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New Char - Cinder! [Artistic Nudity]
New Char - Cinder! [Artistic Nudity]more_vert
Post file flag
New Char - Cinder! [Artistic Nudity] 2020-10-05T21:19:35+00:00close

Half-tiefling, half-fire genasi, all grace.

He's inspired by Final Fantasy XIV's Au'Ra race, and I really liked the idea of a dancer class, so I found a homebrew for Bard College of Dance! They will be a good muse for drawing pretty/sauce dance poses. :)

Haven't fully decided on this look, but here's an alternate colour im looking at.

Media (1)

cinder_drk.png (3.4MiB)

Sebaire's Garb
Sebaire's Garbmore_vert
Post file flag
Sebaire's Garb 2020-09-23T21:00:04+00:00close

He's gone nude long enough, time to start trying to figure out what his outfit looks like! I like this but it's not quite the direction i'm looking for so I'm gonna play around with it some more.
I think I made him a bit too thick too, but... different body types are haaaard, haha! I'll get it one day.

Hope everyone's been doing well! The past few weeks have been pretty rough but I'm powering through, it's all you can really do <shrug>.
Take care fam <3

Media (1)

sebaire_garb1.png (269.8KiB)

Corsys Raestan
Corsys Raestanmore_vert
Post file flag
Corsys Raestan 2020-09-16T01:01:52+00:00close

Got these new horns (the upper ones) on my FFXIV char the other night and I LOVE THEMMMMM!!! So natch I had to draw him showin' em off.

I also tried doing chromatic abberration for the first time and ITS SO EASY AAAA im mad I didnt try it sooner!

Media (1)

corsys_new_horns2.png (1012.5KiB)

Family D&D Characters
Family D&D Charactersmore_vert
Post file flag
Family D&D Characters 2020-09-03T21:01:00+00:00close

Played D&D with fam and decided to do some drawings of their characters for them! The first one is Ooklaboo - Mom's celestial warlock, Next is Drax - my nephew's bronze dragonborn rogue, and Tweety - my neices tiefling cleric!

Media (1)

ooklaboo.png (3.5MiB)

Post file flag
Zyanya 2020-08-14T21:00:02+00:00close

A mango-hungry sphynx for someone I used to know waaaaaay back in my furry days - Kernelcat - they had sent me a necklace and art back then and were always super sweet so I went all out on this for them. :)

Media (1)

zyanya_COL.png (4.4MiB)

Post file flag
Neo-N 2020-08-13T21:00:03+00:00close

Another of my favs - for Musicat !

Media (1)

neo-n.png (1.8MiB)

Khloe more_vert
Post file flag
Khloe 2020-08-12T21:00:02+00:00close

One of my favs from this years batch! Khloe for Khalissa - she did a SUPER cool 3D sculpt of Desmond that Geoff's gonna try printing for meeee!!!

And one for Coincidental -

and for OrdinaryKeys!

Media (1)

khloe.png (2.5MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #199435 - 13 Aug 20 03:19
Blue is smoking' hot - literally.
Art Fight Dump!
Art Fight Dump!more_vert
Post file flag
Art Fight Dump! 2020-08-11T21:01:00+00:00close

This always happens at the end of artfight where i forget to upload here because im too amped-up makin ART FIGHTS! So here's a bunch, and I got a bunch more on the way for ya. These are for Fawndog/Shelliloquy, Deweyart & Sweetntreat, respectively!

Media (1)

filumena.png (1.8MiB)

Seb & Fjor
Seb & Fjormore_vert
Post file flag
Seb & Fjor 2020-07-30T03:15:23+00:00close

ArtFight for F0rsty of their super sweet centaur Fjor <3

(included a couple process images!)

Media (3)

IMG_0533.jpg (417.8KiB)
IMG_0528.jpg (335.2KiB)
IMG_0526.jpg (269.0KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #199435 - 31 Jul 20 07:27
"these two frolicking..."
user avatar
User #199435 - 31 Jul 20 07:27
Look at these to frolicking. Utterly lovely.
Sebaire Re-Design v57
Sebaire Re-Design v57more_vert
Post file flag
Sebaire Re-Design v57 2020-07-27T22:01:00+00:00close

I'm gettin' happier with his design & colours! :D

Media (1)

sebairefacebetter2.png (1.2MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #199435 - 28 Jul 20 01:42
Fine as hell.
Post file flag
Siha 2020-07-24T12:52:15+00:00close

For Behr <3

Media (1)

siha.png (5.3MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #199435 - 24 Jul 20 15:41
Post file flag
ArtFight 2020-07-22T04:49:32+00:00close

Bastian centaur monk for JustBastianArt

And another one I’m workin on!

Media (1)

IMG_0512.jpg (750.2KiB)

Blue's Hand & ArtFights
Blue's Hand & ArtFightsmore_vert
Post file flag
Blue's Hand & ArtFights 2020-07-20T21:01:01+00:00close

Wanted to draw what the eye looks like that sometimes appears on Blue's magical hand! Style is defo inspired by Bill Cypher (Gravity Falls), but his hand is thankfully - not an actual demon (quite the opposite)!

Here are a couple of ArtFights too from this past week! For Boxllama:

and for Bubglub:

Media (1)

Blue_hand.png (1.1MiB)

Alistaire & Oleander [ArtFight]
Alistaire & Oleander [ArtFight]more_vert
Post file flag
Alistaire & Oleander [ArtFight] 2020-07-16T21:01:01+00:00close

ah Sorry I missed uploading these here! Above is for Legend-DR and below is for Mildest!

Media (1)

alistair.png (5.8MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #199435 - 16 Jul 20 21:48
Red and green glory.
Post file flag
Tai 2020-07-05T21:38:16+00:00close

Lil revenge I spent an embarrassingly long time on for ArtFight, for sternengreif!

Media (1)

IMG_0467.jpg (390.5KiB)

Post file flag
Lady 2020-07-04T05:24:26+00:00close

ArtFight attack #2 for @noisyghost!

Most years I tend to just do revenges, but this year I’m focusing on attacks. Also it’s my birthday today - spread some love and joy to someone who needs it today! 💖✨

Media (1)

IMG_0460.jpg (567.5KiB)

Ori! First ArtFight 2020!
Ori! First ArtFight 2020!more_vert
Post file flag
Ori! First ArtFight 2020! 2020-07-03T02:29:20+00:00close

For the best human - adrianalikestea! She’s a very good friend and yesterday was her birthday ! I wanted to put a little more into this for her as she’s also been helping me out with moderating the discord and I really appreciate that, and all she’s done for me. 🥰

Happy birthday Adriana - love you! <3

Media (1)

image0.jpg (547.9KiB)

Kid Sebaire
Kid Sebairemore_vert
Post file flag
Kid Sebaire 2020-06-29T23:32:10+00:00close

Spitbubble mentioned how cute kid Seb would look and I had been meaning to draw him, so here he is! Before he got all his tattoos, but he has his chipped tooth. :)

Media (1)

IMG_0411.jpg (236.8KiB)

Post file flag
Blue! 2020-06-23T21:59:07+00:00close

Trying to figure out some armour & gear but i ended up yanking the bear armour from Witcher III - i just love those designs so much! The hammer's gonna change too, I don't think that matches the rest quite enough.

Oh and he's trans too! <3

Media (1)

blue.png (645.7KiB)

Morgrin 'Blue' Vokus
Morgrin 'Blue' Vokusmore_vert
Post file flag
Morgrin 'Blue' Vokus 2020-06-22T20:31:11+00:00close

I've had the idea of a minotaur rattling around in my head for a while now, but instead of a bull he's a MOOSE! Aaaand lately, I was thinking of making a new centaur that was a blue roan (but is more literally blue), but then after Kir brought a minotaur into our RP I had an epiphany of "MOOSE MINOTAUR BLUEROANNNNN ALL IN ONE"!!!

Here's an initial drawing of him, he'll be changing a lot but I just needed to scribble something out quick the other day. Definitely want to go with a BIG vibe, and intimidating - though as with all my OCs he has a good heart.

I'm thinkin of either a fighter or a paladin for him - as I have neither of those classes yet! I'm totally open to suggestions if anyone has any! I was thinking maybe he is a retired Battle Master (fighter), his glory days over after an injury left him with a permanent limp (maybe a prosthetic limb?!) and now he performs in gladiator spectacles, though feels unfullfilled. OR he feels MORE fulfilled. Maybe a Rune Knight with runes carved into his antlers... we shall see what he ends up as!

Media (1)

blue1.png (3.9MiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #228548 - 23 Jun 20 23:36
Blue and yellow cervine club!
user avatar
kimbles - 24 Jun 20 00:46
Best cluuuub!
user avatar
User #199435 - 23 Jun 20 16:40
Nice- he's big, thick, shoulders as wide as the continent, slightly stubby legs, looks like a killer until he smiles. Perfect man.
user avatar
kimbles - 24 Jun 20 00:46
UwU ~<3
user avatar
User #14159291 - 22 Jun 20 22:23
You know I’m a big fan and of Battle Master’s with prosthetic limbs 😄
user avatar
kimbles - 23 Jun 20 14:48
Post file flag
Sebaire 2020-06-17T22:01:01+00:00close

IT HIM! I love him so muuuuuch, he's my good boyyyyy! I'm getting a lot happier with his design too, small tweaks here and there. I bought and used @jendrawscomics Beefcake Chest Hair brushes on his chest hair and they are great!

Included the original sketch and a different one I've been struggling with. I'm really really proud of the horse body on it so I don't want to give up, but it's really draining my confidence with the weird perspective on those forearms/hands. FRUSTERATING! I'm probs gonna ask some pals for help with it if the next attempt ain't cutting it.

ALSO! Apologies for being quiet on here lately, been having A Time, but ArtFight ( https://artfight.net/~kimbles ) is on the horizon so I'm optimistic about that! July will be very active in here for sure!

Media (3)

sebaire_face.png (402.5KiB)
unknown.png (153.4KiB)
seb_pose.png (489.2KiB)

Life Drawing [tasteful nudity]
Life Drawing [tasteful nudity]more_vert
Post file flag
Life Drawing [tasteful nudity] 2020-06-01T01:50:11+00:00close

I figured I’d start posting all my life drawing for the month at the end of the month in one post cuz it’s not the most exciting to look at probably, but it’s still my art!

Enjoy some nudies, my cuties! 😘

Media (7)

IMG_0369.jpg (215.7KiB)
IMG_0370.jpg (157.2KiB)
IMG_0367.jpg (148.9KiB)
IMG_0368.jpg (204.2KiB)
IMG_0388.jpg (211.3KiB)
Adjustments.jpg (193.9KiB)
IMG_0390.jpg (186.7KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #199435 - 1 Jun 20 03:04
Yeah it’s exciting having to capture that gesture and detail in only 5 minutes. Plus I swear there are poses an artist would never think to create using only a poseable miniature model.
user avatar
kimbles - 1 Jun 20 03:23
Very true!!
Centaur Smooch!
Centaur Smooch!more_vert
Post file flag
Centaur Smooch! 2020-05-28T22:00:02+00:00close

Now in colour! Thanks for chillin with me while I worked on this last night. I think next time I'll try it on my ipad and see if I can stream from there cuz I wasted a lot of time trying to re-figure out/get frusterated with CSP haha!

Sebaire is my Monk (Way of the Open Hand), and Mammon is Behr's Fighter (Eldritch Knight).


I was thinking maybe I'd start going into a bit more of my process on my posts here if anyone wants to read it? Feedback if you guys enjoy it or not would be appreciated!

For their posing I tried to get a flow through both of their bodies - seen below with the green line following through their tails, trying to bring it in a little closer with their bodies ontop of the kiss itself. I also wanted Sebaire to feel light and springy - Mammon is a lot taller than him so Seb has to rear up a little to be able to reach, teehee! It also shows a little of their dynamic, I think, that Seb is happy to accomodate and Mammon is sort of more solid and strong (and perhaps a bit stubborn? heehee!).

Another thing I had in mind was the tilts of their heads. Sort of pushing Seb's lively joy by having his ear tilted up, and his eyes on an up curve, contrasted by Mammon's ear tilted down and his more passionate eye curved down.

Most of my colouring process is putting down flats, then putting shadows/hightlights on colour overlays/mulitply and generally dicking around with the layer effects. I added reflected light from each other on them - so Seb has Mammon's warm reds reflected on him, and Mammon has Seb's cool blues/purples reflected onto him. Tying them into each other not only through the posing of the kiss, but through their colouring as well.

Another thing with the colours is that this scene takes place at night, but I like the soft warm pastel-feel that kisses seem to embody. Seb should be about 20-30% darker but I lightened him up to get that softness in the moment I was going for.

That's it! If you read all the way to here let me know your thoughts if I should keep doing this kind of thoughts behind my work. Thanks! :)

Media (2)

seb_mammon_kiss_col.png (650.3KiB)
seb_mammon_kiss_col.png (650.6KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #199435 - 29 May 20 00:11
Well you can certainly sense the heat between them, sexy and cute.
Centaur Smooch! [wip]
Centaur Smooch! [wip]more_vert
Post file flag
Centaur Smooch! [wip] 2020-05-27T20:54:39+00:00close

Sebaire smoochin Behr's bull/centaur OC, Mammon! :3

I love drawing horses so much, AND human torso anatomy so like... CENTAURS ARE PERFECTION!!!! Thank you Behr for inspiring me to make my own centaur OC! I also really love opposites so, you'll probably be seeing more of these boyos.

Media (1)

seb_mammon_kiss.png (178.0KiB)

Seb Flow
Seb Flowmore_vert
Post file flag
Seb Flow 2020-05-22T21:09:55+00:00close

God I hate putting titles to my art!

Anyway, this started out as a warmup drawing but i was really digging it, I'd like to colour it too if I keep the inspiration going on it. I'm looking forward to doing more fighting poses with Seb, I love drawing horse bodies so much. Throwback from my Horse-Girl days I guess, lol!

Happy weekend y'all!

Media (1)

seb_flow.png (298.0KiB)

Seb - Punch Pony
Seb - Punch Ponymore_vert
Post file flag
Seb - Punch Pony 2020-05-22T02:31:46+00:00close

My centaur monk! :) he is dumb and beautiful!

Media (1)

IMG_0379.jpg (157.3KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3807980 - 22 May 20 09:40
god, he's such a cutie~
Post file flag
INCOMING SMOOCH! 2020-05-20T03:31:46+00:00close

Started off sketching out an expression of Ringer’s OC, Valor - then decided to stick in the reason for his surprise too. I didn’t plan this out before hand so it’s a little wonky but I think i got it working out alright in the end!

Here is the original expression sketch:

Media (1)

IMG_0373.jpg (273.3KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #199435 - 20 May 20 06:02
Nicely done, both of them. It's not wonky at all, and the hand on Valor's chest is what makes it work. Plus you know we love to see Valor anytime.
user avatar
kimbles - 21 May 20 13:19
Thank you so much Allan! :D
May the 4th Be With you!
May the 4th Be With you!more_vert
Post file flag
May the 4th Be With you! 2020-05-04T12:40:43+00:00close

Hope you nerds (and non-nerds) have a great day!

Noir Sketch
Noir Sketchmore_vert
Post file flag
Noir Sketch 2020-04-29T12:38:05+00:00close

I was going to try and colour this last night and post it here after but I didn't have time! This is Behr's sweetie Aasimar OC, Noir <3

Media (1)

noir.png (2.0MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #199435 - 30 Apr 20 11:00
Those sparkles are there for a reason.
user avatar
User #15096140 - 12 May 20 02:15
yes he is an aasimar (angel) and the stars are his halo <3
user avatar
User #15096140 - 29 Apr 20 17:05
my boi <3
New OC - Grim!
New OC - Grim!more_vert
Post file flag
New OC - Grim! 2020-04-24T21:00:01+00:00close

Meet Grim! She's a wendigo on vacation from the Shadowfell - and a shadow sorcerer!

Haven't had much free time lately, so I quickly cobbled this together with an image of Charlize Theron, a skull and skewed the heck outta some shutter shades haha!

My spouse and I have been working really hard to finish up a big renovation on our living room during quarantine, so im very excited for that to be done so I have more time to enjoy the room and draw and write! Will probably be all done this weekend WOOWOO!


Media (1)

grim.png (719.5KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #14047573 - 24 Apr 20 21:37
Hnnngggggg I love heeeeeeer and wanna SMOOCH
New Icon!
New Icon!more_vert
Post file flag
New Icon! 2020-04-23T20:24:19+00:00close

Did this for a little artist meme thing and ended up loving it, haha! So this is my new icon for 2020.

Edit: sorry, forgot to add the meme!

Media (1)

selfportrait2020_3.png (242.8KiB)

Life Drawing [clothed]
Life Drawing [clothed]more_vert
Post file flag
Life Drawing [clothed] 2020-04-07T20:30:12+00:00close

Some highlights from today’s online life drawing.

Media (5)

IMG_0364.jpg (159.0KiB)
IMG_0362.jpg (194.6KiB)
IMG_0363.jpg (187.4KiB)
Adjustments.jpg (186.3KiB)
IMG_0366.jpg (196.8KiB)

Life Drawing [tasteful nudity]
Life Drawing [tasteful nudity]more_vert
Post file flag
Life Drawing [tasteful nudity] 2020-03-31T21:51:11+00:00close

Been a while! My work has been wonderful and set up online life drawing once a week for us during the quarantine. I never really thought of doing it online before, wasn’t quite the same but it definitely worked well! (There are about 5 other pages that were... embarrassing, lol, these are the good ones)

Media (5)

IMG_0361.jpg (130.1KiB)
IMG_0358.jpg (124.0KiB)
Adjustments.jpg (111.7KiB)
IMG_0359.jpg (129.5KiB)
IMG_0360.jpg (200.1KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #14047573 - 31 Mar 20 21:54
PFFFT! Rusty my BUTT! These are great! I wish my contour stuff was that clean and accurate!
user avatar
kimbles - 31 Mar 20 23:47
Awww thank you Eliiiiise 😭
Check in & Update 2020-03-30T17:32:50+00:00

Hello everyone!

I wanted to check in with what's going on, I hope everyone is doing well under the circumstances! Times are tough right now and there are many bumpy roads so I don't want anyone to feel badly if they need to cancel/lower their subscription to my Patreon, either temporarily or permanently. <3

Similarly - I know there are a lot of other artists that are struggling to afford food and pay bills as a result of the virus. So please, by all means, if you know of another artist you like and they are in need, I encourage you to pledge them in lieu of myself. We’re all in this together!

That being said I will continue my Patreon, and Patreon Discord, as usual for those that wish to carry on - though I may make more posts public for those that are bowing-out, so make sure you still follow me!

It’s been challenging getting the motivation to draw, but I’m going to start trying to do smaller quicker sketches to get things moving in my brain, and try streaming for you as well so I stay focused. (If you have an OC/character you’d like me to sketch, comment here with some refs & personality traits!)

I'll close this out with some tips that have helped me adjust to working from home over the years in the hopes it helps you (they are boring and cliche but honestly they work!):
-Get enough sleep and rest when you need it
-Eat proper & healthy meals
-Shower & groom regularly (self-care too!)
-Drink lots of water
Routines do wonders too, and make sure you interact with other people regularly (either by video, audio, or text!).

Stay inside, look after yourself, and then each other. Love you guys, and thank you <3

xo kimbles

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #500141 - 30 Mar 20 20:25
Could you pwease draw my girl, Justice Girl? UvU https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/648360903644938260/685661202399100938/JusticeGirl.jpg
user avatar
kimbles - 31 Mar 20 01:12
user avatar
User #2439252 - 31 Mar 20 17:24
so sweet ;`;. I hope things stay well for you too <3 ! would you have any interest in this fiesty showboating dumb king? https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/402686703988637706/682702247938752513/deadringer_patreon_december_january.png?width=433&height=676
Umiki & Casimir
Umiki & Casimirmore_vert
Post file flag
Umiki & Casimir 2020-03-30T01:37:50+00:00close

Tried out an impromptu stream with my iPad today on Discord and it WORKED! I’d like to try and stream more for you guys, esp with us all being stuck indoors. I’ll try and pre-plan announce these as best I can!

Finished up a sketch for Dawnilith of their char Umiki, and a little one of Casimir for Ringer. <3

Media (3)

IMG_0355.jpg (472.9KiB)
IMG_0351.jpg (314.3KiB)
IMG_0352.jpg (192.7KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4666571 - 30 Mar 20 01:43
user avatar
kimbles - 30 Mar 20 13:23
you're so so welcomeeeee! <3333
Sunset Pals
Sunset Palsmore_vert
Post file flag
Sunset Pals 2020-03-16T21:52:00+00:00close

Just a couple of pals, huggin and watching the sunset on a roof. Inspired by an RP with Ringer - his kenku character Preachan with Ricky. :)

Media (2)

ricky_prea_col.png (732.1KiB)
ricky_prea.png (196.7KiB)

Valor Portrait [WIP]
Valor Portrait [WIP]more_vert
Post file flag
Valor Portrait [WIP] 2020-03-08T01:43:36+00:00close

Gonna finish this fella for Ringer one of these dayssss!

Post file flag
Rhos! 2020-03-01T02:24:54+00:00close

I finished him! Feels nice to do real media again! :)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #199435 - 1 Mar 20 09:18
That is “we thank YOU...”
user avatar
User #199435 - 1 Mar 20 09:18
We thank for being an expert at drawing -very handsome- men.
Cowboy Sketch
Cowboy Sketchmore_vert
Post file flag
Cowboy Sketch 2020-02-25T18:58:29+00:00close

Lil warmup fella.

Media (1)

cowboy.png (134.5KiB)

Fiona Vale
Fiona Vale more_vert
Post file flag
Fiona Vale 2020-02-06T04:53:48+00:00close

My newest child Fiona Vale and her familiar, Thicket Tumblehop!

I realized I don’t really have any feminine characters. Being feminine and letting myself enjoy feminine things has always something I‘be had an aversion to. Fiona’s MEGA femme, light pink and frilly and BOWS galore! And I’m surprised to say I’m really enjoying her! :D

Here’s my first drawing of her:

Desmond Outfit #56
Desmond Outfit #56more_vert
Post file flag
Desmond Outfit #56 2020-02-03T04:09:05+00:00close

Just a casual outfit of his ✨🦚

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #199435 - 5 Feb 20 06:22
Peacock theme deserves those sparkles- nice.
Swords Illustrated Zine Pre-Orders Open!
Swords Illustrated Zine Pre-Orders Open!more_vert
Post file flag
Swords Illustrated Zine Pre-Orders Open! 2020-01-22T21:32:40+00:00close

Zine pre-orders are only available from now until 3pm CST on January 31st, 2020!
After this there will be no further copies produced, so grab one up while you can!

--> https://swordsillustrated.bigcartel.com <--

My first time being in print!!! Extra exciting for me because Desmond has been in magazines in his backstory - and now he'll be in a zine in reality! I am beyond pumped!!!!

The art inside this book is all super gorgeous - 40 different and wonderful artists who all put a lot of love into each piece. All full of gorgeous colourful monster boys - there is even trans & queer rep! All profits from sales will benefit Outright Action International, an LGBQT+ organization. <3

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datingapp_Desmond.png (2.3MiB)

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Desmondé 2020-01-19T06:44:26+00:00close

Trying to get out of a funk I’ve been in and this is the first thing I’ve drawn in a while I’ve been happy with!

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Kellen 2020-01-14T12:55:33+00:00close

A Christmas gift for my brother in law of his druid Kellen! :) I'd like to polish it up a little more because I did this when i was VERY sick! But I printed it out and framed it for him and he kept looking at it throughout the day ~UwU

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2019 Summary of Art & Thank you!
2019 Summary of Art & Thank you!more_vert
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2019 Summary of Art & Thank you! 2020-01-03T21:28:43+00:00close

I'm really proud of my progress this year! It looks like I've taken more time with each drawing, which shows in my level of detail and compositions. I got an ipad in April and I think that attributes a lot to slowing down with pieces and enjoying working on them more - I can draw on the couch with my family around so I don't feel the need to rush and get through a drawing to be with them.

I also wanted to thank you all for sticking with me throughout the year. Even if it was for a short time, or just via twitter, I really appreciate the support and inspiration you all give me every day. I'm thankful I've gotten to know so many of you better through our D&D games on the discord and it's been a delight meeting all of your OCs too!

Wishing you all the best for 2020 and may your year be filled with laughter, love and joy! Love y'all! <3


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User #4666571 - 3 Jan 20 21:49
That's so good to hear!! I hope ypu have a good year too kimbles 💜💜💜
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kimbles - 4 Jan 20 12:52
Thank you Daaaawn! <333
Succulent Mixologist
Succulent Mixologistmore_vert
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Succulent Mixologist 2019-12-16T17:54:19+00:00close

One for my office's art exchange that I finished last night. The person I got listed succulents, mixology and caricatures as his favourite things so I made him into a plant-man doing mixology! I hope he likes it! UwU

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toClintFromKim.jpg (969.6KiB)

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User #199435 - 17 Dec 19 10:47
Well even if he doesn't, we thank you for this juicy barman.
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User #9306718 - 16 Dec 19 23:28
Pretty colours
Sebaire Boreus
Sebaire Boreusmore_vert
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Sebaire Boreus 2019-12-09T20:59:18+00:00close

Perhaps... I'm making... a centaur... :eyesemoji:

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User #96237 - 9 Dec 19 21:49
HELLO IM IN LOVE ALREADY??? Centaurs are... so good....
To the Vicktor go the Spoils
To the Vicktor go the Spoilsmore_vert
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To the Vicktor go the Spoils 2019-10-31T20:00:02+00:00close

This is one for the lovely x0mbi3s for a secret art exchange, of her boi Vicktor. Sorry I couldn't show progress of it but she's a patreon so I didn't want to spoil the surprise haha!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Hallow's Eve! <3

(here's a version without the hot pink splatters)

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vicktorforx0mbi3s_more.jpg (733.8KiB)

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Mew? 2019-10-25T19:33:33+00:00close

An innocent pure creature with absolutely nothing to hide!

Been in a bit of an artistic dry spell this month, my apologies. BUT I've been slowly working on something I can't show till after the 31st. AND it's cosplay building time! Check out the cosplay/fashion section on the discord for the latest on that stuff. I'll be posting pictures of the final costumes (publically) mid-November. :)

Happy weekend y'all!

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Slap Meme
Slap Mememore_vert
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Slap Meme 2019-10-23T20:39:15+00:00close

Meme'd out a scene from our RP, Mithfaris had enough of Jeremiah's BS and did what everyone else wanted to!!!

Here's the OG meme:

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