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Okay so between my top chop/recovery/price adjusting and commission queue, I've decided to make a couple more changes come August

SO, NOTICE IN ADVANCE! I may adjust some slots and such now, but they will not be considered in effect till august (I'll write as much on the tier blurb as i have been)

$20 Sketch Tier: I will be bumping this to 10 slots to start! It is not considered a commission tier, instead it will be more of a big tip and a prompt! Give me a subject, a character, and I'll sketch em up- nice and simple

$30 Bust Tier: I will be dropping this to 6 Slots! Depending on how full they are at the time, I may have to make a duplicate tier and have y'all move to it manually, as I'm not sure I can reduce slots when they're full...

$35 Placeholder tier
: This will replace the $25 tier, and will act as an early bird spot for Outside Patreon commissions! Aka Anatomy Commissions, or concept/study commissions, big fancy portraits, etc. Those commissions will be handled via invoice outside of patreon, minus the amount pledged! It will have 4 Slots to start, this is not a Stacking tier.

(NOTE: My new prices start at $200 for full color anatomy commissions, keep in mind if u are interested in this slot!)

$75 Sketchpage Tier
: Same plan, just with an extra couple of bucks to better align with my newly adjusted prices! All total, it will effectively count as a pretty significant discount even if you went for 3 months for full color (the trade off being the time of c)

Otherwise I think..that's everything! Basically what I want to try and do is lower the amount of high focus commissions in exchange for allowing for some more..simple, easy going art I can do for y'all, both so I can work on my own things...and also because I'm probably not gonna be able to do a whole lot after surgery, for a bit.


COMM: The Margrave
COMM: The Margravemore_vert
Post file flag
COMM: The Margrave 2020-06-21T00:10:20+00:00close

A big ol portrait commission from outside patreon! Had a lot of fun playing with the teeth on this one...and drawing a million little horn line textures

Media (1)

Comm_Card_Margrave.png (25.4MiB)

COMM: Very Normal Hands
COMM: Very Normal Handsmore_vert
Post file flag
COMM: Very Normal Hands 2020-06-15T23:42:49+00:00close

A fun little commission from Outside patreon I got recently, of just some normal, typical, everyday hands!

Media (1)

Comm_HANDS_Transform.png (9.3MiB)

COMM: Mylo
COMM: Mylomore_vert
Post file flag
COMM: Mylo 2020-06-15T19:59:05+00:00close

A scrappy gargoyle boyo, for Nep!

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Mylo.png (11.2MiB)

COMM: Luag
COMM: Luagmore_vert
Post file flag
COMM: Luag 2020-06-15T19:58:02+00:00close

A Handsssssome snakey lad, for Krin!

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Luag.png (10.3MiB)

COMM: Alastor
COMM: Alastormore_vert
Post file flag
COMM: Alastor 2020-06-15T19:56:51+00:00close

Alleged deer man, Radio demon- colored bust for Symphony!

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Alastor.png (11.9MiB)

PSA: Early Changes to the Bust tier! 2020-05-30T02:57:53+00:00

HEY EVERYONE! This is going to be a little short notice, but I've been looking over my current Commissions lineup + backlog+ Patreon, divided by the..weird slog quarantine is turning art into..and I thiiink I'm going to have to Bump up the price/ lessen the amount of slots available in the Bust tier a bit early, rather than wait till august.

SO, TO DO THAT I will have to make a new slot entirely, as I can't change the price of a tier with people in it, for obvious reasons. I'll be waiting until some time tomorrow to do this so that everyone has a chance to see this!

The changes are going to be from $25 into $30, and from 12 slots to 10.

If you would like to continue being in the tier, you'll need to edit your pledge to the new option! If not, I'll be sending a reminder before the month rolls over so you have time to switch to a lower tier, if you'd like

Also, just in general, it's looking like commissions for this month are going to be a little late! The end of the month snuck up on me with the quarantine time warp, but I'll be trying to get everyone's busts to ya within the first week of June.

I think that's about it for now, SO, AS ALWAYS THANK U FOR THE SUPPORT! Y'all keep the roof over my head haha, thank u for sticking by while I adjust things

PSA: Upcoming Changes and a New Trial Tier! 2020-05-20T19:21:45+00:00

Heyo, as always i am constantly refining this patreon and juggling that balance of Commissions and Original Projects, which this time means adjusting for how many commissions I can manage at a time.

Most or all of these changes will take place in August, after I've had my July vacation/ Big commission pause, and hopefully some time to actually work on my me stuff!


+$10 tier: will be opened up to 20 slots! Room for more people to get a look at my more ~secret~ worldbuilding stuff.

EDIT: I'll go ahead and open it up by 5 today!

+$20 tier: will now include a little monthly sketch (unshaded or anything fancy, a true..sketchy sketch), as a thank you! It will also be reduced to 5 Slots.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, the slot reduction is already set at 5 as of today!

+$25 tier: may be bumped up to $30, and reduced to 10 slots. This one is still a little iffy, but keep the potential change in mind as we chug along!

++$65 tier: A NEW ADDITION! This will be another Patreon Exclusive commission tier, for a sepia toned sketchpage of whatever you like. It will effectively act as a two month payment plan for a $130 commission, so. The first month you would get the initial sketch, and the second month you would get the final shading and finish. Maybe a third month if you want to bump up to color

I've been a little iffy about offering pricier commissions through patreon due to my upfront payment model, so this will be the highest option available for now! It will be starting with only 2 slots, and possibly not include certain other tiers, since it's meant to be Purely for a commission.

Aaand I think that's it! Otherwise everything will be staying pretty much the same, I think. Hopefully I'll have some time to upgrade my tier art, because man....it needs a refresher.

As always thank u guys for sticking with me so far, it's been a wild ride and I hope these changes I have in mind are another inch closer to the Ideal Balance! If anyone has questions or input, feel free to ask in the meantime, since we still got a good...month+ before any changes are made~

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #17229495 - 20 May 20 21:12
Oooohh I'd totally do a 65 tier!! Your art is totally awesome!
Comm: NAVINTHmore_vert
Post file flag
Comm: NAVINTH 2020-04-26T13:54:02+00:00close

Bust for nero!

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Navinth.png (12.7MiB)

Comm: KOZYRAmore_vert
Post file flag
Comm: KOZYRA 2020-04-24T17:41:09+00:00close

and impish bust for Nep!

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Kozyra.png (9.6MiB)

COMM: Vlada
COMM: Vladamore_vert
Post file flag
COMM: Vlada 2020-04-21T01:18:35+00:00close

Colored bust for Carmen! Couldn't resist adding a couple whiskers.....very dragon-y unless you squint

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Vlada.png (13.9MiB)

Comm: ELDRITCHmore_vert
Post file flag
Comm: ELDRITCH 2020-04-19T12:49:23+00:00close

bust for Chersonese!

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Eldritch.png (8.7MiB)

Comm: CONTRAILmore_vert
Post file flag
Comm: CONTRAIL 2020-04-19T01:20:22+00:00close

Bust comm for Orrus! Had a lot of fun setting the Vibe of this one...

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Contrail.png (9.2MiB)

COMM: Jackanapes
COMM: Jackanapes more_vert
Post file flag
COMM: Jackanapes 2020-04-19T01:16:01+00:00close

Bust commission for Ally!

COMM: Midge
COMM: Midgemore_vert
Post file flag
COMM: Midge 2020-04-19T01:14:09+00:00close

colored bust for Moth!

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Midge.png (7.9MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2792457 - 19 Apr 20 01:29
i love the eyes omg
Angel Dust
Angel Dustmore_vert
Post file flag
Angel Dust 2020-04-01T15:30:32+00:00close

Bust comm for Symphony!

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_AngelDust.png (7.7MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #24083642 - 1 Apr 20 16:43
Honestly I love everything about this character?? Amazing
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Itsy Bitsy Spidermore_vert
Post file flag
Itsy Bitsy Spider 2020-03-23T22:34:41+00:00close


It's about time Cookie got a nice headshot, so here's two! One in Bright, and one that's a little grey that I like. Ominous!

This was initially made as an example for a potential commission style, in the future...and I gotta say, pretty fun!

Cracked Mask
Cracked Maskmore_vert
Post file flag
Cracked Mask 2020-02-28T19:27:38+00:00close

Colored Bust commission for Exile!

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Mask.png (9.8MiB)

Noahri more_vert
Post file flag
Noahri 2020-02-23T15:59:15+00:00close

Bust comm for Nepook!

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Noahri.png (6.8MiB)

Post file flag
SCARAMOUCHE 2020-02-23T02:12:08+00:00close

Bust Commission for Ally! A name like that needs to be in all caps if you ask me

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Scaramouche.png (6.0MiB)

Commission: Mcoy
Commission: Mcoymore_vert
Post file flag
Commission: Mcoy 2020-02-20T20:46:53+00:00close

Bust comm for Carmen! Get a load of them Big Ol Eyes 👁️👁️

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Mcoy.png (4.9MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #29796457 - 20 Feb 20 20:55
Oh hell yea
user avatar
User #17229495 - 20 Feb 20 20:47
He really out here going 👁👄👁
Post file flag
Cody 2020-01-25T21:34:23+00:00close

Bust comm for Orrus!

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Cody.png (13.5MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #30005486 - 31 Jan 20 03:41
Genial tu trabajo!
Post file flag
Afet 2020-01-25T21:27:34+00:00close

Bust comm for Louise!

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_HobGob.png (8.4MiB)

AN ANGELmore_vert
Post file flag
AN ANGEL 2020-01-23T14:09:33+00:00close

For Skye! This one was an open prompt rather than a specific character, so i got to play with a little design idea I had. VERY FUN, IF HARD TO CAPTURE

Media (2)

Comm_Patreon_Angel_Fill.png (18.2MiB)
Comm_Patreon_Angel.png (11.4MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4534136 - 30 Jan 20 18:39
I mean, angels are supposed to be fucking terrifying so it fits
Post file flag
Bluebell 2020-01-23T03:24:17+00:00close

Double bust comm for Confetti!

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Bluebell.png (8.6MiB)

Post file flag
Ahiya 2020-01-18T02:45:19+00:00close

Bust commission for Carmen! I may have gotten a little carried away playing with some new brushes...FUN

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Ahiya.png (9.6MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #27147318 - 18 Jan 20 03:15
That’s a COOL ASS monster
Post file flag
Ycxiohb 2020-01-17T17:42:51+00:00close

Another commission for Louise, bumped up to a full bod!

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Px.png (6.9MiB)

Post file flag
Yikuz 2020-01-17T17:41:17+00:00close

Bust Sketch Commission for Louise!

Media (1)

Comm_Patreon_Yikuz.png (6.1MiB)

PSA: $20 Tier change! 2019-11-30T16:07:48+00:00

It's official- The $20 tier reward is now a bust (or other fairly simple) Sketch tier!

Since this will be much more manageable after Cookie commissions grew a bit bigger than their initial idea, I've opened up a few more slots if anyone here would like first dibs at calling a spot!

Rewards will initially look something like this (clean sketch lines, single color fill in), and can be upgraded outside of patreon. Can be your ocs, game characters, monster/human/furry/alien...whatever you got!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #27147318 - 30 Dec 19 15:30
I just upgraded to the 20 dollar spot, so I’m super excited regardless!
Post file flag
Commissions! 2019-11-24T14:05:22+00:00close

Well I was going to post a bigger batch and then realized I moved some files around so, maybe later....

BUT, here's a couple recent comms in size 'hopefully bigger than twitter allows'!

Media (2)

Comm_Anatomy_Drikaer.png (34.2MiB)
Comm_Anatomy_Harpy.png (10.0MiB)

BADOOM: Bonus Primeape Evo
BADOOM: Bonus Primeape Evomore_vert
Post file flag
BADOOM: Bonus Primeape Evo 2019-11-22T00:52:47+00:00close

A pokemon so angry it spontaneously combust!

It is enraged by the sound of bells, and will burn down everything around it until the jingling stops.

Speaking of primeapes being forever angry, though.......
I just love evolutions that are kind of dark and make you stop and wonder, do i really wanna do that???

Media (2)

Badoom.png (4.2MiB)
Badoom_Shiny.png (4.2MiB)

JOLLADA: Primape Evolution
JOLLADA: Primape Evolutionmore_vert
Post file flag
JOLLADA: Primape Evolution 2019-11-22T00:45:49+00:00close

At peace at last, this pokemon can be heard jingling softly wherever it goes.

It has been known to collect small bells of all kinds and tie them into its bristling mane.

Look I just love primeape and would love some alt forms and evos some day....also maybe for them to be happy and not forever mad..........

Media (2)

Jollada.png (4.8MiB)
Jollada_Shiny.png (6.9MiB)

Ol Polly
Ol Pollymore_vert
Post file flag
Ol Polly 2019-11-17T15:59:05+00:00close

10 hours of focusing on blanket stitches and fuzz rendering later, a tall and terrible spider is BORN!!

POLLUX, a silent hunter and prolific bounty hunter in a setting or two. They keep a lovely pile of trophies fluffed around their shoulders, cute until you realize they’re a crack shot with rifles and bows.

Media (1)

post_file.png (1.7MiB)

Post file flag
Nok 2019-10-22T16:17:03+00:00close

Sometimes you AU so hard you make a new character- here’s Nok!

They’re from a twice removed LOTR au, and are a little goblin living in Moria. Their prized possession: the mithril axe blade affixed to their face. They found it, it’s theirs!!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #16986085 - 24 Oct 19 13:09
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Itsy Bitsy Spidermore_vert
Post file flag
Itsy Bitsy Spider 2019-10-12T16:36:34+00:00close

Alternate title: how cookie looks in my brain at all times

HELLO EVERYONE, sorry it’s been a bit quiet, now I’ve just been having a hard time drawing at all! Think I’ve got a bit of art block...or like, art congestion. My drawing sinuses are all gunked up and I’m mad about it


Media (1)

post_file.png (1.5MiB)

PSA: Sketchbook Merger 2019-09-01T02:39:33+00:00

Heyo!! I have no idea where August went!!

SO, unfortunately it would seem taking commissions sucked more of the spare draw juice outta me than expected, and i don't..really have a whole lot of sketches in the sketchbook. Like...maybe...five drawings.

So I figure I'll just whip up a Double book for y'all at the end of September, The Septaugust special, just so I actually have some Stuff in it!

Sorry about the quiet month, hopefully after a few more commissions and an Exciting Adventure I've been saving for Ill have some more energy and be back on my endless parade of AUs and Cookie Stuff.

Snack Pack (Commission)
Snack Pack (Commission)more_vert
Post file flag
Snack Pack (Commission) 2019-08-13T16:21:05+00:00close

A fun comm of a fun vampire! He's got big gooshy blood fungus growin on him and it's Most excellent

Media (1)

Comm_Bodyhorror_Fungipire.png (5.1MiB)

PSA: switching to upfront pledges 2019-08-03T17:22:51+00:00

Heyo! I don't think this will really change anything for folks who have been here awhile, but I'll be tweaking pledges to the up front option! just because I have a decent amount of content now, and have noticed a few people here n there that seemed to browse and then unpledge before the end of the month, which isn't super great.

As far as i can tell it's a one time thing for new pledges, and then its back to charging on the first of each month. So again, shouldn't really affect anyone currently a patron, but I wanted to give a heads up!

Post file flag
BLOOD 2019-07-30T18:52:37+00:00close

Another bit of commission work, a companion to our favorite bloody boy, uncrunched by twitter! I really love this one a lot, just the combo of colors and rendering juicy gross body horror is always good fun

Media (1)

post_file.png (1.4MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #16986085 - 30 Jul 19 20:44
Usem Revamp #872
Usem Revamp #872more_vert
Post file flag
Usem Revamp #872 2019-07-10T21:48:07+00:00close

I have redesigned these poor bastards so many times you'd think I'd have run out of ideas by now. BUT I HAVE NOT!!!

The last iterations were definitely a step in the right direction for me, but I think I just finally decided to suck it up and lean Full force into the Shrimp angle. so now here they are, with MANY limbs.

And some new colors to try! I think so far these are my two favorites, they kind of combine the four core colors (green/gold/blue/red) into two palettes, which I like.

I know I say it every time but maybe, JUST MAYBE..I FINALLY HAVE THE LOOK I CRAVE

Post file flag
Castor 2019-07-10T20:09:35+00:00close

This bison coat is the greatest design decision I've ever made, probably.

Here's castor in her new look, and slightly updated pronouns!! Sometimes you have a character that waffles between two, and for some reason this updated look has me getting Strong She Vibes from them.

Also an injection of a fun little mask idea I had and totally want to expand on later! Just think nanites...but semi organic and less liable to endless duplication. It Miiiiiight be a little stuck to her face.

Mr Cruel
Mr Cruel more_vert
Post file flag
Mr Cruel 2019-07-01T17:25:00+00:00close

I was fiddling around with pokefusions as one does, and This monstrosity revealed themself.....so, of course i had to draw it

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6515727 - 4 Jul 19 04:24
despite it not having any real correlation, mr cruel makes me think of "behold, a man!"
June Sketchbook, Comin Soon 2019-07-01T00:28:23+00:00

Just a heads up, sketchbook will be posted either late tonight or tomorrow! I'm a little late tossing the whole thing together, been a messy week, but i shall have all these digital pages Lovingly Bound in no time

Stilts more_vert
Post file flag
Stilts 2019-06-24T19:52:12+00:00close

HELLO, I’ve been doodling a lot this June, my latest flight of fancy has been horror clown spider people!

Here’s a very very very very tall one, just as weird to watch move as any person in stilts is....but probably worse, since that’s just their legs.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #6515727 - 24 Jun 19 21:37
!!!!! i love them! the little scribbled guy in the bottom left corner seems like something that'd scare me as much as it excites me!
user avatar
User #24083642 - 5 Sep 19 14:57
I love this mushroom clown spider. But I especially love the little paws
Piggy Studies 2
Piggy Studies 2more_vert
Post file flag
Piggy Studies 2 2019-05-15T21:44:27+00:00close

Lesson 2: oh my god they are just shaped like barrels with legs

Also I really love the little snarly lip on boars? It's so cute

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6515727 - 16 May 19 08:18
they are Super cute, and good ref for characters with oversized teeth 0w0
Piggy Studies 1
Piggy Studies 1more_vert
Post file flag
Piggy Studies 1 2019-05-15T21:41:44+00:00close

Just some pigs! First lesson learned: Pigs faces are way longer than you think they are.

Trans Guardian
Trans Guardianmore_vert
Post file flag
Trans Guardian 2019-05-12T19:45:48+00:00close

Guardian of the trans!

This is...a STICKER design! A fairly large bumper sticker, to be precise, which I should have....sssoooon.

The top colors are the ones to be printed, but the yellowy old tome tones are my personal preference for a non-sticker illustration. Just love me that old parchment feel...

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6515727 - 16 May 19 08:27
transphobes quiver before them!
Tier Tweaks, Ideas, and New Art! 2019-05-05T22:39:07+00:00

SO, Been thinking about little adjustments to tiers- including new art!
Hopefully these look alright tucked in text, but, if not, living life on the wild side.

The lower tiers are still going to be about the same so far:

$1- Tip jar, a thank you, and early access to all sorts of process work (which is most of my work), WIPs, and finished pieces.

$2- Vote in the monthly study polls! May include polls for other things down the line, but for now studies...are where it's at.

$5- Monthly sketchbooks!

The higher tiers are where I think most of the tweaking has been...

$10- Access to written notes and development, which is what it is now. PLUS give me one direct worldbuilding prompt/ request that I will work to expand on throughout the month!

This tier would basically be for you folks with a lot of development questions- I think it would be fun, as I love thinking about some of the questions y'all ask, and I think this would do well to get me writing more regularly as well.

$20- Experimental Commissions.
Now, I haven't figured out how to word this best yet, but basically I'm imagining it as an even broader version of the last tier: Give me a request of any sort (fan art, your character, a thought you had in the shower), and I'll dig into it however feels the most fun.

I think it could also double as a 'pay what you want' commission tier, with a $20 base payment, and adding more through paypal if you're looking for something more specific.

$30- Potential future tier? I'll have to do a bit of test work to really gauge interest before I put this one out there, but I figure I may as well see what everyone thinks now!

Basically the idea is to have (large) double sided postcard sized prints- one side with art of some creature character or Thing, and the other side with info/short backstory. Like a fancy art version of a character page or bestiary...or even field notes style. And... I send them to you, actual Touchable stuff.

May also include stickers some day, but that's probably another stretch goal of sorts...gotta test a few things out first.

SO I think that's everything!
Please let me know what you think on any of these tiers- if there's something else you might like to see,if i could word something better...I appreciate any input!

Thinking of good tier names is very hard by the way, so much harder than just drawing something cute

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6515727 - 16 May 19 08:37
i love these guys, i've just been too busy to stop by and say so :D
Itsy Bitsy
Itsy Bitsymore_vert
Post file flag
Itsy Bitsy 2018-12-08T17:34:48+00:00close

A Werewolf(Spider), caught mid-shift. Poor sap, they don't seem to be having a great time with that...

(A free range beastie of my own for Guy Davis!)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #17605773 - 17 Mar 19 07:55
Sweet Treats
Sweet Treatsmore_vert
Post file flag
Sweet Treats 2018-12-08T17:30:26+00:00close

A baker with....Peculiar ingredients

(For Cavallo!)


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