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Should roosters be allowed to create 3D models? 2020-07-03T21:11:09+00:00

What’s been done?


  • Partly set up some combat dolls
  • Tweaked and fixed a bunch of shit

Ecchi Sensei

  • Finished a new feature
  • Worked on the previous feature a bunch
    • Turns out I’m a dumdum and missed some shit
    • Also applied a save compatibility cheat to it


  • Burn the VMware I was using..
  • Play around in Honey Select

Don’t worry, BenX isn’t going to be 3D :P I’m just playing around a bit in Honey Select to relax. I’ve been hanging out with some devs recently that use HS and thought I’d give it a go. So I’ve just been messing around a bit with it in my off time to see what it’s like and if I can recreate Gwen. HS is not the best for anime/cartoon girls though, Koikatsu is better suited for that so I might try that one in the future as well. It’s just that HS has more mods and stuff.. Next up is Charmcaster! I really wanted to do Shar, but her fur color is gonna be pretty much impossible for me to do =<

What about BenX though? Well, we actually sorta maybe have a release window now.. Maybe.. Looks like we are aiming for before mid August.. So.. Yea.. Soon-ish? xD Besides that, nothing too exciting, I set up more of the dolls and dialog, made a build for Newman to test (which has about half of the content) and fixed the issues he’s found so far. Also received the assets for 2 of the new enemies and have begun setting up their combat dolls.

As for Ecchi Sensei, I finished up the new feature and rounded off the old one. I’m not used to writing code for someone else to use so I forgot to write documentation for it. When I was writing it down though, I realized that I forgot to set up something and also took the time to implement something to make it a bit easier for Blue to keep save compatibility. I then ran into an issue because Renpy apparently doesn’t save any variable changes between dialog lines.. So if you open a screen with show (which has no return) instead of call, nothing you do will be recorded when you hit save UNLESS you advance the dialog (or create a return in another way).. But if I use return, it will advance the dialog.. Luckily there’s a function tucked away somewhere in Renpy with pretty much NO documentation that fixed this. Basically, before you show a screen that changes a variable, you use “renpy.retain_after_load” and everything is fine =D

Now.. For the miscellaneous stuff (well, more of it I guess, cause I started with some already xD).. Sigh.. I wanted to finally get an episode for the tutorial out but God had other plans for me.. I previously set up a virtual machine with Oracle VM VirtualBox, so that I’d have a clean environment to show everything (like installing Renpy and setting up Atom). But when I started it up I realized it wasn’t supporting widescreen, so I installed the graphics driver… And it crashed.. I tried setting up another, 3 bloody times.. But every time I get a memory and I’ve just given up on the software.. I’m looking for other software now but haven’t had the energy to really try any of them out yet.. So.. Sorry for another delay on that =<

What’s next?


  • Finish setting up the new combat dolls
    • The 2 I’m working on and another one
  • Add more scenes to the replay gallery

Ecchi Sensei

  • New feature
  • Old feature rework
  • Apply the save compatibility thing to more stuff


  • Find new VMware
    • And record an actual fucking tutorial >.>
  • Create Charmcaster in HS

The notes kinda say it all for BenX this time, setting up combat dolls and adding more scenes to the replay gallery as I wait on more assets/dialog

Not sure how much I can see about the Ecchi Sensei stuff, they don’t want me talking about stuff they haven’t announced yet, so.. Yea.. Working on.. Stuff xD I’ll be able to tell you a bit about my adventures after the fact though, the struggles I’ve been through! Will still be a bit vague about everything though, like I was in this report I guess :P.

As for the misc stuff, well.. Yea.. I hope to finally get the first tutorial episode out or at least have a test episode recorded.. It really has been too long. I also want to play around with some more models, so I’ll be making Charmcaster in HS next. I may try to create Gwen in Koikatsu as well, who knows.. But that’s more free time stuff than work stuff I guess :P

Now, for those that have made it this far.. Would you actually be interested in seeing me make more models? Or even set up some scenes? Maybe this could be a small patron reward even? Lemme know ^^

Throwing you a Charmcaster soon,
A slightly artsy Akanoes

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #7998148 - 4 Jul 20 21:51
Aka, does Snexy all the way xD
user avatar
User #732324 - 4 Jul 20 04:59
Snexy scenes 4 life! :D
user avatar
User #358977 - 3 Jul 20 21:12
I myself do gwen stuff she looks great 3d in KK
user avatar
Akanoes - 4 Jul 20 22:39
I have only had time to try customizing the eyes in KK and I found them rather limiting, you have more sliders than HS but at the same time.. The transition between the sliders is less smooth =<
Cats are blue
Cats are bluemore_vert
Post file flag
Cats are blue 2020-06-19T00:25:58+00:00close

What’s been done?


  • Groundwork for scene gallery
  • Set up a new scene (with 40+ layers)
  • Added more dialog
  • Restructured some of the code for more clarity

Ecchi Sensei

  • Finished a feature
  • Optimized the day and vote count

Oh? What’s this Ecchi Sensei on the list? :O

It’s a pretty sweet H-game I’ve been playing recently and because I was having so much fun with it I decided to join the Discord. Not long after that BlueCat (The creator) struck a conversation with me and asked if I wanted to help out. After proving my AMAZING coding skills by flexing some of my code muscles and doing a little code dance he welcomed me to the team =D (some of this may have been exaggerated for dramatic effect.. Some of it.. Yes..)

This should give me something productive to do in the downtime I have with BenX as it usually takes longer to create the assets than to implement them :P. I’ve already finished work on one feature and optimized some code that reduces the amount of images.

As for BenX, we’ll be adding a scene gallery to the next build so you can replay your favorite scenes =D! We don’t have any graphics for it yet but I’ve already put down the groundwork for it and replayed 1 scene so far. While I was doing that Newman went a bit overboard and drew a scene with over 40 layers.. So many layers.. T.T.. Took me a while but I got it all set up with some automation as well. Hiding expressions when the head moves, hiding an arm when a pose has its own built in, etc. Also added the dialog leading up to the scene and that of the scene itself as well as some new animations in and out of the scene.

The files were getting a bit cluttered as well so I’ve split up the init for the scenes and also split the miscellaneous dialog (dialog that isn’t part of a scene) for each update in a separate file as well. Originally all that dialog was in one file and it became quite a pain to scroll through it xD. And I also placed everything the script files in folders so they’re a bit easier to keep track of.

What’s next?


  • More scenes for the scenes gallery
  • Combat checkup
  • More dialog

Ecchi Sensei

  • New feature
  • Optimization


  • Website
  • Tutorial
  • Discord bot

For BenX I’ll be adding more scenes to the gallery, going over combat a bit (as we have new characters joining the fight) and add more dialog. Most of them have already been added but since it’s been a while since I did, I need to re-familiarize myself with and want to make sure it’s all working as intended.

I’ve been tasked with cleaning up Ecchi Sensei a bit. Over time a project can become a bit of a mess, images and code everywhere and often enough you learn new tricks along the way that you can use on some of your old code =3. So I’ll be going over everything to see if some things can be done more efficiently or if they are even used still. As for the new feature, it’s something I’m hoping to automate fairly easily but then again.. Whenever you think something will be easy.. Renpy tends to disagree.. xD

With BlueCat sprinkling some work my way I haven’t really had time for the miscellaneous stuff.. AGAIN.. T.T But since another friend asked for some good Renpy tutorials.. I guess I REALLY have to fucking do them now.. Finally.. Sooo.. I’ll at least start recording, not sure if I’ll have anything I’m happy with before the next report, but I REALLY need to get this ball rolling T.T. I’ll probably ignore the Discord bot a while longer as the website is more important.. Maybe I’ll just put it on the backburner even as it’s really not that important.. It’s just punch whenners in the face xD

Until next time!
A very cody Akanoes

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #2614661 - 19 Jun 20 23:47
Nice to hear the updates on it, but I must admit I am getting anxious for a release. Looking forward to the quality work when it does come out soon I hope. :)
user avatar
User #9832750 - 19 Jun 20 19:22
I'm guessing more Char content, since the blue cat. So "Ben" is gona take it further with her. I know that's going to be quality content. But I'm also hoping more Gwen and Charmcaster scenes. Well you can't have it all in 1 update😆
user avatar
Akanoes - 20 Jun 20 14:06
Did.. Did you actually bother reading the post? Or did you just read the title? xD
user avatar
User #9832750 - 20 Jun 20 17:14
My bad. I read the Ben X parts and missed the last part of text at the bottom😂 A lesson learned for me; Don't comment on things when you're tired and not 100% shure🤣
Join the dark side, we have taxes!
Join the dark side, we have taxes!more_vert
Post file flag
Join the dark side, we have taxes! 2020-05-31T22:20:43+00:00close

What’s been done?


  • Some dialog
    • Tweaked the dialog converter a bit


  • More website stuff
  • Set up Git

First off, let’s start with the bad news. Looks like taxes are spreading from Europe and other countries have to pay it now as well. This post goes over it better than I can. But I’ve set my rewards to “general support” as you don’t get them very often. From what I understand that means that you don’t pay sales tax/VAT, but I might be wrong. It’s worth noting that this doesn’t count for us EU folk though, we are proper fucked and ALWAYS pay VAT, cause.. EU has to be special >.> (We’ve also been paying VAT for like a year, so it’s time you fools caught up!).

Now, as for what I’ve been up to.. Not.. Too much. Since corona has been quieting down over here I finally went out again and visited some friends and family. And with the previous report being rather late as well, there wasn’t much time to get much work down =<.

I have added some of the dialog though and worked a bit more on the website. I’ve got a local copy running now as well so I can be a bit crazier with everything and found a handy Patreon plugin.. That sadly only supports one person, but at least it can import all our old posts so that’s something =D. I also tweaked the dialog converter a bit. Newman sometimes forgets to add a space between expressions and dialogs and that would crash the entire converter. I was splitting on ] or } plus a space, which is my bad really. Lost some hours on this very simple task.. Because my dyslexic brain switched split and strip around.. If you don’t give strip any arguments in Python, it strips away the white space at the beginning and end of a string.. Split, doesn’t.. I had used this functionality several times already and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why it wouldn’t work this time.. Well, problem solved in the end, just.. Wish it didn’t take that many hours xD

One my dev friends Danlorn (He’s cool, go check him out) had a bit of a scare with some potential data loss (luckily everything is fine) but it did make me want to finally set up Git. I’d done so in the past by different means, but went with Github this time and it was a bit confusing to get it all going xD. But now I’ve got Git, Google Docs and my NAS as backups, so hopefully we should be fine now :P. Google Drive and my NAS keep a live copy, my NAS also stores some back ups I make from time to time and Git should allow me to go back between versions I upload as well.. If I understood correctly.. I hope I did.. xD

What’s next?


  • Scene replay
  • Minor tweaks


  • Create a proper Wordpress theme
  • Discord bot
  • Tutorial?

We are planning on making scenes replayable in the next update so you can go back and relive those lovely little bits of naughty, shouldn’t be too much work.. But I’ve thought that about other things before as well.. Newman found some more issues when going over the game again so I’ve got some minor things to fix again, plus the old low priority stuff I added ages ago.

I hope to have at least finished the base theme before the next report. We already found a layout we like, I just need to figure out how to reproduce it xD. After that it’s up to Newman to bling it up. If I still have some time left I’ll look into the Discord bot and Tutorial, but I doubt I’ll get to it.. I’ll be more than happy if I finish the theme, scene replay and some cards.

Your friendly taxman,

Media (1)

iw6FApC.png (474.8KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #3068717 - 1 Jun 20 08:07
That's too much of Backups there
user avatar
Akanoes - 1 Jun 20 11:17
Better too many than too few ;)
user avatar
User #7998148 - 1 Jun 20 09:12
I hear tape backups are great too =P
Summer is coming
Summer is comingmore_vert
Post file flag
Summer is coming 2020-05-21T22:45:34+00:00close

What’s been done?


  • Release of Shagworthy’s first build =D


  • Camp Pinewood 2.9.0
  • Website stuff

We finally had a release again! =D Hope you enjoy this first little glimpse into Shagworthy =3. Finally got around to fixing Camp Pinewood 2.9.0 as well ^^.

What’s this website stuff though :O that wasn’t on the list before! Indeed it wasn’t, but we’ve been talking about getting a website for while now. Nothing spectacular, just a little landing page (like Akabur’s site). Something to make it easier for people to find us and our games and.. You know.. In case Patreon has had enough of our filth xD

We got Wordpress pre-installed with the hosting so I’m trying to figure out how all that works instead of making a site from scratch. This way I don’t have to come up with some fancy CMS so Newman can use it as well and redesign the wheel :P. So far it seems to have some pretty useful stuff, the only thing I’m struggling with is the theme. It’s close to what we want but not quite, so I’m spending most of my time now figuring out how to make a theme in Wordpress xD

What’s next?

  • Moar BenX
  • Moar website
  • Moar Discord bot?
  • Moar Unity?
  • Moar Tutorial?
    • One day, I’ll nail you boyo!

Hopefully I’ll have figured out themes before the next report, or at least figured out how to edit the current theme I’ve been testing. So we can show you the site =3.

Newman finished some more dialog and while I usually wait for it all to be done I might just add what’s there just to get back into the BenX game a bit :P. Wanna go over some old cards as well to see where I left things.

And then of course, the usual list.. The three new experiences, which.. Baaaah, autism =<.. I really need to at least get the bot and Tutorial off that list.. Cause lord knows Unity will be on there for a while.. So much to learn.. T.T.. New stuff is scawy =<

See you all soon (since this report was a late one again T.T),
A melting Akanoes (It be getting hot, hence the title xD)

Shagworthy's Legacy First Public Build!
Shagworthy's Legacy First Public Build!more_vert
Post file flag
Shagworthy's Legacy First Public Build! 2020-05-09T00:40:24+00:00close

What’s this? A build, after all this time?! :O

Indeed, we finally finished the first proper build of our Scooby game “The Mystery of Shagworthy’s Legacy” =D

This build is mostly worldbuilding, you’ll meet some of the cast and get to your start your investigation (With notes, lots of notes!)

You can find the game here (for Windows/Linux, MAC and Android)

Now that this build is out we’ll be back on BenX 120%! At least until the next build ^^. It’s going to be fun digging through old code.. But I have to say, I missed Shar.. A LOT. It wasn’t until Newman got his hands on her that I fell in love with her and now I just want more of my cute kitten!

Ah, I also finished fixing Camp Pinewood 2.9.0, which you can find here =D

That’s it for now though, see you next week with a new progress report =3

Media (1)

New_build.jpg (540.2KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #732324 - 11 May 20 03:37
Oh hell yeah!
user avatar
User #358977 - 10 May 20 21:55
i join that velma design got to me she so hot
user avatar
Akanoes - 10 May 20 22:44
If you're a fan of the art you should check out the artist =3
user avatar
User #10642186 - 13 May 20 06:48
Loving this soooo much. So much nostalgia. Plus, Velma was my first crush, and this design is amazing. Cany wait to see more of her
Lord of banners
Lord of bannersmore_vert
Post file flag
Lord of banners 2020-05-02T02:01:06+00:00close

What's been done?


  • Added music and sound effects
  • Tweaking


  • Streeeeeeeeeess

Nothing too exciting work-wise. We are in the final stages so it’s mostly just testing and tweaks. Other than crying over Ren’py’s horrible animation system there isn’t much exciting going on. The issue with animations in Ren’py is, they are very static for an animation. You can set up the frames and the timing between them, but if you want that timing to be dynamic, you’re shit out of luck. In the intro for Scooby for example, we are driving in the van and want the trees to come in random intervals. I thought I’d figured out how to do that but then later discovered during a tweak that it doesn’t actually work.. It sets the random interval alright.. The first time.. And then never gain.. Even though it’s calling the function.. The only way to change anything in the animation is by reloading it.. Resetting everything and making it look janky as fuck.. Fun times..

Personal shit

(you can skip this, it's fine, just me ranting for way too long, give Bannerlord a go sometime though, pretty fun)

Eeeeey, it’s time for one of these again =D. So what’s going on with me? Well, the good news is that I’ve been signed up for a program for autists, so at some point I’ll get some help =3. The bad news? I’m without meds again, because of my reaction to the previous meds the psychiatrist wants to be more hands on with tests and such.. But corona kinda threw a wrench in that plan, so I’ll be my usual mess again for a while =<.

This was followed by a week of pure stress, as I decided to get a new car radio =D. The problem though.. I decided to put it in myself, after people kept going on about how easy it is. What could possibly go wrong? So I watch some videos and it all looks easy enough, I see I need an adapter to connect it so I order one, and realize the car doesn’t come with the tools to remove the old radio so I get those as well. Adapter comes in and I find half of it isn’t connected, fine, I triple check everything before connecting it all.. Only to realize I put them in reverse order. FINE, I struggle for 15 minutes to get these annoying shits out and finally get them in right (after fucking up 1 more cable).

I get into my care and remove the old radio, to realize.. THE ANTENNA ALSO NEEDS A FUCKING ADAPTER!.. FINE! I didn’t listen to the radio (I use bluetooth to listen to spotify as I can’t stand even the smallest amount of white noise) anyway and this one came with a DAB antenna anyway.. Then I discovered a loose cable labeled “steering wheel control” (this is the sole reason I bought this radio, so I can use my steering wheel controls for spotify), but it has no connector so I can’t connect it..Whatever, I’ll order a connector for it later, right now I just want to be done with the radio.. I finish plugging it in AAAAAAAND it doesn’t turn on..

At this point the research for the radio, how to plug it in and the adapters had already stressed me out several days and now it doesn’t even turn on?! I was just done.. Angry, stressed and tired of it all..Ended up calling a mechanic to fix it for me, he mentions that I’d need an adapter for the steering wheel controls.. That apparently costs $100.. We start talking about different radios, maybe go for one with a screen and I ask him if it would show my parking sensors.. To which he replied “Oh you have parking sensors? You’ll need an adapter for that”.. Which would cost another $80.. Why can’t it be like the old days where you buy a radio and just plug it in.. Noooo you have to have 20 fucking adapters.. T.T

So yea.. Diving into a new world like that is already very stressful for me, having everything go wrong and getting surprises thrown at me left and right only made it worse and having to call up a stranger is a big nono for me as well.. So that basically killed me for most of last week.. I’ll be driving to the mechanic tomorrow to see what my options are now, cause I just want to be fucking done.. Never touching a car myself again, I’ll leave it to the experts xD

In an attempt to destress I decided to give Bannerlord.. And boy, was that a mistake.. Both in a good and a bad way. It certainly kept me distracted alright. The first time I started it was at 2 am, I thought I’d give it a quick look, finish creating a character and maybe play the tutorial or something.. I went to bed 7 hours later xD. It’s a fun game but the longer you play the more you can see it’s an early access game. Now that I have some land and armies the game becomes very tedious, because you can’t control other armies, only yours. So three factions declare war on you and start sieging 5 places. You can only go to one of those locations and HOPE that your allies will go to the other places and not slam their face into an army ten times their size.. The diplomacy also kinda sucks.. Wel.. It doesn’t exist, the only thing you can do is declare war (by attacking someone directly), convert someone to your side (answer 4 questions each with their own rng but if you are at war with them you will get all of their land as well) and peace out.. Now.. Peacing out is the worst thing about this game, because you can’t just peace out with a faction in a menu. No no, you have to talk to someone for that.. Except you have no clue where they are and if your army is too big they’ll run away from you and be faster.. Fun times.. T.T

What’s next?


  • Finish up the build


  • Mainly just tweaking and looking over old notes


  • Camp Pinewood 2.8
  • Unity
  • Discord bot
  • Tutorial

Yea, nothing changed here, still finishing up Scooby and with the stressventure I had going on I didn’t have the energy to do anything else (Just Scooby was too much already at times). I’ll try and do Camp Pinewood at least this time round and really no clue about the 3 other misc’s, because they are all new things and I’m not sure if I could suffer another defeat at the moment.. But we’ll see I guess, let’s hope I can at least scratch off some things off that list this time!

Until the next time,
A defeated Akanoes

Media (1)

stress-memes-1.jpg (45.9KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #7998148 - 2 May 20 06:43
Car Radios are just .. evil ..
user avatar
User #13420636 - 2 May 20 23:30
I am also autistic, so I understand you, we are together
Productivity is rising!
Productivity is rising!more_vert
Post file flag
Productivity is rising! 2020-04-20T02:16:03+00:00close

What’s been done?


  • Clues finished
  • Room navigation finished
  • Dialog finished
  • Tweaked the fear system


  • Made some changes to the new screen system
  • Fix a flicker in the UI
    • By undoing an old workaround, not sure why it was even there.. Haven’t seen anything break yet though xD

We did a small update to the Scooby test build earlier this week but the final version should be coming out soon. Everything is basically in and it’ll just be tweaks from now on. I’m still not as productive as I want to be, but at least it’s going in the right direction =3.

For the first time since I started I’m not really sure what to write here though.. Usually I can come with something but this time nothing comes up and nothing exciting really happened… I made a change to the positioning tool that should help a bit, we made the room navigation a bit more complex, flipped the fear meter and added an extra phase in there.

Aside from my lack of words though, you can expect to see a build soon, as I said above everything is basically in, I need to talk some things over with Newman passing him the build and after that we usually end up tweaking some shit but yea, shouldn’t be long =3

What’s next?


  • Finish up the build


  • Mainly just tweaking and looking over old notes


  • Camp Pinewood 2.8
  • Unity
  • Discord bot
  • Tutorial

I’ll be going through the Scooby build with Newman to see what needs changing. After that it's playing some catchup with past me on BenX (Between you and me, past me is a dick T.T) and then there’s the stuff from last time..

Still not sure if I want to do Camp Pinewood but if I don’t add the player convenience it shouldn’t be too much work and the bugfix he talked about fixed like 3 dialog lines and converted the video files from .ogv to .webm so nothing too exciting there.

Other than that it’s gonna be doing some research into Unity and Discord bots.. And the tutorial that I keep putting off.. T.T.. Medication hasn’t been treating me too well so I’ve not done much of that, I’ll be talking about it with my therapist this week though. Let’s hope he has a solution =3

See you guys soon (hopefully with a treat ;) ),
A semi-productive Akanoes

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #732324 - 20 Apr 20 02:49
> this time nothing comes up and nothing exciting really happened Yeah, same crap :D Have a good week, buddy ;)
user avatar
User #7998148 - 20 Apr 20 06:40
To me it sounds like you did quite some works (if not a lot). So, on towards a more productive week ;) I can't wait to play the Scooby build btw
I've been a busy (and distracted) boi =<
I've been a busy (and distracted) boi =<more_vert
Post file flag
I've been a busy (and distracted) boi =< 2020-03-31T22:06:44+00:00close

What’s been done?

Ben X

  • Implemented new screens in BenX
  • Which Renpy had to fight me on
  • Optimized the communicator code
  • Long overdue


  • Finished fixing Camp Pinewood 2.6
  • Of course they release 2.8 the next day (Yes, they skipped 2.7 for some reason)

Welp, I delayed the last report cause I was busy with life and wanted something to talk about.. But sadly I haven’t been able to do that much more, sorry =<

What I did do, was finish the fix for Camp Pinewood 2.6. I didn’t post it on here cause I don’t know how the sharing of NSFW stuff works these days anymore so better play it safe. You can find it on our discord in the pinned messages of #nsfw-games-sharing. I’m still debating on doing 2.8, it’s pretty easy to include it but I feel like Vaultman dropped the ball on this one. He didn’t bother adding any quest help, so no message in the morning or in the backpack screen. I tried adding it on my own but since these events don’t have any particular markers for when they are supposed to take place.. It’s hard to add them without overwriting the other quest texts. I was going to wait for their bug fix.. But apparently that’s delayed =<

Finally started work on Ben X as well, so happy days. Haven’t done too much yet, but it’s nice coming back to it. Less nice was how Renpy decided to nope out on the new screen system I was using. Since I’m using 3 screens at once and no longer calling the last one, there were some issues. Not sure what they were, but after hours of trying to make sense of it I just gave up. I felt defeated and life took over for a bit, but then out of nowhere, an idea popped into my head. An idea that actually worked! So stuff like the communicator menus and the world map buttons won’t hide with H anymore =D

Also came up with a way to shrink the communicator screens by 200 lines. These were some of the first things I coded and at the time I wasn’t really sure how to go about it.. So I hard coded them like the fool I was, BUT NO MORE! They are nicely looped now, yay me =3

Boring life stuff
Sooooo, apparently there’s a pandemic? I’m fine, not really that affected by it as I usually only go out once a week, the only thing that has changed for me is that some things in the store are sold out now xD. I do get a bit of background stress though. My parents are both risk factors for Corona and my mom is even an extreme case, having COPD and losing a fifth of her lung to cancer. While I don’t actively worry about it, it is something that floats around in the back of my mind. I’m also a bit affected by the uncertainty of it all, while my life doesn’t change that much.. The world is changing and the rules I learned in the past don’t necessarily apply anymore and just makes going outside even more stressful for me.

In other news, I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD and am taking meds for that. Hopefully that’ll help me stay focused but it might take some time to find the right medication and dosage. Let’s hope we find the right combination fast though, I’ve been on the road of medication before and it wasn’t fun =<. But if all goes well, it should bring some order to the chaos in my head, which would be especially nice in these trying times.

What’s next?


  • Actual clues to the clue system
  • Room navigation
  • More dialog


  • Camp Pinewood 2.8 (Maybe)
  • Unity research
  • Tutorial (again)
  • Discord bot

With Newman back in action, we decided to make the first build a bit bigger. Originally we cut it off before you can roam around so we didn’t have to add room navigation stuff but now that he has more time it just felt better to add a bit more meat.

While I watched some interesting videos and set Unity up, I haven’t had the chance to really play around with it yet. I watched some random videos and then picked a proper tutorial to follow on the Unity site itself.. But that one was horribly broken.. So fun times xD.

I’ve also decided to look into building a Discord bot, to deal with the pesky whenners. I might make it more advanced at some point, but for now I just want an auto response for the people that come in just to ask “Next update when?” :P

That’s it for now, I’ll try to stay safe so you better do the same!
An obedient Akanoes that is totally following the quarantine rules and isn’t some weird recluse ^^

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Quarantine.jpg (119.9KiB)

Comments (2)
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User #7998148 - 31 Mar 20 22:23
Looks like you done a lot and not giving yourself enough credit for it. Of course, developers themselves can never see that, and only people on the outside can tell them "good job man" ;)
user avatar
User #732324 - 1 Apr 20 03:13
Take care buddy, and good job on fixing Camp Pinewood. I already said that, but Vaultman should pay you ;)
It's good to be back!
It's good to be back!more_vert
Post file flag
It's good to be back! 2020-03-02T16:26:50+00:00close

What’s been done?


  • Finished the Scooby animation
  • Fixed some Scooby bugs


  • Struggled with Renpy some more
  • Stumbled on a better way to do screens
  • Fixed some bugs in Camp Pinewood
  • Prepared some stuff for recording the tutorial

We're finally back in action! Newman's already been back on Ben X for a bit but I've really been struggling with myself lately and while I got less done than I wanted to (as I ended spending a weekend at my parents), I still managed to do more than I’ve been able to these past few weeks, so I guess I’m finally recovering =3. I’m basically all caught up with Scooby now, the scene builder tool really took way too much time out of everything but it’s finally working and I used it to finish the animation. Sent Newman what I got and we fixed some bugs together afterwards =D.

A good thing happened though, there was a bug in Scooby with the layer order. Since screens go on top of images and you can’t change that with just the basic tools. Like for an image you can say “show Y behind X” or “show X zorder 1” (layer order).. But screens don’t have that functionality.. Or so I thought, apparently if you use the Python command for it, you can.. No clue why you can’t use it with the Renpy version but this makes some stuff a lot easier and better.

The command is “$ renpy.show_screen("X", _layer = "master")” and it basically puts the screen on the normal image layer. This means that you can order it behind normal images, it will go away automatically when you use “scene” AND it won’t hide when pressing H =D. So I might go through all of Ben X and apply this to some of the screens.

Sadly I didn’t have much time to look at Unity, I did watch a few videos though and it looks really interesting (very hyped =3). I did end up doing some prep work for the tutorial though. I think I’ve got most of the base script and will do a test run soon. I set up a virtual machine so I don’t accidently mess up my own Renpy install and will run through downloading, setting up and the basics of programming in general. What’s a variable? What are conditionals? That kind of stuff.

As for Camp Pinewood, I didn’t manage to do a full runthrough but so far I have fixed a bug that locked away a large portion of the content (a quest got reset after you completed it so you could never get past it).The inventory screen would not block out screens below it, so you could accidentally talk to a person while clicking around in the inventory. Fixed some checks that weren’t working right and got rid of some redundant code.

What’s next?

  • Some Ben X stuff (Finally =D)
  • Finish up Camp Pinewood
  • Tutorial test run
  • Unity research

That’s it for now, have a lovely day ^^
A recovering Akanoes

Comments (3)
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User #3613558 - 2 Mar 20 17:20
Camp Pinewood? The betrayal!! XD
user avatar
Akanoes - 2 Mar 20 17:24
Someone had to fix that mess :P
user avatar
User #7998148 - 2 Mar 20 18:56
I have some tar and feathers ready always, if you want them.. Oh wait, you already have feathers.. xD
One of these things is not like the others
One of these things is not like the othersmore_vert
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One of these things is not like the others 2020-02-17T01:06:54+00:00close

What's been done?

  • Depression
  • Dialog for Scooby
  • Cursing at Ren’py
  • Jumping through 5 hoops to accommodate rotation
  • Crying in a corner
  • More depression
  • Finally fix bug that’s been destroying me for weeks

Fucking.. Hell.. This has bothered me for weeks now.. I’ve talked (complained) about it a bit in the last post.. It was driving me crazy, it made no sense (and still doesn’t) but hey, it’s fixed.. Soo.. That’s something at least, considering it wasn’t helping my depression at all. Just thinking of work would drain me cause I had this insane bug pestering me. Combine that with the hoops I had to jump through to implement rotation.. It was not a fun time =<

Rotation is all kinds of messed up in Ren’py and documentation is.. Lacking. It needs to be applied in a transform, which is fine, but the moment you apply rotation all the positions get messed up. It changes the anchor of the image (I think) and it seems to differ per image size. So I couldn’t just use one static offset to bring it all back to 0, 0 and still have the tool by dynamic. I thought I found a command (rotate_pad) which I thought would help but made matters worse. It seemed to help within the screen, but when I tested it with a proper composite image the positions were all over the place. Even though they both used the command, they both produced different positions.. After jumping through several hoops I made it work, somehow so that’s the 2 bugs “fixed” and my mind a bit more at ease.

This experience however has worn me down, a lot.. And I think I’m done with Ren’py. Whenever I think of something “cool” or useful, Ren’py usually comes in with a kick in the balls and tells me no. I’ve been able to make a lot of things work but it’s always required jumping through too many hoops. I’ve had simple ideas before which consumed a bunch of time cause Ren’py didn’t like it. Like rotation for example..

What does that mean? For now, nothing. I want to move the games to Unity, but I don’t want to use some pre-built system like Fungus. It might be really good and useful, but before long I would probably run into the same issues I had with Ren’py so I want to try and build my own systems. I don’t know how hard it will be or how long it will take, so for now the games will continue to be in Ren’py. But I do think I want to move them to Unity at some point. I know that Ren’py is more suited for VN’s but the things I’ve been doing have kind of outgrown the platform. (Especially stuff like Ben X’s combat xD). But don’t worry, I’ll do my best to implement rollback again, since that’s that very useful feature in Ren’py that I use all too often :P

If I can’t get it all working in Unity (and by “all” I mean Android as well), We’ll stick to Ren’py, but just for my own mental health, I do hope we can move to Unity. I feel like the freedom will do me good and it might even help us add some cooler stuff that Ren’py would never allow for. And of course I hope the move will impact your experience as little as possible, trying to mimic the Ren’py experience as much as possible.

What else? Not much I’m afraid. I added some more Scooby dialog I guess, helped Muplur a bit by testing Book 5, made a small update for the gallery tool that I made for BadSpider and very little tutorial work T.T. As to why I haven’t been up to much? Let me get into that with another wall of text =D

Boring life stuff

Depression sucks. It’s been pretty bad ever since winter started. Every time I think I’m out of it, it just comes right back round. Having these 2 bugs around didn’t help much either. Most days I would be too exhausted to even look at code and the days that I wasn’t would be quickly ruined by those bugs. I need things to make sense, when they don’t.. I get angry, which will just drain more energy. So when I had these 2 bugs around, that made no sense to me, it was just slowly eating away at me.

Luckily, I’m back in therapy. Sadly, we aren’t doing much yet. It’s mostly just tests for now, since it’s been a while since I last went and they wanna double check on everything. These tests usually take a toll on my mind though and will leave me exhausted for a day or two. At one point I had 3 appointments in one week and that pretty much killed that entire week for me =<. Add some social stuff and that’s me out of it for a while.

This is also the reason I missed out on one of the reports. Whenever I have an unproductive 2 weeks I tend to put off the report for a day or two and get some extra work in. However, this time I didn’t manage to get extra work in and just kept postponing, until it came too close to the next report and I didn’t know if I wanted to throw around the whole release schedule or wait for the next report.. So now I also had anxiety added onto the pile of shit stopping me from working.. Fun times.. T.T

It wasn’t until last week when BadSpider poked me about the gallery that I started rolling out depression loop. I’m slowly getting back into it again. I’m having some good days again =3. And also started drawing a bit, to try and relax more. I’m also trying to get some structure in my life but am failing miserably at that.. So not sure what I’m going to do about that =< But hey, at least I’m crawling out of this depression hole again, let’s hope I can fill it up before I fall in again this time T.T

What’s next?

I’ll try and keep this bit short :P. I plan on going through Camp Pinewood this week, to see if I run into any further bugs. Just need to pick a day to dedicate to it, so it’s not just floating in my head as “Someday, probably”. I think I’ll have it be a Friday, if the depression allows for it.

Since I have an appointment on Wednesday, I’ll try and finish up the Scooby animation before then. Two days should be enough if my brain doesn’t shit itself.

That just leaves the tutorial I guess. I’ll try and finish up the research and a base script this weekend. Not sure when I’ll be recording anything though. That’s all still a bit scary =<

Let’s hope Newman (who’s found more time to work on the games again) has come up with some more work for me in the week after that, if not, I’ll go dive into Unity I guess =3

See you guys in two weeks!

A very tired Akanoes

Comments (2)
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User #7998148 - 17 Feb 20 08:03
I hope you feel better soon and thank you for all the work and fixes you do on the "Gallery" tool :)
user avatar
User #6427752 - 18 Feb 20 03:09
Try to get enough sleep, vitamin D and movement. This should reduce the depression and helps you to handle the day. Get well soon.
Happy belated Holidays!
Happy belated Holidays!more_vert
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Happy belated Holidays! 2020-01-16T23:38:28+00:00close

What’s been done?


  • Worked on animation



  • Recovering from the Holidays
  • Honestly, this took a while T.T
  • Started fixing Camp Pinewood

Hey there, sorry for skipping the last progress report. I was still exhausted from the holidays and as I was finishing the post, Patreon decided to bug out and turn all white.. Had to refresh the page to fix it and of course that deleted everything I had written. I was too tired and angry to write it all up again and decided to do it at a later date.. That date never came though.. Sorry for that =< (Typing this up in Google Docs now so I won’t run into this issue ever again)

Anyway, Happy belated holidays! I hope everyone had a pleasant time, be it with family, friends or just holed up behind your pc (I wish I did that T.T). My holidays were pretty busy and left me dead for about a week, full recovery took longer but at least I could function a bit again :P. Social events suck T.T

So, what got done? Not too much I’m afraid, I’ve been exhausted for most of this time. I did finish BadSpider’s tool though, well, mostly. I still want to add support for multiple dependencies but I’ve been too tired and distracted to get to it (as it’s not really that important for now). Be sure to check out his page though as he added a new girl to it =3

Speaking of distractions, before the holidays hit me, I started work on Camp Pinewood, to keep myself busy while I wait for Newman’s schedule to clear up a bit. Nothing official, haven’t even spoken to the developer, but I remember playing the first or second build and thinking it was alright. But whenever I check up on the game all I see is people complaining about how broken it is so I thought, well, I kinda wanna play this at some point so I might as well fix it xD. So far I’ve fixed rollback, a menu option for a girl that showed the wrong image, redid all the menus for the girl and restructured a bunch of other code so it doesn’t make me cry anymore when I see it xD. Next up is playing through it to see what quests are broken.

The scene positioning tool has also been pretty much finished.. I just need to add an import button and for it to stop being a total bimbo. It has 2 bugs atm that make no sense and I have no clue how to fix. The aren’t THAT big of an issue, but they make no sense and they’re still rather annoying. The first one has all undragged images move when you move an undragged image with wasd.. BUT ONLY IF IT HASN’T BEEN DRAGGED YET! If you drag it, all is fine.. The second one.. If you’ve moved an image and click on another 2 move, everything moves 1px and then when you move an image, it will all jump back again.. I have NO clue why it does this or how this can even happen.. But it’s there and it makes me go insane =<

I haven’t done too much work on Scooby this time round though. The new animation has some annoying bits and they would be a lot easier with the scene positioning tool so I prioritized that instead. But with that finished(ish) I can start work on that now. Newman also finished touching some page of dialog which I’ll jump on after I finish the animation. Shouldn’t take too long though as the conversion script does most of the work =3.

What’s next?


  • Finishing the animation
  • Adding more dialog


  • Eradicate them pesky bugs


  • Go through and fix Camp Pinewood
  • Actually get some work done on the tutorial
  • I keep putting it off cause I want to do a good job and not misinform you guys, plus
    making a proper recording with maybe some editing is all kinda new and scary.. (I’ve
    only streamed, never edited any of them)

Let’s end it here though, I’ve been rambling on long enough now! xD

Enjoy the new decade and see you again soon!
A slightly murderous Akanoes

Comments (2)
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User #19129739 - 17 Jan 20 00:03
Don't worry about feeling murderous. In my not-so humble opinion, stabby is a valid emotion.
user avatar
User #7998148 - 17 Jan 20 14:05
Happy belated Holidays to you too ^^!! And thanks again for your awesome work in the "Gallery" tool ;)
MOAR TOOLS!more_vert
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MOAR TOOLS! 2019-12-17T20:24:07+00:00close

What's been done


  • Finished implementing the script available to me
  • Finished the remaining animations
  • Set up a scene


  • Almost finished the upgrade for BadSpider's tool

Welp, that's it, the list is empty (for the games at least). Right in time for Christmas, which Newman will use to fill it up again! In the meantime I'll finish up the fully automated artist tool and work on the new scene positioning tool. I'm also still practicing drawing.. Slowly.. And Poorly.. xD

Don't really know what else to say really, the coding wasn't too exciting and my winter depression isn't calming down (but I don't really want to whine about that right now xD). BadSpider helped me figure out how to sketch, so that's nice, but I'm still very bad and confused at times T.T. Something creative like drawing is hard for the brain of an autist :P

What's next?


  • Finish up the upgrade for BadSpider's tool
  • Scene positioning tool


  • Suck less at drawing
  • Tutorial

I might try streaming the scene positioning tool, but with how I've been feeling lately.. I'm not sure that'll happen, especially with all the social stuff surrounding Christmas T.T.

Happy holidays and all that,

Sneaky bugs be sneaky
Sneaky bugs be sneakymore_vert
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Sneaky bugs be sneaky 2019-11-30T22:39:56+00:00close

What's been done?


  • Redid Demona fix
  • Added some extra character positions
  • So we can fit more characters on the screen
  • Finished most of the new mechanic
  • Waiting on assets
  • Finished most of the prepared script

Was hoping to finish up all of the prepared script before the report, but I found out about a bug in the converter and had to redo some of it and since the last one was rather late, I had less time to fit it all in before this one T.T. But yea, the list is getting smaller, just some animations and the final bit of prepared script left. I say prepared, because the way it was written for Unity, won't work in Renpy so Newman's been changing it.

So next week will probably be filled mostly by adding to the dev tools, I'm really curious if I can actually make a positioning tool within Renpy and how long it will take. It would sure come in handy if we could do through Renpy itself instead of me fumbling about with code. Every time you move something you have to save, making the game reload. While that's not too bad, it can get rather annoying when you are moving things 1 pixel at a time cause it's ALMOST in the right spot, but not quite.

I'll also be working on expanding on the tool I made for BadSpider, he wanted to add a new work to it, but.. It has some new things in there which the tool wasn't made for. So that's gonna be fun, trying to figure out how to automate all that. I probably don't need to automate it all, but I like the little added challenge and maybe it can help more artists in the future, who knows =3

What's next?


  • Final bit of script
  • Some dialog animations

Side tracking

  • Upgrade the tool I made for BadSpider
  • Make a tool for positioning scenes

That was it for now, I'll probably stream some of the tool work next week so keep an eyes out for a random (and boring xD) dev stream!


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Oopsie.png (28.2KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7998148 - 1 Dec 19 16:50
Hey man, Thanks for the mentions :) I have some ideas to bounce around regarding that. If it is all separated as: background base image clothing elements (possibly here we need Z-order them as some cover others) and so on, maybe this can be automated for future pinups)
Went to England..
Went to England..more_vert
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Went to England.. 2019-11-22T02:56:41+00:00close

.. It was wet T.T

What's been done?



  • Fixed all the dolls
  • Redid the intro again
  • This got fucked by the doll fix
  • Set up the portraits
  • Added the fear mechanic
  • Minor tweaks, bugfixing and experimenting

I made a lovely post.. But Patreon ate it.. And I'm too tired to remember it all.. So here's the short of it..

I went to England to visit a friend, we mostly just drank and hung out but we did pop by Warhammer HQ so I could get me my main boi Sanguinius. Had to recover a bit after I got back before doing a whole bunch of zooming and positioning to fix the dolls.. Followed by more positioning for the portraits T.T

I also added the fear mechanic, which will determine where you can and can't go as well as unlock scenes. Looking forward to what Newman will do with it =3. Speaking of Newman, sounds like he's finally settled in at his new job and caught up on the comic he's working on. Which is just in time, because my list was getting rather short but knowing Newman, that won't last long xD

What's next?


  • More Dialog
  • Another mechanic


  • Upgrade the tool I made for BadSpider
  • Make a tool for positioning scenes

That's it for now but I might livestream the creation of the scene tool, so see you then.. Or in the next post :P


Progress has been made
Progress has been mademore_vert
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Progress has been made 2019-10-31T16:17:41+00:00close

What's been done?

  • Finished the first build of XIX (though it's just a proof of concept)
  • Finished the character build for XIX
  • Finished the opening scene for Scooby for the third time T.T
  • Finished a panning shot
  • Found the solution for a bug with the dolls in Scooby
  • Still need to apply to most of them though
  • Set up the first investigation for Scooby

I write this post as I'm packing things for my trip to England. Going to spend Halloween at friend who moved there, so fun times =3, but let's talk code!

The first build for XIX is finished, it's a proof of concept but you can experience the introduction of the story and play around with the UI a bit =). Make sure to hop over to Muplur's page and check it out!

As for Scooby, I made some progress there as well. I ended up doing the intro scene 3 times because we kept changing things. I had set everything up with the old assets but then Newman redid the dialog using the character build, which uses expressions that weren't in the original assets. Okay, cool, we'll just use the expression from the dolls and zoom them a bit.. But that gave some issues with Scooby, as his expressions are his entire head. So we ended up editing the old assets and replacing the characters with their dolls and I have to say, it looks a lot better now! =D

I also finished up a panning shot, set the scene for the first investigation and set up some of the script. There was an issue with the dolls however. Since the dolls are bigger than the ones we use in Ben X, bigger than the game height. Which isn't really an issues as I just zoom them a bit with their location transform. Sadly, turns out that the process of darkening a character when they aren't speaking doesn't like it when an image is bigger than the game's resolution and just cuts off the excess.. You don't want to have the zoom in the original image though, because then if you want it bigger again, the image would get blurry. So you lose the benefits of having a bigger doll. So what's the solution? Splitting the zoom. I'll zoom the doll just enough to be the height of the game and then zoom the rest with their location transform. But zooming them before hand changes the zoom in the transform slightly, so I have to figure out 2 zooms now and also have to re-position them cause of course their offsets change now as well.. FML T.T

What's next?

  • Finish the Android build for XIX
  • Applying fix for the Scooby dolls
  • Which means re-positioning all of them =<
  • Set up the portraits for the Scooby dolls
  • Add a new game mechanic to Scooby
  • Finish setting up all the dialog

That's it for now, I'm going to my friend's place, try me an English breakfst, get sick and then go to some pubs! xD

See you guys in the next post!
A very British Akanoes

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error.jpg (67.2KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3068717 - 31 Oct 19 16:49
Have a Happy journey and Happy days :D
Doing a quick stream
Doing a quick streammore_vert
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Doing a quick stream 2019-10-25T14:14:02+00:00close

Nothing too exciting, just running Muplur through some stuff, hoping to finish this build for XIX up today =3

Embed data


Provider URL

Akanoes - Twitch

Akanoes streams live on Twitch! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community.



<iframe class="embedly-embed" src="//" width="620" height="351" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>
Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3068717 - 25 Oct 19 15:39
XIX hype!! YAY!!! :D
Outside is bad!
Outside is bad!more_vert
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Outside is bad! 2019-09-30T21:34:27+00:00close

What's been done?

  • Positioned the Scooby characters
  • Set up most of Scooby's intro scene
  • Finished 99% of XIX UI
  • Started work on the character code for XIX
  • Being horribly ill

I wish I could've done more these past two weeks but a friend was getting married last week and I've been sick ever since the wedding. While I no longer feel super sick, I'm still sensitive to light (so PC time kinda sucks) and my energy levels are still non-existent, so I haven't been able to get much work done =<

What did I do? I had a lovely stream where I worked on the UI for XIX (Thanks to all of you that kept me company =3) and I've finished most of it off stream. There's just one thing I want to play with a bit more. I've also started work on the dolls for XIX, luckily they aren't as complex as BenX's dolls, but I will be adding some different automation for them.

There's also been some work done on Scooby. I've been working on the opening scene and there's some moving parts in there that take some extra time tweaking, but I'm almost done with those. Set up the dolls in their proper positions as well, which.. Took longer than I wanted, I couldn't get Renpy to work with me and had to go some stupid roundabout way, but hey, it works xD

What's next?

  • The Scooby intro
  • The UI for XIX
  • Setting up XIX' dolls
  • Adding some new assets to BenX combat
  • Streaming the development of a new tool?

I'm thinking of doing another stream, but I wouldn't want it to be too spoilery so I might start work on a handy tool I had in mind, no clue if I'll be able to make it work though xD. Other than that, my focus will be on finishing up some stuff. I kinda want to be done with Muplur's XIX stuff so he doesn't have to wait on me anymore and then it's back to Scooby's intro and finally adding some dialog!

I hope you guys had a better week than I did!
A sickly Akanoes

Comments (1)
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User #3068717 - 1 Oct 19 02:19
Get well soon :)
Streaming some XIX UI stuff
Streaming some XIX UI stuffmore_vert
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Streaming some XIX UI stuff 2019-09-17T15:21:44+00:00close

Decided to do a little stream today, hop on to pester me, just no when questions! xD

Embed data


Provider URL

Akanoes - Twitch

Akanoes streams live on Twitch! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community.



<iframe class="embedly-embed" src="//" width="620" height="351" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>
A little adventure
A little adventuremore_vert
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A little adventure 2019-09-17T03:18:53+00:00close

What's been done?

  • Finished the expression build and dolls for the Scooby game
  • Finished about half of UI for Muplur's new game XIX
  • Made an interactive CG gallery for BadSpider
  • And went way crazy with it

The expression build for Shagworthy's Legacy has been finished, took a while to get it all set up as I had to do all the dolls as well, but it's done so Newman can now add expressions to the script. Yay! Progress =D

I've also spent some time setting up the UI for Muplur's new game. Nothing too exciting yet, mostly just positioning, keeping the complexer stuff for later. I quite like it so far, it has a lot more going on than most games, so that's nice. Looking forward to putting it all together ^^

Now, for the little adventure I mentioned in the title. BadSpider and I got to talking one day as he just finished some more lovely art but this had a bunch of extra layers and he didn't want to bring out like 7 versions and he wondered if it could be done with Renpy. That's where I came in, it all sounded pretty much like the expression build and scene builder I made before so I offered him my services.

And.. I went a bit overboard.. While I made him a simple interactive gallery, I kept working on it afterwards because I got curious. Since a lot of artists don't know much about code, I wondered if I could automate it to such a degree that the artist would never need to code single line when adding their work.

After having a bit of fun, followed by some hellish Renpy struggles I figured it out. As long as the pieces of the work are all the same resolution, all the artist has to do is make sure the names of the folders for the pieces start with their layer number and the code does all the rest! Yay programming =D

This was supposed to be a just a fun little sidetrack to sate my curiosity but when I talked about it with Newman he asked me if we could use it for anything ourselves. While I originally thought it was useless for us (as our scenes are more complex and the folder structure is incompatible with the other tools) I got to thinking. I had done a lot of positioning these past few weeks and was thinking that it would be a lot easier and faster if I could do it from within the game itself. Through drag and drop and the arrow keys. I haven't gotten around to working on this yet but it it would go really well with the interactive gallery to more quickly set up the positioning for scenes in game.

So that will be my next little adventure, for now I have my hands full with XIX's UI, Shagworthy's intro and of course BenX and the never ending combat stuff xD

What's next?

  • Finishing up XIX's UI
  • Shagworthy's intro
  • Ben X's combat
  • Maybe sneak in another adventure

Apologies for the long read and make sure to check out BadSpider, he draws some pretty amazing stuff!

A slightly adventurous Akanoes

Media (1)

CG_gallery.png (20.7KiB)

The boring stuff
The boring stuffmore_vert
Post file flag
The boring stuff 2019-08-31T16:34:03+00:00close

What's been done?

  • Added most of Gwen's assets to combat
  • Added the dolls for the new characters to the expression build
  • More combat testing
  • Export function added to the scene builder
  • Added the older scenes to the scene builder
  • This caused me to make some coding changes to hem as well
  • Applied the changes to the main game as well
  • Made an Android build for Muplur's game (Book 5 Untold)
  • Go check him out, he's making a lovely game =3

Been keeping busy with a bunch of boring stuff: combat testing, placing assets, redoing old scenes. So there isn't a lot to talk about this time round. Changed the variables of the old scenes so they work with the scene builder and also making them unique. Before I'd use some of the preexisting variables for scenes, like Shar's blush. But that didn't really work with the scene builder so now everything is unique =3.

Combat now has most of Gwen's assets, her combat doll and moves. The moves are always a pain to set up cause they're animations, so it's not just positioning but also finding the right timing T.T. The combat dolls are usually fairly easy as most effects aren't dependent on the doll itself but some other transforms the dolls are using.

I've also helped Muplur with his game, he'd been struggling with the Android build for a while now and I decided to finally help him =3. It was a bit of a struggle as I reinstalled Windows a few weeks back and Renpy didn't want to recognize my Java install T.T. But I made it submit in the end >3. I hope you guys have a chance to check his game out, it's pretty fun! =D

What's next?

  • More combat testing and balancing (the suffering never ends T.T)
  • Making a start on the Scooby game as I wait on Newman to finish the script and more art
  • Helping Muplur with his new game =3
  • Getting back on the tutorial video train (May have forgotten about this for a bit.. Sorry T.T)

Until next time,
A soaked Akanoes (We had another heatwave T.T)

Media (1)

Bleh.jpg (72.2KiB)

Comments (2)
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User #7052220 - 3 Sep 19 15:58
We have to wait a long time, but the game is great. Will we see Sandra and Natalie Tennyson in the future? You know why;)
user avatar
Akanoes - 3 Sep 19 17:30
They are not planned at the moment no, sorry.
The pewing continues
The pewing continuesmore_vert
Post file flag
The pewing continues 2019-08-02T00:37:40+00:00close

What's been done?

  • Finished up combat
  • Tweaked some old combat code
  • Tested combat
  • Suffered

Yep, more combat the last few weeks. Finished adding all the new stuff using placeholder art and most of works or should work. Testing becomes a bit more time consuming with such a big system, changing one line of code can have disastrous results.

As I add new things I also like to take a look at the old stuff and improve where I can because as a coder, the learning never really stops. So I've been tweaking some things, moving some stuff around for more efficiency. While this is better in the long run it usually also introduces some bugs, but I'd rather get them out of the way now than in another 4 updates ;).

What's next?

  • More combat testing and balancing
  • Minor tweaks to the combat
  • Export function for the scene builder
  • Tweak some of the shower code

Boring life stuff

Sadly, after I finished up combat we got struck by a heatwave that broke records over here (by over 2 degrees Celsius) and after that hell (literally xD) ended I got food poisoning T.T. So last week has been a bit slow, sorry =<. I'm feeling a lot better now though and am ready to squash some bugs!

See you around,
A recovering Akanoes

Media (1)

Star-Wars-PEW-PEW.png (20.9KiB)

Moar pews!
Moar pews!more_vert
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Moar pews! 2019-07-16T13:35:56+00:00close

What's been done?

  • Redid the camera system
  • Improved on the passage of time function
  • Finished most of the new characters
  • Improved some combat stuff

The main focus of the last few weeks was combat. I don't have any art assets yet but I thought I'd start on the mechanics while I wait. As you might already know, we are adding Gwen for combat and some more enemies. Gwen's basic moves are done but I realized as I took the screenshot that I forgot to add her perks xD. The new enemies are mostly done as well and I'm just waiting on Newman to clear up a few things on their mechanics before I finish those up.

As per usual, while going back to old code you realize how stupid you were in the past, so I corrected some big stupids I did before :P. When you upgrade a move you can charge it up, however, I had only set it up for Ben and forgot all about Shar (as her move has no cooldown). So I place the cooldown code at the end of the label and added some lines to make keeping track of the charged status easier. I also redid how damage is passed on to the combat function, right now it only works for the player's party but I hope to find a way to make it compatible for enemies as well. (The issues here is that enemies heavily rely on the damage of their weapons which are static and not calculated off of their character damage)

Sadly, while I would like to have improved on the passage of time function a bit more, after brainstorming on it for a while I couldn't figure out a way to make it less of a mess =<. But I did add an extra function to it and redid the camera system so it's all a bit more efficient.

What's next?

  • Finishing up combat
  • And a lot of testing and balancing
  • Export function for the scene builder

See you all next post =3,
A slightly less stressed Akanoes

I will prevail!
I will prevail!more_vert
Post file flag
I will prevail! 2019-06-27T02:55:20+00:00close

What's been done?

  • Scene builder
  • Aside from the export function

Apologies for the delay but life has been a bit hectic T.T. I finally managed to find some time work though, when life wasn't making me it's bitch and the sun wasn't trying to kill me xD. Finished most of the scene builder so Newman doesn't need to keep going through dozens of layers disabling and enabling various pieces. He can now quickly switch between all the pieces and scenes and when something has multiple layers it will automatically hide the other ones, yay! This should help speed up the script writing process even more =3

We also had a long chat about the next update so I'm more aware of what will be in it and can give better estimates on when I'll be done with everything. I'm still very bad with estimates though xD

What's next?

  • Combat
  • New enemies and moves
  • Passing time mechanic rework
  • Cam rework

Combat will be another doozy, we'll be adding 2 new enemies and Gwen will enter the fray! Gwen will bring with a whole new range of abilities so I'll have my hands full with the mechanics, let's hope nothing breaks this time xD.

I'll also be reworking the pssage of time mechanic and with it the cams. The PoT mechanic was originally a very simple and small function but I've been adding to it every update and it's starting to grow out of hand. It's a big unwieldy beast and while it technically still works, it ain't pretty and I'm not sure how long it's heart will keep beating so I decided it's better to rework it now than wait for it to crash and burn. This will mean a rework of the cam system as well as sadly they are intertwined with the passing of time T.T .

Boring life stuff

Life has been rather hectic for a while now and that's also the reason for the picture above. Due to my disabilities I've never been too good at adulting and my mother has played a very important role in my life becuase of it. So it kinda hit me hard when they found something in her lungs.. They took tests for weeks and still didn't know what it was, only that it had to be removed.. But with the way lungs work you can't just cut a small bit, you have to cut out an entire section.. The lungs consist out of only 5 sections, so she was going to lose 20% of her lung capacity.. On top of her COPD that had already brought her down to 70%..

The operation was a success and she's been recovering slowly, she's able to take a shower without being exhausted for the rest of the day, so that's something =D. Turns out the thing in her lungs is cancer though, so she'll be having a bunch of check ups for the coming years, but let's hope this was the end of it..

This alone took a lot of out me and I was happy to leave all this behind me.. So ofcourse I wake up to one of my balls being 3 times it's normal size... Luckily it shrank rather quickly but after a week it was still hurting a bit so I decided to go to the doctor.. Had several hospital visits now and they still have no clue wtf is going.. Sooo fun times T.T.

Here I though I could finally destress a bit after the endless bughunt of 0.04 but nope, when work finally cooled down a bit, life took over T.T. There's been some other minor things as well like attending a weekend-long event (this alone usually drains me for a week), had friends stay over for said event and thus had to clean up my house (which took a while T.T) and have company I rent from breath down my neck cause my front yard is a bit messy >.>

But hey, I finally managed to get some work done, so.. Yay? Also, apologies for the long post, but I felt like I needed to give you guys an update on my life as well xD

Let's hope life will chill the fuck down for a bit =3
An exhausted Akanoes

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3068717 - 27 Jun 19 03:07
Cheer up, Akanoes. You born to make people happy.. Bad things will be gone soon :)
user avatar
User #4694606 - 27 Jun 19 09:58
Just take your time and only work on it if you really like to, I mean it should be fun for you to make it fun for us ^^
Android be here! (0.04c)
Android be here! (0.04c)more_vert
Post file flag
Android be here! (0.04c) 2019-06-06T20:38:44+00:00close

Welp, didn't expect it so soon.. But looks like the Android build is ready.

It has been added to the Mega folder here.

Have fun you mobile pervs!
Akanoes =3

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #10190617 - 9 Jun 19 03:14
Absolutely fantastic update love this game . The last scene with Gwen was so hot amazing 😍 . I can't wait for the next update . Thank you for all your hard work
user avatar
Akanoes - 9 Jun 19 13:11
Thank you =D
user avatar
User #17874037 - 27 Jun 19 21:51
How do I place the cams (android)
user avatar
Akanoes - 27 Jun 19 23:58
Have you checked the website on your computer? After that check Shar's bed and the shower
user avatar
User #17874037 - 28 Jun 19 10:10
Yes thank you, also is there any way to make the stat points permanent? I'll give the sucker, or do the training and the next day the points reverted back.
user avatar
Akanoes - 28 Jun 19 10:14
No, those are meant to be temporary, she'll get "in the moment" but when she sleeps that moment goes by
user avatar
User #17874037 - 30 Jun 19 20:24
Not sure if it posted, how can I make stat gains permanent? Like when I give a sucker or train the points will increase but after I sleep it reverts back
user avatar
User #21947643 - 7 Jul 19 05:15
when is next update .plz i am waiting eager
We made it to the next release guys! 0.04c hype! (Windows & MAC & Android)
We made it to the next release guys! 0.04c hype! (Windows & MAC & Android)more_vert
Post file flag
We made it to the next release guys! 0.04c hype! (Windows & MAC & Android) 2019-06-06T16:02:21+00:00close

What a ride this one was. Aside from our personal lives taking a hit we just couldn't stop tweaking everything.. And therefore breaking stuff as well T.T. But here we are, with the public release, we hope you have fun with it =3

You'll find the Windows, MAC and Android release right here!

So what now?
While I wait for Newman to write and draw up everything I'll be recoding some of the mechanics. While the cams and the roaming works for now, I'm not too happy with how it's set up and it's already run into some issues (which I fixed of course ;) ). I'll also be redoing the sleep function, I wrote this a long time ago and it's kind of a mess. it was okay at the time but there are a lot more things happening when you sleep now and it just feels like pure chaos and I want to tidy it up before it bleeds into something else.

Before I get to that though, I'll be making something else first, something that will make both our lives easier: The scene build. Much like the expression build this will allow us to quickly switch out parts in a scene. For Newman that means he doesn't have to switch between dozens of layers enabling and disabling bits. For me it means I don't have to code it all in. More automation hype! So this should speed things up a bit for both of us =3


  • Improved a lot of stuff, from code organization, base mechanics, dialogue, the character doll system, combat, the inventory, a lot of art, SFX, music, effects, transitions, UI, cursors... Long list.
  • Added base construction.
  • Added alien scanning.
  • Added installable and functioning Creep Cams (you can earn money now!).
  • Added wander mechanic (girls will appear in different locations depending on the time of the day and game events)
  • Added new characters.
  • Added expressions and improved on the existing ones.
  • New clothes for Shar.
  • New location, bathroom.
  • Added readable combat manual (Combat and gameplay tips)
  • New BIOS entries.
  • Added new enemies (Big Bros) and new combat items (4 grenade types, buffout pills).
  • Added functioning Hypno-Watch.
  • Started Gwen's corruption path.
  • Continued Shar training, with new scenes, and repeatable night visits and health checks.
  • Added naming system for Shar which changes the way Ben calls her depending on the situation.
  • Continued the Plumber/Fistrick/Annodyte's dust investigation and Plumber Rank 2.
  • Fixed inconsistencies. Improved pacing. Went crazy with the little details (as usual).
  • Set music volume to 60% by default.
  • Polished like crazy :D
  • Fixed a GINORMOUS amount of bugs. This has been our hardest testing phase ever, (new complex mechanics coexisting, tweaks to the older systems, event flag re-positioning, small additions which broke the game for no apparent reason... it's been tough) We have been pretty thorough, but let us know if we missed something!
Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3613558 - 8 Jun 19 15:14
Automation hype!
So close!
So close!more_vert
Post file flag
So close! 2019-05-31T16:35:03+00:00close

What's been done?

  • A ton of testing and a bug genocide
  • Work on save compatibily
  • Released 0.04 to patrons
  • And squashed some more bugs that slipped past us and our testers (Thanks you patrons =3)

0.04 has been released to the patrons! So it shouldn't be long for the public release. There were some more bugs found though and we wanted to add a bit more dialog so we can't release it just yet. I've been trying my best to keep older saves (Except for 0.01) compatible and while it works for most people, there have been some isolated cases of really weird bugs that I have been unable to reproduce myself =< So let's hope it's just something weird on their end and not actually something wrong with the game itself xD As I can't actually fix something I can't test myself.

What's next?

  • Finishing touches on 0.04
  • Port 0.04 to Android
  • 0.05 Duh xD
  • Scene builder for Newman
  • Tutorial videos

What's this scene builder you might ask? It's basically the expression build, but for scenes. This will make it a lot easier and faster for Newman to play around with a scene. He doesn't have to go through dozens of layers to toggle some images and see what it looks like. It will have a preview of the scene and a bunch of buttons to quickly switch parts. And of course I'll be adding an export function so things will go quicker on my end as well, AUTOMATION HYPE!

Other than that, not much to tell yet, I'll be working on the Android port (and be porting someone else's game as well, who's could it be? :O) and hopefully release the first tutorial video! ^^

See you all next time, with a shiny new build! ;)
A very sleepy Akanoes

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3613558 - 1 Jun 19 16:16
Where? (0.04 Walkthrough) 2019-05-24T11:18:38+00:00

In case you get lost, something to guide you through ;)

The bugterminator,


Attachments (1)

Walkthrough 0.04.pdf (99.1KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #17874037 - 27 Jun 19 21:51
How do I place the spider cams?
Too soon? 0.04b test build!
Too soon? 0.04b test build!more_vert
Post file flag
Too soon? 0.04b test build! 2019-05-24T02:11:19+00:00close

Eyo, ya'll can stop asking for a date now, 0.04 is finally here! We got some nice naughty fun this time around! And lot of tweaking and optimizing as well.. Way too much of that T.T

As always, this is a test build so you might run into some issues. If you do, please let me know so I can fix it!

UPDATE: Hopefully save compatible now ;)
UPDATE2: More save friendly and less bugs!

I hope you enjoy =3
A sleeptyping Akanoes

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Comments (3)
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User #20485901 - 24 May 19 03:53
Rough ETA on Android build
user avatar
Akanoes - 24 May 19 04:10
At most a month, that's a very rough one, but I don't start working on it until after the public build is out, so I have a final version for the APK and we changed up quite a few things so I'm not sure how broken the APK is now xD
user avatar
User #8437105 - 28 May 19 11:27
It was short but it was also good.
"When?" - Fans 2019
"When?" - Fans 2019more_vert
Post file flag
"When?" - Fans 2019 2019-05-03T03:37:53+00:00close

What's been done?

  • Finished a build for Newman
  • With all the dialog and scenes aside from the last one
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs and corrections found by Newman
  • Finished combat for 0.04 and had it tested
  • Added proper item support for enemies
  • Some enemies now have pipe bombs
  • Split Shar's arms in two so we can avoid some layering issues
  • A load of tweaks, bug crushing, improvements and repositioning

"When is 0.04 coming out?" is what we've been asked quite a lot recently. I understand the delay has been frustrating and we've been promosing it's coming for a while now, but the end is finally in sight. Most of the content is actually in the game now and Newman is already going over it all! =D

The last 2 weeks were an adventure though. While adding the dialog went quite smooth due to my lovely little script, combat was a different story. Newman told me the bro's were getting their pipe bombs this version and boy.. I did not expect that to be such an issue. I had to redo some bits to make it properly work and future proof it(hopefully), but it all works for now. I tried reusing some of the positioning for the pipe bombs, but since everyone is in a slightly different spot that was sadly a no go =<

We are in the final stages of production for this update. Combat is finished and has been tested already and most of the content is in the game. I just have to put together the final scene (which has 72 layers T.T) and fix the stuff Newman finds in the build. Which sadly, he always finds a lot of =<. It isn't until you see it in the game that you realize things aren't as you imagined it. So we got a bunch of stuff to fix and improve, but we are getting there, this time it's actually coming soon™ ^^

What's next?

  • Continue work on the creepcams
  • Started some work on it but haven't had a chance to finish yet
  • Finish the final scene (With 72 layers T.T)
  • Finish 4 animations
    3 variations and 1 really annoying one
  • Fix everything on our new shit list =3

Actually Soon™ this time,
The bugcrushing machine Akanoes

MOAR COMBAT!more_vert
Post file flag
MOAR COMBAT! 2019-04-16T01:28:12+00:00close

What's been done?

  • Created a new dev build for combat (helps a lot for testing)
  • Found and fixed a bunch of bugs found thanks new dev build xD
  • Made a system for girls to move around
  • This comes with a cool new cursor as well!
  • Added grenades and the knockout buffout pills
  • Added the shower location
  • Set up a new scene
  • Fixed some other bugs
  • Including the quickmenu disappearing after visiting the wardrobe, renaming Granpa Max his variable as it was interfering with some Renpy stuff and fixing the inventory's paging system

Alas, no new build yet =<. Apologies for that, we are working hard to get it to you guys as soon as possible though! Which (if life doesn't kick us down again) should be this month =D.

Now what have I been up to exactly? Mostly combat stuff, made a new dev build so it's easier for me an Newman to test out the new stuff. Some preset enemy groups and full control over the items and levels without needing any code. And it's already paid off, with the introduction of Big bro's I noticed some new issues. When sprites overlap the enemy selection crosshair would go to the wrong place and apparently the enemy attacks weren't stuck to the sprite's layer but were on top of all sprites.. Which didn't look very good.

I ended up rewriting how the selection icon and enemy attacks work. The selection icon used to work through the tooltip function but for some reason when the sprites overlapped it wouldn't properly apply the transforms putting it in the right place. I switched it to the (un)hovered function and it works flawlessly now. As for the layering issue, I used to have the attack images generated within the attacks function, but that would run after the layers are set up and this cause it to show on top of all sprites. Thanks to Empish (Elaine) I switched it to their for loop in the screen itself with just two lines! Yay =3

What's next?

  • Add the dialog (yes still =< )
  • Though my converter script should help speed up that process quite a bit
  • Add the actual mechanic for spy cams
  • A small QoL for late game Shar
  • Tweak some positional data here and there
  • Find and kill more bugs

Personal shit
I'm still trying to find my work groove.. The last month of March was a bit tough on me cause my mom got some bad news and I was unable to focus on anything that week.. Early April we got an update and while it isn't as bad as it could be, we still don't know how bad it is exactly.. So my stress levels are still quite high, but hey, at least I can get some work done again, so it's something! Not much drawing though.. Cause I end up feeling guilty for not working on the game xD

A bouncing Akanoes

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3068717 - 16 Apr 19 01:35
Soon™ XD
user avatar
Akanoes - 16 Apr 19 02:20
Simplifying things
Simplifying thingsmore_vert
Post file flag
Simplifying things 2019-03-24T02:18:40+00:00close

What's been done?

  • Improved the expression build so it's easier for Newman to add expressions and extra's to characters
  • Tweaked the auto-conversion script
  • Added an auto button to combat to speed up the grind
  • Tweaked the code for the missions page
  • Added a 4th time period: 3 AM
  • 3 AM is when you can spy on the girls when they're asleep =3
  • Worked on the tutorial script
  • Traced a few images to get used to drawing (Yay drawing =D)

These last few weeks I spent most of my time trying to speed up the writing process. For Newman I added a button to the expression build that copies the expression and all the active extra's in a way my conversion scripts can read it. This way Newman doesn't need to type it all out (as that's quite a chore!). I also had to rewrite and add to the conversion script itself, there were some things that weren't working quite the way the should yet.

Rejoice! As I've finally had the time to sort out the auto button, so that you guys can just complete combat with the push of a button. The win percentage won't start out that high though, It's based on what faction you are fighting and the combat stat of both Ben and his companion.

We've also added a "new" time period. I say "new" because it already existed as a buffer, we hadn't given it a name or a purpose yet, it was just there so you didn't end up in the morning after going on patrol at night. We named it "3 AM" and it's when you'll by spying on the girls as they sleep and fiddle about in the lab, so basically, the fun stuff ;)

Work on the tutorial script continues as well, not as fast as I would've wanted, but I don't want to screw up the basics for you guys. Because if you get the basics wrong, you're gonna have a hard time later on. At this time I don't think I can finish the video this month, especially since Newman keeps coming up with new things for me to do T.T

What's next?

  • Making Shar mobile, she'll be in different rooms depending on the time
  • Adding truckload of grenades Newman made
  • Figure out custom cursors
  • Adding the dialog
  • Which should be a lot quicker with the improvements I made =3
  • Killing a bunch of bugs that I'll no doubt find
  • Or find some code that needs optimizing!

Personal shit
Sooooo, I've been "drawing" a bit and actually been enjoying it, so much so that I wish I had more time for it.. But the game comes first! The reason I used the quotes is because so far I've only been tracing, I have only been tracing and I don't know if that can be considered drawing :P. Either way, it's been fun, very useful for getting used to digital drawing and drawing in general (Haven't really drawn before this.. So yea.. Still getting used to lines and shapes xD). Who knows, maybe at some point I'll be doing my own goodie packs! Also here is the image I traced.

Hopefully I'll be bringing you guys a build with my next post! =D
A very busy Akanoes

Welcome to my (poorly lit) Mancave
Welcome to my (poorly lit) Mancavemore_vert
Post file flag
Welcome to my (poorly lit) Mancave 2019-03-02T15:59:10+00:00close

What's been done?

  • Finished adding the Big Bro
  • Rewrote a bit of the combat
  • While adding the Big Bro it was clear some changes were in order
  • Finished up the soft transitions
  • Some minor improvements
  • Started on a script for the first tutorial video
  • Got me a fancy graphic pen display =D

While adding the Big Bro I noticed that some things weren't really future proofed, so I had to expand on the code a bit, mainly the way their moves were chosen. I also had to go over all instances of showing and hiding the sprites. While I added the transition code to the already existing function for hiding and showing sprites, I often changed expressions after the line where characters are shown. That was fine when it was instant, but now that it takes a bit that couldn't be used anymore. It also caused some issue with the cheat I used for the shopkeepers, but all is well now =3

The video tutorials are finally on their way too. The poll was quite clear and I'm starting with the basics. I'm not sure how long they will be, but the first one will cover data manipulation. What are variables, lists, conditionals, loops and I'll try and include the basics for showing sprites and dialog as well. Let me know if there is anything you're particularly interested =3

Personal shit
Boy.. It's been rollercoaster these past few weeks. I've been more unstable (stressed out and winter depression kicking in) since winter has begun and thought to destress by joining my parents on their holiday. While was a nice short trip, Newman was later hit by Cease and Desist from Cartoon Network and that was a big scare T.T.. Stress levels were immediately back to high and I couldn't really focus anymore.. Luckily that's all over now and we are back in action! =D

I've also decided to get into drawing, hopefully this well help me relax a bit more. I had a small pen tablet before and didn't really like it, so I decided to buy a Graphic Pen Display (XP Pen Artist 22E Pro) to make the experience a bit more pleasant for me. Also to guilt me into taking it more serious xD

That's it for now folks, see you in the next post!
An artsy Akanoes

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User #3613558 - 6 Mar 19 21:49
Looking more and more like Morpheus's ship... You WOULD tell me if we were actually in the Matrix, wouldn't you?
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User #3068717 - 6 Apr 19 16:40
I doubt he would.
Starting with the basics
Starting with the basicsmore_vert
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Starting with the basics 2019-02-14T02:57:55+00:00close

Welp, the poll is over and it looks like the basics won.. HARD xD. Didn't really expect it to win with so many people out there already covering it but I guess I'll be joining them :P

Funny enough, this means I have to learn the basics myself as well. As I learned on the go and sometimes even skipped some steps. I understand the basics of it but not always the details and in some cases I don't even know the correct terminology xD.. However I am at a point now where I've started writing my own functions and even expanded on some of Ren'py's functions. The way I'm handling the showing and hiding of sprites (characters) is completely different for example.

When should you expect the first video
To be honest, I don't really know.. I'll be going on a little trip tomorrow and coming back on Sunday. I already have an idea for the first video but I've never made a scripted video before so I don't know how long everything takes. Making a script, recording, editing. Everything is still very new and intimidating T.T. My aim is somewhere next month and if a miracle happens, maybe even later this month.. But expect next month cause lord knows I'll fuck this up somehow xD

What to expect from the video
As I mentioned above I have an idea for the first video, I'll start things off with terminology. What are variables, list, dictionaries? How, why and when should you use what? Probably talk a bit about what Ren'py is and what it has to do with Python.

See you guys soon^^
An Akanoes smothered by research

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User #16546093 - 25 Feb 19 00:17
Can someone tell me how to make shar gulp sleeping pills please
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Akanoes - 25 Feb 19 20:56
You can't yet
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User #17682866 - 22 Feb 19 17:06
What happened to Newman's patreon account?
user avatar
Akanoes - 22 Feb 19 17:25
Just the usual woes of an adult concent creator on Patreon. No worries, he'll be back ;)
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User #3613558 - 14 Feb 19 21:33
Tutorial videos: Start with the basics or skip to the mechanics? 2019-02-07T17:57:13+00:00

Hey folk,

I figured, there's already a lot of tutorial videos out there covering the basics and they are probably better than whatever I produce xD. So my question is, would you prefer me just going over the game mechanics and skip the 101 or would you prefer I go over the basics first?

Feel free to suggest a mechanic you are interested in down below as well,
Akanoes =3

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User #14841617 - 8 Feb 19 08:09
always good to start with the basics in case you add something new to the mix!
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MOAR RENOVATIONS! 2019-02-06T02:20:20+00:00close

What's been done?

  • Added a dissolve effect to characters when they enter and leave
  • Will need some further tweaking because of how things are handled atm
  • Fixed the enemy numbering in combat
  • Also randomized the colors of the enemies
  • Auto targetting when there is only one enemy
  • So when you select an attack it will just fire, you don't have to select the enemy anymore
  • Almost finished adding Big bro's to the game
  • While doing so getting distracted and redoing some of the combat code
  • Other minor improvements

So that's basically it, nothing too exciting. Just tweaking the game a bit here and there while waiting on Newman to finish the art and the script. No worries, I'll find a way to keep myself busy! Code is never done! =D

Speaking of keeping busy, I had my first (developer) livestream over at Plexstorm! (And it looks like you can follow people now, so gimme a follow if you'd like to see my livestream someday, watching someone code is totally interesting ya'll!). Got to test my setup and it looks like it's all working so I'll probably make the first video somewhere this month, hopefully.. I don't know much about editing xD I'll throw up a poll this week to see what you guys want first. Go straight into the mechanics or start from the beginning.

Welp, that's all, I tried keeping it short this time round since there isn't much exciting stuff.. Emphasis on "tried" xD

See you at the next stream (or maybe even video)!

P.S. I may have started learning Japanese and that might be my name in Katakana.. Yay Japanese!

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So it begins!
So it begins!more_vert
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So it begins! 2019-01-17T18:48:26+00:00close

Hey guys, Just a little heads up, I'll be doing a little test stream over at Plexstorm in about 10- 15 minutes. It'll just be me coding, but feel free to come in and ask me any questions =3

I'm not sure how often I'll be doing coding streams, this is just a little test to see if you guys are okay with the format as that's how I'll be recording the tutorials as well. But yea, I don't know how often I can do streams like this because a lot of the stuff will be spoiler heavy :P

I might do some game streams as well, who knows!

Hope to see you there,
A semi-prepared Akanoes

Time for some renovations!
Time for some renovations!more_vert
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Time for some renovations! 2019-01-15T18:32:31+00:00close

What's been done?

  • Finished the Android build
  • Finished the script conversion script
  • This will shave of days for me, I'll still need to do some things myself, but the brunt of it will be taken care of by this little script =3
  • Improvements
  • Bugfixes

After the last build we took some time off for the holidays, be social and shit. We tend to get a bit crazy as a deadline nears, really overworking ourselves, so we could sure use it! When the New year started though, it was time to get back to it.. Time to slay that Android beast once and for all!

To my surprise I discovered that they quietly implemented the support of dev tools in the built-in Android emulator, making my work a lot easier! It's still not perfect, but it sure helps and saves me a lot of time =3. Speaking of time, I wrote up a little python script that will handle translating the script Newman writes into something that Ren'py can read. Whenever someone changes their expression or get an extra (sigh, blush, etc.) that's a new line, the text also needs to put in quotes as well as a bunch of other stuff. Now that might not sound like a lot, but when people change expression nearly every line with extra's showing and hiding, it starts adding up. This script will clear up a lot of time for me every build! =D

Now what do I mean by renovations? Well, with most of the core mechanics finally in place I can start improving them (The work of a coder never ends T.T). Some things were patched up to hit a deadline and while they do work, they aren't very efficient. And something things were just left out alltogether (like portraits appearing on the right). So whenever I didn't have time to do something, had to rush it or simply had a cool idea I added it to a list, a list I can finally start working on! It even has some fan suggestions =D

But what about the videos!? Don't worry, I've been working on that too. I've got my new mic all set up and am playing a but with equalizer settings, to make my voice a bit smoother (I have no clue what I'm doing T.T). I have also set up a Plexstorm account so I can do livestreams. I'll probably do the first stream this week, just a little test stream, to see if everything works and will then start on the first tutorial video.

I haven't made up my mind yet whether or not I want to do more dev streams. I can't imagine it's interesting watching a guy code, but if you guys want I could do it more often =3

Hope to see you guys at my next stream!
A very streamy Akanoes

Your prayers have been answered!
Your prayers have been answered!more_vert
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Your prayers have been answered! 2019-01-13T03:56:23+00:00close

It is finally here! The much requested Andoid build! So you can stop asking about it now.. No seriously.. Please stahp =< *Looks at EvilEye*

Get your perv on wherever you want now! (Keep it legal though)
A very distracted Akanoes

We got noticed :O
We got noticed :Omore_vert
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We got noticed :O 2019-01-09T19:24:29+00:00close

It seems that the lovely, Lety Does Stuff, saw our game and liked it enough to do a Let's Play of it! =D

She'll be streaming it here at 6pm PST today! (Which, sadly is 3am CET T.T)

Be sure to check out her website too! She's got some nice stuff over there =3

Enjoy the stream!
An excited and slightly aroused Akanoes

A wild walkthrough has appeared (0.03a) 2018-12-16T22:11:01+00:00

Walkthrough time! =D

As always, thank you all for your support =3,


Attachments (1)

Walkthrough 0.03.pdf (64.8KiB)

0.03a has arrived!
0.03a has arrived!more_vert
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0.03a has arrived! 2018-12-16T17:58:19+00:00close

It's finally here! Boy, this has been an exhausting one, many late nights T.T. Every time we thought we were done we would think of something new to add xD. But we made it, the game is now at a point where most (if not all) mechanics are in place and the story is kicking off too!

It should be compatible with 0.02d and 0.02e saves, but let me know if you encounter any issues.

So what's new?
You can already see some of it in the image above but let's talk about it a bit more. Combat is finally what is should be now that we added the timer and you can also unlock a "new" alien to help you in your fights. You'll meet a mysterious man which will kickstart Shar's training and get to fight a new enemy as well!

What now?
For me it's mostly tweaking, just because something works doesn't mean it's done. I've had to rush some things here and there but I've also learned a bunch of stuff that can help improve some of the older mechanics. Plus Newman will throw some more insane stuff at my head probably xD

I'll be working on some code that will automatically convert like 80% of the script for Renpy use, since that's quite a time intensive thing. Got some new enemies to add, expand on some of the stuff already there and as I said, improve some of the older stuff. The mission system has already been revamped a bit, Argit's shop and the wardrobe are now scrollable if enough items are shown and I'll be adding some other things to assist on the coding side of things. Hell, maybe even get an Android build out ;).

And of course, work on videos. My new mic arrived yesterday and I managed to beat OBS into submission =3. I'll probably have a little test stream in the future to see if it all works and if you guys are okay with the setup.

Thank you all for supporting us!
An exhausted but slightly excited Akanoes

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User #987433 - 16 Dec 18 18:46
I'm always hyped when I see these new builds but I don't know if I should play them and get frustrated afterwards to wait the next one, or if I should wait for a few other builds before playing again so I see a WHOLE LOT of new stuff :p
user avatar
Akanoes - 16 Dec 18 20:10
I know that feeling all too well xD
Goal GET! (videos incoming!)
Goal GET! (videos incoming!)more_vert
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Goal GET! (videos incoming!) 2018-12-15T02:01:32+00:00close

Look what you guys did! You all banded together and killed that poor innocent goal, how could you! Not only that, but you also increased my workload! Truly evil T.T

Seriously though thank you all for your support, be it as a patron or just chatting away on Discord =3. We couldn't be doing it without you all!

On to the point, dafuq kind of videos should ya'll be expecting?
Mostly videos about the mechanics of the game like the wardrobe, the shops, map navigation and of course, combat ;). I'll probably do a quick episode 0, explaining the terms a bit (what's a variable, conditionals, etc.) and then move on to some of the easier mechanics.

I'll try releasing one a month but since I've never done this before I'm not really sure how much time this would involve and it might take longer. They'll start out as patron exclusives and might become public later on, I'm not sure yet.

I would really appreciate any input you guys have. Would like a more in-depth tutorial or is there something in particular you'd like to see? Especially the last one is important, because at some point I'll run out of game mechanics to talk about, if you guys have anything else you'd like to know about, I'd be happy to dive into it and try it out, if I manage to figure it out I'llmake a video on it.

I look forward to hearing from you all,
A very grateful Akanoes

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User #20914336 - 6 Jun 19 05:14
How to change clothes in Ben x slave mobile of rook shar
I'm alive! (I think)
I'm alive! (I think)more_vert
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I'm alive! (I think) 2018-11-30T02:46:53+00:00close

What's been done?

  • Timer has been added to combat
  • This means XLR8 finally has a purpose! =D
  • Combat now has an auto fight function
  • As long as you're above half health, you can use it
  • Combatants are now classes
  • Still not too familiar with classes yet but it certainly helps with leveling up =3
  • Added paging functionality to the other shops and inventory
  • We didn't need it yet so I decided to add it later :P
  • Created most of the new screens for this build
  • Added a few new characters
  • Optimized a bunch of stuff and squashed some bugs in the process

I would like to start of by apologizing for the radio silence, I'm really sorry =<

[Personal shit]
Up until recently it's all been very stressful for me. I've never been good at these posts and the game has been pretty stressful for me too. The last crunch (for 0.02) really took it out of me and it only got worse when I started on the APK. What should have been an easy task turned out to be worst. I thought I'd quickly make an APK like the first time around and get a bit of my energy back with that victory but I couldn't be more wrong.

Turns out, this time around it wasn't just some misplaced stuff, some things just didn't work. Okay, I can probably fix that right? How hard can it be? I'll just open up the console.. Oh.. The built in android emulator doesn't have that? What about the dev tools? None of that either huh... Okay, I'll google how to enable them.. Found nothing.. I'll ask around on the Renpy Discord, I even asked Renpytom but even he couldn't help.. There didn't seem to be a way to enable it in the built in emulator.

While I was left broken by this winter finally set in and for those of you who don't know I suffer from depression, this basically means that I'll be depressed my entire life (Yea, sucks, I know). This means however that once the temperature starts dropping and the days get shorter I get thrown into a winter depression. After about a week of being a shell of a man I said fuck it, fuck the APK (atleast until 0.03 is released) and slowly started coding again.

I began with the simpler things, dreading the timer. I needed to get my spirit back before tackling that beast so I started crossing off everything else. Turns out that when I finally reached the timer it only took me about two hours to figure it out... I had planned for a maximum of a week so suddenly I won back a lot of time, yay victory!
[/Personal shit]

So yea, the combat now works on a timer. The way it works is we compare everyone's speed, the slowest person will use the combats base speed and the rest will move based on how much faster they are. So if the slowest person has a speed of 6 and the fastest has a speed of 3, he'll be twice as fast. I've also been working on the perks for when you level up, already got all the agility perks for both Shar and Ben in.

Enemies can finally use items and also drop them as a reward for victory! =D Last but not least, added an auto combat function. This will probably need some balancing later on but right now you can use it while you're above half health. Winning will bring you below half health while losing will drop you to 0.

While I haven't started on adding the script yet (this will only take about a day) I have finished most of the screens and art stuff. Made it so the shops and inventory have more than one page. Finished the email system, added 3 new characters and figured out a way to reuse an existing shop for a new one without just copy pasting =3

What's next?

Yep, there is still more. I'll finish up positioning on 2 new scenes tonight and finally add all of the script to the game tomorrow. I'm working on a function that will help convert a bunch of it for me, but sadly that isn't done yet =< There is some code in the combat that needs optimizing and there will probably even be a new enemy =3 Newman will finish up some art for a screen tomorrow too, so there is still plenty of stuff for me to do T.T

Bringing you a build very soon,

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3068717 - 30 Nov 18 05:20
Confirmed : Akanoes is alive.
Suit up! 0.02e
Suit up! 0.02emore_vert
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Suit up! 0.02e 2018-10-17T18:40:59+00:00close


So some of you may have noticed that the wardrobe isn't in yet. While we did talk about it a lot, it was mainly because I was creating something for Newman to play with, so he can more easily look at the characters with their expressions, clothes and poses. A trimmed down version was meant to come out with 0.02 for the player to play with. However it needed more tweaking than I anticipated so I didn't get it ready in time, until now!

Each girl has 5 different clothing sets to wear: Patrol, Outdoor, Indoor (bedroom mostly), Workout and Sex training. They also have an additional 10 custom sets, these are used to save cool sets so if you have a cool set but don't want to wear it just yet, just save it for later =3.

0.02e is available now for $10+ patrons. There aren't too many clothes available yet but you can start playing around with some combinations at least. The combat tutorial has also been replaced with actual combat, with all aliens unlocked, Argit's shop now has info buttons for the wares he sells and we squashed some bugs.

What's left for me now is the APK that everyone's been asking about. Sadly with all the new mechanics that have been added, it's not gonna be as easy as it was with 0.01. I'm going to have to do some proper research this time and try to figure out how to make the game more mobile friendly.

Hope you guys have fun dressing up Shar,

Comments (1)
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User #14469773 - 6 Nov 18 17:19
you're awesome, keep it up !
Walkthrough 0.02d 2018-10-06T01:23:52+00:00

Of course, no release is complete without one, so without further ado, the walkthrough!

Also, many thanks for your support!

- Akanoes


Attachments (1)

Walkthrough 0.02.pdf (71.3KiB)

0.02d is here!
0.02d is here!more_vert
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0.02d is here! 2018-10-05T23:03:04+00:00close

The time has come! 0.02d finally reared it's ugly mug!

Tons of stuff has changed, you can barely tell it's the same game. Newman touched up a lot of the art and went crazy with the dialog, I've rewritten most of the code and we've restructured a bunch of stuff.

While most of the changes this time around were in the backend, we also added some new content and scenes! And the first iteration of combat is finally available now too =3

I hope you guys have fun with this build and please, if you find any bugs or have any kind of feedback, let me know!


Alpha 0.02 incoming!  (Soon™)
Alpha 0.02 incoming! (Soon™)more_vert
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Alpha 0.02 incoming! (Soon™) 2018-09-06T22:46:23+00:00close

What's been done?

- A test build for 0.02 has been released (To the approriate patrons)
- This will contain bugs and is still missing some content

- Continued work on the portrait system
- Integrated it in part with the show character system
- Still requires more work though =<

- Rewrote 80% of the webshop
- Only the cart system left

- Wrote a small function to handle multiple clothing sets

- You can now go on patrol and fight enemies for money! =3

- Added a boss to the combat
- Still needs some tweaking

- Added all music and most sound effects

- Gave Shar a towel

- Squahed a TON of bugs and implemented a lot of changes
- But of course, there are always more T.T

Phew, it's been a busy two weeks for me. Normally I don't have much going on but life decided to change that up these last two weeks T.T. Somehow I managed to get most of the stuff in though (luckily Newman was very patient with me =3).

Coding wise it wasn't too exciting a time though, mainly squashing bugs and adding audio everywhere. Getting the portrait system to do what I want was a bit more of a challenge than I would like though xD

What's next?
Getting 0.02 ready for public release! =D

I need to finish up the boss, the wardrobe, the cart and probably tweak the portrait system a bit more. And of course SQUASH MORE BUGS! T.T

I'll see you guys soon! (Hopefully bearing gifts in the form of a new build =3)

Now with 100% more stuff
Now with 100% more stuffmore_vert
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Now with 100% more stuff 2018-08-21T00:09:52+00:00close

What's been done? (TLDR)

- Finished combat test build

- Put the combat module in the game (still missing some enemies though)
- And squashed some bugs

- Finished switching to the new variables

- Patrol scene finished

- Naughty scene finished

- Added more of the player side to the wardrobe
- You are now able to remove a girl's bottom (skirts and such) even though her corruption isn't high enough if she's wearing "safe" legwear (like yoga pants)

- Added a new location
- And some side characters to go with it

- Created a portrait system

- Added most of the script for this build

- Revamped the function for showing characters
- Less lines and more functionality!

Apologies for the delay, there wasn't much exciting to report on last week so I decided to wait a few days... I ended up lost in code but hey, here I am again and boy did the list grow!

I finally got back to working on the actual game instead of the modules. This is also the reason why the first 2 weeks weren't that interesting though. While I did create a test build for the patrons I spent most of my time changing old variables and adding lines and expressions for the new content.

This week though, I finished 2 scenes (1 naughty one) and added a bunch more functionality to the game! Showing characters has been improved, I managed to get the portraits working and added a bunch to the wardrobe.

The wardrobe needs some extra mechanics compared to the expression build. For example, you don't start with all the clothes unlocked ;) . I added a set functionality so you can now save certain sets of clothes you like, though currently there is only the default and the pajama set.

When a girl is corrupted enough and lets you pick her underwear the top and bottom automatically hides when you go to the lingerie section. This was already in the expressionbuild, but now I had to make it trigger on certain corruption levels and not everything wanted to play nice T.T . It's also possible to remove their bottoms if they are wearing something underneath that covers their panties, like yoga pants.

Now that we have portraits available to us Newman can go over the script again and see when we'll use these as we will mostly use portraits when characters are off the screen. Showing characters has also changed a bit in the process, we already had a function for showing characters but I ended up rewriting it so it's more universal and needs less lines for it too!
So what's left?
Obviously squashing bugs! I also still need to add all the new music and sound effects. I'm looking forward to add more art when it's ready and combat is still missing a few enemies as well. The shop is still in need of a revamp and I need to add the screens for when you go on patrol and when you visit the new shop.

The list will probably get bigger, but this it what I'll be doing for the time being =3

Akanoes, the rambler (sorry for the long post T.T)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #9730594 - 21 Aug 18 00:44
U the man
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Victory! 2018-08-01T21:24:38+00:00close

What's been done? (TLDR)

- Succesfully put the expression build in the game
- Still needs some final tweaks based on stats (to look out underwear section ;) )
- I have revamped all the old variables with still need to go change these in the original script (Put on hold in favor of combat)

- Combat is FINISHED!
- Sorta, the base has finally been finished so now it's just some tweaks (damage numbers, art positioning, etc)
- DAMAGE NUMBER EFFECTS ARE FINALLY DONE! (This was a huge hassle, more on it below)
- Created a wave system for testing purposes

Time for the details! Most of my time has been spent on finishing the base of combat so we can get a build out for the testers and patrons. Keep in mind though, this isn't the final product, this is merely the beginning. The timer still isn't in, not all companions are in and there are A LOT more enemies and cool moves =3

As for the player wardrobe. As a distraction from combat I quickly threw it in the main game and it fully works. I do however still need to add some of the player based stuff, like the lock on the underwear and a check to see which items you own. (The expression build just reads out the images from the folder so Newman can drop in new images himself and see how they look in-game)

Now to go a bit more in-depth on combat and the damage numbers issue. Ren'py wasn't made for this, it's a visual novel engine at heart. I knew this, but I also knew that with coding there is always a way (well, almost always at my level xD). In Ren'py you can add text the normal way (as dialogue) or you can turn it into an image. However, it doesn't fully get treated as an image and this caused some issues with the dynamic positioning (Making it appear on the target). The second problem is with how screens and images work, if you call upon and image or screen that already exists it will either overwrite or edit the one that already exists. I got it fixed though, with some help (Many thanks to Remix from the Ren'py discord =D). The damage is getting thrown into a list which is cleared after combat (now worries, Ren'py can handle big lists =3) and we are using our own programmed class to handle the positioning and fading of the numbers.

So what's next?
I'm currently thowing some code around to future proof it a bit more and have it more centralized. I still have 2 low priority effects left and will probably have to play a bit more with the timing and positioning on some of the effects and animations.

As for the game, the new script and locations still need to be added and I need to double check all of the old variables since I have changed a ton of them when I worked on the expression build (wardrobe). This all is pretty straight forward though, nothing too challenging and should be done fairly quickly =3

Combat Hype!
Combat Hype!more_vert
Post file flag
Combat Hype! 2018-07-16T23:33:45+00:00close

What's been done? (TLDR)

- Finished the expression build
- Once combat is finished will tweak it into the player wardrobe

- Major progress on combat
- Base functionality done
- All alien animations done
- Effects 50% done (think enemies firing, getting hit, etc)

- Balancing still in progress (hard to but a percentage on this :P)

``With the expression build finally finished I was finally able to spend some time on combat. Boy, they weren't kidding when they said Ren'py wasn't built for combat! I'm taming this beast though, slowly but surely.

I have decided to leave the timer out until 0.03 as that would be a big extra hassle. This means that 0.02 will have normal turn based combat but this way I'll have enough time to focus on the core functionality before I start breaking it with a timer.

As I mentioned before, Ren'py wasn't build for combat, so there have been some challenges. For example, having damage numbers at different locations, with upward movement AND transparency is apperently a nono. Trying to find a solution for this with someone else but the current fix still can't fade and disables the hover effect on the enemies =<

I made some good progress though. The base functionality is done, as in, all the player (Ben and Shar) moves are in (with animations) and enemies will attack a random target. Not all the effects are in yet though, like the comic book hit effects and the enemy bullets.

Hopefully you guys will get your hands on it soon!


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Comments (1)
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User #7998148 - 7 Oct 18 07:25
nice work. that looks great Aka

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