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DEC 18 | Lootbox
DEC 18 | Lootboxmore_vert
Post file flag
DEC 18 | Lootbox 2018-12-08T09:36:25+00:00close

For xUnschuldsengel !

Wrist issues
Wrist issuesmore_vert
Post file flag
Wrist issues 2018-11-08T06:58:04+00:00close

If some of you don't know, I have nerve issues with my hands and wrists.

My left hand has been acting up as of late, thus the traditional sketches. I may have to stick to it for a while until my left hand (I use it for short cuts on the keyboard) recovers!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4613750 - 8 Nov 18 06:59
I hope you get better soon!
user avatar
User #10335247 - 8 Nov 18 06:59
Yeah hope you get better soon!
A thought 2018-11-06T00:50:05+00:00

So I might keep this open and not close it because I'm enjoying doing the sketches for the loot boxes, but as the disclaimer says, I may not get through everyone to get other stuff done.

You guys up for that?

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #4613750 - 6 Nov 18 17:31
Yeah that’s chill!
user avatar
User #10335247 - 6 Nov 18 17:33
Yeah I’m chill with it UvU
user avatar
User #3883493 - 6 Nov 18 00:50
Im okay with it
user avatar
User #954672 - 6 Nov 18 00:51
That’d be amazing! I’m super interested >v
user avatar
User #7185501 - 6 Nov 18 02:11
Why be up when I could be down? [I'm down for it.]
user avatar
User #2797083 - 6 Nov 18 01:55
user avatar
User #14048463 - 6 Nov 18 15:43
of course!! ?
Haitus 2018-11-02T10:42:06+00:00

After this month Loot box and sketches are done! I will be going on Haitus!

So I will temporarily close my patreon until I feel safe again about posting art! Meaning, you can still subscribe but it will not be charging anyone until I unlock it again!

Thank you guys for the support!

I should have the form for November up around this week or next week!

Important Question 2018-11-01T22:14:35+00:00

I'm planning to try and do private streaming for patreon supporters, bc some projects I don't want to stream publicly. However, streaming does help me focus on working. Which would you personally think is better from the options?

delay 2018-10-31T01:02:08+00:00

Terribly sorry!

I will try to get everything done during this week or the next for october rewards!

Thank you for your patience!

I'll get them done, as I always do!

Thank you!

Adoptables 2018-10-17T00:30:57+00:00

Red panda and Autumn fox are now open for bidding on my server!

https://discord.gg/sdstT2z !

SEPT 2018 | Cactus__V
SEPT 2018 | Cactus__Vmore_vert
Post file flag
SEPT 2018 | Cactus__V 2018-10-15T19:00:03+00:00close

commission for Cactus__V !

Declined Patreons 2018-09-07T05:36:14+00:00

If your payment has been declined, you will not have access to the patreons only access feed, or for the tier you subscribed for.

If you still want access to the feed, please check on why you were declined and try your best to fix the issue!

Comments (1)
user avatar
moucii - 7 Sep 18 05:36
I'll start blocking people who do not respond to my messages when I try and notify that your payment was declined!
Charge up front has now been enabled! 2018-09-02T16:30:20+00:00

Meaning those who will become new subscribers will be charged once they pledge for the first charge!

All next charges will be done monthly!

Payouts! 2018-08-04T16:26:56+00:00

Payouts have been resumed!

So for August, everyone will be charged on September 1st! And I will be checking who goes through when I post up commissions for patreon first! Also to see who will be entered into the raffle for the characters study!

During September, I will be implementing pay up front! So any new patreons will be charged when they pledge for that one time!

Then it will resume into a cycle of being charged every first of the month!

But for this month, I won’t check whose payout went through to purchase an adoptable as there was no charge on August 1st!

03082018 | SONIC TIGER
03082018 | SONIC TIGER more_vert
Post file flag
03082018 | SONIC TIGER 2018-08-03T18:44:49+00:00close

Patreon only has access to this autobuy! There will be no bidding taking place for the adoptables posted here, once the 24 hour period passes for patreon first grabs, he will be put for auction on my discord server!

Auto Buy : 250$ USD

Auto Buy bonus : Concept sheet + Flat Bust in concept sheet

END DATE: 30 August 2018 12 AM PST.

LINK TO MY DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/PhH9HWd

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #6438538 - 4 Aug 18 03:44
AB 2 ;;w;;
user avatar
moucii - 4 Aug 18 03:29
I forgot to add auto buy 2: $200 USD, just gets an unwatermarked version of the image!
user avatar
moucii - 4 Aug 18 03:45
Thank you!
Your opinion 2018-07-28T20:11:03+00:00

Would you guys like it if I post adoptables here first to allow you guys a chance to autobuy them before anyone else? Including the set price chibis?

They will be here for 24 hours and then posted around and on my discord if not bought!

Ofc I’ll post them maybe to showcase them to my followers outside patreon!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #7606038 - 28 Jul 18 20:30
I’m cool with that!
user avatar
User #7805692 - 28 Jul 18 21:26
That would be awesome!
user avatar
User #2797083 - 28 Jul 18 20:11
That’d be fine with me
September commission type 2018-07-27T19:15:03+00:00

Which one would you like to see?

September Wait list | Gore Palette 2018-07-27T19:08:45+00:00
I will be accepting GORE palette wait list!

ONLY 10 REQUESTS MAX, max 2 per a person.

GORE palette commissions have a set palette of: orange tones, yellow tones, white, black, and grey! No other others will be included. You will be suggesting one word gore subject, ex: lacerations, and request a specific character. I will be given creative reign on how it will be executed.

They can also come without gore if requested!

THESE WILL BE DONE DIGITALLY. The traditional images are examples of how may look!

PLEASE EMAIL ME @ dorkimochi@gmail.com to request for a wait list spot!

WAITLIST | ICON COMMISSIONS OPEN 2018-07-21T02:07:26+00:00

I will only be accepting 10 requests to the icon commissions!

Someone can have more than one request!

Please email me @ dorkimochi@gmail.com to claim requests waitlist!

Comments (2)
user avatar
moucii - 28 Jul 18 02:19
user avatar
moucii - 22 Jul 18 08:25
3 left!
JULY 2018 | Icon Commissions
JULY 2018 | Icon Commissionsmore_vert
Post file flag
JULY 2018 | Icon Commissions 2018-07-11T04:53:07+00:00close

These Icons come with a transparent background or a solid background color (of your choice) !

All icons are cleaned sketches with simple shading and color!

I will be accepting up to 10 requests (if one person orders 2, it takes up two requests)!

Please contact me through email: dorkimochi@gmail.com
To gain a slot to these commissions!

If you want to use another platform or messenger, you are required to email me the references, do not send them to me on a messenger or platform.

Emails help me keep everyone organized as I accept commissions through multiple social medias. It is much easier to catch me for commissions through my email!

Thank you for understanding and thank you for the continuous support!

I will not be charging patreons this month as what I am doing now is experimental! When I will start charging, I will announce ahead of time!

Comments (1)
user avatar
moucii - 19 Jul 18 12:56
Character Study Sheet Commission 2018-07-08T16:15:13+00:00

Becuse I promised to start announce commissions here so you guys get the first claim.

I’m going to accept 1-2 slots for this commission type! They will contain the same amount of character studies I did for traditional.

Usually containing:

  • 1 waist up-knee up drawing (colored sketch)
  • 2-3 busts (typically depends how much I enjoy your character) (colored sketches or sketches)
  • 1 simple chibi (sketch, can vary into a colored sketch).

If you are interested, please contact me through my email: dorkimochi@gmail.com

This will be about 100$ USD (depending on complexity of the character, might be higher) for this type of commission, seeing how much art you get for it, pretty good deal compared to getting these as singles from me-. This is also EXPERIMENTAL, please understand They may not look as finalized as my finalized commissions have in the past.

Comments (2)
user avatar
moucii - 11 Jul 18 06:01
user avatar
moucii - 8 Jul 18 16:16
Mobile patreon is being weird I’ll fix it soon.
Additional small side commission type 2018-07-06T02:22:25+00:00

Which one should it be?

Since I have decided the bigger commission types will be pin ups, which won't have a bust type, but instead: Waist up, knee up, full body. They will be the more expensive type. I usually have a smaller type to make a more affordable side type for those who cannot afford the bigger type.

REboot 2018-06-04T04:40:19+00:00

Going to delete most of the tiers for patreon! I'm going to try and reboot with something else since the work load I'm doing is a bit much for myself!

I will put this onto haitus again and try to reboot it next month! I'll putting update and you guys who follow can suggest what I can do for patreon and see what we will take it from there!

I'm thinking about only making my patreon only one tier or two tiers.

I am still going to send out May rewards that were promised!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3370744 - 27 Jun 18 21:13
310518 | WIP Bloom.sara
310518 | WIP Bloom.saramore_vert
Post file flag
310518 | WIP Bloom.sara 2018-05-31T08:24:51+00:00close

052818 | WIP Commission
052818 | WIP Commissionmore_vert
Post file flag
052818 | WIP Commission 2018-05-28T18:51:14+00:00close

220517 | Fishy.Chip
220517 | Fishy.Chipmore_vert
Post file flag
220517 | Fishy.Chip 2018-05-22T07:02:17+00:00close


210518 | Wip Patreon images
210518 | Wip Patreon imagesmore_vert
Post file flag
210518 | Wip Patreon images 2018-05-22T01:14:35+00:00close

200518 | wip
200518 | wipmore_vert
Post file flag
200518 | wip 2018-05-20T18:01:56+00:00close

160518 | WIP | Commissions
160518 | WIP | Commissionsmore_vert
Post file flag
160518 | WIP | Commissions 2018-05-17T00:33:48+00:00close


April Rewards Sent out!
April Rewards Sent out!more_vert
Post file flag
April Rewards Sent out! 2018-05-15T21:25:45+00:00close

For the Customers and higher tiers all the rewards have been send out to those who have paid! It should be in your messages this time!

Thank you so much for the continuous support! <3

160518 | WIP | Commission
160518 | WIP | Commissionmore_vert
Post file flag
160518 | WIP | Commission 2018-05-15T02:14:22+00:00close

Commission wip for ghost walls on IG!

060518 | Wip | Designs
060518 | Wip | Designsmore_vert
Post file flag
060518 | Wip | Designs 2018-05-06T17:06:55+00:00close

Character designs for a friend adopting one of my ocs and another for an art design trade!

020518 | WIP | PSA
020518 | WIP | PSAmore_vert
Post file flag
020518 | WIP | PSA 2018-05-03T05:36:40+00:00close

A wip of one of the commissions I'm working on!

also, PSA:

I will be working on patreon rewards most likely next week due to the amount of work I have to get done during this week!

Thank you so much for your patience! I will get them done during this month. Since there is a lot of things to compile, it might take a bit. ;w;

Anyone on the Sponsor Tier! Please tell me your request privately or you can comment it!

290418 | Wip | Commission
290418 | Wip | Commissionmore_vert
Post file flag
290418 | Wip | Commission 2018-04-30T06:52:38+00:00close

Wip of a commission for someone who emailed me! So idk what to refer them to as.

Should have asked-

28042018 | Art Trade
28042018 | Art Trade more_vert
Post file flag
28042018 | Art Trade 2018-04-28T08:13:13+00:00close

A for fun art trade with a friend on IG!

This character belongs to them, dazered_jen on IG!

25042018 | PSA 2018-04-26T04:53:31+00:00

Hey there! So I changed the $20 other option to NSFW!

Does not mean exclusively porn, it is mainly pin ups of ocs and basically me just drawing nude girls and practicing random stuff!

25042018 | WIP Mint Jackal
25042018 | WIP Mint Jackalmore_vert
Post file flag
25042018 | WIP Mint Jackal 2018-04-26T04:05:35+00:00close

I'm finally getting into the mood to finish this precious boy.

22042018 | Adoptable
22042018 | Adoptablemore_vert
Post file flag
22042018 | Adoptable 2018-04-23T05:16:43+00:00close

wip on an elf engineer adoptable!

Of well that's his theme anyway!

22042018 | Adoptable
22042018 | Adoptablemore_vert
Post file flag
22042018 | Adoptable 2018-04-22T20:18:43+00:00close

Jackal Adoptable!

Wip | Ciar x Aislinn
Wip | Ciar x Aislinnmore_vert
Post file flag
Wip | Ciar x Aislinn 2018-04-22T16:08:53+00:00close

Just a sketch I managed to save before I did the final version!

Ciar © Moucii

Aislinn | Ace © MissWerehog on Twitter!

21042018 | WIP | Adoptable Concept Sheet
21042018 | WIP | Adoptable Concept Sheetmore_vert
Post file flag
21042018 | WIP | Adoptable Concept Sheet 2018-04-21T08:01:20+00:00close

A little sneak peak of an adoptable concept sheet!

They have been sold!

20042018 | WIP | Commission
20042018 | WIP | Commissionmore_vert
Post file flag
20042018 | WIP | Commission 2018-04-21T05:17:25+00:00close

a commission for Avtombs on IG

18042018 | Wip | OTP
18042018 | Wip | OTPmore_vert
Post file flag
18042018 | Wip | OTP 2018-04-19T06:15:30+00:00close

Ciar x Ace!

Ciar belongs to me

Ace belongs to MissWerehog

16042018 WIP | Commission
16042018 WIP | Commissionmore_vert
Post file flag
16042018 WIP | Commission 2018-04-16T21:08:13+00:00close

Some more wips on commissions for you guys to see exclusively!

I'll try to post more wips of art I'm doing to be more finalized.

Commission Wip
Commission Wipmore_vert
Post file flag
Commission Wip 2018-04-14T20:42:33+00:00close

I plan on making patreon my exclusive place to posting high quality wips, instead of photos, like in my social media. Or just make it overall just wips exclusive to here!

Other tiers, except for the $1 tier since you guys only get wips and progress posts now, will still receive your bonuses through email!

I hope you guys like the change! Hopefully this starts bringing in more content onto my patreon and kicks it into becoming more active!

Back on and back at it! but wait 2018-04-04T06:33:49+00:00

There are changes and I will be more focused on personal work and other such items are probably going to be significantly less. As you can see, I limited the commissions tier to stupid less. As you can tell also, some of the rewards have become less or moved around.

I want to be able to work on more of my characters and stories.

Sonic War, and horror tragic AU is going to be test run for how I should do comics before working on the Untitled comic, which I am working on and making concept art for at the moment. I want to work on it properly, I sort of jumped onto it way to quickly and got burned out too quickly since I didn't know how to do some concepts; well because I didn't work it out too well. Which is my own fault.

If you wish to unsub due to these changes, I will not be angry at you as I can understand if these changes don't rub you the right way.

If you're staying, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING ME! I genuinely want to become a full time online artist and work on what I enjoy most. Drawing Sonic has rekindled my love for art and the joy I have for my art style. So you best be ready to see lots of sonic art and lots of concept art.

Let's have some good times guys and I hope you enjoy my content!

Do you really think I post all the lore I draw for my ocs? ;p

Changes 2018-03-02T03:35:01+00:00

So I saw some other patreon pages and how they were, so I will be making changes here and hopefully it will be less stressful for me. I hope you guys don't mind. ;;


- I have removed the sketchbook pages from the $1 Teir, so now it is what it is titled; a tip to help support me in my art. c: I will be posting more wips on here through for you guys! Especially when it comes to my bigger projects! Hopefully this activity will help motivate me to work on these projects.

- Removed the concept art bonus from the $5 Tier, only gets the sketchbook pages now.

- Removed Step by Step from the $10 tier to the $20 Tier

- Removed the Free Print from the $20 (Customer )Tier; I will see if I can return it when I start to produce more merchandise.

- Customer and Commissioner Tiers have different Bonus rewards. Commissioner gets a sketch rather than the bonus of High Quality image downloads of Fan / Original Artworks and Step by Step images walking through the process of an artwork.


I am Still on Haitus for now until I can get myself together and motivate myself to work on my larger projects again without overwhelming myself. So I will be working on more concept artworks for them before making a finalized version like I have before and sort of stressed myself out way too quickly; burning myself out.

Thank you guys for the continuous understanding of my rather indecisiveness when it comes to patreon rewards and hopefully this will be the final change and I'll be able to better manage myself. I want to become more of the artist I want to be instead of always drawing commissions. I think you guys for joining me on this journey too. I'm excited for the road ahead of us and excited for the content I'll be making for you guys and all my fans. Mainly you guys because I like making concept art more than finalized pieces. XD

I'll try to abuse the patreon app more since they have something like the "Ig Story" now. I hope you guys are just as excited as me when I come back here and show off all that things I have worked on!

As I am still on haitus from patreon, anyone subscribed will not be charged and I'll make sure to make a post when I will be back and restarting the charging process. <3 Thank you guys again!

I'll try to keep you guys updated on my projects. I have a lot of them planned out and organized. Cx

PSA 2018-01-20T07:27:26+00:00

I think I'm going to put patreon on hold, mainly to clear my head up and such. For a few months.

When I come back, I'll be sure to have a ton of stuff to show you guys! So for now, its break time. cx Thank you guys for the support so far! It really does mean a lot to me when you guys go as far as supporting me on here too. ;w; Thank you!

I will still have the page, I'm just disabling patreon for charging you guys the rewards. cx

I'm just having a few mental issues I needto sort out first. Thank you so much for understanding!

Sending out rewards [read below] 2018-01-11T21:22:48+00:00

So, I'm going to start doing emails as a way to send out the rewards. So you guys don't really need to get on patreon and have a link that has a possibility of not working.

I know you guys get emails anyway when you receive a message from me, but hey one less place to look at; except when I ask for sketch rewards from the higher tier.

The method of sharing I will be doing is through google drive and putting down your email there to have access to the folder you get for that month; and you'll be able to access it until the month it's been posted on is over! My email will be dorkimochi@gmail.com if you want to confirm is that it is from me. c:

of course I'll put a message down for you as well to indicate it's from me.

Comments (1)
user avatar
moucii - 11 Jan 18 21:23
It's honestly what I have been doing lately with my commissioners and it has been an easier process for them as well as for me. c:
Regarding Sketches 2018-01-08T04:57:53+00:00

I'm just going to say that due to the difference with the patreon sketch reward and my normal commissions prices. I will have to reduce the quality of the sketch rewards. they won't be full sized images, it would depend if I really like the idea or I have the time to spare.

The sketches will have to be reduced to normal busts for the sake of my work load now that I am trying to take on making a comic and that I have reopened commissions; also be more regular with making adoptables.

Thank you so much for understanding!

If you don't like the change, you are free to unsubcribe. c: I understand if you want the high quality stuff, but I don't really want to get stressed out about how I'm getting only about 20$ for these high quality full images compared to my commissions where I could make more and it would be less stressful and impacting my self esteem whether its worth the price or not.

I rambled, sorry! but thank you!

Comments (1)
user avatar
moucii - 8 Jan 18 04:59
the last high quality large images will be for the november rewards, starting december sketch requests; it'll be just busts
Something you Guys should read regarding payments 2017-12-08T22:29:03+00:00
http://chatnip.tumblr.com/post/168334797904/just-a-heads-up-patreon-has-plans-to-change-their" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://chatnip.tumblr.com/post/168334797904/just-a-heads-up-patreon-has-plans-to-change-their

Patreon is starting to charge more, so, best tk read this to help you better understand what is happening as a supporter and if you have your own patreon.

If you wish to leave due to the extra charges they are making, I won't be angry. I fully support that some of you have to put yourselves first. Only support if you're able to financially. ;; Thank you guys so much!

Changes start DEC 18!!
Game Start 2017-11-23T10:12:39+00:00

Discord Link 2017-11-18T18:09:26+00:00

I don't know if it already sent you guys a link or set you up for it, so here is a link just in case:


Make sure to tell me you're from patreon and I'll put you in the role for patreons! >0


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