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Twitter and Etsy 2019-12-03T05:34:39+00:00

Just a little heads-up post that I've got a free giveaway of original art prints on my Meadowhaven Twitter right now! :)

Also, there is one day remaining on my Cyber Monday sale on Etsy (ends 12/3!) 10% off orders of $30+ and free USA shipping on orders over $35. I have very limited stock of each print left for the year and only a couple dozen MeadowHaven coloring books, so now's the time to nab them and beat the holiday shipping crush while you're at it. :) Coupon: cyber2019

Fangorn Forest (photo heavy)
Fangorn Forest (photo heavy)more_vert
Post file flag
Fangorn Forest (photo heavy) 2019-06-22T02:38:42+00:00close

So nicknamed by my brother and I for obvious reasons. :D

From the same trail in my previous photo post! About halfway along, it splits into a section of far less green and more twisted forest, and is my favorite stop along the way to Fishing Rock.

Ending with yet another sunset. <3

I am so blessed to be able to live in this place. Half the year throws (epic) storms and wind and rain at me, but the other half grants perfectly beautiful days for walks like this, and plenty of coastal forests to explore.

Let me know if you would like to see some of the other trails and little hidden coves I find along my walks. I would be happy to take more photos! My brother gifted me with an iphone for my birthday, so I can actually, finally take decent photos for the first time in years. *___*

Coastal trail photos (pic heavy)
Coastal trail photos (pic heavy)more_vert
Post file flag
Coastal trail photos (pic heavy) 2019-06-22T02:13:27+00:00close

I thought you all might like to see a bit of the scenery over here on the Oregon coast. :) There are many small trails branching off of the main route I take on my evening walks, and this is one of my favorites.

It starts out like a forest secret and ends with an ocean sunset.

Sunset at the end of the trail, a place called Fishing Rock.

Halfway through this walk is another interesting section my brother and I have dubbed "Fangorn Forest." I'm making a second post devoted just to that place, because I took so many photos! ^__^

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #6039359 - 22 Jun 19 08:18
So beautiful. It must be great to have magical places like these nearby.
user avatar
User #151776 - 22 Jun 19 06:03
Wow, Adele, these are so magical!
user avatar
Meadowhaven - 23 Jun 19 06:00
Fangorn Forest is my favorite! I could linger in there for hours.
user avatar
User #978556 - 22 Jun 19 16:58
Oh gods. That is incredibly beautiful. I wish I lived at a place like that! Thank you for sharing! :)
"The Final Day" Fanart Original in my Etsy Shop!
"The Final Day" Fanart Original in my Etsy Shop!more_vert
Post file flag
"The Final Day" Fanart Original in my Etsy Shop! 2019-06-14T19:28:02+00:00close

And here's the third pencil/watercolor piece, just listed! Fierce-Deity Link from Majora's Mask, rocking twin hat-tails because the me from 2012 thought that was cool.

Because of vet bills with my kitty Sebastian, I've put up a handful of older original pencil and watercolor artworks in my Etsy Shop! My regular edition art prints and coloring books are always available there, as well. :)


"MoonShadow," "Stillness" and other Art Originals in my Etsy Shop!
"MoonShadow," "Stillness" and other Art Originals in my Etsy Shop!more_vert
Post file flag
"MoonShadow," "Stillness" and other Art Originals in my Etsy Shop! 2019-06-13T05:51:22+00:00close

Because of vet bills with my kitty Sebastian, I've put up a handful of older original pencil and watercolor artworks in my Etsy Shop! Another coming tomorrow, too; have to get a proper scan first

Every piece is unsprayed, unmatted, and hand-drawn/painted on white sheet or watercolor paper. None of these are available in print (including "Stillness"--art prints are of a slightly different digitally-altered later version), and some have never been posted outside of Patreon. Please read the listings for individual details and photos!

I am also offering a special bonus gift package with the first 5 MeadowHaven fantasy Art Coloring Book sales each month! The bonus gifts included may be signed art prints, exclusive grayscale coloring pages, or even a surprise sketch from me. :) This offer remains until all physical copies are sold out (only 200 left!)

Thank you so much for looking! My regular edition fantasy art and fanart prints are always available in shop, too. Any help in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated! <3


A Fantasy Masquerade After Valentine's Day Sale!
A Fantasy Masquerade After Valentine's Day Sale!more_vert
Post file flag
A Fantasy Masquerade After Valentine's Day Sale! 2019-02-15T22:36:40+00:00close

My Fantasy Masquerade Portrait series is now in print in my Etsy shop! All the current pieces, including the "Masquerade Mirrors" set never offered for sale before, plus the four coloring page linearts based on the portraits.


And because the day AFTER Valentine's is always the best (all the candy and chocolate is discounted!), I'm having a shop-wide sale! All fantasy, fanart prints and coloring books are included. Take 15% off any purchase of $25 or more from now until Monday, and enjoy! <3 <3

Two legs, two cats
Two legs, two catsmore_vert
Post file flag
Two legs, two cats 2018-12-25T03:14:17+00:00close

Both kitties trying to help me finish my last holiday art sketch tonight ❤️

Important Updates and Coloring Book Gifts! 2018-11-21T23:45:35+00:00
A few updates:

(1): As of January, I will be out of a job at the hotel where I have worked as a housekeeper the past three years. It's not a sudden or unexpected decision; in all honesty, I am relieved. I think it is for the better, and I could desperately use a couple months of breather to recover and take some time for me again. I have missed drawing and painting on the regular! Before I look for another job, I would like to fall back on to artwork again for a while and see how that goes. I still have a handful of patron commissions lined up, as a start. :)

(2): In a more exciting announcement, Ray Chase (the voice actor for Noctis in Final Fantasy XV, among other things), has acquired the rights to sell my "Dawn" painting of Noctis at his signing table at fan conventions and other events! :D I had an amazing opportunity to meet both him and Robbie Daymond (voice actor for Prompto from FFXV and many other things) at a small local Comic-Con in September, and it was a highlight of the year I'll never forget. Neither of us will become rich off of this arrangement, but that is hardly the point. I'm so honored I could explode! <3 <3 Prints of "Dawn" are still available on my Etsy shop, but if you would like Ray to personally sign one for you, you can also nab a copy at any of his event appearances around the world in the future!

(3): It feels like a lifetime ago when I began the inking work on my coloring pages, not to mention managing every aspect of the Kickstarter campaign for it, but I am so pleased to announce that, finally, the MeadowHaven Fantasy Art Coloring Book Kickstarter is now officially complete! All books have been shipped to backers, all art and extras sent out, and half the boxes of books crowding my apartment bedroom are now gone. I have space to move around in here again! :D

I have also contacted all of my patrons (present and former) who have pledged for the printed book tier at least once over the past few years. I have signed copies and extras ready to ship out for you all now, and some already shipped! Whoo!

I also set aside two more copies of the coloring book to give away as thank-you gifts to my patrons. The randomly-selected names are: Sami Quinn and Clarice! Congrats, and watch for a message from me soon!

If anyone else is looking for a copy of the book, or knows someone else who would like a copy, printed editions and PDF versions are available through my MeadowHaven Etsy Shop The Etsy Cyber Sale is going on this week for a 15% discount on all my books and large art prints until the 26th!

I wish you all happy coloring adventures, and thank you again for your patience while I wrapped up this longtime project!

For those of you in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving, too! I am going to get out of my apartment now and spend Thanksgiving with my folks and take a breather, and then I will be able to art again! I have missed it so much. Please look forward to new art posts happening in December! <3


Comments (1)
user avatar
User #10669519 - 22 Nov 18 01:46
Congratulations on the FF Patronage and excitement, as well as to the winners. I'm also very happy that you, Adele, feel in a good place to once more fall back on your art at least to try. Best of health and love over this season!
Coloring Books are here! Coloring Books are shipping! :D
Coloring Books are here! Coloring Books are shipping! :Dmore_vert
Post file flag
Coloring Books are here! Coloring Books are shipping! :D 2018-10-26T08:45:46+00:00close

At long last! I picked up all the books and Kickstarter bonus extras from the printers this week, and everything is beautiful! Just look at the gold foil shine on the cover! <3

I'll post a quick flipthrough of the book on my Instagram soon!

This isn't even all the boxes! Had to take my car back for a second trip to pick up the rest. This print run is limited to 750 printed copies only (and half are sold already!), but it's still a lot of boxes to stash in a tiny apartment.

I've been hard at work since Tuesday printing labels and signing prints and packing books and running to the post office with arms full every evening.I'm sending out orders by Kickstarter pledge tier, starting with the smaller numbers so I can keep efficiency up and chaos to a minimum. All Etsy and Backerkit pre-orders have been shipped!

Roo is not helping at all.

More photos and info about shipping details on my latest Kickstarter Updates: (click)

Buy the book here: Etsy

A special discount available through my Twitter

Thank you all so much for helping to bring this coloring book to print, and for supporting me in this journey. I hope those of you who nabbed a copy will enjoy all the artwork headed your way soon! <3


Feather Light Masquerade -Coloring Page
Feather Light Masquerade -Coloring Pagemore_vert
Post file flag
Feather Light Masquerade -Coloring Page 2018-09-17T03:32:19+00:00close

This is it! The final coloring page is done! All 54 linearts have been inked and the MeadowHaven Fantasy Art Coloring Book is now complete!

I can finally take everything to the printers tomorrow for a final check and and get the order started, whooooo! :D :D :D

*falls over in exhaustion*

If you missed the Kickstarter, or know someone who might enjoy a copy of the book, Pre-orders are open until mid-October! After that point, the extra grayscale and mini bonus pages exclusive to the first print run will no longer be available ever: https://coloringmeadowhaven.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders

The Enchanted Forest Artbook Kickstarter!
The Enchanted Forest Artbook Kickstarter!more_vert
Post file flag
The Enchanted Forest Artbook Kickstarter! 2018-09-02T08:33:14+00:00close

I am super excited to announce that I will be one of the guest artists in the beautiful "The Enchanted Forest" Fantasy Art Book now on Kickstarter! My work was previously included in the "Threads" Fashion artbook published by the same group back in 2015, and I am so honored to be a part of this project, too!

Packed with stunningly gorgeous artwork and enlightening tutorials from 14 international artists (and many more talented guest artists besides!), this book is truly a sight to behold: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/175977216/the-enchanted-forest-fantasy-art-book

(The image above is not mine, it is the promotional cover image for the project.) I will have one traditional and one digital piece included as a guest artist in the book. <3

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #151776 - 2 Sep 18 08:41
Haha! I didn't even know you were in it but have pledged already ^___^
Kickstarter Funded! Thank you so much!
Kickstarter Funded! Thank you so much!more_vert
Post file flag
Kickstarter Funded! Thank you so much! 2018-08-28T05:53:02+00:00close

The MeadowHaven Coloring Book Kickstarter ended tonight! It was fully funded, with 3 of the 4 Stretch Goals met, which means the book will now be 54 pages (instead of 52), and all physical copies will now come with 11 extra printed goodies! :D

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping to make this project a success! It would never have come so far without your generous support and sharing the link with others. I am still hard at work on the extra two pages to be added to the book, and so excited to know that "MeadowHaven" will be a proper printed book by next month and no longer just a dream!

Sebastian would like to take this moment to walk all over and sit on a preview-pile of lineart pages by way of showing his appreciation. Roo is not so sure that's a good idea with the camera watching.

I must now attempt to catch up on all the sleep I've missed the past two nights. *crashes*


Comments (1)
user avatar
User #623954 - 2 Sep 18 02:36
Congrats dear
Kickstarter Update: 2 days left! 2018-08-25T01:07:42+00:00

Just a little update to say ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT NOW! :D My sincerest gratitude to all backers and everyone who has helped to spread the word throughout the campaign! YOU have made this project a success, and I’m looking forward to having a beautiful printed coloring book to share with you all soon!

Stretch Goals include bonus grayscale coloring pages exclusive to the first print run of MeadowHaven that will not be available afterward! They are a special thank-you bonus only for backers. The more milestones we meet, the more coloring pages I can add to the bonus bundles and to the book, which means more artwork for everyone to color! My inking pens are still hard at work!

Thank you all so much! This MeadowHaven dream could not have taken flight without you. <3 Many updates coming here as I finish things!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4507249 - 25 Aug 18 01:35
Yay! Congratulations! I can't wait to get my two copies :D
Of Cats and Artwork
Of Cats and Artworkmore_vert
Post file flag
Of Cats and Artwork 2018-08-09T06:52:05+00:00close

Roo modeling the two art portfolio books offered now in my Kickstarter. :D Apologies for the glare in the photo; there is no good source of light in my apartment.

Sebastian modeling two of the coloring pages in the book. He's far more laid back than Roo.

And both spoiled kitties trying to fit on Mama's lap so she can't play Final Fantasy on her day off. XD

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #994781 - 9 Aug 18 07:11
I have two black cats as well!! The portfolio books look fantastic! (and the cats do, too. ;) )
user avatar
User #4507249 - 9 Aug 18 19:15
I love black cats, I had two but they grew old and went across the rainbow bridge. Now, I have a grey tabby and an orange tabby. Your kitties are so pretty!!
Art Prints and Commissions on Kickstarter!
Art Prints and Commissions on Kickstarter!more_vert
Post file flag
Art Prints and Commissions on Kickstarter! 2018-08-07T21:42:14+00:00close

44% funded so far, and 20 days left to go! I've been spending the last two weeks trying to promote the campaign everywhere I can, listening to comments and suggestions, coming up with new ideas, and I am so grateful to all of you for your help!

I've just added limited 11x14" and 11x17" high-quality art prints of my paintings "Beloved," "Heart of the Forest," "Glance," and "Horses of Nature" to the reward tiers, and also unlimited 8x12" art prints of my "Transcendence" painting.

Now for the *really* special stuff:

I've also added two very special art presentation books each filled with 48 different art prints spanning the past decade of my artwork--your choice of color paintings or black and white pencil works! Also included with each is an original 5x7" pencil sketch commission--have something in a Fantasy or Nature theme drawn just for you!

Lastly, I've added two 8.5x11" commission tiers--one pencil sketch and one coloring page lineart. As of writing this, one commission has already been claimed! There is no other way to commission me for custom original fantasy (non-fanart) artwork outside of this Kickstarter campaign--this is a very special occasion!

More details on the Kickstarter project page!


Let's keep pushing toward the goal! <3


MeadowHaven Kickstarter NOW LIVE!
MeadowHaven Kickstarter NOW LIVE!more_vert
Post file flag
MeadowHaven Kickstarter NOW LIVE! 2018-07-29T04:12:16+00:00close

The Kickstarter is NOW LIVE! *flails about* Thank you all so much for your feedback and support (and patience) as I've painstakingly brought this project together over the past two years. I hope to be able to finally print a beautiful, quality, hefty coloring book for you that will be worth the wait!


~~Welcome to MeadowHaven! Explore a beautiful woodland kingdom where whimsical creatures roam, Flutterbunnies take flight and elves dance in flower fantasy masquerades. Leave your own footprints of imagination along overgrown pathways as you color your way through 52 pages of intricate forest fantasy.

The book features:

• 52 Lineart Images (printed on single-sided pages)
• 80lb Paper hefty enough to handle most coloring media, including markers and gel pens
• Perforated Pages for easy removal
• Perfect Bound 8.5″ x 11″
• Matte Softcover with Gold Foil Embellishments (you can even color in the front and back covers if you like!)
• Plus Bonus Grayscale coloring pages and other Kickstarter rewards

Any help in spreading the word would be so greatly appreciated! This book will only make it to print if the funding is successful, so please share this Kickstarter withfriends and fellow colorists on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, anywhere at all you like if you know someone who mightenjoy this coloring book!

Coloring Book Proof #2!
Coloring Book Proof #2!more_vert
Post file flag
Coloring Book Proof #2! 2018-07-07T02:57:18+00:00close

My second proof from the other printer I am considering was finished today! I adjusted the cover size and the inside pages for this one, and the result is almost perfectly spot-on this time! Still basic printing, no gold foil or perforated pages yet (and the binding is only temp for this copy), but it's *beautiful.* The print quality on the inside pages is even better than the first printer, and the cover stock is perfect! They are a little higher in price than the first printer, but the quality might just be worth it.

Have a look! (Apologies for the lighting; I only had angled daylight from the kitchen window.)

The first printing company did a great job, too, but the inks from this one are so much darker and richer, and I love it. :D :D

Getting closer to finalizing the Kickstarter campaign now! It's down to the written details and presentation images and deciding which provider I'll be going with for shipping envelopes that are both sturdy enough and cost-effective enough to safely mail these books out. Thanks for your patience!

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #11413925 - 9 Aug 18 01:56
It looks incredible.
user avatar
User #10141271 - 7 Jul 18 06:10
Hello, Im' very happy for you, yoru drawings are very beautfil, elegant and luminous I wondered if there will be a pdf version please ? Thank you
user avatar
Meadowhaven - 8 Jul 18 04:22
There will be a pdf version of the book available through my Kickstarter, and later in my Etsy shop, yes. :)
user avatar
User #10141271 - 8 Jul 18 08:20
Thank you so much so I will participate to your kickstarter xampaign, I really adore your art <3
First Coloring Book Proof!!
First Coloring Book Proof!!more_vert
Post file flag
First Coloring Book Proof!! 2018-06-22T00:22:07+00:00close

GUYS look! <3 I picked up the first test-proof print from one of the printers today, and it looks great!

I've only minor placement adjustments to make to the covers and inside pages. I'll also be going with a heavier non-gloss stock for the cover (the printers didn't have it in stock for this proof, so they printed on glossy instead), but otherwise it's just about ready to go! The final cover will have gold foil on the text to look extra snazzy, too.

Here's a look at some of the inside pages and the back. The final book will have perforated pages:

And this is what 52 pages looks like! A whole quarter-inch thick. :D Quite a hefty coloring book; I'm rather proud of that!

I've nearly got the Kickstarter ready to go, too. I'm still finalizing expenses and figuring out backer rewards and shipping options, and waiting on someone helping me with presentation images for the campaign. And I also need to figure out how to make a video of some sort... And then everything will be good to go!

Thanks for hanging with me through all of this! It's been a long, painstaking process, but I believe it will be worth it in the end. Almost there now! <3

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6039359 - 22 Jun 18 02:34
Looks great. I’m so happy that it turned out the way you hoped for. :)
Patreon WIP Peeks :)
Patreon WIP Peeks :)more_vert
Post file flag
Patreon WIP Peeks :) 2018-06-20T19:18:59+00:00close

A teaser compilation posted to my website, DeviantArt and Tumblr to offer a glimpse of some of the projects you can find in progress here on my Patreon and help me to finish with your support! If you are a visitor or a follower thinking about pledging, or merely curious as to what I've been up to here, this is for you. :)

To all my patrons, thank you so much for everything you have helped--and continue to help--me to accomplish here! I could not do what I do without all of you. Your support and feedback is beyond value to me, and I could not be more grateful to share this journey with each one of you. <3

FFXV Noctis in pencils
FFXV Noctis in pencilsmore_vert
Post file flag
FFXV Noctis in pencils 2018-04-20T02:57:27+00:00close

Scanned up nicely!

Previous Noctis pencil sketches: https://www.patreon.com/posts/noctis-ffxv-11777009

I should do a new sketchpage like this every year. Gotta get my hair fix! <3

FFXV, XIV, IX, and Doctor Who Fanart Prints 2018-03-25T04:53:17+00:00

I've added a small, limited number of several Final Fantasy XV, XIV, IX and Doctor Who fanart prints to my Etsy Shop! Early heads-up for anyone who might have missed out on the last batch. :)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #630714 - 26 Mar 18 14:31
Oh wow! That painting with Ignis and a ghostly Noctis! That got me all emotional! This is what I mean when I say that fan art is more than just "copying" existing images. You're doing a fabulous job.
user avatar
Meadowhaven - 26 Mar 18 16:29
Thank you; I'm glad you like it! I have a lot more FFXV fanart, finished and in sketch form, here on patreon if you might consider becoming a supporter? I'm planning something from Episode Ignis next, as well as a few more sketches of Noctis, and an older WIP of the chocobros to finish up. :)
Post file flag
Kaga 2017-12-24T09:50:09+00:00close

Holiday giftsketch for Tigryph.deviantart.com of her adorable beeguh character Kaga!

He normally wears his hood up. I guess this is what happens when he doesn't! XD He must have gotten a little too excited about the first winter snow.

I made so many little mistakes with this one because it was so last minute. *headdesk* Those leaves were supposed to be a lot bigger because he is tiny. And he doesn't normally have feathers over his shoulders, but maybe it's extra fluff sewn into his cloak for winter?? I'm so sorry, Tigryph, I hope you will like him anyway! ^__^;;;

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #623954 - 25 Dec 17 00:27
Happy Holidays
user avatar
User #4507249 - 24 Dec 17 22:46
Happy Holidays! That's beautiful :)
Post file flag
Walker 2017-12-24T09:36:34+00:00close

Holiday giftsketch for Bladegunsniper.deviantart.com of her lynx beeguh character Walker. ^__^

So much face fluff! <3

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4507249 - 24 Dec 17 22:47
Love those ears, so gorgeous.
"Woodland Fantasy" Coloring Book Magazine!
"Woodland Fantasy" Coloring Book Magazine!more_vert
Post file flag
"Woodland Fantasy" Coloring Book Magazine! 2017-11-30T09:36:34+00:00close

At long last, Colouring Heaven, a quality coloring book magazine in the UK, has released my "Woodland Fantasy" special, a 40-page coloring collection of my artwork! Colouring Heaven has worked with some really big names in the fantasy art world before, and have contacts with agents and coloring book publishers within the USA as well, so I'm hoping that this will be the big break I need in order to land a proper coloring book!

Woodland Fantasy is on sale right now in the UK, in stores such as WH Smith, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Co-op, McColl’s, Eason and independent retailers.

For anyone not in the UK,you can get your copy online here: https://shop.anthem-publishing.com/all-products/colouring-heaven.htm

Color-With-Claire has posted a video review of the magazine, with previews of the images inside as well as the front and back cover (the gold foil looks so amazing, I love it!) You can watch it here, and find other links for purchasing the magazine as well: http://www.colourwithclaire.com/latest/colouring-heaven-woodland-fantasy-annual-2018-review

I want to personally thank every single one of you, my amazing patrons, for your generosity and support these past years. It's because of you that I was able to devote the time needed to design and ink all 40 of the coloring pages for this book (and 6 more besides)! I sincerely hope you all have enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) the frolic through the crazy detail and beautiful creatures in my woodland fantasy. It is ever an honor to share my work with you.

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #547423 - 30 Nov 17 11:21 - revision 2
Congratulations, Adele! ☺☺☺ Great job! ???Hope to find one copy under the Christmas tree, too ?
user avatar
User #547423 - 30 Nov 17 11:21
Congratulations, Adele! ☺☺☺ Great job! ???Hope to find one copy under the Christmas tree, too ?
user avatar
User #627463 - 30 Nov 17 10:03
Just bought my copy! Can't wait to hold it in my hands! Congratulations!
user avatar
Meadowhaven - 30 Nov 17 10:06
Thank you SO much! The printing quality looks amazing in the video--I can't wait to hold my first copy in my hands, too! :D
user avatar
User #623954 - 30 Nov 17 11:50
Ahhh, this is so great. You deserve the chance to put your beauty work out into the world. And we a rooting for you!!!! Congrats. I will have to order one soon!
user avatar
User #4507249 - 30 Nov 17 18:28
Order placed, can't wait to get it!!!
user avatar
Meadowhaven - 3 Dec 17 04:54
Thank you SO much! I can't wait to get my copy, either! :D
user avatar
User #494659 - 9 Dec 17 08:06
*bouncing in chair* Ordered a copy, can't wait til it's here!
user avatar
Meadowhaven - 11 Dec 17 01:05
Thank you so much! I hope you will enjoy it! :D
Video Review of Woodland Fantasy!
Video Review of Woodland Fantasy!more_vert
Post file flag
Video Review of Woodland Fantasy! 2017-11-30T08:43:52+00:00close

I'm still in the middle of writing up the official announcement, but my "Woodland Fantasy" coloring book magazine issue is out for sale right now in the UK! :D

You can watch a Colour-with-Claire video review of my issue as well as the Colouring Heaven annual (which also contains 4 of my images from Woodland Fantasy) in the video above, or here:


Embed data


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Colouring Heaven Woodland Fantasy & Annual 2018 Review

If you are unable to find the book locally or want to buy from outside the UK, you can buy it online here: Woodland Fantasy: http://www.newsstand.co.uk/62-Others-Magazines/21927-Subscribe-to-COLOURING-HEAVEN-Magazine-Subscription.aspx Annual 2018: http://www.newsstand.co.uk/62-Others-Magazines/26128-Subscribe-to-COLOURING-HEAVEN-ANNUAL-Magazine-Subscription.aspx Orders before 3pm qualify for same day dispatch! Alternatively, you can order a slightly cheaper copy here: Woodland Special: https://shop.anthem-publishing.com/store/products,issue-30-woodland-fantasy-special_511.htm Annual 2018: https://shop.anthem-publishing.com/store/products,colouring-heaven-annual-2018_506.htm Visit me on my Adult Colouring blog! www.colourwithclaire.com www.facebook.com/colourwithclaire www.twitter.com/colourwclaire www.pinterest.co.uk/colourwclaire www.instagram.com/colourwithclaire Check out my Amazon Wishlist! http://amzn.eu/5D1DSd5



Gift -WIP
Gift -WIPmore_vert
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Gift -WIP 2017-11-28T07:05:55+00:00close

Another sketch I have yet to scan! I will get around to doing that soon, I promise. ^__^;;

Holiday gift of a friend's lynx-based anthro character. So much facial floof! <3 Nothing I love drawing more than hair.

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of doing these regularly again, so I can get caught up on my old to-do list. It's taken me this whole year to start regaining my confidence and motivation, it seems! Thanks so much for sticking with me through my semi-dryspell.

Coloring Book Magazine update! 2017-11-27T22:22:52+00:00

Hello guys! :D Very exciting news today! I just got an e-mail from Colouring Heaven magazine that my "Woodland Fantasy" issue has just come back from the printing press! It will go on sale in newsstands in the UK and online for worldwide sale through their website the 1st of December. I will make an official post with all the links and more details and image previews then!

*boing* It's finally happening!

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User #2408719 - 29 Nov 17 18:43
Congratulations! :D Is there any chance you'd make a digital version available as well? Maybe through etsy? Yampuff is selling 3 of her coloring books that way :)
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Meadowhaven - 30 Nov 17 08:08
Depending on my publisher, unless I publish strictly independently, that may not be possible. I would love to make digital "coloring packs," though! I'm next to useless with technology, so I'll need to hire someone to help me figure out how to format many pages into one downloadable book-format file. ^__^;;;
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User #623954 - 28 Nov 17 11:47
Hurray and congrats, Adele! That's wonderful
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User #4507249 - 28 Nov 17 03:54
whoohoooooooo! Congratulations!!
Haurchefant Greystone -WIP2
Haurchefant Greystone -WIP2more_vert
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Haurchefant Greystone -WIP2 2017-11-24T10:26:30+00:00close

Almost ready to scan! :D

Spent some of my Thanksgiving lavishing attention on this lovely fellow. Haurchefant Greystone from Final Fantasy XIV. He is very dear to me.

And he brings me hot chocolate. But this mug is his.

Comments (2)
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User #7618956 - 27 Nov 17 21:34
I love Haurchefaunt, and this is a lovely rendition of him.
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User #627463 - 30 Nov 17 10:06
Haurchefant was my favorite all the way back in the ARR days. I still weep to this day. Thank you for doing him such justice.
Of the Silver Fuller -WIPs
Of the Silver Fuller -WIPsmore_vert
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Of the Silver Fuller -WIPs 2017-11-24T10:12:29+00:00close

More Haurchefant (FFXIV) sketches! I'll admit, I mostly just wanted to keep on drawing his hair. <3

The middle one didn't quite fit the image I had in mind for him holding his mug of hot cocoa, so I drew the other standalone portrait. Which is quite exactly what I had in mind. But I'll still keep this one because I love his hair. :D

Haurchefant -WIP
Haurchefant -WIPmore_vert
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Haurchefant -WIP 2017-11-23T01:13:57+00:00close

Something I've been working on! He's not quite there yet, but I'll get him. <3

Papermate mechanical pencils (or clicky pencils, as I call them) are my best friends.

Sorry for the infrequency of posts the past couple weeks--I haven't been idle, I swear! I've got three more pencil pieces in the works that I've been managing to squeeze in between work and Thanksgiving. Nothing quite ready to scan yet, but I'll post more (bad) photos soon. I only have the sub-par camera option on my old phone and ipad to work with.

Comments (2)
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User #4507249 - 23 Nov 17 19:49
Happy Thanksgiving!
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Meadowhaven - 25 Nov 17 00:29
And to you! :D
Untitled -WIP
Untitled -WIPmore_vert
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Untitled -WIP 2017-11-20T04:55:10+00:00close

The sketchiest of the sketchy! Diana, Jason, and their adopted daughter Claire in an autumn setting. Personal rp characters who, while still alive and thriving, have been sadly neglected in my artwork.

Just getting the idea down for now! <3

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User #3233401 - 22 Nov 17 01:02
I love it!
November Art Giveaway: "Innocuous"
November Art Giveaway: "Innocuous"more_vert
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November Art Giveaway: "Innocuous" 2017-11-08T22:54:46+00:00close

As part of my November art giveaway for patrons, I'm offering an 8x10" signed lustre art print of "Innocuous."One of my very few fairy paintings. :)

The raffle drawing will be held at the end of the month. Comment below if you would like to be entered into the list of names! One winner will be randomly chosen from among the comments and have this print shipped free to them anywhere in the world.

Thank you all so much! <3

Comments (2)
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User #545565 - 9 Nov 17 04:35
I'd love to be entered in the raffle please!
user avatar
User #4507249 - 9 Nov 17 03:00
That is so beautiful.
November Print Giveaway "Royalty: Diana"
November Print Giveaway "Royalty: Diana"more_vert
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November Print Giveaway "Royalty: Diana" 2017-11-08T22:44:10+00:00close

As part of my November art giveaway for patrons, I'm offering an 8x12" signed glossy art print of "Royalty: Diana."An oldie but (I hope) still a goodie! :)

The raffle drawing will be held at the end of the month. Comment below if you would like to be entered into the list of names! One winner will be randomly chosen from among the comments and have this print shipped free to them anywhere in the world.

Thank you all so much! <3

Comments (3)
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User #7618956 - 8 Nov 17 23:15
This is gorgeous and I'd love to be entered in the raffle for it!
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Meadowhaven - 8 Nov 17 23:54
Certainly! :D
user avatar
User #7684783 - 9 Nov 17 16:33
Absolutely stunning! I would love to be entered if I may :)
October Winners!
October Winners!more_vert
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October Winners! 2017-11-05T02:37:59+00:00close

-The winner of the $70 original art/print gift for October is: Elf Dragonaire!

-The "Into Light" 8x12 print was won by Mickey Hertrich

-The "Time and Space" 5x7 print was won by Leisha Slaughter

-The Goodie Bag art bundle giveaway was won by Sheyla

Congratulations! I'll be sending you each a private message soon! :D

The next raffle/s for all November patrons will be held the first week of November.

And just a reminder--those of you pledging at $5 and above get free coloring page downloads every month! Just message me with the titles you would like and I will e-mail them to you! ^__^

Thank you all SO much for your ongoing support!I couldn't do what I do without all of you. <3

Comments (4)
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User #3233401 - 5 Nov 17 22:16
Oh ! A thousand thanks!
user avatar
User #623954 - 5 Nov 17 05:19
YAY! Thank you!
user avatar
User #7684783 - 5 Nov 17 19:10
Thank you so much!!
user avatar
User #4507249 - 5 Nov 17 20:04
Whooohoooo Thank you!
Etsy Discount Coupon for November 2017-11-05T02:32:13+00:00

The 50% off October discount code for coloring pages in my Etsy shop ( https://www.etsy.com/shop/Meadowhaven ) is: FLUFFYKITTY

And the 10% off discount for any Fan Art prints in my Etsy shop is: FANARTBGONE

October Print Giveaway Reminder! 2017-10-30T08:24:27+00:00

Just a reminder before the end of October! If you would like to be entered into the drawings for the print giveaways this month, please be sure to leave a comment beneath the artwork/s you would like! :)

"Into Light" original fantasy art print: https://www.patreon.com/posts/into-light-art-14673989

"Time and Space" Doctor Who fanart print:https://www.patreon.com/posts/time-and-space-14673768

Comments (1)
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User #623954 - 30 Oct 17 12:34
Time and space please!
Cat Dad -WIP (FFXV)
Cat Dad -WIP (FFXV)more_vert
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Cat Dad -WIP (FFXV) 2017-10-30T06:55:28+00:00close

I had a mental image of a sleepless Ignis covered in cats...which then became cat versions of the other boys the longer I thought about it. Had to get the idea down into a quick digital doodle before bed! I plan to finish this properly later.

Inktober -FFXIV Ser Aymeric
Inktober -FFXIV Ser Aymericmore_vert
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Inktober -FFXIV Ser Aymeric 2017-10-26T08:49:42+00:00close

Two inked pieces this month! \o/ More than I've ever done with actual pens/markers in years. I think I'm going to shoot for three before the month is out.

Ser Aymeric, one of my favorite characters from Final Fantasy 14. I tried SO hard to keep him from looking like my Faeren, but they have similar facial features and hairstyles, so that was impossible.


Comments (1)
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User #545565 - 26 Oct 17 13:59
Oh, hey! Faeren! Been a while since you've drawn him. :P *runs*
Colouring Heaven Magazine Sneak Peek!
Colouring Heaven Magazine Sneak Peek!more_vert
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Colouring Heaven Magazine Sneak Peek! 2017-10-23T22:17:19+00:00close

A quick update on my publication with Colouring Heaven magazine. They sent me a preview of the final cover for my "Woodland Fantasy" issue, which will be out for sale on December 1st! I can't advertise it officially on my websites or social media until November 20th, but I wanted to share the early glimpse with you all here. :)

It still amazes me that I was able to finish inking 40 pages on time! I wish they would have chosen some of my better images for the cover collage, but I guess it's the most generic-looking fantasy women and fairies that sell best on the newsstands.

If you missed my last update, Colouring Heaven is a coloring book magazine based in the UK, with issues available to purchase in stores and also online to ship around the world. You can see their previous issues here: https://shop.anthem-publishing.com/all-products/colouring-heaven.htm

So excited! :D I'm really hoping Woodland Fantasy will sell well and give me a bit of a boost in pitching my coloring book to publishers.

I will post another update (and possibly a video!) when the magazine is available for sale at the beginning of December!

Comments (8)
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User #494659 - 23 Oct 17 23:04
I'm buying onnnnnnnnnnnnne. Remind us, on December 1st!
user avatar
Meadowhaven - 23 Oct 17 23:07
Will definitely do! :D
user avatar
User #439669 - 24 Oct 17 13:01
Congrat! <3
user avatar
User #4507249 - 23 Oct 17 22:54
This is so cool. I hope it will be available for sale in the US.
user avatar
User #494659 - 23 Oct 17 23:04
Not in stores, but you can order it from their website!
user avatar
Meadowhaven - 23 Oct 17 23:07
Unfortunately, it will only be sold in UK stores, but it can be ordered from their website! They ship around the world. :) One day soon, I hope to have a proper coloring book published in the US.
user avatar
User #4507249 - 23 Oct 17 23:13
I'll be ordering one, then!
user avatar
User #623954 - 24 Oct 17 11:18
Inktober -FFXV Ignis and Noctis
Inktober -FFXV Ignis and Noctismore_vert
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Inktober -FFXV Ignis and Noctis 2017-10-15T20:50:53+00:00close

Ink and I do not get along...for many reasons. I cannot shade with pens; too terrified of not being able to erase or soften lines and edges.

But I thought I'd try my hand at at least one pen piece for Inktober. I might do another, make some more headway on finishing my still-unfinished pile of FFXV sketches. ^__^;;

Comments (2)
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User #7618956 - 15 Oct 17 21:02
You might be scared of inks and pens but this is lovely, their expressions and the hair and the details are all so beautiful!
user avatar
User #439669 - 16 Oct 17 13:56
It's wonderful <3
MLP Carousel Blossom Custom
MLP Carousel Blossom Custommore_vert
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MLP Carousel Blossom Custom 2017-10-14T01:03:38+00:00close

Some of you might remember this from my early Patreon days! One of my very favorite My Little Ponies has always been G1 "Blossom," a cute lavender pony with purple hair and white blossoms on her bum.I also adore the"Merry-Go-Round" pony line. In 2015,I decided tobring my two loves together and design my very ownBlossomin the carousel style.

I never thought I would have the chance (or funds) to have my Carousel Blossom pony brought to life by theincredible Jen Galambos (www.facebook.com/jen.galambos/). But,with the help of a friend,it actually happened!

I have no words.Her custom work is just so gorgeous, and accurate to the detail! I will be delightedthe rest of my life! I thought you all might like to see the amazing result, as well. <3

Design/artwork by me
Custom work by Jen Galambos - Darkhorsecollectables.com

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #494659 - 15 Oct 17 02:16
I remember this!! Wow, she came out gorgeous. Congratulations!
user avatar
User #399401 - 25 Dec 17 21:45
Oh my stars!!! That is so lovely! All the sculpted flowers!!! So beautiful!
user avatar
User #545565 - 15 Oct 17 03:03
Wow! That's beautiful. Congrats on the buy!
user avatar
User #2465053 - 15 Oct 17 05:06
Gorgeous!!! You have good reason to be proud!!!
user avatar
User #6795690 - 20 Oct 17 18:05
Oh my gosh... It's gorgeous!!
Noctis -precursor painting doodle
Noctis -precursor painting doodlemore_vert
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Noctis -precursor painting doodle 2017-10-13T22:49:04+00:00close

I just realized that I forgot to post this! My lazy doodle (with smeary watercolor pencils) from which the finished Noctis watercolor portrait eventually sprang. This was done quickly and without reference and on scrap paper for no reason at all.

While I wasn't fond of it, my mind imagined the pretty things I could do with a proper portrait like this, so I started over with pencils and actual watercolor on decent paper, and used references to make it look more like Noctis than this in the end. XD Moral of the story: use references, folks!

If anyone would to have like this silly blob of a sketch, it's up for cheap sale here in my Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/listing/564617183/noctis-original-watercolor-sketch

Ooooold art purge
Ooooold art purgemore_vert
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Ooooold art purge 2017-10-13T21:08:33+00:00close

Every six years or so I pull out my folders of still-existing traditional artwork accumulated over my lifetime of drawing, and have a flip through them for the sake of inspiration, curiosity and nostalgia.

I cringe every time. I wonder what was I thinking with some of these! And sometimes I am surprised by how much I still like an old piece. Or how I wish I could still draw like that. But mostly it's just cringing.

In order to keep myself from tossing half of my old sketches into the garbage (though I have done that with a fair many), I put them up for sale or giveaways to the amazing people who still follow my work.

I am about to weed out everything I can't stand anymore and do just that. Some of the more decent ones I'll list for cheap sale on Etsy (with first dibs for patrons), and some I'll offer for free monthly giveaways here, if anyone has any interest at all in saving them from the garbage. Which I highly doubt for some of these...

Just a heads-up at what to expect in the coming weeks!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #151776 - 13 Oct 17 22:20
Whatever you do, don't throw them away! If nothing else, they're a reminder that you're growing as an artist. Much preferable to looking at stuff from 2003 and going, Huh, that's still quite up to date... XD
"Into Light" Art Print Giveaway!
"Into Light" Art Print Giveaway!more_vert
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"Into Light" Art Print Giveaway! 2017-10-03T01:26:59+00:00close

As part of my October special art giveaway for patrons, I'm offering an 8x12" glossy art print of "Into Light."

The raffle drawing will be held at the end of the month. Comment below if you would like to be entered into the list of names! :D One winner will be randomly chosen from among the comments and have this print shipped free to them anywhere in the world.

Thank you all so much! <3

Comments (4)
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User #4507249 - 5 Oct 17 02:47
This is amazingly beautiful, I would love to be entered. Thank you!
user avatar
User #623954 - 4 Oct 17 07:27
I would like to join, please and thank you!
user avatar
User #7684783 - 30 Oct 17 01:32
I would love to be entered if I can! Wonderful work!
user avatar
User #2877129 - 4 Oct 17 03:22
I would like to be entered, please. Thanks!
"Time and Space" Doctor Who Print Giveaway!
"Time and Space" Doctor Who Print Giveaway!more_vert
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"Time and Space" Doctor Who Print Giveaway! 2017-10-03T01:15:40+00:00close

As part of my October special art giveaway for patrons, I'm offering my very last 5x7" lustre fanart print of "Time and Space," featuring River Song and the Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who!

The raffle drawing will be held at the end of the month. Comment below if you would like to be entered into the list of names! :D One winner will be randomly chosen from among the comments and have this print shipped free to them anywhere in the world.

Thank you all so much! <3

Comments (2)
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User #623954 - 4 Oct 17 07:28
Still one of my favorite pieces of River and 11 fan art ever! Please include me
user avatar
User #2877129 - 4 Oct 17 11:34
May I be entered, please?
September Winners!
September Winners!more_vert
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September Winners! 2017-10-03T00:40:04+00:00close

-The winner of the $70 original art/print gift for September is: Matthew Drake!

-The "Beloved" 8x12 print was won by Maria

-The "Oncoming Storm" 8x12 print was won by Stephen Sturgeon

-The "Boiler Bay" original pencil doodle was won by Dorothy T Rose

-The Goodie Bag art bundle giveaway was won by Bea Maj

Congratulations! I'll be sending you each a private message soon! :D

The next raffle/s for all October patrons will be held the first week of November.

And just a reminder--those of you pledging at $5 and above get free coloring page downloads every month! Just message me with the titles you would like and I will e-mail them to you! ^__^

Thank you all SO much for your ongoing support!I couldn't do what I do without all of you. <3

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #4507249 - 3 Oct 17 15:54
Congrats to all the lucky winners!
user avatar
User #494659 - 3 Oct 17 06:16
Congrats to all!
Etsy Discount Coupon for October 2017-10-03T00:33:38+00:00

The 50% off October discount code for coloring pages in my Etsy shop ( https://www.etsy.com/shop/Meadowhaven ) is: FUZZYSLIPPERS

And the 10% off discount for any Fan Art prints in my Etsy shop is: FANARTBGONE

Art Giveaway Reminder! 2017-09-28T04:43:03+00:00

If you would like any (or all) of the three art giveaways for September, don't forget to leave a comment beneath the artwork/s you would like before the end of the month! :)

-Beloved: https://www.patreon.com/posts/beloved-art-14276219

-The Oncoming Storm: https://www.patreon.com/posts/oncoming-storm-14276055

-Boiler Bay doodle: https://www.patreon.com/posts/sketchpad-doodle-14400999

Geek Alert
Geek Alertmore_vert
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Geek Alert 2017-09-28T04:22:34+00:00close

In case anyone doubted how much of a massive geek I am for Final Fantasy XV, this is me, dressed up for a local fan convention earlier this year. XD

The ridiculous(ly awesome) Moogle-Chocobo Carnival outfit, as modeled by Noctis here: http://livedoor.4.blogimg.jp/rbkyn844/imgs/0/7/07598c4b.jpg and here: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/8/81/Noctis-and-Carbuncle-at-the-carnival-FFXV.png

I've even got a tiny beanie tsum of his little companion Carbuncle on my shoulder! <3

I am unstoppable.

Comments (2)
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User #623954 - 28 Sep 17 13:47
That is so geeky and adorable! UBER HUGS. Moogles rule
user avatar
User #3233401 - 29 Sep 17 20:22
<3 <3 <3 lovely
Noctis -Watercolor (FFXV)
Noctis -Watercolor (FFXV)more_vert
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Noctis -Watercolor (FFXV) 2017-09-28T00:55:24+00:00close

Was originally just messing around with watercolors, then I scanned it and added some digital work to polish it up. (I can't seem to stop with the stars.)

Just a portrait for fun. :)

I've been so tired lately, mentally and physically; I'm sure that comes through in my artwork. Starting to get caught up in real life again, though, so I'll be back on track soon!


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