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Boop 2020-07-31T17:00:08+00:00

Over the past couple of months, I have been trying to figure out a schedule of how I am dealing with posting for the public and to you, the patrons. I made a couple of posts talking about changes here and there, how I am going to handle the current situation of dealing with work and school. Recently I have been doing double time of knocking out a lot of chapters and quizzes for my current class. Yesterday, I had my finals and passed (thankfully). I have been stressed to high hell for the past couple of months from everything, so I have decided to finally lay out the battle plan.

Pretty much, it’s going to be like this.

They will be getting two loops per month. Fast 'n' quick ones that I easily do with no problems.

Meanwhile, you patrons will be getting three (And others that I just randomly do during the month). Two pinups from the second tier, and the another from the tier 3, five second loop. So in total, there will be five animations per month.

Right now, I’m cleaning up the commissions I have currently and knocking them out. After these two, commissions will stay closed. I will be working on the sleepover and finishing it, end date is by August 31th.

Sorry for my sloppy ways!

On hiatus and future ahead 2020-06-01T12:24:04+00:00

Happy Pride Month to all of my patrons. As you know, I announced that I will be taking a break from June 1st to June 15th due to personal issues/Mental health. To those who is willing to stick around and stay pledged, big thank you and I deeply appreciate you all for this. Now, speaking about the future. On June 8th, there will be polls asking for you guys to vote on June's pinup loops, one guy & one girl. When it comes to the patron request, they will picked on the 15th as well, so after I comeback, I will focus on those things. I tried to make the number of both polls match so there's a good amount of choices. The end day will be on Friday (June 12th). So be prepared, everyone! Thank you all.

Going on break 2020-05-26T23:50:32+00:00

Starting June 1st, I will be taking a break from art. It will leave from then up until the 15th due to issues dealing with mental health and personal issues. All upcoming patreon requests will be placed on paused through this break, all new public released will be on pause as well. I have queued up some art for public release for June around the 18th on May. I am deeply sorry for these frequent breaks but I truly feel like I am going crazy and if not soon than later, I might either end up in a nuthouse where they keep crazy people in until they are "cured" or just dead via self harm.

Work as been stressful on me and school has been just another layer onto it, and so has been family issues, mainly with my relationship with my mother and I. I understand that she is doing her best to try and connect with me and understand me but I just constantly push her away and close my door. I know that this is no one else fault but my own. I willingly placed myself here due to poor mental management, my stubbornness, my ADHD/bipolar disorder or whatever you want to call it. You might call me acting like a bitch because I can't just smile and/or that I wear my heart on my sleeve so I take offence to every slight critical comment. I try to act like I'm okay but and truly not. I'm having thoughts of suicidal thoughts and they been slowly coming back. I usually fight them away and try to find myself something to do to help knock it away but I feel like it's not working. Once again, I am deeply sorry

May's pinup Poll final results 2020-05-08T23:54:55+00:00

And thus, the poll is over
After tallying all of the votes from all of the patrons

In a very close race, from a split decision of 15 to 14, your winner is...

Fun in the showers!

Looks like the gay side are taking charge

Flash Poll: Futas for RWBY 2020-04-18T19:37:54+00:00

Curious question here. Once I get stuff dealt with and I'm able to do more quickies (Public & Patreon) When it comes to futa RWBY stuff, who would you like to be the "main" choice for futa stuff. Pretty much the one who fucks everyone. The ones in second and third place will be backups

Note: Weiss has been disqualified due to Schneeis being a dead porn meme

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #211520 - 19 Apr 20 02:11
No option for Weiss?
user avatar
MarcoV4 - 19 Apr 20 11:14
That's only because I think it's a dead joke. Maybe it'll grow on me later
user avatar
User #4118953 - 18 Apr 20 22:09
Xiao Long Dong is my favorite
user avatar
User #895030 - 18 Apr 20 23:05
Fucking Deep Chocolate!! XD Lmao that's great!!
user avatar
User #7476219 - 19 Apr 20 14:49
Give me Blondes with Dongs
BIG PROJECTS Update 2020-04-15T02:42:15+00:00

Hi all, Marco here.

I am letting all of the patrons to know that finally, after all this waiting, The Sleepover will start being animating this month. This weekend, I will be working on the Team STR commission and doing the base animation of Summer Rose's part and then I'll do the small stuff like the flexes off stream. Or I might say fuck it and do everything on stream.

After that, I will do the commission of Taiyang & Yang and that should be short since it's just a loop. But finally after that, I will finally start the animating part of the patron voted animation. It will be exclusive to here because you guys have waited for long enough and it has been two long months of being in the silence with no real updates.

The nearly six minute animation will finally get its feet off the ground.

This is gonna be long

Summer Sun Harvest
Summer Sun Harvestmore_vert
Post file flag
Summer Sun Harvest 2020-02-22T19:16:07+00:00close

Here's a throwaway loop I planned earlier this month. It completely slipped my mind and I forgotten about it

Update with things 2020-02-17T22:58:29+00:00

Heya everyone. Posting an update for you guys so you are all informed for the future. During the recent weekend, I gotten really swamped by commission. Because people saw that the "long" option was on deep discount and they decided to strike, so my hands will be very busy for the next couple of weeks.

When it comes to putting things in priority

Commissions/Patreon Stuff are always first because I want to make you guys happy. And personal stuff are second because it can be finished at anytime. Currently I'm working on the commission threesome between Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. I am at 25% (BJ scene is nearly finished)

I mainly do SFM stuff on my days off of Fridays and Saturday (Unless I am going in for extra work) and with those days, I have a full 24 hours to animate with. Sometimes I can have good days and take good chunks of progress out and get closer to finishing. And then there are the other days when I'm completely blocked when it comes to my ideas and thoughts and nothing gets done. I am sorry to leaving you guys in the dark and nothing uploaded for this week when it comes to art

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6815124 - 21 Feb 20 17:40
Finally resubscribed. Can’t wait for the sleepover. Also thinking of upping my tier for a commission at some point
"Are Frog Feet healthy for you?" [720p]
"Are Frog Feet healthy for you?" [720p]more_vert
"Are Frog Feet healthy for you?" [720p] 2020-02-14T16:43:07+00:00close

Welcome to SFM, Asui.

Media (1)

Froggy_Feet_Patreon_Only.gif (3.9MiB)

Attachments (1)

Froggy Feet Patreon Only.gif (3.9MiB)

"Are Frog Feet healthy for you?" [1080p]
"Are Frog Feet healthy for you?" [1080p]more_vert
Post file flag
"Are Frog Feet healthy for you?" [1080p] 2020-02-14T16:41:25+00:00close

Welcome to SFM, Asui.


Media (1)

Froggy_Feet_Patreon_Only.gif (3.9MiB)

Breaking in the farm boy
Breaking in the farm boymore_vert
Post file flag
Breaking in the farm boy 2020-02-13T14:15:01+00:00close


Looks like people really wanted Oscar to be introduced by some of the boys

Especially by Jaune

Media (1)

Breaking_in_the_farm_boy.gif (3.0MiB)

The Sleepover (Audio Teaser)
The Sleepover (Audio Teaser)more_vert
Post file flag
The Sleepover (Audio Teaser) 2020-02-09T02:52:09+00:00close

As promise, here's the audio preview for the sleepover animation featuring Team RWBY.
Special thanks to the VAs

Ruby: @EndymionVA
Weiss: @MissMoonified
Blake: @SarbearVoices
Yang: @TemptyVA

Here's the first two minutes. Enjoy the teaser!

Media (1)

RWBY_Sleepover_Thumbnail.png (2.4MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6815124 - 21 Feb 20 17:42
Damn this is awesome!!
Rouge gets IT [With Sound]
Rouge gets IT [With Sound]more_vert
Rouge gets IT [With Sound] 2020-02-08T15:38:24+00:00close


Finally gotten this done, thank god. I have two Rouge models and recent came across a BRUNCH of sonic models. They are very...rough working with at times. I finally gotten this one to look decent.

Attachments (2)

Rouge gets IT Patreon Request.gif (4.8MiB)
Rouge gets IT.mp4 (101.8MiB)

RWBY Sleepover BIG Update 2020-02-07T21:27:25+00:00

Now. Before the day passes and I completely forget. I have FINALLY gotten all of the audios for the RWBY sleepover and I will be editing it together to a nice, lewd packages and then, the animating with start!

Once again, I would like to give a big thank you to those who are involved with this project of mines

HUGE thanks to...
Ruby: @EndymionVA
Weiss: @MissMoonified
Blake: @SarbearVoices
Yang: @TemptyVA

Without their voices, this wouldn't be even possible, let alone even happen. The yang VA was going through a lot of things with her apartment and such, that is why her side was so delayed.

Patrons! You will get an early audio preview once I'm done putting everything together, all the smacking, sloshing, cumming inside noises and all. Thank you all was voted and have been waiting for this. Animating time will be up in the air due to this being such a big project. During the meantime, I will be doing smaller stuff on the side and doing this in the background.

Weiss public freebie [No Sound]
Weiss public freebie [No Sound]more_vert
Post file flag
Weiss public freebie [No Sound] 2020-02-07T20:14:59+00:00close


Finally gotten this done today, especially with a weird turn early this morning. Also I gotten myself a dumbbell so I can workout at home. And I think I gotten too heavy of a weight. 35lbs.

Time to workout and get off my lazy ass.

Media (1)

Weiss_Freebie_1080p.gif (4.0MiB)

Milking for Deku nut, with sound! [1080p]
Milking for Deku nut, with sound! [1080p]more_vert
Milking for Deku nut, with sound! [1080p] 2020-02-03T23:09:57+00:00close


I suppose you gotta bust that nut one way or the other

Voice Actors

Deku: @SukeBanchoR18
Mitsuki: @ChloeAngelVA

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #19891363 - 4 Feb 20 04:35
Deku stuff is why im here good job :)
Milking for Deku nut, with sound! [720p]
Milking for Deku nut, with sound! [720p]more_vert
Milking for Deku nut, with sound! [720p] 2020-02-03T23:09:54+00:00close

Voice Actors

Deku: @SukeBanchoR18
Mitsuki: @ChloeAngelVA

I suppose you gotta bust that nut one way or the other

Patreon....pinup? - Flames in the Farm (1080p)
Patreon....pinup? - Flames in the Farm (1080p)more_vert
Patreon....pinup? - Flames in the Farm (1080p) 2020-02-01T17:28:33+00:00close

MEGA timelapse (Sorry for the joke)

Well then, that was really quick. Decided to kill two birds with one stone. Was gonna do posters of Cinder and Oscar but said screw it and combined them. I enjoyed this

Patreon....pinup? - Flames in the Farm
Patreon....pinup? - Flames in the Farmmore_vert
Patreon....pinup? - Flames in the Farm 2020-02-01T17:28:29+00:00close

MEGA timelapse (Sorry for the joke)

Well then, that was really quick. Decided to kill two birds with one stone. Was gonna do posters of Cinder and Oscar but said screw it and combined them. I enjoyed this

Attachments (1)

ForcefulTalkativeIncatern-small.gif (1.6MiB)

On the field experience [Loop]
On the field experience [Loop]more_vert
On the field experience [Loop] 2020-02-10T19:00:03+00:00close

During a day paroling the city, our heroes suddenly became under attack a mysterious urge in the air. Looks like All Might and the rest of the other heroes are gonna have their hands full explaining this mess

Media (1)

dekubaku_-_Gettin_Rough_1.gif (4.2MiB)

$10 Patron Selected (February)
$10 Patron Selected (February)more_vert
Post file flag
$10 Patron Selected (February) 2020-02-01T13:30:59+00:00close

Good morning to all! It's that time for you lucky $10 tier patrons!

And the winner for January patron request is...Franco!

Congratulations! Send me your request when you're ready!

Media (1)

OSnw3B7fBK.gif (3.4MiB)

Update about MEGA. 2020-01-31T01:27:33+00:00

Hiya! Just a small post about my MEGA account. All of the videos/gifs are back and you can go all the way back from 2016 to now


EDIT: I botched the link and used the normal link instead of the folder. My bad

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #26232419 - 31 Jan 20 01:29
Seems to be doing that thing where it links to Mega's home page instead of the files. Edit: Thank ya kindly
Afterhours Studying WIP
Afterhours Studying WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
Afterhours Studying WIP 2020-02-23T15:00:02+00:00close

Ms. Goodwitch suggested the girls would partake in some afterclass teaching and on her way to their dorm, she meet a very special kind of boy....and she couldn't help but dig her fangs into that young meat

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6815124 - 24 Feb 20 04:20
Schedule for February 2020
Schedule for February 2020more_vert
Post file flag
Schedule for February 2020 2020-01-29T23:08:24+00:00close

Decided to do some small additions to next month's schedule of art. I originally posted this on discord but edited it after finishing the Yang commission.

I haven't gotten the lines from the Yang VA for the sleepover animation due to her having problems over on her side, so as of right now, I can't do anything with the save until then.
Also the "?" depends how fast the whomever who is selected in the $10 tier response to my message.

EDIT: Added new cap for Hinata animation
EDIT x2: Adding each new animation done for that given day

Media (1)

February_Round-up_2020_Edition.png (254.6KiB)

Big (solo) Yang Attack (1:36 min)
Big (solo) Yang Attack (1:36 min)more_vert
Post file flag
Big (solo) Yang Attack (1:36 min) 2020-01-29T17:11:50+00:00close

Full Animation

And that is it, folks! Another one to add to the list. This came out a LOT than I expected. VA work by miss Chloe Angel and I deeply happy, even though the stress filled last week I had, I still managed to crank this one and it looks good.

Next: February's Patreon pinups & request

February Pin-ups 2020-01-29T11:11:07+00:00

It's about that time again. It's pinup time! First of all, I know I have been MIA on the pinups lately, mostly from lack of ideas of series or lack of models. But I figure I get my shit together and keep a list of possible series to make porn of. So, that brings us to here.

Vote for what series you wanna see pinups of, and if you're a $5 tier patron and above, you'll be able to enjoy them! Voting ends on February 1st, 7am est

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #10511391 - 29 Jan 20 11:17
plz rwby!!!!
DekuBaku: Recreation Loop
DekuBaku: Recreation Loopmore_vert
DekuBaku: Recreation Loop 2020-01-29T01:44:35+00:00close

Good news: I finally gotten this reaction of BlackMonkey Pro's photo set of Deku & Bakugo done and I'm all speed ahead for the Yang commission!

Bad news: I had to get pulled to the ER while I was at my job, learn I have a week long series of migranies and I have to take two days off from work. Well fuck

Next animation: The commission of Yang masturbating

DekuBaku WIP
DekuBaku WIPmore_vert
DekuBaku WIP 2020-01-28T01:09:27+00:00close

Remember when I post about the schedule of animations I had? While I have been slowly knocking them down to help clear space for me so I can do future stuff (Like the RWBY Sleepover) Well next is suppose to be Deku x Bakugo and boooooooooy, don't I have a gift for you?

At first it was going to be this:

and I have been looking at some porn I have saved of the two. So I figure I would bite the bullet and finally let Bakugo into those freckled Deku cheeks! I tried my best to recreate Blackmonkey Pro's picture set featuring the two:

So far, everything looks to be spot on. I will be trying to work on this on the weekdays so I will have weekend all for the yang commission and animate it.

Pornhub (for my longer animations)
Pornhub (for my longer animations)more_vert
Post file flag
Pornhub (for my longer animations) 2020-01-26T23:22:48+00:00close

Surprise! I finally got a pornhub account. I will be uploading my longer public releases on here so everything is nicely in order

Embed data


Provider URL

MarcoVee4's Profile -

The World Famous, Porn hub is the ultimate free sex community. Amateurs upload, Pornstars have sex, and interact with each other. Download full porn videos.


(Quickie) Solo Bakugo Loop
(Quickie) Solo Bakugo Loopmore_vert
Post file flag
(Quickie) Solo Bakugo Loop 2020-01-26T01:34:15+00:00close

Wet | Dry

Media (1)

solo_bakugo_loop_Wet.gif (3.3MiB)

Yang futa commission WIP (Intro)
Yang futa commission WIP (Intro)more_vert
Post file flag
Yang futa commission WIP (Intro) 2020-01-25T13:35:25+00:00close

With sound

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #6815124 - 26 Jan 20 22:16
Awesome. I know you can do it lol. I love your work!!
user avatar
MarcoV4 - 26 Jan 20 22:27
Thank you! I try my best
user avatar
User #6815124 - 26 Jan 20 05:12
When is that sleepover animation scheduled for. The one where we voted on what Ruby would do. Is that this or will that be a different project?
user avatar
MarcoV4 - 26 Jan 20 06:52
I have all of the VA’s lines except for the Yang’s due to her being sick. I am still waiting for hers to sent them so I can get in them order and sync them in SFM. This is just a commission I gotten before and am working on while I wait for VA to feel better
user avatar
MarcoV4 - 26 Jan 20 21:34
Fantastic news! I got a message by the VA for Yang and she knocked out her cold and she will be recording her lines tomorrow morning and I will be getting them by then. So, I will finally be able to get the audio setup and do the lip syncing....for four models. How fun
Lip Syncing test of the Yang futa commission
Lip Syncing test of the Yang futa commissionmore_vert
Post file flag
Lip Syncing test of the Yang futa commission 2020-01-24T21:31:47+00:00close

Embed data


Provider URL


MEGA provides free cloud storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy. Claim your free 50GB now


Bakugocest (720p)
Bakugocest (720p)more_vert
Post file flag
Bakugocest (720p) 2020-01-19T02:24:19+00:00close


Media (1)

Bakugocest_-_Back_Shot_720p.gif (3.9MiB)

Cassie gets caged (720p)
Cassie gets caged (720p)more_vert
Post file flag
Cassie gets caged (720p) 2020-01-18T18:48:54+00:00close

MK10 Outfit | MK11 Outfit

Upcoming animations 2020-01-17T23:03:53+00:00

Hiya to all patrons. Wanted to update you guys on what you guys have to look towards to in those upcoming dates and what I will be doing in the background

Next: Cassie getting fucked by Sindel (Public)

Later: Bakugocest (Patreon-only)

Later: DekuBaku (Patreon-only) (I hate myself for how I made this one look better than Deku fucking Bakugo on the shower floor)

Later: Weiss anal action (Public)

And last, I will be working on the sleepover in the background, awaiting for audio files from the rest of the VAs

Sizing up your rival
Sizing up your rivalmore_vert
Sizing up your rival 2020-01-13T03:32:45+00:00close

This weekend sure has been busy with Bakugo. Getting dicked EVERYWHERE!

Haha, I'm going to bed

A explosive poll: Katsuki Edition 2020-01-12T14:01:01+00:00

Another day, another new model

Recently on here, you would have seen Katsuki Bakugo finally gotten a model out and I been messing around with him in the background. Spent the weekend trying out different ideas. So, instead of trying to animate all of my ideas, I figured it’s time for another poll. Some of the ideas I posed and others of brand new. The poll will end tomorrow, January 13th.

These will be loops, no long animation. As much I like doing them, I been spending way too much time sitting all day and night

Bakugocest WIP
Bakugocest WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
Bakugocest WIP 2020-01-11T19:03:14+00:00close

Ahhhhh, here it goes

More WIPs to the queue. Since the commission felt through and I wrapped up the patreon request. My hands are pretty much free.

Media (4)

Bakugocest_2b.png (1.9MiB)
Bakugocest_1b.png (1.5MiB)
Bakugocest_1.png (1.6MiB)
Bakugocest_2.png (1.9MiB)

Introduction for Bakugo
Introduction for Bakugomore_vert
Introduction for Bakugo 2020-01-11T14:03:54+00:00close

Okay, okay okay. How about a more...less dicky thing with Bakugo?

Media (1)

solo_bakugo_Patreon.png (3.1MiB)

Attachments (1)

solo bakugo Patreon.png (3.1MiB)

Dekubaku WIP
Dekubaku WIPmore_vert
Dekubaku WIP 2020-01-11T13:36:40+00:00close

Day 1: The gay has already started to take over. It's small but this is just a slow process and soon, it will full over move in

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #21060002 - 12 Jan 20 21:04
Definitely my favorite one!
Post file flag
IT'S A TOURNAMENT ARC, BITCHES 2020-01-11T03:00:12+00:00close

Cam 1

Cam 2

Cam 3

It happened

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #19891363 - 11 Jan 20 05:11
Should have had Deku Jerking off as well but other than that A+
user avatar
User #4118953 - 11 Jan 20 03:58
Damn that was fast
user avatar
MarcoV4 - 11 Jan 20 14:57
I was fueled by a mix of creativity, heart, and wanting to use this model fast as possible because I KNOW weirdos who like NTR was getting their hands on him ASAP
Weiss Freebie WIP
Weiss Freebie WIPmore_vert
Weiss Freebie WIP 2020-01-10T21:09:38+00:00close

38% percent of the vote

Hot damn

I was hoping (again) for a commission to come through and I would be able to get some moans for this but that completely crashed and failed. Gonna have to wait till next week

Media (1)

Weiss_Freebie_WIP_Patreon.png (1.6MiB)

Attachments (1)

Weiss Freebie WIP Patreon.png (1.6MiB)

Patron Request: A trip to the doctor
Patron Request: A trip to the doctormore_vert
Post file flag
Patron Request: A trip to the doctor 2020-01-10T13:48:21+00:00close


Something different here, instead of the normal POV where you're doing the fucking, it seems that you're on the other end.

The map is kinda acting weird when it comes to the chart in the background flickering. I was messing with the lights I setup and no fixes. Big oof

Media (1)

Trip_to_the_Doctors.gif (4.4MiB)

Yangpie w/Sound (30 sec) (Commission)
Yangpie w/Sound (30 sec) (Commission)more_vert
Post file flag
Yangpie w/Sound (30 sec) (Commission) 2020-01-07T02:21:45+00:00close

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Next up: Visiting the doctor

Media (1)

Yangpie.gif (16.6MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #6815124 - 7 Jan 20 02:32
Awesome animation, even though that man had no head lol
user avatar
MarcoV4 - 7 Jan 20 11:49
I tried my best to use camera angles to hide that.
Patreon Rewards Ideas 2020-01-06T17:24:59+00:00

Heya all. I’m looking for ideas to swap out with commission streaming and I’m taking all suggestions from all. The reason why? Because I recently streaming again and the audience for them is...well nonexistent. And I will admit, I feel pretty crappy about it. I really try not look at the viewer count but maaaaan, it’s hard

So, I’m open to ideas from all of you. Maybe open tiers for longer animations? Like $20 for 20 secs? Being willing to more “spicy” animations? Tell me below

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #23173552 - 7 Jan 20 20:24
I'm down with any Ryuji solo or gay porn. I think $20 for a longer animation is a good idea. Or you could do some story like animation... You could also give out picture sets if people prefer that..
user avatar
User #19891363 - 7 Jan 20 08:24
I'm always happy with any Deku stuff but that's just me....
user avatar
MarcoV4 - 7 Jan 20 11:50
Well I do have a solo animation planned for him jerking off and cumming all over himself. While I have this sleepover thing in the background, I could work on that
user avatar
User #21060002 - 12 Jan 20 21:00
What tier do I have to be for My Hero Animations with sound? I’m a newer patron btw, hope to be able to support for a little while.
STREAMING: Yang Commission
STREAMING: Yang Commissionmore_vert
Post file flag
STREAMING: Yang Commission 2020-01-04T00:40:29+00:00close



Embed data


Provider URL

MarcoV4 - Picarto

MarcoV4 is live on! Watch our streamer do Hentai stuff and chat with likeminded people. 2566 have watched MarcoV4's stream!


RWBY Poll date changed 2020-01-02T14:27:58+00:00

Just a small update for everyone, old and new. I’m changing the date of when it’s suppose to go up from January 6th....or January 3rd! I’m getting more and more hyped with it and with me looking over voice actor’s demos for the characters and really wanna see how this will go in what direction.

So, tomorrow morning, eastern standard time. It will be posted

Have fun

$10 Patron Selected
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And the winner for January patron request is...Felony Martinez!

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Quick Poll, Loona from Helluva Boss 2019-12-30T00:57:37+00:00

Just a quick throwaway poll. I downloaded the Loona model and it's kinda curious to me. Wonder....should I bite the bullet and make porn with her?

Incoming Poll (Jan 6th) 2019-12-29T11:35:23+00:00

Message to all current patrons! I will be posting a poll for the future for a somewhat big animation. Thanks to Yinyama for hitting 1K followers on twitters and uploading the RWBY crew with their PJs, it gave me a wonderful idea for an animation. It is called “The Sleepover” and I’m...not too sure how long I am gonna make the animation, sometime tells me that it may hit the 5 min mark, depending how I script the choices. I believe you guys will love it

Happy holidays and happy (soon) New Years


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