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New Patrons!
New Patrons!more_vert
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New Patrons! 2017-01-24T12:00:57+00:00close

I would like to welcome our two newest gold tier Patrons, Michael and Theresa! Thank you ever so much for pledging - it means the world to me you both taking part and becoming involved in my journey towards becoming a better artist! <3 I hope you both enjoy my work and your rewards will be with you soon!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #243310 - 24 Jan 17 12:14
Welcome Michael and Theresa! Wow you're on fire chick!! Congrats!! XD
user avatar
SarahMason - 24 Jan 17 12:26
Haha thank you! I feel so happy. this is such a huge achievement! :D
user avatar
User #243310 - 24 Jan 17 12:27
it really is! Massive! there I was saying how slow it is to build up on here and here you are proving me wrong!! XD - so pleased it's going so well for you already! XD
New Patron!
New Patron!more_vert
Post file flag
New Patron! 2017-01-24T09:26:35+00:00close

I would love to welcome Emily to our little group! I hope you enjoy my artwork and thank you so much for pledging!

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #85733 - 24 Jan 17 09:37
Thank you!! Very happy to be here!
user avatar
SarahMason - 24 Jan 17 09:40
Awesome to have you on board (hope the pink is dusty/rosey enough for you!)
user avatar
User #85733 - 24 Jan 17 09:41
Yes it's lovely!!
user avatar
User #243310 - 24 Jan 17 10:19
Welcome Em! XD
user avatar
User #85733 - 24 Jan 17 10:34
Moonflight Ram
Moonflight Rammore_vert
Post file flag
Moonflight Ram 2017-01-23T20:50:49+00:00close

Here is my newest addition to the Moonflight Collection - currently really cold and foggy down South so this painting is quite reflective of this!

Donate $5 to gain access to the full HD image.

Donate $10 to gain access to the GIF process shots of this painting!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #85733 - 24 Jan 17 09:13
Ooh I love this one
user avatar
SarahMason - 24 Jan 17 09:22
Thank you!
Moonflight Ram (HD full image)
Moonflight Ram (HD full image)more_vert
Moonflight Ram (HD full image) 2017-01-23T20:48:43+00:00close

Full HD image version of the Moonflight Ram - thank you for pledging! <3

Attachments (1)

SKETCH17.jpg (1.4MiB)

Moonflight Ram (Process GIF)
Moonflight Ram (Process GIF)more_vert
Post file flag
Moonflight Ram (Process GIF) 2017-01-23T20:43:47+00:00close

Process GIF version of how I made the Moonflight Ram - thank you for pledging! <3

Daily Sketch - Day 14
Daily Sketch - Day 14more_vert
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Daily Sketch - Day 14 2017-01-23T20:41:44+00:00close

Wolf teeth sketch for today! Had a lot of fun with this one!

New Moonflight (Sneaky-peek)
New Moonflight (Sneaky-peek)more_vert
Post file flag
New Moonflight (Sneaky-peek) 2017-01-22T21:51:36+00:00close

Hey guys! Thought I would share with you a sneak-peek of my new Moonflight piece! Should be finished over the next day or two (hopefully, all being well!)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #243310 - 22 Jan 17 22:22
Looking good!
Nexy-moo! (Rainbow painting)
Nexy-moo! (Rainbow painting)more_vert
Post file flag
Nexy-moo! (Rainbow painting) 2017-01-22T20:15:03+00:00close

Managed to finish this painting tonight. :) There's been a lot of attention for Nexus since he hurt his foot! I can't thank Kat and her generous Patrons enough for their support. So here's a little painting of Nex for them! ♡

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #243310 - 22 Jan 17 20:23
NAWWWH! He's gorgeous!! XD - Is that going to Ur mystery gift-giver? XD
user avatar
SarahMason - 22 Jan 17 20:55
Most possibly, if they would like it! <3
user avatar
User #243310 - 22 Jan 17 21:13
(was that your intention for the piece? sorry! I didn't mean to sound presumptuous!)
Daily Sketch - Day 13
Daily Sketch - Day 13more_vert
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Daily Sketch - Day 13 2017-01-22T18:59:07+00:00close

Feel like ass - so what better animal to draw other than a donkey?

Probably about as much energy I can muster on drawing today - maybe I will pull out the cintiq and pain in bed or on the sofa - but I doubt i'll get much done. For now, enjoy!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #243310 - 22 Jan 17 19:06
sorry you're feeling rough hun! - love the donkey anyways! How's Nexus doing?
user avatar
SarahMason - 22 Jan 17 19:10
It's okay - came jsut in time for my three days off - the most productive art days I have in the week. :( Nexus is doing okay, sat on my shoulder (and head) for an hour yesterday whilst I was doing some work on the PC. Happily chirping away like the good little fluff-ball he is <3
user avatar
User #243310 - 22 Jan 17 19:19
the timing's unfortunate but it's possibly Ur body sending U a message to rest `:] - take it easy while U can, I hope U feel better soon. :) Glad to hear the fluff ball's doing ok! XD
Mini watercolours!
Mini watercolours!more_vert
Post file flag
Mini watercolours! 2017-01-22T01:23:40+00:00close

I have been spending my evening painting 5x5cm mini paintings as well as other things - this may be the start of a new Mini Collection!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #243310 - 24 Jan 17 14:23
they're adorbs!
user avatar
User #85733 - 24 Jan 17 09:14
Blog: Living the Night Life 2017-01-21T19:53:34+00:00

So for this week's blog - I thought I would talk about my routine for the week.

(First thing is first - after launching a week ago - i've already hit 3 Patrons! I am so happy - Even though it's a small amount - it's a huge goal in a week to hit and I am immensley happy to everyone who is on board with my art! Thank you!)

So, my weekly routine depends entire on how I feel during that day. I love night shifts - however they do come with some consequences of their own.

1: I now live a nocturnal life. Which can be unsocial to most. (However, I am not the most outgoing and social chap, and prefer to stay inside and paint anyway!)

2: You tend to argue with yourself. If you're as big of a work-aholic as I am - you'll realise that your brain and your body begin to argue with one-another - tends to go a little something like this:

Brain: "Wow - it's 8AM! Look at how much work you could get done today!"

Body: "Wh-No. You've just been standing up, lifting, pulling and pushing heavy loads for 9 hours. Sit down, and please go to sleep."

Brain: "But you can sleep when you're dead! You have so many hours to draw stuff!" And so on and so forth.

3: Your sleeping and eating patterns are... weird. You'll find that you'll be eating breakfast before you go to bed, and having a curry when you wake up. I tend to be unable to sleep in bed either - so the sofa is my new bestie for sleeping. I'm not affected by light or noise (unless it's the chinchillas bouncing around the cage like utter maniacs.. then that will DEFINITELY keep me awake..) but for some reason my lush, comfy bed is just too much and I end up tossing and turning. I have to put a movie on the TV and curl up on the sofa in order to doze.

4: A normal 6-7 hours sleep doesn't feel enough. If I went to bed at a normal time (which would be between midnight and 2AM) - waking up between 7AM and 9AM would seem perfectly reasonable and I would be able to get up and enjoy my day. However on nights, this simply isn't the case. I will go to bed arounf 9AM and wake up at 3PM and I will end up throwing my phone to the opposite side of the room and go back to sleep. I could sleep all day if I would allow myself.

However, it is a hell of a lot of fun. Makes my days more interesting and in fact, I have more time to art funnily enough. I usually take the day off arting on the Friday so I have enough energy to plough through as much artwork as I can over my three days off. I try to art as much as I can - I will often take my Cintiq into work and use my hour to continue with my Moonflight pieces - or I will simply do my daily sketch in my Moleskine if it's too much that night.

I don't have to stress with customers around me, and the night shift is quite a close knit team. Pretty comfortable singing around each other and arsing around. As long as we get our work done - it doesn't matter!

Right - back to arting! Thanks for following me, take care and get creating!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #243310 - 21 Jan 17 20:58
chick you've gotta be kind to yourself and not beat yourself up about not working when you get in! XD - also "normal 6/7 hrs" ?? no wais! If I have anything less than 8 I suffer, I'm best on 10! I've just come to accept that now, some peeps need more sleep than others and it doesn't sound like Ur getting the greatest quality w/working nights and all so I'm not surprised if U need a bit more than normal. :) I had to laugh at you talking about eating curry for breakfast! XD - took me back to my student days of having cold pizza first thin! XD I suspect if I were in Ur position of working nights I would still eat my regular meals but at different times to fit in w/my routine. Smoothies are great when U first wake up! ^_^ Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and congrats again on getting up to 3 patrons so soon!! :)
user avatar
SarahMason - 21 Jan 17 22:33
Thanks Kat! I have a habit of beating myself up with working :P Every time I autamatically think to myself "Every moment you aren't painting and improving yourself, someone else is." O___O I do need to sleep more - 7 hours is normal for me hahaha. I love smoothies! I must make more of them :D
Daily Sketch - Day 12
Daily Sketch - Day 12more_vert
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Daily Sketch - Day 12 2017-01-21T19:16:16+00:00close

Daily Sketch - Day 12 - more feathery creatures - not used to drawing birds so the more I draw them, hopefully the better I become! Vultures today - such poofy feathers on these guys!

New Patrons! 2017-01-21T18:56:46+00:00

I would love to welcome our two newest members of Free Flight - Suzanne and Mike! Thank you so much for pledging and welcome! I hope you guys enjoy my work and stick around to see more of my work! <3

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #243310 - 21 Jan 17 19:00
Welcome aboard Suzanne and Mike! XD
Daily Sketch - Day 11
Daily Sketch - Day 11more_vert
Post file flag
Daily Sketch - Day 11 2017-01-20T20:23:59+00:00close

Daily sketch - day 11. Another bird study - Eagles this time! Getting better with the whole bird face anatomy thing. :D

Daily Sketch - Day 10
Daily Sketch - Day 10more_vert
Post file flag
Daily Sketch - Day 10 2017-01-19T18:24:17+00:00close

Fancied sketching a bird study today - lots of Ravens stalking the houses this morning - such pretty birds!

Prints have arrived!
Prints have arrived!more_vert
Post file flag
Prints have arrived! 2017-01-18T22:00:36+00:00close

Yay - I have ordered prints of my Moonflight paintings - they will be availble to order shorty on my Etsy store - so be sure to keep checking back on the site for more!


I shall be ordering more soon, however at this point in time, stock is limited, so if you want to nab yourself one now, feel free to message me!

A4 prints (left) will be priced on Etsy for £15 and A5 prints will be listed at £10! <3

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #243310 - 18 Jan 17 23:47
user avatar
SarahMason - 18 Jan 17 23:50
Daily Sketch - Day 9
Daily Sketch - Day 9more_vert
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Daily Sketch - Day 9 2017-01-18T21:40:05+00:00close

Day 9 of my animal sketches! Fancied drawing a lion today during the early hours of my shift. Enjoyed this one quite a lot!

Walking Badger - The Rainbow Collection
Walking Badger - The Rainbow Collectionmore_vert
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Walking Badger - The Rainbow Collection 2017-01-17T21:55:00+00:00close

Here's my latest addition to the Rainbow Collection - the Sleepy Badger!

This piece is up for sale - it will be on Patreon for 24 hours before being uploaded anywhere else. The painting is roughly A5 sized. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to send me a message!

Fancy taking a look into how I painted my badger? Pledge $10 to get access to the video of my painting process and more!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #243310 - 17 Jan 17 22:28
user avatar
SarahMason - 17 Jan 17 22:30
user avatar
User #243310 - 17 Jan 17 22:31
Sleeping Badger - The Rainbow Collection
Sleeping Badger - The Rainbow Collectionmore_vert
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Sleeping Badger - The Rainbow Collection 2017-01-17T21:50:44+00:00close

Here's my latest addition to the Rainbow Collection - the Sleepy Badger!

This piece is up for sale - it will be on Patreon for 24 hours before being uploaded anywhere else and going public on Patreon. The painting is roughly A5 sized. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to send me a message!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #243310 - 17 Jan 17 22:27
user avatar
SarahMason - 17 Jan 17 22:28
Badger Walking (Processes Video)
Badger Walking (Processes Video)more_vert
Post file flag
Badger Walking (Processes Video) 2017-01-17T21:35:47+00:00close

Thank you for your donation! Here is the video footage of my Walking Badger for the Rainbow Collection!

Embed data


Provider URL

FreeFlight - Patron Only Badger Process

Thank you for your donation! Here is a video process of my Walking Badger watercolour painting. :) To see more, be sure you stay pledged on my Patreon!



<iframe class="embedly-embed" src="//cdn.embedly.com/widgets/media.html?src=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fembed%2FHHP3O6qaRyI%3Ffeature%3Doembed&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DHHP3O6qaRyI&image=https%3A%2F%2Fi.ytimg.com%2Fvi%2FHHP3O6qaRyI%2Fhqdefault.jpg&key=8ee8a2e6a8cc47aab1a5ee67f9a178e0&type=text%2Fhtml&schema=youtube" width="854" height="480" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Daily Sketch - Day 8
Daily Sketch - Day 8more_vert
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Daily Sketch - Day 8 2017-01-17T17:24:21+00:00close

Another grizzly bear sketch for my daily sketch [day 8]- love their big poofy, fluffiness. So fun to draw!

Daily Sketch - Day 7
Daily Sketch - Day 7more_vert
Post file flag
Daily Sketch - Day 7 2017-01-16T19:09:56+00:00close

Feeling the love for grizzly bears tonight - so a grizzly bear roaring seemed like the appropriate choice!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #243310 - 16 Jan 17 19:18
user avatar
SarahMason - 16 Jan 17 19:19
user avatar
User #243310 - 16 Jan 17 19:22
Moonflight Snowdrop (Process GIF)
Moonflight Snowdrop (Process GIF)more_vert
Post file flag
Moonflight Snowdrop (Process GIF) 2017-01-16T18:06:51+00:00close

Process GIF version of how I made the Moonflight Snowdrop - thank you for pledging! <3

Moonflight Snowdrop (HD full Image)
Moonflight Snowdrop (HD full Image)more_vert
Moonflight Snowdrop (HD full Image) 2017-01-16T18:05:01+00:00close

Full HD image version of the Moonflight Snowdrop - thank you for pledging! <3

Attachments (1)

snowdrops.jpg (1.3MiB)

Moonflight Snowdrop (Patreon Exclusive)
Moonflight Snowdrop (Patreon Exclusive)more_vert
Post file flag
Moonflight Snowdrop (Patreon Exclusive) 2017-01-16T17:59:24+00:00close

I have painted a snowdrop for the Shepton Mallet Snowdrop festival. If you would like to know more, click me !

High resolution image available for Patrons who pledge $5+

GIF process version available for Patrons who pledge $10+

Daily Sketch - Day 6
Daily Sketch - Day 6more_vert
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Daily Sketch - Day 6 2017-01-15T16:43:55+00:00close

Some deer sketching for my daily today! Thought I would do a warm up before continuing to paint my next animals for the Rainbow Collection!

Daily Sketches - Days 1-5
Daily Sketches - Days 1-5more_vert
Post file flag
Daily Sketches - Days 1-5 2017-01-15T00:06:32+00:00close

So, I have been creating daily sketches recently, which I intend on keeping up. Mostly animal sketches (maybe some fanart here and there...) to keep with the wildlife theme and to warm up for the Rainbow Collection drawings! Enjoy!

Launched! 2017-01-14T15:51:20+00:00

I've finally done it - after a few weeks of restless days whilst working on the night shifts, I have finally managed to launch my Patreon! I spent a long time working on enough art to launch an Etsy store and create a small following - and now I can finally say that Friday the 13th was the day I launched Free Flight and where my journey finally begins.


Whilst I am aware of the challenges that are ahead, I understand that Patreon and Etsy are both slow starters - and something that needs constant attention - if I keep at it, it will eventually break through and I will start to see that all the hard work I put into this will pay off. I have one Patron already, which is awesome! And I have goals I wish to achieve within Patreon that will help enable me to paint full time. I have a line-up of work that I am progressing through that will soon be available for Patrons as well as prints ordered to go up onto my Etsy store!

Along with this website, I will be constantly updating my journey. Currently, there are some obstacles I need to clear before I can even consider doing this full time. My current job being one of the underlying issues. I know plenty of artists that have become financially attached to their jobs and too afraid to make the jump from constant, secure income - to the scary world of Freelance.

I need to be earning the same, if not more, than what I am earning at my current job in order for this to be a secure transition.

The other issue I have is the push to do more work at my current job, and thus, lack of understanding that my ambitions are also a priority. Working night shifts are difficult, and currently I have three consecutive days off in order for me to recover some normality and steadily work on my art without interruptions. For example, I currently finish Saturday mornings, and do not return until Tuesday evening - this gives me the weekend to get a good chunk of Patreon content, website updating, Etsy managing and art making done. I also spend my hour lunches and large portions of the day before work also doing this to get as far as I can into my art. As I have been told multiple times; for every second you're not working on improving yourself and getting better, there is someone out there who is.

Anyway - be sure to check my Patreon regularly for exclusive content and be sure to pledge to get access to the Patron-only content! Make sure to check the Etsy store for more stock!

For more blogs - visit my website.

As always, thank you, and keep creating!


Moonflight Forest (Process GIF)
Moonflight Forest (Process GIF)more_vert
Post file flag
Moonflight Forest (Process GIF) 2017-01-13T17:54:55+00:00close

Process GIF version of how I made the Moonflight Forest - thank you for pledging! <3

Moonflight Forest (HD full image)
Moonflight Forest (HD full image)more_vert
Moonflight Forest (HD full image) 2017-01-13T17:49:25+00:00close

Full HD image version of the Moonflight Forest - thank you for pledging! <3

Attachments (1)

Moonflight Forest HD.jpg (1.2MiB)

Moonflight Forest (HD Wallpaper)
Moonflight Forest (HD Wallpaper)more_vert
Moonflight Forest (HD Wallpaper) 2017-01-13T17:41:21+00:00close

HD Wallpaper version of the Moonflight Forest - thank you for pledging! <3

Attachments (1)

Wallpaper Free Flight1.jpg (1.0MiB)

Moonflight Forest
Moonflight Forestmore_vert
Post file flag
Moonflight Forest 2017-01-13T17:36:43+00:00close

Here is a new, freshly painted forest for my Moonflight Series!

HD Wallpaper version available for Patrons who pledge $2+

High resolution image available for Patrons who pledge $5+

GIF process version available for Patrons who pledge $10+


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