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Up and Running!
Up and Running!more_vert
Up and Running! 2017-01-06T21:02:27+00:00close

Here are all the downloads for December's Artwork Collection! Sorry it's not a lot! But I do hope you like them!

Alola Charles
Alola Charlesmore_vert
Post file flag
Alola Charles 2017-01-06T20:51:05+00:00close

Character Concept for this month! Sorry it's Charles again, they're super fun to draw and design outfits for.

Here is their Alola outfit! The colors are not canon, its just to give an idea of how it looks! Most of it is canon-ish(?).

Sketch Page 004
Sketch Page 004more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch Page 004 2017-01-06T20:45:24+00:00close

I did some sketching for fun of the new pokemon trainer! I could never memorize her outfit, so I kept tampering with it; even made a gender bend on accident.

Most of my character studies are done from memory! I have a hard time drawing from reference.

Sketch Page 003
Sketch Page 003more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch Page 003 2017-01-06T20:40:55+00:00close

Nothing to say here, just drawings of my oc Shoune. c:

She has too many outfits, but any regular person changes clothes right?

Sketch Page 002
Sketch Page 002more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch Page 002 2017-01-06T20:36:44+00:00close

Second Page of my sketchbook! This just has rough ideas for comic panels and for print ideas! You can tell I really like drawing Blanche from pokemon go a lot. OTL

Comic Sketch Practice
Comic Sketch Practicemore_vert
Post file flag
Comic Sketch Practice 2017-01-06T20:32:39+00:00close

Random blank comic sketch that I did for practice on placement of speech bubbles. It's a bit all over the place, but now I got an idea for how to place them!

So expect some comics in the future once I get the hang of digital art!

Teir and Post Change
Teir and Post Change more_vert
Post file flag
Teir and Post Change 2016-12-28T18:59:17+00:00close

So I changed the teirs, mainly to help make it easier on myself and less stressful. I actually changed these last month(?). Because with what I had before, it was too overwhelming and thus, needed change since it was becoming a chore and stressful. I honestly don't want this to become a chore, so yeah! I want to enjoy making art for you guys and for my public audience as well! c:

Regarding $20 Teir early download, it is when the payment comes through is when I will post all the downloads for the rewards!
For the $10 Teir, it is the last day of the week!

I hope these are okay for you guys!

Also, regarding posts, since I discovered that the money does not actually roll in the first week, which what happened last month, the posts will be posted on the second week! Like a post a day during the second week of the month for the rewards for the prior month. Example:

8 Jan 2017 is the first day of posting artworks for December 2016 rewards!
14 Jan 2017 is the last day the rewards for December 2016 will be posted!

I hope that makes sense.

I hope this didn't ruin it for anyone! Thank you so much for understanding!

//Shoune out

Forgotten Study of the leaders
Forgotten Study of the leaders more_vert
Post file flag
Forgotten Study of the leaders 2016-12-28T18:46:42+00:00close

Just a photo I found in my phone and decided to edit it! Seems like I lost the real sketch irl. So finally it js revealed!

I should make an update post about how I post now!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4613750 - 28 Dec 16 19:46
Lovely as always!
user avatar
moucii - 29 Dec 16 06:13
thank you! ;w;
Step by Step: Dec Cards 2016
Step by Step: Dec Cards 2016more_vert
Step by Step: Dec Cards 2016 2016-12-18T05:25:41+00:00close

Here is a "short" step by step explanation of how I create my Dec Cards Commissions! It can be a bit weird, but this is how I make them! c:

Character does not belong to me, this card was used as an example since it is one of my commissions; also one of my favorites due to how well it came out!

Attachments (1)

Deccard_tutorial-stepbystep.png (1.5MiB)

Finally got it all together!
Finally got it all together!more_vert
Finally got it all together! 2016-12-11T05:57:21+00:00close

Sorry for the wait! I really wanted to include the stickers and the traditional media for the downloads! So that is didn't seem like so few. ;w;

I hope you like them!

Also, super close to getting a cintiq! I'm super excited! Although, I might have to ask for teh extra cash from my brother since I'm super impatient. OTL

Thank you guys for the support! I hope to continue to be able to draw for my patreon supporters! <3 I hope you all enjoy the digital downloads!

Untitled 2016-12-05T17:10:04+00:00

I'm just going to continue the pokemon theme for december if that is okay with you guys? ;w;

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4396853 - 5 Dec 16 17:18
Im more into sun/moon or even the other gba and ds games if youre willing! But yesss i love pokemon
user avatar
moucii - 5 Dec 16 17:25
Yup! I was planning to draw sun and moon content this month! :D
Team Harmony Pokemon GO
Team Harmony Pokemon GO more_vert
Post file flag
Team Harmony Pokemon GO 2016-12-04T06:03:31+00:00close

A fan character for team Harmony! It was a team made back then, by idk who, to help stop the conflict between the teams before the gym leaders were revealed! I thought it would be fun to make a character who was part of this forgotten team! This is the final post for Nov! Going to make them download links for all the artworks! I'm probably going to tamper with their design a bit more. XD we'll see!

Post file flag
Blanche 2016-12-03T04:31:55+00:00close

Final card versions of the pokemon go leaders! Probably going to make mini prints of them. c:
Time to make print ones! And maybe stickers!

Post file flag
Spark 2016-12-03T00:39:57+00:00close

Ohhhhh my he was a tough one.

Post file flag
Candela! 2016-12-02T22:08:15+00:00close

For November!

On How My Posting Works
On How My Posting Worksmore_vert
Post file flag
On How My Posting Works 2016-12-02T06:56:19+00:00close

I thought this would make sense if I made a post about it before hand!

All posts will be posted in the beginning of the month once paid. Posts will be done in segments throughout the time span of two weeks!


December will have November's posts and January will have December's posts!

I will add on or make more posts about this when needed to! Thank you guys so much for the support!

Pokemon Go Character Study
Pokemon Go Character Study more_vert
Post file flag
Pokemon Go Character Study 2016-12-02T06:38:47+00:00close

Part two of the character studies for the pokemon go leaders!

Sadly I was unable to have time to draw Candela. ;w; You can guess there are some Mystinct shipping there. <3

I will be posting some more soon for November's Patreon!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4396853 - 2 Dec 16 18:01
Im so glad to see some spark x blanche! Everyone seems to like blanche with candela hmm. Love your linework and color choices!! Keep up the gorgeous work ♡
Blanche Study!
Blanche Study!more_vert
Post file flag
Blanche Study! 2016-12-02T06:33:20+00:00close

Terribly Sorry about what happened! But here are the promised Art for November! I'll be posting more soon during this week! There was only so much I could do, Only have a few digital artworks, the rest art traditional! Thank you guys so much for pledging! I look forward to your support and continuing to make art for you guys!

I also have some concept art for a pokemon go OC for you guys too!

Regarding rewards 2016-11-28T20:37:38+00:00

Most Likely I will need to rearrange my rewards! Sorry about that, but all you who have paid, will get the rewards as promised when billed! But after that, I will have to go on with the new tiers I will create! <3

Thank you guys so much for the support!

Not much is going to change, but I will post what changes I have made!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4396853 - 28 Nov 16 20:56
No problem!
A little help 2016-11-11T16:43:34+00:00

So Honestly I don't know how this works.
Do I keep posting until the end of the month or do I post everything at the end of the month? :o

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #4396853 - 11 Nov 16 18:11
I think we begin paying at the beginning of december so i think itd be fair to you if you posted at the beginning of Dec! But how often you post is up to you i think?? As long as what you offered is included!
user avatar
moucii - 11 Nov 16 22:03
Then beginning on December it is! >3
user avatar
User #4396759 - 11 Nov 16 18:43
I think since you already have it up u can post when ever u feel but it's up to u senpai!!
Test post! 2016-11-10T03:19:41+00:00

What would you guys like to see this month?

Pokemon go fan art, Voltron, or Youtubers?

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #4396759 - 10 Nov 16 03:54
Pokemon senpai
user avatar
User #4396853 - 10 Nov 16 03:22
Pokemon ; >
user avatar
User #683246 - 10 Nov 16 03:22
gentle gasp Pokémon in your style tho

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