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Egg Hunt
Egg Hunt more_vert
Post file flag
Egg Hunt 2020-09-16T19:02:47+00:00close

Every day I go out and check my beet leaves for Leaf Miner eggs. They’re a row of small white lines, kind of like this IIII, laid on the underside of my beautiful green leaves. When they hatch, those little fuckers burrow into the space in between the roof and the floor of the leaf, and then continue to eat out the middle further and further away from their origin spot, filling the vacated space with their shit.

At first I thought it was some hideous, rotting fungus, but no, it’s just fat little green grubs desecrating my sacred space.

It’s really upsetting to me when I find a new burrowed spot, way more than the situation warrants. I feel it as a personal violation and I feel it as my own failure to protect my charges.

Destroying the eggs before they hatch is easy, just a light pinch and roll of my thumb and pointer finger on either side of the leaf and -bam- they’re gone without a trace, they don’t even squish or leave a goop behind. As long as you check every day, you can catch them before they have a chance to do any harm.

Of course, I haven’t gone outside since the smoke rolled in.

The first few days, I wore an old N95 mask in the house, even while I slept. Matt’s constructed some DIY air filters that look like Mad Max-meets-cardboard-forts. Cardboard Punk. When all three contraptions are running in the same room, the air feels clear enough to take off our masks. But when we each take one to our respective work areas, I put my mask back on while Matt’s makeshift machine does its best to absorb at least some of the smoke particles before I breath them in.

The air quality has bounced between Hazardous and Beyond Index the last few days, and today its dropped down to Very Unhealthy, which is a huge improvement.

I hope the Leaf Miner larva have enjoyed their free reign in my beet leaves, because it’s coming to an end very soon

(Cross-posted from another accidental essay I tapped out that was just supposed to be a photo caption on Instagram.)

Media (1)

post_file.png (2.5MiB)

OJST: Social Languages by Mariana Meira
OJST: Social Languages by Mariana Meiramore_vert
Post file flag
OJST: Social Languages by Mariana Meira 2020-09-15T07:11:09+00:00close

Mariana struggles with navigating the cultural clash between hooking up in Brazil versus the United States and shares her thoughts in this personal comic.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2378517 - 15 Sep 20 07:19
Cute comic! But wow, I forgot until I read the description that you guys are in Portland. Damn, you’ve had quite the year...
user avatar
erikamoen - 17 Sep 20 18:01
Right? Mariana's so dang talented. Things will get better here, holding out hope for rain in the next few days =) -Matt
user avatar
User #12849533 - 16 Sep 20 19:26
Yes, a cool comic, especially its ending, is funny ... This comic reminded me of my story, when I also had to adapt to new people and new conditions ... Nevertheless, it seems difficult only at first ... then you join))
OJST (Sort of) - Quarantine Diary
OJST (Sort of) - Quarantine Diarymore_vert
Post file flag
OJST (Sort of) - Quarantine Diary 2020-09-08T07:10:00+00:00close

So, I'm not charging my patrons for this week's update.

The reason being: Matt and I were just going to skip an update this week anyway, which would obviously mean I wouldn't be charging my patrons since there's no comic to charge for.

But then, like, I felt bad about not having a comic for OJST's readers, so instead I decided to re-use this story I drew just for my Exclusive Autobio Comics Tier patrons. It didn't feel right to then double charge those folks for re-using material they already got, so... here we go. Free update for everyone! (And if you want more of my autobio, you know where to find it)

We've only ever completely skipped an update once before-- it was either this last Christmas or the one before that. We put up a placeholder image on the site saying "be back next week!" or something and I didn't even bother to make a post about it here. As soon as the next comic was up, we deleted the placeholder from the archives. We never got any notes from folks about it, I wonder if anyone actually saw it.

There's an orange tint in the air from the California fires. It's kind of pretty, in an apocalyptic-sort of way. Matt and I are doing a bunch of file and coding prep work this week before we announce our sponsors for the next year, but also... dang, man. It's tempting to blame our exhaustion on the smokey air clogging up our lungs and slowing down our synapses, but I think we're also simultaneously Legitimately Out of Juice, regardless of environmental factors. Not in a bad way! Just a... We're-In-Our-Mid-To-Late-30s-And-We're-Tired way.But also: The-Air-is-Literally-Orange-and-Smells-Like-Burning way, too.

To my Exclusive Autobio Comics tier patrons who already read this week's comic and need some fresh visual storytelling to consume, here: Here is a stupid thing I made on Instagram. It's kind of like a comic. Except lower quality. I showed it to Matt with a big, proud smile (Expecting praise, maybe?) and he just shook his head slowly like he was mildly in pain and turned back to his computer without saying a word to me.


Media (1)

OJST_preview-BIG.png (48.6KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #2732470 - 8 Sep 20 13:35
I dunno, I dig the carrot thing, it's pretty funny. Glad you're taking time for yourselves, even a little bit.
user avatar
erikamoen - 17 Sep 20 18:05
Thanks, bud, things have been hard over here 0_0 -Matt
user avatar
User #2378517 - 8 Sep 20 07:45
Nice leggings! :)
user avatar
User #137145 - 8 Sep 20 14:28
Aw I would've been happy paying for a non-update rest week! But alriiiight, I'll just be happy with a goofy carrotcomic. Get all the mid-30s rest you can!! <3
user avatar
erikamoen - 17 Sep 20 18:06
<3 Thanks Danielle -Matt
user avatar
User #197388 - 8 Sep 20 10:23
hee hee hee. Carrot. 🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕
Gargoyles - Redesigned
Gargoyles - Redesignedmore_vert
Post file flag
Gargoyles - Redesigned 2020-09-01T23:07:15+00:00close

Some twenty-or-so years ago, I was a member of an art and animation forum that was primarily centered around the TV show Gargoyles. So much can (and should!) be written about what a formative, special place this little spot on the internet was, but I have a feeling this already going to be a long post so I'll just briefly say that an unusually high number of present day well-known, well-established comics and animation professionals originally met here, including friends and peers who are still in my life today.

While I followed along with the Gargoyles fandom and devoured the fan art and stories that these creators were sharing, I did not actually get to watch the show itself. One of these young artists role played as a yellow gargoyle with a white mohawk named Kanthara-- more on her later. It's funny to feel nostalgic for a show you haven't seen! Well, here we are, a couple decades later and with Disney+ in my life I can finally, as a 37-year-old woman, catch up on Gargoyles, from start to finish.

Right now I'm a few episodes into Season 3 (What's with the credits music changing?) and I have had the enormous luck to reconnect with the woman behind the Kanthara fan character: Professional Storyboard and Comic Book Artist Karine Charlebois!

Now, we may be grown-ass adults with careers and families, but we grew up as teens and early 20-somethings on a cartoon fan forum, which means if you wanna make an overture of friendship to someone, you draw fan art of their character--which is is how I found myself scouring Google Image Search looking for reference to draw a portrait of Kanthara.

It was during my deep dive, though, that I found this gif that Karine had made for her own post about sexual harassment in the comic industry and female character design. These are most (if not all) of the fantastical lady creatures of Gargoyles:

While catching up on this show over the last couple months, I had noticed that the ladies of Gargoyles were all very Sexy™ (slim-waisted with big boobs and curvy hips), but I hadn't properly clocked that their bodies were friggin IDENTICAL with superficial details moved around. Compare that to Karine's illustration of the main male Gargoyles bodies:

In Karine's own words: All male. Much variance.

Because I've already written more than enough, let me fast forward to the part where Karine and I are doing our own little art challenge to redesign a handful of the Gargoyles women.

Ok, so to start, meet Demona and Angela.

Demona is our Complicated Villain and Angela is the good-hearted, naive daughter that she produced with Goliath (The big main purple Gargoyle who is the leader of our main clan). Karine and I agreed that Demona is perfect as she is-- Hey, neither of us have anything against Sexy Babes! Angela, though, we felt she could use some work to give her a more distinct character design from her mother. I mean, they're practically indistinguishable if you give them the same color scheme.

That's... that's just not strong character design.

If you were to swap the colors of Goliath (purple) and Lexington (mustard yellow), they would each still be clearly recognizable because their bodies are so distinctly different from each other.

So! What changes would Karine and I make to Angela...?

To start with, here is how Karine approached her redesign:

The idea here is that she is either still a teenager or a young adult. The more I thought about it, the less it made sense that she looked exactlythe same in build as Demona if she's portrayed as younger, not having been through the first egg cycle of her life yet. So I went more with the idea of the young woman who's at her full height, but hasn't filled out yet, like a 16-19 year old human. This means she's not as curvy as her mother (yet), so slimmer hips and chest, which adds to her youthful appearance and naive outlook on life; she isn't muscular yet because she hasn't had to live a life of battle like the previous generation did.
I tweakedthe colours too, so she gets from both parents instead of being "looks from mom, colours from dad". The colours are a bit warmer to fit her more caring personality.

And for my take:

Because Goliath is such a big, chonky boy, I looked up photos of female body builders to serve as my design starting point.

I wanted my Angela to be a big, beefy girl, somebody with a powerful body that she clearly inherited from both her mountain of a dad and muscle-machine of a mom. Now, I couldn't tell you why, but I also saw her as short? This was most likely a decision made to contrast her against the rest of the Amazonian lady creatures in her world, but also I think it's kind of funny for two parents, whether they're tall or short, to produce an off-spring with the polar opposite height.

Coloring-wise, I left her with her original palette (Which is a clone of Goliath's), but after reading Karine's write-up I kinda wish I'd gotten more creative. Also! In my version, I left Angela as a fully-grown young woman, the equivalent of early-mid 20s, which is how I read her age in the series. Seeing Karine's version, though, with an Angela who actively looks younger than her parents, also makes me wish I'd put some more thought into my decision! The story of Angela meeting her parents for the first time as a young adult and getting her later-in-life parenting lessons from them would be better visually conveyed if she looked at least a little younger than Goliath and Demona. Ah well! Here is my short, buff, adult Angela:

Ok! Karine and I have a handful more redesigns coming up so if you haven't watched Gargoyles yet, go get started so our drawings will make sense to you!!!!

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #18304462 - 2 Sep 20 00:14
omg omg omg omg. I don't think i've ever fangirled this hard over a post before – i was the BIGGEST fan of Gargoyles during its run time, and... even modelled my prom accessories on Demona's. I squealed reading it – a lot. And more redesigns coming up?????? aaaaaaAAAAHHHHH!!!!! #dead
user avatar
erikamoen - 17 Sep 20 18:10
Oh gosh, that sounds amazing! I don't think Erika has too many redesigns left in the pipeline, this was all for fun. But whoooo knows, we can always hope ;D -Matt
user avatar
User #2378517 - 2 Sep 20 07:03
Nice work! Although I also love the idea that you used to be a fan of a show you’d never seen... :)
user avatar
User #137145 - 2 Sep 20 01:02
Woooow the line weight on that last one! Muah!! I love that you did this, and that you took the time to show just how identical the bodies were.
user avatar
User #24001315 - 2 Sep 20 05:23
Can't wait for more! Gargoyles meant to so much to me as a kid growing up and although I was only a lurker in that forum back then, it's the reason I got to "know" you and many other artists. What a good place that was... and what an awesome thing you do with the characters here, love it!
OJST: Witches Lair by Numitor
OJST: Witches Lair by Numitormore_vert
Post file flag
OJST: Witches Lair by Numitor 2020-09-01T07:11:00+00:00close

Numitor joins us on Oh Joy Sex Toy with a sexy battle between good and evil. Who will prevail?


Also! People in the Portland area, there's going to be a family-friendly march on September 7th to support BLM.

Meet up at 3pm at one of the starting points (1) South end of Saturday Market, 2) East End of Steel Bridge, 3) East End of Hawthorne Bridge, 4) Salmon Street Springs) with a sign and a mask.

Media (1)

Witches_Lair__OJST_preview-BIG.png (143.4KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 1 Sep 20 22:58
I enjoyed the art, so professionally done and ... the comic itself is quite exciting ... I love this smooth transition from knightly time to our days...i mean "pizza"))
user avatar
User #142687 - 1 Sep 20 15:34
Well that turned out differently to how I expected. Also I now want pizza. Helpfully it's cheap pizza day from Dominoes (at least in the UK).
Virtual Book Club With Me? - FOR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS
Virtual Book Club With Me? - FOR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTSmore_vert
Post file flag
Virtual Book Club With Me? - FOR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS 2020-08-28T00:23:38+00:00close

Hey! So, NARAL reached out to me about donating some contributions to their fundraiser for their pro-choice advocacy work in Oregon. They're my state's organization that works with the legislative side of protecting and enforcing reproductive rights primarily here, but also lending help to states with more restrictive laws and bans. So basically, they fight with the red tape so that healthcare professionals can work with their patients.

Bids are open on the following items until Friday the 28th at 12pm PST.

Private Book Club w/ Erika Moen
Get ready for a fun, inclusive and sexy conversation by hosting your next Book Club meeting with artist, author and sex educator Erika Moen. You’ll receive 8 signed copies of the book Drawn to Sexby Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan, and some time to chat with Erika about her sex-positive comics. Meetings can be held virtually or in a safe and socially distanced space in Portland, Oregon.

I've never done this before and I'm super excited to see what it's like!

And then I've got a couple signed Giclée prints of OJST comics. Heads up: they are TALL. The Pregnancy print is aaaaalmost as tall as me, I'm 5'3"

Pregnancy Print
59" x 8.5"
Emergency Contraception Print
47" x 8.5"

Ok, that's it! Just wanted to let you folks know, just in case any of this is your jam /:)

Media (1)

Moen_Revised.png (641.9KiB)

OJST: Long Haul Leisure Time by Jey Pawlik
OJST: Long Haul Leisure Time by Jey Pawlikmore_vert
Post file flag
OJST: Long Haul Leisure Time by Jey Pawlik 2020-08-25T07:10:01+00:00close

Jey Pawlik returns to OJST with this sexy sub gravity story that'll take you out of this world 🚀


Vulva-education company and our esteemed sponsor, OMGYES*, is running a survey to collect detailed information on how people with vulvas masturbate, especially with sex toys/objects. Get TMI for 15 mins and you could be one of four participants to win a $100 gift card from Good Vibrations. Take their survey!

*Long before they became a sponsor, we reviewed their educational site and video series on OJST. We were really impressed with their explicitly positive and explicitly explicit learning resource then and it's been a genuine pleasure to team up with them now.

Media (1)

LongHaulLeisureTime__twitter.jpg (234.9KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #142687 - 25 Aug 20 13:05
I require more of this for....reasons.
user avatar
User #2732470 - 25 Aug 20 19:42
Oh my gosh, this was amazing. I love Jey's art, they have such a fun fresh style. I hope we see more from them in the future too.
OJST: Crysta Block Review
OJST: Crysta Block Reviewmore_vert
Post file flag
OJST: Crysta Block Review 2020-08-18T07:06:00+00:00close

The Crysta Block is for everyone who ever wanted to stick their dick in Jell-O.

Media (1)

CrystaBlock__OJST_preview.png (40.2KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #330152 - 18 Aug 20 22:00
The OMGYes info at the bottom of the sight says fresh for 2010. Not so fresh.
user avatar
User #500073 - 19 Aug 20 03:20
Who let that human into a museum without pants. Or did they put their pants on a statue somewhere??
OJST: Remote Connection by Tits McGee
OJST: Remote Connection by Tits McGeemore_vert
Post file flag
OJST: Remote Connection by Tits McGee 2020-08-11T07:10:59+00:00close

Tits McGee returns to OJST with a sexy sci-fi comic set in nature! If you like hot robits: it's got hot robits.

Media (1)

RemoteConnection__twitter.jpg (191.5KiB)

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #27115511 - 12 Aug 20 03:55
Wow, absolutely loved this comic. I was first reading it on my way to work in the morning, but had to stop and save it for later because it was simply too sexy for me to handle lol
user avatar
User #119922 - 12 Aug 20 01:25
OMFG I shared it on FB because I love Erika and love Tits McGee. My sister is a Facebook friend. Fucking OOPS. Eh, it's OK. She knows I'm freaky/ :D
user avatar
User #2488381 - 11 Aug 20 17:30
Ah, neat, one of my favorites from a lovely anthology! I love this particular mix of cute/sexy/funny.
user avatar
User #59285 - 12 Aug 20 01:40
Thanks, Erika. I just got four new trades and hope that supports a small publisher doing some awesome things.
user avatar
User #164381 - 12 Aug 20 18:24
I... cried. And I don't understand why.
user avatar
User #137145 - 11 Aug 20 12:56
WOW, this is so pretty!! I have to admit, I was hoping the duo-dick thing stuck, it made me crack up!
user avatar
User #2533583 - 11 Aug 20 19:04
Rawr. Well done 😘
user avatar
User #5162254 - 12 Aug 20 10:50
I enjoyed these two characters. I would like to submit an official request for Tits McGee to make more comics about Ms. Garcia and Ben, please.
Ms. Han Solo the Beet
Ms. Han Solo the Beetmore_vert
Post file flag
Ms. Han Solo the Beet 2020-08-09T16:32:56+00:00close

Ms. Han Solo was my first beet.

Well, I mean, she was one of dozens, from the first batch I ever planted of beet seeds, which was about three years ago, I think.

Planting beets was a whim that came out of nowhere and I did absolutely no studying ahead of time. Put seeds in dirt, add water. What more do you need to know? Maybe if I’d read the instructions, I’d have learned that beets prefer to be sown directly into the earth outdoors, not started in ridiculously oversize bucket-pots inside your house (root vegetables don’t like to be transferred), but that’s what I did.

There were more beet sprouts than there was space in the one grow box that I had cleared of weeds, so Ms. Han Solo was given a flower pot and so named because she was the only one to get this special treatment of becoming a pet indoor (and later on, outdoor again) potted plant.

Over the last three years she grew, she matured, she produced a cartoonishly tall (and vaguely obscene) stalk that then covered itself in fluffy little green cotton flowers. The stalk collapsed under its own weight and the tender nubby buds hardened into little brown nuggets and today I googled “Harvest beet seeds?” which told me that, yeah, that’s a thing I could do now. I mean, I only read that little excerpt from an article that google shows you on the front page of search results. I didn’t, like, actually click through and read the whole thing. So if you’re an experienced beet seed harvester and you’re reading this and you’re like “Oh my god, how did she get this so wrong? What fucking article did she read??”, the answer is that I read as much as confirmed my pre-established hunch that I could probably do this right now and I’ll just let god figure out the rest.

This morning I woke up around 5 am and after I did the dishes I needed something else to distract my brain from itself so I pruned up the dead branches on my poppies and then I looked over and saw ol’ Ms. Han Solo the Beet with her ridiculous flop-sided top mop and I thought, “Hey... is that what... beet seeds look like???” and then I googled it and you know the rest.

Did you know that this is where your beets come from? Those freshly misted big red orbs that you pick out at the grocery store and eat that night (hopefully roasted with other root vegs and Brussels sprouts, because that is objectively the best way to cook them) started out as hard little nuggets on a stalk that was disproportionately tall to its root?

Sorry, you’re going to have to sit through some artsy-fartsy photos of my beet fronds casting dramatic shadows and curling around like botanical tentacles. It’s just the way things are around here.

I mean, look at these ridiculous little turds.

This morning I went to fill the kettle and I realized a SIGNIFICANT rust bloom along the bottom, like, it’s been there for a while. After setting it where we won’t accidentally use it again, I set a pot of water to boil for my tea and then sat on the floor cross-legged while I twisted the little hard beet seeds off of their stalks with my finger tips.

The smallest fluff balls were still too soft that crushed under the pinching, but rolling a nice fat hard one between the pads of my fingers was a really unique satisfaction. If you have the opportunity to twist a ripe beet seed pellet off a stem, I highly recommend it.

Ugly little nuggets, aren’t they?

From the recycling bin I dug out an oatmeal container lid to collect my seeds. Some of them still felt a little soft, a few days in the window sill should finish drying them out, I hope.

It’s 9:20 am, my tea is cold. I’m sitting in my hammock (I GOT A HAMMOCK) with the sun finally bright enough to warrant putting on the straw hat I inherited from Lucy and I’m looking at that first grow box I cleared out three years ago, except now it’s not the only one that’s lovingly (obsessively) tended. My newest batch of beets finally sprouted just a couple days ago and I genuinely cannot wait time watch them grow.

Media (1)

post_file.png (2.0MiB)

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #27115511 - 11 Aug 20 04:09
This wholesome post made my day a little brighter. I feel like some people underestimate how awesome beets are. One of my favorite ways to prepare them is to boil them, slice them into round chips, and fry them in a pan with a little bit of butter, honey, and pinch of cinnamon <3 so good
user avatar
User #3365253 - 10 Aug 20 02:02
I'm letting one of my lettuces and some of my radishes go to seed. My cilantro is also flowering like crazy, and those are seeds I love to collect! Reading this is making me look forward to doing it too.
user avatar
User #2289475 - 9 Aug 20 16:55
This was a lovely read. Thanks.
user avatar
User #4850387 - 10 Aug 20 00:10
Hammocks are great.
user avatar
User #137145 - 9 Aug 20 18:07
This makes me miss waking up at your house. :) Those dramatic cast shadows were worth sharing!!
user avatar
User #12849533 - 11 Aug 20 13:23
Oh, that's so cute beet. I really like the way you talk about your grown plants and thereby slightly overshadow your comics)
user avatar
User #3793526 - 9 Aug 20 21:02
“The beet is the most intense of vegetables. The radish, admittedly, is more feverish, but the fire of the radish is a cold fire, the fire of discontent not of passion. Tomatoes are lusty enough, yet there runs through tomatoes an undercurrent of frivolity. Beets are deadly serious. " -Tom Robbins, "Jitterbug Perfume"
user avatar
User #2378517 - 9 Aug 20 17:55
Wow. Educational! Honestly, I feel like I mainly follow this Patreon for your gardening posts. :)
user avatar
User #169255 - 10 Aug 20 11:59
I'm so glad you have your garden to bring you joy and distraction in these dark times. I love reading your posts about it – they're full of so much love.
user avatar
User #2732470 - 9 Aug 20 19:13
Thanks for this, it improved my day a lot.
OJST: Ranger X
OJST: Ranger Xmore_vert
Post file flag
OJST: Ranger X 2020-08-04T07:10:01+00:00close

One of the hilarious benefits(?) of being a Professional Sex Toy Reviewer is that my friends feel comfortable showing off their new dicks to me, which is how I first got my hands on the Ranger X by Vixen Creations.

This dildo is a genuine game-changer.

Media (1)

RangerX__twitter.png (98.6KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #2732470 - 4 Aug 20 13:48
Definitely too steep for me. But as always, hearing about it is awesome! And kudos to them for following their passions and pushing the envelope.
user avatar
User #137145 - 4 Aug 20 14:41
This is a great classic review!! (I love the pearls bit!) I view my now-20-year-old Doc Martens the same way - like $5 a year for a pair of boots that fit me perfectly, and the price keeps going down each year?! It's the best way to break it down and justify the cost! Anyway that layered silicone sandwich sounds DELICIOUS.
user avatar
User #80228 - 5 Aug 20 18:12
I've been watching the videos of this thing and I just want to touch it SO BADDDD. Love their 2-core ones so much already, so I'm just: so curious about this one :D
user avatar
erikamoen - 5 Aug 20 18:26
user avatar
User #2378517 - 4 Aug 20 07:44
Wow! I’m not sure my, er, pockets are deep enough for this one. :) But sounds amazing!
I Think You Will Like This: Black Girls Gardening
I Think You Will Like This: Black Girls Gardeningmore_vert
Post file flag
I Think You Will Like This: Black Girls Gardening 2020-08-07T07:10:01+00:00close
Over on Instagram, I've been sharing some accounts and creators who brighten up my feed with their creativity and just generally make the world a little better with their contributions. I'll doing a little cross-posting here, so you folks don't miss out. Check them out, give ‘em a follow, patronize their endeavors if it’s an option!

Today: Black Girls Gardening

Black Girls Gardening is one of my favorite gardening accounts as it highlights not just beautiful gardens and produce, but includes the gardeners responsible for cultivating them.

The photos are collected from many different accounts and they often feel quite intimate. They share what looks to be a private moment between these women and the plants they’ve nurtured.

Whether they’re posed or candid, all of them show women who are proud of and love the fruits of their labor. These portraits of gardeners in their gardens taps into our shared humanity as people who just fucking love growing cool shit.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #858494 - 7 Aug 20 07:32
That's an intimidating amount of cabbage. (Or is it collard greens?)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 8 Aug 20 18:33
Black women are really very beautiful and graceful in their own way. These pictures are so bright thanks to them and their grown vegetables, they really have something to be proud of)
I Think You Will Like This: Floral Inspired Fossils by Ron Nicole
I Think You Will Like This: Floral Inspired Fossils by Ron Nicolemore_vert
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I Think You Will Like This: Floral Inspired Fossils by Ron Nicole 2020-09-11T07:10:01+00:00close
Over on Instagram, I've been sharing some accounts and creators who brighten up my feed with their creativity and just generally make the world a little better with their contributions. I'll doing a little cross-posting here, so you folks don't miss out. Check them out, give ‘em a follow, patronize their endeavors if it’s an option!

Today: Floral Inspired Fossils by Ron Nicole

Website: (Scroll down to bottom of this page for links to her other galleries)

Every tile in Ron Nicole’s “Floral Inspired Fossils” series is a unique treasure. Collecting flowers around her country home (and some neighbors’ too— with permission!), Nicole preserves them in relief on plaster/cement bases.

Each piece feels timeless. She only creates these artifacts in the summer, when her flowers are at their peak. She’s already working in a very specific timeframe, and then, as we all know, flowers wilt quickly, so there’s a second element of racing against time present in her work. There’s the time of the season and the transitional time of a living thing that’s in the process of changing— which she then freezes in time, just as prehistoric plants were frozen in time and transported to the future/our present through fossils.

Nicole isn’t replicating the appearance of flowers, she’s literally capturing their actual physical imprints. You can touch them and feel each indentation and texture that was made by a real plant that really pressed against the same tile you’re touching and, several lifetimes from now, someone who hasn’t even been born yet will be able to run their hand over the same ridges and valleys you traced with your own finger tips.

The past, present, and future exist simultaneously in each of Ron Nicole’s timeless artifacts. Someday I hope I get to run my fingers over one for myself.

I Think You Will Like This: Iron Circus Comics
I Think You Will Like This: Iron Circus Comicsmore_vert
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I Think You Will Like This: Iron Circus Comics 2020-09-04T07:10:00+00:00close

Over on Instagram, I've been sharing some accounts and creators who brighten up my feed with their creativity and just generally make the world a little better with their contributions. I'll doing a little cross-posting here, so you folks don't miss out. Check them out, give ‘em a follow, patronize their endeavors if it’s an option!

Today: Iron Circus Comics
Spike's Twitter:

Spike Trotman is a force of nature and the success of her publishing house is only the most visible proof of that.

As an early participant in webcomics, way back in the early '00s, her work stood out as beautifully drawn with confident, precision-sharp line work to illustrate her smart, hilarious, nuanced, fucking WEIRD stories about the rich lives of society’s rejects.

Not content to bring her own comics to print, she expanded her solo operation to publish dozens of creators with comics too niche and unusual for mainstream publishers.

One of those stories is Yes, Roya, which she originally produced in 2016 with the artist Emilee Denich’s beautiful artwork. Back then, Iron Circus Comics was a much smaller setup and could only afford to print books in black and white. Fast-forward four years and not only is the original Yes, Roya run on its final 50 copies, but ICC has access to making full color books now. OBVIOUSLY that means Yes, Roya is getting the colorization it so richly deserves and you bet'cher booties I pre-ordered a copy when it went up on Kickstarter.

Wait, what is this book? Why should you care? In Spike’s words, "Yes, Roya is a 150-page m/f/m femdom graphic novel, set in 1960s California, about what happens when a young, aspiring cartoonist meets his idol, and discovers his hero — and his hero's wife, Roya — are anything but your typical mid-century couple”

My dudes? This is one of my top most favorite comics. Ever. Not just smut comics, I mean COMICS-comics. Between the writing and illustration, it’s a masterclass in making an excellent graphic novel. I devoted a whole OJST review to it, in fact.

Iron Circus Comics has published dozens of unique graphic novels and anthologies by creators with stories too niche to find a home elsewhere. I dare you to browse through their selection and not find one or two topics that catches your eye.

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Comments (14)
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User #12669832 - 5 Sep 20 13:19
Woot for Iron Circus and for you! It's always a joy when some of my favourite creators boost each other, especially since both of you are on my "guaranteed support" list. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go see if the next chapter of Iris and Angel is live yet. :)
user avatar
User #2488381 - 4 Sep 20 12:40
Iron Circus is great! I must have thrown hundreds of dollars at their various Kickstarters the last couple of years. I particularly like how the stretch goals for the anthologies often include significant pay-bumps for the artists. Oh, but this reminds me that I meant to pick up a copy of The Harrowing of Hell and It's Your Funeral. And hey, might as well pick up the free first issue of Iris and Angel ... never know if one is into that without checking it out, right?
user avatar
User #3220669 - 4 Sep 20 14:49
Iris and Angel is a *absolute must*
user avatar
User #2378517 - 6 Sep 20 08:22
Bought this one based on this comment (and the free sample) and agreed! That comic is so adorably cute. :)
user avatar
User #6384907 - 5 Sep 20 19:14
Can confirm, Yes, Roya is soooo good
user avatar
User #3220669 - 4 Sep 20 14:49
I looooove iron circus, Spike does a podcast too called Dirty Old Ladies,
user avatar
User #119922 - 4 Sep 20 12:33
OMFG Spike! "As The Crow Flies" Spike! I am SO glad she's excelling in an industry literally dominated by crusty old white dudes. Sweet!
user avatar
erikamoen - 17 Sep 20 18:06
Right? She's so awesome. -Matt
user avatar
User #3509133 - 5 Sep 20 06:11
Erica: I think you'll like this... Me: Yes, I'm several Kickstarters deep :)
user avatar
User #2378517 - 4 Sep 20 21:56
Wow, 'm/f/m femdom graphic novel'? That is so my jam! How I missed your previous comic about it, I don't know, but I need to get on that. :)
user avatar
User #2488381 - 6 Sep 20 01:09
They did a kickstarter (successful, of course) for colorizing Yes, Roya when it was time for a reprint. I don't see it for sale yet, but it should be soon enough.
user avatar
User #2378517 - 6 Sep 20 08:20
Too late, I bought the black and white version! Really enjoyed it. :)
user avatar
erikamoen - 17 Sep 20 18:07
You won't regret it, Erika and still laud it as a top fav. -Matt
user avatar
User #12849533 - 5 Sep 20 13:01
I really love comics like Iron Circus. Thank you for sharing this here. Glad for their success!
I Think You Will Like This: Josiah “Bad Azz” Grant
I Think You Will Like This: Josiah “Bad Azz” Grantmore_vert
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I Think You Will Like This: Josiah “Bad Azz” Grant 2020-08-14T07:10:01+00:00close
Over on Instagram, I've been sharing some accounts and creators who brighten up my feed with their creativity and just generally make the world a little better with their contributions. I'll doing a little cross-posting here, so you folks don't miss out. Check them out, give ‘em a follow, patronize their endeavors if it’s an option!

Today: Josiah “Bad Azz” Grant

Instagram: @oobadazzoo

I heard about Josiah before I saw any of his pictures or videos online. He was scheduled to be a future guest instructor at my pole studio, Ecdysiast, and people couldn’t stop talking about how excited they were to take a class with him and how amazing his Instagram is and have you seen him do his trick where he removes his panties and ties them to the pole all in one fluid motion?

What the crap? Obviously I had to look up this person.

Actually, fuck my description.

Just go to his Instagram account and watch any of his videos. .

Nothing I say will do them justice. This man is a marvel and his ass posses a life of its own. .

He also runs his own pole apparel line, which you can patronize at Bad Azz Apparel.

It is one of my lasting regrets that I did not take a class with him when I had the chance, but I’m so glad I learned he exists and now I can marvel at his pole dancing videos along with the rest of my old classmates 🙌

(Later, Ecdysiast's co-owner/instructor showed me how to do his panty trick. It 👏 is 👏 magic 👏)

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EaBjAsjVcAMGndt.jpeg (140.4KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2378517 - 14 Aug 20 07:40
Ooh, fancy! Will have to check them out. That top pic needs a kind of hotness warning. :D
user avatar
User #12849533 - 14 Aug 20 18:12
In fact, there are not so many truly creative people, and as you can see, Joshia is one of those who are not just a professional, but a super professional!
I Think You Will Like This: Little Paper Flowers by Erica Worrall
I Think You Will Like This: Little Paper Flowers by Erica Worrallmore_vert
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I Think You Will Like This: Little Paper Flowers by Erica Worrall 2020-08-21T07:10:01+00:00close
Over on Instagram, I've been sharing some accounts and creators who brighten up my feed with their creativity and just generally make the world a little better with their contributions. I'll doing a little cross-posting here, so you folks don't miss out. Check them out, give ‘em a follow, patronize their endeavors if it’s an option!

Today: Little Paper Flowers by Erica Worrall
Instagram: @_littlepaperflowers_

In addition to having just a totally boss first name, Erica Worrall is a skilled artisan who transforms rolls of textured crepe paper into immortal, unwiltable flowers 🌸

A scroll through her Instagram feed shows a wide variety of life-like blossoms and bouquets that will last long, long after the one-day-event they’re celebrating has passed. I love the idea of someone showing their grandchild the actual bouquet they held at their wedding, and it’s just as vibrant and beautiful in that moment as it was on the day they said “I do”. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, just-because-I-was-thinking-of-you days, what a lovely, thoughtful, timeless gift to share with someone.

I’ve got a confession, though.

As much as I appreciate the skill that goes into Worrall’s realistic flowers, it’s the more cartoonish, fantastical, sculptural ones I really love.

Recognizable plant forms that are clearly constructed out of man-made materials with textures and colors that don’t exist in nature is just candy to my eyes and brain.
Give me the familiar, but make it strange! Recreate the natural with unnatural materials! Mmm, yes. Give me that good stuff.

The next time you find yourself in need of flowers for an event, hop on over to Little Paper Flowers and see if you can’t find yourself something nice, something that’ll last long past just that one special day 🌸

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 21 Aug 20 17:35
She really does an amazing job. The flowers look real, it is difficult to recognize whether they are artificial or real ...Fantastic!
user avatar
User #6384907 - 23 Aug 20 18:13
Wow, these are gorgeous!
user avatar
User #943106 - 27 Aug 20 04:14
Hey Erika! You like plant-things and I saw a plant-thing on tumblr and reaallly wanted to share it with you!
I Think You Will Like This: The Black Aristocratic Fine-Art Gallery
I Think You Will Like This: The Black Aristocratic Fine-Art Gallerymore_vert
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I Think You Will Like This: The Black Aristocratic Fine-Art Gallery 2020-08-28T07:10:00+00:00close
Over on Instagram, I've been sharing some accounts and creators who brighten up my feed with their creativity and just generally make the world a little better with their contributions. I'll doing a little cross-posting here, so you folks don't miss out. Check them out, give ‘em a follow, patronize their endeavors if it’s an option!

Today: The Black Aristocratic Fine-Art Gallery

Painter Glory Samjolly loves art history and historical portraiture, but was frustrated to find so little representation of Black subjects and artists in the classic museums and galleries. So, Samjolly took matters into her own hands and launched her own online.

In her own words, “The 'Black Aristocratic Fine-Art' gallery will be a social enterprise, as well as an educational site which delves into the remnants of 'Black' art-history in Europe. No other website or gallery will have such content as this site, which collates famous portraits of Black/ ethnic nobles from the Renaissance up to the Edwardian era. This website will also be a platform for featuring contemporary artists whom criticise gender and race in art history through their practice. At this present time, no such website or gallery in Europe exists.”

These historical paintings and illustrations have so much to teach us about Europe’s history and the lives of the Black people who lived there in that time. Thank you to Glory for compiling them! She also accepts submissions of both classical AND contemporary art that engages with the classic art through the gallery’s website.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #3052515 - 28 Aug 20 17:41
Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this! 💜💜💜
user avatar
User #35661764 - 28 Aug 20 16:12
Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to learning more about this whole genre I didn’t know existed!
I Think You Will Like This: Fat Women of Color
I Think You Will Like This: Fat Women of Colormore_vert
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I Think You Will Like This: Fat Women of Color 2020-09-18T07:10:01+00:00close

Over on Instagram, I've been sharing some accounts and creators who brighten up my feed with their creativity and just generally make the world a little better with their contributions. I'll doing a little cross-posting here, so you folks don't miss out. Check them out, give ‘em a follow, patronize their endeavors if it’s an option!

Today: Fat Women of Color

This account does not just showcase fat women of color, it celebrates them. Some photos are joyful, some bold, some tender, some fierce. These women are not passive subjects for the viewer to consume and move on from. They radiate their individual personalities, their humanity. The viewer feels what the women feel, because they are in control of the photo, they are the driving force. The audience is not voyeuristically peeking at them, they are actively presenting themselves to capture the viewer’s attention.

In a society that has elevated white and thin and gender-conforming as our beauty ideal and the only kind of body worthy of being glorified in the media, simply existing in a body other than that is a radical act. To live in an othered body and to actively take up space, to draw attention to that body, to share the joy and pride and vulnerability and strength, to share that humanity?

That is an act of defiance, an act of activism.

It shouldn’t be.

But it is.

The photos collected by Fat Women of Color unites the pictured women and the viewer, they show us our shared humanity.

March Quilt Block
March Quilt Blockmore_vert
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March Quilt Block 2020-07-31T00:33:26+00:00close

At the beginning of the year, I decided to embroider a panel to represent each month and then at the end of the year I'd combine all 12 together into a quilt that documents my life in 2020. January, February, March, and April's quilt blocks are done and I'm slowly but surely catching up on the rest! I'm actually in the middle of May's, but I ran out of the shade of floss I'm using most and I gotta get more 😬Oh, but that does mean I can show you March now!

On the first of the month, I write a couple sentences about what's on my mind, where I'm at. Then I search through my magazines for images that represent or correlate to any major themes I wrote about. In this case, I felt like my thoughts were trying to spin out away from me, so I was working in my garden to help keep me rooted to the present and reality. I cut out the image of a straining man because he looks like he's being pulled up into the sky while he's pressing his palms down hard against the earth to stay grounded-- like my brain, trying to keep my crazy thoughts from flying off. The sprigs of leaves growing through his hands and mouth are literally rooting him to the ground. All the background greenery is my garden, I guess (It's just visual filler, honestly), and the lemons are my free-floating crazy thoughts that are always just... there. Lurking. Waiting for me to walk into them.

With a drawing program, I traced the figure and added some literal roots growing though his body because, listen, subtle I ain't.

Then I traced that outline onto some fabric. (Cintiq background is the same picture of Mosh I've been using for over a decade now)

Next up, I experimented pairing my little figure with different background fabrics. As you already know from the image I shared at the top of this post, I opted for the last green paint-splotchy one.

And then... I embroidered.

Because I had fallen behind, I did a bunch of the quilt captions together.

They read:

Feb: Lemony Snicket, our potted lemon tree, blossomed and is producing tiny fruits for the first time.
Mar: I worked in the garden to keep myself rooted while my thoughts want to spiral into the abyss.
Apr: Quarantine with Matt is actually really nice. I feel so grateful for so many things right now.

Ta-dah! Donesies!

Of course there's always things I wish I could change, I know I could do better, but I tell myself to just let it be done and move on to the next.

Here we are, the first three months of my year!

Just nine squares to go.

Media (1)

11_stitches_hoop.jpg (5.5MiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #67773 - 3 Aug 20 18:11
Frick I LOVE this rooted/blooming/toppling person. What a perfect visualization.
user avatar
User #31218687 - 31 Jul 20 00:46
I love this idea so much!
user avatar
User #137145 - 3 Aug 20 19:16
Your handlettering in thread is just, wow, wowzers, damn. <3
user avatar
User #2986932 - 31 Jul 20 04:21
It's so pretty! Looking forward to seeing the other quilt blocks and the finished product!
OJST: Body Hair Blues by Tess Thompson
OJST: Body Hair Blues by Tess Thompsonmore_vert
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OJST: Body Hair Blues by Tess Thompson 2020-07-28T07:06:00+00:00close

When Tess Thompson, a latina with polycystic ovarian syndrome, decides to stop shaving, she finds herself having to navigate some.......................................... hairy situations. 😎

Media (1)

BodyHairBlues__twitter.png (195.8KiB)

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #2533583 - 2 Aug 20 12:53
More Tess, please! I love the expressions, energy and writing.
user avatar
User #51603 - 28 Jul 20 12:59
As a fellow furry woman, I love this! So many people are so weird about body hair, especially on female-presenting bodies. Rock that fur, girl! Shaving is an expensive, painful waste of time and I'm glad I gave it up many years ago 😎 (for me, one exception: I still pluck the dark hairs on my chin and neck...)
user avatar
User #137145 - 28 Jul 20 13:54
Oh man this is so good! The art and the story and her thoughts and experiences.
user avatar
User #2732470 - 28 Jul 20 14:09
This is so stunning. Thanks you Tess for this amazing story.
user avatar
User #12849533 - 28 Jul 20 21:23
Yes, this is a really big problem for many women ... And this is not even funny sometimes, but ... still, every woman has the right to decide for herself to remove or keep...
user avatar
User #889238 - 28 Jul 20 07:50
This is lovely, and reminds me so much of a young woman named Balpreet Kaur whose grace and dignity is an inspiration. Love who you are, however you are, and express it in any way you wish - your body is absolutely divine.
user avatar
User #51603 - 28 Jul 20 13:24
Thanks for sharing this! What a graceful response to internet douchebaggery, and what a beautiful soul :)
user avatar
User #137145 - 28 Jul 20 13:54
I love love love that story and it was the first thing that came to my mind, too. Thank you for the link, I didn't know what to type to find it!
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Kohlrabi 2020-07-27T03:00:25+00:00close

Some months ago, I learned about a vegetable that was totally new to me: kohlrabi.

It’s this softball-sized orb that sits atop a thin little stem and is sparsely covered in really theatrical leaves that resemble decorative plumage. It’s like an ostrich made of cabbage and I absolutely bought a packet of seeds. Matt asked what it tastes like and I told him I have no clue because the taste isn’t the point to me. The point is: it looks ridiculous.

I’ve made a lot of my life decisions based on how ridiculous I find the potential outcome and, hey, I made it to 37 and I’m still alive so I must be doing something right.

Join me as I take you through a high speed fast forward through my kohlrabi’s life:

Which brings us to... TODAY!

Eff yeah! I harvested that sucker! (And a couple of his siblings)

Lookit my little crop 😭

I put my phone camera’s panorama feature to good use:

I’ve been informed kohlrabi tastes like broccoli? And it’s best eaten... raw? I think? It’s ok, Matt and I’ll look up some recipes and figure it out.

Matt and I spent the day floating on the river to celebrate his 35th birthday. He’s my favorite guy. He’s the best ridiculous thing I ever did with my life (Fall in love with a man when you’re a lesbian? Be in a 3.5 year long distance relationship with someone on a tiny island halfway round the world in a completely opposite time zone, so he’s going to bed when you’re getting up? MARRY this person you’ve spent less than six months total in the same physical space together? Become full time business partners and coworkers with your spouse???)

He’s hilarious and intelligent and curious and kind and devious and thoughtful and creative and dedicated and hardworking and so, so, so handsome. 15 years together and he still makes my heart skip a beat with his soft English accent and silver hair, his beautiful smile and beautiful, beautiful eyes.

Woops, sorry. This was supposed to be a post about my kohlrabi.

I guess it’s about the ridiculous things I’ve pursued, the unique things that caught my eye and delighted me, that I’ve watched develop and grow from youth to maturity. Here’s to the strange and the beautiful! Those entities that capture your attention with their creativity and brilliance. Here’s to the things you nurture and cultivate, and that nurture and cultivate you in return.

Here’s to the things that enrich your life in whatever form that may take, whether by jumping in blindly on an ill-advised adventure with a hot British boy while you study abroad and wind up building a life together with the absolute best person you’ve ever met or by painstakingly tending to a new crop of seedlings for months and months on end simply because you think some day they might look funny and then you can try to eat them but you very well may not even like how they taste.

Here’s to the ridiculous!

May we all have something ridiculous to live for in our lives ❤️

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post_file.png (2.6MiB)

Comments (15)
user avatar
User #2378517 - 27 Jul 20 06:47
Wow! Think I’ve eaten kohlrabi, but never seen it in the wild before. It does look bizarre, like something alien. As you say, here’s to the ridiculous! :)
user avatar
User #889238 - 28 Jul 20 07:54
It's a 🥦 broccoli stem basically, there is a point where they are sweeter than broccoli would be but I love them however they come. There are so many brassicas, it's such an interesting plant!
user avatar
User #58252 - 27 Jul 20 04:55
I thought they were supposed to be harvested about half that size, like zucchini. At least, that’s how big they always are at the farmers market here. Hope it turns out great!
user avatar
User #333283 - 27 Jul 20 08:36
"Bon anniversaire, Matt !" 🎂🥂🎩 And I think I had kohlrabi, it was served sliced, steam-cooked, accompanied by mustard and/or wasabi. Thank you for the great post.
user avatar
User #4589931 - 27 Jul 20 03:13
Everything about this is utterly beautiful.
user avatar
User #23643032 - 27 Jul 20 03:34
fabulous. 💖 try slicing and pickling them! they’re divine.
user avatar
User #186564 - 27 Jul 20 05:37
I'm sure it doesn't seem effortless to you, but your posts like this one feel like a direct message from another consciousness who's thoughts match mine: you communicate so fluidly, directly, simply, and apparently honestly. They always make me smile. Thanks.
user avatar
User #194101 - 27 Jul 20 17:25
This brightened my day so much! Thank you!
user avatar
User #110863 - 27 Jul 20 14:43
Weird fact: Kohlrabi is knutekål in Norwegian (translates as knotty cabbage, perhaps?). But the Norwegian kålrabi, however (which sounds excactly the same at kohlrabi) is rutabaga.
user avatar
User #182211 - 27 Jul 20 03:08
I love your posts like this - it's very comforting to read through your thought process, somehow. Let us know how the kohlrabi tastes!
user avatar
User #197388 - 27 Jul 20 08:03
I love to cut them into sticks and eat them as dippers into hummus!! Enjoy them!
user avatar
User #24001315 - 27 Jul 20 09:13
If you don't like the taste so much (I don't think they taste of much anyway…), you can also do a potato-kohlrabi curry
user avatar
User #330152 - 27 Jul 20 06:56
I patreon'd you for dar and ojst but I'm enjoying these botany posts. Maybe more slice of life could be in order.
user avatar
User #56989 - 27 Jul 20 03:33
Stew is where I usually encounter kohlrabi, but I have also eaten it raw. Hard core purists will say a Cornish pasty is where they are best.
user avatar
User #2732470 - 27 Jul 20 13:47
Happy Birthday Matt! And Kohlrabi look super neat.
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#SixFanarts 2020-07-25T17:04:50+00:00close

Remember in the Before Times when #SixFanarts swept through Artist Twitter? (Creatives asked their followers for characters to draw into a six-paneled template. was a simpler time, then)

At the time I solicited your suggestions here and, man, I would love to link you to that post but I’m using the Patreon app and I... don’t know how to save this post AND go look up a previous one. Would the app even give me a post’s URL so I could use it in a link? I’m grateful for Patreon’s existence and I struggle with its backside infrastructure /:)

Anyway, anyway.

From your suggestions, I selected:

  • Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus
  • Pizazz from Jem and the Holograms
  • Margo Hanson (High King) from The Magicians
  • Rainbow Brite
  • Jane Lane from Daria
  • Steve Lieber from my studio Helioscope

And because I yam what I yam, obviously I had to participate in a flash-in-the-pan internet fad intended for quick, digital illustration by painstakingly embroidering my selections onto fabric by hand, which takes a million years even in the best of times.


I just gotta be me, man.

Like I mentioned above, I did share some of my progress here but then a ““global”” ““““pandemic”””” happened and I got distracted and then eventually I did finish it but that was a while ago and I forgot to show you. So, now I’m doing that!

In Ye Olde Times, I would trace my designs by hand onto the cloth, but this led to really kinda fudged, imprecise line work which then became further distorted as I embroidered, producing subtly distorted illustrations. Now, when I’m working on a piece that needs precise lines, I print out my design onto a water-soluble material that I then stick onto my fabric and sew straight through. At the end, I rinse away the printout and I’m left with basically in-line stitches!

At some point into quarantine, I put it down and did not pick it up again for a couple months while I acclimatized to The New Normal. When I was ready to resume working on it, I decided not to document my progress on it because, mentally, I needed a project that was just for me to focus on without thinking of it in terms of using it for #content online.

So now it looks like I just -BAM!- summoned this finished piece out of thin air!

It’s hanging on the wall in my home studio, so even though I can’t go to my office downtown, I still get to say hi to my studiomate Steve every day anyway /:) HI, STEVE! I miss you! And... you know. Everyone.

Thanks for reading ❤️

Media (1)

post_file.png (3.6MiB)

Comments (12)
user avatar
User #3365253 - 27 Jul 20 02:26
This is amazing! The character art is great, but I'm especially impressed with the clean lines of the calligraphy! I love this thing you made.
user avatar
User #51603 - 25 Jul 20 17:26
Hey! Here's the link to the original poll for #SixFanarts: And here's the link for the one where you announced the results and shared the line art: :)
user avatar
User #861956 - 26 Jul 20 04:24
Yay! I’m happy to see this get done. As someone who is bad about actually finishing embroidery projects it’s good to see someone finishing theirs. 😄 also #MargoIsMyHighKing
user avatar
User #27115511 - 25 Jul 20 17:14
It looks great! Love it
user avatar
User #2488381 - 25 Jul 20 17:57
That turned out great!
user avatar
User #4504344 - 25 Jul 20 17:06
IT TURNED OUT AMAZING! 😍 Thank you for sharing this project with us, it's so cool!
user avatar
User #119922 - 4 Aug 20 04:17
Great work! I love Jane Lane. "I like having low self-esteem. It makes me feel special."
user avatar
User #452123 - 27 Jul 20 17:38
This turned out great, especially impressed with the text
user avatar
User #339600 - 27 Jul 20 12:27
So much work, and so beautiful
user avatar
User #137145 - 26 Jul 20 19:55
God I LOVE this, I love to see a quick Internet thing come back months later in the form of something that took more than just an idle afternoon to create! I love it I love it. :)
user avatar
User #79872 - 26 Jul 20 06:23
The beard stubble is a fine, fine touch.
user avatar
User #3863712 - 30 Jul 20 19:04
It’s beautiful! I’d love to know what stitch you used for the lettering!
Blog: Poppy Pods
Blog: Poppy Podsmore_vert
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Blog: Poppy Pods 2020-07-24T15:13:21+00:00close

4:10 pm was the second time I heard the crack of a drying pod case split open, followed by the sound of tiny round poppy seeds raining down and bouncing off the floor below. KTSH-tk-tk-tk-tk.

I collect them from my little poppy flowers after the petals have fallen off, leaving behind those absurd, almost obscene, extending seed tubes that just continue to grow longer and longer.

They shouldn’t remind me of Gonzo’s nose (on account of the fact that they’re neither curled nor blue) but, what can I say, they do. They’ve got Big Gonzo’s Nose Energy to me.

It’s hard making myself wait to cut them down when the flowers first disintegrate. The longer I can leave them be, the bigger the pod will grow, producing healthier seeds.

I rarely ever actually give them enough time to fully mature. When I walk around the neighborhood, I can see that the poppy pods in other gardens absolutely eclipse mine, no contest. They’re at least two thirds longer and already dried out while still on the stem. Mine are green when I cut them down.

Hopefully that’s ok. I mean, they still do their thing when I bundle them upside down together and hang them to dry from my home studio shelf.

(They’re on the far right, just before the big bundle of fake red and yellow flowers that are covering the end of my thin, white shelf. There’s too much on my wall to really see them in this picture, but I just wanted to show you the room that I hang them in when I make my little harvests. This used to be my back-up office, for when I couldn’t bus downtown to my desk at Helioscope because I was too sick or had to work over the weekend. Now I work here every day, drawing boner comics in this house addition that is slowly but steadily sinking into the earth because some previous owners built it on foundations that are not as stable as the rest of our 100+ year old house. I like this room. The sunlight fills it up and the giant horizontal crack across the entire length of the south-facing wall gives it character as the sinking causes it to grow fatter every year.)

Oh, right.

The poppy pods.

At 5:28 pm, a third one popped.

5:45 pm, a fourth.

5:50 pm, the fifth.

I took the hint and brought down my little bundles to properly harvest their seeds.

I mean, I say “properly”, but I don’t actually know that for sure. I never Googled it. I just split the pods open and scrape out the little round pellets inside onto some paper and pour that into little bead storage containers that I got at a craft store, back when you could still casually go shopping just for fun.

A few of the pods were still too soft, so I’m leaving them to keep drying. Something really delights me about the look of those dried out pod-connector caps all clustered together. It looks like some kind of undersea coral or the close-up of a virus under a microscope.

The Internet says December and January are the good poppy planting times, but honestly I’m probably going to try my luck now anyway because every day feels the same and I miss hugging my friends.

I’ve collected and harvested many bundles of pods like this over the last month or so, and my slutty little flowers just keep making more, so I’ll keep it up until they run out, I guess.

They have to run out at some point.

Now you just have to look at pictures of my poppy patch. Sorry.

I’ve started working on a teeny tiny project in my flower garden to raise funds for The Black Resilience Fund. You folks here will be the first to know when it’s ready ❤️

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Comments (8)
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User #15195296 - 28 Jul 20 06:55
wow, I didn't know poppies came in that many shapes, colours and sizes! You could start a shop selling poppy seeds xD
user avatar
User #8094528 - 24 Jul 20 15:23
What a beautiful and hopefully neverending poppy patch! Thank you for sharing your beautiful little corner of the world 💕
user avatar
User #3220669 - 24 Jul 20 15:22
I've never seen poppy pods that tube shape before! My mom's are bell-shaped. If you want a less arduous seed collection method, you can dry them hanging inside paper bags - that way they pop on their own and the bag catches the seeds :)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 27 Jul 20 08:57
 You have an amazingly beautiful garden with wonderful poppies. It was very interesting to see these poppy pods that you collect in bunches. I've never seen this before.
user avatar
User #3365253 - 24 Jul 20 17:31
You make us suffer so with your photos of delightful flowers! ;)
user avatar
User #137145 - 26 Jul 20 20:00
Hnnnggg those poppies are sexyyyyyyyyy!
user avatar
User #79966 - 28 Jul 20 07:25
I had no idea poppies were so beautiful! I've only ever seen the red ones, for ANZAC day. Wonderful.
user avatar
User #500073 - 24 Jul 20 15:42
Man I'm so jealous of your home studio space! What good light. Does it get hot in there? The flowers on my balcony garden are either half spent or haven't bloomed yet. Two of my baskets (grown from seed) are pretty much done, but one has been super stubborn and is just green and leaves at this point. But my Teddy Bear Sunflowers are getting so close to blooming! I hope they do before the end of August when I move. Don't know if we'll be getting an outdoor space, and I don't want to lose my fluffy flower babies before they shine.
OJST: Temari
OJST: Temari more_vert
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OJST: Temari 2020-07-21T19:00:01+00:00close

When Matt and I first saw the Temari, we didn't quite know what to make of it. It's like a little potted Easter egg? Turn it on, though, and- oh-ho! This little guy is surprisingly good!


Project Spotlight on

There's only nine days left for the San Francisco Porn Film Festival to raise the funds they need to create the world's first virtual porn fest! As of this writing, they're just 2k away from their goal.

While mainstream film festivals can use all the big name streaming sites to carry on during the pandemic, that is not an option for movies with sexually explicit material. The San Francisco PornFilmFestival needs our help to build a platform to share independent porn.

While $15 gets you access to the festival itself, and for $50 you can also get a subscription to (the streaming service for indie porn made by and for queer folks and people of color). There's a bunch of other sexy incentives to pitch in, so go check out their rewards and consider giving these queer creators of color a hand.

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TengaTemari__OJST_preview.png (32.0KiB)

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #705446 - 21 Jul 20 21:36
Lol, as I was checking it out on Early To Bed they updated the product page to say that they just had a rush of orders and were sold out but would be getting more in stock soon. I wonder how that could have happened... :P
user avatar
erikamoen - 21 Jul 20 21:45
user avatar
User #13771558 - 22 Jul 20 21:39
SheVibe still had stock yesterday!
user avatar
User #210049 - 22 Jul 20 00:50
There's a typo about halfway through the comic: you say "... much smaller Tameri..." where you mean "... much smaller Temari...".
user avatar
User #218770 - 24 Jul 20 06:09
I know I'm pedantic 'bout this, but there is another one there: "strong rumble for it's size" should read "its size".
OJST: Playbear Cartoons by Ovens and JB3
OJST: Playbear Cartoons by Ovens and JB3more_vert
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OJST: Playbear Cartoons by Ovens and JB3 2020-07-14T07:05:59+00:00close

And now for something completely different on Oh Joy Sex Toy! Cartoonist duo Ovens and JB3 bring us some single-panel sexy gag strips in the spirit of those classic old Playboy comics, but for our modern, more pervy, more pandemic-y time ;)

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Playbearcartoons__twitter.jpg (195.4KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #137145 - 14 Jul 20 16:00
God the art and the shading on those is BEAUTIFUL!!
user avatar
User #2378517 - 14 Jul 20 07:33
Cute stuff. :)
user avatar
User #2732470 - 14 Jul 20 13:42
Oh my gosh these are hilarious. The attention to detail on these is stunning! Bravo for getting them on the site.
user avatar
User #3509133 - 14 Jul 20 20:44
Indeed these are all really good! At quality, shading, detail work.
Let's Talk About It -- Cover Reveal!
Let's Talk About It -- Cover Reveal!more_vert
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Let's Talk About It -- Cover Reveal! 2020-07-09T21:33:58+00:00close

Today we can finally share the cover of our upcoming Random House Graphic novel:

LET’S TALK ABOUT IT: The Teen’s Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Being a Human

After over a year of working on it behind the scenes, at last it is coming out January 21, 2021 and you can learn more or pre-order a copy through your favorite bookseller here. This is our first book made specifically for young adults and it’s our publisher’s first nonfiction title, to boot!

When the name “Sex Education” comes up, people tend to think of biology lessons on how babies are made or of awkwardly rolling down a condom on a banana in a classroom. But what comes before condoms and babies? Teens need to know how to talk to each other about sex and relationships and boundaries and consent long before they wind up in a situation where condoms are being pulled out of pockets.

Let’s Talk About It follows an assortment of teens as they find themselves in uncharted territories, from figuring out identity to navigating consent to understanding why certain fantasies keep springing up in their minds to being rejected.

This book gives young adults the tools to make informed decisions, advocate for their needs, and respect other people’s boundaries. It’s a guidebook for people who know that life is messy and we’re all doing the best we can with the resources we have available. By sharing the kind of real life situations people inevitably find themselves in, Let’s Talk About It gives teens a vocabulary and the foresight to make thoughtful, compassionate choices when they run into their own uncharted territories.

Hey, you don’t gotta take our word for it, either…

‘Let’s talk about it’ is a much needed inclusive, accessible comic guide to love and sex for teens. Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan do a great job of covering the questions young people really want answered, through dialogues between a beautifully drawn cast of characters who’re navigating their own way through this complex, confusing territory. The guidance given is warm, friendly, realistic, and clear, likely to alleviate much of the fear and shame readers have around these topics.”
–Meg-John Barker, author of A Practical Guide to Sex
“Based on Erika and Matt’s past work, I already knew that I would like Let’s Talk About It but I wasn’t prepared for how much I would love (and I mean LOVE) this book. Let’s Talk About It is a beacon of light for teenagers and parents who are doing their best to sort out hormones, bodies, sex, gender, flirting, dating, and who they are or who they love. This is what sex education at its best – accurate information, engaging characters, and a reassuring tone. Highly recommended.”
–Debby Herbenick, PhD, Professor at the Indiana University School of Public Health and author of The Coregasm Workout

So yeah! That's it! It's so exciting we can finally share the cover with you all. Like I linked above, there's a number of booksellers you can pre-order a copy through and you can always request your library pick up a copy for you, too.

Thank you so, so much to everyone who's supported me on here while I worked away on this book (while continuing to work on OJST too! ...and.... you know, also going through two different mental health programs at the hospital. Haha, it's been a really full last year+) and I hope you all enjoy Let's Talk About It when it comes out January 21, 2021.

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LetsTalkAboutIt_1.jpg (582.8KiB)

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #197388 - 10 Jul 20 07:26
So bummed it can't ship to Australia 😢 I'll be excited to get copies once it is available here!!
user avatar
User #30347124 - 9 Jul 20 21:39
The cover looks fantastic! I can’t wait until the book hits the shelves. Knowing your work, this is definitely a guide that teenagers will benefit from. I really could’ve used a book like this when I was younger!
user avatar
User #32811 - 9 Jul 20 22:24
Preordered right away! Looking forward to it next year!
user avatar
User #4353775 - 15 Jul 20 12:44
Waiting for availability in Europe...
user avatar
User #410770 - 9 Jul 20 22:56
Oh dear. I didn't expect this to hit me this hard. I've been wanting this book for the generation I'm helping to raise, so badly, for as long as I've been adult enough to think about them. I had a terrible level of sex education (the short summary being: don't, and be ashamed), and was left to flounder and be taken advantage of my entire young years. I want kids to be able to walk into a library and find this book, so they can think it through without pressure or shame or scrutiny. I'm so grateful to you for doing the excruciating job of putting it together, even when you yourself were struggling. Thank you thank you thank you!
user avatar
User #3167746 - 9 Jul 20 21:36
Neat! Is it comic style? Or more words with some images throughout.
user avatar
User #399863 - 10 Jul 20 04:47
are there non binary characters in it at all? been having trouble finding books that talk about sex for my nb kid.
user avatar
User #490190 - 10 Jul 20 02:56
YAY! This is so exiting! I'm going to have to get several copies to give out to those that will need them. If I click on "other" in the bookseller list and then "Powells", it gives me a blank page, though...
OJST: Attraction
OJST: Attractionmore_vert
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OJST: Attraction 2020-07-07T07:02:01+00:00close

When a virgin cisgender teenage boy who’s never even asked a girl out yet says that he’s straight, nobody’s like “You haven’t been with a girl yet, so I don’t really believe you. You’re confused or you want attention or you want to fit in with the cool kids or you just don’t even know what you actually want.” No! They’re just like “Ok.” and they don’t give it a second thought.

And yet, when people say they are attracted to more than one gender but they haven’t had any experience with those other types of folks, it’s fairly common they’ll get that incredulous, dismissive reaction– even from other members under the queer umbrella. There’s this air of “Prove it.” from the monosexuals.

But, dudes!

There's so much more that goes into attraction and sexual identity than who you've banged! It's not even solely about wanting to bang in the first place! Some kinds of attraction are not about banging at all.

Nutty, I know.

Read the comic to see what I'm talking about them!

Media (1)

Attraction__twitter.png (59.3KiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #637146 - 7 Jul 20 11:16
This is so wonderfully explained! As a bi grey ace who doesn't often feel sexual attraction, this gives me the terminology to better explain to my experiences to my partners! 💖
user avatar
User #2732470 - 7 Jul 20 13:34
This is fantastic! Thanks for another stunner of a comic, and for helping increased my vocabulary for talking to others.
user avatar
User #210049 - 7 Jul 20 07:30
Aaand now I want a picnic lunch like y'all's... 😁😋
user avatar
User #186564 - 7 Jul 20 15:43
Great comic. As someone who's bi but not out (everyone assumes I'm straight), I wish all my family and friends (heck, all of our society!) would read it and really internalize the message. "Be with people who make you happy and you do the same for them" is a wonderful philosophy to live by.
user avatar
User #197388 - 7 Jul 20 07:38
This strip, and the comments you just shared here are 👏👏👏 AMAZING. This is content the world needs and I'm so SO grateful to you for creating it. Thank you for being so wonderful!
user avatar
User #12849533 - 7 Jul 20 20:27
You gave an excellent and correct explanation in the comic. I advise to read this comic to many.
user avatar
User #6384907 - 7 Jul 20 17:42
I love this. I was trying to explain this to my 11 year old who just came out to us last week....I'm happy if she is happy. But I told her she doesn't have to stick with the label, she can love whoever she wants! I thought I was messing up telling her that...maybe not!
OJST: I don't want to be Strong by Rado
OJST: I don't want to be Strong by Radomore_vert
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OJST: I don't want to be Strong by Rado 2020-06-30T07:05:59+00:00close

One of the liberating aspects of sex is that it can be used to safely explore a side of a person that they can't share in public. It could be a mousy librarian who becomes a confident dominatrix in bed, or the big, mean CEO who wants to be submissive and humiliated, or a big-hearted, nurturing, empathic person who wants to inflict some (consensual, wanted) pain, or-- as in this week's tender comic by guest artist Rado-- the powerful superhero who wants to be the weak one, the protected one.

Media (1)

DontWantToBeStrong__twitter.png (268.6KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2378517 - 30 Jun 20 07:41
Aww. I love this one. :)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 30 Jun 20 22:03
Yes, even the most powerful person will ever want to feel weak. This comic makes a lot of sense.
user avatar
User #2533583 - 1 Jul 20 19:23
Thanks for sharing Lucy's fundraising pitch in there as well!
OJST: We-Vibe Wand
OJST: We-Vibe Wandmore_vert
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OJST: We-Vibe Wand 2020-06-23T07:05:00+00:00close

It's a bewildering time to be a functioning member of society right now. We're in the middle of a pandemic that's being mismanaged by the most dysfunctional administration our country has ever endured while we're being called to action for a long-overdue civil rights movement reckoning with societal and individual white supremacy.

Oh, and also, if you still have one, you need to continue earning a living at your job.

Which, in Matt's and my case, means... making light-hearted, joke-y comics about sex toys??????

It's a bit (a lot) of cognitive dissonance.

So, uh, enjoy today's comic about being in an existential crisis/vibrator review???????

Matt and I are talking behind the scenes about how to best use OJST at this time, how to make it be a more helpful resource and fill in some of our blinder spots. We're talking about stuff that'll take longer to execute than just one week where we slap together a simple toy review comic. We're thinkin' and talkin' and researchin' and reachin' out. Hopefully we'll have some fruits to share later.

Take care of yourselves. As much as you're capable, be kind to yourself and treat yourself like you would a friend. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway.

Media (1)

We-VibeWand__twitter.png (67.9KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #44942 - 25 Jun 20 06:10
This was a great review, thank you for sharing it ❤️
user avatar
User #55177 - 23 Jun 20 09:29
Sex is *always* important and relevant. You two look after y'selves too!
user avatar
User #2378517 - 23 Jun 20 07:50
I sympathise, but you guys are doing fine. Even if ‘all you do’ is make educational comics about sex toys, there’s nothing wrong with that! You don’t have to address other stuff if it’s too awkward. Plus, it’s nice to have a place to get away from all the awfulness in the world elsewhere...
user avatar
User #45265 - 23 Jun 20 23:17
Interesting and informative as always... and the part about being exhausted is extremely relatable for me right now. Thanks.
user avatar
User #210049 - 23 Jun 20 07:13
Nit: in panel 7, you want the verb "breathe", not the noun "breath". ❤️
user avatar
User #492114 - 23 Jun 20 19:01
That is a very powerful first paragraph. Thank you for being so succinct. I hope you to are hanging in there.
I Think You Will Like This: Fabiola Jean-Louis
I Think You Will Like This: Fabiola Jean-Louismore_vert
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I Think You Will Like This: Fabiola Jean-Louis 2020-06-09T03:07:39+00:00close

This last week over on Instagram, I've been sharing some accounts and creators who brighten up my feed with their creativity and just generally make the world a little better with their contributions. I'll doing a little cross-posting here, so you folks don't miss out. Check them out, give ‘em a follow, patronize their endeavors if it’s an option!

Today: Fabiola Jean-Louis
Instagram: @fabiolajeanlouis

The first time I saw a photo by Jean-Louis, it stopped me in my tracks.

The first thing you see is beauty. Beautiful models, beautiful dresses, beautiful settings, beautiful compositions, beautiful colors and lighting.


These photographs recreate the classic oil painting portraits of European nobility, which serve the dual purpose of documenting a “noteworthy” person’s appearance but also discreetly sharing select information about their role in society and personal history through symbolic items and background elements that only an educated eye would understand.

Jean-Louis’ portraits in her series “Rewriting History: A Black Ancestral Narrative” also tell a much deeper story, beyond their surface level beauty.

Those fantastic historical gowns? They’re paper. Jean-Louis sculpts then by hand. The painterly backdrops? She painted them. The photographs themselves? She takes them. It is impressive enough to be a master in one field of art, but to be this skilled across so many and then to combine them all together into one cohesive final image? I want to say it’s remarkable, but that would be an understatement.

The power behind her portraits is the stories they tell once you look a little closer. Most obviously, these are black women who are starring in a presentation almost exclusively reserved for wealthy white nobles from romanticized time periods. As she explains in her artist statement, “... history is not immutable. Like memory, it must be constantly recalled, re-evaluated and re-integrated into the present. Who we are is linked inextricably to what we remember, both individually and collectively.” Black history has actively been suppressed, misrepresented, and erased in our white supremacist society. Here, Jean-Louis takes black women and inserts them into an image of culture from which they have been starkly absent.

Jean-Louis fills each portrait with information about black history and the trauma that so much of it has been built upon from colonization. Her images can’t be looked at once and then moved on from, they require extended viewing to see the stories behind the surface, the ugliness embedded with the beauty.

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #112368 - 9 Jun 20 14:26
Stunning!! 🤩🤩🤩
user avatar
User #6384907 - 9 Jun 20 04:23
Just breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.
user avatar
User #137145 - 9 Jun 20 11:41
Geez this woman is IIIINNNNCREDIBLE!! Thank you for sharing her with us!!
user avatar
User #119734 - 9 Jun 20 15:23
Wow she is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing !
user avatar
User #9118573 - 10 Jun 20 17:37
OJST: Matt and Erika's OH SHIT! Comic
OJST: Matt and Erika's OH SHIT! Comicmore_vert
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OJST: Matt and Erika's OH SHIT! Comic 2020-06-09T07:02:00+00:00close

Sometimes you get to the end of the workweek and you realize "Fuck, we can't use this comic after all" and then you gotta throw together something real quick in just a couple days 😬

In TOTALLY UNRELATED NEWS, this week on Oh Joy Sex Toy we're sharing some of our personal quarantine decontamination protocols! What does this have to do with sex toys, sex positivity, or sex education? DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT :D


This is the final week to pre-order Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health through us on Kickstarter. The money we raise through crowdfunding not only pays for the cost of us buying our stock of books, but it also funds all of Oh Joy Sex Toy, including hiring our amazing guest artists. Matt and I are so, so grateful to everyone who has backed our project and this support is not something we ever take for granted, it's truly humbling and we can't express our gratitude enough ♥️

Media (1)

insta1.png (91.4KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 9 Jun 20 21:19
))) I am delighted with it. If, as you say, it was done in a small amount of time, then this is super!
user avatar
User #2378517 - 9 Jun 20 07:41
Well, I haven’t been doing half these things! Now I feel paranoid. Like, is mail really an infection risk? :O Gah... thanks for the comic anyway.
user avatar
User #142687 - 9 Jun 20 09:26
I've also not been doing most of these things. Mind you I also haven't left the house since I got back from a business trip to Canada in March, except once to go to the GP.
Dilating After by Naomi Rubin
Dilating After by Naomi Rubinmore_vert
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Dilating After by Naomi Rubin 2020-06-02T07:05:59+00:00close

After doctors built her new vagina, Naomi learns how to maintain it while it heals with some Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (It'll make sense after you read the comic)


We are also half-way through the Kickstarter for Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health. You've got just two weeks left to pre-order your copy of our sexual health book, with sales helping fund our site and enabling us to hire guest cartoonists like Naomi ♥️

Media (1)

DialatingAfter__OJST_preview.jpg (78.1KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2732470 - 3 Jun 20 14:24
Another awesome comic, teaching me cool stuff to boot!
user avatar
User #137145 - 2 Jun 20 15:55
Well damn, I learned something new today! Fascinating!
Satisfyer Plugs
Satisfyer Plugs more_vert
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Satisfyer Plugs 2020-05-26T07:02:01+00:00close

Huzzah! Our Danse Macabre butt plug review hath arriveth!

Here's the prettiest panels:


This is the finished version of that draft I posted last week just for patrons. You remember the one.

I originally had Matt closing the comic with a line about how death is coming for us all so we should enjoy butt toys while we can, but Real Life Matt was like "Honey, that is way too dark for a sex toy review during a pandemic." and he was right but I'm still mad >:c


The Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health book Kickstarter is 480% funded??? Haha, what????? That's, uh, that's pretty cool /:) This campaign raises funds for more than just producing a book, it builds up our small business war chest so we can continue to work on Oh Joy Sex Toy full time and hire guest artists. Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered a copy of the book and shared the link!

Media (1)

insta1.png (69.7KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2732470 - 26 May 20 12:32
Another solid comic! I love how that last panel came out too.
user avatar
User #210049 - 26 May 20 07:51
In the "inundated" panel, you spell "Satisfier" differently from everywhere else, with an "I" instead of a "Y"... 🙂
Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health - LAUNCHED
Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health - LAUNCHEDmore_vert
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Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health - LAUNCHED 2020-05-19T17:17:34+00:00close

Pre-Order Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health!

This book collects Oh Joy Sex Toy's comics all about bodies and health! STIs, preproduction, and sexual dysfunctions that are by Matt and me and our incredibly talented guest artists.
If the first book (Drawn to Sex: The Basics) was like your sexy friend who is always telling you about their naughty adventures, then THIS book is like your nerdy pal who's super into science and biology - except it's sexy science and biology.
This Kickstarter campaign is the one place where you can get a signed book or buy original artwork from me. Pre-ordering a copy through our Kickstarter not only gets you a beautiful book, but it also enables us to continue running the OJST business and paying our artists a professional rate for their work year round.
Ok, chums! That's the announcement. Thank you so, so much for reading and I hope you enjoy our newest book :)
Pre-Order Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health

Media (1)

mockup.jpg (201.5KiB)

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 19 May 20 23:10
I really like your writing style. I always read your comics with pleasure, the art is amazing. I pay tribute to your artists as well!
user avatar
erikamoen - 19 May 20 23:42
Aw, thank you!
user avatar
User #15662786 - 19 May 20 17:26
I’ve been looking forward to this going live. Bought the first book for my daughter for when she’s older (a toddler now). I know that it will be an AMAZING book, and possibly better than some education classes.
user avatar
User #13475931 - 19 May 20 17:22
Done ✅ Yay 🥳
user avatar
User #2500282 - 19 May 20 17:19
Yay! Question though... Some of the higher tiers don't include to first book. Would we be able to add that on later?
user avatar
erikamoen - 19 May 20 17:42
It's not an option we're offering at the moment, to keep our logistics manageable since Matt and I'll be handling shipping this time /:) BUT the first book is widely available and Oni Press even has it on sale for $12.99 (off of $20)
user avatar
User #22964685 - 19 May 20 18:02
*cackles with glee* How does it feel to fully fund in 40 minutes? I hope the answer is "awesome" because y'all deserve it. Thanks for the awesome work!
user avatar
erikamoen - 19 May 20 18:08
Haha, it's like getting hugged by the internet when you absolutely weren't expecting it <:)
user avatar
User #22964685 - 19 May 20 18:11
*offers more electronic hugs*
user avatar
User #67249 - 19 May 20 17:31
Hit that back it button like a ton of bricks.
Super Hot Super Cute by bbz
Super Hot Super Cute by bbzmore_vert
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Super Hot Super Cute by bbz 2020-05-19T07:03:00+00:00close

Put on something that makes you feel sexy and then read this sweet guest comic by bbz!




Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health

will open for pre-orders on Kickstarter at some point today!

I, uh. I don't actually know what time we're launching. Technically, it's after work hours right now and Matt's playing a game so I don't interrupt that to double-check with him because, my god, let the man have a break, you know? We literally have not talked about the start time at all. Did he have a time in mind? Or are we just winging it tomorrow (today, for you folks)? Or did he give it an auto-launch timer that'll go up at midnight like this comic post? Man, I truly don't know! Click the link and lemme know if the Kickstarter is accepting pledges yet.

Oh! Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health. The book we're Kickstarting. I should... I should tell you about that.

This book collects Oh Joy Sex Toy's comics all about bodies and health! STIs, preproduction, and sexual dysfunctions are covered by Matt and me and our incredibly talented guest artists.
This Kickstarter campaign is the one place where you can get a signed book or buy original artwork from me. Pre-ordering a copy not only gets you a beautiful book, but it also enables us to continue running the OJST business and paying our artists a professional rate for their work year round.

Thank you so, so much!

And I'll send out another update when I figure out when the Kickstarter is actually, you know, functional. (IT MIGHT EVEN BE LIVE BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS. But maybe not. BUT MAYBE.)

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User #67249 - 19 May 20 17:23
Backed it!
COMIC: Beep Beep Beep (Part 2)
COMIC: Beep Beep Beep (Part 2)more_vert
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COMIC: Beep Beep Beep (Part 2) 2020-05-14T04:42:37+00:00close

Hot off the presses! I literally just finished this! The thrilling conclusion to The Mystery of the Beeps! New readers, catch up on Part One here.

Ok, no joke? He literally heard it go off once and then he literally walked straight to it and literally turned it off. Like. That's literally how it went down. I did not embellish that part at all. Literally.

As to its location: It was straight down below that open bit of wall I was screaming into in the video, on the wall that lines the side of the stairs that I was standing on. So I was in the right area!!!!!!! I was just looking up instead of down!!!!!!!!

Alright, after this update, my next autobio comics are going back behind the Exclusive Autobio Comics tier. I've got another one ready to go! It's about the quarantine and mermaid leggings. Just gotta format it for postin'...

Here's a teaser:

I'm thinkin' I'll set this to go live on Thursday, May 21st? Since I did two autobio comics this week already and it'd be nice to have something to offer next week as well, instead of just blowing my entire comics load in this one week alone 😬

Ok! Good bye!!!

Oh wait PS!!!!

My comics mentor who I somehow tricked into becoming my friend, Danielle Corsetto, has begun serializing her gorgeous new graphic novel, Elephant Town! She's a master cartoonist and storyteller and she is generously posting the first four chapters for freeeeee. Please go give it a read, it's just goddamn candy.

Elephant Town by Danielle Corsetto
Chapter One starts here

Ok, good bye for reals this time!!!!!

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Comments (11)
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User #2488381 - 14 May 20 11:11
I can relate to this, since I'm deaf on one side (and for extra fun, now with added tinnitus). I can't hear the direction any sound is coming from, unless it's constant and I can turn around to pin-point it. And if it's a high-pitched sound, I'm even less likely to be able to pick out where it is, if I can even hear it in the first place. Perhaps when it's a little safer to be out again, go for a hearing spectrum test. Usually the higher frequencies go first, and maybe one side is more affected?
user avatar
User #399863 - 14 May 20 05:24
he really did that while you were holding an axe? where did you bury him?
user avatar
User #27115511 - 14 May 20 05:16
Lmao this is great, I honestly needed something to improve my terrible day just a little, and this definitely helped. Im glad that at the end of the day you guys ended up solving the mystery, and man it's a good thing he knows so much about carbon monoxide detectors or you never would have known why it was making that noise, right? ;)
user avatar
User #3167746 - 21 May 20 17:38
Thanks for linking Elephant town, I didn't realize Danielle was doing a Pateron. Eeee!
user avatar
User #137145 - 14 May 20 15:17
Ahahaha bless that man!! Hahaha I'm so glad you didn't axe any walls. And AAAAHHHH Erikaaaaa, thank you for the shout!! Pretty sure you have it all wrong, you're my favorite autobio cartoonist that *I* tricked into friendship. GIVE ME CREDIT DAMMIT. <3 <3 <3
user avatar
User #490190 - 14 May 20 07:31
OMG. I had something similar happen: Several years ago, something was beeping and I couldn't find it. I could get near it, but once I was in that corner of the room I couldn't figure out just where it was coming from. My wife walked in, I told her what was going on, and she said, "Oh, this?" and picked up the thermometer from the shelf nearby that was complaining that it was hungry. ~sigh~ I, like some folks, have always had trouble determining the direction of certain kinds of tones (and it's worse since the chemotherapy that damaged my hearing.) She, on the other hand, evidently has no such issues...
user avatar
User #500073 - 14 May 20 17:25
user avatar
User #334029 - 14 May 20 05:10
I hope you didn't bury that axe too deep into his back :D
user avatar
User #27115511 - 14 May 20 05:25
I also bumped up my support to the $3 tier because I simply cant miss out on any of these future comics (and obviously, knowing I am supporting you and your work even more makes me happy inside)
user avatar
User #119734 - 14 May 20 20:52
Lmao of course he found it. I'm glad the Axe didn't have to get involved! I'll check out your friends comic
user avatar
User #44942 - 14 May 20 09:05
Haaaa I love this comic, you rendered the situation so well!! Thank you for sharing :)
Lucky Devil Eats
Lucky Devil Eatsmore_vert
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Lucky Devil Eats 2020-05-12T07:02:00+00:00close

Portland's Lucky Devil strip club switched gears from giving lap dances to delivering meals!

I should already know this by now, but I am always re-surprised to discover how much I enjoy drawing pole dancers every time they come up in a comic 😭It's just such a genuine pleasure!


Aaaaaaand just this morning Matt and I submitted our next book's campaign to Kickstarter for review. WISH US LUCK.

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LuckyDevilEats__OJST_preview.png (42.2KiB)

Comments (13)
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User #399863 - 13 May 20 06:45
i honestly really want to go to this but i dont have a car. i dont live that far away but its not like i can walk through the drive through tent. the delivery sounds ok but not ideal for an apartment complex.
user avatar
User #20525402 - 16 May 20 14:14
I would love to get your drawings of the individual dancers!
user avatar
User #3356853 - 12 May 20 22:27
Brilliant idea, what a pivot. Very excited for your Kickstarter.
user avatar
User #12849533 - 12 May 20 20:12
Yes it is funny and sad at the same time. What else can people go to survive in a pandemic, it's just scary to think)
user avatar
User #518371 - 12 May 20 12:26
good luck!!
user avatar
User #2378517 - 12 May 20 07:12
I’d already heard about this story. My first reaction was ‘America, lol’ - a drive-through strip club is one of the most American things ever. But I read more about it and realised it’s actually a sweet idea, and isn’t hurting anyone, so why not. Nicely illustrated too! (It would be Portland though, wouldn’t it...)
user avatar
User #137145 - 12 May 20 12:43
Boober Eats!! Ahahaha that tickles me! I wish I were nearby to drive through! People turning lemons into lemon tarts like this make me so proud and happy. Thank you for linking the individual dancers, btw; if anyone wants to brighten their day, check out this post (totally SFW, in case that matters): and read the first few comments, they'll make your heart buzz. <3
user avatar
User #183370 - 9 Jun 20 09:12
this is so brilliant I can’t even
user avatar
User #2732470 - 12 May 20 13:14
Fantastic as always! I've been hyped since you shared a few snippets and it did not disappoint. Kudos to them for helping keep everyone afloat and it's heartbreaking how they've been cut out.
user avatar
User #44942 - 14 May 20 08:54
What a lovely comic (as always), thank you for sharing this enterprise!
user avatar
User #2534859 - 12 May 20 12:05
The illustrations of the dancers are SO sweet and cheerful! Loved this strip. Er, cartoon.
user avatar
User #2378517 - 12 May 20 07:13
Oh, and good luck! :)
user avatar
User #197388 - 12 May 20 11:06
Looking forward to a Kickstarter link being shared soon!! 👏👏
COMIC: Beep Beep Beep
COMIC: Beep Beep Beepmore_vert
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COMIC: Beep Beep Beep 2020-05-10T22:34:41+00:00close

Ok, so I definitely wasn't expecting to make a comic about that video I posted-- let alone TWO-- but here we are. This is part one. I literally just finished it minutes ago and originally I was gunna finish the second one to post them together, but I wanna post it now >:c You'll get part two in another day or so!

Making this a public post to keep everyone across all my social media accounts apprised at the same time of my carbon monoxide detector debacle 🙌

(ALSO! I am worried tender-hearted individuals might think I am frustrated at them if they contributed to the chorus of folks informing me of the kind of device that was tormenting me. I am not!!! It was just the universal response everyone sent me across all my accounts and I think it is funny, I promise. Just stay tuned till the second comic ;)

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Comments (8)
user avatar
User #4390927 - 11 May 20 01:25
Glad you found it funny and thank you for saying so! Looking forward to the thrilling conclusion!
user avatar
User #500073 - 10 May 20 22:37
We can't help you find it so our only usefulness is to identify it repeatedly!! But yeah, maybe it was accidentally covered in that one gap?? And the battery ran for like 5 years? Also, like, carbon monoxide detectors are sometimes at ground level cuz the gas sinks. Hmmmm.
user avatar
User #7140474 - 12 May 20 11:14
Beeps echo which makes them ridiculously difficult to locate. Truck companies are even switching to white-noise backup sounds for safety reasons. Best of luck to you!
user avatar
User #27115511 - 11 May 20 04:27
The suspense is killing me! Genuinely super curious to know where it is lol
user avatar
User #2534859 - 11 May 20 13:05
OOF yes. The number of times I've looked at replies to something I've posted and had to remind myself "They're just trying to be helpful. They most definitely are NOT saying 'I think you're a moron who doesn't know that a Bluetooth speaker won't work until it's been paired to the phone'."
user avatar
User #57420 - 11 May 20 10:31
Omg the last panel face is FANTASTIC! also Godspeed, I've been through something similar and it turned out my roommate had put a wardrobe and several blankets in front of it, so much that the sound came more clearly through the opposite wall 😂
user avatar
User #119734 - 11 May 20 15:54
Can't wait for part two but also I'm glad you found it funny and we're not annoyed by everyone kinda saying the same thing. I feel you on that noise. It's obnoxious. I'd want it to stop too
user avatar
User #2533583 - 11 May 20 02:30
I'm awaiting Part 2 with bated breath :)
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WherE THE FUCK IS THAT BEEP COMING FROM 2020-05-08T23:24:00+00:00close

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Comments (21)
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User #572777 - 8 May 20 23:44
I feel you, we had a case of this yesterday. We just bought the house in Oct and were trying to find the BEEP!
user avatar
User #6809909 - 8 May 20 23:56
Okay I had this problem years ago and here's how I solved it. Step 1: Turn off all of the electricity in the house to rule out anything using electricity. Yes, you will have to turn off your refrigerator, but it should be okay for a while if you don't open it (and why would you, the beep is not likely in there). If you still hear the beep Step 2: go through every device that uses batteries, slowly and methodically. Take the batteries out and keep listening. Fortunately (or not) looks like your beep is on about a 60 sec interval. If you don't find it then, Step 3, call me (kidding or am I). Hearing is weird and you need more than one person to help locate whatever this is. If you think it's in the wall, I would advise a stethoscope or something of that nature to have a closer listen before you start going to town with that axe.
user avatar
User #182211 - 8 May 20 23:32
I'm SUPER into this quarantine content.
user avatar
User #615658 - 8 May 20 23:52
I for one am on the edge of my seat and can’t wait to see how this one ends.
user avatar
User #61877 - 10 May 20 23:52
I had 2 go out the same night - in different parts of the house - out of sync - still have ptsd from that
user avatar
User #111711 - 9 May 20 02:37
If your internet connection is fiber and the interface is in the basement, you might check there. There is usually a battery back up. Battery change may require a service call. Not all units are user friendly.
user avatar
User #13809954 - 8 May 20 23:52
we had a phantom beep a few years ago. our installed smoke detectors - all hard wired and original equipment in our house which was built for us new - kept chirping like one of them was low battery. replaced all the batteries. kept happening. tested each unit. all sat. replaced each head unit (the sensor goes bad after xx amount of time). still happening. unplugged a completely separate CO detector from an outlet for completely separate reasons. chirp stopped. same manufacturer, but not connected in any way, and the original smoke detectors were wired direct, not plugged into outlets. insane. talked to a tech about it later & found out that both the outlet powered and direct wired units all communicate via power lines, so an add-on that you plug into an outlet joins the network as if it were wired. who knew??
user avatar
User #339600 - 9 May 20 13:08
I would lend you my borescope to look up into that space but you are too far away
user avatar
User #4390927 - 8 May 20 23:29
My first thought is smoke detector of course, but maybe its not installed, but instead just laying in the basement storage? Sound direction can be decieving with all those spaces to bounce off of. Good luck!
user avatar
User #2534859 - 9 May 20 23:00
This is why network television is screwed. I am more determined to watch Part 2 of this video -- which I don't even know is coming -- than any part 2 of any network drama that costs millions of dollars per episode.
user avatar
User #500073 - 8 May 20 23:37
@40 seconds on this video: Do you have a carbon monoxide detector???
user avatar
User #42272 - 8 May 20 23:47
Definitely the same sound!
user avatar
User #27115511 - 8 May 20 23:54
Definitely agree with what everyone has said about a smoke or carbon monoxide detector being the source, but I don't know how it would be coming from inside the wall! Good luck, I've had that happen to me with a smoke detector before and the sound is terribly annoying :/
user avatar
User #2884553 - 9 May 20 03:09
From the honestly sounds like a low battery from newer CO or smoke alarm....did one get mounted UNDER the stairs?...or fall between drywall....perhaps a glass to the ear along the remove excess echo?
user avatar
User #15657874 - 8 May 20 23:45
I've had the battery in a smoke detector go, and that's the sound the evil thing kept making, so gonna 2nd/3rd/etc. a detector is the culprit if you've got one somewhere.
user avatar
User #142687 - 9 May 20 11:38
Beeping of the tell tale heart...
user avatar
User #189820 - 8 May 20 23:35
Smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector with a low battery. I am guessing it is behind the stairs or above the stairs...
user avatar
User #45265 - 8 May 20 23:39
I also think it's a detector low-battery noise, both from the sound and the periodicity... maddening, I sympathize.
user avatar
User #433718 - 8 May 20 23:49
I hope you find it!!!
user avatar
User #137145 - 9 May 20 17:36
WHEN DOES THE SEQUEL COME OUT give me the sequel
user avatar
User #119734 - 9 May 20 15:45
Sounds like my CO 2 detector
After My Miscarriage by MK
After My Miscarriage by MKmore_vert
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After My Miscarriage by MK 2020-05-05T17:52:42+00:00close

"Each pregnancy is a profound experience. The same can be said for every miscarriage." - MK

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #3365253 - 5 May 20 20:15
I had to abort a pregnancy due to my baby having anencephaly (a form of spina bifida where the skull doesn't form, leaving the brain no protection from damage in the womb), instead of waiting for the inevitable miscarriage. Unlike Robofish's friend, I was lucky to be surrounded by people open and willing to speak about it, and a number of them said "I know, me too." We don't tend to talk about it with people who haven't been through it - let's face it, it's a bummer of a conversation to have - but I do really consider myself lucky to have not found the subject to be taboo. I found the grief strange, and I think if I hadn't had a first born that was fine, I don't know that I would have gone through my grief as well as I did, and I would have been triply more scared of everything with my following pregnancy.
user avatar
User #3365253 - 5 May 20 20:17
P.S. Take your folic acid, pregnant people! TAKE IT!
user avatar
User #12849533 - 5 May 20 23:41
Great story. Wonderful comic. It was interesting to read it and always great to learn something new)
user avatar
User #2378517 - 5 May 20 18:04
Thanks for publishing a comic on this sensitive topic. A friend of mine suffered a miscarriage last year, and despite all the pain and sadness, her biggest complaint was the general social silence around it. She wished people would talk more openly about miscarriage and issues to do with it. It may not be the main theme of OJST, but comics like this one help.
user avatar
User #3365253 - 5 May 20 20:03
I'm so sorry for your friend. That's so sad that she doesn't have an outlet to talk about it and feel safe.
user avatar
User #2378517 - 5 May 20 22:35
Sorry, perhaps should have been clearer there! She posted about it publicly on Facebook, so was happy to talk about it herself. It's the wider attitude that this is something people don't talk about she doesn't like.
Quarantine with Matt and Erika
Quarantine with Matt and Erikamore_vert
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Quarantine with Matt and Erika 2020-04-28T07:01:59+00:00close

EDIT: Link works now! Whyyyyyy is our auto-uploader not workingggggg 😩

A personal update this time :)

Media (1)

Quarantine__twitter.png (71.7KiB)

Comments (18)
user avatar
User #288212 - 28 Apr 20 13:34
Nope; still no joy
user avatar
User #288212 - 28 Apr 20 13:35
Stronic Real is still the newest post on the site?
user avatar
erikamoen - 28 Apr 20 13:44
auuhhgggggggggg try again?
user avatar
User #288212 - 28 Apr 20 13:44
It WORKS \0/
user avatar
erikamoen - 28 Apr 20 13:46
user avatar
User #288212 - 28 Apr 20 13:48
user avatar
User #119734 - 28 Apr 20 12:59
Aww it doesn't work. So I'll check back later 😊
user avatar
User #518371 - 28 Apr 20 07:46
yeah, i'm having issues with the link too. i'm sure it'll get fixed soon.
user avatar
User #12849533 - 28 Apr 20 19:41
Amused)) I think that in this quarantine absolutely all people do the same: clean, throw away the unnecessary, cook, play sports, and it seems to me that this brings two loving people together, so there is nothing wrong with quarantine)
user avatar
User #26330971 - 28 Apr 20 07:19
broken link again... :(
user avatar
User #288212 - 28 Apr 20 07:46
user avatar
User #12132778 - 28 Apr 20 16:08
Not gonna lie, while the sex ed/toy reviews are the main reasons I’m here, autobios like this are just too gosh-darn cute to pass by. Wonderful stuff. (Also, tiny typo, “badest” donger instead of what I assume was meant to be “baddest” donger.)
user avatar
User #2378517 - 28 Apr 20 16:58
Is that the idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark in your freezer? :)
user avatar
User #2533583 - 28 Apr 20 14:12
Awww, I love the sweetness of this comic!
user avatar
User #2500282 - 28 Apr 20 13:32
Still broken... :(
user avatar
erikamoen - 28 Apr 20 13:55
Try again!
user avatar
User #55177 - 28 Apr 20 13:21
Past and future are meaningless... the waiting is all.
user avatar
User #2732470 - 28 Apr 20 14:13
Matt's viking times are a joy to see. And I definitely feel you on the pleasure of everything organized.
February Quilt Block
February Quilt Blockmore_vert
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February Quilt Block 2020-04-23T07:02:00+00:00close

Hey, remember in January when I was like "I'm gunna do a diary quilt over the course of the year that summarizes each month of 2020 in the form of embroidered blocks" and then I just, uhhhhhhh, peaced out?

So I actually kept up with it!

I just didn't, y'know, keep anyone else updated on my progress.

But that's ok! Cos I made this whole friggin' movie for you about making February's design!

The embroidered text on it reads "Lemony Snicket, our potted lemon tree, blossomed and is producing tiny fruits for the first time."

Here's the first three quilt blocks:

At some point, I intend to do a post that walks through the process of how the February and March blocks were made, from concept to execution! I just don't have time right now???


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February Quilt Block




Comments (26)
user avatar
User #2314253 - 23 Apr 20 14:50
This looks really cool! And pretty :)
user avatar
User #55177 - 23 Apr 20 15:02
Lovely, thank you!
user avatar
User #6384907 - 23 Apr 20 15:17
I love this! I also love that you are making it all by hand(obviously the embroidery, but the rest which could be done by machine, but you don't have a machine). I've been doing more hand sewing the last month because I'm doing repair/mending, which most needs to be done by hand. I got a book about mending, called Mending Matters(oops, wrong one, I was thinking of Mending Life, but the other is good of course), which is beautiful and informative.
user avatar
erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 17:04
Oh! I've had that title on my unending list of books to eventually check out! Happy to hear it's good-- that'll bump it up a few spots on the old list ;)
user avatar
User #22937210 - 23 Apr 20 07:22
I love this Erica, thank you! Our lemon tree in the southern hemisphere is also flowering and putting out babies, which confused me!
user avatar
erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 17:02
Yeah, this is our first time owning any kind of fruit-producing tree and we were NOT expecting that it would actually 1) flower and then 2) produce legit fruit??? We thought it'd just be kind of a leafy shrub inside the house! It's all been a delightful surprise!
user avatar
User #2732470 - 23 Apr 20 15:57
Beautiful work. If this is bullshit then I'm thrilled to keep funding it, because it sure looks better than my bullshit. :)
user avatar
erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 17:04
Bullshit is in the eye of the beholder U_U
user avatar
User #183370 - 26 Apr 20 07:14
I'm so excited about that whole project. Everything you touch is gold
user avatar
User #861956 - 23 Apr 20 17:34
I love it! I've never used that wash-away interfacing although I just finished an old Erica Wilson kit from 1982 that used tear-away stabilizer. The wash-away stuff looks a lot more convenient! I'm spending forever with tweezers trying to pull out the tear-away stuff. (But this kit was wool, crewel on top of needlepoint, so wash-away stabilizer probably would't have been the best in this case.)
user avatar
erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 17:40
Ooh yeah, that sounds like a recipe for matting up your fibers 😬
user avatar
User #54964 - 24 Apr 20 02:10
So, the image captures the moment at which the flowers are getting pollinated? Because you promised us lemon blossoms that are both delicate, and fucking.
user avatar
erikamoen - 24 Apr 20 18:10
Oh-ho-ho, I see what you did there
user avatar
User #54964 - 24 Apr 20 21:48
user avatar
User #622676 - 23 Apr 20 17:14
I love this so much! Those ARE some delicate fucking lemon blossoms! Man I gotta get me some of that sweet, sweet adhesive dissolving pattern paper. Whaaaaat, that's magical.
user avatar
erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 17:40
user avatar
User #836783 - 23 Apr 20 13:55
That came out great, love thr video!
user avatar
User #137145 - 23 Apr 20 17:46
Ahahaha I laughed so hard at the abruptly-ending music!! How on EARTH do you accomplish as much as you do?? I've been meaning to make a little video about how to color with crayons (but sophisticated-like u_u) and I keep pushing it back because it seems like it would take DAYS of my time. This video is amazing!!!
user avatar
User #137145 - 23 Apr 20 17:46
(Um also so is your embroidery, duh!!)
user avatar
erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 17:50
It literally took me, like, two months to make this 😭
user avatar
User #137145 - 23 Apr 20 17:59
Hahaha that is a REASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME for that!! Glad I was right about what an absurd amount of work something like that is!
user avatar
erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 18:06
Danielle, it is a STUPID amount of time. Especially when you're using iMovie, which has some truly BAFFLING limitations. Like, you can't just PLACE TEXT onto a shot (or whatever it's actually called?) All those captions? I had to make them as a separate image in Photoshop and then add them over the shot in iMovie???? WHY. Why did they build it like that??????
user avatar
erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 18:06
Just let me add text directly onto the frame/shot/segment in the program! Is it really that complicated????
user avatar
User #67773 - 23 Apr 20 18:36
Hi long time listener first time caller here to say YOU ARE RIGHT IMOVIE IS BULLSHIT (but I can help you fade out music if you want help). Also this is SO delightful and beautiful. I'm already antsy to see the finished quilt but I know that is not how this works and I have to be PATIENT or whatever.
user avatar
User #137145 - 23 Apr 20 18:45
Thank you both for arming me with reasons for not making process videos by "just using iMovie it's probably easy." I echo Lucy in that my patience for seeing this amazing quilt will be the itchy kind of patience.
user avatar
erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 18:48
Oh my god, TEACH ME, SEN-PAI.
Stronic Real by Mady G
Stronic Real by Mady Gmore_vert
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Stronic Real by Mady G 2020-04-21T07:01:01+00:00close

Things get REAL with Mady G's review of the Stronic Real self-thrusting dildo!

Media (1)

StronicMadyG__OJST_preview.png (49.2KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #2732470 - 21 Apr 20 14:59
It happens! Awesome comic though.
user avatar
User #617098 - 21 Apr 20 07:05
Hey Erika, the link isn't working. Techno-hiccup?
user avatar
User #82436 - 21 Apr 20 07:55
+1 Broken link for me too. :\
user avatar
User #26883202 - 21 Apr 20 09:02
Broken link! Looks cool though!
We were supposed to launch a Kickstarter this week
We were supposed to launch a Kickstarter this weekmore_vert
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We were supposed to launch a Kickstarter this week 2020-04-17T21:16:41+00:00close

So, we were supposed to launch a Kickstarter this week.

Matt and I spent 2019 working on two books simultaneously for two different publishers. One of them is the sequel to Drawn to Sex: The Basics, the collection of educational Oh Joy Sex Toy comics that we co-published with Limerence Press. Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health is the follow-up that compiles our OJST comics that focus on, well, health and body issues— “It’s comics about all the ways your genitals can explode” is the way I’ve summed it up to my friends (There’s a lot more to it than that, of course).

I’m especially proud of this sequel because, obviously, sex education is a subject that’s near and dear to my heart, but also because we completed this (and our other book) as I was also admitted into the Intensive Outpatient Program and its long-term follow-up program at the hospital for the better part of the year. I only just graduated at the end of March last month.

Every book is an accomplishment. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to produce one of these suckers in even the best of circumstances.

Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health, though? This book is a miracle.

Matt and I made it through maybe the hardest year we’ve ever faced— mentally, emotionally, and physically— and we came out of it not just by the skin of our teeth but with two books that we are so, so proud of. We did a good job. These books are GOOD. We want to share them with you. We NEED to share them with you- that’s why we did everything we did to complete them on time!

With the book work somehow done, we were now gearing up to Kickstart Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health (which also funds the rest of the business costs of Oh Joy Sex Toy and guest artist pay), and then…

…the world exploded?


What do you do when you’ve produced a big thing and you need to get paid for the thing and the world is literally (metaphorically) on fire?

Matt and I honestly don’t know what the right answer is. Does a “right” answer even exist?

I’ve read the articles that make a case for independent artists to persevere and continue to crowdfund during these times and we’ve been encouraged privately from people in our industry to go ahead and let our audience decide for themselves if they can afford to support us.

That’s all well and good……… but what about the whole post office issue? It’s looking like now the United States Postal Service is gonna go bust???

Nothing compares to the USPS’s media mail rates, so if it goes under between our Kickstarter funding and the time we ship our books, we could be looking at a huge price difference. Like, ‘This Kickstarter would COST us money, not make us money’ kinda difference.

So we’ve decided to postpone our Kickstarter campaign until May and will see what shape the post office is in then. We need to feel confident that the prices we quote people during the fundraising will match the ones we’ll have to pay when we ship them in November.

Here is the thing, Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health WILL be releasing through Limerence Press this November, whether or not we run this Kickstarter. Like the previous books we’ve co-published with them, they will be printing and delivering our book to the distribution networks that Matt and I are too small to access on our own, places like book stores and libraries.

The reason we still need to Kickstart on our end is to
1) Raise our own payment for having made the book in the first place,
2) Buy our personal copies to sell to our audience directly, and
3) Crowdsource the money to pay our guest cartoonists a professional rate.

Our annual book Kickstarter is a large part of how we support our business and, y’know, ourselves. It’s not just money to print the book, it also generates the income we need to hire freelance cartoonists, run our business, and pay for our living expenses.

So, yeah. This was a whole lotta words to say The Drawn to Sex: Our Bodies and Health Kickstarter campaign is postponed until May, probably?”

What weird times we’re in. I hope you’re staying safe out there.

Take care,
(Cross-posted from the Oh Joy Sex Toy blog)

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User #2732470 - 17 Apr 20 21:34
Thanks for the update and congrats to you both for making these incredible books. It was clearly a wrench to make this decision, but it definitely sounds like it was the right one, much of a struggle as it was. Just means I have even more to look forward to in May.
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erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 17:06
Aw, thank you <:)
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User #55177 - 18 Apr 20 07:04
I hate that you had to do this, after all that you've both gone through. I'm really, really looking forward to funding your kickstarter and reading the book!
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erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 17:06
Thank you!
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User #3883916 - 17 Apr 20 21:27
I can imagine how difficult a decision this is for you & Matt. Just wanted to say that, as a longtime supporter, I hope you know that your community is strong and will do its best to lift you up in this time of crazy uncertainty. I’m a hundred percent into the idea of contributing more to address the high likelihood of increased costs/effort/need one way or the other come autumn.
user avatar
erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 17:05
Thank you so much ♥️♥️♥️
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User #2801193 - 19 Apr 20 22:10
As an ardent supporter, do what you feel needs doing and I know I will be throwing in my available cash to fund. I imagine others feel similarly. Hang tough and do what you gotta <3
user avatar
erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 17:06
Thank you, we both appreciate it so much ♥️
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User #3683152 - 18 Apr 20 22:59
can't wait until you release the kickstarter, but most importantly you two stay safe and well. we will come out on the other side better
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erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 17:06
Thank you ♥️
Whoopsiedoodle 2020-04-16T17:55:58+00:00


I accidentally sent out yesterday's autobio comic to all of my $1 (and up) patrons, not just the folks who registered for the "Exclusive Auto Bio Comics" $3 (and up) tiers.

Basically, any pledge amount that is made at a $3 tier or higher gets an exclusive autobio comic on a somewhat monthly basis.

I mean, unless I make a mistake and send 'em to everyone /:)

I've adjusted that post now, but! Hey! I figger this is a good time to make a public post and recap for everyone, including non-patrons, what journal comics I've shared with my $3+ patrons!

Where to Start - March 21
Picking up a story after you put it down over a decade ago is... tricky. Fortunately, a friend sent a fortuitous text to me at just the right moment.

My Quarantine Work-From-Home Outfits - April 9
We're all gettin' through the pandemic as best we can. For some of us, that involves wearing Halloween costumes while you work from home. Plus, this post comes with a fashion show of my actual outfits in the blog post.

Which leads us to today's comic:

Queen Bee - April 16
This comic I actually drew three years ago in 2017, after my 33rd birthday. It's a look at how my life has changed since I arrived in Portland at 23. It's humbling to return to it as a 36-year-old to finish coloring it now and see how things have changed even more in such a short time. But that's a comic for another day...


I've got so many more personal stories in my tank and I've really been enjoying coming back to my favorite genre of storytelling. Haha, I feel vulnerable and also... reinforced. Is "reinforce" a feeling? It is now, baby.

Thank you so, so much to the folks who have adjusted their pledges to access these new comics. Thanks for reinforcing me while I do something that's new and old, comforting and challenging, at the same time. Just, y'know. Thanks.


Comments (3)
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User #33462730 - 17 Apr 20 00:43
Well, I think the comic book about Queen Bi is worth continuing. But in any case, I think you should do what you want, keep it up!
user avatar
erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 17:08
Wahaha "Queen Bi" would be the perfect title for a collection of my queer strips! XD
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User #2533583 - 16 Apr 20 19:35
Thanks for offering up the autobio goodness… Dar was my intro to you and it's exciting to see new autobio work!
Chastity Cage
Chastity Cagemore_vert
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Chastity Cage 2020-04-14T18:09:02+00:00close

Matt put his dick in quarantine.

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User #249785 - 15 Apr 20 01:42
I hope you are proud of that Free Willy drawing, because it is amazing. 😂
user avatar
erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 17:24
I am U_U
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User #2378517 - 14 Apr 20 18:36
Awesome! Always wanted to try one of these. :)
user avatar
erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 17:23
As an observer, I think they are super attractive??? Both on my husband and from looking at reference photos. I was surprised by how appealing I found them!
user avatar
User #2378517 - 23 Apr 20 19:39
Oh, me too. Nothing against dicks normally, but a dick in a cage can be super cute. :)
user avatar
User #18304462 - 14 Apr 20 18:27
The “Free Willy” reference just made my month. 😍😂
user avatar
erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 17:23
It wasn't even intended in Matt's script! He wrote the line "My willy just wants to be free!" and then I was... INSPIRED.
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#SixFanarts 2020-04-12T01:17:49+00:00close

Thank you so much to everyone who made suggestions and voted in my poll! The results are...

1) Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus
2) Pizzaz from Jem and the Holograms
3) Margo Hanson from Magicians
4) Rainbow Brite
5) Jane Lane from Daria
6) Steve Lieber from my studio Helioscope and artist of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson

...aaaaaaaaaand 72% of you voted that I should use layout A, which only includes the name boxes, leaving out the original template's tagline.

Here's what I've done today:



Horrible colors!

Oh, wow.


Coloring is not my forté. That's why Matt colors OJST. Also, some of my embroidery floss colors are running low and it's not exactly easy to go get more right now, soooooooo...


I tweaked some of the tones to make them contrast better and then I tried out a couple different solid-color overlays on top.

Surprising no one, I preferred the pink version.

Oh wait.

Literally just this minute I realized the bottom text would look better if it were right-side-up. Shit.

Ok. I'm gunna go try to make that work (HOW HARD COULD IT BE) and then I'll print out the line work onto dissolvable transfer paper that I then stick to my fabric so that I can embroider directly on top of my lines.

I'll update you when I've got anything worth sharing!

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Comments (12)
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User #79872 - 12 Apr 20 01:28
oh my god
user avatar
erikamoen - 13 Apr 20 17:20
yeah, u love it
user avatar
User #988956 - 12 Apr 20 01:30
This looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the process photos of this!
user avatar
User #27115511 - 12 Apr 20 01:31
I love it! Very excited to see more updates with the progress c:
user avatar
User #55177 - 12 Apr 20 03:33
user avatar
User #137145 - 12 Apr 20 01:40
STEVE!! ahahahahaha yesssss!! I'm so excited about those bottom three!! (And I hear ya, monochromatic is a lifesaver.) Do you have a reason for putting the names on the bottom upside-down?
user avatar
erikamoen - 13 Apr 20 17:23
The reason is because I don't know how to use the vector shape tool 😭I made a circle and then used the text tool on it, which was fine for the top half but... upside-down for the bottom. I've now gone back and manually made little path segments with the pen tool to make the text path, but they don't have the exact right curve 😬Hopefully it's close enough that nobody notices!
user avatar
User #137145 - 13 Apr 20 18:10
Haha oh man, yeah, I wouldn't know how to do that either! I'm sure no one will notice any flaws in your hand-done solution. :)
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User #2732470 - 12 Apr 20 02:19
Looks like it's gonna be epic!
user avatar
User #568355 - 12 Apr 20 01:34
I dig the colored version!
user avatar
User #4729548 - 12 Apr 20 01:25
This is my favorite tutorial for how to make circular logos and how to flip the lettering:
user avatar
erikamoen - 13 Apr 20 17:21
Ahh, thank you!!
Give Me Six Characters to Make Fanart of! 2020-04-11T02:59:36+00:00

I have a preference for cartoons from the 80s-90s.

Oh, and I'm gunna embroider it.

Because of course I am.

(For people who have lives off of Artist Twitter, the current meme is to post this template to your account and then draw the characters that your followers suggest. Here's a nice round-up. Or check out the #SixFanarts hashtag on Twitter.)

Oh! I do need your help with something else, too. See, the #SixFanarts template is rectangular but embroidery hoops are... not. They're the opposite. They're UN-rectangular. So I'm adapting the template to the needs of my medium. But...

Which layout do I use?

Option A only includes space for the character's names while...
Option B squishes the portrait shapes a bit smaller to make room for the the text "Give me six characters to make fanart of!" (Which is more true to the original template)

I dunno. Wadda you think?

EDIT: Just to be super clear, I'm also soliciting character suggestions to draw/embroider from you folks! Maybe that was obvious. But then I was worried it looked like I was just asking for feedback on the template??? PLEASE SUGGEST CHARACTERS FOR ME TO DRAW (PREFERABLY FROM 80s-90s CARTOONS)

Comments (22)
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User #4729548 - 11 Apr 20 03:36
I voted B (because I think it would be nice to memorialize the concept) but maybe not the full thing? Maybe the hashtag instead? As for characters... David the Gnome or Tummy Gummy!
user avatar
User #615658 - 11 Apr 20 03:01
Skeletor or Gummy Bears!
user avatar
User #82948 - 11 Apr 20 03:05
Pidge from Voltron. 💜
user avatar
User #2336710 - 11 Apr 20 03:24
It'd be great to see Pizzazz from Jem and the Holograms!
user avatar
User #614154 - 11 Apr 20 03:02
Daria’s friend Jane.
user avatar
User #453613 - 11 Apr 20 03:06
Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund
user avatar
User #3220669 - 11 Apr 20 03:56
Gargoyles! She Ra (but i like the reboot!) Samurai Jack if that's not too recent ...
user avatar
User #4983518 - 11 Apr 20 03:13
Mrs. Garrett from Facts of Life, Molly Ringwald from Sixteen Candles, Olivia Newton John from Xanadu, Julie Andrews from Victor/Victoria.
user avatar
User #137145 - 11 Apr 20 03:36
Tenderheart from the Care Bears, and yes I'm showing my weakness, I love very nice characters who stand up for what's right. <3
user avatar
User #823345 - 11 Apr 20 03:06
Rainbow Brite
user avatar
User #70264 - 11 Apr 20 03:16
Stephen universe
user avatar
User #2827600 - 11 Apr 20 03:42
Rainbow Brite!
user avatar
User #293569 - 11 Apr 20 03:17
"Omaha", the Cat Dancer
user avatar
User #13046821 - 11 Apr 20 03:16
Slappy Squirrel!
user avatar
User #3265918 - 11 Apr 20 03:12
A thunder cat! Maybe something from She Ra?
user avatar
User #8248561 - 11 Apr 20 04:21
CardCaptor Sakura ! Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus !
user avatar
User #2809631 - 11 Apr 20 03:17
-Sheila from the D&D cartoon -rainbow Brite -Squirrel Girl!
user avatar
User #12132778 - 11 Apr 20 04:09
Earthworm Jim!
user avatar
User #137145 - 11 Apr 20 03:37
(On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, I *have* to request Jane and Daria.)
user avatar
User #55177 - 11 Apr 20 05:35
I used to watch Daria with my daughter. I'd love to see this!
user avatar
User #182211 - 11 Apr 20 03:08
All Might from My Hero Academia. :) (A was at 69% with my vote. Nice.)
user avatar
erikamoen - 11 Apr 20 03:13
Well played.
Bartholin Cyst by Meredith McClaren
Bartholin Cyst by Meredith McClarenmore_vert
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Bartholin Cyst by Meredith McClaren 2020-04-07T18:03:12+00:00close

Meredith McClaren couldn't re-cyst returning to OJST to offer her a-cyst-ance on understanding a certain tender subject.

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BartholinCysts__twitter.png (74.4KiB)

Sex During Isolation
Sex During Isolationmore_vert
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Sex During Isolation 2020-03-31T07:02:01+00:00close

Hey look, we're being topical!

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SexDuringIsolation__twitter.png (61.1KiB)

Comments (5)
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User #2732470 - 31 Mar 20 12:39
Another knockout! I've got a mixed bag in that I live with one partner but the other is far away so definitely gonna keep using these tips for a long while.
user avatar
User #70264 - 1 Apr 20 02:28
❤️ you guys are the best! This is such good info 😉
user avatar
User #54964 - 1 Apr 20 05:40
Re: avoiding tattoos, I recently saw the _opposite_ suggestion -- invest in some good-quality temporary tattoos, and wear one prominently for photos and video, on a spot that would be visible in everyday life, like your wrist.
user avatar
erikamoen - 23 Apr 20 17:26
Ooooohhhh! Yeah, that's a good suggestion and I'd expect easier than obscuring existing ones!
user avatar
User #142687 - 31 Mar 20 11:45
Sex during isolation: just like sex any other time. Well it is for me anyway: non-existent, or least one handed (I do not have a problem with this).

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