has loaded should be unaffected. This may be solved in a subsequent release build, but for now it is a know issue so as to not cause potential knock on effects on short notice.

⦁ There is a known issue involving the main story and conditions on the Nat character paths. If the play ignores the main story to the point they miss completing Mission #1 (Day 5ish start) by the time Mission #2 kicks off (Day 12), they will be stuck in a limbo state of having missed the main plot of the game. We will be resolving this minuscule player experience in future versions, possible with a Bad End since Nat has purposely ignored all story actions for weeks, until after it’s too late to resolve the story. Anyway, a heads up on it, try not to do that alright?

Be an Agent in the making and beWilder!

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AoH_012_PUB.jpg (244.3KiB)

Legs Eleven: NTR is Back for January!
Legs Eleven: NTR is Back for January! more_vert
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Legs Eleven: NTR is Back for January! 2020-01-13T21:58:12+00:00close

Howdy, rowdy fanfolk! It’s been a while coming but at last it’s time for some zesty Italian saucy! That’s right, it’s handover time once again! Now where did we leave those reigns…? How yeah, they were under the couch we’re they? Let’s check!

We got a fair few nice nods when it was Natasha, so we gave the same treatment to the Philly girls! Those legs, those details, and those teasingly cropped skirts, damn it! Them girls are fine as good wine, and there’s not a pair of legs we don’t want to wedge between! Now, if we could only tell which girl is which… is that Frankie in the boots? Noe looks good in pink! Very slimming!

Alright-o, let’s mark it down and make it official, shall we? From this point on, (actually Saturday afternoon but still), we’re working overtime at Little Toscana and on looking up the girls’ skirts… No, wait… working on NTR v0.8! Yeah, that one’s better, let’s do that! We’re expecting this one to be a doozie too, as we get a whole bunch of nastiness and naughtiness under our belts in our new character arc focused releases! That’s all we’re going to say for now until our teaser details post that’s coming up fast, so stay tuned in and stay tuned up!

And so that’s that. Noemi ho! Natasha will be back for February with a fair amount of her own misadventures and leather-bound twists, but right now it’s all about serving up our Italian some sausage! We’re off to make that happen here and now, so y’all enjoy the build up and we’ll get the gals ready. Until then…

Be starting 2020 on the right foot and beWilder!

Media (1)

HandoverJanuary2020_NTRLegs.jpg (1.5MiB)

Aims for January and December/2019 in Review! 2020-01-10T21:27:03+00:00

Welcome-welcome one and all! It’s time for one last goals post to put a bow on our 2019 (even if it is 2020 already!), one last thrill to spill before we kick off a whole new year and a new decade of beWilder! Come on in and help us celebrate all we’ve achieved with our beWildernauts this December just past, get hyped for what’s coming to kindle our January, and maybe even recap a year of sweetness! It’s important to keep on the path to happiness, so let’s do that thang called transparency, before we get into the goodies below!

Our December Goals:

- Agents of Heels v0.14 to the Daring fans. Complete but Late – It took us a little longer than planned, and it took a heap of holiday spirit too, but it’s time you emptied all you’ve got bottled up now that Nat’s back in town! Agents of Heels has reached a ripe and firm v0.14, and things are getting serious as well as seriously hot. Natasha has to regain herself before it’s too late, or is it already too late? What’s been lurking in her past all this time? And what has her recent decisions caused for her “friends”? So much to learn and so little time! Better go get after it Daring fans, and be sure to bring plenty of Aloe, theirs Poison Ivy in these fields!

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.7 Released to the Brave and Bold. Complete! – We’ve plated another tasty meal at Little Toscana! Noe, Kriem, Frankie and Kelsey have all come out to serve us up a special meal! Brave fans got an early seating, seeing how Witch One can spark a lil’ suthin’-sumthin’ in our Noemi as she spends the night watching “artistic” sex that’s “totally all plot”. Bold beWildernauts got to spend their New Year celebrations with the other waitresses too. Kriem, Frankie and Kelsey all caused shenanigans under Noe’s roof. Suspicious dinner dates, rock’n’roll home wars, and a full countertop splits?! Yeah, we say it all, and we want more! Have at the latest happenings on Easy Street and see for yourselves, we’ll be here setting the goal check for this one into place!

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.5.1 to Released to the Public. Complete! – All our fans got a taste of what Noemi’s cooking up! We made a special rebuild of NTR’s v0.5 to spice it up and make it play nicer thanks to all the player feedback. Everyone with a thing for hot momma’s in green dresses, it’s the thing for you! Frankie gets in on the action and Sal ups the stakes to a whole new level. Just how that could be is now ready for all eyes only! Oh ho ho… Did we forget to mention the knee-aching doggie driving that goes on in Noe’s bed? The pre-wedding action that puts their marital bed to the test? We didn’t forget it no, we just want y’all to get a hyperkick out of it once you see Noe on show for yourselves! Go get her now, we’ll tick this goal off nice and neat!

- Agents of Heels: The Last Raider update Released to the Daring and Brave fans. Failed – Poo. What can we say? We were on a nice roll with Lara for a while there, and no doubt we will be again soon, only this month we didn’t get the Brit to the spit in time. We’re man enough to admit that fault. The Last Raider comic took a few panel steps forward this month, just not enough to make a pair of pages worth dropping in a December update. We’ll be repinning this one for February’s list for sure (We’re already too far into January to shave time for it. Blame Natasha) as we drive further into our current chapter, but we’ll not take a check on this goal this time because we just didn’t get it. Damn.

- Make December Merry, and our ladies show their Naughty and Nice sides, through Posts, Updates and Chats on the Discord! Complete! – We’ve got to get a tick on this one, don’t we? I dare say we do! We kicked of the month in the usual way, handing over between games as Noemi served up a special customer! That’s a dinner service we’d all like to swing by for! That wasn’t the only show we shared, oh no! Our Discord got a dose of Poison, as Ivy showed her true petals to the fans who call our server home! After we set the month in motion, we tagged in the fans and got to creating, as we workshopped a festive photo together one and all. The beWildernauts picked their favourite theme, the choicest choice in posings, and best of all a pair of pretty ladies to share the holiday with: one from AoH and another from NTR! In the end it was a Merry Christmas indeed thanks to Lara and Asana! On another track, while all that fun was in the oven, we’ve continued to post teasers to pleasers, firstly with a look at Club Kaikaku and how we made mirrors show us sexy all over. Taking things back to the game, our beloved public tease was a little “Wha?!” this month, as Nat appeared all ready to play, and with blonde hair? Yeah, wha?! The intrigue didn’t stop there either, as we saw some female terminator action as the cyborgs start a war in our first backer teaser, and we sang Auld Lang Syne as Nat and Ivy embrace, and we dipped our Noemi in some Dom-P! Then one last tease before our release at last, and it was a haymaker for sure! So with all that going on, every little bit, don’t we deserve the tick for this goal? We do? Huzzah!

Alright, alright! Doin’ pretty well and with some goodies that are hot as Hell! Still got a room to improve and things to strive for, but 80% (4/5) is worth a smile! We’ve had a roaring month between makin’ hot stuff and the festivities of the season, but we’ve got just enough time to shake off the cobwebs (and for one of us, rehydrate that hangover!) as we rang in the New Year and wring out a new batch of content (among other things)! Let’s find out what the first run of twelve new bursts has in store for the beWilderverse, shall we?

What to expect in January:

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.8 Released to the Daring fans. We’re kicking off our 2020 with a 5 stars restauranteur acting like a 1-star faithful wife! Noemi’s back and we’re putting together her first specially focused update, but which of her beaus will get to be with the babe first? Get ready to follow Noe down a path of fire and feistiness, bypassing fidelity along the way… We’re afraid that’s all we’ve got to tantalize you with for now… But don’t go to far as we’ll be placing our orders with the Rebirth girls in no time!

- Agents of Heels v0.14 to the Brave and Bold fans. Nat’s latest spy thriller update is out and awesome, and in January we’ll see it to our Brave and Bold fan folk get all wrapped up in her past, present and lady furrow! Can y’all handle a B.R.A.S.S. from the past? Can you stand up to Ivy with all her glamour, charm and charisma? Will you put your trust in the Good General when you know what he’s done? It’s all to find out when the Jan winds blow as hard as Nat does! Brave folks, expect to see this coming in the early 20s day count wise, after Daring have had some advanced time, the Bold should swing back by and grab it in the 30’s, alright? Alright!

- Agents of Heels v0.12 to Released to the Public. It’s Nat’s turn back up at bat for a public release, and we love to see her releases happen in public! It’s time for the world to see Cat suit up for a real job, she’s going pro, and with the help of Nat she’s put her leather-bound bod to good use! Can you think of any better use than to lure out our Subject 32? We can’t! Meanwhile, Natasha’s got her own action on the schedule, as all 3 of her personalities get to raiding Maeda’s stash of special gear! Oh, and speaking of raiding…

- Kick off a year of kink and crazy, and set the tone right through Posts, Updates and Chats on the Discord! Yes indeed! We’re aiming for great things all throughout 2020, and another 200-post year isn’t far from a possibility! In fact we already started with more On the Couch fun! We’ll be having a few milestones met and our own brand of party time phun through January, and that’s just the start of it all! Teasers, special pics, insider scoops and just downright sexy-AF treats in store for beWildernauts and then some! We’re going to do right by another January and we hope you’ll join us for a good time wherever you find us. Having a blast is half the battle, the other half is doing the blasting! Who’s up for another month of mad tastiness?!

Woo-woo! By now even we’re hyped up to hit up a whole new year worth of beWildness! This would usually be the point at which we wrap up the post with our sincere thanks to all who have made it possible, only this time we’ve got a bonus list of accomplishments to share and bask in with all our fans. For real, we mean it when we say “Thank You Kindly!”, we couldn’t do all this without your fandom and support, in any and every form it comes in. It takes a village to bring sexy back again and again, so from us to you, a hearty “Cheers!”. Now then, let’s all of us take a moment to remember all we’ve accomplished as a community fandom in the last year…!

Here it is, 2019’s beWilder!

- We celebrated our first birthday as beWilder then added 11 months to the total too! We’re closing in on two whole years as a team, plus a year on top for Agent of Heels as a series!

- 11 full game updates: 4 for Agents of Heels (v0.11-v0.14), 4 Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth (v0.4-v0.7), and 3 full Mini-VN games, NTR Origins: Moreau Again, Naturally, NTR Origins: Kelsey and the City, and the first in the AoH branch of the beWilderverse, Agents of Heels: Croft and the Coveted Seal

- 1 Added Chapter to our The Last Raider companion comic

- 1 New beWilderverse Story released to bolster canon and kink, as Harley Quinn stars in her own back-alley escapade.

- 225 Public and Patreon posts, an average of 4-5 a week for a whole year. Second year running!

- 12 Season 2 Wallpapers and 12 Silence &Stilettoes sexy noir story chapters

- A supporter guided streamlining of the beWilder workflow, with cleaner tiers and renewed focus.

- Countless new ladies added to the roster, both Original Characters and Parody, to Agents of Heels, Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth and even to Witch One to boot! As well as first appearances and returning spots for several top girls! Throw in a few new guys, groups and several new / unique locations for a bigger, better beWilderverse!

- 8 Pure Wild Packages, that’s 150 special and unique concepts, character WIPs, AoH/NTR Story Details, Alternate Wallpapers, xxx-rated commissions and whole lot more. Plus, anecdotes, dev stories and insights to go with all of them!

- 300+ Members, both straight-up fans and super Supporters, on our beloved party zone, the Public Discord.

- Regular updates to our Deviant Art page where we archive out best pieces, and our devoted Subreddit still collecting key public posts (while they last!). We’re up to over 160 watchers and 320 subscribers respectively.

- 4 pieces of beloved Fan Art and 1 Fan Fiction (in progress) sent to us by real cool people who love our work.

- Countless new friends and fans, and a new record high of 133 Backers at once. A third of the way to a second century, and a whole new level of beWildness to share with the people!

And that’s a damn fine list of things to be proud of, right? Right! And all that’s left for us to say is this…

Be ready for another year of action, sex, downright dirty schemes and beWilder!

On the Couch #4: Quiet and Asanaaaa… Kelsey?
On the Couch #4: Quiet and Asanaaaa… Kelsey?more_vert
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On the Couch #4: Quiet and Asanaaaa… Kelsey? 2020-01-08T18:11:21+00:00close

Hey-hey! Welcome back to the beWilder block! We’ve got some good news to lead off our beautiful post for today, iffin’ we do say so ourselves. The latest version of Agents of Heels is coming along well, we’re into the Post-Pro stages now, so our release this weekend is looking good! But… But… We’re not one to count our hot chicks before they release around here, so instead of kicking off our Handover post just yet, we’re bringing back a favourite format and getting cosy with our girls on the couch!

Let’s kick it and see what this 3-seater can take! Down below we’re putting our heart targeting sniper under our crosshairs, but before that we’ve got some hot sofa yoga with our Assanova Asana!


̶A̶s̶a̶n̶a̶ Kelsey!

Alright, let’s get this party started! Aloha, Mahalo and Namaste, how’s it hanging As…an…ahh… You’re not Asana.

Kelsey: Nope, dummy. I’m Kelsey. But you already knew that, I’m like all you ever talk about! Hi-hi!

Yeah, but… This is supposed to be Asana’s spotlight… All our questions were prepared for her…

Kelsey: Asana’s busy. Somebody, don’t have a single inkling who, called in a yoga emergency across town. Apparently, there is such a thing, I was surprised too. She’s gonna to be a looonng time…

*Sigh*… So, we’re really doing this? You’re going to steal her interview appearance? Just like that?

Kelsey: *Cheeky grin and nod*

Ok then… I guess we should have expected this to be honest. You’ve already made yourself comfortable too… Alright, let’s wing it. So, Kelsey, you’re the first girl to join us on the couch twice, if by less than scrupulous means. How does that feel?

Kelsey: ‘Bout time I started settin’ records around here! Took longer than I thought. You guys gave me a lot of good competition in the trim department. I guess I should thank you for that. The better the fight, the bigger the win after all, and I’m not doing so bad for myself around here these days, am I? First of many records I’mma smash… along with hearts and naughty parts!

Well, you’ve certainly not lost your special brand of excited charm. We’ve got to ask though… That outfit… This interview spot isn’t the only thing you lifted from Asana, is it? Seems like you’ve had yourself a Merry Christmas too, have you?

Kelsey: Yup-yup. Unlike her, I even showed this sexy get up a good time. Like, real good, you get me? By the way, who do I send the dry clean bill to, you boys or Little Toscana? I kinda want to see the look on Noe’s face when she sees how much it cost to get this silk back to red. Anyways, yeah, I had me a fun vacation while you two worked those sweet cheeks to the bone. I’m surprised you didn’t call me back sooner actually, I’m raring to go over here!

Don’t worry, don’t worry! You’ll get your chance to do whatever you’re scheming this month. We hear you’ve got some upcoming “advice” for Noe in the next version, but we’ll leave that to our posts and teasers of the next few weeks. We want to hear more about this Christmas party you mentioned. Care to tell all the boys and girls about it?

Kelsey: Nope! Since Asana stole my regular Christmas place this year and left me out of the party, I had to make my own fun, and so I did. I’m not telling y’all word one of what I got up to since some fans saw fit to vote against me this year… I’m vindictive like that. A’int I a lil’ scamp?

“Scamp” is not the 1-syllabyl S-word we had in mind for you… And if you won’t tell us yourself, maybe a Kelsey beWilderverse story is in order? Hrrm?

Kelsey: Go ahead, more fans for me!

Shit… we walked right into that one. You really are a tricky little trick. Alright, we’ll let the fans tell us if they want that one or not. Tell us Kelsey, are you here just because Asana got selected over you for the seasonal post pic this year? C’mon, you can be honest with us.

Kelsey: You don’t know me at all, do’ya? Any chance to be on camera, I’ll be there. But since you brought it up, yeah, I am miffed about that. I’ve been in all of them before, even the one that came out before NTR was even announced, I’m that good! Whatever though, I’m here now, and I’ve got my own lil’ Santy hat on, so this still counts. My streak is still alive, alright? You know how much fun it is to streak, right?

Well, there was that one time… No, wait, we’re not telling secrets here if you’re not! Let’s move this along before you make us say anything we regret. How was 2019 for you Kelsey?

Kelsey: Sweet like me! I made my first in game appearance, finally! Rocked it, by the way. Also had my Origin Story told at last too… I noticed you saved the best girl for last there, huh? My dance career is still poppin’ too, got a few more minor tourney podiums and gold medals for my collection. Still butting heads with that Grace Meyers on the circuit, it’s nice to have a rival to rub stuff in the face of, though she’s a real hippo-foot, if you know what I mean? *Clomp-clomp!* Ha ha!

Dancing is still my focus these days, but I’m surprised how much fun the restaurant is… I might just hang around a while longer. Oh, I got in trouble a few times in the last few months, the spanky kind, that was fun! All in all, it was a pretty rad year I’ve gotta say, but it’ll have nothing on 2020, just watch!

So, what’s on your list for 2020 then?

Kelsey: A bunch o’ goodness, sunshine! I’mma keep whispering one-liners in Spook’s ear for one. I’m takin’ that one down from the inside! Unshi gets the outside treatment. This body takes maintainin’ you know! Keepin’ me in shape’s gonna drive him mad. Just the way I like.

What else, what else…? Oh, yeah, I really want to get Noe-sizzle in some more trouble now that I’ve got a front row seat. She’s a good woman, she deserves some liveliness to her life, y’know? Might even get in on the show with her myself! Also on my list is to make Frankie curse and swear at least a dozen times. She’s a precious one, she is. It’s fun to shake up her super-neat world.

I’mma find this “Natasha” girl too if things go to plan, look that poor-whore in the face and tell her to leave my Kate alone. She’s got her all turned around and looking the wrong way these days… But my top “To-Do” is def to get Kriem to wear a dress. Like a real dress. All tight and pink and girly. That’ll be a-mazing. Snap a few pics of her like that and there’s nothing she won’t do for me to see they never hit my media feed. Free bodyguard for life!

So… You’re plans are all to fuck with the minds of your closest friends and workmates?

Kelsey: Mostly… Yeah… Oh, but I do have one goal y’all will like too. This year, I want to inspire one piece of fan art. At least one. I don’t care what kind or style, if it’s art or writing or whatever. I just want to get on the board there and to get to know my beWildernaut fans some more, ya’know? I got nearly 16,000 media fanboys and fangirls, but the ones around here are the best kind to have. I wanna connect with’um some more while the gettin’s good.

16,000? We thought it was only 15,000?

Kelsey: *Pfft*! That was like a year ago! I’m still a growing girl! Bendin’ to be Trendin’ and all that jazz! Besides, ever since I started postin’ in that pink uniform of mine… Let’s just say the interwebz likes them some Classy-Kelsey! And I like to please!

How’s Kate?

Kelsey: Seriously…? You gonna ask me that? For reals? We were havin’ such fun too, jerks. You’re the bozos that took her away from me. I swear, I’ll go to NYC to get her back if I have to! How’s a gal supposed to get by without her girlfrie… I mean… Best friend, who is also a girl!

Know what? Interview’s over. I’ve got to go warm up for NTR anyways, you two chat with that girl who never talks now, that’s gonna go well I can tell… I’m outtie-500! Bye-byes!

And bye-byes to you too Kelsey. Thanks for stopping by, even if we didn’t actually invite you this time. Sorry if we hit a nerve with the whole “Kel and Kate” thing. Don’t worry though, you two have a whole lifetime to enjoy each other’s special friendship… Just keep putting in the work girl, just keep putting in the work!

Alright then! From that sound outside it seems Kelsey’s already sliding down the banister (we hope that’s what she’s sliding down…) and on her way off to her next adventure. That means it’s time for the second half of the main event. Let’s get Quiet in the chair! (Knowing our luck it’ll be Cat who turns up or something.)



Quiet! Hello! Good to see you came! At last, an interview that’ll stay on the rails! Let’s break the ice a little before we get stuck in on all we want to talk about. So then, how are you?

Quiet: …

Ah… Alright. Maybe that was a little silly, what with you always being out in the field, living a dangerous life and all. Why don’t we start somewhere else? Oh, we’ve got a good one for you! What’s your real name? Why do they call you Quiet?

Quiet: …

Uh-Huh… Too personal? Ok… Ok… Well, one of the reasons we wanted to have you on is that we’ve been on Deviant Art for over a year now and you’re our biggest pulling girl over there… Especially that rifle thing you do… Wow… So, err, how do you do it? How does that feel?

Quiet: …

Right. Well, if you’re not going to respond to direct questions, maybe we’ll just see if we can’t make you speak up? We bet there’s a chatty slapper deep down beneath that… revealing outfit… and little else…

Quiet: …

You got a few shoutouts in Misadventures of Agent Romanov of late. Congratulations…? That’s pretty cool, right?

Quiet: …

Ok then, we’re just going to take this chance to say something we’ve always thought should be said. Your tits are stupid good. Like, Grade-A use of girl parts. (Oh great, now we’re even talking like Kelsey, she’s rubbing off on us). You could probably knock a person out with a smack from one of those thick things. How do you feel about that? Are they real? Can we check?

Quiet: …

You know, if we did another tits poll like we did before, you could even beat Lara with those 50-calibre body stoppers. Would you like that? To beat Lara, we mean? You two have a bit of a rivalry brewing, and we love to see you two rumble. Do you like it as much as us?

Quiet: …

So compliments don’t seem to work. How about this. You’re a hard character to write for! You don’t say anything, it makes exposition and motivations difficult to convey. You’d make a great in-game threat for future games, especially in a city like NYC, but you’re not leading hero or villain material! Finally, we said it! Care to prove us wrong before we make you the next sub-boss or sidekick? Huh? Huh?!

Quiet: …

How about jokes? You like jokes? We know you like 70’s and 80’s music, so what about that Hall and Oats parody we did for you? You like that one? Want another oldies music tribute, or are you “too shy-shy”? Ha ha! Laugh damn it, laugh!

Quiet: …

Are… Are you mad at us for something? It’s the Last Raider, right? You’re upset because it’s less than frequently updated? We swear, we have a great time making it, we’d show off more of you if we could, but the games take so much time to make and its lower priority… It’s nothing personal… We mean it… We do work on pages on our own time though, we spend our days off with you! That’s something… right?

Quiet: …

Nothing gets a rise out of you, does it? Maybe some quick-fire questions will do the trick? Just blurt out the first thing you think of, alright? What’s your rifle’s name? Go!

Quiet: …

How many confirmed kills do you have? Your B.R.A.S.S. file says over 100, is that right?

Quiet: …

How many confirmed cocks? Or are you a virgin?

Quiet: …

What’s your favourite fetish?

Quiet: …

Is it feet? No, wait, is it butt stuff?

Quiet: …

Have you ever had sex with Poison Ivy like we’ve imagined you have?

Quiet: …

Are... Are you going to kill us?

Quiet: *Hum*, *Hum-hum-hum*

Oh shit! Interview’s over, interview’s over! You’ve been great, but we think we hear your Mistress calling you! You’d better go get that target she sent you after or Ivy will be mad at us all. We’ll see you later Quiet, you really… well, you showed up and we like that part!


Well now, those where our interviews! We don’t know why we waited so long to do them again… and we have no idea why we thought they would go smoothly given who our girls are.

What do we think folks, more of these for 2020? What about all the things the girls brought up? From beWilderverse stories and fan art to future hero’s and villain’s roles… How did any of those sound to you boy and girls at home? Let us know in the comments below, and on our public Discord too…

… And if you have a beWilder girl you’d like to have a question posed to like this, we want to hear that even more!

Alrighty then, that’s today’s post! We’ll be back in but days to see AoH v0.14 released, our January Goals post, and our NTR handover too! Back to busy-buys for us and back to happy-jolly time for you! Until then…

Be asking your own sexy questions and beWilder!

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Couch_Quiet.jpg (707.7KiB)

Agents of Heels v0.14 Public Teaser #2 – Still Kicking Ass. Especially Our Own.
Agents of Heels v0.14 Public Teaser #2 – Still Kicking Ass. Especially Our Own.more_vert
Post file flag
Agents of Heels v0.14 Public Teaser #2 – Still Kicking Ass. Especially Our Own. 2020-01-06T14:35:58+00:00close

Hey-ho folks and friends, ready to kick off a whole new year of wild rides and kinky tales? We sure hope y’all are, cause we’re winding up to throw one Hell of a packed punch! And by “punch” we mean sex and action! Still…

Ow. We don’t envy being Natasha right now. She had to learn to train those reflexes and how to throw that well-proportioned body around with style somehow! But when… and where…? Looks like we’re in line to find out!

Is… Is that who we think it is overseeing this fight club? Oh my…

To the business at hand, and all the waiting hands out there! We know you’re all on the edge anticipation for more Nat, so here’s the scoop!

The end of the first week of January is just a day away, and though that was our aim for a splashy release, we can be assured in saying it won’t be gracing us tomorrow. It’s going to be another couple of days. Which does suck. We have our reasons for the delay, but we’re not going to make excuses here, instead we’re going to go get it done. And hey, it’s not all bad news, just that part. We can say by now that the “smaller December version” has grown to be pretty much a full release size after all the work we’ve put into it.

So, what’s going on behind the beWilder scenes? Well first off, one of us has been given a swift kick in the balls for keeping the world waiting, so rest assured that’s taken care of. As for the game itself, we’re still piecing together the last bits… We might have overdone it a little on the white fluids and the green plant effects in some CGs… And that means that post-pro, engine building and testing still needs doing. We’re looking at a Friday-Saturday window to close it all up in from where we stand now. Another good piece of jolly news is that since most of the remaining to-do falls under one of our skillsets, that means the other is free to do mischief! No, really, it means at this month’s content for Noemi’s outing is already being finalized (and it’s a damn good one!), and storyboards are being drawn up for more Lara and The Last Raider too (whether we’ve the time to get some Croft in January will be scene in our upcoming goals post). We’re keeping busy and the ball rolling on all fronts no matter what!

So, to sum it up then:

- We want Nat ready and in your hands by the weekend.

- Noemi and NTR are prepped and ready for January. Only the art needs doing after AoH’s release.

- The Last Raider is getting some more design progress, though a release this month is yet undetermined.

So temper down those hyped up nerves and make a steel sword of yourself for a little longer yet. Nat’s on her way and she’s bringing a lot of crazy and kinky with her. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got another kick in the dick lined up to keep us moving fast and furious. Oh, the life of a porn developer, crazy right? Until we hit Nat up again (from the back side this time)…

Be a knockout fan and beWilder!

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AoH_v0_14_PublicTeaser_Alt2.jpg (555.3KiB)

Happy New Year from beWilder!
Happy New Year from beWilder! more_vert
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Happy New Year from beWilder! 2020-01-01T00:02:38+00:00close

Happy 2020 to all who walk here! From us both here at beWilder and all the guys, gals, things and thangs of the beWilderverse, we wish y’all a truly special set of 12 months to come! And here’s to all the things worth coming too!

Noemi in some Dom P anyone? That’s the way to toast in the New Year, some spiced champagne with plenty of kick! Can’t wait to see her soak up the good times coming her way, and all the other girls too!

Our long-time fans know by now that January is a special month to us here, with plenty to celebrate around the back end. We’ll be sure to party hard for it all over the next few weeks, but first let’s salute 2019 and usher in another damn fine decade for all sexykind!

Thanks to everyone and everything 2019 brought us, and may 2020 build on the shoulders of that giant to make an even better one!

Be enjoy the ball(s) drop and beWilder!

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Noes_NewYear_2020.jpg (1.0MiB)

Merry Christmas from beWilder!
Merry Christmas from beWilder! more_vert
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Merry Christmas from beWilder! 2019-12-25T15:12:51+00:00close

Merry Christmas! From Agency HQ to Little Toscana, from Natasha and all her spy friends to Noemi and her girls, and from both of us in the sex forges deep beneath the beWilderverse’s crust: Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a glorious New Year to!

By fans’ popular demand, our gift to you is ready to unwrap right here! Asana and Lara are this years’ ho-ho-hoes, on the knees and ready to please! Enjoy all our ladies have to offer this festive season, and we’ll see you back here for more in 2020! (And before!)

Be having holly-jolly holidays and beWilder!

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ChristmasPostcard_2019.jpg (1.8MiB)

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User #19893856 - 25 Dec 19 16:07
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
Agents of Heels v0.14 Public Teaser – Blondes Have More Fun, Do They?
Agents of Heels v0.14 Public Teaser – Blondes Have More Fun, Do They?more_vert
Post file flag
Agents of Heels v0.14 Public Teaser – Blondes Have More Fun, Do They? 2019-12-19T12:58:06+00:00close

Yo-yo! It’s time again for sneak peeks and sexy details… Welcome one and all to another teaser post! We’re pumped up and rolling as we run another update, aiming to kick some more B.R.A.S.S. ass before the new year! Oh… did we say too much?

Ivy’s return to our screens (we teased our Discord with her already) isn’t the only poorly kept surprise we’ve got in store, oh no! What could warrant a new look for Natasha… Could it have something to do with what befell her the last time we saw her? Or… Has she some need that’s best seen to anonymously? You never can tell business from pleasure in the spy game, can you?

Wait… Is something different about Nat and her… form? We wonder… When was this picture of her taken anyway…? We’ll have to wait to find out…

Okey-doki Dr. Joneses! Has our teaser got you punch drunk enough for some love? We’ll, we can’t say too much more without spoiling the show, so we’ll just have to leave y’all to imagine the best for now. We can confirm however that we’ve got intrigue and action instore for both Good and Corrupt Nat, Cat is slated for another appearance (but only if you’ve been a bad friend to her!) and should time permit it… Bad Nat will get in on the act with a short exclusive scene of her own… where she has a new trick up her sleeve for a different friend… That is, if she were wearing sleeves of course!

As for production of this month’s chapter of captivation and kinkery, we’re well into our cups on it already. We’re still in the art production stage, as is to be expected at this point, and words are starting to get paired with pictures throughout. Our aim is still a New Years night release for Natasha, and to make that happen we’re going to be with her right up until those bells chime if we have to. Maybe we’ll take a 5-minute break for a mince pie in the middle of next week, but otherwise our calendar says “Makin’ Porn” all the rest of December. Next year we’re not letting Kelsey and Kate print our official paperwork… *Sigh*. Anyway, we’ve a sexy job to do, so y’all go enjoy your presents, we’ll be here to make it festive in our own way! Until we’re ready to hit back with more teasey goodies…

Be up for some action and beWilder!

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AoH_v0_14_PublicTeaser.jpg (546.8KiB)

Halls of Power - Agents of Heels Location Spotlight
Halls of Power - Agents of Heels Location Spotlightmore_vert
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Halls of Power - Agents of Heels Location Spotlight 2019-12-18T00:37:58+00:00close

Hello-hello! It’s about time for a sweet bonus post, don’tcha think? Welcome one and all… We’re in the middle of prepping our public teaser post for the latest version of Natasha out in Heels, but we’ve been wanting to make a little noise on her last night on the town before it slips us by. We promised to do a chitty-chat about our magic mirror room, so here it is!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a “How its Done” post, and today’s no exception! (Kind of). However, we do have some in engine test render eye candy to show off as we enter the halls of power, sex and criminal enterprise: Maeda’s very own Club Kaikaku! Care to see a little about our process and our custom creations?

Heads Up! This post may well contain direct [SPOILERS] or references to potential spoilers for scenes in AoH:MoAR’s v0.13, so be forewarned!

Interior Halls

Y’all might just remember this local from our last Agents of Heels release. Its the place where panties dropped, and Scout was scorned. You can see the Mirror Room entrance just on the left there too. We decided it was about damn time to expand on Maeda’s clubhouse, to build up the gentleman’s quarter some so it’s fit for the likes of the NYC Mayor himself, and also for those of a more perverse nature. As we know by now, Maeda isn’t the top villain Natasha faces these days, and not every path she takes has him as a threat to her, but some still do and so we thought we’d do well to add to his repertoire and assets… you never know how many games Club Kaikaku will appear in, or how many special back rooms it has, now do you?

For real, we wanted to build out the location to give us more and varied options for the future, whether for just this game and Maeda’s schemes, or with the possibility to make more of it in the future depending on which direction the beWilderverse takes over time. Forethought is forearmed, and we enjoy the big picture as much as the sex laced details.

Bonus info! Club Kaikaku gets its name from the Japanese word for reform, making it an allusion to London’s famed “Reform Club”. We like to have those cool touches in the things we name.

Mirror Room Interior

Alright, time to get to the even juicier bits! There’s the mirror room itself! When directing this scene, we knew we wanted something unique, something unusual, and something just a little but mind-fucking for Nat. Maeda isn’t nearly as skilled or as physical as her after all, so mind games were a key move for him. When we put together their first internal meeting… wink wink… we came up with the idea of Natasha being able to see what we wanted to see during the scene, to use that humiliation to further her corruption and downfall. What better way than mirrors? It only took saying the words “who wouldn’t want to be locked in an infinitely reflecting room with Natasha while you fuck her” to know we were on to something.

And so Unshi set about building a custom mirror room for our own personal uses. Don’t have what you need? Make it! That’s what we say. It took a fair bit of effort to get our rendering set up to handle reflections as we wanted them efficiently, and longer render time was our price too, but we’ve got to say it turned out fabulously in game. The delay we faced with v0.13 was mostly due to making this scene (and all 43 renders of it, plus cut and redone CGs too)… Totally worth it right?

As with anything 3D, lighting is about 10% of what you see but 90% of what you feel, and in this case it was the big issue to tackle for sure. When it all comes down to it, the geometries of the scene are mostly flat surfaces and easily pieced together with some practice, but making the two distinct environments of the inside of the club and the inside of the mirror room match was the main hurdle in building it in.

Maeda’s comes with a distinct oak-panelled and aged feel, trying to replicate the hallowed halls of older establishments and giving that naturally sedated cozy feeling… that way the entertainment soaks up the attentions more than the furnishings. Honestly, our Silence & Stilettoes concepts were great practice at that kind of effect. In contrast, the mirrors are designed to stand out, to catch the eye and highlight the participants from every angle. Light needs be strong enough to reach every surface and reflect every hidden part of Natasha once inside, plus it’s cold (isolating even) so as to make her instinctively feel cut off from the world outside. To make both play nice, Unshi spent some time upskilling along those lines. The next pic will show you the practice in action!

Bonus info! This isn’t the first custom made local done by Unshi for us. Not even close. Countless pieces have been custom built from constituent parts and with beWilder made assets/shaders. Highlights include all of Little Toscana, most of Easy Street too, Nat’s home and… dare we say this mirror room?

Mirror Room Exterior

One good twist deserves another! Why stop at just one anyway? Seriously, when we continued to develop the scene we came up with even more to add to it pretty quick since those horny genius juices were already flowing. Why not expand the show?

As amazing as she is, Natasha is still human… we think… and one thing all humans have in common is a hang up on the unknown. Doubly true for the kind of spy girl that Nat is, since the unknown is what gets you in the end. In the scene, it wasn’t enough just to corrupt her for Maeda, she had to have that spark ignited so the slow burning fuel could pick up and explode down the line, just as we all want it to. What better way than to make her face the idea of being in the public’s eye, to have every little thing she does in that cramped room viewable by anyone at all… maybe even people she knows… while all she sees is the face she makes in the throes of it all… It's enough to made even her mind boggle, and her body to respond to the passion.

To jump back in on the lighting talk, you can see here how the warmly lit club and the cold private reflections room mesh together. In order to limit the central chamber in overpowering the player’s feel of being a viewer from inside the club, we took the approach of lighting it from the floor up rather than above.That came with the effect of limiting the lighting we see as it passes through the one-way glass since it mostly ends up on the ceiling space, and it also had the delightful bonus of underlighting Nat’s bare legs and space between in the scene too. Building a wood panel lip around the floor both elevates Nat from watchers as if on a small stage, while also containing most of that light from bleaching the floor in clubs and thereby limiting that old world feel we’ve come to expect from Club Kaikaku. The only other thing left to do was to contrast the feel a little more with some decorative curtains, that way drawing the eye back to the central chamber rather than extend player’s views into the surrounding back space of the wide-open walls.

All in all… If anyone tells you that it’s a simple thing to really set a scene with the player’s feel in mind, they’re lying. It’s all worth it in the end though, when you get to really put the work to good use and spoil a red dress in the process, right?

Fans from our Discord will know this already, but one of our most popular scenes to date has always been the interrogation scene of Mission 1, where Nat and her captive Faceless Joe square off in a dangerous game of kinky tortures. Well… That just might just be about to change, as more and more fans are pointing to this trippy scene as the spice of the night… It pretty awesome to know that our efforts to make life hard, thick and satisfying for Nat have paid off, and that the time we put into making something uniquely sexy if beloved by the fans.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this look behind the curtain, and we hope that a little but of that passion for perversion has rubbed off on you a little more… (Gross.) Now… Back to making up more crazy, kinky, and bar raising beautifulness to put our girls through for all our enjoyment! We wonder what we’ll think up next to top the mirrors, we’re certainly going to keep trying hard!

… I wonder… Has Noemi ever had a 0-G facial before…? Maybe we should go find out…

Be reflective and beWilder!

Media (1)

ClubKaikaku_MirrorRoomFront.jpg (1.0MiB)

Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth (NTR) v0.5.1 Public Rebuild – “A Touch of Mature Love”
Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth (NTR) v0.5.1 Public Rebuild – “A Touch of Mature Love”more_vert
Post file flag
Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth (NTR) v0.5.1 Public Rebuild – “A Touch of Mature Love” 2019-12-09T19:40:15+00:00close

Hello one and all! Hi there fans the world over! We’ve got another public release for y’all, a real sweet deal with Noemi and her girls! But that’s not all, it’s a whole rebuilt version in fact, as we’ve taken on the feedback of the last few months, improved our game features and balancing, now putting our best foot forward with inclusions to make v0.5 a tastier dish than before! See below the links for the version details and the list of additional improvements, but don’t get lost in the jargon… the real point is… Noemi’s ready to get some hands on her! And it’s all the better experience for it!

“This release, dubbed “A Touch of Mature Love” marks the fifth full game releases in the NTR branch of the beWilderverse. With Frankie, the most mature of our current cast of all the world, now on the team, Noe can get an extra pair of hand to help her revive the restaurant! She’s having to get her started on the job, as well as do a little team bonding along the way, but what’s more is with a reasonable(ish) lady on the team Noe can look at other areas of her life: first up, getting laid! Add to that an extra girl on the day’s roster to call upon in the Restaurant Manager gameplay, it’s another all round, all great updated on our hands! So you know that that means? It’s time to…”

… Enjoy our main course of Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth!

Download Link (Win): NTR v0.5.1 Windows

Download Link (Mac): NTR v0.5.1 Mac

Download Link (Lin): NTR v0.5.1 Linux

Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.5.0 – “A Touch of Mature Love” (Base Release)

With this update, another two and a half weeks have been added, bring us close to a full 2 months with Noe and Co so far (that’s 55 full days so you know). Again, we’ve pushed the main story further so we can be ever closer to the last of our top ladies joining the fray, but for the main part we’ve implemented our 3rd wonderful woman in Frankie! She’s got herself a place in the restaurant now, the gameplay too, and now even her own character arc too. Brad/True Love arcs get a boost too, and you’ll love to see this one no matter who or what kind of fan you are (Romance? ntr? You’ll like a little something here). It’s a serious update for sure!

- Technical information

⦁ Version: 0.5.0 (‘A Touch of Mature Love’ Release)
⦁ Weight: 719 MB
⦁ Weight Packed: 352 MB

- Content

⦁ 4 Full Scenes (for 24 Total).

⦁ 53 New Scene Rendered CGs (for 293 Total)

⦁ 17 New Gameplay Rendered CGs (for 59 Total)

- 17 New Restaurant Management Outcome CGs (All Frankie – Waitressing, Cooking, Promoting and Day Off)

⦁ Added 18 new days to the playable game time (now up until the end of Day 55 / Month 2 Day 25 - Saturday)

⦁ Added a new Tutorial Board toggleable pop-up in game. 9 Full Panels!

- Features

⦁ Expanded the Gameplay sections to include Frankie, unlocked immediately after her training day scene. She is available to Waitress, Cook, Promote and take the Day Off at the player’s discretion, even starting with a nice bump in her Romance stat to allow her to be a real hand in the kitchen! With her added, strategies can become that much deeper and the gameplay is more of a challenge, should you care to undertake it!

⦁ Newly added Tutorial Board system, complete with all the in game info you’ll need to run the gameplay properly! 9 New panels with colour coded texts, symbols and pics to make it worth the viewing. Plus, Noe herself explains it all to us, so it’s good to hear her out! The game will automatically open the pages when new things are unlocked, but you can manually read the tips at any time in the gameplay scene.

⦁ Continuation of the Main Story arc and introduction of the Frankie arc, plus the continuation of the Brad/True Love.

[SPOILER] Noe joins a certain special club, now the first NTR girl to join with Natasha Romanov, Catwoman, Kate and Sam of Agents of Heels, that’s to say girls who have gotten themselves laid! Penetration to its fullest!

- Community Feedback

⦁ We’ve added a small but central note on our Save UI so that people can be given the heads up on our Save / Load labels. Since they share the same Slot and UI panel, you’ve got to aim low, real low, on the slot and click the label to get your save, and now the game tells you that directly.

⦁ Do to concerns of player confusion with the gameplay, we’ve taken on board people’s feedback and turned it into a slash of a tutorial read-out in game. Now it should be all clear exactly what’s what and why you are in charge of Little Toscana!

⦁ Thanks to feedback from players around the fandoms, we’ve made some small tinkering changes to balance out the gameplay as we go. Thanks to several people for this!

- Known Issues

We are thrilled to report that there are no known issues at this time. Please do inform us via message or our Discord server if you do come across any, we sincerely mean that.

Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.5.1– “A Touch of Mature Love” (Rebuilt Release Additions)

In this rebuilt package, we’ve included Gameplay content, bug fixes and balancing efforts from NTR v0.6, plus VN feature improvements created for the Mini-VNs “Croft and the Coveted Seal” and “Kelsey and the City”. This makes the game easier to play, less grindy, overall more fun and user friendly. It does not add new scene content or playable days.

- Content

⦁ 8 New Gameplay Rendered CGs (for 67 Total)

- 4 New Restaurant Management Outcome CGs Total.

- 1 Good Waitressing Outcome at 2nd level of Flirtation for Noe, Kriem and Frankie. These Outcomes are flirtier, and higher rewarding too. They are added to the pool of outcomes when Noe’s nerve is 4+.

- 1 Good Waitressing Outcome at base level for Frankie, putting her even with the other 2 girls.

- 4 New Noe Day Off Outcome CGs Total

- 1 New Poker Repeatable and 1 New Yoga Repeatable for Relax Mode, Unlocked at 2+ Competitive and Open Mind Respectively.

- 2 New Training CGs, 1 for Kriem’s Competitive and 1 for Frankie’s Romance, allowing them to train and increase their stats too.

⦁ Added a new Progress UI pop up to the Day Menu, showing the achieved/available scenes for all arcs, as well as simple unlock info for the next Main Story Arc Scene and the time remaining in the current game.

- Features

⦁ Expanded the Restaurant Gameplay section to include Second Level outcomes based on Noe’s Nerve for the Waitressing task. The new outcomes include more flirty situations, allowed thanks to Noe’s grown resolve to win, which in turn comes with higher base tips earned.

⦁ Altered the formula used in the Promote task that takes the girl’s Competitive stat into account for the bonus to Rep Change. Instead of all point bonuses (+ for LT Rep Gained, - for SD Rep Lost) kicking in every 4 points, the effects are now staggered. Every 4 points of Competitive Stat from 2+ gives a bonus point to LT’s rep now (that’s at 2/6/10/14/18, up to the same +5 potential bonus per day), while the extra point off Sal’s Rep still kick in at every 4th point (4/8/12/16/20 for 5 extra points to take away). This means raising the Competitive stat is twice as rewarding in the gameplay sections as it was before. We continue to look into making every increase meaningful, but for now this major improvement is the first big step.

⦁ Expanded the Day Off section of the Gameplay to begin allowing for Kriem and Frankie to train their stats for the restaurant sections too. This initial test allows for Kriem to train competitiveness through Poker and Frankie to train Romance through cooking training (Visit Girls – A New Activity added). These stat increases can be used to improve their results in the management section of the gameplay, specifically in the Promote and Cooking tasks

⦁ Added a new UI Pop Up on the Day Menu. This new UI shows the total amount of scenes in the version for each character arc, as well as deeper details on the Main Story arc including when the next scene will play and what debt requirements it has. The character arcs that require Noe’s stats as perquisites (the non-waitress characters) also have an icon denoting the primary stat needed for them. This UI may well undergo some beautifying revisions in future versions, but for now the helping info should be all there. This is the first test of it.

- Community Feedback

⦁ Thanks to reports of difficulty in unlocking scenes, primarily (we gather) from difficulty in keeping Noe’s debt down, we’ve removed almost all costs involved in her Day Off sections. Stat increases are now free (only costing the use of the day), and poker will only add to Noe’s earning, she can’t lose money playing (except in Character Arc scenes). Only Yoga still adds to the debt, but comes with a much bigger stress relieving effect compared to other options. This should mean it is much easier to keep Noe’s debt going down over time, and therefore keep the game pacing well. Thanks to several people for this!

⦁ We’ve increased the Typewriter effect’s speed by 100%, making the text reveal at twice the speed as before. As always, you can still turn off the effect completely with the ‘T’ key, as noted in the Keyboard Controls text file that comes with the game exe.

⦁ We’ve added a Leap feature, a way of skipping/jumping whole scenes entirely or to the next choice if one is present, by pressing the ‘L’ keyboard key. This will allow for quicker/easier replaying of the game. It can be used on both Story/Character scenes as well as the repeatable Day Off scenes. To skip the Restaurant Outcomes scenes please use the Simulate button instead.

⦁ We’ve found and fixed a bug that caused the gameplay section to stall/freeze if players exited the game early and reloaded to attempt better results on a day. This means you can now properly load the game with needing to restart the program as a whole. Thanks to ThisIsMe88 for flagging this!

⦁ Updated Origin’s VN Engine based on feedback and improvements on previous releases of OS Mini-VNs and the Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth main game. The game includes the new features and keyboard shortcuts added to ‘Agents of Heels: Croft and the Coveted Seal’, including the x4 Skip (Left Ctrl) and the ability to move forward with Enter/Return and Space bar presses.

- Known Issues

We are thrilled to report that there are no known issues at this time. Please do inform us via message or our Discord server if you do come across any, we sincerely mean that.

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PUB_051.jpg (183.6KiB)

Order Up: AoH is Running December!
Order Up: AoH is Running December! more_vert
Post file flag
Order Up: AoH is Running December! 2019-12-06T20:55:38+00:00close

Hey hey hey! It’s a happenin’ Friday once again in fantasyland! And who’s got your fav fantasy right here…? We do! Welcome one and all as we kick off December and our last tumble spin on the Dev cycle for 2019… its that time again folks, so let’s… Hand! It! Over!

From one hot hostess to another of our hallowed heroines, the baton passes, and we get all riled up! Only this baton goes boom!

Yes, Noemi’s fresh off a service of her own, she dished out her v0.7 but a few days ago, and that means it’s time to see to the girls in New York one more time before we see the New Year! Our Noe’s got one last thing to do before she’s on her own holidays… assume we don’t see her in our Christmas piece which we may yet… and that’s to make sure that Nat has all she needs to please! She’s not bringing protection if that’s what you were thinking… Cocked, loaded and ready to fire, Nat’s packing for some trouble with a little gift from Noemi with Love!

And that’s it, as of right now (*cough* yesterday actually *cough*) we’ve got Agents of Heels back in active development! Nat is our top lady for this month once more, she’ll be coming with a version before the 31st if we have any say on the matter, and her v0.14 will be ringing us into a whole new year of beWilder! Ain’t that a gift worth unwrapping early! Speaking of gifts… we’ve got one on our Discord waiting right now… a little something too NSFW for our handover post, featuring a lady that all AoH roads lead to… so come and check her out iffin’ you dare! (Psst. She’s pinned to the Agents of Heels channel there.)

Oh, and before we go, remember that all our beWildernauts have a poll open to them, to help us find our big holiday snap’s theme for this year! Posing and propping come on Monday too, so be sure to check back in and click in that vote!

So that’s it! Lead off your weekend knowing that Nat’s going to make it rain and let it snow, and beWilder’s going business as usual for the holiday season. Let’s get ready to watch her spread some cheer… you know the kind we mean! Until we have her under your tree…

Be ready for a fully loaded order and beWilder!

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NTRtoAoH_Handover_Dec2019.jpg (1.5MiB)

Aims for December and November in Review! 2019-12-04T21:43:59+00:00

Hey-ho and welcome back! Guess what time it is once more? The title should already have told you, for it’s our goals post again! One more chance to stack ourselves up against our own accomplishments, aspirations and how well on our way we are with our magic! It’s been quite a month of magic in many ways, so let’s have a public accounting of what we’ve been up to in the last month, then get to what goodness lies between us and the new year! Let’s go!

Our November Goals:

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.7 Released to the Daring. Complete! – Order up! We’ve got a steaming hot plate of naughty, nice and nasty ready to serve up on Easy Street! The Daring fans have already had their main course, as Noemi returns with some delish dishes! Kelsey has officially joined the crew, and she’s already been both in and out of her uniform, that’s a new record! The devilish little blondie has us serving up some of her best assets already, and her fellow waitresses are pushing back! Frankie, Kriem and Noe herself all had a hand in this one, and between the squeaking of couch springs, the dinner to raise eyebrows, and the war of the words… We dare say we’re now ripe to roll with some single character themed builds a while from here on! Go check all the ladies out now, and we’ll take a check complete right here!

- Agents of Heels v0.13 to the Brave and Bold fans. Complete! – Natasha came roaring back, rocking and rolling her hips in that special way we all want to be caught between while she does it! Mid-month we made sure to have her pay a visit to her Brave fans, where they could all see Good, Bad and Corrupt Nat display her skills! Maeda sure got the benefit of them, but whether he could handle her or not, well that’s up to how y’all handle her too! Our Bold fans got the same taste, just recently, and now they know all about what lies beneath that fragile mind of hers, right? Right! So, we’ll take a tick on this goal while we think up more to do to her soon!

- Agents of Heels v0.11 to Released to the Public. Complete! – What with Natasha strutting it all over New York, we couldn’t leave our fans outside the page out in the cold, now could we? No, and that’s why the public got a good helping in v0.11! Now Miller’s history is a matter of public record, and Nat’s every changing relationship with Scout is also up for grabs. What’s more, Kate and her lady love have their romances laid bare, and since they are not in an exclusive relationship, so too can Kate herself! She and Nat make sure poolside is no place to get clean, as they themselves get dirt-y! What will poor Tim think? And will he watch it all go down? That’s for y’all to decide now, while we decide what to do with our tick on this one!

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.7 Walkthrough Released to the Daring. Complete! – With another stop at Little Toscana comes a regular order of spankin’ new content and a side of a walkthrough too! For those who like to know what twists and intertwines the ever-growing web, who want some helping hands through it all or just want to see what out there and maybe even imagine ahead, we have an update to our already sizable PDF, with all the goodies, hits and tips included for your pleasure! If a little insider help is up your alley, grab this goal now that it is complete!

- Agents of Heels: The Last Raider update Released to the Daring and Brave fans. Complete! – Oh yeah! Blimey and what for! We’ve got a Last Raider update at last! Ho-ho, does this feel good to get a gold star on! Yup, Lara continues her mission in Mexico, only to find herself in a spot of bother… That sure sounds like her! She killed a certain “Hermano” in her own defence, and it looks like between that rope on her ankles and being left to hang out by Quiet, it looks like the current Queen of the beWilderverse has herself some trouble ahead! Better deal with it quick before Quiet gets her mark! Enjoy a sizable comic instalment while we build upon it some more! Tick please, we’ll cherish this one after so long.

- Knock November up a notch with Posts, Updates and Chats on the Discord! Have we ever let you down on this one? Where some folks post but once a month, we whip up a chit-chat most every week, often time twice or three times, like how we treat our ladies! We’ve had our usual fun on our Discord, sharing jokes and dirty pics alike, but this page right here was also jumpin’! Right from the start when we hand our handover post! So, who wore it better? Nat or our Philly girls? Hot stuff no matter who found it on them! We joined in the cyber-party of “Thank You Patrons” Day 2019, with a sight of our poor leading ladies and just how ragged they’d be without the love of a good fan to sustain them. Along with our trio of tasties that are our teaser posts, some real excitement was garnered too. We saw Kelsey join our club and drop it like it’s hot, her skirt that is! We had only just got her into it too! Speaking of getting into things, Noe got a little too caught up in the moment and the magic of Witch One, and we got to see her night starting out! Lastly, we saw her get a little bit close to home with her Old Roy, that tired guy can’t catch a break between this “neighbour” and Noemi’s teasing glare. Can’t a man finish his damn breakfast?! Even if he can’t, we can get a tick this goal by now!

Booyah! One more month and several more goals accomplished, another smashing release to add to the
beWilderverse in living, breathing expanse! What more could we ask for with a full 100% (6/6)! We’ve had a Hell of a month all around, from fans and new friends to a full new batch of content to cum along too. That’s the joy of doing what you love, eh? Well then, lets get on our winter boots and do it all again for December, shall we? Here’s to what’s to come between here and the new year!

What to expect in December

- Agents of Heels v0.14 to the Daring fans. Nat’s suiting up again before we deck the halls, and she’ll be doing what she does best: decking the balls! As of her last update, things have only gotten hotter and quickened, much like our pulse when we see her. On her way to seeing her most recent developments through, she’s got more entertaining to do, and more trouble afoot as we are tend to do to our ladies. How ever will she deal with Ivy, and with the poison catch her by surprise yet again…? It’ll be up to the Daring fans to find out!

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.7 Released to the Brave and Bold. Who’s hungry for another hot plate of Italian woman?! We are! Noemi has come back to rock the block, and make Easy street the hardest place to be for any man! She’s got all her girls in tow with her at last, yes all 3, and Daring fans have already found out just what our latest entry gets herself up to. Kelsey’s classy, in her own way. This December, it’s time for all Brave and Bold fans to get a serving, be it of Frankie’s eyebrow raising date night, Kriem’s war at her second home, Kelsey’s display after display, or the main woman herself, as Noemi puts he sofa springs to the test! It’s all coming up with a smile!

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.5 to Released to the Public. Its time Noemi’s public persona gets an update and a half! We’ve got a special to drop this time around in fact, as we’ve rebuild our v0.5 especially for the public release, with all the feedback of the last few months pulled in and improved. Small parts of v0.6’s gameplay and the fine balancing it brought with it too, have all made it into this repackage so it’s smooth as Italian silk. Who’s ready to see some Frankie in uniform? Who’s ready to see Noemi in fine lingerie? That is, before she takes it off! It’s all on the menu, and then some, so all our fans out there, be hungry and be ready for her!

- Agents of Heels: The Last Raider update Released to the Daring and Brave fans. We’re back on the board with a lovely Lara outing, and our Last Raider met her first spot of bother since her stuffing in China! While we’re at it, we’d like to set this stone rolling proper once again, so December has our intent to bring a little some Croft for the holidays, no matter how small. A page, maybe two, but an update none the less, that’s our goal to make consistency a theme of our comics once again. Who wants to see Lara wriggle out of those ropes and into more trouble? You do! And us too!

- Make December Merry, and our ladies show their Naughty and Nice sides, through Posts, Updates and Chats on the Discord! It’s the last go up of 2019, so let’s send it off with a bang and bushel of babes! Tis the season for to get your jollies! It’s our goal, like always, to make it a month of sweet things, spiced pics and ideas to keep you warm on those winter nights. We’ll be around our Discord no doubt, ready and able to dig into all things girl and gaudy, and we’ve got a few posts in mind to wow and sow wonder across the page. We’ll have teasers to unwrap, behind the scenes sauciness and designs to show at last, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a few holiday snaps make their way to the world. All in all, it’s another month in the beWilderverse, and another month of wildness to play us out into a whole new year!

There we have it, it all it’s glory! One month filled with fun, and one more to come before we take beWilder into a whole new decade! Before we go headlong into a whole new set of challenges and girl works, we’d do well to say a few thanks for those who made it possible for us to make all this possible, wouldn’t you say? We had the expressed joy this month, both of us here, to see our beWildernauts count themselves as high as 126 at once for the first time ever. Oh, what an amazing feeling that was to see, to breathe and the to know… And so we give our sincerest thanks to all among you, to all of you that make it so we can do what we do, for the love of the girls, for the love of the story and for the love of a good world just waiting to get out there! Seriously, thank you, thank you one and all. Here’s to you! Our community is on the upswing, and that makes it all the more thrilling to have it a December to remember! So then, let’s do it, and let’s do it in style!

Be indecent all December and beWilder!

Festive Photos: Having your Say!
Festive Photos: Having your Say!more_vert
Post file flag
Festive Photos: Having your Say! 2019-12-02T15:24:53+00:00close

Hello-hello! We hope you’re all warm and under a blanket, because where better to be this chilly season than beneath a cover with our fair ladies, where not a soul can see! All titillating teasing aside, we’ve got a special treat for fans to kick off the festive season! Since we’re not ready to jump in with our handover post for a day or two yet, now’s the perfect time to let the cat out on this one! Here we go!

It’s a very tightly kept secret that December is also the month of Christmas! What’s not quite so secret is our love of making a nice holiday special snap to share for any sweet occasion, and this one’s no exception either… But this time, we want our fans involved in making it too!

This here is our Christmas 2017 shot, some of you might remember as much. It was the very first public appearance of both Noe and Kelsey, months before they were even announced, or beWilder too for that matter. To this day, it’s still one of our favorite pieces.

And this pair of mischievous little helpers has 2018’s outing, hinting at more between our two young loves than just friendship, before we could really tell y’all in our stories what we all know now. Again, it’s one of our finer pics, if we may say so!

What’s will we do for this year’s special wishes? That’s for you to decide!

Yes, starting today, we’re hosting a trio of weeklong backer polls for all our beWildernauts, and together we’re all going to have some naught funy and still not get a lump of coal for our misbehaviours! It’ll be up to y’all fans to decide what this year’s theme will be, what posing and propage we’ll break out for the festivities, and then… best of all… which two ladies will have the honour of decking our ba..halls! (Spook’s hoping it’ll be Kelsey again! What about you?)

We’re kicking off with our hunt for a theme, running the post from Monday to Sunday, with all backers getting a vote. Next week we’ll see the question of posing being posed, based on the chosen theme, and the week after a pair of poll posts will see us ask which AoH and NTR girls you want to grace your screen. The pieces of the picture will be assembled and released on Christmas day as our gift to all! Sounds like fun on a bun to us! We can’t wait to see what y’all hanker for!

Now then: Go take your first vote, while we get to the last of our content concoctions and another release to please!

Be picturing plenty and beWilder!

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Christmas_2017_Noe_Kelsey.jpg (1020.4KiB)

NTR v0.7 Public Teaser – Skirting the Bounds of Decency!
NTR v0.7 Public Teaser – Skirting the Bounds of Decency!more_vert
Post file flag
NTR v0.7 Public Teaser – Skirting the Bounds of Decency! 2019-11-20T14:50:40+00:00close

Hello again folk, fans and friends! We’re back for a 4th time in 3 days, huh? We’re taking a page from Kelsey today and not letting y’all get a chance to miss us! Yup, it’s damn well time we have our public teaser, isn’t it? Let’s get to it! And speaking of Kelsey and dropping things…

We’ve only just got that girl into a skirt and she’s already out of it! Give her rules and orders and she’ll scramble them up just to see the shock on your face. Perfect girl to be a waitress, right…? Ha… she’s only in it for the money, and for other kinds of service… That’s our Broadway baby!

Yes indeed, we’re working hard to put together another dinner service for Little Toscana, and after our last update, it’s time Kelsey gets in on the action. A while back we made a number of changes to our efforts all around, I’m sure you all remember, and the big take away for NTR was to tackle releases differently. In future we’ll be hitting you with whole versions that are all about, or vastly about, advancing just one character arc so the goodies get here faster, but as this is our first release of Noemi since then, first we have some other things to clean up with this version… Care to know what’s coming…?

- First and foremost, we’ve a dangling girl to bring into our fold. Kelsey is well worth having at last. This version will obviously contain a lot of her to get her tracks on the game. Firstly, we’re adding one new Main Story scene to see her added as a waitress formally after being hired last version. We saw then how she played with Noe, now it’s time we see her try toy with Kriem and Frankie… and she likes to toy with people, we all know. With her now in the gameplay, she needs gameplay outcomes, nearly 20 of them to be specific, including Waitress, Promotion, "Cooking", a Day Off one and even a trip to Easy Street Yoga with Noe on her downtime days to train. Entertaining will come later for all girls. Since she’ll be the last girl to be able to work the floor, Kelsey needs a scene to kick off her own Kelsey Arc too so she’s worth sending out to strut. As you can see above, it’s one to be looking out for (that’s not even her big move!).

- Secondly, or fourthly, depending on the count, if you think it’s all Kelsey this version, it’s not. We’ve got a lover’s night on the couch waiting for y’all, and depending on how your Noemi has been treating her Brad, the not-so-softcore screening of Witch One can play out in different ways. Yes, it’s one last x-rated scene to add to the Brad/True Love Arc for now, before the other men in Noe’s life get a chance at her in the next versions.

- Lastly, since we’re going to be looking at a lot of Noe and Boys-who-aren’t-Brad in the next few versions, we feel it important to pull in the loose hooks between other NTR Origin Mini-VNs before we get too far ahead of ourselves. A pair of scenes will see more of Kriem and Frankie’s origins and lives put to the screen. Frankie will have a scene added to her Frankie Arc, reminding us of what’s most important to her in her life, how she's holding up after her abrupt divorce, and just how screwy she can be under that beautiful face. In contrast, Kriem will have some of her current secrets come back up, not in her own arc just yet, but instead in a new scene added to the Roy Arc. Expect to see harsh words, butting heads, 80's Brit Rock, and yes, some x-ratings too.

That’s what’s coming y’alls way then! Here’s a quick summary of those points again, condensed to a single plate sized piece. NTR v0.7 contains:

- 5 New Scenes, 1 Main Story, 1 Brad/True Love Arc, 1 Frankie Arc, 1 Kelsey Arc and 1 Roy Arc
- 2 X-rated Scenes, including Noemi and Kriem, one scene including double paths for romance and ntr fans.
- 19 New Gameplay Outcomes and CGs, adding Kelsey to all available Work Activities, including Lv2 Waitressing events, and her Competitive stat training during the Downtime sections.
- Addressed Feedback, Bugfixes and one or two nifty little VN features added to the NTR Engine during ‘Agents of Heels: Croft and the Coveted Seal’ and ‘NTR Origins: Kelsey and the City’, now included in Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth.

Alrighty, that’s our detailed teaser! Has it got you in the mood for a little Italian? Sorry, we’ve only got a large serving in stock! Noemi’s a big girl in many ways, muhahaha! Right-o then, to the business of the business at hand. It’s already Day 20 of the month, and thanks to Nat’s big return running over, we’re admittedly behind where we’d like to be. It was worth it though, she smashed her return. We’re going to be working flat out in the forges as always for the rest of the month, our aim is as it should be to be back with a build in hand by the 30th's end, but in this case it’s a tall order, so we can’t promise that and won’t get your hopes up. As our track record shows, all Daring fans for this month will get Noe on release, so it’s not a matter of if but when, and we’re doing every to make that wait as short as it can be. Brave and Bold will get her as normally planned. It’s going to be a tasty morsel to be sure!

And that’s it, that’s all folks! Enjoy Kelsey showing some leg, and just imagine what that demonette in dull blonde hair has in store for Noe’s unwitting clientele, and what she’s going to do to Noemi along the way now she’s also in the mix… With that devious thought in you head…

Be pants down, hyped up and beWilder!

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NTR_v0_7_PublicTeaser.jpg (653.9KiB)

Public Release: AoH v0.11 (Now with Mac+Linux!)
Public Release: AoH v0.11 (Now with Mac+Linux!)more_vert
Post file flag
Public Release: AoH v0.11 (Now with Mac+Linux!) 2019-11-15T15:24:38+00:00close

Heydi-ho our fans the world over! She’s back to y’all at last, and she’s bringing that booty with her! Don’t forget those twin weapons of hers, those damn fine tits, that blow us all way! Yes, Natasha Romanov is back in Heels! Get ready for another splash in the beWilder pool, and this one if more than just frivolous fun… Will Nat make it out of Mission #2 in on piece now that the dust is settling? Can you handle the truth that Miller has to offer you, and can you even trust him anymore? What would you do to help a neighbour in need, can you step in between a feuding family and make everyone come away with a smile? Find out for yourself as you take hold of our Red Head, she’s in your lap now so have at Agents of Heels v0.11! And look, we now have Mac and Linux builds too!

Download Link (Win): Agents of Heels v0.11.0 Link!

Download Link (Mac): Agents of Heels v0.11.0 Link!

Download Link (Linux): Agents of Heels v0.11.0 Link!

0.11.0 Patch Notes

- Technical information

⦁ Version: 0.11.0
⦁ Weight: 2.5 GB
⦁ Weight Packed: 1.72 GB

- Content

⦁ Added a whole new day to the gameplay!

⦁ Added 3 full new scenes, 2 Main Story scenes to kick off the Act 3 phase, and 1 Secondary scene furthering the side story fun.

[SPOILER] 1 Main story scene with Scout to wrap up Mission #2’s outcomes. It come in 4, yes 4 full variants to account for the main outcomes of Mission #2 as we return to a 3 Nat branching story.

[SPOILER] 1 Main story scene focusing on Miller, answering many of the questions that have been swirling around so far, including the Origins of B.R.A.S.S.. This one comes in 3 variants, with two distinct art paths (couch and pool), depending on important story events so far.

[SPOILER] 1 Secondary Story Scene in Kate’s secondary fun path, showing us her original roots and links with NTR’s Kelsey. This scene is on for all beWilder fans, some real beWilderverse building as well as plenty of x-rated content. This scene comes with multiple choices and paths, including a whopping 41 CGs, making it not only one of the longest scenes we’ve ever done, but even longer than some of the Mission #2 paths.

⦁ 77 new CGs, 29,000 new words of Text and Dialogue.

- Features

⦁ The kick off of Act 3 to the story, the last Act in the Main plot, and a return to pushing ahead of our secondary scenes where Nat has her fun and the beWilderverse can expand wider, not just deeper.

⦁ A restructuring of the main branches after Mission #2, catching all major outcomes of the epic event, parsing out the consequences and returning to a 3 Nat structure (Good, Corrupt and Bad) now that players have had a second point in the story to pivot paths and steer towards particular ends.

⦁ Planting (and first look) of a joining plotline that brings both Agents of Heels and Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth branches of the beWilderverse, a storyline that’s been nearly two years in the waiting and has been prominent in our content over the last few months.

- Community Feedback

⦁ Thanks to an outcry of demand, not all of which we were able to keep track in fact, we’ve brought back our much sought after Mac and Linux builds! We hope y’all will enjoy them and will help us make sure they are as well made and highly functioning as our Windows. We know you will!

⦁ Kate is back! It’s been oh so long since she’s had some screen time! For the last few updates we’ve been pushing the story further, but now it’s time to get more side special sweetness back in motion too! We had originally planned to hold this scene back a while yet, until her part in NTR Origins: Kelsey and the City was seen, but thanks to extreme popular demand we just couldn’t keep her in the stable any longer. She’s back in this version, she’s got something to say, and even more to do!

- Known Issues

⦁ A potential bug that still needs to be investigated. Despite the player choosing to reject the Infection pop-up, it may be possible the low-infected Nat can still see the park running scenes where her pants rip, and the follow up tease/handjob of the park bum. Those should be exclusive to the high-infected path. We didn’t have time to do a full check ourselves this release, but player who do experience this (if any), please let us know and we’ll see what we can do when we can do it.

⦁ There is a known issue involving the main story and conditions on the Nat character paths. If the play ignores the main story to the point they miss completing Mission #1 (Day 5) by the time Mission #2 kicks off (Day 12), they will be stuck in a limbo state of having missed the main plot of the game. We will be resolving this minuscule player experience in future versions, possibly with a Bad End since Nat has purposely ignored all story actions until after it’s too late to resolve the story. Anyway, a heads up on it, try not to do that alright?

And there we have it, our Nat is back in black and all suited up! Now go strip her back down! That’s where the fun is after all. Have a go at what is by some counts our biggest public update yet, and what should be a Hell of a return to a Natasha gone wild. The original cloak and dagger slice of the beWilderverse is back on your best screens! So run wild, and listen closely, as some serious answers come your way… and keep that libido high because you’ll need it! So until then…

Be all out in public and beWilder!

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011_PUB.jpg (200.0KiB)

Comments (2)
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User #190490 - 19 Nov 19 00:55
Give AoH a lesbian only path.
user avatar
beWilder - 19 Nov 19 18:32
It's already got Girl-on-Girl scenes with Natasha getting it on with Catwoman and Kate at different times, and likely more girls/scenes to come, but a path packed with enough lesbian-only content to be a full/rich game playthrough isn't in the cards at this point, for this game. Hope you understand. If you'd rather not have sex with the guys, you can decide against fucking most them for the most part without consequences.
Anything You Can Wear…: NTR is Back for November!
Anything You Can Wear…: NTR is Back for November!more_vert
Post file flag
Anything You Can Wear…: NTR is Back for November! 2019-11-08T09:55:08+00:00close

Howdy and Hello Friday! It’s just a step from the weekend and we’ve got the girls to make those days the best there is! Welcome to the much anticipated handover post as Noemi takes over the reigns once again! Let’s go straight to the babes, then we can yak it up with some loveliness weekend making wonderfulness!

Oh yeah! We just dropped Nat’s latest release last night, but it was so delicious we couldn’t let it go just yet. Noemi, Kriem and Frankie all had to take to Club Kaikaku and show us, Nat is smoking, but they are top notch girls too, and they can be just as crazy, kinky and sex-fuelled too!

Oh boy, it’s rare that Kriem plays the Good girl, but she sure pulls of leather like no other (still in her collar and cuffs too!). We’ll make a respectable woman of her yet… or die under her trying! Frankie too makes one Hell of a Bad girl, and she could certainly use some fire to let out that desire she has! Don’t worry about her comfort zone, she’s more than used to being dressed up by Larson, but now we get to enjoy the pow when she finally pops!

Best of all though, you’ve got to say, is Noe likes mega fine in red as she does in blue! Her tits stand out like crazy, literally, and she’s about a half-degree of hotness from burning up that dress entirely! She doesn’t need a gun to make any guy fire off! And the best part of it all is…

… She’s back to rule the roost! As of right now, Noemi is the girl of the hour, day and month! We’ve already broken ground on her version, as these girls show us it’s called Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth, not Natasha’s and not Kelsey’s, although that cheeky blonde will be by to rile us up this month too.

Alrighty guys and gals, that’s the hand over hype-up post to make a great start to your weekend. Who wears them better, Nat or the new girls? Have your say on the Discord while we go get Noe into some CGs and sexy scenes from an Italian Restaurant! Remember though, we’ve also got some Lara-Vs-Quiet action on our minds this month too, and plenty to say and to teasy even before we get to our first Public teaser in only a week or two. Now go show November its more than fine to pop a few off, first with Nat’s latest and soon Noemi’s busting out! Until then…

Be giving life your best Natasha/Noemi impression and beWilder!

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TransitionImage.jpg (570.4KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #402718 - 10 Nov 19 16:45
I just wanted to say the home menu screen with Noemi is stunning fully screen 1080p
user avatar
beWilder - 10 Nov 19 22:59
Yeah? Cheers my friend! We certainly think she's looking damn fine in it, but we're hyped to hear others agree.
Aims for November and October in Review! 2019-11-07T21:59:01+00:00

Hello-ello-ello, step right on up and let’s get some Hoo-rah in here! It’s the end of another month, but while there was plenty of horrid horror of Halloween of late, we’ve been having an October as sweet as candy! Want to see what’s come to the beWilderverse in just the last 4-week stint? Do come and help us be all we can be, hold us to account and make us all the better, by publicly progressing on our goals for all to see. We’ll get all hyper for the next bits to come, but first…

Our October Goals:

- Agents of Heels v0.13 to the Daring fans. Complete But Late - It took us a little extra time (damn you failed renders!) but she’s arrived and she is pure magic! Yes, Nat is back in our most sex packed update ever! That is no fluff or uncertain statement, we got over 110+ CGs, and a third to a half of those are foreplay, sex or moneyshots. It depends on your count. That’s not all it is though, as each of our 3 Nats take a big step forward in their stories, things take some major turns and some relationships won’t ever be the same… Care to find out what we have in store for each of our lovely ladies that are our Nats? And what becomes of the ladies Annette and Kelly who get to show themselves again? Then give it a try! We’ll take a check on this one so, and hey, remember to pick up our 2K wallpaper as an apology for our delay!

- NTR Origins: Kelsey and the City Released to the Brave fans. Complete! - They say the best should always be saved for last, and Kelsey is all about being the best! The last Mini-VN of the NTR Origins series is here and its hot! From the classroom to the big stage, through football fields, the streets of Philly and of course Little Toscana, Kelsey leaves her mark on them all and spent boys in her wake! It’s a tag team show of friendship and something more, as Kelsey and Kate take aim at their dreams in New York, but y’all know by now it’s not as easy going as they make it seem. Brave fans now have this unique opportunity to see both Kelsey and Kate at their beginnings, before they stir up sex and stories in both Agents of Heels and Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth too. Here’s to our giggling girls, and to the check mark on this achieved goal!

- Agents of Heels: Croft and the Coveted Seal (Lara’s bWW!2018 Mini-VN) Released to the Brave fans. Complete! - We’ve delivered on the crown jewel of what was the biggest and rowdiest show of fandom we’ve ever seen for the beWilderverse, the beWilder’s Wildest! Grand Prize! Brave fans know what we’re talking about at last! See the beWilderverse spread Eastward as worlds collide and history comes right to the forefront. Lara is not only brains but she’s got a field sculpted bod to go with it, and she’s got to do what a Heels girl’s got to do when her mission to protect a piece of history (and the world as we know it) relies on how well she can handle a man. Now our Brave fans and beyond know how far she’ll go to protect artefacts of power, and how well she can wrap a man around her finger! We wonder… Is she better that Nat when all is said and done? Check it out, while we take this check mark here!

- Agents of Heels v0.11 Released to the Bold fans. Complete! – Nat’s still got a job to do, and as of now she’s good to go for the Bold among us! Who’s ready for Miller to spill his guts, and Kate to spill her fluids?! After her Mission #2 outing, Nat is surely owed some answers, and she’s got them for the most part as well as the fall out of her actions. Meanwhile, our inter-series young lovers get to start their story for y’all, though it begins right where Nat gets to get wild and wet by the pool with Kate, just as we all wanted! Kelsey will understand we hope. Don’t take our word for it though, all our Bold buddies can tell you themselves that it just got hotter and a whole lot more interesting for AoH! Check please!

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.4 Released to the Public. Complete! – We couldn’t keep Noemi to ourselves even if we tried, the same way Brad can’t keep her by his side… Ouch for him, but not for us! We love to see her do her thing, and so the Public gets a taste of her as she pulls it together. But of course, this release wasn’t just about her, oh no! Frankie came to show her face to the wider world, landing a job at Little Toscana and a part in what is still to play for! We’re warming up the plates on this one, readying to get into more spicy dishes, Noe’s public nipple play is just the appetiser! Enjoy everyone, just don’t fill up on the bread! We’ll tick this one off as well.

- Agents of Heels: The Last Raider update Released to the Daring, Brave and Bold fans. Failed - Oooohh… Drat. Nards even. This sucks, it does. We wanted more, and we wanted to his this one. We went a little overboard in trying to make a big return on this one, and y’all saw Quiet making her mark on page 2 of the set this month, didn’tcha? That was a teaser to shake a kind of stick at, no doubt, but we’ve got to pick up the pace on this one we know. Lara’s gotta happen damn it! We want her doing more nasty things too! Let’s re-reack this one and get rolling on it early November. We’ve got to make her happen, right? Right!

- Make October overflow with Posts, Updates and Chats on the Discord, up to the brim and beyond! Complete! - It was another month to raise the roof, fright from the start with our Spooky birthday party and all the way to the teaser twists at the tail end! Yup, Spook gained another year and another level, the Discord went up like a tinderbox of fun that night! We got to see some of his sexy presents, including some awesome Unshi artwork of a dark hearted girl of Spook’s fancy that we’ve not yet played with on this here page. Plus we saw last year’s gift too, Kriem getting a much needed spanking from the older Momma Frankie… Damn! That was just the server sweetness though, the page got a good going over too, from the handover that’s worth framing on the wall (so says a dear fan) with Nat and Kelsey playing gunner girls, to Quiet making some 80’s musical notes and treating our eyes to a feast, it’s been hot stuff right from the start! Along the way we got teasy too, now didn’t we? Nat put on a public show, it’s hard not to do what she demands when she’s the reward waiting for the taking. It’s even harder not to quake in our boots when she goes full bad behind enemy lines. But what really took the cake, the moist and delicious cake, was when Nat followed the rules of the house. Pantie Drop Teaser! To cap it all off, we celebrated a haunted Halloween, Spooky style, with our own little witch Kriem, and her beWilderverse brew! That was a Macbeth parody by the way. See her public display here, and her bare-chested Tits or Treats version for backers! We have had another month of joy and jabbering with y’all, so hows about we take a check mark on this goal, and set out to make another month of goodies ahead? Hell yeah!

Not a bad month at all, plenty of
beWilderverse to go around, and even more ladies making us go wild! There’s not much more we could ask for, only one mark short of the full sweep, but 85.71% (6/7) is an accomplishment worth a cheer! We’ve been working with our recent changed, winding up and running wild, it’s paying off and we’re doing fine! Still room to improve, still sluts to enjoy going nuts, and plenty more good times in the tank as we ride high into a new month. We’ll never be satisfied, so let’s make more nasty for November!

What to expect in November

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.7 Released to the Daring. Who’s hungry for a hot plate of Italian woman?! We are! Noemi is back to rock the block, and make Easy street the hardest place to be for any man! She’s got all he girls in tow with her, yes all 3, as we have complete the staff cast and can now get filthy! Last time out we had Kelsey come knocking, since then she’s got a job at Little Toscana and she let us all know who she is and what she’s willing to do in her own OS. Now it’s time to see her servicing customers! We hope your all hyped to see her play with Kriem and Frankie, and she loves to play, as well as get back to the woman we all want to order, Noemi herself! She’ll be competing with Natasha from this month for who can make the couch springs squeak the most, and we’ll get a taste of both Frankie and Kriem’s home life while we’re at it. Are you hyped yet? Are you ready to be seated? Daring fans, get your forks, you’ll be getting stuck in in November, no doubt! Ha… and we didn’t even get to tease you with where we put the pickle in the ‘Kelsey Burger’!

- Agents of Heels v0.13 to the Brave and Bold fans. Nat’s back in the saddle, and this time it’s not to play office lady! She’s suited up and kicking ass, sucking dick and causing trouble. Not all in that order either! She’s getting closer to those answers she wants, she needs, we all need… and she’s ready to her body on the line to make it happen. She’s taking it to Maeda, in more ways than one depending on how you have chosen to make her yours, and for those that have played it straight, there are also rewards to be had with Scout, her couch and her coffee table. What out though, it’s getting hot in there for several reasons! Brave fans will get to see what we mean by mid-month now that we’re on the expedited release, Bold fans will see the same goodies late in the same month of November too!

- Agents of Heels v0.11 to Released to the Public. Yes, we’re keeping our Public releases up and open for those fans out there who just can’t afford to become a beWildernaut just yet. We love what we do, we are proud of what we make, and the goodies really get y’all going, so why hold it back forever? We want to world to enjoy being wilder! In that vein, it’s time for more Natasha to drop on y’all hot spots, as she deals with the fall out of her big Mission #2. Not only does she get a head full of answers, she gets a mouth full of teenager too, as Kate confided her true love in the only woman she has around her now… and we all know where that’s coming from now, don’t we? *Cough* Kelsey *Cough*. It’s a damn fine drop to expect not to long from now we say!

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.7 Walkthrough Released to the Daring. Once we’ve got all the good content listed, first up on our bonus good stuff is the Walkthrough of course! With Noemi coming to liven up our meals again, it’s only right we make sure you can get all of her on you own terms, with the guide to get between her knees. All the new content enumerated, al the tips and tricks we’ve got up our sleeves to make it happen too! It’s going to be right here for the Daring fans for sure!

- Agents of Heels: The Last Raider update Released to the Daring, Brave and Bold fans. We’re rolling this one over and making for some Lara-licous November. We’re still all riled up from her jaunt to China, but we are also ashamed to let her go so long without something kinky happening to her, nor can we get enough of the sexy sniper Quiet and her lock on our long Johns. As we showed above, we got some promising progress on the next set of pages, it’s just a matter of making it happen and getting to y’all and enjoying the steps forward. Let’s make November the first in the feisty fight between our two ladies, shall we?

- Knock November up a notch with Posts, Updates and Chats on the Discord! We’re into the penultimate month of 2019, but that just means two more chances at making a lasting mark on the year, as more smears in your favourite brand of tissues… Gross! But great! Yes indeed, with November we’re going to keep on rolling hard and fast, putting out more posts and pics of the ladies without shame and with the heat they bring to winter! It’s going to be the same great taste around here! We’re also looking to party along with pride on our Discord too, like we do, for what is all the efforts of making our world if we can’t share the joy with those who’d love to live it too? We might even make it to a new record of fan support? Maybe so, so let’s get to it and make it a month of mad sexy!

October has come and gone, it’s another month done and won! We’re still standing and we’ve still have girls kneeling at our feel making us feel fine! Here’s to making the beWilderverse a world better for the troubles, and here’s to yet more to come! It’s been another 4 weeks of full work and plenty of play, we wouldn’t have it any other way! Now, we could only do that in no small part because of you all, and the support you show us, the backing you so graciously flow our way so we can keeping going. We love that you love our girls, our games and our unique slice of world away from the real one, and we love y’all even more for making it possible. Sincerely, and for real, thank you all our backers. Thank you. Now, before we get all mushy and cry into our keyboards, go have y’alls fun with what we’ve managed to produce right her. We’re going to catch out breath, pull out the notepad and start to plan out more sex and drama, complete with little diagrams in the corners. It’s only another 4 weeks until we hit y’all again, so be hyped up for it, be ready, and of course…

Be noisy all November and beWilder!

Agents of Heels v0.13 Delay Notice and Tease
Agents of Heels v0.13 Delay Notice and Teasemore_vert
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Agents of Heels v0.13 Delay Notice and Tease 2019-11-04T18:37:33+00:00close

Hello there folks and folkettes, it’s Monday and that means beWilder fun day! Well, not entirely fun day, but some good stuff’s on this digital page too. This is the place we’d love to be posting a dash of Noemi getting her fine form on the shop floor in a handover, but as we all know Nat’s not yet got her game on, has she? We’ll get into that just below… but first, let’s get some blood flowing!

(Image Link)

Lookie, lookie, we see cookies! Or as close as we can show publicly. Our trio of Nat’s all meet up after their exploits, not even changing cloths before they gossip about their cock gobbling! Honestly, our update’s packed so much that we couldn’t find another teaser to rile you all up that wasn’t sex or story spoilers, so enjoy this 2k teaser wallpaper instead. Version 0.13 is for sure a double stuffed wh-Oero of content!

Alright folks, now’s the time to break it down for y’all. For those that didn’t see our status update on Discord last Thursday, we’ve had a delay in October’s release. We’ve been working with a new render method that we’re trying to master, in pursuit of making the most of our releases and more CGs per month. Throw in the main Corrupt Nat scene for this version having some pretty awesome new effects and geometry (it’s a unique scene for sure and we’re going to post about it after the release, it’s that cool), it makes for something worthy of quality to date… Only it’s a hard mistress to tame. Early last week we had to completely re-render a scene of 30+ CG and it’s thrown our timings off, which is why Nat is not yet with us…

… Now, that’s the bad news, the good news is that we’re making lemonade out of that big lemon we were hit with! We’ve extended the scene in question while we at it, added participants and even added a wrap up scene too. The update is about 50% larger than it was (in CG count), rivalling Lara’s Mini VN, and all 3 of the major scenes are more than half sex. It’s pretty whopping, and it’s almost done. What you really want to know is when will she be here, right? Well, it’s our goal to be done with rendering by tonight, and that means Post-Pro, Building and Testing tomorrow through Wednesday. All goes well we’ll be back here with y’all on Thursday with some Red Nat in tow, and Friday will be back to Philly as our Italian Stallion Noemi takes over for her month!

Let’s sum it up right here, shall we?

- Rendering and Redoing has caused us a delay

- On the upside, Nat’s v0.13 is 50% bigger now (110+ CGs, 5 Scenes and more side girls).

- All Daring fans of October will be getting Nat as promised on release.

- Noe will be back on Friday to take over, and the Last Raider is still on our plans this month.

A’ighty guys and gals, that’s our heads up. Our apologies on the delay, but we’re still working overtime to make it happen. Y’all gonna love this when it drops, we swear. There’s nut-busting content for all! So, let us go see it through, another day of doing what we love to girls we love, and you all love too! We’ll be back asap, so until then…

Be ready to spread’um and beWilder!

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ThreeNatsLegs_2kWallpaper.jpg (1.1MiB)

Happy Halloween from beWilder! – Kriem’s a Real Witch! (Public Version)
Happy Halloween from beWilder! – Kriem’s a Real Witch! (Public Version)more_vert
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Happy Halloween from beWilder! – Kriem’s a Real Witch! (Public Version) 2019-10-31T21:44:30+00:00close

Happy Halloween everyone! We hope y’all enjoy some candy and kink, for it’s the evening of all souls, and of sluts being finally appreciated in public!

Last year we didn’t make a big splash for this season, but we know y’all like the special pieces like the one we did the year before on our first Halloween, so we couldn’t not have our fun this year! To make it up, and make it even better, we’ve got more than just a pic to show you…

It’s the Season of the Witch! Who else but our Goth girl would love this day the most? We let her go wild, playing at her favourite lady from Witch One to boot, and she has a concoction most macabre (or even McBeth-re) for us!


Three times Hallow’s Eve hath come.
Last year’s beWilder did sadly shun.
But Fans doth cry: We want some! 'Want some!

Round about the caldron go;
In the lust filled lube do throw.—
Gears, pulled from Captain Stone,
Who’s final night at sea did blow;
Swelter’d girlcum sleeping got,
When Cat did lick Nat’s charm-ed pot!

Double, double, toil and trouble;
Pussy burn, and semen bubble.

Blonde hair of slutty guy or gal,
Could be Kelsey’s, could be from Sal;
Eyeglass of Noe, and sweat of Nat,
Gasp of Tim, and tongue-kiss from Cat,
Asana’s flower, Clair’s tattoo ink,
Miller’s goatee, and Larson’s kink,—
This potion shows true, the real Witch,
It’s fuckin’ me, not the Wicked Bitch!

Double, double, toil and trouble;
Pussy burn, and semen bubble.

Scale of Dragon; the Jade made Seal;
Lara Croft, of herself more did reveal;
Rage of Raven, Daughter of Dark;
Stain from Damon’s pitched tents in park;
Spit of Subject 32;
Pigtail of Kate, Brad’s balls are blue,
Frankie’s plumped up mommy lips;
Faceless Joe dicks, just the tips;
And to think this world all made its start,
When from that Mall Chase Nat did depart—
By now this gruel’s not for faint of heart!
Add thereto green herb made hot,
You name it cauldron, while I do Pot.

Double, double, toil and trouble;
Pussy burn, and semen bubble.

beWilderverse wide, these things I’ve accrued,
My charm’s now more potent than Ivy’s brew!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our lady in black get her fright on! Our backers can see her get her top off too, right here, since it is a slut’s time of year too. So, with that we leave you to handle what goes bump in the night! Have yourselves a horrifically wonderful and wild ride!

Scares from Unshi and Spook2099,

Be witchin’ and beWilder!

(PS: We have a status update on October’s release, but we don’t want to tack it on and mixed it up here. It’s on its way and it’s even bigger than we thought it would be. See our Discord for the details)

Media (1)

KriemTheWitch_Halloween2019.jpg (1.3MiB)

Agents of Heels v0.13 Public Teaser – Yours for the Taking
Agents of Heels v0.13 Public Teaser – Yours for the Takingmore_vert
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Agents of Heels v0.13 Public Teaser – Yours for the Taking 2019-10-18T21:35:26+00:00close

Hey-ho! Happy Friday fans and freaky people! It’s not only time to get your weekend on, it’s time to get hyper for some hotness too! We’re deep into October and into our development, it’s ‘bout time we spill some seed, no wait, beans! Let’s spill the beans on Nat right now!

Who’s up for getting down? Getting down on it! We’ll it’s all yours for the taking, Scout! Would you have the balls or the bottle to take her offer? Who thinks they can handle a tangle with Natasha on her favourite kind of throne?

The sluttiest holiday of them all is just on the hoe-rizon folks! We’re close to Halloween and the hotness it brings. We’re hoping to seem plenty of ladies dressing up in hot leather, just like our Natasha. We love any lady who can hold her own and have the nerve to give it a go, Noe and Kelsey already showed they can rock it too, didn’t they? We of course love it more to see them do like out Nat above, who can’t wait to strip it all off too!

There we go people, that’s our teasing taste of things to come… visually that is. What about the version details, hrrmmm? Oh, we’ve got those too, never fear! So what does version 13 (ha, spooky!) bring to the table..? Well Nat of course, literally on the table!

The coming version will again be a packed 3 scenes, 4 if we can get through the good stuff in good time. All 3 are main story scenes, each for a different Nat, but all 3 are more than just that, they are x-rated romps too! It’s sex and story through and through, perfect for her return! Good Nat (seen above) can get in some more ‘play’ with her partner Scout, taking things to another level, and almost taking him to Heaven along the way! Meanwhile, our Corrupt and Bad Nat’s will be taking things outside, all the way outside to Maeda’s club, oh my! Expect to learn a little more about his role in antagonising our government killers, and how he plans on getting away with more than just the girl. Depending on how Nat’s approached her troubles to date, expect her time there to be distinctly different! That added 4th scene? Well, we’ll not spoil it, but we’ll be digging up more clues to the truth, the end game and seeing a lovely little lady we’ve not spent time with in some time. She’s too cute not to!

To sum up the majors:

- 3 Scenes for sure, all of them sex and then some.

- An extra more serious story scene for Good Nat, we’ll not spoil.

- Scout, Maeda, and a returning cute gal to spend time with.

And that’s that! We showed you ours, now you show us yours! We hope you’re already raving over our returning Agent in action, ready to get into it right form the start! Speaking of getting into it, we’re already several CGs in, making a good pace, and the script is shaping up in good stead too. Another two weeks or so on the clock, but we’re more than excited to get to make this batch of naked heat! Hope to see y’all at the finish line when we have her! Until then…

Be ready to get stains out of that couch and beWilder!

Media (1)

AoH_v0_13_PublicTeaser.jpg (542.1KiB)

Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth (NTR) v0.4.1 – “The Team Woes and Grows” (Public Release)
Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth (NTR) v0.4.1 – “The Team Woes and Grows” (Public Release)more_vert
Post file flag
Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth (NTR) v0.4.1 – “The Team Woes and Grows” (Public Release) 2019-10-12T09:30:30+00:00close

Hey there, all our fans out there, here she is! It’s time for a steaming hot plate of Noemi, to make your ‘pasta’ go al dente! Find the game link below, but first, an appetizer of what we’ve got on the menu!

“This release, dubbed “The Team Woes and Grows” marks the fourth of our game release in the NTR branch of the beWilderverse. Now that war has truly broken out on Easy Street, it’s time to get to get the war council fully stocked! While Noe faces up to concerns with Brad being overworked in the kitchen, a new face appears with a job application and sob story in hand. What could go wrong next for Noemi? This release also marks the first appearance another rival for Noemi, one that’s bugged for her years and may also be after her affections, plus another large expansion to the Restaurant Manager gameplay and the Downtime/Day Off Activities too! See for yourself what Sal’s opening salvos are, and how to start training up Noe as we go, so…

… Enjoy our main course of Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth!

Download Link (Win): NTR v0.4.1 Window

Download Link (Mac): NTR v0.4.1 Mac

Download Link (Lin): NTR v0.4.1 Linux

Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.4 – “The Team Woes and Grows”

With this update, we can spend another week at Little Toscana, now up until the end of Month 2, Week 1 (that’s 37 day, just FYI)! We’ve pushed the main story ahead again so we can expand the cast just as we’ve always wanted, plus we’ve opened the Beck and Roy arcs too. On top, we’ve another scene pushing the Brad/True Love story arc further and hotter! The game got a serious balancing pass on the gameplay side, new helpful UI to denote active multipliers in the Restaurant Management side, and plenty more outcomes as Sal beings to set traps for the ladies. Watch Out! As for Noemi’s day’s off, she can now take part in Yoga, Poker and TV Binging in whole new ways as she trains herself in becoming more Open Minded, Competitive and Romantic all the while. It’s a heft update for sure!

- Technical information

⦁ Version: 0.4 (‘The Team Woes and Grows’ Release)
⦁ Weight: 651 MB
⦁ Weight Packed: 298 MB

- Content

⦁ 5 Full Scenes (for 20 Total).
⦁ 50 New Scene Rendered CGs (for 240 Total)

⦁ 15 New Gameplay Rendered CGs (for 42 Total)

- 12 New Restaurant Management Outcome CGs

- 3 New Day Off Activity CGs

⦁ Added 7 new days to the playable game time (now up until the end of Day 37 / Month 2 Day 7)

⦁ New Downtime Activity Variants for “Self Improvement”: Yoga, Poker and TV Binge Watching.

⦁ 1 Rewritten short repeatable scene, Poker 1, fixing mistaken reference to the rules of traditional Poker instead of Texas Hold’em which is being played.

- Features

⦁ Expanded Day Off / Downtime Activities System, adding new UI management for dynamic icon displays, and new ways to spend days off. Noe can now choose between relaxing for the day as usual or to spend some cash (add to her debt) to up her stats at last! These stats can affect scene choices later in the game, as well as improve outcomes and earning in the Restaurant Manager sections, so get them while you can!

⦁ Continuation of the Main Story arc and introduction of the Beck and Roy arcs, plus the continuation of the Brad/True Love arc. At the end of the Main Story now, Frankie will be joining the team, and so the ground is laid for her to join the team!

⦁ Further expanded playable beta test of the Restaurant Management gameplay, now adding Sal’s attempts to interfere with Little Toscana’s daily operations. If Little Toscana’s Rep is high enough and Sal has declared war after the street party, Sal will have set chances of setting traps in the Waitressing and Cooking activities (later the Entertain one too). Fall into a trap and you’ll have a really bad day! That means lower tips and a loss of reputations, so you’d better start thinking about playing defence sometimes! As Little Toscana’s Rep grows and Sal’s declines, he’ll get more hands on and pull out the bigger guns… but for now only his first level of interference is active.

⦁ Added more info to the Save Slots UI so you know more about the game save state, such as the in-game day of the save.

- Community Feedback

⦁ Thanks to feedback from players over the last while, we’ve taken on the highs and lows of the gameplay and used it to balance the game. Day Off activities are now more relaxing for Noe, while stress and base tips earned have been adjusted too. The reputation costs of Proactive tasks and hits to rep for traps have been dramatically increased too!

- Known Issues

We are thrilled to report that there are no known issues at this time. Please do inform us via message or our Discord server if you do come across any, we sincerely mean that.

v0.4.1 Patch – Small Engine Update / Bug Fixes #1

This patch is an ease of use update, taking on feedback received from players since the initial release of v0.4 and building upon the game in simple ways as we ready for more substantial improvements in coming versions. Some simple bug fixes and UI improvements are included, and most significantly a simulate feature has been added to the gameplay so players can quickly skip outcomes and land on the summary if they so choose.

- Content

There is no new content beyond the original v0.4 content additions listed above.

It is worth noting, one small balancing addition has been made for v0.4.1, softening the conditions on the Main Story arc scenes around the Street Party section. Now once you have started the first of trio of scenes, the following 2 scenes will play as scheduled regardless of if your debt stays below the threshold to start them. This should mean the main story plays out smoother now.

- Features

⦁ Added a Simulate Function to the Restaurant Manager Gameplay. This allows the player to simulate the day’s activities from the management screen, jumping directly to the end of day summary screen rather than see the outcomes as they happen. This allows players to avoid repeat outcomes, lessens the appearance of grind, and speeds up the pace of the game in parts if they so choose.

⦁ Added a behind the scenes framework that will allow for the addition of tutorial panels that will explain and aid in the gameplay as help pages. These will come in a future release, but as of now the base code is in place to build the system in without difficulty.

- Community Feedback

⦁ To combat confusion with creating saves, we’ve added a text readout to the centre of the Save/Load UI, directing you to the labels on the bottom of the Slots. First of many helpful UI tips and tutorials incoming! Thanks to a few people for this one!

⦁ We’ve fixed up a bug in the New Game option which was messing with some of the settings on start. All’s good on that front now, and a thanks to Bailey Nelson for reporting the issue.

⦁ Saves made on Mac builds should now be sent to a beWilder specific folder on your file structure now, whereas before it was being lumped into the community unity games folder. Cheers to Art for the heads up.

Media (1)

NTR_Pub_04.jpg (182.6KiB)

The Last Raider Ch#3 Teaser – Look into my Quiet Eyes
The Last Raider Ch#3 Teaser – Look into my Quiet Eyesmore_vert
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The Last Raider Ch#3 Teaser – Look into my Quiet Eyes 2019-10-09T21:52:11+00:00close

“You say no words,
You show no love,
You chase Lara around,
But that ain't enough,
'Cos girl
I wanna know,
If you're getting it on
Or letting her go,
Don't lie,
When you're slipping inside
'Cos you can't escape my…

Quiet Eyes!
They're watching you,
They see your every move...!”

Ha ha! Welcome fanboys and fangirls, lovers of the silent but sexy stalker of the beWilderverse, it’s Quiet time! We sorry that we’re not sorry, because we couldn’t miss this chance to spice up this post with a little Hall & Oats parodying, because unlike most of our girls, Quiet doesn’t talk back! None of our others would let us away with that… but we can’t contain the giddy when it comes to putting our girls to use!

… Yes indeed, we’ve been working more on The Last Raider and the Chapter 3 release once again. As you can see, Quiet is looking forward to some more comic screen time, that and she’s tired of us looking at her tits while we speak to her. Seriously though, it’s a much more dire situation for Lara in the upcoming chapter, and it’s in no small part due to this woman and her rifle, so we should be more solemn. It’s getting close to the time we’ve got to get our Nat nastiness for October, so whether or we do get our Raider delights this month is questionable since the games and the real glory girls come top of the to-do list, but we for certain wanted to make some noise and show we’re working hard on our renewed comic push too. For now, enjoy that body while we work it, we’re looking forward to putting Quiet through some special “speech therapy” to get her making noise sooner rather than later.

Alright folks and folkettes, that’s our special tease for today. While we’re here we wanted to say a big cheer to those who came by and celebrated Spook’s birthday with us late last week and those who sent in the well wishes too. We sure did have fun sharing those special pieces for the occasion on the Discord, as well as the reception a certain Daughter of Darkness we’ve been sitting on got when she came to play. A hearty cheers to all! Here’s to another year of sexy wordsmithery and several more scenes of sluts gone nuts!

We’ll be back soon enough with more for sure, plus next week will see our Brave releases for Kelsey and of course Lara herself, she’s been to China lately, did you know that? You will! Plus we’ll have the deets on Nat’s pieces too! So, until then…

Be speechless and beWilder!

Media (1)

LastRaiderCh3_QuietEyes_Teaser.jpg (660.0KiB)

Hand Over to AoH – Bang! Bang! Babe! Babe!
Hand Over to AoH – Bang! Bang! Babe! Babe!more_vert
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Hand Over to AoH – Bang! Bang! Babe! Babe! 2019-10-04T22:09:01+00:00close

Hey-o folks! Back in action and all suited up, it’s time to post some more naughty Natasha, because it’s her month again! Hell yeah, we back to the headliner hottie in hot leather! But that’s not all what this post is about… No way! Grab your cake spoons!

But first…!

We can’t hand it over without an official fun piece, so here they are! Kelsey got her Origins release yesterday ands she’s happy to show you it all! So that’s it, the last of our Mini-VNs for some time, and so we have Nat leaping right over her and into the fray of action for October! They make a sweet tag team, don’t they? Teacher and Student out on a field trip!

For those who don’t know, our PWP’s had a running joke of Kelsey being a pretend agent, so we thought we’d keep that alive since we have such fun with it. We think now after seeing her OS, people will understand she’s Heels material. She also had a habit of stealing other girls iconic outfits, including Nat’s, and we’ll probably keep that ‘joke’ too just FYI.

Alright, that’s it, it’s official. We’ve just broken ground on Agents of Heels: Misadventures of Agent Romanov v0.13! We’ll dish out the details another day, and while we get our Pre-Pro done, we’ve also got some Lara’s Last Raider cooking up on top. Who’s hyped up high?!

One more thing… Y’all remember our beWilder’s Wildest! contest? It was this time last year we launched it, almost to the day. We’re not doing one this year, but do y’all fans from last year remember why we kicked it off this week of all weeks? Well… Do ya? It’s because..

It’s Spook’s birthday! Yay! Well, in a few hours it is! Super pumped celebrations ho! And speaking of ‘ho’s… He’ll take the lead from a lad named 2 chainz and say “All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe!”. It’s party time over in beWilderville (that’s the Discord - already got some booty on there for the occasion), and all the fans, beWildernauts especially, are invited! We’ll party all the way to Nat’s front door, only stopping when we can all play her update for the month… maybe she’ll give us all party favours? Hmmm?

So that’s our piece for today, let’s rock it all weekend and all month, and until we do…

Be ‘funs blazing’ and beWilder!

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AoH_October2019Transition.jpg (504.9KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #3866608 - 6 Oct 19 21:42
I guess it's not just Nat's boobs that defy gravity...
user avatar
beWilder - 7 Oct 19 09:41
Gravity can suck it! These ladies don't obey silly laws...
user avatar
User #5044518 - 4 Oct 19 22:27
wow , what an awesome looking pic , yo UNSHI how much for a FRAMED AUTOGRAPH????
user avatar
beWilder - 4 Oct 19 22:43
You know, if your serious, that can be arranged. We do love the idea of physical merch after all. And thank you, it is an awesome pic.
Aims for October and September in Review! 2019-10-03T15:07:49+00:00

Welcome back one and all, it’s that time again isn’t it? So soon? For real? Yes, it’s time to kick our asses into shape and see what we’ve done for ourselves and you all this month! The beWilderverse grows more and more, the girls get rowdier and louder too, so what’s happened in these last few weeks to make it all the better to be a part of? Let’s find out right now, then we can drool over what’s to come next! Go, go, go!

Our September Goals:

- Implementing the Page Changes laid out over August. Complete! – We did it, just like we talked about. Our tiers have been revamped, we’re phasing in our new release plans well, and our workflows are indeed flowing! As you can see right over there on the right, our Pure Wild and our Adventurous tiers are but sweet memories, the other tiers taking on many more sensible rewards and we’re already off and running. It’s time we push forth in this new stage and make the beWilderverse all the better for the time and effort put in by us all. We guess time will tell while we keep making the good stuff!

- NTR Origins: Kelsey and the City Released to the Daring fans. Complete! (But a Little Late) – At last, the flaxen-haired honey that is Kelsey has taken the stage! Her Origin Story, the last of the bunch, is ready to play! Kelsey’s wild ride takes her from the classroom to her bedroom, with competition and camaraderie along the way. She talks big and is a woman unburdened by social forces, but she’s still but a teen and control isn’t something she can wield at every turn. Just like Kriem, Frankie and even Noe before her, she finds herself drawn to ‘Little Toscana’ when not everything goes to plan, so if you can handle a minx and her Best Bestie, and all the games she plays, she’s ready to ply her skills on you too! Give her a test ride, and we’ll get moving with her next steps! Check! (PS. Links are already sent out for those who should have them. Let us know if you didn’t get one September Daring people!)

- Agents of Heels: Croft and the Coveted Seal (Lara’s bWW!2018 Mini-VN) Released to the Daring fans. Complete! – She’s here and ready to handle at last! That is, if she’s not too hot for you! Lara makes her landing for the Daring fans right here! She’s gone East in search of an ancient seal, the jade block that gives rise to kings and upsets the shaky foundations of our current world. But one thing remains the same no matter where our Lara goes… she’s still a much-desired woman, and when her raider skills fail, her feminine ones must save the day! Can she do it alone? Or does she need some special help in saving the world? Come on and see for yourselves and leave us a check mark while you’re at it please!

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.6 Released to the Brave fans. Complete! – Our own Italian Stallion, the top filly of Philly, Noemi is back to visit our Brave fans! She’s tangling up with Sal once more, this time with Alice and Beth getting in on the plotting, and the public eye putting our girl to shame while her rival sticks it to a new connection (‘it’ being his penis). Who can swoop in and save her? Who will be the hero she needs? Kelsey that’s who! Don’t believe us? See for yourself! We didn’t say she did it for free, now did we? Noe also has some time outside the restaurant alongside Kriem and Frankie, as they help fuel each other’s passions and stats, all on the way to even hotter days in service industry. Come see Kelsey’s first appearance, Sal’s new playmate and Noe’s utter shame, while we check this one off!

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.4 Released to the Bold fans. Complete!Bold fans put your hands up! We left a little something for you by the bed. A big something actually. Yes, a jumpstart on our NTR v0.4 is right here for your enjoyment! Time to sate that appetite for Italian, Noe’s ready to put on a show right on the street, only this time it’s a party with Brad and any lucky window watcher that might catch a glimpse. Big Momma herself also swigs by, resume in hand, ready to put herself to work in the service of others… if you know what we mean… Frankie comes to join the staff! Also keep an eye out for some competitive poker with Beck as things get a little too headbutty and a late-night visit from Roy too… now what could have upset a grizzled cop like him? While you find out, we’ll tick this one off!

- Agents of Heels v0.10.5 Full Released to the Public. Complete! – Mission #2 is now declassified, Nat’s exploits aboard the Mayor’s yacht is now in the public realm, but what happened to your Agent? Did she save the day or succumb to the moment? Did she take down the villain, or did she take something else? It’s all for you to guide and decide right here! Natasha’s biggest update yet is all right there for one and all to enjoy, including all 3 paths and their crossovers. It’s action, its sex, it ticking clocks and thrown punches, plus fallout from relationships from Scout to Cat and all between. For sure, it’s a serious big bang of a release! Have at it, we’ll mark this done!

- Make September loud and proud with Posts, Updates and Chats on the Discord as we do!

Complete! – It’s been another month of us talkin’ sexy and saucy, wouldn’t you say? We’ve been having our fun on our Discord, from fan exclusive teasers to chat all about heroines worth lovin’ and games worth making. We’ve had more smiles with our fans and we’ve all shared some sexiness ness in the NSFW channels too. Right here on the page we’ve had plenty to say too, from a special blast from the past with Cat and Harley, to Nat and Lara’s time on our minds, to all the games Kelsey’s played on us all month. We had her handover post showing her more traditional dancer side, her pre-tease as she readies to bust a new set of moves which also laid out our 6 Degrees of the beWilderverse, her main tease also wow’d as her Best Bestie Kate gets in on the action, then we got in some “unnecessary roughness” when she got her cheerleader on. We capped it all of with one last shot of her dance in action, she sure is flexible and ready to flaunt it all for the fans! While it’s not been our usual rain of posts this month, we’ve not got all the side rewards anymore after all, it’s still been a whirlwind of passion and sexy ladies the world over! Ain’t that right? We’ll call this complete so!

And that’s how you dance all over a month and make it your bitch! We took a page from Kelsey’s book and made our goals come true by any and all means. Hot stuff and glory are what it’s about for her and for us we got a full 100% (7/7) says it all! We’re taking that momentum from our changes and our successes and rolling them forward into more and more awesome and scintillating stuffs, more content to crack your stick at, and a lot more loveliness to want to be a part of. So then, care to see what’s on the next list of lasciviousness to make our world a whole degree hotter? It’s right here!

What to expect in October:

- Agents of Heels v0.13 to the Daring fans. Nat’s coming back, and this time it’s not to play office lady! She’s suited up and kicking ass, sucking dick and causing trouble. Not all in that order either! October’s chill can suck it, it’s getting hot in here, again. She’s getting closer to those answers she wants, she needs, we all need… and she’s ready to her body on the line to make it happen. There’s also more of New York’s offerings for her to enjoy before she gets stuck in to the work of spies like her. We’ll have a return for her that’s worth the wait, and she’ll show Lara who’s the real Heels lady around here as she returns, first and foremost to the Daring fans and their waiting lust.

- NTR Origins: Kelsey and the City Released to the Brave fans. They say the best should always be saved for last, and Kelsey is all about being the best! The last Mini-VN of the NTR Origins series is here and its hot! From the classroom to the big stage, through football fields, the streets of Philly and of course Little Toscana, Kelsey leaves her mark on them all and spent boys in her wake! It’s a tag team show of friendship and something more, as Kelsey and Kate aim for New York. It’s a Hell of a ride, as are both of them, so get ready Brave fans, it’s time you got you’re hands on them come October!

- Agents of Heels: Croft and the Coveted Seal (Lara’s bWW!2018 Mini-VN) Released to the Brave fans. We’ve delivered on the crown jewel of what was the biggest and rowdiest show of fandom we’ve ever seen for the beWilderverse, the beWilder’s Wildest! Grand Prize! Daring fans know what we’re talking about! Back then the fans chose a full Mini-VN, they chose Lara to star in it, and now it’s time for the Brave amongst us to have at it! See the beWilderverse spread Eastward as worlds collide and history comes right to the forefront. Lara has to find her own way to steal the seal of a nation, and that means putting her body on the line to do it, before a kingdom can rise and the world order change. The stakes are high, the sex is hot, and the Brave fans get this one in their lap too!

- Agents of Heels v0.11 Released to the Bold fans. Yup, we’ve still got some good stuff coming all our fans’ way in October too. Sure, our side Mini-VNs of Lara and Kelsey end their ride at the Brave tier but before our first main game release hits the new quickfire release plan we’ve still got content to catch y’all up on! Get ready to seem some aftermath in action as Mission #2’s fallout lands on you Bold fans. Care to hear what Miller really has to say about BRASS? Want to see how Nat and Scout settle their differences? Better yet, can you handle the first taste of Kate and Kelsey’s twisting tale, and with it some Redhead-on-Redhead by the pool “splashing”? Of course you can, and it’s coming your way!

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.4 Released to the Public. We recently released our v0.4 of Noemi’s life at Little Toscana, and her new girl Frankie walking into her life to our Bold fans. They still have some exclusive play time with our ladies but come October we’re letting them loose on the whole damn world! We can’t keep these fine women to ourselves, can we? Expect to have some fun with the one and only Milfy Momma of Little Toscana, Noemi getting her boots knocked with Brad some more as they heat things up and even some intrigue with Roy’s nasty neighbourhood hoodlum. It’s a fine add to the beWilderverse, and it only gets better as we build upon these shoulders!

- Agents of Heels: The Last Raider update Released to the Daring, Brave and Bold fans. Her Mini-VN isn’t the only Lara we have in store for y’all, oh no! It’s about damn time we got back to Mexico and to our hunt for answers, as well as more Lara tail! We’ll be sure to whip up at least a page’s worth of goodness and greatness for our British Lady in the Bush… or… jungle… More sexy for her is what we’re saying!

- Make October overflow with Posts, Updates and Chats on the Discord, up to the brim and beyond! We’re in a celebrating mood for a whole damn month! Spook puts another year up on the board with his birthday in the early days, and so it’s gonna rock around the clock here for sure! Last year we added Quiet to our cast of girls, and we kicked off beWilder’s Wildest! too… Well, we wont go that far this time but it’s still a good time for some hot stuff to happen, right? Right! We’ll party on up on the Discord, we’ll keep the raucous rolling through our posts and we’ll keep y’all filled in as we fill up a certain hottie in heels in a whole new update! It’s going to be another busy month for your inbox!

So then, September is in the books! It’s another month done, and another month won! It’s been a ride and a half as we shake things up and get to our new level of adult content creation! The beWilderverse is a little older, a little bigger and a little better thanks to the last 4 weeks or so, and that’s as much a community achievement as our own team one. We sincerely thank those who have backed us this past month and every other one too, it’s because of y’all we made it this far and these newest steps have come to be. Thank you all, for real. Go have your jollies now, have a great time with all we’ve done, and get strapped in for more sex, intrigue and escape to a fantasy land! We’re taking another lap in October and we hope to see you all there! Let’s get oiled up and sexy people! Our next big jump is waiting!

Be Overjoyed for October and beWilder!

Kelsey OS Public Teaser – The Best Besties of All Time.
Kelsey OS Public Teaser – The Best Besties of All Time.more_vert
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Kelsey OS Public Teaser – The Best Besties of All Time. 2019-09-20T14:38:29+00:00close

Friday-hi-day! Howdy one and all! It’s about damn time we get to some public teasing with out biggest teaser of the whole damn beWilderverse! But which one do we mean? What? Come on, come on, let’s get to the girls, it’s the weekend so it’s party time!

There they are! Our “Best Besties of All Time”! It’s been a bit of an open secret all of these last few years, but AoH’s Kate and NTR’s Kelsey are the best of friends! Yes indeed. Ever since Kelsey came into our imaginations way back before beWilder was made official, these two have been waiting to be paired publicly. Kate has already mentioned Ms. Matthews by name in her poolside scenes with Nat, they shared last year’s Christmas post in matching outfits, as well as our special bonus New Year’s piece, and they shared not 1 but 2 Pure Wild tier images on our page too. They are our two fav teens paired, no doubt!

Yes, Kate is making an appearance in Kelsey’s OS. Not just that, she’s in a major role. Both girls are Philly born, and both dream of taking each other to the bigger stage of NYC, but as we know it’s not so simple for our young women, and that story starts here in NTR Origins: Kelsey and the City.

So, what to expect from Kelsey’s OS then? Well, it’s a tale of friendship and romance, but since it’s also Kelsey’s story it’s got depravity, manipulation, drama and dancing included.

- Kelsey is indeed the bi-sexual in our midst, and she bring the potential for girl-on-girl to NTR, but don’t expect that just yet from her in her Origin Story. She’s got some boys to wrap around her fingers first, and while she’s at it she’ll be wrapping her fingers around them too. She’s got two x-rated scenes to add to her record.

- Kate will play a major role, and she’s not much shyer than her slightly younger girl friend Kel, so we’ll see her get a little sassy too.

- As you can well tell by now, we’ll see worlds collider and the beWilderverse come closer together. The worlds of spies and diners aren’t so far apart after all, but since the game is set in Philly, expect more Philly characters to show their faces too.

And that’s all we’re going to tease right now. Those two above are plenty to try handle, don’t you think? What’s more, we’re already well on the way to making it all happen too.

Did you see our post on the 6 Degrees of the beWilderverse? Well you can see our first power link in our character web chain now, can’t you? While you wait on us to get them together in one package, why not have a go at putting it to the test? Come on by the Discord, or post in the comments below, shout out any 2 canonical characters of our world and you’ll pretty much find a way to link them in 6 steps or less. That’s. Freakin’. Cool. Give it a try, or even test us! You know you want to… so until you do…

Be ready for two major handfuls and beWilder!

Media (1)

KelseyOS_PublicPreview.jpg (865.8KiB)

Kelsey and the City Pre-Teaser: 6 Degrees of Separation
Kelsey and the City Pre-Teaser: 6 Degrees of Separationmore_vert
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Kelsey and the City Pre-Teaser: 6 Degrees of Separation 2019-09-16T20:55:31+00:00close

Hey-hey! It’s the top of another week and we’re back to liven up those Monday feelings. When the week make you blue, just think of the pink and get right on up in there! In case it wasn’t clear… our logo is kinda pink… what did you think we meant…?

… Oh my…

Now then, let’s right the ship and get to some fantasy! What’s going on in our world you wonder? Let’s see…

“It’s coming up, it’s coming up, it’s coming up… It’s Dare!” Boom!

Ha ha! Yeah, we’re hard at work with Kelsey still, knocking on out our last Mini-VN for a good while and getting some teenage tasty in our diet too. She’s all ready to bust her moves… she just needs us to keep doing her dirty work so we can show her in style. So, while we do that, we thought we’d drop a pre-tease detail, one we’re particularly looking forward to making official(er!).

You’ve all heard of the idea of “6 Degrees of Separation”, right? Also known as “6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon”? It’s the idea that everyone in the world can be linked together through a social chain of no more than 6 steps. It’s an interesting phenomenon on it’s face, but as a pair involved in a creative endeavour of world building (even x-rated sex worlds like ours), it’s also an exciting prospect! A 6 Degrees chain naturally forms when you plan and place characters in engaging ways, when you have sufficient depth to your design that links almost fall into place by themselves.

Aside from the coolness of seeing a world breathe life into itself, it also comes with some awesome benefits too. Cross-over potential increases dramatically. New opportunities for stories, situations and lewd character pairings appear without the need for such things as Deus Ex-Machina to make them play. What if a certain waitress’ reputation reached through the grapevine and landed her a job as a trainee agent? What if one playboy businessman met with another from a nearby city, which provides a certain lady spy the chance to go undercover in a shop nearby one of the targets? All these good things come from the “6 Degrees” principle, and you know what? Kelsey’s giving us the gift of that with her OS!

To bring it back to the lady of the month, in Kelsey’s OS we’re cementing relationships that are already an open secret, and with it we have our first publicly known chain path! We of course have more, but for now they are through obscure or unknown characters, so for now Kelsey is your guide through the beWilderverse social web! Come her OS landing, it’ll be possible to take almost any AoH and NTR named characters, even in the Mini-VNs, comic and beWilderverse Stories and draw that chain of 6 or less steps! That’s a Hell of an achievement in its own right. As we add games to our repertoire and world, theses chains will only grow stronger, giving us a near infinite potential for tales, troubles and best of all, sex pairings galore! All to the ^nth power!

And y’all thought Kelsey was just a pretty face?

Alrighty. You can tell by now we’re certainly hyped up for this, which is a pretty great place to be on a Monday, right? We’re already making it happen too, getting renders out and our knees up to get them into the engine as soon as we can. It’s going to be busy for us for the next few weeks, but we’re clearly all warmed up by what we’re doing so we’re all in! Things are coming along for sure. We’ll be back with our usual teasers soon too, first our public one with all the sweet deets, then our now tierless all-backer teasers to follow up until Kelsey is by all our sides. Daring fans will also be happy to know it’s now less than 2 weeks until Lara becomes yours too, as she falls cleanly into our news release cycle in the next little while. All in all, it’s a great day to be in the sexy biz! So until we hit you back…

Be only a degree away and beWilder!

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KelseyIsComing.jpg (885.6KiB)

Public Release: AoH v0.10 Full!
Public Release: AoH v0.10 Full!more_vert
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Public Release: AoH v0.10 Full! 2019-09-13T19:50:14+00:00close

Hey there, our adoring Public fans! Finally, Agents of Heels has reached a full v0.10 version ready for alls consumption, what a mighty fine accomplishment! There’s still plenty more to come, and many more occasions to cum too, so jump into our big bad mission in its entirety at long last and slash out as only our girls can make you do! Enjoy it our friends, grab the game and be sure to check out the patch notes below!

Download Link (Win): Agents of Heels v0.10 Full Link!

Heads Up! We’ve included the Saves given out last time, pre-Mission #2 and ready for each of the paths through it. We’ve renamed them to SaveSlot97, 98, and 99 so they don’t get muddled up with your own.

0.10.5 Engine Update Special (Additions)
- Technical information

⦁ Version: 0.10.5
⦁ Weight: 2.34 GB
⦁ Weight Packed: 1.58 GB

- Content

⦁ The early scenes in the game, specifically the opening “Mall Chase” and “Morning with Mark” have been completely redone by Spook. These scenes and their paths are now updated to fit the improved style of writing in the latter sections of the games, as well as clean up prickly wordings. The content is still the same, the game’s early story hasn’t changed.

- Features

⦁ New “Infinite Save System”! Now you are no longer tied to 7 slots, you can have as many saves as you like! Make as many stops along Nat’s 3 distinct and perilous paths, grab a checkpoint before any unspeakable act you desire or take a trip down memory lane to pick up on any plot points you might have been too giddy for the first time!

⦁ UI Update! The Save/Load UI has been whipped into shape! It’s now as tight as a certain Red Head’s rock-hard ass! With these improvements you can now see more info about each SaveSlot, including Nat’s Stats, Important Story/Mission data and the Save Location too. Now there’s no guessing as to what you’re getting with each slot!

⦁ Inbuilt Save Explorer! You can now find and facilitate any and all Save data from directly within the game. No more messing around in your file systems pregame to find your past progress, with this new feature you’ll be able to find, move and load your saves between versions from anywhere on your computer while you are knee deep in the beWilderverse! A heads up though, this can only be done while in the main menu, and individual saves can be imported as many times as you want so do be careful not to overload the same files needlessly…. It may get messy in your file folders.

- Community Feedback

⦁ As suggested by sithkhan for the last update, we have added Save Files and a note on how/when to use them that start with each of Good/Corrupt/Bad Nat paths the day before Mission #2. We’ve kept that same practice this time too. Y’all will be able to enjoy all the paths with ease! Be forewarned though, if you use these files without having played the path up to that point before, you’re going to miss a lot of content, contest and details, so be smart about it!

⦁ Thanks to Bailey Nelson for reporting issues with the scene framing to the required resolutions. Thanks to this we’ve got the scenes loading content correctly to the right display settings. Hoo-rah!

- Known Issues

⦁ This is a holdover notice from the last update, just FYI. We found and fixed a bug with the game saves from the Pre-release. Anyone who completed Mission #2 in any path from the v0.10 Pre-release, you must replay the mission as the outcomes are now saved and hence it will mess up the rest of your game. As stated in the point above, we have supplied rescue saves beforehand if you really need them.

0.10.1B “Full” Patch Notes (Additions)

- Content

In Addition to the Content listed below in the main body of the release, the full release adds:

⦁ Added Bad Nat Playable Mission 2 Scenarios

[SPOILER] An additional scene containing two distinct playable path endings that cross paths with the Corrupt main story path. Outcomes may be decided by player choice, but the potential for a choice will be linked to players’ past actions (or inactions). Choices have consequences on the way to Mission #2!

⦁ 40 new CGs and 10,000 new words of Text and Dialogue.

⦁ 1 new temporary outfit for Natasha: Masquerade Mission Suit.

⦁ 1 new temporary outfit for Catwoman: Sticky Finger Socialite Dress.

⦁ 1 new temporary outfit for Scout: Balaclava Bandit.

- Features

⦁ Fully complete Mission #2 playthroughs Bad Path, completing Mission #2 once and for all in all paths. Players now have a 3rd distinct entry way and goal for Mission #2, based on past choices, adding 2 new endings and potential outcomes of the Mission, making a total of 6.

⦁ Consequences of Natasha’s previous actions, or inactions as the case may be. in other parts of the game. Nat’s treatment of others will be the test of loyalty in a critical moment and will play a decisive role in future pathing.

- Community Feedback

⦁ As suggested by sithkhan, we have added Save Files and a note on how/when to use them that start with each of Good/Corrupt/Bad Nat paths the day before Mission #2. Now y’all will be able to enjoy all the paths with ease! This is a part of our apology for the wait. Be forewarned though, if you use these files without having played the path up to that point before, you’re going to miss a lot of content, contest and details, so be smart about it!

- Known Issues

⦁ We found and fixed a bug with the game saves from the Pre-release. Anyone who completed Mission #2 in any path from the Pre-release, you must replay the mission as the outcomes are now saved and hence it will mess up the rest of your game. As stated in the point above, we have supplied rescue saves beforehand if you really need them. Our bad on this and we’ve got it all covered now!

0.10.0 Pre-Release Patch Notes

- Content

⦁ Added a whole new day to the gameplay!

⦁ Added Good and Corrupt Playable Mission 2 Scenarios.

[SPOILER] Currently 2 massive scenes, each a distinct playable path that intertwines and crossovers at points, essentially making it 6 scenes joined together. These scenes come complete with both Text and CG variants.

⦁ 101 new CGs, 24,000 new words of Text and Dialogue.

⦁ 3 new temporary outfits for Natasha: Agency Issued Wetsuit, Sneaking Bathing Suit, and Entertainer’s Body Suit ‘The Rose’

⦁ 1 new temporary outfit for Annette: Oriental Administrator.

⦁ 1 new character: Maeda’s Private Hooker #1

⦁ 2 new locations: Mayor’s Luxury Yacht and New York Bay Pier (Restricted)

⦁ New Major Props. Highlights include new weapons for Nat, special lock boxes, helicopter and much more.

⦁ New major special effects including Liquid Dynamics, Heat Effects, Electrical Discharge effects, Fire Effects, Ballistic Dynamics and Floral Effects.

- Features

⦁ Fully complete Mission #2 playthroughs for Good and Corrupt Paths. Players can start the mission in 2 distinctly different ways based on past playing choices, and end in one of 3 distinct ways depending on choices taken and crossover of paths.

⦁ One last chance to shape Natasha’s main character traits and path, depending on choices and actions taken. This Mission will let you change paths, and it will likely be the last time you can easily do so before the ending, so make your choices carefully. To that intent, there are not conditions or skill checks in this mission, so the choice is left entirely to your judgement.

⦁ Serious consequences and outcomes for all characters involved in Mission #2 including permanent effects that may persist throughout the remainder of the game and in the beWilderverse as a whole, not to mention on Natasha.

- Community Feedback

⦁ We did some fan requested clean up of older scenes and some minor engine tinkering that will allow us some to add in some key engine feature later on when we have time for a proper ‘engine orientated update’ (likely at the end of the game’s production and content creation). This is really work that will go unseen in this version, but it will allow for easier typo fixes later on (again when we have time and an update that’s not already 24k-42 words) as well as whole early scene rewrites and better transition effect speeds. Thanks to the playability feedback from a lot of people for this!

- Known Issues

⦁ If you have not completed the v0.8 Scene involving Ivy and the Files by the time you try and start Mission #2 by Day 11, it will play instead. If you don’t hit the bright yellow button on screen at that point you will miss Mission #2 altogether.
⦁ As mentioned last version, some of the new scenes that have important distinctions / variants based on Mission #1 outcomes, are inaccessible due to pathing restrictions if you are loading a save in which you completed Mission #1 in a version before v0.7. Loading a save pre-mission #1 and continuing play from there should resolve this issue… and saves already loaded before and played through in v0.7 should be unaffected. This should be the last time we need to post this reminder as the public build as passed out this milestone now.

Be Nat fan boys and girls and beWilder!

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Public010AoH.jpg (220.6KiB)

Aims for September and August in Review! 2019-09-13T19:43:19+00:00

Hallelujah to all who thread here! It’s a while now after our last month’s end but a long awaited a wrap up is instore for us all! When all the fun and sex under the sun is done, we do take our work seriously for sure, and so as we do it’s time to hold us to account for all the world to see. The beWilderverse got all the bigger, better and kinkier these last 4ish weeks, so let’s see how much we accomplished thanks to all your fan support!

Our August Goals:

- Some Serious Discussing with our Fans, as Changes are a Comin’! Complete!We foretold of many a stiff breeze, as the winds of change blow our way, and we did keep our promise, wouldn’t you say? We had a series of Changes post last month, as well as some good discussions with the fans on all topics, sure enough we’ve come to some important community decisions. For one, our Season 2 Content is all on indefinite hiatus starting September. We’re reshaping our Tiers dramatically to make them fairer and better. We’re consolidating all our Page Goals into one hunt for more content per month and to top it all off we’re working out all distractions and hitting our Games Goals (and girls) hard. We made sure to share the news with the public too, which puts this goal at a complete sate we’d say.

- Agents of Heels: Croft and the Coveted Seal (Lara’s bWW!2018 Mini-VN) Released to the Adventurous and Pure Wild fans. Complete But Late She’s here at long last! Lara just raided her very own Mini-VN from the vault, and by God it’s got us all hot and bothered! It’s going to do the same for you! We wouldn’t take it back for all the Tea in China! We really delivered on this one if we may be so bold, with a full set of scenes, two shots of Lara making a go of it with man, toping over 110 CGs and 27,000 tingling words. That’s not even getting into all the goodies like outfits, locations and specialist props! That’s more than enough bragging on our part though, go see for yourself as Lara takes China by storm, and the Imperial Seal (hand made by Unshi by the way) has her do things above a Lady’s paygrade! She’s waiting for you, right beside that checkmark that’s waiting for us.

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.6 Released to the Daring fans. Complete!Our bespectacled babe with the plate full of plenty, Noemi is back again for our Daring fans! Her release is right here! She got another run in with Sal on her menu, plus a meeting to change her life, but it’s hard to say if Kelsey is a force for good or bad… Sadly for Noemi she has no choice after her old girls lay a hand on her reputation. She’s also got a little man action on the side too with Damon keeping her company. She’s up for a little more action, and a more amped gameplay outing too, so buckle your seatbelt and unbuckle your pants. It’s another goal well done, just like our Noemi flank steak!

- Agents of Heels v0.12 Released to the Brave fans. Complete!While Lara is showing us “Raiders do it better”, Nat’s not going to be out done. For our Brave fans she’s still out there doing her thing in her iconic suit, and she’s not alone either as Cat gets suited and booted for a night on the town! Alongside the hunt for Subject 32, Nat’s got a chance to blow off some steam, even blow up some more cars too as our Brave fans get some more action on their lap. Another goal ticked off, and plenty to get us excited for Nat to take back her throne of development time!

- Agents of Heels v0.10.5 Full Released to the Bold fans. Complete! Oh yeah… Oh my… Mission #2 is finally ready for the Bold in our midst! The whole yacht show is ready for them, from Good all the way to Bad Nat’s way to party, plus our Infinite Save system too! We packed all three updates into the one and it’s ready to go now, laying out the groundwork for Act 3’s awesomeness to come. All out fans can check it out now, and we’ll take that check mark complete too, fair?

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.3 Released to Public. Complete!After giving our Bold fans a lengthy head start, Noemi is all ready to rock the Public once more! She’s taken those early attacks on Sal and made them public, what better way to expose his dark heart and creeping fingers than to show everyone first-hand? That’s not all that’s work seeing either, as Kriem gets busy in the kitchen and family becomes a point of contention among the staff. That, and Brad tries to put the moves back on his love, to relight that spark and get some loving of his own… turns out his efforts worked! Or did they? We’re raring to get more Noemi to show-me, or show us even, so we’ll take a check mark on this one while the public is revved up for some more of the main course to come!

- Release of the Pure Wild package to the Pure Wild fans. Complete But LateThe notice that this was our last PWP for while may have come a little out of left field, but damn did it go out with a bag! Right here we have it, and it’s packed with all our top tier temptresses. They all wanted to swing by and make a statement, who were we to say no? We saw some shots of girls in the making, some more of Gwen as she gets closer to being ready for a first appearance, and Nat, Noe, Lara and Kelsey all show us parts of themselves in concept and profile. We make sure to leave a sexy taste in folks mouths too, leaving breadcrumbs of ideas yet to come to the public (including getting our Sexy D&D on!) and some real cool technical test successes that’ll see the beWilder girls made and stayed sexy for plenty of time to come. That’s gotta be worth a check at least!

- NTR v0.6 Walkthrough for the Daring fans. Complete!To go along with our original main lady Noe coming to sit in our Daring fans’ lap, we have of course an update to her helping handy doc to guide y’all to the good stuff if you like to have shortcuts! As always, we have a packed PDF that makes all the details of the game known, with tips and tricks as well as some background into too. Care to find out where all the special stuff lies? Here’s your chance Daring folks! We’ll take a check mark to go with it if you don’t mind?

- “Silence and Stilettoes” Parts 11-12, Wallpapers and Crime Board releases. Partial! (80%)We’ve sent out our S&S in style and a blaze of sex, wouldn’t you say? Yeah, our special mini-story series is going into Indefinite Hiatus, but before we got there we had some oomph to add in the middle section of the story. Firstly, our PI walked right into a trap set just for him, by the one and only Nat nonetheless! She wanted blood for the fact she lost her prized trophy Selina thanks to Roy’s snooping, but she settled for a good tongue lashing under the skirt area. Roy managed to turn the tables, half a second before he ate some hot lead, and thanks to that he’s got Nat at the end of his own gun barrel, on the way to the Rats Nest! . On top of it all we got the real prizes to the fans too, as Natasha starred in both Wallpapers for her fans, showing more than just her long legs in the process. When it all came down to it though we had to hold off on the Crime Board again though, since Lara needed all the love we could stuff her with. Since it’s the last release for the foreseeable future, we want to do it right, so it’s on its way. Even so, we’re not taking credit for it here, so it’s only a partial on this one for us.

- Round out the Summer months with plenty of Posts, Updates and Chats on the Discord throughout August! Complete! – This month we crashed through another super sweet milestone, 500-page posts! Oh yeah! Isn’t that something special? Now, that said our month this time around was a little more straightforward than sexalicious, we let Lara do much of the talking on that front while we got our changes covered. We had a whole series of change post (listed above on point #1) to take us through most of the month, and some healthy back’n’forths with fans via Discord and messages too. For the real good page stuff though, we started off with our handover post with Noe getting a fright of her life, not to mention Lara’s gun in her face, all for trying to help her get clothed. Later on we had ourselves a nifty little landscape shot of the Great Wall in our Pre-Teaser, before getting our heels on in style with Lara being dressed to impress publicly. Things didn’t get any less compelling as Lara showed off some more, and we don’t mean the up-close look at Unshi’s modelling job on our Discord either. Nat came on by to show us she’s not backing down this month, giving Lara some much needed advice on their ride down. Our latest villain got hands on with her too, so hands on he’s practically under her clothes! Cao Wei got a good feel of funbags for sure! Don’t you think that’s all worth a check mark for the troubles?

Bonus Goal:

- Agents of Heels: The Last Raider Comic Chapter #3 Released to the most tiers. Failed Well now, let’s be honest and upfront on this one, it wasn’t expected to happen what with Lara on the docket for the main punchin’. We even said as much in last months goals list, but we kept it around to keep it in the forefront of our minds. But now that Lara is back to her regular spot, you’ll see she’s still at the tip of our lips and loins too. We’re going to start roiling her quest out in more regular pieces come October, so ready up for that and pack yourselves for rural Mexico!

We raided our way through August, pushing hard and fast in all areas as well as making some sure-fire changes for the better around here too. It’s been a sexy storm of a month and our goal hit raid of 98% (9.8/10) says it all! For here on out though, it’s focus and fun beneath the sheets for us! Or where ever our ladies find themselves in the mood! Seriously though, we’re shaping up to be better all the same, and to make hitting 100% our every month occurrence once again. No matter what though, it’s all about the babes and the beWildernauts for us, the beWilderverse too! So let’s see what September has instore for us all, shall we?

What to expect in September:

- Implementing the Page Changes laid out over August. As linked above, in August we did some serious talking about changes we hope will be for the better of the beWilderverse, and more importantly the beWildernauts. We touched on our Page Goals, our Game/Content Goals, our Season 2 Content and especially our Tiers. Come September, it’s time to start taking action! We’ll be going through the technical trickiness of the changes in the early stages and you’ll see below that our goals are already reflecting the shift! Check them out, some are already in action!

- NTR Origins: Kelsey and the City Released to the Daring fans. It’s time to get some youthfulness into our lives and our laps, as Kelsey comes to dance her way into a showy origin story of her own, the last of the series! We expect a lot of oomph out of our stay with her, a fair bit of cruelty too, and a special something for AoH fans to lust after along the way… she’s a special lady we love to love, the sugar to Kelsey’s spice. As you can see it’s coming straight to the Daring fans thanks to our tier changes, and it’s the last side media we’re doing (other than the Last Raider) for as long as we can foresee while we cap out our NTR Origins series and all distractions from our main games for now.

- Agents of Heels: Croft and the Coveted Seal (Lara’s bWW!2018 Mini-VN) Released to the Daring fans. We just delivered on the crown jewel of what was the biggest and rowdiest show of fandom we’ve ever seen for the beWilderverse, the beWilder’s Wildest! Grand Prize! The fans chose a full Mini-VN, they chose Lara to star in it, and now it’s time to have at it! We had a damn wonderful time producing this one, oh so much fun, and we know y’all will love it too! She takes China by storm after all, not to mention getting herself unsealed! It’s a double release for our Daring fans as we let this one drop down from the defunct top spots for the last time and land in our new groove.

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.6 Released to the Brave fans. She’s tagging in Kelsey for some explicit excitement, but Noemi will still be around while she lets another girl into her life for the last time! We’ll be heading back to Philly for a plateful of Noemi, with a dollop of Kriem and aside of Frankie fries… but we hope you save room for dessert, because we’ve got Kelsey here too to add some shake to your meal! Noe’ll see her plans get whipped up, as Alice and Beth try their hand at some games of their own, and the Brave fans have a front row seat in August! Come next month the Brave folks should expect to see out new quick release in action!

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.4 Released to the Bold fans. The Bold fans are in for a real boost when we get to our new release schedule, but as we get closer and closer they still have some Noemi to come brighten up their nights! It’s time for them to get all up and in the botherzone for Frankie! Just don’t get smothered by that woman’s cleavage, it’s dangerous we tell ya! And it’s also coming this month!

- Agents of Heels v0.10.5 Full Released to the Public. The Bold among us already have their hands on Natasha, pushing her through her toughest mission yet… The Mayor’s Yacht and Mission #2! It’s our biggest and most action-packed single game update to date, taking nearly 2 months in the making for all Good, Corrupt and Bad Nat paths, plus it goes our expanded Infinite Save system too. It’s a monster of an update, with flirty, sexy, hair-pulling roughness to boot! Get ready, it’s almost ready for public consumption!

- Make September loud and proud with Posts, Updates and Chats on the Discord as we do! We may be changing a lot around here, and for the better too, but not this! We’re keeping on with being our gregarious selves as we eagerly run wild in the back half of our way to 1,000 posts! Every one a smash of sexiness and full of love for our ladies! By the same token we’ll be keeping y’all well in formed on all things beWilder and keeping up the direct dealings and fan fun time on our Discord, open to all fan and fanettes, full as much madness as you make all it! Here comes a wild September indeed!

And that’s, what they say, is that! Another full month done and many, many more to go if we have any say in the matter! It’s been real fun playing with Lara, we can’t wait to do the same to Kelsey (we’ve already started!), and then to buckle down with our changes and pump hard on the games until they are sex galore! It’s be helpful and more than a tad productive to have our changes chit-chatting too, so we’re looking forward to the new set of goals and what they’ll bring us. What’s more is we’re hyped up higher than then Nat’s cleavage in her suit about hitting 500 posts to our name! Before we go making this place even better, and taking to our 1000th page post of sexy, we do want to thank the fans here and now that made getting this far possible to begin with. Seriously, to all of you beWildernauts, we salute you with sincerest thanks. Now, lest we get all mushy, and not in the good way ladies do, it’s time to call this a wrap! Let’s get ready to make it a September to remember, as Kelsey enters stage left, and doesn’t come off it until she’s made all the boys cry (and more!). Until we see y’all again…

Be slamming it for September and beWilder!

September Handover: Warm Up, I’m Cumming Soon
September Handover: Warm Up, I’m Cumming Soonmore_vert
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September Handover: Warm Up, I’m Cumming Soon 2019-09-09T19:37:12+00:00close

Hello-hello, from not one but two of us! Ha ha! beWilder’s back baby! We’ve got some real shuffling to get to of course, but first we’ve got to do things right and launch our efforts with some showy sweetness! Let’s get to the lady of the hour, and every other one of this month too! Take it away, Kelsey-baby!

As of now, Lara’s laid down her light pistols and put her feet up after a mission most taxing, and while she can as she’ll be dropped off in Mexico once more soon. However, before Noemi can get her hands on that development baton though, our nimble little lady got stuck in with both hands! Kelsey’s OS, the last of the NTR Origins series and last side media piece for as long as we can tell too, is now in full swing of development!

As you can see above, Kelsey can be as glamourous as she is graceful, she’s a dancer at heart after all. She’s the youngest of the Little Toscana girls, if only by a few short months, but she’s also the most cunning and cheeky too. We’ll all learn for ourselves soon enough that she knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it. We’ll also see that while she can move in sweet rhythms and times to the likes of ballet, her best dance is breakdance!

That’s only the tip of the iceberg however, they’re plenty more to show and tell with Kelsey while she’s in the spotlight, but we’ll be saving that for the big show itself, plus a few teasers along the way!

Alrighty boys and girls, that’s the main body of the post covered, but who’s up for a little news footnote? Now that Unshi’s got his affairs in order, an unfortunate but necessary aside last week, we’re back in action as we’ve said. Kelsey’s script is long done, and Unshi’s already hands on with the renders (and so is she, right from CG 1). We’ve not forgotten our outstanding PWP or Crimeboard however, not at all. As we are already wading deep into this month’s time though, we can’t hold off Kelsey anymore, she won’t have it either after waiting so long to show up, so that’s why we are kicking things off now. Our last month’s stuff will be getting in attention as we get the main updated rolling, since that’s what we all want anyway, so we’ll have them for last month’s backers some time shorty, fear not. Also, we’ve got a lot of our changed on the page in action, so this month will see the start of the new release plans and simpler rewards too, so that’s a treat for all! Time we get to it, right? Right! So until we see y’all again soon…

Be ready to dance and beWilder!

A Blast from the Past: The Cat vs Mad Hat(ter)
A Blast from the Past: The Cat vs Mad Hat(ter)more_vert
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A Blast from the Past: The Cat vs Mad Hat(ter) 2019-09-06T13:21:42+00:00close

Hello again, my friends, it’s time to get you Spooky on with me once more! Yup, it’s me, Spook2099, here with our usual post’em’um Friday. Since Unshi still has some private matters keeping him busy another day or two, I figured we’d take this time to have a little fun of our own, eh? I’ve got a little story to tell y’all, but first I’ve got some awesome from a time gone by to share too! Let’s watch!

Isn’t that a freakin’ sweet piece? Two hot ladies getting it on in the rain! Who could ask for more? Other than to get the change to stand between them!

This was originally a piece made by Unshi way back in 2017, I’m pretty sure it was done before even I was on the team. You can see some of his earlier work touches in there and you can also see that he’s come along way too, right?

As y’all fans know by now, Cat is an important girl in our world already, and I’ve come to really enjoy working with her character over time. Originally, I would have gone with a different leather clad cat burglar, a much Hardy-er one, but I’m more than happy to have her as she is these days. Harley too has inspired some fun, and I’m also thrilled with the response her Harley in Handcuffs story she got before, and how her special kinks turned out too. She’s a girl I’d like to have us use some more (if only in small bursts) if we ever hand the time, but we’re keeping to our game focus for now anyways. Let me ask you this though… Am I the only one who wants to see Harley Quinn met Juliet Starling and really get up close to see just how different they are under those few clothes and their personalities? I wonder…

So then, what about that story I told of? Well, here it is, and it’s all about how I found myself here to begin with. It all started with a pun. Did you know that? Is it all that hard to believe? It’s true. The reason Unshi’s lone wolf work became the beWilder we all love was all because of the title “Agents of Heels”, the pun and the logo with a raised legged Nat to make the H too. Seriously. I don’t even keep up with TV Shows or Cinema, but I got that wordplay and I liked it. I thought it was worth a Day 1 pledge once this page when live, a reward for some chuckle inducing creativity, and after that I stuck around for a while to see what was up. The rest, as they say, is History.

That’s my little titbit of a tale for folks who like to know the things that go on way back behind the curtain. It’s also a parable if you think of it, I guess. You never know when a little thing, no matter how small, might pick up and snowball into something more. From one bit of wordplay eventually sprung the beWilderverse, a bigger, sexier community and a forged in dev-fire friendship between us two. So next time you get a chance, take a little risk, have a little fun with something, create a little something of your own, why not? You never know where it might lead…

Alrigthy all, that’s our time together run its course today. I’ve got a roster of girls who need my attentions and my sexy words put to the page, so off I go. I’ll be around on the Discord for some Friday Fan Funtime tonight if people are around and abound, so come on by if you like. We’re expecting it to be back to the pair of us by next week, with smut in hand with every post, so we’ll be sure to see you again and again, but have a smashing weekend until then, and hopefully do some smashing of your own if you know what I mean? Subtle… yeah… Let’s leave it there.

Be one crazy kitty and beWilder!

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Plenty to See and Do
Plenty to See and Domore_vert
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Plenty to See and Do 2019-09-04T18:46:14+00:00close

Hey there all! It’sa me-a, Spook2099, coming to you with a special message and much in hand! This is an exceptional notice post letting y’all know about a few different things all at once while we ready to roll into September for real. First, lets do some sexy, then some news bulletins, then some cool. Cool? Cool!

Coo… coo…

Alright, sexy! Guess what we have to share? We’ve got a commission piece that’s been hanging around for a long while that we’re finally able to share! It’s like Charlie’s Angels only it’s all 3 Nats! It’s a pretty nice piece and y’all should thank the (currently anonymous) commissioner for it! The good/bad news about it though is we’re not allowed to show it publicly here because… you know… there are boobs involved… so be sure to check it out on our DeviantArt or our Discord either!

Now for news! You’re getting me today instead of us both because Unshi has some pressing personal business that has taken him AFK this week. It’s not my place to speak about his details so I won’t, but we both agree that we do owe the fans the notice that he’ll be kept rather busy until about this weekend or so. You can tell what that means, right? Yeah… We’re still working on the tail end of last months rewards because of this, and that means we’ll all have to wait until next week to get our last Pure Wild Package, the S&S Crime Board update, as well as our goals post and our big handover. These things can’t be help though, and like always we’ll have our PWP linked to all that are owed it. So that’s the bad news. The good news? I’m still here! Hurray! I’m working away on those important page changes we all talked about, I’ve got Kelsey keeping me company (and another lady y’all know too!) as I finalize all the Pre-production and script pieces for her story this month and we’re still kicking on like always. We don’t expect any delays to the end of the month’s stuff as of now, so that’s pretty sweet! Which brings us to the cool!

Bam! Didya see that! Despite the unfortunate events that hit on Monday, we got Lara’s special Mini-VN out and the response has been… Damn! Yeah, we love it too! We figured we’d drop this title screen pic for it because we’re so proud, plus we could all use some Lara in our lives! Also, we’ve got a little note to say on the matter too. Those changes we talked about? To make sure nobody comes along and finds that the Adventurous tier is no longer this month, we’ve locked it out to keep y’all monies safe and secure. That has however put us in a quirky situation where the last release for them is now hard to get, right? Well, for those who don’t want to wait until the end of September for Lara to reach a Daring appearance and our new release plans to kick in for all content, be sure to reach out to us so we can help you get hands on with her without keeping the defunct tiers populated. We’ve got a temp tier method set-up for that. Alright?

Well then, that’s all I’ve really got to say for today, other than I’m back to work now that is. Hope y’all understand what’s up, I’m sure you do. I’ll be seeing you again come Friday, with my partner in tow too if all goes well. Enjoy that sexy and cool above now, won’tcha?

Be Super Sexy-Cool yourself and beWilder!

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[Important] Changes and Improvements: Public Notice
[Important] Changes and Improvements: Public Noticemore_vert
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[Important] Changes and Improvements: Public Notice 2019-08-30T15:29:40+00:00close

Hey there one and all, our fans far and wide, welcome to the culmination of a more than a month of hard thinking and serious talking. All of August we’ve been discussing ways to make being a beWildernaut all the better, we’ve made some hard decisions and upcoming commitments, all on topics ranging from Season 2 content, to our tiers, and with all our goals along the way. We believe they are all moves for the better and the fans for the vast most part agree too.

Instead of restating it all once more though, we’ve opened the posts to the public, linked them all below, and left summaries for those that want the top-line finds and not all the details. Have at it everyone, absorb and enjoy… we want all concerned to be well informed for what’s coming as early as next month, and let the world know the beWilderverse is bounding for the better!


Season 2 Content Cancelation

To start off our shaping up of our page we began with an area where the ground was most fertile for changing. Our Silence & Stilettoes series and our bWW! fans’ favourite girl contest made up our Season 2 content, adding some page spice to our sweet games. Sadly, over time our S&S specials have been declining in participation of the fans, to the point were continuing it would be taking time from all our fans to feed the fetishes of just a few. That’s not really something we could abide by and so we put it on indefinite hiatus until we have the time for it or the fans have their passions back. On the other hand, we have been looking forward to our bWW! contest all year, but our internal wants for what would be a second staging differed greatly between the team here. Instead of force the issue one way or another, or come to an unhappy compromise, we put the question to the fans on if they’d like to see one at all. Well, the verdict is in and its now confirmed bWW!2019 is hereby cancelled, another time might see it come again but for now it’s not to be.

You can read up on our rationales and our Seasonal content futures here, or the summery just below: Season 2 content

Season 2 Status Summary

For those not in the know, our Season 2 content was the Silence & Stilettoes (S&S) series and the beWilder’s Wildest! (bWW!) Contest. We are aiming to refocus our time and efforts on our main games and our major comic rather than splinter our time across multiple creative outlets. S&S is becoming too unpopular/undesired by the fanbase that it is no longer worth the time invested for a small portion of people, so we are putting it on indefinite hiatus until something changes, if ever, and putting that time to better use on the Last Raider comic. Our bWW! contest is also being cancelled due to low fan demand, also so we can reinvest the time into our main games from October-December. It’s a great bit of fun and a good idea too, but it’s not the time for it, and so it’ll have to wait for another time, if ever.


Patreon Tiers Redo

The biggest upheaval and most dramatic changes of all are all regarding our tiers. To cut a long story short, we originally shaped our tiers to help support the high costs of a full time two-man European development team, and so to make sure the fans got their money’s worth we threw in as many additions as we could. Thanks to feedback from a place or two, we’ve turned to focus in on our main content, which is the driving force behind all this change talk, so that we give all our fans the best experience possible. If we do that the support will come, then we’ll be able keep on making our sexy and following these dreams. Streamlining is the way to go, so say the fans we polled on this one.

All the drama and the depths of the switch ups can be found right here, and the sum up below too : Tiers Changes

Tiers Summary

When our changes take effect next month, we’ll be reforming all of our tiers and rewards. Our aims are to refocus our attentions on our games, to make them the most they can be, and to make our tiers fairer to all our supporters, flatting some out in the process too. The Adventurous and Pure Wild tiers are now defunct, while the Daring, Brave and Bold share the benefits more equitably. We’ve improved the wait times between our releases so that all backers get monthly content, removed superfluous side content and renewed efforts around our Last Raider comic. It’s important to us to limit distraction from our main content and reinvest that time to our games as much as we can. Our backers too agree that the changes are for the better.


Patreon Page Goals

As we said in our post for this one, we had a hard time coming up with the exact ways in which we wanted to channel our overflowing passions that would be the best for all of you and our world, and yet this is also the simplest of our changes. We laid out our reasoning for striping it all back, for focusing in on just our games and our one goal: to make our updated as content packed as we can. If we can do that, good things follow for us all, and if we can reach higher then we can make time for special side pieces too. We asked the fans as much and it seems they near fully agree, which is wonderful.

You can learn about of vision for the near future here, or see the summary beneath: Page Goals

Patreon Page Goals Summary

We’re going all in on making more quality content per month, as much as we can, as much as twice our current updates. That’s our one and only Patreon Page/Community Support Goal (besides staying at our keys full time) for the near future: Keep the quality, double the quantity. We’ll add in more ambitious goals as we review our progress periodically and make headway on this major boost. The fan vote seems to confirm that this is the way to go.


Game/Content Goals

We did a rather large post on our goals for our games and the side content of our comic too. We touched on a lot of the good things left to do for Nat’s AoH, both story wise and game features, as well as what we’ve in store for Noemi as we start making her as much of a star as our other leading lady. Lastly we gave Lara her dues, laying out our plans for her proper return, as we have ideas in mind for her and we want to see Quiet naked too, don’t you? As with the other posts, we had our backers weigh in and we’ve firmed up some decisions.

You can find all the details here, or check the summary below: Game Goals Post

Games and Content Synopsis

AoH: MoAR – It’s coming to an end, but we’re not rushing it. Most things have one scene or less to tie up their loose ends, plus the big finish of the story too. We have technical things we want to do as well, like Skip and a Gallery, but we will make a specific post in the coming AoH months to ask the backers if they want to bring some of those features forward or to focus on content for a while longer.

NTR – We’ve come as far in the main story as we need, except for adding Kelsey’s to the game properly. We are changing tack to focus on sex for Noemi more than anything else (also making the gameplay work well too), sprinkling in other girls until we can boost our content amount each version. By the time we get NTR to the size AoH is now, we’ll reassess and make more alterations based on where we stand then.

AoH: Last Raider comic – We want to make this more regular, push it further with a release each month no matter how small, and have it as our 1 and only side fun for now.


So those are our changes posts in a nutshell. We do hope you’ll agree it’s for a bigger, better and sexier beWilderverse for us all. We’re going to get moving on them pretty soon too, as September is the time to start the implementations. Sooner better than later is the way to go. While we do we’ll be putting to bed our last side piece of content for a while, letting Kelsey dance her way into our hearts and beds, capping off the NTR Origins series as we transition this Patreon page and our workflow. So then… what else is left to say other than let’s make some more sexy, and then much more after that, for that in the end is the ultimate goal of all, besides having great fun and community spirit too! Now, while we get to our new plans…

Be the same awesome fans and beWilder!

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User #4811011 - 3 Sep 19 11:32
Glad to hear that you finally heading in the right direction, good times! Toscana has the potential to be such a great game, have followed it since day 1 and will continue to do so hoping that it will flourish. Still think you should drop the restaurant sim gameplay though, it's distracting and utterlly unrewarding for the player.. all the best to you all
user avatar
beWilder - 3 Sep 19 12:36
Thank you kindly my friend. Yeah, we agree that in our efforts to push to having all the girls in play, and at the same time trying to keep a steady pace to the game unfolding, we might not have been doing ourselves many favours in terms of the sexy side. Especially so with our pace of updating. Well, we're there now, so once we get Kelsey set up like the others, we have our focus to push more on the good stuff so fans like yourself have some real fun ahead of them like they should! Time to turn that potential to some hard action, am I right? As for the gameplay, we disagree a little there. We'd like to have the game be a game, with something behind it to really get beyond just the story pieces. We also don't want to simply give up, but rather work at it to make it something that is rewarding for the players. It help us more to know what people dislike about it so that we can better do that. In the end though, since it's so inbuilt to the loop of the game, I doubt we'll take it out, but if the time comes it just can't be saved theres always work arounds and cheats we can add to make it so players can still get the experience of everything without it. How's that sound for a compromise? Anywho, cheers for the kind words and feedback! Also for following along with us so long! All the best to yourself to!
user avatar
User #7386059 - 30 Aug 19 17:33
Focus is good. To use a line from a famous American movie, "Build it and they will come." More content, available to people sooner so they don't have to steal it, will lead to more Patrons.
Silence and Stilettoes, Pt. 12 – Effective Motivation (Decided)
Silence and Stilettoes, Pt. 12 – Effective Motivation (Decided)more_vert
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Silence and Stilettoes, Pt. 12 – Effective Motivation (Decided) 2019-08-29T08:32:39+00:00close

(Here it is, Silence and Stilettoes Part 12! Check it out now, vote below, and Daring+ fans pick up the accompanying Wallpaper here too! Be sure to check out the full story so far here at the Master Post!)

(Heads Up! The Silence and Stilettoes series is being placed into indefinite hiatus starting in September 2019 due to low turnout/popularity. The full details can be found here. The vote below still counts, for it will influence later chapters if it returns. Our Crime Board will also be updated in the coming days to bring it up to date at the point of hiatus.)

“The normally cold steel of a gun barrel presses against the back of my neck, only this time it’s not cool to the touch at all. This particular gun has been fired recently, the heat is still there, of only a little. Natasha’s hand is the one holding the trigger… she’s never been shy of making use of it… she’s never been very fond of me either.

‘What makes you go to all the trouble to set up an elaborate trap just for me, Natasha?’

‘You’d never be alone in a room with me otherwise, now would you? You were never that dumb…’

‘I’d like to think not…’

Natasha and I have a bit of a past together. We don’t go way back, we don’t have ties that bind, we don’t even like each other, but we can never seem to keep to ourselves either. Back when I was an official officer with the city’s police force there was a brief time we both wore the uniform… though I will admit she certainly wore it better.

We shared a precinct but we never shared a case since I was a detective by the time she made patrolwoman. She had a reputation even then, one as bad as her attitude. Many a time a suspect would come in with blood on his clothes, and cum in her luscious red hair… a few times a culprit never came back when she was sent as the arresting officer.

You’d think she’s be in a cell herself by now… but no. That’s not how this city works, we don’t even have an internal affairs bureau anymore, and she was rewarded for her... record, we’ll call it. When one of our undercovers came to his retirement party in the black bag, she was the natural choice to run among the darkest dregs of the city’s gutters. And now, she’s looming over me.

‘Well, you caught me, now what are you going to do with me?’

I make a joke, my voice holding steady, as I attempt to stand up from my stooped knee and stare her in the eye like equals. She only jabs me with her gun barrel to stop me in my tracks. She’s serious… This could go very badly.

‘Stay down, Roy. You’re right where you belong.’

‘Alright, to business then. What has you so mad at me this time? I wouldn’t have thought you gave a single fuck about the murder of a city star like Mark Perkins, and I don’t have any other open cases…’

‘You’re right, I don’t give a fuck about what the rich boys get up to. That’s not why have you here. You spooked one of my best quarries and now she’s gone. Not even I can find her… She may not even be in the city anymore… ’

‘You mean Selina?’

‘That’s the one… I was going to have that pussy mounted on my wall before the week was up, if not for you.’

‘You know, she is a key person of interest in my murder, what do you think I was going to do? Just let you kill her without ever talking to her? You we’re just too slow to-’

I hear the gun pressed to the base of my skull being cocked. Best not finish that sentence. It’s not worth my life.

‘Go on. Finish that thought Roy. Give me any reason…’

I don’t. I know she’ll do it, so instead I give her moment to cool off before I calmly try continue our little chat, and to talk my way out from under the barrel of her gun.

‘Ok, I get it, you’re mad at me for stepping on your toes, but what do you want me to do about it now? If I could find her I wouldn’t be searching for my murder weapon…’

‘I don’t care what you do. I’ll find her eventually, she can’t hide forever. What I want is to show you your place. I’m sick of you doing this to me, and it’s not going to happen again.’

‘… Still sore about the Marco murders… I see…’

It may as well be ancient history now, but Natasha also tried her hand at hunting Marco from the outside when he did… what he did… Only I got there first. What can I say? It seems being smart about the clues beats out roughing up street trash for scraps is a better way to catch a psycho. She wanted a prized head for her record, instead I sent him running from the city… It’s apparently still a sore spot.

‘Roy, you want to crawl out of this alleyway alive, don’t you?’

‘I wouldn’t mind it, now that you mention it.’

‘Then do as I say, and prove to me you know your place, right down there at my heels.’

‘You expect me t-’

‘Ah-ah-ah! You stick your nose in my business enough as it is, why not go the whole hog? Now put that tongue to good use for once. Don’t say another word, just eat my grade-A cunt until I say so, or you’ll never get off your knees again. Understand?’

I sigh a little sigh from my place on the other side of her pistol. I was somewhat expecting this, knowing her reputation, but I was hoping she’d have some respect for an ex-fellow officer. The sound of her dropping her pants down to her ankles and leaning against the nearby wall makes it clear she has no regard for my part in all this.

‘… Fine… Put the gun aside and let’s get this started.’

‘Oh no, the gun is not going anywhere. That’s where the real fun comes from. I’m going to rest it right… here… and let you get to work. Best of luck.’

She so gently pokes my temple with the gun as if it were some harmless toy, not the killing device that she’s ended so many crooks with. I admit it makes my heart pound in my ears. This could go really badly… best I give it my utmost…

I spend a long few minutes putting me tongue to her pussy, her hot and humid slit a stark contrast in my mind to the cold gun pressed to the side of my head. It serves as some rather effective motivation. How did that song go? Something about loaded guns in your face, and having to deal with pressure…?

She makes it a point to call me a dog, a gruff bulldog if anything, so I started by lapping her up and trashing my tongue wildly up and down her exposed puffy lips. I nipped at her stiff little bud in defiance and made her wriggle under my dogged attacking… I had to pull it back when it made her a little too excited, a little to shaky on the trigger for my liking…

… Next I played it a little safer, taking my time to explore around her lips and folds, taking the flush pink and the sticky sweet juices she secretes. She was hot and wet long before I started, she must have been sitting in wait for me the whole time just aching for me to fall to her trap so she could have me do this…

Her taste slowly and steadily floods my mouth. She tastes like a slut. She tastes like how she looks, like a red hot, spicy piece of candy cane with curves that only make you want to lick harder and push deeper. In response she starts to pant and hum in pleasure, with coy little words of excitement falling from her pressed lips every time I have a lick.

I can’t shake the look of her in her old uniform from my head now… how young and fresh faced she looked then… How tight the small suit would cling to her… How much her oversized rack would push over her shirt no matter how much she tried to reign it in… How her badge would rest on her left breast and draw the eye down the rabbit hole of her cleavage, while the nightstick and belt buckle would make your gaze follow her boxy area when she walked your way, the very same boxy area I now graze on.

She was always a spunky little firecracker that the whole precinct wanted to have dance on their dick… it never seemed to matter her partners never lasted long at her side, even the seasoned veterans, she always had no trouble getting another to fill those shoes. I never thought I would have my chance, never like this, but since I do, I give her all I have. It’s beginning to shake my ‘fatigue’ after seeing to Ivy’s needs not too long ago…

I suck and sip at her labia while a sly finger finds its way up to her perineum, tickling just below her knot as I stimulate her with some delicate movements. It doesn’t matter where I learned to do that, or who taught me. For a while it works to get her further down the line, but soon after she begins to get a little restless, and a lot greedy.

‘Pick up the pace Roy, I’m all full up on foreplay, get stuck in there with your mouth and get me to the finish… Before I start flexing my trigger finger’

She traces a small circle around my temple with the barrel again to keep me in line. She’s starting to really get me mad with that too. She’s not one to kid about anything, but she’s rather carefree about holding a loaded weapon to my head. All I can do right now is turn that outrage into passions while I keep one eye on that gun in her hand…

I bury my tongue as far deep as I can in her. A good inch or two at the very least. My hit breath burns against her bright red meat folds, my nose presses her clit like a button repeatedly as fold my face to her loins, and my strong jawline and chin furrow a line through her pussy’s outer nerve endings. He free hand hold me there as she grinds back, her panting turning to a whore’s moaning and screeching.

She orgasms right in my face with a wet splurge. I always waste the chub in my pants and join her. Her juices, and my spit, run down her legs in small streams of fluid. It’s a sign of a job well done and a point of pride for me, the only sad part is that my cum isn’t yet in the mix… maybe if I keep up in her business some more she’ll have to give me another lesson in where my place is?

Or that’s what I thought in that moment of weakness and baseness. Lucky for me I never let down my guard completely, it just isn’t in me, nor is trust in hers. As I try and a suck down my first breath post-cunning, from the corner of my eye I see her finger making a move, it squeezing, not pulling, on the trigger.

In almost lightning like reflexes I bat the pistol away just as she fires. The bullet makes a hole in the brickwork behind me. She intended to shoot me all along the conniving bitch. Without the element of surprise she has a weaker advantage over me now that we both no the score, and so I continue to press her hand away and slam it into the wall. Her grip is weakened by the orgasm still flowing through her veins and the pistol falls to the floor with a bang.

That’s about as far as I get though. With her skill, not to mention her youth the fact I’m still on my knees, any attempt at turning my disarming thrust into an armbar or a hold is not going to work. The best I can do is to pull her to the ground with me, where we end up in a tangle in the alleyway.

My cock jab jabs her in the hip as we roll, not unlike how she kept her own barrel held against me, and I become painfully aware that she’s still without her pants. I don’t need that kind of distraction right now…

… A hearty heeled kick lands in my midsection for my stupidity of that small opening. The pain sets me falling forward and burying my face deep into her cushioning breasts. My entire body weight slumps and pins her beneath me and I lie there, face in her cleavage, the juices she left on my face now sticking me to her exposed chest. That’s one way to force a stalemate, I guess…

‘You… you were going to kill me all along, weren’t you?’



‘I don’t like you… and I could get away with it…’

‘It’s that easy for you? I wonder what I could get away with like this…’

‘You wouldn’t… You’re too much of a Good Guy to even try.’

‘I don’t know about that… I need information and I think in your sensitive state right now, you might just be susceptible to screaming some things I’d like to hear. I’m not exactly feeling merciful right now either…’

She’s right though. She may be smoking hot, but I’m no rapist. I’ll fuck her brains out some other day when she begs for it. She’d probably twist my neck before I got my own pants down anyway. But I do think she has some useful hints to give me if I press her hard enough.

‘You were once on a case involving Councilman Miller, right? I seem to recall you had to go to his private apartment where he does all his side business quite regularly back in the day, or am I wrong?’

‘So what if I did Roy? Can you get to your threat please, you’re really fucking heavy and I want you off me already…’

‘Fine, we’ll do it your way again. Show me how to get to him one-on-one for a little chat, or I frog march you to the Rats Nest right now and let them have a night getting some Justice on an undercover cop they never knew was among them.’

While I distract her with my little chatter, I slide my hand up her thigh, her hip and the veer off under my own shirt where I at last get my fingers around my own gun, my lifesaving little snub nose special. Pressing it against her belly I let her know I have it, and I’m serious. She has a choice to make now, and I hope she’s smart about it… only an idiot would take the gutshot…

‘So what’s it going to be Natasha?’


‘Silence, huh? Alright, let’s take a walk. Leave your pants where they are… You won’t be needing them where we’re going. The Rats Nest aint fancy like that…’

Be hard boiled and beWilder!

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SilenceAndStilettoesTitleImage.jpg (483.2KiB)

[Important] Changes and Improvements: Game/Content Goals 2019-08-23T21:13:00+00:00

Hello again beWildernauts, we’re back with one more post in our change series, only this one is more on the improvements side. We’ve long since had our goals for our games laid out for ourselves, but we’ve kept them relatively quiet with all else we’ve had going on around the page. Well, as it turns out we’ve come to an inflection point with some of our progressions, and while the page is being revamped we thought this would make a good time to bring y’all into the fold on what’s up with our Agents and Waitresses both, as well as get your input like before. So then, let’s get to it… but first…

A quick reminder to those who have not yet seen them, our Tiers changes, our Season 2 content, and now our Page Goals are all available to get caught up on, including still active polls in all of them. Be sure to come on by and let us know your thoughts!

Alright, to the games! Buckle in, it’s a long one! First up, where we all began!

Agents of Heels: Misadventures of Agent Romanov

We’ve made it no secret of late, but our biggest goal with Nat’s AoH is to reach the end. It’s currently running in Act 3, and we’re aiming to make it to the finale as soon as we can, but without compromising content, cutting or rushing. We want to wrap up our first game, prove we are serious developers who can end a project when it’s the right time to do so, and of course start to unleash this contained passion on a whole new phase of the beWilderverse that builds upon what we’ve done so far. That’s the overall goal, but what about how we get there? What do we have left to do? Well…


Main Story: We have a few elements left to pull into our story and resolve before we reach the last lap. That includes: Nat’s Infection, Ivy’s time in the spotlight, Miller’s past at last, ‘romantic’ closure between our heroine and Scout, also Maeda. That’ll bring us our big finale of our Mission #3, which will also see the side content have their effects play out too, and of course some short endings to put a cap on our great game.

Side Content Wise: We still have more Kate to enjoy, as her story will last longer than just AoH, there is still some action to be had with Maluk/Sam, and a tie in for Cat and our Subject 32’s part in the story too. If there is time, we also have a little more Nat in the Park to be had, but that is the lowest priority of all.

Feature Wise: We want to at long last add our desired Skip feature, and a gallery mode to make the game complete. The early pre-Spook scenes from the opening to the Bank Raid are on our “to improve” list as well. All this will likely come after the content above, while we work on the transition to Game #3, we’ll make AoH all it can be before we call it truly complete. We would like to add these earlier than after the content completes, but that would mean taking an AoH month and making it small on content as we put in the features… That’s a question to specifically ask another day, but do tell us now if this is something you want more than content.


As you can see, there is still a lot to do before we reach the end of what we have planned. That’s one of the reasons we want to really start to focus on our games and drill deep into these for sure. We can’t say for certain how many versions are left until we get to v1.0, but this is where our most urgent short-term plans lie.

With the added time we aim to get from clearing our calendar content and from our support page goal, our aim is to include and extend the sexual content still ahead of us on the list above, without extending the number of versions. We want to pack Nat’s game as full of x-rated time before we sent it away, and to make sure we get in the additional side content we have on the chopping block (ie Park and Train stuff) before we end it.

Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth

Noemi has our longer-term attentions, being that it is currently our back-side cycle project. Admittedly NTR has become a larger scoped project than we originally envisioned, and in part that’s why at our current pace it’s got a little bit of lag in the sexy side of things. That’s where our focus is shifting now, to make sure it steps up some more and begins to deliver on it’s potential. Here’s what’s what on this side of our world:


What We’ve Done to Date: When it came to Noemi, our main focus was the main story overall, as we wanted to make sure to include our 4 main girls as fast as we could, with as much dept as we could. Having all the set pieces (ie the ladies) to call on is important since they all push and pull Noemi’s personal side in ways that are important to her love/sex life.

We also started out all our character arcs, to lay out some idea as to what the different areas of the game would entail, but that also meant we didn’t get very far in any of them either. That is a problem, we admit.

Lastly, and unexpectedly, we had to completely redo the gameplay right after v0.1, which means we’ve been putting time and effort into making the system we have (which is less about action and more about planning) work well… which is hard with so little feedback coming in on it. Those were the 3 main points we pressed as we went from v0.1-v0.6, but what are we doing from now on?

What We’re Doing Now: The main story is no longer our focus. We got as far as Kelsey, that’s all we need for now. You get what’s going on and don’t need much more in the ways of restaurant war just yet. There is fun to be had there, but it needn’t be the most content rich part for a while. Instead we are going to cut Main Story arc scenes to 0-1 a version and slowly let that play out as the day count increases, and have Noemi’s relationships with Brad, Sal, Damon and Beck get more oxygen.

To the point above about spreading the scenes around each version, we’re going to limit that some more too. In order to get to the x-ratings sooner, for the next few versions our plans are to focus in on one thread a version, adding 2-4 scenes for one of Noe’s beaus/baddies so that we can have some story to tell and some Noemi to sex up. Once we get some meat on the bone (pun not intended for once) in one, we’ll move to the next arc and do the same, until all the main paths for those characters have something worth putting the time in, and we add many more adult scenes to the game as we do.

The other waitresses (especially Kriem) have had a lot of content pushed back again and again to allow for other scenes to make it in. Sadly, this will likely not change all that much as we lean on our leading lady the most. We love Kriem, Frankie and Kelsey, and they will appear in other character paths with Noe, but telling their personal stories will be done with the added time we get from cutting back on page content, at least until we get Noemi plenty more time on all fours. Roy and Asana arc content will be our lowest priority for a while too. We’re being realistic as to what we can do in the short term after all.

Gameplay wise, we’re always going to be doing what we can to make it better and more balanced. That’s not going to change, but the more detailed feedback we get, the better we can do that for sure.


So, the short version on all that is really this: For the next set of versions we’re going to focus more on Noemi over Little Toscana, and sex over main story (there will of course be sweet narrative to follow along with make it hotter). Expect the next few instalments to be about the men in her life and how she’s going to get closer to, and more naked for, them as we live up to some of the promised fetishes.

With the extra time and content per month we aim to achieve, we want to spend it on the second level of priority which is the other girls (Kriem/Frankie/Kelsey) and get some more of them in the mix earlier than we can now, then some main story and Roy/Asana if we have more space available per month too. By this time next year, we want to be able to say Noemi is beautiful, smart and a whore of a woman at least, but also say almost as much about the other ladies too!

Agents of Heels: The Last Raider (Comic)

The Last Raider is our one and only side piece now, in part because we want to keep an outlet to get that creativity flowing and to keep the fan participation alive, but also because Lara’s adventure specifically is linked with Nat’s game. Did y’all remember that? (For real: Check the co-ordinates Miller sends her to in the scene with Nat, they are the same as the ones Lara gets in the comic). It’s something we always wanted to do more with, and to have a sweet tie in with the main game based on its ending. However, it doesn’t look like it’ll finish before Nat’s game now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth having some sticky sexiness with Lata and Quiet in it anyway!

We are going to focus much more on our games going forward, just like we’ve been chanting all this month, but we also want to pick up more of this content too. For the last year we have worked more on Lara between other things when we had the time, holding all our progress until we had a chapter’s worth of pages and a fan decision to roll out. That’s what has been holding back the releases in many ways and so we’re aiming to remedy that going forward.

We’re not going to ramp up the time on TLR then we already do now, only with less balls in the air we will have more opportunities to get some stuff done for her. We’re also going to stop holding pages back until we have chapters, instead each month we’ll release all we have progressed on it and if there is a decision to be had, even better! With this we want to get some consistency in our comic, rather than beef up content (that goes to the games) and use it as a nice value add for fans as well as a little boost to our beWilderverse beyond the games. Once Lara’s adventure wraps, we’ll decide whether we’ll have a second comic sprout up in its place, or let it rest too. How’s that sound?


And that’s our explanation of what we want for our content, and with it, the end of our Changes post series! We do so hope y’all agree with our new focus, as well as the direction we’re aiming to take things. When it all comes down to it, it’s all for having as much of our unique, stylish and story drive sex that we all want to see brought to the world as we can! As always, come on by our Discord for some discussion on any of this, but don’t wait because we’re moving on it all soon!

We’re going to start implementing these changes as of next month, and we’ll be knocking out our last side story for a long while, Kelsey’s OS, while we get through the technical challenge of reshaping the page tiers and our work schedules. It’ll be a little bit of a transition but come October we’ll be ready to be everything we can be! Before that we’ll make a lot of this info public, once we let y’all have your last chance to have your say in it all, so do hit that poll below and in the other posts linked above too!



AoH: MoAR – It’s coming to an end, but we’re not rushing it. Most things have one scene or less to tie up their loose ends, plus the big finish of the story too. We have technical things we want to do as well, like Skip and a Gallery, but we plan to wait until after the main content is finished, unless fans demand otherwise.

NTR – We’ve come as far in the main story as we need, except for adding Kelsey’s to the game properly. We are changing tack to focus on sex for Noemi more than anything else (also making the gameplay work well too), sprinkling in other girls until we can boost our content amount each version. By the time we get NTR to the size AoH is now, we’ll reassess and make more alterations based on where we stand then.

AoH: Last Raider comic – We want to make this more regular, push it further with a release each month no matter how small, and have it as our 1 and only side fun for now.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #7386059 - 24 Aug 19 01:43
I think adding Skip and Gallery to AoH ASAP will greatly improve replay-ability and will lead to higher player satisfaction. The game is somewhat frustrating to replay to try to get other scenes. Certainly don't leave Skip-Gallery until after the AoH 1.0 release. Everyone will grab the 1.0, share it everywhere, and most fans then won't ever get the better Skip-Gallery experience because they won't think to look for a post-1.0 update.
user avatar
beWilder - 25 Aug 19 02:45
That good to hear, fans speaking up and such. Cheers. We certainly wouldn't mark the game v1.0 without being feature complete, even if all the content was there, as it's not a complete game without all the parts combined. Your point is well taken though, and I'm sure we'll get a dedicated post to this question for sooner AoH months than later ones.
user avatar
User #10437816 - 24 Aug 19 07:43
For me, story is more important than skip-gallery.
user avatar
beWilder - 25 Aug 19 02:47
Story is a sweet piece of the puzzle, isn't it? Good to hear from you on that matter too, we'll be sure to give that option a serious consideration before we make any moves. In fact, it's the opinion to overcome for now since we want to continue our storytelling while the telling's good.
[Important] Changes and Improvements: Page Goals 2019-08-19T17:21:06+00:00

(Nat and Noe see bright changes on the horizon)

Hey-ho beWildernauts, it’s time for more chit-chat about the goodness of change around our page. It’s been enough time since we dropped our biggest set of switches, our Tiers changes, and before that our Season 2 content (both of which still have open polls for your feedback), so let’s get to the next batch of upcoming shuffling: our Patreon Page Goals for the next 6 months or so.

So then our fan-folk, this one might just have been our hardest set of changes to finalize, but at the same time it is going to be our simplest. We are very little if we are not ambitious boys here at beWilder. We’ve shown that plenty to date, and we have ideas stretching beyond our current games, comics, characters and even beyond our screens… We have so many things we want to do and to make over our tenure as Adult Content producers that it’s quite frankly a little crazy. However, as we have been saying this month, we really want to turn our focus back to our content, and so that’s our goal focus too. We want to solidify our base, make sure the core of what we do is worthy of building a real fandom on, and make sure we earn our place and our future that we dream of. We’ll be reviewing our longer-term achievements every few months like we do the monthly ones at the end of each release, and when the time is right, we can start to add more ambitious actions and technical additions too. Let’s look at what we’ve got!

Page Goals


Goal #1 – Working Full Time: This is our base goal right now and we’re going to leave it untouched. Not to dwell on it, but like everyone else we need to at least earn enough support to keep our most basic costs covered and all our time working fully on our games and content. As long as we can keep at or above this level for the most part, all is well and we’re rolling on. It’s on the board so we keep on top of the less fun stuff. That’s really all we have on this one.

Goal #2 – Double Up on Content: And this is where we want to be the most, so it’s the first goal we are listing. We love our games as much as y’all, even more so in some cases, so much so that we’re bustling with ideas and burning with desire to make even more. We too want to see more and more scenes and sex in each of our updates. We push our keyboards and equipment to the max every release already, using all the time we have every month to get the most out of them too, but it’s never enough. Our goal is still the same as before, with greater support we can make more investments in things like hardware for Unshi that will allow us more CGs per month, as much as twice as many may well be possible when we do. We want to be looking at longer sex scenes, more of them too, and up to twice the scene count of Agents of Heels and Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth per update, per month. With this we can get deeper into our games faster, have longer play times for each of our monthly updates, and of course, the sooner we get through games, the sooner we get new ones (with new and returning girls filling them!). If we can only make one improvement, this is what we want, and what we believe you want too, so let’s aim to make this happen together!

And that’s it! Wait, that’s it? Yes it is. As we said above, we have plenty we want to do with our time and our skills, but for now what we want the utmost is to focus on getting as much of us as we possibly can into reality, and to make our games the best they can be every time we let out a release. We’ve got the quality, we just need to up the quantity! We’re all in on making that happen as best we can, as fast as we can, and it’s where your support is going to go.

We of course have more goals that are not specifically page related
, such as what to with the tail end of Agents of Heels, what direction Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth will take now that we’ve pushed the main story as far as we need to at this point, and things like our next game and our comic content too… But those are a whole ‘nother adventure, and our next post in the series too!

Alrighty folks, that’s it. Simple, right? Make more content per month, have more sexy and more sex, and pack everything our games offer into shorter timeframes so we can have even more stories and women. That’s a prime goal worth working towards 100%, right? Well, let us know! We’ve put another up/down poll on this post too, so you can have your say as a supportive fan as to whether that laser focus is what you want to see you’re backing go towards. Be sure to tell us why too! Our aim is that in time we can add super sweet and sexy things like animations, even more content, and all the hardcore stuff that’s in our heads, but for now think of this as the first node on a community skill tree that will make all that possible. So then, let’s get to it and chase that next level up together! We’ll see ya back here for more real soon!

Be turned to face the c-c-changes and beWilder!

Post Summary


We’re going all in on making more quality content per month, as much as we can, as much as twice our current updates. That’s our one and only Patreon Page/Community Support Goal (besides staying at our keys full time) for the near future: Keep the quality, double the quantity. We’ll add in more ambitious goals as we review our progress periodically and make headway on this major boost.

Agents of Heels: Croft and the Coveted Seal – Public Teaser!
Agents of Heels: Croft and the Coveted Seal – Public Teaser!more_vert
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Agents of Heels: Croft and the Coveted Seal – Public Teaser! 2019-08-16T21:32:05+00:00close

Hey-low one and all! Happy Friday, Tip-tip and all that! We’re still getting our British on with our Lara Croft, as her fan-chosen Mini-VN chugs along through development. We’re pulling back the curtain on that today, so we can all get a little frisky Friday feeling going on! Let’s jump right into some sauciness, before we get to the juicy details!

Lara has an upcoming Gala to show her pretty face at, but it’s not all academics and British aristocracy, no no! She has an important mission to accomplish, a Heels Agency urgent request only she can pull off. The kind that requires painted nails and silk dresses, and a distinct lack of underwear of any sort. She wouldn’t want to have it showing through, now would she? She’s a classy Lady of the Manor after all, and she has to seem respectable to her hosts in the East!

So then folks and folkettes, time to lay out a little more of what we’ve got in the works and what to expect only a few weeks from now. We’ve got plenty to say all around, but we’ll keep the main things here and the rest for some Fan Time Fun on Discord. Let’s get into it!

What’s up with Lara…

- Story Wise: What would we be if we didn’t have some story and plot to our porn? Not us anyway! We of course are leaning into a narrative that will help grow our world, but better yet help make that sex even better. In her special story, Lara is being sent East, to ply her Raider skills on swiping the once lost Imperial Jade Seal, an heirloom that can allow any charismatic leader lay claim to all of China. Too bad for her there might just be such a charismatic leader after the same ends as she, a new villain to cause trouble for Heels. As we mentioned before too, there some added inspiration from the Three Kingdoms period mixed with the modern setting to sweeten the sexy. There will be spycraft, action and sex, each in a little different flavour than what Nat usually brings us.

- Scene Wise: We’re packing in as much as we can possibly fit, from sex and action to fun and fan moments, all pulled together in a full arc of a short story. But what is actually should you expect in terms of types and numbers? Well we expect it to be similar in size and pace as our other Mini-VNs, the NTR Origins stories, but your reading speed may vary. We’re also looking at not 1, but 2 specifically x-rated scenes, a full scene showcasing Agency HQ, some Lara acting like the classy lady she is, and another with rising action and a big finish too. All in all, it’ll be a nice build to a shot of excitement and if you have it in you, you can get two waves of ecstasy to go along with them.

- Lore Wise, Returning and More: While Lara’s story takes place in a time somewhere before Nat’s AoH:MoAR outing, we are still pulling on the details and delightful lore we’ve laid out before. We will see more of the Agency from within, get a little look at some new personnel who walk the halls of HQ, and we’ll be seeing some familiar faces too. We’ll be building on Lara’s character, but we’ll also see more of Madsen (the old guy from The Last Raider/above), meet some of the scientists from the Heels labs (listen out for some sweet name-dropping Easter Eggs), and of course we’ll come face to face with Miller and the one and only Natasha too.

- Engine Wise: Yes, there is news on this front. Lara’s special will be breaking new ground… or it might be better to say it’s invading familiar ground. In the interest of time and with our focus on delivering plenty of content we’ve decided against modding our Heels Engine for this special (it’s known around here how careful we are with tinkering on our codebase in the middle of development). Instead, we’ll be using our OS Engine of the NTR Origins series, making it the first AoH content to find its way to the Noemi’s side of the engine setup. While that means we won’t see it play out in the vignette comic style, it will come with the easy VN features that we enjoy on the NTR side of play, and we’ll be reskinning the UI to make sure it still has that shadowy Agency feel! We’re honestly pretty stoked to see our engines start to merge just a little, as it’s prime goal of ours when it come to Game #3 to roll with the best of both sides of our world code wise.

Alrighty-o so, that’s our big details drop on Lara’s fan demanded dance with her own Mini-VN. It’s shaping up to be something more than a little spine tingling, and loin tingling too! We’re already inserting scenes into the engine, rendering more, more and more great stuff, and building to our big finish on her Grand Prize! Have yourself a wild weekend imagining what’s going on over here on our screens while we keep forging ahead, and also be ready beWildernauts as we’ll be back early next week to continue our changes posts now that y’all have has some time to think on the Tiers and Season 2 content! We’ll also see some more teasers and the last chapter (for now) of Silence and Stilettoes next week too. Until then, keep Lara close to your heart and groin, plus…

Be ready to be hands on and beWilder!

Media (1)

Lara_MiniVN_PublicTeaser.jpg (730.4KiB)

Silence and Stilettoes, Pt. 11 (Decided) - A Walk in the Dark
Silence and Stilettoes, Pt. 11 (Decided) - A Walk in the Darkmore_vert
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Silence and Stilettoes, Pt. 11 (Decided) - A Walk in the Dark 2019-08-14T12:33:23+00:00close

(Here it is, Silence and Stilettoes Part 11! Check it out now, vote below, and Daring+ fans pick up the accompanying Wallpaper here too! Be sure to check out the full story so far here at the Master Post!)

(Heads Up! The Silence and Stilettoes series is being placed into indefinite hiatus starting in September 2019 due to low turnout/popularity. The full details can be found here.)

“Stepping out into the street of the Italian Quarter, I can’t help but shiver. It’s not cold, I just feel so damn filthy… I can’t believe I took her case. By now the sun is about ready to set, I spent longer in that back room with the mistress Ms. Bellocchio and her smirking husband that I imagined… but even so she didn’t give up a damn thing… not one clue. It’s almost as if she doesn’t care what conclusion I come to in this case as long as I don’t implicate her… it feels more like she’s only interested in the power play… that’s this town for you at the end of it all.

I drop my cigar butt on the concrete sidewalk in front of ‘La Bella Donna’ and instantly light up another. I don’t know how many of these I’ve smoked already today, and I don’t particularly care either… They help me think, that’s all that matters. So… Marco’s little girl is all mixed up in this… and she’s not so little anymore either… what a pair of tits they were… I have not idea how that dress contained them or even why…

She claims to be the victim of a frame up, but I’m not so sure… Doesn’t that sound just a little too convenient? If could put this all behind me and get her off the streets in one go if it was… Maybe it’s even worth it if not? No… I’ll catch the real culprit, I have to… and I’ll find a way to drop her into the same slammer if at all possible too, but for now I’ve to play the part of her own personal gumshoe.

I guess my only real lead right now is Councilman Miller… that’s a thought I never expected to have. Not that he couldn’t be a crook, but that I’d ever be so stupid as to think about sticking my neck that far out in a city when everyone already has a knife to your throat. Miller is Mark’s mysterious business partner, according to Mystique, but I need to be certain of that link before I even attempt to take a run at him…

… It’s not that I don’t think it’s true…. It’s that if she’s telling the truth about that, what’s to say she not telling the truth about Asana too? She’s hiding something from me? She’s not who she says she is? I don’t want to believe that… I don’t.

My mind races with the various possibilities, placing the facts into positions like a jigsaw in my head, one with a few too many pieces missing for my liking. Even as my thoughts are direct, my feet lazily being to carry me down the street before I even notice I’m walking away. I don’t know where I’m going yet, but it better have answers.

I continue to plan out some way of investing the city’s upper echelon of leaders while in the back of my mind that question about Asana looms large. I’ll have to confront her about it some time, but for now I’m not ready, I wouldn’t know where to start. Miller on the other hand, I might have a way to get some eyes on him. It means another night in the morgue, but there are worse ways to spend an evening around here… I wonder if Kelly is ready to talk to me?

By now, my cigar is about to become another butt… I’ve been walking for about 15 minutes or so, enjoying the darkening streets, the night air and my smoke as I continue to think over my next moves. I seem to be heading towards downtown, perhaps towards the morgue, perhaps not... I haven’t really decided yet… The Rat’s Nest isn’t too far from here either.

I’ve been thinking… That Stiletto blade is still missing, and even though Mark was poisoned, it doesn’t mean that was the ultimate cause of death, or even the only one… nor does it mean he was only attacked by one person. I’ve already learned Mark had enemies on all sides after all… Maybe I don’t need to run down the Councilman so soon after all… I highly doubt he himself met with Mark in that alleyway, and I know sure as Hell he didn’t tell Cat to be there, she’d never have heard him out or even let him leave the Rats Nest alive… there’s got to be some nexus there that I can dig up and draw out.

If Mark and Miller planned to spark a gang civil war in the Rat’s Nest, with an eye to wiping everyone out, they’ve got to have somebody on the inside who could light that flashpoint. Cat’s presence in at the crime scene might well be a part of that plan for all I know… If only she was still around, I’d be able to get my hands on that knife and clear up a lot of things, then wring her neck for sucker punching me with that wrench…

… I would imagine a certain somebody would be a loose enough cannon to start something if Cat were to be mixed up with the outsiders of Downtown, especially if a deal were to go awry and she were to disappear. Sounds exactly what the impulse ‘Teen Queen’ Kriemhild would do… only I doubt Mark actually planned to die for his part in it. It’s a scary thought to think that a gang war might just be on the other side of the sunup now that this theory has come to me… it certainly rings true.

I smirk as I hold my smoke between my teeth… every time I make a new move I find the stakes are ever more higher than I thought before… That’s my special skill it seems. Well… I guess I have a choice to make now that I’m the only one that sees the big picture, besides my murderer anyway… I can go after the man at the top and take on the corruption, gift and intrigue right at the source. Or I can get down in the trenches, put my balls on the line and try put a lid on this before it spills into even more violence. I wonder where my feet will take me…

No sooner do I calm that whirlwind of thoughts in my head do I come to the corner of an open alleyway. A decision is but a moment away, if not for the sudden interruption that crosses my path. That’s the nice way of saying I find my life in my hands once again…

My cigar is but a stub now, it’s got nothing left to offer me, so I take my fingers and flick it towards the trash bags in the adjacent alleyway. It bounces off the hard floor, skipping further into the narrow passage. I watch it with a bemused eye until it comes to a rest… right next to something much more interesting, so much so it stops me in my tracks. A scrap of women’s clothing to be specific…

Before I realise it, I’m already heading down the alleyway, right towards to loose article of torn cloth… another quick look at the dishevelled garbage and it’s pretty obvious to anyone who’s familiar with it that there’s been an assault here not to long ago… the sexual kind. Damn my sense of Justice… I just can’t let it lie…

A groan escapes me as I stoop down to one knee to investigate the piece of interest close up. Damn this body, it’s getting too old too fast… I reach out. My fingers are but an inch away from the scrap of cloth when I realise, I’m already in a trap that is sprung. I hear a gun being cocked; it’s barrel already presses to my temple… Fuck… this was set up just for me wasn’t it? Who else would care so much to even give a women’s hard luck a second thought in this city?

‘Hello Roy, I hear you’ve been looking into my business again… what did I tell you last time?’

That voice… even now it still gives me an erection. I swear it’s nothing to do with the gun to my head. My eyes slide to my side to confirm what I already know… yeah, it’s her alright. Now I really am in a mess.

‘Hello to you too, Natasha… It’s been awhile, but I can’t say I missed you.’

Be hard boiled and beWilder!

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SilenceAndStilettoesTitleImage.jpg (483.2KiB)

Lara's Mini-VN: Pre-Teaser Details
Lara's Mini-VN: Pre-Teaser Detailsmore_vert
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Lara's Mini-VN: Pre-Teaser Details 2019-08-12T15:30:39+00:00close

Hey-hey one and all, it’s back to the top of another week and so it’s our job to lighten up your day a little! It’s alright, we love to do it! Today we’re going to do a little bit of teasing of our big special this month, Lara’s time in the spotlight. We’re already rendering our way through her scenes, but we’re saving our big opening details public post for a real glamour shot, so today will be more about the underlying awesomeness to come… But first!

Before we get into it, we’d be remised to not remind out backers we have some very important changes in the works and some under consideration, so be sure to check out our post notices on our Season 2 content (vote on the future of the bWW! contest), as well as the changes to the Tiers and Rewards that are coming shortly. Well let the public in on all the decisions once the fans have had their say of course.

Alright, now, to Lara!

In case you missed it before, Lara’s heading to ply her trade in China! Last year, our fans voted in Lara as our best girl and the Queen of the beWilderverse for this year, and so we’re making the special dash of sex fuelled content that you also asked for. While the focus will be on that, we’re also taking the chance to do some beWilderverse building too though, making it so our world isn’t just USA focused, but a real wide world of sex and story action/potential. So, what to expect to see coming up? Let us lay it out!

· We want more Lara, and to focus on her character, her part in the world, her status as a Raider, as a Brit who works for a secret US government agency, and of course… her body and her sexual fetishes too!

· We’re taking to China, to build out our world some more. We happen to have fondness for some Three Kingdoms era history (and the fictious Romance version too), so we’re looking to modernise it a little, bring that dramatic tension of infighting to our current lives, adding some Game of Thrones kind of sexuality, and ultimately giving us some real nice lore pieces for fans to grip on and fertile soil for possible future media.

· We’re looking to add to the Agency’s place in the world, it is our leading organization after all! It’s not all Ivyspawn and Monsters to them, Nat has a day job as a spy and Lara is a specialist in retrievals too… so what do they actually do at Heels when not hiding secrets? Let’s find out! We’re setting up a rival secret organisation that will be seen in Lara’s travels, showing the kind of hidden corners our Agency sticks its nose and its girls. (Note: It’s good to know going into this that Lara’s VN takes place before Nat’s infection and her story, but you’ll see that yourself in game too.)

So how does all that get to you? Starting to get you sitting on the edge of that seat yet? It is for us! As we already said, we’re taking this time on our fan request special Mini-VN to make sure important changes are made around here while the time is right, but that doesn’t mean we’re not pushing hard on our content as we love Lara too! Plus, storytelling, and sex… all the good stuff. Renders are already flying out the door and getting matched up with our written words, so we’re going to keep-on-keeping-on so we have a delight work winning the bWW! for!

We’ll leave it there so, but remember that our real reveal is coming soon, and S&S Chapter 11 hit the public later in the week, plus we’ll have another changes post (our Goals for the next 6 months) this week too, after people have had a chance to digest those tier changes (they sure were dooseys). Alright folks, keep it sexy and we’ll do the same…

Be sweet’n’sour and beWilder!

Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth (NTR) v0.3 – “Fight Back!” (Public Release)
Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth (NTR) v0.3 – “Fight Back!” (Public Release)more_vert
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Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth (NTR) v0.3 – “Fight Back!” (Public Release) 2019-08-09T13:22:28+00:00close

Hey there, all our fans in the public realm, it’s time for some more special steps in Noemi’s shoes as we aim to get into her pants! It’s been awhile, but it’s time to let y’all have a taste of our very our Philly steak that is Noe! Let’s roll out!

“This release, dubbed “Fight Back!” marks the third game release in the NTR branch of the beWilderverse and picks up where we left off in the last version. Kriem is now hired and working hard, giving Noemi a chance to put her plans into action. It’s time to punch back at Sal! This release also marks the return of Beth from NTR Origins, a cameo by Officer Malloy from NTR Origins: Sour Kriem, plus a large expansion to the initial Restaurant Manager gameplay and the Downtime/Day Off Activities too! Find out exactly what for yourself while you…

… Enjoy our main course of Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth!

Download Link (Win): NTR v0.3 Window

Download Link (Mac): NTR v0.3 Mac

Download Link (Lin): NTR v0.3 Linux

Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.3 – “Fight Back”

With this update, we’ve added two more weeks to the time spent at ‘Little Toscana’, making it a full month spent there now. We’ve pushed the main story further again as Noemi’s counterattack is set in motion (this was needed in order to get to where we want to be for the next version), as well as opened up the Kriem and Brad/True Love story arcs with a scene a piece. Noe gets even more Downtime fun, including accompanying Brad during his regular poker night and secretly binging on TV shows behind his back too. Finally, this build contains the second demo version of the Restaurant Management gameplay, now with many more outcomes, a new Promote activity, Reputation system and Proactive tasks too!

- Technical information

⦁ Version: 0.3 (‘Fight Back!’ Release)
⦁ Weight: 576 MB
⦁ Weight Packed: 243 MB

- Content

⦁ 5 New Full Scenes (for 15 Total).
⦁ 46 New Scene Rendered CGs (for 190 Total)

⦁ 18 New Gameplay Rendered CGs (for 27 Total)

- 14 New Restaurant Management Outcome CGs

- 4 New Day Off Activity CGs

⦁ Added 16 new days to the playable game time (now up until the end of Day 29)

⦁ New Downtime Activities: Poker and TV Binge Watching.

- Features

⦁ Expanded Day Off / Downtime Activities System, completing the game loop with stress-busting repeatable scenes for Noe, and even ways to make money while off work.

⦁ Continuation of the Main Story arc and introduction of the Kriem and Brad/True Love arcs.

⦁ Expanded playable beta test of the new Restaurant Management gameplay. Added the Reputation System, the ability to Proactively take on tasks in high risk/high reward outcomes, the new Promote activity to make or break that Reputation for either Little Toscana or Salvatore’s Deli, and finally, the base needed for Sal’s Influence system that is coming soon.

- Community Feedback

⦁ Thanks to Art we’ve been able to fix and test our Mac build versions. Alright! They are back and good to go, saving included! Also thanks to him, we’ve fixed a UI bug involving the Save Slots. Double High Five!

⦁ Some people have taken issue with the Typewriter effect on the text. The effect has always been able to turn off via the ‘T’ key (check the included controls txt beside the .exe for details like that). We’ve improved it now that the toggle setting is held across all scenes in the session rather than needing to be toggled each time. Thanks to multiple people for this!

- Known Issues

⦁ We overcame the issue that forced new saves to be needed in v0.2, by which we mean we didn’t have to do anything affecting them this version. Saves for v0.2 should be fine, but people jumping in with saves from v0.1a or v0.1b are highly recommended to start from the beginning. That especially goes for Mac players who didn’t get a v0.2 at all due to save system issues (see above, it’s fixed now). Players using a fresh save from the recent v0.1 Redeux should also be fine to use their saves.

⦁ A minor inconvenience, Brad’s opening scene only plays to those who have chosen to think about him in the first game decision! This is due to it being linked to the Romance stat, but the stat building system is still in progress. For those who chose the other option, this scene will pop later once you get a point in Romance, but for this version it’s a special reward for those who choose love over pervs early on. Thanks for understanding!

⦁ We’ve received balancing feedback telling us it can be pretty tricky to get all the new scenes in this version before time runs out. We’ve already taken this info on board and will be reworking the basic requirements / the rate of debt clearing Noe can do as we press forward. Since this version first released there has been many improvements, balancing and an easier play experience is already been built upon this versions experiences. Hang in there though, all 5 scenes in this version are possible and we know you’ve got it in you to get them!

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[Important] Changes and Improvements: Tiers and Rewards 2019-08-09T13:19:57+00:00

Hello again beWildernauts, we’re back again so soon. We’ve got plenty of changes and improvements to go over with y’all, so here we are once more to discuss our plans, go over the details and let you all know what’s what well in advance on next month when they take effect. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Before we get into the meat of today, a quick reminder. Our first post in this same series of change topics covers our Season 2 content, specifically Silence & Stilettoes and our beWilder’s Wildest 2019 contest. If you haven’t already, check it out here and pick up the details, as well as have your vote heard in our poll on a yes/no for a new bWW! contest. Also, be sure to join us on Discord for a deeper discussion if you’ve something to let us know about, or even leave us a comment or a direct message here on the page either. Alright, that said, let’s get to today.

As the title suggests, the second in our series of posts is all about our tiers and rewards. This set might just be the most dramatic of the changes we’ve got coming as we aim to laser-focus on our main content and make our tiers fairer for all who support us. We’ll save the preamble for a note at the bottom and get right to the practicalities, the part that needs the most spotlight.


Bold Tier (Revised), $1

· Games 1 month (4 Weeks max) after first release,

· NSFW Post Access,

· Backer Discord Role,

· Supporter Discord Role for Life

The Bold tier is our simplest way of showing support. Before now it was more of a tip-jar kind of experience, a way to show the world your fandom for us and allowing us to show some love back in return. It came with a few perks along the way too but was more for the casual fan than anything else.

Now we’re making sure to have even our lower tier fans in the loop and in the club, no more “one foot in, one foot out”. We’re guaranteeing a release to all our backers now, and we’re cutting the wait time down to a few weeks max. We want all our supporters to get the content of the month as it is coming, though still giving ourselves time to include proper testing and fixes reported as the playtesters of the higher tiers supply us with improvements. We’re also scraping our tiered teasers now too, apart from specific reward posts we aim to make all our posts either public or all-backer, giving all out fans the same amount of teasers, sexy (due to Patreon rules all nudity is fan accessible only so we’ll make it worth it!) and SFW, to all. We are of course not shying away from our Discord either, it’s well known we love it there, so we are keeping the special shout outs for our fans there too. (Please note: Unless you link your Discord with your Patreon account, we can’t know you’re a backer so do let us know and we can hook you up manually.)


Brave Tier (Revised), $4.99

· Games 2 Weeks after first release,

· Comic Media (Currently AoH’s ‘The Last Raider’) on Release, with Decision Vote.

· Feed Access and Discord Roles Above

The Brave tier is place for fans who are in it for the love of what we do, and who like a little bonus themselves for their part in making what we do possible.

Much like the Bold tier above, we’re aiming to make the Brave tier something people really fell they are getting as much love back as they are giving. They of course get the same benefits for the page that the Bold fans get, but we also want to keep rewarding this show of fandom and support by keeping the Brave’s say in how we shape our side media and make their mark on our world, currently via our comic ‘The Last Raider’. See down below for the new specific on the comic too. Of course, the biggest advantage to the tier is it’s now 1 step away from the premier release of our main content, what we’re all here for after all, it’s now months closer than it was and all the fans get the goods well within good time while we still have a window of opportunity to add any major fixes, improvements or balances should we need to.


Daring Tier (Revised), $9.99

· Games Premier Release, Monthly as Normal.

· Game Walkthrough (Currently NTR), with Release

· Comic Release and Vote Above

· Feed Access and Discord Roles Above

The Daring tier is the place for the die hard and dyed-in-the-wool fans, who want it all and want it now, as well as want to see us thrive and flourish as much as possible, just like us.

Daring fans get all we have to offer, first and foremost, the games as they are made. They have the opportunity to live the world we make without wait, and to help us make sure we live up to our promise as our leading external playtesters. We’re also keeping our game walkthrough as a special reward for them too, as a token of our thanks for such a supportive role they play and to ensure they can find their way to all content we can possibly offer. They also of course also have all the same perks as the Brave and Bold tiers as well.


Adventurous Tier (??? – In Question), $???

· ???

The Adventurous tier is in question… Over our 2 and half years we’ve been doing this we’ve have a surprising number of people who have been willing to put their faith in us enough to make this tier a legitimate one. To those, we say a serious thank you, it’s true that this tier and those people’s support has been an important part in keeping us able to stay with our games full time. However, we don’t want to fill up on additional rewards, to take away from our games focus anymore or to extend release wait times… so it’s hard to see why we would keep this tier around other than as a prestige support level for certain fans and to make sure we stay above the waterline financially.

… So we’d like to hear on this one from you guys. What things would you as fans live to see here, that wouldn’t take away from our game time and that would be fair for all our fans? Or do you think Daring is enough and it’s not needed? We’re going to continue to reflect on this one in the next few weeks, listen to y’all and your ideas, and come to a more concrete idea here later in the month. Should we find nothing we think can justify the tier and that doesn’t get us back into our current distracted territory, we’ll simply put it to rest and put it away. We’re sure the current Adventurous fans will understand.


Pure Wild Tier (Defunct).

The Pure Wild tier is where our purest hearted and ultimate fans currently reside. Some are still there from when it was originally the ‘Villains’ Tier pre-beWilder, and some are even there from the earliest days of our time on the Adult Scene. It is no small thing how much we love them, or how much they have done to make all we’ve achieved possible. If not for them we’d have starved in the dark long ago. We know full well there will be one or two who won’t want to lower their pledge, however this is not goodbye, merely a change for the better.

Up until now the main benefit for this tier, beyond ensuring we could keep going on and on, was our Pure Wild Package, a month issue of special art pieces, insider stories, sneak peeks at what we had in the pipeline and what things we did but decided not to show. Well… with our renewed focus on our games, we just can’t do that anymore, it’s time better spent on our actual games. If we could drop only one thing and turn that time back to making CGs for our games, it would clearly be this one, and so we have to do it. These fans, and all our fans at that, will see the good stuff still shine through in better updates going forward.

Our current backlog of package contents will be kept and used in other ways so as not to let them go to waste. Exactly what we’ll do with them is a still something we are deciding on, and will be a plan for another day.


Ok then guys and gals, before we hit the end of our post and hit into a summery, we’re going to recap so far by changing perspective and looking specifically at each of the rewards we offer to date and what’s happening with them, short and sharply.

Our Rewards Status:

- Game Releases – They are staying as monthly releases, with a lower wait time and all fans getting the latest content with a month of it out of the forge.

- Comic Releases – We’re renewing our efforts on this front, making it the only side content we do with our games. We’re also looking to moving to a monthly release here, even if it is just a page rather than waiting until we have a full chapter block to drop.

- Silence & Stilettoes Content – All Cancelled/Indefinite Hiatus. See post here for details.

- Walkthrough Rewards – Remaining mostly unchanged, staying with the Daring tier, currently only for the NTR game, but may be introduced for our later projects in time.

- Scene Gallery Access Code – This is a long defunct reward we should have scrapped long ago. It’s gone, but look out for our later series post on the games themselves for more on this.

- Pure Wild Package – Cancelled, the time will be better invested into the games from now on.

- Feed Access – We’re cutting tiered teaser access, making all non-reward posts public or all-backer, including the NSFW available to all supporters.

- Discord Roles - Unchanged, just be sure to ask for them if you don’t automatically get them. For the most part Patreon doesn’t tell us who you are there unless you let them.

- beWilder’s Wildest Contest/Voting – In Question, vote here for your say. If it returns it will be open to all supporters.


And that’s the changes for today… It’s a lot, huh? By all means, take the whole month to think them over and adjust if you need, that’s why we are explaining them early so next month they don’t come as a surprise to y’all.

Before we go, we still have that pre-amble (now post-amble) for you as we said above, so here it is for those interested
. When we first set out to make our games, we took a big risk in doing so, jumping in fully and making this our full-time job and only source of income because we want to live our dreams. As Unshi says, don’t feel sorry for us, we get to do what we love. However, we are telling you this because it formed the way we designed our tiers and rewards before now. We both live in expensive EU countries, each US$ to many developers out there is a fortune in their local currency, to us it’s <€1. So, to earn enough support to just pay our bills we aimed for more higher tiers (since quality is worth paying for, right?), with more rewards and fan content to justify them, aiming to make sure those who showed us such unbelievable support where well treated for the kindness we saw it as…

… However, now that we’re at it long enough, we’ve had time to really take note of what been happening over that extended time. It’s not just us who work hard to get by, and not the only ones who scape together for those US$, to some supporters out there it’s really a lot to pull together too. With that in mind, and with our desire to really make some changes for the better with our games and wider world, we came to the changes we listed above. We want to make sure our games get the most of our focus, that we do all we can to make them all they can be as soon as they can be, and to give the player an experience worth the fandom. If that means it’s also an experience itself worth supporting, all the better! We of course wish we could do every little idea that comes to mind, every little side content piece too, but it’s better to make sure all fans are treated well, and treated right in our rewards, and make sure the stuff we’re all here for is where our focus lies. That’s what we’re going for here today, if we do that right, we’ll continue to get by and even thrive, we know!

So that’s our post! We hope y’all agree it’s looking like change for the better, and it’s better for us all. When it comes down to it all, we want to make awesome and super sexy games that our fans know we put all we have into them, and that our community of beWildernauts are as in love with our beWilderverse and how it grows as much as we are. Now, enough from us, go absorb the alterations we have laid out, come ask us any questions or leave any comments you have either here on the page or in the Discord’s special area, we’re here all month and then some. Also, have a super-fine weekend, we’ll be working away to bring you more hot stuff in Lara with details next week, as well as some more S&S before it goes, and the next post in this series: Our Goals for the next 6+ months!

Until then…

Be turned to face the c-c-changes and beWilder!

Post Summary

We’re continuing our changes series of posts this month, before they take effect next month, this time taking a good look at and reformation of our tiers and rewards. Our aims are to refocus our attentions on our games, to make them the most they can be, and to make our tiers more fair to all our supporters, flatting some out in the process too. We’ve improved the wait times between our releases, removed superfluous side content and renewed efforts around our Last Raider comic. It’s important to us to limit distraction from our main content and reinvest that time to our games as much as we can. Like before, we encourage you to leave us feedback, comments and to come discuss these changes with us via our Discord. Next up in our changes posts we’ll be looking at our future vision and the goals for the next 6+ months (until the next review), coming next week.

[Important] Changes and Improvements: Season 2 Content (S&S/bWW!) 2019-08-07T20:21:26+00:00

Howdy beWildernauts, one and all, it’s time we took a good look at everything beWilder and strengthen the foundations of this sexy empire in the making. We’ve got some serious discussion to get through this month as we take on improvements and reshape ourselves for the better, and this is the first stop on the talking tour. We want to hear from you all along the way too, so be sure to leave us some comments, have a say in the poll below, and/or come on by our Discord’s specially made channel to do some in-depth discussing if you have it in you. Alright, so our preamble intro covered, let’s get to it.

This first post in a series of change topics is covering our Season 2 content, specifically Silence & Stilettoes and our beWilder’s Wildest 2019 contest. We’re going to start by ripping the band-aid right off…


Silence & StilettoesIt’s Cancelled. Yeah… To put it another way, it’s going on indefinite hiatus at least. Our noir mystery drama was fun, it gave us some space to play with many of the characters of the world, gave us opportunity to put to practice different writing and art styles, and had some sexy to add to our lives too. That being said, it’s not exactly popular even among you fans. In its current phase it’s pulling in around about 10% of the potential votes and even less at times. Compared to the Season 1 wallpapers, it’s down about 2/3rd in participation than we had at the same time last year. People just aren’t reading it and that’s ok. However, as much as we like to have our special extras, and as much as we hate leaving things unfinished, we can’t justify spending the better part of two days writing and art time each month for something ~90% of fans just aren’t into, we owe it to the whole fan base to use our time wisely. Instead we’re reinvesting that time and effort into our main games and our Last Raider comic in an attempt to make their updates even that much bigger and better, which’s a theme you’ll be hearing a lot of this month actually.

So what comes next? We’re releasing Chapter 11 today as we’ve already promised to keep the series going this month while people adjust. We’ll also be releasing Chapter 12 later this month, as well as the updated Crime Board and both wallpapers. That’ll bring the series to what was planned to be its natural midpoint. We’re going to leave it there, like any good noir drama on a cliff hanger, and starting next month it will be in indefinite hiatus. As we hate to leave things unfinished, we will bring it back should there be a serious rising call for it (unlikely) and we may continue to produce chapters on our own time as we find the will and the time, until we can come the proper end, though we make no promises on any set timeline. From September on we will renew focus on the Last Raider comic to see it start making proper progress again. For those who have spotted the hole this creates in our reward tiers for Bold, Brave and Daring, we’ll have a post specifically on that in the next few days too.


beWilder’s Wildest! 2019Under Review. Tentatively. For those who don’t already know of it, the bWW! contest was our search for our fan favourite girl. It was a multi-month-long contest with weekly matchups and open to all backers, with prizes for the most beloved girls and plenty of feedback on who and what our fans like. You can find all the details here from last year here. We had a lot of fun with it and we were looking forward to making it a tradition that helps make the end of each year shine. As you can probably also tell from our posts referencing it all year, and even now in our words here, we were really hyped to see it happen.

However, here’s the rub. It’s also been a serious point of contention between us on the team, mostly around the details of how to run it rather than why, what kind of rewards to offer and how much art to employ. We are split on whether to take what we did last year and build on it, create a tradition from it, improve the things that could be better and keep the points that did well, or to remake it in its entirety, a whole new contest style unlike what we did last year, less focused on individual girls instead on other elements, and start a new tradition from it all. The real stumbling point is if we will accept 1-vs-1 character matches or not. We’ve been back on forth on it for many months and now that we are on the eve of the starting time (September-October) we’re no closer to a decision. Rather than push one through and risk (even remotely) our simple disagreements turning to resentment at all, we’ve decided to take it to the fans now. As it stands, we’re cancelling the contest for the same reasons as S&S above. Instead of using the time (which last year required a lot) to run an event that we want, we plan to put that time back into the games for the end of the year… But we also want to hear from you fans too. If it turns out the contest is still a popular an idea as last year, we’re willing to reopen the discussion and have the fans involved in deciding the best path forward with it too. If it isn’t particularly wanted then we needn’t continue prep for it anyway, we can stick with the plan as it is now and simply leave it behind while putting the resources for it back into the games.

So what happens now? There is a poll below for our fans to chip in, a simple up/down vote on whether you as a backer want to see a beWilder’s Wildest! 19 contest in any form, or if you’d prefer to see it dropped. We’ll leave the poll open a long as we can, but since we’re getting close to the back end of the year, we need to be making a choice before the end of the month. We’ll also be reminding folks about the vote in other posts as long as it’s up. If we get a substantial decision in favour, we’ll then begin prep on the contest, including more decisions on what way y’all would like to see it go between the set-ups we have already developed to this point. Decisions made then will be stuck to by us. If the vote is low turnout, inconclusive or simply a decision against, we’ll announce the official cancelation publicly and plan for the additional shot of time for art and effort into our game version plans for October-December. In that case, Lara’s title will be allowed to expire come the turn of the new year.


Alright fans and fanettes, that’s our first batch in this special series of changes, updates and improvements. We’re aiming to refocus ourselves on the games and the primary content we are all here for in the first place, to maximize the output we can do on that which we all enjoy and do what’s best for the beWilderverse at large, even if that means taking a step back in places so we can have a better run up to the best parts we have. Be sure to have your say in it all, via voting in the poll and reaching out to us in whatever way works best for you. We want to hear it and we’re listening. That’s all we have to say today, we’ll see you again later this week as we tackle the tiers. Until then…

Be turned to face the c-c-changes and beWilder!

Post Summary

We’re starting off a series of page and content change related posts here today, starting with Season 2, which is the Silence & Stilettoes (S&S) series and the beWilder’s Wildest! (bWW!) Contest. We are aiming to refocus our time and efforts on our main games and our major comic rather than splinter our time across multiple creative outlets. S&S is becoming too unpopular/undesired by the fanbase that it is no longer worth the time invested for a small portion of people, so we are putting it on indefinite hiatus until something changes, if ever, and putting that time to better use on the Last Raider comic. Our bWW! contest is also being tentatively cancelled barring substantial fan demand, also so we can reinvest the time into our main games from October-December. You can have your say in whether you want to see the contest return in the below poll. We encourage you to leave us feedback, comments and to come discuss these changes with us via our Discord. Next up in our changes posts we’ll be looking at the tiers and their rewards, coming later this week.

August Handover: Lara Raids August!
August Handover: Lara Raids August!more_vert
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August Handover: Lara Raids August! 2019-08-05T21:36:30+00:00close

Hello and hey there all, it’s time at last to kick up some dust and get rowdy for another month! It’s August at last and with it comes a special time for us! Yes, we’re having a little bit of a late start this time around, we’ll touch on that below for sure, but first the biggest and best part of our news of today: It’s Lara time at last!

See, Lara’s already in trouble! She can’t even go eating in Philly without ending up in tattered clothes and with her guns out. I wonder what could happen when she gets the spotlight all to herself?

(Note: Just a heads up, Noe&Co. won’t be in her story this time, Noe’s just handing over development and a clean dress here).

As we all know, last year we ran a fan contest to find our most beloved lady, and Lara won it be a hair. What a Christmas gift that was! The fans also chose the Grand Prize, a full Mini-VN for the victor (victress? victoria?), and so it’s time to deliver! This month is all about Lara and a little early adventure she had for herself before being called into action in the Last Raider and Nat’s own AoH time. As of right now, the baton has been passed and Lara’s Mini-VN is in active development!

We’re be releasing the full details of all that is to come in our special public teaser post a little later in the month, but we do have a few bits to share right now to whet the appetite. Lara will be taking her globetrotting to stage right, by which we mean she’ll be heading East! We’re hopping right over Europe for now and planting some beWilderverse seeds in Asia as we build up our world some more with this opportunity. Another point is Lara herself… She won hearts, minds and loins to get this month of her own, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have room to grow and to show. Her VN will show us some more of what it’s like to be Lara, as well as to be a Croft, seeing her in and out of the raiding gear! Speaking of which, of course one of the major things we want out of this outing is stripping down that outfit and getting to some sweating, it’s about damn time Lara joined the club of ladies with an x-rating to her name, don’t you think? We do! So yeah, expect to see some Eastern Action, some Character Development, and some hit Lara sex this time around! Who’s excited for that?!

Alright folks, one last thing to touch upon before we get to rolling out the good stuff. It’s a little bit of a late start this month because of some of the changed we have in the works have been taking high priority in our early time this month. Did you see our Goals Post for this month? It’s our top listed aim for August in fact… to shape and clean thing up around here at last. It’s been a full 6 months since our page goals where last updated, our tiers have accumulated dust and defunct points over time, and we’ve received some important feedback over the last couple of months that are worth taking on board too (both internal and external from backer base, implicit and outright said). With that in mind we’ll be detailing some changes and conferring with the beWildernauts in some respects too. That’s what’s got us all busy this last weekend. So, buck up folks, Wednesday will bring Silence and Stilettoes Chapter 11, as well as a special all-backers post with some discussion and news on our Season 2 content. That’s the first area we’re rolling out some change we can believe in!

And so that’s it, friends and fans, we’re ready to raid some wombs… sorry, tombs… with Lara at the helm! We’re also changing things up for the better page wise too, as we’ll see throughout the month. Who’s ready to work up a sweat and work out some tensions? Lara’s work is all ahead of her until we do! So until she’s ready for adventure…

Be Crofty and beWilder!

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User #5939755 - 6 Aug 19 01:28
So excited, i can't wait to see her in action.
Aims for August and July in Review! 2019-08-03T22:44:09+00:00

Hello again, our old fans and friends, new folks welcome one and all! It’s that time once more, the end of another month, and another good chance to take stock of where we are and all we’ve done. It’s important to us and in all practicality to be open, honest and transparent with all who look to us for their jollies and jests. So then, we’re here, we’re sincere, let’s get into it! First off, where we stand, then where we’re going!

Our July Goals:

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.6 Released to the Adventurous and Pure Wild tiers. Complete! - We’ve swung by Easy Street once more to make a date with our Noemi, and to see her through another series of very unfortunate events. Yes, Noemi had another sweet release, this time she wasn’t the only one on the receiving end of Sal’s schemes, just as Heather what we mean. We pushed the story far enough forward that Kelsey has come a-courtin’, and we’re now at a place where we can really pull the breaks on the war for Philly and instead get some more 1-on-1 time with Noe and the many men in her life, like what Damon got right here only more! Before we get that far though, our Adventurous+ fans can get a (sticky) load of Noe’s campaign against the Deli, and the stumbling blocks along the way!

- Agents of Heels v0.12 Released to the Daring tier. Complete! - Nat’s mission to get to the heart of her web of mystery, lies and powerful people took another turn as she takes the action to her enemies! But was she too late in learning their plan? And what of her side adventures with a catty young woman who’s emerging from the shadows of the city? How has her help against Subject32 shaped their shared future? Well, all that is now known to the Daring fans, and what a ride it was to get there! Action, sex and awesome explosions… what more can one want other than even more?! It’s already in the works, but with this we’ve earn that goal check!

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.5 Released to the Brave tier. Complete! - It’s out, and it is damn sexy… getting laid always is after all! For real, Noe’s toes get curled, but that’s if the players’ think pressing forward with her relationship is worth it! Should they be in a more bitchy, cheaty mood, with dirty designs on Noe, they have their own rewards too! That’s not all because our mature lady Frankie joins in on the feuding and the lewding, finally on the staff of Little Toscana and on the edge of sanity! Have at all the fun Brave fellows and fellettes, it’s worth it (and only getting better), we can tell you that! In return we’ll take a check on this goal!

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.3 Released to the Bold tier. Complete! - We’ve got a great gift for all our fans, Bold included because we love ya so! We’ve released Noemi’s v0.3, letting y’all in on the opening shots of her war with Sal, and the ‘1UP’ she pulls on Beth while the big bad wolf is way chasing other tails. Our other backers know that that’s going to bite Noe in the backside one day! Oh wait, it already has! Added to that, Kriem gets her feet up in the kitchen, and Brad gets some time with his love. It’s a good time and then some, so go grab it while we mark this goal as achieved!

- Agents of Heels v0.9 Released to the Public. Complete! - It’s been a while, but we’ve at last managed to build up that content once again and let loose a sweet treat to all those fan and followers out there who just can’t be backers for one reason or another. Have y’all played it yet? In it Nat gets very dirty, but she’s not the only one, Cat gets in on the action too if Nat has her way! Lucky Scout, and luck somebody else! On top of it all, we have more of the plot coming to the fore, as Nat gets her hands on Miller too! Give it a play and you’ll see for yourself, the wait was worth it and there’s much more where that came from! And there’s another check mark for us too!

- Release of the Pure Wild package to the Pure Wild fans. Complete But Late – Phew… this one came in with a hot bounce, getting caught up in after release trouble, but it’s right here and it’s awesome! A pack full of concepts and outfits, as well as sneak peek titbits of info and what’s to come. Noe, Kriem, Kelsey, Lara, Asana, Cat, Mystique, even Hermione and new comer Gwen all join the party for some special sexy wallpapers and concepts, as well as trying on some of the good stuff from the infinite closet of awesome too! We’ll take a check mark on this one, if y’all think we deserve it, since we’ve already made sure every Pure Wild of July already has it, cool?

- NTR v0.6 Walkthrough for the Adventurous and Pure Wild fans. Complete! – To go with our latest serving of Noe, we’ve updated the doc with all the talk, the Walkthrough that’ll help you find absolutely everything the game has to over so far. We’ve updated the gameplay sections, of course to reflect the updated gameplay itself, and all the new scenes and how to find them can be caught right here too. So if in need, or simply in want, grab yourself the latest walkthrough while we grab a check on this goal!

- “Silence and Stilettoes” Parts 9-10, Wallpapers and Crime Board releases. Partial (80%) - We followed along with another two steps in the case of the murdered Mark. Chapter 9 found Roy come face to face (or face to exposed chest?) with the bartender Mystique, right in the heart of the ‘restaurant’ La Bella Donne. He asked for two fingers of whiskey, and he got a whole lot more that that. She lived up to her name and delivered some veiled mystery, implicating the famous Miller in the crime of crimes potentially. He also had his ID spilled, just as the Mistress came calling on him. Chapter 11 brought the biggest name so far to the noir world, as our Wallpapers showed us Mystique and then Noemi in the arms of her husband Sal! She is the Mistress after all, and she has a score to setting with Roy! Is she really being framed as she so claims? Will we ever find out for sure? And what does our Crime Board have to tell us? After updating it to Chapter 8’s content early on and now all our backers can see just how the evidence is shaping up. Our only regret here is we didn’t get to do it twice, hence the partial check mark here. Who’s the one that’s been hiding the biggest secret? Can you tell yet?

- Continue Summer’s Heat in July with Posts, Updates and Chats on the Discord! Complete! - It has indeed been a hot month all around! We’ve been keeping up our more than weekly updates, posting despite the sun’s heat beating down, and our Discord server has been growing nicely! Oh how we do love to share a few words there! It’s been quite the month alright! It all started when we broke out the bikinis and swimwear for Asana and Clair, it was hot on our page even then! It only got wilder around here after that too, as Gwen Stacy joined in our world, swinging into the beWilderverse and our planned fantasies (that means future content!). We got wetter then too, as we shared some lovely legs in the steam, and let’s not forget the seam between! Who’s legs where they? Hell, most folks who tries missed the mark with their guess… how about you? Let’s not forget the nights we spent cooling off, and Cat didn’t make it easy for us showing off her new suit for all the world! She’s got her own legend to forge! After all that, we hit up our previews, risking serious sunburn from the hot glow they gave off! Kelsey comes at last and shows her face, her dancer’s legs too, showing up to lean on Noe for something she wants! We got all the details of v0.6, and Kelsey got a job! What did Noe get? Only the game will tell! After that, it came time to go Bold, with a rocking van and some serious implication. You’ll need to play the game for the full answers, but we all know that a shaking van means somebody’s having a good time! We wrapped up the month then with one last tease, as Sal gives us the best infomercial on why ‘Dining Out’ is good for us all. We just hope he has a breath mint for afterwards, who knows where that ‘meal’ has been? So with all that in the bag and on the page… we’ve got to get a sweet goal tick for that, don’tcha think?

Bonus Goal:

- Agents of Heels: The Last Raider Comic Chapter #3 Released to the most tiers. Failed - Damn, damn, damn. We’re really stepping on our own balls on this one. It’s that painful to see and it’s that dumb a thing we had it happen again. Our comic is important to us but it’s hard to carve out the time for it… something has got to be done. We’re going to have to cloister ourselves away in the hills until we come up with something… and soon. *Sigh*… Yeah, we need to step it up.

That’s all of our July laid out, we got a hold lot done and added to our whole wold, it’s not the triple digit percentage we aimed for, but 97.77% (8.8/9) is an achievement all the same!
It’s been another hard fought month for us all but we’re still on the rise and going places together, and most importantly we’ve made things all the more sexy in the world! So what’s coming up in the next lap of the track? Let’s find out!

What to expect in August

- Some Serious Discussing with our Fans, as Changes are a Comin’! Yeah, it’s time to do some chit chatting with the beWildernauts, or as a person pretending to be cool might say, “it’s time for a heavy rap, man”. Check out our S&S goal below for a taste of what we mean, but it’s been a full six months since the last time we’ve updated our goals, we’ve got some self-account to do that’s more than what these monthly posts can provide and there’s always better ways we can be making the sexy, so let’s see what some fresh ideas for rewards, tiers and goals might have instore for us all, shall we? We shall!

- Lara Crofts’ bWW!2018 Mini-VN Released to the Adventurous and Pure Wild fans. It’s finally time to deliver on the crown jewel of what was the biggest and rowdiest show of fandom we’ve ever seen for the beWilderverse, the beWilder’s Wildest! Grand Prize! The fans chose a full Mini-VN, they chose Lara to star in it, and it’s time to have at it! It’s time to see Lara get as kinky as our other leading ladies! We’ll have spill all the beans on the projects details as we take a big run up to the special release, but like all our updates the Adventurous and Pure Wild will get their hands on her first!

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.6 Released to the Daring fans. She’s hot out of the development kitchen with an order of pure lust! We’ll be heading back to Philly for a plateful of Noemi, with a dollop of Kriem and aside of Frankie fries… but we hope you save room for dessert, because we’ve got Kelsey to add some shake to your meal at last! Noe’ll see her plans get whipped up, as Alice and Beth try their hand at some games of their own, and the Daring fans have a front row seat in August!

- Agents of Heels v0.12 Released to the Brave fans. Nat’s not taking any time off, not when Lara’s trying to be the screen babe! She’s coming right back again to where the Brave fans can get a hold of her! She’s recently having taken another big heeled step into her Act 3 and to the showstopping sexy that we’re all wetting our mouths over. We already know there’s plenty of action in this release, and plenty of side event sauciness as Nat and Cat finally join hands and get a job done. Are y’all Brave folks ready for this one?

- Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth v0.3 Released to Public. After giving our Bold fans a lengthy head start, Noemi is all ready to rock the Public once more! She’s going to take those early attacks on Sal and make them public, what better way to expose his dark heart and creeping fingers than to show everyone fist hand? That’s not all that’s work seeing either, as Kriem gets busy in the kitchen and family becomes a point of contention among the staff. That, and Brad tries to put the moves back on his love, to relight that spark and get some loving… turns out his efforts worked! Or did they? Expect to be seated and served come August!

- Release of the Pure Wild package to the Pure Wild fans. To those who make the beWilderverse possible, we salute you! To those who are the ultimate fans, we can only give our sincere thanks, and the awesomeness that is the Pure Wild Package! It’s stuffed with special concepts, renders, outfit plus work-in-progress content and girls, it’s all for those that make it possible. They even come with inside stories, and the whole collection now tops 200 pieces… we can’t wait to add more than a dozen more to that special gallery come August!

- NTR v0.6 Walkthrough for the Daring fans. To go along with our original main lady Noe coming to sit in our Daring fans’ lap, we have of course an update to her helping handy doc to guide y’all to the good stuff if you like to have shortcuts! As always, we have a packed PDF that makes all the details of the game known, with tips and tricks as well as some background into too. Care to find out where all the special stuff lies? Here’s your chance Daring folks!

- “Silence and Stilettoes” Parts 11-12, Wallpapers and Crime Board releases. Now, this is where things get a little less thrilling. Time to be completely candid with y’all and all. How are you liking the Silence and Stilettoes series? We’ve been putting in the effort to make something we think is befitting beWilder, but as we look at the numbers, it seems it’s not most peoples’ cup of tea. Is that the case? We’re aiming to do something special and keep the good times, and the dark mystery, going on, but in the end if it’s only for a small audience within our backer fanbase, then we’d be wise to consider wrapping it up and giving a different idea ago. We owe it to the fans to put our time to good use. So, with that in mind, we’re going to bring another set of chapters, keep an eye on the fan chat, and take the discussion to a more central place so we can find out what’s the best course for the beWilderverse. Expect some more dark drama and sexploits for August, as well as some thought-provoking talk to decide on what’s next!

- Round out the Summer months with plenty of Posts, Updates and Chats on the Discord throughout August! We just can’t stop ourselves from being chatty and telling anyone who’ll listen about our growing ‘verse! We’re going to be here 3 times a week as we always do, keeping y’all in the loop and eager to please with our ladies! We’re keeping the party going on our Discord, that place is always just a message away from a night of rockin’, and we’d not have it any other way! Expect teasers, artwork galore, and things only appropriate for Adult audiences, all month long and harder than hard! Care to watch and see? Hell yeah!

Bonus Goal:

- Agents of Heels: The Last Raider Comic Chapter #3 Released to the most tiers. Ok folks, this one is a simple one we can address right now. We’re keeping Lara’s comic on the board as a commitment and reminder that we have real work to be done here, and we haven’t forgotten our Last Raider for one second. However… As the post says above, Lara is going to be our focus for the whole month, she’s getting a whole dash of content, sex and conflict in another far-off land, because of all that we don’t expect her comic aside to get much time in. Any spare spurts are better off giving her Mini-VN an extra kick, don’t you think? So with laid out, we’re committed to her having more comic panels of her own, but we don’t expect to be reaching this goal in August, it’s here so we keep our eye on that ball. It’s always good to have things to achieve after all, right? Right!

Alrighty! Another big month is ahead of us, after one has now passed, one with a Hell of a record of accomplishment! It’s been a Summer to be proud of, even if it’s not over yet! Before we call down the curtain on July and get our August on, we’ve got to take this opportunity to say as serious thanks to you all who are reading this, to those who have followed along this month, and most of all those that support us in our efforts to raise the standards of Adult Gaming and to provide content worth that buzz it gives! Seriously, to all our fans and backers, we thank you with all we have. This month, we managed to break into a new all time high in support, if even a little bit. It was a year ago we first broke 100 backers, and until this month we couldn’t reach any higher than 111, even as we hit it multiple times. It’s thanks to a new wave of super supporters and kind patrons of the Adult Arts, that we got as high as 114 concurrent supporters at once, so we’re pumped up by little victories and ready to make it worth your time and fandom. Here’s to another month of a bigger beWilderverse, and here’s to a coming better one for all our fans too! August, ho!

Be grand, glorious, even August and beWilder!


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