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Bonus: Momo Selfie B
Bonus: Momo Selfie Bmore_vert
Post file flag
Bonus: Momo Selfie B 2019-11-06T12:01:14+00:00close

Momo Yaoyorozu (My Hero Academia)

Just added a version with her wearing her costume.

Media (1)

Momo_Yaoyorozu_bonus_b_a_final.jpg (352.3KiB)

Quick Update 2019-05-29T20:09:58+00:00

Hey guys,

Just a quick end-of-the-month update:

  • April 2019 rewards poll opens at the start of June.
  • May 2019 rewards poll opens at the weeks ending June.
  • Rewards for tiers 2-4 from December to current will be uploaded sometime in June (I already have the files, I just haven't prepared them yet).

Commission tier line-up:

  • Kudos707
  • Phil
  • Galatea
  • Scion of the Emperor
  • Jordan
  • Dirty Dan
  • tnemo

Look forward to some more uploads in the coming days.

Thanks for the continued support!

Reward WIP
Reward WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
Reward WIP 2019-05-26T19:38:46+00:00close

Currently working on this. Will likely be done in a few more hours.

Taking a short break for now.

Commission Tier Line-up 2019-04-27T16:03:10+00:00

Hey guys,

Like I previously mentioned, I'm doing commission rewards until the end of the month to the 1st week of May then on to the February-March 2019 rewards after that.

So here's the line-up so far for the commission rewards:

- Galatea (Rukia)

- Branny (Miku)

- Jordan (Katsuragi)

- Justin (Chie)

- Scion of the Emperor (OC - Reagan)

- Dirty Dan (Touka and Akiko)

- tnemo (Kagero)

- Kudos707

- Phil

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up.


Patreon Goal Status Update 2019-04-26T13:20:41+00:00

Hey guys,

Just thought to share where I'm at with my priority goal for my Patreon.

The way my finances are right now, I feel like I might be able to undergo LASIK eye surgery either around the end of this year or sometime early next year. I feel anxious and excited at the same time.

In the country where I currently live in, the procedure starts at $2400 (USD) for both eyes. It could be more depending on what the ophthalmologist would recommend. So yeah, saving up takes some time. Especially now that we're expecting our first child towards the end of the year.

Since starting this campaign in mid 2017, I've been using half the proceeds of your pledges plus my own commission earnings from all other sources outside of Patreon for expenses on my wedding at the start of last year, a mortgage for a new humble small home (it's 60 sqm so yeah, it's small but at least enough for a family of 3-4) and my living expenses in general. The other half, I've been saving to pay for the surgery.

It's tough promoting the campaign and getting eyes on my work and support. My Patreon's almost going for 2 years and I barely have 100 backers to date. I guess I need to be more active in promoting it? Or that my stuff ain't as good as those artists I admire that have lots of support.

BUT most of you guys have stayed with me from the beginning, and I'd like you all to know that that doesn't go unappreciated. It's true what they say - you don't need thousands of followers, you just need a few that will stick around and that you love to work and share your stuff with.

So again, THANKS for all your continued support and giving me enough time to work on your rewards. I'll continue doing it and try my best to up the quality of my stuff so you get the value that you're pledging for.


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #199074 - 27 Apr 19 11:39
We just need to share your public works and promote you. Your art style is unique and there's plenty of skill in it. Take care of your eyes. I was fortunate to have decent genes for my own.
user avatar
meganeJoe - 28 Apr 19 18:34
I appreciate that, really. Thanks a lot!
Rewards Upload Schedule 2019-03-31T13:48:20+00:00

Hey guys,

I'm taking the day off. Gotta recharge after days of non-stop drawing. Will be resuming tomorrow.

We have OB trips planned and we have to see the completion status of the house we bought last year - it's still being built and is a few months away from being finished. Hopefully, we can move in around May or June this year. Man, settling down is nice but it's also hard work.

All December 2018 rewards (tiers 1-4) will be uploaded next week, finally. January's (and hopefully, February's) rewards, Thermos and Exos rewards will be uploaded the next days to come after that.

I'll open the next poll probably around the 2nd-3rd week of April.

Have a great weekend, you guys!

If ever you have questions, feel free to hit my inbox here or at my email: definitelyhighdefinition@yahoo.com.


Poll End Date Reminder 2019-03-27T17:55:49+00:00

February 2019's reward poll will end in 3 days.

Get your votes in while you can!

Link here:


Bonus: Ada (sketch)
Bonus: Ada (sketch)more_vert
Post file flag
Bonus: Ada (sketch) 2019-03-04T19:35:55+00:00close

Ada Wong (Resident Evil)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #10761654 - 4 Mar 19 19:38
Wooooo! I had a feeling you would sketch Ada xD love it :)
user avatar
meganeJoe - 4 Mar 19 19:41
LOL. It was only a matter of time.
Commission Tier Slots Open + Charge upfront starting next month 2019-02-27T16:02:39+00:00

Yo guys,

Just a couple of announcements:

I opened 5 more slots for the commission tier for anyone who's interested to take it. First come, first served.

Given that I have left HentaiKey last month, I can afford to open some more slots to would-be loyal pledgers.

The tier basically is a discounted commission price. I normally start my commission pricing at $40-$50 per character. So you automatically get $10 off of the commission price for a single character plus access to my Patreon feed.

I will also be implementing 'charge upfront' starting next month which will only apply to new pledgers.

If you got any questions, feel free to hit my inbox.


Bonus: Midnight (sketch)
Bonus: Midnight (sketch)more_vert
Post file flag
Bonus: Midnight (sketch) 2019-02-27T10:31:30+00:00close

Nemuri Kayama "Midnight" (My Hero Academia)

Another warm-up sketch I'll finish later.

For now, working on the next batch of rewards.

Hang tight!

Bonus: Claudia (sketch)
Bonus: Claudia (sketch)more_vert
Post file flag
Bonus: Claudia (sketch) 2019-02-24T10:14:33+00:00close

Claudia (The Dragon Prince)

There is not enough Claudia fan art in the world right now!

Why the hell is that?!

I WILL NOT and CAN NOT accept it!

Bonus: Momo (sketch)
Bonus: Momo (sketch)more_vert
Post file flag
Bonus: Momo (sketch) 2019-02-21T05:50:06+00:00close

I do these warm-up sketches before I actually get into working on proper rewards and commissions. So I'll probably end up finishing them at some point and uploading them as bonus stuff.

Expect more of these random stuff in addition to the usual monthyl rewards.

The bonus stuff gets uploaded at a higher res here (2000+ px) and I'll post a lower res image on my public galleries.

Maybe even do some poster style high res pin-ups in the future.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #14365425 - 21 Feb 19 06:22
For a sketch this looks great! Hopefully we get a full colored version
user avatar
meganeJoe - 21 Feb 19 06:30
You guys, definitely will. I want to color this too. Most likely early next month though as the next few days I'll be focusing on doing the rewards and reward commissions.
Bonus Reward: Holiday Tron
Bonus Reward: Holiday Tronmore_vert
Post file flag
Bonus Reward: Holiday Tron 2018-12-26T18:35:27+00:00close

Tron Bonne (Megaman Legends)

Hi guys,

Hope you're all enjoying your holidays.

As for me, I'll be working on rewards until the 28th. I'll be going on a family holiday (which will be my longest vacation this year) from the 28th to January 1st.

So if I'm not able to finish and upload any other reward before or on the 28th, the next upload will be on January 2nd onwards.

I still have a lot of stuff to catch up on so I plan to slow down on my other commissions starting next year. In fact, I actually already have cut down the slots I open each month.

Just in case I'm not able to post anything before the new year comes:

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

THANK YOU for all your support and for staying with me for this long.

I may not have reached my goal this year, and I know it would take a while yet to get there but you still have my deepest gratitude for showing an interest in what I do.

I have a few plans for next year with the aim of more Patreon images.

Take care!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #199074 - 27 Dec 18 08:17
Have a smooth holiday!
user avatar
meganeJoe - 27 Dec 18 09:12
Thanks! You too.
user avatar
User #17605773 - 27 Feb 19 21:59
Cool ?
Kakashi - Raikiri
Kakashi - Raikirimore_vert
Post file flag
Kakashi - Raikiri 2018-12-11T23:19:46+00:00close

Here's a full res if you're interested.

Something I did before my NSFW stuff
Something I did before my NSFW stuffmore_vert
Post file flag
Something I did before my NSFW stuff 2018-12-11T23:18:48+00:00close

I was looking back at my old works from a couple of years ago to see if I improved and just thought I'd share this.

Before I went full time NSFW artist and started my "Eronautics" works, I did stuff like this when inspiration came to me.

Doing NSFW really opened me up to learning a lot anatomy which I didn't put much focus on when I was younger.

I still do SFW stuff but I do it rarely nowadays. There's just so much fun and challenge drawing the female figure.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #4234510 - 11 Dec 18 23:20
Wtf this looks fantastic, if you told me this was official art i would have said "Nope, no way" because it looks better than that.
user avatar
meganeJoe - 11 Dec 18 23:44
LOL! Thanks. I remember doing this after watching the Obito vs. Kakashi episode and it really got me in the mood to draw an action pose.
user avatar
User #3870675 - 20 Dec 18 18:19
awesome work
user avatar
meganeJoe - 21 Dec 18 00:43
About that Tumblr NSFW purge... 2018-12-04T01:11:47+00:00

Yo guys,

Just when I was thinking about doubling down on posting art stuff on my main galleries, Tumblr decides to do something I and most other artists consider stupid - they're banning all NSFW stuff on their platform!

Which leaves my HF and Pixiv galleries as my main NSFW galleries for now. I plan to use my Twitter to post most of my sketches and my mains for the finished stuff. I do have a Newgrounds account but I think it's been a year since I used it last. DeviantArt I only use from time to time because I really can't post anything hardcore there.

So with all that said, I wanted to ask you guys - which platform should I mainly post my finished stuff on after the Tumblr purge? I imagine HF would be one of the "safer" options and I'd probably go where most artists will migrate to. But I thought I would ask what you guys think which platform is easier to use to view art stuff.

Oh and BTW, I'll be opening the November rewards poll sometime this week.


Comments (10)
user avatar
User #8549221 - 4 Dec 18 01:31
I prefer HF
user avatar
meganeJoe - 4 Dec 18 01:45
Yeah, I'll probably keep my HF as one of my main accounts. At least it's safe from 'NSFW content purges'. Not sure how effective the tags and searches are there though.
user avatar
User #3870675 - 4 Dec 18 01:55
user avatar
User #199074 - 4 Dec 18 05:43
HF and Twitter are safe choices. Pixiv seems fine too.
user avatar
User #2699443 - 4 Dec 18 02:03
I hate HF. Run by really garbage people. Lots of us are on Twitter, it's the best since most japanese artists are there too and I enjoy talking with them most. Hope a good alternative comes up. A lot have gone to Discord too. But, I don't like Discord much. Guess I could go to NewGrounds but I haven't really been there in like 10 years or so. It was basically dead of adult content back then though.
user avatar
meganeJoe - 4 Dec 18 02:51
Don't have a Discord. Not really sure if I'll make one in the future. I do plan to stream some time after we move house next year so Twitch could be an option. I'll definitely keep on using Twitter (though who knows if or when they'll have their own 'purge'). So I guess my choices are HF, Pixiv and Newgrounds. Having my own website is an option too though that takes more time to set-up and maintain.
user avatar
meganeJoe - 4 Dec 18 02:52
BTW, why do you hate HF? I'm curious.
user avatar
User #2699443 - 4 Dec 18 02:55
I use Picarto to stream. It's NSFW friendly. I hate Picarto because it's incredibly biased and the people who run the site are real jerks. Years back they never approved my art and said it wasn't good enough to be on their high quality site. Namely a Nami x Ganfor pic I did they said he wasn't realistic proportions even though I just drew he design from the show. And then seeing all the art at my level or below that was being approved for the site. Didn't sit well with me. So, I said I'd never use the site again. Hope the site fails. I'm not the only one though. There's a pretty big group of artists who don't like the people who run the site because of their bias.
user avatar
User #3748700 - 4 Dec 18 02:58
HF should be safe, but their search/tagging isn’t the best. Twitter would be a good second choice, at least as long as they don’t do their own purge...
user avatar
meganeJoe - 4 Dec 18 09:14
Yeah. One thing I'm not too crazy about on HF is the tagging/searching. I'm not so sure it's as good as other sites'.
I feel a bit cheated... 2018-11-30T21:12:37+00:00

Hi guys,

I'm considering changing the pledge option to "charge upfront" for the following months. This change will only apply to new pledgers. I'm still thinking about it though and haven't fully decided on it yet. But it could be an action I would take.

I've recently noticed that the honor system I wanted to promote on my Patreon was being taken advantage of. Quite a few people have 'fake pledged', took content and cancelled their pledges and ran off before I can collect. I just felt let down at some level.

I mean I want my content to be accessible to most people but having that feeling of being taken advantage of sucks. And I do put out free content on my galleries too. They could have at least pledged one time, get as much content as they want from my Patreon and then cancel, that would have been fine. But take all my content and not even leave me a dollar at least? C'mon, that's just low.

I'm currently looking at what other artists do with their Patreons where they package their monthly content and just send supporters links to download it from as opposed to uploading it all on their actual Patreon page archive for people to download like what I have been doing. Though doing that can be time consuming.

I'm open to suggestions too on how to deal with this fairly. I'm just posting this to let you guys know what I'm thinking of before I even decide on it.

As for all of you who are still here supporting my page after all this time, my deepest thanks go to you. I haven't been able to grow my Patreon support this year like I was hoping to but I'm still thankful to those of you who stayed to support me. Your contributions really help out lighten the financial burden a bit for me.

I'm still hopeful that I would reach my first goal after some time.

Thanks again for the continued support, you guys!

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #3748700 - 1 Dec 18 04:01 - revision 2
The Creators I follow that do direct posting on Patreon have charge upfront, which is fine. Others do the messaging route, but if that’s too much work, charge upfront will be your best bet.
user avatar
User #3135228 - 1 Dec 18 04:03
Sorry to hear that happened. I have also seen artists post lower res images as a preview or even censorship, then mail out a link at the end of the month, but I could see that being pretty time consuming. Whatever you decide, I hope to keep supporting you long term! I have enjoyed working with you since my first request back on Hkey. Keep up the great work!
user avatar
meganeJoe - 1 Dec 18 13:46
I really, really appreciate that, Phil. Thanks a lot!
user avatar
User #10761654 - 3 Dec 18 19:51
Oh Man, that is definitely being cheated. Charging up front 1st is I do think a good method. It's hard these days to run things on trust. I remember I was watching Zone Tans private channel while she drew her new piece and it was an honor system not to leak it out but she shut down everything the moment it was found leaked on 4chan. Whatever you do Joe, You have my full support!
user avatar
meganeJoe - 4 Dec 18 00:45
Thanks a lot, Galatea. I really appreciate the support. I really do.
user avatar
User #3748700 - 1 Dec 18 04:01
The Creators I follow that do direct posting on Patreon have charge upfront, which is fine. Others do the messaging route, but if that’s too much work, charge upfront will be your best bet.
user avatar
User #2699443 - 30 Nov 18 21:16
I started using charge upfront right when they first added it to Patreon. Unfortunately a lot of people will try to just be a patron and skip out by the end of the month. It's really the best and most sure approach. On top of using the charge upfront I also at the start of every month share a dropbox link on my Patreon for my fans to download all the content from the month prior more easily. I got taken advantage of a lot when I first started Patreon too until they added the charge upfront system.
user avatar
meganeJoe - 30 Nov 18 21:46
Thanks for the input. I'm checking out what other artists do regarding this too and it seems that a lot of them do that same thing. Come to think of it, I haven't seen an artist directly upload their rewards on their Patreon page (the ones I follow, at least). They always tend to link their reward packages outside of Patreon.
user avatar
User #2699443 - 30 Nov 18 21:49
The artists I support and the ones I've seen mostly upload their work here. Unless it's prohibited here. Like beast, incest and stuff. Then they'll upload elsewhere and link here. That's what I do too. Personally I like to look at works here because it's easier and safer than clicking links to various websites from artists. I also think it looks better to see lots of posts on the page than just a few or just links. But, that's just me.
user avatar
meganeJoe - 1 Dec 18 06:18
Yeah, I kind of agree. It's also less work because all I have to do is post it and not need to package it in some zip file or something. What bums me out is that some people aren't really that great with the honor system.
September 2018 Reward: Rukia
September 2018 Reward: Rukiamore_vert
Post file flag
September 2018 Reward: Rukia 2018-11-30T20:48:21+00:00close

Rukia Kuchiki Abaria (Bleach)

September 2018 Reward: Itsuka (Nude)
September 2018 Reward: Itsuka (Nude)more_vert
Post file flag
September 2018 Reward: Itsuka (Nude) 2018-11-30T20:47:02+00:00close

Itsuka Kendo (My Hero Academia)

September 2018 Reward: Itsuka
September 2018 Reward: Itsukamore_vert
Post file flag
September 2018 Reward: Itsuka 2018-11-30T20:45:38+00:00close

Itsuka Kendo (My Hero Academia)

Commission: Tsunade and Tsiri part 2 - Sketch
Commission: Tsunade and Tsiri part 2 - Sketchmore_vert
Post file flag
Commission: Tsunade and Tsiri part 2 - Sketch 2018-11-28T19:00:02+00:00close

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #871207 - 28 Nov 18 23:40
looking good, can't wait for more mother-daughter bonding time!
user avatar
meganeJoe - 29 Nov 18 04:23
August 2018 Reward: Jiro - .psd
August 2018 Reward: Jiro - .psdmore_vert
August 2018 Reward: Jiro - .psd 2018-11-27T19:14:38+00:00close

Attachments (1)

Kyoka Jiro b.psd (11.4MiB)

August 2018 Reward: Jiro - Steps
August 2018 Reward: Jiro - Stepsmore_vert
August 2018 Reward: Jiro - Steps 2018-11-27T19:11:02+00:00close

Attachments (1)

Kyoka Jiro lines.png (1.0MiB)

August 2018 Reward: Jiro - Lines
August 2018 Reward: Jiro - Linesmore_vert
Post file flag
August 2018 Reward: Jiro - Lines 2018-11-27T19:08:21+00:00close

Kyoka Jiro (My Hero Academia)

August 2018 Reward: Himiko - .psd
August 2018 Reward: Himiko - .psdmore_vert
August 2018 Reward: Himiko - .psd 2018-11-27T19:06:36+00:00close

Attachments (1)

Himiko Toga b.psd (9.9MiB)

August 2018 Reward: Himiko - Steps
August 2018 Reward: Himiko - Stepsmore_vert
August 2018 Reward: Himiko - Steps 2018-11-27T19:01:34+00:00close

Attachments (1)

Himiko Toga lines.png (1.1MiB)

August 2018 Reward: Himiko - Lines
August 2018 Reward: Himiko - Linesmore_vert
Post file flag
August 2018 Reward: Himiko - Lines 2018-11-27T18:59:34+00:00close

Himiko Toga (My Hero Academia)

August 2018 Reward: D.Va - .psd
August 2018 Reward: D.Va - .psdmore_vert
August 2018 Reward: D.Va - .psd 2018-11-27T18:54:29+00:00close

Attachments (1)

D.Va b.psd (16.5MiB)

August 2018 Reward: D.Va - Steps
August 2018 Reward: D.Va - Stepsmore_vert
August 2018 Reward: D.Va - Steps 2018-11-27T18:52:41+00:00close

Attachments (1)

D.Va lines.png (874.8KiB)

August 2018 Reward: D.Va - Lines
August 2018 Reward: D.Va - Linesmore_vert
Post file flag
August 2018 Reward: D.Va - Lines 2018-11-27T18:49:48+00:00close

D Va (Overwatch)

August 2018 Reward: Lucy - .psd
August 2018 Reward: Lucy - .psdmore_vert
August 2018 Reward: Lucy - .psd 2018-11-27T18:48:38+00:00close

Attachments (1)

Lucy Heartfilia b.psd (12.1MiB)

August 2018 Reward: Lucy - Steps
August 2018 Reward: Lucy - Stepsmore_vert
August 2018 Reward: Lucy - Steps 2018-11-27T18:45:16+00:00close

Attachments (1)

Lucy Heartfilia lines.png (769.8KiB)

August 2018 Reward: Lucy - Lines
August 2018 Reward: Lucy - Linesmore_vert
Post file flag
August 2018 Reward: Lucy - Lines 2018-11-27T18:43:05+00:00close

Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

August 2018 Reward: Misato - .psd
August 2018 Reward: Misato - .psdmore_vert
August 2018 Reward: Misato - .psd 2018-11-27T18:41:43+00:00close

Attachments (1)

Misato Katsuragi b.psd (5.1MiB)

August 2018 Reward: Misato - Steps
August 2018 Reward: Misato - Stepsmore_vert
August 2018 Reward: Misato - Steps 2018-11-27T18:38:41+00:00close

Attachments (1)

Misato Katsuragi lines.png (615.3KiB)

August 2018 Reward: Misato - Lines
August 2018 Reward: Misato - Linesmore_vert
Post file flag
August 2018 Reward: Misato - Lines 2018-11-27T18:36:57+00:00close

Misato Katsuragi (Evangelion)

July 2018 Reward: A2 & 2B - .psd
July 2018 Reward: A2 & 2B - .psdmore_vert
July 2018 Reward: A2 & 2B - .psd 2018-11-27T18:35:41+00:00close

Attachments (1)

2B A2 b.psd (9.5MiB)

July 2018 Reward: A2 & 2B - Steps
July 2018 Reward: A2 & 2B - Stepsmore_vert
July 2018 Reward: A2 & 2B - Steps 2018-11-27T18:32:39+00:00close

Attachments (1)

2B A2 lines.png (1.1MiB)

July 2018 Reward: A2 & 2B - Lines
July 2018 Reward: A2 & 2B - Linesmore_vert
Post file flag
July 2018 Reward: A2 & 2B - Lines 2018-11-27T18:30:38+00:00close

2B and A2 (NieR: Automata)

July 2018 Reward: Yang - .psd
July 2018 Reward: Yang - .psdmore_vert
July 2018 Reward: Yang - .psd 2018-11-27T18:29:11+00:00close

Attachments (1)

Yang Xiao Long b.psd (11.8MiB)

July 2018 Reward: Yang - Steps
July 2018 Reward: Yang - Stepsmore_vert
July 2018 Reward: Yang - Steps 2018-11-27T18:24:57+00:00close

Attachments (1)

Yang Xiao Long lines.png (939.1KiB)

July 2018 Reward: Yang - Lines
July 2018 Reward: Yang - Linesmore_vert
Post file flag
July 2018 Reward: Yang - Lines 2018-11-27T18:22:49+00:00close

Yang Xiao Long (RWBY)

July 2018 Reward: Camie - .psd
July 2018 Reward: Camie - .psdmore_vert
July 2018 Reward: Camie - .psd 2018-11-27T18:21:29+00:00close

Attachments (1)

Camie Utsushimi b.psd (10.0MiB)

July 2018 Reward: Camie - Steps
July 2018 Reward: Camie - Stepsmore_vert
July 2018 Reward: Camie - Steps 2018-11-27T18:16:40+00:00close

Attachments (1)

Camie Utsushimi lines.png (803.2KiB)

July 2018 Reward: Camie - Lines
July 2018 Reward: Camie - Linesmore_vert
Post file flag
July 2018 Reward: Camie - Lines 2018-11-27T18:14:55+00:00close

Camie Utsushimi (My Hero Academia)

July 2018 Reward: Tier - .psd
July 2018 Reward: Tier - .psdmore_vert
July 2018 Reward: Tier - .psd 2018-11-27T18:13:47+00:00close

Tier Harribel (Bleach)

Attachments (1)

Tier Harribel 2 b.psd (9.3MiB)

July 2018 Reward: Tier - Steps
July 2018 Reward: Tier - Stepsmore_vert
July 2018 Reward: Tier - Steps 2018-11-27T18:09:55+00:00close

Tier Harribel (Bleach)

Attachments (1)

Tier Harribel 2 lines.png (916.5KiB)

July 2018 Reward: Tier - Lines
July 2018 Reward: Tier - Linesmore_vert
Post file flag
July 2018 Reward: Tier - Lines 2018-11-27T18:05:17+00:00close

Tier Harribel (Bleach)

Commission: Mira
Commission: Miramore_vert
Post file flag
Commission: Mira 2018-11-23T17:39:11+00:00close

Olivier Mira Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Commission: Juri
Commission: Jurimore_vert
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Juri Han (Street Fighter)

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User #3135228 - 22 Nov 18 17:27
Looking great! Thank you!

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