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Schedule Announcement 2020-01-13T01:32:03+00:00

Well, first things first, I want to let you all know that I'll be having surgery in less than 12-hours from now. It's nothing serious, I'm just getting my wisdom teeth pulled out, but since I'll be going under general anaesthetic, I've been told to spend the following 24-hours after the procedure with someone so I don't hurt myself or anything like that. Drugs are scary, kids.

In light of that, I'll be spending Monday and half of Tuesday with my dad and stepmum at their home.

This week has been a total mess. The Patreon bug seems to be fixed, but it was really stressful for the, what, almost 2 days it was around? On top of that, there were my usual delays...

I've decided to just say 'fuck it' to the chapters from prior weeks that I've missed. This week alone I have only posted 1 SIS chapter meant for this week. I think it would be wiser to just start fresh and begin writing on Tuesday for this week instead of making the hard task of catching up impossible.

If all goes well, maybe this week I'll be able to write an extra chapter for LTW, making one less until the $1,000 goal reward is actually completed.

I know those of you that read only SIS are like 'Uh, okay. I don't care about LTW's bonus chapters...' but you should! You should because once they are done I can start dedicating myself to upping SIS's weekly chapter count to 3!

Anyhoo, I'm rambling. Basically, owed chapters are scrapped, expect an LTW before my surgery, hopefully, then regular chapter releases again starting Tuesday/Wednesday.

Love ya all,


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5110753 - 13 Jan 20 03:22
Good luck. I had my wisdom teeth out a couple years ago. You’ll close your eyes then open them and you’ll be like when we starting and it’s already over
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 13 Jan 20 04:51
And thank god for that. A tough tooth to come out can cause unbearable pain from pressure. I've had a tooth out like that before.
Small Update + What Kind of Chapters/Scenes Do You Most Enjoy? 2020-01-09T08:17:58+00:00

Small note:

Chapters are coming soon if that's all you care about. On my Discord, I frequently post my progress when writing new chapters, so join the server if you haven't already.


I realise that I have failed to meet two goals I previously said I would do/try to do. The first being finishing the remaining owed chapters for LTW for reaching the $1,000 goal. The second being upping the weekly SIS chapter count to 3 instead of the current 2.

On top of that, I've also been consistently missing weekly deadlines. I am technically releasing 2 chapters a week per story, but I'm still pretty much always a week behind. LTW's rewrite has suffered missed chapters due to this, but that isn't on Patreon which is why it's kind of been the scapegoat.

Now, why has this been happening? Writer's block? Lack of interest in the stories? Real-life issues?

The answer? Oh, God, a million things. Lacking motivation, building desire to write a new story with a fresher premise, the constant decline of the monthly pledged amount which has led to some anxiety, dwindling engagement and so many other tiny things that just contribute to building a mountain.

I've been trying to counter this via just writing, but honestly, I find myself writing, like, 0-500 words a day at times. Like I mentioned in one of my other more recent updates, sometimes I just lose myself in reading a story or watching a youtube/steam playlist and before I know it the day's gone. Heck, just yesterday I slept for 16-hours because I just didn't want to get up and write.

How do I plan to combat this? Well, I'm not going to go on a break. I don't think that would help anything. What I feel like I really need are more likes and comments, honestly. I know that might sound kind of selfish, but even 'Thanks for the chapter.' comments help motivate me.

Of course, the ideal would be real comments that point out things you really liked, hated, or had no feeling on. It's hard to improve as a writer when pretty much your entire paying community is mute.

I understand that Patreon is fucking dogshit for reading on and I actually want to move to RR for paid content when they finish developing their author-monetisation system, but for now, a few more comments would honestly help me a lot. Half of my current desire to write comes from a select handful of users of Royal Road that comment every chapter with an actual opinion on the chapter.

I know that this may come across as whiny and unnecessary to you, but I dunno, I've been struggling with this for months and figured it'd only be fair to finally let you guys know.

Now, I am going to try to write at least 2,000-words a day as a new year's resolution even if I can't find the effort to be bothered. I want to finish LTW as soon as possible to start a new project, though I have no intentions to rush the story and there are probably about 3 more volumes until it's concluded.

I am still pretty interested in SIS and have a lot of plans for its future books, so don't worry in that regard.

If I can dig myself out of the chapter deficit I'm now in then I will once again try to finish LTW's owed chapters then hopeful start doing 3 SIS chapters per week.

If you read all of that, thanks for listening to me moaning.


This is unrelated to the update. I've just never asked and no one's really told me. I know it's different for everyone, so I wanted to see where my readers fell on this subject in general.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #15959464 - 9 Jan 20 09:30
Thank you for the update! Do you want me to try and comment my thoughts on the chapters too when I can even if it isn’t that often and there’s a big probability that I forget? If so I’ll try and see how it goes, just don’t expect anything amazing.
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 9 Jan 20 09:55
You're like my only consistent patron commenter, so yeah, it'd be cool if you could give me your thoughts on things that really strike you as good or bad if and when you remember to. c:
Re-announcements For Those Who Are Unaware 2019-10-23T19:34:33+00:00

I am currently in Prague with Royal Road's owners and staff on holiday until the 30th of this month.

As a result of this, there will be no regular chapters this week and only 1 chapter per story next week, however, while i am here, I do have access to a laptop which Kanadaj - one of RR's owners - is kindly selling to me since he got a new one, so I'm gonna try to write a few chapters as I'm away, all of which won't have corresponding releases on RR and will instead be used to work towards the remaining owed chapters from reaching the $1,000 goal.

I think that's it. I'm pretty tired. Been up for 24-hours doing holiday stuff like flying and checking in and all of that fun jazz.


Love you all,



Comments (6)
user avatar
User #15959464 - 23 Oct 19 20:14
Have a nice rest!
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 24 Oct 19 06:31
Thanks! :D
user avatar
User #8869161 - 23 Oct 19 19:36
Have fun Lone
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 24 Oct 19 06:30
Thanks! I'll try! c:
user avatar
User #6851761 - 26 Oct 19 14:48
Have a good time, lots of interesting things in Prague. 😀
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 26 Oct 19 22:09
Thanks, and right you are! Already explored the city a good bit thus far.
New Goal Added: $2,000 Goal! 2019-08-22T04:37:59+00:00

I honestly don't expect to reach $2,000 pledged per month considering how unpopular Lone: the Wanderer is and I don't think Shovels In Spades can bring in that many generous people hungry for early chapters, but hey, I never thought we'd reach $500 or $1,000, so who knows?

I know I haven't finished giving all of the extra chapters for the $1,000 yet, and it is taking me FOREVER to dribble the chapters out. It really shouldn't be taking so long, but the more I write, the better I get at it and the more I'm planning things out and thinking things through in a more cohesive manner, which eats up time.

I'll try to get it done by December at the latest, I swear.

As for why I'm adding this new goal now when there doesn't really seem to be a reason to do so until the prior one's goal reward is fulfilled, and to explain that, it's really just to help motivate me with doing exactly that.

I mean, not only do I have to give you guys those chapters without stealing from the regular releases, but I also have LTW's rewrite on the side and the owed chapters from when my old computer broke. It's genuinely quite stressful, but all of your continued support really helps motivate me (likes and comments far more so than money, funnily enough).

Now, some of you may notice that the $1 tier won't gain anything extra if we reach the $2,000 goal, and this is for a few reasons.

Primarily, it's because if I offer too much at the lowest tiers, the higher tiers become less appealing and seem more and more unfair, which is why I've decided to stop the $1 tier at 10 early chapters per story. That number may go down for future stories to make it more fair, but as I've already promised that amount of chapters for LTW and SIS, then I shall not go back on that promise.

I think that's everything that I wanted to say.

As always, thank you very much for supporting me whether you have done so for months or days, regardless of if you plan to support me for years or only until the end of this month, I really appreciate each and every single one of you.

Thank you.



Comments (8)
user avatar
User #14493962 - 23 Aug 19 05:00
I’m also only here for SIS but that is mostly because I’m currently reading the rewrite of LTW so I can’t really jump ahead in the story.
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 23 Aug 19 08:12
Perfectly understandable. :D
user avatar
User #14818600 - 22 Aug 19 19:20
yeah tbh only on here for SIS was never a big fan of lone however you make consistently good quality so I’d pay regardless of the bonus chapters
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 22 Aug 19 20:55
Thanks! :D I really appreciate that.
user avatar
User #15959464 - 22 Aug 19 05:37
Thank you for the update!
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 22 Aug 19 05:49
Thank you for reading it! c:
user avatar
User #21379023 - 29 Aug 19 00:06
honestly i hope you do get to 2000. the modern living wage is about £24k a year anyway. infact if you made even more than that id be cool with it because you are a talented writer
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 29 Aug 19 04:29
Thanks. It's a shame that I've lost about $200 in pledged total this month though, but you never know what the future may hold. :P
$1,000 Goal Reached! 2019-05-09T15:58:54+00:00

This is both amazing, and terrible.

Amazing because I never imagined I'd reach this goal, and terrible because now I have to write the reward for it. ;~;

Like with how I handled the $500 reward, you won't get it immediately, but I'll still work on it even if the pledged total dips below $1,000 (Which I fully expect it to at the start of next month or maybe even before then).

My plan is to write one extra chapter per week and tuck them away until they're all done, then mass release them. This means it'll take me about 10-weeks to complete which is almost 3-months, yeah, but it's better that I take it slow so I don't interfere with the regular releases and maintain the quality of the chapters instead of rushing them out and letting the quality dip.

Thanks for your support and for allowing me to make this my full-time job.

You guys are insane.

As always, love ya all,



Comments (8)
user avatar
User #12768565 - 14 May 19 13:44
I hope that I can maintain my pledge indefinitely. I'm looking forward to seeing what's next. I'm a huge fan of there always being a bigger mountain.
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 14 May 19 15:02
Your support means the world to me, whether that's only for a short period of time, or for as long as a write. c:
user avatar
User #701909 - 9 May 19 20:01
Congrats! Happy to be on board.
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 10 May 19 05:47
And I'm extremely grateful for your support, Dawn!
user avatar
User #10350369 - 9 May 19 16:42
We all knew eventually you would reach your goal
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 9 May 19 17:12
I didn't expect to meet the $500, let alone this one, lol.
user avatar
User #2294114 - 9 May 19 16:16
Congrats :)
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 9 May 19 16:26
Thanks c:
Too Many Pictures To Copy/Paste 2019-04-08T13:58:06+00:00


Long story short, I got my new PC and chapters will resume today!

Sketch of Ascending Lemurian Swind In A Suit
Sketch of Ascending Lemurian Swind In A Suitmore_vert
Post file flag
Sketch of Ascending Lemurian Swind In A Suit 2019-04-01T03:16:43+00:00close

I should have the edited and finished version in full colour in a couple of days at the most, but here's a sketch of everyone's favourite lizard-boy.

On the topic of my pc, rent has been paid for and I'll be ordering the computer later today (it's just past 4am on Monday right now for me lol), so as soon as the pledges are processed, I can buy it and we're back to writing!

Link To The Character Popularity Poll 2019-03-30T16:16:59+00:00
Facts About Me 2019-03-24T14:41:25+00:00

As I said in my last post, here's some juicy details about me as we wait for my new computer.


First off, I'm a 22 year old Scottish dude. Pretty basic and common knowledge, huh?

I grew up in your ordinary everyday village which had a population of less than 3,000 people. Small place, I know.

I used to absolutely hate reading and English as a whole. It just never really jivved well with me when I was a kid.

I was your average weird kid in primary school who only had a handful of friends, but that changed when I entered high school.

I grew to be quite tall and I was well-built since living in a rural village and not having the internet until I was 14 led to a lot of outdoor exercise as I played with friends.

Thus, I ended up becoming a bit of a dick to people since it got laughs from my 'friends' and made me look tough.

I guess I had the mentality of 'so long as I'm the bully, I won't get bullied'. Meaningless now that I reflect on it. I'm not in contact with anyone I hung out with back then anymore.

I was still an awkward weirdo who occasionally played magic the gathering or hung out with the 'losers', so I guess I was kinda true to myself.

Anyhoo, when I was 15 and just starting my 4th year of highschool, my mum drove off in the middle of the night to go move in with her new man (now my stepdad), without so much as a goodbye.

This broke my dad and heavily impacted my family as a whole.

My dad didn't care about raising me nor my two elder brothers beyond feeding us, so I decided to stop going to school and take up the profession of a hermit Xbox player.

After 2 months of that, I got a phone call from my school guidance teacher.

The conversation went a bit like this: 'You don't want to be here, we don't want you here. Go on this special programme until you're 16, then I'll kick you out of school legally. Sound good to you?' 'Sounds great.'

And so I did. I got given money for bus passes into the city where I went to this future goals programme twice a week for an hour each time.

At that point in my life, I kinda wanted to be a psychiatrist, so I went on to college to study health and social care as an entry into that kind of work.

Remember, at that time and even to this day, I only had/have the qualifications of a semi-competent 15yo.

Well, that ended when after 3 months of study, I had to do a 3 month work-experience at a care home that was about a 4 mile walk away from the bus station.

I wasn't passionate enough to do that, so I quit and decided to just do nothing at home for a year.

I could only afford to do this because I was under 17, and thus got benefits from the council allowing me to pay for rent without actually having to look for a job.

As far as rent went, I was still living in the family home at that point which was owned by my grandmother by law. She had numerous mental disabilities, so my grandad managed it and let me live there without paying rent.

To explain why I was there alone, my dad moved out shortly after my mum did to go live with his new girlfriend (my now stepmum).

After that, the oldest brother that I was living with moved out to a flat with his girlfriend since she was expecting a child soon.

My next and last brother living there moved out for god knows what reason. He's one step shy of being a drug-addict, so I won't even try to think of why he left me there by myself.

Anyway, when that brother moved out, I still wasn't quite on any benefits at that moment, and the house had no electricity nor food, so I was up shit creek without a paddle.

I needed money, and I only had 2 options in my mind; ask a childhood friend for some, or ask a stranger who I know my brothers have fucked over before.

Well, of course, my pride forced me to choose the second option.

Luckily, the stranger in question was a lovely woman willing to give me a chance despite both of my closest brothers screwing her daughter over as well as stealing from her.

I'm still good friends with this person despite her being twice my age.

So, the next year rolled on by without much incident. I got into anime quite a bit. I'd spend entire days doing nothing but watching One Piece or Naruto.

Now, as sad as this sounds, it was a very important milestone towards me becoming an author.

Funnily enough, I only got into anime after watching My Little Pony since a girl I liked was into that as well as Durarara!. I ended up dating three of her friends and not her, but hey, the world works in mysterious ways.

While I was still doing that, eventually my time on benefits was coming to an end.

I was on something called job seekers allowance, which you can only get for 6 months before it gets cut off. I had avoided this once with a work experience at an electrical appliance store called Curry's, but this time, I got a real job instead.

I got a 6 month contract at an electric company called SSE. I fucking hated it. It was all admin work with obscene deadlines and goals.

I ended up finding out that too much stress results in me getting nosebleeds from that job, funnily enough.

At the same time as that, I had met my first serious girlfriend over Facebook, yes, I know, pathetic.

We'd had Skype calls and whatnot, so I knew it wasn't a catfish attempt.

Just as I quit my job at SSE, I got my passport and flew to Germany to visit my girlfriend for the first time of many.

As it would so happen, the manager in charge of me at SSE fucked up and still payed me for my last month of work as well as overpaid me an extra month's pay. Since it was his mistake, I got to keep the money.

The next major event in my life would be my grandmother dying, resulting in my mum inheriting the house I was living in.

A few months ticked on by before I was told that I needed to move out.

As it so happened, my aunt and uncles had inherited £75,000 when my grandma died, but my mum only got the house I was living in.

She decided to sell it without warning me.

Thankfully, my good brother found a place for me to move out to. I had no job nor income, but I did have a £2,000 trust fund from my grandad after turning 18.

My new landlord was very kind. He believed me when I said I would get back on benefits and get housing benefits too to pay for rent. He even forgave me for vomiting all over the stairs when I first arrived. First time moving nerves is what we chalked that up to.

As a result of moving out, my broadband contract got cancelled, leaving me with a debt to pay off. That had me feeling quite bitter.

Anyway, another year passed and I was now working as a gardener in a charity garden shop that worked to help the disabled or vulnerable find work. That was nice, but I ended up getting fired abruptly one day by the regional manager himself which kinda sucked.

At this point, I was heavily into gaming and not so much into anime, but it always lingered in the back of my mind.

Another year passed and I was now a binman. This job was very fun, if not very physically demanding.

I'd run about 5-10 miles a day and load up 100-500 wheelie bins to the truck 4 days a week.

Halfway through this job, I found out that my girlfriend had some serious mental health issues that she had chosen not to share with me. She ended up breaking up with me, which crushed me a bit.

I got back into anime, then manga when anime wasn't enough, and then light novels, then Royalroad.

It was at that point that I started writing on my Xbox One.

The first 50 chapters of Lone: The Wanderer (formerly The Lone Wanderer) were written on that Xbox.

My good brother worked at the same place as me, but at the skip site instead of on a truck like me, so he offered to take a PC for me from the charity storage crate (nothing ever actually went to charity. It was all pocketed by a private company who sold everything off. Yay corruption).

The PC he gave me was the one that I used for almost 2 years. It only broke recently.

Well, near the end of my contract, I was moved to the skip site that my brother worked at. We had different shifts, so never actually worked together.

One day, I found a nearly perfect shovel and took it home. This inspired Shovels In Spades (formerly The Tale Of A Shovel Knight).

I didn't really like working at the skip site. It was boring. I started taking more sick days and eventually got fired. Being on a temp contract didn't really help with my motivation, so I hardly cared.

I went back on to benefits and lazed around as I wrote.

Eventually, the benefits were close to stopping, but I really didn't want a normal job again.

I told my work coach that I was earning about $300 from my writing and that I'd like to go self-employed, but I couldn't afford it yet.

I was luckily accepted onto a programme that helped people like me, but I had no housing benefits nor any support besides my writing for 2 months, which was not good.

Now, to confess something. Part of the reason I got my brother to get me a job as a binman was because I played Naruto Online and spent rent money on it.

I was addicted. Over the two years I'd played that, I'd sunk $10,000 into it. A ludicrous amount of money. Thank god I've quit, huh?

Anyway, playing that introduced me to some really close friends. One of which lent me enough money to pay rent for 2 months while I used my Patreon income to buy food.

Once I started getting my support for self-employment as well as my housing benefits, we were off to the races.

A year has passed and now we're here.


I guess that's all I'll share for now. That was exhausting to type out on a phone.

I've shared pretty much all of this before publically on Royalroad's Discord server as well as my own, so don't think I'm being brave by opening up or anything.

There are some pretty interesting things regarding me as an author, but yeah, I'll save that for another day.

Comments (11)
user avatar
User #6563877 - 29 Mar 19 07:44
I generally dont like side-stories but its ok i guess, could include more action though. Also hope that in future chapters mc has a better quality of life, but dont make him so op that he wont write anymore.
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 29 Mar 19 15:48
Lmao xD
user avatar
User #4518882 - 24 Mar 19 15:28
Well thats a journey and a half.
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 24 Mar 19 15:29
Indeed lol.
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 31 Mar 19 02:16
I'm from Perth lol. Never expected a fellow Scot as a patron. Small world xD
user avatar
User #14972621 - 25 Mar 19 08:21
The fact that you were able to write on an Xbox is extremely impressive,
user avatar
User #14972621 - 25 Mar 19 08:21
And as your first time writing? Damn
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 25 Mar 19 08:23
Passion knows no bounds. Lol
user avatar
User #6381293 - 25 Mar 19 10:05
well glad know that things seem be going in better general direction for ya
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 25 Mar 19 16:26
As am I xD
user avatar
User #6851761 - 31 Mar 19 02:12
Sounds like you’ve had a rough time, it’s great that you have found something you genuinely enjoy to get your income from. Good for you! On a side note, howdy from a fellow Scot! I’m down in Glasgow myself 😊
Little Update On Desmond The Demilich 2019-03-03T14:49:09+00:00

So, I'm still writing it, but not as regularly.

It is a bit of a struggle to write 2 LTW chapters, 2 SIS chapters, 2 LTW rewrite chapters, 1 bonus chapter for LTW or SIS to add to the $15 tier as well as a DTD chapter per week.

What I've decided is that I'll write DTD when I have the motivation and the time, not just one or the other.

Writing 16,000 words a week is hard enough as it is without adding 2,000 on top of that which are hidden away (feedback such as likes on here and comments on RoyalRoad are incredibly motivating for me, which I can't get if the story is private until its ready to be posted here/on RR).

I'll keep writing DTD as I said, but I won't start releasing it until I get a steady schedule for it. This probably won't happen until the $15 tier is filled out and until I have an extra five chapters tucked away for LTW and SIS since we are steadily creeping up on the $1,000 goal, and I don't know about you, but I'd rather not be caught with my trousers down again like with the $500 tier.

I doubt there was much anticipation nor interest for DTD since it was only the prologue that I posted here as a teaser, but yeah, sorry all the same. It'll come eventually, just not as soon as I was hoping.

(For those interested in LTW's rewrite which I'm not posting here since it's all free to read on RR, here's a link: Lone: The Wanderer [Rewrite])

Love you all,



Comments (6)
user avatar
User #10350369 - 3 Mar 19 14:50
Write what you can dont push and burn yourself out
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 3 Mar 19 14:54
Thank you, and I will. c:
user avatar
User #6851761 - 3 Mar 19 15:43
Agree with Dakota, do what you can and don’t worry about us. Happy to read anything you put out when you put it out 🙂
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 3 Mar 19 16:07
xD Thank you, but it'd be awfully rude of me to not worry about my lovely little patrons, now wouldn't it?
user avatar
User #6757616 - 15 Mar 19 11:48
Agreed don’t push yourself into a block or just not wanting to write, I’ve seen to many authors burn out because they do more than they should, but it’s good getting to read what you write, just do it at your own pace
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 15 Mar 19 11:55
I won't, don't worry. I stopped making DTD an obligation since that was pushing myself. I'm good now. c:
Announcement! 2019-02-13T01:17:30+00:00

The $15 tier has now been created. Yay. I got around to it.

First and foremost, any chapters that get added to that tier WILL NOT affect the normal 2-chaps-per-week schedule for either story.

A secondary note: I wouldn't suggest upgrading to or subbing to that tier until it is completed unless you just want to support me more and/or are willing to part with the extra dollars despite the extra content not being that much for now.

Love ya all,



Comments (4)
user avatar
User #6757616 - 13 Feb 19 02:39
looking forward to see whats in the next tier. =D
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 13 Feb 19 02:51
The plan is to add five more extra chapters to each story, so 20 early chaps per story. I also plan to post Desmond The Demilich in that tier first
user avatar
User #4518882 - 13 Feb 19 23:54
Thanks for the heads up, just upped my tier :D
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 14 Feb 19 00:06
Many appreciations for the extra support :D
Just A Little Warning To Avoid Confusion + News About DTD 2019-01-28T05:43:16+00:00

Very soon I'm going to add the $15 tier, but, if any of you have been here long enough (which I know some of you have), I'm going to add to the tier chapter by chapter like I did with the $5 and $10 tiers.

This makes it so much easier for me instead of piling up 5 chapters of each story and posting them all at once.

This won't get in the way of the normal 2 chapters per story per week schedule BTW. I'm writing the extra chapters at the end of the week after all of my weekly obligations are out of the way.

Also, I'll probably add the new tier today or tomorrow since I already have two SIS chapters written. If I do that, please don't upgrade your pledge tier until the start of next month. If you upgrade before the end of the month, you're basically charging yourself an extra 5-10 dollars (or $14 if you upgrade from the $1 tier for whatever reason).

Oh, extra also, Desmond The Demilich is going well. I've been able to write a chapter per week for almost a month now, so I might start posting that on here soon. I'll make a separate announcement when I do decide to do that.

Love ya all,


$500 Reward Chapters Schedule 2018-12-27T19:52:37+00:00

First off, I hope everyone had a great time over the holidays regardless of your beliefs and what you celebrate!

Now, onto the schedule. I've managed to finish up all of the reward chapters, but I don't want to flood my patreon with them since patreon isn't exactly ideal for posting in bulk. My plan in to post the three due LTW chapters shortly, and then the three SIS chapters tomorrow.

Hopefully, this keeps things from getting confusing, or at least, too confusing.

I'm mostly worried about the $5 and $1 chapters since I'll just be adding those tiers to already posted chapters. I'll point out which three have been added on discord to make it easier if you're over there. Hopefully, this goes smoothly.

EDIT: I think I might just merge three chapters into one post. It might be a bit more complex for me for the $5 and $1 tiers, but it should make things easier for you guys... I think.

EDIT 2: Realised edit 1 wouldn't work in the long run. RIP.

Just a little scheduling update 2018-12-20T08:40:12+00:00

There will probably only be 1 chapter per story this week, maybe 2 for 1 story, probably SIS.

Now there's a bunch of reasons for this, but mainly, Christmas is coming and today's my birthday, so even though I'm not 'busy' busy this week, I figured I'd treat myself by resting a little bit.

I started reading Metaworld Chronicles. It has quite a lot of grammar errors, but otherwise, its story is comparable to Mother of Learning in my opinion. It's also stupidly long, so I'm trying to plough through it in a timely manner, but I've been reading it for, like, 12 hours straight, but i'm only half way done with it.

In brighter news, I already have 2 chapters for each story backlogged for the $500 reward! Should only be another week or two before I have the last one and can mass release 3 chapters in each story for you guys.

Love ya all


First Goal Reached! + $1,000 Goal Update 2018-12-13T13:13:53+00:00

So, we've successfully passed the $500 mark that I set ages ago. I honestly never expected to reach this point. It is very humbling and fills me with pride to know that so many people are willing to pay for what I write. I never once imagined that I'd be able to happily introduce myself as a self-employed author to people, but you guys made that possible.

On the topic of the reward, some good and some bad news. I am working on it and have been for a few weeks now, but $500 really snuck up on us. At the beginning of November, we were barely in the $400s.

Since this has been so unexpected, I never really dedicated much time to backlogging the 3 extra chapters per story. It will take me 3-6 weeks to do that now. I have 1 backlogged SIS chapter already, so only five more to go in total!

I've chosen to backlog them so it feels more rewarding for you guys to get three chapters of each story all at once instead of a slow trickle. Let me know if you'd rather have a trickle, but yeah, as a reader of many stories myself, I'm a bigger fan of bulk releases. It feels more impactful that way.

Now, I know that the total pledge amount will more than likely dip below $500 before the end of the month or at the start of next month. It always does, but I won't factor that in at all. We have reached the goal, so even if we fall below it in the future, I'll make sure to get those extra chapters to you guys.

On to the topic of the $1,000 goal, the next one. Looking at it now, that goal's reward is kinda... weak? I plan on just adding another tier outside of that goal soon anyway. Adding a new tier as a reward for hitting a goal seems kinda stupid in retrospect. It's basically offering more content for more money as a reward. That isn't a reward. I plan to change the reward to be a bigger scale version of the $500 one. Probably adding 5 chapters to each tier or something. I'll think on it a bit.

This has kinda been a bit rambly. I'm very emotional right now. Again, I never once dreamed I'd reach this amount of support from you guys, so while it's nothing in the eyes of some, it means the absolute world to me.

I love each and every single one of you regardless of if you plan to pledge for many months to come, or plan to unpledge soon. I appreciate each one of you and your support.

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User #11739596 - 13 Dec 18 16:35
Hey Lone, congratulations on reaching $500! I personally feel that a good author should be paid for their work, no matter if they publish the books, or just write for fun, and you're doing both. Love your work, keep it up!
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 13 Dec 18 17:06
Thanks a lot for the support! It means a lot to me. c:
Minor Schedule Update 2018-10-31T04:48:00+00:00

I expect to post all of the chapters for this week on the weekend.

I've been reading Mother of Learning somewhat religiously, to the point that I am actively avoiding sleep. Not only is it an amazing read, it is giving me so much insight into being a better author.

Here's a link for anyone interested: Mother of Learning

It is just over 700,000 words I believe which is bigger than LTW and SIS combined + about 200,000 words.

I highly recommend it if you haven't already read the available content.

This sounds a lot like an ad... well, nonetheless, that just goes to show how amazing I believe it is.

I hope you all understand. I should still be able to do all of the chapters for the week. Like I said, a lack of concrete sleep works wonders for ploughing through hundreds of thousands of words.

Love ya all,



Comments (10)
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User #9358803 - 31 Oct 18 05:13
Such a good read, working in manufacturing I use to read it while working (probably not that safe but I did it anyway) and it had and still has me hooked
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 31 Oct 18 05:23
It fascinates me just how amazingly well-constructed the whole plot is. This took a genius, a lot of planning, a lot of editing, or a mix of the three to create. Truly a masterpiece in my opinion. And I rarely compliment other authors due to petty jealousy.
user avatar
User #5594420 - 1 Nov 18 11:46
did you know that book just got added to royal road and is the top rated book now with only 11 chapters?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 1 Nov 18 12:08
Yup. That's why I went to read it. To see what all the fuss was about. It is totally worth the no.1 slot.
user avatar
User #10350369 - 31 Oct 18 04:50
Lol a good book does keep your attention
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 31 Oct 18 04:52
Doesn't it just? It's such a curse that it distracts from writing. I just feel like it's better to dedicate myself wholly to the book before I double back down on writing. Better that way so I don't lose focus while writing. I can be quite impatient lol
user avatar
User #11739596 - 31 Oct 18 05:00
I remember when I read Worm. I was still in highschool, so going to sleep at around 3:00 in the morning on average didn't help much. Didn't stop me from doing it though. I finished it in just over three weeks, then went back and read it again. Good books have a habit of doing that, to me at least. Glad to see a fellow book junkie. Happy reading Lone!
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 31 Oct 18 05:05
Ah, that monster. That book is on my 'to-read' list, but way on the backburner. Something of that size would need a week or two which I can't afford to sink. Maybe on a planned unwind break xD It certainly does feel great though to find a decently-sized story that I can really immerse myself in. That's rare nowadays.
user avatar
User #11739596 - 31 Oct 18 05:12
So true. Hey, I'm just gonna throw this one out there. There's this web serial called Taint that I've been following for about a year now, and I'm trying to recommend it to anyone and everyone. Give the synopsis a read, I think you'd like it. A little girl is kidnapped from her family by unknown assailants, is imprisoned into a gigantic, endless cave filled with ravenous monsters, is infected by the monsters’ poisonous blood, the Taint, and dies. When she wakes up again, she’s not exactly the same, either physically or mentally. Her only goals in life, now: get out of this cave, and reunite with her family. Oh, and also: slaughter, in as painful a way as possible, anyone who was involved in her imprisonment, anyone who profited from it, and anyone who even remotely gets in the way (plus those people’s families, friends, acquaintances, business partners…)
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 31 Oct 18 05:34
Sounds juicy. I'll add it to my list. Many thanks c:
[Repost because idiot Lone fucked it up on his first try.] New LTW Cover Art For All Current Books + Book 4! 2018-10-21T01:58:04+00:00

So I will be posting this on Royalroad as well for the free users and not making it one month early access. The reason behind this is simply because ssddx made these covers for me for free, and it would be wrong of me to essentially charge you guys to see it early when he worked very hard to do this purely out of the kindness of his heart.

I hope you can all understand that, and I hope you like them as much as I do!

P.S: The colours do have some significance. I wonder if anyone can figure that significance out? Also, have fun trying to guess what book 4 will be about based on its subtitle.

Comments (1)
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User #6316464 - 25 Nov 19 23:32
Where can I find Book 4 Chapters? I can only find you have posted B4 Ch70 as the first Book 4, I left off reading Ch62 on royal road, so where are the other 7 I’m missing out on?
Return Announcement! 2018-10-08T23:42:37+00:00

Back from visiting my mother. I had a great time down in England with my brother and his fiancee.

I was able to use my brother's laptop, but I only mostly finished a chapter of LTW, so I decided to just use that for the first chapter this week.

No more holidays for a while! I'm gonna buckle down to get content to you lovely guys!

It's almost 1am and I'm tired, so we'll start up the chapter train again tomorrow.

Thanks again for your understanding!

Love you all,



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User #10350369 - 8 Oct 18 23:43
Yay your back. Now time to start writing again
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User #6757616 - 8 Oct 18 23:44
Glad that your back, hope you enjoyed your time away
Final Holiday Announcement 2018-10-04T07:50:29+00:00

Well, my brother wants me to stay at his place today so we can go to the airport more easily together tomorrow.

This means that I might not have enough time today to write the final promised LTW chapter this week, but I'll see if I can somehow manage to write one on my phone while I'm visiting my mother. If I can manage, I'll see if I can write the second SIS one too.

Sorry about this, and I hope you all understand.

Love you all,



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User #701909 - 4 Oct 18 09:48
You have to have a life too.... Enjoy :)
Just a Tiny Schedule Update + 2 Announcements 2018-09-27T07:27:50+00:00

First, the schedule update: A SIS chapter should be out today then there'll be another one and two LTW chapters by the end of this week. Most likely 1 a day, just in case anyone was curious.

First Announcement: We'll be getting some more art very soon (if the artist keeps his deadline)! It'll be a normal full body shot of Madison McArthur from Shovels In Spades.

Second Announcement: I'm going on a very short holiday from the 4th to the 9th next month to visit my mother who lives in England with one of my brothers and his fiancée. I live in Scotland by the way, so not much travel, but I will be staying at a hotel and I don't own a laptop, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to write and post all 4 chapters (2 per story) on that week, so please forgive me if that is the case. I will try my best though regardless.

I think that's it.

Love ya all <3


Minor Announcement 2018-09-07T04:47:38+00:00

Hi, everyone.

Just in case you never saw my discord post, I plan to post a new SIS and LTW chapter tomorrow (Friday) and the same on Sunday.

Love ya all.


Regarding Declined Patrons 2018-09-02T05:35:41+00:00

Hey, everyone. There was an unusually large amount of declines this month, which is fine, there is little I can do about that, but for those of you that have had your payments declined, please message me and let me know what's happening.

My way of handling declines usually is blocking the declined patron to remove them as my patron forcefully and then unblock them, but some of you have been patrons for months, so I'd like to know if there are any issues before I do this.

I'll block-unlock all declined patrons on the 5th, so please contact me by then.


P.S: For everyone else, LTW chapter coming in the next 24hours.


Return Announcement! 2018-08-23T01:43:05+00:00

Short one. I'm back from my holiday and so the schedule of 2 chapters per story per week shall resume! A SIS chapter is coming very soon (like, in 10 minutes).

Thank you all for the support on my holiday. I had a lot of fun and managed to think up a bunch of ideas for both stories, so it was both fun and productive!

Comments (2)
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User #701909 - 23 Aug 18 10:08
Productive is good. :) I enjoyed the read so far.
user avatar
Lone_Immortus - 23 Aug 18 17:54
It feels embarrassing knowing someone that i actually know is reading my stuff xD
Announcement 2018-08-12T16:05:00+00:00

I will be away on a holiday next week to unwind and relax and I won't be back until the 20th, so there probably won't be any chapters next week on the normal schedule.

To somewhat make up for this, I plan to finally finish the $10 tier by adding the final extra chapter for both stories by Tuesday, which is when I leave.

I hope you all understand.


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User #6757616 - 13 Aug 18 08:14
Get some rest and relax!
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Lone_Immortus - 13 Aug 18 08:29
Thank you, arthur, I will! I've been looking forward to this holiday for a while, hahaha. c:
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User #10350369 - 12 Aug 18 19:56
Enjoy your break
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Lone_Immortus - 12 Aug 18 20:23
Thank you! I will. c:
Artwork Announcement 2018-08-04T12:32:21+00:00

The next artwork will be of Madison from SIS, so please look forward to that!

It may take anywhere from 1 month to 4 months depending on the artist's schedule.

Just A Little Update 2018-07-26T13:08:14+00:00

In case you guys didn't know, I've been posting sketches of currently unfinished artwork and updates on my discord in the patron exclusive channels, which you can get access to via linking your account to discord in your settings.

Also, the first What If...? chapter will probably be out this week on sunday. I have the plot of it in my head already, but I need to finish my usual 2 chapters per story a week schedule first. Speaking of which, I've got a little bit of writer's block. I'll get past it like always, but it is slowing me down a little bit this week.

As always, thank you guys.


Minor Announcement 2018-07-06T09:44:42+00:00

There will be no more chapters this week. I just wanted to take a few days off the think about where to go with both stories now that they are both exiting their respective 'resting periods'.

We'll be back to normal next week and I'll be trying out the 'What if...?' trial next week too.

Sorry for this, and I hope you all understand.


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User #10350369 - 6 Jul 18 10:06
Enjoy your break
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Lone_Immortus - 6 Jul 18 10:41
thankies~ I will c:
Go With The 'What If...? Series, Or Scrap The Idea. 2018-07-01T15:28:13+00:00

I've had varying opinions given to me of this idea, and I came to the realisation that it was unfair to you patrons for me to just arbitrarily decide to add this without first consulting you guys. So I want to apologise for that and to ask for your opinions on if you actually want this non-canon series unrelated to the actual stories.

Comments (2)
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User #10350369 - 1 Jul 18 16:10
Personally I think as long as it doesn't interfere with your other works timing to much feel free to at least try who knows after you write a few of them you might not want to do it anymore and that would be fine but either way some people are going to complain. You can't make everyone happy, but you can make yourself happy.
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User #5246628 - 1 Jul 18 16:04
First vote
Major Announcement! 2018-06-29T06:47:24+00:00

Starting next week, I am going to start writing a lewds-only sub series! Yay! *Insert confetti cannon*

Now, this series is going to be called, 'What If...?'

It will be sexual stories from both of my series (mostly LTW since lewds work better for that story than they do with SIS). None of it will be canon and won't impact the plot or the regular '1 sex chapter per book' chapters (for LTW), so I will accept suggestions of any kind and I might just turn them into a 'What If...?' chapter!

It will be exclusive to $5 or above patrons and I'll only post 1 per month alongside my regular posts of 8 chapters per story per month.

Hopefully, you guys are supportive of this addition, if not, that's fine, it won't affect any of the current content or releases.

P.S: A bunch of art is coming up soon. Hopefully enough to have at least one piece of character art per month for 3-4 months, so leave your suggestions for which characters you'd like to see illustrated the most.

With love,



Reward Update 2018-06-10T16:39:48+00:00

Just added another early chapter for LTW to the $10 tier.

Reward Update 2018-06-03T05:02:35+00:00

Just added another early chapter for SIS to the $10 tier.

Update. 2018-04-23T09:53:06+00:00

Sorry for my lack of posts last week. I had a bit of writer's block and I was busy finalising my transition to self-employment.

Starting from this week, I plan to write (hopefully) 3 chapters per week per story for you patrons while RRL will only get 2.

I'm hoping I can write 12,000 words per week, but we'll see.

Thanks for being patient with me.


SIS Book 1 Chapter 42: Cube and Table [First Draft] 2017-09-29T16:43:50+00:00

"Maybe now would be a good time for some montage music to play in the background?" Daz asked himself as he carefully screwed a leg into one corner of his attempt at a table. This new metal creation of hislooked far more usable than his rain shelter thus far. "I wonder if it has anything to do with how crafting is subtly different from construction?"

"Ahh!" Daz turned his head towards this sudden scream only to see Ellie on the ground, seemingly having fallen over. A small metal cube that was probably some sort of toy before it had been thrown away was rolling around her and making slight buzzing noises.

"What the hell is that?" Daz said with curiosity as he dropped the tools he was holding and walked over to Ellie calmly.

"I bon'tknow!" Ellie exclaimedas she shielded herself from the cube that was trying to roll around her.

'Heh, that's pretty cute. She's unexpectedchildish. Guess I'll find out what that thing is. It seems harmless enough,'Daz thought before he swiftly grabbed the silver cube and used Higher Identification on it.

Living Iron Cube [F-Rank (Lower Tier)]


A block of iron granted life by the host, Ellie Richie.


Attack: 1




Basic Hardening

Allows the object to harden itself by 5%

"Interesting," Daz said while he held the small cube that was desperately trying to escape his hand.

At this point, Ellie had stood up and dusted herself off. Naturally, her face a bit red due to having fallen over out of fear at the apparently harmless cube of iron. "Bwat is it?" Ellie asked Daz as she approached him and carefully touched the cube that was still trying to flee from Daz's hand. At Ellie's touch, it seemed to calm down and it stopped struggling.

"I didn't tell you your class earlier 'cause I thought it didn't matter, but it looks like you used one of your skills on this block of iron by mistake," Daz said. He then carefully placed the item in Ellie's hands. This only helped in making her face an even deeper shade of crimson which Daz chose to completely ignore.

"My blass?" she asked to distract herself from Daz's hands touching hers a second ago.

"Right, you know how Sarah is a Sorceress of Nature? She told you that, right?" Daz asked while he slowly walked back over to his table. The one that he was putting all of his effort into building. Naturally, Ellie followed him.

Ellie nodded in response to Daz, so he continued, "Well, as far as I can tell, people who were reading books got classes related to magic. Your class is Sorceress of Machinery. I dunno how far this theory extends. So far, only you and Sarah have classes like this, so I dunno if it's specific to informational books or not. There could be some pretty crazy classes out there if every type of book was a valid weapon," Daz patiently explained with a shrug as he carefully attached another leg to the round piece of metal he was using as the head of the table.

"Two down, two to go," Daz mumbled. He then wiped his brow of the sweat that had gathered due to how badly he was focusing on his creation. "Want me to check and tell you what skill you accidentally used to bring that cube to life? By the way, that's what you did, you brought it to life. It's pretty useless according toits stats, but who knows, maybe it can grow in the future?" Daz offered.

"Yes, bwease, Daz," Ellie said, startling herself a bit.'I said his name correctly...I really must have a skill related to my learning, right?'she thought.

Daz smiled and used Higher Identification on her skill list.

Machine Identification [C-Rank (Middle Tier)]


A skill common amongst all those attuned with machines. It allows the host to identify most simple machines.




Allows the host to limitlessly identify simple machines.

Mechanical Life [B-Rank (Lower Tier)]


A skill unique to mages dedicated to the magic of machinery. It allows the host to grant life to machines and metal objects.



Allows the host to grant indefinite life to a total of 3 mechanical or metal-based objects. Remaining uses [2].

Expanded Mind [C-Rank (Higher Tier)]


A skill all magic-oriented beings have. It expands the limits of the mind and allows for a far greater learning capacity than normal.




Expands the host's memory by 20%Allows the host to learn things 40% faster

Basic Telekinesis [B-Rank (Lower Tier)]


A skill highly sought after and one that is only possible to learn with decades of training if normal methods are used to obtain it. It allows the host to move objects with their mind to a limit.




Allows the host to move objects that weigh less than 2 kilograms a distance of 5 meters from the host. The limit tothe amount of objects movable at once is 1.

"Wow. Your class is pretty powerful," Daz commented before he shared the details of Ellie's skills to her. "I'm guessing you're learning to speak better thanks to this 'Expanded Mind' skill and you must have used your 'Mechanical Life' skill on that cube by mistake or something," Daz said as he attached the third leg to the table.

"I see," Ellie replied happily as she hugged the cube that had settled down now. It wasn't special in any way, but Ellie had created it and it had served as a good excuse to talk to Daz, so Ellie was happy.

"Hey, that was perfect English. Good job," Daz said while he continued to focus on his table. Ellie blushed at the heartfelt compliment before she lowered her head.

"Bwank you." She then walked back to her chair and began playing around with the cube, so as to see if perhaps it held any secret functions, or perhaps just to escape the mildly embarrassing situation.

"What a weird girl," Daz whispered his thoughts on the twenty-three-year-old woman that was surprisingly childish. With that thought, he connected the final leg to the table, completing it. "Time to start enchanting," Daz said with an excited grin.

TTOASK Book 1 Chapter 34: Consumption and Life [First Draft] 2017-09-13T05:18:53+00:00

"So, Matt, how do you plan to get in?" Daz said before he knocked on the stone walls twice. "These walls look pretty tough," he said before he moved to stand in front of the portcullis. Rimmy immediately spotted him, but before he could do anything, Daz sounded out the words 'Don't move' towards him. "Not to mention, I could be wrong, but that statue over there looks alive," Daz finished and he apologised to Rimmy internally for calling him a statue.

Matt walked up to Daz's side and looked at Rimmy as well. "I doubt it's alive, but if it is, can you handle it? I was thinking we could support each other and climb over the wall, it was at that, that my friend over there, Dorianhad a slight disagreement with me," Matt said. Daz noticed that Matt was occasionally stealing greed-filled glances towards his shovel, Hamson, and the armour he was wearing.

'I think I've had enough. His deceit is making me a bit sick,'Daz before he moved away from the portcullis and went next to wall again. Once there, he leant Hamson against it and turned to look at Matt. "Do you mind trying to jam this into the wall for me? Having it as a foothold might be useful. I'm gonna go look for a few strong people from your group to help us over the wall. You okay with that?" Daz said with an honest smile.

'Oh, a chance!'Matt exclaimed internally. He walked over to Daz and grabbed Hamson before he replied, "Of course, that sounds like a good idea."

"Okay then," Daz said before he turned around and saw the looks on the people from Matt's group. They looked sorry and very afraid except for five of them, four men and woman seemed perfectly fine as far as Daz could see. Suddenly, the group started to pale over in fright and Daz could hear a deafening scream coming from behindhim.

"AHHH! AHHHHH! WHAT IS THIS?!" Matt roared in terror as his handwas being sucked into Hamson which had clearly been swung upwards in an attempt to strike Daz on the head. "I-I CAN'T LET GO!" he screamed.

"Well, that worked better than I had expected it to. So he sucks people into himself to consume them? Interesting," Daz said loudly enough for everyone to hear him.

The group of people looked at him in shock and Matt visibly changed his attitude. "IT WAS YOU, YOU FUCKER! MAKE IT STOP!" he yelled at Daz as he squirmed and struggled, trying to stop Hamson from consuming him.

"Eh? Why would I stop him? Hamson only consumes people if they try to use him. You didn't need to use him, but I'd have killed you anyway if you did," Daz said quiet enough that only Matt could hear him.

Daz then swung around once again to face the group of twenty. "As you can all see, my weapon is currently consuming your old leader. He will die. There is no way to save him. I knew from the from the very first second that I saw him that he was evil, I have a way of seeing into the hearts of people. I am the Lord of this base behind me, and I'd be willing the shelter you all in it. I have food and clothing, more than enough for all of you. I would have to carefully vet each of you, of course, to make sure none of you are evil like this ex-gang member over here," Daz said in a rousing way while he gestured to the still struggling Matt.

"YOU! H-HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS IN A GANG?! DID I RAPE YOUR SISTER OR SOMETHING?! YOU KNOW ME?! AHHHHHH!" Matt started howling out possible reasons, proving his guilt, until he was interrupted by his entire arm being sucked into the shaft of Hamson.

"Just like your name, your life is veryBleak, isn't it, Matt?" Daz replied before he refocused his attention onto the crowd. "As I said, I can see the hearts of all people, even monsters. This is a special ability granted to me for my efforts during this apocalypse. I can see that Matt has abused you all, driven crazy by the power the system has granted him, but don't worry. The only part of you that I want to take advantage of is your attacks," Daz said in a confident manner. His words were right and several of the women in the group flinched as dark expressions took over their faces and most of the men had guilt-ridden faces.

"Hoh? Sexual assault? It's not even been two full days yet. I'll say this now, any of you that raped the woman, stand aside now. I doubt you'll ever atone, so I'll kill you quickly. I will find out if you're guilty, so I'd suggest doing as I say, or else I'll make your deaths slow and painful," Daz said with a ruthless tone as he eyed the men that looked guilty dangerously.'I wonder when I started caring about this? Oh well, it'll serve as a good way to make the rest of them trust me and I can see if killing people affects me or not...'Daz thought.

Daz cringed as he heard Matt's screaming getting louder since now his neck and a half or his torso had been consumed. Daz walked up to him and violently grabbed his head before he smashed in down onto the still floating Hamson. "SHUT UP! YOU'RE DISTRACTING ME!" Daz roared. At that, the rest of Matt's body fell limp.

"He...he's dead?" Dorian, the timid man from the group said aloud.

"Fuck, I didn't control my strength..." Daz said before he let go of Matt's blood-covered head. He then stared at his hand that had just killed Matt.'I...I feel fine...I just killed a man, but I don't feel anything...'Daz thought as he stared blankly at his hand.

"He killed the young Master! Get him!" a well-built man who looked middle-aged and rough, shouted. At that, three other well-built men and a beautiful woman charged out of the group and tried to attack Daz.

"I'm done here, I need to think," Daz mumbled, ignoring his five attackers and he crouched down before he jumped over the wall, shocking everyone since the wall was ten-feet tall.

Once he landed, he slowly walked up to Rimmy and smiled at him. "I don't want to deal with them anymore, I have something I wanna think about. Please kill the five that attacked me and store Hamson in your inventory. I forgot to grab him. Hamson is my shovel by the way," Daz requested as he continued to think.

Rimmy bobbed his head up and down before he suddenly placed a finger on Daz's chest and he then made a thumbs up with his other hand. "Heh, thanks, buddy. I know I wasn't wrong, I just need to think," Daz replied to Rimmy's gesture with a small laugh.

Rimmy cocked his head before he walked over to the portcullis and grabbed the crank mechanism next to it before he turned it to open the gate. He then exited the base and did as instructed by his Master and best friend.

Daz walked to the cabin, and standing outside of it with an impatient look on his face, was Ger. "Daz! Who are those people outside?! Where's Lyle?!" he asked anxiously.

"Oh, right, Lyle. Sorry, I just killed a man and I'm lost in thought. The people outside were a group led by a rapist gangster. I killed him. Could you please go out there, down the road towards the city, Lyle is hiding with forty-six survivors we saved. Go find him and bring him back, will you? Also, tell Rimmy to not let any of the gangster's group in until I get back, that is if they're still hanging around. I need to make sure they aren't evil first," Daz said without giving Ger a chance to interject.

Ger looked shocked and thought for a moment.'He looks pretty shaken up. He just killed someone? I remember my first kill on the job...I can let him off the hook, I guess, he must be going through a lot,'Ger thought in sympathy. "Okay, I can do that. And, Daz," Ger said before he suddenly stopped Daz from entering the cabin by putting a hand on his shoulder.

"What is it, Ger?" Daz said as his expressionless face swung round to look at Ger's surprisingly thankful smile.

"Thanks for leaving Rim- er, Lord Rimmy McShineston behind with us. Those people mighta stormed in if he wasn't standing guard," Ger said with a rub of his nose.

"Rimmy is fine," Daz replied before he turned around and opened the door to the cabin. "And besides, there's no reason to thank me. If Rimmy didn't stop them, the ballista would have killed them before they could get in...funny how easy it is to take away a person's life, huh?" he asked rhetorically before he stepped into the cabin, leaving Ger at the entrance.

"'Easy', huh?" Ger said before left and went to do as Daz had asked him to.

TTOASK Book 1 Chapter 33: Matt and Dorian [First Draft] 2017-09-10T06:24:54+00:00

"I told you to shut up!" a loud voice coming from the group of twenty shouted. Daz looked closely at the group only to see that the one who had shouted was a good-looking twenty-something-year-old man and he had just shouted at a timid-looking man.

"B-But...that's definitely a Golem...I've seen them in games before. We should really go...this place might be a dungeon or something..." the timid-looking man said in a low tone, but Daz was now close enough to hear him and his interest was immediately picked.'He's the first person to actually realise Rimmy is a Golem, hmm, I should give him a chance at least since he can't be a bad guy if he knows about Golems,'Daz thought a bit naively.

"M-Matt! Someone's coming over!" a young, maybe seventeen-year-old and fairly attractive girl exclaimed as she pointed at Daz.

At this, the good-looking man, Matt, spun around and glared at Daz with his angry expression still in full swing. Daz didn't like that. He didn't like that all.

"Who the fuck do you think you're looking at like that?" Daz asked in a low, threatening tone.'He was bullying that other guy and I bet he's the leader of the group of people right? Looking at his face, bet he's a thug. A quick higher identification will answer if I should greet him with my words or with Hamson,'Daz thought before he immediately identified the man.

Matt Bleak's Status

Basic Information

Name:Matt Bleak





Affinity:Lawful Evil


A man who has always believed himself to be better than others. He rarely got in trouble for bullying in his younger years and this only bolstered his superiority-complex. When needed, he has always had a certain way with words that made less-confident people than himself shrink back in front of him, which only worsened his blackening heart. Due to believing himself to be invincible, he joined a fairly large gang and quickly rose its ranks due to his quick wits and willingness to get his hands dirty. His favourite pastime included taking advantage of his gangs' debtors' daughters. Due to having never been seriously reprimanded, he has always believed himself to be in the right and hehas found a new goal in the Apocolypse.









"Who the hell are yo-" Matt cut himself off after he had taken a longer second to look at Daz and he could immediately tell that Daz had killed before and was ruthless by his eyes and attitude. Matt was seasoned despite his young age and he knew a threat when he saw one.'This guy means business...I shouldn't anger him, he already looks pretty pissed...time to do the old routine, should fool this dumb looking sucker,'Matt thought with confidence.

"Sorry, I didn't see you there. I'm a bit agitated right now, please forgive me. I'm Matt. Who might you be?" Matt asked with a perfect smile, displaying his white teeth.

'Why am I suddenly far angrier? Y'know what, fuck it. Let's play along with this douche,'Daz thought somewhat mischievously, fully exhibiting his chaotic nature. "I'm Daz. Don't worry about it, we're all on edge. What brings you guys here? This wall?" Daz said as convincingly as he could. Either thanks to his high charisma or his natural acting talent, the group of twenty seemed to believe him.

"Thank you," Matt said happily.'What an idiot.'He thought before he walked slightly closer to the Portcullis. "We are indeed here because of this wall. We were all in the lobby of a nearby hotel when this mess started. We fled to the rooftop and stayed there until a few hours ago," Matt said with sadness in his voice.

"What changed?" Daz asked as he walked to stand next to him. he was still clutching Hamson, just in caseanything happened.'This guy is so full of shit,'he thought.

"We suddenly saw these walls growing out of the ground from the hotel's rooftop and we thought that it would be a far easier place to defend than the hotel, so we steeling ourselves and killed the monsters in our way before we finally made it here. We lost a few of our numbers just making the journey here," Matt said with a sour expression on his face.

He looked the people that had followed him here with what looked like sympathy. 'Those useless bastards barely managed to last as meat shields...well, now that we're here, I can finally take up my rightful place as the King of my peasants and rule these lands...fitting that the walls make this almost look like a castle,'Matt selfishly thought.

"I see," Daz said blandly.'Fuck! I didn't think of that! People were bound to see the walls! The skip site is at the top of a hill with nothing but open grassland surrounding it for a couple of miles to the west and nothing but the road going towards the east into the city,'Daz suddenly realised.

"Our problem now though is that we're not sure how to open this giant gate...you wouldn't be able to help us, would you? You seem very capable, Daz," Matt asked with a charming smile accompanying his handsome face.

"Sure, why not," Daz replied with a smile of his own.'I know enough now. Now, I need this guy to die but I can't do it myself or I might lose any trust from his followers...they're potential citizens after all...hmm...what to do,'Daz thought with a gloved hand on his chin and the other on his elbow.

'Thinking about how to help me? Good, after he's helped me here with the gate and the 'Golem', as Dorian claimed it was, I'll kill him. That shovel looks tough and I like the look of his armour,'Matt thought with a lick of lips, completely ignorant of Daz's similar plans for him.

"This is a bad idea..." the man that Matt was shouting at previously, Dorian, mumbled to himself as he watched the exchange between Daz and Matt. While he looked at Matt with fear in his eyes, his way of looking at Daz would be better described as cautious. Almost overly cautious, as if heknew something.

TTOASK Book 1 Chapter 32: Hamson and Return [First Draft] 2017-09-07T09:10:13+00:00

Daz took a quick moment to identify his shovel one last time as the groupleft the store. He had successfully fused all of the shovels here into it, and it had changed appearance and gotten stronger.

It was now slightly longer and had the appearance of a root slayer shovel. It would seem that his skill, The One Shovel To Rule Them All, changed the shape of his shovel to best fit hisdesires. 'i wonder if it will turn back to a normal shovel if I want to dig earth, instead of living things? Besides, even though the blade is now serrated down two edges, it's still not that efficient for killing in comparison to real weapons...maybe I should find a library and research tool making and slowly improve my ability to craft to make it better? Hmm...'Daz thought as he looked at the blue screen that was flashing ahead of him.

Hamson [C-Rank (Higher Tier)]


A regular shovel given life by its owner, Daz, upon being fused with a wrathful spirit intended to be consumed by its master. It has been selected by the host, Daz's sentient skill, The One Shovel To Rule Them All, and can now only be wielded by him. If touched by any other sentient being, they will be consumed by it if they try to use it offensivelywithout his permission. It has, through being fused with many types of shovels, gained the ability to morph.






The One Shovel To Rule Them All



The ability to transform into several preset different shapes. This item can change intoeither a Digging Shovel or a Root Slayer Shovel.

"Well, Hamson, here's to the future," Daz said to his newly named shovel. Heather looked at him with worry in her eyes and she quicklyapproached Lyle.

"Hey," she whispered to him low enough for only Lyle to hear.

"Hmm? Can I help you, Miss Maywood?" Lyle replied in low, yet professional manner.'Why on Earth is she whispering to me? Surely she can't be trying to hide anything from my Lord...'he thought.

Heather looked back at Daz and his red-bladed shovel before she looked back at Lyle and said, "Does he always name things like that? I mean, he's amazingly strong and it's great that he's willing to help us, but, I mean, calling his shovel 'Hamson'? Really?" Heather asked with some concern in her voice.'Now that I take a minute to think about it, is this guyokay mentally? He killed so many monsters that looked like humans without so much as batting an eye, not to mention, he nearly killed me...maybe he's insane?'Heather wondered about Daz.

"His naming sense is certainly...unique, but surely 'Hamson' is better than, say, 'The Divine Shovel of Monster Slaying', yes?" Lyle said with a smile.'Of course, she wouldn't be plotting against the Lord. To think it was something as trivial as wondering about his naming sense...and here I thought I might have had to kill her, hahaha,'Lyle morbidly thought.

"I guess you're right...it's just so weird to see him act so happy in this messed-up world," Heather replied with a worn out-looking smile.

"Certainly, but that energy of his, to me, is a sign. It's a sign of hope, hope for the future. Mankind needs a leader. I'd imagine there are plenty of military bases out there that are taking in survivors, but they won't cut it. I can tell. This world, the attacks, it's all going to get harder.Muchharder. We don't need bigger guns and more people, no, what we need, is change. Those capable of adapting, and I've seen no one better than Lord Daz at this in my entire life. So to me, his happiness is a good thing," Lyle said with his usual zeal regarding Daz. He noticed that Heather seemed a bit unsure about his words, but at the same time, could see his logic.

To divert the topic, he asked a question. "So, Miss Maywood, you did make sure to get everyone their original weapon, yes? No matter how ridiculous it was," Lyle asked her.

"Yeah...even the children. I'm still not sure letting a nine-year-old be responsible for a sharp knife. Are you sure we shouldn't look after it for him?" Heather replied as she held her fishing rod firmly in her hand.

"As per Lord Daz's orders, I would have made his parents look after his weapon, but as you told us, they died on the first night of the attack protecting him, truly, I wonder if he's fortunate or unfortunate...regardless, Daz wants him to hold his own weapon, so let's trust the Lord's judgement on this, okay? There are more than enough of us here to supervise him if something happens," Lyle said with care in his voice. Were one to guess, they would say that Lyle actually cared about the boy's well-being.

"I'm still not happy about that. What am I supposed to do with this fishing rod? A club would be a better weapon than this wooden pole," Heather said with some slight dissatisfaction to her tone.

"Trust me," a new voice said. Heather looked in its direction and saw that it came from Daz. "If the system thought it was a weapon, then I'm willing to be there's stuff you can buy from the shop that will help make you strong with it. Not all weapons are attack-based, so spend some time thinking about what path you want to take in the future, okay?" Daz said in a knowing way, not only to her but loud enough for everyone to hear.

Just before Heater replied, Daz raised his hand to stop everyone's movements and an expression that wasn't exactly pleased took hold on his face. "Uninvited visitors?" he mumbled as he looked ahead of him at the twenty or so survivors angrily shouting right in front of the gate to his base.

"Lyle, keep everyone here, I'm going to go see what's happening, by the way, everyone, welcome home. That over there," Daz said as he pointed to the base's wall, "is my base. We'll enter it in a minute and get you all fed and properly clothed, so sit tight while I go see what those people want, okay?" Daz asked with his charisma in full swing. He got several nods and 'yes's' in response, so he left the forty-six survivors to Lyle and approached the people in front of his base's portcullis.

TTOASK Book 1 Chapter 31: Conical and Enfield [First Draft] 2017-09-06T03:58:12+00:00

"Do you think they'll be alright? Lyle and Daz," Sarah asked her stepfather, Ger. She was currently sitting on a nice red leather seat inside the cabin at Daz's base. Ellie was sitting next to her on a similar seat while Ger was busy preparing a meal for them all across the room with a few tinned goods. He was using the inbuilt kitchen that was nearly state of the art in design.

"They'll be fine. Daz made it to Lyle's store by himself before he found us and remember," Ger said before he used the can opener to open a tin of peas and he put them in a bowl before he started preparing them. "Remember how we didn't see any monsters as we came back to the base? Only bodies," Ger finished.

"Mmm, that's right. That's kinda weird. Didn't the system say that everyone not holding a weapon would become monsters? I wonder what happened to them. What do you think happened, Ellie?" Sarah asked her twin sister.

Ellie put a hand to her chin and thought for a moment before she replied, "Mahbetey were baken to anoberblace?" she replied as best as she could.

"Another place? Hrmmm...maybe? It makes more sense than them justnot being anywhere. Also, you're doing much better at talking now, Ellie!" Sarah said with excitement evident in her voice.

"Right, it won't be long before you can spend your merit points to get new items and skills," Ger commented.

"I bink I have a sbillthat helps be learn fasber," Ellie said quite happily. "Boh, what bid you buys get with bor boints?" she followed up with curiosity.

"You were napping when we spent them, weren't you?" Sarah asked with a smile, to which Ellie nodded. "Well, let me check the things I got again and I'll tell you. Dad, you do the same," Sarah said.

"What? Ellie wants to know what we bought? Sure, just give me a second to finish here," Ger replied before he finished what he was doing in the kitchen and moved to sit next to the girls. Both he and Sarah then showed and explained what they got to Ellie.

What Sarah bought was one item and two sills along with severalstatus points.

Sarah Richie's Status

Basic Information

Name:Sarah Richie




Class:Sorceress of Nature


DescriptionA simple college student who was majoring in Cell Biology. She is highly influenceable and loves her twin sister greatly.







World Affinity:45(54)


Willpower: 15(18)

Basic Entwine [E-Rank (Lower Tier)]

DescriptionA skill usually taught to children with an aptitude for nature. It allows the host to entwine things with a very weak set of branches which requires little effort to break.

AbilitiesGrants the host the ability to call upon nature to entwine a single enemy. Has a cast time of 10 seconds. Has a duration of 1 minute if not broken.

Basic Enchanting [E-Rank (Middle Tier)]

DescriptionA skill for those who have only just begun their long and arduousjourney as an enchanter.

AbilitiesGrants the host the ability to enchant items. All enchanting done by the host shall be 5% more efficient. The host will have a slightly easier time enchanting all things. The host will have a slightly easier time understanding how something was enchanted.

Standard Conical Hat of Magic [E-Rank(Middle Tier)]

DescriptionA conical hate created by an order of powerful Mages for their new recruits. These powerful Mages hail from the magical planet, Bram.



Magic: 30

SkillsMinor Augment Magic

Minor Augment Magic

Augments any magic-related stats of the wearer by the magic stat of the item.

"So dat's bwat bat tupid hat is, bahahah!" Ellie laughed, forcing Sarah to hold the edges of the large hat she was wearing and lower her head in embarrassment.

"Daz said we should get stuff related to our classes...so I did..." Sarah murmured in response.

'Although she's quick to anger and likes to poke fun at others, she's weak to being made fun of herself, huh? I guess even an apocalypse can't change the way my girls act with each other,'Ger thought with a knowing smile plastered on his lips.

"A-Anyway, what did you get, Dad? You still didn't tell us," Sarah said in a clear attempt to shift the topic away from her hat.

"Right, I had more points than you did, so I got something slightly better," Ger said before he held up his pistol and explained the changes he'd made to it.

Modified Enfield No.2 [C-Rank (Higher Tier)]

DescriptionA sidearm revolver made in Britain in 1932. This side arm is one of the first of its kind to be produced and was bought by a collector, the host, to use as his weapon of choice while he worked as a bodyguard. It has been maintained extremely well and is cleared loved by its owner.






Ghost Ring Iron Sights

8 Chamber Revolver Cylinder


Minor Auto-Correction

Minor Auto-Correction

Automatically corrects the aim of the host by a maximum of 5°.

"Wow! So many new things got added to your gun, Dad. Did that cost all of your points?!" Sarah said loudly enough for Ellie for to have to cover her ears. Noticing this, Sarah bowed her head down slightly and said, "sorry, Sis."

Ellie made a face that expressed it was okay and also turned to face Ger with a questioning look. "Well, yeah. I really wanted to be a bit stronger, but my weapon comes before I do. If I can't protect you girls, then what's the point, right?" Ger said with a smile.

It was at that point that the three of them could hear loud yelling coming from outside the cabin, so Ger told the girls to stay put and he left to investigate. What he found was Rimmy standing behind the portcullis on the base side and a group of humans, about twenty or so strong, standing on the other side, shouting amongst themselves.

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LTW Book 2 Chapter 51: Request and Events [First Draft] 2017-08-30T01:30:25+00:00

It had been two months since Lone had renovated the shanty town, and much had happened to him in that period of time. Currently, he was standing next to the large gate that led to floorforty-one from the waiting area and beside him were his companions, Breena and Sophie. Standing behind him were Reytla the Lemurian Chieftain, Bastian the Archangel, Greyfus the city Mayor and his retainer Alfonse, the taillessLemurian whose hand Lone had severed and lastly, Eolande.

"Do you really have to leave, my King?" Bastian asked with a pained voice. Clearly, Lone's planned departure hurt him greatly.

Lone turned to look at him and the group that had gathered to say farewell to him, and he smiled. "Yes, I was made to wander. I'm surprised I stayed in Hope for two months, to be completely honest. However, as I promised, I'll find a way to liberate this entire city from the dungeon at some point. I do intend to lead my people, after all," Lone finished with a smile.

"My King..." Bastian replied with tears welling up in his eyes.

"Hold down the fort for me until my return, okay?" Lone said warmly to one of his newly accepted beings, Bastian.

"Yes, my King!" Bastian shouted with emotion lacing his voice as he saluted. His white hair flowed in the breeze along with his manly tears. "Well, my King, I shan't tarry any longer. Safe travels to you and your companions. I'll be eagerly awaiting your return, we all will," Bastian finished with a smile that livened up his aged face. He then unfurled his wings and flew off.

Everyone watched with various expressions on their faces. "What a big crybaby. I bet he only left 'cause he was embarrassed to be crying in front of his 'King'," Greyfus said with a smirk. He then walked up to Lone and slapped down onto his shoulders with both of his furry hands, grasping them.

"You take care, Lone. No one doubts your ability, but not a single person has cleared this dungeon before, so don't push yourself. Ya hear me?" Greyfus said with a serious, yet slightly lighthearted tone.

Lone smiled and punched Greyfus in the chest lightly, obviously not enough to deal any damage or even move the Lionkin that ruled the city. "Who do you think you're talking to, ya big furball? There's no way something like a dungeon would kill me. Don't worry," Lone responded with a laugh.

"Right, of course! HAHAHAHA!" Greyfus roared before he finally parted from Lone and walked back to Alfonse's side.

Lone then turned his sight to meet his eyes with Reytla, the Lemurian Chieftain's. She looked at the discarded members of her tribe that stood proudly next to her. "Lone, I have a request," she stated.

"Mmm? But I've already done a lot for your people. How ballsy to ask even more," Lone said with a smirk, obviously not serious about what he was saying.

"That's, true...you've more than atoned for your mistake at this point. I really did misjudge you," Reytla said with some regret to her tone, but she was mostly happy that Lone had done as he had promised.

"But yeah, regardless, what do you want?" Lone asked the scale-covered woman.'I really have helped the Lemurians a lot, huh? The amount of mana I wasted creating items and technology that they needed...but I did get all of the knowledge about their tech and culture, so I can't really complain,'he thought.

"Right, please take this one with you," Reytla said as she gestured to the crippled Lemurian standing proudly next to her. "She may have wronged you previously, but she wishes to properly apologise, unlike the spoken apology you 'forced' from her. She has no place here in Hope, so please, I would appreciate it if you took her as your travelling companion," Reytla explained softly.

At this point, the Lemurian missing her tail and right hand walked forward and lowered her head in Lone's direction. "I have no combat abilities or skills-ss! I'm greedy and selfish-ss! All I have is my few trading skills-ss! But please, take me with you-ss! Take me to the outside world-ss! I want to have meaning in my life again-ss!" the ex-vendor shouted with vigour and emotion.

Lone put his fingers in his ears and scrunched up his face at how loud the ex-vendor was being. "I accept," Lone easily replied much to the shock of both Lemurians. 'I just so happen to need a being not accepted since I accepted Breena.'

"Really? Lone, you do realise what I mean, don't you? I want you to take her with you on all of your travels and-" Reytla began explaining before Lone put his hand up to stop her and he spoke.

"Yes, I'm fully aware. I have my own reasons. Don't worry, I'll look after her," Lone said in a reassuring way, leaving Reytla no room to question him. It was hard to tell lies to a being as powerful as herself, While it was still possible, everyone present was aware of how honest Lone liked to be, so she didn't question him any further.

"Thank you. Well then, I have business to attend to. I'll take my leave. I wish you luck in clearing the remaining floors of the dungeon, Lone," Reytla said to which Lone nodded in acknowledgement. She then left, leaving only Greyfus, Alfonse and Eolande there.

"Well, it's about time I left too. I can't leave my duties to pile up for too long. Paperwork isn't my strongest area of expertise," Greyfus laughed.

"That's why you have me, Sir," Alfonse said with a helpless expression. After saying their farewells, the two left, leaving only Lone, Sophie, Breena, the Lemurian and Eolande standing by the gate that led to floor forty-one.

"I guess this is goodbye for now then, isn't it, Master?" Lone said with some sadness in his voice.'I feel bad leaving behind so many accepted beings, especially Eolande, but I really don't feel comfortable staying here any longer...'Lone thought.

"Now would probably be a good time to tell you, but I'll be going with you, forever," Eolande said with a sweet smile.

"Huh?" Lone replied as he stared at her blankly.'Did she just say 'forever'? No wait, she's coming with us?! Why?! If she's with us it'll make the rest of the dungeon easy I bet! No! She absolutely can't come!'

Eolande giggled a little bit a floated towards the still dumbstruck Lone and placed one of her hand on his chest gently and picked up the small pendant that was wrapped around his neck. It had two items attached to it. A small anvil and a small furnace. Were Lone to compare them to items back on Earth, he would say they were similar to phone straps.

"There's no way I would just let you take my most precious tools with no problem, right? Besides I still have to teach you a lot more about smithing and enchanting before I'll be satisfied," she said as she looked up at him, straight into his eyes.

It was at this point, that Sophie started to feel uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. The look in Eolande's eyes was sending shivers up Sophie's spine.'N-No way...she can't possibly...'

"I think I mentioned it when you said my true name back then, but, 'this complicates things'. Remember?" Eolande said as she narrowed her eyes and smiled sweetly.

"O-Of course I remember...weren't you just mumbling?" Lone said with a quake to his voice. He had a very bad feeling. A certain myth about Tylwyth Teg was suddenly resurfacing in his mind.

"Right, well, since you were the first person to ever say my true name to me from the opposite sex," she said coyly before she suddenly levitated up slightly and held Lone's head in both of her hands. She then, before anyone could even attempt to stop her, kissed Lone with a great amount of lust. Tongues mingled, and saliva melded. A hot kiss of passion was born between the two's lips.

After a quick second, Eolande separated from Lone and smiled with a certain hint of desire to her expression. "Well then, shall we move on to the next floor, Husband?" she said.

"Huh?" Lone, Sophie, the Lemurian and Breena all said at the same time. Then suddenly, Sophie broke down into tears on the spot and Lone looked like his soul had left his body. It was certainly a turn of events that no one had expected.

LTW Book 2 Chapter 50: Barbarians and Desert [First Draft] 2017-08-27T01:28:08+00:00

"KEEP RUNNING!" Scott yelled as loudly as he could to his three companions. Alisa was on his back because she was far too unfit to possibly keep up with them since they were running through a forest. Behind them was a group of maybe forty strong looking men that were wearingbarely any clothes and looked like a group of Barabians based on their crude looking weapons.

"Your spell still isn't ready, Emma?!" George shouted as he struggled to breathe since running and physical activity in general still wasn't his forte.

"SHUT UP! I'M WORKING ON IT! Res mels strag eich..."Emma screamed in anger before she continued chanting as she tightly held her staff.'Hurry up, mouth! I'm running out of stamina!'

"This is all your fault, Scott!" Hazel shouted before she swiftlypicked up a rock from the ground while she was running and launched it behind her with great accuracy and managed to hit one of the Barbarians on the head, knocking him out or killing him, either way, he wasn't pursuing them anymore.

"How was I supposed to know the cave we teleported intowas full of those fuckers?!" Scott retorted before he repositioned Alisa who was on his back and picked up his pace.'I'm already exhausted from boosting Alisa's teleportation, and I have to carry her too! Cut me some slack for Christ's sake!'

"Plese don't argue and just run!" Alisia shouted from behind Scott, nearly defeating him. "Sorry, Scott," she whispered into his ear.'I wish I were stronger...this is so embarrassing having to be carried, and by him of all people...'she thought.

Hazel's eyebrows perked up while she ran at this thought of Alisa's.'Heh, so my little Alisa has those kinds of feelings too? Heh,'she smirked despite the dire situation they were in. Hazel truly was a glutton for juicy things such as this. She only indulged in such thoughts because if she weren't true to herself, she wouldn't be able to see people's real feelings since she required a pure heart to do so.

It was at this moment that Emma shouted, "I'M READY!" before she stopped running and turned to face the incoming Barbarians. She then held her staff up and waved it lightly. "I hate spells that need chanting..." Ema mumbled. "LIGHTNING FIELD!" she screamed.

Several blue snaketattoos on her body then lit up, and a giant blue bubble appeared around the fifty or so Barbarians. They ignored the sudden change for whatever reason and continued charging, but Hazel's group had already stopped running and were merely watching the Barbarians.

The Barbarians that reached the side of the bubble and tried to run throughit exploded into a gore-filled haze that forced Alisa to turn away. Scott grit his teeth as he forced himself to watch the grisly scene. George and Emma were fine since they were from this world, and despite being nobles, they had both seen their fair share of death.

The blue bubble was slowlygetting smaller and trapping the few Barbarians that hadn't run to their deaths already even further. Slowly but surely, thebubble became small enough that it killed all of the men and there was now nothing left except a small sphere that was full of a red liquid, blood presumably.

Emma waved her staff again which forced the bubble to disperse making the collected blood drop to the ground with a wet splash.

"Phew," Emma sighed as she wiped away the sweat that had gathered on her brow. She then turned to face Hazel and smiled. "I'm a bit shocked you're not vomiting or something since you looked at that whole thing without batting an eye," she happily said.

"You couldn't hear their thoughts. Those scum didn't deserve death. They deserved far worse," Hazel had replied with hate in her voice before she ran next to Alisa and began squeezing her. "Ah! I'm healed!" she squealed as she hugged the short and blonde-haired girl.

"H-Hazel...I-I can't...can't breathe," Alisa mumbled as she tried to squirm out of her best friends grasp unsuccessfully.

Scott, George and Emma watching this scene with smiles. Such a show of playfulness was certainly helpful in fighting off the tension they had all experienced earlier.

After having been freed from Hazel's grasp, Alisa straightened her pointy hat and coughed loudly to get everyone's attention. "E-Everyone...I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to teleport us into that c-cave..." Alise said before tears started to well up in her eyes.

"Eh? But it's not your fault?" Emma said as she held her chin with a confused look on her face.

"If anything, it's Scott's fault. Why on Altros did you try to talk to those men? They were obviously feral and lacked intelligence. Oh, Did you connect with them? After all, you're just as stupid," George said with a sneer. Clearly, he was happy with the situation they had been forced into thanks to Scott.

"Hey!" Scott shouted as he blushed in embarrassment. "It wasn't my fault! I just wanted to know where we were after we teleported! You know it worked the last two times we teleported, so why would I think otherwise? Maybe you should have warned me that there were Barbarians that lied to live in caves around here!" Scott yelled in frustration.

"You're both idiots. Even if Scott hadn't alerted them, I doubt we could have snuck out of that cave. Sure, we could have been in a more favourable situation, but we managed to deal with them without any of us dying or being captured, so stop bickering, please," Hazel said with a forgiving tone.

"Muu, do we have to walk now? That was the second time you used your skill this month, right, Alisa?" Emma asked with a tired voice. Apparently, walking wasn't something she enjoyed.

"Y-Yes, but we should be c-close to the Acadamy now...we might reach it before I can teleport us again," Alisa said with a happy expression. Clearly, she was excited at having nearly reached her goal since the Acadamy meant more to her than finding Lone did.

"Okay, you heard her, so stop whining, and put your walking boots on. It's still only noon," Hazel ordered, and after a little bit of grumbling, the teenagers changed into their walking gear and began their trek to the Acadamy.

"What the hell..." Scott mumbled a few hours later.

Their group had reached the edge of the forest and what lay before them was a desert that looked completely lifeless and seemed like it stretched on for miles and miles.

"You never checked the map? We need to pass through this desert to get to the academy. That's why we bought those space bags back in that Dwarvenstronghold. Did you think we sold a few of Emma's magic books for nothing?" George said with a scoff.

"Right, It's just a bit different looking at it in person instead of on a sheet of cloth," Scott replied as he remained in a daze. Despite how deadly the desert looked, there was certainly a particular beauty to it. The group changed to a more suitable attire and continued their journey to the Acadamy, to Lone.

LTW Book 2 Chapter 49: Farm and Warning [First Draft] 2017-08-24T08:28:18+00:00

"Ah, right. You, Zel," Lone called. At this, Zel turned around, and his heated gaze calmed some upon looking at his people's saviour.

"How can I help, Foxkin-ss?" he said respectfully.

"My name is Lone, but besides that, show me the most ideal location for a farm for you guys. I'll make you one, so you don't have to worry about starving," Lone said passively. Although it was a simple thing for him, it meant far more than that to the Lemurians.

They hadn't mentioned it out of either fear or respect, but the thing that they needed the most was certainly food. Due to being a mere step away from being exiled from the tribe, they received literally no support from them, which obviously included food. Thankfully there was a stream nearby which made water a simple thing to acquire, unlike food.

"Of course-ss!" Zel responded with a lot of vigour to his tone. He practically bounced to a nearby pasture justbeyond the homes Lone had created.

"This area is where you'd like the farm?" Lone asked with some hesitation. The soil was hardly fertile and looked almost black.'I'm gonna need to create the land, aren't I? Fuck. Is thisreally worth all of the mana orbs I'm draining? I only have two left,'Lone thought in depression. He was upset that his desire for knowledge was so strong that he was willing to waste his stored mana on these people that he didn't care about purely to make it easier to acquire knowledge on their culture and technology.

"Y-Yes-ss. this is the most fertile land that we own-ss...it may not look like much, but we are used to working hard, even if we have been cast out by the tribe, we will work our hardest to create a life for ourselves here on the outskirts-ss," Zel replied with zeal.

"Well, fine. It's your choice. I'll improve the land a bit for you and plant some fruits and vegetables I suppose. You guys can eat that stuff, yeah?" Lone asked, to which Zel agreed.

After that, Lone spent a few hours using his mana creation to carefully create more fertile land and a few simple farming tools. He then created several vegetables and planted them. Lone also created several different types of fruittrees. Lone was quite happy with his work, but not with that amount of mana he had to spend.'Only half an orbs worth of mana now, but at least everyone here has forgiven me for what I did to that shopkeeper, in fact, they might like me more than their own tribe now...'Lone thought while he sat down on a bench he had created.

Quite honestly, the little village he had built looked very out of place huddled up next to the wall that enclosed the tribe. It looked a lot more like a human settlement than one lived in by Lemurians, but the occupants weren't complaining, so Lone wasn't bothered.

Zel approached Lone after finishing a conversation with a few of the other Lemurians and sat next to him as Lone was relaxing. "You have done so much for us, Lone-ss. How can we, the outcasts of our race, ever hope to repay you?"

Lone leaned forward slightly and his face put on a thinking expression. "All I want from you is knowledge, and that's it. Just tell me about your people. It's history, its technology, its culture. I want to know all of this. Y'know, I'm a glutton for information," Lone said with a chuckle.

Suddenly, Lones eyes turned sharp, and he looked at the southern direction, towards the centre of the tribe. "Heh, I guess it makes sense that what I was doing would be noticed by her...i wonder how she feels about me helping her kin like this?" Lone had mumbled before he stood up.

"Is there a problem-ss?" Zel asked Lone with confusion evident in his voice.

"Don't worry about it. I'll be back tomorrow at some point, so try to compile your knowledge somehow to make it easier for me to learn. Anyway, I need to go now, so I'll seeya later, Zel," Lone said abruptly.

Zel sat in silence for a moment before nodded his head and said, "Of course, I'll be awaiting your return then, Lone." After that, he stood up and walked off, presumably to help his fellow castaways.

Lone immediately left the shanty town that he had rebuilt and walked in a nearly straight line towards whatever had drawn his attention earlier. He was walking at a reasonably fast pace, but not quite quick enough to call it a jog or run. After maybe two minutes of walking, Lone could finally see who had caught his attention.

"Hi, Reytla. What's up?" he asked with a loose smile hung across his face. 'I wonder if she's pissed that I helped out the people that her tribe had already thrown away?'Lone thought.

"Greetings, Lone. I see that you've been busy," Reytla said as she looked at the distant village.

"I suppose so," he responded. "Y'know, it was annoying. No one came to ask for help except one beggar who took me here. I guess I kinda got into fixing their situation. Well, you did say 'help my kin' right? You need to give specifics if I wasn't supposed to help that lot," Lone remarked. He began fiddling with his glasses since he couldn't feel any hostility from Reytla.

"Yes, you're right. But I have no issue with you helping those ones, I merely came to see your progress," Reytla said before she walked closer to Lone, forcing her long tail to drag along the ground. "You certainly have a lot of abilities, do you not?" she asked.

Lone stopped playing with his mechanical glasses for a moment and looked up at her. "Well naturally, who do you think I am? I'm the most talented Jack of all Trades you'll ever meet," he said before his thoughts clashed slightly with his words.'Shame the talent isn't really mine...'

"I see," Reytla answered with little interest in her voice. "Anyway, I came here to tell you that I have ordered my guard to circulate the news of your involvement here to the tribesmen. A few of them might be willing now to ask you for help. You still have a long way to go until you can say you've atoned for your sin." At those words of Reytla's, Lone frowned.

"You should know by now; you're a strong woman, so surely you can read my badly concealed body language. I don't really care about atoning. Sure, I'm sorry, but all I want is information. Don't make me sound like a criminal who's working off his debts with community service," Lone said with aslight hint of anger in his voice.

"Right," Reytla said before she turned around and began walking. "Remember, Lone; I spared your life. Make sure it was for a good reason." She then walked away back into the core of her tribe leaving Lone standing there.

"I don't owe you a debt...I don't owe anyone a debt...not anymore. Like you could have killed me, you bitch. I have seventeen lives..." Lone grumbled under his breath while he struggled to keep his anger down. Being reminded of his debts in his prior life had triggered a sore spot of Lone's, or so it would seem.

LTW Book 2 Chapter 48: Help and Zel [First Draft] 2017-08-23T17:14:44+00:00

[Everybody, don't panic. I am here to help you all]Lone stated. Even if the present Lemurians didn't believe Lone, his aura forced then to stay calm, which is exactly what he wanted.

Lone then took a few minutes to create a single kindling of mana. The beauty and power of this flame left all of the people who looked at in awe. Lone didn't hold it for long and gently controlled it to fly throughevery shack, obliterating them in its wake.

"NO!" the Lemurians began crying out. They couldn't move due to their forced calmness, but their minds were in a shambles right now. Their only home was being destroyed in front of their own eyes. So it was only natural for them to despair and grow to hate Lone. If they could, they would attack him right now without caring for their own safety of health because without those shacks; they would die either way.

"You have killed us-ss. The tribe does not support us, and now you have taken away our homes and burnt our only remaining food-ss. We may be useless, but why have you don't this to us, Foxkin-ss? We did nothing to you-ss!" an old looking Lemurian shouted in a masculine voice.

Lone looked at him with interest.'I understand his misconception of what I'm doing since I can't be bothered explained what I'm doing, but he's really got some balls, huh? Pretty old too, how hasn't he died from sickness? Maybe he used to be a doctor or something then he lost his ability? Oh well, no point answering him. Let's just continue,' Lone thought to himself.

He then closed his eyes and imagined a small town made from wooden shacks that were of far better quality than the previous ones. The ones Lone was imagining were simplified versions of the cabin he usually created when his group defeated a floor. They were sturdy, and each had two floors and a basement. While not large in size, they could easily house three or four peop[le with ease.

The ideal part though, was that they could keep out the cold and the rain. Lone found it fascinating, but this waiting area actually had a rain simulator and the artificial sun that hung over the city, the large crystal, stopped shining for about six hours a day to recharge which caused the city to be rather cold.

Lone then took a moment to absorbthe mana from a mana orb since creating a small village had been quite taxing on his reserves. After he had done that, he took a second to inspect the gathered Lemurians and noticed how they were looking at Lone with shocked and grateful expressions, especially the older one from earlier.

[You] Lone said as he pointed at the elderly Lemurian, [Show me the most critically sick and injured people, I'll cure them. Then show me the mildlyinjured people and so on and so forth until we go through everyone. I'll cure you of any problems you have] Lone declared.'This is gonna eat the mana that I've been storing up the last week, but fuck it, I need their support more than the mana,' he thought.

Then then, after being shown who was the most critically injured, immediately began chopping them up and restoring then with his mana creation. At first, the Lemurian beggars were shocked and horrified at Lone seeming killing their friends and family, but those emotions quickly turned to awe and near worship of Lone after seeing him cure them of every single affliction they had.

It took several hours, and at some point, Lone had deactivated his Aura of Dominance to stop wasting his mana, and the surrounding people didn't even try to stop his bloody actions and helped the best they could.

The final person that Lone was 'treating' was, in fact, the elderly man that had spoken out against him.

"I misjudged you, Foxkin-ss. I am Zel, the leader of our little community-ss. You are a good man-ss. I, on behalf of everyone here, thank you for what you have done for us today-ss," Zel said with emotion clear in his voice. He too was looking at Lone as if e were a God of some sort.

"That's funny," Lone replied with a chuckle before he sat down on the floor with his legs crossed and cracked his neck a little. It was stiff alongside his hands due to all of the work.

"I am sorry-ss. Where is the humour-ss?" Zel asked in confusion.

"Me, a good man? I'm not trying to belittle myself or anything, but I'm anything other than a good man. I helped you to further my own agenda, but I still do not intend to exploit you. So, I guess you can call me a good man if you want to, it's just funny to me," Lone replied with his actual thoughts on the matter.

"I see-ss," Zel replied. He then looked around to see that a lot of his kin, while happy at their healed bodies, were looking at Lone like he was some sort of monster. Naturally, some looked at him with reverence, but a lot of them could only see that he had chopped them each up in a gruesome fashion. Zel's eyebrows crinkled at this.

He walked to the centre of the Lemurians and straightened is hunched back before a sharp look crossed his face. "Everyone-ss!" he shouted in Milindonian. "I know that what this Foxkin did to us was traumatic and cruel, but look at the results!" he continued which caused the people to slowly look at the houses and each other with confused gazes.

"From my knowledge, it is very difficult to cure so many different diseases and broken limbs alone, not to mention so many within the space of a mere few hours-ss! How dare you look at him with such fearful eyes-ss!" Zel shouted with rage. This forced a lot of the Lemurians to lower their heads in shame simply because this elderly Lemurian was right. Regardless of how painful it was, Lone had given each of them a form of anaesthetic which he had also created. It was costly, but he not too much due to his gradually growing knowledge regarding medicine.

"He is no villain, so how dare you look at him as if he were one-ss! He has solved two our biggest problems-ss. Our health and our shelter-ss! You will treat him with the respect he deserves, or I will cut off your tails here and now-ss!" Zel roared with much power to his voice. There was enough power in his voice to shock even Lone.

All of the Lemurians at this point were looking regretful and a bit shameful at their prior attitude to Lone. What Zel was saying was exactly right, so none of them felt like they had a right to say anything else.'Who exactly was Zel before he was sent to this shanty town?'Lone thought in suspicion. Zel had far too much authority over the gather Lemurians to be an ordinary old man, of that, Lone was sure.

LTW Book 2 Chapter 47: Boy and Shanty [First Draft] 2017-08-22T17:39:56+00:00

"Well, this is a problem," Lone murmuredwhile he watched the Lemurians that he had tried to approached continue to hide from him in fear. "How am I supposed to help anyone if they won't even let me talk to them?" he continued.

"Hrmm..." Lone continued to stand in the middle of a dirt road with on hand on his chin and other on his elbow as he thought of possible solutions.

"Y'know what," he said to himself, "Fuck it. If I can't come to them, then they'll have to come to me," Lonehad concluded.

He then walked to the edge of the road and closed his eyes before he imagined a small stall made from wood. After wishing for it to exist, his Mana Creation Skill activated, and the imagined stall appeared directly in front of Lone. It was only big enough for one person to sit behind its counter and it had nothingbut a simple table which had a headboardabove it. The headboard read, 'Lone's assistance! You need it; I'll help you do it or give it to you! (Within Reason)' in perfect Milindonian.

After nodding in satisfaction at his creation, Lone took out a chair from within his dimension and placed it behind the counter, he then sat down and took out a book before he got himself comfortable and began reading it.

The book was mildly interesting. It was about the different races that lived in Hope and had actually been written by the Angel Bastian whom Lone was acquainted with himself.'Heh...there are a few Beastman races that seem to have a bit of knowledge regarding awakenings? I wonder why Greyfus couldn't ask them what they knew? Or maybe their understanding on the topic is incomplete...hrmmm..maybe they know more about why Kyuubi isn't turning back into her humanoid form?'Lone thought.

A few short hours passed and thus far, no one had bothered to ask Lone what the purpose of his stall was. Every passing Lemurian just looked at him with either cold or fearful eyes. Lone put the book down, now a different one from earlier and looked at the dirt road that was still busy with activity. "This clearly isn't working...I need a few people to prove that I'm trying to help them. I guess I really did leave a sour impression on them, huh?" Lone said to himself in annoyance.

Just as he about to stand up and try to find a solution to his problem, he noticed a small Lemurian child had made its way up to his stall and was staring at the headboard, or perhaps the words on it.

"Hello, can I help you?" Lone asked with hope evident in his voice.'Even if it's a child, just one person should do fine as an example to the rest,'Lone thought.

The child lowered its gaze to look at Lone and clearly hesitated for a moment. During that hesitation, Lone appraised the youth. He couldn't tell its gender, but it wore a very ragged looking shirt and a pair of torn and brown shorts.'A beggar? I wonder why such a species that cares so much about their tails and family would let a child be in such a situation? It's not really got anything to with me though, so whatever.'he concluded in thought.

"Will you really help me in a-any way-ss?" the child asked in a slightly high-pitched voice. It was clearly uncertain, and it had apparently taken much courage for it to come up and ask Lone this question.

'Still can't tell its gender, huh? Well, whatever, you've saved my day, so it doesn't really matter,'Lone thought before he responded. "Of course. Anything you want, I'll do my best to make it happen."

Lone's gentle tone helped calm the child somewhat. An expectant look flashed through its eyes before it eagerly asked Lone a question. "C-Can you make my life easier-ss?"

Lone had to admit, as little as he didn't care about others, hearing such a sad request from a child pulled even his heartstrings. "Of course, now, please tell me what makes your life hard?" Lone asked with genuine care in his voice.

After listening to the explanation of the young Lemurian's life, Lone had a grim look on his face.'To think that because he held little potential for any known jobs for the tribe they just banished him to an outer cast. His own parents...how sickening...I know it's a part of their culture, but still...oh well, no point getting riled up. I'll just help him and move on.'Lone decided.

"Take me to your home, I'll see what I can do," Lone said while he continued to think. 'Mmm, will helping this kid out actually help me? I guess it will show people what I'm capable of, but still...should I give this kid a job of some sort or maybe find his talent? Nah, that's too much effort. Stick to plan A, build him a house and give him some money. It's not my problem if he gets looted later.'

The Lemurian nodded with excitement before he quickly ran off, clearly forgetting that Lone wouldn't be going anywhere. Lone ran after him, and the two soon reached the outskirts of the tribe. What Lone was looking at was a small settlement of maybe forty run down shacks that hugged the wooden wall which surrounded the tribe. They looked abysmally unhygienic and very structurally unsound.

"It's only this much?" Lone whispered as a thought entered his head.

As soon as he and the boy had cometo the pitiful excuse for a shanty town, almost every person there, either from within a shack or who was doing something outside of one, went to look at Lone and marvelled at his clean clothing and healthy figure.'Heh, they look kinda afraid, but not the same kind as the other Lemurians. Do they think I'm going to hurt them or something? Maybe take advantage of them? Oh well, fuck it. In for a penny, in for a pound. May as well make a show out of this.'

Lone and the boy had soon reached the centre of this small collection of homes and Lone had stopped the boy from taking him to his particular shack for some reason.

"You promised to help me-ss! Why did you stop-ss?!" the boy asked with fear and anxiety in his tone.

"I changed my mind," Lone said much to the boy's horror. Lone then activated his Aura of Dominance to about half of its maximum potential.

'Lone, what are you doing?'Sophie asked him from within the summoning room. She was quite curious why someone that hated breaking promises like Lone had done exactly that.

'Don't worry. I'm just going to help the kid in a different way than I first planned and it would be a bother to do without everyone following my instructions, using my aura is easier,'Lone replied calmly.

'You're so lazy,'Sophie said with a giggle ending the conversation. Lone couldn't deny it either, if he could, he'd take the easier option for trivial things. It was only his pursuit of power and fame that he wasn't willing to half-ass.

[Everybody, get out here right now and bunch up around me]with Lone's orders, the weak and sickly Lemurians couldn't refuse his order that had been infused with his aura. It took a few minutes for the Lemurians to gather everyone up since there was a few of them that were far too poorly to move, but they had managed easily enough thanks to Lone not being impatient and waiting for them.

All of the gathered people were scared and couldn't help think that Lone had nefarious plans for them, but obviously, Lone had no such intentions.

LTW Book 2 Chapter 46: Amends and Passiveness [First Draft] 2017-08-19T19:52:41+00:00

As soon as Lone reached the door to the Chieftain's hut, he gently knocked on the door.'I've got no clue if this is considered good manners to knock for them...but whatever,'he thought.

"Come in," came an authoritative female voice from the other side of the door.'Wow. That was very fluent. No 'ss' with the Chieftain, huh?'Lone remarked in his mind before he opened the door and walked into the hut.

What he saw was a spacious single room that was filled with rugs and different kinds of mounted items that hung up on the walls. It looked very tribal, and Lone couldn't help but appreciate it.'There's so much history hidden within these items...maybe I really should extend my stay period here in Hope? There's so much to learn.'he thought in awe.

"Welcome, Nine-Tails, or perhaps, Darkness?" came the same voice as before. Lone turned to look at its owner to find the unfamiliarLemurian Chieftain, Reytla, staring at him with interest. She was sitting on a thatch chair and was carefully dabbing some sort of ointment on her arm.

Lone watched this curiously as he answered, "I'm Lone, not Darkness. I'm pleased to meet you. I wanted to come sooner, but I had to complete Eolande's test first."

Reytla noticed Lone's gaze towards her arm, so she decided to explain. "I'm using a special salve made by the Dryads that call this city home. I need it to cure the remaining power 'Darkness' left inside of me. I suppose it was my own fault though for attacking him," she finished with a laugh.

She took a few more moments to finish up rubbing the paste-like substance on her arm before she stood up and walked over to Lone. Reytla stuck one of her hands out, her left one, as a form of greeting.

Lone didn't shy away from the scale covered hand and grasped it with his own left hand in a firm handshake.

"Mmm, strong grip for a Fox. I'm Reytla, although I presume you already knew that. Before we get to why you have come here, I must ask, did you succeed or fail the Enchantress' tests?" Reytla asked with her interest in the subject clear for Lone to see.

"Your scales are surprisinglysmooth. Again, I'm, Lone, and yes, I did pass her tests," Lone replied before he separated his hand from the Chieftains'.'So 'the Enchantress' is referring to Eolande? Interesting. She never mentioned having a sour relationship with the Lemurians. Hrmm.'

Reytla's eyes widened in shock before she passed Lone and went to stroke a particular spear mounted on the wall. It was bristle and clearly unusable, but Reytla stroked the feathers attached to its blade with care and love. "I suppose that makes sense since you have so much power at such a young age. A talent for enchanting can be within expectation for one such as yourself."

Lone remained silent and a few seconds passed before Reytla turned back to face Lone, forcing her long green tail to curl around with her movements. "So, Lone, what brings you, the victim and attacker of one of my former kin to my home? An apology, was it?"

Lone took a second to collect his thoughts before he responded. "Yes. I would like to apologise not only to you but also to the entire Lemurian race. What that vendor did, while inexcusable, wasn't worth her life. I was angry and upset at the time. As soon as I saw Sophie being held by that Lemurian while she was experiencing a panic attack, I lost control. I'm sorry. I...I would like to make amends," Lone said with determination in his voice.'While harsh punishment was needed, her life wasn't the right answer. I'm glad Darkness was in control, not Sky or Void. They would have killed her, I bet Sky would have killed everyone since he increases my power by twenty times...or is that skill still on cooldown? I forgot.'

A surprised look appeared on Reytla's scaly face. "Your words do not match your actions, but I understand that this 'Darkness' is not you," she said before she moved across the room and sat down on her thatch chair again. "I accept your apology, but my people might not. I can feel your sincerity and regret. However, you must prove these things to the people of my tribe. Are you willing to do so?" she finished.

"Of course. I'm a man of my word. I'll apologise to the Lemurians however I can. What is needed? Are your people without something that I can provide? I want to prove myself," Lone replied.'I'll never get access to their technology and history properly if I don't make them trust me. This is gonna be fucking hard. Oh well, I never was one to back down from a challenge.'

"There is much that we need. I suggest you go and talk to each individual member of my tribe and see if you can fulfil their desires? Obviously within limits, but I feel that helping our community like this, one small act at a time, will be the best way for our race to forgive your actions," Reytla stated to which Lone could only nod.

"That makes sense," Lone had said before he put his right hand on his chin and held his right elbow with his left hand. "Well then, how can I help you, the Chieftain, Reytla? You said I should ask everyone, right? May as well start with you, no?" Lone finished with a smile.

Reytla's face took on a thinking expression before she pulled out a piece of parchment from a nearby thatch drawer and began writing on it with a quill that she had dipped in ink. After maybe a few minutes, she rolled the parchment up and placed it in a small wooden tube before sealing it. "Please give this to your new Master, the Enchantress. This is all I desire of you."

Reytla then handed the tube to Lone, and he immediately placed it in a pocket of his overcoat before storing it in his dimension. "Sure, sounds easy enough. Well then, if you don't need me to do anything else for you, I think I'll start making amends with your people if you're alright with that," Lone said in an earnest way. Clearly, his mind was filled with nothing but the Lemurians' history and technology.

"Go, Please, do not disappoint my trust in you. I am trying to be forgiving and accepting of your circumstances. Do not misunderstand, if you cause harm to another member of my race, there will be consequences," Reytla responded sternly.

"Of course," Lone replied before he turned and left the hut. Reytla watched him leave before she returned to the adorned spear and ran her fingers along it lovingly while a sad look flashed through her eyes.

"I miss you dearly, but I have changed since your passing...no more shall we let our own kill ourselves with our battle-focused thoughts. We have changed now. I wonder, would you be proud or disgusted with our newfound passiveness? I wonder..." Reytla mumbled.

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LTW Book 2 Chapter 45: Guard and Culture [First Draft] 2017-08-18T03:52:22+00:00

"This place sure is big," Lone commented as he stared at the huge gate and wall before him. Were he to estimate its size, he would say it was about a mile in diameter. It was a perfect circle as far as Lone could see and it looked very primitive.

Lone approached the gate, and the group of Lemurian guards stationed at it immediately noticed him and obviously recognised who he was. A multicolourednine-tailed Foxkin was hardly a person easy to forget, after all.

The biggest one of the Guards walked towards Lone cautiously with a steel spear tightly grasped in his hands. Lone appraised him and thought,'Hmm, roughly B-Ranker? The Captain, maybe? I guess it makes sense for him to be cautious of me, right? I did force one of their own to lose her status as one of their tribesmen...well, not me, Darkness, but still...'

It didn't take the guard long to reach Lone obviously since they were only about twenty metres away from each other. "What have you come to our tribe for, Fox-ss?" the presumed Guard Captain asked in a slightly hostile manner.

He had also spoken in fluent Milindonian which Lone had discovered was the native language of Hope. Any other languages spoken were purely treated as second languages. This made Lone ever more angry at the Lemurian who had tricked Sophie since it hadn't spoken in Milindonian on purpose.

"I'm here to see your Chieftain. I want to apologise," Lone replied in an honest manner.

The Lemurian eyed Lone very sceptically. Naturally, he was very unsure about how truth Lone was being since Lone had almost no reason to apologise as far as the Lemurians were concerned.'The Chieftain did ask us to be more accepting of others-ss. What should I do-ss?'

After standing still for a few minutes, Lone's patience was very close to running out. However, just as he was about to ask what was taking so long, the presumed Guard Captain finally opened his scaly mouth.

"Please follow me-ss. I will take you to the Chieftain-ss," he said before he turned around and walked towards the gate. Lone happily followed after him.'Took him long enough to come to a decision. Glad he accepted my request though. I wonder why he did?'Lone thought.

Lone listened to the Guard as he ordered the other Guards to do something in a language Lone was struggling very hard to understand.'Is that their tribal tongue? Interesting...in theory, I should be able to learn it. I wonder what he ordered them. Probably to open the gates, huh? And I guess he is the Captin. Is strength the determining factor for rank in their tribe?'Lone's passion for knowledge had quite clearly been ignited by all of the new things he was currently experiencing.

With a loud creak, the large and primitive gate was swung open by some sort of pulley system that also fascinated Lone.'So interesting! Mmm, I need to take some time to study how that works if things go well with the Chieftain. That reminds me, I need to see if there are any Dwarfs in this City who would be willing to teach me about their technology,'Lone thought in joy while he fiddled with his mechanical glasses.

After the gate had fully opened, the Guard Captain continued onwards. Lone followed after and was shocked by what he saw.

Even if the technology and hierarchy were somewhat primitive in Lone's view, the people looked very happy. There were Lemurians standing around talking to each other with smiles on their faces, small children running after each other in a playful way. It all seemed very...humane.

"Shocked, Fox-ss?" The Guard Captain asked with a proud grin adorning his scaly lips.

Lone looked around for a few more seconds before he replied, "Yes, I am. I honestly thought your society would be far less...happy. It seems I underestimated your cultural advancements based on your technological ones. My apologies for that."

"No need to apologise, Fox-ss. We were as you said, very unhappy-ss. That only changed recently," The Guard Captain said with a look of regret on his face. Clearly, he was regretting the past ways of the Lemurians.

"What changed?" Lone absentmindedly asked. He cared, but he was very engrossed in studying the people and any devices they held. A few of the Lemurians he had seen so far were holding weapons or tools that were clearly built in anefficient way, yet hadn't been forged at all. It was as if they had stepped right out of the late eras of the stone ages and it intrigued Lone to no end.

"The Chieftain had a big fight with the one known as 'Enchantress'-ss. She lost and many of our kin were killed in the aftermath-ss. It was then that our Chieftain realised the way we had lived for so many generations, was wrong-ss. We have changed since then-ss. No longer are we a blind and violent race-ss!" the Guard Captain exclaimed. It would seem that his explanation had excited him.

Lone continued to scan the people while he replied, "I see. Changing the nature of your species is certainly a difficult thing to do. My image of your Chieftain is getting better. Mind you, it was already high since she spared my life."

At those words, the Guard's attitude noticable relaxed towards Lone. It wasn't hard to tell how honest Lone was, especially for such an instinctual race like the Lemurians, and hearing praise about his ruler would naturally make the Guard Captain feel proud and pleased.

"We are nearing the Chieftain's hut, Fox-ss. I must ask again, what is your true purpose for visiting us-ss?" the Lemurian asked in a stern, no nonsense tone.

Lone finally pried his attention away from the Lemurians in the distance who were clearly avoiding him, but otherwise going about their regular day-to-day life. "As I said. I need to apologise for my previous actions to the former member of your tribe. She didn't deserve what happened to her just because she tried to scam my lover. I went overboard. It's as simple as that."

"Very well," the Guard replied before he turned the final corner that led to the Chieftain's hut. It was large and made from a mixture of stone and what looked like thatch. Lone wasn't impressed by the visuals of it, but he was clearly a little bit nervous about how his meeting would go, as made apparent by his swishing tails. Fortunately for him, Lemurians had no experience with Foxkin, so the fact that they wore their emotions on their tails was an unknown fact.

Lone watched as the Guard Captain approached the hut, knocked on its door and spoke in his native tongue before he returned to Lone.

"You may go and talk to the Chieftain, she has permitted your visit-ss," he said to which Lone sighed with relief. He thanked the Guard Captain and moved to the Chieftain's hut.'I am glad I made the right choice-ss,'the Guard thought. He then returned to his duty of guarding the gate.

LTW Book 2 Chapter 44: Apprentice and Suspicion [First Draft] 2017-08-17T19:30:01+00:00

'Come on! You better fucking work!'Lone shouted in his mind as he began attempting to enchant a blade he had just forged for maybe the thousandth time.'This is my last chance since the deadline is literally in five minutes! You had better fucking work!'

Lone poured all of his concentration, all of his being and all of his effort intothe one sword he was holding as he created the runes with his Enchanting skill.

Eolande was hovering nearby watching him with awe in her eyes.'I can't believe he learned the Enchanting Skill...he still doesn't have the Blacksmithing one...but still...is he more inclined towards magic? That would make sense since he's a Foxkin. I hope you succeed, Lone. I really do,'she thought.

Both the furnace, Red'Klata, and the Anvil, Kal, we're watching Lone in anticipation.'It was a struggle toget him to stay here for the remaining six days...I imagine he'll leave immediately after his success or failure.'Red'Klata thought.

Suddenly, a blinding light filled the room and forced Eolande to avert her gaze. "Ha...ha....HA...HAHAHAHAHA FUCKING YES! I FUCKING DID IT! WITH MY OWN TALENTS!" Lone immediately began shouting and jumping around like a child. He calmed after a few moments and looked at the sword he had created with love and care.'I doubt I'll ever use you since I have no need for swords, but perhaps Sophie can find a use for you? One thing's for sure, though. I'll treasure you for my entire life. A sword that I enchanted purely with my own talents...not even using the boost from my title...'Lone thought in glee.

Eolande quickly flew down to the ground and looked at the sword with a scrutinising gaze. "Hrmm, barelyC-Ranked. Congratulations, Lone Immortus, you have successfully become the very first person in history to pass my tests. Do you still wish to apprentice yourself to me?" Eolnde asked in a sagely manner befitting of her age.

Lone looked at his creation with a warm gaze once more before he stored the weapon in his dimension. Eolande didn't even bat an eyelid at him doing so.'I'm glad she was so accepting of my creation skill and spatial pocket, really, could I even force a being like her into a contract of secrecy, I wonder?'Lone thought before he turned to face her.

"I am more than willing. Please, Eolande, teach me the ways of enchanting and smithing," Lone asked with as much sincerity as he could muster up and he slightly bowed his head to the three-foot tall Tylwyth Teg.

"I'm a woman of my word. I'll teach you, but despite your overwhelming talent, it will take many years I suspect for you to learn my craft. Are you willing to stay here for that length of time?" Eolande asked in a firm tone.

"I'm not," was Lone's immediate response. 'Overwhelming talent, huh? I wonder about that,'Lone thought, allowing his self-doubt to grow.

"Oh? Really now? And why would that be?" Eolande asked in shock.'I offer him the teaching he wanted, but now he refuses to stay the duration required to learn? Not that it matters since...'Eolande thought.

"I have business outside of this dungeon and fully plan to conquer it within the next ten months. If required, I'll come back here to finish my studies with you, but you need to understand, my life isn't meant to be used as a simple crafter, no matter how great at it I might become. It's just a means to an end," Lone explained honestly.

Eolande held her chin in one hand and pondered over the matter for a few moments. "What you say does make some sense. I don't have the ability to peer into one's fate, but you are certainly capable of more than just crafting, and several years could indeed be better spent developing your growth in other areas. It matters not, everything will work out in the end," Eolande agreed with a mysterious smile.

'What's up with her smile? Does she know something that I don't? I thought me refusing to stay in Hope would be a struggle to persuade her about. No way my Persuade Skill influenced her, so why?'Lone thought before he bowed his head again. "Thank you for understanding."

"It is now time to tell her of our choice to join you, Lone. Don't worry; she will understand,"Red'Klata, the Furnace stated.

"Eolande," Lone called as he looked right into the girl's eyes with a serious gaze.'This should be interesting. I wonder if she'll kick up a storm, or will she just accept it? I can't figure out her thoughts at all,'he thought.

"Yes? Was there something else you needed? I thought you were immediately going to go visit the Lemurian Chieftain after this to talk about last week's incident," she replied with a knowing smile.

"Right," Lone said, "I will, but first, the Furnace, Red'Klata and the Anvil, Kal, have apparently subordinated themselves to me and wish to become my possessions due to my talent in smithing even though I've told them my heart isn't really into blacksmithing. Do you mind if I take them?" Lone asked honestly and a bit too frankly for either of the Cosmos-Ranked tools' liking.

"Hmm? It was something as insignificant as that? Of course, take them, don't worry about my opinion on the matter, hehehe," Eolande giggled in response, confusing not only Lone but the tools as well.

"...Well then...thank you? I'll take them when I leave the city..." Lone said in an unsure manner.'What on Earth is she planning? No way she'd let me just take her Cosmos-Ranked forging tools without at least some resistance, right?'Lone had thought in suspicion.

However, after that, Eolande didn't mention it at all and simply hovered away to another part of the workshop or perhaps her home, so Lone left the Glade and began walking towards the Lemurian's tribe.

'Soph, I'm going to go meet that Lizard Chieftain and see if I can find that vendor who attacked you. I need to thank the Chieftain, but the creton that hurt you emotionally needs to apologise to your face,'Lone telepathically said to Sophie with some anger in his voice.

Sophie sat in the summoning room watching Lone through the viewing screen with the fluffy Kyuubi peacefully sleeping in her arms.'Thank you, Lone,'she replied. Perhaps another person might have dissuaded Lone from wanted to force the already punished Lemurian to apologise, but Sophie was simply happy that Lone cared and glad that he wasn't after the person's life. That showed a growth of his character that Sophie couldn't be more pleased with.

After receiving no complaints from her, Lone doubled his pace as he sped through the city and he finally found himself looking up at the gate made entirely out of some sort of twine, or perhaps branches? Either way, Lone had arrived at the Lemurians tribe.

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LTW Book 2 Chapter 43: Hoose and Studies [First Draft] 2017-08-16T20:11:50+00:00

"Y'know," an elderly man said while he angrily used gravity magic to level roughly fifty trees, "When I had just decided that I wanted to the leave Milindo's capital," he huffed before he created a blade out of compressed air using gravity magic and swung it to chop down another hundred or so trees. "I didn't think the first thing I'd do when I actually left, was be an errand boy for some damned Dwarf!"

"Oh, can it, ye big baby. Ye'ra Dragonkin, aye? Fookin' act like one. It's naw like I wan' ye to do this shite, who's fault is it that ma hoose is half destroyed? Eh? Eh? Fooking whose?!" the Dwarf that could have only been Grimsley shouted in retort to Gilbert.

Gilbert lowered his head and mumbled, "'Whose fault it is that my house is half destroyed' he says, 'whose fault'? Whose fucking fault is it that you're still alive you baffoon?!" He then sighed rather deeply. "Really, how could Lone have accepted both him and myself despite how...different our personalities are?"

"Mr.Guildmaster, that's becauseMr.Immortus only accepts people he trusts. It doesn't matter what personalities they have," Shana said from Gilbert's side.

'Ah, Shana. I forgot she was here. Really, how did such a barbaric man raise to such a talented girl? I'll have to arrange for her to go TheAcadamy when we finally get off of this stupid island,'Gilbert thought.

"Now, I know you're right, but I'm allowed to complain, aren't I?" Gilbert said with a flick of the wrist causing several more trees to fall. "That should be enough now, no? Do you need any more help, Grimsley? I was in the middle of teaching my apprentice when you rudely interrupted me," Gilbert had said after he had turned to face the Dwarf in question.

"Aye, that'll do it. I still dinny know why yerwhinin' so much. It took you no more than five minutes to de that. I'm the one who's gonne build the fooking hoose," Grimsley said before he walked over to a felled tree and began removing the branches from it.

"Look, I'm sorry I accidentally destroyed the house when I showed Shana one of my more powerful spells. I tried to be polite and offered to rebuild it with magic, but no, you insisted on doing by hand. Alos, has your Milindonian gotten slightly more fluent?" Gilbert commented.

Grimsley stopped what was he was doing for a moment and looked up at the Dragonkin. "Aye, it has. Naw by much, but it has. Thanks for the book. I'm done with it now. No point gettin' rid of all of my accent, eh?" Grimsley replied with a smile, seemingly having forgotten his grumblings regarding the house.

"I suppose not. Well, we'll leave you to it. There are magical things to be discussed here. Don't forget to train your new Hammer Mastery Skill at some point today. I've noticed that you've been ignoring your training these past few days," Gilbert said with a parental tone to Grimsley.

"Aye, and I wonder why? Oh, right, I got a hoose to build," Grimsley grumbled, but upon seeing Gilbert's expression, he corrected himself, "Aye, I'll find some time to do it."

"Thank you. Now," Gilbert said before he put his attention back onto the young Dwarf that stood next to him, "Let's continue, shall we?"

A few hours later, Gilbert had called for a break, so he and Shanna returned to the construction site that was going to be their new home. It was a level piece of ground roughly one-hundred by one-hundred metres in size, and there was no building there yet, but it held several stacks of logs on one side and a pile of cleanly cut stones on the other.'Mmm, it's a large project, isn't it? I wonder if Grimsley is putting his all into this since he's so bored on this damned island? We can't contact Lone for some reason. Presumably, he entered a dungeon of some sort; the island is completely devoid of life except the trees, there are no other landmasses for as far as we can see...really, we're in the middle of nowhere,'Gilbert thought.

Both Gilbert and Shana sat down on a pair of chairs that had been expertly crafted, presumably by Grimsley. Gilbert took out one of the last few slices of chicken meat that Lone had created for him and began eating it carefully while Shana started eating a fruit of some sort. None of the three knew what the fruits on this island were, but thankfully they were more than edible enough.

"Mr.Guildmaster," Shana said, pulling Gilbert's attention away from his sliced chicken.

"What's the matter, Shana?" he replied with warmth in his voice. He quite clearly cared about whatever might be concerning his apprentice.

A pensive look crossed her face before she responded, "Do you think Mr.Immortus is doing okay?"

"Oho? Are you worried about Lone?" Gilbert asked.'I wonder why she brought him up now of all times. It's been over a month since we lost contact with him.'

"Mmm, I am. Y'konw, he was my saviour, and he's really good friend with Uncle Grim...so I just hope he's okay," Shana said in a quiet voice. It was quite clear to Gilbert that Shana cared about Lone, in some way or another.

"Lone is an interesting man," Gilbert said while he looked off into the forest that lay ahead of them. Shana looking up at him and her expression clearly stated that she was waiting for him to continue. "It's hard to put into words, but I get the feeling that no matter what happens to him, he'll always come out on top. It's very mysterious. In the few centuries that I've lived, I've never met someone quite like him," Gilbert added with a content smile.

"So," He said before he finished his sliced chicken and stood up, "there's no need for you to worry about him, okay? He's more than capable enough to protect himself. What you should be worrying about right now is your studies. Come, let me show you how the basics of nature magic works again. I feel like you're close to earning a skill," Gilbert finished with a caring smile.

Shaan nodded her head, seemingly content with the Dragonkin's answer and followed after him as he walked slowly into the forest again.

LTW Book 2 Chapter 42: Apology and Bestial [First Draft] 2017-08-13T16:26:39+00:00

'DAMN IT!'Lone shouted in his mind. He watched as the sword he had tried to enchant crumbled to pieces.'I was able to learn the skill easily enough...but damn it. This is only so hard to learn because Breena isn't accepted, isn't it? Is this how far my natural talent stretches?'

Lone took a second to sigh before he glanced at Sophie and saw that she was obviously improving her ability to mana sense ever so gradually. Also, her eyesight didn't seem to be getting affected at all by her usage of the power, which was a relief to the both of them. Lone's gaze moved to hover over his fellow Foxkin and contracted bodyguard.

Breena was holding a small ball of pure darkness, and she was gently moving it about.'I can't do that. Is that a new skill? I wonder how her fear container self-made skill is coming along? Did it become a skill yet? Both of these girls are so talented.'Lone thought before he moved his right hand to hover over his head and rub something invisible.

'Michael, you may have wasted your Halo by letting it choose someone like me who had so little natural talent. I guess I'm the biggest crook on the planet, huh? Monstrously talented, but only when I'm by myself or with accepted beings...hahaha...why was I chosen by your master, Vihaan?'Lone had thought in a rare spell of depression.

Lone continued practising his enchanting for a couple of hours. Breena had decided to sleep on the floor since her stamina had run and Sophie was now sitting on Lone's lap due to her not feeling much progress due to how thick the mana here was.

Suddenly, a voice broke the silence. "Mmmm...eh? Why are you guys in my room?" Eolande said with a hint of hostility in her voice.

"Ah, sorry. It's just us, Eolande. I woke up in an unfamiliar room and just followed your mana to find you. You were asleep, so I didn't want to disturb you, and I didn't really want to wait outside of the room, so I figured we'd just stay here and train a little bit until you woke up," lone explained in a relaxed manner.

Eolande slowly got out of her bed and waved her hand, changing the nature of her clothes from pyjamas, to the violet dress from yesterday. "You couldn't have stayed in a nearby room?" she asked with slightly less hostility in her tone now, but it was still present.

Lone gestured for Sophie to get off of him so she jumped off of his lap and he stood up. "I'm sorry, I just wanted to talk to you as soon as you were awake. I wasn't explicitly watching you as you slept. As I said, we were all training. I'm sorry if I offended you in some way," Lone expressed in an apologetic manner.

"No, it's fine. I'm always a bit grumpy when I wake up. It's not the first time I've woken up to see someone sitting a few feet away from me," Eolande said with a wave of her hand. She then floated in front of Lone and made it so that their heads were level with each other. "So, what questions did you have for me? If you just want to know how to get back to the forge, I'll take you myself."

Lone fiddled with his glasses for a second before he stroked the soft fur of Kyuubi who was still laying on his head. "I don't think you've met; she's my daughter. Kyuubi, say 'hi' to Eolande. She'll be my teacher in blacksmithing and enchanting soon, so be nice to her."

After saying that, Kyuubi's golden eyes slowly opened and she inspected Eolande for a brief second before she made a quiet 'kyu' noise. She then immediately closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

"Mmm, she's a bit lazy. I wonder if that's normal? She is very young still, though, so I guess it's to be expected? Oh, right, my question. Please tell me where to find the Lemurians," Lone had requested after he'd stopped mumbling to himself.

Eolande didn't answer and simply stared at Kyuubi for a few moments. "I thought my eyes were lying to me when I first saw it, but that's not a normal Golden Fox. That's actually a Golden Foxkin who's mastered the beastification skill? Incredible!" Eolande's spirit had been ignited by this discovery, and she excitedly flew around Lone's head while she gently poked Kyuubi in the cheek and stroked her fur.

"What? You know what happened to Kyuubi? Tell me!" Lone demanded in a rare moment of anxiety. He had been curious about Kyuubi's situation ever since he had adopted her and regardless of how much he asked, Gilbert knew nothing while Clicker refused to tell Lone for whatever reason. He had naturally planned on asking Eolande if she knew anything, which it seemed like she in fact did.

"You don't know? But you said she's your daughter...ah, adoptive?" Eolande asked to which Lone rapidly nodded. "I see...well, of course, I don't mind telling you. Come, we'll go to the forge while I explain." Eolande said before she floated away from Kyuubi and Lone and left the room. Lone quickly got Breena to enter his shadow, and he pulled Sophie along after the Tylwyth Teg.

The group of three were moving at a steady pace while Lone was impatiently waiting for Eolande's response. He didn't press her any further for answers and simply waiting for her to collect her thoughts while he held back his urge to ask for an explanation once more.

"Hmm, well, it's a bit hard to explain, and I've only ever seen it once before on the founder of the Golden Foxkin clan back on Earth, so my information may be wrong, but only those born with pure Golden Foxkin Blood, undiluted from any source, are able to harness their true bestial nature. From my understanding, it should be something unclassifiable by the system and is completely optional if it's been mastered," Eolande took a few breaths to explain.

Lone stopped walking for a moment and removed the sleeping Fox from his head and looked at her deeply. "So, you mean that she is choosing to appear like a fox?" Lone asked with some curiosity in his voice alongside a fair amount of concern.

Eolande also turned her gaze to Kyuubi. "Indeed, assuming she's mastered the ability."

The Fox in question simply titled her cute little head in response before she curled up into a ball in Lone's hands and fell asleep again. It would seem that she was unfazed by Lone and Eolande's conversation completely.

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LTW Book 2 Chapter 41: Depression and Training [First Draft] 2017-08-12T20:33:16+00:00

Lone didn't find the wooden halls he was travelling through to be familiar to him, but he was fairly confident he could fine Eolande easily enough.'Really, she has so much mana. Far more than the Astera Goddess person. I guess this is the cottage in the Glade that we saw earlier? Hmm, it's far larger inside than it was outside. Same with the workshop. Is this thanks to Eolande's nature alteration? Perhaps she knows space magic...hrmm...'

While Lone was lost in thought, Sophie was also pondering over several matters while she gently held Lone's left hand.'I can't believe I froze up like that. That Lizard person was weaker than me I think...So I really can't deal with bad situations involving people if they aren't directly after my life? This is terrible! Lone could have died thanks to me! AndBreena! I...I thought I'd changed...'

Sophie's sour mood didn't escape Lone's notice, and it obviously upset him since he cared about Sophie almost as much as he cared about himself, which said a lot.

Lone stopped walking and pulled Sophie around with a tug of his hand to make her face him head on. Her face was still a bit sullen, but she now looked a Lone in an ashamed manner and lowered her eyes a little. Lone lightly grabbed her chin with his right hand and raised it so he could look directing into her beautiful emerald-green eyes.

Sophie's mouth opened slightly, and she tried to speak a word o two to explain her mood, but she soon found herself unable to thanks to a tongue quickly occupying her small mouth. Shock oozed out of her eyes before she weakly fell into Lone's embrace.'Mmmmm...how is he so good at kissing even though I'm the only person he's ever kissed? Ha-ah. He has almost no social skills and is intolerable at the best of times, but he knows exactly how to brighten my mood...besides...he rarely kisses me like this in my younger form.'

After a few seconds of the two sharing each other's warmth, their lips parted, and Lone took the opportunity to speak. "I have no idea what's got you in a bad mood, but..uh...stop it? Er...that was wrong. Why are you upset?"

Sophie couldn't help but smile at Lone's awkwardness at the subject. She hadn't even told her why she was depressed, and he had already almost completely cheered her up. "I'm just disappointed in myself."

"Why?" came Lone's immediate response.

"The Lizard person shopkeeper," Sophiesimply said. She gestured for Lone to hand her a tail or seven, which he did. Fluffiness now in hand, Sophie continued, "I just can't believeI froze up like that. I knew that I was stronger than them, and I knew they were trying to steal from me, but...but I just froze. Lone, I thought I'd changed...but...but nothing's changed...I'm still so weak..."

Sophie's mood had clearly worsened again upon her verbalising her thoughts.

Lone looked at Sophie with pity clear in his eyes. However, his pity wasn't for her feelings, but for how she was looking at the situation. "Was the marketplace busy?" he asked.

"Huh? Eh, uh, yeah, I think it was?" Sophie replied to Lone's unexpected question.

Lone nodded, then continued, "Was it full of people you didn't know?"

Sophie's eyes widened in realisation. It would seem that she had figured out where Lone was going with this string of questions.

"Exactly. You can be a real idiot sometimes," Lonehad said with a smile before he lightly kissed Sophie's forehead. "The Sophie from two months ago struggled to walk in Milindo's capital even with me by your side, but you had no problem earlier with Breena," Lone said before he pulled Sophie back into his embrace, hugging the girl.

"That's already amazing progress," Lone whispered, "Just keep trying your best to overcome your trauma. Now that you've experienced a situation like that once, surely it'll be easier a second, third or fourth time?"

"Mmm," Sophie nodded her head in agreement while she hugged Lone tightly. He was right, and she was stupid for not realising it. "Wait," she said, "If you knew all of that...why'd you kiss me?"'Not that I hated it or anything...but...did it have to be so passionate?'

Lone's face took on a guilty expression before he replied. "Cause I wanted to?"

"Huh?" Sophie replied in confusion.'He didn't kiss me to cheer me up?"

"Ah, well, I knew it'd make you happy, and I just wanted to. You do know that you are exceedingly beautiful, right? So, two birds with one stone," Lonehad explained. Sophie could do nothing but blush in response.

After a few moments more of silence and hugging, Lone separated himself from the most important person in his life and took her hand again. "Well, now that that's out of the way. Let's go talk to Eolande, then maybe we'll go shopping? Just the two of us?" Lone asked in a quiet but playful tone.

"I'd like that," was Sophie's reply. A nice date was certainly in order since it had been quite some time since their last, which would have been during a rest Lone was given while he was training with the spearmaster, Zeek.

After that, the two continued walking through the branch covered hallways and eventually found a door that held a huge amount of mana behind it. "I think Eolande is in here," Lone said.

Lone knocked on the door and received no reply, so after waiting for a few minutes and trying to knock some more, Lone cautiously opened the door. What he and Sophie saw was the three-foot tall Tylwyth Teg sleeping in a small bed fit for her size. She was wearing a cute one piece set of pyjamas that were violet-coloured like her hair and eyes.

"Oh, right, what time is it, Breena?" Lone asked the Foxkin residing within his shadow.

"It's roughly midnight, Master," Breena replied clearly. This was something that that Sophie and Breena had discovered. Speaking through the shadows was no problem what-so-ever, oddly enough. Lone felt like he needed to learn more about magic as soon as possible since it seemed like almost anything could be accomplished with the right application of it.

Lone quickly noticed a sofa in the room. It was a bit small, but he decided to sit on it and wait for Eolande to wake up.

He and his group did what they normally do in such situations, trained. Breena was off in a corner, as usual, trying to manipulate the shadows in one way or the other. Sophie was sitting next to Lone on the small couch practising her mana sensing. Lone was creating swords with his Mana Creation Skill and trying his best to enchant them.

Obviously, though, the most hard working one was Kyuubi. She was training in the art of sleeping. Such an art is easy to do, but hard to master unless trained to the pinnacle, which was quite clearly what Kyuubi was trying to do as she slept on Lone's head.

LTW Book 2 Chapter 40: Awakening and Progress [First Draft] 2017-08-10T22:43:19+00:00

Lone suddenly opened his eyes, and his body jerked up. He looked around and could see that he was lying on a well-made bed in a room that had walls madefrom roots and leaves. Sitting to his right on a chair that was of a similar design to his bed was his companion, Breena, who wore a complicated expression.

"Breena? What's wrong?" was what Lone had asked while he tried to reorient himself.'I feel great! Like I awakened...oh...right...Soph...she got grabbed then I blanked out...ha-ah. I awakened again in an uncontrolled environment,'Lone sighed internally at his inability to control his anger at the easily fixed situation.

Breena looked at Lone and said, "It was my fault, Master. If I had protected Sophie like you'd asked me to, she wouldn't have been targetted by thatshop vendor and then suffered a panic attack...it's...it's...I'm sorry." Breena then stood up from her chair and bowed her head as a form of apology.

"If we're going to play that game," Lone replied to which Breena lifted her head and looked at him, "then I am to blame for letting you and Sophie go out on your own." At this somewhat obvious notion, Breena's face quickly shrouded over in a layer of realisation and shock.

"No one is to blame. What happened, happened. Now, Breena," Lone said before he got up and out of the bedhe was laying in, "how long was I unconscious for and did I fuck anything up while I awakened?" Lone asked with a wry smile.'I already feel a little bit stronger now, and I bet my race changed again. Those blue screens definitely aren't anything but notifications about my new racial variation, I bet. It just sucks that I lose consciousness whenever they happen.'

Breena then went on to explain exactly how long he had been asleep for and what he had done to the shop vendor and his interaction with Reytla. She was still in Lone's shadow for the entire duration of the events, after all, so she had a first-hand account of the events.

Lone had a distant look on his face. "Darkness, huh? I'm glad I was only out for six hours, but, 'Lemurians? I think I should go apologise to this 'Reytla. Or at least go meet her. It was stupid of me to react as severely as I did.'"

Breena stood silently in thought.'So Master does have a conscious? Mmm, that seems wrong. Is he thinking about the consequences?'

Lone closed his eyes after thinking for a few moments and contacted Sophie via his telepathic link to her.'Soph, are you okay?'

A few seconds later, a weary sounding voice answered him.'Uuu...Lone? Sorry, I fell asleep after I knew you were fine. Yeah, I'm doing okay here in the summoning room with Kyuubi. Can you summon us? I wanna cuddle you,'Sophie replied with a certain eagerness to her tone.

Lone smiled as a response and summoned his daughter and lover. Sophie immediately glued herself to Lone's chest while the small Kyuubi slowly climbed up Lone's back and nestled onto his head. Sophie was currently wearing the same white one-piece she was wearing in the marketplace. Lone happily appreciated her beauty in it while Breena's eyes grew deadpan and she lifelessly got up and went to play with the shadows in a corner.

'Always being so lovey-dovey...bleh. Why is Master such an idiot?'Breena thought while she pushed her hand down into the shadows and swished it about like one would with water.

After a few minutes of hugging Sophie, Lone peeled her from him and decided to check the blue screens that had patiently been waiting for his attention.

Due to the user experiencing a seventh bloodline awakening, Race Evolved:

Evolved Race: Golden Sky Fox of the Endless Void

Effect 1:Grants immunity to all forms of darkness or black magic

Effect 2:Grants the control and rage stats

Effect 3:Grants maximum affinity for darkness and black magic

Effect 4:Grants maximum affinity for wind, gravity and mind magic

Effect 5:Grants maximum affinity for destruction and death magic

Effect 6:Passively activates the mana brain

Effect 7:Enables the user to learn Void-related skills

Effect 8:Enables the user to learn Sky-related skills

Effect 9:Enables the user to learn End-related skills

Restriction 1:Makes it impossible to hide the user's racial traits with a skill, magic or by other means

Stat, Control:Grants extreme control over the user's own emotions and makes it easier to keep a clear mind

Stat, Rage:Grants extreme power when the user is in a rage induced state but makes it so that entering such a state is easier based on how angered the user is

'End, huh? I wonder what that means? I should probably ask Eolande,'Lone thought before he looked at the next screen.

While Lone was doing so, Sophie was busy playing with the purple tips that his tails now had. She was struggling to stay conscious due to how incredibly soft and fluffy they were, but she persevered, for the sake of her pursuit of fluffiness!

User's Magic Affinity Sheet

Magic Affinity Amount of Affinity



















Pure Mana:0.1%

There had been a lot of improvements lately, especially in his lightning and pure mana affinities, which made Lone happy.'Mmm...good improvements, but I've noticed that I'm not growing as well as I was a couple of months ago. Is it because Breena isn't an accepted or respected being? Is not accepting her really a good idea?'Lone thought while he stroked Kyuubi who was laying on his head lazily.

Lone took a moment to bit his finger with his other hand and smear the resulting blood on his amber-coloured status card. Ever since he started using it, he just preferred it over the system's version of his status. It was far more plain and less fancy looking, which suited Lone just fine.

User Information

Adventurer Rank:E

Name:Lone Immortus



Race:Golden Sky Fox of The Void





User Stats

Stat, Strength:375

Stat, Vigour:311

Stat, Dexterity:734

Stat, Agility:1201

Stat, Vitality:1872

Stat, Luck:190

Unlocked Stat, Charm:84

Unlocked Stat, Charisma:100

Unlocked Stat, Magic Power:3702

Unlocked Stat, Control:307

Unlocked Stat, Rage:28

Unlocked stat, Life:17

'Everything is slightly higher, but my level jumped quite a bit, didn't it? I guess my fight with Greyfus is the cause of that, and maybe the Reikling Chieftain. I barely clashed with Reytla, or so Breena says so it wouldn't have been that. Regardless, I think it's time to go talk to Eolande then visit the Lemurians,'Lone thought before he properly dressed himself and left the room with Sophie following him and Breena in his shadow.

Naturally, the most important person, Kyuubi, was still lazing atop his head.

LTW Book 2 Chapter 39: Reytla and Tail [First Draft] 2017-08-05T23:18:20+00:00

"...I don't wish to fight. My Lord only desires that filthy creature's life. Please don't impede my attempts to satisfy his will,"a voice coming from Lone's lips requested. This voice was different from the two that had been controlling Lone during his rescue of Kyuubi at the Auction House, and it contained absolutely no hostility.

The Chieftain's eyes widened in surprise. "Your Lord? Who might this 'Lord' be? And why exactly does he wish for my kin's life? I should let you know that I won't let you take her, nor will allow yourLord todo so either." The Chieftain then mumbled something, and her scalygreen skin turned a deep shade of silver.

Eolande was watching all of this as she hovered in the air a small distance away.'The famed 'Steel Skin' skill, huh? That looks tough to crack. Also, what happened to Lone? That's clearly him, but he feels...different? No Beastman awakening I'm aware of triggers a change like that. How curious,'Eolande thought.

A thoughtful look had appeared on Lone's expression before he responded to the Chieftain's question."My Lord is...everything. My Lord wishes for her life before she offended the Lady, both mentally and physically, hence triggering my appearance. Are you sure you won't hand her over? I detest conflict,"the voice stated.

"In all honesty, I don't have the confidence to beat you without killing you, and that is the one thing I'm not allowed to do right now. Can't we come to a compromise of some sort? And if you don't mind me asking, if you're not that body's owner, then who are you?" the Chieftain asked while she slowly edged her way closer to Lone.

The purple aura surrounding Lone flickered for a moment. "A better question would be 'what am I?' I am Darkness, the embodiment of fear and gloom. Regardless, a compromise, you say? Possibly. The Lord might be satisfied by such a thing. Speak your terms,"Darkness ordered, much to the surprise of the Lemurians present and to Eolande.

"You truly wish to hear my suggestion?" the chieftain asked in surprise.'He seemed so violent when I forced him here, but it is true that he was reactionary in his attacks...'

"The others will not be pleased, especially Void, but I feel like the Lord's order was wrong. While it must be completed, I can agree to a perversion of the rule. 'End her life'. That was all the Lord's will told me to do. Now, Lizard, what shall you do?"Darkness had said before he folded his arms behind his back. His tails gently swished about, ever on the alert for a sneak attack.

A thoughtful look had crossed the Lemurian's face before she took a second to look at the subject of this whole mess. "My name is Reytla, and Iam no Lizard. We are Lemurians," Reytla stated before she refocused her gaze on a sturdy looking Lemurian standing next to the vendor Lemurian.

"Is miss klassvas tals vos,"she said. Clearly, shehad ordered something very horrific becausemost of the surrounding Lemurians quickly wore shocked and fearful faces.

After a short pause, the guard Reytle had ordered smashed his right hand against his scale covered chest in some form of salute before he shouted at two nearby Lemurians. Darkness watched all of this curiously. A few seconds later, the guards that had been yelled at grabbed the vendor and held her down in a way that made it impossible for her to struggle.

The guard then readied his halberd and took a stance above the vendor. All of the Lemurians present turned their heads away as he swung down with gritted teeth and chopped the vendor's tail clean off which issued a cry from her. Red blood spurted from the new wound on her body, and her wailing grew louder and louder until she finally lost consciousness.

Darkness looked at his with interest as he waved Lone's tails around."So, how exactly does this fulfil the Lord's will?"he asked.

The grief struck Reytla responded, "Losing one's tail is equal to losing one's life for us Lemurians." Upon seeing the inquisitive nature of Darkness' eyes, she continued, "No mate shall ever accept her, not even out of pity. Without a mate, we cannot create new kin and in kind, continue the cycle. Her life has now ended prematurely due to this. She can longer serve her purpose to the clan. Now she is a 'Tailless'. Most of our kind will treat her as if she were dead. Her life within the clan has now ended," Reytla ended with a cry.

Darkness looked at Reytla with certain amounts of interest being displayed on Lone's facial features before he responded,"Are you sure such a life is better than me simply killing her? It is your choice, of course, but I wouldn't wish to live such a life if the clan is as important as you say it is."

Reytla was silent for a moment. "Maybe you're right," she said as her silver scales returned to the dark green that they naturally should be. "Too many of our kind have died due to petty things such as this, so if her life ending with the clan can spare her, then I am willing to shoulder the responsibility of that over having to bury another of my kind."

A pensive look quickly washed over Reytla's face before she continued with a sharp expression, "Now, 'Darkness', does that satisfy your Lord's demands? I do not wish to engage in combat with you any further since neither of us would come out unharmed in such a fight."

The purple glow surrounding Lone slowly receded."Of course, I am a being of my word. Her life has been destroyed, one way or another, so I shall take my leave. Please,"Darkness said before his gaze focused on the Tylwyth Teg flying above them,"look after my Lord's body until he regains consciousness. He is weak to the awakenings of his species."

Eolande merely nodded in response.'That was very interesting. The least I can do is look after my potential apprentice until he wakes up and can tell me what on Altros that was about. Darkness, huh?'A smile crept on to Eolande's face as she gently floated down to the ground and caught Lone's now limp body with a simple gravity magic skill.

She turned to Reytla and spoke a few simple words, "Thank you for this. I may have to reevaluate my opinion of you, Lemurian Chieftain." And with that, She disappeared, presumably by altering nature.

Reytla stood there in silence for a few minutes before a sad look passed through her eyes. "Was this really the correct decision? Was not making an enemy of that Foxkin...thew right thing to do?" she mumbled while she stared at the blood of her kin that soaked the nearby grass.

It had been a life changing day for the Chieftain, of that, she was certain.

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