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Rarity 2020-09-16T21:47:17+00:00close

I did a photoshoot with a bunch of The Adventure Effect's new masks and apparel yesterday. I'm SO proud of the results. This is the first photo I edited of myself from the shoot. Many more to come, and hopefully SOON. This mask is inspired by Rarity from My Little Pony. She's my favorite pony.

New bathing suit (no pants friday)
New bathing suit (no pants friday)more_vert
Post file flag
New bathing suit (no pants friday) 2020-09-05T10:17:40+00:00close

I know it’s technically Saturday, but I’m still up so it’s Friday night. I bought a new bathing suit so I’d have one that actually fit me. My hair is finally re-dyed, so I took a makeup cam selfie of the look.

Media (1)

Adjustments.jpg (673.2KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2549606 - 5 Sep 20 19:39
So pretty. :D
user avatar
User #12309950 - 5 Sep 20 13:56
Love the hair!
August Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #5)
August Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #5)more_vert
Post file flag
August Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #5) 2020-09-01T03:22:26+00:00close

I've had a migraine for over 24 hours, I swear I planned on at least catching up on last month, but here we are.

This is my favorite photo from Gallifrey One 2019.

Media (1)

13GrahmLaugh.jpg (9.5MiB)

August Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #4)
August Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #4)more_vert
Post file flag
August Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #4) 2020-09-01T03:20:20+00:00close

I've had a migraine for over 24 hours, I swear I planned on at least catching up on last month, but here we are.

I don't think I've ever posted this photo from Hogsmeade.

Media (1)

HogwartsStudents-52.jpg (5.3MiB)

August Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #3)
August Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #3)more_vert
Post file flag
August Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #3) 2020-09-01T03:18:58+00:00close

I've had a migraine for over 24 hours, I swear I planned on at least catching up on last month, but here we are.

Here's a throwback to Dapper Day when I wanted all the cheese in Minnie's fridge.

Media (1)

SaraMickeyFridge.jpg (3.7MiB)

August Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #2)
August Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #2) more_vert
Post file flag
August Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #2) 2020-09-01T03:17:25+00:00close

I've had a migraine for over 24 hours, I swear I planned on at least catching up on last month, but here we are.

Here's a photo from opening day on Batuu. I miss Batuu.

Media (1)

HanChewieLeia.jpg (5.7MiB)

August Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #1)
August Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #1)more_vert
Post file flag
August Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #1) 2020-09-01T03:14:33+00:00close

I've had a migraine for over 24 hours, I swear I planned on at least catching up on last month, but here we are.

Here's a selfie of me and Phony Ghost from D23 last summer.

Media (1)

AuroraJessicaSelfie.jpg (2.9MiB)

Slowly catching up
Slowly catching upmore_vert
Post file flag
Slowly catching up 2020-08-25T20:30:20+00:00close

I’m slowly easing back into being myself. I’m starting to go through photos I took during quarantine and getting back into the swing of editing. I’m working on losing the 50 lbs I’ve picked up over the past year (my new under-desk stationary bike arrived this week and I’m excited to get some cardio in at home!) and I’ve started to do the basic beauty care things I’d been neglecting, like shaping my eyebrows and taking care of my skin.

It’s going to take me months to catch up on all the Patreon things I’ve let slide, not to mention all the influencer work I’ve neglected (I need to work up the courage to try out the contact lenses TTDEye sent me, send help).

Anyway, I just edited this post-wig Vanellope selfie from a few months ago and I thought it turned out really cute. My nose still has Vanellope’s blush on, but otherwise it just looks like a cute selfie!

Thanks again for your patience while I piece my life back together.

Media (1)

IMG_1593.jpg (386.3KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #779968 - 26 Aug 20 11:32
I hear you on the weight gain! Coincidentally, we also just bought a recumbent bike.
user avatar
User #10105724 - 25 Aug 20 20:50
One foot in front of the othe, you're doing great
user avatar
ThatPrincessGirl - 25 Aug 20 20:52
Thank you. :) I literally tripped over my own foot yesterday and Neil said he liked my pirouette, so surely I'm making progress!
user avatar
User #10105724 - 25 Aug 20 21:01
What do they say, if you stumble make it part of the dance
user avatar
User #12309950 - 29 Aug 20 16:17
Good to see you are back again! Missed that face!
Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #5)
Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #5)more_vert
Post file flag
Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #5) 2020-08-01T05:47:22+00:00close

Still not caught up on last month, but I’m slowly making progress on mental health and managing my diet and working out and all of the things I have to do to get my cosplay/patreon life back on track. Here’s another temporary placeholder to make sure that monthly rewards are visible for your tier!

Did I ever share this Donald photo? It's one of my favorites from my trip to Shanghai.

Media (1)

IMG_7332.JPG (4.8MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #12309950 - 5 Sep 20 22:01
Love Shanghai Donald
user avatar
ThatPrincessGirl - 6 Sep 20 01:33
This was one of my favorite parts of the entire trip, and absolutely the best meal we had at the park, including at Aurora!
Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #4)
Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #4)more_vert
Post file flag
Placeholder (Digital Exclusive #4) 2020-08-01T05:46:13+00:00close

Still not caught up on last month, but I’m slowly making progress on mental health and managing my diet and working out and all of the things I have to do to get my cosplay/patreon life back on track. Here’s another temporary placeholder to make sure that monthly rewards are visible for your tier!

This is by far the best time I've ever had on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which I generally think is dumb, but is much more fun if your friends all swing the vehicle. Also, group Tangled disneybound!

PLACEHOLDER (Digital Exclusive #3)
PLACEHOLDER (Digital Exclusive #3)more_vert
Post file flag
PLACEHOLDER (Digital Exclusive #3) 2020-08-01T05:44:40+00:00close

Edit: I miss getting to be Elsa, so here's Elsa being herself, but naked.

Still not caught up on last month, but I’m slowly making progress on mental health and managing my diet and working out and all of the things I have to do to get my cosplay/patreon life back on track. Here’s another temporary placeholder to make sure that monthly rewards are visible for your tier!

I miss Batuu, but I don't miss these crowds.

Media (2)

HanSWCrowd.jpg (3.4MiB)
ElsaTitsSmirk-9114.jpg (2.3MiB)

Blonde Bombshell Undresses (Digital Exclusive #2)
Blonde Bombshell Undresses (Digital Exclusive #2)more_vert
Post file flag
Blonde Bombshell Undresses (Digital Exclusive #2) 2020-08-01T05:42:05+00:00close

I don't think I ever edited any of the shots of this look from this shoot with Matt Eberle. It's a nice shot, I'm glad I went looking through my files!

Throwback to sdcc last year with April and Neil when The Adventure Effect performed at Ready Party One!

Media (2)

JIM_1485.jpg (2.5MiB)
BlondeUntieTopBoobs-9114.jpg (11.6MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #12309950 - 5 Sep 20 22:01
One amazing top
More Pink (Digital Exclusive #1)
More Pink (Digital Exclusive #1)more_vert
Post file flag
More Pink (Digital Exclusive #1) 2020-08-01T05:40:34+00:00close

Edit: Here's a new shot from my color light shoot with Jon York! I really like this one.

Still not caught up on last month, but I’m slowly making progress on mental health and managing my diet and working out and all of the things I have to do to get my cosplay/patreon life back on track. Here’s another temporary placeholder to make sure that monthly rewards are visible for your tier!

This photo is like two or three years old, but it's my Fozzy Bear bound and it's one of my favorites.

Media (2)

IMG_4386.jpg (6.1MiB)
PinkHairTitsEyesClosed-9114.jpg (7.4MiB)

Red Hair Selfie (Digital Exclusive #5)
Red Hair Selfie (Digital Exclusive #5)more_vert
Post file flag
Red Hair Selfie (Digital Exclusive #5) 2020-07-01T06:57:02+00:00close

I took this selfie a few months ago. I can tell because I don't have crazy grown-out roots and my lash extensions are still on.

If you're reading this, you've already seen this message on four other posts. Sorry I had to ransack my Etsy folder for image placeholders because Patreon won't just let me SAY that this is a photo post.

Sexy content to come soon because my life is in a downward spiral into the abyss that is reality and I can't even remember to edit OLD photos anymore.

Media (2)

LostBoyGirlFly.jpg (10.9MiB)
RedheadSelfieTits-9114.jpg (1.7MiB)

I'm Poison (Digital Exclusive #4)
I'm Poison (Digital Exclusive #4)more_vert
Post file flag
I'm Poison (Digital Exclusive #4) 2020-07-01T06:54:16+00:00close

Another sexy shot of my Poison Ivy hair and makeup look. I wish I could do my hair like this.

Media (2)

YasQueenRabbit.jpg (12.1MiB)
IvyLingerieTits-9114.jpg (1.6MiB)

Sleepytime (Digital Exclusive #3)
Sleepytime (Digital Exclusive #3)more_vert
Post file flag
Sleepytime (Digital Exclusive #3) 2020-07-01T06:53:24+00:00close

I couldn't sleep, and all my regular pajamas were in the laundry, and that's how I ended up taking selfies in my romper at 7:30 am a few weeks ago. Quarantine life is just like that sometimes.

Media (2)

LostKidsThimble.jpg (7.2MiB)
RomperTitsSelfie-9114.jpg (2.8MiB)

13 And Colors (Digital Exclusive #2)
13 And Colors (Digital Exclusive #2)more_vert
Post file flag
13 And Colors (Digital Exclusive #2) 2020-07-01T06:52:30+00:00close

Leaving the placeholder up, but I finally edited this beautiful 13th Doctor photo by Jon York. Touchups take me a lot longer when there's high contrast light, but I wanted to do this beautiful photo justice so it was worth it!

Thank you again for your continued patience while I catch up. This work is a lot harder when I'm having body image problems, and after the year I've had, my body is less of a wonderland and more of a nightmare. Working on it, and working on pushing myself to at least edit my massive archives of beautiful photos that I've never gotten around to.

Media (2)

WineHappyThought.jpg (2.7MiB)
13thDoctorSidetits-9114.jpg (10.1MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6057710 - 1 Jul 20 22:14
This may be a placeholder but it's delightful! Don't drink and fly! :D
Nipple Showers with April O'Neil (Digital Exclusive #1)
Nipple Showers with April O'Neil (Digital Exclusive #1)more_vert
Post file flag
Nipple Showers with April O'Neil (Digital Exclusive #1) 2020-07-01T06:51:38+00:00close

Content to come, but I'm leaving this timestamped post so June subscribers will still be able to access this content.

And yeah, I didn't know what day of the week it was, let alone month.

EDIT: REWARD FINALLY UPLOADED!!!! And because some patrons seemed to like my placeholder photos, I'm going to leave that up, too. Thank you SO MUCH for your incredible support and continued patronage while I work through my mental health.

SDCC 2020
SDCC 2020more_vert
Post file flag
SDCC 2020 2020-06-23T04:48:53+00:00close

I put on makeup, clothes, and a wig for the first time in three weeks today. I was invited to participate in a Comic-Con@ Home panel called "Virtual Fandom: Adapting to the Pandemic" moderated by Digital LA's Kevin Winston featuring Phil LaMarr (Actor), Dan Fraga (Artist), Rene Amador (ARwall) and Gert Van (Marvel, DC and Everything Nerdy Facebook group).

I'm so glad I was asked to participate this week and not two or three weeks ago, because I simply would've said "no" and this was a really wonderful networking opportunity.

I'm starting to have a little more energy. Jim moved home this weekend, so I finally have a little room to spread out around the house. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I spent the last three months mostly holed up in my room watching shows on my laptop when I usually work from the living room, which is my office and where my TV lives, and not being happy in my personal space did not help my mental health AT ALL. But my schedule was basically inverted and Jim works in the mornings, so even though I pay most of the rent for this house, I still had to tiptoe around at night and couldn't eat healthy food from the kitchen, which led to a lot of fast food I wouldn't have allowed myself otherwise.

So now I'm even more overweight than I was after my grandma died, but I started working with my trainer a few days ago (ow, everything hurts), and I'm trying to focus on getting at least one constructive thing done every day. I'm hoping to edit, post, and create more content on Patreon very soon. I have a big video game writing meeting on Wednesday, so I'm trying to focus on rebuilding my career (the game I worked my ass off on all last year was canceled in February, not sure if I mentioned that, but on top of the grief and months of physical and mental illness that my body's gone through since September, this hasn't been my best year ever).

I continue to be deeply appreciative of everyone's support and am hoping to get back on top of reward videos and messages as soon as possible because I have months of backlog and it's causing me so much anxiety (not just because it's late and everyone has been so patient, but because it still means generating a tremendous amount of content over hopefully not too long a period of time).

Hiding in Azeroth
Hiding in Azerothmore_vert
Post file flag
Hiding in Azeroth 2020-06-09T03:12:11+00:00close

I swear I'll post new content soon, but I've been managing my depression by literally living in World of Warcraft. I think I played for 15 hours yesterday. It's silly, but I haven't locked myself into a room crying in a week, so it's a win for me.

Anyway, I know this isn't my usual content, but I wanted to share my character. I've been playing Tahri for fifteen years (minus the 5-6 year hiatus I just came back from). She's a troll mage. This photo is of me and my lil dragon bb waiting to tear shit up in a pvp battleground. PvP is my favorite part of WoW, right up there with weird achievements, ill-advised exploration adventures, and archeology. Most of the things I love in this game used to reward you with nothing but titles and credit, but now they give XP, gold, and gear, which has completely changed my experience. I'm now leveling off of the things that I love, and I'm so happy.

I've also managed to get a bunch of my friends from different parts of life to come play with me (high school, college, and even April made a character so we could get drunk together in-game). Yesterday, we had Zoom cocktails and went to the carnival and got dizzy on the carousel. I almost happy cried when we rode the roller coaster because we normally would've been doing this at Disneyland, and after three full months in quarantine, it was so nice to feel like we were hanging out.

Anyway, if you play WoW, you're welcome to join me on the horde side on Lightning's Blade. I'm always happy to have gaming friends.

More actual content to come soon.

No Clothes, but Shoes, No problem? (Digital Exclusive #5)
No Clothes, but Shoes, No problem? (Digital Exclusive #5) more_vert
Post file flag
No Clothes, but Shoes, No problem? (Digital Exclusive #5) 2020-06-01T22:56:52+00:00close

This post was supposed to go up yesterday while it was still May, but it didn't.

I'm so sorry my posting has been so erratic while I deal with everything life has thrown at me. You've all been so patient with me and I really appreciate it. Thank you for hanging around. I keep debating shutting down my patreon, but I know that that would also pull years of content down. I'm trying to get back on top of editing and posting some new content, but sometimes it all just feels like too much. I've been using the little intellectual energy I have to support the Black Lives Matter movement for the past few days, and even those efforts feel meager.

Anyway, here's a throwback from one of my favorite photoshoots ever. I never posted this shot because the angling of the shoes is a little confusing and you kind of can't tell what they are, but its a cute shot from Gil and I was still blonde!

Media (1)

Sara_0032.JPG (725.6KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #12309950 - 5 Sep 20 22:02
Great photo, and well just everything is great
River Gets Naked (Digital Exclusive #4)
River Gets Naked (Digital Exclusive #4)more_vert
Post file flag
River Gets Naked (Digital Exclusive #4) 2020-06-01T01:47:46+00:00close

River Song is one of my favorite characters to cosplay, and right now, the costume won't fit, so she's a major weight loss goal for me. I can still be naked River, though.

Photo by Gil.

Media (1)

GIL2756-1.JPG (227.0KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #12309950 - 5 Sep 20 22:04
River's wig is amazing
Purple Showers With April O'Neil (Digital Exclusive #3)
Purple Showers With April O'Neil (Digital Exclusive #3)more_vert
Post file flag
Purple Showers With April O'Neil (Digital Exclusive #3) 2020-05-31T01:51:24+00:00close

I said I'd do it, so here it is!

Photo by Jim Donnelly.

Media (1)

SaraAprilPurpleCuddles-9114.jpg (3.4MiB)

Shower Me In Purple (Digital Exclusive #2)
Shower Me In Purple (Digital Exclusive #2)more_vert
Post file flag
Shower Me In Purple (Digital Exclusive #2) 2020-05-29T23:18:23+00:00close

Purple is my favorite color. I edited this shot from my SDCC shower shoot with Jim Donnelly to have a purple cast instead of teal and I love the results. April really likes how this turned out, so I think I'm going to work on a shot of the two of us for my next post.

Media (1)

PurpleShowerSara-9114.jpg (2.1MiB)

Black & White Punz (Digital Exclusive #1)
Black & White Punz (Digital Exclusive #1)more_vert
Post file flag
Black & White Punz (Digital Exclusive #1) 2020-05-23T00:26:47+00:00close

I haven't been in content mode this month because of depression. Fortunately, I have TONS of great nudes that I haven't shared yet because I take so many photos when I do a shoot! I love this black and white photo Gil took during my first nude shoot! I've always loved my brunette Rapunzel wig.

Media (1)

GIL2735.JPG (324.1KiB)

Tinker Bell Makeup
Tinker Bell Makeupmore_vert
Post file flag
Tinker Bell Makeup 2020-05-17T12:15:19+00:00close

I did this Tink look for the show the other night and I felt really good about the overall look!

Sorry I haven't been posting much, I was depressed all week because my boyfriend was being really distant, and sure enough he broke up with me yesterday. I'm trying so hard to catch up on things, but I've basically been living in hell since my Grandma suddenly died in September. I've gained a lot of weight as a result, so I'm really unhappy with my body, and now my only silver lining of this year is gone. I appreciate that no one's been complaining about the lack of reward fulfillment, but getting caught up is starting to feel like an insurmountable task when I just want to download 70 GB of World of Warcraft onto my computer and run away from reality.

Anyway, I'm working on feeling better, but in the meantime, it's 5 am and I haven't gone to sleep yet because time is an illusion.

Media (1)

IMG_0629.jpeg (1.1MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #7147469 - 17 May 20 12:37
Love the forest green look sooo much more than the light green for Tink
user avatar
User #5037025 - 18 May 20 01:32
Taking care of yourself is so much more important. 💚
user avatar
User #3517975 - 18 May 20 21:52
I’m so so sorry I had no idea
Redd Makeup & Disneybound
Redd Makeup & Disneyboundmore_vert
Post file flag
Redd Makeup & Disneybound 2020-05-14T04:26:50+00:00close

My first attempt at a Redd Disneybound with makeup look! I think it turned out really well!

Media (2)

Adjustments.jpg (397.1KiB)
Adjustments.jpg (378.6KiB)

Post file flag
Soundsational 2020-05-12T08:13:44+00:00close

It's finally done. This is what I've been busy with all month. I produced the parade and then I had to edit it from the un-coordinated footage of three cameras (and pulled from the parade and secondary drive-by, so from six sources). It was a lot of work. I really haven't edited seriously since college, which apparently was ten years ago. I'm really proud of the results!

Embed data


Provider URL

Drive-By Disney Soundsational Car Quarantine Parade

I joked that it would be fun to throw a surprise parade on my 7th Friendiversary with my best friend, and a bunch of my friends thought it was a really fun idea... so we did it! All social distancing guidelines were cautiously followed while preparing for and performing this parade! Thank you to everyone who made this wild dream a reality. Find them on Instagram: Drums: @JMillsMakeupAndHair Aladdin: @MadHatter_Boy Three Caballeros: @That_short_blond_girl Rapunzel: @boundabout.annie Lion King: @MissChrissyLyn Bayou: @abracatrena Peter Pan/Hook's Pirates: @AllenWaiserman Chimney Sweeps: @axcelerationdesigns & @sirkeaggy Cameras: @magicalaseffie & @happytriggerla Parade Audio: @steveleehwd Colorist: @charlesbunnag Created by/for: @ThatPrincessGirl & @SkullRockStudios LostBoy tee by @theAdventureEffect



Comments (1)
user avatar
User #19706783 - 14 May 20 14:51
That was so great! You all are fun! That made my day. Oh my annual pass is just waiting waiting. I want to be your friend too. I go to Dapper Day usually.
Catching Up
Catching Upmore_vert
Post file flag
Catching Up 2020-05-10T20:12:49+00:00close

I'm sorry I'm even behind on posting now. Quarantine is a lot, and I used up so much energy this week that I just want to lie in bed watching She-Ra (which I finally started and now am obsessed with).

Anyway, I haven't been posting here or on my Instagram timeline much because I keep using up all my energy preparing for and doing my live stream. I did an hour-long episode about creating your own Disney Parks experience from home last night, the details and links will be up on my IG story for a few more hours. I also stayed up until 5 am editing the video of the Soundsational car parade I produced as a surprise for Neil, so hopefully I'll be able to share that soon! I'm just waiting on color correction at this point, I think. I hope. Editing is exhausting, even when you're pretty good at it and have a degree in filmmaking.

This is a photo of my Art Disneybound from Monsters U.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #779968 - 10 May 20 20:16
She-Ra is great! I really enjoyed it!
Leia Makeup
Leia Makeupmore_vert
Post file flag
Leia Makeup 2020-05-07T06:23:11+00:00close

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting for a few days, I've been insanely busy planning my friendiversary with Neil (more on that to come). But I wanted to share my Princess Leia makeup from May the 4th, when I had to wake up much earlier than usual to be on the Scum & Villainy live stream. I think it's the best Leia makeup I've ever done. I'm getting better at makeup in general, and this time I added in a few of Carrie's cute little freckles! I wore my DJ-R3X shirt from The Adventure Effect to promote my brand, and then I had Dan Povenmire (creator of Phineas and Ferb) on my own live stream that night!

Cap Left His Stuff At My House (Digital Exclusive #5)
Cap Left His Stuff At My House (Digital Exclusive #5)more_vert
Post file flag
Cap Left His Stuff At My House (Digital Exclusive #5) 2020-05-01T06:03:49+00:00close

Throwback to the time Captain America left his stuff at my place and I got naked and did a photoshoot in it.

Media (1)

CapGirlKickBoobs-9114.jpg (2.2MiB)

Ribbon Con After Dark (Digital Exclusive #4)
Ribbon Con After Dark (Digital Exclusive #4)more_vert
Post file flag
Ribbon Con After Dark (Digital Exclusive #4) 2020-04-29T09:49:12+00:00close

Ribbon Con forever, it's my only con left to care about. Here are my boobs escaping my Ribbon Con shirt.

Media (1)

RibbonConBoobs.jpg (2.1MiB)

Madam Mim Gets Saucy (Digital Exclusive #3)
Madam Mim Gets Saucy (Digital Exclusive #3)more_vert
Post file flag
Madam Mim Gets Saucy (Digital Exclusive #3) 2020-04-27T00:35:28+00:00close

Wore this look for my Sword in the Stone live stream and got a little dirty before the show.

Media (1)

MimBoundTits.jpg (2.0MiB)

Anna Bound (No Pants Friday)
Anna Bound (No Pants Friday)more_vert
Post file flag
Anna Bound (No Pants Friday) 2020-04-25T00:14:18+00:00close

Happy Friday, if time means anything to you right now! I wore this Anna Disneybound on my nightly live stream last night and thought I looked cute.

Media (1)

AnnaNoPantsSelfie-9114.jpg (1.6MiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #7147469 - 25 Apr 20 02:32
Got my phone notification and thought "oh boy, time for butt". There was no butt.
user avatar
ThatPrincessGirl - 25 Apr 20 03:25
It’s side butt. Which is less censored than sideboob.
user avatar
User #779968 - 25 Apr 20 04:03
You thought correctly!
user avatar
ThatPrincessGirl - 25 Apr 20 07:12
I'm crushin' it haha
user avatar
User #779968 - 25 Apr 20 17:36
You really are!
Figment at the Faire
Figment at the Fairemore_vert
Post file flag
Figment at the Faire 2020-04-24T08:17:18+00:00close

I don't think I ever shared this photo from the Ren Faire last year. I recently unearthed some unedited photos from this visit, so I'll try to edit some once I get my life back on track. I think I'm finally pulling myself out of the depression I've been in, so fingers crossed that it sticks and I can get back on top of working out and creating content. Right now I'm not feeling very cute, so I'm gonna have to do some work... and stop sad ordering McDonalds at 2 am.

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User #779968 - 24 Apr 20 11:12
Yay pulling out of depression!
Staying in Bed (Digital Exclusive #2)
Staying in Bed (Digital Exclusive #2)more_vert
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Staying in Bed (Digital Exclusive #2) 2020-04-21T19:42:38+00:00close

I live in bed these days. My tv is in the living room, but Jim is in there most of the time and there's no tv in the room that he's sleeping in, so I've basically given up my couch and tv and now I just lie in bed watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on my laptop. This has slowed down my editing and general productivity, but it's nice to curl into a ball and binge sometimes. My mental health hasn't been amazing for the past two weeks, but I'm working on it!

Hope everyone is doing alright in quarantine.

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BlackPantiesBlondeTits-9114.jpg (1.3MiB)

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User #3091806 - 21 Apr 20 19:55
Hope you feel better!
Tink Makeup
Tink Makeupmore_vert
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Tink Makeup 2020-04-19T03:13:21+00:00close

I never posted this Tink makeup that I did a few weeks ago! I was really proud of it because green is generally not a flattering color and I managed to make it work.

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TinkMakeupSelfie-9114.jpg (1.8MiB)

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User #12309950 - 26 Apr 20 16:12
You definitely made it work!
A No Pants Selfie (No Pants Friday)
A No Pants Selfie (No Pants Friday)more_vert
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A No Pants Selfie (No Pants Friday) 2020-04-18T05:07:01+00:00close

Wore this look on my nightly live stream, but with pants, Then I took the pants off.

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User #12309950 - 18 Apr 20 06:15
That is one amazing butt
Carmela Crumpet fan art
Carmela Crumpet fan artmore_vert
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Carmela Crumpet fan art 2020-04-16T08:39:17+00:00close

Crystal Smalls Ord finishes this piece based on my cosplay and I’m IN LOVE. This is such an honor, especially because this is an ORIGINAL cosplay character!

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IMG_0068.jpg (529.9KiB)

Princess Poppy
Princess Poppymore_vert
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Princess Poppy 2020-04-13T11:49:13+00:00close

It's almost 5 am and I have insomnia, so here's a photo of my Princess Poppy look that I wore on Friday when Trolls World Tour came out.

This was supposed to be my outfit for the Universal Studios Trolls 5K, which was of course canceled. I'm still very excited about my Hug Time shirt, though.

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HugTimePurpleHairKick-9114.jpg (5.5MiB)

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User #12309950 - 13 Apr 20 14:14
Love the whole running outfit!
Snow White & the Queen
Snow White & the Queenmore_vert
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Snow White & the Queen 2020-04-14T19:18:57+00:00close

Throwback to WonderCon last year when I organized this sexy Snow White group! MissChrissyLyn as Evil Queen, photo by Jon York.

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DSC09320.jpg (2.1MiB)
DSC09334.jpg (1.1MiB)

Disneyland Halloween
Disneyland Halloweenmore_vert
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Disneyland Halloween 2020-04-13T05:56:34+00:00close

Do photos taken in the parks doing Disney things from back when you could go to a Disney park count as porn now? They do for me. Send help.

Finally edited this cute shot from my stay at the resort in early October. Is it weird to post Halloween things in April? Is it Halloween yet? What is time?

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User #779968 - 13 Apr 20 11:08
Hey, look, no one here is going to kinkshame you.
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ThatPrincessGirl - 13 Apr 20 11:45
Hi, my name is Sara and my fetish is Disneyland at Halloweentime.
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User #779968 - 13 Apr 20 14:15
If I’m being honest, I’m surprised that it’s just at Halloweentime
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User #12309950 - 13 Apr 20 14:14
In quarantine we decide what time it is. Today Halloween, tomorrow New Year!
Getting Dirty/Staying Clean with April O'Neil (Digital Exclusive #1)
Getting Dirty/Staying Clean with April O'Neil (Digital Exclusive #1)more_vert
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Getting Dirty/Staying Clean with April O'Neil (Digital Exclusive #1) 2020-04-12T05:50:07+00:00close

I'm trying to get through more edits of shoots that I did last year and didn't edit because of how rough last year was (which sounds like an insane statement while in quarantine, but I basically haven't been living a normal life since mid-September of last year).

I edited this shot a few days ago while preparing for our live stream with April O'Neil on my nightly show on IG. I hope you've been tuning in to check it out!

Anyway, wash your hands (or your friends) and stay safe.

Photo by Jim Donnelly.

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User #779968 - 12 Apr 20 15:33
It’s a lovely picture!
Nick Wilde
Nick Wildemore_vert
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Nick Wilde 2020-04-11T21:10:46+00:00close

I took this really cute selfie of my makeup for Nick Wilde the other night. Very pleased with how it turned out.

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IMG_9787.jpg (688.8KiB)

No Pants Mermaid
No Pants Mermaidmore_vert
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No Pants Mermaid 2020-04-11T01:15:15+00:00close

Happy no pants Friday! Finally getting around to editing some of the super cute photos from this set I took after Chrissy did my makeup. I wish I had this kind of hair and makeup skill!

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ArielNoPantsSelfie-9114.jpg (1.6MiB)

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User #12309950 - 11 Apr 20 06:22
Love the shirt.
One Sexy Bear
One Sexy Bearmore_vert
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One Sexy Bear 2020-04-09T07:25:19+00:00close

Sorry I've been a bit behind on posting, I'm focused on making Passover happen in quarantine this week! I did want to post a little update about COVID-19, though.

It's being widely reported that COVID-19 was in California as early as late November of last year, and one of my friends who was sick a little bit after I was just tested positive for antibodies. I'm still trying to find antibody testing for myself, but it's looking more and more like the mysterious, debilitating illness that I've been recovering was more than just a really bad cold.

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PinkBearBoobs-9114.jpg (1.8MiB)

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User #3517975 - 9 Apr 20 22:08
Dude I had it in February! More than certain. Dry ass mysterious cough, intense fever, shortness of breath, all the bells and whistles. Laid me out for a week
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ThatPrincessGirl - 11 Apr 20 09:07
Oh man, I had no idea!
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User #3517975 - 11 Apr 20 20:56
Neither did I. Just thought it was a flu with an attitude :/
Harley & Ivy
Harley & Ivymore_vert
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Harley & Ivy 2020-04-05T23:50:28+00:00close

I finally got around to doing some touch ups on these photos! Chrissy made me and Pixiequinncosplay up as Harley and Poison Ivy for a geek wedding fair. I love how these turned out!

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HarleyAndIvy2-9114.jpg (3.4MiB)
HarleyAndIvy-9114.jpg (5.8MiB)

Ribbon Con Booty (No Pants Saturday because Time is Meaningless)
Ribbon Con Booty (No Pants Saturday because Time is Meaningless)more_vert
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Ribbon Con Booty (No Pants Saturday because Time is Meaningless) 2020-04-04T18:34:01+00:00close

I meant to post this yesterday, but I'm a disaster and I forgot.

This is the back of my Ribbon Con shirt.

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RibbonConBooty.jpg (1.5MiB)

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User #779968 - 4 Apr 20 19:01
It is a great view
Lying in Bed
Lying in Bedmore_vert
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Lying in Bed 2020-04-04T08:59:21+00:00close

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I really hit an emotional wall a few days ago and I've just been lying around and trying not to cry. Social media doesn't always seem like it should take much work, but it can be really draining, especially when your mental health isn't at its best. I'm trying to get back on schedule, but it's been a bumpy week. I managed to go running one day, but then everything went downhill from there.

Thank you all for your patience, I do have more photos ready to edit, so I'll try to get some of those up for you to enjoy soon. Still working on shooting my reward videos. I know I'm only making it worse for myself by letting things pile up, so hopefully I'll get some of this on track soon.

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AliceDreams.jpg (699.7KiB)

Fan Art Preview
Fan Art Previewmore_vert
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Fan Art Preview 2020-04-01T06:22:17+00:00close

Crystal Smalls Ord, one of my favorite artists. Is working on a piece inspired by my original Carmela Crumpet cosplay! She sent me a sneak peak and I wanted to share it here. I’m so excited!

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IMG_9640.jpg (544.1KiB)


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