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Done With Patreon 2019-09-13T01:31:13+00:00

Patreon just doesn't work for me anymore, and probably never has. I've been meaning to give up on it for quite some time.

If I continue in any way, I'd rather sell what I do individually than deal with monthly. Either directly through Paypal or maybe some kind of online store.

Twine Status July 2019 2019-07-29T00:05:37+00:00

Here's an overview of the various projects I've played around with.

Hands-On College is a story focused, semi dating game about a girl's college involving "educational" and dangerous fun. I was starting to get well over my head by adding a ton of complexity right away, but there is a decent story segment that I might release rather soon. Every kink and every character added effectively doubles the amount of work.

Meet Your Fursona is a customisable story that simply lets you choose what kind of character you are, and what your fursona is, who then appears on your bed with you. No gameplay, just various kinks.

Monster Girl Ranch and Kinky Typing you've already seen. And the RPG that I haven't added anything else to. I've learned a lot since putting it together, so it likely isn't very optimized anymore.

Slimy Guest is another story focused Twine where a slime girl becomes your friend. You can change her color and what her body looks like. Will involve every kind of kink. Not even dynamite up her ass will prevent her from coming back!

Tentacle Hunger is experimental and I don't know if I'll keep working on it. Was planned to be a game where you play as a tentacle creature that slowly evolves over time, unlocking additional senses aside from touch so then you'd eventually be able to see, smell, and hear your prey. Just another case of wanting to make it overly complex, since perfect ideas in my head generally translate into too much work to actually accomplish.

Changes, Projects, and Tiers 2019-07-19T23:12:57+00:00

The tiers are a bit more set in stone now. $3 now includes all twine stories and games, while $5 will be where all poll access is at. There's not much incentive now, but once I have a few evolving Twines available to play around with, the $20 tier may be something to look into.

Much of the reasoning for being suspended is for having some non consensual things here and there. Luckily, pretty much everything I do anymore is consensual. For the most part, my content shouldn't look all that different, though there won't be any 'extreme' stuff now. At least, not directly linked to anyways.

I'm still experimenting a ton with Twine, and have found a couple fun ways to present stories. One is a typing game, which will contain multiple stories at various difficulties. To make things better, the sentences you have to type involve ones like "Her ripe and swollen belly couldn't take the strain any longer and blew open." Later on I might combine typing with RPG, where combat is all about typing sentences fast enough to deal damage to enemies.

Old Story Twine Conversion 2019-07-11T03:59:20+00:00

Since there's way too many to list in a poll, are there any stories of mine that you may possibly want to see being turned into a twine? Maybe a story that should have had multiple endings? Or even one that could work as a game? I've already fooled around with a suicide store management game, but its tough figuring out what exactly the gameplay would entail!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #6960998 - 11 Jul 19 07:52
There is that one story with the woman alone at the gasstation (although I don't really know if that story is suitable for use with twine), it was one of your quick stories I believe. Also I checked out monster girl ranch and I think this tool has amazing potential, and, since I know that you're a good writer, I'm quite looking forward to see what you'll create with it.
user avatar
GoreRat - 28 Jul 19 23:24
Yeah, that story doesn't have much in the way of branching potential. But I'm sure there's plenty of gas stations in the future! Twine is wonderful for sure, but it might be a while before I find a project that really works with me!
My Return 2019-07-11T03:52:54+00:00

When you pretty much nuke your Patreon page, it doesn't take all that long to get it back.

As was said in my latest global message, I am now fully focused on Twine. Gone are the simple, linear, read-once-and-done stories. Interactive stories will likely be shorter than what you're used to, but they're sure to be more entertaining.

Right now the tiers were just slapped together, but they're pretty much the same as before.

One of the hardest things about having such a broad range of interests was trying to satisfy everyone. I either had to stuff everything imaginable into one story, or write a million separate stories to make sure everyone got something they liked. Now, stories can include all sorts of things, and readers can easily skip what they don't want to see.

Attached to this post is the framework of a game I have been working on for a week. The nice thing about Twine is that I can bounce between all sorts of projects, adding a little bit here and there, rather than focusing on one story until it is complete.


Attachments (1)

Monster Girl Ranch 0.1.html (488.0KiB)

Future Tiers 2019-04-30T05:09:55+00:00

Unlike before when I went crazy with tiers, trying new ones constantly, I'm going to go slower this time. The next tier I'm going to introduce will grant access to short/quick stories at the price of $1.25. Because of how the 'per creation' system works, only normal stories will ever cause people to get charged. You will just simply have access to more things at higher tiers. This means that when I post a quick story, people at $1 won't be charged for content that they can't see. I had previously put quick stories as a goal, but I think it'll work better this way.

Farther into the future, when I feel like continuing work on games, I'll likely make a $1.5 tier that will work in the same way.

Upcoming Ideas 2019-03-28T04:30:39+00:00

Figured I'd do this at least once. Previews of what may be coming up in the future!

  • College girls checking out a seemingly abandoned farm. At least one of them has a run in with a sickle wielding being!
  • A woman is used as a sacrifice to get rid of a pillaging dragon. The end will be rather explosive!
  • A college girl infects her school with some rather nasty spores!
  • The suicide store's anual 'Blowout Sale' could be right around the corner once again...
  • Blood sucking leeches can be rather hungry...
  • A scientist steals alien embryos and has fun with them, and her dickgirl lover.
  • And too many more to even think about listing...
Comments (3)
user avatar
User #3330882 - 29 Mar 19 21:14
the leech look interesting
user avatar
User #2337114 - 28 Mar 19 05:45
ooh, leeches sound fun
user avatar
User #4492176 - 28 Mar 19 05:47
I often reread suicide store stories^^
Return to Writing 2019-01-19T23:49:00+00:00

I believe I am ready to return to writing. But there's going to be some changes.

Everything is going to be very simple. For the time being, I'm sticking to stories and nothing else. Payments will go from monthly, to per post. The cost per story will be $1, and I have no current plans to offer anything else right now. These will be full length stories, so there won't be any charges for quick stories.

Just so I don't surprise anyone with large costs, I will give everyone until next month to switch their pledges to the lowest tier. When you do so, be sure to set a monthly limit to the number of stories you would like to be charged for. But if you don't want a limit, that's fine too. If anyone is still on an expensive tier, I will delete it so they will be kicked off of it.

Thank you all who have stayed around, and I can't wait to start writing again!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #17605773 - 27 Feb 19 02:46
Nice 💞
Refunds and Taking a Break 2018-12-16T21:17:27+00:00

I just find myself struggling anymore to write even simple things, let alone working on games, so I'm just going to take an indefinite break that may end at some point. Anyone that had paid $5 or more for this month has been refunded.

New/Changing Tiers 2018-11-30T18:11:36+00:00

Here's a look at what the latest tiers will be like:

  • $1 - A minimum support tier that doesn't come with any content. Good if you just want to support my past work or need to reduce your costs for a bit.
  • $3 - Standard Story Tier. Most stories can be accessed with this tier.
  • $5 - Premium Tier. Access to general stories. Access to my various games. Access to the tabletop kink RPG I'm working on. (New!) Access to Exclusive Premium stories. These stories aren't special by themselves, they are simply only accessible in the $5 tier. There will also be polls attached to these stories so you can decide which one you want.
  • $7 - Quick Tier. Access to all content, and I will write a Quick Fun or Kill for you. 250-500 words roughly.
  • $12 - Group Patron Story. Access to all content. Instead of bothering with that monthly theme idea I had, this tier will simply allow you to put a character into a story. Story plot will be based on what everyone put into the story likes. Each patron will extend the story's length by 1000 words.
  • $25 - RPG Character. Nothing new here.
  • $50 - Commissioned story. Probably overpriced, but will prevent me from getting too much obligation.
Bellies N Bombs - Breeder/Escort Intro 2018-11-12T04:24:07+00:00

I'm thinking of giving everyone a look at the various classes, races, and enemies of the tabletop that I'm working on. The overall name is a work in progress, so it might end up changing down the line. I've eliminated rolls and numbers for the explanation, but in actual play they do matter.

The first thing I would like to share is the Breeder and Escort classes. Using multiple classes at once is possible so it made sense to combine them for this. Both have simple focuses: Breeders are all about pregnancy, and Escort are all about sex. Though they aren't entirely all that simple, of course.

Let's say Beatrix, a busty, thick, and curvy human woman is a highly experienced Breeder/Escort. Despite everything she's been through, she couldn't help but 'retire' so she could run a brothel. But that doesn't mean her skills wouldn't ever come in handy.

A patron is starting to get a bit rowdy with one of the girls, so Beatrix decides it was time to step in. Being a Breeder, she can spontaneously grow pregnant with any organic being that she had has contact with. The pregnancy is more so magical than organic, so there wouldn't be a worry about overpopulating an area with anything, since whatever pops out is only temporary. A typical Breeder pregnancy takes anywhere from 1-4 hours to gestate fully, but they can postpone the birth indefinitely until it's needed. It could consist of anything from 4 goblins, to a large horse, but the size of her belly would always be the same. This is thanks to whatever gets born goes through a growth spurt once it leaves a Breeder.

Having already been pregnant to be prepared for a situation like this, Beatrix promptly births two wolves. Normal birth deals arousal damage, which determines when a character climaxes. Being mostly magical, she can control them fully. They waste no time in getting the troublesome patron to leave before things turn ugly.

But what if Beatrix didn't have a pregnancy prepared? Breeders can initiate a rapid pregnancy, causing their bellies to swell at an alarming rate. Rapid pregnancies cause damage to Breeders, which is based upon what they're wanting to give birth to. A single goblin is easily survivable, but if they for some reason needed a dragon in a hurry... A non-fatal rapid birth simply causes the Breeder's belly to peel open like a blooming flower to deliver the contents, then forms back together. While a fatal one would of course cause a rather gruesome burst.

When giving birth doesn't seem like it'd do the trick, a Breeder may transfer their pregnancy to another character. They can also determine whether the target gives birth normally, dealing arousal damage, or a burst birth, which deals normal damage. In either case, watching and feeling themselves swell with something is more than enough to get a stubborn patron to calm down.

A seemingly useless ability of theirs is being able to induce labor. This only works on other characters that are heavily pregnant. Could be useful in combat if an enemy manages to be pregnant, or used as a distraction when you cause a queen to go into labor.

Multiple specializations allows Breeders to become even more. Twincest allows a Breeder to birth a perfect clone of themselves that doesn't expire. This is best used alongside a more combat oriented class, as you would now have two copies of yourself for combat. Warrior of Fertility is an offensive choice as it grants you bonuses by staying pregnant, depending on what you're currently pregnant with. And Broodmother is all about birthing as many things at once.

Now for the escort side of things, they're all about causing arousal. They can also heal wounds with their Lustra abilities, so they're a highly supportive class. Being experienced, Beatrix could easily neutralize the bothersome patron by either touching them or launching a bolt of arousal at them. When enough arousal damage is done at once, an explosive climax will happen, rendering a character rather useless for two turns.

Escorts have lots of utility, mostly out of combat. They can cause climaxes, heal others, cause someone to lactate or refill their balls, absorb another's arousal into themselves, redirect one character's lust into another's, make someone impotent... Lots of potential.

Aside from standard healing, they can also perform an Orgy of Rejuvenation. All party members spend an hour enjoying each other, then they can distribute a pool of health to whichever members need the healing most. While having sex with anyone, especially during combat, they can wrap a barrier around the participants to ensure that nothing will interrupt it until someone climaxes.

The specializations for Escort will probably be rather simple. One that makes them a better healer, and one for subduing others with constant sex. Possibly another that focuses on arousal and overall utility.

If a character decides to go with Breeder and Escort, and gets them to the right point, they can perform a rebirth. Any character, NPC or player, that has died while the Breeder/Escort has the ability may be reborn within them. This is a very special pregnancy that cannot become rapid, mainly for balance and because it'd be a more normal birth. After a lengthy period, the character is born and is alive once again.

I hope you enjoyed this quick look and I look forward to DMing with all my patrons!

Latest Project - Kink Tabletop RPG 2018-10-30T04:58:53+00:00

For the last two weeks or so I've been putting together a kink themed tabletop RPG. The game rules are far from being complete, but once they're in a more functional state I'll likely release them as a Patreon reward that will get continual updates. In the mean time, anyone is free to try the game out with me through Discord. Text only, since I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't want to voice out the stuff I do.

I'm planning on making sex be the main kink that is officially in the rules, while anything else could either be quickly worked out, or simply done through RP. Just depends on who's actually playing.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3330882 - 31 Oct 18 20:39
sounds very interesting
RP - Dead Space 2018-09-13T19:32:39+00:00

You're security on giant mining ship, planet cracker class. It can take giant chunks out of moons and into itself, allowing easy mining.
A strange artifact is found during one excursion. Over time, you notice strange things, even people behaving oddly.
Waking up in the middle of the night, you realize everything is quieter than it should be, no one to be seen in the halls.
Power seems to be limited, making hallways very dark.
You have to find out what's going on.

Waking in the middle of the night is not uncommon, usually it's by a nightmare. Tonight it's by a silent void. It does not dawn on me at first. My bare feet can be heard on the floor as I make my way to the shower room. It's when the lights don't come on like they should that I start to realize, something is not right. I move to a mirror and tilt my head to the side to see where I was punched from the night before. My body heals fast and already the bruising has gone away. Then I realize the void of sound. I walk into the main area of my living quarters. And I don't hear a thing. I then try to turn the lights and nothing. I move to my communications unit and try to call central. "Hello Central? This is Private Sinclair. Has anyone reported anything odd in living quarters deck G?"

There was no answer, even after waiting for a whole minute. While struggling to get something, anything to work, Sophie heard a sound from out in the dark hallway.

I pull away from the coma unit, and then look down my hallway. Still in nothing more than a thong and tank top I'm feeling unprepared. My officers belt kept near the front door is but feet away. As quickly as I can I move over to it and draw my pistol. Once armed I call out down my hall. "Hello, I think you are in the wrong living quarter." At least I hope I'm right.

There was still no answer, just like with the radio. Another sound rang out, sounding farther away. If she were to venture a ways down the hallway, she'd be met with the scene of blood leading inside of another room.

My long legs slowly bring me forward. The metal floor is cold to the touch. The tank top offers little support allowing my bosom to painfully sway as I move down the hall. I rise my arms and bring them tight to my chest to keep my breasts still. With both hands around the pistol, I keep it steady but pointed towards the ceiling. As I come around the blood soaked corner I lower my arms again and point the pistol into the room.

The room is dark, darker than the hallway had been. The sound of a metal lid or cup rolling along the floor came from the back of the room. There was no way to know just what might inside without venturing further inside.

With my pistol extended outward I move into the room slowly waiting for my eyes to adjust. "Anyone here? Anyone need help? This is officer Sinclair, I'm coming in to aid you." Again the soft slap of my feet on the cold floor is heard. Goosebumps rise all over my body, including my nipples. The fear I feel is both a rush and dreadful. I bite my lower lip for a moment and keep moving further into the apartment.

Suddenly, power in the ship weakly returned, just enough to turn on a light in the dark, spooky room. Just in front of her was the scariest thing she had ever seen, staring right back at her.
The horribly disfigured beast had knife like protrusions sticking out of its body, ready to slice her up.

It's not completely understood how or why, but before I can think my pistol aims towards its head and fires off three rounds. The training at the academy kicks in, or call it instinct. After the three shots I then dart for some form of cover.

The shots hit the monster perfectly in the head, splattering blood all over the room. While a few chunks were taken out, the head was still mostly intact, one remaining eye searching for its assailant. It didn't seem phased one bit by the assault, if anything it grew angry, quickly stumbling towards her hiding spot with sharp appendages ready to strike.

Though I move around the corner, I stand in shock. I just shot something in the head... and it still lives! My heart quickens, adrenaline starts to run through my small frame. Fear and shock take over, I stand in place not knowing what to do. I pop out from around the corner again, my pistol extended, three more shots ring out. This time I'm not focused on trying to hit any one thing, but anything on it that I can.

Even if the three shots were to hit the most perfect targets, bullets just couldn't stop the beast. Moving faster than one would think they could, the monster charged at Sophie and slashed with a bladed limb. The sharp weapon not only knocked her gun away, but even cut through at least half of her dominant hand.

I stagger to the right as the pistol flew from my hand. My bosom swaying painfully, my right breast nearly flopping out of my tank top. I start to gain my balance and pull my arm back in only to realize my hand is nearly separated between the middle and ring finger. With a gasp I pull my hand to my stomach while the other hand covers it, as if to protect it. I shift to the side and look back up at the creature, now wounded and unarmed!

Without wasting a moment, the creature struck again. With the impressive reach of its weapon it raised the blade-limb high up into the air, slashing downwards with it. Making initial contact with the upper middle of Sophie's right breast, the vicious appendage cleanly sliced down all the way through the luscious mound, and part of the tank top, splitting her nipple in half in the process.

My back arches as the blade comes down, my large right breast taking the full impact of the blade. As if unconsciously my body presses the breast into the swing and my mouth gaps open in a silent scream. The tit and tank top offer no resistance, but rather sprays out large amounts of blood and milk coating the creature and myself. The pain rampages through my nerves and slams into my mind, it's too much and I drop to my knees stunned. Both arms go limp and flop to my side while the sliced breast continues to release large amount of blood and milk. I struggle not to pass out, eyes rolling back and then forward again. My body shudders slightly, the pain oddly bringing me that much closer to an uncontrolled orgasm.

Sensing there was no longer any threat from it's target, the creature calmed its blades. Whether there was an outside influence or part of its instincts, the monster slowly hobbled over to the side of Sophie, looming over her bleeding body. Much slower than before, it lowered it's dual organic blades around her body, one tracing her spine while the other went along her belly, both stopping at her pussy and ass. As gentle as something sharp could be, the pointed ends pressed into her thong; the front one tearing a hole, while the rear slipped past the string. Further they went, until a couple inches of sharp blade worked its way into her delicate pussy, and a couple more tore her sphincter apart as her ass was violated.

My body goes from shuddering to convulsing as the blades sink into my tender loins. The soft pink flesh of my vaginal lips spread wide by deadly blade while my rear was no less safe. Sticky nectar oozes from my groin mixed with blood from my anus. My eyes roll back and my breasts bounce painfully, the orgasm of death starting to claim me.

In a flash, both sheathed blades were pulled upwards with all monster's might. Her pubic bone and clit were no match, both sheared in half as the blade traveled deep and all the way up to her sternum, stopping just before it touched her heart. The rear blade did much the same, carving a grave wound alongside her spine up to her shoulder blade. With no reason to wait around, the creature ventured out of the room, leaving her alone to succumb to a shredded body.

The momentum of the blades lifts me from the ground while an eruption of blood exits my mouth. For that brief moment it pauses internal organs spill out of the wounds. Then all of me collapses, my body contorted at odd angles. My eyes slowly roll forward fixated in the direction of the exiting creature.

With her body full of grievous wounds, Sophie didn't last much longer. Her dying body was ignored by everything that could have been considered living on the ship, left there to rot. But after an hour had passed, an ominous, dark energy took note of her body, advancing on it. It normally turned whatever had died into similar creatures that had just killed her, but for some unknown reason, her body simply repaired itself. Right as the last bit of flesh mended back together, she sat up in a flash, lungs gasping for air.

I bolt upright gasping for air. My eyes still closed and my brain still registering what is happening. It take me a moment to realize I'm not in my bed but on the cold hard steel floor. I look around and realize I'm not in my living chamber but someone else's. My eyes go wide and I look down one hand cupping my breast that was ruined. It's all like a horrible dream, but real. My blood soaked clothes, exposed breast, and pool of gore I lay in is fact that it really happened. I bite my lower lip as I recall everything, my fingers tracing the very location each wound was received. I whimper and then look over to my damaged gun. In a panic I stand and run back to my bed chambers, shutting each door behind me. I cower in the shower stall on the floor. The water turns on, sensors picking up that I'm present. The tank top grows wet and clings to my curves as I sit in shock for a long time. It's not but nearly half the day I build the courage to stand up, and go change. For what ever reason I put on my uniform, it mostly gives me false confidence. Using my officers communication device I make a call to all other officers that may be online.

Being met with silence once more, she couldn't tell if everyone was dead, or if communications were simply down. Being completely in the dark, both in terms of light and information, finding the communications center of the ship may just help her figure out what was going on, or at the very least, let her finally find someone to talk to. She'd be smart to stay cautious too, if one creature already had its way with her, more were bound to be near, possibly around the corner.

Once in uniform I bring up the map of the ship. I had a couple goals in mind. If I could make it to central, I could rearm myself and possibly find others. If I can get to the communications center I may be able to contact others. While looking at the map I try to find the quickest and safest way.

The route to either of her destinations were technically simple, but she still had to brave the dark hallways towards any stairs or elevators. Which doesn't even include whether or not the hallways were cleared or blocked, or if elevators even worked. Still very much so in the unknown, she will just have to go back out into the unknown and see if any of the elevators worked, or even if an enemy would find her again. Maybe looking for more supplies first nearby would be better, checking the various small, dark rooms that littered her level that were similar to the one she had just died in.

I leave the safety of my own sleep area in hopes to find answers. Regardless I can't help but think of what that creature did to me. As I make my way through the corridors I can catch myself fondling the very breast that was sliced in half. Something I dare not let happen again. Then it hits me ... was I ... dead!

While playing with herself, the sounds of something big and hungry moving through the air vents got her attention. Completely vulnerable and without a weapon, she didn't know where to run or hide if things are traveling inside the walls. Hopefully one of these nearby rooms had something to use.

The odd noises bring me back to reality very quickly. Trying to find a safe place to hide I dart into a nearby room. Once I feel safe, I use the time to find something useful, even a kitchen knife is possible.

You're not entirely sure what it is, but you spot something resembling a gun of some kind on a desk. As the noises get louder, you realize it is better than nothing.

I shut the door to the room I'm in and then pick up the ... gun. I've only been with law enforcement for less than a month and have a basic understanding of our firearms, but this one I have never seen. Figuring it works like any other weapon I keep it at the ready. Sneaking back to the door I remain silent and listen for anything that could be on the other side.

While holding the gun at the ready, you power it on and you watch as it unfolds slightly and three light come out of the front. Closing the door seemed like a safe bet, but with how the ship had air vents, you had failed to notice the one with you. As a crash rang out, a similar looking creature entered the small room from the now broken open vent.If you had gone to open the door to run, you'd realize that it was being stubborn for the time being, trapping you inside.

As my eyes adjust to the dark, its sound that makes me aware I'm no longer alone. I spun in place, my heels pivoting in place, long soft legs shifting my body so I face the very spot the noise came from. Again I gasp, my chest taking a sharp inhale as the fabric of my top strained to keep my bosom sustained. Both arms extend, the pistol pointed at the creature, and my finger hugged the trigger until it did what it needed to do.

Having aimed at its head like before, you pull the trigger once the three guidance lights line up from the top of its head, down to its throat. The dark room lights up brighter than from what a normal muzzle flash would do, caused by a vertical line of plasma energy shooting out at an incredible speed. The creature's head was completely split down the middle, but still clearly attached. The shot clearly stunned the beast for a moment, but as it still stood and looked ready to attack, you knew your ordeal wasn't done just yet.

My aim lowers to the chest cavity of the creature. Again I pull the trigger setting a series of shots aimed for the torso. "Just die damned!"

While perfectly aimed at the other area she was typically trained to shoot it, and shooting more than once, the plasma energy did very little to the creature. Foot tall burn marks and blood spatters coated its chest, but was far from cutting a vertical line right through the monster. Barely held back, it attacked with a sharp shoulder blade tipped arm, barely nicking her as it sliced a shallow, inch long cut on her exposed belly.

My gut flexes as it nicks me, but I manage to keep my gun trained on the target. I pull back trying to put some distance between us and attempting to dodge its attacks. I'm not comfortable shooting at something this close. The distinct sound of my heels on metal flooring can be heard as I shift and move.

While able to dodge most of the attacks, the creature got a lucky strike on you, sending the blade an inch deep across one of your exposed thighs.

I spin in mid stride, my leg yanked to the side as blood sprays from the open wound. I end up staggering backwards until I fall, my butt taking most of the impact while my upper back slams into objects behind me. I shake my head trying to get rid of that dazed feeling. I look up at the creature, one hand raising the gun while the other grabs at the wound. I let off another shot aimed towards its head again.

Aimed slightly to the side, the vertical plasma took off the right side of the enemy's split head, causing some blood to spray out all over you as you sat on the metal floor. With you blinded by the blood, the monster was able to slice downwards against your chest, right between her heavy breasts. Unlike before, this simply split your skin covering your sternum, and sliced open your skimpy top, letting your breasts bounce free. The power suddenly fluctuated, letting you see something written in blood on the wall above where you had picked up the gun.

My top cuts open perfectly in line with my cleavage freeing my bosom and the heavy mounds of flesh. My free hand switches from one wound to another and clenches at my chest. With little time to read the message I focus on the attacker and squeezing off another couple of rounds into its gut area.

As a couple more plasma shots were absorbed by the creature's body, it quickly lowered the tips of both organic blades to the top of her heavy breasts. Pushing downwards, both sharp tips sink into your tender flesh. With how slowly the creature was slicing your breasts it, it may be possible to let off a final shot.

I watch with a horrified look on my face as the blades sink down through my tits. The pain stuns me and my pistol drops from my hands as I go limp under the creature. As the blades sink in even more lungs are pierced and blood sprays from my lips along with my breasts. My loins throb as my pelvic thrusts upwards, the creature is quickly slaying me. With minimal effort the creature forces its blades to sink in until they burst out my back. I press my chest upwards as milk and blood explode from the bladed areas of my bosom. My head tilts back and wide eyed and mouth gaping open in a gurgling scream as blood flows out. I spasm below the creature on the brink of a deadly orgasm, life already fading quickly from my eyes.

The beast might have feasted on her dying body, but now with a mangled face that somehow didn't cause it to die, it just resorted to slicing her some more. With strong muscles, it jerked both bladed instruments downwards, sending them clean through her breasts, converging at her belly button, then exiting as her pubic bone and clit were split in two once again. Not quite done yet, it slipped both blades under her hip joints to only slice back up, cutting her legs clean off. Just as your eyes shut, it placed a single blade under your chin, and with a quick jerk upwards and out, it pierced through the bottom of your mouth and tore your jaw free.

My jaw rips free, my body pulled slightly forward and then slumps back again. What is left of my breasts bounce grotesquely while my pelvis lets lose a spray of sexual liquids. My ruby red lips now parted by a missing jaw only allows my head to sink further forward as my blank stare focuses on the ground. My body twitches slightly below the creature the only sign of life if there was any. Two severed legs roll to the side, as my vaginal juices spill out coating the floor. It would be a wonder if anyone would recognize me now.

Minutes after the creature jumped back into the ventilation shaft, heard scurrying far away, the ominous energy returned to your body, quickly mending it back together. Most of your body merged back together, but as your jaw was thrown to the opposite side of the room, a new one grew back in its place.

Once you reawaken, you may just have the time and safety needed to read the message, and thanks to the lights still being on, the door unlocked itself so you won't have to travel through the vents as well.

It might not have done as much damage as you had hoped, but your newly found weapon was clearly more effective than the pistol you were assigned with.

You had a few destinations already, but finding your new weapon may encourage you to seek out the armory, either to make sure you have more than enough ammo, or find something even more devastating. Or see what else in the room. If it had this strange weapon, it may have even more things to discover

Like waking from a deep dream my hand rises rubbing my eyes followed by a long back arching yawn. My legs shift slightly, the skirt hiking ever upwards. At just the right angle someone would be able to soft my soft pink vaginal lips starting to show from under the skirt. Still dazed, my eyes flutter open and its then that they focus on the remains of my jaw. I take a deep breath thrusting my chest upwards firm at the nipples. Everything that just happened, it all come back to me, even what happened after I was dead. I gasp and moan, as my body mind and soul relive that horrific death. "Oh god ... it ... it was real ... it ... killed me!" Both hands needs my bosom and then trace along the areas I was wounded as I relive the death. It leaves me gasping for air and oddly aroused. Now that I'm flush in the face I take a deep swallow and begin to gather my things, including the awkward weapon. "What is going on here. How can this be?"

While still far away, faint echoes of either the same beast or others traveling through the vents lets you know that sitting around and wondering what was going on might not be the wisest. You're definitely glad that you were assigned with a high tech outfit, one that self repaired itself even after being torn to shreds.

Grabbing the odd pistol and the other bulky weapon I leave the room and look for the nearest elevator shaft to get me to the floor I need to be on for the armoury. I make haste, not thinking of stealth at the moment.

You see what looks to be an operational elevator at the end of the hallway. Your quick pace causes a nearby air vent to explode outwards, sharp organic blades slicing out of it. Will you be able to dodge them without being sliced up?

You manage to survive the onslaught of slashing blades, but when you were almost in the clear, two inches of one blade sunk into the side of your ass, slicing out a survivable chunk. In pain, you reach the elevator and as you mash the button to be sent towards the armory, you spot the same looking creature running towards the slowly closing doors. Will the doors close on time?

I cry out as my large soft butt takes a hit, the slash of the blade sinking deep enough to cause me to cry out and hobble the rest of the way into the elevator. I spin in place slamming my back to the far end along with my bubbly butt. Many times my ass has been grabbed by men while both in and out of uniform, but never slashed the way it just was. I've heard so much how I have the perfect body, but now its being perfectly mutilated over and over. Pulling out the gun I struggle to aim at the creature and deal with the pain. I let out a series of shots not so much to kill but slow it down long enough for the doors to close.

Your shots slowed the creature somewhat, but its speed was no match for how slow the elevator was. Even with your body pressed up against the back of the elevator, your bust within your tight shirt was so large that it made the perfect target. Slamming into the door, the creature wasn't able to enter but managed to send it's bladed arms into the cramped area, slashing away randomly. Your heaving chest caused your bosom to stick out just far enough for the first slash to tear right down the middle of your top, but left you unharmed. As your large, heavy breasts bounced free, both of their nipples met their demise as both blades contacted them at the same time. Twin bloody circular wounds about 2 inches wide replaced the sensitive pleasure nubs, causing blood to flow down the rest of your surviving bust and body. Before you could be chopped up much more, the elevators slammed shut, cutting off the bladed arms as it began sending you towards the destination. Once you regain composure after losing the most sensitive parts of your body, you might realize that the severed bladed arms might be used as a weapon of your own.

I drop to my knees, each hand cupping a breast. Blood and milk flowed out from between my fingers and then my body lurched forward as the arms of the creature were cut off. The pain more than what I can endure I fell forward losing consciousness. My face and bosom taking the impact. Like large water balloons my breast pressed out from under my torso while a milky red fluids pooled below me. I lie there convulsing on the floor, my soft rear shaking. If someone were present it would be inviting to touch or even use. For the rise up, I remain unconscious and helpless.

You went into shock right away, as most of your busty flesh remained except for those most sensitive nipples that lay in opposite corners of the elevator. Blood and milk pooled underneath you, but nearly not enough to kill or weaken you by much. Sensing wounded flesh, the ominous energy helped to slow your bleeding, but didn't regenerate your nipples by time you came to. If you had been awake, you would have heard a quieter than normal thud on the top of the elevator. A curious creature opened the latch and ventured inside, the small beast able to crawl around on walls and ceilings. It saw your body convulsing, figuring that it wasn't in any danger while playing with you.

Slowly I rise to my hands and knees. the front of my outfit stained of my own blood and milk. The pain is extreme and distracts me enough to not even notice I'm not alone. I whimper, one hand rising cupping where a nipple was again. "Oh god ... it hurts ... wh ... why is ... this happening ... to me!"

If you were to look up at the elevator wall in front of you, you'd see the baby-like creature opening it's back, three barb tipped tentacles emerging from it.

On your hands and knees, your heavy breasts hanging below made the perfect targets. Two of the barbs were fired from the tentacles, perfectly piercing all the way through your breasts and lodging in place. With your chest cavity still untouched, you were far from dead.

Each barb lancing in through where a nipple once was, the attack catches my by surprise. My back arches and I press my bosom into the barbs, making them sink all the easier. The pain forces my eyes to roll back again I fall unconscious. The large mounds of tit flesh jiggle and wobble as I'm only held upright by the tentacles. Again I start to convulse another orgasm taking hold of my unconscious form.

With you pierced and unconscious again, the little beast crawled down onto the floor, studying your busty body. It rolled you all the way on your back, pulling back it's tentacles while leaving the barbs inside of you. Crawling up on your belly, two of the tentacles struggled to wrap themselves all the way around your giant breasts. Holding firm, it sent the third tentacle behind itself, wandering inside your skirt until it found your pussy. With it's barb still attached, it forced the sharp and prickly head into you, scraping your fleshy walls as it moved towards your womb.

Though unconscious my body still responded instinctively. As the barb penetrated my loins, my pelvic pressed upwards so the shaft could more easily sink deep. Though I was not a virgin, it has been a very long time from the last time i had sex. My vaginal walls shrink and tighten around the barb, like a hug from every angle. I moaned loudly as my legs shifted slightly uncontrolled. I am a passive lover, and the way I was responding to the creature showed it.

The tentacles that were wrapped around your breasts slowly constricted, causing your luscious breasts to leak blood and milk as their forms bulged upwards. Once it met with your cervix, the barbed tentacle forced its way all the way inside, impacting the back of your womb.(edited)

The mounds of tit flesh was oozing blood as fast as it was turning purple. To tighten too much could actually rupture and kill me, something most women did not have worry about. But it was the barb that sank deep inside that was really making me quiver. My unconscious form loved the sensations, even though it was slowly destroying me.

The small creature had a bit of a grin on its face, watching your breasts growing dangerously close to exploding. The twin barbs deep within your breasts had been tearing through the sensitive flesh within, helping your blood and milk to pour free. Within your womb, the tentacle pulled back until the base of the barb met with your shredded cervix, then pushed back in. It sped up until your insides were being constantly shredded.

Just like my breasts nectar and blood poured from my vaginal lips just like the missing nipples. I moaned loudly, a victim to the onslaught of this creature, but even worse, my body loved it.

As if the small creature could climax itself, it pulled up on it's forward tentacles with all its might, severing both of your breasts. While both bloody, milky globes of flesh hovered in the air, the beast quickly pulled out its other tentacle, ripping free your entire womb and pussy walls. Tossing your most delicate pieces into separate corners, the monster retracted its tentacles into its back and escaped out of the elevator's top hatch, leaving you to succumb once more.

My body slumps to the ground, breasts and sexual organs ripped free. My body convulses heavily, blood covering the entire floor as an orgasm of death runs rampant. Two large mounds of flesh flop in either direction, breasts no longer attached to the torso. The loss of a single breast more than enough to instantly kill me. With the removal of my sexual organs, my body is ultimately humiliated, and can only deal with the shame by orgasm. My eyes partially open, barely catch the creature and its escape with a deathly gase.

When you finally succumb fully to your wounds, the elevator beeps, opening up into a hallway. It didn't take long for something hungry to detect your fresh corpse. Another of the blade armed beasts slammed both sharp limbs into your upper thighs, using them to help pull you out of the elevator. Since this one hadn't been blasted in the face before, it dropped down onto its knees between your skewered legs, falling face first into your belly. For the next hour, it slowly tore into your soft flesh, making sure to eat every last delectable organ that you had. Another hour later, your body was once again regenerated, with no way to tell you were ever harmed except for the trail of blood leading out of the elevator and your rotting organs inside of it.

As I'm dragged out, my head pulls to the side, a vacant look on my face. Long crimson colored hair drags behind me along with limp arms. I'm just a warm meal to this thing, as it digs in, my body ever so slightly shifts and moves. For the hour my abdomen goes from soft smooth belly to gaping hole with organs pulled out for it to feast on. After it leaves, and I'm regenerated, I wake so a wet sticky sensation across my back, arms and head. I feel the back of my head and then look at my hand, blood, the color crimson covering my hand. I bolt upright, and like before, to see my own organs makes my mind recall everything, including the creature feasting on my corpse. One hand holds my belly while the other grabs at between my legs. I bite my lower lip and moan, it's so erotic, but I still remain confused.

Spotting signs in the hallway, you find the one with an arrow pointing down the main path labeled "Armory." But as you near the large, closed doors of the armory, a hidden trap may activate if you aren't lucky enough or spot it.

Having been put in place by surviving humans earlier, your feet trigger a trip wire. They were hoping to eliminate one of the beasts to lower their numbers, but instead caught a perfectly normal human. You heard a faint spring sound above your head, causing you look up at the ceiling. All you could do was gasp when you saw something falling towards you, the worst thing you could have done. A small, metallic, ball like object slipped inside your gaping mouth, impacting the back of your throat. As the instinct to swallow kicked in, your powerful throat sent the object down into your hungry stomach, making your neck painfully bulge. You had an idea of what it might have been, but when a metal lever and pin clanged against the metal floor between your legs, you knew they were once part of a grenade.

As technology progressed, so to have the power and size of what we create. Grenades small enough to swallow have long been around, and my heart sinks when I see the pin and lever. My nipples firm up right away, my loins throb and desire to release almost instantly. "No ... not like this ... " Deep down, I know something has been bringing me back from the dead, but how could it help me past this. It's over, I see no future or way I can be helped through this. One hand lowers fingers cupping my groin while the other rises and fondles my left breast. If this is it, then let me feel my own pleasure spots.

Only just able to start moaning after touching yourself, a powerful wave of energy blasts the middle of your body apart, showering every nearby wall, floor, and ceiling with meaty chunks. Your upper chest, breasts, and head remain intact as they are flung up hard against the ceiling, cracking your skull upon impact. Everywhere from your round ass down to your feet survive, simply being slammed forward onto the ground from the blast. The arm that you had down between your legs was blown apart, your fingers remaining in your pussy even after impact. As your upper body falls to the ground, your face gets a most deserved landing as your soft ass cushions it perfectly. You were just lucky that it was one of the smaller grenades.

My face falls directly onto my near bare ass. Already dead, every muscle and cell in my body relax including my tongue. It lulls out from between my lips and rests near my exposed sphincter. My vaginal lips are all that still show life as they tighten and relax around my fingers, the last order given from my brain to the body. They move as if trying to suck and pull on the fingers like a mans cock. It does not take long for my corpse to orgasm, nectar squirting out onto the lower part of my face. It's a final humiliation to a death few would imagine.

Even after such a devastating death, your body still managed to mend itself back together. Since your halves were so close to each other, your upper body somehow slid back into place instead of regrowing fully, allowing your belly to reform between both halves. When you manage to wake up, you'll notice that your fingers are still stuffed into your pussy, becoming pruny looking after having soaked in your juices for so long. You'll also notice that the armory door was now open, like as if someone, or something, had been nearby.

As I wake my fingers do not come out instantly, but linger as I play. It's not until I see some of the gore that I recall the events, and with it the orgasm I had after death and now. The orgasm is so strong that I almost pass out again. I fight off the fatigue and slowly rise to me feet looking at the open doors. Taking a moment to lean against a wall, I straighten out my outfit again before heading inside. {What is happening to me. I actually ... masturbated to the thoughts of my own death ... why!} I move inside the armoury lost in my own thoughts.

Within the armory was the biggest selection of weapons you had ever seen. Your pistol and other supplies were dropped off and delivered whenever you needed them, so there was never a reason to ever come here. Pistols, to rifles, to shotguns, to grenades, and misc other things littered the walls, though you could tell that a lot had already been taken, likely used when people first tried to defend themselves. With no other traps around, or sounds echoing through the ship walls, you could go on the best shopping spree of your life.

Though it should feel like a shopping spree, it feels more like survival. I grab only the weapons I've been trained on, a pistol, sword and SMG. Though I have never used them, I grab a small hand full of grenades, never know when something like this will come in handy. My hips sway from side to side as I make my way up and down the massive room. The tight skirt ever so threatening to rise up and show more than it should. As it is, it often shows those around the undercurves of my ass. The corporation has this bright idea that my uniform should be pleasing to look at, it should help moral, it did just that, show off everything and give hardly any modesty. When I first got to the station there was a running joke, if I'm a virgin, I won't be much longer.

Fully equipped, you could now return to your original goal; Find the communications outpost, hoping that you weren't the only human still left alive. But as you turn to leave the armory, you see something horrifying, but quite familiar down the hallway, staring at you. With its rear legs fused together into a stinger-like tail, it begins crawling towards you.

This time I waste not, but raise my SMG and start plugging away at it in short bursts. As shooting these things in the head does not kill it, I'm more focused in trying to just shoot it until its dead. My pose is one of confidence Left leg in front of the right, SMG tucked close to my bosom. Each expanded shot sending my breasts to jiggle slightly. My high heels accenting my legs and forcing my rear to roll back slightly the sort of ass most men want to rape and ask if I liked it later.

Your stance and confident were as perfect as could be, tons of bullets flying into the beast. But when it gets only ten feet away, it leaps quickly through the air right at you. The sudden change of speed and height was completely unexpected, many of your bullets hitting nothing but the ship. Right as the creature lands on the ground right in front of you, it sends its stinger right into your navel, impaling you all the way through.

The tail lancing through my belly button hits with enough force I'm shot backwards feet leaving the ground for a moment. My SMG flies from my hands, hits the ground and goes sliding away from me. Blood erupts from my mouth, and soon both hands clasp around the tail. Though the look on my face is horrified, deep down, my body loves this!. "Noooo --- unglufkkk!" As my back slams into a crate behind me my head snaps back as well. Finally I find my footing staggering as I do. I look to the best its tail still through me both hands clasped around it. My arms come in tight pressing my bossom together promptly displaying my cleavage. My stance is forced to go wide to keep my balance and this causes my skirt to hike up showing off my soft skinned pink lips. I look and watch it, waiting for it to strike again, almost yearning for it.

With you perfectly skewered, barely able to struggle, almost begging for it to continue, the beast could move you around all it wanted. It relaxed its tail, letting your body lower to the ground until you were on your knees, both legs spread wide open. With your skirt hiked up, every bit of your delectable pussy was exposed to the vicious fangs of the monster.

Holding you in place, it crawled all the way between your legs, its fangs scraping along your thighs and lower belly. Stuffing as much of your pussy into its gaping jaw as it could fit, it suddenly bit down as hard as it could, each fang disappearing as they sank into your tender flesh.

A part of me want to try and get away, but as I feel the fangs tease my abdomen and inner thigh, I don't budge. As I feel the teeth sink in, I orgasm, nectar squirting from my loins into its maw. I actually like it, desired it. But this time I'm still alive to feel it. My eyes roll back as my fingernails try to dig into the metal flooring, but it does not give. As twisted as it is, I find myself moaning full of desire!

As the clunky jaw and fangs tried its best to devour the sensitive flesh between your legs, you hear heavy footsteps approaching from behind. You have no idea where it came from, but recognize the shadow next to you as one of those twin bladed monstrosities. It was impossible to know if they communicated with each other, but the new arrival wasn't charging and slicing you up already. Walking right up behind you to nearly touch your back, it gently lowered one bladed arm in front of you, hooking it into the bottom of your shirt. Slowly pulling up, it cleanly sliced all the way through your shirt between your breasts, leaving them unharmed as they bounced free.

I tilt my head back until I'm looking up at the monster with the bladed appendages. My breathing becomes heavy and sporadic, exposed breasts taunting and swaying before both of them. But it the pain of the fangs deep in my abdomen that has me whimpering. Its as if the orgasm does not want to end, and as long as my life is at risk her and now, it wont.

Staying slow and calm, the bladed beast ran its blades gently all along your heavy, tender breasts and circling around your sensitive nipples, careful enough to not even spill a single drop of blood. Growing bored it sent a blade under both of your breasts, pulling up on them slightly to lift them a bit. It kept picking up and lowering them, making the heavy mounds jiggle in place. Twin beads of blood dripped down from underneath them, your skin having been sliced a bit. When the monster suddenly growled, it pulled both bladed arms upwards powerfully, slicing your breasts perfectly off. One bounced off your thigh and splattered on the floor a few feet away, while the other one landed on the head of the monster feasting on you. It shook it's head momentarily, then began feasting on the treat that just dropped in front of it. allowing you to easily see the bloody mess between your legs. As if that was bad enough, you felt as the twin blades criss cross right against the front of your throat, threatening to take your head clean off.

As the blades come up so to my breasts get lopped off. My tongue sticks out as I scream horrifically, two bloody masses falling about, one ending up in the mouth of the best trying to eat my pussy. My fingernails dig hard at the metal floor until a few of them snape off or bend back. My legs kick slightly under the first beast, high heels trying to dig into the ground. To some degree I want to puke, but the other part of me is too focused on the never ending orgasm. As soon as the first scream ends, another begins, the pain and orgasm truly competing with each other for my attention.

So focused on the endless orgasms, you didn't notice the blades at your throat until you noticed your vision spinning, falling towards the floor. The last seconds of your vision allowed you see what had removed your head, eyes staring at your own. After expiring, your pussy was continued to be feasted upon after your breast was finished, and the bladed monster hobbled over to skewer your other breast, bringing it up to its mouth to feast upon as well. Most of your body was eaten away, your body having fallen over onto its side, allowing your ass and belly both to be torn into. With how close your head ended up being to your bloody neck, it didn't take long for your body to heal fully. As always upon waking up, you find yourself in a gory puddle.

This time as I wake, I recall it all, no visual aid needed. The only difference is that I wanted it to happen! I try to peer down over my bosom where the teeth sank into my belly and then each hand rises one fingernail teasing the very places the blades cut off my breasts. I moan as I stand there trying to relive it all over again, but what is more intense, is feeling what it's like for my belly and ass to be eaten, while dead. I drop to the floor, moaning, gasping and then collapsing in the very spot so much of my blood is already pooled. I even pass out as I feel it happen, my own tongue sliding out to rest in the pool of my own crimson blood.

While passed out yet another creature from the dark appears, happening upon your unconscious body. Compared to the rest, this one had very little interest in eating or tearing your body apart, rather, it had a use for a such a young, fertile woman. The flat, bat like beast crawled towards you until the area that resembled its mouth hovered right above your exposed ass. A long, thick appendage suddenly shot out of it, surging deep inside of your pussy and bypassing your cervix. The entire length begins pulsating powerfully, and after a few seconds, a thick bulge traveled down the fleshy invader. It pushes into your pussy and deposits inside your womb, the perfect place to incubate. With its job done, the monster retracts its tool and disappears back into the dark.

I wake, my body still in a pool of my own blood. My outfit, face, the whole front side stained crimson. I even taste it, and pull away from the blood pool disgusted that I was prone in it. As I slowly rise to my feet, I feel a sharp pain in my abdomen, both hands grasping just below the belly button. I'm soar, very soar, like the last time I was with a man too large for my small frame soar. I can't help but reach and touch myself between the legs, and its tender, way more than I should be. "Wha ... what the hell. I have not been that tender ... I don't remember! Damned, I need to figure out what is happening. There has to be something to explain what ungghhuuu!" As I was thinking out loud I started to walk and gather my equipment, but the pelvic area is so sensitive it's like shards of glass cutting the inside of me. "Fuck that hurts!"

With everything collected up, you wander back to the gore covered elevator. While finally taking it to the communications center, you couldn't help but rub your belly, noticing that you were starting to feel really bloated.

"Ugnhhhuu" Hand pressing to my abdomen. The pain is getting sharper and more prolonged. I feel my waist line and sort of message it trying to figure out why it hurts. "Maybe I'm just hungry, can't remember when I ate last."

The elevator beeps, doors open into familiar territory. You don't see nor hear anything, except for a very slight grumble coming from your belly. You exit to look at the signs and map on the wall, showing that your destination was quite a ways away, down hallways and corners. While walking past an open room, you hear something. Something you haven't heard for a while. Turning to look, you spot what looked to be a young woman hiding in the corner of the room behind a table, a gun in her hand.

At this time I keep one hand on my abdomen, trying to keep everything calm, but it burns between my legs like a bad yeast infection. I raise my other hand and comment, "Dont shoot! My name is Officer Sinclair, I'm part of security on this ship."

Whether the woman heard that you were an officer, was just happy to see a normal human, or realized you weren't completely well, she lowered her gun, standing up out of the corner. "Oh thank god, a normal person!" She said, moving towards you to see if she could help in some way. "You don't look so well. Come in, quickly!" She pulled you into the small room, closing the door behind you. As you find a box to rest against, you realize that your belly not only grumbled and felt heavy, but even looked a little puffy.

As I lie there my hand messages my stomach along the tight belt line. I'm actually so uncomfortable that I undo my belt around my waist. "Yea ... I'm fine I think. I ... I passed out in the armoury and woke up, feeling a bit nauseous." After being silent long enough to catch my breath I begin to converse again. "Have you seen others? What happened and where is everyone?"

The woman sighed, looking relaxed for the first time in a long while. "Passed out? You must have seen some sight then. I see you're living, so you've either been able to kill those... things, or been lucky enough to escape from them all." The woman said, her eyes looking at your belly as you rubbed it. "I have no idea what happened, but before my friend got... torn apart by them, I heard her say that a group of people are in the medical bay. But that is just so far away..."

I pull up the map for us both to look at. Comparing how close we are to the communications room and then to the medical bay. "Well, I want to get to the communications room. See if I can make contact with others groups. Perhaps from there we can work our way to medical?" I try to avoid her comments about fighting these things, i know all to well I've lost every confrontation, and I should be dead.

While you and the young woman look at the map to decide the best course of action, you suddenly get hit by a huge bolt of pain. You fall back on the box, your map disappearing back into your wrist module. As you scream and rub your belly, it suddenly starts growing at an alarming rate, visibly swelling right before your eyes. While you still had some time before your belly would give out, both of you could already see something moving underneath the skin. The young woman backs up against the wall opposite of you, terrified looking. "Oh god, did one of those things do something to you!?" She screamed, unable to move.

My back arches, heels kicking at the floor while my fingers claw at the ground. My head tilts back and I scream, the pains of labor for the first time being felt. My hips buck and keep pressing upwards with every kick. My skirt hiking up until around my hips, this shows up my pink vagina now very red and soft curvy ass. "Oh god .. oh GOD! Make it stop ... It Hurts ... HURTS!"

Realizing there was nothing she could do to help, the young woman knew what had to be done. Knowing you were about to die no matter what, she saw to it to ensure that not another beast would be born into the world. "God, I'm so sorry, but I have to do this!" Spotting the grenades you had clipped onto your belt, she grabbed all of them, about 4. Your skirt hiking up revealed the best spot for her to place them, ensuring they wouldn't come loose or roll away. As you writhed on the box in pain, she pressed the thick end of the first grenade against the lips of your puffy pussy. With all her might, she crammed the powerful explosive as deep as she could, and one by one, forced in the rest until only the pin and lever of the last one was visible. "Please forgive me!" She cried out, and after a final moment of hesitation, she pulled the pin free. As the metal lever and spoon shot out from between your legs and bounces against the floor, the young woman opens the door and runs down the hallway, willing to risk being eaten than be blown to bits together with you. With how tight your pussy is, and swollen from what was forced into it, it is virtually impossible to get them out of you in time. Not to mention, your belly looking ready to rip apart to birth a beast.

With my groin in the air, I can feel the first grenade press to my vaginal lips. It's cold yet soothing and as she shoves it in, my walls squeeze around it delightfully. Then another is shoved in and my scream of agony is mixed with passion. For one quick moment I get a breather and look down to see another grenade getting shoved in me. "Oh god ... what ... what are you doing ... st ... stop!" For a moment we pause, eyes locked on each other, I feel the third grenade like the tip of a large cock ready to plunge in. "No ... don't do this ..." But my own body betrays me and my legs spread a little wider and her hand thrusts forward. My head snaps back as passionate moaning overcomes the pain of my swelling belly. Her fingers linger as the third grenade is now inside. She watches me, letting her fingers tickle the inside of my vaginal walls, as they pull out streams of nectar stretch from my groin to her fingers. Again I get a moment to relax, my hips thrusting upwards, while watching her reach for the fourth grenade. I shake my head no and plead to her but then my legs spread wide again. She asked for me to forgive her but all I can do is moan as I feel the cold steel of the grenade pressed to my vagina.

This time the clit is rubbed and I gasp while looking at her, the sensation is ... incredible. My body flops back legs spread awkwardly wide while my belly stretches more and more skin starting to split. The look on the girls face knows she is running out of time. One hand reaches down, my fingernails trying to grasp at the grenade to pull it back out, its then I see her run. I feel the pin and spoon release, the spoon flicking my clit as it goes. This causes my eyes to roll back and back arch as I near climax. My fingers barely get a hold of it, and as I begin to pull it out, I can't help but yearn for how good it feels inside me. My fingers pause, and then actually push it further in. "Oh GOD! HUmmmmmmmphhhh!" The orgasm takes over, and my belly begins to burst, I press my abdomen up into the air so both clit and belly button are the highest points. Then in slow motion everything is released. My legs are blown from my hips, separating, skin stretching until ripping apart. Chunks of my thigh shredding from bone. My knees give bending at unhealthy angles soon ripping from the upper legs. The explosion slowly expanding, my vagina and anus ripping apart chunks of my abdomen and ass spraying perpendicular to the ceiling and floor, even my clit is ripped in two. As my belly rips open from an unwanted birth its soon blown open by the explosives rupturing inside me. My spine ruptures out my back and ribs blown out the front. Breasts are blown up and back past my face each one torn into multiple pieces from the explosion only to spray across the wall behind me.

The blobby mounds of tit fat hit in different locations, some sticking to the wall other chunks falling to the ground. My upper ribs spread wide and then separate from spine and neck, while vertebrae scatter across the floor. My head shoots from my neck the face smacking hard to the doorway caving it in, then only to bounce down the hallway and end up at the girls feet. If it were not for my long flowing hair, she would not know what was at her feet as both lower jaw and left side were missing. As the smoke settles, and the flames die out, the room is full of chunky pieces of meat that was once part of my body. Most is unrecognizable, while few things were. The girl could see my high heel over there, a rib here, a hand next to this while my other arm was behind that. The girl killed the unwanted baby, but it was Officer Sinclair that paid for it.

This Month's Games 2018-09-11T03:27:54+00:00

I had considered spending this month trying out various types of games, but it's hard to do much when you just don't have any assets to work with. Other ideas included a 'dating' game where you'd get together with Amber, while another was something along the lines of going to a club and interacting with various characters of mine.

While I try to see if I can get some sprites going, I really liked how the adventure game turned out. I'll likely add an encounter or two to it this month. As for the RPG, the next update is mostly done and I should be able to send it out once I add a bit more writing to it.

Gorerat Adventure Demo 1 2018-09-07T05:58:12+00:00

A new style of game that I wanted to try out. It has no gameplay at all, but will have tons of replayability since all you do is make choices and watch as things play out. Nearly every selection has more than one outcome, and while the current version is rather light in content, there's still enough to test out different paths.


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Tomorrow 2018-08-31T04:52:38+00:00

There will finally be another game update for tomorrow. Besides the updated forest look, there will be some additional writing for a couple interactions.

Also, I have commissioned two belly bursting stories for next month, so there should be lots to look forward to.

Discord Reminder 2018-08-28T18:03:43+00:00

Just a reminder that I do have a Discord, since I don't really see any patrons in it. Come chat with other fans, view and share great art, and even gain access to a patron only area.


RP - The Divine One 2018-08-26T03:57:08+00:00

Tracking flying creatures depended on finding their nest, a process that required either intimate knowledge of the local terrain, migration patterns, and food sources of your quarry... or getting the location from a local ranger in exchange for a blowjob. Forest dwelling types always came into town feeling... amorous.

The open, grassy plain, vivid green with thick, swaying grass gave way to rocky crags. This was the canyon you'd had marked on your map, and the nest was here somewhere. Blue and black stone speared up out of the ground; the cliffs on either side.

The wind whistled through the rocks; scattered here and there were hoofprints, and the unmistakable patterns in the sands that winged beasts such as birds made, though much larger than any normal bird.

You see to one side a sign; you'd found your mark. A steaming, fresh pile of pegasus shit was on the ground; in the cliffs above, a shallow cave. A whinny issued from within.

Lucky you thought to bring climbing gear…

Finally this journey started to result in something. Never in a million years would I have thought this is what I'd be doing, but ever since I got that goddess' blessing, nothing seemed impossible anymore. I looked up at the cliff, wishing I already had wings to do this. What's the point of getting wings later if I need them now? Even if I fell, I'd be back at attempting to climb right away. Putting my climbing gloves on, I began ascended the face of the cliff, hoping they along with my boots would be enough. And at the top... A prize worth a million falls.

The thick leather gloves and boots were worth every silver, making the treacherous climb much easier. You do build up a bit of a sweat, glistening in the sun by the time you reach the shallow cave.

Unlike the craggy cliffside, the cave interior is much smoother, worn down by the wind. It's quite cool. At the end of the cave is a nest; gigantic in size, made of branches entwined together; inside it, three large eggs, each with a blue-silver sheen.

Between you and the nest, rising to his hooves, your target, the locally legendary Pegasus. The rare and noble beast is pristine white, his mane and tail jet black. He stretches out his impressive wingspan, giving you a threatening huff…

That cliff was nothing. I rolled myself up in front of the cave, my chest heaving greatly. Every inch of my body glistened with sweat. I grew up used to wearing just scraps, but lately I had been able to afford a tight little pair of leather shorts that hugged my thick ass perfectly. I really loved leather. Another tight piece of it was keeping my luscious breasts pushed upwards and against each other, giving me ample cleavage.

I saw the eggs immediately, and the beast in front of them. The poor thing thought I was after it's eggs. What I really needed was its wings so I could fly. And the way to get them is the best thing to ever happen to me.

I looked the animal in the eyes and stepped forward slowly. "Don't be afraid, I'm not here for your eggs. Or to hurt you." I took a few more steps. "Honestly, I just want you to hurt me badly." I lustily said with a smirk.

The winged horse huffs, an intelligence more than animal but less than human in its eyes. It lowers its head and stamps a hoof menacingly; you're invading its territory and it is warning you to leave.

You remain headstrong, having utmost confidence in the blessing of the goddess Aura, that you'll make it through this, albeit not unscathed.

The creature before you may possibly be calmed... or roused to attack by your actions.

I continued forth, making sure to not make any sudden movements. The closer I got the more I realized how beautiful the beast was. I couldn't wait to be that beautiful. It must have loved it's freedom with those wings, able to soar over everyone's heads.

I kept going until I was able to place a soft touch on the end of its nose, smiling.

Angered by your encroachment on its territory and the threat of your bared teeth, the pegasus folds its wings tight against its body and slams you to the ground. You slide across the stone floor before rolling to your feet, dangerously close to the the cave mouth, the fifty foot plummet, and the jagged rocks below.

The pegasus has turned to the side, using its body to protect its nest, legs stomping the ground; its powerful hind muscles looking like it could deliver a kick that would decapitate a troll, let alone a soft, curvy human woman. It might have been the adrenaline or sense of territoriality, but the pegasus is getting hard; he has an enormous flared cock, with two balls the size of a halflings head!

I should have seen that coming. I groaned as I stood up, pain radiating through my body. When I looked behind, I realized how lucky I had been having landed near the edge. And when I turned back to the beast, my eyes went wide. Somehow pushing me away had made the animal excited, causing its cock to engorge underneath its body. And those balls... Damn, were they huge. I was far from a virgin, and while human cocks haven't been the only ones I've had lately, this was far from anything I've had. All I could do was stare at its thick, flared head, licking my lips as I yearned for a taste. My pussy immediately grew wet, drooling from hungering for cock. Whatever happened up here in the cave, I needed that cock at some point.

Unphased by the hard blow, I approached the beast once more. Except this time, I swayed my hips along the way. "Oh, you poor thing. I bet all your time stuck up here in this cave has made you all pent up. If you behave yourself, I might even give you a very special treat." I seductively said to it, slowly opening my shorts as I closed in.

You nimbly jump back as the creature rears and wildly stomps the air with its hooves. It seems to be avoiding throwing its bulk around too much near the nest, but drawing it further away would mean staying near the precarious edge of the cliff. Either way, trying to calm it is going to be impossible by moving closer; getting nearer will certainly provoke it to attack.

The beast was sure being stubborn. I can't blame it really. There are eggs in here, and they aren't making matters easier. Taking a quick glance around, I saw the perfect thing. On one side of the cave away from the eggs and the animal was a large boulder. I made my way over to it and sat down.

I kept eye contact with the beast and licked my lips. If he didn't want me near, then he'll have to come to me. I began squeezing and mashing my leather covered breasts, trying to be as alluring as possible. One of my hands slipped down inside of my opened shorts and found my throbbing clit. Soft moans filled the cave as I rubbed myself, which would hopefully lure the beast over with my intoxicating scent.

"Ohh... I'm so lonely over here. Is there anyone else... who would like to... play with me?" I lustily asked as I stared deep into its eyes.

The boulder is cool and smooth, large enough to lie back on. Scuff marks down the sides make you suspect that the cave's residents use it to polish their hooves.

The pegasus looks wary and unsure, stepping sideways to remain between you and the nest... but one step closer than before.

Pegasi are known for being creatures of light and purity, much like unicorns; popular mounts of holy warriors and paladins. You just have to hope that being the Chosen One of Aura, goddess of life, death and rebirth, is a noble enough cause... even if your own motives are far less than pure.

What's taking this creature so long to get over here? I slipped my shorts down along my lovely thighs and threw them to the side. My underwear was absolutely soaked. I quickly pulled them down as well, bunched them up, and tossed them at the creature. Hopefully my scent from them would finally encourage him enough to come over. I spread my legs apart, showing him my perfect, juicy pussy that craved a good cream filling.

"Come on, I'll even let you have a taste." I said as I rubbed my pussy.

The pegasus pauses, looking at the nest, then the open mouth of the cave, before trotting over. His muscular white bulk looms over you, a foreleg on either side of your prone form, hot breath on your skin, its beastial cock sliding up against your body.

Finally. This beast was massive once he came to me. And not just what he had swinging down below. I leaned all the way back, laying down on the rock to allow him to tower over my body. I reached up and rubbed his warm, strong body. It's hot cock sent tingles into me as it slid around my slick skin, the thick head only inches away from my hungry pussy. Being gentle, I reached down and gripped his hard cock, giving it a soft squeeze.

The pegasus is tense, though it feels like a different kind of tension as you wrap your fingers around his cock. Even using both hands, your fingertips only barely touch around him. He gives another huff, his wings spreading low at his sides, feathers bristling. He shifts over you, the base of his cock pressing up against your wet pussy, dripping pearlescent precum on your leather breastplate, giving you a rough idea of how deep inside your internal organs he'd end up if left unchecked. He also has the strength to remind you that he's more wild animal than intelligent beast; you feel that, if provoked, he'd be an unstoppable force... perfect for your needs.

God, so hot and thick. His cock went all the way up to my cleavage, leaking heavily into it. I decided to pet it up and down along its length, making it throb and pulse. Picking it up for a moment, I lifted my head and began sucking on the flared end. The taste was heavenly, a perfect mix of sweet and salty. So much oozed out of him, and I drank it right up. I probed the opening with my tongue, making it throb even harder. All this sucking has made my pussy drip heavily, and with a deep breath, I scooted further back on the rock until the head of his cock was right at my entrance.

"I hope I'm not too tight for you big guy. You think you can fit all the way in?" I teased as I rubbed the flared head of his cock all over my hungry pussy.

The pegasus is not gentle.

Whether a result of your incursion into his space, or pegasus breeding cycles meaning he was spending more time looking after the eggs than relieving his tension, he thrusts forward roughly. Your powerless to stop the flared head plunging into your pussy, stifling a scream as the sharp pain ebbs away to growing pleasure. His hooves scrabble at the stone floor as he gains purchase, eager to thrust deeper inside you.

"Oh god!" I screamed as he plunged his cock deep into my pussy, slamming right into the backside. I raised my head, my eyes going wide at the sight of the huge bulge in my belly. It hurt so much getting my pussy split wide open. I'm surprised I didn't break right in half. I could feel pressure on my mound, like it was wanting to split apart. After taking some much needed deep breaths, I patted the underside of his body to reassure him. "Damn... I didn't think you were so... strong... but now... I need even more!"(edited)

He forces himself forward, flared head pushing up painfully against your cervix. Not even half his length is in inside you and you're at your limit, belly distending. His swollen, throbbing orbs, packed with cum, sway back and forth as he start to shove in and out, trying to get deeper. His wings fan out and he gives them a mighty flap, kicking up dust around you and pushing him forward.

It feels like he's going to skewer you; if you acted fast and made him cum quickly, maybe he'd calm down before that happens... but who knows what impact having all that volume suddenly pumping into your curvy body would do...

Deeper... I needed him deeper... He thrust into me, desperate to give me my wish. I couldn't hold back any longer, sending a hand down to my pussy to stroke it as fast as I could. My hips bucked, trying their best to make him go deeper. My other hand gripped my leather top and tugged on it, tearing it free from my body. Free from their prison, my breasts could now bounce all over from his thrusts. I squeezed and mashed them together, pinching and tugging my nipples hard. "Ugh... you need to push harder... ram that thing in. And don't forget to unload those balls!" I encouraged the pent up beast.

The sound of wet pounding fills the cave, cut short by a crunch! as he thrusts too deep for your poor, pleasure-stricken body to handle. Blood is now leaking from your pussy, the skin around it tearing, the clit beneath your fingertips nearly destroyed.

He's pushed past your cervix and his cockhead is now inside your womb and threatening to push further! Your belly is bulging from the mass of cock inside you. His muscles ripple and he's huffing and whinnying excitedly, oblivious to the damage he's doing to you. You know he's close now... and there's nothing you can do to stop your imminent demise...

God, how could it get any better than this. I felt my whole pussy shudder on his latest thrust, making my clit throb with pain and pleasure. The head of his cock was now in my belly, pushing my belly button upwards. I slipped my hand down off my breasts and on to the bulge, massaging it.

"Not yet big guy, you need... To go... Deeper before you can blow!" I yelled at him, gazing at his fat balls as they swung around.

Desperate to get him in further, I reached down and gripped his cock in both hands. I pulled on it much like some rope, hoping to force him in deeper. My hips joined in, slipping further down the rock.

With his wings beating mightily, he finally thrusts as deep inside you as he can, his balls slapping against your voluptuous ass. Unlike the sharp pain of breaking bones, it's more of a deeper, duller, visceral ache as your organs get scrambled by his massive cock. Your eyes roll back; you struggle to breathe with your diaphragm getting pounded, and when you moan, you cough up some blood.

Your broken body is being scraped against the smooth rock and you're starting to go weak... at this rate you'll be dead before he cums inside you!

I could hardly breathe, my heart struggling to beat. He was so deep, so hard. This gave me what I had come here for, but I needed one last thing.

"Come.... For... Me...." With my remaining energy, I rubbed my hands up and down my front to massage his length inside of me. I also closed my legs, squishing his balls between them. If he wasn't going to blow, I'll just squeeze it out.

Giving a roar, the pegasus explodes inside of you, filling your body with hot, potent seed as he tears deeply into you. Blood is gushing from you, your body swollen and bruising as cum and blood fills up the spaces between your organs. You can't breathe, choking on white fluid bubbling up from inside you, and the last sensation is the nerves of your destroyed pussy still inexplicably sparking with raw pleasure, a whole body orgasm as you expire.

There's a brief moment of silence as the pegasus draws back from your corpse, then...

Radiant light flashes within the cave, and the winged horse recoils back to protect the nest. A heavenly sound, like the peeling of silver chimes, resounds as your body vanishes and you reappear, though not the curvy, brunette rogue you once were.

You take stock of your new form; much bigger than your old one. Four hooves, two wings, big swinging dick... you look almost like a doppelganger of the pegasus that slaughtered you with its cock, albeit speckled brown, much like the freckles you had as a human.

This will do nicely...

I can never get tired of the feeling of when I transform. It's like a lingering climax from my past life. My legs trembled as I got used to my new body. I quickly ventured out of the cave once my hooves calmed, allowing the beast to rest in peace. I looked out over the grass below, hoping I could actually fly this thing. I took a moment to unfold my wings, flapping them around a bit. They seemed easy enough to control. And now, where to next. It was quite obvious that I inherited the creature's cock as well. It was the first time I decided to try for something male. And now I could feel those two heavy balls of mine yearn to unload. I needed to find someone or something to mount. That creature in the cave was lucky I wasn't feeling like taking his ass for a ride. Calming myself, taking a deep breath, I trotted along the cliffside until I gained speed, launching myself into the air as I flapped.

Like all of the talents you've used your power to inherit, flying comes naturally to you... but the sensation is still incredible. Your muscular bulk seems weightless in the air as you climb high into the sky, the landscape stretching off to a horizon. It's the most magnificent view of a sunset you've seen; the city streets you once called home pale in comparison. You dive downwards, and soar upwards, delighting in the gifts of your latest form.

You know Lady Grace was making her way across the plains in search of a mount to aid her in her holy mission; you'd overheard her discussing it with an obnoxious priest back in town. With your new form, you should be able to get close to her... and the small statuette she's transporting. Disciples of Aura love their golden statuettes...

All this freedom was incredible. I could go anywhere, do anything. I scanned all around, looking at the beautiful sights. But nothing was more beautiful than that paladin I spotted down below. I had listened in on her conversation back in town. She caught my notice since she and that priest mentioned the goddess that had blessed me. If only they knew what I was using the gift for instead.

Slowing down, I made my way down to the plains below. I landed a bit away from her so she wouldn't notice me right away. Trying my best to act natural, I just pretended I was a normal horse and approached her. Maybe she won't notice my tucked in wings. My cock was soft and in my sheath for the time being, but I don't know how long that'll last...

On your approach you see three figures; Lady Grace and two others, both men, whom might have been sparring with the tall, athletic human paladin. But as you get closer, you see they are locked in a battle for their lives. Her breastplate gleams in the setting sun, ebony skin slick with sweat, long flowing hair a vibrant shade of blue from elven dyes.

She heaves a massive, shining hammer at one of the men and he dives backwards awkwardly. The other takes the opportunity to slash at her with his shortsword, opening a gash in her arm. She elbows him in the face, breaking his nose, and as he recoils, she swings the hammer overhead and crushes his skull down into his neck.

I knew I had seen something odd from the skies. The paladin woman looked to be fighting with some men, though from the sight of her hammer slamming down onto one of of them, I knew she could handle herself. Even so, I decided to charge at the other man and use my hooves like a hammer of my own. After this, there was no way she wouldn't take me as a mount.

The blue haired beauty's eyes go wide, as she spots you charging across the plain. The brigand grins, thinking he's got her scared... until he hears the hoofbeats from behind. He reacts too late as you rear up, spreading your glorious wings and crushing him beneath your hooves.

Lady Grace drops to one knee, bowed in awe. "Blessings of the goddess, I sought you out and she sent you to me!" She rises, and places a hand over her bloody would. There’s a radiant glow beneath her fingertips, and she takes the hand away, skin healed to smooth perfection.

She looks you up and down. "With a mighty steed such as you, my holy mission with be a breeze!"

I didn't even care who that guy was, running right up to him and stomping him into a pile of mush. The paladin of course had to get all sentimental, acting like I had been summoned by a goddess. That was technically half true as I wouldn't be like this if it wasn't because of the goddess. I saw a raw of light coming from her hand, and after it went away, it looked like her wound had healed. If she can do something like that, then maybe I don't have to die every time...

I whinnied and flapped my wings in excitement before her. Slowly I walked towards her, acting like the noble horse I am. She looked so hot, that dark body of her stuffed inside of armor. And that hair... I had a feeling she wouldn't suspect a thing if she ever undressed in front of me. I nuzzled her right in the neck, nibbling on her soft skin.

She laughs, beautiful, carefree sound, removing a leather glove to stroke your nuzzle as though you and her hadn't just crushed a couple of bandits to death.

"Come, my new friend. I started to make camp not far from here, by the riverbank." Not presuming to mount you having just met you, she starts to stride off in the direction of her modest campsite.

Oh, I'll come all right. I trotted along right behind her, imagining what her dark ass looked like underneath all that armor. Thinking about it made this horse body's cock lengthen slightly, letting me feel the soft head bounce around much like my balls did. It was such an odd sensation having male organs. I can see why men were always so horny.

Her camp is a small, single person tent and a teepee of firewood, a sturdy leather backpack leaning against a tree. She goes to the pack, drawing out flint and steel, and gets the fire started quickly.

Down an embankment, a small, cool river slowly flows, leaves from the few trees growing alongside forming little boats.

Putting the fire starting gear back in her pack, she draws forth a thick tome. You recognise it by the holy symbol on the front; the scripture of Aura, her symbol a black and white hourglass with gold sand at the top, and purple sand at the bottom.

"Do you know what this is?" She asks you rhetorically. You do; irritating priests have been shoving that book in your face for years.

She had a nice little camp. Too bad I would be too big to fit inside of the tent with her. I went over to the river to drink some water. All that flying around had been exhausting, as well as smashing that guy in the head. Once she got the fire going I walked over to it, basking in the warmth. She pulled a book out of her bag and showed it to me. I recognized it, never really cared for it. I wonder if she was going to read me a bedtime story. I nuzzled her neck again.

She giggles, an unpaladin like sound, smiling with strikingly white teeth, stroking your neck in return, before reaching for a chain around her neck that hung down her ample cleavage. A small key was on the end; she used it to unlock a solid looking clasp holding the book closed.

"Behold, as the Aura tells us; ending one form begets another..." she quotes scripture and shows you the open book. It's hollow inside; swaddled in cloth is a small, golden idol of the goddess herself, statuesque form in a dress studded with diamonds and amethysts. The gold has a black sheen, a reminder that Aura is the goddess of life and death.


"This is my mission, for which I beseech your aid. I'm to take this safely to the chuch in the forest town of Woodhaven, far to the north. It is many days travel by road, but far quicker by air..."

A noble mission for sure. I myself was given important tasks as well to carry out, using my gift to help with matters. But why go out and do quests when I could have so much fun instead. Maybe I'll do a quest here or there, especially if it allowed me to have amazing bodies. Whatever this paladin needed me for, I'll play along just so I can get a chance to see that body of hers. I stretched out my wings and flapped them lightly to let her know I was up to the task.

'Oh, excellent!' She smiles, planting a kiss on your nose. You might be imagining it; her full, soft lips lingering for just a second.

She locks the "book" back up, dropping the keychain back down the front of her breastplate. She returns the book to her pack, and sits on a log, undoing the buckles on her long leather boots.

'Excuse my immodesty, my friend, but I aim to take advantage of the river there. I haven't had a chance to cleanse myself since town.'

She pulls her boots off and wiggles her toes, stretching her long, toned legs out. You notice her glancing at you out of the corner of her eye; judging by the blush, you can pinpoint the direction of her glances.

I gave another excited wing flap from the kiss, being careful to not put out the fire she worked so hard to make. It was strange feeling a tingle go through this body. Once she hinted at what she was about to do, and began taking her things off, I grew excited. Not too excited though, just enough for a bit of my cock to poke out. The way she was looking at me... I couldn't quite tell what that blush meant.

She looks away, and undoes the buckles holding on her shining breastplate, freeing her breasts. Not as large as yours in your normal human form, they are still ample and perky, with small brown nipples. It looks like she doesn't wear anything to protect them from the harsh metal of her armor; she looks sore and chafed. She massages them softly, a moan escaping her lips as she works her healing magic. She glances over at you, biting her lip.

'The healing gifts of Aura are very... um... vivacious...'

Seems the young paladin has a bit of a masochistic streak. That, or healing feels better than it looks.

She stands, working her way out of her leather skirt, performing the same ritual of healing over chafes and scratches on her body. She is well muscled, but more lithe than you were expecting, given the ease she wields that massive hammer. Suprisingly, she has also dyed her public hair; a small patch of blue hair in the shape of an hourglass over her pussy.

I watched in awe as she undressed, free to do so when she was none the wiser. Her breasts were perfect, so dark and delicious enough to eat. She was lucky I was just a horse, since if I was a wolf... At least she could heal herself. I wonder just how much she can regenerate. My horse cock slithered further out, and unable to control myself, I nibbled on her soft belly.

She strokes your mane, leaning into the soft nibbling. 'I'm fortunate to be blessed by such a friendly companion... and one with such an... endowed lifegiver. Wow.' She is now staring at your growing shaft, biting her lower lip. She's getting turned on; your bestial form can't just smell it... but sense it. Your mind races with irresistible instincts... breed, sire, survive, fuck.

She steps away, turning slowly, beckoning. Her ass is just as perky as her breasts, and muscular, too. 'Let us wash the brigands from us, my friend.' She saunters towards the river.

I followed her close, practically prodding her backside along with my nose. My cock grew harder and longer, letting me feel it throb for the first time. We entered the water together. I had to go in much deeper just to get all the way wet. My cock continued to throb in the water below. As I watched her get wet, I decided to be playful and splashed her using my wings. Then I whinnied at her.

She splashes you back; for an uptight holy zealot, she looks so carefree, blue ringlets clinging to her glistening skin, her body a shimmering dancer in the cool, crystal water.

She moves closer. 'Allow me.' She uses her fingertips to start combing dust out of your mane and your hair. Your excitement grows as her strong fingers travel down the length of your muscular, speckled flank, before stopping. She seems to have found some measure of self control, though she has been cleaning her body under the water with her other hand a suspiciously long time.

Her touch was heavenly. My cock was throbbing only a foot away from her, hidden away in the depths. I turned my head to keep an eye on her, watching her move further back. For a paladin she seemed a bit lustful, especially when her other hand seemed to be scrubbing the same spot for some time. When she stopped at my side, I folded a wing around her dripping body, bring her in for a hug.

She hugs you back, her breasts squeezing up against you.

"We should dry off before it gets dark, my friend. We have far to travel tomorrow."

It is starting to get darker, and this form's keen eyesight is better served by daylight than darkness.

Hearing those words was a bit of disappointment. My cock calmed down, slowly shrinking underneath me. I followed her back up onto the bank. It wasn't possible for me to use a towel or anything so I just stood next to the fire to slowly dry off. I gazed at her as the orange glow danced along her glistening body.

She sits by the fire, unashamedly naked, her hammer nearby in case of emergency. She has her head bowed, murmuring prayers to Aura. You see her occasionally glancing up at you. She finishes her prayer with a gesture and leans back, her tall, dark body glowing in the campfire.

That instinct is bubbling inside you again. Breed, sire, survive, fuck.

'I adore being out under the stars on a warm night, alone on the road with my thoughts. Alone, except for you, pegasus.' She muses to herself. 'I guess I should think of a name to call you...'

She wasn't only naked now, but on the ground. In such a vulnerable position for a mighty horse like me. Walking up to her, I nibbled her belly again, collecting up some stray drops of water. Lower my head went until I started nuzzling her between the legs. Her scent was heavenly, making my cock come to life once more.

She shudders, a weak protest escaping her lips but her legs sliding wider in the grass to accommodate you. 'By the goddess...'

Leaning back, her fingers clutch handfuls of grass, the fire shining in her deep brown eyes as she looks down at you.

'Oh... Aura... oh...' within moments she's moaning, gently thrusting against your face.

Once those lovely legs of hers spread apart, I knew to go all out. I pressed my muzzle hard against her pussy, rubbing those horse lips all over her own lips. My tongue was huge, able to lick every inch of her along with her throbbing clit at the same time. When my cock fully hardened once more, I didn't know if I'd be able to control myself this time. I needed her touch upon my throbbing length.

She cries out with pleasure, arching her back and holding your face tight in her hands. She pulls back from you, her pink pussy suddenly sensitive from the climax, and she writhes in the grass, moaning.

'By life and by death, I should name you Silvertongue, pegasus,' she says softly as she comes to her sense.

She notices your raging cock as you stamp your hoof impatiently.

'Aura does teach us the enjoy the gifts of life...' she says with reverence. Her soft, strong hands gently reach for your arm-length shaft...

I could see the primal need in her eyes. My legs stepped forward carefully on their own, just enough for the front of my body to stand above her. I lowered my head, turning it so I could see just how hard I had become. The flared head pointed right at her face, a bit of cream leaking from the end. All it would take would be for her to reach out just a bit further to grasp it. I nuzzled against her neck again, encouraging her.

She wraps her slender fingers around your pulsing dick, not shying away as precum drips down onto her cleavage, beading on the keychain around her neck.

She starts to stroke, slowly at first, but rapidly picking up the pace. She leans forward, darting her tongue out to lubricate the sides of your cock, seeming to savour the flavour of your precum. Her hands glide easier with her saliva lubricating them.

I let out a monstrous whinny right as her slender fingers gripped my throbbing cock. I wanted to just thrust my hips as hard as possible, but a horse's body just can't do much unless I'm mounting something. Her strokes were heavenly, and when I felt a warm tongue on my mass, my front hooves jumped up in excitement. My wings start to flutter in excitement, flapping faster as she stroked faster. I don't know what her plan was, but whatever it was, she would surely get a face full of hot cum soon.

She flinches a little at your sudden movement but doesn't relent; the courage of paladins is renowned. She starts spiralling the motion of her hands around you, working you like a potter working a clay wheel. She almost seems to whimper with desire, keeping your cock level with her face.

'Please, my mighty friend,' she begs, 'anoint me with your seed. Cover my face with your life-giving elixir...'

You feel a sensation against your balls; she has started massaging your enormous sack with the soft skin of the top of her foot, not letting up rhythm of her hands for a second.

Her words were nearly as pleasing as her dark fingers working my giant dick. I could feel the hot cum churn within my balls, begging to be released. My eyes began to cross when the arousal was quickly becoming too much. My wings fluttered erratically, my hind legs trembling. Then, unable to control myself, I bucked forward, cramming my cock between those lips of her right as I felt my balls clench.

She doesn't even hesitate, opening her mouth as wide as she can; not wide enough... cum splatters her face and into her mouth as her tongue works furiously to try and catch as much as possible. She gasps with delight as your virile seed spills out of her mouth and down her body, coating her dark breasts with white cream.

Your cock still throbs, a second spray coaxed forth by her eager hands, shooting pearlescent cum into her vibrant blue hair. She aims your cock down her body, trying to cover herself as much as possible; a third mighty explosion of cum splashing over her taut stomach, her blue, trimmed pubic hair, and the lips of her tight pussy.

She leans back with a sigh, letting go of your softening cock, still gently teasing your balls with her toes as she slides a finger over her cum-drenched abdomen and tastes you.

'My goddess, Silvertongue... you are a blessing!'

God, what a release. Just what I needed. I absolutely drenched her body, right after she finished drying off. If only she knew what it took to get this body. She was such a dirty paladin, tasting me like that. I knew I had to punish her for being so naughty. I took a couple steps back, and nuzzled her neck. I trailed my nibbles down her front until I made it to one of her chocolaty breasts. Distracted by my "Silvertongue", she didn't notice as I lifted one of my hooves and placed it right on her clit. I slowly pressed down harder until it felt like a good bit of my weight was atop her mound.

Each gentle bite elicits a moan; her body tastes of your own cum, the her pheromone smell mixing with your own. A firmer bite only results in a deeper moan as she puts an encouraging hand to the side of your face.

Seems she gets off on both the healing and the damage before it.

She gives a startled squeak at the pressure, looking down at the shining black hoof, white cum oozing out from beneath. She looks up at you and her eyelids flutter as she gives a slight grind.

I kept nibbling on her front, alternating between her breasts. My mouth was so much bigger and oddly shaped than normal, making it hard to get used to. She seemed to be enjoying what I was doing, even as I nibbled and tugged at her nipples. Once she realized where my hoof was, I thought she was going to try and escape. Instead, she pressed up into me, craving the feeling. I obliged, putting even more of my weight into my one hoof. I wondered just how much weight it would take before she broke...

She grabs your slender ankle, grinding your foot down even harder, pressing her butt down into the grass; you nearly lose your balance, still getting used to your bulky form.

'Oh, goddess... oh... fu... feel me... fuh-heel me with your hard... rock hard, skull crushing... bone... crushing... hoof...'

She's writhing on her back, fingers entwined and pulling at her blue hair.

This paladin was absolutely crazy. I might just have to keep her around. There were so many things I could see myself doing to her in all the future forms I'll acquire.

Whinnying loudly and flapping my wings, I bore down on her mound with all my might.

She screams loudly as her pelvis crunches under your weight. Her back arches, scream turning into a groan of ecstasy as blood pours out of her brutalized pussy. You pull back and she twitches and convulses on the spot, wordless gasps making her cum-soaked chest heave.

She reaches down, placing her hand over her ruined pussy, fingertips on the bloody remains of her clit, and she plays with it, furiously. There's a few seconds of masochistic delight in the immense and unimaginable pain before the radiance comes and the healing begins.

As you watch, her crushed womanhood regains its form. She plunges two fingers deep inside herself, coaxing her g-spot into convalescence with frantic come-hither motions. Whatever pleasure she gained from the pain of you shattering her pelvis pales compared to the paroxysms of orgasmic delight she sends herself into with her healing gifts.

Slowly, with a satisfied sigh, her body unwinds and relaxes, the last inch being her curled toes that she stretches and wiggles with contentment.

She looks at you, her eyes gleaming, and smiles. 'You are an absolute brute, Silvertongue. I could not have prayed for a stronger ally in my time of need.'

She yawns. 'I'm afraid you have drained me completely, my friend.' She rises, stretching her long body, arms reaching to the twilight stars. She teases some of your cum from her brilliant hair and sucks it from her finger.

'It seems Anima has blessed us with a temperate night. I think I'll wear your seed to bed, my friend, and clean off any remaining in the morning light.'

She really was something special. Seemingly able to heal from anything. Sadly, I couldn't stay with her, as things would quickly grow boring while always being a horse with wings. I leaned down to nuzzle her again, but this time, I grasped the chain around her neck in my mouth. A quick tug broke it free, leaving the key hang from my mouth. I walked away from her, and after giving her one last look, I charged forward and took to the skies. I knew she'd look for me, likely in a different form. As I flew, I spotted a cave. I made my way toward it, thinking it'd be a good place to rest. Or even provide a snack for a hungry creature...

She moves in to hug you and gives a start when you take her necklace from her. As you take flight you see her expression, confused and perhaps a little hurt, but at a loss to stop you.

Knowing the sense of humour of your patron goddess, she'd no doubt guide her acolyte to you when you needed her... though who could say what her response may be if she discovered the truth of your nature.

Only a few feet into the cave, it's already cooler than outside. Behind you is a small wooded area, the trees swaying in the light evening breeze. It's easier to see in the moonlight, but your eyesight as a flying creature is keen, and you can already start to see how deep the cave goes...

Deep enough for an echo. A snarl, like a mountain lion but keening and warped, comes from the darkness, the echo making it impossible to judge the distance.

You could try to determine what may be living in this cave by having a look for tracks and spoor at the entrance... or blunder down and let it be a pleasant surprise.

Just what I needed to hear. I didn't care what it was. I strode further into the cave like a clueless horse, my hooves making it obvious where I was located. I hadn't been eaten before, so it was exciting and even a bit scary.

You confidently canter forwards, wings folded at your side. Your eyes adjust to the cave; the floor is earthier than the one you got your current form, and you need to stoop your head at one point before it opens into a larger cavern. The ground is uneven and covered in loose rocks and scree.

Clinging to the side of a looming stalactite is an oily black form; six clawed legs gripping into the very stone. It sees you looking up it and drops... only to land on its feet a few yards away from where it should have landed.

It hisses, but doesn't seem to be looking directly at you... when the two powerful tentacles unfurl from it's back, each ending in a thin, wicked looking spike, it clicks. You know this one... boy, do you know this one.

You delighted in reading the manuals of monsters found at the abbey library; most of the priest's books were boring and dusty but the bestiaries... many nights you'd steal them away to your chambers, touching your aching pussy to the detailed illustrations of terrifying creatures and this beast was one you would always turn back to.

The dicksplicer beast.

I stopped, staring at what appeared before me. This had to be a dicksplicer. Just thinking those words excited me, my cock quickly growing underneath me. I had no intention of fighting back, so I hoped it'd at least not act like a rabid animal. Not that I could fight such a thing as a big dumb horse. When my dick fully hardened and throbbed, I wiggled my butt slightly to send it rocking back and forth like a tasty sausage. A juicy one that was already leaking.

It slowly circles you, the tips of its long, barbed tentacles dripping a black, oily venom. You know that considerably diluted dicksplicer venom can be bought on the black market as an expensive aphrodisiac, but that the pure form can cause a heart attack in a regular human; those that don't die suffering a painful priapism until they hemorrhage...

It flexes the corded muscles in its shoulders and spikes flare out of the sides of the tentacle barbs, like hooks... and you all at once remember how the creature got its name, from devouring the genitalia of larger creatures... like horses. Even winged ones.

You watch it from the corner of your eye and it snarls again... but you feel its hot breath right up in your face!

There's a sharp, stabbing pain in your chest and all at once you see the beast is standing before you, one of those sinister tentacles pumping venom straight into your chest. Your heart starts to pound... and it flares the spikes, ripping a chunk of flesh from your muscle and flinging it to one side.

You thought you were fully hard. You had no idea... blood rushes to your swinging cock and it swells painfully, veins around the outside like snakes fit to burst!

One minute I was watching the beast, and the next... Whatever happened I found myself toppling over onto my side, hard. Pain filled my chest, my heart beating madly. And best of all... I lifted my head just enough to spot my massive horse cock towering out from my body, right between my spread legs. It felt ready to explode, swelling so much that it had stopped leaking. I rested my head on a rock, positioned perfectly so I could see everything. I was no longer afraid, purely anticipating the first bite.

The dicksplicer beast vanishes from your line of sight but you see it's paws leaving prints in the earth. Reappearing suddenly, its tentacle whip cracks in the air, skewering the barb through your cock hole and widening your inner walls painfully. It flexes its shoulder with a snarl and the smaller spines flare out to the sides, bursting through the walls of your cock. The organs is bleeding through dozens of tiny holes and it just feels like you're getting harder.

The other tentacle wraps around one of your powerful legs; even with your brawn you feel the coiled muscles crushing your femur. Your leg bone crunches as it pulls your leg up to expose your tumescent, heavy scrotum.

Making sure you're not putting up a fight, the dicksplicer leans in and sinks its teeth into your balls; its warped snarl and the meaty rrrip echoing as it tears away a chunk and devours it greedily.(edited)

It was almost too much. One of those tentacles shot into my cock, and before I could blink, even more of that venom was injected. How could my cock even get any harder. If this dicksplicer wasn't lucky, my dick was going to burst before it could take a bite. I felt my leg strain, then heard a crack that echoed through the cave. I didn't care about the pain, but my horse body couldn't help but bray as it was abused. None of it could compare to when I felt teeth close around one of my fat balls. Had I been in human form, the pain would have been so intense that I wouldn't have been able to scream. Even so, my painfully, rock hard cock throbbed as it awaited its turn.

The gigantic cat hisses when you bray, it's pupilless green eyes glaring at you as it takes another bite. You feel your body going into shock at the damage, your heart threatening to beat out of your chest.

The dicksplicer has done with the entree and is moving to the main course. Its oily black fur ripples with anticipation of the meal as the corded muscles of the tentacle down the center of your cock tense up and with a horrific rrrrrip it tears your massive, mangled sex organ from your body!

Every inch of my large body hurt. My heart was struggling to keep up, which was only helping to pump my blood out of my body from between the legs. That tentacle had slithered so deep into my cock, letting me feel it at the base. I let out one final bray as my horse cock was torn free with very little resistance. The beast was right there in front of me, devouring my severed cock inch by inch. My eyes slowly faded, but I knew I was just fine…

As your life drains away, the beast is startled by the flash of light and ringing chime that signals your return to the mortal coil. It leaps back up onto the stalactite, clinging on with its claws, its meal held tightly in its mouth.

You are human once again, black mane replaced by thick brunette hair, muscular bulk replaced by soft curves. As always happens when you return to human form, you're wearing a simple shift; marked with the purple hourglass symbol of Aura, it is the clothing her followers use to dress corpses... you could almost open a shop with the number of these garments you've had miraculously appear when you revivify.

The dicksplicer beast gives a muffled yowl of warning but seems disinterested in your cockless form. It keeps munching away, not coming down from its post.

It's growing late and you're exhausted. You retrieve Grace's keychain necklace and put it around your neck. You could sleep here; worst case scenario, the dicksplicer kills you in your sleep, and you get to try out those tentacles for a while...

Bright light flashed before me, and as quick as it appeared, I found myself back as I normally was. This gift had taken a while to get used to, though I'm far from understanding it all. Some things cause me to turn into what had killed me, while other times I'm back as myself. The cocksplicer seemed uninterested in me, especially since my former horse cock was hanging from its mouth. Though, I'm sure it was because I didn't have a cock myself. I stretched and yawned, feeling exhausted from all the flying and pain from the day. I looked at the necklace, wondering just what I was going to do with it. For now, I'll hold on to it to make that paladin come and look for me. Except next time I won't be silvertongue.

I slowly stood up, yawning once more. I took a moment to run my hands up and down along my body, having missed my sexy, natural form. Even in this cave I should have gotten some sleep, but I decided to wander back out and into the woods. Maybe something will help me sleep in there. And hopefully, I can return one day with another juicy cock to feed to it.

Leaves and twigs snap under your feet as you saunter among the trees, making no effort to conceal your movement. It's quite serene, the sound of chirping insects in the air and the rich, earthy smell of a forest teeming with life is on the breeze.

You come to a clearing, an ancient, crumbling statue in the center; a stone elven warrior on a plinth, dressed in scanty leather and holding a crossbow pointed at the sky.

There is a dog sitting beside the statue, watching you with interest. It vanishes with a bamf, appearing again at the opposite edge of the clearing, trotting off through the trees to the east.

To the north, you can see a reddish glow, possibly a campfire, though you would need to get closer to confirm... and you suddenly hear a feminine giggle to the south, from deeper in the woods.

The night air was so refreshing, my hair blowing in the soft breeze. My nipples immediately stiffened, pressing out against my top. Everything appeared rather plain until I came across a clearing, containing a statue in the center. I wanted to get a better look, walking closer. Before I could think about who the statue was built for, I saw a dog at the base. It didn't seem aggressive, and before I could talk to it, it teleported away. The way it acted made it seem like it wanted me to follow it. I know I had read about a creature like this before, but I couldn't remember if it could do anything besides move somewhere else in an instant. There were a few other things I noticed, but I decided to follow the dog thing for now.

He reappears here and there; you'll lose him in the trees one moment and then a happy bark will come from behind and he'll be there, tail wagging, before disappearing with a bamf. He's clearly making a game of it.

Then you notice he has different brown marking in his yellow fur... and another bark comes from behind. He has friends.

In a mossy grove, the teleporting hounds frolic and tumble, viewing your approach warily but withour fear.

Compared to what happened in that cave, this was much more fun. All of these joyful dogs blinking all over the place, acting like they were excited to see me. I continued into a mossy grove, wondering what they had in store for me.

Thinking of the dicksplicer beast jogs your memory; you knew you'd read about these! The natural enemy of the dicksplicer beast, these teleporting canines are brink dogs, a fey beast not native to this plane.

You know that they can teleport at will over short distances, and that they are generally omnivorous scavengers (unless hunting a dicksplicer) but you're wracking your brain trying to think of what made them so good at fighting dicksplicer beasts... something to do with their breeding patterns...

As if they can read your mind, one of them mounts another, panting cheerfully, twin red cocks swelling beneath him. Well, spring seems to be their mating season then... he looks as happy as a dog with two... well... two dicks...

Of course. These are the biggest rivals of those dicksplicer beasts. Both creatures able to fool each other with their movements. Couldn't be a better pair to be natural enemies. It was entertaining watching them disappear and reappear all over. An ability that I had to have myself. Now I just needed them to kill me...

Suddenly, one of them mounted another. The moonlight was just bright enough for me to see not only one, but two cocks swell between his legs. They were aiming right at the other dog's holes. Just the sight made my reborn body tingle all over. I now had an excuse to warm my breasts up with my hands, massaging them both through my shirt. And below, my pussy throbbed at the thought of getting even just one cock inside of it.

Excitement builds in the pack, other brink dogs letting out a howl at the moon. One of them gets close enough for you to pat, his dual dicks throbbing as his tail wags happily. He smells the air and gives a bark; you wonder how your pheromones must smell to the canine's sensitive nose.

Not just feeling horny; you feel quite safe... though you can't help but feel like there's something about these dogs that you're forgetting. Something dangerous... you're sure it will come to you.

These guys are so friendly. I might just have to make one my pet. One came right up to me, wagging his tail as he barked happily. I knelt all the way down to pet him on his head. "Well aren't you just happy to see me." This one had two cocks as well, and I had a feeling that he wanted to play with me. I also had a feeling that I'm lucky I wasn't a normal human.

He bounds up at you, licking your face and knocking you onto your back. He's not heavy but his paws are right on your breasts... and another male brink dog has come over, attracted to the commotion. His snuffling nose tickles as he investigates your leg, the tickling sensation running up the inside of your thigh.

A short distance away, it looks like the other two brink dogs are reaching a climax to their shameless fucking; the brink bitch gives a few yaps, the male turning so their tails are touching, his twin cocks knotted deep inside her.

I was so tired that even his smaller form was enough to knock me backwards. He stood atop me, his paws pressing right into my soft breasts. Then I saw another make his was over to me. I didn't have to keep looking to know what he was doing, as I felt a wet nose slowly glide along one of my thighs. My legs instinctively spread slightly, giving him access to venture inside of my garment. I reached up and continued petting the one standing above me, making sure to give him a couple good scratches behind his ears. Out in the distance I heard what must have been those other dogs on the verge of finishing their mating. With all the sex in the air, I couldn't help but slowly slide one of my hands down along his body, rubbing him dangerously close to his cocks.

The brink dog standing over you rolls roughly over you and onto his back beside your face, kicking his leg with joy as you rub his belly. His cocks twitch simultaneously, his four testicles throbbing as a droplet of pearly white pulses out from each of them.

The two fucking a distance away suddenly vanish, leaving something behind. Ah, that's right... Brink dogs mate oddly, seed and ovum teleporting into the mother while literally leaving behind the knotted sexual organs of both dogs, to be regenerated later.

That left the red, fleshy orb of brink dog dick and pussy behind... and it was twitching and pulsing dangerously...

As the dog by your head pants happily, his curious friend has found something he finds incredibly interesting... with his long, hot tongue he gives your pussy a slurp, lapping at you fervently.

It takes the violent nature of what happens next to even hope to distract you; the brink dog organs left to their own devices suddenly swell as liters of extradimensional cum suddenly plane-shifts in and causes the quivering flesh to explode outwards with enough force to leave a crater! Earth, stones and globs white cum are scattered all around around, falling not far from your prone form.

I groaned when he fell on top of me, but I could only smile when I saw how happy and playful he was as he rolled onto his back. I continued rubbing his belly all over as I gazed at his throbbing organs. They were hard to resist. Sending my hand down even further, I cupped his ball packed sac and massaged it, feeling as the multitude of balls rolled around. I was so focused on him that I had forgotten about the other one. A gasp and a moan echoed into the night as a tongue found my pussy, licking deep between my lips. My legs shuddered lightly, spreading even further apart to give him better access. I was brought out of my bliss when I noticed those mating dogs had disappeared. And in there place was a fleshy looking ball on the ground, pulsating rather concerningly...

A sudden powerful blast rocked the meadow, originating from where I had spotted that quaking mass. That was when it hit me. These things... brink dogs. They not only teleported, but also had quite explosive climaxes. I looked over to the happy dog next to me, "Is that what you want to do to me boy? Knot me up and explode?" I couldn't get the thought out of my head. Having their thick organs trapped inside of me, no way of removing them, awaiting the blast...

He barks cheerfully in reply, tail wagging. His head lolls back with glee as your hand massages him, thick precum dripping down onto your hand. You can't resist tasting his cum; he looks a bit accusing, is if to ask why did you stop, as you bring your fingers to your lips and lick the pearly goo from them. His spunk is surprisingly sweet, with a flowery aftertaste; you wonder if that is common to fey creatures.

He brings you back into the moment with a sharp yap, wanting more pats on his dangerous organs.

The other has shifted his muzzle further up your body; the licking tickles as his tongue makes your body glisten. He pushes his head under the simple light robe you're wearing, making it ride up... and his double dick is getting dangerously close to your wet, inviting pussy.

He starts to hump against you, grinding his cocks up and down the length of your lips, rubbing against your clit, panting with delight... before finding the right angle to slide both cocks inside your pussy!

You're not at the point of no return yet; he won't knot you right away (and probably won't even after just a little harmless fucking) and if you pushed the beast away he'd possibly just retreat. However, there is a dual dicked dog also in need of the attention of a pair of lips right in front of you…

The one between my legs was becoming rather eager. I could feel his cocks, throbbing and leaking as they slowly pushed further inside. "H-hey now, not so fast. Your brother was here first and already claimed me." It was silly to talk sense into them. Though I knew I wouldn't get the best fuck while on my back.

I stayed in position for a bit longer, playing with the one's balls while the other awkwardly humped further into me. When those dual knots were hitting against me, I calmly closed my legs and pushed him away, but not without a pet first.

"Okay, you've had your fun." He scampered off and started to whine. I saw how badly his cocks throbbed with neglect, both leaking heavily. Then I gave my full attention to the one next to me.

"You're very lucky that I like you. Here's a special treat just for you." Rolling onto my side, I angled my head right between his legs. His smell was as good as he had tasted. I leaned in close, bringing my lips to one of those knots. I licked, then sucked it into my mouth. It was hard to believe these could explode, and they were between my lips now. Needing more, I resumed massaging his balls harder than before. I licked and sucked both knots, making them throb and leak heavily. I had to be careful, not letting him climax, not before climbing on top. Just had to get him ready. I stuffed my other hand down between my legs, thinking I could get myself wetter than that tongue had.

His knotty cocks twitch in your mouth, pulsing precum down your throat with each simultaneous throb. He closes his eyes with satisfaction, and you're wary of how quickly it was over with the mating pair... which means that every deep, sucking slurp of your mouth pushes you swiftly closer to having your skull blown up by a throbbing dog cock.

To his credit, when you stop sucking and shift to straddle him, he doesn't teleport away. Unused to the vulnerable position, he watches you with alert interest.

As good as the other dog's tongue had felt, nothing ever quite compares to your own fingertips; they always know how to do exactly what you want, when you want it. You're absolutely dripping wet, using a hand drenched in your own pussy juices to make the brink dog cocks below you glisten with lubrication, before bringing that hand to your lips again to see how brink dog precum tastes mixed with your own flavour.

Fuck, I taste good...

As you gently lower yourself onto those red, throbbing cocks, your mind races between visions of the forceful explosion that is the inevitable result of your lascivious actions, and imagining yourself, still in your beautiful human form, but with two knotty, dangerously volatile cocks to play with…

Sucking those throbbing knots made me want so much more that I couldn't wait another second. Getting down on my hands and knees would have taken too long. I promptly straddled his body, letting my wet pussy rest atop his thick knots. They throbbed immensely against my puffy lips, making my body shudder. I stroked my clit as I rocked my hips, stroking his knots with my wet pussy. I moaned deep into the night, massaging my breasts once more.

"You're such a friendly and happy boy. Your knots are so big and hard, I'm not sure I'll be able to fit them in." I personally knew I could force them in if I had to, but it was fun teasing him.

He was behaving so well that I had to reward him. I leaned forward a bit and angled my hips upwards above his throbbing dicks. Reaching down, I tightly gripped his hot cocks and angled them up at my tight holes. I had seen that other blink dog cramming both of his into that female, and that extra adventurous one tried stuffing both into my pussy, but I had two holes to fill. Once I felt the thick tip of one slide right into my hungry pussy, I helped guide the other between my round cheeks. It hadn't gone in yet, but as I sat back up and lowered my hips, I felt myself split open.

"Ohh.... Mmm... God, you're so much bigger than your friend..." I moaned hard and deep, crying out when my ass finally opened just enough to let him slide right in. Taking deep breaths, I kept lowering myself until I rested upon his fat knots. I could feel him throb inside of me, his cocks begging to blow my body apart. Biting my lip, I slowly started to ride him, rising just before he could slip out and pushing back down to his knots. My hands rubbed his belly and chest all over like as if he was a lover. As I got into a good rhythm, his friend from before came back to me and licked my face, pawing at my breasts.

The brink dog gives a keening howl, and the woods around you fills with howling cries jumping from place to place in the trees around you, animalistic excitement filling the air. There's another wet, gooey bamf bamf BLAM! nearby; other brink dogs enjoying themselves in the moonlight.

The one beneath you is under your spell, at your mercy; unable to thrust, his cocks can only swing side to side as his hips move with his wagging tail. His curious friend is giving him no privacy at all, coming to investigate your heaving breasts, yanking your flimsy clothes down with a paw that almost scratches your chest. That hot, long tongue licks out to taste the sweat on your skin, grazing roughly over your hard nipples.

As his cocks slide inside of you, the double sensation of each cock is incredible; you swear you can feel them pulsing in time against each other through your inner walls. Visions of brink dog cum being held inside you by a soon to detonate cock fill your mind.

The curious brink dog is just as hard his bold friend; you could possibly coax him to roll over, or turn and stay still if you wanted to pleasure him... but there's no telling if one is inclined to cum quicker than the other...

For a moment you think you hear a carefree, feminine giggle from the treeline, but you see nothing there.

My erotic dance atop this dog was bringing the forest to life at night. All around me I could hear dogs blinking around excitedly. Even a couple more explosions rocked the ground, making my pussy throb with delight. There was also a subtle giggling sound deep in the woods, but I had more urgent things to worry about. Maybe I'll visit them right after I blow.

I rode faster and faster, making my breasts bounce all over. The dog next to me was struggling to continue licking my nipples, each sending pleasing tingles deep into my chest. "Hey there, did you miss me? I bet you're rather jealous right now." I teased him, petting him on the head as I continued to ride. He really wanted to knot me badly, and I wasn't about to let him suffer. "Be a good boy and come over here, and I'll give you exactly what you want."

Just like before, I gently moved him with my hands. I had him stand right over the other one, his butt facing me. Using all of my strength, I grabbed his haunches and lifted him up until I let his legs rest on my shoulder. He was likely confused, but with how his tail was wagging he was still happy. His tail was wagging in my face, and once I got him balanced, I gripped his twin cocks tightly and angled them all the way back between his legs. I sucked him deep into my mouth, all the way up to his knots pressing against my lips. I licked and sucked madly, filling my mouth with his salti goodness. I began riding faster and harder on the one underneath me, my hands massaging my breasts roughly.

It has become a race to see which one you can milk the seed from faster; though the brink dog's habit of synchronicity in their twitching cocks may make this a tie...

Pleasure is building inside of you, driven home by the danger inherent in the explosive potential of the cocks filling all of your holes; your pussy, ass and mouth all getting messy with flowing precum, saliva and your own girlcum. You feel like a goddess of pleasure, milking both the beasts, driving the way their dicks are plunging into you.

You slide your tongue between the two cocks in your mouth, like deeply kissing a lover. They both pulse and twitch in time with your hungry sucking. The brink hound can't resist kicking a leg with delight, but stays balanced on your shoulder, front paws firmly on the ground.

Your clit aches to be touched and you lean forward, grinding against the soft fur of the dog's belly. His wagging is causing the cocks inside you two swish from side to side, leaving you feeling his explosive red rocket rubbing back and forth on your g-spot.

You wonder which will blow first... and your mind races, coming back again and again to the thought of having these two magnificent cocks on your own human body, like a brink dog hybrid...

Everything was overwhelming. All of my tight holes stuffed full of thick throbbing cocks, the sounds of sex in the air, and even a strange giggling off in the distance. My pussy was pleading with me at this point, begging to be split open and blown apart. I was riding so hard and fast that I had to hold onto the brink dog to prevent him from falling to the side. I sucked him harder and deeper, using my teeth to teasingly nibble at his knots. I could feel the first trembles of an imminent climax approach, building quickly. I moaned into the cocks, my throat convulsing like it wanted to swallow the volatile organs. After a few more buckings, I decided it was time.

I rose up one last time, then slammed my curvy body down as hard as I could. A muffled cry of ecstasy bombarded those dicks in my mouth as I felt my pussy and ass split wide, swallowing up their respective knots completely. My body convulsed as my pussy quaked madly, squeezing his knots tightly. I was driven so wild that I pulled the dog in front of me hard, cramming his knots past my teeth. The heads of his cocks surged down my throat, making it impossible to breathe. This was it. They were all stuck, hard and deep inside of me, primed and ready to blow.

It's all too much for the teleporting beasts as every hole you have to offer engulfs them completely. Their knots are doing what nature intended; making sure no precious seed will spill from you, and making sure their mate can't escape the flood of cum that you feel building in their throbbing jewels.

In the end, your frantic race to get them off is a tie.

Already close to suffocation from dual canine cocks sliding down your past your swishing tongue, your moans of pleasure are reduced to helpless gurgles as sweet, sticky cum is pumped directly down your throat. The overflow barely oozes past the fist-like knot jammed behind your teeth; cum drips down from the corners of your mouth, a mere trickle compared to the torrent unleashed into your stomach.

Your mouth was nearly a watertight cum-receptacle but the knots in your pussy and ass don't let a single drop of warm, gooey brink dog spunk escape. You feel the hot, virile mess inside you as you're pumped full; the head of the brink dog's first cock is up against your cervix, and his cum is no doubt filling your womb. You giddily wonder if you could get pregnant with half-human puppies; the thought of your human form with two enormous brink dicks again dominating your mind. You reach back to feel his balls emptying into your ass; you feel them shrink as your insides swell.

With an unmistakably satisfied huff, both brink hounds instinctively vanish outside the blast radius of their cocks, the disembodied organs already starting to twitch and pulse dangerously inside you now they had served their purpose.

You may only have minutes, even seconds remaining... and getting them out of your body seems impossible!

All three of us shuddered and quaked in tandem. At the end of one of my pussy's powerful contractions, his cock would pulsate just as strongly. The alternating convulsions helped us milk each other to the very last drop. Even my throat joined in, spontaneously swallowing over and over to help send every blast of his cream down into my hungry belly. I had almost forgotten about what was still to come, getting reminded of it when both of them suddenly vanished. And sure enough, every last thick, throbbing knot and cock of theirs was still lodged in my body.

No longer straddling one, I collapsed to the side as my body continued to writhe in ecstasy. Even after getting detached, every last cock continued to pulsate inside of me, ensuring that my climax would last until my explosive end. Worry quickly filled my mind, not because of what was about to happen, but because I still couldn't breathe. There wasn't anything wrong with having thick cocks stuffed down my throat, but when they threatened to prevent me from feeling what I was waiting for, I had to do something.

Reaching into my mouth with both sets of fingers, I frantically tried to get a grip on something to pull out. They were both so hard, so thick, so slick that I barely made any headway. Just when I started feeling dizzy, I finally managed to grasp one. Opening my jaw as far as I could, I pulled it out with all my might. With one out of the way, I easily pulled the other out. After coughing and taking some much needed deep breaths, I gazed at the still pulsating organs in my hands. It would be a terrible waste to keep holding onto them, and I knew just what to do.

Rolling onto my back, I took a moment to focus on my quaking pussy and shuddering legs, neither of which had shown any signs of slowing down. I could have sworn that the knots still stuffed inside of me had swollen a bit, splitting me even wider. Needing to focus, I lifted my top and slid one of the volatile cock right between my heavy breasts. Thanks to how tight my garment was, it was held firmly between them, sending pleasing vibrations into them. I wasn't sure if the cock would even be powerful enough to blow my luscious mounds completely apart, as they had completely enveloped it.

I gripped the final cock with both hands, squeezing and stroking it as it seemingly pulsed even faster. I think they were all growing hotter by the second as well. Bringing it to my lips, I sucked and licked it like I would with any cock that was still attached to something. Further I sucked and pressed it into my mouth, letting me taste it once more. It glided over my tongue, the thick head aiming right for my stretched throat. I didn't know how much time had passed yet, so in one smooth motion, I pushed the knot all the way inside. Not just past my teeth, but even deeper, forcing it as hard as I could, all the while manually swallowing. Whether it choked me or not, I was determined to swallow it whole.

It almost feels impossible to swallow. You've had thick cocks buried deep down your throat before but the knot on this thing... it's a challenge. Your gaze unfocuses, taking in the stars above you as you press the trembling cock deep into your mouth with your slender fingers. You can't push it any deeper, swallowing like mad to try and get the source of your impending demise as deep inside you as you can imagine.

Your throat bulges out as first the shaft, then the knot make their way down slowly... too slow! You place your fingers firmly around your own neck like your going to dominate yourself, force your body to bow to your whims and swallow that fucking cock whole. You massage it down inch by inch and it stops.... caught... oh, fuck, the necklace...

You rip the chain off, casting it to one side to save it from your unstoppable destruction. Obstruction removed, the knot slides the rest of the way; a lump that moves down your body, eliciting as gasp as it pushes past your lungs and drops into your stomach, cum starting to spray from it wildly.

Like the tremors before an earthquake, the cock between your tits lets fly a jet of cum, as though the otherworldly seed is starting to plane-shift in and pump all down your body, pooling in your navel and coating your aching clit. You slide your fingers over your pearly goo-coated bud, knowing your time is running short as the cocks deep inside you swell…

My heart had skipped a beat when that knot froze in my throat. It left a fat throbbing bulge in my neck that I tenderly massaged until it finally sunk down all the way. Before I could recover from my second threat of choking, I felt as all the knots changed.

They had all been pulsating rather steadily, but now quaked like mad. I could hardly tell what was happening in my stomach aside from feeling bloated, but the others... God, they were pumping out so much hot, creamy cum. I could even hear as the one between my breasts gushed out a fresh load, splashing in the pool that formed on my belly. I wasn't sure until now, but there was no doubt that the one stuffed in my pussy was pumping my womb full.

The constant unloading was nothing compared to the best feeling of all. Every knot throbbed harder, pulsed faster, grew hotter, and now, quickly began to swell even faster. I couldn't help but moan deeply as I felt pressure build within my ass and pussy. Both were being split wider and wider as the knots engorged in seconds.

Knowing I was nearing the end, I furiously began stroking my clit like I was trying to build a fire. I moaned deeper and louder as I writhed on the ground, surely being heard by whoever was giggling. My other hand mashed my breasts together, sandwiching the gushing cock even tighter between them. My pussy hadn't even finished quaking from my first climax, already feeling an even stronger one build quickly.

Moans of ecstacy quickly joined along pained screams as the knots became painfully huge. Burning built in my ass as I felt my flesh split apart. My pussy was holding together a bit better. Not even that Pegasus' cock had split me this open. Pressure built in my pelvis, straining my mound that tried to contain the ever thickening knot. I knew something similar to what I had done to that paladin was about to happen. My fingers stroked my clit even faster, determined to send me over the edge before it could rip apart.

My cock stuffed chest heaved, my heart feeling ready to explode much like these cocks. I was so close to climaxing again, my bloated belly tensing up as my legs quivered. Just when I thought I couldn't make it, a loud crack followed by immense pain overwhelmed my brain. The destruction of my mound was somehow enough, sending me into a moaning, convulsing mess. Then, in an instant, I felt intense heat and pressure envelop me, then all was calm.

The crater you leave behind is enormous. Birds in the trees take flight in fear and the insects fall silent at the B-BLAM of detonating cocks ripping your soft, curvy body to shreds.

You are blown apart, splattered across the small grove in a wide circle of cum, gore and viscera, your body parts barely recognisable as human as they fall in a bloody rain. Silence falls across the devastation that was once your climaxing form, and is now nothing more than disparate chunks of flesh and meat staining the grass and dangling from the trees.

A soft, girlish voice, the very same as the innocent giggle, comes a from hiding place in the bushes... 'Oh, my goodness...'

With a radiant flash and a heavenly chime, you reappear. Fully anticipating to take the form of a happy brink dog, you are surprised to find yourself much taller than expected. You look down at your body; same tan skin, same slender fingers... those curvy breasts are definitely yours... and another of those fucking funerary dresses... you even wiggle your distinctly human toes in the grass. What the fuck? Is the goddess broken or something?

You notice a soft exclamation, someone hiding nearby. You can smell them, even, a strong odour of... flowers... and tree sap...

Your ears prick up as you hear voices far in the distance. Wait... prick up?

Bringing a hand to your head, your fingers touch your tall, fuzzy ears. Brink dog ears. Your tail wags at the discovery, prompting you to investigate your lower body…

My final moments before exploding lingered as I reappeared, making my body quake as I fell to my knees. But with how my power should be working, falling onto my knees shouldn't have been possible... much less catching myself on my hands instead of paws! Once my body realized I wasn't truly climaxing any longer, I stood up and brushed myself off. I felt disappointed, wanting to run around with the pack while blinking all over. Then I realized that the mostly quiet night seemed louder than before, smelled better than before, and I could even see better. Then my ears moved.

A hand shot up to my head, finding ears that clearly weren't human. This excited me as I knew that there had to be more than just ears. And sure enough, I felt something moving on my butt like as if one of those brink dogs stuck their snout up my garment. Instead, I uncoiled a tail! It wagged happily behind me for all to see. With the anticipation killing me, I quickly lifted up the front of my top and there they were.

Nestled between my legs were dual sheathes, sitting next to each other. I couldn't help but rub them softly for a moment, then sent my hands further. Sure enough, I had a tight sac full of balls that felt rather pent up. My exploration was exciting me, making the heads of my dicks reveal themselves. I didn't want to get involved in any of this just yet, as I had something important to test out. I needed to see if I could blink like the other dogs. Maybe I'll dance alongside them for a while, show them the incredible body they helped make.

It's almost like a sense of touch that extends beyond your body, as though a million nerve endings were sending signals from the grove around you, giving you feeling of the grass, trees and fallen logs around you. As quick as a thought, you focus on a sturdy tree and with a bamf you're standing on a branch, ten feet from the ground! You start to topple but there's another quick sensation of the grove in a small radius and bamf, you have both feet planted on the ground again.

The brink dogs have returned, bounding with delight, investigating your new form; the hounds directly responsible for your climactic explosion seemingly overjoyed that you survived the accident. There are yaps of excitement as they take turns sniffing you and teleporting to and fro.

We rolled around and played together for a while, blinking to and fro. Just like when I had been a horse with wings, I felt completely free, able to go anywhere I desired. My garment felt like it was in the way so I discarded it promptly, exposing my breasts to the cool night. Looking down, I could tell I was still relatively human, though I apparently had a bit of soft fur on my limbs and back. My belly and breasts were bare, and my sheaths and sac had some fluff as well. I felt down around there again, gasping when I realized I didn't even have a pussy any longer. No reason to when I had such marvelous cocks.

I was so happy that I could blink around, but I wanted to test one more thing. I wanted to make sure that blinking could save me from another blast. Crouching down, I got on my hands and knees and started crawling around much like them. My tail wagged happily, making my round ass shake alluringly. "I hope one of you has some energy left, since I could use a good mating right about now!" I hoped that not having a pussy dissuaded them from the idea, especially when my dicks started to harden at the thought of being mounted for once.

The brink dogs seem more interested in a game of teleporting tag they seem to be playing, tackling one another and vanishing, reappearing from the bushes.

Your display catches the attention of the hound that originally blew your pussy into pieces; you can see his cocks have regrown, albeit unaroused now, but intact. Perhaps they somehow teleport fresh members from another plane rather than slowly regenerate. Which is good news for you...

His attention turns to soft footsteps through the edge of the grove. A young woman is there, her skin a shade of light green with dark, verdant green hair. She is wearing leaves for a skirt, with two pairly concealing her small, perky breasts, the rest of her slender body exposed to the elements.

'Please, adventurer, I mean you no harm! I only wish to beseech you for aid...'

No matter how much I wiggled my butt, none of them seemed to take the hint. That might have been for the better as I saw a peculiar woman approach from the woods. Her voice was very reminiscent of that giggling I had been hearing constantly. How nice of her to seek me out rather than having to find her myself. I immediately stood up off the ground, almost feeling embarrassed with how she found me. My cocks quickly retracted back into my sheaths, though I retained an urge to mate. Maybe this woman was looking to have a blast...

"Ah, so you're the one that has been giggling this whole time! I'm surprised my... earth shattering display earlier hadn't chased you off." I approached her slowly, swaying my curvy hips along the way. "And what do you have in mind?"

'I thought perhaps you were spreading your seed; we find the fey beasts so to be so useful for sowing, though they can be so whimsical. But I can't recall a human ever engaging in a seeding in such a way... when you reappeared after the explosion, I knew I had mistaken your purpose.'

She speaks lightly and softly, a voice to match her delicate features and slender frame. She brushes dark green hair behind her pointed ear; you see a bright red rose there.

'Come and meet my sisters, and perhaps you can aid us with our plight!'

She skips off into the forest, moving with grace and surprising speed, the tangled undergrowth seeming to move out of her way.

Before I could ask anything, she gracefully disappeared back to where she came from. If she and her sisters needed seed, it was odd for them to be interested in brink dogs. Are they trying to explode? I quickly followed after her, and even if it was a trap, I knew I was about to experience something good.

You leave the grove of brink dogs behind, using your short range teleport to keep pace with the green woman. You're quickly getting the hang of fast, precise apparition, and you are starting to seamlessly jump through the ether in pace with your running.

It gives you a chance to check out the swift creature you're following. She is very slender, almost looking like an elf, her green skin looking as soft as meadow grass in the beams of moonlight that breach the trees. She is so graceful, leaping from log to stone effortlessly, her shapely legs coming up to where her perky ass is barely covered by her skirt of leaves.

She comes to another clearing, this one filled with flowers that are blooming despite the darkness; soft blue and glistening with dew; moon lilies, a rare sight that drinks in the light of the moon rather than the sun.

You could approach with caution, wary of a trap, but the small meadow of flowers is quite enticing.

It's amazing how quickly she could move for someone that seemed to live out in the woods. I had to keep blinking just to keep up, which did allow me to grow rather adept at doing so. She finally slowed, making her way to yet another clearing in this strange forest. All around were beautiful flowers, each giving off a wonderful scent. It didn't matter what awaited me, as I simply wanted answers. "I'd be delighted to help you... all? But I doubt you're looking to explode." I approached her once more.

'Oh, I wouldn't dream of inconveniencing you so, noble adventurer! I must say, you have taken the adornments of the fey hounds immaculately.'

You think she just complimented your cocks. She talks like a fairy princess.

'No, my sisters and I need you for your powerful human strength!'

She stops, flexing her skinny arms. You don't consider yourself particularly strong... but you're probably tall next to halflings.

'Meet my fellow dryads, my dear human!'

Dryads... why have I never heard of dryads...

She ushers you into the field of flowers; they're cool and soft, petals tickling your calves as you approach. Seven other dryads are there; they look quite similar to the first you met, but there are differences in height, curviness, and the motes of colour in the flowers they have decorated themselves with.

'My name is Rose,' she says, gesturing to the red rose behind her ear.

'This is Clover...' Clover is wearing a scanty bikini of four-leaf clovers. She waves.

'This is Lavender...' Lavender has purple lavender flowers in a wreath around her forehead. She smiles at you, gorgeous and innocent.

'This is Azalea...' Azalea has a woodsman's axed buried in her sternum between her bare breasts. Green, sap-like goo is oozing from the injury, dripping down her body, all the way to her toes. 'Hello...' she says, sheepishly.

"My strength? Surely a warrior of some kind would work better than I. But if you say so." I followed her further into the flowers, then realized there were dryads all around me. Each sported a different flower arrangement on their heads, making it easy to tell them apart. Made it easy to remember their names as well... at least, some of the flowers anyways. Everything seemed as normal as a field of dryads could be, but when Azalea came up, I couldn't help but notice the axe in her. "What happened to her?"

Azalea turns a darker shade of green, looking town at her feet, tracing a bashful circle with her toe.

Rose explains. 'Azalea found a human in the forest and, after watching him fell trees, decided she wanted his help germinating and seeding. He seemed eager, yes?' Azalea nods vigorously, causing a spurt of green from her chest.

'She says he was very able at the first part, and brought her to levels of pleasure almost comparable to the seeding itself! But when she describe how he may help with the seeding... he turned paler shade of pink and regurgitated. Which was strange, as he had no nesting young in the area.'

There are murmurs of agreement among the dryads that, yes, the human man had acted strangely.

'Then he fled the forest.'

You notice Azalea looking downcast at that. She possibly blames herself.

That didn't exactly explain the axe, or why it's still in her, but whatever. "And what was so unnerving about the seeding process to make him do all that?" The way it sounded gave the idea that I would greatly like it.

'Un... unnerving? Why would a seeding be unnerving? It feels amazing and gives forth life; its how we dryads come into being, after all.' Rose looks confused, until Clover whispers in her ear.

'Wait... humans give life birth, don't you? Like horses and squirrels and other furry forest friends... dryads seed instead. Using our animal friends like the fey hounds, or sharp rocks, or with the aid of the elves or one another, we tear our lithe bodies to shreds and spread them far and wide in the forest! The seeds in our sap-oozing, destroyed bodies then give forth our dryad children!' She describes it with wide eyed excitement, hands clasped together. A couple of the other dryads seem to share her excitement; their pussies are glistening and they've started holding each other tighter and tighter...

'When the human left his tree feller behind, we decided to work together to help split Azalea into twitching, oozing chunks, but our strongest sister, Clover, swung the axe into her and...' she pauses.

'My axe is stuck,' Azalea blurts out with embarrassment.

'Her axe is stuck,' Rose reiterates.

I think I just hit the jackpot. Experiencing death so many times has been making me crave dishing it out for once. I thought it impossible, as I never wanted to consider murdering random people. I did kill that one man attacking the paladin, but that was for a righteous cause. And now, all around me, were these sexy green women who looked ready to beg me to tear them apart. "Interesting. Doesn't that worry you at all? Or do you come back to life later on? Are you all from the same dryad that got torn apart?"

Rose places a supportive hand on Azalea's shoulder. 'She is quite worried, yes. We thought we would be done with the axe in a short time... sadly, we lack anything to simply slice Azalea into pieces and retrieve it. She considered jumping from a tall tree and splattering messily on the ground below, but we're worried it may warp the handle.'

She appears to have completely misunderstood the question, as though worrying about returning the "borrowed" axe was at the forefront of their minds.

'We don't live and die like the animals do, but grow and thrive as the blades of grass and mushrooms of the forest floor. Our life, as you know it, is ended by the seeding, of course, but better to be torn to pieces and feel the pleasure of every delightful rip than to perish in a forest fire and never give life to more of our sisters!'

Azalea leans on Rose's shoulder, comforted by her sister's warm embrace.

'Many of us grew in the same area, but we often like to perform our seedings in groups, self-germinating at the same time if need be. With all of the dripping dryad parts getting tossed around with abandon, who can say if we came from the same seeds?'

The mention of dripping dryad parts has gotten some dryad parts dripping. Two have gotten distracted by sharing very deep and forceful kiss, breaking apart from each other at a stern "ahem" from Rose.

"Well, it looks like you've found me at the right time. I'm rather equipped to help with spreading your seed all over... you just have to help me spread mine first!" I chuckled at the dumb joke. "Though, before we begin... I don't want to waste this moment. It sounds like you all want to be ripped apart together, but if I help you, I'd like to take my time. As I'm sure you saw, Rose, I can take the form of whatever kills me... In other words, I want to destroy each of you in a different way."

I walked right up to them so they could see my body better. I lustily rubbed my body up and down, grasping my breasts and pinching my nipples. I moaned softly, feeling as my doggy cocks began to rise from their sheaths. "So... which one of you would like to be the first?"

Three of the dryads are quicker on the uptake, their hands shooting into the air, but Rose shoots them a glance and the hands go meekly back down.

'We couldn't possibly ask you to impose in such a way, noble adventurer! To germinate and seed all of us would be a burden; I feel bad enough entreating you to retrieve the axe from Azalea's wound so we may go about cutting her beautiful, waifish body into pieces...'

You note a few sounds of disappointment from the crowd, along with a moan from the two mischievous dryads that are determined to be distracted.

They really are focused on that axe, aren't they. "Let's see just how strong I am then." I saunter over to Azalea, gazing up and down her sap-dripping body. "An axe. Wouldn't you say that's a rather dull way to get split apart?" I start rubbing the front of her body, coating my hand in her sticky sap. "Surely you'd rather explode in ecstasy." I pressed my body against hers, coating my still growing cocks in sap as they ascended her body. I gently thrust my hips against her, letting her feel how badly I was throbbing. "Now then. Let's take care of this." I grip the handle of the axe and pull hard.

You grab the hard wood of the axe shaft, planting a foot on Azalea's tummy for purchase, and with an almighty yank you rip the wood axe from the slender dryad girl's chest. She falls back from a combination of the force and her legs going weak; her pussy gushing with green goo in a way that competes with the wound in her chest. She has become a helpless, orgasmic bundle of twitching limbs, only able to squeak and moan.

At the sight of their climaxing sister, the other dryads entreat Rose on your behalf. 'Please, let her germinate and seed us!' 'I want to get blown apart by the human!' 'Please!'

Rose is biting her lip, visibly aroused by your feat of strength. She takes her hand back from under her skirt where it had snuck down; her fingers are coated with dryad sap.

'Just to be clear... you would be willing to help us ALL germinate... AND spread our seed, splattering our gorgeous, pleasure wracked bodies all over this meadow... and all you ask is to do so with variety? But... there must be some way we could reward you for your generosity?' She looks at you with wide eyes, hands clasped together.

I spent a moment thinking, taking no time at all in figuring out a reward. "Simply helping you spread your seed is more than enough reward. Though, there is something I'd like you to do after I finish off one of you." I toss the sap coated axe to the side. Now, who would be my first. They were all rather eager, but I knew to save Rose for last as she seemed to have the most brains around here. I looked down at Azalea, seeing her vulnerable, moaning body just laying there. Fully exposed, nothing to protect her.

I quickly made my mind up, getting down on the grassy ground and crawling over to her. I positioned myself right over her, my heavy cocks gravitating down towards her sap oozing pussy. "Its your lucky day. Are you ready to spread your seed far and wide?" I seductively spoke as I rubbed my throbbing knots all over her quaking pussy.

She is squeezing one green breast, teasing the darker nipple, her fingers dancing over the seeping wound in her chest; it seems like every sensation that would be pain to a human is pleasure to the moaning dryad, her face a picture of ecstacy.

She widens her oozing pussy with her other hand, fully aware of the explosive potential of your cocks... through moans of pleasure, she pleads... 'splatter me... blow me up... please... I need it...'

The others have gathered closer to watch. One or two have started to touch themselves, turned on beyond all control by your display. Clover has picked up the axe again; clutching it to her breasts, she starts to grind against the handle, giving adorable squeaks of pleasure.

Once my twin cocks were good and soaked with thick sap, I guided them into her gushing pussy. I didn't bother with stuffing one into her ass, as I needed to feel her pussy stretch to its limits. I thrust into her, slowly splitting her open as I slid deeper. Even for a plant woman, she wasn't all that cold, and the sap seemed to make my cocks tingle madly. I moaned as I got into a rhythm, pushing in and out of her. My cocks throbbed as they were gripped by her tight pussy, my knots begging to be crammed inside.

"That's it, beg for it. You're going to get blown apart so much we'll have dryads growing in every forest from you alone!" My hips picked up their pace, slamming into her pussy just gentle enough to not plunge my knots all the way inside just yet.

You can smell the pheromones coming from her, enhanced by your heightened senses. She smells like flowering fruit; you're so turned on by her moaning presence and that amazing smell you wonder if you have the resolve to teleport away when it's time to detonate her writhing body...

She wraps her legs around your waist, locking her ankles above your tail. If you couldn't teleport, there'd be no escape. Her hands clutch at her breasts, squeezing them tight, the savage wound spilling her green seed all over her perky tits.

The other dryads get bolder, wanting to be far enough to watch the show in its entirety, but close enough to get covered in their sister…

This was easily the best fuck of my life. For once I could be on top, impaling someone who acted so innocent. Her legs pulled me in deeper, trapping me in place. I didn't even care if I couldn't teleport away. Just the thought of exploding from my own cocks sent a powerful throb through them.

Her scent, her leeching sap was intoxicating, becoming too much to ignore any longer. I wrapped my arms under her and held her shoulders as I plunged my face into her wound. She tasted heavenly, so sweet and fruity that I could just eat her up. I needed something more, sliding my face over to suck one of her dark green nipples into my mouth. I sucked and nibbled on it, biting harder and harder. A primal hunger swept through me, making my jaw shut all the way as I tore her nipple free.

My first ever bite of something was too much to handle. With a bellowing scream of ecstasy and arching of my back, I slammed into her as hard as I could. I heard azalea squeak as I tore her pussy open, forcing my fat knots into her. When I felt the first powerful blast of cum shoot out of my cocks, I tried my best to focus and teleport away.

As you rip her apart she screams with ecstasy, the forest filling with orgasmic dryad moans. She squeezes you tight as she shudders, her skinny legs forcing your knots as deep as they can go. She clutches at the flowers beneath her, her tiny body arching up into you, smearing you with dryad sap from the axe wound.

Teleporting away is one of the hardest things you've ever done.

You appear in the circle of onlooking dryads; none of them looking away from Azalea, fascinated by her writhing, sap-spurting body. Your cocks are both gone, left inside the prone dryad girl. They throb dangerously inside her, her legs akimbo without you between them, toes curled tightly as she moans...

It worked. I actually teleported away. I let out a soft whine when I realized I wasn't going to explode as well, but the view from here was incredible. Azalea was writhing on the ground uncontrollably, her pussy quaking like mad. My knots were so huge that it prevented any sap from gushing out of her. All around me were the other dryads, each going crazy with rubbing their bodies all over. Even I was getting in that mood. Down below my cocks were gone, leaving behind hollow sheaths. I stuck a finger into one, gasping when it felt incredible. In fact, even though my cocks were separate and pumped away inside of her, it seemed like I could still feel them. Something was still pulsating heavily deep between my legs, making it hard to stand among them.

"Get ready everyone, she's going to blow any moment." I hyped everyone up. My hands wasted no time in fondling my balls and breasts roughly, mixing my moans in with everyone else. A higher pitched moan, then a deep scream left Azalea's lips suddenly, and I knew why right away. I could see as my knots swelled within her, spreading her fibrous lips further. Even her lower belly was swelling, bloating up from all my cum and growing cocks. The sound of plant fibers tearing filled the meadow as her pussy lost its battle, splitting upwards into where her clit would be. Sap finally spilled from her, gushing out over the end of the knots...

Azalea is a picture of writhing ecstasy as her lithe body starts to split and swell with increasing pressure. Her eyes are screwed up and she's biting her finger as she mewls and squeaks, tremors of pleasure rippling through her with every oozing split that appears in her body.

Several of the dryads fall to their knees, still watching their sister as she gets closer and closer to her inevitable demise. Green fingers work sap-dripping pussies fervently; the chorus of dryad moans and sighs filling the night air.

Clover, still gripping the axe beneath the head, is sliding her pussy along the handle, up and down. When she sees the sap spilling past the knots in her sister's pussy, those knots that she knows are going to explode and rip her sister's lithe body into tiny shreds, she goes weak, knees bending inward under the handle, an expression of desire and craving on her adorable face. Without looking away, she hefts the axe handle closer to her face so she can lick her own sap from it with her dark green tongue.

Azalea has only been getting more overwhelmed with pleasure as she gets closer to being blown up. Beneath the sap and brink dog cum leaking from her splitting pussy, you see the knot suddenly swell...

In the blink of an eye, I saw as her pussy split clean in half, then explode. I was knocked back onto my ass, letting me watch the sky as green dryad chunks went flying all over. I think I even saw one of her legs get launched past some trees. It felt like something had hit be down below, but as I felt myself, I realized it was simply my cocks returning to my sheaths. I was so focused on getting up and checking out what was left of Azalea that I didn't see what any of the others were doing.

Once I stood up and ventured over to a decent sized crater, I couldn't believe the destruction force of these cocks. Everything below her ribs was missing, and sap quickly flowed out of her much like blood would. It looked like she was still somewhat alive, though I wasn't sure for how long as I wasn't entirely sure just what it took to kill a dryad. Just gazing upon the destruction aroused me, causing my returned cocks to harden once more. "Well, was it as good as you thought?" I asked her.

In all the splattered dryad parts and dripping green flesh, you must have blown up something important as Azalea gasps her final, orgasmic last.

'Oh, noble adventurer... you've... I feel... incredible...' Seeded green goo spurts and gushes from her upper half; her perky breasts stop heaving as the light dies in her beautiful green eyes, a satisfied smile on her dainty lips.

You turn back to the remaining seven dryads; each and every delicate face an expression of lust and awe as they stare at you. Rose has bunched her skirt up in her slender fingers and is playing with herself, she slows to address you but can't seem to bring herself to stop.

'What a... ah... what a blessing you are, adventurer... oh... OH... what... what should we call you? What name should we s-sing to the night sky as you rip us limb... oh my goodness... from l-limb?'

Even with their sister blown apart, none of them showed any sign of empathy. While odd, I could understand it when it sounded like my actions will have caused new dryads to spring up after a while. "Funny you should ask that... My name is Willow. Rather fitting, isn't it." I saunter back to them all, swaying my hips as my throbbing cocks bobbed back and forth. Clover was my target, and I pressed myself right against her from. "That's a nice axe you got there... think you got what it takes to try it out on me?" I teasingly rubbed my cocks all over her belly and pussy, even sliding the very tips between her wet lips.

'Um... last time it got stuck in Azalea... I could ask her if I did okay with it though...'

The statement is a bit confusing until you feel fingers wrap around your ankle. With a start you turn. Azalea, half destroyed, has dragged her torso across the meadow, leaving a trail of green gore. With the exception that she no longer has a pelvis and legs, she doesn't seem to have lost much of the lustful drive...

'Please... more... I need to taste you... blow my mouth apart...'

She uses your body to bring herself upright, slender fingers clutching at your fresh, new cocks... the half-destroyed dryad's full lips, like green rose petals, are right at dick height. She looks up at you pleadingly as she engulfs one with her warm, slippery mouth, working your other cock next to her blushing cheek with her hand.

I should have known these dryads were more resilient. Half blown apart, and she still craves for more. I stroke her hair as she worked my cocks with both hand and mouth. Although she could reach them, the height was making it hard for her to do it with ease. "My, aren't you just a needy one. Here, let me make it a bit easier for you." I fell back onto my ass and spread my legs, guiding her right between them. It was hard to tell if she didn't think she could fit both in, or was hoping another would join alongside her...

The mere seconds you don't have a cock in Azalea's mouth are enough to leave her mewling with desperate lust; her mouth returns to your cock the second your ass hits the ground.

She's doing her best to deepthroat you as far as she can; clearly breathing isn't a requirement for dryads. She's only small though, and there are still exposed inches of cock when you're hitting the back of her throat. She holds herself up with one and and jerks your other cock vigorously with the other, nuzzling it with her cheek and getting your pearly precum in her hair; her mouth is too delicate to take both at once, though she'd probably enjoy having her face ripped wider to squeeze them both in.

Ever eager to help her sister and perhaps make up for getting an axe stuck in her, Clover lies down next to you, wrapping her soft fingers around the base of the cock in Azalea's desperately sucking mouth, her legs in the air and lips at the head of your unsucked dick, her eyes looking at you pleadingly, as though seeking permission.

This was too perfect to actually be real. Two hot and eager women wanting to explode, their faces between my legs. My tail wagged even faster behind me when Clover joined in, my cocks throbbing with delight. Azalea's sucking was slow and gentle, but still felt incredible. Her sister was nice to hold my cock for her, even giving the fat knot some s tight squeezes. Too busy moaning and breathing deeply, I quickly nodded my head to let Clover know to suck my other one right in. It was such a hard choice... Teleport away when they bring me over the edge, or stay and watch the looks on their faces when my cocks swell in their mouths. Maybe I could do both, waiting until the last possible moment to blink away.

Clover is a bit tougher than her sister; as your cock slides down her throat, she makes it all the way to your knot, her tongue darting out to lick your explosive, swelling organ. She slides back up to the sensitive head, and Azalea's hand returns to work your shaft.

Without letting go, they take their full lips from your cock to share your precum between them in a deep, moaning kiss. As you watch these two gorgeous women of the forest suck each other's tongues clean of sap and seed, their jerking hands are so in synch that they can interlace their fingers and massage both your throbbing cocks at once.

Clover's toes point up in the air and she gives a surprise squeak, muffled by Azalea's lips; the other dryad has used her free hand to reach over Clover's ass and plunge two fingers into her tight, sap soaked pussy.

The kiss ends and they turn to look at you. 'Please, noble Willow... blow us up together! I want my body turned into an absolute mess, to cover this meadow with my sister!' Their mouths return to your cocks, sucking the heads with such vigor that it makes you want to just lose control…

Their display was nearly more exhilarating than what they were doing to my cocks. My hips bucked upwards to help them suck my volatile organs in deeper, ramming my knots against their teeth. My trance was broken for but a moment when I felt another dryad kneel right behind me, pressing their breasts into my backside. They wrapped their arms under mine and began massaging my breasts, playing with my nipples. I couldn't tell who it was, but when they began sucking on my neck, I let out my deepest moan of the night.

You feel breasts on your shoulder blades as she holds you tightly, kissing your neck softly, her hands clenching at your voluptuous breasts. She clearly has no fear as she whispers in your ear, 'make my sisters explode, dear Willow. Tear their pretty faces to shreds and spread their seed all over this meadow!'

You can feel the cum rising, your four balls throbbing as Clover grabs the back of Azalea's head and shoves the bisected dryad's face down your shaft further to match her own, tonguing your twin knots.

The hands on your breasts squeeze tighter as you lean back into the dryad's soft embrace; you feel her wet pussy pressed against the base of your tail, getting massaged by your uncontrollable wagging. Your legs stretch out; Clover is grinding against one thigh, the mess of Azalea where her body simply ends at the stomach smearing sweet green gore up the other thigh.

You're getting so close and you don't know if you have the will to teleport away at the climax of this moment, when it would be so fucking incredible to get destroyed with these sexy, sensual dryads....

I didn't have to do a single thing as they took care of me. My twin cocks sucked and licked, my breasts fondled by a mystery dryad. I was so close to climaxing, my cocks throbbing hard enough to burst. My chest heaved madly, heart beating so hard it threatened to break free from its confining prison. I leaned my head back to the side into my lover, exposing as much of my delicate neck as I could. Both of my hands wandered to the dryads' heads in my lap, stroking their hair as their eyes pleaded with me. My tail wagged so hard that it helped my hips buck even harder against their teeth.

"Fuck, you're all so... god damn... amazing..." I gripped their hair tightly, using it to push their heads up and down on my dicks as I thrust upwards. When I felt teeth dig into my neck and fingers tugging my nipples nearly hard enough to tear them free, I couldn't hold on any longer. With all my might, I slammed their heads into my lap as hard as I could while I thrust upwards one last time. Moans turned to gagging as my knots forced their way behind their teeth, locking me in place.

"Oh god, I'm gonna blow your heads off!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as the first powerful pulsation swept through my cocks, blasting a heavy load of hot, creamy cum down their tight throats. I couldn't teleport away from something like this, at least not right away...

Clover and Azalea give muffled cries of pleasure as you fill their mouths with your brink-human seed. Their eyes roll back, their hands clasping at your hips in an effort to force you ever deeper into their mouths. Both the petite dryad girls have bulging throats; white cum is leaking out of Azalea below her ribs, pooling with the green sap.

Your instincts are telling you to blink away, but you're too enraptured by what is going on to listen.

Clover's body shudders as she squeezes her pussy against your leg. She climaxes so sweetly, giving little squeaks of pleasure; as your cock begins to grow bigger and hotter in her mouth, her eyes roll back and she shudders again, even harder.

You can feel the swelling, imagining the pain the dryads must be feeling as your cocks start to throb and thrum dangerously in their mouths... or would be feeling, if they even felt pain. Clearly not.

You hear a voice in your ear. 'Should you not be getting clear, dear Willow? You could seed with us... please, explode with my sisters and I, let us all get destroyed together!'

The other dryad's are watching enraptured. Rose has forgotten any sense of propriety; she is reclining on a log and masturbating furiously to the show you're putting on.

I couldn't do anything but moan as my cocks pulsated within their mouths. Their faces showed pure ecstasy, even with imminent destruction only moments away. I had never felt a climax last so long before, intensifying rather than subsiding. The pulsations were becoming faster and stronger, nearly becoming too much for me to comprehend. I could feel as my engorging organs stretched their throats and jaws further, threatening to tear their heads apart before I could explode.

"Oh god, I would love to make you all explode... but I just can't pass this moment up! I need to feel being blown apart by my own cocks!" I moaned deeply as my breasts were continued to be fondled roughly.

When a sudden surge of energy built within my cocks, I gazed down at their faces with unblinking eyes as my chest heaved. My moaning stopped when all I could do was gasp, watching as my cocks swelled immensely. The sound of splitting plant fibers and snapping tree branches bombarded me when their mouths could handle no more. My knot split their cheeks open, breaking their jaw as it become obscenely huge. Then, with one final, orgasmic blast of cum, everything went dark.

It starts with jets of cum pumping into the two dryad's, huge spurts of it leaking out of Azalea's torso and onto you all.

Then, all at once, you detonate.

The forest fills with the BOOM of an explosion, bigger than any before.

Your body is torn to shreds by your exploding cocks; Clover and Azalea are both annihilated, their final moments pure joy as their pretty faces are destroyed by the explosion. One of Clover's arms is blown clear into the trees to rest near Azalea's leg from the previous blast.

Green goo and your own blood and gore showers over the field of delicate moon lilies and the remaining dryads; they don't even flinch as the sight of you and their sisters seeding the area brings them to heights of self-pleasure, some becoming lost in each other's touch.

As the last bits of you, Clover and Azalea drop from the sky to cover the field and dangle from tree branches, there is a radiant flash, a chime, and you reappear. You're back to human form once more; the dryads are delighted by your return. Rose hastily smooths her leaf skirt back down.

Just like with the brink dogs, I felt to my knees as I returned, quaking as my climax seemingly lingered. When I finally recovered, I slowly stood up and gazed all around at the carnage. At this rate, this forest was going to be overrun by dryads. That just means I'll have to keep coming back to prune them...

With shaky legs, I make my way over to Rose, who was having a hard time hiding the fact that she was enjoying herself. "Wow, that was intense... Sadly, I'm just human now."

'Nothing sad about it, dear Willow; you did set the terms to seed us with variety; if you can shapeshift in other ways, we would certainly be happy to await your return...' She looks around at the crater full of human and dryad parts, idly sucking her own sap from her fingers before realizing she was doing it and putting her hand down chastely.

'I don't see any pieces of young Lavender here. I assumed her impetuous actions would have gotten her seeded all over... such a willful girl!'

There's a rustling from high in one of the large trees nearby.

'I was blown clear!' Lavender calls out, a twinge of disappointment in her cheerful voice.

"Our world is full of so many creatures and beasts that could easily tear you all apart... but I've been wondering. Do any of you have any preferences at all when it comes to seeding? Surely you don't think that exploding or getting chopped up are both equal. If anyone here has any requests, I'm sure I could go out and find something just for you!"

We turn towards the rustling tree, spotting Lavender up there. I couldn't help but laugh at the sight. "Nothing wrong with that. Maybe I'll return with something even more destructive to make up for it!"

Lavender waves from her perch in the tree. 'I still want to explode, please!'

The other dryads are prompted by the bolder girl's proposal.

'I... could I get torn to pieces? By, like, a wolf? Or a bear! No... a wolf?' The dryad with the daisy-chain necklace hanging down between her ample cleavage seems torn, but determined to be torn either way.

Two holding hands, the two who have barely been able to keep seperate the whole time, step forward. Both their floral adornments are purple; one with bluebells hanging like earring either side of her neck, one with a dahlia looped around her ponytail.

'If it's okay... we want to be crushed together, noble Willow!' They hold each other tightly to demonstrate. 'I want to be staring into my sisters eyes as our juices get squeezed from our bodies...'

The remaining dryad, more bashful than the others, looks down at her feet. She has a bright red camellia at her wrists and ankles, and is wearing a skirt of leaves like Rose, her breasts tightly wrapped in a coiled vine.

'I don't think I'm ready to seed yet... if that's okay... I want to see more stuff... the forest... even the hills...' She looks up at you with wide eyes. 'I would like to watch the rest of the seedings, though...'

"Hmm. All very good choices. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for things. I might even find even better things."

I turn towards the one that seemed hesitant. "Ahh, so you aren't all the same. Are you planning on exploring the world then?"

She goes a paler shade of green. 'I... um... I would like to...I...'

Rose chimes in. 'We dryads seed when we feel ready; we can often feel like we have things to accomplish before we have earned the right to have our bodies messily torn asunder.'

She puts an arm around Camellia; the waifish dryad goes a little weak at the comforting touch. 'The drive to explore more before seeding only serves to spread the seed further, and should be encouraged when it appears in our kind.'

"Well, I think I've destroyed enough dryads for the night. Can't find any wolves or crushing beasts by staying here."

I take a moment to think. "While I can't guarantee your safety, not that it would truly matter, you could always just come with me. Just be warned that we'd be in the company of beasts quite often."

Camellia's eyes light up. 'Really? May I?' She clasps her hands together and looks at Rose, almost for permission.

'As long as you aren't a burden to our dear Willow... of course you can.'

Camellia gives a squeal of delight, wrapping her arms around you and squeezing you tightly. 'I... I won't be a bother, I swear! I could even carry things for you, if you liked.'

You think of the necklace you've constantly needed to retrieve. She wouldn't be a robust beast of burden, this dryad... but she'd be cute...

"Sounds like a plan. Best you hurry and say your goodbyes then." I return the hug, though much lighter than hers. "And before I forget, you can wear this so I don't have to keep retrieving it." I remove the necklace and place it around her neck, letting the key nestledown between her breasts.

"If no one else has anything else to add, I'll be on my way." I hoped that whatever was making that red glow was still out there. Now to find it.

Camellia has no trouble keeping pace with you as you make your way back to your landmark, the elven statue. She is very quiet, sometimes seeming as though she is about to ask a question, then stopping herself.

The walk through the forest is very pleasant; the air quite mild. Occasionally the brink dog pack can be heard in the distance, barking and howling then jumping to a new location. Insects buzz past you; looking up, you see bats pursuing moths through the branches of the trees.

The statue of an elven warrior is still there standing proud. You can see the glow through the trees, dimmer than before; a campfire perhaps, down to red embers.

"Anything about these woods I should know about? Any recent travelers? I've been noticing a red glow like a campfire somewhere, so I figured I'd go check it out." She was being rather quiet, hoping that some questions would help open her up.

The dryad skips ahead to walk beside you, having no issue with undergrowth or thorns. 'There were some travellers making camp not far north. I didn't talk to them, adventurers scare me... not you though! ... um... one was an elf, too... elves haven't lived here for a long while.' She's rambling a bit nervously.

The campfire is not far up ahead. Travellers of any kind would likely set a guard. You could elect to proceed with caution and sneak up, get an idea of who is resting there... but appearing to sneak up on the camp may look suspicious.

"Just adventurers? That's boring!" With everything else that I've been through tonight, this is the complete opposite. Though, maybe one of them has a pet. "Let's not keep them waiting then. Keep close!" I figured just strolling right in couldn't be all that bad. How could a sexy, curvy woman be seen as a threat?

Camellia squeaks and rushes to keep up with your confident stride to the campsite. You see three tents on the opposite site of a dwindling fire; no movement from within. One is barely a canopy, the kind of non-shelter an elf would favour. The second looks sturdier; in the low light you can see twisted runes in the canvas. The last one is small; probably a gnome or a halfling.

There is no movement from any of them.

Camellia gives a small exclamation of surprise as a point digs into your back.

'You should get your friend to teach you how to step lightly. I could have put a bolt in you from a mile away...'

The point stops digging into you as the elven woman with the crossbow steps back. You can turn to face her, but be wary of any sudden moves.

"That doesn't sound so bad!" I giggled at her threat. "I bet my warm, soft, luscious body would have made a fine target." I slowly turned around, leaning into the bolt so it pressed between my breasts and into my sternum. "So, did I miss a party?"

She furrows her brow but doesn't pull back; her finger on the trigger of the crossbow barely holding back the tensile strength of the humming string behind the bolt.

Like many elves, she is very pretty; a high elf, judging by her pale skin and the streak of bright pink in her platinum hair. She has her head cocked slightly, her pointed ears listening for any other allies you may have.

She is wearing leather armor but it looks to allow freedom of movement rather than brute force protection; a tight leather chestpiece that only covered her perky breasts, a piercing in her navel, and a leather skirt, long pale legs looking poised to spring into combat.

There is movement behind you from the tents, and the campsite is flooded with light. It dazzles you, but the elf with the crossbow is unfazed, and with good reason; her pupils are milky white, completely blind.

'Syriel, who the fuck is... is that a dryad? Is that bitch wearing funeral dress? The fuck is going on?' The voice behind you has a high pitch and a gnomish accent; she also is apparently not as cool and collected as her elven friend.

I shield my eyes from the sudden light, hoping it fades. "Oh, I was just passing through. And this," I wrap an arm around Camilla and pull her close, "is my good friend, who is on a quest to explore the world!" I didn't even care what happened, just wanting to have fun.

You turn to face the other two adventurers. The mouthy one is indeed a gnome; she looks bleary eyed like she just woke up. Gnomes stand about three feet tall; this one has frizzy brown hair, a pair of spectacles, and is the most top-heavy creature you've seen. Her sleeping attire covers two breasts nearly as big as her head; nipples poking through the fabric.

Judging by the dangerous looking glass bottle she looks ready to lob at you, she follows the fine tradition of alchemy, as many gnomes do.

The other is much taller, and the source of light. She is about six feet tall, with deep red skin and looks to be very pregnant. Unashamedly naked in front of you, she is holding a sputtering mote of flame aloft in her hand, ready to burn you and Camellia to ashes. Her expression is more amused curiosity than fear, though; her eyes simply almond-shaped gold-red glowing light rather than pupiled, and her hair is long, black, tied back in a ponytail that reaches down to a slowly swishing tail.

Syriel addresses them both. 'Two individuals, unarmed and alone in the forest, yet this one has no fear at all. I wonder why... be cautious, Roxette.'

The elf was simply an elf, a blind one at that, but these other two were much more interesting. That little gnome looked so cute and small, I could just pick her up and run away with her. And the red skinned one, just look at that belly. So full and tight, I just wanted to rub it. I'd better play nice if I ever want to have any fun. "Why should I have fear? Are you a bunch of bandits looking to slaughter such innocent travelers?"

The red skinned one laughs. 'We are no mere bandits, strange holy woman.' Her accent is strange, and her voice has a very... seductive tone to it. The fire in her hands flares. 'We march without fear into the domain of beasts and monsters, slaughter with impunity, claim every piece of treasure and leave a path of destruction and chaos in our wake!' She tosses her head back and laughs, the horns pointing up from her head shining in the moonlight along with her sharp teeth.

The gnome rolls her eyes. 'We're adventurers. Who... or what... are you? Local druid? Dryad tamer?'

I'm liking this red one even more. If I still had my cocks, it'd be hard to resist making that ripe body of hers explode. "I guess you could say I'm a druid of sorts. A beast tamer too. Isn't that right Camilla?" I chuckled.

Camellia blushes. 'I... um... Willow is a friend of the forest folk. You should not harm her! Or... you should... um...' She hides behind you a bit.

The red woman laughs again; she sounds like she should be watching her shock troops burn down a village, with a laugh like that.

'Reign it in, Agony,' the gnome, Roxette, says.

'Princess Agony.'

'Reign it in, Princess Agony.' Roxette focuses on you. You do notice she has lowered the potion somewhat, but her elven friend looks to be moving to a position where she could skewer you AND Camellia with that crossbow of hers.

The gnome keeps you talking. 'If you're a warden of this forest, why are you wearing the holy symbol of Aura? She may be a goddess of all life, but she's not commonly associated with forest wardens... they usually go for flighty nature gods.'

"Well, you see, all this living in nature leaves one rather exposed all the time. And this was the only thing I could find when I wanted to travel back into society! Maybe I should just discard it, as a few of us are already rather exposed." In one quick motion, I flip the garment off of my curvy body and drape it over the elf's bow. "Ahh, much better." There was no way they could destroy something as sexy as me. I might have to get closer to this princess if I wanted my stiff nipples to ever warm up.

Syriel takes your garment from her crossbow; she is feeling the fabric between her fingers and looking to be pondering something.

'I had heard mortal nature-worshipers had strange proclivities, Roxette. I never heard they were so... bold.' Agony is smiling at you with sharp teeth, taking a long, lingering stare at your body. Her own is quite spectacular; breasts so full from her pregnancy with nipples that look almost black in the low light of the embers; the glow dancing across her swollen belly. You wonder what kind of demonspawn she's growing in there... you have heard of demon-blooded adventurers but never seen one in the flesh.

Roxette's eyes go wide when you strip naked; she clearly wasn't ready for it. 'Fulminating mercury, she's gorgeous...' you hear her mutter to herself. She almost drops the potion she's holding.

"Enough about me then. You guys up to anything fun around here? I could use some adventuring myself. Nature has made me rather soft all over, so now I need to toughen up." I slowly make my way over to the little one, swaying my hips along the way. "Aren't you just a little cutie." I bent down right in front of her, allowing my breasts to hang right at eye level.

Roxette goes cross-eyed watching your swaying breasts. The potion in her hand tips and overflows, splattering onto the grass with a sizzle. 'Uh... we... we... do need... uh... we need a rogue... last one was... was useless.'

Agony sighs. 'I wouldn't say she was useless. She did find one trap.'

Syriel pipes up from the back. 'Willow here might make a perfect replacement for our previous rogue. After all...' She holds up your funeral dress. 'She's the Chosen of Aura.'

This elf may be blind, but she sure knows her dresses. "And what makes you say that? Surely that is just a simple garment with a symbol on it." My secret might already be out, but if they acted appropriately, I could see myself enjoying finding traps. "Oops, I hope that wasn't an important potion. Such a waste to only melt away some grass."

Syriel explains. 'It's odd enough that an individual wearing such a garment would be wandering the forest rather than rotting in the ground. My friend revealed that is was a symbol of Aura; the stories of her Chosen are legendary in some parts, as are the Chosen of any god or goddess.

By your words, you do not fear death, but rather welcome it; your level heart rate and unwavering voice tell me that it is not just bluff and bluster on your part.

Finally,' she smiles a gentle smile, 'you are just as cocky as the last Chosen of Aura.'

The red-skinned woman (you recall the term for them to be 'tiefling') sighs. 'The Chosen of some mortal goddess... great. I'm tired. Wake me when a Chosen of the god of breakfast arrives.' She returns to her tent.

Roxette is enraptured by your body. 'I... I can make more. I've heard of the Chosen of Aura, how they helped with gnomish experiments long ago, but never thought they'd be so... so fucking exquisite...'

I laughed. "Cocky? I feel as though that if the chosen doesn't go on a killing spree, then they can act however they want." I didn't want the red one to retire so soon, but that did give me a chance to check her ass out for but a moment. At least I still had the little one.

"Experiments, you say? Any fun ones?" I perked up at her words, biting my lips. "Maybe I should give this a taste then." I grasped the bottle and pulled it free from her weak grip. "Or I can just carry it for you." I slide the hopefully volatile concoction between my breasts, pushing them together.

Syriel walks passed the two of you. 'It's your turn to guard anyway, Roxette. Try to be quiet...' She goes to her shelter, sitting cross legged and falling into a deep trance, crossbow in her lap. Roxette hisses at her, 'Syriel!'

A drop of potion is still on the outside of the glass; it sizzles with contact with your skin as it leaves a red mark in your cleavage.

Camellia is watching with interest in your interactions with these other adventurers, but looks ready to flee back to the trees.

Roxette takes off her glasses and cleans them nervously. 'I... uh... there are notable booms in scientific discovery when a subject is available that can report back all experiences felt by any alchemical concoction, no matter how fatal.'

"Mmm, this stuff must be strong. Just look at what it did to my tender breasts!" I give her the best view possible of the burn mark. "I have a feeling this stuff would just melt right through me, so not much to report back on. Got anything else in your bag of tricks?" While drinking it would probably end me rather quick, I could still have some fun with it. "Whatever you have, let's go have away from these tents." I grabbed the bottle and saunter off, shaking my ass along the way. I find a stump nearby to sit on, making sure I was in full view of Roxette. "Just need a little warm up first." I uncork the bottle and immediately pour some on the top of my pussy. I moan deeply as it burns, using my other hand to furiously rub my pussy all over to help infuse it with my tender flesh.

The burning sensation is incredible, the air smelling of chemicals and seared flesh. Roxette goes pale, looking at Camellia then back at you.

'Fuck, doesn't that hurt? How does it work? You can't die or something, right? I didn't really read up on the details of the chosen, just the results.'

You do notice her nipples have gotten harder, forming small tents on her nightgown. The combination of your erotic display and the thought of rigourous analytics must be turning her on.

"Oh yes, it hurts... so good... It took a while getting used to being the chosen, but now I love every second of it." I stroked my melting pussy so roughly that I climaxed in only seconds, just before my clit melted completely. My pussy gushed, helping to suck the concoction deeper into me. "If we go all the way, I might end up just as cute and small as you." I hinted at my respawning ability, unsure if she knew anything about that.

She certainly isn't averse to the destruction you're causing yourself; if anything, she's fascinated.

'Wait here. Don't... melt.' She scurries off back to her tent, returning with a satchel. It looks like a normal over the shoulder leather bag.

She rummages in it, pulling out another potion. 'Drink this! I've been working on it for days and...' she doesn't have a chance to finish as you grab the bottle from her and inspect it. The potion inside is a similar green to the acid you've been putting on your pussy.

"I hope it's tasty!" I swirl the liquid around, trying to guess just what it might do. My pussy had a lingering burning, making it hard to concentrate. I popped this potion open as well, giving it a quick smell. "Let's pray I don't turn into a puddle of goo!" Taking a deep breath, I tip the bottle up and gulp the green contents.

This potion is quite bitter, even a little minty. To your disappointment, within seconds of imbibing it, the burning in your pussy stops completely.

Roxette is looking at you. 'How do you feel?' She asks, excited.

"Definitely not the tastiest of things. Seems like all you did was juice some mint leaves. Though, my pussy did stop burning." I returned a hand to my pussy to see if I could feel anything different.

'Good. That's good.' She puts the satchel on the ground and rummages through it.

'Hard to aquire subjects for testing orally delivered acid resistance potions... especially willing ones.' She puts on a thick leather gloves.

'Resistance comes at a sliding scale, when it comes to alchemy. Not just claims of blanket immunity. For example, we don't have fire immunity in potion form, but I can make you resistant to, say, the flames of the sun. Good enough for most requirements.'

She swaps her glasses for some thick goggles.

'As for acid, it's a puzzle. There's always a stronger chemical than modern resistance potions allow for. That upper limit seems unreachable... but maybe...'

Using her glove covered hand, she draws out a thick glass box, a small, silver vial floating inside. Slowly and carefully, she opens the box, holding her breath, and removes the vial. She hands it to you gently.

'The acid tests of acid tests. Expose yourself to that. Drink it, pour it on your body, fuck it... I don't care. We're on the brink of a discovery here...'

My eyes glazed over as she explained everything, wondering when she'd be done with it and get to the good part. When I saw her start to get geared up for something, I knew some fun was about to happen. I perked up at the sight of the box, knowing that something dangerous surely had to be inside. She carefully pulled a little glass vial out of it, handing it to me. "Looks like I might be turning into a pile of goo after all." If she wanted to experiment on me, I should make her be more involved. Especially since she is geared up already.

Keeping a tight grip on the vial, I quickly spun around on the stump and fell backwards, letting my ass lean up against the stump. My pussy pointed at the sky, my legs spread apart, my breasts hanging in my face. "Would you mind pouring it into me?" I innocently asked as I fluttered my eyes. I held the vial back out to her, my other hand spreading my pussy open. "Or just cram the whole thing in me."

She considers your request, a blush coming to her face. She holds a hand towards Camellia. 'In my bag. Forceps.'

Camellia stares blankly. 'Four what?'

Roxette rolls her eyes, and goes to the bag herself. Grabbing out forceps, she holds the glass vial gingerly, removing the glass stopper slowly. A strong chemical smell overwhelms you inmediately; this stuff is strong.

Gingerly, she tips a droplet onto your breasts.


She grins maniacally, oblivious to your pouting, and tips a little more. Some beads down your body, over your mound and trickles down your pussy... only to hiss and smoke when it touches the wooden stump beneath you, melting a hole straight through it.

'Tell me how it feels? Any pain? Tingling?'

You feel nothing. 'Must test it on a sensitive internal area, to be sure...' she mutters to herself. Camellia gasps as the gnome slips the vial inside your somewhat melted pussy with her forceps, upending the tube deep inside you.

Aside from cold metal, you feel no pain, fizzing or delicious melting sensation. It seems her resistance potion is impeccable.


I waited patiently as she applied the acid all over my body, looking for the first sign of burning. There was nothing. Nothing at all. What was being immune to acid supposed to be good for exactly? I'd rather turn into an acid spitting monster than stay human. "Nothing. Nothing at all. There probably won't be anything unless you could somehow pump my body full of whatever that is. But even then, I'd probably just burst before ever melting." I kept focus on my body, thinking that the acid was just delayed.

"Don't you have anything that's stronger?" I pleaded with my lip sticking out.

Roxette draws the forceps out of your pussy just in time; the empty vial drops to the ground as the forceps melt from the acid inside you. She pauses, as though waiting for you to suddenly melt... then gives a loud whoop of victory that makes Camellia jump.

'I will annihilate you if you don't SHUT THE FUCK UP!' screams Agony from her tent.

'I am a goddess,' Roxette murmurs to herself, ignoring the angry tiefling. 'I am an alchemical goddess.' She rummages through her bag frantically. 'I giveth... and I taketh away...'

She comes out with a clear flask, a sparkling, almost crystalline slime inside. 'Condensed vitreous humor from a beholder. Broad spectrum imbuement obviator. Try it and tell me exactly how you feel...' she pours a small measure into a glass and stands back, gesturing for Camellia to do the same.

"Sure thing." I take the glass and gulp it down in a flash. Was sure hard to do while still upside down.

It starts as a tingle in your toes and fingers, creeping into the center of your body; almost a pins and needles sensation.

'That potion should eliminate your acid resistance,' Roxette explains, probably a bit too late. 'Don't worry, it shouldn't have any impact on any divine regenerative capacity. Probably.'

Probably? Slight concern turn to sudden, overwhelming pain. The drips of acid on your breasts and belly start to smoke and hiss as your flesh sears... your pelvic region sagging inwards as you realise the potent acid is melting you from the inside out!

Your womb and cervix melt away in second, acid eating its way downward and through your lower back, your legs going limp as your spine is reduced to goo.

Camellia covers her mouth in shock, but Roxette looks wickedly fascinated by what's happening to you. The pain is incredible, overwhelming... and she's asking you what you're feeling...

The pain was almost too much to bear. I could see as my body sank inwards, feeling as my insides flowed downwards. "I... I feel... Uuughhhhblgr!" My sentence was stopped as soon as a flood of melted, acidic gore gushed out of my mouth and nose. Everything went dark and silent as my eyes, nose, and ears were all overcome by the acid. For once, I just wanted everything to be over with.

Your body melts. There is no other ways to describe it as your curvy form collapses in on itself, blending with the stump, grass and earth beneath you as you get turned into a puddle of pink-red goop. The two onlookers step back, Camellia grimacing with fear and Roxette looking on with excitement as the bubbling pool of Willow sinks further into the ground.

The acid finally reaches the limits of its reactivity having left a smouldering pit fifteen feet into the ground, as radiant light glows nearby and you return, half the woman you once were.

'I am a genius. A fucking genius. Do you see that?' She points at the crater to Camellia, who is looking pale and fingering the key around her neck nervously. 'I made her resist that. I'm a fucking genius! What the FUCK?'

Roxette notices you standing there, stark naked, nearly a perfect copy of her, though you still have your freckles. Camellia looks relieved. 'Willow!' She runs up and hugs you, stooping down as you are now even shorter than her. Her soft skin feels good against your new body...

I seemed completely normal when I returned, having arms and legs. The first thing I noticed was being rather cold, as there didn't seem to be a holy garment covering me. And then when Camellia rushed over to hug me, she had to bend over... Looking over at Roxette, she didn't seem all that small anymore. "Yes, it's me. Though, I think I'm a little gnome now." I hugged her in return, pressing our cold, naked bodies together. "Hey, look at the bright side. I can fit in your tent now." I said with a wink.

Roxette is lost for words. 'You... you look like me!' She squeaks. She turns bright red, looking your curvy diminutive body up and down. You're quite slender, skinny even, but your breasts are huge for your frame.

Roxette runs to her bag and pulls out a small blanket. 'Cover yourself... myself... just... cover up!'

She looked even cuter when she turned bright red, highlighted by the light of the moon. "What's wrong? Don't you like seeing just how cute you are?" I bounced in place when Camellia released me from the hug, making my breasts jiggle. "The best part is, you can now watch 'yourself' drink potions and melt all the time!" She threw the blanket on me, nearly knocking me over. I bet even dryads are stronger than me now.

'But... why do you look like me? Can you turn into anything? I knew the chosen of Aura made a good test subject, but the ramifications... I could test species robustness and cross reactivity of anything...' She's rambling a bit as you draw nearer.

'And to know for sure what impact potions would have on me with none of the risks... even if it was irreversible... I could try out...' She looks like she's thought of something as she trails off, finally paying attention to her mirrored form.

Camellia looks a bit amused, and happy to be in the presence of someone else who gets a bit flustered by your forward nature.

"Your elf friend figured one thing out about me, so maybe now it's your job to discover stuff about the forms I take!" I teased her, not wanting to take all the surprise away. "And if you know how dryads germinate... well, I helped a few of them earlier. It was a blast."

"Any potions you been curious to try on yourself? Or maybe you have some deep, dark, locked away desires you have only been able to fantasize about since, well... kind of hard for a regular gnome to not stay as a puddle of goo."

She looks at Camellia. 'You've seeded some dryads? The things I could use her for... the reagents I could harvest...' she strokes Camellia's leg, prompting a shiver from the dryad girl.

'As... as long as you didn't melt me!' she says nervously.

Roxette turns back to you. 'I have been working on... a thing. Potion. Strictly for scientific purposes. But... I'm meant to be on guard. Agony's shift isn't for another couple of hours and she'll raise hell if she gets woken early...'

"If you're that set on gathering ingredients, the forest is likely full of dryad parts right about now. Made an absolute mess of two of them... and myself." I reached up and squeezed a breast of mine as I imagined blowing up again, moaning softly.

"I doubt a guard is needed out here. And I'm sure Camellia here would make for an excellent guard, if that allowed you to have some fun." I walked up to Camellia's other side, hugging the opposite leg.

'I... I could guard. Yeah!' Unexpectedly, Camellia comes through as a wing dryad.

Roxette bites her lip. She seems to come to a decision. 'Agony will just burn the shit out of anything that shows up this late. You're lucky she wasn't on guard... or not, I guess.'

She grabs her satchel and ushers you back to her tent. To your surprise, while it is quite cosy on the inside, it is also comfortable. Full of soft, fluffy pillows and blankets. You wonder where an adventurer stashes all of this stuff...

She sits astride a thick silk pillow and goes through her satchel, dragging forth a potion that has a pink-blue sheen to it.

She talks in a hushed whisper.

'We don't get many appropriate test subjects for this; Eagle Eyes and Blowtorch have a real take-no-prisoners approach. Which fucking sucks because I've been working on this for years...'

The best part about being a little gnome is being able to fit in here. Just look at all this stuff. "Oh, is that a little love potion? I didn't think you were interested in having fun with a clone!" I giggled as I got comfy somewhere

'Oh, this isn't some fuckin' bullshit love philter. This is even better than my acid resistance potion. This is what is gonna save the dwindling gnome population.'

She swishes the potion, excitement in her voice. The pink and blue colours dance together, almost hypnotic.

'There are a myriad of ways to transmute one's gender but this...' The colours are reflected in her glasses... 'This will give the imbiber the best of both worlds. Fully functioning, capable of procreation and repopulation.'

She looks up at you. 'I'm not interested in having fun. I just need to work out the kinks in this potion.'

How could there be a problem with the gnome population when they're just so cute? "What, aren't the male gnomes man enough for you?"

Sounds like I'm going to have a cock again tonight... unless I suddenly explode. "That does sound rather useful. I've already had experience with a similar sort, so I should be able to let you know how good it is to the real thing!"

With how she's been eyeing me tonight, surely she wants some kind of fun. "I'm gonna get a fun overload pretty soon." I grab the bottle from her, giving it a swish of my own. I gazed into the beautiful display, wanting to just stare at it all night long. Roxette cleared her throat, so I popped it open and smelled it. Whatever the flavor was, it was lovely. I poured some in my hand and rubbed it all over my chest, working it deep into my nipples. Another handful was rubbed all over and into my pussy, and just before I could climax again, I tipped the rest up and gulped it right down.

Roxette watches your display, slack jawed. You notice the silk pillow between her thighs get a small squeeze. 'I... I mean, it's meant to be taken orally, but I suppose direct contact can't hurt it's efficacy.'

She's watching as you start to tingle... then your clit starts to swell, slowly. 'If this works, then any gnome will be able to both get pregnant and impregnate... our population has been in decline since the rise of humans but this might give us-' she gives a squeak of suprise as, all at once, your clit swells and grows, forming a sizeable (even for a human) cock. 'Uhhhh... give us an edge..'

Two fat balls throb into appearance before your cute, tight pussy. The whole hermaphroditic package instantly becomes a picture of arousal; your cock swollen and veiny, your pussy getting slick.

Roxette tries to gain composure; you know her pussy is up against that shiny silk pillow and her hips give another, very slight, roll.

'How... how does it feel?'

Once the first drop splashed within my stomach, my whole body lit up with pleasing tingles. I immediately began to moan, massaging my heavy breasts as I spread my legs apart. Warmth coursed through my body, collecting within my slick pussy. My clit felt like it was on fire, burning hotter as it throbbed harder and harder. As I looked down past my heaving chest, I watched as my clit grew at an inhuman rate. It engorged with so much blood I thought I was going to faint, towering between my little legs as it throbbed nearly hard enough to burst. Just when I thought everything was over, two fat, cum filled balls sprouted in an instant, both begging to unload. I had been so focused on my growth that I had all but forgotten Roxette was close by until she spoke up.

"I feel... fucking amazing. And this..." I grip my massive cock with both of my tiny hands, squeezing it tight enough until a little bit of pre cum oozed out. "Feels ten times better than it looks." I stared deep into her eyes, stroking my fat cock very slowly.

She's quick with an empty glass tube, catching your precum before it hits the ground. Your heart pounds as her hand wraps around the end of your cock, massaging more precum into the tube. When she stops (disappointingly), your cock keeps leaking, dripping white pearlescent precum onto the pillows beneath you. She stashes the tube.

'I'll... I'll need to get more samples, of course. Yes.'

She keeps massaging your cock, precum dribbling out onto her hand. 'Quite a large reproductive organ, but nothing I... nothing an average gnome couldn't handle.' A blob of precum spurts, hitting her in the cheek. 'Fuck...' she exclaims, more with lust than suprise.

Her gentle grinding against the pillow gets firmer, her toes curling as her thighs squeeze it tighter against her pussy.

I hadn't expected her to reach right out a grip me. My bottom lip was bitten hard to stifle a moan. She seemed rather skilled handling something so big. It feels like I'd split her right in half on the first thrust.

"Mmm... I thought you... Didn't want any fun..." I moaned as I softly thrust into her grip. Her whole hand was coated in warm cream, giving me a preview of what she'd feel like.

"Honestly... Being a chosen one has made me crave... Pain. You can be as... Rough as you want..." Regaining a cock has made me think back on the encounter with the dicksplicer. Just the thought sent a powerful throb up through my cock, causing another glob to splash against her other cheek.

"Would you happen to have any dicksplicer venom? If not... I could help you collect some." I leaned forward, grasping one of her covered breasts.

Roxy smiles. 'You are gonna be good for research; the potion has some dicksplicer venom in it. I suspect it was the cause of a few failures previously... massive priapic event couple with spontaneous heart failure.'

Your heart is pounding...

She leans closer to your cock, slowly sliding her hand up and down; your cock is shining with precum now.

'Very important to use all senses when evaluating an experiment...' she murmurs to herself. She pokes her little pink tongue out and catches some of your precum. Her eyes roll back with pleasure. 'Tastes... virile... need a bigger sample size...' She covers your cockhead with her mouth, swallowing each time your dick pumps more into her mouth.

Just hearing that some venom was in the potion sent my heart fluttering. My horse heart had been beating so fast, it amazed me how it never exploded. And now, I craved a higher dose.

"Oh my, that sounds terrible... Terrible that I missed out on experiencing all that." Surely, she was out of venom now, and needed a fresh batch.

Her mouth was... Incredible. She could barely fit any in, and any more would leave her looking like how clover and azalea had in their last moments. Her cheeks went hollow as she sucked hard to drain my balls. Between pre cum gushes, her little tongue skillfully polished my thick cock head.

"Oh Roxy... Keep going and I'll give you the biggest sample of your life!" I was moaning hard and deep, tugging hard on my burning nipples. All at once, my legs quivered, belly tensed, balls tightened, and my eyes rolled back into my head as it fell back. And when my cock pulsated for the first time, I was afraid I blew her head off with how heavy the load was.

She swallows some of your gushing load but it mostly splatters over her face, down her neck, and all over her enormous cleavage.

'Fuck! Thundering stones, Willow!' She struggles to catch some in a flask as another enormous spurt splashes over her silky nightdress and the pillow between her legs.

The pleasurable sensation is overwhelming as more and more cum jets out of your swollen cock, forming pools in the pillows on the tent floor.

And it's not stopping.

Every muscle in my body contracted simultaneously to help drain my pent up balls, making it hard to move or think. I watched her frantically try to gather some up, while most of it just splattered all over her. No matter how much blasted out of me, there seemed to be another heavy load ready to go. My cum quickly drenched everything inside of the tent, leaving it and our bodies coated in hot, thick, sticky layers. It actually felt like my cock was pulsating harder and harder the longer it went on for, coupled with my heart speeding up steadily. And when I cupped my fat balls, I could actually feel them undulate.

"Fuck... was this supposed to happen? I don't think I'm gonna stop coming at this rate!" I moaned louder as it went on. Wanting a bit of fun, I grabbed my cock and aimed it at key targets, like my gaping mouth and her shocked face, blasting us both with creamy seed. "If you don't want your tent to flood, you'd better do something!" I seductively looked into her eyes, biting my lip as I awaited her solution.

She looks dumbfounded, cum dripping from her, blankly staring at the mess you've made, that you're still making... then dives for her bag.

'It's here somewhere... if I can't find it we may have to attempt an emergency amputation or... yes...' Your ears prick up at "emergency amputation"

She holds a small vial and uncorks it. 'Had a problem with too many fuckin kobolds one time. Booming population of the little fucks. Poisoned their water supply with this.'

She opens it, your keen sense of smell making your nose wrinkle at the odour. Smells like damp socks. 'This will have you limp as a dead goblin. You won't be able to get hard for weeks.'

Sounds fucking horrible.

Does she really think I'd pick going soft over having those small hands of hers slowly gliding a sharp knife through my cock? "Even if I go soft, there's no guarantee this will stop! Just cut it all off or something!"

I fell all the way back, spreading my legs wide to give her complete access. Cum continued to gush steadily, blasting all over my chest and face.

'I can't do that to me! Uh, you?' Panic sounds like its rising in the pragmatic alchemists voice. 'No, this is the best solution. It's a wonder we have any left at all-'

She's cut short by a massive jet of cum from your throbbing cock. You tremble with pleasure as your warm, white load blasts the potion out of her hand, spilling it onto the ground outside.

'FUCK!' She exclaims.

You're still wracked with pleasure, and try to stifle a smile.

'Gnome, I swear, if you and your girlfriend don't shut the FUCK UP...' Princess Agony's booming voice comes from within her tent.

You could stay here with the panicking gnome, see how long your body can cope with the unending pleasure... or seek help from your other new companions...

My cock must have had a mind of its own as it blasted that vial right out of her hand. I couldn't help but laugh at the look on her face. If she wasn't wanting to use a knife on me, then it looks like I need to take the initiative.

"Whatever we do, I probably shouldn't be in here any longer!" My quaking body struggled to sit back up and crawl out through the entrance of the tent, my cock blasting the ground along the way. I hadn't realized how warm it had gotten in the tent, nearly becoming a sauna with all my hot cream steaming everything up. Even her glasses steamed up now that I remember.

Standing up with shaky legs, I had no care in the world. I just started running forward through the woods, my cock bobbing all over as it gushed all over the place. I giggled and screamed, giving Camellia a wink as I ran by.

You leave behind the campsite and plunge into the cool night air of the woods.

Running is difficult; you're still had as a rock and every few seconds, you're wracked by another spasm of pleasure followed by a stream of cum that covers the grass, trees and leaves around you.

You feel like you have more heightened senses than your human form. Whatever myopia affects Roxy hasn't carried to you, and your sense of smell is quite keen. It's interesting to see the forest from a lower point of view... but not as interesting as the idea of finding something in this forest to deal with your problem.

I ran and ran until my legs finally grew tired. As my chest heaved and heart pounded, my cock continued pumping harder and harder. My pulsating organs were beginning to feel a bit sore, and under the moonlight, I could barely make out a hint of red mixed in with my latest loads. It seemed like my body was going to pump itself dry if I didn't fix it. Not that I'd want to.

I rested my back against a tree, watching the thick ropes of crimson stained cream coat the grass out in front of me. I was all alone, just a small little gnome completely naked and vulnerable. And now that there was blood gushing out of me, the scent of it was surely attracting predators...

You hear a humming noise, high yet feminine, almost a melodic whine.

You can smell still water nearby. You peer through reeds to see a crystal clear pool of water with the moon and starts reflected on the surface.

A figure is on the shoreline, sitting on a rock. She looks like a woman. She turns to face you; the humming song is so enticing and hypnotic. She is draped in a black, shifting mass that twists and ebbs with the humming. Her skin has blue veins snaking all over the surface, and her eyes a blood red.

She stands and approaches, a small smile on her face, hands outstretched, the hum becoming a melodic whine, the black mass covering her body getting thinner as thousands of mosquitos slowly stream from her towards you.

I had been so focused on what was happening to my cock that I didn't realize where I had ended up. A humming drew my attention to a small body of water. There sat a woman of some kind, and when she turned, I knew she couldn't be a normal human. Especially with her red eyes that gazed at me. Her body was strange, both her clothes and skin. When she got up, her outfit shifted as she stretched her arms out towards me. Whatever was happening, it looked like a swarm of insects moving towards me. I pressed back into the tree harder, my cock shooting loads like it was a cannon trying to defeat an oncoming army. An intense throb shot through my cock as she approached, hoping she had something good in store for me.

The swarm leaves her body exposed; her skin looks moist, slick and veiny. Her lips are a deep shade of blue; she runs her oddly pointed tongue across them as she lays on her belly in front of you.

Your tumescent cock squirts her with cum, now a pinkish colour as your poor, overworked balls are starting to bleed.

The swarm hovers lazily in the air in front of you. The way they swirl and ebb in the air is so peaceful, and the humming song of the women laying on her belly with her legs swinging gently in the air is so pleasant, the it almost doesn't register when she takes your cum-hemorrhaging cock in her mouth, giving it an almighty slurp.

Everything about her was hypnotic, from the way she moved to how she sang. She laid down right in front of me, not even phased when cum splattered all over her. A blue hand reached out and gripped my quaking cock, angling it downwards so she could suck it right in. I slammed my head back into the tree and moaned, feeling as she sucked my bloody cum right out. My hips jerked forwards, stuffing my raging cock further between her lips. I had all but forgotten she had a swarm of insects around her, too focused on what that tongue of hers was going to do.

Fluid pumps down her throat and into her belly. She looks up at you, swallowing rhythmically, and you feel her pointed tongue, rougher and harder than you'd expect, swirling around your cock hole. Her eyes are entirely red, and her body starts to blush with redness.

It feels incredible but you're also feeling weaker, your heart straining as you're pumping more blood than cum.

Suddenly, her eyes go wide as she stabs the tip of her tongue down your cock. Pleasure gives way to immaculate pain as she starts to suck from within, mosquitos swarming around her with excitement.

I never thought getting my cock sucked could be so intense. A couple groans mixed with my moaning as her odd tongue probed my sensitive glans. Our gazes stayed connected the whole time. I could tell she was hungry for my blood, sucking and gulping steadily.

Whether it was because of her or my pulsating cock, my gnomish body was starting to feel the strain of an endless climax. Every new pulsation shot a wave of pain through my cock, and my balls ached like they had been smashed. Even my little heart was struggling to keep up with her.

A sudden bolt of pain made me cry out at the top of my lungs. My cock was split wide open when her tongue surged deep inside of it. Now I knew why it was so odd. I could feel my blood drain away at a quick pace, sucked out by her bloody straw. Even through all the pain, I forced myself to moan as much as I could. My hands grasped my breasts, squeezing them as I tugged my nipples.

She pulls back, eye contact unwavering. Though your cock has been split, it's still pumping, now more blood than cum. She hums with excitement, watching your hands... then her tongue spears forwards, piercing your enormous breast from beneath. She sucks blood from you hungrily, leaving a bleeding puncture wound, before returning her tongue to your cock.

The weakness you're feeling is turning to pain, sharp and electric, as your heart struggles to pump less and less fluid. You feel yourself going weak, and you swear chunks of meat are getting drawn down the mosquiren's tubular tongue.

Her appetite was unnatural. I was growing so weak I couldn't even groan when she suddenly pierced my breast. By time she plunged her vicious tongue deep back inside of my cock, my little body was slowly sliding down the tree. My arms grew too heavy to hold up, resting them on the ground when my ass met with the grass. Everything was becoming fuzzy, my chest calming as I barely needed any air. I just sat there and gasped quietly, gazing into her red eyes as she continued to drain my dry.

The humming suddenly intensifies in sharpness. That probing tongue buried deep in your body thrums as the mosquiren increases the pitch of hypnotic song.

You feel the vibrations deep within you, your very bones ringing as she grabs you excitedly, drawing you closer... then the pain is splintering. The bones in your legs and pelvis shatter from the sonic attack, a sound louder than your own screaming.

The pain in your chest is overridden by the pain of shattered bones. As you finally succumb to your injuries, your heart giving out and the blood loss becoming all too much, you realise the final slurping you're hearing is the creature sucking the marrow from your bones...

The humming grew so loud, so intense that I could still sense it as I faded away. My hips suddenly jumped, exploding with pain, being just enough to make me cry out one last time.

I must have expired soon after, as I was suddenly bombarded with holy light and chimes as I found myself revived. My body was bare, letting me see how I had changed. I rather liked that blue lady, so I smiled when I saw my own skin colored the same. Just not veiny. Without wasting another moment, I moved my tongue around, smiling when I felt it's sharpness jab into my cheek. Looking around, I spotted her, gazing at me in bewilderment.

I seductively walked over to her. With nothing to lose, I tried humming like her.

The hum builds deep in your chest; it feels like a full body tingle from your head to your toes.

The mosquiren slowly rises from her prone position at your previous body. She looks less blue from the belly outwards, like she's started to fill with your vital fluids. She crouches defensively at first, then rises.

Your humming synchronises.

The swarm of mosquitos flows around both of you, forming a lazy halo in the air between you.

You feel aware of the presence of the swarm, like a billion tiny motes of sensation in your mind. When you close your eyes, you can still see the halo of delicate bodies.

She flits her tongue out, the hard point straight downward, then back into her mouth.

With how well the hum reverberated from my body, it was purely instinctual. The two of us were locked into a ritualistic dance, sharing control of the mosquitos. I shot my tongue between my lips as well, wondering what it meant.

Her belly looked a bit swollen and red. A little gnome was surely enough to last her for the night. But after gazing upon that tight, red belly of Agony's earlier, I now wanted to get the one before me just as ripe looking.

Without breaking our linked hum, I slowly sauntered forth through the cloud of bugs. Stopping right in front of her, I licked my lips and spoke in hum like words. "Shall we... hunt?" I grinned, rubbing my hungry belly.

Her eyes close, as though considering the idea, then open again, renewed with hunger. 'Many creatures in the forest. Much to see. Much to taste. Lead on, sister.' Her words have the odd, humming cadence, but you don't feel as though they lull you into a stupor; it just sounds pleasant.

She walks close to you, her hand rubbing over her slightly swollen belly. The swarm of mosquitos comes to rest on both of you; you aren't surprised that none of them bite. It is quite tickly but feels oddly comforting; you feel almost a nurturing instinct towards the delicate creatures.

From where you stand at the side of the lake, you have a few options. Your cum trail is still visible, making a return to camp quite easy. The far side of the pool is only a short walk; the forest looks thicker beyond it.

I gazed at her body until the mosquitoes obscured my vision. They made the strangest feeling clothing one could wear, stimulating every nerve on my surface. With how much cum had been shooting out of my cock earlier, it wouldn't have been very hard to spot the trail. But now that I was a blood sucking beast, I could sense blood all around me. The trail on the ground lit up like it was glowing. Even her belly seemed to shine.

"Danger that way. Many targets, but able fighters." I warned her, pointing towards the trail.

I figured those adventurers would prove useful to me, and the only thing that'd happen if two blue women suddenly showed up would be bolts impaling our hearts.

"I detect... something marvelous this way." I headed off in the other direction, hoping to find something tasty.

As you wander through the forest, you are amazed at how alive it feels in this form. You're almost sensing all the life around you; plants and animals abundant in this forest. The sense is strengthened by proximity; seems your swarm acts as a kind of external sensory organ, giving tactile feedback of the forest nearby.

A handful of small, flying creatures are not far; you hear faint giggling in the distance and the sudden attractive smell of blood as one of the life forces winks out.

The scent is stronger in the other direction; blood mingles with fire and smoke in a way that your human form would have found delicious, but the mosquiren form finds repugnant... though there is a large life force in that direction, even larger than you.

I'd normally just hear insects chirping and maybe a few bats fly about, but now the forest was packed full of life. No matter where I looked there seemed to be something that I could suck dry. But simple animals were too boring and skittish. I needed something a bit smarter, maybe even something that wouldn't mind letting me impale deep into their body.

After walking for a while, a few things looked promising. Ahead was a couple smaller critters that could apparently fly, while another direction had something much bigger, and filling. Not wanting to just go all out right away, I figured we should start off with an appetizer.

"Small snacks just ahead. Later, we go for the big one." I hum whispered to her, licking my lips in primal hunger. One of the flying ones seemed to have fallen asleep, so I carefully made my way towards it.

As you sneak through the underbrush, you notice a lot of bushes with brightly coloured berries. The laughter, almost high and tinkling, is mixed with voices chattering in a language you don't understand.

The mosquiren keeps low to the ground, creeping beside you, her tongue darting out as if tasting the air, the majority of mosquitos at rest on both of you, not making a sound.

There are tiny, winged creatures flitting around in the air around the berry coated bushes. They look like small human women with gossamer wings, dressed in tight clothing that exposes (relatively) a lot of skin.

Not much to them in terms of blood, you think.

All of them are talking, laughing, and flying around in erratic circles. Most of them are holding cups made of nutshells, huge in their tiny hands.

You notice a few of them whispering and pointing at one, giggling and shushing each other. She is demurely drinking from a nutshell, oblivious to her three friends that have managed to lift quite a hefty looking rock into the tree above her.

One of the one's holding the rock in place calls out something and they all let go. The delicate, feminine creature beneath them looks up, eyes going wide, before the rock lands on her with a SPLAT!

The others laugh and point in hysterics as she's crushed to death beneath the rock, a couple of twitching limbs and a wing still sticking out from underneath.

You look around, noticing two or three others that appear to be victims of similar "pranks", skewered on a stick or split down the middle. Seems they have an odd sense of humour...

Nearly the moment I detected these little critters I knew exactly what they were. They were barely worthy of a snack, but since I knew there would be tons of them around, I couldn't wait to get started. I just have to make sure they didn't play any tricks on me.

"Tiny snacks ahead. Be careful, they play tricks." I warned my new friend.

With so many of them around, it was practically useless trying to sneak closer. I sauntered forth with confidence, looking all around me in case there were any hiding to the sides. I approached the first group I saw, staring them down.

"Looks like I've missed out on a lot of fun here! Any of you little cuties care to watch some party tricks of my own?" I asked, licking my lips, letting them all see my pointed tongue.

Four of the fairies hover in place, watching you emerge from the woods. One elbows the other and winks, chattering in their odd language.

You notice her glow slightly, then another figure emerges from the forest; a beautiful, innocent looking young woman, though her belly is extraordinarily swollen, almost pulsing with whatever liquid has her at capacity.

'Please, help me! I was accosted by some vicious satyrs and they gangbanged me! I'm simply overflowing with their seed!' She gestures to her pussy and ass, both of which are dripping with white cum. 'I need someone to suck it all out of me or I'll explode!'

The fairies are giggling and watching you, as though the illusion weren't obvious and just a little insultingly blatant.

You glance back; the mosquiren is still hidden but she looks confused by the situation; the illusion doesn't fool your life sense and she's obviously torn between not believing it, and wanting it to be real.

It would take more than a simple fairy trick to confuse me! In a flash, I swiped my hand out in front and scooped up the naughty little fairy that was glowing, making her squeak.

"I'd suggest playing nice if you don't want to end up as a little snack! Now, let's go see how this 'damsel' is fairing" I said, grinning hungrily at the little fairy as I gave her gentle squeezes.

"Oh no, you poor thing! You look like you're absolutely bursting with cum! It'd be such a shame if you were to suddenly rupture." I said as I circled around the illusion, checking out all her assets. Too bad she wasn't real, as she would have made a fine snack.

Looking at the little fairy in my grip, I spoke to her. "What do you say, should we let her burst?"

The fairy you've caught is curvy and almost naked, with wild blonde hair. She chatters and waves at her friends, who laugh at her plight.

Rolling her eyes, she glows again, taking control of the illusion that seems to be stuck in a loop. The image of the swollen woman moans as her belly trembles, and starts to play with herself as she rubs the red, swollen mass, white cum dripping out over her fingers. If only she were real, the cum shower would be incredible.

You sense the mosquiren stalking closer, clearly wanting a fairy of her own.

This little fairy didn't seem one bit concerned with being caught by a hungry bloodsucker. Putting her peril aside, she went right back into controlling the illusion, making it look even more ripe and ready to blow.

"You're not fooling me you know. Maybe I should play with your friends as well!" I brought the little fairy all the way between my breasts, letting her sink into the swarm of mosquitoes that covered me. They held her snug in place.

"Be good now, or they might have to suck you dry before I get the chance!" I teased her, then walked back to her giggling friends.

The fairy in your cleavage wiggles but can't break free. The other three hover a bit higher up, out of your reach, but close enough to keep watching their friend.

The illusionary woman, overflowing with cum yet bulging ever bigger, is passionately fucking herself now, leaning back against a stump, her legs akimbo and one hand in her hair. Her eyes go wide as she looks up at you.

'Oh... fuck... I think... I think I'm gonna...'

There is a messy splat as she explodes, belly blasting outwards in a shower of cum and gore that lands all about and fades away. The chunks that land on you stay, but hover in place when you move away, only to fade away as well as the fairy's concentration is broken.

The other fairies look a little disappointed with you, not falling for their prank.

You notice one fairy, skinny with brown skin and green hair, glance at the bush where the mosquiren is hiding, then back at her friends. She glows slightly and a sound comes from the bush; it sounds like something being said in the same language they've been chattering in. One of her friends looks up, and goes to investigate...

She squeaks as the mosquiren nabs her, and shoots her friend an angry glare.

Seems they're homicidal and a bit dense...

That blast was so unreal and incredible that I wouldn't have cared one bit if it was an actual woman exploding! With a subtle hum, I had the mosquitoes near my pussy and nipples start to resonate, pleasing me just enough to where I'd have to periodically stifle a moan.

"You're lucky I don't have my wings any longer!" I shouted at the hovering fairies.

I knew right away a trick of some kind was going on when the bush with my friend in it made a strange sound. When I saw a blue hand reach out and grab the little fairy that wandered over towards it, I rushed over in hunger.

She held the distressed little fairy, her tongue flitting wildly as her eyes glowed. My own vision seemed to redden some as well, allowing me to see all those ripe veins within the little snack.

"Excellent catch, sister. Shall we... dine together?" I said as I closed in. Both of our tongues darted all over in the air, slowly making their way to the little one.

The fairy in the clasp of the mosquiren pokes her tongue out mockingly at the two of you as her friends watch her fate unfold. Even the curvy one squeezed between your breasts seems to be giggling at her friend's plight, as though she herself weren't doomed to the same grisly end.

The mosquiren brings the fairy up to her lips, the sharp point of her tongue tracing up the creature's body. With a rip, her dress falls off, exposing her tiny, yet proportionately curvy body.

The creature seems a bit more subdued, as though she has realised she's about to be sucked dry in seconds and is trying to suppress a giggle at the thought.

Either fearless or just completely senseless...

The swarm of mosquitoes has formed a lazy ring of orbiting clumps, almost spheres of humming darkness.

The mosquiren looks into your eyes with her own blood red gaze, as if waiting for you to go first.

It still surprises me with how these fairies can act, even though I for some reason studied them for so long. Not a single fairy within a thousand miles seemed concerned about this one, and that only made it easier to do what I did next.

"I do hope you're flexible, since it would be a shame if you simply split in half from this." I teased her as I ran my tongue up and down her backside.

As I was overcome with hunger, my tongue ventured downwards and parted her little round cheeks. Once I detected that tight little hole of hers, I forced my tongue deep inside of her, seeking out the best place to drain her from.

Suprisingly, the tip of your tongue is far more sensitive than you'd have expected as you stretch the fairy out with it. She gives a moan and a shudder, without a hint of resistance despite the fact that you could easily split her in two. Your tongue is like a bundle of pleasure nerves; as you taste the first hints of blood, a ripple of pleasure goes from your probing mouth down your body.

The mosquiren wastes no time, her own needle-like tongue plunging into the fairy's open mouth. The tiny woman's moans are now muffled as she grabs the tongue with her miniscule hands; you can't tell if she's trying to stop the tongue from impaling her, or draw it deeper into her mouth.

All the fairy's are in hysterics now, except the brown skinned one that got her friend caught in the first place; she's sipping her drink from a nut shell, hovering in the air in a posture that looks quite relaxed. She notices you watching and raises her tiny cup...

Then the fairy dust hits you. You knew fairies has a reputation for hallucinations in addition to illusions, and shoving your tongue into one may have fast tracked that influence. Suddenly, the colours of the forest seem a lot brighter... everything has a soft glow to it... the mosquiren before you, her eyes going wide as the same effect hits her too... well, she's the most gorgeous creature you've ever seen, her blue skin just radiating warm energy... the fairy pushed between your breasts feels incredible as she squirms and writhes and laughs...

Of all the experiences you've had so far; flying as a pegasus, getting blown by two dryads before blowing them up, being played with as the dickgirl doppelganger of a big-breasted gnome... being tongue deep in a fairy is easily the best feeling you've had.

Once my tongue burrowed deep inside of her, I immediately realized just how sensitive it was. It was like having a cock for a tongue. Her especially tight body felt incredible, and I had yet to start draining her.

Then I felt it kick in. These potent little fairies were tricky to snack on. And now, having a snack was no longer at the front of my mind. My blue friend never looked so enticing before. Every nerve in my body lit up, especially once the mosquitoes came to life as we hungrily hummed. I had no idea what was about to happen to us, but whatever it was, this would be my wildest night ever.

And with that, I began to suck away.

The mosquiren holds the fairy gently; with both your tongues impaling her like a spit, she's not going anywhere.

The second you start to suck, she joins you. The fairy squirms, pushing herself down hard on your tongue; it might just be because of the suction but the gorgeous little creature almost appears to be getting off on being drained by the two of you.

Blood runs up the length of your tongue as the fairy swiftly gets paler. Vivid red courses down the cheeks of your mosquiren partner; she too is drinking deep of fairy blood. Before long, your tongue is drawing in chunks of fairy and it feels amazing; as she twitches and writhes in the throes of her demise, each bit of her racing up your tongue feels like an orgasm in reverse.

The others have gone silent, the only sounds are excited humming and the thirsty slurping as the tiny creature has her insides sucked out, her neck bulging as her organs are pulled up through it, her legs splayed so wide she might split in two as you guzzle her intestines out; as she finally goes limp, an uproar of high pitched laughter comes from your audience.

Nearly my whole quaked once I began feasting upon her crimson nectar. There was no way my tongue wasn't a dick with how it pumped in reverse, strong enough to take her guts. When there seemed to be nothing left, I retrieved my tongue.

The little fairy was completely shriveled up, yet it felt as if I had nothing. I needed more, so much more, but I felt too relaxed to seek anything out.

The mosquiren casts the shrivelled fairy aside like a rag doll, and step towards you. She places a hand on your cheek, and the skin contact feels incredible. You just want her wrapped around you, touching you all over... then she kisses you. Her lips press tight, hungry against your own; her dangerous tongue plunges deep inside your mouth and down your throat and you wonder how that fairy felt, getting her whole body sucked dry by this gorgeous creature in a matter of seconds...

Wonder if these tricksters could kill me... if they could drop a rock big enough...

You suddenly feel something warm and gooey pumping down your throat; the mosquiren is pumping blood into you, along with chunks of recently devoured fairy and what must be your own cum from your previous form. Not much, just a quick burst of fluid.

A demonstration.

She draws her tongue out, gazing into your eyes... before kneeling down before you. Her tongue slowly probes up to the fairy trapped in your cleavage...

The other fairies are watching intently, with a couple of errant giggles, but if they're expecting to see their friend sucked dry, you feel like the mosquiren has something else in store...

I didn't think she could be so sensual, even after what she had done to my cock. I accepted her tongue without a fight, sucking on it to get it as deep as possible. It pulsated, but in reverse of what these tongues should do. She shared her precious meals for but a moment, giving me just a taste.

Then I realized, one could pump a ton of blood into something, if they were full to bursting. Sadly, I needed some blood myself to do that at all. And now it looks like she has set her sights on my little pet.

The mosquiren is watching you intently. Though her eyes lack pupils, she's staring up at your with a kind of devotion, her hands massaging your breasts, crushing the fairy between them with each squeeze.

The fairy gives a furious huff with each squeeze, but when the mosquiren's tongue darts up and between her legs, she gives a surprise squeak, followed by moans as the now-familiar hum makes the probing tongue vibrate in the fairy's pussy.

Another squeeze but the fairy only moans now, seemingly oblivious (or uncaring) to the danger she's in.

Another fairy makes an illusion of her stricken friend in a state of writhing orgasm as she's sucked dry, as if to encourage the mosquiren to murder the tiny, curvy creature... but you can see full well that she has no intention of sucking. Quite the opposite.

What a naughty friend I have found myself. She wanted to play around, and not just seek out food. I stood and moaned as she continued to fondle my front, squishing my poor little pet between them. And when that tongue of her shot into the little fairy, I knew things were going to get messy.

"Yes, that's it. Pump her full!" I said, licking my lips.

The fairy is writhing now, not to escape, but to slide up and down on the tongue deep inside her. She holds the length of tongue between her feet to gain purchase, gripping the flesh of your breasts as tightly as she can with her tiny hands.

The mosquiren is clearly showing a degree of restraint, enough mercy to let the small creature cum before she meets her grisly fate.

The others are watching with intent, snickering as the captured fairy rapidly approaches what will likely be her last orgasm ever. A bit less hyperactive than the others, the brown skinned one downs the last of her drink and slides a hand down the front of her skirt; it's the first time you've seen one acting as though the scene was turning her on rather than just making her laugh.

The hum increases in intensity, not enough to damage the fairy but clearly enough to push her over the edge... she gives a high pitched scream of ecstasy, punctuated by breathless laughter, as she cums hard on the mosquiren's tongue.

The mosquiren holds your breasts to keep the orgasming fairy in place as she starts to pump.

In seconds, the fairy has swollen up; her skin turns bright red as she's pumped full of blood. Her eyes go wide as her friend's point and laugh at her (with the exception of the dark skinned one who is... too busy to point). She looks down at her swollen body as the full gravity of her situation is revealed to her...

And she giggles.

The mosquiren, not abated by the weird reaction to impending demise, gives another pump of blood.

The fairy suddenly pops, the smile wiped off her face as her tiny body is blown apart by the pressure. Blood splatters across your heaving breasts, bits of fairy dripping down off you; her legs, arms, even wings forming a small pile between you and your mosquiren friend. She hasn't gotten away cleanly either; her face is coated with pinkish blood. Judging by the colour, it's still mostly cum from earlier...

It was like a firework had gone off right in front of me, the spray of blood showering everything in front of me in a grand display of sparkles. I was hoping to keep my little pet for a little while, but I knew I could come back and collect up a basket of fairies any time of the year.

"Fairies aren't the only ones with tricks, I see." I said, chuckling with a hum.

"Now then... let's go see just how lively this forest can be tonight." Our heightened bliss made these fairies seem boring now. Unless they had a trick to play, I think it was time to check out that much bigger, meatier presence I had detected earlier.

There are some disappointed boos and jeers as you and the mosquiren leave the fairies. A little further away you hear popping sounds; it sounds like they're using their illusions to play a little highlight reel of their friend's sudden and explosive death.

The mosquitos have gathered around your breasts and the mosquiren's blood splattered face. It tickles a bit as they clean you off, each becoming plump and lazy with blood. The full ones drift off into the forest; you instinctively know they are on their way to lay eggs. After a short while walking through the forest, your breasts and the mosquiren's face are completely clean...

... just in time to be able to smell, once again, cooking meat.

We neared our large meal. "Something large ahead. Be careful." I warned her.

We stepped softly and slowly, though the euphoric high was making it hard to focus. Whatever it was, I hoped we'd get the jump on it.

The two of you come to a small clearing.

Whoever is cooking here, they must be nocturnal; it looks like a massive meal for a midnight snack. An enormous boar has been spit and is sitting over a large fire; the wooden stake through it is bowing under the weight, and the fire hisses every time fat drips down off the roasting creature.

An enormous tankard, the kind you might see in a dwarven mead hall, sits on a stone nearby, overflowing with a pearly white liquid.

But there is no one in sight...

I knew I should have paid attention to those sneaking lessons. I doubt I would have prevented any twigs from snapping even if I wasn't on drugs right now. It actually excited me a bit, wondering if we were the ones about the be ambushed. Even so, I acted like everything was fine, deciding to just scout around the edge of the camp.

Just as you move away from the mosquiren, there is a creaking and a snap as something huge drops out of the tree where you were just standing.

Damn... being flattened would have been new...

The mosquiren wheels around to face this new foe, and has to look up to do it.

She stands at least seven, eight feet tall. Like the mosquiren, her skin is blue, but more of a blue-green than the blue of starving veins. As she recovers from the fall, you can see she may not be graceful but looks *strong *... strong and beautiful like a valkyrie. Her lower jaw juts out with two small tusks pointing up, her green eyes dart between the two of you with confusion and rage, and her long, braided blue-green hair is decorated with small bones.

And you've interrupted her dinner. She levels a spear at you; the spear alone looks thick as a branch... but isn't as thick as the massive cock swinging down behind her loincloth. It's not that her minimal fur clothing barely covers her, it's more like it would take an acre of cloth to make pants big enough to conceal her throbbing dick.

I spun around as something slammed into the ground. Many creatures required education to learn about, but everyone knew about the different humanoids. And towering before us was a powerful troll. Their ability was well known, making it hard to kill them, and in this case, hard to suck dry. And by the looks of what she had swinging down below, I was glad I had an empty belly.

I knew we'd lose in a physical battle, so I quickly hummed to my friend. "Quick, we must hum her into a trance!"

If the trance inducing hum was a potent ability, it seems to be doubled by performing in stereo. You both strike a perfect harmony, and in mere seconds, the rage in the troll's eyes turns to rapture.

'So... pretty,' she says. Looks at you both, up and down, dropping her spear... and you notice her cock throb. If the thick jet of white, creamy goo that she squirts on the ground is merely precum... her orgasms must be simply prodigious. You glance at the enormous tankard.

Wonder how many tankard loads I could handle...

The mosquiren looks to you for direction, her tongue darting out hungrily.(edited)

Perfect. This beauty could easily feed a hundred of us before running dry. I gazed at her hardening cock, nearly breaking my focus off the hum. Even if I drank until bursting, I wouldn't care one bit.

"Have a taste wherever. She will never run dry." I said.

Approaching the troll as I stayed my hips, I ran a hand along her soft yet strong body. The few scraps of clothing covering her would just get in the way, so I did my best to remove them.

The troll gives a goofy grin, her pupils wide as she stares at you, mesmerized.

She towers above you, and you realize that, even with her compliance, simply pulling her fur-lined bra over the top of her head would be a struggle, so you use your sharp tongue to slice up the center. Her enormous breasts fall free; her nipples are a darker shade of blue green than the rest of her skin.

The mosquiren follows suit, tracing her fingers down the troll's toned abs, crouching to the right of her enormous, muscular legs, eyeing her massive cock. She uses her tongue to slice off the loincloth, exposing the troll completely. That juicy cock throbs again, and the mosquiren licks her lips hungrily before bobbing her head down and sucking the puddle of cum from the ground.

Her eyelids flutter with delight, and the troll gives a moan as the mosquiren strokes the length of her veiny shaft. If you tried to fuck her, it would be a race to see if she destroyed your organs with her size, or popped you with her near-constant cum production.

She was such a beautiful sight. It was a blessing she could recover from what we were about to do to her, since it would have been a shame to devour her body completely. She was strong yet beautiful. Only bad thing was, she was too tall for us to handle properly.

"Would you like to lie down?" I asked the troll. "We'll take real good care of you." I grabbed her hand to lead her over to what seemed to be some animal skins laid down for bedding.

The troll follows you both. On the way past the stone with the tankard on top, she grabs the brimming cup and brings it to her lips. As warm, white goo drips past her mouth and down her chest, you can tell by the scent that she's quaffing her own cum. She gives a contented sigh and drops the tankard on the ground before lying down on the hide of whatever massive beast she turned into a bed.

Even on the ground, she looks dangerous... until she stretches like a contented cat, that goofy smile returning to her cum-stained lips. She laces her fingers behind her head to watch the two of you, her eyes still clouded with the effect of your humming hypnosis.

Best to keep her satisfied...

Her cock is getting harder; now over two feet long and thicker than your bicep, with an enormous head that won't stop pulsing with troll precum.

The mosquiren points up at the swarm, then to you and her, before making a popping motion with her hand.

Feed the swarm... your instincts tell you.

A playful grin crosses her delicate features, and she drops down to the prone troll in a way that tells you what she's thinking... race you to be the first to pop...

Does she really want to rush to exploding? We should be savoring her, but thanks to my gift, I have a feeling I'm going to be savoring her for a good while. Not wanting to lose an easy game, I quickly laid down right between the troll's strong legs, placing her tight sac right in front of my face. I reached out and grasped it with both hands, massaging the smooth form as I rolled her hot, fat balls around. I uncoiled my tongue, tracing the tip along her sac, scouting out the perfect place to drink from. But for now, I simply leaned in close to kiss the base of her cock as I massaged her pent up balls.

The troll clutches at a rock; for a moment, you wonder if she's going to turn violent and bash your skull in. But she releases it again, giving it squeezes every time she moans.

The mosquiren seems to leave the troll's cock for your own enjoyment; straddling the troll's enormous bicep, she starts to trace her tongue around each hard nipple. Howver, she's not nearly as gentle as you; the sharp point of her tongue traces grooves in the troll's flesh, thin cuts that bleed slightly before her skin regenerates. When the mosquiren sucks up the blood, there isn't even a trace of injury.

Seems if this is a competition, she's going to fight dirty...

With my enhanced vision, I spotted the most perfect place to drink from. But first, there was so much to do. Even with the troll's mass of meat towering before me, I knew how rough my friend was being with her. Playing nice went on for too long.

I traced my tongue up along her massive cock, slicing deep into it. Blood ran down, collecting on her balls. The wound sealed quickly, leaving behind a crimson snack to slurp up. Then, I impaled her sac, boring to the juicy center of one of her balls. Flavor exploded in my senses as I sucked nothing but cum out of her. No matter how much I drank, she would always have more.

With the need for blood too strong now, I retracted my tongue. Aiming right between her balls, I plunged my cock into her sac. It burrowed deeper and deeper, seeking out a heavy vein. I was so hungry that I sent the entirety of my bloody straw into her, placing my lips on her quaking sac. And then, I drank.

The mosquiren slides her dripping pussy against the troll's arm, shuddering with delight before plunging her tongue straight into the troll's chest. The troll gives a surprised gasp; she must enjoy being penetrated, because her hips thrust upwards, impaling her balls deeply on your long, slurping tongue.

Deep enough to pierce all the way through.

Deep enough to hit an artery.

Suddenly, her pounding heart, the massive muscle only inches away from the mosquiren's tongue, is pumping her blood directly into you. You don't just swell, with blood, all at once you distend as warm, delicious blood courses up the length of your tongue. In an instant, your belly inflates; from skinny and gaunt having only fed on half a fairy, to bulging as though pregnant with a dozen children.

The troll hasn't noticed but the mosquiren has; her surprise mixed with a bit of disappointment as she realises that, not only is her little game going to end a lot quicker than she expected, but that you're winning. She tightens her grip with her legs on the troll's muscular arm and plunges her teasing tongue deeper, right into the troll's heart... but even drinking right from the source isn't enough to catch up as she starts to swell.

I never could have expected the rush of blood to be so intense, even from a creature such as this troll. Even if I had wanted to pull free, her fat balls clenched together around my tongue, trapping me in place. It didn't bother me with what was happening, so I just kept on drinking, helping speed along the blood that was already getting pumped powerfully into me. My body rose up off the ground, resting upon my swollen and ripe with blood belly. I could feel the sides of my stomach grow thin from the rest of my body pushing down on it. Whatever was about to happen, I just closed my eyes and sucked as hard and deep as possible.

Your elasticity is reaching a breaking point; your twice the size of your mosquiren companion. The troll has also noticed your swelling; she's not making any move to save your life though. Rather, she clenches her cock, working it roughly as she watches the two of you getting closer to death, you much faster than your friend (to her disappointment).

You feel your internal organs give way with muted squelch sounds; blood and troll cum hemorrhage out of your orifices. Your legs splay wildly, finding no purchase as your belly gets too big for you to reach the ground. The forest feels like it's thrumming with excitement and anticipation; you can sense the swarm building, gathering in anticipation of the coming meal.

Then, a loud, wet POP echoes through the forest as you burst!

Your body is torn asunder; fat, blood filled organs rain down in piles as your upper body is blown up to the troll's waiting hand. She clenches your dismembered body roughly, facing you towards your fellow mosquiren as she swells with desperation in her eyes.

Your still conscious as she slurps and sucks straight from the troll's heart, stretching and expanding, until suddenly her eyes go wide, and with another loud POP her bulging body explodes, coating you and the troll with blood. The troll's eyes roll back with joy as her own, seemingly endless stream of cum rains down over you both, her back arching ip as she aims her massive cock at her own open mouth. She casts your limp body to one side and, as the scene fades from your view, she stretches out again, cum and blood dripping from her body, satisfied.

Getting impaled on a horse cock, having my own devoured, blown apart by dog cocks, blowing myself up, melting into a puddle of goo, having my blood drained, and bursting from too much troll blood. All had been highly satisfying, but on top of what just happened, I watched my friend sadly rupture as well. And to top it all off, I was absolutely drowned in cum. All the while high on fairydust.

As I faded, my mind went wild. I didn't just want to be a troll, but the ultimate being. I wanted... Needed something from everything. But I still was inexperienced with my gift. Even so...

Another holy explosion of light brought my back forth into the world. I felt strong, energized. Just like a troll. But I quickly noticed many things were off...

I didn't care, or notice if the troll was still in a trance, as I had to check my body out. I stood up, feeling much taller than before. My body was fit and toned, but not overwhelmed with muscles. I had the legs and hooves of a horse, like I could crush another woman's mound. My upper body had a light coating of hair on my green skin. Even on my massive breasts. Between my legs was a tight sac of 4 fat balls below a sheath that surely housed a troll sized brink dog cock.

My mouth had tusks like the troll, and when I licked my lips, I realized I still had my blood sucking tongue. As I stretched, it became apparent that my back had sprouted a couple things. Big feathery wings flapped momentarily. But the best thing of all was when two dick splicer tentacles curled out in front of me so I could see them.

My body was perfect.

The troll girl looked completely baffled, so I did what was only natural. "Hey there good looking. Want a bit of company tonight?" I seductively said, sauntering over towards her with swaying hips.

She sits up, clearly startled by your sudden appearance. Her bewilderment turns to awe as she looks you up and down. She stands, scraping cum off her face and breasts quickly, almost preening...

'What... what are you?' She glances at the mosquiren corpses either side of her, now covered with feeding mosquitos, and points at the dismembered body that was once yours.

'You smell like her.'

I might be tall, but she was still a couple inches higher than me. Maybe if I was full troll. Wonder if I even got their regeneration ability...

She looked cute while she cleaned herself off, like she was trying to impress me. I walked... Trotted rather towards her, gazing into her eyes while licking my lips.

"And you would be right... That was me. And now... I'm gonna rock your world."

I pressed right up against her strong body. My hands up and down both of our bodies. Tilting my head upwards just enough to look her in the eyes, I unraveled my tongue and trace it along her chest. My wings fluttered in joy, wrapping around us lightly.

Her cock had apparently softed with her shock, hanging down low. And I knew just how to help her.

"Girl, I'm gonna make you so hard, your cock might burst!" I said, giggling.

My dicksplicer tentacles curled over my shoulders, resting the large ends within my palms. I grasped them, turning the barbed side towards her chest. Slowly I brought them to her heavy breasts, only hovering an inch away from her nipples.

Grinning for but a moment, I slammed my barb covered tentacles into her luscious mounds. My tentacles tensed up, the fat ends undulating as I pumped venom into her. It was surely a lethal amount, but I had confidence that her cock, and heart would survive.

The attention from your hands, the barbs thrusting into her and, chiefly, the raw power of the venom you're pumping into her sends her into overdrive immediately.

She gives a scream into the night, like the bellow of a warrior, and grabs around your neck to your bushy brown hair. Forcefully, she kisses you; you can feel her hardening cock shooting precum over your legs and hooves.

As she clenches your body tighter against hers, you feel her heart... hearts? pounding like war drums.

She attempts to push you to the ground, trying to dominate you. You could let her, or try to gain the upper hand; her powerful muscles may be no contest for your myriad of extra limbs...

I figured she'd react somehow, but not quite like this. At first it seemed like she was about to attack me, but instead, attacked my lips with her own. I returned the kiss immediately, keeping my barbs pressed hard against her to get as much poison as I could into her system. Her cock leaked heavily, hardening and throbbing madly as it grew between our bodies at an impossible speed. Even with the sounds of her apparently multiple hearts beating, it seemed as if I could hear her cock as it swelled and stretched bigger than ever.

It didn't matter what happened, so I combined my strength with her own to allow us to collapse onto the ground together, kissing the whole way down.

Even with your enhanced size, she manages to grasp both your wrists in one hand. Straddling you, she pushes down on you with her weight. The throbbing length of her cock is pressed up against yours; she's making an absolute mess of you with all the precum pumping from the end.

With a grunt, she rips one of your tentacles free from her breast, splattering you with a spray of troll chunks and blood. Her breast is already healing over as she sucks on the tentacle, trying to get more of your potent venom.

"That's it girl, have you fill. Let's see if we can't get that lovely cock of yours to burst!" I seductively said, watching in awe as she sucked on my tentacle like a cock. The suction actually sent waves of pleasure into me, making both of my tentacles undulate even faster to pump her full. If this went on any longer, her veins will only contain my venom without a single drop of troll blood.

With our cocks throbbing madly against one another, I reached out with both hands and gripped them tight, smashing them together. I had never felt something so hard before. Her cock was harder than rock, harder than steel. And it seemingly continued to swell further. I started out light, stroking them just fast enough to send waves of pleasure down into us.

Her swollen cock keeps squirting precum down onto your naked body; prodigious amounts of seed must be a troll thing; each one is like a fresh cumshot; it's not long before your curvy body is glazed with trollcum.

She released your tentacle, seemingly having had her fill of venom; her eyes are wide and she's panting with lust. She leans down and kisses you forcefully, shoving her tongue into your mouth violently; it's nearly enough to make you gag!

She lets out a moan as your stroking pace quickens slightly; you think she's about to grab your hand and fuck it harder but she catches a spurt of her own cum instead, licking it hungrily from her hand. She gives you an odd look, broken by her eyes rolling back and her tusks biting into her finger to stifle another moan. Then she catches more of her precum, roughly forcing some pearl-coated fingers into your mouth.

"We taste fucking good," she growls. Her hips have started to thrust; she's losing patience with a slow pace. You could satisfy her desires, or tease her more and see how she takes it out on you...

RP - Splattered Skye 2018-08-21T19:43:32+00:00

'... which brings us to Skye.'

Skye snaps back to attention. The meeting had been droning on for an hour, and it was all a bit too business minded and high-science for her sense.

'We are hoping Skye will provide us with a perfect personality imprint for the prototype. After this meeting, she will be performing a number of tests in order to effectively copy her personality, with all her quirks and proclivities, into our new product.'

Skye looks around, blushing at the sudden attention. Speaking is a scientist, a young woman in a lab coat. She looks almost expectant and Skye wishes she hadn't zoned out…

Skye was way over her head. She was just a simple young woman trying to to find her place in the world. And getting called in for some kind of project was the last thing she thought she'd be doing for the day. There was nothing special about her at all. If anything, maybe her extreme shyness could be considered a superpower.

"Sorry... I'm just trying to figure out what I'm needed for..."

The scientist smiles. 'As you can see, perfect for the task. Ms Styles, could you please take our subject to prepare for analysis? We shall be discussing the process in greater detail, but we don't want to impact the results.'

A young woman, dressed professionally, rises from her seat at the table. Her appearance is one of complete control; not a crease in her skirt, her dark hair restrained in a long ponytail. She gestures to the door. 'Right this way, Miss.' The door slides open in response to the gesture.

Skye hesitated for a moment, making sure that the woman was in fact referring to her. She stood up in a hurry, making her way over to the open door. Although society was well into the space age, not everything was high tech. Her own apartment was as standard as one could get. She couldn't but but gaze at all the technology around her, especially the doors that opened on their own.

They walked down an entirely white hallway, with doors lining both sides. Skye kept her head down, holding her hands together against her shirt. "Umm... what is your job here?"

She strides quickly, stiletto heels clicking against the floor. 'I'm an analyst of sorts. Lydia Styles... Lydia, if you please. It is my job to prepare you for the process of personality imprinting, and do anything in my power to make you... comfortable... with the process.'

At the word "comfortable", she glances back at Skye, not breaking stride, as if gauging her reaction. If Skye didn't know better, she'd think Lydia was being suggestive.

Skye upped her pace when Lydia seemed to be practically jogging down the hallway. They passed a few other employees along the way, which she refrained from making eye contact.

"I still don't know what's going on, or why I was chosen..." She wondered if what she had in her pants was part of the reason she was brought in.

'Put simply, we're in the final stages of developing a new product; a variation on the classically recognised species of humanoid nitrogel.' She stops at another door, opening it with a gesture.

'A new nitrogirl, colloquially. Are you familiar with nitrogirls?'

Skye's passive demeanor perked up when she heard the word 'nitrogirl'. She had never personally seen one, but had heard about periodic instances of them oozing their way into society and making quite the mess when someone couldn't resist their alluring nature.

"I-I've only heard a little bit about them. How a lot of our energy is harvested from them." She tried peeking inside the door, wondering what was inside. "W-will I be interacting with one?"

As Ms Styles lead Skye into the room, the young woman was disappointed by the absence of any nitrogirls. Indeed, the room was quite bare, dominated by what looked like some intimidating scanning equipment, and a desk with a computer terminal. A privacy screen was in one corner.

'There is a gown for you to wear; you can get changed behind the screen. Just leave your clothes there; we shouldn't need to leave this room.'

Lydia sat at the desk, crossing her long, stockinged legs and pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose. 'Your role is to provide the personality imprint for our newly developed nitrogirl. You are correct that high energy products are sourced from very eager nitrogirl volunteers, by very eager employees... but it's a risky process and that... eagerness... can lead to... accidents.'

It only took her a few seconds to see everything that the room had to offer. Skye blushed a bit when she was told to change into something a bit loose fitting. Making her way over to the screen, she peeked out at Lydia to make sure she was entirely focused on the computer before starting. She had never changed her clothes this fast before, wanting to keep her secret hidden for as long as possible. Her body was completely bare underneath the gown, making her a bit chilly, her nipples stiffening against the gown. Now she was permanently blushing.

Walking back out to the middle of the room, Skye waited patiently. "How will the imprinting work? I hope there won't be any accidents..."

'Quite simply, we're going to scan your brain. Completely harmless. You'll be asked a number of questions, or be required to focus on a variety of stimuli, to calibrate the scanner.' She watched Skye from behind the screen; the slow gaze up and down her gorgeous body was, surely, the rigors of due observation and not predatory lust.

'The process is entirely non invasive. Simply lie back on the bed and it will slide into the scanner. You may feel a myriad of odd, painless sensations but nothing harmful... unless you're claustrophobic.'

Skye looked at the scanner; a cold steel platform to lie on that day before the circular tube of the scanner. The thought of being trapped inside it was horrible...

Skye sighed in relief just a bit, glad that the testing so far seemed like it would be accident free. She slowly walked over towards the scanner, running her hand along the bed. It wasn't anything to be afraid of, as it resembles a typical scanning machine that she has experienced a few times in the past at a hospital. Taking a deep breath, she carefully climbed up onto the bed and laid down, making sure her gown wouldn't expose her.

"O-okay, I'm ready..."

Goosebumps raised on Skye's legs as she made contact with the cold metal, and a shiver ran up her spine as the table slid into the machine. Lights came on, the soft pink glow mingling with the soft blue of her gown. It started to hum.

'How are you doing, Skye?' Skye heard Lydia ask, with all the concern of a 'rate your pain, one to ten.'

'Any questions before we begin? We aren't in a hurry...'

Skye gasped when she first got on top of the metallic bed, not expecting it to be so cold. Her nipples stiffened even greater, threatening to pierce right through the gown. She did her best to remain calm, making sure to listen to further instructions.

"I-I'm doing fine, just a little cold..." In the past, it was always hammered into her head that she would need to stay still while in one of these machines. And since she was shivering, she wasn't sure if anything was going to work.

"Umm... I guess, just a brief overview of what's going to happen."

Lydia's voice is transmitted into the chamber; with the ebbing lights and the soft humming, it's actually starting to get quite soothing.

'Your role is simple. You answer some questions, think hard about what we tell you to think about, and we scan. You'll probably feel very peculiar sensations. Then you get to go on your merry way and we imprint your personality matrix on our prototype nitrogirl.'

Skye almost thinks she hears another voice asking Lydia something, but it could just be the odd effect of the voice being transmitted to the scanning machine at the same time.

'If you're ready, we can begin. The questions may be of a private nature but I can assure you, nothing leaves this room. Question one: are you sexually active?'

She asks quite clinically and professionally, but as the ebbing lights flow and shift, Skye can't help but wonder how personally curious Lydia Styles is...

"Umm... well, I do touch myself at times... does that count?" She answered, wondering if Lydia could see her bright blush. One of her hands wanders down and rests on the subtle bulge of her gown, making sure nothing could detect it.

'That's perfect,' the analyst responds without a hint of irony. If Lydia noticed Skye's bulge, she didn't mention it, though the intimidating scanning equipment is surely laying bare all Skye's secrets.

The questions continued; flipping wildly between mundane and downright inappropriate. 'Have you ever used a teleporter or other spatial distortion device?' 'Have you ever had more than one sexual partner simultaneously?' On and on, until Lydia switched things up.

'Okay, Skye. You're doing fantastic. The next stage may seem a bit disorienting, but I want you to describe the sensation you're feeling. It may be touch, taste... any sense. Be as descriptive as possible.'

Skye wondered how she could possibly feel anything other than cold metal and claustrophobia when she could suddenly smell a flowery odour, like... roses...

The questions bombarded her faster than she could answer them. Some didn't make sense, while others had no point in being asked when previous answers made them pointless. Then the rather pleasant smell hit her.

"Oh wow... I smell... Something lovely, like flowers..." She described, feeling pacified by the scent.

'Good. And now?'

The sensations came and went as quickly as Skye described them; the sound of a piano, the feeling of being in a decending aircraft, the sight of grains of sand being sifted... until an odd one that had her stumped. Warm, gooeyness in her mouth, salty-sweet in flavour...

She paused, trying to place exactly what it was.

Skye struggled to figure out the current sensation. Her tongue moved around, trying to see if there really was something in her mouth. The taste was new, but it almost reminded her of a different kind of aroma.

"It feels... And tastes like something... Strange is in my mouth..." She said.

'You don't recognise it? I'm not surprised, that fits the profile, I just thought curiosity...' Lydia stops herself.

'One more, Skye, then we'll nearly be done. Something of a combination of sensation, nothing I expect you to recognise. Just do your best to describe what you're feeling.'

Skye would swear she hears footsteps near the scanner but can't look to see... probably still part of the test. Then there's a warm, tickly, almost gooey sensation... on the sole of her left foot.

'Skye? What are you feeling right now?'

Out of everything that she has felt up to this point, this seemed the most real. She wiggled her toes, which seemed to make the feeling change.

"Just something... Slimy on my foot." She said, still feeling relaxed.

Lydia murmured an affirmative.

The sensation crept up Skye's leg. It felt gelatinous, gently swishing and sucking at her skin as it climbed her calf. Her foot was engulfed now; it rippling movement of the gel around it massaging her arch, her heel and every toe all at once.

At least, that's what it felt like.

The feelings were rather nice and soothing, convincing her to relax completely. She laid there calmly, taking soft breaths as she closed her eyes.

The warm gooey sensation crept further up her leg. Her left foot felt exposed again as a ring of slime slid along her ankle; whatever Skye was being made to feel must have been about the size of a cat, a firm weight now making its way up and around her thigh.

Then she felt it tentatively touch the tip of her slightly throbbing cock, a gentle ring of lightly sucking ooze...

As if to highlight this unexpected and awkward sensation, Lydia chose that moment to speak up. 'Skye? I need you to describe what you're feeling. To calibrate the transfer...'

Every inch the sensation went, the better it felt. At first it was rather inconspicuous, but Skye quickly realized just where it was headed. You'd think she'd stop it, but for the longest while she's been craving being touched. It she said anything now, it might stop, and her secret would surely get out. Her cock swelled slowly as something approached it. All at once, she shuddered and moaned when it made contact, making her engorge even faster.

"It... It... I don't know, it's just... Incredible." She admitted.

The gooey object engulfed the head of Skye's cock. Painstakingly slowly, it crept down the length of her shaft. The weight on her thigh lessened as more of its mass transferred over. As her cock throbbed and grew, the goo moved up in unison, gaining another inch of ground with each throb.

It felt rippling, like the massage it had been giving her leg the entire journey up. Skye could hear bubbling and slick swishing as the rhythmic ebbing whirlpooled around her cock head.

It had almost reached her balls when Lydia interrupted again. 'Incredible? Can you be more... specific?'

Skye bit her lip, desperate to stifle any pesky moan that might embarrass her. Her hips rocked lightly as her towering mass was engulfed. If she had looked down, not only would she had seen her gown being tented, but surely movement from whatever was pleasuring her.

"Ohh... It's just so hard to describe... Like... Lik-" before she could finish, a deep moan finally escaped her lips.

'Is everything okay, Skye?' Lydia asked without a hint of concern. As if she knew...

Skye's balls were both engulfed, the teasing mass firmly encapsulating both of them, though it seemed spread a little thing taking the entirety of Skye's organ...

The swishing ripples focused at the base of Skye's cockhead, then ebbed back outwards, getting still at the top and constricting at the base, then sliiiiiding slowly up, like a soft hand gripping in a circle. The lower mass teased and sucked at each throbbing ball, left to right to left.

"Yes, everything is... Perfect... Don't stop this test..." She begged.

The sensations reminded her of her own hand touching herself. She realized that they must have known her secret, otherwise something would have tried thrusting into her. At this point, she might not have minded that one bit.

Her moaning continued, softly. Both hands slowly made their way to her chest, resting on her bust. If everything continued, she'd surely make a mess of the scanner. But not in the way she was thinking.

The sensations focused on the tip of her cock head and, at that point, things got a bit more... invasive.

Skye could feel her precum-dripping hole slowly stretching wider as, well, it felt like goo was slipping inside. Slowly the massaging receded from her balls and up her shaft as she was made to feel that, whatever this was meant to be, it was gently entering her body, filling the length of her shaft and making her balls throb.

It was like nothing she'd ever felt... and it felt incredible.

What little bit of pre cum that had managed to make it to her tip was quickly pushed back deep inside of her. Skye knew what sounding was, and while she never would have tried it herself, she didn't think it could feel so amazing. Her hands gently fondled her breasts, doing anything to heighten the pleasure. It wasn't just her cock throbbing, but also her balls now that felt like they might even be swelling a bit. By this point, she likely wouldn't even care if all of this really was more than just sensations.

As the last sensation of anything external to her cock abated, the sensations inside Skye's organs gradually stopped, dwindling disappointingly as her cock kept twitching and throbbing, precum leaking onto the steel table.

Though she was internally begging for release, for the sensation to continue, there was nothing.

'Skye? How are you feeling? We're nearing the end of the imprinting...'

Just as fast as it had appeared, the wonderful sensation was gone. If she could, she would have laid there all day just to experience it continuously. But alas, she had a normal life to get back to.

"I feel... nothing. Just a cold table." She finally touched her cock, folding it down against her body so it wouldn't get spotted while softening.

There was a mechanical hum as the table slid out from the scanner. Lydia was walking into the room to help Skye to her feet.

'Easy now. The imprinting is complete; you did fantastic. It can be a bit disorienting but you should feel normal soon.' Her grip was quite strong, lifting Skye upright. And the feeling of the analysts hand on the bare skin of her arm sent a shiver up Skye's spine... the throbbing sensation was still there, albeit subdued... but she still felt incredibly turned on.

Maybe just a side effect...

Skye squeaked when the table started moving. By time Lydia arrived to help get her off, her dick had softened all the way, yet her body felt like she was still rock hard and throbbing. After everything she had been through, she was feeling very good right now, allowing her to smile at Lydia rather than just blush and look away.

"That was very... different." Was all she could say about the testing. "So... what do I do now?" With how she was feeling, she hoped to get home and relieve some pent up stress in privacy.

Lydia seems to cock her head to one side slightly; she may be receiving instructions through an communication implant.

'Well, you're free to get changed back into your clothes; everything will be where you left it behind the screen. Your retainer is for 24 hours; in case we need to redo the imprint, though it appears to be working perfectly so far.'

She leaned on the table, looking Skye up and down. 'The 24 hours will give us a chance to keep you under observation. The scan is completely non-invasive but we always like to be wary of any... side effects. Of course, this is not a drably clinical facility; we've prepared one of our VIP suites to accomodate you. You are, after all, very important to us.'

"Oh, that sounds... lovely." Skye said, trying her best to hide her small bit of excitement. She didn't really have a job or anything else important going on, so a bit of a break from her simple apartment would be a nice change of pace. Once she got behind the screen and made sure Lydia wasn't looking, she quickly got dressed. Just for curiosity sake, she checked her body out, but didn't notice anything different physically. But was still feeling rather... different.

"Umm... I don't want to get lost, so... could you escort me?" Skye asked, realizing that her dormant dick seemed to throb a bit whenever she was close to this woman.

'Of course,' Lydia replied nonchalantly. When Skye emerged from the screen, Lydia was sitting on the table, waiting. 'Shame this device is so fragile and expensive...' she pondered to herself before noticing Skye's return.

Her high heels clicked on the floor as she stood. 'If you'll come this way...'

She led Skye out of the medical area and back to the halls to wait in front of an enormous lift. Standing close to the innocent young dickgirl, her tight business attire gave a full mental image of a toned, athletic body beneath.

The doors opened; a pair of women similar work clothes were inside, suddenly stepping to the two back corners of the lift. They seemed flustered at your presence, one smoothing down her skirt, blushing.

The presence of more women not only made Skye blush brighter, but made her tight jeans throb even faster. So far only a small bulge had grown, but with how things were turning out, she'd likely get embarrassed rather quickly if she doesn't get somewhere safe.

She and Lydia stepped inside. "Oh, hello... umm... what do you guys do here?" She awkwardly asked, holding her hands in front of her jeans.

The redhead stammered. 'I... uh... I'm Selina from accounting. I mostly do invoicing.'

The brunette is less tongue tied. 'I'm Nadine, HR. I mostly do Selina.'

Selina's skin matched her fiery hair as Nadine smirks. 'Wait... I processed your paperwork... you're the test subject, Skye-'

Lydia cut her off with a glare that caused even the more confident woman to cower. She shuffled closer to Selina, speaking in hushed tones; Skye picked up the words 'goo-girl' and 'experimental'.

The lift dropped them off; Selina shot Skye longing look, biting her lip, before catching up to her friend.

If Skye wasn't being affected by something, she might have caught onto the important keywords. The employees were definitely lucky that she was focused on still keeping her bulge hidden.

"Oh, bye..." Her voice trailed off when the two extra women disappeared in a flash.

"It must be nice working here..." Skye's curiosity suddenly peaked, likely because part of her mind had heard the word 'goo-girl'. "Umm... I've always been curious... would it be possible for me to observe a nitrogirl? Or something..." She asked, blushing bright.

Lydia smiles. 'Would you say you feel some affinity for the process? Or at least, curiosity?'

She types something into a notepad, and the lift stops... then shifts into the opposite direction.

'Normally there's a degree of clearance required to even observe the nitrogel harvesting process; as you can imagine, it draws a lot of... outside interest. And not merely from competitors. However, your contributions to the nitrogirl project are more considerable than the paltry compensation they're affording you; I personally think you are indispensable for the project, and should be treated as such.'

She'd gotten a bit more passionate as she talked; clearly the project is important to her.

The lift doors open. You're now in what feels more like a subterranean area; not cramped and confined though, and holograms of plant life serve to give the place a bit of life. Dozens of people are wandering from area to area; many a dressed in a uniform; a simple vest, tracksuit pants, and white trainers.

Skye didn't really know. "I've just always been curious about them. Knowing more might help if I ever... encounter one."

She listened to Lydia speech, feeling a bit awestruck that someone could be so dedicated to their job. Too bad Skye just worked some minimum wage nonsense.

When the lift stopped, Skye looked all over in awe. People, workers rather, seemed busy and moved quickly all over the place. A few had sealed containers in their arms, seemingly transporting precious cargo. "Wow... guess it makes sense to keep them all down here."

'This is the harvesting floor, where the bulk of product is gathered from the willing nitrogel volunteers. Ever since our species' met, we've enjoyed good trade relations; gathering the volatile substance they naturally produce is the chief benefit.'

Lydia led Skye down a large corridor and through a security door.

'There's an observation deck here...'

A gantry was over a number of rooms. They look almost like well furnished cells; spartan but not as unpleasant as a hospital or prison.

Most rooms had a bright green individual in them; several rooms also had women in the simple uniforms as well.

Skye's eyes went wide just to take it all in. For the first time she got to lay her eyes upon what seemed to be nitrogirls. They were a bit far away, but could tell they were definitely rather attractive. There didn't seem to be any active harvesting going on, but her cock did react accordingly, throbbing as it swelled some more.

"Wow... are they harvesting right now?" Skye asked, hoping it was the case.

'See where some glass is opaque? More often that not indicates an edger who prefers privacy when working... an edger being slang for an EDGE harvester... let's see though...'

The platform moved gently, taking Skye and Lydia closer to one of the rooms. The ceiling was see through and Skye could see the occupants clearly; judging by the edgers gathered outside, it looked almost like a training session.

'Marissa, one of our best edgers, training a group of new recruits.'

The tall, slender ebony woman had the curvy green woman laying on the simple bed, like a massage table. The woman on the table looked to be entirely made of a transparent gel, though quite humanoid; her hands were clutching at her heaving breasts as the edger tended to her massive, throbbing cock.

Marissa's hands moved expertly up and down the shaft, pumping a steady flow of precum into one of the solid containers. She noticed her audience up above; her sharp brown eyes winked under the ringlets of her brown hair and she quickened her pace. As the goo girl writhed and moaned, she seemed to rapidly approach climax... only for Marissa to slow, clenching the base of the emerald green cock.

'Marissa... is not shy...'

Skye paid close attention to everything, not wanting to miss a thing. She couldn't help but gaze at the green person, feeling herself being rather attracted to her. As well as the dark colored woman, watching at that tight grip of her worked the ooze right out of the poor thing. The bulge in her pants surged in size, wishing it was being handled just as roughly. If Skye wasn't so shy, she'd easily be asking to take the green one's place.

"I... can see that..." Skye said, gulping. Her bulge grew so large that even her hands failed to hide every bit of it. "So... I've heard that, well... bad stuff happens if you... work them too much..."

'Bad is a matter of perspective...' Lydia murmers, transfixed by the writhing nitrogel girl and the beautiful woman who was milking dangerous fluid from her. The analyst remembers herself, composure coming back over her.

'Yes, well. Nitrogel girls have an unusual reproductive cycle. They can be teased like that for quite some time, but pushing them over the edge results in a considerable release of energy... put simply, if a careless edger were to make a goo girl climax, she'd explode, and the edger with her.'

Lydia gestured at Marissa who was working the whimpering goo girl towards a peak again. 'Hence, edger.'

Skye gulped, realizing how much danger everyone down there was in. Luckily she was up here, with enough problems to deal with.

"I hope that doesn't happen too often... Maybe we should leave just in case... Marissa slips up." Skye suggested. Though it was likely because she wanted to hide her throbbing secret from everyone.

'Don't worry, Skye. I've seen Marissa handle goo girls begging to explode that even I couldn't resist... I mean... that is to say, she is quite adept at finding a happy medium between flow rate and safe practice.' Lydia fumbled with her words; the display below them clearly has her a bit distracted.

'Naturally, that isn't always the case. We have no shortage of recruits, though, despite our admittedly high fatality rate in trainees... the job has its appeals, you know...'

Noting Skye's desire to leave for now, she guides her back to the lift.

Skye sighed in relief once they got back to the calmness of the lift. Even so, her pants stayed tight, feeling ready to split open, her cock not wanting to calm down.

"24 hours you say? I hope there's stuff for me to do here... What's my room look like?" She asked.

'Well, we're not a standard entertainment facility but we have our fair share of intrigues.' The two of tem quickly returned to the lift; a tall, athletic redhead and a short, brown skinned woman watched them with interest at a water station as they left.

'While we can assign a member of security to show you around but I'm more than happy to give you a personal tour of anything you'd like to see.'

She ponders for a minute. 'Lets see... the edgers have a gymnasium. There's the zoology wing, a lot of the live specimens are fun to see. Of course, if nitrogirls are of interest, we could view some of the relevant training material; some of it gets quite intense...'

The lift doors opened; the floor it stopped on looks almost like a modern hotel.

"you've been quite nice, and helpful... But you don't need to keep guiding me... Unless you want to."

Skye pondered her options. Part of her just wanted to hide, while another secretly wanted to seek out help for relief. When the doors opened, she wished she could just always live here.

"Well... If the training material is safe, maybe I'll go check that out." She decided.

Lydia walked briskly down the hallway; holographic artwork splashed colour along the walls and ceiling as they passed. It was mesmerising.

'Oh, the training material won't harm you, but I don't know if I'd call it safe. Some of the cautionary documentation is quite... risqué.'

A door to the left now; Lydia held her palm over a panel and opened it. Inside looked like a luxury hotel room. Wide open windows let in sunlight and showed the cloudscape beyond, other towering structures piercing up around the building they were in.

The furnishings weren't just comfortable, they were opulent. Large, cushy sofas, a small kitchenette, an a holoscreen projector... like a five star hotel.

'As I said... VIP.' Lydia opened double doors to the bedroom; an enormous four poster bed was within, mahogany furniture all around.

'I would recommend viewing the training material from the comfort of your own lounge... or the bedroom.'

Skye might have been impressed with the rest of the facility, but her temporary room was simply out of this world. She let her hands fall from her pants, not even worried about her secret as she took everything in. She'd do anything to live here.

"Oh, is it just like browsing channels?" She picked up a remote and played with the living room projector. She might end up in the bedroom, but wanted to make sure she knew how to work it before sending Lydia off.

Skye's bulge was noticeable now, and though she tried to distract herself, it just wasn't abating; her hormones were going crazy, and everything was starting to look like a sex toy. The sofa was something plush to grind against, the bed was somewhere she could stretch out to her fullest and just spend her time making an absolute mess of herself... the analyst was so many warm, wet holes she could slide into.

The analyst... Lydia... spoke into her sleeve. 'Queue up edger training material to room seventy-three fourteen, access code triple eight six two.' A menu appeared on the holoscreen.

Lydia walked up to Skye and stood very close next to her.

'The videos on Techniques and Methods are very informative. I've watched them several times over, strictly to see what the girls downstairs recommend for working a long, hard cock until the owner begs to explode... but if you're looking for something a bit more interesting, may I draw your attention to the final category...'

She placed her hand over Skye's, directing the remote to highlight the final, red-text category: What Not To Do.

The room, the screen, Lydia... everything was making Skye starting to feel hot and bothered. Rather than hide it, she savored the feeling of her cock throbbing madly within her tight jeans, making her belt strain to keep it held prisoner.

Skye saw the categories come up, each somehow sounding more arousing than they should be. So many teaching how best to handle the slimy women, and to collect their vital substance. Even with a big, bold letter category trying to steal her gaze, she couldn't help but spot the zoology category.

"I didn't know you involved... animals in this..." She said, her breathing heavier, heart racing.

'In addition to harvesting fuels and such, our company has a strong interest in the flora and fauna native to the nitrogirl home planet.'

Lydia's fingers hadn't left the remote; she scrolled upwards, her thumb lightly stroking the back of Skye's hand.

'Given that the nitrogirls breed exclusively through violently explosive sexual encounters, often with species outside their own, the animals native to the planet have mostly adapted to them.'

She picked one menu item. A video of an odd creature, like an armor plated horse, started to play.

'As you can see, Samson here is a fine example of fauna having adapted to the presence of the nitrogirl life form. Note his hard plating that covers him entirely, even his underbelly... and the length of his long, hard shaft.'

The shining, silvery cock was brought into view on the screen. Skye could see that the person holding it, her hands appearing tiny around the throbbing shaft, was stroking gently.

'We train some of our more advanced edgers to draw samples from the wildlife,' Lydia explained as the hands started to stroke the armored cock further along the shaft.

'As you can see, anyone who completes the training knows how to work a cock with no fear.'

Skye's focus on the horse creature, and it's cock, was so intense that she didn't even register what Lydia was doing. She gazed at the massive length of armored meat, her cock throbbing even harder she watched a hand stroke it. Her free hand slowly slid down to her jeans, resting atop the throbbing bulge to squeeze it gently.

"I-I've always loved horses... and Samson is a beautiful one..." Skye moaned very softly as she continued watching. "C-Could we go see him? And... Does he..." She looked at Lydia, still managing to blush deeply even with ecstasy flowing through her. "Breed with nitro girls?"

'I'm sure something could be arranged. For now, enjoy some of the training videos, have something to eat, take a shower, freshen up. I'll go talk to some of the people in zoology; I won't be long and I'm always just a quick call away if you need me for anything.'

Lydia went to leave, but before she did, she talked into her wrist again. 'Queue up the video logs from the nitrogirl/bulwark interaction experiments, room seventy-three fourteen, access code triple eight six two.' She winked at Skye. 'Enjoy.'

When Lydia left, Skye didn't know what to do. Her mind was a battle between her shy self and the overwhelming surge of lust and ecstasy that coursed through her. She paced around the apartment, still breathing quick while moaning softly.

"What is getting into me... How could I look at that horse's..." She used both hands to squeeze the entire length of her bulge. "Cock..."

She did feel a little hungry, so upon opening the fridge, she was met with everything imaginable. In the meat drawer, her eyes went wide when spotting something that resembled something from earlier. It was a long, thick, juicy kielbasa sausage. She immediately grabbed it, opening it up and wrapping it with a paper towel, then microwaving it. Her mouth watered heavily, and once the beeping sounded, she quickly grabbed it and ventured into the bedroom.

Skye sat on the edge of the bed, sausage in hand as a video started up into front of her. Even before anything arousing appeared, she was already sucking on the hot slab of meat.(edited)

'I get to go splat, right?'

There was no picture to the recording yet, only voice; the feminine, girlish voice sounded excited. There was also the huffing of a large creature, and the sound of a stomp.

'Project ID sixteen-oh-three, nitrogirl/bulwark interaction. Present Doctor-'

'I get to go splat, right?'

'Doctor Midori Tai, Senior Scientist, R&D. Dr Lydia Styles, Research Analyst, R&D. And of course...'

'I get to go splat, right?'

'sigh fucking goo girls... Cinder, who gets to go splat.'


The camera came online. The armored beast, Samson, was there, along with a diminutive nitrogel girl, Cinder. She waved as the camera. She was tiny, with perky breasts and a pussy rather than the cock every other bright green nitrogirl had appeared to have so far. Her emerald green eyes were wide and she quivered with excitement. Her hands couldn't hold still, fingertips dipping into her own gooey form, in and out.(edited)

Skye had been sucking on the sausage gently when only audio came through, anticipating what might show up. A cute voice kept interrupting, revealing to be a nitrogirl when the video feed switched on. Skye and her could compete on who was the cutest. And that pussy of hers...

"Is she really going to take him?" Skye mumbled, then stuffed the sausage back in. She'd suck it in a ways then pull back out. Her gaze didn't leave the screen, cock throbbing as it wished to be in the room with them.

'Now, Cinder, do you remember your very fucking simple instructions?' The voice speaking, Dr Tai, seemed quite curt, almost unprofessional... but clearly in charge of the experiment. Cinder nodded enthusiastically. The long flow of gooey hair down her back bobbed and ebbed, mixing with the goo that formed her torso.

'And what were they?'

'I get to fuck Samson!' She gave a little jump of excitement, eyeing the massive cock only a few feet away hungrily.

'Yes. And?'

'And I get to go splat! As hard as I want!'


Cinder looked puzzled. 'Um...'

Another sigh. 'You can climax... you can go splat when I tell you you can go splat. Is that fucking clear?'

Cinder gives a meek nod.

'That'll have to fucking do. Go fuck the horsie.'

'Yay!' The petite nitrogirl dashed over to Samson, who didn't even budge despite the sudden movement. She stroked his silver face adoringly, whispering in his ears. Then she got down on her knees; her pussy was already dripping with precious nitrogirl precum down her skinny, emerald thighs.

Everything seemed innocent at first. Once Samson came into the picture, Skye didn't care about what else was going on. Her hunger of the food kind got the best of her, biting the end off. Once she swallowed, she hungrily sucked the warm juices out.

Only a miracle was keeping her pants in one piece at this point. Her cock was raging within her jeans, feeling like a bomb ready to go off. One of her hands slowly ventured down to the hot bulge, tenderly rubbing the surface.

On the video, Cinder was placing small kisses from Samson's shining balls, down his armored cock to the head. She slipped her mouth over it with ease; Skye could see the cock head through her translucent cheeks. A few squirts of liquid pumped from Samson's cock hole; they quickly dispersed in the gooey currents of Cinder's body.

Skye imagined what that mouth must feel like; as her tongue swished around Samson's cock, it must be giving little ripples and currents just like... just like the sensations Skye had felt right at the end of the scanning.

Cinder reached around behind herself, squeezing her ass cheek before bringing her hand up to the small of her back and plunging it into her body. Skye could still see the outline of the hand; it had a distinct flow from the rest of Cinder's body. To her surprise, the petite goo girl's fingers emerged from her own pussy and, with sudden fervor, she started to play with her clit as she forced Samson's cock deeper down her throat.

Skye munched on the warm sausage when she couldn't suck any more juices out of it. Her entire focus was on Samson and what Cinder was doing to his mighty cock. Her hips had a mind of their own, rocking in place atop the bed. She wanted... needed to be somewhere to put her own cock and ass to use. But for the time being, continued gazing at the 'educational video', causing muffled moans to echo into the room as she devoured the sausage.

The volatile green goo girl seemed to be rapidly pushing herself closer to climax... which would, of course, blow her up...

'Cinder, take it fucking easy. I need you to make him cum first,' Dr Tai reminded her. She gave a little disappointed moan, releasing Samson's cock from her mouth with a wet smack.

She lay back, her arms and legs stretching up to Samson's sides; her malleable form pulling her thinner as she locked her ankles around the mighty beast's back.

She slid her pussy up the base of his cock before sliding him in, the goo of her pelvis distending as he penetrated her deeply. She gave a giggle of delight as his cock reached her midsection.

He gave a huff as she started to milk his cock with her body. Her body undulated like water lapping at the edge of a pool, her delighted squeals turning into more intense moans.

Skye was stuffing the sausage in and devouring it so fast now that it was a miracle she didn't choke on the massive piece of meat. She couldn't believe how maneuverable the slime girl was, being amazing enough to distract her from Samson's cock for but a moment. And when it entered the nitrogirl once more, this time impaling her body nearly completely, another miracle was all that kept Skye's pants in one piece. Finished with the sausage, Skye's hands split up, one landing on her bust while the other rested on her throbbing bulge. Both were fondled tenderly, heightening her ecstasy at a rather slow pace. She gazed with unblinking eyes, watching how skillfully the slime girl quaked and undulated along his massive length.

Cinder's eyes were squeezed shut as she bounced back and forth along the long, armored cock.

'Oh, yes... I get to... I finally get to... I want to explode... I'm gonna get splattered all over this room...'

She was squeezing tighter now. Samson huffed an pawed at the ground, metallic hooves making an almighty clunk, but he hadn't filled the goo girl yet.

'Cinder, slow down. I didn't say you could cum yet,' the doctor ordered. She didn't seem to slow; rather, she spend up, grinding her clit against the animal's underbelly as his balls pressed up against her perky asscheeks.

'I'm gonna... gonna go everywhere... gonna get torn to pieces and just explode and...' she was mumbling between moans, a litany of self-destructive ecstacy.

'Should I go in there and stop her?' Another voice asked. Lydia.

'Only if you want to get blown up... fuck's sake, that was a no. Get back here. Edgers I can replace, analysts are expensive.'

It sounded like Lydia was disappointed…

Skye was working her body through her clothes so roughly that her hands burned from the friction. Her chest heaved, the room filling with deep moans. She wanted to get pleased so badly, explode with ecstasy, but wished for more than just her hands. Her cock needed something hot, wet, and tight, while her ass yearned for something massive to tear it open. The way her belt was starting to creak, it was like it was in a race to explode before the slime girl could. She knew something big was about to happen on the screen, and she didn't care what it was, only wanting to witness it in full. And if possible, witness it in person afterwards. Or maybe see whatever else was on TV…

Cinder was clutching Samson tightly now; she'd only had that massive cock inside her for a few minutes but she was clearly close to a cataclysmic climax.

She let go with her arms, upper body flopping to the ground as her outstretched hands clasped at the ankles of his forelegs. Her toes curled as she impaled herself on him over and over. Dr Tai was shouting at her to slow down but she was ignoring her.

'Make me go bang... make me go bang... make me explo-oh-oooOOOH!' Cinder screamed as she clenched her body tightly and crashed over the point of no return. Skye witnessed the full force of the nitrogirl's explosive orgasm; the goo girl's petite body detonated, exploding outward with such force that even the heavily armored bulwark was sent into a stumble. Green goo splattered over the room, up Samson's front, and trickled down the lens of the camera.

As things calmed down, there was a frustrated sigh.


A moment passed. Samson shook his head and stamped on the ground, clearly frustrated at not having finished.

'Should I have an edger come relieve Samson?' Lydia asked.

'No, fuck it. I'll do it myself. Arrange for someone to collect Cinder's remains and house whatever bimbo she spawns.'

Skye jumped right as the blast shook her room thanks to the high tech audio system. Her belt buckle decided to explode apart at the same, flying off and crashing into the wall. With their last line of defense gone, her button and zipper were defeated as well, allowing her bulging panties to shoot out of her opening pants. Even with the heightened bliss bombarding her body, she couldn't believe what she had just seen, and what her pants just did. She sat in silence for a whole minute, gazing down at her madly throbbing underwear that had somehow stayed intact.

"Oh my... I hope no one sees me like this..." She mumbled, blushing bright. Getting up off the bed, she frantically wandered around the room, opening drawers to hopefully find another belt.

The top drawer contained a number of synthetic leather straps; pulling one from the bundle, it looked like a bracelet or anklet; not big enough for a belt. It did look like it could attach to things; maybe several could be linked to fashion a belt.

A voice made her start; the video hadn't stopped playing. Dr Midori Tai was in full view of the camera, whispering reassuring things to Samson. She was a lot shorter than Skye imagined by her assertive demeanor; clearly of Asian decent (or at least the recipient of olive skinned, dark hair phenotype treatment); her lab coat did little to conceal a pair of breasts that were far too large for her petite frame. She looked around, checking to see if anyone was watching, then crouched next to the armored horse creature. 'Don't fucking flatten me. Or drown me.'

Skye quickly checked the second drawer, prioritising fixing her pants situation. A number of devices was there, none of them belts... it may have been the rampart arousal talking, but they seemed quite phallic...

Skye nearly had a heart attack when she heard a voice, fearing that someone had walked in on her. Rather, it was the start of the scientist helping to relieve the neglected Samson. It looked and sounded like things were about to get good again, so she hurried up with her search. The second drawer had all kinds of things in it, many being hard, long, and thick. Without thinking, she grabbed the most menacing one and rushed back over to the foot of the bed. As she resumed watching the show, she began slowly sucking on the thick toy while a hand massaged her bulging underwear.

The toy seemed to respond to the mosture of Skye's mouth; it hummed and rippled on the surface, the vibrations sharper against her probing tongue.

On the screen, the busty scientist pushed her long hair back, spat on her hands, and started rubbing Samson's shaft. Within moment he was dripping with precum; looking around cautiously, she scooped some onto her finger. Her eyes rolled back with pleasure as she tasted it, moaning.

The motion of her hands were fluid, almost elegant, carressing the length with a firm, yet fluttering touch. It was almost hypnotic. She shuffled slightly, kicking off her heels and crossing her legs beneath her, getting comfortable.

She sucked harder when the toy came to life on its own, somehow knowing just where to stimulate her. Her hand pulled it back out whenever she sucked it in a ways, only to suck it right back in. Had it been any longer, her ecstasy drugged mind surely would have sucked it down her throat, causing her neck to bulge painfully. Luckily it had a thicker base, so it wouldn't disappear completely.

Down below, a quickly spreading wet spot was forming on her panties. It filled the room with a sweet aroma, her nose inhaling it deeply. Needing more pleasure, while wanting to savor every last moment for as long as possible, she retrieved the toy from between her lips, causing a string of saliva to stretch out from it. She moved the vibrating end all the way down to her bulge, moaning deeply as she rubbed it along the form.

Skye was barely paying attention to the TV now, even though she was gazing right at it.

When she teased the wet patch with the vibrating toy, it rumbled and purred harder, pressing against her. A string of gooey precum stretched between her panties and the toy; in the light, it almost looked pinkish.

Her moans were echoed by the scientist on screen. While Dr Tai needed both hands to stroke Samson's mighty metallic cock, her skirt had hiked up, and she was pressing her mound against her heel as she stroked. Every time she rolled her hips to put pressure on her clit, she was shuffling a bit to the side; soon she was directly beneath Samson. While before, he would have shot his load all over the gooey patch on the floor that marked Cinder's demise, now, if he came, it would go all over Midori.

She slid her hand through a patch of Cinder's remains; slick and green, she used it as lube to work Samson with a tighter grip. Every time precum pulsed from his cock, she'd aim it a little closer to her face...

The worry for a new belt all but disappeared thanks to her new favorite toy. She had never had something so magnificent before. A gush of fresh pre cum came as the toy met with her barely covered glans. Her panties were becoming so soaked that she'd need more than just a new belt. Then somehow, she suddenly realized her shirt was drenched in salty juice from that sausage.

"Ohh... Why is everything going so wrong..." Rather than putting it off to the side, she stuffed the toy inside of her opened jeans, wedging it right up against her bulge.

As she moaned and watched the screen, she quickly removed her messy shirt, leaving her in her bra.

The toy reacted to being alongside Skye's dripping cock by vibrating all along its length; it felt like someone was running their finger firmly up the side of her shaft and pressing against the head of her cock, over and over...

On the screen, Midori was working Samson with abandon. Obviously oblivious to the recording, she was unashamedly sucking down the animal's precum. She used one hand to squeeze his shiny balls tightly; he gave a gruff groan but obviously enjoyed it.

Her rolling hips hit a rhythm as she fucked her bare foot harder; her own pussy juices were mingling with the splattered goo girl. She was getting frantic, obviously worried about getting walked in on in such a compromising position.

'Hurry up and cover me you fucking-'

Her demand was cut short. The screen split into two; Midori tugging the armored horse's cock on the left but now with the sound muted, a formal profile picture of Lydia on the right with the message "Incoming Call. Say 'yes' to answer, 'no' to hang up..."

Skye sat there shuddering in her seat. Her cock actually felt like someone was working it skillfully, someone like Marissa. If her pants hadn't been so tight to begin with, she might have just zipped them back up with the toy in place.

Just when the show was getting good, the sound cut out. Then she saw some sort of call coming soon. She had no idea if there would be a video feed, so she crawled all the way up on to the bed and got under the covers.

"Ye- ohh... Mmm..." The toy seemingly sped up when she tried to talk. "Yes!" She did her best to hide the pleasure on her face.

Lydia appeared on the left side of the screen; next to her, a familiar figure... Dr Midori Tai, looking far less compromised than the version of her on the right whose face was a picture of orgasmic ecstasy as she shuddered in the remains of a destroyed goo girl, a throbbing cock inches from her face and threatening to blow her head off.

'Skye... did we catch you at a bad time? Dr Tai is keen to meet you, and thinks Samson would be too...'

Dr Tai chimed in. 'Everything okay, Skye? How are you feeling...'

Lydia cut her off, which elicited an angry glare from the smaller woman in the lab coat.

'What Dr Tai means to say is, would you like us to come up to you, instead?'

The toy was unrelenting. It could sense Skye's building pleasure and was only rippling faster in response, tight against her cock. She could feel the swelling in her balls, and could feel precum oozing onto her belly...

Skye was biting her bottom lip hard, not wanting to let them hear any deep moans escape from her lips. Not only was the toy buzzing madly against her raging cock, but she still watched in silence as the video played next to the video call. She didn't know what to say or think, just staring at the screen as her mind melted from overwhelming pleasure.

With a shaky hand, she managed to pull the toy free and lay it next to her under the covers, freeing her mind from its grasp. "Y-you might have to, since I wouldn't know the way down there..." She finally said, then laid back on the bed.

Lydia and Midori looked at each other, and at the furtive movements of the blankets.

'We'll be right up,' Lydia assured with a smile.

The video call closed; the hologram of Dr Tai jerking off the armored horse went fullscreen and unmuted just as Samson blew his enormous load all over the olive skinned scientist. Cum splattered all over her face, into her open mouth, and splashed down onto her labcoat. Her body quivered with pleasure as she pressed her pussy hard against her heel, her hands clenching her breasts as white cum squeezed out between her fingers.

The urge to explode just like Samson had all over Midori was unbearable...(edited)

Even with the toy gone from her bulge, Skye still felt a heavy gush of pre cum ooze from her cock upon seeing the fullscreen horse seed blast. It was so wrong, and would be highly dangerous, but all she could think about now was enjoying every thick inch of that silvery cock. When the last eruption shot onto the doctor, Skye suddenly realized that she needed to hurry before they catch her in her current state.

"I'd better hurry... but I don't think those straps will work..." Sliding over and sitting on the side of the bed, she did her best to zip up her pants and button them back up. Miraculously, everything held, but without a belt, her pants would surely spring wide open if she made any sudden movements. The wet spot was hidden now, but the sweet, intoxicating aroma would surely follow her everywhere. Hearing something at the door, she decided to keep the toy under the sheets, hoping she'd get some alone time that night to have even more fun. Only thing was, she had forgotten to find a clean shirt to put on.(edited)

Skye heard two people enter the lounge area, talking to each other.

'Skye? Are you...' There was a pause, as though Dr Tai was searching for the right word. 'Aliv-OW!'

'Are you decent?' Lydia called out.

They weren't far from the bedroom door now...

The question kick started Skye's thinking, allowing her to realize she was only wearing her bra. Desperate to cover herself, she scoured the room for a clean top, not caring what it was before putting it on.

Pressing a softly lit panel beside the wall mirror caused it to recede and reveal a wardrobe. It appeared that whomever had stocked the room wanted to accommodate people of any build, given the number of straps and harnesses all the clothing had...

The closest thing at hand that looked Skye's size was tight red leather with fewer buckles and hoops that the rest of it... though she had a few seconds to search the rest of the wardrobe. A bundle of towels could be used as an improvised dress as well.

"Oh, I like red!" Her eyes lit up at the sight of the leather. She grabbed it and quickly slipped it on, cinching the straps tight. It still allowed for a good amount of cleavage, which was something she was craving in her current situation. Hearing footsteps closing in on her, she put the most innocent look on her face possible and went to open the door.

"My shirt got messy, so I had to find another one..." She admitted, blushing while not bothering to obscure her bulge. Like she wanted them to find it...

The two women gawped at Skye as she emerged from the bedroom. The tight red leather top had her considerable assets on display; ostensibly distracting from the traces of pinkish precum still visible of her exposed belly. Her tight jeans were indeed bulging; if Lydia and Dr Tai were previously unaware of her endowment, they couldn't possibly still be.

Dr Midori Tai was decked out in her lab coat; the low cut allowed Skye a good view of the shorter woman's massive cleavage. Her full, glossy lips were agape as she stared at Skye, her violet, almond shaped eyes looking the gorgeous dickgirl up and down. 'Holy fuck...' she murmured.

Lydia interrupted; more composed though still looking at Skye with barely concealed lust. 'Skye, this is our head of R&D, Dr Midori Tai. She's been working closely with the zoology department.'

Skye took a moment to savor the sight before her as well. She bit her lip, her eyes widening as they gazed into the endless depths of Midori's cleavage. If she wasn't careful, her death might end up being caused by drowning.

"Yeah, very close..." Skye said, remembering back at the scene on the screen. "I hope Samson loves visitors."

Midori put her hands in the pockets of her coat. 'Oh, he's a standoffish boy, but you two are gonna have a lot in common...' Her striking purple eyes flickered back to the enormous bulge in Skye's jeans.

'Dr Tai actually had plans for an experiment this afternoon. I thought given you'd signed an NDA already, filling you up with secrets wouldn't kill anyone,' Lydia interjected.

'And it's not like we hurt any animals here. We're very fucking ethical,' Midori added, shooting Lydia a glance.

Lydia rolled her eyes. 'Shall we?'

"Oh, what kind of experiment?" Skye's curiosity perked up, helping to distract her from everything else going on. "I doubt anything could hurt Samson. He's covered in armor, and when Cinder exploded..." Skye trailed off, stepping forward to follow them back down to the zoology department.

'You showed her the hybridization experiment?' Midori asked casually, then thought for a moment. 'You showed her THAT hybridization experiment!?'

'Yes, I thought it exemplary of our trial and error process. Is there a problem?'

Dr Tai blushed. 'How... fuck... how much did you watch? What did you think?' she asked Skye. It was impossible to say whether she was asking for insight on Cinder's explosive demise, or her own technique working a massive cock...

"I can see what makes nitrogirls so dangerous now... It must be hard resisting one if they ever get the jump on you." Skye said, wondering if she should mention anything past the splatting of Cinder. "I think you have a way with animals. I'm sure Samson enjoys having you around... at least during cleanup time." She smirked a bit, blushing alongside Tai.(edited)

'You did strike me as unusually... pleasant... after the unsuccessful experiment with Cinder,' Lydia remarked. Midori shot her a glare.

'If I'd let you have your way, and watched you get splattered by that bubble brained goo girl, I'd have been positively fucking elated,' she shot back, leading the trio into the lift.

The ride down to the lab was a bit awkward after that.

When they arrived at the R&D floor, Dr Tai spoke up. 'You do raise a good point. The proclivities of the nitrogel girls are just one half of the problem. It hasn't escaped our attention that this line of work attracts people with... proclivities of their own.' She looked pointedly at Lydia, who glanced away, suddenly interested in some passing lab technicians.

Even with quickened breath and a raging bulge, Skye was essentially ignored the whole way down to their destination. She didn't dare say anything with how heated the two women were. When the lift doors opened, she stood there innocently, wondering if they still knew she was there with them.

'To explain today's experiment succinctly... we're interested in the nitrogirl's ability to hybridize. We think they first starting taking humanoid form after exposure to our race, and there are many reports of nitrogel girls that have properties of creatures they've bred with... whether the creature survived the breeding process or not.'

Skye was led through several doorways, past open labs where people in lab coats performed science at a variety of work stations.

'Put simply, we want to try and breed a goo girl with the prodigious cum production of a bulwark... such as Samson.'

The lab they went into was more closed off. Samson, his armored pelt glistening in the fluorescent lighting, stood to one side, munching from a feed bag. Also glistening, a voluptuous goo girl reclined on a nearby sofa.

Between getting bombarded with science sounding stuff, and gazing at all the labs and equipment, Skye was once again overwhelmed by everything. It at least distracted her lust filled mind for the time being, allowing her pants to survive the journey to Samson's holding area. But upon arriving, only a miracle would allow her to contain her raging beast...

Skye immediately looked at Samson once they arrived. The only thing hard about him right now was his armor, keeping Skye calm for the time being. Although he was the reason she wanted to come down, the lust coursing through her veins made her show interest in the nitrogirl in the room as well. One that was clearly thicker and curvier than Cinder had been.

"Oh... are you going to be doing that now?" Skye asked, hoping it to be the case. "I saw how it wasn't a... success last time."

'Yeah, that's a fucking understatement. The treaties don't leave us with many goo girls for R&D purposes and you tell one she gets to die cumming and she can't fucking contain herself...' Dr Tai rolled her eyes.

Lydia gestured to the reclining goo girl. 'Our tactic here is twofold. Bernice has a more... languid personality. We think she got it from the human her predecessor exploded with... along with her curvy figure. We're hoping she'll be more capable of restraint.'

'She's still a cock-hungry nitrogirl, though. I wouldn't put it past her to detonate the second Samson slips inside. That's why we're planning on getting one of the esteemed edgers to get him closer to climax before letting Bernice have her way with him'

She checked her watch.

'When the fucking edger decides to show up, that is.'

At this point Skye wanted to question why her raging bulge had seemingly gone unnoticed. Except for a couple initial glances anyways. The last thing she'd do would ask something to draw even more attention to it and herself. So she simply relaxed, feeling more comfortable. Maybe it was just residual nitro girl slime in the air getting to her.

"Edger? I'm sure anyone here would do a fine job..." Skye gulped, stepping slowly towards Samson's head, her bulge leading the way. "Isn't that right big guy?" She held a hand out for him to check out once he finished with his latest batch of feed.

While she stood there, she couldn't help but glance over at Bernice periodically. Her cock throbbed hard at the sight, begging to sink deep into her slimy body.

Noticing your attention, Bernice slowly rose from the sofa and approached the three women. Her hips swayed and every curved bounced as she crossed the floor. Her scent was, indeed, intoxicating. While nitrogel girls were indeed volatile, their scent was nothing like fuel; rather, aromatic like fruity perfume. Skye couldn't help but wonder how they tasted...

'You're new,' she observed. 'What do they call you?'

Skye kept one hand giving Samson some attention, scratching his ears. Assuming her armored even made it feel nice. She gulped hard, watching the goo girl walk right up to her. If she wasn't already under the effects of something, the scent surely would have done much the same.

"I-I'm Skye, and I just came down here to see Samson." She blushed heavily.

If she breathed any more in, or the goo girl got closer, or even touched her, Skye's pants would surely lose their battle once more.

The green goo girl walked around Skye, studying her. 'I thought you might have been an edger, though I didn't recognize you.' Her fingertips ran down her voluminous breasts, dancing over her clear, emerald coloured belly. 'You smell like you've been harvesting pre-cum from one of us all... day... long...'

She smiled, placing a hand on Samson's flank. 'I must say, I'm very keen to get started with the good doctor's experiment... I've been craving an explosive demise since I first laid eyes on this beast. Maybe they'd let you stand in for our absent edger? You'd just have to ask Dr Tai very politely, I'm sure she'd acquiesce...'

Skye's heart raced as the gooey woman circled around her. The scent was like someone had sprayed perfume directly up her nose. She could see every luscious curve bounce and jiggle in amazing detail, threatening to put her into a trance.

"N-no... You're the closest one I've been next to all day... Maybe it's just the smell of this room..." Skye said, unaware of what Bernice suggested.

So lust much flowed through Skye's mind that she wasn't entirely sure of what 'beast' the nitro girl was talking about. With how obvious her bulge was, Bernice could have easily been referencing it. She gasped when a soft, green hand pressed against her waist.

It was all too much for her pants, so when a powerful throb shot through her cock, the button and zipper gave way. Everyone in the room was immediately drawn to her pants springing wide open, filling the whole room with her own intoxicating scent, mixing with Bernice's to make a potent combination. Scent was one thing, while the sight was grand as well. Her bulge practically doubled in size, only resting within her underwear that looked ready to explode as well.

"Oh my..." Skye moaned, gazing down at her monstrous, throbbing bulge.

Samson gave a huff; the arousal in the room from all four of the people present is triggering his most basic of instincts. As the bulge in Skye's pants grew to a seam splitting size, so too did his cock swell with the sound of metal scraping over metal.

Lydia has moved noticeably closer to you and the volatile goo girl; clearly whatever self-destructive drive she has is starting to erode her decorum. Midori, on the other hand, has kept her distance... though the lust in her eyes as she gazes at your barely-contained cock is apparent. Both women seem lost for words.

Bernice literally quivered with excitement. The presence of so many potential victims had clearly started to impact her arousal. Her fingertips traced down the bare skin of Skye's arm and across the top of her cleavage, bulging in the tight red leather top; her touch felt as soft and rippling as Skye imagined the fluid woman would, just like the sensations she has felt in the scanner...

Then the party was interrupted by a cough. The thin ebony woman, Marissa, stood behind them, hands on her slender hips. She was wearing her edger uniform; she had probably just come from harvesting, judging by the gooey green stains on her clothes and shoes.

'I can come back later if you guys need privacy... assuming you don't die...'

There was so much going on in the room, so must lust coursing through her veins, Skye thought she could just explode from it all. If the facility had chosen someone even just slightly less shy than her, they would have given in to the lust a long time ago. But not Skye.

Her savior arrived in the form of Marissa, a strong willed girl who knew how to handle her lust. Skye sighed in relief, but at the same time, knew of the skill that the dark woman possessed. Her cock throbbed at the thought of being masterfully milked, brought to just the edge of blowing but being denied release over and over.

"N-no, I think you've come just in time... Samson is already prepared for you." Skye blushed, trying her best to not let her savior slip away.

Marissa gave Skye a long, approving stare. 'I love your top. I'd be swimming in goo girl precum if they let me dress like that. Are they trying to recruit you? Everyone knows the best edgers are girls like us...'

She gestured towards Skye's throbbing cock. 'If you like, I could teach you all sorts of tricks of the trade some time.' She herself had a noticeable bulge in her pants, hanging down her thigh under her tight grey sweatpants. She was wearing a tight edger vest as well, exposing a lot of toned midriff; tight leather would look incredible on her.

Skye blushed even brighter when Marissa seemed to quickly approve of her. Then she let out a silent gasp, her eyes locking onto the not-yet hard bulge in the dark woman's tight pants. She had no idea one of their best edgers had such a thing. It now made sense why she was so skilled, able to practice on herself every night. Must mean she is painfully pent up...

"Oh, well... I'm only going to be around for less than a day, so I'm not sure you'd be able to teach me much..." Skye said, looking a bit disappointed.

Marissa smiled widely; there was something very genuine, very beautiful about her smile. Skye's pants ached as she imagined those full, brown lips and dark, rosy cheeks getting coated with cum...

'Maybe later we can have a decent cramming session,' she offered.

'Maybe now you can do the fucking job we needed you for half an hour ago,' Dr Tai fumed. An unfortunate byproduct of her short stature was that frustration just made her look more adorable.

Skye was lead to a viewing area; she could see the cameras recording the room. Lydia gestured towards one of the chairs where she'd have a good view, and sat at a desk. Dr Midori sat at a computer next to Skye. Both women kept stealing glances at her nearly exposed cock, yet both seemed to be taking pains not to draw attention to it.

Bernice reclined back on the bench to watch as Marissa approached Samson. He seemed alert and wary, as well as incredibly aroused.

If they hadn't blown open already, hearing Marissa's words surely would have made Skye's pants explode just as well. Just when she thought she had found some relief, Skye was escorted into a different area away from the dark beauty. She sat between the two staff members, who were busy taking quick glances of her member.

"Oh... I can't believe what Marissa just said to me..." She mumbled, eyes gazing at the screens while her bulge continued to throb. She didn't even bother with trying to cover herself or close her pants back up.

Marissa ignored Bernice, for now, focusing on the task at hand. She was clearly not the least bit afraid of Samson; being in the trade of edging volatile goo girls had given her nerves of steel.

'Let's find out what you like, you big brute,' she whispered. Skye could see the bulge in Marissa's sweatpants twitch; judging by how far down her thigh it went, the competition for biggest endowment would be a close one for the two girls...

Samson would be a clear winner though. His shining silver cock was even more impressive in real life. He shook his dark mane and the length between his legs swung back and forth dangerously; it looked like it would split even a malleable nitrogel girl right down the middle.

Marissa stroked his flank, slowly moving to his undercarriage, taking her time. Dr Tai seemed a little impatient but kept her mouth shut, resolving to enjoy watching the slender edger work and not rush the experiment.

Skye stayed still most of the time, only periodically shifting in her seat. With all the attention on Marissa now, she could relax for a bit. She did her best to gaze at the growing, armored horse cock, anticipating the moment the dark woman's hands would grasp it.

"So, has Marissa ever worked with Samson before?" She asked.

'Typically, if this kind of work needs to be done, we're endeavoring to get samples from him, rather than bring him close to climax then let him fuck something. This is the first time we brought in one of the edgers, given the specific nature of the task. Marissa was highly recommended by- Bernice, cut that the fuck out!'

Dr Tai was cut short by the need to snap at the reclining goo girl; they'd all been watching Marissa start to stroke Samson and Bernice had started playing with herself.

'Swear to god, if I get their best edger blown up, Director Kaede will beat the shit out of me.'

Marissa seemed non-plussed, wrapping her long fingers around Samson's member and slowly stroking. 'Am I stuck using just my hands or can I get creative? We have to be careful edging the slime sluts; the precum is a powerful aphrodisiac.'

The three women looked at each other, eyes widening at the implications of Marissa's question. 'Uh... as long as the bulwark cums in the nitrogel girl, you can do whatever you like. Just... don't die.'

'No guarantees,' Marissa said, getting comfortable under Samson.

Skye jumped when the busty woman suddenly yelled. She had seen Bernice start to touch herself, but figured it'd require a lot more than that to be set off.

"There's no way she can explode all by herself, right? Cinder needed Samson, so I'm sure Marissa is perfectly safe." Skye said. "First time I'm hearing of this Kaede. What are they like?"

She watched with unblinking eyes as the dark woman began tending to the massive horse. Her cock throbbed hard, pre cum leaking heavily. The barely dried wet spot on her underwear quickly spread wider with fresh cream. An intoxicating aroma flooded the viewing area, making her chest heave to take it all in. With how everything was going, Skye truly felt like as if Marissa was actually stroking her cock.

"Whatever test you guys did to me earlier, it definitely has some side effects." Skye moaned, blushing bright as she caressed her wet, silky bulge. "I mean... Just look at how hard I am."

In a move that no one could have predicted, Skye slid her strained panty band down the seemingly unending length of her cock. She hooked it underneath her hot, pent up balls, allowing her dick to spring upwards. There it throbbed and bobbed madly, towering between her legs.

"This can't be normal, right?" After asking, she blushed and bit her lip.

Unable to see what was going on in the observation room, Marissa continued her work. Given the green light to use any means at her disposal, her pink tongue darted out and licked up the length of Samson's metal shaft.

'It's so cold... see if I can warm you up...'

He huffed as she nuzzled his cock, giving long, languid licks up the length of it, caressing his shining balls. Bernice whimpered at the sight but, to her credit, kept her hands to herself.

Midori was struggling to do the same. Skye was Lydia's subject and responsibility, but her thoughts were focused on experimentation of her own with the gorgeous dickgirl. She moaned as Skye exposed her throbbing cock, craving the taste of it stronger than she had wanted to suck off the armored horse...

Lydia, on the other hand, was keeping her cool. Typing something into the nearby console, she only gave Skye a sidelong glance. 'Autonomous side effects are not unheard of; it's why we wanted to keep you for observation. If you give me a moment, I may be able to examine you.'

Suddenly, Dr Tai cocked her head to one side. 'What? Fuck off... I'm in the middle... seriously? I swear to fuck...'

'Something the matter, Dr Tai?' Lydia asked innocently.

'Fucking... no. It's fine.'

'I can follow through with the... experiment, if you like.'

Dr Tai glared at her. 'That would be fucking... lovely,' she said. She stood and straightened herself out. 'Lydia. Skye. Don't...' She stopped, seeming to reconsider her thoughts. 'Don't... do anything hasty. I'll be back. Make sure Marissa doesn't get blown to pieces.'

She left briskly, giving Skye's cock another longing glance.

"Examine me?" Skye said, gulping audibly. She turned her seat right towards Lydia, her throbbing cock calling out to the staff member to come hither.

She didn't understand what Dr Tai was upset about, but before she could find out what was going on, she found herself alone in the room with Lydia.

"Any idea what that was all about?" She asked Lydia, though her focus was still on the monitors to watch Marissa closely.

Lydia turned and rose, taking Dr Tai's seat next to Skye, facing her. 'I may have some inkling about Dr Tai's other projects. Enough to see her called away to an emergency.'

The was a moan and the wet sound of tongue on metal cock from the other chamber. Marissa had started using her tongue as well as her hands to edge Samson; by his shuddering he was clearly enjoying it. He gave a synthetic sounding sounding huff of pleasure, a sound that rumbled through his metal body.

Bernice was watching Marissa with fascination, her eyes darting from the edgers lips and fingers to the bulge in her grey sweatpants. As cool as Marissa kept on the surface, her cock was betraying her growing arousal at edging the enormous cock above her.

'Now, lets see what we can't do about your little... problem...' Lydia reached forward and gently grabbed Skye in her soft, well-manicured grasp.

With Skye's focus on the monitors, she was taken by complete surprise when Lydia's gentle touch embraced her raging cock, making her gasp and jump in her seat. She stared down at the supple hand grasping her, savoring the cool feeling as it helped soothe her distressed organ.

"Lydia..." Was all she could muster, blushing bright red. She bit her lip, feeling as her cock throbbed madly within the light grip. An extra thick load of pinkish pre cum oozed out of her opening, running down her thick length until it coated Lydia's hand.

Lydia started to gently pump more and more precum out of Skye. It coated her hand; she caught some before it dripped off the floor and licked it off her finger.

'Have you always tasted incredible?' she asked.

In the other room, Marissa had slowed her pace somewhat. Her own oozing cock had created a darker grey patch in her pants at her thigh; by rolling her hips, she could slide her shaft against her own soft skin without needing her hands.

Lydia watched her as she started to work Skye's cock a little faster, matching the ebony edger's pace. 'I never understood how they could do it. The edgers. Day in, day out, working those amazing googirl cocks, knowing that pushing them too far would result in them being torn apart in a massive... powerful... explosion... and somehow... they resist the urge to just give in and blow themselves up...'

Using her other hand, she slid her skirt up and looped her thumb under the side of her g-string. Only shifting position slightly, she worked it off, past her ass and hips, down her long legs and over her pointy high heels, all without stopping the attention she was giving Skye.

Skye simply sat still and moaned, her shyness unable to break through and put a stop to things before they'd get messy. That feeling of goo working her cock in the scanner had been enjoyable, but just having another person's hand tending to her was so much more. So much so that she barely even realized a person was connected to the helping hand, let alone see them begin to play with themselves.

The way her underwear was tucked underneath her balls caused them to be pushed taut upwards, the tight band digging into the underside of her sac. Both fat orbs were feeling the pressure, helping to push out any excess cream. Skye's cock might be feeling the need to blow, but now her pent up balls were in danger of exploding, especially if they were given a tender massage. If she could speak, she might even say they felt like primed cherry bombs that simply needed their fuse to be lit.

Her hand now free, Lydia used it to massage Skye's balls. Precum was flowing now and both her hands were getting lubricated. She gently yanked at Skye's tight jeans to drag them down a bit, giving Skye some more freedom.

'Look at them... Marissa, Bernice, Samson... what do you think is getting our edger off more; the fat, metal cock in her hands, dripping Samson's precum all over her... or being in the blast radius of that luscious goo girl, ready and eager to explode at any second...'

She bobbed her head down and licked the tip of Skye's cock, collecting pinkish precum on her tongue.

'Mmm... the colour of candy and a hint of the sweetness... what have you been eating, raw sugar? Here, try it...' she collected more on her tongue and leaned in, hoping for a deep, lingering kiss…

Skye was allowed a break from her deep moans when her balls were released from their tight confines, letting out a sigh of relief in response. She merely turned her head to look, only replying with soft whimpering from Lydia's continued touch.

She gasped, looking back at Lydia when the staff member's rough, wet tongue caressed the sensitive head of her cock. Fresh, pink cream oozed out just as quickly as it was collected up, ensuring Lydia wouldn't go hungry. With how much was profusely leaking out of her now, one would think her balls would be empty by now. But no matter how much escaped, she felt even more pent up as time went on. Almost like they were swelling with an explosive payload...

The shy girl was in a hypnotic haze, not even hesitating for a moment when a sample of her pink sweetness neared her lips. Her lips trembled as she leaned in as well, parting them to suck the moist tongue into her hungry mouth. Once that heavenly taste reached her mind, she closed her eyes and gave Lydia just what she wanted.

Lydia slid her tongue over Skye's, swirling and dancing in her mouth, then pulling back to tease her before kissing a bit more firmly. She felt herself getting more and more lost to her arousal with every melting barrier the shy dickgirl lost.

Marissa had noticed the two women making out through the window; even her bulletproof resolve wavered at the sight of Skye succumbing to ecstacy at Lydia's hands. She had heard rumours of one of the experiments being conducted by the attractive analysts, and wondered if this show was part of it...

She snapped back to the task at hand when Samson huffed with frustration. The bulwark was getting closer and closer, and though she could keep him on the brink all night, that wasn't her task.

Bernice looked up with excitement, lost to her own gooey fingertips. 'Is it my turn at last? Will you be exploding with me?' When Marissa paused but shook her head, she pouted. 'Better leave, for your safety... though I doubt it's any safer in there...' she warned, gesturing to the window that was started to fog up as Lydia and Skye got more intense.

Things were growing so intense that not even Skye's heightened lust could keep her silent forever.

"Oh, Lydia..." Skye moaned, then went in for another kiss. "Something is really wrong with me. It feels like I could just explode at any moment...*

As the kiss continued, one of her hands came to life, moving down to join with Lydia's. It was immediately coated in sweet cream, alternating between softly caressing her slick cock, and giving her own balls a tender massage. If she was going to blow, she knew it wouldn't happen unless she was burried within something hot, wet, and tight... Unless something decided to do the same to her ass.

'And is that so wrong? Splattering all over Dr Tai's lab, making a mess of her computers and instruments... I think it would be... fuck... would be funny...' Lydia swore as she slid two precum coated fingers into her pussy, pushing Skye's fluid deep inside herself.

Bernice had positioned herself beneath Samson, her emerald green pussy on display for the gigantic silver beast. Marissa looked torn... as though she knew sticking around to watch that show would spell her doom... but not wanting to interrupt the passion in the adjacent viewing room. And just leaving via the lab door seemed rude.

Lydia rose, pushing Skye back on the chair, standing astride Skye's throbbing cock, her pussy dripping a mix of both their juices down on it. 'Want to see if you really will explode? For science...' She lowered herself slightly, teasing Skye's cock with her tight, slick womanhood, inviting her to just thrust up slightly...

Skye smirked a bit at the idea of coating every inch of Dr Tai's lab with her sticky cream, surely making a mess of everything. And a mess of both of them. She had no idea of what was going on out near Samson, her focus now entirely on what Lydia was doing. Whatever was about to happen, she still hoped it wouldn't cause her to miss the finale of Samson and Bernice.

Even if all the lust suddenly faded, removing the blissful fog clouding her judgement, the shy Skye wouldn't pass up such an unbelievable moment. Staying slow, she reached out and gripped onto Lydia's hips, pulling her downwards ever so slightly. The head of her cock throbbed harder than ever as it was slowing engulfed by the woman's tight, hungry pussy. Her hips rocked gently in place, making her cock jut up and down lightly.

"H-how big of a mess..." She spoke, biting her lip when a moan was about to form, "do you think we would make..." When the head of her cock finally slipped inside, surely spreading Lydia wider than ever, not even a painful lip bite could stifle a deep moan, "if I exploded?" With a tight seal in place, all of her potent pre cum was oozing deeper and deeper into Lydia.

Lydia moaned, digging her nails into Skye's shoulders. 'I think... I think we'd fuck... fuck this whole room up, for sure. Bits of us all over everything.' She steeled herself, and then impaled herself on Skye's massive cock. She gave a cry of pleasure, quivering with her face nuzzled into Skye's neck... then she started to slide up and down, milking Skye's precum into her tight pussy.

Marissa watched from the doorway, glancing back and forth between the analyst riding the dickgirl, and the goo girl getting roughly penetrated by the armored horse, before reaching a decision. She closed the door on Bernice and Samson, creeping around Skye and Lydia to watch. She could feel her own throbbing cock against her thigh, her glistening precum trickling down her smooth calf towards her ankle…

Skye's mind went blank, eyes going wide, a silent scream escaping her lips the moment that Lydia slammed down in her lap. In an instant, every inch of her throbbing cock disappeared deep with the woman, causing quite the bulge to form in her lower belly. Her fingernails dug deep into both hips as her first ever pussy began riding her cock. It was as if her dick was a dynamite plunger looking to set off the engorging payload between her legs.

After a few moments of having Lydia ride her, Skye finally let out her first deep moan. It really did feel like she was with a lover, especially with how Lydia was devouring her neck and cleavage with hungry lips. Then, before she could speak, she spotted Marissa in the room with them. The shy girl couldn't help but gaze at the covered dark, throbbing meat, begging to join in and play. Looking up from it into the edger's eyes, Skye gave the skilled woman a lustful, pleading look. She needed that cock up her ass, thrusting in and out as it rubbed against the detonation button.

Skye's cock deep inside her, Lydia rolled her hips to grind against the shy dickgirl's lap. Her nails dug into Skye's skin as she kissed her again, forcefully, shoving her tongue inside Skye's mouth. Her gasps became desperate moans. 'I want to make... fuck... make you explode inside me. Splatter me all over this roo-oh... oh fuck...' Lydia's thighs tightened together, squeezing Skye's hips, and she felt the sexy analyst's pussy clenching her cock as she came, leaving scratches down Skye's shoulders.

In the experimental chamber next door, Bernice was in a state of bliss and the massive armored horse pounded her translucent body with abandon. He had her pressed down on the floor now, her heaving breasts flattened in a pool of goo, an expression of mindless ecstacy on her face. She didn't care if the experiment was a success and getting filled with bulwark sperm was just a bonus to her... she wanted nothing more than to detonate with pleasure.

Unable to resist Skye's inviting eyes, Marissa unzipped her vest, revealing her slender, toned body underneath, with chocolate coloured nipples on her small, perky breasts. She dropped the vest to the floor. She raised her slender leg and kicked one shoe off casually, then the other... when her sweat pants joined the pile, she stood before the screwing women, naked, her long, brown cock fully erect and glistening.

Skye loved and hated the kiss at the same time. As she did her best to awkwardly return it, her head leaned back and forth to get quick peeks as Marissa undressed. Then, right as the dark, thick cock sprung free, Lydia began quaking within her lap.

The intense clenching, throbbing pussy engulfing Skye's cock still just was not enough. Although her highly sensitive cock head was given the massage of a lifetime, it was only one half of the launch sequence. Her prostate had never swollen so badly before, throbbing just inside her ass as it begged for a key card to slide right in and initiate the countdown.

Skye hugged Lydia close, screaming out in pain and pleasure. She stared deep into Marissa's eyes, then at the throbbing cock below which was heavily leaking. The shy girl about screamed "No!" When the first heavy glob of dark cream splattered on to the floor. It was such a waste of valuable substance.

Marissa sauntered closer, her enormous cock swaying. Lydia held Skye tighter, almost jealously, but the pale woman didn't stop grinding, working herself to another peak. As the seductive, slender woman neared the two, she saw the disappointment in Skye's face as her precum hit the floor.

'Aww... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to waste it.' She stroked herself gently, expertly, biting her lip as she teased more of her cream from her own cock. She held it on a fingertip between the two women's mouths; not jealous enough to resist, Lydia licked up one side, a ripple of pleasure coursing through her body at the taste of the ebony woman's precum.

'If you two adjusted your position, I'm sure we could find a way to-'

'What the FUCK is going on here!?'

Dr Tai had returned, out of breath, and looked furious.

'Uh...' For the first time that day, Lydia seemed lost for words. She quickly stood, Skye's cock sliding out of her tight pussy, and stood, smoothing her skirt down. Marissa looked around and retrieved her pants, holding them in front of her swollen, throbbing cock; her erection hadn't gone down despite the interruption.

'I'm gone for five fucking minutes and you start fucking your little test subject? Are you fucking insane? Or suicidal? And you' Dr Tai pointed at Marissa. 'You're meant to have the self control of a fucking rock! What the fuck?'

She was fuming, almost pouting. The silence was so pregnant it could have given birth to a half dozen smaller silences.


'Ah... ah... oh, f-' KABLAM

The lab rattled when Bernice exploded.

'Oh, fucking great! Did Samson even fill that bitch with cum before she blew up?'

Just when Skye was about to have a taste, she jumped in her seat when Dr Tai returned. It was a miracle her cock didn't impale Lydia in the heart from the jolt. A bit of clarity returned to her, her face blushing brighter than ever. When Lydia hopped off her, her cock was raging hard, thick veins throbbing madly. If things went on for much longer, not even the two button detonation sequence could hold back the blast.

After sitting in silence and hoping she wasn't in trouble, Skye jumped once again when a blast was heard nearby. Whatever had happened, she secretly hoped that the insemination was a failure as that gave her another chance...

In an effort to take the attention off the awkward situation, they all turned their attention to the bulwark in the next room.

His legs and chest were coated with Bernice's remains; her orgasmic demise had made an absolute ruin of the room; the otherwise sturdy looking sofa had been crumpled up against the wall and everything was dripping with green goo; more volume than Cinder had painted the room with when she'd exploded.

Samson looked more frustrated than ever; clearly he hadn't cum before Bernice had exploded. He gave a huff, looking accusingly at the women watching him.

Marissa had managed to work her clothes back on, though her throbbing cock could barely be contained by her tight sweatpants.

Dr Tai turned to them again, her fury put off-kilter by the sight of Skye's still-engorged organ. 'Well, the experiment is a fucking bust. We still need to collect her remains, and relieve Samson. Not to mention fill out experiment logs. Anyone care to venture a reasonable fucking explanation for why we got a useless result again?' Her eyes kept getting drawn to Skye's cock, on the brink of exploding and making an equivalent mess of the room they were in.

Out of nowhere, Skye just suddenly started to whine in desperation. The need to launch her payload was immense, her cock feeling like it might just burst from all the intense throbbing alone. Except for the brief moment with the toy, she was still resorting to not touching herself at all, hoping someone, or something, else would take the initiative.

"Ooohhhhhh..." She gazed out at everyone with pleading eyes, moaning and whining softly as her cock bobbed in her lap to draw some much needed attention. "I feel like I could just blow at any moment..." Her eyes darted right at Dr Tai's, looking deep into them.

Lydia looked at the angry scientist, then back at Skye, and smirked. 'I suggest a compromise. If Skye and I find a way to relieve Samson that also provides some interesting data, perhaps that will compensate for the interrupted experiment...'

Dr Tai considered it, and and her full, glossy lips formed an evil grin. 'Fine. But the edger stays with me in here. I'm not fucking done with her...'

Lydia took Skye's hand. 'Lets see if Samson can't help you explode...'

"Th-that sounds wonderful!" Skye blurted out. Lydia's words sent a powerful throb up through her raging cock, causing a bit of pinkish cream to splatter against the analyst's outfit. Getting whisked out of the lab and into Samson's area, Skye had no time to fix her pants. Not that they needed to be.

The shy, distressed girl took a moment to gaze at the carnage, then heard Samson huff at either her sight or scent, like he knew he might actually be able to unload for once. In a trance like state, Skye escaped Lydia's hold and went right for Samson, her leaking cock leading the way. "Oh, Samson... you poor thing. I guess we both have something in common now. Right, big guy?" Skye happily said, giving his ears a scratch.

The gleaming horse gave a huff, looking at Skye with a surprisingly pitiful expression for an eight foot tall armored beast with a raging erection.

Lydia kicked off her high heels and kneeled down next to Samson, her gaze never leaving Skye. 'I think he wants your help... and I think I can help you at the same time.' She grabbed his cock firmly, her hand still slippery with the copious precum Skye had leaked all over them.

In the observation room, Dr Tai addressed Marissa without looking away from the scene in front of her. 'Bring that fucking cock over here. You have until the conclusion of this experiment to fill my mouth with cum or I report you to your supervisor.' Marissa blinked, and stepped forward without hesitation, pulling down the waistband of her sweatpants.

After giving Samson some attention, Skye quickly made her way next to Lydia, kneeling right besides her. "Wow... it's so much bigger up close... and I always thought I was big..." She reached out and grasped his cock as well. "and hard..." The amazement of his cock calmed her mind for but a moment, though her cock was still throbbing madly. "H-how should I help him? And you..." Skye gulped. "Help m-me?"

'He just needs to cum... so badly... I think you do too. You deserve it for being such a good little test subject.' She reached forward, tracing a line up Skye's shaft with a fingernail before giving her the same treatment she was giving Samson; firm, unyielding strokes with a quickening rhythm. 'This room is already quite a mess... maybe you could be a good little cum container too?'

As she typed at a datapad, furiously taking notes, Dr Midori Tai took Marissa's cock into her mouth. When the ebony edger gave a moan she shot her a glare. 'Shut the fuck up. I'm working.' Her full, perfect lips kissed and sucked the head of Marissa's enormous, throbbing member, eyes watching Skye and Lydia like a hawk, fingers working her datapad furiously.

"Mmmffff..." Skye moaned as she was gripped once more. "Yes... We've both been through so much..." Her own grip on Samson's cock tightened, stroking him a bit now. "My mind, it..." Skye paused, blushing bright. "It's become so... naughty since the experiment started..." She began thrusting her hips upwards lightly, helping Lydia milk her cock. "All I can think about is... Wondering just how much of this amazing cock can fit up my ass..."

'As a scientist, I find the best way to answer such a question is through rigorous testing...'

Lydia stood, releasing the two rigid cocks, and walked to the sofa that had been pushed up against the wall by Bernice's exploding body. It looked relatively undamaged, albeit covered in the same film of green goo that also coated the floor, walls and, in some places, the ceiling.

She sat at one end of the sofa, her bare, dripping pussy visible beneath her short miniskirt. 'Come here and show him what you have. Trust his instincts.'

Marissa slapped a hand over her mouth to stifle her moaning as Dr Tai took more of her cock in her mouth. She badly wanted to feel the busty girl's breasts against her cock but settled just for that incredibly skilled tongue, dancing across her dark skin.

Skye let out a little whimper when Lydia let go of her. She wasn't entirely sure of what Lydia meant, but didn't hesitate to let go of Samson and approached the couch.

"Show him? Do you mean..." With the need of feeling Samson deep inside of her approaching record levels, Skye, without thinking, began removing her shoes, pants, and underwear. Her dick was finally completely free since growing hard, throbbing in all it's glory as it pointed right at Lydia.

Behind her, her round ass was on full display, waiting for something mighty to part her cheeks and beyond. "Should I get on the couch like this?" She innocently asked. Skye climbed on to the couch, resting on her knees while holding on to the back of the couch. With her ass pointed out behind her, and her cock leaking heavily on to the cushion, she couldn't be any more ready.

Lydia slowly unzipped her skirt, flinging the scanty garment to one side. She carefully draped her jacket nearby over the sofa as Samson cautiously approached.

'Perhaps you'd like to watch him enter you? A good analysis requires careful observation.' She unbuttoned her shirt, unclasping her bra from the front. As she removed her clothes, Skye couldn't help but think that lying back against her soft, pale body would be even more comfortable.

'Doc... Doctor Tai...' Marissa spoke between her fingers. Midori stopped sucking, briefly. 'What?' she asked, annoyed, putting her lips back on Marissa's cock.

'Is Skye the experiment Lydia was working on?'

Dr Tai gave a muffled mmhmm in affirmative.

'Does that mean she might... you know?'

Dr Tai took the cock from her mouth. 'Violently explode, splattering the esteemed analyst all over our testing chamber?'

'Mmm.... yeah...'

'Shut the fuck up and we might find out.' She resumed taking notes and sucking cock.

If there wasn't a beast of an animal behind her, Skye might not have been able to resist pounding Lydia right then and there. Even so, she didn't want to pass up the opportunity of feeling her warm, smooth body against her own.

"You're right... And maybe I should take my shirt off too so I can breathe for once." Skye said.

Jumping off the couch, she quickly removed her leather top and bra, freeing her perky breasts. With how divine her body looked, it was a shame she would have to explode.

Rather than simply sitting back down, Skye turned around and moved in front of Lydia. She slowly lowered her body into the analyst's lap until her round cheeks made contact. Carefully, she leaned back, feeling soft breasts press into her backside. And when she spotted Samson drawing close, she spread her legs and angled her hips back to present her inviting ass.

"I hope I'm not too heavy... God, I hope he can fit..." Skye nervously said, keeping her hands on her legs to hold them spread apart.

Lydia slid her hand along the goo coated sofa, collecting some of Bernice's remains on her hand. She played with it on her fingertips, splaying them out so the emerald slime webbed out, then clenching it to ooze out between her knuckles.

'I think Bernice can help you out posthumously. It's what she would have wanted.' She brought her goo-coated hand to Skye's ass, using her fingers to lubricate her. She tentatively slipped a couple of fingers inside as she reached around with her other hand to massage Skye's bulging balls.

The bulwark was not patient. The head of his cock prodded against the back of Lydia's hand, as if telling her to move. He loomed over the prone women, green goo and his own precum dripping down onto them, his hot breath on Skye's perfect breasts.

'Spread your legs wide.' Lydia instructed as Samson found his footing on either side of the sofa. The head of his cock now pushed against Skye's hole, eliciting a whimper and a moan.

Skye's heart was beating madly, her chest heaving. Her eyes refused to blink as everything unfolded between her legs. Legs that she was desperately trying to spread ever further. If she had been any stronger, she surely would have popped them right out of their sockets.

"Ohh, Samson..." Skye moaned as he began laying siege on her sealed tight missile silo.

Just inside was her painfully swollen prostate. She bit her lip, trying her best to stifle a scream as he bored into her. The green goo was a perfect addition, allowing him to split her wide without any tearing. It was still a bombardment of pain and pleasure however.

Once her ass opened up just enough, his massive metal rocket surged deep into her. It pressed heavily against her primed detonator, sending a powerful pulsation through her cock. An ungodly amount of pre cum gushed out of her, splattering against her breasts and belly. A belly that was already painfully bulging, begging to be rubbed soothingly.

"Oh, oh God!' Skye screamed at the top of her lungs. Her back arched nearly enough to shatter her spine.

Lydia moved her hand from Skye's balls to her cock; wrapped around the throbbing member, her slender fingers looked almost dainty. She used Skye's own pre-cum to lubricate and pumped her cock vigorously, pointing it directly at their faces so if the the stricken dickgirl were to explode, they could share her seed... assuming she didn't explode with enough force to take their pretty heads clean off.

The bulging shape of Samson's cock stretched Skye's stomach out; with every thrust he paused, and with every pause, Lydia massaged the top of the bulge, rubbing Skye's belly and the cock buried inside her. Not satisfied with just using her hands, she stretched her leg out, coaxing Samson deeper with her toes. As he plunged further inside, Skye thought for sure her internal organs might give way. Then he'd pull back again, only to thrust over and over, using the dickgirl's body as his toy.

Skye was being rammed down onto Lydia; her own weight was less of a concern as the analyst was crushed down by the armored horse's onslaught. As Skye arched back, she let out a moan and gasped; she couldn't help but grind against the woman in her lap even as she was squashed further back. She wanted to turn the quivering dickgirl into a blast of pleasure and didn't care what it took...

Skye couldn't form any words, only able to moan and scream as the mighty cock thrust in and out of her battered body. A fresh gush of pre cum shot out each time he drilled deep, coating her entire front in the hot, pinkish cream. No matter how much shot out of her, her balls never shrunk one bit. If anything, they grew that much bigger. A few drops managed to launch into her gaping mouth, letting her savor the candy like taste once more.

There shouldn't be any way she could possibly survive the encounter with Samson, especially with how hard and deep he was going. Skye watched the bulge swell and shrink over and over, hypnotized by the sight. It seemingly grew bigger, working further up through her body, attempting to spear her completely. So far, nothing seemed to be permanently damaged, either from good genetics or because of Bernice's slime and the experimental pink slime coursing through her body.

Down below, her cock and balls were on borrowed time. Both fat orbs had swollen so much that they nearly looked like two grenades now, begging to have their pins pulled. And her cock with its red, throbbing head acting as the trigger. But even if Lydia knew just what to do, it felt as if something was missing. Skye's body wanted to blow, but it wanted something else as well, like feeling what would surely be intense pulsations rushing through Samson's cock once he himself blew.

"Ohh... You can do it Samson... Give it all to me!" Skye begged.

Lydia held Skye wrapped one arm around Skye tightly, gripping her breast, bracing her for what she knew was coming. Her other hand never left Skye's throbbing shaft, desperately trying to make her splatter all over them both... and possibly spread them both all over the walls.

Her legs stretched out and worked the base of the metal shaft with her soft soles, her toes curling and uncurling against the rigid cock. She could feel him trembling, pressing down on Skye with more force.

In the observation room, there was a muffled squeak as Marissa filled Dr Tai's mouth with cum, beating the armored horse by seconds.

Then it got messy.

With a mighty huff, Samson came, thrusting into Skye's ass and pumping her full of warm, gooey, slimy seed. Her distended belly rippled as pulse after pulse of the bulwark's fluid filled her insides. She was too tight for it to spill out so instead, she swelled. Lydia stroked her belly with each pump, encouraging more and more cum further up inside her as though she was trying to make her overflow. Her cock-stroking never stopped as she started to gasp in Skye's ear, a mixture of ordering her and pleading with her... 'cum for me... explode for me... I want you to tear my body apart... please... do it... explode... EXPLODE!'

The moment that Skye had been waiting for came suddenly when the massive cock deep inside of her erupted powerfully. Her whole body tensed up as her belly swelled right before her eyes, churning with hot cum. She had been feeling horny for so long, but now she felt something else brewing from within. Both spread legs began shuddering, her belly tensing up greatly, both fat balls tightening to the point of bursting. Whether it was one specific thing or a combination, everything happening to her was finally about to give her the release she had been yearning for.

"Fuck, I'm gonna come so hard!" Skye screamed at the top of her lungs, gazing down at her cock right as the first powerful pulsation of her climax coursed through it end-to-tip.

Lydia's aim had been true. The biggest explosion of cum that could rival even Samson's own rocketed from her cock, splattering thick all over her face. She could hardly breathe, nearly drowning as she did her best to continue moaning and screaming in blissful ecstasy through the bombardment. Each and every shot caused her ass to clench tightly around Samson, keeping him hard and happy as he continued to unload into her.

Despite the intensity of her climax, she needed even more. Letting go of her legs, Skye cupped both of her quaking balls and fondled them roughly, desperate to get every last drop out of them. As her orgasm went on, it was seemingly growing in intensity, her body heating up as her muscles clenched harder and faster. Much like feeling a climax build, she was feeling something completely different and euphoric charging up deep inside her inner core.

A moment of clarity washed through her mind suddenly. All those subtle hints, heavenly feelings, and Lydia's final words. In her last moments, Skye gasped, her eyes going wide when she realized what was only seconds away…

No longer a pinkish-white; Skye's cum was now a vivid gooey pink; as it splashed all over the girl's faces, Lydia licked it from Skye's neck and cheek hungrily. "Yes... fuck yes... do it... I want it... splatter us fucking everywhere..."

At the same time, the energy built within the stricken dick girl; it was all too much and now something was happening and she just didn't have any control over it... couldn't stop it...

With a cry, her orgasm turned into a cataclysm that knocked the armored horse backwards and tore the two women to shreds.

It wasn't just Skye's cock and balls that exploded, but her whole body. The experiment Lydia had subjected her too had changed her entire body chemistry into something else, something volatile. That it claimed the analyst as it came to fruition seemed to be part of her plan...

There was a few seconds of swelling beyond what was happening by the gallons of horse cum being pumped into her as realization dawned on Skye and she knew... she knew... she was doomed and that Lydia, the tight, sexy analyst who was even now grinding against her, was the cause.

Lydia moaned with delight as she felt Skye's body swelling and building with uncontrolled energy. She squeezed the dickgirl tighter and tighter, desperately grinding, wanting one more fantastic high before they both got annihilated. She got her wish, one final peak, a climax more powerful than she'd ever felt, and would ever feel again.

The the gorgeous dickgirl detonated.

Her body ruptured and exploded, gorily splattering along with Lydia, the two women forcefully splashing in meaty chunks all over the room, the sofa, and the bulwark that had been fucking them.

Skye was completely destroyed; gooey pink blobs raining down all around the room, landing on the few identifiable parts of Lydia that remained; an arm, part of her leg, toes still curled.

Skye was gone, reduced to nothing but pink splatterings strewn about the room. The couch was completely ruined. Samson nearly toppled all the way over backwards from the blast. But with how he was happily whinnying, he was just glad he finally got the relief he had desperately been needing. The room might have been covered in pink goo and gore, but there was also a decent amount of bulwark cum that sprayed all over.

After composing themselves, Dr Tai and Marissa slowly made their way out into the carnage. When the scientist bent down to inspect one of the pink blobs, it turned brighter and tried to ooze away. That was enough to put a smile on her face, knowing that the experiment was a success. If the goo acted shy now, just imagine how the resulting nitrogirl would act.

Dr Tai stepped carefully over one of Lydia's limbs, drawing a small datapad from her pocket. 'Action the following items. Containment crew for research lab. Yes, for regrowth. Separate pinks and greens. Ditch anything red, it's just analyst. No, she did it herself. Return Samson to his pen; give him some kind of treat. Nah, he's probably pretty fucking set for 'relief', get him some metal scraps to eat or something. And advertise for a research analyst. Preferably blonde but whatever... and... have the recording from today uploaded to my personal computer. I want to review it in private...'

'What's going to happen now?' Marissa asked. Dr Tai turned, as if having forgotten she was there, and grinned.

'We're going to wait and see if the late Dr Stiles' work was a success.'

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I'm just not able to do much right now so I've switched it to "Per Creation", which is the best way to pause payments to me.

Shifting Content Focus 2018-07-14T04:19:40+00:00

This is a poll that I would like everyone to vote for, patron or not.

I'm sure I have a large following, so I'm curious to know exactly what everyone wants me to focus on. The poll is mostly a hypothetical question, but could possibly have an effect on the content that I produce.

The question is; should all of my story work become interactive or visual in some way? For the most part, I would use RPGMaker to create various projects in, ranging from a visual story with art, to an interactive story, and going all the way up to an actual game (like the RPG I'm currently working on.)

Before you answer, just assume that all my content is free, or you have the money to pay for it. I just simply want to know what you want, not what you have the money for.


  • Who doesn't like art?
  • Replayability. Stories you read once, games you can keep on playing.


  • Any story that is part of a game will be shorter than a straight up story.
  • You will require a computer, and won't be able to access my content as easily.
Game Progress: New Meadow and More
Game Progress: New Meadow and Moremore_vert
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Game Progress: New Meadow and More 2018-07-14T01:12:30+00:00close

The Meadow, Oasis, and Amanda's Place have all been updated with better mapping. The forest is still a work in progress, but it is already looking much nicer. As time goes on, even the updated maps will likely go through more changes once I've got enough experience making them.

As for actual content, I've been thinking of making it so certain stories involve more than just having your character standing still while text plays out. These will likely come in the form of dreams, or nightmares rather, where the main character doesn't realize that they're dreaming. They will take place on custom made maps that you can explore, likely ending with 'death.'

New Meadow
New Meadowmore_vert
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New Meadow 2018-07-10T04:38:51+00:00close

Although hastily put together, this is a great example of the better art you can expect to see on every map.

Graphical Update 2018-07-08T18:03:07+00:00

Thanks to the Steam Summer Sale, I managed to grab a resource pack that will make the game's forests and caves look a whole lot better. I'm planning on expanding all current maps before adding anymore. For now, you can mostly expect the next update to just include map work, and maybe a few gameplay fixes.

Repopping 1 2018-06-30T23:17:51+00:00

Just because a world saw death as being something fun, didn’t mean no one was intelligent in it. It wasn’t until the modern era that this view on life became extremely popular, which was having a noticeable effect on the world’s population. Thanks to science, a solution was quickly found. One that only added to how much everyone loved dying.

This is where Taylor came in. She and many others were chosen in a nationwide program to help populate the country. Rather than simply being a fertile woman that would give birth over and over, she would actually impregnate other girls. Not to mention causing them to rapidly swell up and burst wide open.

Having been in the program for a couple years now, Taylor was as excited as ever to start her latest road trip fulfilling her duties. She was a tall, fit girl with an impressive cock in her pants. While she could just do everything herself, it was a big help having a whole crew with her. They all rode around in a large, high tech bus that was mostly used to care for the new children.

“Okay, I think this would be a good place to start scouting.” Taylor stated, telling the driver to park.

They ended up in a lovely, small town. Except for the local ‘Suicide Store’, one could never guess that people loved dying in this town. In fact, Taylor knew that would be the best place to start looking. Especially when she saw a young woman that seemed barely legal walking right inside.

“Lily, you’re with me. Let’s go catch her before we lose a perfect mother-to-be.” A cute, lithe young woman wearing a loose science uniform grabbed her gear and followed after Taylor.

Entering the store, it didn’t take long for Taylor to spot her target. The young girl was already at the counter talking to the cashier, like she already knew what she wanted. Not wasting another moment, the strong dickgirl walked right up to her with a proposal.

“Hey there cutie.” Taylor flirted, making her jeans bulge a bit. “What brings such a young one like you in here?”

The young girl flipped around, eyes dilating to take in the sight of the beauty before her. “Oh, nothing really. Today was my birthday, and since I’m old enough to come here now, one of my presents was a gift card for this place!” She explained, flashing the card around.

“Definitely can’t beat a deal like that!” Taylor exclaimed. “Although...” Taylor pressed her body up against the girl’s, letting them feel her cock swell further in size against their thigh. “Maybe you’d rather,” She slipped a hand under the girl’s shirt, rubbing her soft, warm belly, “go out in a more sensual way.”

A soft moan left the girl’s lips while her mind tried to process everything. Looking at Lily for a moment, she recognized the emblem on her uniform. “Oh god, are you really…” She couldn’t help but gently push her hips back against Taylor. “Part of the repop program?”

“That I am. And I couldn’t let someone so hot and fertile go to waste in a place like this.” Taylor leaned in close, whispering sensually into the girl’s ear. “So what do you say? I doubt you could decline getting this wonderful belly of yours so swollen and tight that you’ll just… burst.”

A deeper moan echoed into the store upon Taylor saying ‘Burst.’ “God… I honestly did come in here so I could burst, but now… how could I say no to such a hard cock!” She cried out, grasping the rock hard bulge within Taylor’s pants. “Where should we go?” She impatiently asked.

“Just follow me. We have the perfect spot.” Taylor replied.

As they left the store, the birthday girl handed her gift card to a less fortunate girl to the side. The recipient couldn’t believe what had just been given to her. She didn’t have enough money to begin with, and was mostly in the store for curiosity. But now, she could get anything she wanted…

Stepping onto the bus, Taylor led the girl down to a compartment where all the fun would happen. In the middle was a very comfy and soft looking twin bed (anything larger would have been too big to fit.) Standing on both sides of it were two crew members dressed in loose medical clothing, but still showed off their amazing bodies. They were responsible for collecting any children that resulted from the activities in the room.

“A-are they going to watch us?” The girl asked, though with how her pussy was aching for a fat cock, it was unlikely going to be an issue for her.

“Don’t worry about them. I’ll take such good care of you, you won’t even notice.” Taylor seductively said, biting the girl’s earlobe. “Now be a good girl and lay down.”

While the young woman did so, Taylor quickly stripped out of her clothes. No one in the room could resist gazing upon her perfect body-- especially when her massive cock and balls sprung out of her constricting pants. Although they did seem huge now, Taylor still had to wait for Lily to administer something that made the repopulation program possible to begin with.

Approaching the toned dickgirl, Lily carried with her an injection gun that seemed to have a cup’s worth of pink liquid inside it. Rather than getting her body enhanced with science, Taylor had to get an injection each time she wanted to pump a girl full of belly-bursting babies. With her free hand, Lily tightly grasped Taylor’s hard, throbbing length. Despite it being far from her first time, Taylor could never resist moaning whenever Lily prepared her. Pulling Taylor’s skin down until her cock head was fully exposed, Lily moved the soft, rubbery injection tip toward the tight hole. Taylor winced as an inch pushed inside of her, then nodded her head in approval.

The birthday girl had barely blinked once Taylor had stripped. She was highly curious about the pink liquid, but when Lily finally pulled the trigger, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The pink concoction flooded Taylor’s cock in an instant, rushing through her prostate and into her fat balls. In less than five seconds, both heavy orbs doubled in size. And when Lily retrieved the injection tip, the girl on the bed could have sworn that Taylor’s cock had grown too. The thick cock and tight sac were both looking so swollen and covered in raging veins that it was a surprise that they didn’t just outright burst.

“Damn… How are you supposed to fit that monster insi- Oh God!” Before the young girl could finish, Taylor launched herself at the bed, landing on top of the girl.

Other than allowing her to burst women, the concoction would also overload Taylor’s libido, and even grant her some bestial strength. It didn’t matter that the girl underneath her was still clothed, since her fit body allowed her to shred the garments right off of her. The birthday girl laid there in shock, her chest heaving madly as her clothes disappeared in the blink of an eye. Her perky breasts bounced free as her bra was torn in half and thrown into a corner. Tight yoga pants were clearly no match either, getting ripped into multiple pieces. It was almost like she knew what was going to happen to her that day, since she wasn’t even wearing any underwear.

Now naked, the girl finally realized just what was about to happen to her. She gulped, gazing down between her breasts to look upon the massive, raging cock that hovered above her hungry pussy. It leaked heavily, dribbling pink cream down onto her mound that made her clit tingle with pleasure. Too busy breathing heavily to speak, the girl simply nodded her head and made a pleading look with her face. Spreading her legs as wide as she could, she needed that cock buried deep inside of her.

Taylor needed no encouragement. Gripping her rock hard cock tightly, she angled it down until the thick head peeled the girl’s quivering pussy open. Pushing in just enough to keep it there, she gripped both of the young woman’s legs to pry them further apart. The girl whimpered in pain, hoping her legs wouldn’t break. Then, without giving her any warning, Taylor thrust inside with all her might.

“Holy shit, are you trying to split me in half?” The girl screamed, feeling her pussy getting stretched to its very limits. Still looking down, she spotted a sizeable bulge in her lower belly, showing just how deep and big Taylor was. It was so painful and intense that for a moment she had thought her pelvis had shattered from having such a thick piece of meat pushed into her.

Just as quickly as her cock had surged into the young girl, Taylor immediately began pounding away at her insanely tight pussy. Excess pink cream became the perfect lubricant, which also made every nerve of the girl’s lower body light up in pleasure. With how wildly her breasts and body rocked about on the bed, the girl reached out to grip onto the sides of the bed until her knuckles turned whiter than white. The room filled with her moans and screams, making it hard for every onlooker to resist playing with themselves.

The birthday girl could have easily gotten anything that she had wanted at the suicide store, but nothing could beat this. To be able to feel a mighty cock tearing into her pussy over and over. Not to mention the anticipation of feeling an inhuman amount of hot, creamy cum flood into her, which would waste no time in making her swell up and rip apart as she brought new life into the world. It was almost too much for her mind to comprehend, and despite having her hands preoccupied with holding on for dear life, she had been feeling an intense climax building up from within her very core. Almost like her lower body was about to explode with orgasmic energy.

“God, I’m about to come so hard...” The girl moaned loudly, her heart beating so fast and chest heaving so heavily that it was a surprise that they didn’t burst before her belly could. Her belly was tensing up, her legs starting to shudder. Nearing the end, her legs suddenly wrapped around Taylor’s hips to pull her in even deeper. “Fuck, I’m coming!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, arching her back nearly enough to shatter her spine.

Taylor had been nearing the end as well, but was too focused on her task to let it be shown. Her toned belly tensed while her pent up balls grew hotter and tighter, preparing themselves for their powerful release. The final thrust was perfectly timed with the girl pulling her hips in all the way, burying her cock completely inside. With a lusty roar, Taylor convulsed as her throbbing cock pulsated nearly hard enough to cause it to burst. Even her balls were lucky to stay in one piece, clenching and constricting so hard with determination to force every last potent drop out of her.

As the young woman’s pussy quaked around the mighty cock buried within it, she couldn’t believe just how much cum was getting blasted into her hungry pussy. It was so hot and thick, making her tingling nerves burn even hotter with desire. She wasn’t entirely sure, but she could have sworn that some of the virile seed shot clean through her cervix and impacted the back wall of her womb. After what felt like a minute long bombardment of cum, Taylor popped her cock free and sat on a nearby seat.

When the orgasmic high washed from her mind, the girl suddenly gasped. “Oh god, I’m really going to burst now, aren’t I?” She said, gulping audibly. Taylor simply grinned at her.

Before she knew it, everyone else in the room had descended upon her slick, creamed body. The two medically dressed crew women got down on their knees to suck her pink, puffy nipples into their mouths and nibbled on them. Lily, on the other hand, had the joy of getting right between the girl’s spread legs to feast upon her gaping pussy. So much extra pleasure assaulted her to the point that she nearly forgot about what was about to happen to her.

“Oohhh… why would anyone go to a suicide store when you could experience this instead...” Even after an exhaustive climax she writhed on the bed once again, loving how they all expertly tended to her while Taylor looked on. But after only thirty seconds of pleasure, a heavy feeling made itself known deep within her belly. “I… I think something is growing inside me...” She said, rubbing her still flat, smooth belly with a hand.

It didn’t take her long to notice herself puffing out. With wide eyes, she gazed down at her belly to watch it swell at an alarming rate. Not even two sets of teeth upon her breasts and a hungry mouth devouring her pussy was enough to distract her from the horrifying sight before her. With both hands now, she rubbed her bloating middle faster and faster, savoring the feeling of increasing tightness. Rather than moan or scream, she simply began to breathe harder and harder until she was nearly hyperventilating.

As she continued to expand outward, the sound of slurping was drowned out by a loud gurgling emanating from her belly. Not only could she feel tightness and pressure, but also the thing inside of her. Or rather, multiple forms that required more room to grow as they gestated.

Her belly had begun nearing the end, turning a deep red color as stretch marks snaked out from her belly button. The entire gravid surface was tight, no longer smooth thanks to areas of her skin splitting apart. Growth had slowed to a crawl, leaving her looking heavily pregnant with twins. Even so, whatever that was inside of her continued to grow, causing shapes to push out on her turgid mass. And when they started to shift around inside of her more and more energetically, she knew it was almost time.

Finally able to find the words, the girl pleaded. “Please, make me come before I burst!” She begged Lily, who she couldn’t see any longer with her ripe belly in the way. “Just tear into my pussy already, dammit!”

Lily ramped up her feast, sucking and nibbling on the young pussy harder and harder. She got to the point where she easily could have been chomping tasty bits out of the tender organ, but didn’t want to become a cannibal. Her tongue had been diving deeper and deeper inside, desperate to collect every last creamy drop of pinkish cum. When she started to feel the thighs on either side of her head start to shudder, she held onto them tightly then switched her full attention to the hot, swollen clit of the girl. Only another few seconds of tending to that pleasure nub was enough to send the young mother into another blissful orgasm.

“Fuck, coming again!” The girl announced, clamping her thighs tightly around Lily’s head, trapping the crew member’s mouth against her quaking pussy as it gushed like a broken dam. She hugged her belly tightly, whether out of motherly care or to prevent herself from exploding for just a few seconds longer.

“It’s really going to happen. I’m gonna burst soon. I can’t help but thank you al-” A sudden bolt of pain hit her, originating from deep within her belly. Not even her still quaking pussy was enough to mask the pain. Her belly rumbled, more patches of skin splitting apart, causing blood to start dripping down her fully ripened belly. “I’m bursting!” She cried out.

Thanks to the girl’s warning, the medical crew was able to pry her legs apart in time for Lily to escape from the mess. In an instant, her belly tore down the middle, causing a flood of warm crimson to pour out of her, coating her legs and the mattress. Two childlike formed spilled forth, both covered in meaty chunks of their mother. Both helpers managed to pick them up out of the carnage to show the girl her children.

“My babies… they’re so… beautiful...” She weakly said, then her head slumped over, expiring.

The rest of the crew went to work. The toddler-like children were placed in a comforting area until they can be delivered to a facility to be handed out and raised. A cleanup crew went to work to clean up the meaty mess. And Lily cleaned Taylor up, readied another dose of pink concoction, and followed after the dickgirl while she looked for another fertile mother.

Rampage 1 - Outside 2018-06-21T07:18:15+00:00

The night was cool, the week’s studies over with. A sorority was brimming with life, its occupants relaxing after a week of tests. All seemed normal when it came to these college girls’ stress free weekend, but that would quickly change.

Slimy, slithering beasts were closing in, drawn in by the dense gathering of victims ripe for the picking. Whether they fell from the sky or escaped from a top secret lab, their goal was still the same. It didn’t take them long to come across the first of many unlucky victims.

A petite, busty girl had left the safety of the party to retrieve something from her car outside. Opening the driver side door of the SUV, the dim light from the ceiling let her see that her phone was all the way in the passenger’s seat. Too lazy to climb in normally, she leaned in all the way and pulled herself across the seats. Her ass was effectively a perfect target with it pointed out of the open door, and right as she grabbed her phone, she gasped.

Out of nowhere, something thick and slimy tore through her tight little shorts and parted her cheeks, granting it access to surge deep inside of her. She gripped the far edge of the seat to hold on for dear life with a hand, her knuckle turning white in an instant. Fingers fumbled on her phone with the other hand, but the pain was too much to operate it effectively. Her body contorted as the intruder burrowed deeper and deeper, pushing vital organs out of its way while piercing through tender flesh. She could feel her belly bulge against the seat, pushing outwards to make more room. The girl couldn’t scream, and even if she wanted to, it had only taken seconds for her to feel something work its way up through her throat. With neck bulging painfully, her mouth gaped wide as she watched a tentacle emerge from her dripping with blood. Growing weak from the intrusion and lack of air, her gripped faltered enough for her body to be dragged out of the car, never to be seen again.

On the back side of the sorority, a lovely girl was enjoying herself in a hot tub, wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini. With her eyes closed as she sighed in relief, the young woman had no idea something was creeping closer. All at once, her arms that had been resting along the rim of the tub were grabbed and pulled tight, and before her eyes could even shoot open, an even thicker tentacle forced its way down her tight throat. Her legs thrashed in the tub, splashing water all over the deck. While her neck bulged to take in the intruder, the slimy length had already begun to pulsate rapidly. The girl could barely make out bulges as they momentarily crossed her vision, but it became obvious what they were when her jaw had to open wide to take them in. If one of her sisters had been watching, they would have seen her neck suck down thick bulge after thick bulge, each splashing down in her hungry belly. She could feel herself grow tight and heavy as her stomach was flooded with vile slime, making it harder to kick around. Just as her lungs started to burn for their desperate need for air, she arched her back right as her belly ruptured violently, splashing even more water out of the tub. The water immediately turned crimson colored, bubbling energetically as much of her insides floated on the surface. With music raging on inside, no one had any idea of her fate.

Too impatient to wait for the bathroom, a girl with a surprise in her pants decided to just go out to one of the bushes. Right as she finished, slimy tendrils wrapped around each arm and leg to pull them tight, hoisting her up into the air. Caught with her pants down, it didn’t take more than a second for the beast to notice her juicy organs, sending a thinner appendage to wrap tightly around their base. While distracted by the wonderful sensation of her cock swelling, her remaining clothes were shredded off of her doomed body, causing her puffy nipples to harden. The young woman thought for a moment that forced pleasure might have been in her future, but that thought quickly evaporated when she could barely make out a vicious looking tentacle. Lined with sharp teeth, the hungry maw made its way underneath her, only to surge upwards and into her ass. While screaming, she gazed down at her belly that clearly showed the toothy maw pushing outwards as it took bite after bite of her tender insides. As if that was bad enough, another hungry looking tendril descended upon her distressed cock, swallowing it all the way down to the base, making sure to capture her balls as well. Surprisingly, this tentacle undulated along her length, making the devouring of her insides just barely tolerable. But as expected, when she felt her final orgasm manage to course through her body, her quaking cock and balls were severed and gulped down whole. Her prostate was all alone as it pulsated within her, struggling to pump anything out alongside the torrent of blood between her legs. Just before she expired completely, she felt the toothy maw within her nibble on her heart some, then finally tore it free to suck it down and out of her.

Wanting to get some actual sleep, a young couple had decided to sleep in a tent outside away from the noise. Already asleep and cuddling, neither felt as hot dog sized worms slithered into their pussies and invaded their wombs. Waking up suddenly, they rubbed their bellies that were feeling rather bloated and tight. Before one could stroke the other’s clit to help them feel better, concerning gurgling echoed out from their infested tummies. Thinking they could feel something moving around, they lifted their shirts and gasped at the sight of their lover’s. Both once flat and smooth bellies were puffed out a couple inches, and the surface of their skin rippled with life. Rather than scream and freak out, they simply groaned and comforted each other. Hands rubbed both bellies soothingly, hoping to calm the rapidly swelling forms. Quickly realizing it might be their last chance, they quickly tore their tops free and made love one last time. Hugging each other tight, their bellies pressed into one another, but not even the increased pain could halt their love for each other. With the belly rubs doing nothing, hands grasped breasts and stroked pussies and clits, desperate to give each other a final climax. Breaking their kiss for only a moment, they couldn’t believe just how big they had grown when they looked down at the massed between their bodies, and the sight of redness and stretch marks made them dive right back into their kiss so as to not waste another precious moment together. Moans turned into groans as pain and tightness neared their limits, which only encouraged their hands to stroke both of their pleasure nubs like they were trying to start a fire. At the last moment, both lovers climaxed so hard, screamed so loud, and embraced each other’s quaking body so tightly that their bellies just couldn’t help but join right in on the fun. The fully ripened, rippling, gravid forms of the young women exploded with so much force, every inch of their tent was coated in a thick layer of crimson and meaty chunks, dripping back down on their expiring bodies. And mixed in with it all were hundreds of vile worms that would quickly grow up to ravage women of their own.

Rebirst 1 2018-06-19T08:06:03+00:00

Ever since getting a big surprise when her womb was flooded with cum for the first time, Jasmine found herself loving sex more and more. While it did seem impossible for her to ever have a child, her newfound gift far made up for it. Then one day, she got an idea.

“Oh, it finally came!” She excitedly said, slamming her front door closed with a box in hand.

Taking it to the dining table, she tore into it and smiled wide at the tube within. She had grown curious, so she ordered an ample supply of creamy horse cum. Getting it pumped directly from the source would have been ideal, but she didn’t want to risk anything when there was no way of knowing whether it’d even work. Not wanting to make a mess of her place, she grabbed her things and hopped into her car.

Jasmine made her way to a park that had plenty of wilderness around it. The day was cool, leaving her mostly by herself. With horse seed in hand, she quickly made her way deep into the woods.

“God, I hope this works!” She prayed, finding a cozy little clearing to lay down.

Carefully placing the tube next to her, Jasmine began to strip out of her clothes. Once her bare, tanned body had nothing constricting it, she started rubbing her body all over. As her heavy breasts lit up in pleasure, and slick pussy begged to be filled, she retrieved the tube. Popping it open, she couldn’t help but take a whiff of it, licking her lips in delight. With nothing to lose, she spread her legs wide and poured the volatile horse cum all over her pussy.

“Damn, if this works…” Her other hand massaged the cum deep into her, letting her feel it ooze towards her very fertile womb. “I’m gonna have sex with so many animals...”

Once the last drop joined the rest upon her heavily creamed pussy, she tossed the tube away and went wild with both hands. Her whole body was shuddering, her mind working hard going through all the possible scenarios. Even without a cock pounding her senseless, it took no time at all to climax. She cried out without care, concentrating on her quaking pussy as it sucked the seed even deeper into her. After a minute long orgasm, she finally settled down.

Jasmine rested on the forest floor, gently caressing her sweaty body all over, waiting for the real fun to begin. But when minutes passed without anything happening, she figured it didn’t work.

“Who am I kidding. Animals never could make women pregnant.” Jasmine sighed, standing up to retrieve her clothes. “At least it was relaxing out here-”

Just about to put her underwear back on, she suddenly heard a rumble in her belly. Pressure and tightness soon followed, which could only make her smile bigger than ever.

“Damn, it’s really happening!” She shouted in joy, giving her smooth belly a rub.

As always, she watched her belly puff outwards as something quickly grew within her. In no time at all she was looking heavily pregnant, making her get down on her knees. She rubbed it more urgently now, as it was time for the real pain to begin.

“Ughh… I have a feeling this is going to get messier than usual.” She groaned, cradling her belly as it continued to swell between her legs.

The growth of her gravid belly quickly slowed down immensely, but the being within kept on going. If anything, it was developing even faster now. Bulges pushed out all over, further and further each time as limbs grew. Then, something made her smile even through all the pain.

“Was that a hoof I just saw?” She focused her eyes, looking for it to show itself again.

Sure enough, the beast within kicked hard on the side of her belly, letting her gaze upon the hoof as it stretched her belly dangerously thin. Not only did animal cum work, but actually caused her to swell with something that was bestial of some kind. She couldn’t tell if it was part human at all, but it wasn’t going to be much longer until she found out.

“That’s it, kick for mommy. Let me see my new-” Another powerful kick interrupted her, filling the forest with pained screams.

The continuing barrage of blows made short work of her belly, causing it turn a dark red color as her insides were turned to a pulp. Pain was becoming unbearable, tears streaming down her face. Since there was no more point in doing so, Jasmine halted her belly rubs to instead start squeezing her breasts. When the latest thrash hit her, she knew the next one would seal her fate.

“Come on, just rip me apart already!” She cried out, tugging on her nipples nearly hard enough to tear them free.

She got her first real good look at a hoof when it tore right through her belly. The other side got a hole punched through it as well, another hoof breaking free. As she gasped for breath, chest heaving madly, she watched as the rest of her belly suddenly exploded outwards as the beast thrashed with all its might. Gore spilled free like a dam breaking, covering the forest floor in a thick layer of meaty chunks. And within it all, she saw a crimson stained form beginning to wake up.

“You’re so… beautiful...” She softly said, then collapsed to the side as she expired.

Jasmine’s demise would only be temporary, as she found herself wiping her face free of gore. The carnage and shock always hit her hard upon waking up. She struggled to stand, her feet and legs feeling much different than usual. When she finally came to, she gasped.

“I-I look like a horse!” Jasmined exclaimed, looking down at her hooves.

Leaving her old body behind, she scooped up her clothes and ventured off to find a stream. She quickly realized that, while she was still relatively human, her new body was much taller. Curvier. Bustier. Which meant her clothes wouldn’t be much use now. Wanting to get clean first, she managed to find a pleasant stream to wash off in. Once her insides were no longer caked on her body, she started to get a good look at herself.

“I bet I could take an entire horse cock like this!” She said, rubbing a hand over her dark pussy.

Standing tall, she found that hooves and a tail were pretty much the only animal traits she had. A light coating of soft fur did cover her body, but she was still relatively human shaped. Then, when she bent down to drink some water, she saw herself. Her face was nearly unchanged.

Every time in the past that she would have sex with someone, her normal body would simply explode out of her belly. But now, with no limit in sight, she was about to have the best day of her life. Or even make someone else’s day when she lets them pound her bestial body so she can become human again.

Computer Update 2018-06-19T01:58:26+00:00

If I'm lucky, my computer should be ready before this weekend.

Hell In Space 1 2018-06-14T04:18:01+00:00

In a future where alien attacks were well known, and criminals ran rampant, one devious woman had decided to take advantage of it. All throughout her life she has been fascinated with and drawn to the macabre, especially when it came to snuffing other women. Even so, she still had a sliver of goodness within her, which prevented her from going all out on a massacre. Unless someone was a criminal, or in this world, impregnated with something, she wouldn’t touch them. Although it pleased her greatly to snuff out sexy targets, her actions were somewhat of a necessary evil as every kill ensured that the world had one less troublemaker or alien spawn that would wreck even more carnage.

Helen was tall, strong, and formidable. The dark skinned goddess was easily at the same level as professional assassins, despite being completely freelance and under her own control. Rarely in the public spotlight, most of the world still knew of her in someway. She’d never last in more civilized regions as vigilantes have always been frowned upon within them, while even lawmen would look the other way in the not quite lawful outer settlements. But if anyone were to ever learn of what she did to ‘survivors’ of an alien attack, not even her ‘good’ deeds would be enough to help her reputation.

On one of these outer colonies, Helen was relaxing inside her small scout vessel out in the wilderness. She essentially lived inside of it, keeping her away from prying eyes and allowing her to be ready to leave in a hurry. For the past few months she’s just been dispatching criminals here and there when they’re unlucky to come across her, and has been looking forward to the next alien infestation cleanup. And thanks to all the upgrades and modifications she’s made to her ship, paid for by all the credits she’s snagged from criminals, she grinned wide when a distant alarm went off.

“Looks like it’s my lucky day.” She said to herself, zooming in closer on a display.

While she did fight criminals all the time, and tracked the locations of reported alien assaults, she never got involved with actually fighting any creatures herself. Most of what preyed upon humans required a squad or a whole platoon. Besides, there wasn’t anything pleasuring about blowing up an alien.

Helen’s short range scanners were advanced enough to let her know what every lifeform within ten miles were. They would passively keep track of where everything was, but only alerted her when certain factors were true. This night’s alarm was letting her know that a particular alien type had gotten rather close to a human, and since both were no longer moving, it updated her with the finding.

Just as luck would have it, she only needed to travel a mile to reach them. She took a moment to view the entire 10 mile area around her, and after finding no other alien readings, she suited up in a hurry. Her gear depended upon what she was about to do, and preferred traveling light, only taking what she needed. After putting a pistol on her hip, a grenade on her jacket, and a light pouch with rope and other things inside slung over a shoulder, she departed her ship.

The dark night was peaceful, even with an alien assault only minutes away. The idea of what was awaiting Helen excited her greatly, nearly making her want to jog the whole way. Only a couple hundred feet away, she moved slowly when the forest was illuminated by flickering light. It was apparent that a campfire was burning bright, and when she came upon a tent and other supplies, it was clear that a camper was the one that had been attacked.

Finding that the tent was empty, Helen explored around until she found a woman slumped behind a downed tree. One would think she had just fallen asleep suddenly, but when Helen turned her over, it was quite clear what had happened. A pale, spider-like alien had attached itself to the poor girl’s face, with a tail wrapped firmly around her neck. Since there was only one of them around, this likely didn’t entail that a nest was nearby. This creature had likely wandered from far away or was somehow a stowaway on something. And the young woman on the ground was the unlucky victim.

“Another lovely attacked by one of these things. I’d best get you ready then.” Helen couldn’t help but smile.

The dark, rough looking huntress dragged the victim over to a tree, propping them up against it. She bound the girl’s arms behind her back, and both legs together. With everything in place, she got cozy next to the still roaring fire and dug into the girl’s backpack. Inside she found an apple to start munching away on.

After only a couple minutes, Helen heard the subtle sound of the alien creature dropping down onto the ground, dead. With a final bite, she tossed the core away and approached the unconscious girl. She immediately took notice to how cute the poor girl was, which heightened her excitement even more for when she eliminated the alien spawn. Kicking the overturned alien to the side, Helen kneeled next to her and brushed some hair out of her face, causing the girl to finally awaken.

The assaulted camper blinked quickly and coughed, struggling against her bindings for a moment. “Ohhh…. What happened to me… and why can’t I move?” Then she spotted Helen gazing down at her.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that dear.” Helen chuckled, grasping the girl’s chin to get a better look at her. “Didn’t your parents ever tell you to not play with aliens?”

The girl was more confused than frightened, especially when Helen wasn’t the thing that had attacked her earlier. “A-alien? Is that what that was?” She glanced around, trying to spot the creature. “I was sitting on that log over there, and-” A deep cough interrupted her, but doesn’t stop her from continuing. “Something jumped onto my face and I fell backwards.”

Hearing that cough was utter bliss to Helen. “ That it did.” Reaching behind her, she picked up the alien by its tail to show it to the girl, holding it right in front. “This little guy here saw that pretty face of yours and couldn’t resist.” Chuckling again, she tossed the alien behind her. “And pretty soon, this magnificent bust of yours is going to get an even rougher treatment.”

“W-what do you mea- Hey!” Helen had grasped one of the girl’s heavy breasts, fondling it roughly. Another cough came as she squeezed the other one.

“I bet you can feel it inside you.” Thanks to the girl’s low cut top, Helen was easily able to send her fingers deep inside of her cleavage to rub her sternum. “Right in here.”

Wanting to protest again, another cough and the telltale sign of something slithering around her heart made it skip a beat. “God, you’re right!” She exclaimed, forgetting about everything that Helen had been doing to her. “H-how do we get it out?”

Helen shook her head. “Honey, there’s only one way that bad boy is going to leave your chest. And it’s right through here.” She rubbed even harder, letting her feel movement deep within alongside the heavily beating heart.

“Oh god, can’t you do anything about it?” The girl pleaded, her breathing speeding up quickly.

Retracting her hand caused the girl to go into a coughing fit, allowing Helen to fetch the grenade without having to answer a million questions. “As a matter of fact, I am going to do something about it alright.” Twisting the top of the grenade, Helen changed it to the correct detonation setting. “Your chest is going to explode wide open no matter what I do, and this,” She slowly, carefully pushed the explosive device deeply between both luscious breasts until it was nice and snug, “will make sure that your child doesn’t make anyone into its snack.”

The girl’s eyes had gone wide, unable to speak as she watched her cleavage engulf the grenade until only the top was visible. Shivers coursed through her body from the cold metal of the device, causing her nipples to stiffen through her top. She wanted to protest again, but a major coughing fit saved Helen’s ears from listening to it. Even as her breasts shook from the violent coughs, the grenade didn’t budge an inch. A beep halted even her coughs when Helen pressed the button on top of it, causing red light to illuminate her face.

“Well, I’d love to stick around, but my job here is done.” Helen stood up and began walking away, then turned back to speak. “That baby is primed to blow when it moves too much, but don’t worry about breathing or coughing. Only the blowout of your chest caused by that thing in you will do the trick.” With a final grin at the girl, Helen walked to a tree a safe distance away.

By now the girl was completely hysterical. Her chest heaved madly, heart pounding wildly to the point that even it threatened to set off the blast. All she could do was gaze down at the glowing device as she coughed, watching it’s every move. But the peril of the grenade could only distract her for so long.

The swirling sensation around her heart stopped, only for the beast within to ram away at her sternum. The girl cried out in pain, almost wishing that the grenade would just go off so she didn’t have to suffer through any more. Another cough, another agonizing moment of waiting, then a ram, stronger than last time. The grenade actually shifted a bit after the third one, pushed out by a growing bulge forming on her sternum. A few more rams nearly caused her to blackout from pain, especially when the sound of bones cracking were mixed in.

Knowing it was coming, the bound girl screamed at the top of her lungs towards the night sky. A final, powerful ram from the desperate alien tore right through her chest. The head of the creature slammed into the grenade with all its might, setting it off. Nothing could have prepared the alien, or even the girl, for the violent explosion. Both breasts were ripped apart in an instant, splattering meaty crimson everywhere to her sides. The grenade was actually a bit weaker than most, but still managed to blow a hole all the way back into the tree. Although the alien was disintegrated, it’s acidic blood remained, melting down through her body until only her hips and legs remained.

Helen nearly climaxed hands-free when she watched the busty girl get absolutely slaughtered by her grenade. Taking a moment to moan deeply and fondle herself all over, she calmed back down to go over and examine the carnage. If she had been the type, it would have been hard to resist enjoying the girl’s pussy while it was still warm. She let out a sigh, knowing it was such a pity having to destroy such a pretty girl. But at the end of the day, she was relieved that an alien menace had been stopped in its tracks before it could feast upon even more people. Picking through the tent and backpack, she carried back anything that was of use.

Computer Issues 2018-06-03T17:31:47+00:00

There is likely something wrong with my PC, and so far it doesn't seem to be a hard drive problem. My writing for the month will probably less now that I just have a laptop to work with, and I'll likely be unable to do anything regarding the game until I actually have access to the file.

Next Monthly Theme - Jade 2018-06-01T19:05:17+00:00

I introduced the $10 tier a bit late last month, so I can't really complain that there were no takers. Or it was because no one cared for the Lust Serum. So now, the new theme will be Jade, my alien hybrid.

If you would like to have a character of yours taking part in a 1k-5k word long story (Depending on the total number of characters and how much I feel like writing) involving Jade, feel free to pledge. Whether you go with a simple girl or a dragon dickgirl that gets their cock pumped full of eggs, it will surely be a fun story. Lots of impregnation, bursting, and even acidic melting is possible!

Another thing I hadn't mentioned is that, while the contents of the story will mostly be up to me, I will make a post asking each $10 patron their thoughts on how they'd like their character to be treated.

Gorerat RPG v0.5.1 2018-06-01T04:16:20+00:00
Patch Notes
  • Nearly everything that can be done within a dream is now an item that you can collect. This allows you more freedom, rather than having to walk somewhere specific or 'fight' random enemies.
  • Dreams can last forever if you use the 'Dream Marathon' option.
  • Added a 30-text-box interaction with horse girl (Use wolf with her!)
  • Added patron reward: Maid dickgirl. She so far has a 50-text-box mini-story, but will possibly involve much more down the line.

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Double Voiced Stories 2018-05-31T18:56:53+00:00

Here's two more stories of mine that have been voiced. The second one hasn't been posted in text form yet.



Late May Content 2018-05-31T06:58:44+00:00

Got the Twin Fates story out, though it just kept getting longer and longer to the point where I didn't feel like working on it any more. So I released it in an unfinished state, though still has over 5000 words.

Now that that's out of the way, it shouldn't be too hard to clean up what I had been working on for the game, so all the $5 patrons should be looking forward to something new tomorrow!

Twins Fates 9 - Scifi World 2 Part 1 (Unfinished) 2018-05-31T06:53:42+00:00

Within her lab, Destiny and her cute little Asian assistant, Naomi, have been spending the day studying a new specimen. It had arrived that morning, shipped in from a newly discovered planet. They normally received creatures and other larger organisms and plants, but this was much smaller. In fact, it was simply sealed inside of a small glass jar, and looked to be a typical worm that was black in nature.

“This thing is surely just a simple worm.” Naomi said while giving it another long, hard look.

“Yeah, just because something is new and from an alien planet doesn’t mean it’s anything special. Though...” Destiny added, then took back the jar to examine it closely once more, “It seems like it becomes more lively whenever I’m holding it.” She gazed at the squirming worm that reacted immediately to her presence.

Noticing it herself, the young Asian girl held the jar again once more, and sure enough, the specimen calmed down in an instant. “Huh. Any reason why it might like you?” The cute assistant giggled at the thought.

Being the smarter one, it didn’t take long for Destiny to come up with a theory. “I think I might know what this is.” With a quick yet careful lunge, she took a hold of the glass container. “Worms are simple, living out in nature. But this...” She stared at the black, writhing thing within, growing horny as she secretly hoped it really was what she was thinking about. “It might be a parasite. An advanced one at that.” Saying those words made her pants grow a bit tight, stretching to contain the bulge that swelled within.

“A parasite?” Her assistant exclaimed. “No wonder it acts very interested in you.” She lowered her gaze to the floor suddenly, looking a bit out of it. “Not even a parasite likes me...”

Destiny chuckled. “You should take that as a good thing!” She did her best to cheer her assistant up. “Hmm, I wonder...”

Out of curiosity, and while Naomi still had a downward gaze at the floor, Destiny began hovering the jar just above her bulging pants. Before, the worm had simply grown more energetic, but now no matter what side she moved the jar to, it tried it’s hardest to slither towards her straining pants. There was no way she could let such an opportunity go to waste. Especially when there would be no long term consequences from running an in depth experiment.

Hopefully Karma didn’t mind.

“Well, we’re not going to learn much while it’s sealed inside something.” Destiny said as she stood up. “The poor thing just wants a new home, and I’m not going to deny it my sexy body.” Grinning and winking at Naomi for a moment, she turned and walked towards an examination bed with the jar in hand.

“B-but doctor!” Naomi said in alarm as she jumped up to follow her wreckless boss. “You don’t have any idea what will happen, a-and that’s clearly against the guidelines!”

Staying silent, Destiny gently set the container on the bed to make it easier to remove her lab coat. It always did a good job of hiding her thick, curvy body, and now, only tight clothing was left to keep her sexy body from being on full display. Her blank pants hugged her hips wonderfully, and she never wore a shirt that wouldn’t display a deep valley of cleavage. In fact, she decided the most secure location for the parasitic jar would be right between her breasts. After stuffing it in good and deep, Destiny climbed up onto the bed, laying against the propped up surface. Naomi couldn’t help but gaze at the dark beauty, making her forget every concern she had.

“Wow… I can see why it likes you so much...” The Asian girl softly said, never expecting to look at another woman quite like this.

“You’ve seen nothing yet.” Destiny giggled. “Now stop staring and come over here. You need to open my pants before they explode.” She said with a soft moan, feeling a throb course through her fat bulge. While a simple organism, the parasite reacted positively like it knew just what was going to transpire in this room shortly.

“Umm, ok...” Naomi blushed bright, taking her time to make her way to the side of the bed. “I’m not sure why they would explo-” Her eyes went wide, “ohh...” Right in front of her was a massive bulge within Destiny’s tight, black pants. “So this… must be why it’s so attracted to you...” The Asian girl slowly reached out towards the distressed button, feeling like her hands were on auto pilot.

Barely making contact with her fingers, Naomi jumped when the button popped free. With its only support gone, the zipper opened up in the blink of an eye, giving Destiny’s strained underwear some much needed relief. The bulge had seemingly doubled in size, no longer confined within such a tight prison. Naomi couldn’t help but stare, feeling a burning need well up from within her very core. Her trance was finally broken when Destiny cleared her throat.

“S-sorry...” If Naomi were to blush any brighter, you’d think she had gotten a major sunburn.

“You’re not done yet.” Destiny said, feeling the jar practically shake with how excited the parasite had become, nearly making her breasts jiggle. “Reach in there and pull it out.” When her innocent little assistant was about to take the jar from her, she shook her head. “No, you silly girl. Reach into my underwear!”

Naomi gulped audibly, unable to believe she was really going to do this. Taking a deep breath, she tugged on the overstretched band and slid her other hand inside. She gasped when her dainty hand contacted the hot, throbbing mass within. It was unbelievably thick, making her struggle to get a grip on it. If she hadn’t known better, she would have thought it was simply a molten hot bar of steel that Destiny had been hiding in her pants. A deep moan left her boss’s lips, sending a tingle of pleasure through her lithe body. And before she knew it, Destiny’s massive cock was on full display, bobbing like mad as it towered between the dark beauty’s thighs.

“My god...” Naomi mumbled, failing to realize that she still had a tight grip on it.

“You’re a fast learner. Now, hold it still while I release my little friend here.” Destiny ordered as she fidgeted with the jar.

Not only was Naomi doing as she was told, but had pulled the skin all the way down, exposing the fat, bulbous cock head completely. The tight opening looked like it’d be a challenge for the thick parasite to overcome, but thanks to all the fresh cream leaking out of it already, it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Breaking the tight seal on the jar, Destiny reached in with two fingers to grasp the vile parasite, lifting it out of its prison. “Just what do you have in store for me, my little friend?” She said to it, giving it a smile.

Without being told to do so, Naomi angled Destiny’s leaking cock down a bit, causing some pre cum to drip down onto her boss’ shirt. Slowly, Destiny brought the parasite down to her needy dick, watching as it stretched its body further and further in desperation to infest her. Finally close enough, the head probed her tight hole, already trying its hardest to disappear into her.

“My, aren’t you just a needy little thing.” Destiny giggled as she slowly stretched open, moaning as it went on. She’d allow it to worm its way into her a bit, then pull it back out. Not wanting to exhaust it completely, she finally released her grasp. “Go on, burrow as deep as you want!” She begged, and before she knew it, the three inch long parasite disappeared from her view. A deep moan echoed throughout the lab as she felt it inch its way down through her massive cock.

Despite her concern, Naomi couldn’t help but admit that what she had just seen was incredibly hot. Not to mention having her hand wrapped around her boss’ cock, allowing her to feel the parasite as it slithered deeper inside. Her hand followed the worm down the thick length, letting them visualize its progress. With her hand reaching the base, she lost its location when she could go no further “Doctor, it...” Was all she could say.

“It’s okay Naomi, I’ll be fine.” Destiny rested a hand on her assistant’s, gripping it lightly. “I want you to take notes now, and- AAGGHHHH!” She suddenly cried out in pain.

“What is it!” Naomi said in alarm, jumping up and releasing her hand.

Without answering, Destiny grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted it. There, on the left side of her belly, was a gnarly scratch. It looked like as if a set of sharp claws had suddenly attacked her.

“Where the hell did that come from!” Naomi screamed.

It was at that moment when Destiny remembered that Karma was out on a mission that day…

While Destiny was back in her secure lab, Karma was out in the middle of a war zone. Or rather, her squad never expected to be ambushed by a bunch of hungry animal-like aliens.

They were typically equipped to deal with armed resistance, and not quick moving beasts. Things were going well at first, but there just seemed to be no end to the horde. One by one, Karma slowly lost her squad members, and before she knew it, she was the last one left standing. It didn’t help that her dick began throbbing the moment that combat had started, all thanks to Destiny. Distracted by the tight bulge in her pants, she failed to avoid a set of vicious claws that came out of nowhere, tearing through the side of her armor. She screamed in pain, dropping her rifle as she collapsed onto the ground. If she hadn’t been wearing any protection, her insides would have surely been spilled for all to see. And by the looks of these beasts, would have turned into a lovely snack.

Even in dire situations like this, Karma couldn’t help but smile. Thanks to her gift, she has been able to rise through the ranks thanks to knowing what was going to be around the corner. Even if an encounter looked winnable, she’d still occasionally blow herself up or something just so she could prevent a friend’s death. So when everyone started to fall all around her, she wasn’t one bit worried or sad.

“Sorry Destiny. It looks like sexy twins will be on the menu today.” She chuckled to herself as she held a hand against her wound, sitting up a bit to look all around her.

With how quickly her squad had been taken out, and now being eaten, she was surprised that she was still alive, and relatively left alone. When the last dying breath faded from every squad member, all that could be heard were the sounds of bones crunching and tasty flesh being savored. It had been rather dark out, so Karma had almost no idea what had even attacked them. As her eyes adjusted, it looked like they walked on four feet, and even lightly resembled some kind of canine. And feline. Ones with glowing eyes.

Once the bleeding slowed on her belly, one of the beasts finally took note of her. Karma sat up at attention, her heart beating fast. Even if Destiny hadn’t been in the middle of letting a parasite enter her cock, Karma’s excitement alone was enough to make her own throb madly. Not every day did she have the opportunity to feed her cock to something. She watched every moment of its approach, hoping that it was going to devour her like it hadn’t eaten for a week. Stopping right in front of her, a surprise came when the alien’s tongue simply began licking at her wound.

“Ohh…” Karma moaned, both from having her pain soothed and knowing that her experience was going to be slow and enjoyable. “You’re going to savor my body, aren’t you?” She reached out to pet the beast on the head. “Such a good doggy, kitty, alien thing.” The first touch let her know that the alien seemingly had no fur, only rough, leathery skin.

As the rough tongue continued to tend to her wound, the pain slowly dissipated. When it felt like nothing had ever scratched her at all, she looked down and gasped. Visible through the torn apart armor were scratch marks that appeared as if they were fully healed, though still leaving behind scars.

“Ahh, you don’t want your meal to bleed out, do you?” Karma cooed as she continued to rub the alien’s head.

Satisfied with its work, the creature began the next phase of preparing its snack. Without rending her skin this time, sharps claws and teeth began tearing into her armor and clothing. Her chest heaved, soft moans leaving her lips as she patiently watched her toned body slowly become more and more exposed. She gasped when her bra fell in tatters away from her breasts, feeling as they bounced free. Both dark, puffy nipples immediately hardened from the chilly air, like they wanted to offer the animal-like alien a special treat. Her heart felt ready to explode when only her underwear was left.

“Yeah, you’d better be careful down there!” Karma chuckled as the beast carefully pawed at her bulging panties. Using one hand to hold herself up, the other found a stiff nipple to tug.

Combining the might of its jaw and claws, the last frail garment was finally relieved from her body. Karma’s fat cock sprung upwards in an instant, smacking the beast on the nose lightly. With how heavily her sweet juices were already leaking, there’d be no way its scent could be ignored. Unable to resist, the rough tongue tended to her once more, licking across the sensitive head of her dick to gather up all the flavor.

“Mff...” Karma groaned, biting her lip hard when the tongue made another pass. “Damn, your tongue feels like sandpaper...” The beast’s tongue was a lot like a lion’s, covered in barbs designed to help strip flesh from bone. Luckily its saliva prevented bleeding. “I hope I can come before- ughh...” Another deep groan came as intense pain and pleasure shot down through her cock into her balls.

Before much of her glans could be scraped away, the tongue began working its way down her length. The same spot was never tasted more than once, so her skin stayed intact on the way down. Reaching her tight, smooth sac, the tongue took turns alternating between both fat balls. Fresh cream oozed out of her, running down along her throbbing length to add some much needed flavor to the meaty balls below.

Out of nowhere, another one of the aliens came over to give Karma some attention. “Plenty of me to go around. That’s for sure!” Karma exclaimed, smiling at the new beast.

This one was a bit bigger and bulkier, like it was a male. Ignoring her dick, it instead inspected her tender belly and firm breasts, nuzzling and licking them all over. Much like her glans, her nipples were bombarded with pain and pleasure as a barb covered tongue scraped across the sensitive nubs. Her mind was overwhelmed with ecstasy, wishing she could just sit there for all of eternity at the mercy of their tongues.

Growing bored with her bust, the larger creature playfully growled at the other, causing them to abandon her balls. It began to press its muzzle against her hip, like it wanted to push her over. She didn’t understand what it was wanting at first, but the sight of what it had hanging between its haunches sent a surge of bliss through her body. Not to mention a gush of pre cum blasting out of her.

“Wanting to play with your food, I see.” Karma grinned, gazing at the throbbing mass of the beast.

With help from another nudge, Karma rolled over and got onto her knees. She looked back at them, pointing her exposed ass right at the larger one. He took the hint right away, pushing his face right between her cheeks. She let out a deep groan, a shiver running along her spine as his barbed tongue licked deep within. Her cock twitched with delight as it hung close to her belly, shooting a bit of seed with each lick. With her nice and wet, he mounted her in an instant, causing his claws to sink deep into her shoulders.

“How’d you know I liked it rough?” Karma grunted through the pain, struggling to hold herself up under his weight. “Hurry up and cram that bad boy into me, dammit!” She bellowed.

Shifting around atop her, his hips thrust forward. His own leaking cock parted her cheeks with ease, but missed the bullseye by only an inch. Her ass yearned for his cock, begging to be split wide open. On the second thrust, his aim was true. Karma’s eyes went as wide as her ass, a scream piercing the silent night as he surged deep inside. Having passed right against her swollen prostate, a thick rope of hot cream blasted out of her to splatter against the ground, drawing the first alien back to her cock. With her ass being pounded, and her gushing cock getting licked profusely once more, Karma for the first time didn’t care if she woke back up in the morning or not. She was just in too much bliss to worry about her well being.

Back in the lab, Naomi rushed to gather some medical supplies to help with Destiny’s belly wound that had spontaneously appeared. By time she returned, the bleeding had already stopped, and when she wiped the blood away, the gashes were seemingly healed already.

“I-I don’t understand...” Naomi said, running a finger along the fresh scar.

“It’s a long story.” Destiny said, sighing in relief that the scratch appeared to be the only injury coming her way. For now. “Put that stuff away so you can focus on what’s going on between my legs.” She gripped her own cock for the first time, feeling as it throbbed with vile intent. “I can feel it doing something, writhing within my prostate...” Even without being stroked, her cock leaked heavily, filling the room with a sweet, intoxicating aroma.

Having put everything back, Naomi could now focus on the task at hand. Whether it was Destiny’s scent assaulting her nose, or figuring it’d help with the experiment, the young Asian girl proactively began to work on her boss’ pants some more. She struggled to work them down the thick woman’s hips, but once she did, she followed through with the underwear as well.

Once both pesky garments slipped all the way down and off of her feet, Destiny could finally spread her legs a bit. “Thanks Naomi, that feels much better.” She laid there in peace for a few minutes, concentrating to feel what the parasite was doing to her. “I think it’s growing, spreading through my organs...” The situation was already hot to begin with, but she could tell the heightened ecstasy she was feeling was far from natural. “It’s- oohhhh...” Her chest had grown slick, heaving as her heart beat heavily. “I need you to massage my balls… they’re getting a bit sore.” Destiny begged, gazing deeply into Naomi’s eyes as she bit her lip.

There was no way Naomi could ignore such a seductive plea like that. “I-I’ll do my best.” Standing against the side of the exam bed, she slipped a hand between both dark thighs, cupping the hot, tight sac. “Wow...” The young assistant softly moaned as she began tenderly massaging both pent up orbs, rolling them between her pale fingers. “I think I can feel it… writhing deep within them...”

As her balls were soothed, Destiny released her dick in the hopes that Naomi would take the hint. Even if she didn’t, the dark beauty needed both hands to fondle her heavy breasts anyways. When she got into the perfect rhythm of mashing her bust together, she watched intently as her assistant’s other hand approached her cock. She let out a deep moan when contact was made, watching as some fresh cream oozed out to coat Naomi’s hand.

“That’s it Naomi. Just… like… that...” Destiny softly groaned, closing her eyes as she basked in pleasure from her assistant’s touch.

Naomi’s mind was so overwhelmed by what she was doing that she failed to note the subtle scrapes forming on Destiny’s cock. The beautiful scientist groaned as she felt every lick that assaulted her dick, despite being thousands of miles away from where her sister was in peril. Just knowing that some hungry creature was tasting Karma’s dick somewhere sent a powerful throb through her cock, helping further to soothe the pain. Then as the sensation of sandpaper rubbing against her balls came, she squeezed her breasts harder when even her nipples lit up with pain and pleasure.

‘Damn, girl, just what have you gotten yourself into…’ Destiny thought to herself. It was impossible for her to decide if she preferred to be here with Naomi, or switch places with Karma.

The intoxicating aroma in the air was quickly becoming too much for Naomi to resist. As she fondled both balls and stroked the dark cock with greater intensity, her mouth went on autopilot. She parted her plump lips, moving her face over the oozing dick of her boss. But before she could descend and take it into her, she got a tasty surprise.

Right as Karma’s ass was impaled by the alien beast, Destiny’s own body felt the full effects of the intrusion. Her own prostate was compressed, blasting out a thick load of fresh cream right into Naomi’s inviting mouth. The lithe Asian woman reflexively swallowed when it impacted the back of her throat, making her cough. She kept her hands on Destiny’s organs, squeezing tighter as she regained her breath. All the heavenly sweetness was still there, but the vile parasite had already tainted Destiny’s cum. It wouldn’t be long before Naomi couldn’t control herself.

As Naomi stood there, feeling the corrupted cum hijacking her senses, Destiny’s hips were jerking upwards into the air. With every thrust from the creature’s dick, the impact was felt by her like as if her own ass was being pounded. Every bounce caused even more cum to blast into Naomi’s mouth, until the innocent girl could take no more.

“Oh doctor, please forgive me!” Naomi shouted, removing her hands from her boss in a flash, only to move them to her clothing. With burning desire enhanced by the parasite infused cum coursing through her, she shredded her clothes off in record time. Her legs trembled, pussy dripping nearly as badly as Destiny’s cock was leaking. “I can’t help myself… your cock… I need to feel it deep inside me!” Just as fast as her clothes had disappeared, Naomi climbed up onto the exam bed between her boss’ legs.

Destiny couldn’t find any words to say, being only able to lay there and gaze upon her assistant’s pale body while her hips continued to buck. With the removal of the Asian girl’s clothes, Destiny felt compelled to remove her own shirt and bra. A gasp left Naomi’s mouth when both dark, heavy breasts bounced free, calling out to her to suck on the dark, puffy nipples. When the last remnants of the young woman’s control faded, she straddled Destiny’s hips and brought the massive cock to her needy pussy.

“God, I hope it fits!” Naomi moaned, throwing her head back as she slowly pushed her body down onto the fat dick.

Seeing the poor girl struggle, Destiny reached out with both hands to grip onto the pale hips before her to help pull her down. “Don’t worry sweetie, I’ll make sure of it!” She grinned.

When the tight Asian girl’s pussy split just wide enough for the thick head of Destiny’s cock to pop into her, the rest of the huge mass surged deep into her. “Holy fuck, I’m splitting in half!” She cried out.

Both of them gazed down below, staring at the huge bulge in the pale woman’s lower belly. “Damn, I didn’t think you would have been able to take it all!” Destiny complimented Naomi, making her blush. “Now, be a good little assistant and ride me like your job depends on it!”

Not wanting to disappoint her boss, Naomi ignored the pain of her impossibly stretched wide pussy and lifted her body up. Barely able to make it a couple inches, her fleshy walls were seemingly getting pulled out of her thanks to the tight fit. It didn’t help that Destiny’s hips were thrusting upwards constantly, though that at least provided a constant stream of hot, slick cream. Sinking back down, she took a couple deep breaths to try again. Each attempt saw her little ass rising an inch further, until she was finally able to go until only Destiny’s thick glans prevented her escape. Once she got into a steady rhythm, her boss helped slam her hips back down upon reaching the peak, bombarding her pussy with pleasure. Not only was this the best and only fuck of her life, but the infested pre cum continually made her more and more sensitive as time went on.

“That’s it, fuck me with your tight pussy!” Destiny barked, meeting every slam of Naomi’s hips with a powerful upwards thrust of her cock. Her dark, luscious breasts bounced all over, sending Naomi into a deep trance. “I’m gonna come so hard into you, there’s no way the parasite can possibly hold on!”

As Karma withstood having an alien cock ramming her ass, and a barbed tongue scraping away at her gushing dick, she never could have expected another wondrous sensation making itself known. Already feeling her own climax nearing, her deepest moan of the night escaped her lips when her cock felt like something incredibly tight and slick had engulfed it. But when she dropped her head to look between her swinging breasts, all she could see was a tongue licking it.

‘Destiny, you naughty girl. I hope you’re giving whoever it is the best time of their life, since things are about to get messy.’ She thought to herself, grinning wide.

Her mind was on the edge of short circuiting, and likely would have if any more beastly aliens had come over to taste her vulnerable breasts. When the bulkier one atop her started to growl like it was announcing its impending climax, the one tasting her organs stopped fooling around. Karma’s blissful moans quickly shifted to grunts and groans when sharp teeth began nibbling at her throbbing cock, scraping down along its length until reaching her cream filled sac. The toothy maw didn’t move away from the pent up orbs, opening and closing over and over, threatening to tear into them with ever increasing strength.

Already near a powerful climax of her own, the inevitable demise of her balls was all it took to send her over the edge-- perfectly timed with a mighty roar of the thrusting beast followed by her ass being filled by every thick inch of his alien meat. “Holy shit, I’m gonna-!” Her scream of ecstasy was short lived when those vicious teeth finally sunk deep into her succulent balls. “Fucking animal, you’re supposed to let me come first before eating me!” She raged, watching as her balls were torn free just before the first intense pulsation shot through her cock, base-to-tip.

Luckily for Karma, her balls weren’t needed at all to enjoy her overwhelming orgasm. In fact, the added pain made it so much better. Her cock still managed to pump hot, creamy loads of cum all over the ground below her-- some of it even splashing against her breasts. Each blast was especially heavy thanks to the fat cock buried in her ass pulsating against her prostate. Even so, the long piece of thick meat was too irresistible for the hungry beast to ignore. Right as the latest gush of sweet seed reached her tip, sharp teeth tore into it, causing it to flow right into the alien’s mouth. The additional flavor was incredible, making the beast devour her cock in seconds, inches per bite.

As her climax faded, a couple final drips fell from between her legs. The satiated animal licked her bloody wound until no more blood flowed. Her own belly felt a bit full like she just had a meal as well, but was simply caused from all the foreign cum that had been pumped deep into her ass. The stronger beast popped his cock free, allowing a heavy stream of his seed to flow right out of her to pool into the blood below.

Karma collapsed to the side, rolling onto her back. “That was… incredible...” She spoke slowly between deep breasts, her chest heaving madly to refresh her with much needed oxygen. “I hope you’re hungry big guy, since I still have plenty to offer!” The dark beauty seductively offered, using one hand to rub her toned belly while the other mashed her meaty mounds together. There was no way anything could resist such a grandeur display.

Naomi was riding Destiny so wildly that if her bust was anything but modest, it surely would have been smacking her right in the face. Their organs were doing wonders to bring each other to heightened bliss-- squeezing, throbbing, and sliding against one another. With rock shattering climaxes surely only moments away, Destiny released Naomi’s hips to start tugging on her own nipples, knowing that the Asian girl could handle everything on her own at this point. But as her orgasm drew near, the sensation of pointed teeth digging to her balls grew apparent.

“Come on Naomi, you need to hurry!” Destiny cried out in urgency, knowing that something bad was about to happen to Karma. She abandoned her breasts, gripping her lover tightly to help with the gyrations.

“Oh, Destiny...” Naomi finally moaned out of her boss’ name, feeling her belly tense up and legs begin to shudder. “God, I’m coming!”

With all her might, the young Asian assistant rose up one last time, then crashed down with the full weight of her lithe body. Her pussy exploded into orgasm in an instant, clamping down around Destiny’s throbbing cock. It was enough to send the dark beauty into convulsions as well, but right before it could happen, her balls were chomped into. She screamed at the top of her lungs, arching her back as pain enveloped her body. Even so, the tight clenching of Naomi’s pussy coaxed her cock into pumping out what she still had.

Since the parasite was residing within her prostate, the loss of her balls didn’t matter when it came to unloading vile seed deep into the pale woman. So much of it was being blasted into her it seemed as if Destiny still had her pent up balls. And just when the pain was starting to subside, another overwhelming bolt of it hit her when the bulbous head of her cock was bit into. Naomi was too busy moaning and focusing on her quaking pussy to figure out why her boss’ screams seemed to be ones of pain rather than pleasure.

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Starting now, a new tier (at $10) will allow you to place a character of your choosing into a story for the month's theme. Your character will interact with all other characters that are present for that month. The first theme will be 'Lust Serum' and will start next month, so pledge soon if it's interesting to you!

Example: 5 people pledge towards it. I come up with a story for those 5 characters experiencing fun from the theme. With the theme being lust serum, it could be anything from an orgy breaking out to everyone bursting one by one. Then, a new theme is picked for the next month, and you can either stay or switch off to let someone else in.

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While you wait for my late May content, here's a link to my Google Drive folder which has all my commissioned art! Just added today is a vore piece to a story of mine.

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Rather than ask what kind of content you're personally interested in, I'd like to know if there are any themes that are lacking. A hard poll if you're only interested in one thing, but if you like multiple things, let me know if there's anything I should be doing even more of.

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Just curious to know if there was any preference between how the Twin Fates stories went. Chapters where they are in completely different areas allows for some strange interactions, while chapters that have them next to each other seem to flow better as I don't have to keep jumping back and forth between where they are.

Twin Fates 8 - Scifi World 1 2018-05-03T07:11:48+00:00

“So, how exactly is this going to work?” Destiny asked, gripping the arms of her seat tightly.

“Well, assuming I manage to land this thing correctly and we don’t explode like last time, we’re going to scout out an alien nest.” Karma said.

The twins would normally be doing their jobs in an official capacity, but thanks to their gift, they occasionally broke protocol if they needed intel on something; being able to die while enjoying it ensured they’d never get in trouble. Recently, Karma and other soldiers had been fighting a new type of alien, and they were desperate to learn more about them. When no one was looking, they boarded a small ship and took off to begin their research. With how many times Karma had crashed up to this point, she’d practically become a skilled pilot by now.

“By time our little joy ride is over, I’m never going to want to fly again!” Destiny said, remembering back on their previous fails. “One time we slowly burned alive thanks to you!”

“Then you should have used that grenade I gave you! There’s no way you lost it after I stuffed it between your breasts!” Karma barked at Destiny, nearly colliding with an asteroid.

“My arms were pinned behind my back! I spent the whole time staring down at it, wishing it would just blow while my legs burned...” Destiny said, looking down at the current grenade that had been stuffed snugly between her heavy breasts. Maybe she should just activate it now…

“Once we actually manage to do this, I promise I’ll give you access to the armory. I’ll even help cram you so full of grenades you’ll burst!” Karma said, growing horny herself at the thought.

Even with all their bickering, Karma finally managed to land the ship at a suspected den of the aliens. It was located on a planet that thankfully had oxygen, so they didn’t have to worry about putting on any suits. Destiny didn’t come along for the ride just because they always did stuff together, but also because she was a renowned researcher. With them teamed up together, Karma would be able to protect them both while Destiny tried her best to learn everything she could about the creatures.

“Any idea where to go?” Destiny said, looking all around her for possible predators.

“You’re the scientist here. All I ever heard were rumors about where they might be.” Destiny said, keeping her rifle at the ready.

After taking out some sensors and other instruments from her bag, Destiny decided to guide them to some local hills. Karma had no problem trekking through the dense jungle, while Destiny complained the whole way.

“I hope these aliens are hungry, since there’s no way I’m walking back to our ship once we figure everything out.” Destiny said, shuddering at the thought of hungry maws digging into her thick body.

“From what I’ve seen, they just tear you apart. Which… does sound kinda hot.” Karma admitted. “Depending on what happens to us, I might even take us out here again...”

Nearing the foot of the largest hill, Destiny adjusted her glasses as she looked at the beeping instrument. “There should be an entrance nearby.”

It didn’t take long for Karma to spot the wide open cave entrance. “Over here!”

They stood right in front of it, trying their best to look deep inside. All they had was Karma’s light which would be barely enough to see where they were even walking. The first step inside was when both were thankful that they didn’t have to worry about dying for the last time.

“I can’t guarantee anything, but you’d better stick close. Even just getting a look at their inner den would be more information than we already have.” Karma said.

The tunnel seemed to go on forever. Destiny felt like complaining again from all the walking, and being in a cold, dark tunnel, but she knew it was important to be quiet now. It was hard for her to concentrate on the task at hand since her mind was fantasizing about all the things that could happen to them. When they finally came upon a large internal chamber, she wondered why she even bothered with any instruments.

“Are those eggs?” Karma asked, staying cautious.

“It sure looks like it. Let’s get closer.” Destiny whispered.

Spread evenly all throughout the dank room were large eggs. They were dark green, seemingly textured like leather. The top of them had what looked like an X engraved in their surface, like that would be how they’d open. Both twins slowly approached the closest one, getting down on their knees to inspect it closer.

“Well, we’ve learned one thing for sure. They have enough eggs here to make an army!” Karma exclaimed, keeping an eye out for aliens skulking in the dark.

Taking another instrument from her bag, Destiny began scanning the large egg. “A strange army for sure! Just look at its shape. And I think it’s moving...”

Destiny about screamed and fell backwards when the egg suddenly shook. The entire egg was seemingly alive, pulsing with activity. Both sisters watched it with intrigue, wondering just what was going to hatch. Just as quickly as it began moving, the top split open like a blooming flower in the morning sunshine. They froze in place, only able to see something moving from within.

“Whatever is in there, I hope it’s-!” In the middle of speaking, Karma never expected the egg’s inhabitant to launch itself right for her face, wrapping tightly around her head.

“Karma!” Destiny yelled, watching in horror as a spider-like creature latched onto her sister’s face, coiling its strong tail around her neck.

Destiny reached out to try pulling it off, but as the alien began forcing a thick, slimy tube down her sister’s throat, her own was feeling quite full as well. Grasping its body and legs, tugging on it didn’t do much besides causing it to tighten its grip on Karma’s neck, making Destiny claw at her own.

While she struggled to breathe despite not having something clinging to her own face, she heard heavy footsteps approaching. Both sisters were slowly losing consciousness, their bodies starting to slump over. In her last waking moments, Destiny watched as a dark, hulking form loomed over their bodies.

Sometime later, Destiny found herself waking up in a completely different area. The room seemed bare with no eggs in sight. Realizing she could breathe easily now, she whipped her head around to look for Karma. If it was easy to breathe now, then that spider alien was surely gone. After only having to look for a couple seconds, Destiny spotted her sister and dashed over to her unconscious body.

“Karma, wake up!” Destiny called out to her twin, giving her shoulder a shake.

With Karma refusing to wake up, Destiny decided to have a look around. Although it was a bit scary after what had just happened, she wasn’t too worried when death would just send them right back home. The room was completely featureless, and while she did find the only exit, she didn’t want to just leave her sister behind. Moving back to her twin, she sat there patiently, waiting for Karma to wake up.

“Come on Karma, you can’t sleep all-” A cough interrupted her. She began rubbing her exposed chest, hoping to soothe the tightness that was building.

A familiar sound came as another heavy footstep rang throughout the cavern. Destiny’s heart beat fast in her chest. She grew worried and excited about what was closing in on them. Scooting closer to Karma, she watched as a tall, dark form approached her. All she could do was stare at it, trying to take in all the details so she could write a report about them later on. Once it stood towering over her, she audibly gulped.

“Hey there, big guy… I hope you know how to treat a lady right.” Destiny nervously spoke, giggling awkwardly.

Since she was seated, the beast lowered itself until its face was at eye level with her own. She could barely make anything out about its face, but even if the cave was a bit brighter, she wouldn’t have even been able to see any eyes anyways. Its face slowly leaned in closer to her. It might have been too dark to see much, but there was no mistaking the feeling of cold slime dripping down on her body.

“If all you wanted was a kiss, you could have just-!” The alien beast striked her mid sentence.

Much like what had happened to Karma earlier, Destiny found her face completely engulfed by the alien monstrosity. Its powerful mandibles closed around the sides of her head, preventing any escape. She instinctively screamed, opening her mouth wide to inadvertently invite in the creature’s thick, slimy throat cock. It pushed between her plump lips, glided over her tongue, stretched the back of her throat wide open, and surged deep down into her tight, wet throat. Even more slime poured out of the beast’s mouth, splattering all over her exposed chest, running deep down into her vast cleavage.

Destiny didn’t have to wait long to figure out what the beast was going to do when every thick inch of the throat cock began pulsating powerfully. Not soon after did the first of many fat bulges travel through the monster’s appendage, forcing her jaw even wider open, threatening to break it. When it reached the back of her throat, she reactively started swallowing, helping to suck thick lump after thick lump down into her hungry belly. Keeping one hand holding her up, she clasped the other one around her neck to tenderly massage it, hoping to soothe it from having to painfully bulge over and over.

Whatever was being pumped into her, she was loving every second of it. Tightness hit her chest once more, making her cough around her alien lover’s throat cock. After what seemed like an eternity of gulping down slimy embryos, the thick, fleshy tube popped free from her mouth. She coughed profusely, spitting slime all over. Her neck was sore, her chest grew tighter, and her belly felt terribly full and heavy. Before she could thank the hulking beast for the slimy meal, it had already vanished.

“Ohh… my belly...” Destiny groaned, pulling up her shirt to start massaging her distressed belly.

As she rubbed the soft, puffed out form, Karma finally came to. “Ugh… Remind me why we decided to come here?”

“Hey, Karma...*cough*...” Destiny coughed some more, which Karma mimicked. “I think we’re in for a wild ride, so I hope you’re ready!”

Fully awake now, Karma was hit by all sorts of sensations. Her throat was just as sore, her chest tight, belly feeling full despite being void of any alien embryos. They sat next to each other, rubbing their own bellies as they coughed harder and harder. Then the feeling of things moving around inside of them began.

“I think we’ve been impregnated...” Destiny said, gasping when she felt things swimming around within her belly. “And I doubt we’re going to give birth the traditional way...”

“Well, I fucking hope it feels incredible.” Karma said.

Only seconds after their bellies started showing movement, a sharp bolt of pain hit them when the beasts within began snacking away. “God, I think they’re eating my insides!” Destiny cried out, whimpering as she continued stroking her belly.

Karma could barely scream and groan thanks to having a coughing fit, then felt movement within her chest as well. “Shit, I think one of them is in my chest too!” One of her hands left her belly, moving up to massage her sternum.

In only a minutes time, their bellies accelerated in activity. Both swollen forms were thrashing like mad, bulges pushing outwards in desperate attempts to escape. They watched as their lovely dark skin reddened, growing thin as the hungry creatures ate away at their tender insides. It was quite the sight being able to watch toothy maws stretch the skin of their bellies as the vile beasts pushed.

“My, what sharp teeth you all have!” Destiny said, forcing herself to giggle. “You can do it little ones. Just a little bit more and you’ll be free.”

When a dull crack echoed out from Karma’s chest, she fell backwards onto the ground. “It’s gonna punch its way out of me!” She cried out, not giving up on rubbing her aching sternum. Another punch came, causing a small bulge to form right between her breasts.

Destiny felt it too, but was too focused on her belly to care much about it. She grasped both sides of her thrashing, quaking belly, wondering how she was still in one piece. When another thump hit her chest, she finally remembered the grenade she still had stuffed in her cleavage. Before it could be knocked away, she quickly grasped it and pulled it free.

“I know just the spot for you!” Destiny said, then stuffed the grenade down inside of her yoga pants, forcing it into her pussy.

Right as it slipped inside of her, she cried out in agony. Her ripened belly had grown so thin that the first of many snake-like aliens finally broke through, tearing her open. Others quickly joined their brethren, announcing their birth to the world with piercing shrieks. Karma jerked against the ground as her belly ripped open as well, though only gore spilled from her with no aliens in sight. With death imminent, Destiny pushed the button on the end of the grenade, hearing a beep as it armed itself.

“Oh god, Karma… we’re going to explode soon!” Destiny warned, then began stroking her hot, throbbing clit.

Feeling jealous of being the last one to be born, the alien within Karma’s chest rammed hard one last time. Her sternum exploded open, forcing her breasts apart as the last snake-like creature was born. It added its shriek to the cavern, totally oblivious to its explosive demise.

Destiny’s own chest exploded open so violently that it split her shirt right down the middle. Her heavy breasts bounced free, her nipples stiffening in an instant. With two grave wounds, she collapsed backwards onto the stone floor, sending her luscious mounds jiggling. Two of the newborns within her belly noticed her dark, stiff nipples, slithering right for them. Right as their toothy maws chomped down on them, happening at the same time as her climax, the powerful grenade stuffed inside of Destiny’s quaking pussy detonated.

Both sisters had their lower bodies blown apart, sending their legs flying in four different directions. Overwhelmed by all the trauma, they finally expired.

Upon waking up, Destiny was so turned on by what had happened that she was practically dragging Karma out of her bed to fly them right back to the alien den.

Supernova - Pit Stop 2018-05-03T00:47:57+00:00

“Oh no!” A female voice cried out.

Out in space near Earth, a young female alien was cruising around in her spaceship. Alarms suddenly went off, and she quickly realized what the problem was; she had forgotten to fill up her tank before taking off.

“Ohh... I hope this planet likes visitors!” She said while steering her craft down towards the planet’s surface.

Being a skilled pilot, she had no trouble with navigating her ship through the planet’s atmosphere. Luckily for her, she approached on the side of earth that had no sunlight, allowing her to go mostly undetected. Nearing the ground, she found a flat, grassy clearing that would be perfect for landing. Just as quick as the emergency had started, she parked safely in one piece.

“Stupid girl… forgetting to get fuel!” She said, smacking herself on the head.

Nova was very much alien, though could easily be considered very sexy by anyone that resided on earth. She had long black hair, pale blue skin, and dark blue lips. While she looked rather feminine, she was actually a ‘male’ of her species since she had a sizeable dick between her legs. And thanks to having warmer body temperatures than most sentient beings, they never bothered with or even created clothing of any kind.

“Well, time to see what this planet has to offer.” She got up out of the pilot seat and went to the airlock.

As chance would have it, she breathed oxygen as well. Once the door opened, she took her first deep breath of fresh air, loving the smell of Earth. Not a single goosebump formed on her body from the chilly night; not even her puffy nipples grew stiff. Her high tech ship went into stealth mode when she ventured away from it, keeping any curious inhabitants away. The feel of grass between her toes was pleasant, putting a smile on her face with each step.

The alien girl had landed in the middle of a park, placing her relatively close to society. So there was no surprise when she encountered her first human.

A young woman that was wandering the park at night quickly spotted her. It was strange to spot someone walking around naked at night, especially one that looked blue. And once they caught sight of the softened dick between her legs, they couldn’t help but approach her.

Coming out of nowhere, Nova was startled when a voice addressed her. “Hey, what’s a naked hottie like you doing out here?” The woman said.

Spinning around, Nova’s heart went fluttering. She hadn’t expected to run into something, or someone so soon. It especially didn’t help when she had no idea what they were saying!

“Oh, umm… hi there, strange being.” Nova said, putting her best awkward smile on.

There might have been communication problems, but that didn’t stop either of them from realizing just how hot the other was. Nova couldn’t help but gaze up and down the human woman’s curvy body. Especially when the only things covering it were a tube top and tight jean shorts. Before she could stop herself, her staring was causing her dick to quickly harden.

Women would normally be wary of strangers at night time, especially a naked one with a cock. But this young girl just couldn’t take her eyes off of the marvelous sight that swelled right before her. Whether the woman was a slut or not, Nova and the other ‘males’ of her kind had a powerful cloud of pheromones that followed them everywhere. Sex was quite common on her world, and she just realized that she might end up with a horny mob following her all over.

“I don’t know what language that is, but I do understand the pleas of a throbbing cock.” The young woman said, walking right up to Nova, swaying her hips along the way. “And I’ve never heard one scream for attention quite like yours.”

With the tone of the woman’s voice and the look on her face, Nova knew she was far from being in any kind of danger. Two human hands found her bust, grasping the heavy breasts to massage them. She stood there and moaned, feeling as a heavy throb coursed through her cock, causing a bit of pre cum to ooze out of the blue tip.

Switching things up, the woman latched onto one of Nova’s dark blue nipples to suck on it, while moving a hand down to firmly grasp the hard, alien cock. “My, I’ve never felt someone so hard before.” Another hand went down, cupping the tight blue sac to tenderly massage the fat balls within. “Or even this pent up. I’m gonna have to fix that.”

Nova couldn’t speak, only able to watch as the sexy woman slowly got down on her knees. Hands squeezed her sensitive organs, stroking just light enough to lure out another glob of fresh cream. Then, before she knew it, her cock was hungrily swallowed up by the woman’s needy mouth.

“Oh, heavens!” Nova moaned deeply, grasping both of her puffy nipples to pinch them. “Maybe it’s a good thing my fuel ran out...”

Her cock had never been sucked so powerfully before. Or at all, for that matter. For some reason she never got to join in with all the sex parties back at home, so this was a completely new experience for her. Even so, her hips went into autopilot, thrusting forward lightly as the woman sucked her harder and deeper into their mouth.

“Mmm… I hope you like my taste...” Nova whined, already feeling her body preparing to unload.

Thanks to the primal hunger for cum of the young woman, a few more seconds of sucking and licking was all it took to cause Nova’s belly to tense up and her balls to tighten. Nearly tugging her nipples clean off, the alien woman slammed her hands onto the human’s head and pulled her in tight. Right as her thick cock surged as deep as humanly possible into the woman’s throat, the first powerful pulsation coursed through it base-to-tip.

“Please, forgive me if I drown you!” Nova screamed.

Both fat, cum-filled balls clenched tight, forcing out an ungodly amount of cum up through her cock. The young woman happily drank it all without worrying about her lungs that were burning for oxygen. After what seemed like a minute long climax, a final hot, creamy load washed down the woman’s throat. Feeling relieved, Nova released her grip from the girl’s head, allowing them to pop her cock free.

“Thanks for the lovely treat blue girl!” The woman jumped up on her feet in a flash, licking her lips clean. She began rubbing her belly when it started to feel odd. “Ohh…. I think I drank too much.”

Everything seemed normal until Nova noticed the young woman was rubbing her belly even more urgently. It was feeling rather tight and bloated, crying out for a soothing massage. Now that she had some clarity after having unloaded her pent up balls, Nova wasn’t even sure if her cum was something humans could even safely gulp down. At least now she would find out for sure.

“Is it just me, or am I sweating a lot?” The woman said concerningly as her hands collected up the slick layer of sweat that had quickly formed on her belly.

Whatever was happening, Nova knew it wasn’t going to be good. As the distressed belly was continued to be rubbed, she thought she could see it start to glow. When the woman noticed that as well, she started to freak out and cry. No matter how quickly the belly was rubbed, its surface would immediately replenish the sweat that had just been wiped away.

“Oh god, it feels like my belly is on fire!” The woman cried out, then collapsed onto the ground.

Nova backed up some, feeling like it’d be a bad idea to stick close. The young woman was now on her back, rubbing her belly furiously in the hopes of soothing her burning agony. After only thirty seconds since licking her lips clean, the girl’s eyes went wide when her belly suddenly swelled towards the sky at a maddening pace. She screamed at the top of her lungs, grasping her bloating belly in a tight hug as it glowed brighter and brighter.

“Fuck, I think I’m gonna explode!” She cried out.

Right as the heavily pregnant looking form seemed to glow as bright as the sun, the fully ripened mass detonated. A massive fireball shot high into the sky, turning it into daytime for a split second. Nova was blasted back on her ass from the explosion, unable to believe what had just happened.

She was saddened that the first being she met on earth had exploded because of her, but she couldn’t help but secretly admit that it was a rather hot display. By time she got her ship working again, she knew there’d be many more explosions to come.

Regaining her senses, Nova wandered up to what remained of the woman. Surprisingly, their body was still intact, except for the gaping wound where the girl’s flat belly used to be. Hoping it’d help mitigate future sexual run ins with the natives, she removed the woman’s shorts and tube top. Struggling to stuff her body into the tight garments, she continued wandering closer to society.

Twin Fates 7 - Marathon Gaming 2018-05-01T05:11:07+00:00

On a pretty standard, sunny day, Destiny and Karma decide to do what they did best. Only saying hi to each other briefly in the morning, the two sisters quickly put their mind to their day’s plan. Destiny was simply going to stream some gaming, while Karma opted to take part in the foot race she had signed up for.

As Destiny gamed, listening to all the donations coming in thanks to the deep cleavage she always put on display, she began drinking energy drinks. She’d have one occasionally, but today she was really focused on the game at hand, needing all the energy she could get. At times in the past she had been curious as to what might happen if she drank too many of them at once, but never managed to try it out. Whether that was on her mind at the moment or not, her thirst made it seem like it was.

With a fully stocked mini-fridge within arm’s length, there was no end to how many she could get her hands on. Popping the first one open, she quickly enjoyed it during the cutscene of a game. Already feeling the need for more, she immediately got another and chugged it right down as well. The second one seemed to have hit the spot, allowing her to resume gaming in full.

Since she was already in the middle of her race, Karma didn’t notice anything strange going on. Her heart might have been beating a bit faster thanks to the caffeine, but was nigh impossible to detect when it was beating a bit faster to begin with.

The combination of Karma racing, drinking those energy drinks, and playing an adrenaline rushing part of her game, Destiny was loving the way her heart was feeling. So much so, she knew it was now the perfect time to see just what might happen to her heart if she distressed it too much.

“Just one moment boys!” She said to the camera, then darted out of sight.

Going as fast as she could, she found the largest and most powerful toy she had, and stuffed it deep inside of her pussy. She bit her lip hard enough to spill a bit of blood to stifle the deep moan that nearly escaped. Already feeling her heart speed up some more, she jumped back into her chair and retrieved another drink.

“Come on Destiny. If I lose this race, I’ll...” Karma shook her head knowing it was futile.

Over the next half hour, Destiny’s desk was starting to disappear under the cans piling up high. By now her limbs were twitching, heart beating heavy within her chest. Her breathing was becoming considerably quick, threatening to tear her shirt open every time her breasts pushed out all the way. The toy buried between her legs had yet to be turned on, but that didn’t stop her from being turned on already.

“Who wants to see… just how many of these… I can drink… before something happens.” Destiny smirked, already throwing back another can.

Her heart might have been feeling the strain, but her belly was feeling it as well, puffing out from under her shirt from everything she’d been drinking. That didn’t stop her from all but forget about her game while she pulled the rest of the energy drinks out of the mini fridge, setting them on the desk after shoving the empty ones onto the floor. In a frenzy, she cracked them open one after another, chugging them faster than humanly possible. Holding onto the last one, it shook all over the place as her hand just couldn’t hold still.

“Last one boys… think I can handle it?” She winked at everyone.

Nearing the end of the race, Karma was so focused on winning she didn’t care one bit about what Destiny was doing back home. Only a few other runners were ahead of her, and with the home stretch just ahead, she used the rest of her energy to sprint as fast as she could.

Finally managing to pop the last drink open, Destiny was sprayed with fizzy, sticky liquid, splattering all over her front. As it quickly ran down and disappeared into her cleavage, she threw her head back and chugged the drink like her life depended on it. Her other hand was holding onto the remote of her toy, so when the last entered her mouth to be swallowed, she pressed it. The intense pleasure was so overwhelming from the toy buzzing away deep inside of her that she could hardly think.

“Oh god, boys… I don’t think my heart is gonna make it!” Destiny warned, then began moaning and screaming at the top of her lungs.

Gripping the arms of her chair tightly, she leaned back in her chair as her body was effectively convulsing. Her chest heaved madly, her heart beating so fast and wild that it felt like it was a vibrator toy. The beats of her heart were so intense that her breasts were rippling wildly. If her shirt had been any tighter or weaker, it would have split right down the middle by now. A climax was building dangerously fast, causing her legs to start shuddering in record time.

“So close… must… win!” Karma cried out, doing her best to ignore the impending climax brewing within her gym shorts.

Going over the edge, Destiny arched her back right as the first powerful pulsation washed through her pussy. Right as her chest was pushed out at its furthest point, she suddenly felt a concerning pop right behind her sternum. Her distressed heart had violently ruptured within her ribcage, causing her shirt to finally split apart from the destructive burst, freeing her heavy breasts from their tight prison as they bounced free. She let out a deep gasp, looking deeply into her webcam for a few moments before her head slumped forward.

“I did it! I won! I-” Barely making it over the finish line in first place, Karma felt the same pop within her chest. Dread filled her face, and before she realized just what happened, she collapsed forward onto the road.

In the morning, Karma snuck into Destiny’s room and got rid of all the energy drinks, ensuring she’d actually be able to fully celebrate her repeated win.

Gorerat RPG - Dream Interactions
Gorerat RPG - Dream Interactionsmore_vert
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Gorerat RPG - Dream Interactions 2018-04-28T21:59:45+00:00close

I've changed how you will access dream interactions. Instead of having to walk to them, or fighting a random enemy, and other stuff, everything is now simply an item you can collect. Your favorite mini-stories will now always be available once you've collected them!

Dream marathons are now also possible, allowing you to experience encounters and die over and over without the dream ever ending.

As I spend the month of May focused on writing instead of gameplay, I will now also be able to combine interactions with each other through the item menu. Want to have fun with the horse girl and a spider? Amanda and tentacles? Horse and Amber? Anything is now possible... I just have to write it.

Upcoming Stories 2018-04-25T18:19:52+00:00

I've been hard at work on my game, so I haven't been able to sit and write an actual story for a while. By the end of the month, I should be able to spend enough time to get at least one story out. Thinking it'll be my first, and maybe only, blueberry story. And, as expected, it won't involve any full body juicy transformations.

Next month, after I post the first exclusive game version, I should be able to work on some sci-fi Twin Fates, which won the poll. Already got one idea brewing involving a dangerous alien attacking one of the sisters, using its very special venom on her...

New Encounter Preview - Horse Girl
New Encounter Preview - Horse Girlmore_vert
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New Encounter Preview - Horse Girl 2018-04-24T20:22:20+00:00close

This will be one of many new things you will be able to have fun with come the first Patreon only update of May. After saving a girl with a horse sized cock, you will be able to have all kinds of fun with her in a dream! It will be the most in depth encounter to date.

Each of the visible devices will have at least two different uses, and some choices will further have additional routes along the way. Plus, you can either watch everything play out at a distance, or join in on the fun and explode together in ecstasy...

Gorerat RPG V0.5 2018-04-27T00:22:28+00:00

This will be the biggest update as of yet. Nearly everything new revolves around gameplay rather than writing. However, where the game is currently at, I can now focus entirely on writing for the next update. While in the middle of making patch notes, I did a 180, and stopped even bothering to note everything down. 90% of the game is different and better now.

Patch Notes

  • Multiple enemy battles.
  • Enemies become stronger after rescuing Amber. Enemy defenses against skills have been increased in general. Enemies have extra skills.
  • Lustra is now only needed for purchasing Dream Talents.
  • You will always be able to sleep if you go to Amanda.
  • Body transformation and dream control are now skills taught by Amanda for a Lustra cost.
  • Dynamite and Propane cause you to do even more fire damage, but will now be removed when relevant skills hit.
  • Expanded the Cave map. Improved the looks of Meadow, Amanda's Place, and her house.
  • Added new area and in-depth encounter.
  • Added the first of many encounters that let you choose whether you kill a character with non-con or not.
  • Added crossbow device.
  • Dynamite and other stuff will be found out in the world rather than bought with Lustra.

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Gorerat RPG Public Demo 2 2018-04-21T19:37:40+00:00

Patch Notes:

  • Everything is improved.

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Gorerat RPG v0.4.1.zip




Next Game Demo 2018-04-18T21:25:32+00:00

I've decided that either the next game version, or all game versions that I release during April will not require the $5 tier just yet. The current demo was honestly a poor demo (though the reception has been positive.) But come May, $5 will be necessary.

Expect to see less bugs, better combat, end game boss, more complete mini-stories, warp system, and much more in the next demo!

Gorerat RPG Public Demo 2018-04-17T04:52:19+00:00

Here's the demo for my latest game! It's rather rough and bare for sure, but you can easily expect it to grow in no time at all. Future versions will require the $5 tier, however.



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Gorerat RPG v0.3.1.zip




New Game Progress
New Game Progressmore_vert
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New Game Progress 2018-04-14T05:27:42+00:00close

This past week I've been hard at work on another RPGMaker game. This time, it is going to involve everything, instead of just having a narrow focus on only one of my characters.

You will play as a young woman who is swept into a world of kink that has been corrupted. Teaming up with familiar faces, you will not only battle evil, but have many many opportunities to have sex, get your body torn apart, and do similar things to others.

The initial demo will be free, while future versions will require at least a $5 pledge. Bigger rewards will eventually include being able to design an encounter in the game!


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