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June Polls 2017-06-05T04:05:37+00:00

So as promised i've decided to post the polls for the June 200$ random picture. I hope you all can decide well~ :p

Comments (1)
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User #1019111 - 7 Jun 17 18:15
Gotta give it to Lucoa =w=
June Update 2017-06-02T04:33:08+00:00

Thanks everyone for contributing for June! I will send the May pictures as promised in the middle of the month as usual~

Though i wonder why are there more declined and 'fraud'? It kinda made the amount received less than 200 this month thanks to processing fees~

So anyways, I wanted to discuss with you all. I was thinking of making that if we reach more than 200~ We will always get 2 promised rewards, 1 reward for the 35$ patreons, and a poll picture that everyone will receive, even if you didn't pledge any money ;3

So~ if you all agree~ I'll post another post later about which character for the poll pic~

The twilight Princess
The twilight Princessmore_vert
Post file flag
The twilight Princess 2017-05-26T12:14:50+00:00close

Hope everyone here and those who aren't enjoy this free piece~ It was meant as a commission for a friend, but I think from now on i will do an extra picture based on polls! Since we have so many patrons now ;3

Wardrobe Difficulties
Wardrobe Difficultiesmore_vert
Post file flag
Wardrobe Difficulties 2017-05-24T10:42:48+00:00close

As a amazonian voluptuous lady, i can say that buying wardrobe is a real pain in the ass. Truthfully, no matter the size, bra shopping is the hardest thing for any woman. Truth! >w<

I hope you all enjoy the reward for April month as requested by TheSoaringHog

And I'll be generous! Everyone enjoy!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4216787 - 28 May 17 01:14
Hope you're able to find one that fits!
Sorry and I wonder 2017-05-20T14:24:26+00:00

About the rewards and other pictures i planned to present.

My main artist mkonstantinov, is currently moving home so he's been in and out lately, thus he is unable to create the art as fast as he can. However he is trying his best, so please don't be angry? >w<

On another note, I was wondering, would you all prefer for me to find another artist, in case mkon is busy, and produce more art frequently here? Although i do show art in Deviantart, i was wondering if you guys want more exclusive art, but will have to be from different artists?

Growing Diaries: Part 8
Growing Diaries: Part 8more_vert
Post file flag
Growing Diaries: Part 8 2017-05-15T08:10:45+00:00close

Ugh... cleaning up after growing is the worst thing to do.

Growing Diaries: part 7
Growing Diaries: part 7more_vert
Post file flag
Growing Diaries: part 7 2017-05-15T08:07:17+00:00close

Saying sorry to the very mean neighbour, somehow my attractiveness isn't working~

Sorry for delay
Sorry for delaymore_vert
Post file flag
Sorry for delay 2017-05-14T03:41:17+00:00close

Mkon is a little busy this month, so we might not make it by the 15th deadline for the rewards, but i promise to all those who paid, you will get your rewards. If you really hate me for this and stop pledging i understand as well.

In the mean time, let me share you one of my previous pics done by him before. This was an advertistment made for sizecon 2017 which occurs in august, pity i can't go there, but hey people would definitely love if a giantes like me comes.

Conclusion, I'm really sorry, but the rewards will come soon.

April Preview
April Previewmore_vert
Post file flag
April Preview 2017-05-03T10:13:06+00:00close

Thanks to everyone for the next months~ April's patronage!

It's been lovely to have you all here with me and supporting me in producing such a lovely series.

To the ones who kept supporting me all this while, I thank you greatly for the continued support.

To the newcomers, welcome and thanks for putting your trust in me! ;3

Though I do have a bit of sad news, I kinda feel dishearted to see some people suddenly leave after getting rewards, but it's understandable, this is just supporting me, if they decide to pull out I will accept it wholeheartedly.

In the end I'm just producing more art that you all love, albeit slowly~~ Since I also have my deviantart account.

Anyways, for April's lucky reward we have~~ *rolls dice*


Congratulations~ Now we can await something cute? Funny? or just Blatantly Sexy and lewd :p

Nip docking!
Nip docking!more_vert
Post file flag
Nip docking! 2017-04-19T10:44:17+00:00close

Heh~ So this is the March reward request, as requested by Kim!

I hope the idea came how you wanted, because it is up to the artist to draw it as well, but I hope everyone enjoys it~

Growing Diaries: part 6
Growing Diaries: part 6more_vert
Post file flag
Growing Diaries: part 6 2017-04-16T11:26:31+00:00close

Time to burst out of my confinement!

Growing Diaries: part 5
Growing Diaries: part 5more_vert
Post file flag
Growing Diaries: part 5 2017-04-16T11:24:44+00:00close

Getting stuck isn't fun, but there's always something to distract~

March Update
March Updatemore_vert
Post file flag
March Update 2017-04-14T04:01:33+00:00close

I'm really sorry for the delay in the rewards for this month. Mkon has been having some small troubles, and needs more time to finish up the rewards. In the mean time, here's another preview for everyone. Remember only those 10$ and above can enjoy these full pics :p

March Random Reward 2017-04-08T10:24:05+00:00

And the lucky winner for this month is....

Kim! Congratulations~ He's actually already sent the idea to me, but I just wanted to make it official :p

And thank everyone else for supporting me, hopefully you'll enjoy his idea as well.

Also I've decided that everytime I get more than 150$ the reward will always be coloured~ :3

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #1019111 - 11 Apr 17 05:53
Congratulations Kim! ^^
user avatar
User #4540877 - 8 Apr 17 11:36
Praise the goddess!!
March Preview
March Previewmore_vert
Post file flag
March Preview 2017-04-06T10:13:21+00:00close

Hi everyone! Glad to see so many supporters ;3

So here's a preview for the march patreons, for those who have contributed. as you can see, I'm getting pretty big~ But you'll only understand once the full picture is out ^^ Enjoy!

Sorry~ 2017-04-01T04:45:14+00:00

I deleted the earlier post, so please ignore the message you got about it. It was a mistake.

Enjoy but for less 2017-04-01T04:02:13+00:00

For those who want to enjoy the pictures but aren't willing to contribute the full amount, you can enjoy the January Pictures in my Deviantart at

They will be smaller resolution though but you can still enjoy it :p

Only high donators will get the full enjoyment which is perfect for 4k! :p

IF there was another character you would like seen, what would it be? 2017-03-29T10:06:22+00:00

Just a consideration due to the HUGE numbers we might have for this month ;3

February Sketch Reward!
February Sketch Reward!more_vert
Post file flag
February Sketch Reward! 2017-03-17T10:36:10+00:00close

So the winner of this month's reward was Rick-Shriver! Again! :p

So this time he wanted to be running away from a giantess~ He didn't specify who~ So... guess the resident giantess has to be the ebil one~~ ;p

Growing Diaries: part 4
Growing Diaries: part 4more_vert
Post file flag
Growing Diaries: part 4 2017-03-10T16:16:32+00:00close

Here's the 4th part of my patreon project~

Starting to get big and stuck~ oh noes~ What actually happened here? Stay tuned~

Growing Diaries: Part 3
Growing Diaries: Part 3more_vert
Post file flag
Growing Diaries: Part 3 2017-03-10T16:14:14+00:00close

So I've decided to completely revamp the whole project, and now it's a diary entry of a growing girl! Who's pretty oblivious to everything :p

Otherwise, for those who are entitled to sketches, well, hope you enjoy this sneak peak to the entire story~ :p

Feb Examples
Feb Examplesmore_vert
Post file flag
Feb Examples 2017-03-05T14:20:11+00:00close

This an example of the februrary rewards~

Not much for now but I hope those who have pledged will enjoy~

Also I would like to hear your opinions. How would you like the rewards sent? And what are your opinions if i turn this more into a comic based patreon. In which there will be stories next to the pictures, and those who fully pledge will be the ones who enjoy it.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2339956 - 15 Mar 17 05:05
I would love the more comic format, from her daily POV of how she's handling her new growing body
Second month! 2017-03-01T14:32:52+00:00

Thanks to all of you who have continued to support me, and the newcomers who decided to join in. I am so utterly grateful for your help.

For the rewards, they will come soon, mkon is a little busy with a few projects at the moment. And for the big spenders, there will be the usual rewards for you. (I do apologize, but with the deduction from two other major spenders i had to reduce the prize from coloured back to sketches, however, i plan for a free picture for everyone thanks to the continued support)

The giantess Thief and the unbeknownst Archer
The giantess Thief and the unbeknownst Archermore_vert
Post file flag
The giantess Thief and the unbeknownst Archer 2017-02-13T11:34:27+00:00close

This is the gift sketch for my top two contributers for January.

Thanks a lot to Rick Schriver and SilverProvidence

Because it was my first month and i didn't really clarify the rewards properly, I decided to just do the sketch for both of them together, and this is the end result. I hope everyone enjoys it~

Notes when Growing: 2
Notes when Growing: 2more_vert
Post file flag
Notes when Growing: 2 2017-02-12T13:18:00+00:00close

Always gotta keep that hygiene. I never noticed that showerstalls are really small however.

Notes when Growing: 1
Notes when Growing: 1more_vert
Post file flag
Notes when Growing: 1 2017-02-12T13:15:27+00:00close

So a girl starts to grow, and yet she needs to find fashionable clothes at all time, doesn't she? Mirrors are good measurements too.

Sneak Peak to the first month~
Sneak Peak to the first month~more_vert
Post file flag
Sneak Peak to the first month~ 2017-02-09T01:27:56+00:00close

These are example sketches for the first set that will be rewarded for the Jan Patreons. 1$ will get this same picture, but in higher resolution, that's all, sorry! ^^;

Apologies! 2017-02-01T11:53:02+00:00

I'm really sorry to all of you who have pledged to me. As this is my first time doing such things, I believe I've done a lot of mistakes in clarifying the rewards and how my patreon is going to work. So i'll try to be as simplified but explanatory as i can in the next few lines.

1. Firstly, as this is more of a joint adventure with my favourite artist mkonstantinov, you all must understand that he also has his own artwork, patreon and commissions to settle before he can help me draw out my pictures. As such, the rewards will be sent most likely in the middle of the month, around 10-15th to give him time to draw the pictures. I know this brings a long wait to you all who want the rewards sooner but please understand that I am not an artist, and although I could find another artist to draw, I want you all to have the best.

2. I believe I've been pretty vague with my rewards. I've been offering more than what is approved and it will bring a huge burden to my artists. So i apologize to those who have pledged more than needed, hoping for more. If you wish your money refunded, please send me a post, and if it was due to my mistake, I will refund you in full.

3. Quantity wise, how much will you be expecting per month? Well even with the least amount of patreons, and the least amount of pledges, i promise you that this will continue with at least 2 pictures per month for those who did to enjoy. However, if each goal is reached monthly, i will add pictures based on how much i obtain, and even provide more and more rewards as time pass. I am doing this not only for my enjoyment but so that you all have more to entertain yourself with.

So i really apologize for everything and all the trouble I've caused, I hope you all understand and eagerly wait this months entry.


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