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squirrel arms communitty
squirrel arms communittymore_vert
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squirrel arms communitty 2020-04-28T17:43:15+00:00close

SQUIRREL ARMY community. im realy sick of social media pages and not realy use it as much (thanks again to alica to run all my pages and keep u squirrels up to date). i made this little subreddit so we have a little comunity where we actually can exchange, talk, share andwhere i can take some questions and references from all of you and use them in videos :) so feel free to join and start some intresting topics there. feel free to share anything 'related'

and i even made a fancy logo. may it finds his way one day on shirts, mybe little patches. but probbly without the lily lu so its a bit more secret


Comments (16)
user avatar
User #14014778 - 28 Apr 20 20:21
Perfect idea. Most social media is terrible but reddit can facilitate nice discussion and learning/ sharing. Will you need moderators for this reddit?
user avatar
User #14014778 - 28 Apr 20 20:24
Btw I love the idea of patches! Embroidery or fabric patches? back patches? And did those fanny pack/ side bags ever come in?! I really want one and haven't seen them on the psyland store
user avatar
User #14014778 - 28 Apr 20 20:24
Btw I love the idea of patches! Embroidery or fabric patches? back patches? And did those fanny pack/ side bags ever come in?! I really want one and haven't seen them on the psyland store
user avatar
User #33539769 - 28 Apr 20 19:48
I also totally agree. Social media is... sucking so much energy! With often so less outcome or income or input or benefit or fun or whatever you seek for, need it, want to use it. It's lame, to much work and frustrating, but it's also a way, to connect to not just idiots and very interesting people or to stay in contact or to get some Infos or to ear money with. But I feel mainly the same about social media platforms. No place to really be or stay to long and waste to much time. I like that idea 💜.
user avatar
User #22283612 - 28 Apr 20 18:19
And always keep the merch coming. 💜
user avatar
User #12849533 - 28 Apr 20 19:43
I also noticed your logo) Very original, yes, I think it would be nice to see it once on shirts or on something else)
user avatar
User #22283612 - 28 Apr 20 18:19
And again I totally agree. I'm also tired of social media, but I need it somehow to stay in touch with some people. Visiting in person, writing emails or even talking on the phone is not wanted nowadays. 🤷🏻‍♂️
user avatar
User #33539769 - 28 Apr 20 19:43
Ah, Herr Schmidt 🙂, alias Fenriz Swastika, nice to see you. You can always talk to me, if you like to. I just finished my answer to your last answer comment to my last answer comment and so on 🙄😉, but it's still on the "holdline", as I am not sure about the publicly shared privat content. Naja, I guess this is to late to worry about after month of writing short story long comments anyway 😅. But: Progression is visible 💪🏾 (in different ways!). For our conversation: Do not get me wrong. I enjoy the comment conversations. But you also can drop me a personal message. Feel free to mail me. Whatever, whenever you want. I think we could have some interesting conversations about some interesting topics. You are welcome! I still will comment, of course. 🙏🏽
user avatar
User #20482881 - 29 Apr 20 01:23
Have never used Reddit barely use Twitter so many platforms so much social media, too much reliance on internet if world shuts down.... better to have eggs in many baskets I’d think 🤔 had a look joined we will see💚
the world goes down
the world goes downmore_vert
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the world goes down 2020-03-21T02:57:40+00:00close

and not because of the actuall virus. its crazy to see this gain. experience this again. the once who are the most in risk get fucked the most. the joung save peoples go crazy and just make all more mad.

lrets see what will happen here in this country. hopefull tthings still alright another month till stuff get back to normal in europe. so we can switch places and can avoid the mayem. aynway we do as we stay far away from peopls like always. so we feel alright anywa. i keep myself entertained and busy as usually


Media (1)

ETjy1fRXYAElsAi.jfif (107.9KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 21 Mar 20 20:35
We really hope that this madness in the world will end soon and you are doing the right thing to stay away from people.
user avatar
User #20482881 - 21 Mar 20 11:04
global economic collapse
user avatar
User #20482881 - 21 Mar 20 11:03
Problem is old are not even getting services and in lockdown in their aged care facilities limited visitors, but those like my dad no help and told to stay indoors and very isolated and a lot of people don’t care about the virus, I care about the loss of infrastructure and economic collapse everywhere and the ripple effect of this over the next couple of years for everyone
big news 2019-09-16T12:09:16+00:00

tomorrow i make a small clip and share it for all my 10 dollar patrons. the rest of u all will get the infos next month latest. and for the public world i am not sure yet. but its so damn crazy. even for me. its so crazy what this will do with us, psyland, just everything here. youtube, filmmaking, dirty dreaz, wowwwwwwww. i cant believe it. its 99% done. it wa shard and it gets probably another year or two very hard for us. but this is the future. this was another time in my life i put just everything i have on one card.

no looking back and no questioning yourself. just jump and hope you survive :) sounds silly but i explode from positivity within some of the hardest deepest times. fuck it all. we here to change something

sad sorry
sad sorrymore_vert
Post file flag
sad sorry 2019-09-07T12:36:56+00:00close

the last days was some of the hardest i had the last years. i will get back to u all very soon with a video. i changed the premier for the parasail for a week and will get back very soon.


Comments (4)
user avatar
User #11876791 - 10 Sep 19 15:06
❤️ ❤️ ❤️
user avatar
User #14014778 - 7 Sep 19 16:40
Real fans will have patience. Whatever you are going through, there are people who love and support you. I love and support you. My heart goes out to you, your family, and friends. Stay strong ❤ (sluggish crustacean from YouTube)
user avatar
User #20482881 - 7 Sep 19 13:03
Keep well, stay strong, be happy and do what u gotta do for you, here for you💚
user avatar
User #5125890 - 7 Sep 19 12:41
You don't have to be sorry. Hope it will be better for you the soonest. Take care !
Month August 2019 - Preview !
Month August 2019 - Preview !more_vert
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Month August 2019 - Preview ! 2019-07-25T19:58:08+00:00close

Because we will travel the upcoming month I already organized my private galleries.

You ca see them in the beginning of August again.

You like to know what you can expect in this month:

- a videoclip just for my special Patreons

- a bunch of new pictures and storys out of my personal life

- Creative ideas /thoughts / travel time / festival visit

- Huge helper - Sponsor:

1. Folder: 350 + uncensored

- behind the scene summerfest

- Hook Shibari show St. Petersburg

2. Folder: 350 + uncensored

- intense high quality picture from some naughty sessions

- Private view into the naughty life from me and Anuskatzz

.... so check out my tiers and feel free to support .

Photo: www.carnivore-pictures.de

Comments (11)
user avatar
User #20482881 - 29 Jul 19 20:54
Thankyou received my package yesterday love the colour and thanks for all the stickers n patches😘
user avatar
User #20336377 - 2 Aug 19 14:32
Frage sind beim Folder 2 auch Summerfest Fotos dabei ?
user avatar
littleswastika - 2 Aug 19 15:56
summerfest fotos kommen alle über die nächsten monate :)
user avatar
User #20482881 - 26 Jul 19 01:19
Don’t think so I get home to Aus on Sunday so when it comes I’ll let u know
user avatar
User #20482881 - 25 Jul 19 21:27
Thankyou for sharing, I have so much to catch up on 😎
user avatar
User #20482881 - 25 Jul 19 21:29
Where do I find the folders? Tech illiterate again!
user avatar
littleswastika - 25 Jul 19 23:43
arggg. they come next month. always at the beginning
user avatar
littleswastika - 25 Jul 19 23:44
hve you recieved your t shirt already?
user avatar
littleswastika - 25 Jul 19 23:44
will sed u soon. my wife made al ready as we start roadtriping tomorrow and have not a acess to a big pc :9
user avatar
User #20336377 - 2 Aug 19 16:02
Beim 10 Euro Trid ? Und den Link bekomme ich per Message
user avatar
littleswastika - 2 Aug 19 16:12
all links for the private gallerys come in the beginning of the month after patreon charged all tiers. its just a thank you for my supporters. anyway. check out the dirty dreaz platform for dirty dreaz pictures. its 9 dollar or even less to join and there coming weekly content. tousend of pics up on our platform :)
NEW TIERS ! Simple and effective for the new future...
NEW TIERS ! Simple and effective for the new future...more_vert
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NEW TIERS ! Simple and effective for the new future... 2019-07-13T17:25:59+00:00close

- News - News - News -
- News - News - News -more_vert
Post file flag
- News - News - News - 2019-07-07T07:16:09+00:00close

So for everybody here who follow me on Patreon I have some hot news:

In the last time my time management wasnt the best. To much in my head, to creative, to crazy - TO PATREON LAZY. I have to much datas to unorganized and with the new data system I work on a better organization for pictures, videos etc. you cant belief what I produced the last time.

I know Patreon is the most important page for all the one who support me and help me to let me grow this way and for this I have to focus in the future more on Patreon.

You already recognize that my quality and my look is growing so fast and this I also will give here on Patreon to the people.

I will select the tiers new, create my dropbox/ pixieset / private galleries new and give my Patreon page a new look the upcoming days.

My tiers will be new selected to make a fresh start for the future here on Patreon because this page is very important to me dont get me wrong but I am unorganized at this moment because so much happen and I create a new living and this is always a big challange !

From tattooing over Dirty Dreaz and now to Youtube. This is a lot...

So thanks for your patient and in a few days all links and the new look will send and celebrated here on my Patreon.

thank you (words) PLEASE READ
thank you (words) PLEASE READmore_vert
Post file flag
thank you (words) PLEASE READ 2019-03-21T02:41:38+00:00close

im sorry for the lack of picture gallery this month. i didnt had the time and didnt had the sorting done. i will give u all many pics next month. im truelly thankfull for all your support even that it gets less and less. i understand that i start sharing more and more on diffrent platforms and you dont feel the need to see here much things. but a fact is that i really need this support as the only way i can keep producing more and more content is with your help. specialy right now in the beginnin. specialy right now with me transition between my new gender and my new life. and start a new field of work. with no real income anymore i realy can need al the help i get. specialy because i start in a fiel who is very expensive and it cost me a lot time for study and for work out new ways and visions. and fuck its so expensive to buy equipment and each new project i start require a lot more. now i start youtube and i need a full new setup for this. i dont even know how to do this but i will see. i try to focus and keep life easy and cheap so i can make what i love. i try to give u all more but my time is very limited and its soetimes hard to split myself apart.

when the time comes i make a normal income i can easy survive i will let know you guys easy and i will still keep this page but will reduce it to 1dollar again as symbolic donation. but jeah riht now im very far away from making money with filmmaking. i invest a lot in dirty dreaz and now we make maybe 200 plus each month (not include the money i still invest in technic and so on- than we are a big minus) but jeah there a lot cost to produce filmz on a constant level and have a own platform with werkly updates and content. and jeah produce award winning and multiple screened films not comes that easy too.

anyway. now i try to invest time and money in youtube. its a big platform and completly diffrent than dirty dreaz to work with the medium film. but i love youtube my full life and it influenced me a lot so jeah i want give it a try. i made my research and i am prepaired. i worked hard so i produced a lot content for the next half year for dirty dreaz so i can fully focus on youtube right now.

but jeah. still not much income. so thank oyu all for your support even that it feels sometimes i give u less. but actually i give u much much more than ever. just in diffrent platforms. and still when you get inspired by me, when you enjoy my films. when you want support me. this is the way. or you also can just dinate directly to paypal. shop@psyland25.com i work right now on some explenation films so you all get more up to date. im working on let little swastika emtiredly behind me and start fresh and new. and jeah life as lily lu will be diffrent and i will need to use the internet diffrent as befor. but i find out. we now have someone take care of dirty dreaz so we can focus on other things and i will do the same with everything. as i realy do hate social medias and it may will look like i get more personal in future. but it will not. i will still use patreon for my only personal way to get in contact with me and see true the outside surface of what i decide to give the world as my character lily lu. same with little swastika. he was a made up creature and i had the controll whatni wanted people to have an illusion from him. its a silly game but this is life.

anyway. thank you all very much

and see u soon with some more informations

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 18 Apr 19 17:18
Thank you for these words. We will try to support you in your further work. Do not be discouraged and save your strength for better results and new beginnings!
user avatar
User #7812522 - 22 Mar 19 04:17
...gorgeous creature... x
thank u all for 2018 2019-01-03T08:22:50+00:00

thank u all again for your support. i know i got quiet lazy the last month with posting compare to what i posted befor but i hope i change this soon. our work period is almost over and it gets time to sort stuff.

beside me posting less there was actuall happening more things in 2018 than in any season ever for me. (and in my time calcualtion of the season i still have more than a month left). anyway.we made the biggest progresion in psyland than since the start and the specialy the last 2 years let this place grow and rise in a level i ant believe my self. its so nice to see and nice to know thatbhete are still people out there they stand behind this. even its absolut nonsen and useless for the world in a more realistik thought. but how cares. this place is not for logic thoughts anyway.

as i already started producing more and more sexual art i already started splitting it this year so i do not have to bother the few of you who not intrested in this partnof my creating. anyway i already can give u some good news for both of u.

first dirty dreaz is slowly growing and geting back on his feet. we are hoping we can slowly make enough money to actually pay some peopels to help us. what will mean we will be able to produce more of what we love and also to give a few very talented minds the posibility to work outside ther enormal box and create even more stuff we anyway like.

beside this i will find more time for more wierder stuff. ass our 'normal' dirty dreaz filmz are already bery boring to myself. im more into it to get things more serious, technical and storytelling. beside this for sure i still stay on my fundamentals, rituals, psycedlics and sex. lot of hard sex :) but its time to change it up.

for this we into the last stage from my first short film. with your donation of this month i will be abel tompay a professional spund mastering for the audio of the film and i also will pay someone to make the colour correcting and grading parallel to this. so it will be the best production i done yet. but also thenone where it took the most money, peoples and everything for a 9 min short. but yeah im exited and it feels nice to see it come to reality.

more is coming. specialy i am already planed a few docus and other things who will more be around ritualistic themes.

and beside all this i scratched a lot other things from my to do list this year.

my book is in finall stage. i just waiting dor the correction and than i can press it in the layout and print it. i realy hope this will happen soon as i would need to print it this month otherwise it will also be spring the earliest. we will see. this are things not in my hands.

beside this my guys doing great with tatuing. ive seen a few very beautifull pieces leaving psyland this year and our ink will spread and spread in the way i love it. we also got finally new t'shirts and many other stuff and i try to build up our webshop a bit more. i also want have from now on a small collection of handmade jewelery from me. it will be a bit more prizy but it will be made with nice material and mire expensive stones and antik stuff i find in my travels and collect. will be more unique and a bit more for the few of us who love bling bling in a diffrent way. as i love stones and minerals i collect some from around the world and its time to make soemthing out of it.

i keep u all updated but its slowly coming together.

its funny as i produced so many things the last years and im so fuckig bad with seeling it or distribution or doing something more serious with it. i guess my path is creating. the only thing is i gain now for some higger ideas and building stuff in my mind and already psyland is making me broke all the time. its rough to kind of work with a lot money but not have much left under the line when it comes to new projects or own stuff.

so jeah. i probably forgot many things from 2018. some of the countrys beside, australia, indonesia, thailand, nepal, belgium, tchech rep. all the balkan countrys, greek, croatia and now siting her ein a ghost city in spain. the world is small and once you decide you keep life more minimalistic you find out life is absolut not minimalistic. we probably lived many many month in our little camper, cheap bungalows or guestbeds at friends. but we seen a lot and i spread my art around the world. soon we leave to asia. as it is a cheap and nice winter escape and it is the time of the year where we finally can breath and shut down a bit. so jeah. countdown is runing and we still dint had the money for flights. as construction materials alway shigher on the list. but we will get there as always.

2019 is already in planing and after asia we aready into the planing of a rusian roadtrip with our little camper. visa on board and a exhibition and show planed so we can finance the trip.

:) scary 2019

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #14889568 - 8 Jan 19 18:30
Cool :-)
just in transition (words by little swastika about his gender transition)
just in transition (words by little swastika about his gender transition)more_vert
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just in transition (words by little swastika about his gender transition) 2018-09-08T15:39:04+00:00close

just in transition

around 15 years back i start my transition. a transition from a 'normal' human beeing to a creature with a diffrent vision than what society give us. even when most changes happened within the mind and my body is just a piece of meat wrapped around, still this piece of meat, mine meat was adoped and change a lot over the years. its difficult to explane or see any aesthetical ideology behind, as there is none. lets say life was follow no line anymore and so doesnt my body. my body is like a leftover from many experiences and rites i was go tru in my life.

since a long long time iam aware of the gender clasification we grow up in. or lets say we get boxed and rised in. girls have to be girls and boys have to be boys. even with beeing aware of this i was living in a male body as i once was supposed to. over many years i started more and more question that. specially when i was in a higher conciousness or in diffrent kind of mind staates in any kind of rituals i always feelt genderfree. i tryed to talk about that with many but there arent many who probably go there far to question there own gender. may beside the once who feel like living in a wrong gender body. but in my case i do not feel like this as i just simple do not feel like any of it anymore.

over the last years i try to break some own boarder of mine and start living more and more free of the idea of me beeing a male. i prepaired my mind and i feelt a lot of wierdnes from society to step ahead like this. for myself i see this as nothing else and more than another experience of life. may a big one in my path of transformation, may a small one at the end. i dont know yet as i am just starting.

in my path of geting myself seemi free of the gender idiology i decided that its necesary for me to first break down my male ego fully and after this i will enjoy the freedom of walking in between linez.

as im little to not afraid to walk radical ways i will do so if necessary and within this i will from now on life the next chapter of my life as a girl. i guess its only fair after beeing 30 years a male. for most of u this seems silly or stupid or whatever. but i realy dont care as this is a big step for me and i will go it anyway and befor you start talking shit you may think for once how much we all trapped in our gender and how hard it is for most to even let this go in there own circle of family. even with there own girl or boyfriend or even alone. i know it as i lived aware of this for many years and each step of my transition was guided by bullshit of many around me.

to make it simple and clear. i do not feel like a woman and i do not feel like i am a woman in a male body. i do feel like a girl when i want feel like a girl and i do feel like a boy when i want feel like a boy. its simple as it is. but for now i decided to live and may feel more like a girl. mainly because i am very curious about this transformation and transition as a human beeing. as i belive its just insane and crazy that we are able to transform even our own gender. so why not. one more experience and for sure this also will let his mark on my body as well.

and for anyone who is curious, i will for sure not at any time get that far to get rid of my penis. as for sexual reasons i know exactly where are my fun and even when i give up to be a male i still love more to be a dominant aktive beast over the pasive devot part. and as i not planing to become a full woman this doesnt matter anyway.

when you once dont see life that serious anymore things like this will do make some sense. when you guide yourself by a insane thought this will do be a logical step to walk. i stoped questioning myself a long time ago and what comes comes and its nothing less or more than another experience who truely push me forward to get the most out of life as i can.

and for anyone who knows me. i truely give a shit if you call me marc or lily or whatever. i am how i am. i just play a bit with my body in a radical way. but i guess this is also not so new for the once know me.


Comments (1)
user avatar
User #13885062 - 2 Oct 18 13:03
Looks really cool! :o
my young me (words)
my young me (words)more_vert
Post file flag
my young me (words) 2018-07-24T07:33:27+00:00close

its so wierd to see such a picture. see the inocent and the life i had ahead. back than i was prity lost. sure im still lost. but i decided to stay lost. back than i was on lost and on the search. search for the truth. search for life. search for what life could be. is or was.

i changed myself many many times. from the inside and as well from the outside. nothing stays permanent and neither our outside skin. within a thousend questions i stoped asking. within a tousend thoughts i stoped thinking. i learned to just let things happen. to just let stuff pass.

i stoped question our reality. what is real and what is the truth. i give up any idea of this and i start believe in everything/nothing. nothing matters more than what i have in reach and ahead. and nothing takes influence on it as my own actions. within this i made not everytime in my life good decicions. ad many decicsions based purly on a intuitive feeling in a direct moment.

sometimes its hard when you let emotions and intuitions guide your life and rational thoughts have to step behind. i did not choosed this path. this life. i did not choosed my body, my gender, my rase. i didn not choosed to be a human. to be in this world and in this time.

it is what it is and im not less trying to survive as we all do.

rituals keeps me alive since i remember back. even thatni dont like pain. life is prity much pain. pain sometimes helps to realize a lot of things. pain sucks. but so do live as a human a lot too.

i love the pure confrontation with the unknown. with the untold. the unexperienced. jumping in the cold water. but without the knowledge of swimming with a big stone knootet on my legs. confronting your fears never means to feel save. never feels to put yourself in a to comfort zone. push yourself as much out of it as you able too. when you bring yourself to a point where you fully belive that you never able to sucess or do a certain thing. than you bring yourself in a right moment of trying exactly this.

nothing better than beeing confronted with the impossible. call it stupid. call it insane. call it sensless and useless. this is my world. this is where i gater my energy for living life as i decline it as a life worth living it.

looking back and seeing this little boy. full of visions. full of energy. full of the will to understand the world. its may a decade but it feels like going tru ten lifes. going tru ten bodys. life changed me. i changed life. in a endless circle and with the experienced i collected i know this is nowhere close the end. a new circle started. a new circle start almost with every ritual. with every trip. with ever new experience i gain. and within this life who choosed me. its geting on a level i never imagined.

im thankfull for anyone in my side who let me do things i have to do. who helps me to push myself. to helps me to let things happen without questioning me to much. as i understand that im hard to understand.

but this is beside logic thoughts and beside logic life.

love guides my life

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #12351113 - 26 Jul 18 23:50
I wish I could give more but we are self employed Horticulturist, Arborist & Jewellers. My door is always open to you if you ever come down here Otepoti Aotearoa. LSD
user avatar
User #4628379 - 24 Jul 18 07:51
Danke für das teilen dieser wunderschönen worte! =') habe Tränen in den augen und es motiviert mich gerade soo sehr!!! At first I didn't know why I would spend money on someone I don't even know, besides, the heavy tattooing and dark eyes and hooks and stuff scared the shit out of me! I don't know anyone in person who comes close to the things you are doing and creating. But again I'm grateful, that the universe put psyland into my focus and I hope that one day, even without one single tattoo and without dreadz, I can meet you and share a few moments together creating, shooting, laughing, or just beeing at the same place... Tons of light and love to you and everyone around you! Peace to the soul =)))
user avatar
User #12351113 - 24 Jul 18 08:12
Finding you has reinvigorated something in me, I am a lot happier knowing people like you are out there
user avatar
User #11876791 - 24 Jul 18 12:14
user avatar
User #4628379 - 24 Jul 18 07:51 - revision 2
Danke für das teilen dieser wunderschönen worte! =') habe Tränen in den augen und es motiviert mich gerade soo sehr!!! At first I didn't know why I would spend money on someone I don't even know, besides, the heavy tattooing and dark eyes and hooks and stuff scared the shit out of me! I don't know anyone in person who comes close to the things you are doing and creating. But again I'm grateful, that the universe put psyland into my focus and I hope that one day, even without one single tattoo and without dreadz, I can meet you and share a few moments together creating, shooting, laughing, or just beeing at the same place... Tons of light and love to you and everyone around you! Peace to the soul =)))
new clip
new clipmore_vert
Post file flag
new clip 2018-06-07T20:14:16+00:00close

another small clip i done for my little dominatrix.

just playing around with my new edit program and organic layering as i call it :) im redy to sit down for the next dirty dreaz film now

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mistress anuskatzz - the.dom.femdom

mistress anuskatzz in the dom in the swiss femdom. video by little swastika. produced by dirty dreaz and psyland 25 video production



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Comments (1)
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User #3365180 - 20 Jul 18 13:48
The amount of work that you put into this beautiful edit is insane...I realize most people have no idea how much time and effort this sort of thing takes so I just wanted to say bravo, beautiful!
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fly 2018-05-09T15:33:14+00:00close

shibari rite on stage

Comments (4)
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User #11876791 - 25 Jun 18 21:57
very geurgeus
user avatar
User #7486742 - 10 May 18 05:19
Gorgeous photo! I'm sure it would also look great in color! :)
user avatar
User #5173693 - 9 May 18 15:53
Love this ! ❤
user avatar
User #7812522 - 9 May 18 22:35
...looks fuckin incredible...! <3
treha sektori
treha sektorimore_vert
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treha sektori 2018-03-06T02:28:21+00:00close

playing live for 5 of us while the amenra project. was fucking amazing to have a live gig while tatting

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3844395 - 6 Mar 18 12:09
user avatar
User #5185585 - 7 Mar 18 06:51
Treha Sektori...fucking awesome!
at work
at workmore_vert
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at work 2018-03-06T00:51:46+00:00close

my little one tough at work. a few years back.

beeing silly
beeing sillymore_vert
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beeing silly 2018-03-05T01:02:40+00:00close

on the biggest german fetish party. why so serious.

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inspiration 2018-03-05T00:50:20+00:00close

i have a big folder with stiff like this. following architecture sides since very long

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boots 2018-03-04T06:08:02+00:00close

and rope

Comments (3)
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User #5136827 - 4 Mar 18 19:03
Such a cutie
user avatar
User #7486742 - 5 Mar 18 01:26
There is not much of the boots visible, but the rope and the ink is also really great. And I see the first time that the lower stomach tattoo is not just black and there are lines behind the black. :)
user avatar
littleswastika - 5 Mar 18 04:35
most of her black have structure inside. the details when you look closer
todays work
todays workmore_vert
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todays work 2018-03-03T09:00:15+00:00close

some psycrit

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nomnom 2018-03-02T03:36:03+00:00close

in the air

Comments (1)
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User #7486742 - 2 Mar 18 06:20
Totally great photo! Have a nice start into the weekend together. :)
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postcard 2018-03-01T15:18:55+00:00close

for my little one at home. find this on the marked and it folds out like this when you open it

Comments (2)
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User #8072035 - 2 Mar 18 08:50
user avatar
User #7486742 - 2 Mar 18 02:58
Totally cute. :)
made me so much laugh
made me so much laughmore_vert
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made me so much laugh 2018-03-01T07:34:49+00:00close

this is how we arived on the island today for our little meeting. our new member is presenting

own platform
own platformmore_vert
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own platform 2018-02-28T14:40:45+00:00close

almost finished in his first version. already eat a lot time and money but we want give some of u a alternative to all this censored shit

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #7486742 - 1 Mar 18 04:43
Thats nice to read. :)
user avatar
User #5835121 - 28 Feb 18 16:53
For dreadheads only? :/
hook time
hook timemore_vert
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hook time 2018-02-28T03:40:31+00:00close

as a profesional like me always travel with hooks. :)

soon we meet all the little crazy family in thailand and have some wild days on acid and on hooks. :)

basti vs marc
basti vs marcmore_vert
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basti vs marc 2018-02-27T17:04:05+00:00close

got some bigger projects running with my biys together. like half half pieces. this get a full torso piece half by me and half by basti. its fun to see what they make out of it when i put a rough base there already :)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5835121 - 3 Mar 18 09:12
Big patterns rock :)
user avatar
User #9250285 - 27 Feb 18 18:09
basti vs pattern
and again
and againmore_vert
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and again 2018-02-27T01:02:20+00:00close

one more tourist picture ad you like it. kind of beuind the camera. will show the pictures soon when we get our other laptop :)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7486742 - 27 Feb 18 01:07
This waterfall looks so fabulous and impressive! :)
good bye bali
good bye balimore_vert
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good bye bali 2018-02-27T00:58:49+00:00close

off now

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research 2018-02-26T08:20:51+00:00close

last day in bali. off to thailand soon. hopefully normal internet soon. here on the out of tourist side it was realy shit. i will post some new stuff in the next days. already sorted out some nice pictures from my archive.

anyway. was to check out some of the tempel stuff buildet places. watched them a bit, checked there tools and so on. bring some new knowledge with me to psyland :)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5180976 - 26 Feb 18 17:55
<3 LOVE <3 does it dry dark like this colour?
user avatar
littleswastika - 27 Feb 18 17:26
yes. they use black sand from black sand beaches mixed with normal cement. they do not know about concrete pigmenst. ist so minimalistic . just great. seen some of the most impresive concrete sculptures ever. and all done so primitive and by hand
fucked suspension day
fucked suspension daymore_vert
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fucked suspension day 2018-02-24T23:52:43+00:00close

after we tryed two days to make a suspension. drive arlund and look for a nice location in quiet and in nature. we finally made it. set up a riging over a river in a tree. put the . and bäämm monsum rain for hours. after beein fully wet we take everything down after one hour waiting in the dschungle without a proper rain protection beside a little umbrella for three persons and our stuff. so finally we was completly wet so we decide to leave and may see what happens later in the day as it was still early.

after a long drive on scooters to find back in civilisation and in a rainprotection, we freeze and it didnt stop raining. so at some point we drove back home. after five hours we took the hooks out as it still was rain and thunder.

a diffrent kind of ritual. you never know what happens when you play in the nature.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #7486742 - 25 Feb 18 00:57
Hope that you all have the chance to try it on an other day again. But driving on scooter with hooks in skin sounds a bit dangerous to me.
user avatar
littleswastika - 25 Feb 18 01:12
its not that it wad her first one so it doesnt matter so much. bad luck but still a funny story after all
healed psycrit
healed psycritmore_vert
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healed psycrit 2018-02-24T23:34:18+00:00close

sime heals better some not. but its not about helaing its about thw protection from sanity anyway. :)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7486742 - 25 Feb 18 00:54
It looks really impressive, especially the left pair of hands, because there is nearly all space inside the hands tattooed. <3
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guests 2018-02-24T00:08:02+00:00close

we have a hoiday guest for a few days :)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7486742 - 24 Feb 18 04:51
Totally cute photo. :)
sending love
sending lovemore_vert
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sending love 2018-02-24T00:02:41+00:00close

from a place with some of the most beautifull tempel architecture i have seen yet (after tibetan tempels) seems like i have to fly in a baliness dude in the future to help me building. was also visit a few tempel construction places and checked some techniks out. :)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #7486742 - 24 Feb 18 04:50
Have a nice weekend there. :)
user avatar
User #6925744 - 24 Feb 18 10:30
This is a nice photo bd
user avatar
User #5947975 - 26 Feb 18 11:27
beautiful pic
user avatar
User #9385429 - 24 Feb 18 17:02
Very nice. Love the vibe of this photo.
just beeing all profesional
just beeing all profesionalmore_vert
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just beeing all profesional 2018-02-23T02:26:07+00:00close

this is how a full profesional photographer works. check out also my very high class tourist camo hut. :) so we all sneaky in the temple. a few days ago my laptop crahsed. i almost lost the last days of writting but could rescue it. sadly now the pc is empthy and we dont have any programs with us. so no way to rework some of the pics yet. but i meet mike in a few thailand and he will bring me our normal macbook. as the 300 euro travel laptop is now oficial death after two years.

i set up a emergency program to keep writting my book and im on a good way already :)

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #7486742 - 23 Feb 18 04:25
So I wish you a nice weekend there and hope that you can get your macbook soon. :)
user avatar
littleswastika - 23 Feb 18 10:01
max two weeks. we will see. technik is always against me
user avatar
User #5835121 - 23 Feb 18 06:14
If you need photoshop for example, you can search for a portable version (you don't have to install those) - they're usually way smaller file size, so you should be okay downloading them.
user avatar
littleswastika - 23 Feb 18 10:03
yes we was planing to just rent photoshop and lightroom and when we in thailand we should have better internet and a working macbook than. so we make it running soon
user avatar
User #5835121 - 23 Feb 18 10:07
Yeah, that works too as long as you have internet with a reasonable speed :) Have fun anyway :)
user avatar
User #5757645 - 23 Feb 18 05:21
the "tourist camo hut" rocks, didnt realized is is you, thought some typical old german tourist guy is creeping on this young lady... hehe..
user avatar
littleswastika - 23 Feb 18 10:02
this is what it is. :) i also have some sticker on my camera to make it not look so profesional as well.
user avatar
User #5757645 - 23 Feb 18 10:08
hehe how professional not to look professional..
this two cuties
this two cutiesmore_vert
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this two cuties 2018-02-23T01:04:49+00:00close


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2637254 - 27 Feb 18 21:27
nice couple xD
user avatar
User #7486742 - 23 Feb 18 01:39
Totally cute photo. :)
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psyland 2018-02-22T02:47:31+00:00close

some details of the birdnest

new future home
new future homemore_vert
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new future home 2018-02-22T01:21:34+00:00close

after crashing my last one and spend the last two years in a camping trailer. its time to start a new project. so we got this little one for a good deal and will start rebuild the box and prepair it to replace it in a few years on a off road truck :) as we plan to move in this little home and drive around the world

and one more
and one moremore_vert
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and one more 2018-02-21T00:13:44+00:00close

:) from some nice peacefull hotsprings in the djungle of bali

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7486742 - 21 Feb 18 01:09
Even the location looks totally wonderful! :)
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bali 2018-02-21T00:11:42+00:00close

will try now to post here pic befor my lady will send them in the web.

she have practiced a lot with photoshop and lightroom and will make maybe a good photographer out of me now. ha ha

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7486742 - 21 Feb 18 01:08
Totally cute photo. :)
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blood 2018-02-20T09:19:18+00:00close

not sure if i posted that befor. some creepyness i shot for some movie fx

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #2637254 - 20 Feb 18 15:07
looks like her eyes would like to say : oops xD
user avatar
User #5326728 - 20 Feb 18 14:46
i remember you telling me about this, lokks great!
user avatar
littleswastika - 20 Feb 18 23:30
looks much more creepy on film
user avatar
User #5407843 - 21 Feb 18 03:42
dude this photo, fucken awesome! id like a print of something like this in my studio space
user avatar
littleswastika - 21 Feb 18 06:18
there some dirty dreaz prints in our webshop. but bot that supper bloody hardcore once yet ha ha
user avatar
User #7486742 - 21 Feb 18 01:07
Tattooed eyeballs and a splitted tongue in one picture is always so amazing. But now I can't wait to see the video once. <3
user avatar
User #5172182 - 20 Feb 18 11:49
Xtra creepy for the eyes. They look so weird since the purple has been added
user avatar
littleswastika - 20 Feb 18 12:59
they look awesome now with the purple :) she also got purple added in her full suite
self made
self mademore_vert
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self made 2018-02-20T02:51:31+00:00close

my little selfmade toy collection i made on the road. as i have a universal toy system i an put adapter in almost everything. here we go with some kangoruu bines from australia and with the help of some scooter repair dudes in bali i got the acapter screwes fited in and than i glued and sealed the bines with two component epoxy.

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kill 2018-02-19T05:14:18+00:00close

blood for the raft. just looked so funny with a big splinter and aome swelling right in the center.

Post file flag
crazy 2018-02-17T23:24:59+00:00close

it was. almost syreal. raining sunset rainbow :)

i live lsd and rituals
i live lsd and ritualsmore_vert
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i live lsd and rituals 2018-02-17T05:19:42+00:00close

all what it needs is 6-700 mic lsd 25 and one hook. a few cm air and i fly just for hours. so insane what your mind does. :)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #7812522 - 17 Feb 18 05:57
...fuck yess...! <3
user avatar
User #9385429 - 17 Feb 18 19:03
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exhibition 2018-02-16T10:17:01+00:00close

got in ited to a geat event and will show some of my work there. maybe a talk too or a live instalation. dont know yet. they just into sorting out everything. some great musicans will be there too

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #6925744 - 16 Feb 18 10:46
Live stream ?
user avatar
User #5835121 - 16 Feb 18 10:52
Right in my hometown, cool stuff. Will be there if I can still walk after our sessions ;)
user avatar
littleswastika - 16 Feb 18 11:13
you know you cant
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hang 2018-02-16T01:12:53+00:00close

gerd and his wife. her first suspension. in a hill around psyland

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9751261 - 16 Feb 18 08:39
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kill 2018-02-15T11:51:59+00:00close

always hard to ome to the last spots of a suite

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #5757645 - 15 Feb 18 14:00
he did such a great job with those fotos... respect... big respect.... pure.. emotional.. true..
user avatar
littleswastika - 15 Feb 18 23:24
wr know. he will be more often in psyland in the future. on the way to our second oficial dirty dreaz camera guy. only the best, funyest creeps survive who can sjow things ass they are. between pain and pleasure.
user avatar
User #5757645 - 16 Feb 18 02:48
nice guy, already talked to him, i am impressed.. one the one hand really very good fotos and on the other hand i immidiatly saw myself in there thinking ^damn could be me^... and then capturing these pure moments of the naked emotions in the process... so true... (i think i will have to look at them a lot... got hooked...)
user avatar
User #7486742 - 17 Feb 18 00:04
I'm totally speechless now but of course I wish you all a amazing weekend. :)
user avatar
User #5172182 - 16 Feb 18 21:27
What is the tattooing process / healing like with the implants on her hands ?
user avatar
littleswastika - 16 Feb 18 22:57
the healing of all my tattoos are never a problem. all my clients say its the fastes and easyest healing with my work they ever had. i try to be as soft to the skin as posible and make the smallest damage to get the needed pigments in. also on implants it isnt a problem at all
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inspiration 2018-02-15T04:30:59+00:00close

i just love the indonesian temple concrete work. ad i already had soe plans anyway to make similar stuff on psyland i will go and find some places where they molding the concrete and look at some tricks of the guys.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #5125459 - 15 Feb 18 12:13
Haha I understand, not tattooing over here?
user avatar
littleswastika - 15 Feb 18 23:25
i work on my book. so i prefer to have quiet
user avatar
User #5125459 - 15 Feb 18 08:13
Where in bali are you staying? I'm over here on holiday
user avatar
littleswastika - 15 Feb 18 11:56
far away from tourists on the north side. in case we pass ways. just scream patreon helper or bananashake. as i not talk with strangers or tourists. was alteady thinking i need a code so i know its someone wuo support me and not jsut any creep. ha ha. but im good with ignoring and avoid other tourists
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societygame 2018-02-13T23:36:31+00:00close

sorting out the second chapter. in my third run over overwritting. first chapter and prologe are already almost translated :)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6925744 - 14 Feb 18 08:27
Can’t wait to read it buddy
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australia 2018-02-13T08:54:01+00:00close

a few pics from australia. i made a lot more with this cuties. will take ma a bit to get them from my camera ready to the web :)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2637254 - 13 Feb 18 12:13
nice backview ;)
user avatar
User #7486742 - 14 Feb 18 00:52
Great photo! :)
i love rain
i love rainmore_vert
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i love rain 2018-02-13T08:49:43+00:00close

i just love it. the smell and the freshness. specialy when its realy warm and hot. just arived in the north side of bali where we hide from tourists and spend the next weeks. and finally some time to work on my book again. i will finish it the next weeks :)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2637254 - 13 Feb 18 12:12
hehe,you got rain and we got snow - bääh xD

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