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COMIC INFORMATION! schedule info 2020-02-14T19:19:09+00:00

INSTEAD of completing a page this month, I will be doing a total on 8 wips, 4 for each comic and then next weekend I will be doing two finished pages

1 for Forbidden wants AND one for My Gator Girlfriend

THATS RIGHT! after these WIPS, all the pages will be mapped out and I can officially start doing 2 comics :)


until my que is finished I wont be able to update weekly with My Gator Girlfriend so it will be updated every other week. Once my commission que is clear both comics will be updated weekly . no changes with the posting scheduled for Forbidden Wants, with the exception of this weekend and when I attend a convention next month it will continue to be update weekly

cameos will be chosen NEXT month when the next four pages of Forbidden Wants are mapped out

Ask Them Questions! 2019-12-24T15:15:23+00:00

ask Abba, Kaya, or even one of my side OC'c a question! I'll pick my faces, and have them answer them self :D

NO LIMITS! whatever you wanna know

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #677761 - 25 Dec 19 04:58
To Abba: How do you see all of this ending? Bonus: Same question, but to Kaya.
Forbidden wants WIP page 14
Forbidden wants WIP page 14more_vert
Post file flag
Forbidden wants WIP page 14 2019-12-21T21:48:48+00:00close

Media (1)

pg_14.png (2.1MiB)

Forbidden Wants page 12
Forbidden Wants page 12more_vert
Post file flag
Forbidden Wants page 12 2019-12-21T20:48:53+00:00close

Media (1)

pg_12.png (2.0MiB)

Give me your ideas 2019-12-20T21:08:55+00:00

whats a short comic idea you'd like to see from me? after I hit my goal I will be doing short comics as well :) 3-4 pages worth of content for each one I make

I'm open to any and all ideas! if I work on the one you present you will get credit for your idea with every post! so comment an idea short that you've either had already and want to see or come up with one on the spot :D I'm excited to feel inspired by you wonderful people

have a good day!!

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #4186597 - 20 Dec 19 21:54
GatorGirl likes GUY. Unfortunately GUY's GF does not like GatorGirl and is forcing GUY to choose between them. GatorGirl makes this decision easy by swallowing GF. GUY seems to be just fine with this turn of events.
user avatar
User #10556482 - 21 Dec 19 10:31
I'd think about something we don't see often from you, like feral preds (or even prey). Dragons and snakes are very common as preds, thus it would be very interesting for you to try an uncommon specie. I'm sure it would suit your art style very well. Non exhaustive list of under estimated species as feral preds : -Aquatic mamals (orca, sea lion, dolphin) -Giraffes -Big felines (Lioness, tiger, pather) -Horses -Does Though I really love your anthros (I even think you are in the top 3 best anthro vore artist out here), I'm certain it would benefit you a lot (as an artist) to try new things, especially ferals. You also have humanoid aliens if you're not interested by ferals ! Of course it's not a whole comic idea, but it'd be a nice base for something really different !
user avatar
User #8371602 - 21 Dec 19 15:44
I always liked the idea of a predator girl and and their prey GF/BF losing their vorish virginity. Making it seem like they are going to make love for the first time but instead its the predator eating the prey.
user avatar
User #10556482 - 21 Dec 19 16:11
I second that !
Forbidden wants Pge 13 WIP
Forbidden wants Pge 13 WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
Forbidden wants Pge 13 WIP 2019-12-20T18:24:23+00:00close

Media (1)

pg_13.png (2.0MiB)

commissions SFW warning
commissions SFW warningmore_vert
Post file flag
commissions SFW warning 2019-12-19T21:58:13+00:00close

Media (2)

yogan.png (3.9MiB)
Luna.png (3.9MiB)

forbidden wants page 11
forbidden wants page 11more_vert
Post file flag
forbidden wants page 11 2019-12-15T22:50:40+00:00close

Media (1)

pg_11.png (2.5MiB)

page 11 WIP
page 11 WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
page 11 WIP 2019-12-14T19:39:55+00:00close

Media (1)

pg_11.png (1.5MiB)

Public Transit NSFW
Public Transit NSFWmore_vert
Post file flag
Public Transit NSFW 2019-12-11T20:20:29+00:00close

darrius on FA wanted this!

Media (1)

Darrius.png (2.5MiB)

thank you so much! 2019-12-11T06:07:44+00:00

once again thank you and welcome to the new patreons!

if you guys didnt support me I wouldnt be here so i can't thank you enough!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #811235 - 11 Dec 19 07:36
Awww. Just happy to help out such a talented artist :3
forbidden wants page 12 WIP
forbidden wants page 12 WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
forbidden wants page 12 WIP 2019-12-07T19:49:51+00:00close

Media (1)

pg_12.png (2.1MiB)

New Tier (update) 2019-12-07T17:30:49+00:00

The new 10$ tier will get access to WIPS now

finished works will will be posted for all tiers but since I post more WIPS then normal when it comes to pages and illustrations (about 2-3 times a week) so I decided to make that move :)

I hope no one has issues with that! if you have any questions feel free to ask. I will still share things on my telegram group but it will no longer be full digital pages more like teasers and snippets or panels or details I'm proud of ^^

have a good day everyone!

Forbidden wants page 10
Forbidden wants page 10more_vert
Post file flag
Forbidden wants page 10 2019-12-07T17:16:51+00:00close

looks like its about to get lewd!!

Media (1)

pg_10.png (2.0MiB)

Kaya's debut NSFW
Kaya's debut NSFWmore_vert
Post file flag
Kaya's debut NSFW 2019-12-06T17:46:15+00:00close

she's very pleases but shy with you spotting her! but she doesnt seem shy enough to close them legs ;D

Media (1)

kaya_pin_up_1.png (4.8MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #16125240 - 7 Dec 19 03:10
Fantastic stuff! :D
forbidden wants pge 11
forbidden wants pge 11more_vert
Post file flag
forbidden wants pge 11 2019-12-06T15:37:05+00:00close

Media (1)

pg_11.png (1.6MiB)

maw shots!
maw shots!more_vert
Post file flag
maw shots! 2019-12-05T02:46:26+00:00close

Media (2)

zito_2.png (1.9MiB)
Osuenn.png (2.4MiB)

Post file flag
WIP 2019-12-05T02:44:54+00:00close

Media (1)

Darkwolf062000_body_shot.png (3.5MiB)

commission x2 SFW
commission x2 SFWmore_vert
Post file flag
commission x2 SFW 2019-12-03T20:46:16+00:00close

Media (2)

zito_.png (4.2MiB)
Darkwolf062000_mawshot.png (2.4MiB)

kaya pin up wip
kaya pin up wipmore_vert
Post file flag
kaya pin up wip 2019-12-02T20:13:27+00:00close

Media (1)

kaya_pin_up_1.png (1.8MiB)

Kaya pin up (forbidden wants)
Kaya pin up (forbidden wants)more_vert
Post file flag
Kaya pin up (forbidden wants) 2019-11-30T23:27:12+00:00close

Media (1)

kaya_pin_up_1.png (1.1MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #16125240 - 1 Dec 19 00:10
Holy fuc :eyes:
forbidden wants page 9
forbidden wants page 9more_vert
Post file flag
forbidden wants page 9 2019-11-30T21:55:11+00:00close

Media (1)

pg_9.png (1.9MiB)

Forbidden Wants pge 9 & 10
Forbidden Wants pge 9 & 10more_vert
Post file flag
Forbidden Wants pge 9 & 10 2019-11-30T01:14:23+00:00close

i dont think we was expecting that

Media (2)

pg_9.png (2.5MiB)
pg_10.png (2.4MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #811235 - 6 Dec 19 05:29
lol i love the reversed situation xD
battle ready
battle readymore_vert
Post file flag
battle ready 2019-11-27T22:46:53+00:00close

cool com for ICEY on FA

Media (1)

icey_fightre.png (2.8MiB)

Post file flag
WIPS 2019-11-26T22:34:37+00:00close

Media (5)

Darkwolf062000_mawshot.png (4.7MiB)
zito.png (4.4MiB)
Osuenn.png (3.0MiB)
icey_fightre.png (2.5MiB)
ButtValues.png (2.6MiB)

Forbidden wants Pge 8
Forbidden wants Pge 8more_vert
Post file flag
Forbidden wants Pge 8 2019-11-23T21:05:09+00:00close

that escalated quickly!

updated every weekend

Media (1)

pg_8.png (1.9MiB)

THANK YOU! 2019-11-21T15:53:16+00:00

thank you to the new patrons and longer term patrons! I GREATLY appreciate your support.

I'm exited for this comic to pick up and make more art for you guys :D

Patreon rewards!!
Patreon rewards!!more_vert
Post file flag
Patreon rewards!! 2019-11-20T22:57:47+00:00close

sketch rewards for this month :))

thank you again guys!

Media (2)

ceriousderg.png (2.4MiB)
Takemoto_2.png (1.1MiB)

Forbidden Want pge 7
Forbidden Want pge 7more_vert
Post file flag
Forbidden Want pge 7 2019-11-20T17:43:41+00:00close


sorry for the late upload!

updated every weekend

Media (1)

pg_7.png (2.2MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6670242 - 20 Nov 19 19:01
Y'know, abject terror can and does cause erections. Mammals are weird like that.
commissions x3 NSFW warning
commissions x3 NSFW warningmore_vert
Post file flag
commissions x3 NSFW warning 2019-11-15T17:08:44+00:00close

Media (3)

luther.png (2.9MiB)
anashi.png (3.1MiB)
unex.png (3.0MiB)

maw shot + full body NSFW warning
maw shot + full body NSFW warningmore_vert
Post file flag
maw shot + full body NSFW warning 2019-11-10T21:48:41+00:00close

Media (2)

Darkwolf062000.png (2.3MiB)
draginsn1per.png (3.6MiB)

forbidden want page 6
forbidden want page 6more_vert
Post file flag
forbidden want page 6 2019-11-09T17:44:17+00:00close

looks like our hunter friend is in trouble

updated every weekend

Media (1)

pg_6.png (2.4MiB)

commission x3
commission x3more_vert
Post file flag
commission x3 2019-11-06T23:48:38+00:00close

Media (3)

Archibald.png (3.0MiB)
Dorrian.png (1.9MiB)
mirror_selfie.png (5.1MiB)

Forbidden Wants Page 5
Forbidden Wants Page 5more_vert
Post file flag
Forbidden Wants Page 5 2019-11-02T22:08:53+00:00close

they finally meet'

updated every weekend

Media (1)

pg_5.png (1.9MiB)

Jayri vore GIF
Jayri vore GIFmore_vert
Post file flag
Jayri vore GIF 2019-11-01T18:59:22+00:00close

finally finished this fucking thing!<3<3

Media (1) (249.4KiB)

in the tavern!
in the tavern!more_vert
Post file flag
in the tavern! 2019-10-30T22:05:46+00:00close

Media (2)

Iseeyouthere.png (5.5MiB)
ref.png (6.2MiB)

what do you guys want? 2019-10-27T18:53:59+00:00

what else would you like to see from me?

sketch pages

voted images again

small one page comics?

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #16125240 - 28 Oct 19 17:48
Big fan of small comics and sketch pages personally. Something you could try is a system where we vote for a completed sketch/comic to be upgraded to something more detailed. If I had to choose just one though... probably small comics.
Forbidden Wants Page 4
Forbidden Wants Page 4more_vert
Post file flag
Forbidden Wants Page 4 2019-10-26T20:50:45+00:00close

oop! seems she has spotted something?

updated every weekend

Media (1)

pg_4.png (3.5MiB)

sketches NSFW WARNINGmore_vert
Post file flag
sketches NSFW WARNING 2019-10-20T19:15:30+00:00close

Media (2)

CresceZoroark.png (2.3MiB)
trick_or_treat.png (2.6MiB)

Telegram Group 2019-10-20T14:36:50+00:00

remember I have a group you can join for constant updates of commissions and

comic works!

Fprbidden Wants Pge 3
Fprbidden Wants Pge 3more_vert
Post file flag
Fprbidden Wants Pge 3 2019-10-20T14:34:21+00:00close

aaaand she's off! having now found out there are small creatures lurking about

comic updated every Friday/Saturday (sometimes Sunday)

Media (1)

Pg_3.png (3.5MiB)

WIPS NSFW warning
WIPS NSFW warningmore_vert
Post file flag
WIPS NSFW warning 2019-10-17T04:55:16+00:00close

Media (3)

fenris.png (2.3MiB)
CresceZoroark.png (2.3MiB)
trick_or_treat.png (2.1MiB)

Forbidden wants PG 2
Forbidden wants PG 2more_vert
Post file flag
Forbidden wants PG 2 2019-10-12T01:10:02+00:00close

he screamed. while hunting. good job guy!

comic updated every friday/saturday

Media (1)

Pg_2.png (2.1MiB)

 maw shots x2
maw shots x2more_vert
Post file flag
maw shots x2 2019-10-11T01:25:43+00:00close

for Tanzanite and Basti on FA

Media (2)

Tanzanite-.png (1.5MiB)
Basti.png (1.4MiB)

sketch maw WIPS
sketch maw WIPSmore_vert
Post file flag
sketch maw WIPS 2019-10-10T16:11:29+00:00close

Media (3)

Tanzanite-.png (2.1MiB)
Basti.png (2.3MiB)
JazzyWolf.png (1.6MiB)

TheDorkNoodle COM NSFW
TheDorkNoodle COM NSFWmore_vert
Post file flag
TheDorkNoodle COM NSFW 2019-10-09T21:31:22+00:00close

Media (1)

thedorknoodle.png (2.2MiB)

x3 sketch commissions NSFW warning
x3 sketch commissions NSFW warningmore_vert
Post file flag
x3 sketch commissions NSFW warning 2019-10-06T18:17:24+00:00close

Media (3)

mutuals_1.png (1.7MiB)
mutuals_2.png (1.6MiB)
Ahkante_x_Koralia.png (3.8MiB)

forbidden wants PAGE 1
forbidden wants PAGE 1more_vert
Post file flag
forbidden wants PAGE 1 2019-10-04T23:33:58+00:00close

I wonder why he's doing it then?

Updated every Friday/Saturday(NSFW vore kink comic)

Media (1)

pg_1.png (3.0MiB)

sketches x4
sketches x4more_vert
Post file flag
sketches x4 2019-09-28T23:44:17+00:00close

Media (4)

kiaren.png (4.3MiB)
pooja.png (2.7MiB)
Moonstriker53.png (874.0KiB)
camilicious.png (2.0MiB)

maw shots
maw shotsmore_vert
Post file flag
maw shots 2019-09-19T02:48:16+00:00close

Media (2)

Seindrache.png (2.7MiB)
YokotheWolf.png (2.5MiB)


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