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Family Commission - WIP
Family Commission - WIPmore_vert
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Family Commission - WIP 2017-10-04T02:42:22+00:00close

I'M ALMOST DOOOOONE! Just gotta colour the BG, and add some final touches.

Wiven's Disguise - WIP
Wiven's Disguise - WIPmore_vert
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Wiven's Disguise - WIP 2017-10-03T16:31:39+00:00close

I forgot about this one. I drew this up suuuuper long ago, it was going to be my second comic, but I haven't had time to work on it since. Someday I'll get it done! I don't think I've posted this anywhere else at all, so only you guys get to see this hot mess, lucky ducks!

I think this takes place in Act1, Ep3 of our podcast here.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3696521 - 3 Oct 17 18:50
This is so funny oh my god
Good Morning
Good Morningmore_vert
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Good Morning 2017-09-29T18:38:10+00:00close

Been stressed out lately so I've been taking little breaks over the past while to colour this one. (See the sketch here)

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Grummer 2017-09-29T14:05:29+00:00close

Forgot to post this guy - big 'ole orc gramps for Samara's hubby!

First goal hit! 2017-09-29T01:39:25+00:00

WOWWWWZERZ!!! Thank you all SO super much for the support, I can't express the warmth I've felt every time I get a new patron. I 100% blush and can't help but smile when I get the e-mail notifications! You guys are amazing and I appreciate you so much! <333

SO! I will start working on drawing Rhos in some sweet 'virgin killer' sweaters and Dimitri in some sexy shirt-garters as soon as I wrap up this big commission I have! :D You guys will get to see them at least a week before the public does, possibly longer (if I forget to post them elsewhere, lol).

Here's a shitty drawing for now cuz I don't have time to do something better at the moment -

"Bright Side"
"Bright Side"more_vert
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"Bright Side" 2017-09-29T01:26:27+00:00close

Here's the story I've been blabbing about in my previous posts, it's super good, I highly recommend reading it!

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Bright Side

(Featuring Rhos, on loan from @kimbles [who also did the beautiful art!] and the @bitchesofbagrule podcast campaign!)He was, without a doubt, the biggest Half-Orc she had ever seen. It was made even more apparent by the fact that he was doing his genuine best to make himself as small and unobtrusive as possible.


Blushin' - WIP
Blushin' - WIPmore_vert
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Blushin' - WIP 2017-09-26T02:42:55+00:00close


Paladin Reward - High Rez Art 2017-09-25T22:34:13+00:00

If you guys would like the high resolution files for any of my art let me know which ones and I'll put 'em up for ya. You are welcome to print them out yourself - but for personal use ONLY (ie. don't sell prints of my art please!).

Also if you'd like me to make some into wallpapers (phone and/or desktop) or anything too, I can probably do that. Just let me know which ones you'd like. :)

Thank you again for your support! <3

Duet at the Festival of Torches - WIP
Duet at the Festival of Torches - WIPmore_vert
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Duet at the Festival of Torches - WIP 2017-09-25T16:00:27+00:00close

This is Aviva Lux who is also a bard from the College of Glamour. My pal Samara is writing a really cute story about these two (Lux is also her D&D character)! The story is going to be canon in both of their backstories - Rhos meets her before he signs up with Fenix and meets the Bitches of Bagrule, but after the events with the initial D&D mini-game he was in.

I can't wait to have more time to work on fanart from it, but I was able to get this out for a quick warm-up sketch for now. :) I also can't wait to share the story with everyone - it's super good!!!

In the meantime if you'd like to learn more about Lux or read Samara's awesome writing, check out her tumblr -

Shower Scene - WIP
Shower Scene - WIPmore_vert
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Shower Scene - WIP 2017-09-22T14:28:06+00:00close

Happy Friday everyone! I started this a looong time ago - it's for an ask on the Bitches of Bagrule tumblr about everyone's hair routines. Sooo of course he needs a shower scene! ;) I'll be drawing the rest of his routine when I get a chance, and colouring them eventually. I'll likely do a NSFW version of this for my riske blog, and another even more revealing one for the Glam Orcs & Paladins here to enjoy, exclusive to this Patreon.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Stop What?
Stop What?more_vert
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Stop What? 2017-09-19T01:41:43+00:00close

AAAA I DREW A WANG! Jeez I hope my mom never sees this.

I don't even know if you can have speedbump piercings if you are uncircumcised (let me know if you know!)? I imagine orcs have penile spines, but it looked like a disease when I tried to draw it... I guess I'll just have to keep practising, right? :p

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #3696521 - 19 Sep 17 01:49
user avatar
User #666339 - 19 Sep 17 19:43
You definitely can get those piercings even if uncircumcised :P
user avatar
kimbles - 20 Sep 17 01:04
perfect -thank you! :D
Aviva Lux
Aviva Luxmore_vert
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Aviva Lux 2017-09-18T13:33:28+00:00close

Doodle for my pal of her D&D character. She's writing a story of her and Rhos meeting and she's doing an AMAZING job! I'm gonna totes make it canon in his backstory! :D

Did a different technique on this one than my normal stuff so it's softer. I was planning on just doing the structure like this but I was feelin it so I kept going with it.

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Bless 2017-09-16T02:57:04+00:00close

Secret's out - he's part Paladin now! wowowowowowooooo

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2439252 - 17 Sep 17 16:32
now he can give dimitri the ol lay on hands
Garter of Holding
Garter of Holdingmore_vert
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Garter of Holding 2017-09-15T01:51:51+00:00close

Squeaked this one out during my breaks!

Good Morning - Sketch
Good Morning - Sketchmore_vert
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Good Morning - Sketch 2017-09-12T16:37:20+00:00close

I've slowly been picking away at this one during my breaks, had a lot of troubles getting Rhos' arms looking the right size. I think I'm happy with it now though, I'll slap some colours on it in the next few days during my breaks.

Rhos speaks elvish to Dimitri often, especially with terms of endearment. He's saying "Morning, love." I might add "It's only good cuz you are here." Like me, he is NOT a morning person.

Commission Scene WIP
Commission Scene WIPmore_vert
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Commission Scene WIP 2017-09-12T11:52:28+00:00close

I'm doing an 'emergency commission' for my friend - her boyfriends' dad is really sick with terminal cancer. She asked if I could do a drawing of him with his dad and son bonding over their love of photography, for them ASAP.

I am totally honoured she would choose me for this. It's a LOT of (self-induced) pressure but I don't want to let her down, so I can't take any time to doubt myself here! Here are some of the scenes I came up with, she liked 2 the best (my personal least fav composition wise, yikes!) so I'll be re-working that one a bit and hopefully finishing it for her this week.

Kiss Prompt - WIP
Kiss Prompt - WIPmore_vert
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Kiss Prompt - WIP 2017-09-07T18:41:06+00:00close

Suggested by my pal & DM for this game - I HAD to!

"I'm not leaving him like this. He's one of us."
"I'm not leaving him like this. He's one of us."more_vert
Post file flag
"I'm not leaving him like this. He's one of us." 2017-09-06T15:43:56+00:00close

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS TONIGHT IN OUR CAMPAIGN!!!! A fake screenshot from the Bitches of Bagrule movie??? I love doing these! He should be shirtless with his hair down but... I didn't want to distract people too much. ;)

Zira Bust - Colouring Process
Zira Bust - Colouring Processmore_vert
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Zira Bust - Colouring Process 2017-09-05T16:23:18+00:00close

Hope you had a good weekend! Here's my process for colouring the bust of Zira for my friend Katie.

(Video has no audio)

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Colouring in SAI - Zira Bust

Colouring process of a drawing of Zira for my pal Katie. Done in Paint Tool SAI.



Training in the Fountain (WIP)
Training in the Fountain (WIP)more_vert
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Training in the Fountain (WIP) 2017-09-01T20:28:18+00:00close

Thank you for the support everyone! <3

Here's one I'm working on. Rhos is training with a new friend & mentor, Quinn, in a fountain. She's tiny and kicked his butt haha! This was a really cute montage that I'd like to do a bunch of drawings from.

Good Morning
Good Morningmore_vert
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Good Morning 2017-09-01T20:21:23+00:00close

Thank you guys so much for supporting me! Here's one I started a month ago and wanted to finish but I'm having troubles with the perspective on their heads, so you guys get to see where it's at for now. Not sure I'll ever finish this.

Rhos knows elvish and would totally be whispering romantic things to Dimitri all the time - and Dimitri doesn't know elvish! XD

Stop What?
Stop What?more_vert
Post file flag
Stop What? 2017-08-30T21:58:34+00:00close

To go with my prev image, someone re-blogged it with " RHOS STOP THAT YOU CAN’T JUST ASCEND INTO A HIGHER PLANE OF ORC-DADDY" - so I had to escalate it. :3

Comments (1)
user avatar
kimbles - 31 Aug 17 13:15
I maaaay be working on a wang-version of this one just for you guys, huhuhu! I just... I don't know what I want it to look like, lol!
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Warm-Up 2017-08-29T17:56:42+00:00close

Started out as a quick anatomy warm-up sketch and... yeah.

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Slurp! 2017-08-25T18:49:42+00:00close

(ง ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)ง

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2439252 - 25 Aug 17 23:02
t h i c c 'n' t h i n n
Post file flag
</3 2017-08-24T16:40:49+00:00close

That helpless feeling when your sweet cinnamon bun friend is sad and there's not much you can do to help them. </3

Ricky WIP
Ricky WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
Ricky WIP 2017-08-23T17:05:27+00:00close

I started drawing this last weekend and got excited to start inking before I was even done the sketch - now I'm scared to keep going in case i mess it up! XD I'm really happy with his pose, but clearly having issues trying to draw the ol' hag he's threatening.

I might just not draw her in and leave it looking like he's shaking his fist?? or just draw part of her shirt he's grabbing & leave it open ended... literally. If you have some thoughts let me know!

Post file flag
Weretrucker 2017-08-23T03:49:01+00:00close

"Need a lift?"

Finished this up for Kilty today! Read her comic at!

Slurp! - sketch
Slurp! - sketchmore_vert
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Slurp! - sketch 2017-08-22T00:47:06+00:00close

I already have a Glam & Paladin Orc! Thank you so much guys! I was going to wait to post this, but since you are here already I will post it now. I'm definitely going to colour this some day! I might move Dimitri's leg to the outside there in the final version.

Dimitri and Rhos gettin' hot & heavy! <3

Show Me How - Comic Rough
Show Me How - Comic Roughmore_vert
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Show Me How - Comic Rough 2017-08-22T00:24:08+00:00close

Here's a rough version of a comic I'd like to clean up someday. This was a really special moment between Rhos and his pal Galerna from our D&D game (check out our podcast and art from our games here!).

Galerna was livid about something that had happened. Rhos figured that since she's a Cleric, praying is how she calms herself down and relaxes. So, he asks her to show him how to pray to her Goddess, Freyja.

I think I'm going to change the angle of the fourth panel a little, but otherwise this is ready to get cleaned up whenever I get a chance to do it. I'm totally open to suggestions for flow or angles if you would like to suggest.

Rhos' First Album!
Rhos' First Album!more_vert
Post file flag
Rhos' First Album! 2017-08-21T20:35:45+00:00close

This is something I really enjoy doing, gathering up songs and music I imagine Rhos would play & sing! I know, it's super nerdy.

I might change the songs a bit over time, and I'd like to do a cover image for it before I release it to the public, but for now you get to see this early. Enjoy!

Embed data


Provider URL

Rhos. | Rise Up

A playlist featuring Young the Giant, Ryan Sheridan, The Hot Damns, and others



<iframe class="embedly-embed" src="//" width="300" height="380" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Comments (1)
user avatar
kimbles - 31 Aug 17 15:03
And a reminder that there is a giant playlist for the events in Rhos' life here - the lyrics to the songs all work with things that he's experienced in his life in chronological order. I add to this one as things happen in-game and re-arrange things a lot! Enjoy!
Weretrucker Trade Progress
Weretrucker Trade Progressmore_vert
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Weretrucker Trade Progress 2017-08-21T19:36:02+00:00close

I'm working on a trade with Kaitlin Edlund - the creator of the WERETRUCKER webcomic! (That's her art in the corner, so cute!) If you haven't read her comic check it out at!

I started out with just the window on this one, but wanted to throw the moon in there so I expanded the workspace and added in the truck afterwords. I'm hoping to finish this up in the next week or two.

You can find Kaitlin at these places:

NSFW Tumblr Link
NSFW Tumblr Linkmore_vert
Post file flag
NSFW Tumblr Link 2017-08-21T19:30:57+00:00close

Alright, so while I get set-up and posting here, feel free to check out my NSFW tumblr. Nothing new on there just yet - but you will get to see what I've been working on this paid Patreon looong before it goes on that free Tumblr.

Some things I may intend to finish but it might sit in my 'lovins' folder for god knows how long - I promise to keep this Patreon updated with any new sketches right as I do them! Meaning that some sexy sketches might not even make it to the free Tumblr. Also if I ever do some more explicit stuff (like actually draw a wang huhuhu) - the full thing will ONLY be posted here on this here Patreon. Lucky you!

AND if I get enough dirty birds like you signed up for this tier, I miiiight open up some requests for things you'd like to see him doing. So if you want that to happen, tell your dirty bird pals! :D

Embed data


Provider URL

sexy anatomy studies

18+ NSFW For more, slightly less naked art, go to my main account @kimbles


Hi there!
Hi there!more_vert
Post file flag
Hi there! 2017-08-21T19:16:24+00:00close

Thank you so much for choosing to support me and my artistic endeavours - I can't say thank you enough! I hope you enjoy yourself and have fun with me along the way.

THANK YOU!!!! <333



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