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CHERISH ME 2020-01-14T16:35:04+00:00

  • Replaces (Augmented) Scaevan Choker of [JOB]
  • Model from Shining Nikki
  • Request for LittleDumpling

KITTY TITTY 2020-01-11T05:26:05+00:00


  • Titan Firm - Body
  • Vindictus - Design

Body is TnF Medium
Legs are TnF Large
Replaces the Shisui Set and sister variants

Public on 1/31




Sanguine Petal 2020-01-05T07:49:05+00:00


  • Eastern Lady's Togi
  • Eastern Lady's Crakows


  • Titan Firm - Body Assets
  • BDO - Outfit

Public: 01/26



Comments (4)
user avatar
User #28716267 - 5 Jan 20 19:28
Helloo, sorry to bother you i just tried this dress in medium and the chest looks more like a large is this an error? o:
user avatar
bizuart - 11 Jan 20 05:15
Yes! This should be fixed now; just check to make sure you have the newest files.
user avatar
User #18550185 - 5 Jan 20 08:29
Thank you so much Bizu! ♥♥♥
user avatar
bizuart - 5 Jan 20 08:32
My pleasure <3
Strapped 2020-01-01T03:45:13+00:00


  • Body - Titan Firm
  • Textures - Vindictus
  • Ripped - Latte


  • Gryphonskin Pantalettes
  • Gryphonskin Breastguard

A skin tight version of the set from Vindictus. The files include a version thats intended to dye lighter, for those wanting a whiter or lighter version (Rose Gold). And for those looking for the darker version (Black) is available.

Please make sure you installed them in your color first, then patch 1 and patch 2.

Patch one cleans up the normal map a bit, and patch 2 fixes some weight issues on the underboob.

public 1/20/20


BLEU 2019-12-29T20:09:29+00:00

Body - Titan Firm / SE | Outfit - Shining Nikki

🔹 Dress - Spring Dress
🔹 Shoes - Eastern Socialiate's Boots
🔹 Wristlets - Eastern Maiden's Armband

🔹 Download

🔹 Previews

Veronika - Heels 2019-12-25T02:47:45+00:00

Replaces Taoist's Shoes
Download Link - Updated 1.1 @ 7:55 MST

Another small gift, and this one's staying in the vault

Merry Chrimbus, and Happy New Year! 2019-12-25T01:43:33+00:00

Simple Dress : Download
Outfit & Textures, Shining Nikki
Body, Titan Firm

This dress is a bit of a mix and match! Included in the files is a read-me but if you're prefer to know right off the bat, here we go!

The dress has 2 colorsets. Striped Southern Seas Swimsuit, and Normal Southern Seas Swimsuit. They both use the same rows to dye, but this lets you kinda mix and match as you need;

Row 2- Bow
Row 3- Straps
Row 6- Base Dress
Row 7 - Details

For example, if you'd like one to have a pattern and one to not, make sure one colorset has DIFFERENT values for row 6 and 7, while the OTHER has SAME values.

The sets all have their own colorsets, so please feel free to customize these as you'd like. It's a simple little dress, but... y'know. I kinda can't help myself from modding because I'm addicted to this shit.

So thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your support, your well-wishes, your love, and your patience as I try to throw all of my effort into you by proxy of these outfits. I'm addicted to watching you guys dress up!

In the spirit of Christmas, do me a solid though. If someone asks about the dress, just send them your favorite version of it. The TTMP, or your edited version. Go dress someone else up.

(Maybe remove the [B] if they hate me, lmao)

Also, again in the spirit of Christmas this post will be open and available to all patrons. And go public eventually.

Idk, comment with when I should make this public. No later than Jan 15th

oh, PS: No mod preview because it's a fucking gift, go unwrap it.

AU CHOCOLATmore_vert
Post file flag
AU CHOCOLAT 2019-12-20T12:29:47+00:00close


Media (1)


Comments (1)
user avatar
User #18550185 - 20 Dec 19 13:15
I'm in love! Thank you Bizu! ♥♥♥
Naomi Locks
Naomi Locksmore_vert
Naomi Locks 2019-12-11T03:50:21+00:00close

Hair, Shining Nikki
Weights: Rutabega
Ears/Normals: Rutabega
Cross Racial Porting: Shinny

Thank you thank you thank you for those who helped out. I don't normally do hair but I wanted to try a bit again, and so here...we are! It is not hat compatible, at all what so ever. Please don't try to hat.

You can hair clip, veil and flowers though!

> w< Thank you guys again for your help and support
Especially you

Media (1)

naomi_hair.png (2.9MiB)

Attachments (1)

Bizu_Naomi_Locks_All(1).ttmp2 (33.7MiB)

neige 2019-12-11T03:45:47+00:00close

Model : Source
Body: Titan Firm
Replaces: Choir Robe

Bonus inclusion, Catherine boots ported to Expeditioner's and colorset adjusted to match the dress. Yes this baby's dyable.

Happy Holidays, Merry Chrystler!

Because this is a holiday themed item, this will be released earlier than usual to ensure people get time to enjoy it.

Media (1)

Neige_release.png (2.5MiB)

Naomi 2019-12-07T07:26:58+00:00close

Public Release: 12/28
Thank you to Titan Firm for the body assets, and thank you to Shining Nikki for the outfit.

Green Palette:

  • Southern Seas Swimsuit
  • Rainbow Ribbon of (CLASS)
  • Summer Sandals

Red and Black Palette

  • Striped Southern Seas Swimsuit
  • Ramie Ribbon of (CLASS)
  • Summer Sandals (Colorset Included!)

Wedding / Kawaii Colorset

  • Ribbon of (CLASS)

I tried to include the natural color set from Nikki, as well as one more elegant based on what I figured would be enjoyed. You're welcome to fuss about with the color set or rip the gloves off and be the 648th mod to slap something onto the Thavnairian Armlets. :joy: :cry: I hope you enjoy, because it was a lot of fun working on this!

Media (1)

Naomi.png (2.0MiB)

villain 2019-11-30T22:26:25+00:00close

Huge huge huge shout out to Illyriana for mashing the original coat up with Nana's fur, and a huge huge shout out to Nana for allowing us to use this fur.

Thank you thank you.

The original outfit is from Fashion Cloudy

Media (1)

vaillain.png (2.6MiB)

Attachments (1)

[B] VILLAIN.ttmp2 (6.0MiB)

aetheryte 2019-11-30T20:55:41+00:00close

A small thank you to everyone who's supporting me - all patrons should have access to this little thing. It's just the First's aetheryte, on the aetheryte earring.

While I couldn't figure out the pink glow, I'm happy I was able to find this little thing in the first place! It happened because I failed to rip the lanterns from Doma. kekeke.

So please, enjoy.

Media (1)

Aethryte.png (2.3MiB)

Attachments (1)

[B] The First's Aetheryte.ttmp2 (839.8KiB)

Comfy 2019-11-30T20:52:12+00:00close

Company Tabard ; Dyable
outfit from Shining Nikki

-- Download removed because i broke something, itll be up in a second! --

Media (1)

Comfy.png (2.1MiB)

Attachments (1)

[B] Comfy - No NPC .ttmp2 (1.5MiB)

Catherine Boots
Catherine Bootsmore_vert
Catherine Boots 2019-11-30T20:43:39+00:00close

Scion Healer's Highboots (Female only, Undyable)
Witch's Thighboots (Dyable, Unisex)

Witch's version has a gold-based colorset, for a bit better mix/matching.

Original boots from Shining Nikki

Media (1)

catherine.png (2.7MiB)

Attachments (1)

[B] Catherine(1).ttmp2 (990.5KiB)

Post file flag
nut 2019-11-19T05:36:12+00:00close

Thanks to some e-thot for the name, here's some nice boots for your wardrobe. Dyable, and made for the High Summoner Boots or Summoner halfboots?

The yuna boots.

Can be ported to any other medium length female boot (like makai!)
But I'm throwing more boots out this week, so watch me!

Thank you guys

I love u

especially you with the pink hair


Media (1)

BIZU_SFW.png (2.1MiB)

Post file flag
Normandie 2019-11-18T05:59:03+00:00close
  • Riviera Dress (All Talls)
  • Quaintrelle's Hat (Au Ra, Miqo'te, Hyur)
  • Dodore Boots (Tall Women, Standard Men)

    Feel free to move, edit, or make changes as you'd like to these items. I'm sorry to Viera who I couldn't find a head piece item that was dyable, DXT5, and had a miqo'te only model. If you find a head piece that meets these conditions, let me know and I'll port it over. Sorrysorrysorry!
This mod uses material addition
- Added Bandana (1) which has the proper colorset files!


Media (1)

BIZU_SFW.png (2.1MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #15925996 - 18 Nov 19 07:10
What a lovely and delightful mod!!! I'm so happy for it!!! But for some reason I'm having trouble with getting the bandana mod to show? It's just entirely invisible. 😭
user avatar
bizuart - 18 Nov 19 23:44
Looks like it was missing the colorset! Quaintrelle's hat uses the Boulevardier's Colorset in TT. The file has been updated to fix this u wu thank you for letting me know!
Dear 2019-10-18T23:31:39+00:00close

Requires Ezrin's Preview Patch

  • Model from Shining Nikki
  • Replaces the Primal Choker
    - Idyllshire, Poetics

Media (1)

Dear.png (2.4MiB)

Attachments (1)

[B] Dear.ttmp2 (2.3MiB)

Demon 2019-10-18T23:29:22+00:00close

Requires Ezrin's Preview Patch

  • Replaces (Augmented) Scaevaen Choker of _
    - Poetics, Ralgr's Reach
  • From Shining Nikki

Media (1)

Demon.png (2.1MiB)

Attachments (1)

[B] Demon.ttmp2 (2.8MiB)

Deadly 2019-10-18T23:27:04+00:00close

Requires Ezrin's Preview Patch

  • Outfit by Shining Nikki
  • Replaces the Faerie Tale Princess's Dress

Media (1)

Deadly.png (2.2MiB)

Attachments (1)

[B] Deadly.ttmp2 (3.4MiB)

Midnight Waltz
Midnight Waltz more_vert
Midnight Waltz 2019-10-16T20:40:20+00:00close

Requires Ezrin's Preview Patch

  • Body by Titan Firm | Outfit by Vindictus
  • Witch's Hat, Witch's Coattee, Thavnairian Armlets, Far Eastern Matriarch's Boots, Contemporary Pince Nez

Special request, ding ding ding. Channel your inner/outer Bitchzu. Thank you guys, for the privilege to dress y'all up in cute shit. To be honest, these classes and boots are my jam so...

Take some cute shots, and SHOW ME!

Also I'm looking for dedicated teaser-takers! I'd like to give a few people early copies of these mods to take teaser pictures to post in #teasers, and on twitter/instagram. If you're interested, let me know!

Attachments (1)

[B] Midnight Waltz.ttmp2 (10.3MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
bizuart - 27 Oct 19 10:20
At the top of the post, it has a link to Ezrin's preview patch - these are REQUIRED to install my mods, since I use multiple materials in every mod. Back up your mods, start over, then install the patch by overwriting your TexTools folder with it.
user avatar
User #26133233 - 25 Oct 19 06:13
This mod is broken... Paid for paetron specifically to get it
Bitch 2019-10-13T19:26:10+00:00close

Requires Ezrin's Preview Patch

  • I think the hands are from Titan
  • Diffuse & Dyable, edit to your own tastes
  • Might clip around the knuckles / fingers.
  • Replaces claws of the beast

Special request, ding ding ding. Channel your inner/outer Bitchzu.

Long nails added by Illyriana

Media (1)

bitch_prev.png (2.1MiB)

Attachments (2)

[B]itch.ttmp2 (1.4MiB)
BitchyLongNails.ttmp (869.1KiB)

Astral more_vert
Astral 2019-10-10T17:47:46+00:00close

Requires Ezrin's Preview Patch || Emperor's Hairpin || All Races, All Genders

I've seen people asking about this mod that's been going around privately. I'm unsure of the original creator's permissions, so I remade it myself with theirs as a reference.

Change the planet colors through the colorset, theyr'e ordered inner ring -> outer ring

Inspired by ir7770's Solar System Dream

Edit (1) Added thicker option.
Edit (2) Added higher (halo) version.
Edit (3) Added another set of placements for those trying to re-creatve the private version.

Media (1)

aSTRal.png (1.2MiB)

Attachments (1)

[B] Astral(5).ttmp2 (6.6MiB)

High Elf
High Elfmore_vert
High Elf 2019-10-07T10:20:46+00:00close

Requires Ezrin's Preview Patch || Far Eastern Maiden's Boots, Anemos Suspenders, Quaintrelle's Skirt, Quaintrelle's Dress

Options include the top as a dress, a shirt, and the skirt on its own. I'll be adding more to this set in the upcoming days.

Attachments (1)

[B] High Elf (1).ttmp2 (20.2MiB)

Gemini 2019-10-07T09:17:03+00:00close

Requires Ezrin's Preview Patch || Replaces the Eastern Maiden's Set || Original Model || Titan Firm Body/Feetsies

Plenty of options included regarding the jewelry and tights, and this is a diffuse set so you'll want to whip out photoshop to redesign the blue if you'd like new colors.

Thank you Erica for being the bimbo we didn't want, but deserved. > w<

Media (1)

Gemini.png (2.0MiB)

Attachments (1)

[B] DOA6 - Gemini Stella.ttmp2 (15.5MiB)

Bolero 2019-10-03T08:23:55+00:00close

Requires Ezrin's Preview Patch

Males only. Hyur based. Another reward for the Raffle the Contribution Server held! I was fortunate to be given the chance to work on a male mod since one of our volunteers had some complications, so hopefully this work meets up to standards!

The shirt and pants should both be vanilla compliant.

Media (1)

Bolero.png (2.1MiB)

Attachments (1)

[B] BNS - BOLERO(1).ttmp2 (2.4MiB)

Two Faced + Two Faced Peetsies
Two Faced + Two Faced Peetsiesmore_vert
Two Faced + Two Faced Peetsies 2019-10-05T20:00:00+00:00close

Requires Ezrin's Preview Patch || Replaces the Glade Tunic / High House Halfboots , and WHM AF boots (Peetsies)

Dyes differently depending on your race; options are included to change this setting.

Media (1)

TwoFaced.png (3.5MiB)

Attachments (1)

[B] Two Faced.ttmp2 (13.1MiB)

Cotton Blossom
Cotton Blossommore_vert
Cotton Blossom 2019-10-05T20:00:00+00:00close

Requires Ezrin's Preview Patch

  • Outfit by Blade and Soul
  • Housemaid's Dress

Media (1)

CottonBlossom.png (2.7MiB)

Attachments (1)

[B] Cotton Blossom.ttmp2 (1.6MiB)

Provisioner 2019-10-01T19:40:45+00:00close

Requires Ezrin's Preview Patch || Credits: Male Body - Tsar , special thanks to Illy and Dillen for assisting / ripping the files!

Provisioner's outfit from MonHun, for both men and women alike. Finally dipping my toes into male mods. Includes optional variants to keep the armbands, in case you'd like to layer them with specific gloves.

Media (1)

Provisioner.png (2.6MiB)

Attachments (1)

[B] Provisioner.ttmp2 (7.9MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4819300 - 19 Nov 19 12:28
What does it Replace? Neither in Discord nor here its said >w<
ennui 2019-10-01T19:34:59+00:00close

Requires Ezrin's Preview Patch || Miqo'te, Viera, Au Ra, Midlander ||
Replaces Yanxian Merchant's Haori

Will be available to Sugar Mommies and Daddies on the 15th, and public on the 1st of November.

Update :
Fixed neck/hip seam on tailed girls

Media (1)

ennui.png (2.1MiB)

Attachments (1)

[B] ennui(1).ttmp2 (2.6MiB)

Ko-Fi Commission PSDs
Ko-Fi Commission PSDsmore_vert
Post file flag
Ko-Fi Commission PSDs 2019-09-20T10:29:17+00:00close

This is a small bundle of some of the recent ko-fi commissions I've done in September; these were made in Clip Studio Paint, so I'm not 100% sure how these translate to .PSDs!

Inside are all the mistakes, blunders, and hidden layers of the works, so you can maybe learn from my mistakes and prosper.

(Scheduled mod post coming soon!)

EXPERIMENTAL: PEETSIES 2019-09-17T14:11:13+00:00close

Base feetsies made from Monster Hunter World's Wyverian race, edited to fit the FFXIV seams; there's still plenty of work to be done on this mod, like fixing up the UVWS on the toes, adding proper shading, as well as patterned packs.

My plans going forward with this do include making more vanilla-compliant variants using other thigh-high boots. This also means making it somewhat compatible for males as well, hopefully.

Please note these are a work in progress and there will be issues. I am aware of the following:
- Some skirts have shape data that shrink the thigh more than usual
- It looks silly on pants

Media (1)

ffxiv_dx11_dThejRG5eG.png (658.9KiB)

Attachments (1)

[P] Peetsies (base) .ttmp2 (398.5KiB)

MACHA more_vert
MACHA 2019-09-13T11:59:54+00:00close

Vindictus - Outfit & Design
Titan Firm - Vanilla Body & Base Model

Please update your TexTools to Esrin's latest patch


Download below includes raw files and modpack ;

However the raw files use multiple materials. If you're still on TT1.9.9.3 you'll want to altas these! The colorsets should the same within each piece

1.0.1 -
Fixed modpack to properly include taoist's shirt

Media (1)

MachaPreview.png (3.3MiB)

Attachments (1)

[B] Macha Set.rar (20.0MiB)

Hanafuda Earrings
Hanafuda Earringsmore_vert
Hanafuda Earrings 2019-09-09T06:56:07+00:00close

Might look a bit jiggly on Viera, since I've moved the earring position a bit... As usual, please make sure your TexTools is up to date. Esrin's patch is pretty great!
Esrin's Patch | Replaces the Deepshadow Earring Set

I think there's powerful imagery in the earrings that have less to do with japanese imperialism, and more with Tostito's character that I'm happy to stand behind unless the mangaka says otherwise.

I feel like the rising sun is supposed to be a connotation to the gentle warmth and strength that puts Taquito above demons, and the flower shape is supposed to bring motifs of how gentle he is. If you do not like seeing imagery that is similar to the JP Rising Sun, I ask that you skip over this mod. This was made for those who appreciate Toebiter's earrings and find the connotation in the design to be a beautiful implication of Tokaka's kind and loving character.
This is further discussed here:
Part 1: https://curiouscat.me/BizuArt/post/990327112
Part 2: https://curiouscat.me/BizuArt/post/990107455

Media (1)

HanafudaEarrings.png (2.6MiB)

Attachments (2)

[B] Hanafuda Earrings (JP+CN).ttmp2 (793.5KiB)
Hanafuda_Raw_2.rar (202.4KiB)

New Tiers ! 2019-09-08T01:02:26+00:00

As you may have seen in my discord, I've announced some changes to the tiers - mainly I wanted to provide a way to offer more of my time and incentivize support, without alienating any of my current supporters.

So, after some discussion in the discord, I've moved and organized some of the rewards to be a bit more flexible and rewarding depending on where you are. First things first:

I left Honey Pot (3USD) and Sugar Daddy/Mommy (5 USD) relatively the same; I received feedback that anything above the 5 USD price point was too much for them to afford, and I hear that. With how many creators are opening up a patreon too, I understand it can get difficult to support as many creators as you want to. I also don't want to take up the limited-budget the community has when I'd like to see support given to other creators

(Did you know Titan Firm has started a patreon?)

So with that in mind, I did move the voting rights from Honey Pot to Sugar Daddy/Mommy; I feel that 3 USD is a low price point to get access to the mods, and it's the kind of support most people will be able to give-- but I wanted to thank the Sugar Mommies and Daddies for their support and give them just a little bit more in the way of influence!

Hopefully you guys understand where I'm coming from with this decision!

Next up is the new tier, Sugar Lips (10 USD). This tier was introduced to allow me some more time to mod every month for you guys. Originally the second mod of the month was part of a higher tier, but a few people said they wanted the second mod of the month but they didn't want the benefits of the "Sweet Tooth" rank. So this tier was implemented for those of you who'd like that second mod, but aren't interested in mod commissions.

And the last two tiers: Sweet Tooth and French Girl.

First of all, please let me clarify that your points earned in the commission tiers are universal. If you earn 10 points in the art tier, swap to the modding tier, they're the same pool. If you're in the Art tier, decide you want a modding commission, you can use those points however you'd like! They're basically a piggy bank of 1 USD notes for you.

10 Points = 10 USD.

These tiers were implemented so that people who really want to support can show that support, and in return I'm happy to give them more influence over my work. People in these tiers get first dibs on the commission slots I'll be opening monthly, and the ability to suggest what I'm up to next.

Ideally, I'd like for this to be the last change to any of the tiers- I might have to fidget with the points or discounts to make sure I'm not handing out free moneyz, but I also don't want to ever pull the rug out from under your f**t. I always want to thank you guys for your continued support, and going forward to the end of this year, I want to show off more custom meshes and designs, hit up more requests from you all, and really keep the content going.

Sappy Bizu: I'm always excited to push our a release for you guys and I'm elated to see screenshots of the final product on other people. I don't get time to make glamorous shots, so I live vicariously through your screenshots.

Please don't acknowledge the final tier. It doesn't exist.

Demon Stalker
Demon Stalker more_vert
Demon Stalker 2019-09-07T06:18:15+00:00close

Thank you Titan Firm for the vanilla-sized body and rig!

1.3 ;
The mod has been moved to TTMP2
Equipping helmets will no longer kill your belt

Should you run into any further issues, the following is a guide on what piece of the mesh is what - just export the .DAE and re-import with advanced settings!

Group 1

Mesh 0 - Dress

Mesh 1 - Belt (CHEST)

Mesh 2 - Belt (WAIST)

Mesh 3 - Cloak

Mesh 4 - Armbands

Mesh 5 - Shoulder Cloak (Dont remove)

mesh 6 - Arm decales

Mesh 7 - hood

Mesh 0

0 - Body

1 - Upper Arm

2 - Lower Arm

3 - Neck

Media (1)

claw.png (1.8MiB)

Attachments (2)

[B] Demon Stalker.ttmp2 (25.6MiB)
Demon Stalker.rar (69.6MiB)

HORSE KILLER (Lysithea)more_vert
HORSE KILLER (Lysithea) 2019-09-04T00:11:36+00:00close

Fit to Titan Firm's Vanilla boobies and feetsies ; raw files are included in the downloads, as well as the modpack!

Make sure your TexTools is UP to DATE ! ! !

Media (1)

Lysithea_Preview.png (3.2MiB)

FLAYN 2019-09-03T23:51:50+00:00close

Below are both the raw files, and the modpack for Flayn's dress. Just remember, F stands for FISH

Media (1)

Flayn_Preview.png (3.0MiB)

Attachments (2)

Flayn.rar (3.2MiB)
[B] Flayn's Outfit.ttmp2 (1.1MiB)

Kitstune more_vert
Kitstune 2019-08-23T12:08:50+00:00close


Outfit - Itsune Elaine by Rui , Body - Curvier Body 3 by Sel (Titan), Texture Overhaul and penmanship by my girlfriend and texture goblin, Zana

This one was a bit rough to work with because the model came with hand painted diffuse textures and MMD-like topography. But with a bit of polish, here we are.

Should affect the Lady's Suikan, Hakuko Men (For all Races and Genders), High Summoner's Armlets.

Media (1)

Kitstune.png (5.4MiB)

Attachments (1)

[B] Kitsune .ttmp (17.0MiB)

Contribution Server : Demon Stalker
Contribution Server : Demon Stalker more_vert
Post file flag
Contribution Server : Demon Stalker 2019-08-23T11:50:06+00:00close

Because this is a commission for the contribution server, the password is not included to patrons! The password can be purchased from GumRoad on the following link!

[ Mod Purchase ]

This mod will be public on September 7th.

1.1 - Fixed Panties

PSO2 - Epitina
PSO2 - Epitina more_vert
PSO2 - Epitina 2019-08-17T06:42:38+00:00close

A bit of remodeling in the back because of how the tabard was set up, so hopefully it plays nicely! This is put onto the Republican Medicus Chiton of Healing, but you're welcome to move it to other items.

made with, and to fit vanilla breasts.

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[B] Epitina Garb.ttmp (742.3KiB)

Airy Dress
Airy Dress more_vert
Airy Dress 2019-08-16T08:14:49+00:00close

Rip by "Chu Ni"
Preview Picture by D.W. Mods
Vanilla body / CB3 - Titan / Sel / SE

Included is a vanilla size, CB3 Size, and lalafell size.

Added small variant courtesy of Lorielthy

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AiryDress.png (3.0MiB)

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[B] Airy Dress - (S.V.CB3.Lala).rar (3.6MiB)

Drakengard - Zero
Drakengard - Zero more_vert
Drakengard - Zero 2019-08-07T00:35:33+00:00close

As in "I'm wearing zero panties under this."

- Should fit vanilla skirts under this
- Titan Firm Vanilla
- Original Model ripped by Sticklove

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[B] Drakengard 3 - Zero Dress.ttmp (1.1MiB)

Sakura Crown
Sakura Crownmore_vert
Sakura Crown 2019-08-06T22:04:12+00:00close

By popular demand/request, a flower crown a bit more elegant and dainty. Replaces the flower crown, and is for all lovely ladies. Because this is a bonus, it'll be public ASAP for everyone to enjoy before fall hits!

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[B] Sakura Crown - but pinker .ttmp (36.7MiB)

Yuu Tori Tori - Hana
Yuu Tori Tori - Hana more_vert
Yuu Tori Tori - Hana 2019-08-05T23:16:11+00:00close

Viera Hair 3 : 1801_3
Miqo'te Hair 9 : 0801_9
Au Ra Hair 4: 1401_3

There are two versions of this hair! One with butterflys around the loops, and one with clips and bows. They're diffuse based, and if you'd like alternate colors, there's a PSD attached.

If you'd like to port this to other races, please feel free.

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[B] Yuu Tori Tori - Hana.rar (42.2MiB)

Wicked more_vert
Wicked 2019-08-05T23:08:36+00:00close

Body by Titan, Dress by BDO.

Replaces the Kudzu Robe & Orthodox Robe of Healing/Casting; Feel free to port over to other items as you need.

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Wic.png (2.6MiB)

Elf Hair - Viera
Elf Hair - Viera more_vert
Elf Hair - Viera 2019-07-15T07:21:56+00:00close

- Replaces hair 13
- Has 3 Variations based on the bangs
- Viera Only (For now!)

Credits to Yuu Tori Tori for the mesh (Original)

There were a lot edits made to make the mesh look "right" in the FFXIV system so there's going to be some differences.

Update 2 ;

Fixed backfaces on Hyur
Edited attributes to prevent hat fuckery,
Compiled into one TTMP

Raw 3D Files are now included for cross porting! ~

Wandering Alchemist
Wandering Alchemist more_vert
Wandering Alchemist 2019-07-10T08:52:53+00:00close

Alright! BDO released a new class, the Shai -- and I have to admit I'm super into their outfits so I'm going to be working on their outfits this week.

And this is to start - the Wandering Alchemist

I'll be getting their shoes done later tonight, but I wanted to get this out for you guys!

This one's on the Eastern Socialite's Cheongsam because it kinda needed a diffuse to really take advantage of this gradient. At the moment, it's not lalalfell compatible, but it'll be updated on the public release.

I hope you enjoy - it pairs pretty nicely with the raincoat hood too u wu

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[B] Wandering Alchemist - P.ttmp (3.3MiB)

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User #8528387 - 13 Sep 19 00:22
Woah! How'd you get the characters face to look so pretty?
Crystal See Through
Crystal See Throughmore_vert
Crystal See Through 2019-07-08T10:32:07+00:00close

This one's been private for a bit too long, and when I first saw it I thought it was MMD to be honest, so I kinda... avoided it. But people asked about it a couple of times so I challenged myself to finish this one in one sitting, one night.

Down below you'll find four variations of this dress, depending on if you'd like the gloves and skirt, or not! I'll be returning to this set in a day or two to put the skirt on it's own item, as well as the gloves.

Colorsetting Info:
Gems ; Row 13
Metal ; Row 12
Cloth ; Row 11 ~ 9
Ribbon; Row 6

Mesh Info:

0.0 Body
0.1 Neck
0.2 Upper Arm
0.3 Lower Arm

1.0 Shirt
1.1 Skirt
1.2 Gloves

Credit where it's due;
Body - Titan Firm
Dress - Vindictus

Update; Please Download the 2nd version please; Contains a weight fix for the gloved versions!

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[B] Crystal See Through.rar (11.4MiB)
[B] Crystal See Through 2 .rar (11.4MiB)

Wisdom's Blouse
Wisdom's Blousemore_vert
Wisdom's Blouse 2019-06-21T02:21:24+00:00close

Oh my god. This was supposed to be a five minute port, but I decided to go the extra mile and actually put this on a Normal/Mask item.

Huge shout out to my girlfriend/texture goblin for her work on this texture to help make the slate look as good as it does.

Affected Items:
Acolyte's Robe, Direwolf Robe of Healing/Casting, Cashmere Robe of Healing/Casting, and the Augmented Cashmere robe of Healing/Casting.

Some versions of the gear have the slate, and some don't~

The sheikah slate minion is coming soon (TM)

Thank you thank you thank you for your patience on this project guys. I wanted this out last week and found myself struggling with this and motivation U _U

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[B] Wisdom's Blouse.ttmp (11.8MiB)


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