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Predatory 2018-11-21T20:39:30+00:00close

(I'll stop spamming your inboxes now i'm sorry!)

Yesterday's livestream piece was completed this afternoon. It's been a productive week and everything has been finished in time for tomorrow as I will be pretty much AFK until Sunday.

However, on Sunday I will be at MCM Birmingham meeting wonderful artists such as Emily Hare. So if you're around the NEC on Sunday, let me know and we can meet and say hello!

This piece is available to purchase - the size is just shy of A3 and is available for £375 for Patrons, or £415 for everyone else. Patrons $10 or above get free tracked shipping.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #8519007 - 24 Nov 18 16:29
This is so beautiful!
Temple of Time
Temple of Timemore_vert
Post file flag
Temple of Time 2018-11-21T19:05:00+00:00close

Happy 20th Anniversary to my absolutely favourite game of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

I was 4 when this came out on the Nintendo64. I felt like I needed to do a quick ink to celebrate the game hitting 20 years old.

Original is available for purchase - DM me for details. I will digitally colour this one, I think.

Post file flag
Jaffa 2018-11-21T15:58:53+00:00close

Full digitally coloured commission recently completed. I really really enjoyed this piece, I had so much fun!

Post file flag
Vapour 2018-11-20T01:41:04+00:00close

It's late (well, early for me), but I don't care because tonight I am pulling an all-nighter and getting shit done.

Here's Vaporeon, I had so much fun with colouring this one!

Post file flag
PokeTwitch! 2018-11-19T13:31:01+00:00close

Firstly, big warm welcome to our newest Patron, McKenzie Beatrice Taylor. Thank you ever so much for joining the group, I hope you enjoy what I create and all the new content you will have access to!

Finally managed to get around to scanning in he Pokemon inked on Friday's Twitch stream! We had so much fun drawing, inking and chatting away for a few hours.

Next stream is tomorrow at 21:00GMT - feel free to join in and keep me company! If you missed out on Friday's stream, don't worry - I am currently finalising the time-lapse version so you can all see the process of these beasties from start to finish.

I want to colour these two. Suicune and Vaporeon have already sold and will be soon flying off to their new Trainer. The rest are still available to adopt should you want to give them a new home.

Next week or so will potentially be light on the art as I knuckle down on finishing off commissions and then becoming a full-time hermit to finish the Kickstarter off ready for The Masonry to be printed and shipped!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #14889568 - 27 Nov 18 11:40
Nice :-)
user avatar
User #14889568 - 27 Nov 18 11:40
Good :-)
user avatar
User #6730582 - 19 Nov 18 16:14
Thanks Sarah Mason! I greatly enjoyed looking through your beautiful artwork last night and can’t wait to see what you have coming up!
user avatar
User #6730582 - 19 Nov 18 16:14 - revision 2
Thanks Sarah Mason! I greatly enjoyed looking through your beautiful artwork last night and can’t wait to see what you have coming up!
Post file flag
Undulance 2018-11-14T12:45:53+00:00close

Feel like I have levelled up with this piece - first big watercolour in a long time! I think doing digital for some time gave a a different way of approaching colour and it's helped me an awful lot with my technique using watercolour.

This piece was created whilst on Twitch last night - I spent my time on a 4 hour stream painting this piece from scratch and it was so much fun! If you want to watch the process, it will be available later today as a time-lapse on YouTube!

The piece is currently available to purchase. She is sized approx 15x7.5" and I am selling for £350 for patrons, or £400 public (P&P excluded, $35+ patrons get free P&P)

Prints may be created if demand is high enough.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #85733 - 14 Nov 18 12:55
So beautiful!
user avatar
SarahMason - 14 Nov 18 13:05
Thanks Emily!
user avatar
User #960248 - 14 Nov 18 22:52
Love it! Really beautiful!
user avatar
SarahMason - 14 Nov 18 23:40
Thank you!!
Jaffa (ink)
Jaffa (ink)more_vert
Post file flag
Jaffa (ink) 2018-11-13T15:34:31+00:00close

WIP of a digitally coloured commission - the ink have been completed and the digital colour will be added soon!

Process shots will be added for patrons soon!

REWARD: ISAmore_vert
Post file flag
REWARD: ISA 2018-11-11T19:34:05+00:00close

A little bit of beauty bunny sleep for Isa. Had a lot of fun with this one - was more than it was supposed to be but I got carried away!

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #960248 - 11 Nov 18 19:54
user avatar
SarahMason - 11 Nov 18 20:07
Thanks Diana! <3
user avatar
User #624879 - 11 Nov 18 19:52
user avatar
SarahMason - 11 Nov 18 20:07
REWARD: JBmore_vert
Post file flag
REWARD: JB 2018-11-11T18:02:52+00:00close

A big roaring sassy Sasquatch for JB.

Interested in original art rewards? Sign up for as little as $35 per month for month originals from me!

Post file flag
REWARD: RIANNE 2018-11-11T17:07:28+00:00close

A big giant fluffy lion for one of my lovely Patrons, Rianne! I hope you like it, plus there's a video I managed to get of me inking this beasty! I will get him sent to you as soon as possible.

Interested in original art rewards? Sign up for as little as $35 per month for month originals from me!

Embed data


Provider URL

Time-Lapse: Inking a Lion

Time to ink! This time it's a lion as a Patron reward from one of my long time-top patrons! For more full tutorials explaining the tools I use and how I create my work, consider becoming a Patron of the Arts; where you can sign up for exclusive content every day! Sign up here: www.patreon.com/SarahMason



Comments (3)
user avatar
User #8519007 - 12 Nov 18 19:46
Oooo yaaaay! He is so beautiful! Thank you so much hun!! :D <3
user avatar
SarahMason - 12 Nov 18 23:22
You are more than welcome! <3
user avatar
User #8434260 - 19 Nov 18 13:45
Thank you very much for the video
Undulance (INK)
Undulance (INK)more_vert
Post file flag
Undulance (INK) 2018-11-11T12:11:08+00:00close

Managed to get this one scanned in this morning/afternoon.

I may do a digital mock-up before I paint her with watercolour - just so I get the colours nailed!

Watercolour Practice!
Watercolour Practice!more_vert
Post file flag
Watercolour Practice! 2018-11-10T21:25:05+00:00close

Just messing with my colours and getting back into the swing of it all again - it's been fun!

Post file flag
INKTOBER SALE! 2018-11-10T12:11:32+00:00close

I'm having a sale for this week where you can get `10% off all of my originals and snag some ink pieces for very low prices!

Head over to my Etsy here, all of these inks and originals could do with a good home!

Post file flag
GHOST 2018-11-02T13:57:55+00:00close

Happy Fanart Friday everyone!

I fancied re-drawing an older piece I made back in 2012(?), that I created as a piece back in college.

Two very different styles, I created Ghost when reading the Game of Thrones books. I had a lot of fun back then and wanted to give him an update!

Bit Patreon post coming soon, with prints to be sent out, colouring page and sketchbook content to celebrate the new month!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #5792567 - 6 Nov 18 21:23
So beautiful! I am in love with these paws *.*
user avatar
User #8519007 - 4 Nov 18 20:54
<3 love this!
user avatar
User #8434260 - 5 Nov 18 15:43
So love the bottom painting
BAD MOON RISIN'more_vert
Post file flag
BAD MOON RISIN' 2018-10-31T16:39:14+00:00close

And a GIF version for those who enjoy glowy eyes!

I have process shots of this one and I will be making it for Patrons later this week when I have a bit more time under my belt - but for now, have this big bad wolf and have an awesome Howloween!

Post file flag
GLOW 2018-10-23T16:54:58+00:00close

Messing with GIFs and different colours of the Foo design. So much fun!

Also a warm welcome to newest patrons, G and Debonair. Thanks for signing up and I hope you enjoy what I post!

I've got a few commissions to start soon, and physical tier patrons, I will be messaging you soon as my wrist is in a decent enough position to start taking on proper work again!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2342712 - 23 Oct 18 17:41
Very fun!!
user avatar
SarahMason - 23 Oct 18 19:25
Thanks Mellie!!
Post file flag
FOO 2018-10-21T05:23:00+00:00close

So tonight was a bit on the strange side, I have been trying to sort out the Kickstarter but honestly, the scanning and editing is hurting my wrist a lot so I have to take it in intervals, drawing is okay as it's much gentler and actually therapeutic for my wrist. I've not been doing too much art for the reason of reducing strain and a lot of it is digital as it glides smoother with less stress on getting things right first time.

Anyway, I have been spending the entire afternoon, night (and morning) making up designs for fun and practice. I grabbed Illustrator yesterday and spent the day practising how to properly vector images. It's super slow, but I am getting the hang of it!

Foo Dogs have been on my mind recently, so I decided to inject my enthusiasm for those into my designs, starting with the first one:

Ruby Foo.

I was super happy with this sketch and began to vector, however my PC died and I lost the entire file.. so to save myself from lobbing my rig out the window, I decided to move on and try another design:

Jade Foo.

I was so happy with this design and had a tonne of fun. I then ended up talking to my friend and doodling mindlessly into the night. We're still talking now (oops.. all nighter for both of us, I guess!) and whilst talking, I just kept shoving my stylus onto the canvas. I wasn't watching where it was going and it was so fun and actually.. my best piece for the day!

I really want to do something with this big fluffy Foo-boy! He was so much fun and i've not had a night like this for a long time!

Right.. I am either gonna find some food and stay up.. or pass out in the bed. Either way, have a fantastic Sunday! <3

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #243310 - 21 Oct 18 07:08
Glad ur having gun sweetie :)
user avatar
SarahMason - 21 Oct 18 15:42
Thank you sweets!!
INKTOBER 15 - WEAKmore_vert
Post file flag
INKTOBER 15 - WEAK 2018-10-15T16:04:39+00:00close

Not a snake, I will do a snake version when I get the time. But I felt like creating some form of vent art today, and "weak" was a suitable prompt for this.

For me, it's really hard to display weakness when I have to keep up a specific vibe on multiple social media platforms. It can be quite tiring, and this career can be a very lonely path. I have a lot of weaknesses that do get to me every now and then, and those closest to me will know what these weaknesses and demons are.

The thing is, I feel weak talking to people about my feelings. I hate people knowing I am not doing well, and I know I shouldn't feel like this because bottling feelings up only leads to an explosion of emotion later on down the line, but I can't help it really. I try to talk to people but 99% of the time, I just feel like a nuisance and a burden to them.

It's uncommon now that I feel at an all time low. But I feel like I am missing something, and I can't quite put my finger on what I am missing, there's just a big fat gap in my chest sometimes that I can't seem to fix.

I'll be away tomorrow and most of Wednesday, if I get the chance, I will upload some Inktobers but they won't be scanned until I get back. <3

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #243310 - 15 Oct 18 16:15
I know the feelings very well and get them myself. - I don't think it's all that uncommon actually. One thing I will say is that I'm starting to notice a big difference for me in the past few months from making a concerted effort to work on taking better care of myself and getting my needs met. - Between having "self care" days, and "artist dates" to journaling, doing daily meditation, and making sure I get enough sleep, and finally doing "the artists way" I can honestly say I'm starting to feel my empty well start to fill back up, and it's a very rewarding and self-gratifying feeling.... I may be having a blip at the moment, but for the past few weeks I've felt like I've had so much more love to give the world and those around me because I've been concentrating on giving it to myself. - It's an exciting stage in my journey and if I can help anyone feel even a little bit better in theirs I would hope to be able to chat with them about it <3
INKTOBER 14 - CLOCKmore_vert
Post file flag
INKTOBER 14 - CLOCK 2018-10-14T21:47:47+00:00close

For some reason, I thought of "body clock" and health when this prompt popped up today. So I wanted to do a snake wrapped and coming out of a heart.

Post file flag
IMPORTANT: PATREON UPDATES 2018-10-14T14:03:34+00:00close

So I have spent this morning and afternoon giving my Patreon a much needed overhaul. You will see on the page now that the graphics and video have been updated to keep it all in sync with the rest of my stuff.

Two tiers have now been updated:

$10 TIER:

The sketch giveaway has been removed and replaced with a monthly print shipped to all of you instead.

November's print will be of Amaterasu:

As producing prints aren't really productive for me to place on Etsy, I think this will be a much better was for those who want prints of my work and this will now be the only way to get prints unless I create more than one thing and create a limited edition run.

$100 TIER:

I have removed the watercolour commissions as they were becoming far too complex and I don't do as much watercolour work anymore. It has now been replaced with A4 Ink commissions instead. I need to lighten the work load and these requests were stressing me out far more than I intended.


I have decided to remove the old Discord server and launch a new server instead. It's far more refined and will also invite public followers to get involved, too. The old server will be deleted in 7 days, if you want to join, make sure you follow this link here!


You heard it here first, folks. Twitch Livestreams will be commencing the week after next. The schedule will be for 2 days a week and you will be able to see me sketch and finish things in real time from start to finish.

I just need to get a secondary webcam and finish the overlays and I will be ready to launch my own streams. They're 4-5 hour long streams to give everyone from all time zones to tune in and say hello!

To be alerted of when I go online, make sure you follow me on Twitch here!

It's been a busy week prepping this overhaul but I am glad I made the changes needed to make things easier for me and to introduce the new things I want to try out too! I hope you enjoy the changes and all feedback is more than welcome. For now, I hope you have a fantastic Sunday and much love to you all. <3

Sun Goddess
Sun Goddessmore_vert
Post file flag
Sun Goddess 2018-10-13T13:27:16+00:00close

Little bit of inky colouring fun, a nice break from all the snakes!

Amaterasu (INKED)
Amaterasu (INKED)more_vert
Post file flag
Amaterasu (INKED) 2018-10-12T20:10:53+00:00close

Big BIG A3 inky piece for tonight. Wanted to do something different from my snakes just to give you guys a break!

I've missed played Okami, got it for the Switch and oh it's so nice to play it again!

Original is for sale, DM for details.

She's currently being coloured digitally!

INKTOBER 12 - WHALEmore_vert
Post file flag
INKTOBER 12 - WHALE 2018-10-12T11:54:08+00:00close

Sea Basilisks wrapped around a whale skeleton was a pretty cool theme for today, enjoyed this one a lot!

INKTOBER 11 - CRUELmore_vert
Post file flag
INKTOBER 11 - CRUEL 2018-10-12T08:59:54+00:00close

A little late on this one but I completed it at about 2AM and I wanted to sleep!

INKTOBER 10 - FLOWINGmore_vert
Post file flag
INKTOBER 10 - FLOWING 2018-10-10T16:44:37+00:00close

Just letting my pencils and pens flow and work with this one today.

It's mostly been scanning and sorting out Kickstarter stuff today, inking this piece was a nice break from the repetitiveness!

Post file flag
INKTOBER - PRECIOUS 2018-10-09T23:29:22+00:00close

Day 9 - slightly late (but hey it's still the 9th for some of you ;) )

Precious was today's theme. Had a lot of fun with this one!

INKTOBER 8 - STARmore_vert
Post file flag
INKTOBER 8 - STAR 2018-10-08T19:23:31+00:00close

Constellation Serpens for today's serpenty Inktober. <3

Post file flag
INKTOBER - EXHAUSTED 2018-10-07T20:48:36+00:00close

Yeah this prompt pretty much summarises my day today!

Sleep coiling snake with chamomile flowers, which help you sleep.


Sizes are A4 and selling all of them each for £85+P&P. If you are interested in more than one I can discount them for you. DM me if you're interested!

Post file flag
INKTOBER - DROOLING 2018-10-06T15:28:00+00:00close

New day, new prompt.

I got some updates which I am working on I promise, there's just so much going on right now but I want to compile it all into one big post for you all <3

Post file flag
INKTOBER: SPELL AND CHICKEN 2018-10-05T21:04:04+00:00close

These prompts are proper weird..

I'll be doing a huge post tomorrow with updates on the Patreon and some other bits and bobs happening for the new month.

Anyway, here's the chicken prompt for today:

Post file flag
INKTOBER - ROASTED 2018-10-03T17:51:18+00:00close

Day three and I am feeling so sick. Pretty sure it's a head cold. Gonna go to bed and keep warm but for now, have a big boar biting an apple with a snake wrapped around it!

Post file flag
INKTOBER - TRANQUILITY 2018-10-02T18:27:39+00:00close

Day 02 of Inktober - I just wanted something a little calmer for this piece, what better than a snake coiled on a cherry blossom branch? <3

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #8519007 - 2 Oct 18 18:40
Very pretty and it is very calming! :D
Post file flag
INKTOBER - POISONOUS 2018-10-01T17:31:20+00:00close

First prompt of the month of Inktober was "Poisonous".

I intend to do 31 snake themed pieces.. but we will see!

I decided to go with a Black Mamba coiled around Nerium oleander (aka "sweetly scented killer"). Both very poisonous!

She is available to purchase, get in touch if you're interested!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #13192624 - 1 Oct 18 17:42
Beautiful, but it looks like her head isn't conected to her body. I think you forgot a line.
user avatar
SarahMason - 1 Oct 18 18:27
Good spot! Fixed it now, thank you! :D
Serpent's Rapier
Serpent's Rapiermore_vert
Post file flag
Serpent's Rapier 2018-09-30T22:22:48+00:00close

I'll get bored of snakes at some point I promise. But for now, here's another one.

I guess I just really missed drawing flowing curving lines!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5792567 - 1 Oct 18 14:52
Well I'm not bored by your snakes, they're beautiful!
user avatar
SarahMason - 1 Oct 18 15:15
Thank you!!
Serpent and Skull (INK)
Serpent and Skull (INK)more_vert
Post file flag
Serpent and Skull (INK) 2018-09-30T16:43:10+00:00close

I inked her.. then a friend of mine suggested the snake being wrapped around a sword so guess I better do another one soon!

I'm going to colour this one, but if someone wants the original ink piece it is currently available. Get in touch should you want it!

Serpent and Skull Sketch
Serpent and Skull Sketchmore_vert
Post file flag
Serpent and Skull Sketch 2018-09-30T01:31:01+00:00close

....My doodles tend to go way too far sometimes.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #678312 - 30 Sep 18 01:34
Yeah I wouldnt call that a doodle xD looks great :D
user avatar
SarahMason - 30 Sep 18 01:35
It started as a doodle and ended as a fully fleshed out pencil piece! xDDD
Post file flag
Horns 2018-09-29T13:16:11+00:00close

Finished colouring this gorgeous girl last night.. Patreon wouldn't let me upload it, though!

The design is available as well as the original ink. Get in touch if you want to give her a home.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #12242917 - 30 Sep 18 05:36
This is lovely Sarah!
user avatar
SarahMason - 30 Sep 18 13:41
Thanks Carolyn!!
user avatar
User #960248 - 29 Sep 18 18:54
Horns (Inked)
Horns (Inked)more_vert
Post file flag
Horns (Inked) 2018-09-27T20:17:54+00:00close

Gonna colour it tomorrow! First ink in almost two months!

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #678312 - 28 Sep 18 00:20
Welcome back! :D It looks magnificent :D
user avatar
SarahMason - 28 Sep 18 00:25
It feels so good to be back! :D
user avatar
User #600095 - 28 Sep 18 06:40
Wooot Wooot!
user avatar
User #243310 - 27 Sep 18 20:19
Nice one babe!!
user avatar
SarahMason - 27 Sep 18 20:21
Thanks sweets! <3
Post file flag
Wounds 2018-09-23T11:37:03+00:00close

Decided to spend a few days colouring this one! <3

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #960248 - 23 Sep 18 11:51
So achingly beautiful! The expression on the fox's face and all the flowers... ♥♥♥ How are you getting on?
user avatar
SarahMason - 23 Sep 18 11:52
Thanks Diana! I'm getting on okay, taking my time and making sure I rest that wrist! <3
Final Hours
Final Hoursmore_vert
Post file flag
Final Hours 2018-09-15T13:08:59+00:00close

If you are planning to back my art book "The Masonry" on Kickstarter, now is the time as the campaign ends in just a few hours at 19:30 GMT tonight!

You can back the book here, there are still originals and enamel pin badge tiers available to back, too!

Post file flag
Essence 2018-09-12T01:39:24+00:00close

Some more digital middle of the night musings, it's good therapy for me.

Post file flag
Etheral 2018-09-09T01:19:39+00:00close

Slowly feeling my mojo coming back again despite all the obstacles i'm currently experiencing.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #600095 - 9 Sep 18 03:12
Kindred Soul
Kindred Soulmore_vert
Post file flag
Kindred Soul 2018-09-07T02:06:24+00:00close

Having trouble sleeping, I figured I would stay awake and finish this one off, helped me get a lot of emotions out that I am currently feeling. There's a lot of weird stuff going on up there,

It's so much easier to draw digitally with my dodgy hand. I can actually get awake with somewhat clean linework!

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #960248 - 7 Sep 18 23:32
So so beautiful! <3
user avatar
SarahMason - 8 Sep 18 00:00
Thank you!!
user avatar
User #243310 - 7 Sep 18 06:50
This is lovely hun! - i’m so impressed that you’re able to draw anything w/ur other hand, let alone produce something this gorgeous!! <3
user avatar
SarahMason - 7 Sep 18 07:58
Thank you sweets <3
Post file flag
Ache 2018-09-06T21:15:17+00:00close

I'm sorry I haven't posted much, I really do hope to get the rewards out over the weekend. I just needed a bit of time away and I haven't been online much at all the last few days. I've basically spent my days listening to music and not moving much. I got out the other day and it brought my spirits up enough to get drawing again, I forgot how therapeutic drawing was for me. I guess when it comes to drawing with my left, it's quite difficult as I have to concentrate a lot more and can't just allow my mind to wander and do it's thing.

Things are getting better, slowly. I think. Foxy needed to come out to play tonight so here's a dodgy left handed sketch.

Much love and thanks to you all who still support me on here despite my broken wrist and lack of posting. <3

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #960248 - 6 Sep 18 23:00
Even left-handed it's stunning. <3 Hoping you'll heal in no time and be back to drawing before you know it.
user avatar
SarahMason - 7 Sep 18 11:02
Thank you Diana! <3
user avatar
User #85733 - 6 Sep 18 21:17
I still can’t get over how accomplished you are with your left hand. Big hugs ❤️
user avatar
SarahMason - 6 Sep 18 21:18
Thank you Emily! <3
user avatar
User #85733 - 6 Sep 18 21:17 - revision 2
I still can’t get over how accomplished you are with your left hand. Big hugs ❤️
Ask me Anything! 2018-09-01T18:42:04+00:00

I want to do a vlog post as drawing is very difficult right now even with my left hand. So I will happily answer all and any questions you may have and create a vlog (yes, vlog, I will have my mug and voice all in the same shot!) for you guys to view at your leisure.

Ask away!

I am also aware it is the first of the month, I will create a larger thank you post tonight or tomorrow with the new colouring page and giveaway details.

Thanks for everyone who has been so supportive, patient and stuck with me on here so far despite a broken wrist. I really appreciate it! <3

Day 02 - More Attempts
Day 02 - More Attemptsmore_vert
Post file flag
Day 02 - More Attempts 2018-08-28T13:22:11+00:00close

I feel like I have a long way to go with this but actually, it's a lot of fun trying to learn with mt offhand. The initial line work is extremely scrawly and I am still having trouble with long flowing lines but I am only in the second day of doing this so I have plenty of time to train my hand these things!

I was up until 7AM drawing! I missed it so much and I may have went on a bit of a sketching spree hahaha, here's some of the stuff I created this morning:

Lots more practice today I think! By month three I reckon i'll have a decent body of work to make something out of the whole process. We'll wait and see. :D

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #85733 - 28 Aug 18 13:29
I love the slight wobble (wobble isn't th word but a kind of imperfect line) in the lines with your left hand. This is SO good. You wouldn't even know that you were doing this left handed - at least I'm not sure I would be able to tell if you hadn't said anything! A book of left handed art is a great idea! Although it's JUST as good as your right hand!
user avatar
SarahMason - 28 Aug 18 13:37
There are lots of wobbly lines and they are kinda nice to look at, I may do a couple of darker sketches with just those lines to see what they look like! I think if I made a book of left handed work, that would be the trouble.. I don't think people would believe me haha!
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User #85733 - 28 Aug 18 13:38
I don’t think they would either! But at least going forward you can say in your CV ‘ambidextrous artist’ ;)
user avatar
SarahMason - 28 Aug 18 13:44
Haha yes! This is very true :D
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User #5792567 - 28 Aug 18 18:47
That's awesome !! I don't even know how to hold a pen with my left hand xD
user avatar
SarahMason - 28 Aug 18 18:59
Thank you!!
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User #600095 - 29 Aug 18 13:08
Emily read my mind! :-) You could totally do a Kickstarter: The Left-Handed Collection
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Drift 2018-08-27T18:53:43+00:00close

Okay this off-hand drawing is actually kind of fun!

Comments (5)
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User #2931933 - 5 Sep 18 14:08
I am so amazed that you are mastering your non-dominant hand so well! Beautiful!
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User #2342712 - 28 Aug 18 01:46
great job!!!
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SarahMason - 28 Aug 18 16:45
Thank you!
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User #243310 - 27 Aug 18 22:42
You’re taking the piss with how good these are!! XD <3
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User #85733 - 28 Aug 18 09:56
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User #243310 - 27 Aug 18 22:42 - revision 2
You’re taking the piss with how good these are!! XD <3
First go at left handed work
First go at left handed workmore_vert
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First go at left handed work 2018-08-27T16:45:55+00:00close

My god this is hard work! I managed to churn these two out but the way I hold the pencil and move my hand is all extremely new and confusing and my brain just can't calculate it!

It's a really fun exercise, it's like learning from scratch again. I'm gonna see how good I can get with my left hand whilst my right wrist rests!

Comments (11)
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User #85733 - 27 Aug 18 17:07
That is AMAZING! This is going to be great for you, you’ll have a new skill and be ambidextrous!
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User #2926940 - 27 Aug 18 17:11
She’s going to take these three months to learn this, then draw twice as quickly and leave us all in the dust...
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User #85733 - 27 Aug 18 17:11
Yeah oh my right hand is tired now, tome for left hand!
user avatar
SarahMason - 27 Aug 18 18:14
It's going to be LOTS of fun! :D
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User #678312 - 27 Aug 18 22:32
Wow, I thought we all would do this and laugh together but this is amazing! Damn!
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User #2926940 - 27 Aug 18 16:47
Those are better than my right handed drawings ??
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SarahMason - 27 Aug 18 16:50
Hahaha you lie! Your cute animals are amazing! :P
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User #624879 - 27 Aug 18 17:10
Yay! You levelled up in ambidextrous art! ^_^
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SarahMason - 27 Aug 18 18:14
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User #8519007 - 27 Aug 18 17:30
These are amazing!
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SarahMason - 27 Aug 18 18:14
Thank you sweets!
All Aboard!
All Aboard!more_vert
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All Aboard! 2018-08-17T17:43:33+00:00close

Catbus is the best kind of bus.

I may colour it tonight. I'll see how I feel, may be nice to lay in bed, eat crap food, binge watch more Ghibli and colour this big kitty bus!

Comments (1)
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User #8519007 - 17 Aug 18 18:30
Ahh I love this so much <3
Little Goatee
Little Goateemore_vert
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Little Goatee 2018-08-17T10:45:11+00:00close

Firstly, a big warm welcome to my newest Patron, Lilly Ibelo. Thank you so much for joining my Patreon and I hope you enjoy the content I post!

This is a refined pencil piece I created from one of the sketches in my Sketchbook Slam. This piece has already been backed on Kickstarter and is no longer available, but there are a few other pieces looking for a lovely home if you're looking for an original piece of art!

We're already 50% funded with the Kickstarter and we're not even a day in yet, so I am over the moon with the progress made overnight. I can't thank everyone enough who has backed and shared the project. It means the world to me that you all love and want this book as much as I do!

Comments (6)
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User #3221355 - 17 Aug 18 11:14
Thank you - it's my absolute pleasure :D
user avatar
SarahMason - 17 Aug 18 22:50
:D <3
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User #960248 - 17 Aug 18 22:43
Oh my goodness it's so CUTE! <3
user avatar
SarahMason - 17 Aug 18 22:50
Thank you! <3
user avatar
User #243310 - 17 Aug 18 11:02
Welcome Lilly! This guy's so cute! and Your Kickstarter's doing great, love!! :) <3
user avatar
SarahMason - 17 Aug 18 11:05
Thank you sweets!! <3 :D

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