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Chastity Quest Build 4 - Public
Chastity Quest Build 4 - Publicmore_vert
Post file flag
Chastity Quest Build 4 - Public 2020-07-03T08:39:03+00:00close

Alright, technically I released Build 5 for testing yesterday, though I'm still fighting with a couple of the upload sites to get all the versions up. Either way, that means it's time for Build 4 to leave testing and release to the public. Build 4 focused on adding Quests to the New Landing Mage's Guild, as well as adding the Pony Express Courier Service. In total, it added 17 new sex scenes, including two that are by far the longest/most involved scenes in the game now (even counting Build 5 content!). You can, of course, get more full details in the Release Notes below.

Web Version(High Speed Internet Required):

Address: http://novusadventures.com/ChastityQuest4/CQB4Extl6520/

Note: Even with a high-speed connection, you'll see a blank, black screen for about 1-3 minutes while the game initializes all of it's many MANY variables. I haven't figured out how to add a splash screen to make that obvious...

Downloadable Versions:








Workaround Version:
Note, this version is for those that can't get other versions to work for one reason or another. It is, essentially, just the browser version from the Web Build, made downloadable. It is confirmed to work on Windows, Mac, and Linux...but it requires you to disable the CORS security feature of your browser. Do so only at your own risk!

Google Drive


Chastity Quest Build 4 Release Notes:

Build 4 introduces a lot of new content. It focuses on three major areas. First, is the new Pony Express Courier Service. Second is the first 3 events/quests for the Mage Guild Route through New Landing. Third is quite a bit of content for Tylan, the Chapter Mistress of the New Landing Mage's Guild! The total new scene count for the build is 17 new sex scenes, with about half of those being much larger than usual scenes.

The Pony Express Courier Service: The Pony Express business is owned by a new Major Character, Ryka. She...actually kinda took an unexpected but enjoyable turn when I was writing her! She, of course, has her own chats...though sadly no sex scenes with her just yet! What the shop DOES contain, adult content wise, is:

- Courier Job: 4 new scenes (two in chastity gear, two not), with some random chance involved as to the outcome... (Job has a non-sex variant that IS NOT included in the scene count)

- Adverting Job: 2 new scenes (unbelted scenes, both, though later on a belted version will be added). Again with a random chance on which you get :-p.

The Mage's Guild Quests: There are are ultimately going to be three ways to get through New Landing and onto the next major came location. This build properly introduces the first such 'route.' While not yet complete, the first three Quests/Events of this route are now in the game. Each one is LARGE, far larger content-wise, than anything else in the game so far. Included are:

- 4 New Scenes for the first quest/event. 3 normal sized scenes and 1 large one.

- 1 EXTREMELY LARGE scene, the single largest anywhere in the game, for the second quest/event.

- 1 Large (but not EXTREMELY LARGE) and quite varied scene for the third quest/event.

Chapter Mistress Tylan: The last 'major' content area of this build is to flesh out one of the Major Characters, which is something that hadn't happened yet for any of the New Landing NPCs. In this case, Chapter Mistress Tylan has received quite a bit of new content, including:

- 2 Repeatable Sex Scenes between just Kiralia and her.

- 3 Repeatable Threesome Scenes with a character from the First Mage Guild Quest. Full disclosure, only 2 of those are considered Unquie Scenes, as the third is basically a repeat one what happens during the quest itself.

- New Chat revealing some interesting (I hope) bits of Tylan's past. This isn't automatic...you have to find a hint by playing her scenes, before it will show up!


- A new Kira-is-futa-variant scene for the Practical Mage instructor. This got forgotten in the last build! Oops!

- Various typo fixes.

- Probably something else I'm forgetting since I'm totally exhausted.

- The Credits Menu has been updated. Both adding a page for New Landing, and adding some new $10 patrons.

Known Issues:

- The first video (oral) for the Unbelted Pony Express Delivery (Female Variant) is trash. It's stuttering and has a ton of issues. This, unfortunately, was not caught until testing. It will need replacing in the future. Thankfully, the second vid for that scene was mostly unaffected.

- Entering the Dawn's Rose content with Max Lust can, apparently, trigger the Lust Effect content, resulting in you not actually going to the Dawn's Rose...not sure what's going on there. Having trouble duplicating this...but it's been reported to me. Will poke at it some more.

- Some minor issues with the credits menu screen. I did kinda a hack rush-job on it this time due to a mistake with not saving changes to the photoshop template. Will need to fix this in the future.

Media (6)

Magic_Belt_Testing_4.jpg (1.1MiB)
Ryla_1.jpg (1.3MiB)
Censored_Pony.jpg (1.1MiB)
Title_Menu.png (1.6MiB)
CQ_Title_Menu.jpg (416.2KiB)
icon.png (1.4MiB)

Chastity Quest - Web Version Now Available
Chastity Quest - Web Version Now Available more_vert
Post file flag
Chastity Quest - Web Version Now Available 2020-06-03T09:23:04+00:00close

Alright, it took me like 8 hours of banging my head on various objects, but both Build 3 and Build 4 of Chastity Quest have Web Versions that will play in-browser. This will both prevent everyone from having to redownload 3-4gb of data every month AND, hopefully, get rid of some of the ongoing compatibility issues. However, both are BRAND NEW and UNTESTED (even by me). Links can be found in their release posts. Make sure to read the warnings I put in those posts. So far, the only bug I know of (aside from some version of chrome not liking it) is that the link to my Patreon and the links to the Mods in the credits, don't seem to be working. I'm honestly not sure why that is. I'll look into it when I have time.

Build 3 Public Release Post

Build 4 $5+ Patron Release Post

Media (1)

CQ_Title_Menu.png (2.9MiB)

Chastity Quest Build 3 - Public Release
Chastity Quest Build 3 - Public Releasemore_vert
Post file flag
Chastity Quest Build 3 - Public Release 2020-06-03T02:17:30+00:00close

$5+ patrons, the Chastity Quest Build 4 Alpha was released for you earlier today! It introduced a lot more Mage Guild content, plus the Pony Express Courier Serivce...

Alright, beyond that reminder (the Build 4 release post got burned a bit), another quick note. I've acquired hosting and am currently ATTEMPTING to upload Chastity Quest so that it's playable online, removing some of the compatibility issues with individual systems. Unfortunately, it's fighting me and I'm not at all sure it will work. I delayed the public release too long already, hoping to get it working, so I'm going to go ahead and release it in downloadable format now. I'll simply make another post (and update this one) if I ever get it working.


Now, with that bit out of the way, onto the actual Chastity Quest stuff. Surprisingly, I didn't get a single bug report on the New Landing content from patrons. That honestly surprised the heck out of me, given how much stuff was added all at once. There is apparently a single bug I haven't tracked down yet, there apparently being an issue if you enter the Dawn's Rose content with Max Lust. Right now...don't do that :-p! Even as of Build 4's release earlier today, I'm still trying to find the issue.

Anyway, This build focused on some core content for the game's second major hub/quest area, New Landing! It contains 16 new sex scenes, introduces the Pleasure Palace (the New Landing Brothel) and the New Landing Chapter of the Mage's Guild. Exact details, as usual, can be found in the release notes.










Web Workaround Version for Mac Users that can't get the mac version to work:


Note! You will get a blank black screen if you simply try to run the above file! In order to make the bullshit workaround version work, you'll need to disable a security setting in your browser, designed to prevent unknown publishers from running browser stuff from local files. The only way to fix it from my end it to host it and let you play the game online...but I don't have the money for a paid server and free ones won't host a game this big. So, for now, if you need to use this version, you can make it function by fiddling with the CORS settings of your browser:


I STRONGLY recommend not using this version unless the regular mac downloads don't work for you!It is provided purely as a known workaround for those the regular Mac download doesn't work for!


Build 3 Release Notes:

As mentioned above, Build 3 introduces the Brothel and the Mage's Guild of New Landing. Between them, the contain 15 new sex scenes and two new Major NPCs, though neither Major NPC has very much content just yet...

The Brothel: The Pleasure Palace, owned by Madam Roslyn, is the largest brothel in the entire region. Speak to Madam Roslyn about a chance to work there! Contained within are:

- 4 regular scenes to provide male/female client options for both a belted and unbelted Kiralia.

- 4 Unlockable Dom/Sub scenes. A special thanks to Urban Sniper for inspiring the core idea for the Sub Scenes!

- 3 Scenes specific to a Futanari Kiralia...if you can figure out how! (It's....not exactly hard...)

The Mage's Guild: The New Landing Chapter of the Mage's Guild is now open to you! You can join, if you want, in hopes of getting answers about or help with that annoying belt. This edition also comes with a new Stat on the character menu, Magic Skill, which can be raised by training with a couple of tutors once you join the guild. Speaking of those tutors and other stuff in the guild...

- 2 New Scenes with the Elydra, a minor character (the practical magic tutor).

- 2 New Scenes with Jaren, a minor character (the magical theory tutor

- A means to futa-transform Kiralia, temporarily!


- A new scene at the New Landing Adventurer's Guild, where Kiralia can masturbate (different animation from Hope's Rest) if she is unbelted...

- As reported by a patron, it was hard to see text in the boobjob scene Aboard the Dawn's Rose. That should be fixed now.

- Various typo fixes.

- Probably something else I'm forgetting since I'm totally exhausted.

- The Credits Menu has been updated. Both adding a page for New Landing, and adding some new $10 patrons. Special thanks to those new $10 patrons: Daniel L, Titan, Mathieu C, and Khan333!

Known Issue:

- Entering the Dawn's Rose content with Max Lust can, apparently, trigger the Lust Effect content, resulting in you not actually going to the Dawn's Rose...not sure what's going on there, I'll try and fix it for Build 4.

Media (4)

CQ_Title_Menu.jpg (416.2KiB)
Mage_Guild_1.jpg (855.4KiB)
Brothel_Entrance_1.jpg (1.4MiB)
New_Landing_Day.jpg (1.1MiB)

The Dungeon of Lewdity - Final Build (Public)
The Dungeon of Lewdity - Final Build (Public)more_vert
The Dungeon of Lewdity - Final Build (Public) 2020-05-18T10:10:10+00:00close

Alright, everyone! It's time for The Dungeon of Lewdity to have it's FINAL public release! Well, actually, it was supposed to last night, but I got distracted needing to fix some bugs in the first teaser release of Haven's Port and forgot that I needed to reupload the files to fix a couple of bugs. Which took several hours. Oh and Haven's Port, for reference, is the game chosen to replace The Dungeon of Lewdity in the development cycle (meaning it's going to be the new $3 tier monthly release). Now that I released the intro (and a little bit more) of that game for my patrons, I'll be updating the Overview/About section of the Patreon to include some details on it for public consumption :-).

Getting back to the actual release, however. This is the Final Build of The Dungeon of Lewdity, with exception for any bugfix issues in the future, of course. That means that ALL Endings, All Safeword Endings, and All rooms are complete and in the game. Let's take a quick total tally of what that means! The game's final stats are as follows:


18 True Endings

4 Village Endings

42 Safeword Endings

52 Unique Rooms

3,220 Images

304,387 Words of text!


Holy smokes. That's a lot of...everything. Certainly that word count blows me away a little. I've written multiple fantasy and sci-fi novels...yet with that many words, this is officially the longest (by wordcount) of any single work I've ever done. It's also, I'll note with quite a bit of happiness, the first game I've 100% fully completely. And from start to finish was only 14 months. Whew! I want to say Thank You to every single patron that supported me along the way...and I hope everyone enjoys both the final build of The Dungeon of Lewdity, and the new upcoming game of Haven's Port!




Build 14/Final Build Release Notes:

This build contains 3 new True Endings (Physical - Other Path), 4 Safeword Endings, and various fixes.

New True Endings:

The Warrior Princess (Default Path Ending) - When faced with not having changed much in The Dungeon, somehow...a childish wish is made. Surprisingly, it proves to be possible...with a few twists...

The Immortal Shifter (Intelligence Ending) - The delver wants to be a True Shapeshifter, able to change into any sort of being. Totally possible! But...this is The Dungeon of Lewdity, so of course, there are a few caveats...

The Dungeon Mistress (Lewdity Ending) - The delver, having just encountered one of the Dungeon Masters that run much of the dungeon, is curious if it's possible to become one...which, of course, it is! Or this wouldn't be an ending!

Safeword Endings:
Arena Champion...Sort of? : Located after the Tentacle girl room in the Physical Transformations - Other path.
The Haunted Bordell: Located after the Ghost Room in the Physical Transformations - Other path.
Who Needs an Overcompensating Glowstick?: Located after the Assari Matron room in the Physical - Racial Transformation Path.
Surprisingly, not a Stripper! : Located after the Assari Maiden room in the Physical - Racial Transformation Path.

Other Stuff:

- Overhauled the Lewdity/Int Points for the Physical-Other Path. There are more of them now, and they can be found in the attached guide. Assuming this is the $3+ post you're reading!

- Did some work on the Character Menu. I'm still not 100% happy with it, but it should accurately reflect most transformations now. I also removed the boobsize bit, as it just didn't happen often enough to justify its own section of images.

- Fixed a few bugs and typos.

Media (1)

DoL_Cover_Title_Censored.png (1.1MiB)

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #35743141 - 20 May 20 13:55
PC. I fixed it though, I moved the files after downloading and accidentally put the images file in the wrong place. I put it where it should be and it works. Great game you got here BTW!
user avatar
Novus - 21 May 20 04:47
That would do it :-). Thanks for letting me know you got it sorted out!
user avatar
User #35743141 - 20 May 20 04:41
The images will not load in the game and I don't know why. What can I do to fix it?
user avatar
Novus - 20 May 20 13:07
What are you playing on? PC or Mac? The only thing I know for sure will make the images fail is trying to play it on mobile, sadly it isn't mobile compatible.
user avatar
User #5380519 - 18 May 20 10:21
Is there a new walkthrough inside? Being a bit lost with the whole load of endings, found most of them, but the 3 new ones for example, haven’t found them so far... the Version i have speaks of 6 splits, Bondage, physical and mental, with more splits in them... so are the default endings a seventh split or am I missing something?
user avatar
Novus - 18 May 20 11:05
I'm afraid there is no such thing as a full walkthrough for the game. What there are however, are the three files I just attached showing. 1) Where all the rooms are located 2) How to start each of the six paths 3) How to find All Lewdity and Int Point in the game I admit I debated leaving that last one as a patron-exclusive guide...but with the game now 100% complete, I'd feel bad about that :-p. So I'm not going to. Between those three, there shouldn't be any trouble in finding specific rooms, paths, or endings....but they sadly won't tell you how to solve every puzzle :-(. I didn't start that sort of walkthrough early and at this point it would be a monumental undertaking.
user avatar
User #5380519 - 18 May 20 11:41
Ah i See. Will take a look at the files then, perhaps I have older ones. On which paths are the 3 new endings? So I can directly look in the right place. And thanks for the answer and the great game
user avatar
Novus - 18 May 20 23:06
Doh, normally I include their location in the release notes. Since I apparently didn't this time: All three new True Endings for this build are at the end of the Physical -> Other Path.
Chastity Quest - Build 2 - Public Release!
Chastity Quest - Build 2 - Public Release!more_vert
Post file flag
Chastity Quest - Build 2 - Public Release! 2020-05-01T11:23:41+00:00close

$5+ Patrons, you have your own post, with the release of the alpha build of Chastity Quest Build 3!

$10+ Patrons, you have another post, with updated cheats and an updated walkthrough!


With those notices taken care of, time to post the Chastity Quest Build 2 links for the public! Shockingly, no new bugs have been reported by those who've gotten it already, so I'm hopeful l won't be flooded with bugs this time?

And speaking of bugs, you'll note in a minute that there is an extra release link. This link is specifically for Mac users that are still having trouble getting the game to run. It's a browser-based version...that is ultimately a hacked, workaround solution, that requires some editing of browser security settings for anyone trying to use it. Therefore, I recommend not using it unless the regular mac downloads won't work for you. I'm still trying to figure out a better solution, but I'm starting to run thin on options. The issue originates from the RPGmaker/VN maker engine, not my code, and it's been a known issue for YEARS, supposedly. It's basically that certain specific builds of Mac OSX don't play nice with a game package built in windows. I don't have access to a mac, so there's nothing I can do to fix it, and my attempts to find a free way to host the web version online have hit a brick wall because of the game's size. In the future, I may release a lower-resolution version of the game in order to get the files small enough to host somewhere like Gamejolt. For now...the workaround is all I can offer :-(.

Getting over that and onto the actual release post, there is some good news! While I only got the content for the transit between Hope's Rest and New Landing squeezed into this smaller-than-normally-planned build...the reason for that is because I massively expanded the size of the 'scenes.' While there are only about 10 scenes in total, I've listened to the feedback polls and expanded those scenes to include lots of still images instead of just single HD video clips covering most of the sexy times. I think the six scenes in the Dom and Sub paths of the Dawn's Rose are officially the largest in the game at this point. To the point, in fact, that I'm not sure I can actually still call them 'scenes,' as they each encompass several events...

Now...links and release notes!

Windows Links:




Mac Links:



File Upload

Mac Bullshit Workaround Fix:

Google Drive

Note! You will get a blank black screen if you simply try to run the above file! In order to make the bullshit workaround version work, you'll need to disable a security setting in your browser, designed to prevent unknown publishers from running browser stuff from local files. The only way to fix it from my end it to host it and let you play the game online...but I don't have the money for a paid server and free ones won't host a game this big. So, for now, if you need to use this version, you can make it function by fiddling with the CORS settings of your browser:


I STRONGLY recommend not using this version unless the regular mac downloads don't work for you!


Build 2 Release Notes:

The new content for Build 2 takes the form of 3 separate routes you can unlock for the transit between Hope's Rest and New Landing. You will need to purchase passage aboard the Dawn's Rose from the Scarlett Sisters (who can be found only after asking Sam about passage out of Hope's Rest). There are also some major new 'other' additions to the game, as well, such as Fast Travel from Kiralia's room in Hope's Rest and a cheats menu...

The Dominant Route: If Kiralia is Dominant enough, she can earn a discount on passage by agreeing to be Aleyna Scarlett's Mistress for the duration of the voyage. This Route has 3 major 'scenes' that cover entire themed days, allowing you to play with Aleyna in various ways...

The Submissive Route: If Kiralia is Submissive enough (Low Dom Score), she can earn a discount on passage by agreeing to be Shizara Scarlett's plaything for the duration of the voyage. This route has 3 major 'scenes' that cover entire themed days, where Kiralia will be subjected to the whims of Captain Shizara...

The Default Route: Somewhat different than the other two routes, this option is always available for Kiralia, regardless of her Dominance level. It's also structured very differently than the other two routes. Kiralia will be presented with a series of choices throughout each day, leading to different outcomes depending on which combination of choices she makes. It's actually somewhat hard to put an exact 'scene' count to this route, as different daily encounters can be mixed and matched over the three days. There is roughly a similar amount of content as the other two paths...though some of it may be harder to find ;-).

Other Stuff:

Credits: The Game's Credits page has been majorly revamped! While I can't give detailed links to every single mod in use (though, of course, the ModList linked in the Credit's Page has been suitably updated for Build 2), I can and HAVE included new pages for Hope's Rest and the Dawn's Rose on the credits page. If you click on them, you'll get a list of the major Location and NPC mods, as well as some others that deserve highlighting or were used in a major way. And that list has links to each mod's official page, either on Nexus or Lover's Lab, as appropriate.Of course, the list of $10+ patrons has also been updated! A special thanks Casey Brown and talori for joining George Lever and Mark as $10 patrons!

Fast Travel: Based on a player suggestion, I've added a Fast Travel menu option in Kiralia's Room. Meaning that you don't have to click around nearly as much after ending up there in the mornings, now.

Escape Key: Due to the seriously large number of complaints (I hated it too, to be fair), I dug around in the Visual Novel Maker Engine's code and found where the dumbass thing had the Escape Key set to exit the game. I couldn't get rid of the code entirely (it generated an error when I tried), but I was able to remap the blasted thing. The escape key no longer exits the game! Though, be aware that the HOME key now does so instead. Honestly, I figured no one really uses that key...but just so you know...

Cheats Menu: While this is truly only relevant for the $10+ patrons, who now have the cheat codes in their own post, a cheat menu has been added to Hope's Rest. Cheats to manipulate most stats are now available to $10+ patrons!

Media (1)

Dawn_Rose_4.png (4.8MiB)

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #8997936 - 2 May 20 10:41
First of, Just recently discovered this game. Still in early stages but it does seem fun. For now i have two questions. One bug report and one that I'm not sure is a bug or I'm just unlucky in the rnd. 1. If you go to the ship "normaly" with Lust at Max. It triggers the scene of walking through Hope and you are off the ship like you were never on it. Pretty sure that's not supposed to happen 2. Working for Jillian I can't seem to get the scene where you are supposed to struggle out of the jacket by yourself when you are locked in the belt. Could be I'm just unlucky or is there a "check" where it doesn't happen with the belt on? or some other Stat?
user avatar
Novus - 4 May 20 12:38
Damn, sorry for the delay in responding to this. I saw it but then got distracted and forgot about responding. First, thanks for the bug report. The Lust Max scene shouldn't happen there, obviously, and probably means I copy-pasted something somewhere that I shouldn't have. I'll look into it. As for the second thing, as I've tested to make sure it's possible to trigger every single scene, I'm guess it's a combination of bad luck and how the engine works. The randoms aren't very good at being random, often getting stuck on one result until you go somewhere else and do another thing, then come back. That's not something I can fix, as it's a flaw in the engine itself, a flaw actually shared by most of the common VN engines, as it happens -_-.
user avatar
User #8997936 - 4 May 20 14:47
No worries on the late reply. Had a fear it was something like that. Oh well, back to "testing". Anyway. Keep up the good work. Patiently waiting for the next update while considering to become a Patreon. Cheers
user avatar
User #15198899 - 3 May 20 17:52
is this 3d game?
user avatar
Novus - 4 May 20 12:39
I'm not sure what you mean. It's not a full you-can-walk-around the world game, but the art is 3d. Since you could mean either, I'm not sure how to answer.
user avatar
User #2750649 - 1 May 20 23:09
none of the windows links work
user avatar
Novus - 1 May 20 23:38
??? The Racty and FileUpload links are working for me. The mega one is currently being a little jerk and I'm trying to fix it.
user avatar
Novus - 1 May 20 23:41
Mega link should be working again as well, now.
user avatar
User #2750649 - 1 May 20 23:43
mega worked.. thanks for the quick fix..
The Dungeon of Lewdity (Build 13) - Public
The Dungeon of Lewdity (Build 13) - Publicmore_vert
Post file flag
The Dungeon of Lewdity (Build 13) - Public 2020-04-17T07:06:00+00:00close

$3+ Patrons, you have your own post, with the final build of the game!

Alright, sorry there was a bit of a delay between me releasing the Final Build for patrons and me getting to the Public build release. I pushed my day-job stuff to the side to get the final build out at the target time, and had to spend a few hours catching up before I could take the time to do everything else related to the monthly DoL release (not just this post, but the Reddit Posts and TF Games Site Update).

Regardless, you did read that right. I just released the final build of the game (barring tweaks or bug fixes), which means that this public release of Build 13 is the second-to-last update. Never fear for your monthly fix from my patron, though! Not only is Chastity Quest (Public, Patron) still ongoing, but there are 3 new games being voted on by patrons, to see which one will replace The Dungeon of Lewdity. Once that's decided, I'll put up a public post for non-patron followers to learn about whichever game that will be :-)!

In the meantime, on with Build 13 of DoL's public release!


Release Notes for Build 13:

This build contains a new room, a new Village Ending, and three new True Endings! All for the Physical-Racial path, per last month's voting!

New Room:

The final Assari room is here! Per the same pattern as the other racial transformations, this room is a Village Room, meaning it's significantly larger than the average room. Come visit the Assari's City, see what sort of entertainments they have...and learn how they ended up in The Dungeon in the first place...

New Village Ending:

A new Village, means a new Village Ending! See what life would be like if our delver decides to stay in the Assari's City, instead of completing The Dungeon of Lewdity. As always, this ending is considerably more involved than the typical Safeword Exit endings, Though, of course, not as involved as a True Ending.

New True Endings:

All three of the Racial Path endings were added this month! As was mentioned in the poll (though, of course, not everyone got to see that), endings for the Physical Paths are a little different! While there are still the three primary splits (Default, Intelligence, and Lewdity), in the case of the Racial Path, those splits take the form of the three Races the delver transformed into. In other words, there are Orc, Minotaur, and Assari based endings!

Minotaur Ending (Default Path Ending) - When faced with arguments by three different guides, Minnie the Minotaur throws in something extra to convince the delver they want to be a Minotaur. Just what is it...and how will it affect her future?

Orc Ending (Intelligence Ending) - The delver actually manages to surprise The Dungeon when they request to be fully trained as a Shamaness! Watch what their like will be life After the Dungeon, with new skills, a new race, and Intelligence hones by The Dungeon...

Assari Ending (Lewdity Ending) - The delver asks for something that even The Dungeon needs time to make! But it seems eager to give it a try...but what is it that is so unusual that it needs the Assari's expertise in addition to that of the powerful Dungeon of Lewdity itself?

Other Stuff:

- Overhauled the Lewdity/Int Points for the Racial Path. There are more of them now, and they can be found in the attached guide. Assuming this is the $3+ post you're reading!

- Fixed a bug clear back in the Maze Room, that no one ever reported -_-. Apparently, I failed to set a variable in some of the fail rooms, so you had to sit through the entire spiel at the start of the maze again if you failed. That wasn't supposed to be the case...

- I found that bug because I was fixing the Lewdity Point in the room. You can no longer get infinite Lewdity by simply failing over and over.

- A handful of incidental typo fixes.

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Comments (2)
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User #841185 - 17 Apr 20 12:25
I think you might have accidentally locked the final build behind the 5 dollar tier instead of the 3 dollar one
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Novus - 17 Apr 20 13:55
Yep. Totally did. Oops? Thanks for reporting it, it should be fixed now!
Chastity Quest - Public Feedback Poll 2020-03-25T02:58:33+00:00

Okay, as I mentioned on at least one of the forms (plus to my patrons), I'm going to be running some feedback polls now that Chastity Quest has a fully public release. Some of the polls will be patron-only, but one or two of them (starting with this one) will have public versions, so that I can get a feel for what people did and didn't like. I shouldn't have to state the obvious, but Patron Poll results will be more heavily weighted for me, as they are the people helping me have the time and resources to make all my games! That said, the public polls will matter as well. The weighting will be purely mathematical, so enough votes in this poll can still change the things pretty majorly, depending on how many people vote.


What this poll is about! Essentially, with this first poll, what I'm wanting to know is how people liked the basic format of the Sex Scenes. Ignoring any technical issues or bugs (most of which have been squished, I hope). What I did with Chastity Quest was a fairly different departure from most adult games. As you'll know if you've given it a shot, virtually all scenes are set up with a few images, then roughly 1-1.5 minutes of video. What I want to know is...do you actually like that format? Or would you prefer to see more images and less video? Or even (though somewhat more time consuming) would you prefer to see the video broken up into smaller snippets, which have descriptive text and still between them?

For clarity's sake, the following is what the options mean:

I like the format as it is: As is says on the proverbial tin. You like how the sex scenes are formatted already, no need to fix what isn't broken.Most of the game's scenes felt good to you as they were.

I'd prefer to see more still images, with descriptive text: Because of the video being in long chunks, there was no real place to put much description of the action. This option means you would prefer to see more still images used, so that there is more erotic descriptions and writing (which can give more emotion to the scenes, in a lot of ways). This would be the more traditional VN option, with only short bits of animation mixed in. Much closer in nature to the other games I've made, which rely on my writing to carry the erotic charge/tone of a scene. That can be good (I'm a writer first and foremost, after all)...but so can more comprehensive animation/video, which is currently what the game has. Examples of this already in the game are scenes like the Bondage Adventures you get from Drinking with Seesha.

I'd prefer to see the video broken up into smaller bits: This option is reflected in a couple of current scenes, that have more than one video in them (Example - Jillian needing Seesha's help to get out of bondage gear). Even compared to those, however, this would be chopping the videos up in something more like 10-15 second segments, and putting text between. Sort of a medium between the other two options...but this is ALSO the most time-intensive option, by far, so it might mean slightly smaller updates.

Chastity Quest - Bug Fix Patch!
Chastity Quest - Bug Fix Patch! more_vert
Post file flag
Chastity Quest - Bug Fix Patch! 2020-03-21T21:16:50+00:00close


The Developers of Visual Novel Maker have gotten back to me with an "emergency fix" solution for the 'stuck backgrounds' bug! They haven't yet been able to fix/update the engine, but they provided me with script files that would brute force fix the issue. INCLUDING repairing any saved games you already have the bug on! I will be replacing all of the download links for the game, over the next several hours (this game is big enough and there are enough links that it will take a while). However, as I don't want everyone to have to suffer through the large download again, I've also created patches for Windows and Mac.

Windows Patch File

Mac Patch File

Just extract the contentof the zip file into the game directory and overwrite everything it askes. Note! If you are loading a save with the bug, you can fix it by opening the settings menu (Right-click on windows, not sure on Mac),simply opening the settings menu and then hitting 'back' to get back to the game, should cause the stuck background to clear.

The patch also repairs the bugs fixed in the previous small patch, as well as one or two others. I don't knowif it fixes the occasional random crashes (or the Blacksmith Shop Crashes two people have reported). I suspectthey had the same source, so the patch may fix them. However, is someone is still getting those random crashes after the patch please report them again, so I know that specific issue isn't fixed!

P.S. - I almost forgot, the developer warned that this isn't an 'official' (read: fully tested) fix. And asked me to send along any reports about errors that it causes. They don't think there will be any, but if something doesbreak in a new and interesting way after you install the patch, please let me know so I can inform them!

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CQ_Title_Menu.png (2.9MiB)

The Dungeon of Lewdity Build 12 (Public)
The Dungeon of Lewdity Build 12 (Public)more_vert
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The Dungeon of Lewdity Build 12 (Public) 2020-03-21T01:39:45+00:00close

$3+ Patrons, you have your own post with the release of Build 13.

For the general public, hi! With the release of Build 13, it's time to release Build 12 to the general public! As per the usual $5+ Patron voting, this update had the Assari Matron room (which has a two option split, one puzzle and one non-puzzle), the final room of the Physical - Other path (which I had a lot of fun with! I like the character I made for that room ^_^. She was fun for me to write), and both Mental Path Intelligence Endings.

Unlike Build 11, which was on the smaller side for various reasons, this Build is a return the roughly the regular build size I usually put out! Build 13 is the same, with Build 14 next month probably being a tiny bit smaller, as it will be The Final Build of the game! Whohoo! Don't worry about seeing any more of The Dungeon just yet, though! A series of polls to determine what game will follow up The Dungeon of Lewdity, is already underway for Patrons. And two of the options are follow-up Dungeon of Lewdity games!

Now, onward to the download links and release notes!

Google Docs

Build 12 Release Notes

This build contains two new rooms, one each in each of the Physical Transformation paths, and two new True Endings (Mental Sub - Intelligence Ending and Mental Dom - Intelligence Ending).

New True Endings:

Mental-Submissive: Intelligence True Ending - This is the (Sub) variant of the True Ending - Best Friend, a sort of companion variant/ending to the Best Friend (Dom) ending. The content is very different though! Reflecting not just Dom/Sub differences, but also the Int/Default differences. Find out what happens when a submissive creative, submissive delver goes back home after a clever wish...

Mental-Dominant: Intelligence True Ending - The Sub Trainer, True Ending! See what happens when a smart delver decides to negotiate a complex wish with The Dungeon. The delver has a plan...and that plan will take her far!

New Rooms:

Assari Matron Room: Continuing the Assari trio of rooms(Racial Transformation Path), this room introduces the Matron Phase for the Assari, where the Assari have a choice to make: to be or not to be a futanari? This room presents you with both options, with completely different results depending on which you choose! Give both a try! Unless you really don' t like futa, I suppose...

The Dungeon Master Room: Located just after the Ghost Girl Room Meet one of the beings that oversees a section of The Dungeon...she might not be quite what you expect! She also might just be my favorite character in The Dungeon of Lewdity so far...

Other Stuff:

- A few typos corrected.

Media (1)

DoL_Cover_Title_Censored.png (1.1MiB)

Comments (3)
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User #32320171 - 4 Apr 20 15:08
Hey, there! As Always, it's a supherb "Fitness Activity" for me to play DoL. But if i remember correctly, you put a "pathing Walkthrough" online somewhere, but i cannot find it anywhere anymore. If you do remember where it is, "would you kindly tell me where i have to look for?" (Let's see if you can spot my Reference :D)
user avatar
Novus - 4 Apr 20 23:17
I believe that's a Bioshock reference :-). As for the 'pathing walkthrough,' if you mean a full walkthrough, I've never made one. I did, however, make a walkthrough designed to show you how to start each of the six different paths. If that's what you're referring to, you can actually find a link to it in the overview/about section. I freakin HATE that patreon changed where that was located, since I built the original overview specifically to let people find everything they have access to. Now, instead of it being the main landing page for everyone, the only way to get to it for non-patron is to somehow get on the Patreon Page itself, instead of the Posts Page, which they've made a ROYALE pain in the ass for Adult Content patreons, since we don't show up in searches >_<. Ranting aside, use this URL: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=568893 That will show you the overview, which has the link for the 6-paths starter guide. Technically, I've also released an excel doc listing where all the rooms are (though not a guide to actually finishing them), as well as a listing of all the games Lewdity and Int points....but I've kept those restricted to Patrons only, sorry :-p...
user avatar
User #32320171 - 5 Apr 20 16:28
You are my hero! As soon i as i get my pending paychecks, you can bet your peach, that i am pledging as an Academy Stockholder ;)
Chastity Quest: Chasing the Next Release - Build 1 (Public)
Chastity Quest: Chasing the Next Release - Build 1 (Public)more_vert
Chastity Quest: Chasing the Next Release - Build 1 (Public) 2020-03-14T04:38:22+00:00close

Salutations! Welcome to the first Public release of my newest game: Chastity Quest - Chasing the Next Release!

Update 2: Someone asked about sound, since there are sound settings. Currently, sound is not implemented in the game. The current sounds settings are part of the default engine software, not sometihng I added. I do hope to add both music and sex-scene relevant sounds in the future. Please remember this is a SUPER early release from a solo developer, despite the amount of content in it!

Update 1: Some people are having trouble with the Mac version. It seems to be a read/write permission issue on the folder. Try setting the permissions for the folder and all files within to Read/Write instead of Read Only. Currently, this is the only possible solution I have for you, still seeking other options. Please still report details of any issues, as the more information I have the better I'll be able to track down the cause!

----A Few Words from the Developer: Feel Free to Skip----

As you should know if you've landed on my Patreon at all, this is an adult game :-). In particular, this one heavily features a niche fetish featured in very few games. Having said that, despite the name, don't think this is a single-focus game! Like all of my games, it contains (or will contain) a wide range of kinks and fetishes. Just in the first build alone, it features the obvious Chastity Play kink, but also features traditional BDSM, Dom/Sub, Milking/Lactation, Pony Play, Spanking (currently one scene only), and more. And despite the most apparent theme, there is a LOT of sex in the game. It's not a game all about how the protagonist never gets to climax, which may disappoint some people with that particular fetish (though, if you're one of them, never fear, there are scenes like that). I didn't think that would make a very fun adult game! As such, this game focuses mostly on the struggle to get free of the magic chastity belt involved and have some fun...or to have some fun despite it still being on!

The game is also large, both in download size and content! Despite this being a first release, it has more content in it than many outright finished games, so please give it a whirl even if you normally skip first releases :-p. Not all releases will be this size, I build this one to be big specifically to avoid that first-release frustration many players get! As for the download size...sorry about that! There's a lot of HD content and I'm still working on ways to minimize the size without impacting the quality!


Game Description: As fourth age stretches on, adventurous souls push back the borders of the wildlands, delving ruins of long-forgotten kingdoms, seeking wealth and knowledge alike. And so it is that a new frontier has opened yet again, drawing many to it for adventure.... but whoever originally built the ruins near the adventurer's frontier town of Hope's Rest, must have been a kingdom of perverts! The ruins are well over 400 years old and no one seems to know from whence they came...but the female adventurers, at least, certainly know what sort of people once lived here. Many were driven away by their first encounter with a bondage trap or lust bomb...but not Kiralia.

Play as the young elf Kiralia as she deals with the consequences of a certain diabolical trap. Caught in the clutches of a magical chastity belt that seems to have a mind of its own, she must set out to find a way free of her predicament. Temporary solutions are plentiful...but the belt always comes back in the end. Help her adventure along as she seeks out permanent freedom! Determine what sort of person she'll become under its mischievous influence. Will she become submissive to the desires of the those around her? Or will she defy her seeming fate to become a dominant. And what sort of troubles will she find along the way...

Technical Details: The game uses a heavily modded copy of Skyrim for graphic assets (full mod list available on credits screen).


Build 1 Summary: Build one contains the ENTIRE first Hub area, the village of Hope's Rest. This includes 55 unique sex scenes, some of which have a few minor variants as well! See release notes for more details.




Upload Haven




Upload Haven (In Progress)




Walkthrough: Attached to post!

Chastity Quest Build 1 Release Notes:

This build is HUGE, containing the entirety of Hope's Rest. While Hope's Rest is the smallest of at least 5 planned 'Hub Areas,' it still contains a staggering amount of content for a first release. In a nutshell, this content includes:

- 5 'Major' NPCs : Major meaning they have their own chats, backstory, and a considerable amount of sex content based around them.

- 1 Additional Named NPC: Chats and Backstory, minimal sex content.

- Numerous Minor NPCs

- 5 Major Locations (plus the ruins, technically)

- 5 Jobs that can be performed around town at the various locations

- 55 unique sex scenes, many of them gated behind various requirements

Known Issues:

- Skip feature DISABLE. I've disabled the Skip feature in the game do to a bug with the current build of the engine. The bug is somewhat game-breaking and occurs most frequently when Skip is used. I and a number of other developers have reported the same problem, so hopefully it gets fixed soon!

- Random chance rolls not being as random as it should be. If this happens to you, leave the area of the game it is happening at (such at the magic shop), DO SOMETHING that passes time elsewhere, then return. Results should once again be random. This, unfortunately, is a problem with the engine, not my code, there is nothing I can do to fix it.

- Some U.I. elements might not always be where they ought to. I THINK I have this fixed, but it was an issue up until just a couple of hours ago. It's minor issues like the Character Menu button not always appearing or disappearing as it should. Nothing game-breaking (I hope).

- Possibly additional unknown bugs! PLEASE REPORT THEM, seriously, PLEASE.

Media (3)

CQ_Title_Menu.png (2.9MiB)
Belt_Strugle_2.jpg (575.6KiB)
BS_Work_Low_Kiss.jpg (1.3MiB)

Comments (38)
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User #5535203 - 14 Mar 20 12:12
Getting an error on launch on the mac: Oops! An unexpected error has occurred. Uncaught Error: EROFS: read-only file system, open './/settings.vndata' File: fs.js@663:18 Stack trace: Error: EROFS: read-only file system, open './/settings.vndata' at Object.fs.openSync (fs.js:663:18) at Object.fs.writeFileSync (fs.js:1314:33)
user avatar
Novus - 14 Mar 20 18:06
Okay, I've had two reports of this error for Mac users. Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac, which is making this a bit of a nightmare to run down. The best I've been able to find out so far is that what is happening is that the files for the settings/saves/etc are somehow getting set to 'read-only.' Currently, the only POSSIBLE fix I have for you is to check the permissions for the folder (or specific files if you can find them). I have NO IDEA how to do that for Mac, so the following is purely a copy paste on the how-to from tech website: ---------------------- Step 1 Launch a new Finder window. You can do this quickly by clicking the blue "Finder" icon in the dock at the bottom of the screen. Click a disk, folder or file to highlight it. Step 2 Hold down the "Command" key and press "I" to open the Get Info window for the highlighted item. Step 3 Scroll down to "Sharing & Permissions" in the Get Info window. If you can't see a list of permissions below this section title, click the "Disclosure Triangle" beside the title to see the sharing and permissions. Step 4 Click the "Lock" icon in the window's bottom right corner if the lock is closed. Enter your password as prompted. The lock icon changes to the unlocked position, indicating that you can now make changes to the permissions. Step 5 Choose a user or group of users in the list, and click the "Read-Only" privilege beside it. Select "Read-Write" from the drop-down menu. Step 6 Click the "Lock" icon when you have finished changing permissions to prevent anyone from changing them again without the administrative password. --------------------- You...probably don' t need step 6? I haven't used a Mac in like 15 years, so... ANYWAY, if you can try that to change permission for all files within the folder (which is how it works on Windows), doing so MIGHT fix the issue. It certainly won't cause any harm, at the very least. I'm also going to be rebuilding the Mac download and seeing if that helps, but beyond that I'm not sure what else to do. I'll keep looking for a solution when I can, and put in a request for help with the engine developers... If you do try the above fix, PLEASE let me know if it works or not, so I can help other people that may have the problem!
user avatar
User #5535203 - 14 Mar 20 19:03
I had thrown away the game, and after downloading it again (from mega) I assume that's the rebuild you just made? Because now it doesn't open at all. I get a "error -47" which would mean "file is busy". If I do a Get Info in the finder I see that the owner of the file (me, in this case) already has read/write privileges.
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 11:13
I really dislike the writing style here. It seems really odd that you stripped down all of the writing from the main character, to the point where it feels like all of the sex events are happening to a piece of toast. I think you kind of realized that the main character and her predicament is the driver of the plotline in such a way that she can't just be an off-screen blank slate. But, she's so empty that the events happening to her feel meaningless. The fact you don't give her dialogue basically fucks up the script in two ways. As stated above, it totally strips the main character of anything resembling a hook. But, the second thing it does is totally destroy any conversation system. A normal conversation will have a back and forth rythem to it, but that's just impossible with the way your wrote the protagonist. There is no chemistry or anything. I think the way you did dialogue contributes to this. It's all done in a novel style, with descriptions often breaking up lines like in prose. But, Visual Novels aren't prose. They are *visual*. You're able to put the action in the images, and let dialogue be free standing. The only times you need descriptions are when you want to put specific details in or for sex/action scenes as complimentary information. There's a reason why VN's normally look like a script. This is a big deal because it contributes to the sense of your conversations having no "flow" and because it creates a huge text barrier. Having a lot of text isn't bad, but the text needs "stuff". The more text that feels like time wasting there is, the worse. Also because it interrupts your charachters' speech in a way already harming the already non-exsitent flow. The overall effect was...despite all of the kinks and details being stuff I should like, I found this dreadfully dull. Duller then works that put a fraction of the effort into writing.
user avatar
Novus - 14 Mar 20 18:26
Wow. Okay. So...this is actually the very first time anyone has complained about the writing in one of my games. Usually, it's the thing people are positive about! So that stings a bit :-p. The mere fact that you were so harsh on it is probably going to make me try and improve it, since I'm a writer first and foremost. However, I do think that there are two points you aren't fully processing. 1) You are incorrect about the blank-slate thing. Kiralia is actually SUPPOSED to be a blank slate that the user can project their thoughts about the character onto. It almost has to be that way, since I've designed the game from the ground up to allow the user to play it any way they choose. Kiralia can be dominant or submissive, actively into certain fetishes or actively trying to avoid them. That's up to the player to shape, not me, and it will stay that way. In many ways this game is more RPG than Visual Novel, and I mostly call it a Visual Novel because...it's made using a Visual Novel engine and most people would recognize the style as such. 2) Hope's Rest is the equivalent of a starting area/zone. It's there to give the players a feel for the mechanics more than anything else, while still being fun to play. It's the SMALLEST of 6 planned sub-areas, with the fewest major NPCs and variations in themes. The main quest of the game hasn't even really gotten started and the only character from Hope's Rest that will ever appear again in the game is Seesha (minor spoiler there, I suppose). Once the player reaches New Landing (the next area), the game is going to broaden somewhat, with multiple paths and sets of quests to choose from. It's therefore not exactly surprising that you find Kiralia a little bland, thus far. ------------------------ The one other thing I will also say is this: With this game I've been experimenting with format of scenes. In adult games, a lot of the 'personality' of each character actually comes out through the sex interactions. Are they shy? Bold? Dominant? Submissive? Sensual or rough? Etc. Etc. Unfortunately, the new format I tried out, that of using HD video clips instead of static images with descriptions of those sorts of things, has somewhat flopped with my patrons so far. I'm going to be running a feedback poll for the Public as well, and if that poll says the same thing my patron-only poll did, I will likely be making future content (as well as slowly replacing current content) in a more traditional VN style, with far more descriptive elements and additional dialogue in the sex-scene components. The lack of that, currently, may be feeding into your impression, if you were expecting and looking for the typical VN experience? At any rate, while I won't massively overhaul the game from any one person's criticisms, I've certainly heard you and, depending on what other feedback I get, there may be quite a bit of change in the future that will make it better for you :-). Thanks for the feedback! Seriously, even if it was negative (perhaps even more so because it's negative but detailed) hearing peoples impressions really helps!
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 19:13
Well, let's talk blank slate Protagonists.
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 19:14
First, a blank slate Protagonist is almost always not the one whom the action is done too. The sexual component of this story is first and foremost the chastity belt and the MC being stuck in it. But, this has no weight because you went with a blank slate Protagonist. This is to say.
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 19:18
A blank slate protaganist is one who can "do things" in the player's perception. But, it is not one who can be the subject of things consistently. This is why a harem game is a perfectly fine game to do a blank slate protaganist.
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 19:19
But, the MC here IS the main sexual focus of the story, and thus when she's cabbage cheese, then the rest of the game is too.
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 19:20
Second, most of the time, when a blank slate protaganist is done the level of text goes down, so the player can fill in the rest with their brain. They don't get dialogue, but their conversational role goes totally blank. You have moments where the player character SHOULD be talking, but nothing comes out. Normally a blank slate protaganist just wouldn't have those prompts, or they'd be done entirely with a choice menu.
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 19:22
But, you have these weird moments where a full two person conversation is happening, but you stripped out the dialogue of one half. It both draws attention to how blank the protaganist is, but also kills the rythem of dialogue. It is somehow worse then if the protaganist was just mute, ala Legend of Zelda.
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 19:24
For a blank slate protaganist in a story based game, you actually missed many of the key moments, because she stills needs charachterization. Normally a game would let you design the charachter's personality a bit, or give more expanse choices. Perhaps some kind of origin menu like Mass Effect (don't do this. See problem 1.) but there's just nothing here.
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 19:25
Basically, a blank slate protagonist can be done better or worse. It can actually be really hard to write some times, so I empathize. That said, this is a particularly bad example.
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 19:28
Recap in bullet points. - Blank Slate Protaganists do not work then the protaganist is the main subject of action. - BSPs are normally employed in games that are not text heavy. The text heaviness often draws attention to it. - Mute or Menu-Based dialogue works much better for a BSP then having their dialogue filled in with description, because it lets you keep flow. - For text-heavy games, a Blank Slate protaganist is often given a customizeable background or a more in-depth personality that tracks more states. You tried to track it with only one state and without prior details.
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 19:30
Conclusion: If you are going back and doing a rewrite, I see one of two things you should do. Less work: Give up on the blank slate. Give her a personality, give her real dialogue. Re-tool the dialogue so it flows better. More work: Go back and add a more robust stat system, including more complex dialogue trees and multi-state personality. Then go back and fill all the weird conversation blank spots with menu dialogue.
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 19:34
On the subject of VN based dialogue. Here is what I will say. You want to use a script format instead of prose. But, you seem to think the problem is familiarity. This is a mistake. Some writing formats fit some media formats better then others. The key detail here is that any game with visuals, call it a visual novel or an rpg, communicates information with the visuals. This is especially true in games with more visuals as opposed to less. Good writing adds description around it. You're writing in a novel style with this game, but that's stupid and pointless. It's stupid and pointless because a lot of the information is conveyed visually, and you don't need to do that.
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 19:34
That's why people are having a kneejerk negative response. It's because you're ruining your charachter dialogue with all of this "she said" that's not valuable situationally.
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 19:37
There's nothing wrong with using heavy description in a game like this. The basic problem is simply what is the description being used for? In a good game that uses visuals, the purpose of text is to supplement the text with writerly detail, and context. The kind of information you can't convey visually to the same extent. That's why you want to use a script format. Dialogue and descriptive text are separated. Descriptive text omits blank restatement of the visuals.
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 19:50
Basically, do not fool yourself into thinking that the problem is just that it's at the starting area. Speaking as someone who writes multi-state dialogue with characters who can be at different levels of dominant vs submissive...you fucked up real hard from moment one.
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 19:51
Also, while I'm here, increase the bottom text size and don't put in any text segments longer then 4 lines at once. Break up paragraphs as you need to.
user avatar
Novus - 14 Mar 20 20:08
...Woah dude, that's almost unreadable because of the way you broke it up. On the other hand, you've also gone from 'feedback which I appreciate' to 'lecturing your grandmother on how to suck eggs.' I'm a professional novelist and ghostwriter, as well as having an actual honest-to-god degree in Game Software Design (and have, in point of fact, worked for several major game studios in the past, including as a quest designer). And I can tell you half of what you just spit out is utter nonsense. For example, the insanely popular Skyrim game that I'm using a modded copy of to provide graphics? It's a blank-slate protagonist game that has things happen to the character ALL the time. For that matter, the same is true for the entire Legend of Zelda series, as simply another popular example. You're just flat out, provably, wrong on that point. As another point...in what universe are you living that you think this game is text heavy? Have you played a visual novel before? ANY visual novel? Chastity Quest is actually extremely text LIGHT for that genre. Given that you seem at least basically familiar with them, I'm utterly and completely baffled at the assertion that this game is text-heavy... Lastly....you are literally the ONLY person so far that has had a 'kneejerk negative response,' The poll I mentioned before was explicitly about the video/still image/text split. It was about the FORMAT of the scenes, not the content. So far, every single response to this game, except for yours, has been positive. And I'm rather beginning to think that's simply because you don't like the overall writing style, which is an extremely common one across virtually every game genre, rather than not liking this game's writing specifically. While I am not the 'holier than thou, smite all that disagree with me type,' and will thus not remove any of your comments up to this point (however much I fundamentally disagree with many of your opinions), please keep any further commentary respectful, rather than lecturing like I'm a five-year-old with no writing or design experience -_-. Anything like that, from this point on, will simply be deleted. Not because I disagree with you, but because I refuse to let the comments become poisonous :-).
user avatar
User #4507692 - 14 Mar 20 22:32
Skyrim is an exploration based setting driven narrative. It also has robust charachter design. Legend of Zelda isn't really driven by Link's personality. It also have a world-centric narrative. You'll notice that in both of those games, the conflict is mostly bad guy vs world, and only pertains to the protag as they're the chosen one (IE a defined role in the dynamic of the world). Chastity Quest is a Protagonist centric narrative. The conflict of the story is a thing that happens specifically to them "a chastity belt was attached to them". The effect then is quite different.
user avatar
User #152955 - 14 Mar 20 16:20
One thing i think you should do about the night/sleeping is make it not auto sleep, so like you go to your room and sleep or gp to guild hall and sleep with seesha or how ever she let you sleep :)
user avatar
Novus - 14 Mar 20 18:10
I'm afraid that the auto sleep thing was a hard-learned lesson from one of my previous games :-p. Essentially what it is there for, from my standpoint, is to force-reset a bunch of things (like the time tracking variables) so they don't go haywire, keeping any bugs down to a minimum. It's possible, in the future, I might expand things to have options to sleep with others at night, or even night-time missions or quests. For now, it's set up the way it is to simplify the code for the game. :-)
user avatar
User #32246457 - 30 Mar 20 01:18
I'm getting an "Application cannot be opened" error on mac.
user avatar
Novus - 30 Mar 20 03:03
First: If you haven't already, move the game to /Applications. The Visual Novel Maker engine apparently doesn't like being run from /downloads or similar. Second: If you've done that and it's still giving you an error, there is apparently a known issue with both RPG Maker and Visual Novel Maker on SOME builds of OSX. On those builds, any game built from Visual Novel Maker on a Windows machine for a Mac machine (which I have to do, since I don't have access to a mac), can apparently cause OSX's security setting to shut down the attempt to run the game. I do not have access to a Mac, so I can't test any of the known solutions to the issue, but I found the largest concentration of fixes that have supposedly worked here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/failed-deployment-to-mac-os-x.55209/ It's an older RPG maker forum post, but has several things that may work, the simplest of which is to run it from 'Finder' while holding down the control key. Unfortunately, the two other people who have reported this issue haven't told me yet if any of the solutions worked, so I can't put them in an Update for the post. If you get it to work, please let me know! And if you DON'T get it to work, also please let me know, so I can continue trying to find a solution for you and anyone else that has the issue!
user avatar
User #32246457 - 2 Apr 20 22:59
I tried all the things in that forum. chmodding the file, turning the security off, even downloading wine and winebottler and trying to bottle it into an app. None of it worked--wine won't even work on catalina. Thanks for trying to help but unfortunately there's no way to get this to work without buying a whole new machine or operating system.
user avatar
User #32246457 - 2 Apr 20 22:59
Is this 32 bit by any chance? That may be the problem.
user avatar
Novus - 3 Apr 20 04:29
talori, check your messages :-). I built a 32 bit version for you to try, and I'm also going to try something else (read the message). Since you're a higher-tier patron I didn't want to just get Build 1 working for you, so the 32-bit version is for Build 2, hence why I didn't just link it here!
user avatar
User #4436672 - 14 Mar 20 18:18
Sound isn't working
user avatar
Novus - 14 Mar 20 18:38
That would be because there is no sound :-p. Not yet, at least! Sorry! Sound, both music for the game and sex-scene sounds, are something I hope to add in the future. I couldn't just use the existing sound-sets from the source material, because I did a heavy amount of video-editing, changing speeds, splicing multiple animations together, and cutting out sections of animation to shorten it to something the player wouldn't get bored with (the original animations are often very repetitive and last up to 3 minutes). As such, I need to find and purchase an adult-oriented sound library. I've got my eye on several...but there's a reason it's set as a Goal for the Patreon -_-. Suitable libraries are rare and oftentimes somewhat expensive....
user avatar
User #4436672 - 14 Mar 20 18:42
You should mention that in-game. I mean, you *do* have all these various audio settings
user avatar
Novus - 14 Mar 20 20:30
*shrug* No, I don't. The game engine itself does. I couldn't get rid of them if I wanted to. As for mentioning it in-game, I don't want to overwhelm with 'this is incomplete' messages. I will add a notice to the release post, though! *Edit* added the information to the release post!
user avatar
User #3092664 - 15 Mar 20 00:33
Would this help? (https://mega.nz/#F!7YYgUY4a!oFdfABMRQvFui8hFajng5A)
user avatar
Novus - 16 Mar 20 01:53
Some of them? Probably? I'm guessing they are meant to be used by stringing them together? I have to admit, sound editing is one thing I've barely scraped the surface of in previous games. Where are these from? Your own work?
user avatar
User #3092664 - 16 Mar 20 11:28
My own collection of sounds throughout the years yes. I try wherever possible to find royalty free sounds, or ones where you just have to mention their creator. Don't worry about not knowing sound editing, I started off knowing 0 about it. But if you're serious and you really want to create, it's vital to learn, even if it's just the basics. Learning complimentary skills really improves you and your creations. i had to learn camera angles, lighting, logo design, sound editing, animation, Marketing etc etc and even some out there skills like Python and C#, Renpy, Unity. But that's half the fun, exploring and discovering how new things can help. Enjoy creating. :-)
user avatar
Novus - 17 Mar 20 03:52
Oh, I know! I'm sure my video editing jobs for this game made you cringe, too ;-). I'm almost as much of a newbie there as the sound stuff. I do enjoy creating, as well as learning new skills, but it can get a bit...overwhelming...to try and do it all. It's part of why I didn't even TRY to do sound on this first build. I was already hip-deep in other stuff. It sounds like that library of sounds comes from a lot of places, some of which need accreditation :-(. As much as I appreciate you linking it, that probably means I ought to find sources on my own so I know where things come from :-p. Thanks a ton for trying to help, though!
user avatar
User #3092664 - 17 Mar 20 11:03
Well if you need sources: https://filmmusic.io/ is great for background music of all kinds and is creative commons license, so you only need to mention the creator. And here: https://freesound.org/browse/ you can find sound effects also from their source and under creative commons license. I'll leave it at that for you. Good luck in your search. I know what it's like, you start out and discover you have to learn everything. Something is low quality so you go and learn it and then something else comes up. But don't worry, as long as you continue improving that's what matters. Eventually you can start hiring and firing contractors that do the work for you, saving you time to produce more. But We're probably a long way away from that. if you ever want to commission someone to do the work for you Fiver.com is a great place to hire people.
The Dungeon of Lewdity Build 11 (Public Release)
The Dungeon of Lewdity Build 11 (Public Release)more_vert
Post file flag
The Dungeon of Lewdity Build 11 (Public Release) 2020-02-16T04:27:28+00:00close

Alright, The Dungeon of Lewdity Build 12 was just released for $3+ Patrons. Which, of course, means that it's time for the Public Release of Build 11! Build 11 was a little bit smaller than usual, due to me being fairly seriously sick for pretty much the entire time I was working on it back in January. Even so, however, it still contains 3 new True Endings totaling 221 new images. So, still sizable :-p. Anyway, links and release notes away!



Google Drive

Release Notes for Build 11:

This build focuses on 3 True Endings, all for the Mental paths, and totaling 221 new images.

Mental-Submissive: Default True Ending - The default ending for the Submissive Side of the Mental Path, the delver's wish results in The Dungeon having a chance to expand it's influence, via The Modular Maidens Fantasy Boutique & Brothel... Find out how this plays to the delver's desire to submit!

Mental Submissive: Lewdity True Ending - One of a pair of endings, along with the Lewdity Ending for the Dominant Mental Path. See what happens if I submissive delver decides to use her wish to Stay in the Dungeon...

Mental Dominant: Lewdity True Ending - One of a pair of endings, along with the Lewdity Ending for the Submissive Mental Path. See what happens if I dominant (and lesbian) delver decides to use her wish to Stay in the Dungeon...

Other Stuff:

-Overhauled the Lewdity/Int Points for both Mental Path routes. Technically, I only needed to do the Lewdity points this month...but I went ahead and did the Int Points too, to save a little work next month. Please Report any bugs I may have accidentally caused! I tried to test everything, but it's always possible with so many changes, to miss something.

-Removed an exploit for extra lewdity in Pokemon Parody Room. Previously, you could repeat the Porn Photoshoot for extra points, now you'll only get the lewdity point once. Though the rest of the rewards remain repeatable.

- Fixed a broken image in the Secretary Room

- Various typos and such fixed where spotted.

Media (1)

DoL_Cover_Title_Censored.png (1.1MiB)

The Dungeon of Lewdity - Build 10 (Public Release)
The Dungeon of Lewdity - Build 10 (Public Release)more_vert
Post file flag
The Dungeon of Lewdity - Build 10 (Public Release) 2020-01-16T03:49:46+00:00close

$3+ Patrons, you have your own post, with the release of Build 11!

For everyone else, this is the Public Release post for Build 10 :-). Build 10 was/is among the largest releases ever, for DoL. Honestly, I kinda bit off more than I could chew with it...but got it done somehow, last month. It contains new rooms, new True Endings, and new Safeword Exits all :-). Check out its release notes for more details!


Google Docs

Note: There is a file attached to this post, with hints/instructions on where you can find the Lewdity/Intelligence points if you are having trouble. There's also an updated excel file with the rooms as they currently exist mapped.

Build 10 Release Notes:

Build 10 adds three new True Endings, two new Rooms, and four Safeword Endings. One of those rooms finished up the Mental - Submissive Path, so that one will be due for it's endings soon! This build also brings the Bondage path in its entirety to a close!

New Rooms:

The Secretary Room: Found as the last room in the Mental - Submissive path, this room sets the protagonist up as a Succubus masquerading as several different secretaries for the Succubus Secretary Service...

The Assari Maiden Room: Based on patron voting, the new racial transformation set has started, for after you leave the Orc Village. The race is based upon Mass Effect's Asari...but isn't quite the same. Which will become more obvious in the second room, in the first it's a fairly close match...

True Endings:

The Bondage Shop - This is the Lewdity Ending for the Free/Public use path! Build up enough lewdity and you can open your own Bondage Emporium after you leave the dungeon...with all sorts of things to do! Advertise! Train employees! Give demonstrations! And more!

The Archmage of Lewdity - This in the Intelligence Ending for the Free/Public use path. To be honest, it's the least 'free use' based of the True Endings for the path. But that doesn't mean it's boring! Receive a magic tome to teach yourself magic from The Dungeon...with some predictable results. Summon monsters, Have a Spell Duel, Start and Academy of Magic, and more!

Best Friend Ending (Dominant) - This is the Default ending for the Mental - Dominant path. See what happens when you leave the dungeon as a well-adjusted dominant...who is now the right orientation for your best friend! Honestly folks, I think this was my absolute favorite ending to write so far. Make sure to check it out!

Safeword Endings:

The Squishy Mechanic - Found if you leave the dungeon after the 'malleable body' room in the 'Physical Transformation - Other' path. See what advantages a moldable body can bring...

The Gooey Thief - Found if you leave the dungeon after the goo girl room in the 'Physical Transformation - Other' path. What sort of profession could suit a goo girl?!

Ship's Girl - Found if you leave the dungeon after the rubber doll room. What will happen to someone so utterly submissive in the big bad world? (I promise, no bad endings!)

Caravan Guard - Found if you leave the dungeon after the second Orc room, just before the Orc Village. What can you use that combat training for...and how much fun will it be?

Media (1)

DoL_Cover_Title_Censored.png (1.1MiB)

The Dungeon of Lewdity - Build 9 (Public Release)
The Dungeon of Lewdity - Build 9 (Public Release)more_vert
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The Dungeon of Lewdity - Build 9 (Public Release) 2019-12-16T07:55:34+00:00close

$3+ patrons, you've got your own post with the Build 10 release.

Which, of course, means that it's also time to release the public build! This build added...well, you can see that in the release notes, so there really isn't much to say here this time! Have fun!

Without farther ado:



Google Docs

Release Notes for Build 9

Build 9 adds 4 new rooms, 5 Safeword Endings, and the Default Ending for the Free/Public Use Sub-Path, over in the Bondage Path. The focus for the month, per patron voting last month, was the Mental Transformation Path. As such, 3 of the rooms are there...which just so happens to have brought the Dominant sub-path up to its 10 room limit! No ending for it yet, obviously, but those will soon join the focus path polls...

New Rooms:

-The Android Room: Located in the dominant sub-path of the Mental Transformation Path, this room, this room has you playing as Meria, an Android faced with a difficult task...I personally love this room, though it may have some balance issues still. It's got some actual feels in it, I think, plus the usual smut. It is the largest puzzle type room of the build.

- The Vampire Room: Located just after the new Andriod Room, this room puts you in place of The Dark Lady, owners of the Interdimensional Vampire Bar. She's known for helping vampires with their troubles...for a price...

- The Rubber Room: Located in the submissive sub-path of the Mental Transformation Path, this room puts you in place of a captured woman whose been in the hands of rubber-mad sex fiends for some time. Will she escape? Has a minor puzzle...but this is honestly one of the smaller rooms I've done in a while.

- The Ghost Girl Room: Located In the sub-path of the Physical Transformation Path that I'm kinda now calling 'other' at this point... This is the other real puzzle room of the build. You've been transformed into a Ghost Girl and need to solve several different puzzles to get the keys you need to move forward...

New True Ending!

- The Bondage Roulette: This is the Default - True Ending for the Free/Public Use sub-path of the Bondage route. Containing over 70 new images! See the final fate of the delver if she takes this path to her future...

Safeword Endings:

- The Brother and Bar: (Mental - Dominant Path)Found if the delver leaves after the X-men parody room. See what happens if the delver decides to take over her old workplace and turn it into something more her current taste...

- The Drow Ranger: (Mental - Dominant Path) Found if the delver leaves after the One Piece parody room. See what happens if the delver takes off at her absolute most dominant. There are prices to be paid in all things...

- All the World's a Stage: (Mental - Dominant Path) Found if the delver leaves after the Android Room. If a dominant delver leaves after learning some responsibility....how will it change her fate?

- I'll Take the Red Toy: (Mental - Submissive Path) Found if the delver leaves after the Fairy Tail parody room. If the delver decides it's time to take off and find their one true master before the end of the path...what will become of her? She's quite vulnerable at this level of submission, after all...

- Idol Songstress: (Mental - Submissive Path) Found if the delver leaves after the Star Trek parody room. Interdimensional travelers can really mess up a culture. See what happens if a submissive delver stumbled her way into a new thing in the big city...

Media (1)

DoL_Cover_Title_Censored.png (1.1MiB)

The Dungeon of Lewdity - Build 8 (Public Release)
The Dungeon of Lewdity - Build 8 (Public Release)more_vert
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The Dungeon of Lewdity - Build 8 (Public Release) 2019-11-16T09:38:19+00:00close

$3+ Patrons, you have your own post with the Build 9 Release!

Having said that...that means that it's time for Build 8 to be released to the general public! This build is a bit special as it contains the first Full Ending Set for one of the game's paths! Per voting, the Pet Play sub-path of the Bondage Path got it's endings first. Enjoy!

I'm afraid I am at least a little evil, though. I gave patrons a cheat sheet about where they could find all the Int/Lewdity Points to access the relevant endings...but I'm not giving those to the general public. Mwhahahahahahaha.

Since ALL of my games are ALWAYS released 100% free on a fairly short delay (as such things go), I think keeping that kind of cheat-sheet to my patrons is fair. Particularly since it's not exactly hard to find most of the points anyway...nor is it hard to peek at Twine code if you really get stuck...



Google Drive

Release Notes for Build 8:

Okay! This is the first build with a full True Ending Set. It contains 3 True Endings for the Pet Play Path, plus 3 Rooms and 3 Safeword Endings. Lots of threes, in other words.

Pet Play Endings Set:

-There are now three True Endings to the Pet Play path. One is the default, with each of the others being accessible only if you hit the minimum required Intelligence or Lewdity Score. There are 4 possible Int Points and 5 possible Lewdity Points in the path. Some are mutually exclusive...but it's technically possible to get all three endings opened at once if you do it just right. I'm not going to spoil them by saying anything more :-).

New Rooms:

One Piece Parody Room: Found in the Dominant sub-path of the Mental Transformation Path, just after the X-Men Parody Room. This is a puzzle room where you can guide Robin into making 'Nammi' her plaything during a certain time skip...

Star Trek Parody Room: This is a non-puzzle room found in the Submissive sub-path of the Mental Transformation Path, just after the Fairy Tail Parody Room from Build 7. I wanted to make it a puzzle room, since the Star Wars room had puzzle elements...but I was shocked just how little hentai/porn imagery is out there for Star Trek. I did my best with what I could find...but you may find the images less consistent than is usual.

Tentacle Girl Room: This is a new variation of a puzzle room! It can be found in the 'Gender/Other' sub-path of the Physical Transformation Path, right after the Slime/Goo girl room. I'm rather happy with this one! Play as a tentacle girl out to capture a few girls to go up for auction. As with all rooms, it's a tad simplistic, but I think it works well!

Safeword Endings:

*A quick extra note here: I decided to go ahead and focus on finishing up the Safeword Rooms for the Bondage paths. All three of these rooms are in the Free/Public use sub-path.

Champion of Fertility - Leave after the Exotic Cum Room and have to deal with an enchantment that makes it uncomfortable to cover up...

Cum Mage - Leave after the Straightjacket Room and see what happens if our delver becomes a mage...

Free Use Quartermaster - Today Only! - Leave right before the last room! The dungeon itself thinks you're crazy...but you might just build a mercantile empire out of what you already have...

Other Notes:

- There is a NEW addition to the Pony Play room...

- There are currently no appearance changes to reflect the True Endings.

- Time was short, so appearance changes for new rooms are largely untested

- Old saves are kinda unlikely to work for getting you through to the True Endings, as I overhauled the Lewd/Int gains in the path big time.

Media (1)

DoL_Cover_Title_Censored.png (1.1MiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #27274289 - 23 Nov 19 14:29
Because I've seen people go inactive a day after they released an incomplete build, and I've heard enough crowdfunding horror stories to last a lifetime. Other than that though, it's because I respect someone who will release a free game.
user avatar
Novus - 24 Nov 19 10:40
Fair enough :-). Though in my case, I've been active regularly since 2017, on multiple game, so I don't think you have much to worry about there ;-). And I'm always happy to see someone appreciate that I make 100% of my game content free! If that doesn't sound too much like I'm beating my own drum...
user avatar
User #27274289 - 22 Nov 19 23:56
You still active?
user avatar
Novus - 23 Nov 19 11:49
...yes? Why wouldn't I be, this very post was from only a week ago...
DoL - Downloads Temporarily Down 2019-10-20T20:45:43+00:00

As post title says, The Dungeon of Lewdity downloads are temporarily down. I needed to remove a piece of artwork, as the artist protested its use. As per standing policy, I immediately remove any art where that is the case. I'm re-uploading new versions of the builds with a piece of replacement art now. Since I'm doing that with two builds to both mega and google drive, it might be an hour or two before all download options are working again. Sorry for any inconvenience!

*Update* All Build 7 Links have been restored with the new versions. Still working on Build 8 Uploads

*Update* All Downloads restored with the new version. There was only a single image change, so you shouldn't notice much. Please let me know if anything broke! That shouldn't be the case, but there was a little bit of weirdness with the google drive uploads...

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #17371417 - 21 Oct 19 21:14
cant get the build 8 downloads. they still say they are down.
user avatar
Novus - 21 Oct 19 22:35
Fixed. I think. I tried them both when I redid them and they were fine. But they were certainly broken when I checked just now. I completely removed the text/link this time and made a fresh one, which seems to be working. Thanks for informing me! And let me know if it's still got issues -_-,..
Quick Update 2019-10-19T04:49:18+00:00

Okay, so I wasn't planning to post anything until tomorrow or Sunday, I kinda needed a day or two to unwind after the crunch-hell I did to get Build 8 out of schedule. Unfortunately, one of those 'acts of God' that I occasionally insert caveats about popped up today.

Specifically, my mother was in rather nasty car accident. By the grace of God, she's not in any sort of danger, but she spent 12+ hours in the ER. The airbag went off (which really was something of an outright Miracle, since it's warning light has been on for literally years) and saved her life...but also deep-tissue bruised like 2/3rds of her upper body. She also broke her dominant hand...and her dominant foot, the latter damaged badly enough that it's going to require surgery. Complicated enough surgery they had to call an expert in (she's had numerous hand surgery's in the past. But the guy who did all of them took one look and said it was beyond what he's comfortable trying to repair).

So, why am I telling you all this? Simply put, I live so close to my parents that I'm not effectively staying over at their place for the near future, in order to help move her around the house. She's 60 and already has one knee that's been replaced, so that's not easy to do...and something my 65-year-old dad, who is in good shape but still, you know, 65, is going to need quite a bit of help with. Obviously, this is going to affect my time-available fairly significantly for at least a few weeks. That said, it shouldn't effect DoL updates. Thanks to the timing, there's a good two weeks before I have to start on Build 9 and that should get through much of her initial healing and surgery and such, so I won't be needed nearly as much. Particularly as they have a supportive church and lots of friends to help as well.

What it probably WILL affect, is work on Cosplay Cafe. Particularly as I'm not going to try and drag my drawing tablet setup around. However, I'm not going to go into about how much it'll be effected...'cause I don't know yet. Which isn't entirely the fault of this act-of-God situation. I was already planning, later this month, to put up some polls/discussion posts. No that shouldn't alarm anyone that likes Cosplay Cafe. It's more that I need to get a feel for what my Patrons, now that there's actually quite a few of you, really want to see out of their support. More on that later this month.

Anyway, I really just wanted to give fair warning that there might not be a lot of progress on Cosplay Cafe this month, due to circumstances waayyyy outside my control! Sorry if that upsets anyone :-(. I'm still going to try to get SOME progress in...

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5201688 - 19 Oct 19 08:24
I wish your mother a speedy recovery.
user avatar
Novus - 19 Oct 19 22:21
Thank you :-). She's a diabetic, so healing is often a slow process but we're hopeful the bruising at least will fade fairly quickly. That's actually causing her the most pain, since you can't exactly stop moving your torso... :-(.
The Dungeon of Lewdity - Build 7 (Public Release)
The Dungeon of Lewdity - Build 7 (Public Release)more_vert
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The Dungeon of Lewdity - Build 7 (Public Release) 2019-10-17T02:41:38+00:00close

$3+ Patrons, you have your own post with the Build 8 Release

With that out of the way, it's also time to release Build 7 to the public! I'm kinda wiped out form the crunch that Build 8 turned into, so no particularly witty remarks today. Check the release notes to see what was/is new. Oh and I'm not going to do a GoFile link this time. Every bleeping time I use their platform I end up fighting with it for like an hour. So, no thanks. I might poke around for an alternative. But for now, Mega and GDrive will have to suffice -_-.



Google Docs

Release Notes for Build 7

There are 5 new rooms, 1 new Village Ending, and 3 new Safeword Endings in this build! As the Focus Path for this build was the Bondage Path, 3 of the room are in said path. Also of note! This brings both Bondage Sub-Paths to the end of their room count (10 rooms each), meaning the next time they are voted for by the $5+ patron poll, we'll be seeing the first True Ending Set. And Set is correct here, as each Sub-Path is intended to have at least 3 possible endings, each at least as involved as a Village Ending. That is to say, that each Path will have at least 6 possible endings, times 3 paths, for a total True Ending count of roughly 18 endings!

New Rooms:

In Bondage Path:

-The Dragon Princess - This may have been one of the most fun rooms for me to write, to date. It's also one of the more complex, in that is very nearly two completely separate rooms, depending on whether you win your first fight or not. Credit to Dark Jade for giving me the idea to use a Dragon transformation as one of the remaining rooms in the Pet Play Path. This room can be found directly after the Petplay Bondage room from Build 6.

-The Pet Shop - Found directly after the Dragon Princess room, this is another whose idea can be partially credited to Dark Jade for giving me a loose idea that I mutated into what this room became. Now that the delver has experienced so many types of pet play...can she help others to choose the right pet type for their new submissives?

-The Village Bicycle - Found in the other sub-path of the bondage path, this room wasn't actually my original plan for the build. My original plan I ended up liking a bit too much and decided it would actually be better used as one of the Endings for this sub-path. As such, I created a new room from whole-cloth, focusing more on the Public/Free Use aspect of the path, rather than the bondage content. As a final test of her new outlook, the delver must visit each of the villages in turn and be put to use by the residents...

Other Paths

- Fairy Tail Parody Room: Found in the submissive sub-path of the Mental Path, see what happens to Erza when she needs to be punished for breaking the Guild Rules...and how much she enjoys it! She really should stop 'accidentally' destroying towns...

- The Orc Village: Finally! It's been needing to be done for a couple of builds! The Orc Village is here! In the Racial Transformation sub-path of the Physical Path, visit the Orc Tribe of The Dungeon of Lewdity. Experience the Tavern, Jail, Lake, Forge, and Sparring Yard!

Village/Safeword Endings

- The Orc Village Ending: Of course, a new Village for the Dungeon means that there's also the chance for the Delver to join the village instead of continuing on! See what her future will be like if she decides to stay!

- Paired Pets - A Master's Best Friends!(Safeword Ending): If the Delver decided to leave after the Petplay Bondage room from Build 6, they fall into the loving hands of their best friend...but that friend loves her too much to make her miserable by keeping her when she's still straight! Whatever will they do...

- The Dragon's Pet(Safeword Ending): This is the first Safeword Ending to vary a bit from the formula I've used before. As for why...in this case, I'd ruin both The Dragon Princess Room and this ending if I told you. So just go check it out for yourself! It's found if you choose to leave the dungeon after The Dragon Princess Room from this build.

- The Tentacle Mage's Slave(Safeword Ending): The Delver finds herself in the possession of a rather unique Mistress if you choose to leave just after the Pokemon Parody room in the Submissive branch of the Mental Path...

Misc Stuff

-Updates to the character screen.

- Updates to make the game alert you to Lewdity/Intelligence gains

- Removal of Dexterity and Strength as stats. They just weren't useful like the other two were.


That's all the awesomeness for this build! Have fun!

Media (1)

DoL_Cover_Title_Censored.png (1.1MiB)

The Sexy Cosplay Cafe V 0.30 (Public Release)
The Sexy Cosplay Cafe V 0.30 (Public Release)more_vert
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The Sexy Cosplay Cafe V 0.30 (Public Release) 2019-09-20T12:32:09+00:00close

Okay, this is a couple of days later than it should have been. Unfortunately, I've come down with a cold or something and I've basically just been sleeping anytime I'm not doing my day job. Today was the first time I could muster the energy needed to get this taken care of, sorry!

Anyway, this is the Public release of The Sexy Cosplay Cafe Version 0.30, check the release notes for the new stuff! Here are the links:

PC Links:


Google Drive


Mac Links:


Google Drive


Release Notes for Version 0.30

This update focused on Alice, bringing her roughly up to the same level of content as Mira and Serena.

New Alice Content

- There are 15 new core images, with many of those images have variants (the featured image for the post being one such variant). Five of the new images are replacing old ones, three of which (the shower peeping scene) were among the absolute worst art in the game -_-.

- Alice's Cafe menu has been majorly expanded, providing option to help her de-stress...

- Alice has a new cosplay, based on Yoko Littner from Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann. OInce you get far enough with her, you can ask her to change to it!

- Alice now has her own series of detailed chats for Work, The Park, The Mall, and The Club. There is at least one sex scene in each of those locations, triggered by the chats (assuming you're far enough along with her, of course!).

- There is a new item to find, exploring the cafe after dark. If you find it, it opens up another option with Alice...but you need to have some idea what you're looking for, first!

- There's a new Gift in the Gift shop for Alice!

- You can now learn one of Alice's Fetishes, which will open up more options for her when you do!

Other Changes:

- The inventory system has been COMPLETELY replaced. Not only does it show more of the items you can pick up now...but you can finally hold more than one of a given gift as well.

- The chats for Serena and Mira have been re-coded so that it SHOULDN'T be possible to miss any of them any longer. This may be prone to causing bugs, despite my playtesting. Please report any you encounter!

- Lots of other bug fixes -_-. For example, I'm pretty sure at least one of Serena's scenes was actually inaccessible in the last build. No one noticed because they didn't know it was supposed to be there...

Media (1)

Character_Sheet_Alice_Yoko.png (7.0MiB)

The Dungeon of Lewdity - Build 6 (Public Release)
The Dungeon of Lewdity - Build 6 (Public Release)more_vert
Post file flag
The Dungeon of Lewdity - Build 6 (Public Release) 2019-09-17T01:41:08+00:00close

$3+ Patrons, you have your own post for the Release of Build 7!

With that said, that means that it's time to release the previous build out to the general public! Below are the release notes and links for Build 6. Enjoy!

Important Note About the Puzzle Rooms: It is very easily possible to miss some content in the puzzle rooms, as many of the options react differently depending on progress toward the goal. Be aware that, in order to see everything (particularly in the X-men parody room), you might have to try multiple times, fail, or hit things in exactly the right order.

Anyway, without farther ado:




Google Docs

Release Notes for Build 6

Build 6 contains 5 new rooms and 4 new safeword exits! The focus of this build, per patreon polling, was the Bondage Path. As such, 3 rooms are in the Bondage Path and 1 each are in the Mental and Physical Transformation Paths.

New Rooms(Bondage Path):

- Straitjacket Room: Continuing on after the Exotic Cum Room in the Free Use sub-path will bring you to one of the major puzzle rooms of this build! Two different escape challenges...and one more puzzle just for grins!

- Latex Room: Right after the Straitjacket room is one of the non-puzzle rooms for the build. A bit more on-point of the Free Use theme of the sub-path, though! So I hope everyone enjoys!

- Petplay Bondage: Located after the Bunnygirl room for from the previous build, this room moves away from physical/racial transforms and into more bondage-and-mindset based pet experiences. This is the other non-puzzle room of the build, as a puzzle would have bee a bit out-of-place in the sub-path after several 'experience' type rooms.

New Rooms(Other Paths):

- X-men Parody Room: Located in the dominant branch of the Mental Path, right after the Naruto parody room. Play as the White Queen, turning all the other X-girls into your playthings...and making them like it! This is also the other MAJOR puzzle room of the build. I think it's actually the single most complex room (possibly not the largest, I think that's still the drow room) to date.

- Slime/Goo Girl Room: I'll be honest, I never could figure out the difference between slime and goo girls. But, whichever way you see it, this new room of the Physical Transformation path (Located, logically, after the Malleable Body Room) is the final puzzle room for this build! It's a bit more simplistic than the others...but lets you work through a good variety of the typical goo/slime girl type experiences!

New Safeword Endings:

-The Father of Amazons: Just what is a girl to do if she's found herself with a pair of giant, insatiable cocks...Find you by leaving the dungeon with that particular set of equipment!

-Bunny Scout: Who needs coffee? Leave the dungeon as a Bunny Girl and find out what our protagonist will do with all that extra energy...

-The Cum Powered Paladin: Yes, you read that right. Leave the dungeon just after the Succubus Village to find out about this odd possible destiny...

-Exotic Brothel Mistress: What's a dominant to do in a world just waiting to submit? Well, not take over the world, probably. But building a brothel and staffing it with exotic girls on the other hand... Exit the Dungeon after our protagonist goes fully over to the lesbian orientation in the dominant branch of the mental path to see this ending!

Known Issues

- I didn't modify the character appearance in the character menu to reflex the new bondage rooms. Doing so was going to be a bit more complex then usual for various reasons and I simply ran out of time. I'll try to remember to make the alterations in Build 7.

Media (1)

DoL_Cover_Title_Censored.png (1.1MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #8146930 - 17 Sep 19 06:43
Would it be possible to get some kind of guide for some of these? I've been trying to reach the alternate paths, but keep struggling to find the right triggers (intentional failures, more steps than 'allowed', etc). Otherwise, it's been fun playing through this in each new build.
user avatar
Novus - 17 Sep 19 15:29
To be honest, I've been intending to make something like that for months as an extra patreon reward but just haven't had the time. And it gets worse, due to complexity, with every update. :-( I should probably at least create a quick and dirty guide to finding each of the six sub-paths, even if that much should be fairly easy. In the meantime, was there a specific path you can't find or room you're having trouble with?
The Dungeon of Lewdity Build 5 - Public Release
The Dungeon of Lewdity Build 5 - Public Releasemore_vert
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The Dungeon of Lewdity Build 5 - Public Release 2019-08-18T03:51:28+00:00close

$3+ Patrons, you have your own post, with the Build 6 release!

With that out of the way, it's time to put the previous build out for the public! Without farther ado, let me present to you, your download link options! Have fun and don't forget to check out the release notes to see what was added!




Google Docs

Build 5 Release Notes:

Build 5 contains: 5 new rooms and 5 new Safeword Endings! There's also a smallish addition that's been added at the end of the Dual Cock/Researcher Room. The Mental Path won this month's Focus Path poll, so it has 3 of the five new rooms.

New Rooms(Mental Path):

- Pokemon Parody: Found on the Submissive sub-path, just after the Star Wars Parody room. I'm particularly proud of this one! Much like the Drow room on the dominant path, it could probably be turned into it's own game (and I might just do that at some point). Become Skylia (Parody of Skyla from Black & White/Black & White 2), as she attempts to become a Gym Leader! It's not as easy as it seems!

- My Hero Academia Parody: Found on the Dominant sub-path, just after the Drow Room. Heroes are such a wreck all the time...it's up to you to help provide for their needs and keep them sane...really, this is a public service! Or so your taxes may or may not claim...

- Naruto Parody: Found just after the My Hero Academia Parody room. So, your the Fifth Village Leader now...well, might as well build the gaki that talked you into it a harem. It seems like the least you can do for the little genuis...plus it will be fun.

New Rooms(Other Paths):

- Bunny Girl Room!: This one is pretty self-explanatory! Found after the Catgirl room in the Pet Play sub-path of the Bondage Path, this completes the 'transformation' set of rooms there with a Bunny Girl Transformation. The next room will move away from transformation into various races and back to a bondage-gear-pet type room.

- Malleable Body Room: Found after the Double-Cocks room in the Gender/Other sub-path of the Physical Transformation Path, this room is an interesting one, I hope...though to be honest it's mostly a transition room between the futa rooms and something a little different! Just what that is will be revealed in next month's DoL poll (or in the Poll Results post for those who aren't $5+ patrons).

New Safeword Endings:

- The Trap Specialist: No, not that kind of trap. This ending can be found as an option in the Catgirl room of the Bondage Path (Pet Play sub-path, obviously).

- Auction House Girl: Found after the Star Wars Parody room in the Mental Path (Submissive sub-path).

-Ownership is Friendship?: Found after the Drow Room in the Mental Path (Dominant sub-path)

- Submissive Trainer: Found after the new My Hero Academia Parody Room in the Mental Path (Dominant sub-path)

- The Privateer's Life: Found after the first Orc Room (the Elemental Taming room), in the Physical Transformation Path (Racial/Species sub-path).

Other Stuff

- Added a new scene at the end of the Dual Cock/Double Cock Room, where you can stick around for the Researcher's Punishment.

- Updates and some major bug fixes to the Character Menu. It's still slapdash, but it should be accurate a greater amount of the time. I REALLY want to overhaul the thing, but time constraints haven't allowed for it...

- Some additional bugs squashed. A few images not calling correctly, mostly.

Media (1)

DoL_Cover_Title_Censored.png (1.1MiB)

The Dungeon of Lewdity(Build 4) - Public Release!
The Dungeon of Lewdity(Build 4) - Public Release!more_vert
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The Dungeon of Lewdity(Build 4) - Public Release! 2019-07-16T08:09:19+00:00close

$3+ Patrons, you have your own post for the new Build 5 Release!

Alright, I got Build 5 pushed out to $3+ folks a few hours ago. I needed to go to day-job work at that point and needed some time to transfer a few minor bugfixes back down into Build 4, so there was some delay before I could get this up. Sorry! Anyway, here's the Public Release for Build 4! Enjoy!




Google Drive


Important Note! If you want to find all the content for this update, I advise you to at least read the bolded bits of the release notes. Particularly for the catgirl room.

Build 4 Release Notes:

Build 4 contains: 5 new rooms, 3 new Safeword Endings, 1 new Village Ending. The Bondage Path won this month's Focus Path poll, so it has 3 of the five new rooms.

New Rooms(Bondage Path):

- The Succubus Village (Bondage Path - Public Use Sub Path). This room is the second Village available to visit in the game (the first having been the Minotaur Village in the Physical Transformation Path), and it likely the largest new room of the build. Visit the Succubus Casino, the Brothel & Bar, the Pleasure Palace, the Dungeons, and Public Square. Important Note - The Casino has both a Win and Lose results! There's only one of each, but I didn't want anyone to assume it was an auto-win or auto-lose :-p. It's a straight 50/50 chance, so playing a few times should be enough to see both.

- Exotic Cum Room. If you choose not to stay in the Succubus Village for it's ending, you move onto another new room. This one gets us back to the bondage predicaments that are core to this path. Saying much more would spoil it, though :-). Go check it out!

- Catgirl Room! Finally, the game has a catgirl transformation. This room is the third Bondage Path room, but it's on the Pet Play sub-path, right after the Ponygirl room. See what the life of a catgirl companion working at a magical University is like... Important Note: Each activity in the Catgirl room can be CHOSEN MORE THAN ONCE TO GET DIFFERENT RESULTS. Once you've seen all possible results for each option, that option will vanish.

New Rooms(Other Paths):

- Prisoner of the Endless Empire: This is the new room in the Mental Path, found on the Submissive Sub-Path, right after the Fairy/Pixie room. I'm not going to spoil this one, but I'm a totally geek/nerd, so it was the most fun to write...since it's a parody of a major sci-fi series ;-). Important Note: Escape IS possible but requires an exact series of choices. See Spoiler section below the release notes if you want the exact pattern of choices needed.

- Orc Combat Training: Found in the Physical Transformation Path (sub-path Racial Transformations) this is the second Orc Room, where you're taught the other important tradition of Orcs, combat! With, of course, interesting penalties for failure to learn swiftly...

New Village Ending:

- The new Village Ending (renamed from previous 'Happy Ending' which was confusing), is for the Succubus Village in the Public Use Sub-Path of the Bondage Path. Choosing to stay in the village will trigger it, just as doing so in the Minotaur Village triggered it's ending. For the newbies: These endings are a considerably more involved than the Safeword Endings.

New Safeword Endings:

- Lover of a Slut: This ending is after the Cock Training Room in the Gender Sub-Path of the Physical Transformation Path

- Elven Escort Service: This ending is after the Fairy/Pixie room in the Submissive Sub-Path of the Mental Transformation Path

- Eliza's Supporter!: This ending is after the Ponygirl Room in the Pet Play Sub Path of the Bondage Path.


- I made a few bugfixes to images in Safeword endings that weren't linked correctly.

- Known Issue: The Character Appearance thing is all sort of buggered up. Some of it is fixed in Build 5, but the fixes were too pervasive and time-consuming to reasonably port to Build 4.










The Combination of choices need for the Prisoner room in the Mental Path is:

Month 1 - Try to Plan an Escape

Month 2 - Resist

Month 3 - Try to Escape

That is all. Have fun!

Dungeon of Lewdity(Build 3) - Public Release
Dungeon of Lewdity(Build 3) - Public Releasemore_vert
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Dungeon of Lewdity(Build 3) - Public Release 2019-06-16T05:51:18+00:00close

First, sorry about the censoring on the image, but this is a public post so I have to follow the rules :-). That's the new opening image for the game, made 100% by me! Though, it's not censored in the game, of course -_-. I'm afraid I was seriously rushed for time making it, as well, so it's a little rougher than my current work usually it :-(. It'll serve for now, though! Hopefully, in the future, I'll have a little spare time to go back and polish it up a fair bit. Right now it's missing most of the refinement and tweaking steps I do to my work, under more normal conditions.

Anyway! Enough about that. I just finished publishing Build 4 for the $3+ patrons, which means it's time for a new public release as well. If you're looking for the Build 4 release post, that's in the previous post! With that obvious statement out of the way, let's move on to the Build 3 Public Release Links and Notes.



GoFile - (Is currently being a little ^$#@^ and won't finish and upload, I'll update this post when it stops being a little %&^@)


Build 3 Release Notes

This release contains 5 new rooms and 5 new Safeword Endings. This including the Drow Room which is now the largest room to-date, beating out the Minotaur village by 1500 words of content!

As you should all know, the Physical Transformation path was the focus this month, so I'll start with those rooms. But first, a hint if you want to see all content! Some of the options in the new rooms don't always result in the same content! For example, in the aforementioned Drow room (Mental Path) some of the content changes radically depending on how submissive Teva is or how many times you've chosen that option! Make sure to explore thoroughly :-). I may have to consider making a walkthrough at some point... Now, onto an overview of the new stuff.

New Rooms

Physical Transformation Path

- 1 new room if you choose not to stay in the Minotaur village. This room transforms you into the next race in the sub-path!

- 2 new rooms if you exit the Maze as a Futa. One room is to train you on the use of your new appendage...the second doubles the fun ;-).

Mental Transformation Path

- With nearly 5,000 words of text, the new Drow Room (accessed after the Lara-at-the-beach room on the Dom sub-path) is now the largest single room (content wise) in the game. Have fun finding all the content in it! I'm rather proud of this room and think I could almost have made a whole other game out of it if I'd just kept on going...

Bondage Path

- Find out what happened with the disappearing chastity belt! The new room after the puppy-girl show explains that...and introduces pony play!

New Safeword Endings

- The Chaste Maid: What happens to our lovely elf if she leaves right after getting her chastity belt...

- Town Happiness Giver! Ruff!: What happens if she leaves with some...puppyish tendencies?

- Sappy Lustmance: Even fleeing from a broken heart can have a happy ending (Leave after 'losing' Lily on the Mental Path)

- Gardener for the Futanari Princess: Waaiiiittt! What if she doesn't WANT a cock, darn it!

- Inter-dimensional Merchant Cowgirl: One Maze is a Maze too Many! Leave right after the Maze room and see what happens...


- A new Opening Graphic - Made by me, myself and I.

June Goals 2019-06-01T22:54:52+00:00

Okay, this post is going to be a bit more involved than the last couple of Goals posts have been. Namely, because I need to explain what's going on with The Sexy Cosplay Cafe update :-).

So. Cosplay Cafe was/is due for an update in June. In point of fact, it always has been, even if I deliberately didn't commit to that in case the timetable slid on me. Unfortunately, what's actually happened isn't the timetable sliding so much as becoming more uncertain. Up until May, I was 100% on target for the June update, having gotten the art done on time each month previously. Even in May, I only fell a bit short, having one more art piece that I need and not having gotten to some programming issues I wanted resolved.

The thing is, strictly speaking, that I could probably simply leave those out of the update. They aren't critical. Though I'd like to get the art piece in, at least. Unfortunately, I've run up against a somewhat serious issue of TIME. Specifically, I was unexpectedly told in early May that I'd be taking a 9 day trip halfway across the country. Worse, that said 9 day trip would be in the front-half of July...

Why does a July trip affect June's work? Simple, because of The Dungeon of Lewdity -_-. More than half of my current patronage came here because of the new game. I'd like to think they enjoy my other work and want to see Cosplay Cafe updates, but I don't feel like I can half ass my committed-to updates for DoL. Which...happen in the first half of each month.

So...what I'm looking to do in June is to take some of the time I'm usually working on Cosplay Cafe to create 2-3 rooms in advance for JULY'S update, so that I can hit the July DoL update more-or-less on time, by only needing to create 1-2 additional rooms once I'm back from my trip. Unfortunately, this has the predictable result of injecting some serious uncertainty into whether or not I'll actually be able to complete the planned Sexy Cosplay Cafe update in June, as originally intended. I'm still going to try. Since most of what I have to do is programming and writing at this point (bar the one piece of art I'd like to add if I can), I...actually don't know exactly how much time the update will take up. I'm confident I could have gotten it all squeezed into the half-month I usually reserve for working on the game...but with up to 6 days taken out of that to shore up July's DoL update? I honestly just don't know.

As a result, this month's update goals are probably going to be overly optimistic. They'll reflect what I hope to get done in a best case scenario...rather than what may actually happen. The one thing I can say for sure is that the June DoL update will NOT be affected. July's shouldn't be either, though if the trip wipes me out enough, it's possible it will slide a few days later into the month than my usual 15th of the month target.

Now, onward to a list of the actual goals. Just...keep in mind that I said these were most probably overly optimistic....

May's Goals Review:

Release Build 3 of The Dungeon of Lewdity for $3+ patrons. - 100 % Complete


Release Build 3 (DoL) for ALL patrons - 100 % Complete


Release Build 2(DoL) for Public - 100 % Complete


Complete Remaining New Alice Images for The Sexy Cosplay Cafe - 83% Complete

5 Pieces of art were completed. However, some unexpected family medical emergencies resulted in be not getting to the sixth piece :-(.


New $5+ Novel Part & Update Old Rewards Archive for All Patrons - 100 % Complete


Replace Cosplay Cafe Inventory System Coding - 0 % Complete

I simply didn't have time for this. Which sucks since it piles on more coding (which I loathe) into the actual update coding for Alice's update >_<.


June's Overly Optimistic Goals!

Release Build 4 of The Dungeon of Lewdity for $3+ patrons.

Rough Timeline: 15th of the month.


Release Build 4 (DoL) for ALL patrons

Rough Timeline: Two weeks after $3+ release


Release Build 3(DoL) for Public

Rough Timeline: Day of Build 4 release for $3+ patrons


Update The Sexy Cosplay Cafe to version .3 with all the new Alice Content

Timeline: By End of Month if very lucky - Possibly not until sometime in July.


New $5+ Short Story/Novel Part & Move Old Exclusive to Old Rewards Archive for All Patrons

Timeline: By End of Month

Public Release - The Dungeon of Lewdity(Build 2) 2019-05-16T10:20:21+00:00

NOTE for Patrons - This is the Public release of Build 2 post. $3+ patrons can get Build 3 in The Previous Post for Today

Whew! A tiny bit past the target ETA, but only by a few hours! Build 3 has been released for $3+ patrons, which means it's time for Build 2 to go Public! I'm pretty much running on fumes at the moment after pulling a serious crunch to finish up Build 3, so I'm not going to jabber on much. I will note that the new build 2 has two important changes that aren't reflected in the original release notes below:

1) Art credits have been added throughout, for every image I could figure out the artist it was done by. Credits are below the images themselves in a subscript, complete with a link to their profiles.

2) Several major bugs in the original Build 2 were corrected in this version. However, I did this my copying Build 3 and then deleting the new content. It was the fastest way to handle both the bugs and the art credits needing to go in both. It's POSSIBLE that this caused issues to pop up, I didn't have time to do a comprehensive test. PLEASE report any new bugs this caused (or old bugs for that matter).

Other than that! have fun! See the original release notes below for where to find the new content.


The Dungeon of Lewdity (Build 2)

Release Notes for Build 2

What's new for Build 2?

5 New Rooms:

- 3 New Rooms located in this month's focus path, the Bondage Path. Two of these rooms are in the 'Public Use' sub-path, with the third being the first room of the 'Pet-Play' sub-path. I'm particularly proud of the current final room in the Public Use path...mostly because it's leading somewhere in an upcoming room ;-).

- 1 New Room is located in the Submissive Sub-Path of the Mental Path (Triggered if you resist and get the Lara Croft tentacle parody). This one transforms you into a fairy, it was one of the more fun ones to write :-).

- 1 New Room is located in the Physical Transformation path, past the Minotaur Maze room. This room is LARGE and part of the reason I only managed 5 rooms, not 6. You'll see why when you go explore it! It's showing off one of the features of the game which I doubt anyone expected! Happy Endings aren't only if you make it out of the dungeon...

3 New Safeword Endings

- 2 Safeword Endings are for the Bondage Path.

- 1 Safeword Ending is for the Mental Transformation Path

1 Happy Ending!

Happy Endings are just for those that complete the dungeon! Sometimes...you can find other forms of happiness. This is a feature I hinted at but haven't fully explained until now. These endings are considerably larger than Safeword Endings, though not as detailed as full Path Endings will be when we eventually get there!

Character Menu Updates

I've made some updates to the character menu in order to actually show something for the mental path transformations, as well as added relevant images for the new rooms. I'm not currently 100% happy with the character menu as-is. It needs YET ANOTHER code overhaul, which I'll hopefully do in the next build. It's proving the be the problem-child of this particular game.

Other Notes:

No. I didn't forget about the chastity belt the MC had on when the pet play sub path started. What's going on with it will be revealed in the next room in that path. I had to get a little creative if I wanted to find images.

Yes, the succubus transformation is relevant to the Public Use path. At least, I think it is. Again, you'll see in upcoming rooms.

Super Quick Status Update 2019-05-16T01:35:30+00:00

All content for the Build 3 is finished (5 new rooms, all fairly sizable, plus 5 safeword endings and a number of bug fixes), but I'm still editing all the new text. Editing always drags, I'm about 50% through it so far(after about 3 hours of editing), but I have to call a halt in just a bit to get some day-job stuff done. I'll resume after I finish, but it means the update will likely be early in the AM. So, technically on the 16th, though hopefully at 2-3am, so only a couple of hours off my target ETA of midnight on the 15th :-). I just wanted to drop a quick notice to that affect in case anyone is waiting impatiently for the release.

May Goals 2019-05-01T22:08:16+00:00

*Quick Note 1* I'm taking the day off due to severe storms causing some basement flooding for me and my housemates. It's nothing new, but it's exhausting to deal with when it happens. I'll be back to the grindstone, starting up work on DoL Build 3 as of tomorrow.

*Quick Note 2* There's another post before this one releasing Build 2 to ALL patrons. For my $1 patrons, this is your chance to get your hands on it!

*Quick Note 3* The poll for this month's Short Story will be up tomorrow instead of today, I don't want it getting buried under the two other posts for today.

Alright, time to go over last month's goals and lay out this month's!

April's Goals Review:

Release Build 2 of The Dungeon of Lewdity for $3+ patrons. 100% Complete


Release Build 2 (DoL) for ALL patrons. 100% Complete - See today's other post!


Release Build 1(DoL) for Public. 100% Complete


5 New Alice Images for The Sexy Cosplay Cafe - 96% Complete - Need to find a way to add a 'wet effect to 4 of the images.


Revise current Cosplay Cafe code to remove the possibility of missing important character dialog. 90% Complete - I've figured out how to handle this, after considerable poking and prodding at the original code. But I still need to test the changes I made. Effectively finished if those changes work.


New $5+ Short Story/Novel Part & Move Old Exclusive to Old Rewards Archive for All Patrons - 100% Complete


Bonus Objective (If Time Permits): Create new inventory system for Cosplay Cafe - 0% Complete - Didn't have time for the Bonus Objective :-(.


May's Goals:

Release Build 3 of The Dungeon of Lewdity for $3+ patrons. The Focus Path voting was a tie between Mental/Physical. Still debating what to do about ties...

Rough Timeline: 15th of the month.


Release Build 3 (DoL) for ALL patrons

Rough Timeline: Two weeks after $3+ release


Release Build 2(DoL) for Public

Rough Timeline: Day of Build 3 release for $3+ patrons


Complete Remaining New Alice Images for The Sexy Cosplay Cafe (5-6 images)

Timeline: By End of Month


New $5+ Short Story/Novel Part & Move Old Exclusive to Old Rewards Archive for All Patrons

Timeline: By End of Month


Replace Cosplay Cafe Inventory System Coding

Timeline: By End of Month


Bonus Objective (If Time Permits): Begin coding for The Sexy Cosplay Cafe .3 release.


The Dungeon of Lewdity (Build 1) - Public Release 2019-04-17T02:12:09+00:00

Alright! As patrons already know, I've decided to do public releases of DoL builds at the same time I do new $3+ patron builds. This means that the rough timetable for who get it when goes like this:

$3+ Patrons - The 15th of each month

All Patrons - The 30th of each month - Two weeks before the public

Public - 15th of the next month - One month after the $3+ release

On that note, I released Build 2 early in the A.M. today, so here's last month's Build 1 release!


Go File

A Request From Me:

Release notes will follow! I promise! But first, I wanted to make a quick request to anyone who enjoys the game (or my other games for that matter). I'm actively trying to promote my patreon for the first time in...something like a year and a half. So, if any of you want to help, please consider throwing this release announcement an upvote on it's reddit threads, or writing it a review over at TF Games.

Reddit Thread 1
Reddit Thread 2
TF Games Entry

Release Notes for Build 1

This build adds on to the demo. But in this one instance, I'll list the total content counts since that WAS a demo. The Build 2 notes and farther notes beyond that will have only what is new.
9 Rooms:

- 1 Starter Room - The choices made in this room splits the game into three Main Paths. Those paths are the Bondage Path, Mental Path, and Physical Transformation Path. Each of those paths sub-divides into two branches. The Bondage Path splits into Public Use and Pet Play. The Mental Path splits into Dom and Sub paths. The Physical Transformation Path splits into Gender Transformation and Racial Transformations(Note: Fantasy races - the first one is into Minotaur).

- 3 Rooms in the Bondage Path

- 3 Rooms in the Mental Path

- 2 Rooms in the Physical Path (Note: One of them is much larger than other rooms, hence there only being 2 in this path).

3 Safeword Endings
Safeword Endings happen when the MC chooses to exit the dungeon before finishing. Each contains a short epilogue describing what changes the dungeon sends them home with...and how that affects the rest of their life.

- 1 Safeword Endings are for the Bondage Path.

- 1 Safeword Ending is for the Mental Transformation Path

- 1 Safeword Ending is for the Physical Transformation Path

April's Goals 2019-04-01T23:56:29+00:00

Okay, this post is something new I'm intending as a mix of public update (so that non-patrons can have some idea where things are) and a set of expectations so that patrons know how on track (or not on track) development is. Each month, hopefully on the 1st, there will be one of these posts reviewing which goals were met for the previous month and listing what the goals are for the upcoming month. In this way, I hope everyone will have a clearer idea of how well development is going.

March's Goals Review:

March's goals, while I didn't publish them, where almost entirely hit. There were as follows:

Release a Demo of The Dungeon of Lewdity for Patrons - 100% completed

Release Build 1 of The Dungeon of Lewdity for Patrons - 100% completed

Release Demo(Bugfixed) of The Dungeon of Lewdity for the Public - 100% completed

Complete $5+ Short Story (DoL - The Merchant Princess (Part1)) - 100% completed

Move Old $5 Exclusive to Old Reward Archive - 100% completed

Redesign Alice's Character - 100% completed

Create 4 Pieces of Art for Alice's New Design - 90% complete

Notes: Final piece of Alice's art for the month is currently undergoing tweaks/revision to fix problems with it.

April's Goals:

Release Build 2 of The Dungeon of Lewdity for $3+ patrons. Bondage Path is the focus path this month per 5+ polling.

Rough Timeline: 15th of the month.


Release Build 2 (DoL) for ALL patrons

Rough Timeline: Two weeks after $3+ release


Release Build 1(DoL) for Public

Rough Timeline: Undecided. Either the day of Build 2 release for $3+ patrons, or the day of Build 2 release for All Patrons.


5 New Alice Images for The Sexy Cosplay Cafe

Timeline: By End of Month


Revise current Cosplay Cafe code to remove the possibility of missing important character dialog.

Timeline : By End of Month


New $5+ Short Story/Novel Part & Move Old Exclusive to Old Rewards Archive for All Patrons

Timeline: By End of Month


Bonus Objective (If Time Permits): Create new inventory system for Cosplay Cafe


Another Alice Poll 2019-03-26T00:41:39+00:00

Okay, some of you might remember me commenting that I was having problems with Alice's skin tone. I want to fix this issue now while there are still only a couple of images to redo the skin for if I make a major change. As with the hair color issue, I'd like to get feedback on this. In the attached PNG, you'll see two versions of Alice's new casual art (which is technically not quite finished, I'm still tweaking a few minor details) with two different skin tones.

Please let me know which you like better!


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Skin Tone Poll.png (4.5MiB)

The Dungeon of Lewdity (Demo) 2019-03-16T07:08:21+00:00

Alright! Patrons, you have your own post with Build 1 of The Dungeon of Lewdity. This post is for the public! Now that I've released the first build (Containing an Additional 4.5 Rooms, 3 Safeword Endings and upgrades to the Character menu) I'm going to release my original demo to the public. I actually did go back and apply some of the Character Menu fixes to the demo and technically didn't test that as I'm in something of a rush at the moment(I have to be up for a 5 hour drive in about 6 hours), so let me know if anything explodes!

Since the file for the demo is quite small, I've simply added it as an attachment. I hope you all enjoy! I'll try to share this around in a few places over the weekend, along with a proper game description. But, again, I'm in bit of a rush at the moment. You can check the main patreon description for overview of the game! Or, you know, just play it. That works too!

*Note* Despite how the tiers break down at the moment, all patrons got access to Build 1, since it's the first major build. So if you want to check out the rest of the content...just saying ;-).


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The Dungeon of Lewdity.zip (6.7MiB)

Polls Closing and Quick Update 2019-03-15T01:42:57+00:00

Alright! So...I let both the currently running polls run longer than I really should have. So I've shut them both down. Since one of them was a public poll, I'll go ahead and make this post public, though most of it's really more immediately relevant for Patrons.

Alice's Hair Color Poll: This was...not as conclusive as I'd hoped. Mostly on account of my own stupidity. I shouldn't have included two shades of blonde, as that resulted in people who preferred the blond being split between the two shades. The result was that Red 'won' but between the two shades 'blonde' had one more vote. I'm still debating what to do about that. I think I'm going to go with the Red, since it actually did win and I can't say for certain that the people who voted for one shade of blonde or the other wouldn't have preferred Red over the shade they didn't vote for.... And that was a seriously convoluted sentence. Sorry. Anyway, I'm still waffling a bit, but I most likely will go with Red, mostly for diversity sake since the game already has another blonde in it.

Monthly Short Story Reward Poll:

I was actually a bit surprised that the new Dungeon of Lewdity short won out over The Elven Maid. I only have a basic outline for the DoL short but I'm planning on fleshing it out over the weekend. Planning like that is one of the few things I ever manage to get done in hotel rooms and I have a short business trip (which I've already mentioned to patrons, just clarifying for the non-patrons). At any rate, I'll probably start actually writing the short sometime next week!

The Dungeon of Lewdity Build 1 Progress:

So, patrons already know that I hit a few snags and wasn't sure I was going to make it by the 15th, which was my original target. And...I'm still not sure. There's actually a half-decent chance I will manage it though, as I finished the last room today. I got back on-track by changing up the other paths a bit. I think my new solution for the Physical Transformation path is actually better than the original plan...the bondage path is a little shorter than I'd have liked, though. Still not bad, by any means, I'd just have liked to make it a bit more...interactive than it is. It's probably the weakest path at the moment. Which should hopefully change in the long run.

Unfortunately, I still have several time-intensive things to do. I need to fix the Character Sheet , again. I redid the Appearance sheet as a character sheet once already. But now I've realized that the way I did it is going to be a problem. So I need to redo it again. I also need to write the first 3 'safeword' Epilogues, which will be fairly short...and also do a complete grammar and spelling check of all the new content. Which WON'T be short, sadly. The way TWINE works makes that bit seriously irritating. Then there's a final playtest...and that's an awful lot of stuff to get done in just one day. So, we'll see. Either it will be out for patrons tomorrow...or early next week. No promises other than that (barring death or similar dire circumstance) it won't be later than sometime next week. For patrons, of course. The public will get the demo at the same time, though.

Character Hair Question 2019-03-09T02:38:40+00:00

Alright, I don't normally make public polls. Nor do I offer art sneak peaks publicly very often (which is mostly because like 70-80% of them are NSFW). However, while creating Alice's remake, I ran into a question that I'd like to put to as many people as possible. So...an art sneak peak and a poll.

So, first...take a look at the attached image! I can't make a post both an image post AND a poll, so I had to settle for attaching the a .png with the sample set. My apologies for it's res being a bit low, but I wanted to get all four images into one reasonably sized PNG, so I crunched them down to about 30%. It's enough to get the issue across, at least.

Now, what this poll is actually about:

There are two components to this question. First, back when I originally starting making the art for Cosplay Cafe, I was a total digital art newbie and I hadn't figured out how to making shading work with hair very well. This is actually why both Alice and Serena are blondes, as I knew how to make shading work with that color. I was never completely happy with not making the hair colors more varied, but it was what I could do at the time. Onto the actual point, while Serena is always going to be blonde, I have the opportunity right now, while I'm redoing Alice's art, to change her hair color. So the main part of the poll is what color people would most like to see for her. Be aware that the hair won't 100% match the colors in question, as the hair hasn't been shaded yet in any version and that process changes the color somewhat.

HOWEVER. Now we have the other thing this poll is about. Any of you out there who are actually familiar with cosplay know that it's fairly routine to dye hair (or use a wig) to match the costume. Also to change the style, of course, to that of whatever character is being cosplayed. When I first started making the art, I chose not to do this. My style at the time (such as it was) was simply two simplistic to be confident that people would be able to tell one character from another at a glance without key characteristics like hair/eyes being consistent across all outfits. Now, however, I think I have hit the point where I'm able to make the characters look different enough that I'm willing to make the COLOR match the cosplay. I probably still won't change the hair style across the cosplay outfits, but the color at least,I think would probably be fine. As such, one of the options in the poll is for if you, the players, would like to see hair color CHANGE with each outfit, to reflect the cosplay.

In example, Alice's cosplay outfit in this little sample set is based on Samus Aran's Zero Suit. It's not an exact copy for several reasons (including the fact that copyrights are scary), but that's fairly obviously what it's based on. So, for this outfit, Alice's hair would be similar in color to Samus' usual blonde. But, in her day-to-day outfit, she'd default to...whatever her default is (If this option wins the poll, I'll run another later to determine her default, when I redo her casual clothes image).

*Edited the above content since I apparently forgot how to English, despite it being the only language I know.*


Which What Hair Would You Like to See for Alice:


Attachments (1)

Alice Samples.png (2.8MiB)

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User #6247998 - 9 Mar 19 13:42
Hi, I have some things I want to mention regarding the face that it kind of bothers me a bit. First of all, the neck is a little too thick to be a female and the chin doesn't really help with that since it kind of feels like a male chins (a little too wide on my opinion). Also the head doesn't really give the sense of a real head instead it feels flat. Second, the hair looks a bit odd especially with the line that supposed to divide the hair. Third, this is a nitpick for me, but I think suits like that should show a bit more of her curves. I'm not saying all this in ill intention or making you upset instead I'm doing this to help you improve in your art quality since I've seen you been working hard on your art. Also, this is a bit late, but welcome back mate
user avatar
Novus - 10 Mar 19 01:54
Thanks for the feedback! And for the welcome back too! As for the specifics, I'll take the easy ones first: Curves: This is actually the pose's fault, not the basic design. Front-on poses like this don't show curves very well, which is part of the reason I hate drawing them. Unfortunately, since this is a basic 'talk' pose that needs to fit in a wide set of situations, it has to be pretty basic >_<. :-="" _="" a="" able="" accurate="" actually="" adult="" and="" annnnnddd="" answer="" are.="" arrggg="" as="" base="" based="" be="" because="" being="" better="" bit="" blunt...you="" but="" can="" change="" chin="" chin:="" chose="" color="" color.="" completely="" correct="" cosplay="" counter="" darnit.="" definitively="" depth="" depth:="" didn="" do="" don="" down="" easy="" end="" enough="" entire="" essentially="" even="" face="" facial="" fall="" figure="" figuring="" fix="" fixed="" flat="" for="" from="" fully="" giraffe="" go="" had="" hair="" hair:="" hairstyle="" has="" have="" haven="" her="" here.="" hers="" hope="" hoped="" how="" i="" if="" image="" in="" into="" is="" issue="" it="" it.="" just="" kinda="" leave="" left="" less="" lighter="" like="" lines="" little="" look="" looking="" looks="" low="" make="" may="" model="" narrow="" neck.="" neck:="" no="" not="" odd="" of="" off="" on="" once="" one="" ones:="" only="" original="" out="" outfits="" part="" particular="" people.="" perception="" personal="" poll="" poses="" priority.="" problem.="" properly...and="" ran="" real-life="" really="" reference="" resulting="" right="" right.="" room="" rough="" screws="" seeing="" shade="" shaded="" shading="" shadowing="" she="" shoulders="" show="" skin="" skintone="" so="" so...though="" someday="" state="" still="" structure="" style="" taste.="" tend="" that="" the="" thick.="" think="" this="" to="" tone.="" toned="" tones="" too="" trouble="" try="" tweak="" up="" use="" variant="" was="" way="" weird="" well="" what="" when="" where="" with="" would="" yet.="" you="" your="">_<. again="" and="" as="" both="" feedback="" for="" had="" i="" is.="" it="" settle="" thanks="" the="" to="" tried="" ultimately="">
user avatar
Novus - 10 Mar 19 01:55
....Patreon, what the f#@5 did you do to my reply?
user avatar
Novus - 10 Mar 19 02:09
So...basicly had to rewrite a huge chunk of the nice long reply I made. Thanks so much Patreon.... Curves: This is actually the pose's fault, not the basic design. Front-on poses like this don't show curves very well, which is part of the reason I hate drawing them. Unfortunately, since this is a basic 'talk' pose that needs to fit in a wide set of situations, it has to be pretty basic. I hope to eventually show the cosplay outfits from other poses, but it's a low priority for the moment. Hair: I haven't shaded the hair yet and I tend to tweak the lines as I do so. I also had something of an issue trying to figure out where the part was for this hairstyle because said hairstyle is 100% original (as in, I didn't use a reference for it). I'll try to fix it a bit when I end the poll and finish this piece. Chin: This is the only one I can just flat out say it's your personal preference getting to you :-p. Her new facial structure is modeled on a real-life adult model and the chin is proportionally correct based on that model's facial structure. Now for the less easy ones.... Face/Head Depth: Blast. I'd hoped I'd fixed that. What you're seeing is the result of me screwing up and not leaving enough room on the color palette for 'lights' and there not being enough variation in her skin tone to provide depth as fully as in her clothing. I thought I'd managed to work around it...but if you are still saying it looks flat, I may have to completely redo her skin tone and try again to properly fix it. Neck: To be blunt...you're completely correct. Her neck IS too thick in this image. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to fix it for this pose. Thinning it from the right line ends up with her having giraffe-neck syndrome. Thinning it from the left screws up the overall depth of the pose. What I settled on is the best compromise I could come up with. Thanks again for the feedback! Information on how others see it is extremely helpful! Now, hopefully Patreon doesn't screw up the formatting again...
The Update Roadmap 2019-03-06T02:58:26+00:00


First, $5+ patrons, don't forget to vote in the reward poll that went up earlier!


Okaaaayy, now we have that out of the way. Moving on...the update schedule for the next 2 months (and farther) is a little odd since we're both coming off a 2-month pause and seeing the injection of a new game into the update pipeline. As a result, I wanted to let everyone know what the update pattern will look like.

The Dungeon of Lewdity

I'm starting with this one, as it's the most problematic. Normally, $3+ patrons should be getting access to updates of the game two-weeks prior to anyone else. However, as it's a new game AND the game that's going to be getting the most frequent updates, I'm reluctant to hold the first build. As such, FOR MARCH ONLY, I'm going to release The Dungeon of Lewdity's first build to all patrons as soon as it's ready. I'm expecting that to be Mid-Month but I can't give an exact date due to the fact that I'm going to be out of town for several days right in that mid-month zone.

For future releases of this game, the plan is to try for mid-month releases for $3+ tiers, then late-month releases for general patrons. Public releases will be one full build behind the general patron release. Note, this means that I'll be running the $5+ polls for which path to update during the last week or so of the previous month. So, the typical update cycle will look like this(note, dates are only general ideas not hard numbers):


-7 Days into previous month - $5+ tier poll to decide which path is updated

1st of the Month - Development begins for chosen path

15th of the Month - Current Build Release for $3+ Patrons

30th of the Month - Current Build Release for General Patrons

30th of the Month - Previous Build Release for General Public


Normally, the update will (hopefully) consist of 4-6 new rooms on the path chosen by patron voting. Though I'm considering making that 4 guaranteed rooms on the main path, with 1-2 additional ones for the other paths, as possible, so there's never any path that gets 0 work done on it.

For the month of March specifically, there will only be 3 news rooms to the main update, one for each path. The reason for this is twofold. One, it's effectively building off the demo which was ALSO done this month, so in combination with the demo it would be a normal sized release. And two, perhaps more importantly, the first full build will be adding additional content in the form of fixing up the currently incomplete Appearance Page, Adding a basic stat system, and adding Safeword Endings.

Notes regarding those last two:

The Stat System: The stat system for the game is going to be brutally simple. Likely no more than 4 stats in total. It's function will be to provide some character development so that, if you chosen the same sort of options repeatedly, your character will grow in specific ways. This won't have much immediate effect in the early dungeon rooms. However, in later rooms, characters with high enough stats will have additional options to solve some puzzles or get clues from their stats as to the solutions of some puzzles.

Safeword Endings: Every room (or the corridors between the rooms in some cases) will have the option to 'safeword out' of the dungeon. Doing so, however, has consequences! Safeword Endings will be various endings that show what happens to your character if you leave the dungeon at any given point...

The Cosplay Cafe

I can't give a specific time estimate right now for releases. I'm SHOOTING for one release roughly every 3 months. Shorter would be better but that's where I'm guessing things will fall at my current art creation rate. What I CAN tell you is what the next two releases are going to look like!

The simple truth is that I've spend a lot of time in the last two months on drawing, developing what amounts to an entirely new method of making my characters so that repeat drawings of them actually look like the same character. This was one of my biggest issues in the past and one that I've now got about 95% resolved. Unfortunately, my new drawing style is not compatible with my previous artwork. At this point, I don't think I could actually reproduce the characters I made before. MAYBE Serena but it would take more effort than just replacing things. Unfortunately, this means I'll need, long-term, to replace much of the existent art. That, as you might remember, is actually something I pseudo-planned for, but I expected it to be farther down the road and fairly gradual.

Ultimately, though, it's a good thing it's happened now. What I intend to do, in order to have minimal delays for you lot, is to focus first on the 2 characters that don't have much art. Which means, Alice and Rikka. These two will be the focus of the next two updates...which wasn't originally the plan.

When choosing between the two of them, to see which order I'd do it in, I considered heavily going with Rikka, since she has only 3 pieces of art to replace instead of Alice's 5. However...3 of Alice's pieces are the worst pieces of art in the entire game. At least, that's my opinion. Specifically, I'm referring to the art involved with peeking on Alice in the shower. Those three pieces were among the first I made...and they were the first Adult drawings I made for the game. Actually, aside from drawing random boobs and penises as a teenager, I think they may actually have been the first nude/adult/hentai art that I'd ever done, period.

Net result...I'm going to be doing Alice's update next! In point of fact, I'm starting on her first piece of replacement art today! You'll be seeing progress reports on it over the next 3-5 days.

After Alice's update, there will be an update for Rikka...then a series of mixed updates where I push Alice's and Rikka's content forward while also replacing Serena and Mira's art piecemeal. At least, that's the current plan.

Short Story Rewards:

There's no change here other than the fact that there will now be one of these every month. Normally, they'll be late-month updates since the poll to decide which gets updated takes the first couple of weeks in any month.

Tier Updates 2019-02-27T03:46:10+00:00

Okay, as promised, I made the changes to the tier listings for patrons going forward. I've also done some editing on the main about section, but that's going to need some work still. However, I want to break things down here for clarity's sake. I've done my best to balance the new tiers of rewards so that everyone still feels like they're getting fairly done by.

Here are the Tiers:



The general public is going to get very sporadic news updates (I've always been bad about this, but I try, I promise), as well as DELAYED access to games currently under development. The delay for The Dungeon of Lewdity (the new TWINE game you'll be seeing a demo for soon) will be 1-month. The delay for The Cosplay Cafe will PROBABLY also be 1-month, but I'm still mulling that one over a bit. Given the much longer development times for it, I may stretch the public releases out farther from the patron releases.

$1 Tier:

The good news about this tier is that you get ALL the rewards eventually, even things like the Short Story and Novel rewards that never go public. Genearlly short story rewards trickle down to you two months after they come out. You also get all the news posts, with sneak peak artwork and development updates. You get The Dungeon of Lewdity rewards at a two-week delay. And you get the Cosplay Cafe releases at the same time as the public.

$3 Tier:

The biggest thing for this tier and higher is that you'll get the TWINE games I'm going to be making, starting with the Dungeon of Lewdity, as soon as they are finished. Currently that's planned to be once a month. You also get the Cosplay Cafe updates at least two weeks before the public, possibly more depending on what I decide there.

$5 Tier:

As always, this is the tier that pretty much gets all the things as soon as they are ready. They get The Cosplay Cafe releases as soon as they are ready. They also get Short Story rewards as soon as they are finished, retaining two exclusive rewards at a time. The exclusive rewards trickle down to other patrons only when a new one is made for this tier.

Additionally, this tier GETS A SAY in what I make. Right now there is one poll a month regarding which short story series gets updated each month. Coming in April, there will be a new monthly poll regarding the content focus of The Dungeon of Lewdity, the TWINE patron reward game you'll be hearing about soon.


Right now, there isn't much more to say about this. Not until I get the short demo of The Dungeon of Lewdity done, so I can fill in a few details for you and you can see for yourself that it's a non-trivial reward (I hope). When I get that up and running I'll give more details about how the initial release will work so that everything can get set into this release/tier pattern smoothly. But I wanted to get this basic outline out NOW, so current patrons know roughly what they'll be getting. I'm hoping to finish the Dungeon of Lewdity demo before the end of the month so you'll have a better idea what sort of awesomely awesome reward it is (I hope)...but I can't promise I will. February being a short month is kinda kicking my ass.

...Oops? 2019-02-26T06:49:20+00:00

So, apparently the post I made earlier did't go through. The original post was somewhat longer, but honestly didn't need to be, I just felt silly posting such a short notice. Anyway, this is a repost, just letting you know it case the other one pops up.


For Everyone: Good news everyone! Development WILL be resuming at the start of next month.

For Patrons, within the next few days you'll be seeing both a new addition to the Transformation Estate AND (hopefully) a quick demo of what the new monthly-updated games will look like. I spent the time needed to get up to speed on TWINE over the weeked and have begun to rough out a simple demo. The story will take priority, but the game demo will be avaialble as soon as I can reasonably make it so.

Also for patrons, I'll be updating the Patron tiers to show you what you'll get sometime on the 26th! I'll post with details when I make the update.

Not Dead Yet!
Not Dead Yet!more_vert
Post file flag
Not Dead Yet! 2019-02-21T22:45:38+00:00close

Alright, I've been meaning to post this for the last week, but I kept running out of time or energy. So, sorry about that.

First and foremost, for Patreons, I'm still planning to get you guys a short story this month. Obviously, since I never ran the poll, it won't be The Elven Maid. Instead, I'm going to write a second bit for The Transformation Estate. I was always a tiny bit disappointed that it rarely got votes, as I think what I had planned for it was kinda fun and interesting. But, then, my audience hasn't ever really been TF people, so it wasn't a big shocker that it never got that many votes. Anyway, since this was a paused month and the story is just me trying to do SOMETHING for you guys, I don't feel bad about choosing it ;-).

Now, on to other stuff. As you can all see, I hope, I haven't been 100% idle despite my Patreon being on Pause since December. I've been spending some serious time trying to refine my current level of art, with results such as those of Sari the Succubus pictured above. No, she's not for any project related to this patreon. She's actually for an EXTREMELY long term non-lewd project (Yes, ironic I know. I've drawn a succubus for a non-lewd project -_-) I've been working on in bits and pieces for quite a while. She's only here to show the leap-forward I've made with my art. There's unquestionably still room for improvement, but I think we can all agree that she represents and serious upgrade on even the art from the second Cosplay Cafe release.

Which, as it happens, is extremely relevant! I haven't completely gotten over the stress-induced health issues that forced me to pause for a couple of months, but things are going a bit better. Nothing is 100% certain yet, but there's very good chance I'll be unpausing my Patreon next month and starting with a new update pattern. Patreons will know for certain by the 25th. If I'm not ready to start up again, I WILL pause for another month so they aren't charged. Hopefully, I'll be ready, but there's still a few things up in the air about some potential new work I MIGHT be taking on. If that ends up going through...I might not be able to handle both the new workload and restarting development. In which case I'll pause again. I will make that determination by the 25th.

Now, having said that. What do I mean about a new update pattern? Simple. Regrettably, I cannot realistically spend as much time on development as I used to. I'm a hobbyist developer and pretty darn close to 100% of all patreon funds I've ever gained have gone back into development in some way, rather than into my pocket. In example, the previous couple of months before pausing went directly to helping me buy a better drawing tablet, which has helped a great deal with the art side of things. Would I love to have enough support to make this an actual job? Heck yes! But I don't, so I can't keep spending 20-30 hours every week on development, along with a regular full-time job.

What that means is that if/when I resume development (hopefully next month, see above statements) I will be slowing development on my primary game (Cosplay Cafe). DON'T PANIC, I said primary game. The simple truth is that the new art quality generally takes me 4-5 days per piece of spare time (as it 2-3 hours a day, so 8-15 hours total from first line to post process) to finish a new piece, and I'm also working on fleshing out an actual art portfolio at the recommendation of a couple of artist friends. Apparently, they think Sari here and a couple of other pieces of my work have actually hit the point that I could take low-level commissions. Which, since I'm desperately trying to find alternative income to the jobs I hate, is something I might be pursuing. As a result, updates to Cosplay Cafe will likely now take 3-4 months to complete.

HOWEVER. In light of that, I've been toying with the idea of creating a couple of much simpler Twine (Sugarcube) HTML games as an ongoing patreon reward. This game/these games would be much simpler affairs that make use of art from existing hentai/repositories, and would purely be for-fun extras that I make to reward my Patrons. They'd probably hit some niches that don't have many games, while still always remaining the same sort of positive-sex non-asshole games that I prefer to make. To this end, I've actually set aside some time this weekend to fully familiarize myself with TWINE, possibly even making a short demo example for everyone to see what I'm talking about. These simpler games would be getting monthly updates whereas Cosplay Cafe would not.

ADDITIONALLY. I will continue the short story rewards! As I have remarked before, I'm actually primarily a writer, not an artist or programmer. As such, these are the one reward I'm 100% comfortable with continuing to make at a fairly quick pace. Assuming I unpause the patreon next month, I will be doing a new chapter of The Elven Maid.

And...that's all I guess? Hopefully people aren't overly angry I've been kinda absent while the patreon was paused...

Eros Academy 2.3 -Public Release 2019-01-21T07:07:15+00:00

Alright! Finally time for the 2.3 Public Release...but first a small, slightly unhappy note:

As my Patrons already know (or should, given that I've made it clear in several posts over the last 4 months), I will be halting development on Eros Academy, at least for the foreseeable future. As much as I hate to do that with the game I've spent just under 2 years developing, there are three extremely good reasons for me doing so. If you don't care about the whys, just skin down to the links and release notes.

1) Hardware failures - My good graphics card that I use for rendering has been in the process of failing for the past two-three months. I've nursed it along via using a few tricks like baking it, but the truth is that I'm expecting it to outright die in the not-so-distant future...and I can't afford to replace it with a similarly capable model. This is compounded by the fact that one of my main hard drives died several months back and I lost quite a few of the Daz3D files for Eros Academy. Some of it was backed up (it should all have been, but there was a series of unfortunate events) which allowed me to finish out 2018 development. However, the loss of those files made things much harder and prevented me from ever adding to certain locations again, since I can't realistically duplicate the hacked-together combination of assets I used to make them.

2) I've come to utterly loathe working with Daz3d. It's good software for rich people. Sadly, I'm not a rich person and trying to develop with it on a shoestring is a %^$#ing nightmare.

3) I figured out by stretching myself much too thing last year that I simply couldn't handle trying to develop two games at once. Given numbers 1 and 2, Eros is the one I'm putting a halt too. It's possible I may pick it up again at some later point, but that's probably not all that likely, given the loss of many of it's development files. Sadly.


Now that the potentially upsetting bit is over....the good news is there's still this one last big public release! Bit first, for the impatient, the Links:

PC Version




Mac Version




What's New Since the Last Public Release:

There are 87 new renders since the last public release! They are spread across a number of places (obviously) including new Naomi content, New Scenarios, and a new random encounter.

- The Chastity Exercise Challenge! Finally! Via this 18 render event, found via the Exercise Menu in the Main Hallway, Faith can now participate in Eros Academy's famous Chastity Exercise Challenge. If she chooses to join, she'll be locked in a belt for two weeks, with only toys charged by her exercise routine to get her off! (Note: Because I never implemented a calendar into Eros Academy, the 'two weeks' happen in snap-shots all at once).

- A Thief's Punishment! A new scenario (free from the scenario menu on the main hallway menu). Faith can act out the part of a pickpocket whose been capture in the City of Sune, a town dedicated to a goddess of pleasure! Watch as her punishment takes the form of being put up for Public Use by the rest of the city in this 9-render scenario...

- Tomb Delver! A new premium 26 render scenario that's a rather blatant parody of the Tomb Raiser series ^_^.

- 2 new additions to the Challenge board in Naomi's apartment ('Go do something at Naomi's place', from the 'Do something special' menu after you ask her to be your girlfriend). The new challenges are: The Chastity Day challenge and the Strip-Club challenge. Go check them out!

- A new 11 render random encounter, also making use of the new chastity belt asset. Use 'Explore the Academy until you stumble into an Eros Academy employee raffling off the key of a girl in chastity...

- Various bugfixes and some spelling/grammar corrections.

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User #7895981 - 22 Jan 19 02:42
Well, that's very unfortunate. Eros Academy is the reason I keep an eye on your stuff. I hope you continue it in the future, but until then, I'm out. Thanks for the work you've done so far, I suppose.
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User #826502 - 22 Jan 19 15:48
Saddly I miss you since I enjoy your game but I do understand the pain of having good details but here a idea, it use the same idea as Daz3D but might help, I look around for others idea to see if helps you out. Renderpeople 3D People Company. Renderpeople 3D People are photorealistic human 3D models https://renderpeople.com/3d-people/?fbclid=IwAR2OreHyKD1Y3BYOOBG0QzsYhRrOj-TJjC3awBV3do6cFt313y1zbCj1u-k
The Sexy Cosplay Cafe 0.21 - Public Release 2019-01-21T04:27:50+00:00

Alright! Time for the public release of the second Cosplay Cafe Build. Or, rather, a bugfixed and improved version of the second major build. Hence the reason why there are two sets of release notes here. The bulk of the new information is in the .2 release notes, with just some gameplay changes, bugfix, and known issues in the .21 release notes. Note: You should really read at least the first note in the .21 release notes. It's kinda important.

PC Links:



Google Docs

No File

Mac Links



Google Docs

No File

Release Notes for .21


-!Warning! The way time works has undergone a pretty major change. During play testing, I found time moving forward when you travel between locations to seriously annoying, overall. After trying to improve it in the .2 release, I still wasn't happy, so I basically just scrubbed that aspect. Time no longer moves forward by any means except A) the Advanced Time button, which should now be available at every location and B) Interaction with the girls. Note, that should is kinda important. This was such a sweeping change to a core system that it caused me several headaches. As such, despite some play testing, there is an extremely high probability it has caused bugs, please report issues. One of the known oddities causes by the changes is in the Known Issues section, but it's not game breaking, just currently a little odd seeming.

- Fixed a major bug that let you click on Serena when you were already talking to her in her second cosplay outfit, which would caused some cascading bugs.

- Fixed a minor bug in one of Serena's chats reported by a patron.

Remaining Known Issues:

- It's possible to accidentally miss most of Serena's chats, some of which are important to her character development. I wanted to fix this for the .21 release, but changing the Time system ended up being far more involved and time consuming than I thought.

- Relationship gain/Chaos reduction for Serena is probably horribly unbalanced at the moment. Needs more play testing.

- The inventory needs totally scrapped and replaced. Don't expect anything but money and gifts to show up there for now. Though those two things do at least work.

Release Notes for 0.2

General stuff first. This update brings Serena up to roughly the same content quantity as Mira already had. This doesn't mean that she has exactly the same types of content, each girl will be different in exactly how they behave and thus how you can interact with them, but the quantity of content between them, as well as the number of images, is now roughly even. So what exactly does the update add. This:

-15 new Serena images, 12 of which are significantly different from one another, and the other three being variants.

- Rewards and punishments for Serena

- Chats for Serena in each location (Work, Mall, Park and the Club)

- A new location: The Club. Which has some minimal content for Mira and Alice as well as content for Serena.

- A gift for Serena at the giftshop

- (Spoiler!) The ability to purchase an item for Serena from the Goth Store backroom...after you've discovered it! Needed to unlock two of her Reward/Punishment options.

- New information from Alice about Serena...and an item she has that might be useful (make sure to talk to Alice about her more than once!)

- Sexy times at the end of some of the chat conversation chains...make sure you actually explore the Mall, Park, and Club chats to their ends...


- Returning to the same location with the map no longer makes time pass. Moving from one location to another inside a building doesn't make time pass (it was never supposed to, something went wrong near the end of the first build and no one knew it wasn't supposed to do that...so I didn't realize it until the play testing for this version).

- Some Bugfixes and spelling corrections from previous content

-Probably other stuff I'm forgetting about...

Important Information - Please Read! 2018-12-28T01:29:03+00:00

*This is important, so here's the TLDR version if you need it: Do to health issues, my Patreon page is pausing for the month of January. You don't need to do anything, I already paused the account so patrons will NOT be charged for the month of January, while still retaining access to patron-only content*

Okay...so I spent about eight hours last night/this morning in the emergency room. Thankfully, I can say that there isn't anything seriously wrong...sort of. Unfortunately, the conclusion is that I'm having a resurgence of a problem I faced about a decade ago. Namely, that when I get really really stressed out, my body starts producing symptoms for serious health issues (chest pains, numbness in various areas, elevated white blood cells, high blood pressure, and several other things). In the years since it first occurred I've mostly learned to manage to the issue...which made it a nasty surprise that it's apparently popped back up with all new symptoms. Or, at least, we hope that's all it is (since anything else that can both produce the symptoms I have last night AND hiding from a CAT scan would be...bad).

I've known for a while that I needed to cut some of the stress out of my life. It's the reason I decided to shut down Eros Academy at the end of this year. However, at this point I don't think it's going to be enough. Don't Panic Just Yet.

What I'm planning to do is this: I'm taking January off. The way I will do that is by using Patreon's Pause feature. What this means is simple.

Patrons can stay as patrons (at their current teirs) for the month of January WITHOUT being charged.

This will allow patrons to stick around and continue to see Patron-only content for their current teirs, including the new chapters of The Elven Maid which was planned to be a Christmas/New Years present but will likely actually be published in early January at this point. Obviously, it will also allow them to see updates from me. While I won't be working directly on Cosplay Cafe, I'm intending to use some of my downtime to go through some more Udemy art courses and I may post some improved general artwork(as in, not stuff aimed at being used in Cosplay Cafe).

Now, as to what will happen AFTER January...I don't know, but I promise you all will know before January. Currently, I'm envisioning one of four things occurring.

1) The worst result (from your perspective) - I simply shut it all down and cease developing for either game for the foreseeable future.

2) I resume work on the Cosplay Cafe, possibly with altered time tables for releases or fewer extras in order to keep the stress level down.

3) I convert the patreon into something for content that is less stressful for me to make, such as games using existing art, or things like the various novels/stories I use as rewards.

4) I continue development on the games occasionally, but NOT via Patreon. Simply in my own time and with no deadlines or accountability (or payment).

I don't know which of these things is most likely...but I give you my word you all will know before the patron unpauses (if it does) in February.

I know this isn't what any of you wanted to hear. Unfortunately, this (which is more or less a hobby, with pretty much all money earned having gone back into development) has become incredibly stressful for me over the last year, as has my regular job. I can't exactly quit the job that pays my bills...so when I discover I HAVE to remove stress because it's threating my health in a serious way...the hobby losses. I apologize for the disappointment it may cause some of you...but I won't apologize for making the decision :-(. It doesn't do anyone any good if my health falls apart because I tried to take on too much.

I will be putting the pause into effect today, just to make sure it goes through in time for January. However, I'm still aiming to update Eros before the end of the month, and as I understand it the pause does not effect my ability to post, so don't touch that proverbial dial ;-).

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User #305067 - 28 Dec 18 15:11
Ouch, I'm really sorry to hear that Novus! Hope you'll feel better soon and that your stress levels will end up becoming more manageable...
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Novus - 1 Jan 19 02:36
Thank you :-). One can hope. Among other things, I'm going to take the time off in January to see if I can find employment I hate a little less. So, we'll see.
Eros Academy 2.10 Public Release! 2018-10-30T11:03:20+00:00
Patrons, go to the previous (patron only) post for October's 2.20 release.

Everyone else, this post is for you! It's time for a new public release of Eros Academy, collecting three month's worth of previously patron-only content! Links can be found at the top of the main page of this patreon...this post is purely for release notes!

Release Notes: What's New in 2.10!

Eros Academy 2.10 contains 72 new renders over the previous public release. Included in this release are:

- The massage room: Accessed from the exercise menu, Faith can now go get a happy-ending included massage, or get lessons in giving massages to others. The latter so long, of course, as she can find a willing victim to practice on! (Current options are Lily and Naomi, with both having longer scenes if relationship points have reached certain levels with them)

- New Catgirl Naomi content! Accessed through Naomi's girlfriend actions ('Do Something Special'), you can now take her to a playroom and let her play with another catgirl!

- A new Premium scenario faith can buy from the scenarios menu! The new scenario features Faith playing as a Super Villianess who has captured a heroine and intends to subjugate her.

- New Random Encounter (found via exploration). Faith stumbled upon a unique option for adding flavors to her coffee in the cafeteria...

- New Random Encounter (found via exploration). Faith is called upon to judge who has the best breasts between several friends...

- A new option has been added to allow you to intentionally lose at both Tennis and Volleyball. (Thank Freki over at F95zone for the suggestion!). For Tennis, it's AFTER you've chosen the 'Play Winner' option. For Volleyball, it's in the main yes/no choice to play. The two were coded in different ways, causing the difference.

Updates 2018-10-02T10:29:45+00:00
For Everyone:

It looks like Patreon may have had some weirdness with Adult Content creators payments again this month, though they haven't sent a notice yet. Make sure you check your payments to make sure you supported who you wanted to! Be it me or someone else :-).

For $5+ Patrons:

The writing for the slightly delayed The Elven Maid(Part 4) $5+ reward is done! It came out to over 7k words too, significantly longer than usual, so hopefully that will make up for it being a little late. I want to sleep on it before I do a quick editing pass, so I'll post it sometime later today (likely late this evening).

I don't want to clutter one day up with too many posts, since that increases the chance of people missing an important one, so the monthly reward poll for you $5+ peeps will go up tomorrow. I should have done it yesterday, but didn't think of it. I blame being sick. (Though, on that note, I'm actually starting to feel better. Hopefully, I'll be back to normal in another day or two).

For All Other Patrons:

I will also be posting The Elven Maid(Part 2) to the Old Rewards Archive right after I post this post. Which is way to many of uses of the word post in rapid succession. Enjoy!

Bugfix Release 2018-09-15T23:33:26+00:00

Alright. Ended up stupidly having to do the uploads twice, since I forgot to delete the persistent data from my new rounds of tests, but all the main-page links for The Sexy Cosplay Cafe should be updated with a V0.11 bugfix copy of the original release. To be honest, there were only 3 bugs reported, none of them really horrible (the worst was one of Mira's at-work chats breaking) which is why I held off uploading the fixes, to see if more bug reports came in.

You can download the new file...or, at least in theory, you can just grab the script.rpy file attached to this post and replace the current script file in your original copy (though the version information won't change, since that info is held in another file). I'm not 100% that will actually work, since I've never used the Renpy archive creation option on Eros Academy (where it packs all the images and such into a single file), and as a result I don't know if doing so has any effect on how the script files work. I did drop the new script into my own copy of the original release and it seems to run fine, but the bugs were far enough into gameplay that I couldn't easily test if the fixes worked doing it that way...


Attachments (1)

script.rpy (341.9KiB)

The Sexy Cosplay Café - Release!
The Sexy Cosplay Café - Release!more_vert
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The Sexy Cosplay Café - Release! 2018-09-10T04:27:37+00:00close

Wooohoooo. Three weeks after it was supposed to be done, the first build of The Sexy Cosplay Café is finally here! As I've said from the beginning, this first build of this new game is going to be public right from the start. Future updates will trickle down through the patron tiers, but in order to generate interest...well you get the idea.

I'm going to wait a couple of days before I post it much around the various forms and such (with the exception of F95Zone, since I'd like to submit that thread myself rather than letting someone else without easy access to the game's images do it)...mostly because I'm expecting there to be bugs -_-. Please report any bugs you run across, so I can fix them quickly and get a new build out.






Google Docs





Google Docs


As it wouldn't make much sense to create a change log for a first release and the description is already on the main page... I just have a few pieces of information.

1) The game's first build is focused on Mira. It doesn't get anywhere NEAR completing her story, but she's the most developed character by far. I put notes into the game itself to make players aware of that...just...be aware of that.

2) The second update of the game is already planned. It will add content to bring Serena to roughly the same developmental level as Mira. HOWEVER, this doesn't mean the same sort of interactions! Each girl is made to be significantly different from each other. For example, while Mira at this level has not passed beyond blowjobs, mutual masturbation, and similar, Serena has a much higher sex drive and will be easy to get into bed early in her content...though it might not have the same positive effects as doing so has on Mira! In fact, it may make things worse!

3) The third update for the game will be subject to a poll for $5+ patrons.

4) The game's art is a little inconsistent in quality. Patrons already know this, but non-patrons might not...I taught myself to draw from scratch, purely for this game. Which is why it's been in development for so long (8-months).

As I'm still rapidly getting better, the art I made earlier on is lower quality than the stuff I made later. Eventually, once I reach a level I'm completely happy with, I'll replace the worst of the bad art. Also note that many of the backgrounds are currently stock placeholders, but ALL pieces of character art, as well as ALL the art for the Café itself, are completely my own original creations.




I think that's all? Feedback of the constructive variety is valued highly. Please let me know what you think, even if it's just comments about the difficulty or pacing, as I'm still trying to iron those out. I think I've struck a reasonable balance to make the game flow without being grindy...but then, I know where all the triggers are. So I could be wrong.

Have fun! I hope you enjoy the game.

Just a quick progress report (Cosplay Cafe) 2018-09-09T10:55:40+00:00

All the things from the previous lists are done. Except the testing. I've just spent the last 6-7 hours straight playtesting and debugging and I'm maybe 70-80% done. If I was well, I'd probably just push through since I don't work later today. But, I'm still under-the-weather and I hit a point where attempting anything more right now would likely cause more harm than good. So, sadly, it'll probably be this evening when the release comes out. I hate that this keeps dragging on forever, but there's only so much I can do to expedite it (and I did, taking the whole of Saturday off - barring like 20 minutes of actual work, so that I can push through to the end, it just wasn't quite enough). Excluding any major disasters, expect to see the release later today (Sunday).

Progress Report - Cosplay Cafe
Progress Report - Cosplay Cafemore_vert
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Progress Report - Cosplay Cafe 2018-09-08T08:55:15+00:00close

Still sick...but medicated enough that I feel at least a bit better. I've also chewed through the rest of the chats and all three of the dates, as well as knocking out all but one of the 'Minor UI' things that needed done. The remaining things to do are:


Tutorial - Not really hard, it just had to wait until everything was in the game. Going to take an hour or three though.

Basic BG Music - I've got a couple free pieces to use already, but I need to hunt down a few more...as well as figure out how to make them loop in Ren'py. I can't imagine it's too hard, though.

Credits/Attribution Menu - Should be simple. It's only waiting on me to finalize the background music, since it's really the one thing that needs attribution. I generally stayed away from stock images that require such, in the places I had to use such images.

Playtest/Bugfix - The game has reached 9323 lines of code and there's still maybe another couple of hundred to add the the tutorial and such. Much of it was so interdependent that I couldn't test it until ALL of the stuff was in...which means I'm expecting a hell of a lot of bugs.


I'm planning to finalize the BG music I'm going to use before I crash for the night. I'm pretty sure putting it in and making the tutorial and Credits/Attribution Menu will get done later today(after I sleeeepppp). After that...I just don't know how long the playtest/bugfix will take.

It's very possible that the release will happen sometime tonight (Saturday night). It's equally possible, however, that there will be enough game-breaking issues that I have to chase down that it might not happen until Sunday. Unless something bad happens or I find something major that I forgot to do when I do the playtesting pass, I can't see it being longer than that, though. So...yay...the end is in sight. Thank God for that. We're now right at about 3 weeks beyond what I thought the release day would be -_-. I can't wait to get out of death-march-of-doom zone and take a few days off.

The Sexy Cosplay Cafe - Progress Report 2018-09-05T10:16:01+00:00

Okay. Bad news first. Apparently I came down with something while traveling over the weekend (I was in a nursing care facility visiting my remaining grandparents...so it's not exactly a shock I was exposed to something). Or possibly before, since I was honestly feeling under-the-weather before I left. I figured it was just changing around to a day-schedule from my usual night-owlness but... Anyway, I kinda feel like crap and it's slowing the remaining bits of work on the new game down.

The good news, however, is that the vast majority of what I have left is just writing. There are a few exceptions, like the tutorial and adding some basic BG music, but the biggest remaining chunk of content is a couple of dozen chats for Mira. This is good news since writing is something I can make myself do even when I'm sick. It's in fits and starts and taking longer then it would if I was completely well, but I knocked out 6 of the chats and one punishment I'd forgotten about today (Yesterday, technically). Even with me feeling under-the-weather, I'm still pretty sure the release will be this week. It's simply likely to be Friday or Saturday instead of sooner.

The only reason I'm not 100% sure of that, even with being sickish, is because I'm not sure how long testing and bug squishing is going to take once I get everything wrapped up. This first release is looking to be the better part of 10,000 lines of original code, so even if I've been testing each individual piece as I go (as much as possible - some things are interdependent), there's a lot of room for various bits to fuck each other up in the complete build.

Payment processing issues, month 2 2018-09-02T02:58:42+00:00

@(#-&(-#. I've been trying to make this post for the last two days, but Patreon refuses to play nice with any of my mobile devices. All of the adult patreon creators got a notice a few days ago about potential payment issues agian this month. I've included a copy of the email they sent us, but please double check that you're payment to any adult creators (like me) have gone through properly :-).

------Patreon Team Email-------

You may be aware that last month there were some issues with declined payments, and confusion caused by patrons seeing a new descriptor on their bank account. We’ve been working hard to limit the amount of disturbance you might experience this month, and for a full recap of what we’ve been up to with payment processors and you can read a blog post from Tyler, our VP of Operations.

To give you more info, we’ve started working with multiple payment processors to be able to continue successfully processing adult content creators. As a result, we moved the processing for adult creators to the UK. Unfortunately, this means some of your patrons may see a 3% international processing fee for their pledge. This is determined by their bank, not by Patreon, and every bank treats these things differently which makes it hard for us to assess who will be affected.

Here’s some information to share with your patrons in case an issue arises.

If your patrons are having any trouble, here’s what they can do:

If their bank suspects that the Patreon payment is fraudulent, a patron can call up their bank to confirm the payment is theirs and genuine.

If their payment failed, they can follow these steps or switch to a different payment method.

If they are seeing an international processing fee, they can switch their pledge to a different bank that doesn’t charge for international payments.

They can reach out to the Patreon support team to get account specific help.

Here’s what we’ll be doing:

We’ll reach out via email to any patron who receives a “declined” payment with info on what they can do and how.

We will continue Patreon’s proactive practice of retrying payments throughout the month.

Over the next 24-48 hours, you might notice your dashboard fluctuate. We know you’re excited to get your payout, but please sit tight as we process your payments fully before relying on the numbers as your final monthly earnings. They may change a little throughout the month, but don’t worry, that’s just us working in the background retrying any declined payments.

Thank you for your patience while we put the necessary work in to ensure that your art can continue being funded on Patreon. If you need any help or have further questions, we’re just a few clicks away.

The Patreon team

Progress Update
Progress Updatemore_vert
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Progress Update 2018-08-06T08:21:36+00:00close

So, it might not look like much, but the above image actually represents a fairly major technical step taken care of for the new game. One of several, as a matter of fact. After my grumbling, bitching and moaning a few days ago, about how I was going to have to use Renpy again, I put my nose to the grindstone with said engine and started grinding away at the UI elements that the game is going to need.

Unlike Eros Academy, where virtually everything from navigation to character interaction is handled purely through a series of menus, with The Sexy Cosplay Cafe I'm shooting for a much more...sophisticated? I'm not sure that's exactly the right word, but a significantly more advanced UI. In example, if you want to navigate to places, you click on a map button that will be present in the upper right corner of most locations. Which, as it happens, brings up the screen pictured in this post, from which you can hover over each of the 'thumbtacks,' read the hover-text, and click on it to move to that location (as well as advancing time). Likewise, there are buttons in locations with multiple rooms (such as your apartment) to move between rooms(which doesn't advance time).

None of that is built in to Renpy. Also, Renpy's documentation is horrifically bad, which has made the process of building all the functionality I need from scratch much harder than it should be....

Which is why I've spent the last three days working on building all the UI functions into the game. So far I've built not just the map screen and functionality, but also the time progression system, time display, and connected all the various locations in game with their own coded buttons (barring the one that I still need to find or make art for, which as a button...that just don't go anywhere at the moment). Which means, technically, that it's now possible to navigate through the game town(at least the locations available in the first build)...it just doesn't have any people in it yet ^_^.

At this point the only major remaining technical challenge I have (I think), is building a simple inventory. Which I'm planning to do tomorrow(later today, technically, since it's after midnight). After that, I can begin actually putting the characters in their proper places, with dialog, stats, and so on. I still don't have a time estimate, but things ARE moving along at a pace I'm more-or-less happy with.

Cosplay Cafe Preview(Peeping on Serena)
Cosplay Cafe Preview(Peeping on Serena)more_vert
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Cosplay Cafe Preview(Peeping on Serena) 2018-08-03T02:57:09+00:00close

As promised, a sneak peek from the upcoming game! Featuring the main character peeping on one of the workers (Serena) as she changes in the cafe's dressing room post-shift....

Normally, I provide these to Patrons first, but I promised a sneak peak...and this one is conveniently not pornographic enough to violate Patreon's public post rules ^_^.

As it happens, this is the final image needed to move on to the actual game building stage for The Sexy Cosplay Cafe. As patrons already know (or should know) from my previous patron-only posts, I'm now starting to piece the first demo build of the game together. As I'm trying out new software (instead of using Ren'py as I have been with Eros Academy), I don't have an exact timetable, but I'm going to be pushing hard to release the first demo build this month. That build will be public from the get go, followed up (hopefully) with patron -> public builds every 4-6 weeks after, as outlined by the patron tiers (though I'm seriously considering adding a $3 intermediary tier as well).

Patreon Problems (General Notice)
Patreon Problems (General Notice)more_vert
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Patreon Problems (General Notice) 2018-08-03T00:52:59+00:00close

Sorry for this not being a update for either of my games, I'll share a sneak-peak image for The Sexy Cosplay Cafe later to make up for it :-). Most of you have probably already seen this notice from other creators, but I figured I'd do my part for the spreading of information and share it as well. The attached image is from Patreon's official twitter page, explaining that there was an unknown issue getting payments to go through on credit cards this month.

To be honest, my patreon page/payout wasn't effected much, a few patrons dropped...but I think at least one of them has already fixed the issue on their own :-). However, other patreon's in the adult games community were pretty hard hit, losing something like 20-30% of their patrons overnight 'cause of the screw up. In light of that, I just wanted to make sure the word gets out there. Check your patron payment methods/receipts and make sure you supported those you wanted to!


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