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Destiny Class Dragons - 4k Wallpapers
Destiny Class Dragons - 4k Wallpapersmore_vert
Destiny Class Dragons - 4k Wallpapers 2020-05-08T01:09:51+00:00close

Greetings Guardians! I got a few requests for people wanting to use these as wallpapers for their console/pc/phone - what I uploaded to Twitter is not decent quality for such so these will be better fitting! :D

Only rules: Do NOT remove my watermark or upload them to sell. If people are interested in them, please send them here!

These are free but if you'd like to stick around and support me on Patreon that would glorious! <3

Download them below!

Media (2)

allthree_web.jpg (710.2KiB)
allthree_wallpaper.jpg (58.8KiB)

DragonScales: SERIES 2 enamel pin photos!
DragonScales: SERIES 2 enamel pin photos!more_vert
Post file flag
DragonScales: SERIES 2 enamel pin photos! 2020-04-19T00:07:59+00:00close

Listed in order of photos: Deep Sea, Seraph, Poison, Warlord, Celestial, Lightning, Egyptian, Cybog, Time, Steam, Blood, Spring (Patreon Scale).

I posted an update to the Kickstarter that the pins had finally arrived - but I made that update before taking decent photos. So, I do hope my backers find this.

All Scales here are at least 2" in size and each one is hard enamel + one glitter color. All Scales shown here are available to Patrons.

Collectors: If you were in my Collector's Tier prior to April 1st, 2020 there is no purchase needed for the Spring Scale (last one shown here). If you joined after April 1st you can add it to your order, but please contact me so you get charged correctly (it is discounted).

What will your Patron discount be? You will receive FREE shipping within the US. For my international peeps: contact me and let's see what we can work out!

Will they have prints? Well, that is up to you and the public orders! Prints were not funded in the KS, below you will find a form allowing you to pre-order the Scales and add the prints. If we receive enough funds, KS backers and Patrons will receive their prints for FREE.

FORM HERE: https://forms.gle/8DGVFK6FkfdscwyC7

3/25/20 Stream Day!
3/25/20 Stream Day!more_vert
Post file flag
3/25/20 Stream Day! 2020-03-25T13:49:52+00:00close

Mixing it up a bit and doing some digital work today, working on the return of my Wielder's and some of the Kickstarter dragons!

Will be live around 1:00 PM EST!


Media (1)

patreon_streamday.jpg (54.8KiB)

DragonScales Series 2 - First Set Illustrations
DragonScales Series 2 - First Set Illustrationsmore_vert
Post file flag
DragonScales Series 2 - First Set Illustrations 2020-02-22T18:46:53+00:00close

Hoboy do I feel slow on these guys - but trying my best to keep up with the Kickstarter! Funding the project unlocked the first set of enamel pin Scales! I'm working on the second set now. :)

The project only has a few days left, so if you'd like to join in do so now: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/strayaobscura/dragonscales-enamel-pins

I'll be uploading all the line work download for them to $5+ Patrons next week (I've been slow on this and I do apologize)!

Media (6)

deepsea_web.jpg (428.1KiB)
plush_web.jpg (360.4KiB)
poison_web.jpg (341.8KiB)
seraph_web.jpg (366.8KiB)
warlord_web.jpg (357.6KiB)
egyptian_web.jpg (375.1KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3329877 - 22 Feb 20 23:49
these are so cool!
Stream Day Reminder!
Stream Day Reminder!more_vert
Post file flag
Stream Day Reminder! 2020-02-05T18:43:49+00:00close

I'll be live later this evening at twitch.tv/strayaobscura working on some DRAGONS of course! Will decide closer to time if I'm working some digital things or if we're gonna hang out and cut out some crafts.

Be there around 7 PM EST tonight! <3

Media (1)

patreon_streamday.jpg (54.8KiB)

DragonScales Series 2 - TOMORROW!
DragonScales Series 2 - TOMORROW!more_vert
Post file flag
DragonScales Series 2 - TOMORROW! 2020-01-28T00:35:30+00:00close

I am so excited guys, the Kickstarter goes LIVE tomorrow around 2PM EST and as you have all seen I've got cool stuff lined up!

Sign up for notifications here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/strayaobscura/dragonscales-enamel-pins

You can see the Scales and artwork at these posts: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dragonscales-2-33375865 | https://www.patreon.com/posts/dragonscales-2-33215786

All of them will be finished illustrations before printing but I wanted to get a bit of a head start for the campaign. :D

Media (1)

launchbanner.jpg (328.0KiB)

Wednesday Stream Day!
Wednesday Stream Day!more_vert
Post file flag
Wednesday Stream Day! 2020-01-22T20:35:43+00:00close

Hey everyone! Here is your super late reminder that today is stream day and we'll be starting some time around 5pm EST at twitch.tv/strayaobscura

We'll be starting out working on some of the dragons for the new DragonScales project and if we have time move to continuing the shelf Savierya project!

Hope to see you there!

Media (1)

patreon_streamday.jpg (54.8KiB)

REFORGED Master Post
REFORGED Master Postmore_vert
Post file flag
REFORGED Master Post 2019-12-29T17:04:01+00:00close

Hello everyone! This here is going to be the master information post for my REFORGED tier that is going live for 2020. This tier is specifically for those who wish to own my Warcraft class/race crests - the reforged versions!

What exactly am I doing to them? I originally created the art for these way back in 2016 (some in 2015) and have come a long way in my work since then, I would like to update most of the class and race crests to be a better representation of my style and skill. Not to mention I have also learned a lot about my building techniques for the crafts that will also be implemented!

The second image is a calendar that will be updated as progress is made!

How does your "purchase" work via Patreon?

Every month you will be charged the $20 for the tier, this project will last for 6 months - meaning if you stay the whole time (from January 2020 to June 2020) you will have paid the total amount of purchasing a crest from my store. Consider it a sort of payment plan without any additional fees and also supporting my work throughout the time! Please keep in mind that there are additional shipping charges for international, I recommend messaging me BEFORE joining the tier and I can get you a shipping quote which you can pay for when your piece is ready to go!

What if I join AFTER January 2020?

No worries! You can join any time during the project and you have two options: 1) stay in the tier for 6 months OR 2) when I begin shipping crests you may pay the difference via PayPal and I will prep yours with all the others. Once all the artwork is done they will be available via my store (www.artofso.com), so you can also purchase them there.

What do I do in June 2020?

To start; this tier requires shipping information - MAKE SURE this information is correct by June 1, 2020. If you need it to go somewhere else please message me as soon as possible (I will make announcements when shipping begins) - I will not be responsible if I do not hear from you!

If you join in January: I will send out a message to let you know you can cancel- or better yet- if you'd like to continue supporting my work, drop down to one of the lower tiers!

If you join AFTER January: You will receive a message letting you know how much longer you'll need to be in the tier to receive your crest OR you will have the option of paying it off via PayPal.

What if there are delays?

You will be THE FIRST to know about them and you will be able to refer to the previous question on how to handle it. Your crest will STILL be paid for and you will not get charged extra, I will stay in contact about when they will be completed.

Do we have a say in what is made first?

Absolutely! Itching to see that Deathknight crest super fast? Simply comment on one of the posts about the crests and I will move whichever one up - if no suggestions are made I will work on them in my own personal order.

Since this is a pre-order, will there be extra goodies?

I want there to be! But this is solely dependent on how many Patrons join the tier! Small items like stickers and prints will likely be free to anyone in the tier and larger items like charms will be heavily discounted.


I expect that this post will be updated A LOT during the months of the project - I will not always send notifications of the updates but you can always look back here to double-check everything.

Media (2)

patreon_tierbanner.jpg (28.0KiB)
calender.png (20.4KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #28764247 - 3 Jan 20 17:26
Really looking forward to the Worgen crest, best of luck on the project!
user avatar
artofso - 3 Jan 20 21:45
You bet, I'll push it up on the list! Thank you for helping make it happen!
[IMPORTANT] 2020 Changes!
[IMPORTANT] 2020 Changes!more_vert
Post file flag
[IMPORTANT] 2020 Changes! 2019-12-16T04:19:43+00:00close

These changes will go into effect on January 1, 2020 and will effect multiple areas of my Patreon! Please take a look and make adjustments as you see fit. :) If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to comment or message me!

New Tier - REFORGED will go live on 1/1/20 and you will be able to switch to it any time during the month. This tier is specifically for those who wish to support the update to my Warcraft crest series while also paying off your own physical crest (which will be hand built and mailed to you upon the projects completion). The crests cost $120 with LEDs and Patrons in this tier will get to decide what is completed first! Your crest will ship for free within the US and be discounted for international.

Stream Day - This is something I've been trying to do more of, but found that I either went ham and streamed too much or not at all. Womp womp! So I will be deciding a day in the week that is good for most people and will do one on that day every week! It will be just for art, no games. You can find me here: twitch.tv/strayaobscura

Discord server - Dependent on enough Patrons or if I am able to learn how to set it up how I want, but it is something I am considering and looking into over the new year! :D

Collector's Tier CHANGES - The current available Collector's tier ($25) will be reserved for international Patrons, a new tier (which should be live tonight) will be $15 and available for US Patrons. I do not plan to make changes to the rewards!

Monthly Craft - I would like to work out the timing to have at least one new craft to show you all every month! Instead of having a bunch in the queue and posting in massive batches. I will say I do have a few lined up to get the ball rolling during my convention season in the beginning of the year. The more Patrons that join in the easier this will become!

TL;DR VERSION: new tier - Warcraft crests, cheaper Collector's Tier, a stream day, at least one new craft a month! Woo!

All of these things are happening because you guys have been here to support me, so thank you so much! :D Shares are greatly appreciate so more awesome people can join us!

Media (1)

sologo.png (39.4KiB)

Coming Soon: REFORGED
Coming Soon: REFORGEDmore_vert
Post file flag
Coming Soon: REFORGED 2019-12-07T23:54:34+00:00close

It is almost that time! Beginning January 1, 2020 a new tier will open up for everyone! This tier is specifically for those who would like to support my Warcraft crests! This series dates all the way back to 2016 when my paper crafts really took off, it was a project that pushed me beyond my limits at the time and my work has come a long way since then so I would like to update them!

Since my Allied race crests are very new, most of them made in 2019, they will be excluded from the remake but WILL be available in the REFORGED tier! I will also be hoping to add Kul Tiran, Vulpera, Mechagnome, and any others I am missing.

There is an advantage to being quick about joining the tier! YOU will get to decide what comes first AND you will get to pay off your PHYSICAL crest sooner!

These will be the same size as all my previous crests (approx. 19" on the longest side), multi-layered and have LEDs(optional).

More information soon!

Media (1)

2020patreon_ad.jpg (564.1KiB)

Collector's Calendar
Collector's Calendarmore_vert
Post file flag
Collector's Calendar 2019-11-26T15:40:50+00:00close

I've decided this is something that should be public and since I have updated and filled just about every month, I want to show everyone what I am planning! :>

I learned from the Pumpkin scale I need to plan further ahead for the enamel pins - so there won't be very many of those. This will be a great opportunity for me to try out new types of items! :D

If you have any questions at all, or even suggestions, feel free to throw 'em my way!

Media (1)

collectorcalendar.png (15.2KiB)

Patreon Pause 2019-09-21T03:41:05+00:00

Greetings Patrons,

First off; thank you all for your continued support!

For those who haven't seen the news; on September 11th I injured my hand while working. Bad enough I haven't been able to hold my knives or tablet pen since then. What I thought would be a few days of a break has ended up far worse and has forced me out of work since then. What I thought was a bad sprain ended up being a small fracture, but a small one on your hand isn't really small.

Given that I haven't been able to make anything new through the entirety of September just about I have decided I will be pausing my Patreon for October. What does that mean for you as a Patron? Nothing changes! You will still be my Patron but you will not be charged for the paused month, any content I already have planned will still be posted, for free!

I had a lot of plans for the spoopy month, my favorite time of the year! If I can by the end I will definitely try to have -something-. ^^

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3329877 - 21 Sep 19 12:48
Focus on getting better! I'm sure that some of us would still contribute anyway to take some of the pressure off!
Multiple versions of crafts?
Multiple versions of crafts?more_vert
Post file flag
Multiple versions of crafts? 2019-08-11T15:12:31+00:00close

Finding a title to describe this was hard, lol. So a lot of the time when I release a new design... for example the full body Void Dragon, I almost always will get asked if I have a bust version of it (either for the wall or table). Generally I am perfectly happy taking on the commission to edit the piece to fit where the buyer wants to put it.

But I had a thought this morning, of how many people are turned off at the word "commission", thinking its some long drawn out hoo-hah they don't wanna deal with. So I'm thinking for some of my newer pieces, like this guy above, I will make multiple versions available upon it's release. As I still don't have it in the shop I can take some time to experiment with this idea and build the multiple versions.

I would love some feedback on what you all think of the idea and if you have any suggestions, throw them my way! :D

Media (1)

voiddragon_wip3.jpg (541.0KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4912379 - 22 Aug 19 04:05
Having been someone to ask for a wall hang version to be done, the Netherdrakes, I know you can convert them very easily and I really appreciate that! I think that's a really good idea though to include all three options, people will see the options. Which is useful, especially for those of us with cats who eat paper.
user avatar
artofso - 25 Aug 19 03:46
Of course! This question has come up from others with space issues as well so I think it is something worth becoming available, we'll see if it works out!
WIPs out the wazoo!
WIPs out the wazoo!more_vert
Post file flag
WIPs out the wazoo! 2019-08-09T18:38:03+00:00close

New stuff has definitely slowed a bit as I am preparing to take on my first show selling with the big dogs!!

I'll be in the Vendor Hall (3rd floor) at DragonCon in Atlanta!

I'm super nervous but also super excited! I've never done the vendor area at a con and definitely not one this big! I've been in the DC art show for a few years but it's always felt like a regular con. The number of people I will see in the Hall is going to be insane!!

If you're coming to show I'll have special discounts and or a free gift for Patrons!

Home from GuardianCon! 2019-07-08T03:41:40+00:00

This weekend was a con for my history books on how amazing it went. I met so many amazing people and had so many wonderful things happen!

Welcome new Patrons! If you're joining me after GC, I'm super excited to get the ball rolling on continuing the Destiny Dragons series!

I'm prepping something for all of my $5+ Patrons to hopefully be out this month. The coloring pages I had prepared to sell at the con will be available to you. So jump in on that tier if you'd like one! I send them out via personal message, so only those in the tier will get it!

For my WoW peeps I would like to get some progress on the Kul'Tiran crest I've had delayed for far too long, and also build the Void Dragon recently finished.

But, there is also a ton of orders and commissions still to do, I could also use a couple days of rest. x) So, just a heads up for what is on my to-do list!

MHWorld Anjanath [photos]
MHWorld Anjanath [photos]more_vert
Post file flag
MHWorld Anjanath [photos] 2019-06-23T20:59:59+00:00close

Been wanting to make crafts for this series for A VERY LONG TIME and I am finally comfortable enough with my art style/abilities that I can give them justice.

If you'd like to adopt your own monster, you can do so here: https://www.artofso.com/table-top-crafts

Two bust commissions [illustration]
Two bust commissions [illustration]more_vert
Post file flag
Two bust commissions [illustration] 2019-04-23T21:31:59+00:00close

Above is an OC I helped develop for Tricky, they now officially have a dragon OC!

Below is a dragon transformation of Kole's Exo from Destiny!

Commissions like these are always open for Patrons, and are discounted to $80 a piece. If you're interested in one please email me (strayaobscura@gmail.com), message me here, or DM me on Twitter (@StrayaObscura). :)

Dragon Scale Enamel Pin Kickstarter!
Dragon Scale Enamel Pin Kickstarter!more_vert
Post file flag
Dragon Scale Enamel Pin Kickstarter! 2019-04-03T19:08:30+00:00close

AND WE ARE LIVE! I will be making these available to Patrons after the Kickstarter but if you're up for making sure the project happens, check it out at the link below!


Feral Druid Prints
Feral Druid Printsmore_vert
Post file flag
Feral Druid Prints 2019-02-03T20:00:43+00:00close

Not a super exciting post, sorry, but I did want to show you guys the prints! :D Photos are a bit darker than the actual prints but I snapped them real quick with my phone, ha ha! Can't wait to build these!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 18 Apr 19 08:40
Tell me please for the creation of their work you use only paper or other materials? And what brought you to this case, because it is very painstaking work with small details?
Custom Crest Photos
Custom Crest Photosmore_vert
Post file flag
Custom Crest Photos 2019-02-03T00:26:19+00:00close

Here is from my recent commission batch of custom crests! I am currently open for these if any of you are interested. :D

Above and the couple below are representative of the Nightstalker subclass for Hunter's from the game Destiny!

Up next is a custom Kul'tiran Druid - I didn't feel the original Druid crest really fits their Drustvar counterparts so this was created!

And last for now is a custom Warhammer 40k crest for the faction known has Space Wolves! :D This one is possibly my favorite since it turned out so well from a series I know nothing about, lol!

Thanks for looking! :>

WoW: Feral Druid's [illustrations]
WoW: Feral Druid's [illustrations]more_vert
Post file flag
WoW: Feral Druid's [illustrations] 2019-01-26T21:00:02+00:00close

I don't actually play a Druid but I fell in love with these guys in Legion! :D I know it's taken me -forever- to get the set completed, but, better late the never??

I'll have crafts and holographic versions available of them soon! :>

Cockatrice [WIP]
Cockatrice [WIP]more_vert
Post file flag
Cockatrice [WIP] 2019-01-24T04:47:44+00:00close

On my list of creatures I haven't done before I'd like to so I gave this concept a shot. :) Sorry if the feet look odd being on the same plane, it is set up for paper crafting!

Maybe I finish? XD

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #17026309 - 2 Feb 19 15:50
Good =)
Midnight Pegasus [illustration]
Midnight Pegasus [illustration]more_vert
Post file flag
Midnight Pegasus [illustration] 2019-01-23T21:08:00+00:00close

Was working on cutting out a Rainbow and Painted Pegasus and thought it would be nice to have a darker colored one! So here is the illustration for Midnight Pegasus!

D&D Dragon Prints are here!
D&D Dragon Prints are here!more_vert
Post file flag
D&D Dragon Prints are here! 2019-01-21T00:00:08+00:00close

Sorry for the photos not being too great, I snapped them really quick my phone as soon as they arrived 'cause I was excited to show! xD Will hopefully start building these next month!

Up above are Gold, Copper, Bronze!

Brass, Silver

Black, Green, and Blue

Red, White, and Shadow

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4912379 - 21 Jan 19 05:59
Oh dear.... at some point this is going to be one of those... Got to collect them all sorts for me, heh... They look great!
user avatar
artofso - 21 Jan 19 13:51
Hahaha! XD You're welcome! Thank you!
General Updates
General Updatesmore_vert
Post file flag
General Updates 2018-12-15T16:48:23+00:00close

Sorry for all the radio silence the last couple weeks friends! Things have been -very- busy with the convention, studio "remodel", and the holidays coming up. But I am prepping things to have a fresh start to 2019!

First up here is some photos of my studio in progress - I plan to have a place for people to hang out a bit and have room to work efficiently! It started with me realizing the shelves I had bought were poorly made so I bought brackets to support them better and it snowballed into replacing some furniture and moving things around, getting rid of a lot of junk! I'm also hoping to have my main light finally replaced today! Yay!

You know those pvc shelves a lot of people use in their garages? I use to have 2 lined up there and switched it out for this nice dresser I found on Craigslist for CHEAP. I love this thing! It fits the modern style I like and holds all the important supplies + looks much better! It has since been moved from this photo to behind me and my couch put there (better for when peeps come over and puts my supplies closer to my work table).

I will post finished photos once it is all done!

I'm aiming to have all of this done BEFORE the end of the year BECAUSE.... wait for it... I plan on actually having a stream schedule! Woo!

You'll find me over on Twitch (twitch.tv/strayaobscura) Tuesdays and Thursdays starting @ 6PM until 10PM EST! I will begin streaming in January! I am VERY excited to finally be able to stream consistently, I hope it will go well. :>

Look for this banner on Twitter when I go live!

Lastly; I do have some sketches and WIPs - trying to load up on planned projects so the year can go as smoothly as possible and avoid as much down time as possible. <3 Thanks for sticking around!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #14889568 - 27 Dec 18 16:55
WoW Charm Kickstarter is LIVE!
WoW Charm Kickstarter is LIVE!more_vert
Post file flag
WoW Charm Kickstarter is LIVE! 2018-11-26T20:12:50+00:00close

So excited to announce this! Though I am sure all of you have seen it on my other social media, it wouldn't hurt to post it here as well!

If you're interested in checking out the project, you can find it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/strayaobscura/wow-crest-charms


Horde Crest - '18 Rework [illustration]
Horde Crest - '18 Rework [illustration]more_vert
Post file flag
Horde Crest - '18 Rework [illustration] 2018-11-19T18:43:31+00:00close
For the Horde!!
And that my dearies is the LAST of my crest series!

Technically this and the Alliance crest were remakes, but they were important remakes so I push them ahead of all the others. :> I'll start soon on touching up some of the older class/race crests and such.

Keep an eye on the website it will be available soon! artofso.com/crests

Alliance Crest - '18 Rework [illustration]
Alliance Crest - '18 Rework [illustration]more_vert
Post file flag
Alliance Crest - '18 Rework [illustration] 2018-11-17T00:25:21+00:00close

This was a nice one to redo! I think it looks much more regal now!

It will once again be available in the shop shortly! artofso.com/crests

Warcraft: Kul'tiran Crest [illustration]
Warcraft: Kul'tiran Crest [illustration]more_vert
Post file flag
Warcraft: Kul'tiran Crest [illustration] 2018-11-13T04:49:06+00:00close

I went ahead and released this one to Twitter at the same time, trying to get peeps to join us here! Would you guys like a hi-res pack of these? I'm thinking about bundling up some of my crests and offering those. :>

That's IT for the allied race crests! Regular race crests and class crests are all complete, other than me wanting to re-work a few! Up next is the Alliance and Horde crests I plan to do soooooooon!

Dark Iron Dwarf Crest [illustration]
Dark Iron Dwarf Crest [illustration]more_vert
Post file flag
Dark Iron Dwarf Crest [illustration] 2018-11-12T17:43:00+00:00close

Okay this one ended up being WAY MORE FUN than I anticipated, ha ha! With this one all I have left is the Kul'tiran's which are not -officially- released yet so I'm going to focus on my convention inventory and commission for a day or so. But I have been having a blast doing these, tbh.

Enjoy! Will be available in the shop shortly: www.artofso.com/crests

Highmountain Tauren Crest [illustration]
Highmountain Tauren Crest [illustration]more_vert
Post file flag
Highmountain Tauren Crest [illustration] 2018-11-11T17:25:52+00:00close

Phew!! Booking it on all these crests guys, trying my BEST to have them ready for dropping the Kickstarter! I have Kul'tiran and Dark Iron Dwarves left to go... but still commissions and a con to prep for soooooo HERE WE GO! xD

Will be available in the shop shortly! www.artofso.com/crests

Blue-Eyes Ultimate White Dragon [WIP]
Blue-Eyes Ultimate White Dragon [WIP]more_vert
Post file flag
Blue-Eyes Ultimate White Dragon [WIP] 2018-10-29T22:45:51+00:00close

Another 2019 WIP for you guys! It's been a while since I did a multi-headed project, and I grew up with Yu-Gi-Oh! so time to pay tribute! Their dragon designs are always amazing looking. This will be a large wall-hanging piece, limited numbers made.

I've got some craft photos incoming for you guys this week, they've been scheduled I just wanted to pace out the posts for the week since I'll be out of town till next Monday. BLIZZCON TIME BABY!

Scarlet, B&Y Macaw Rising Gryphon [illustration]
Scarlet, B&Y Macaw Rising Gryphon [illustration]more_vert
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Scarlet, B&Y Macaw Rising Gryphon [illustration] 2018-07-29T16:44:19+00:00close

I PROMISE these are the last two colors of the gryphons! xD But I am going to be honest; I've had a blast translating these birds to this.

The entire series will be available very soon at the shop and YES your discount codes (for that tier) will work! :>

Here is the Blue and Yellow Macaw:

Shop Discount Code!
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Shop Discount Code! 2018-07-27T15:43:15+00:00close

Discount for all Patron's in the $25 tier! This has been available all year, but it came to my attention many of you may not have remembered it was there, so it will be posted every month for you! :>

Use "PATRONSFIRST2018" without the quotes at check out!

This will last until the 31st of December where at that point a new one for 2019 will begin. Yay!

Remember that this code only works on ORDERS from the shop! Free shipping is only applied to commissions, which you will need to contact me about. :)

July '18 Coloring Page Download
July '18 Coloring Page Downloadmore_vert
July '18 Coloring Page Download 2018-07-27T15:07:43+00:00close

Below will be the downloads! Each page is 150 DPI and can be printed or placed in your favorite digital program for coloring! :) I always love seeing what you do with them so feel free to tag me on Twitter (@StrayaObscura) when you're done!

If you ever have any questions about digital art feel free to comment or tweet at me and ask!

For the rest of 2018 each month will have TWO line works for download. I've missed a couple months and want to make it up to all of you! <3

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Rising Gryphon (Hyacinth Macaw) [Illustration]
Rising Gryphon (Hyacinth Macaw) [Illustration]more_vert
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Rising Gryphon (Hyacinth Macaw) [Illustration] 2018-07-27T02:02:28+00:00close
In my excitement to get the third gryphon done tonight for you guys... I saved over the original Sun Conure version. I'm so mad at myself right now that I've decided to just call it tonight and I'll rework it tomorrow. Ugh.

But nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this one... feel free to suggest other colorations! :>

Rising Gryphon (Cockatiel) [illustration]
Rising Gryphon (Cockatiel) [illustration]more_vert
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Rising Gryphon (Cockatiel) [illustration] 2018-07-27T01:04:13+00:00close

Here is the Cockatiel coloration for the Rising Gryphon! This will be in a series of which I am still working on and considering for other domesticated birds... Hyacinth Macaw maybe? :>

Rising Gryphon (Sun Conure) [Illustration]
Rising Gryphon (Sun Conure) [Illustration]more_vert
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Rising Gryphon (Sun Conure) [Illustration] 2018-07-25T22:20:06+00:00close

Woo! Something colorful!! I came across a really adorable photo of these kinds of birds on FB one day and just thought how COOL it would be to make a gryphon version! I'm sure it's been done a thousand times, but here is my version! ;D

What other kinds of birds should I do? I thought a cockatiel one, some parrots would be cool... but I think I will stick to -mostly- domesticated birds. :>

On the note of "Bloom Guardian": I've been collecting lots of photos as I work on building it, and streaming when I can, would you guys rather me dump all of those in one post or upload two or three at the end of the day?

2018Rework Alliance Crest [line work]
2018Rework Alliance Crest [line work]more_vert
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2018Rework Alliance Crest [line work] 2018-07-19T03:27:43+00:00close

Heyoooooo! Sat down to finish the line work on this golden shine today! :> I'll try and have the Horde one done soonish as well, looking forward to re-releasing these soon!

I just felt the need re-work these as I drew them during a very -bad- time in my art career and they don't reflect my best work.

Rainbow Pegasus [illustration]
Rainbow Pegasus [illustration]more_vert
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Rainbow Pegasus [illustration] 2018-07-12T15:59:53+00:00close

I decided I need MORE RAINBOW THINGS in my gallery! x) This is a re-color version of my "Painted Pegasus" that is currently available, and will be an option on it's product page soon!

This one would probably look great in a holo'd version so I might experiment with that when building.


Nebula Frill (2018 remake) [illustration]
Nebula Frill (2018 remake) [illustration]more_vert
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Nebula Frill (2018 remake) [illustration] 2018-07-11T15:52:59+00:00close

Sorry for not having anything for you all last week I took an impromptu vacation, I needed a few days to disconnect.

But I return with something wonderful! Nebula Frill is by far one of my most popular pieces at conventions, but it is sad to say it was out dated and no longer represented my work... but I couldn't just get rid of it! So I re-created it for a special re-release! This new version will become available soon and you'll be able to grab one here: www.artofso.com/table-top-crafts - it may be a few before you actually see it listed.

Detail shot of the frill!

In other news... yesterday I streamed the beginning of "Bloom Guardian" - in order not to spam you all with posts I'll be gathering all of the in progress photos and making one post once the piece is done. :>

Forest Spirit Orisa [illustration update]
Forest Spirit Orisa [illustration update]more_vert
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Forest Spirit Orisa [illustration update] 2018-06-23T04:44:21+00:00close

Man has she come along way from me posting the flats last time. x) I pretty much spent all day working on her and honestly still feel she has a ways to go. Mainly adding some details where I feel they're missing and working with the design and shading so both sides are equally pleasing to look at.

But I am totally excited to build this girl! :> I still have her open as a commission, if you would like to give her a home right away! You can message or email me for details.

Rusted & Ironbound Proto-Drakes [illustration]
Rusted & Ironbound Proto-Drakes [illustration]more_vert
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Rusted & Ironbound Proto-Drakes [illustration] 2018-06-18T21:11:40+00:00close

It is done! The series is complete! :D These two are slightly different than the other colorations but they will not cost any more than the others. I have a couple of them already being built and will post photos as I get those done!

I will have preorders up shortly here: www.artofso.com/wall-hang-crafts

Proto-Drakes Continued! [illustrations]
Proto-Drakes Continued! [illustrations]more_vert
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Proto-Drakes Continued! [illustrations] 2018-06-14T18:05:30+00:00close

This is a fairly large series, there are more colors than I originally thought so I've been a little slow. xD But this, along with the Time-Lost and Plagued from the previous post, should complete all the basic drakes! I still have Ironbound and Rusted to do, but they look slightly different than these and I'll get to them next. :>

Dragon Scale Pins [pin concepts]
Dragon Scale Pins [pin concepts]more_vert
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Dragon Scale Pins [pin concepts] 2018-06-13T21:25:03+00:00close

You're probably wondering if I am EVER going to get this project running and I promise you I will! I can just often be slow on things because I get caught up on something with it or find myself unsure if it will be worth while. xD

But here are the final concepts for the dragon scale pins! This will be an upcoming Kickstarter project hopefully later this year, but it may be at the beginning of next year. I could go ahead and drop the pins by themselves but I would much rather create artwork and other extra merch to go with them.

I would greatly appreciate feedback on this project, so this post will be made public! I'm looking at things like what kind of merch, which would be your favorite design, have an idea for a different design? Whatever you got, hit me with it!

Suggestions: "Elder" versions of the scales as a late stretch goal. Special/limited versions.

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User #4912379 - 20 Jun 18 22:12
They look really neat and beautiful, and probably even more so when made. My only real comment is I feel like the water and wind seem really similar, different shades and shapes but they seem oddly similar. Me I'm always partial to something gold, heh, or scales based off the chromatic, metallic, and gemstones and such though this fits a nice elemental theme.
HTTYD Nightfury & Lightfury [sketch]
HTTYD Nightfury & Lightfury [sketch]more_vert
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HTTYD Nightfury & Lightfury [sketch] 2018-06-07T23:19:24+00:00close

I AM SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS MOVIE GUYS! I've always loved the HTTYD movies and this will be no exception!

It should be noted that they will be SEPARATE crafts at this point, I may re-work a combined version but not sure.

I have no plans to currently finish these until I can see more of the Lightfury, the trailer has made it hard to work out certain details. But will update them as soon as possible. :)

WoW: Onyxia [sketch]
WoW: Onyxia [sketch]more_vert
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WoW: Onyxia [sketch] 2018-06-04T16:21:37+00:00close

Slowly but surely expanding my WoW dragons!
Highly requested, so here she is... Onyxia! :> I didn't get to experience this boss in her prime as I joined the game much later, but I still love her design!

Finished version and line work will be available soon!

Tier and schedule update! [PLEASE READ!] 2018-06-01T18:52:41+00:00

Hello everyone! It has been a minute since I have sat down and discussed with you all my plans on the future of Patreon. You're all super awesome for supporting me as long as you have but I want to offer more to make my Patreon a place where more people are interested in coming to!

First thing first is the tier update!
« Nothing as changed drastically but I am now offering the semi-monthly line work posts to $5+ tiers instead of $10. If you wish to adjust your tier based on this, I will not judge, in fact I welcome it!

« Tiers above the $25 one have been removed for now. I have a lot of work outside of Patreon, and without any takers, I have devoted my time to the other work and can no longer fit those commissions into my queue.

« I am going to start working on scheduling a lot of posts, especially the discounts and the line works, to be sure those are not lost in my "to-do" list every month!

As for my work in general I am taking some time off from commissions in order to get some personal projects in the works and regain my stock for fall/winter conventions. I will still be accepting commissions on a case-by-case basis, just contact me. :) I will also open commission slots for pieces I currently have in progress.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes (or even suggestions for others!) comment below or send me a message.

Thanks again for all your support!

Forest Spirit Orisa [flats update]
Forest Spirit Orisa [flats update]more_vert
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Forest Spirit Orisa [flats update] 2018-06-01T18:32:56+00:00close

I really want to start giving you guys more progress updates on pieces so I am working on reminding myself to do that! I hope this gives you a decent idea how she will be, I still have many, many hours of work left to do on the illustration before it's even ready to print. It may be next month before this piece is actually finished. :>

Forest Spirit Orisa [sketch conept]
Forest Spirit Orisa [sketch conept]more_vert
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Forest Spirit Orisa [sketch conept] 2018-05-31T21:15:42+00:00close

I tried to refine this sketch a little more so it made sense for you all to look at, ha ha, my sketches can get super messy when it's all layered for crafting! You're seeing both sides here, she will be posed a little different on each. My biggest problem with the last one I made was just that; when standing she seemed very static and boring so I hope to have fixed it! This will be a legendary craft that is open to being claimed as a commission for quick completion. I do also plan to have a standard version of this.

Stats for the legendary: 32" tall, proportionate length, free-standing, LEDs in chest, horns, and eyes, more layering than standard crafts have. This project, as is, is available for $600 and you own it when it's complete. It will be available for purchase for $800 afterwards. If you're interested please send me an email: strayaobscura@gmail.com


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