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Grahn ladies
Grahn ladiesmore_vert
Post file flag
Grahn ladies 2015-12-04T12:22:24+00:00close

Grahn are thieves, steeling things from mortal's dreams. Any materials that made of different kind of dreams are using by grahn tailors - they are sewing clothes for another members of their tribe.

Parts of grahn reference.

Post file flag
Dangas 2015-12-04T10:18:51+00:00close

OMG finally! Patreon did the app! I test it right now.
There is Dangas, tsourai from Bamboo's tribe, left is male and right is female. Woman is a very old concept, we could post that ancient concept later, if you want. They are wise, cunning beasts and looks like they made of wax. But male is pretty friendly.

Small poll [CLOSED] 2015-12-02T14:29:51+00:00

Thank you very much for your answers! Our goals was updated :>

New level of pledge 2015-12-01T13:09:08+00:00

Hello, folks!

We are still thinking about rewards, and for now we created new level of pledge, $30. So, what is it?


Access to all stuff for 1st, 2nd and 3rd level


every month you can request full sceneries with one (or two, or more) of

our characters that you like mostly. One patron can request just one

scene monthly, that they will get straight after payment status will

change to "Ok".

You can find some of our characters here: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/lingrimm/folder/65516/Our-own-characters/

Or maybe

you prefer Idow, her roumenrou or Teresis? Anyway, you requests will

help us to be more productive!

These sceneries would be like this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18276218/

P.S.: Note that we will not draw a porn, but some "playful ero"-themes is allowed :)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2573973 - 2 Dec 15 08:30
Idea makes sense
user avatar
lingrimm - 2 Dec 15 09:17
Anyway, it's interesting (:
user avatar
User #2573973 - 2 Dec 15 09:18
One thing to consider is that it is a different form of economy. Different than crowd funding.
Queen of autumn
Queen of autumnmore_vert
Post file flag
Queen of autumn 2015-12-01T08:43:05+00:00close

Autumn gift for our close friendNatalieDeCorsair. We draw her character, Heather, as sahash. :) She is so beautiful <3

Are you hungry?
Are you hungry?more_vert
Post file flag
Are you hungry? 2015-12-01T08:41:05+00:00close

Yan aka Hunger. One of the first characters of ours that was created in 2008. He is still acting in our setting stories, and we are happy to show a few scenes from his life to you.

Hunger was born in Nouri . He was a strange kid and his childhood was not very happy. His family was cold with him, so this boy was lonely most of the time. When he grew up, he found interest in mysticism, surgery and... Well, card games. One day he met the famous card player, lord Luther, who invited him to play a special game with a strange rules.

His cards were magical , and no one could get out of the card table until the game goes as Luther wants it to. It ended up with tragedy , the cardholder was killed by one of the players (Maltrazoor) and those who played were cursed. Thats how Hunger got his wolf form.

Lins draw this art for Grimm as a gift <3 *love*

Glovolwes 2015-12-01T08:39:04+00:00close

L: I draw my very old characters as glovolwes - Lina, Razar and Dei.

Attachments (1)

???????? ?????? ?????.jpg (81.5KiB)

Cloth lineup
Cloth lineupmore_vert
Post file flag
Cloth lineup 2015-12-01T08:34:01+00:00close

Our sahash charactersand their favorite outfits - casual, formal and something for the "special occasion". x)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #515893 - 1 Dec 15 14:21
Kyōzen's look with all the flowers is awesome (although everyone's cute)!
Post file flag
Morion 2015-12-01T08:22:43+00:00close

An example of what you can see if you will became our $7 Patron.


Here is Morion in his first design, but now we are not sure about his current form - he will be Sualokin probably.

We'll see what we can do with him in the nearest future and will show the result to you. :)

Post file flag
Secret 2015-12-01T08:13:26+00:00close

It was a picture from the archives for $15 Patrons for the previous month. :)

We post it here as an example of what you can see if you will became our Patron.


Avirmad and Shtukes in his true form (he is sabeth, but we are still searching for his current design, so it may be changing in the future).

Shtukes is a member of the secret society in Padmire , something between the private club for the elite and the Mason Order x3 Avirmad is obsessed with secrets, and, well, he finally got his chance to be a part of something very intriguing...

We wanted to create some magical atmosphere here, and I'm pretty sure that we did it just right. I love this piece.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #848090 - 1 Dec 15 15:33
I very much like this piece!
user avatar
lingrimm - 2 Dec 15 09:17
Thank you! ^^
Your mail, sir!
Your mail, sir!more_vert
Post file flag
Your mail, sir! 2015-12-01T08:10:23+00:00close

It was a picture from the archives for $15 Patrons for the previous month. :)

We post it here as an example of what you can see if you will became our Patron.


A few words about this scenery:

Here you can see Avirmad the Caspian, and his morning mail. He is a man of 'higher class', aristocrat, who lives in Padmire, the world of tsurai. He is known in the neighborhood as a very strange boy with strange habits, he also has the hot-tempered nature and can be very, very rude. Avirmads house is chock-full of servants (who have become random targets of aggression of their young master and his bad mood) and different rare flowers from the Surface, that he grow for his own fun. But sometimes he can be somehow cute, like on this picture.

As well as other strange creatures (




, for example) Caspians live in Padmire, some sort of the "secret dungeon place of Shang-La". There is no place for mortals in Padmire, but it's a home for different immortal creatures, called tsourai. They are not gods or spirits, but... Well, we will tell you more about them in 'Asomatous', showing this theme in action, so it will be much better than boring text description.

Padmire is a really strange place. Absurdish, funny (in some ways), and scary. You can see some glowing small creatures in the air (the luminous insects), and lots of roots, interlaced with living creatures, technique, and etc. This place has no sky, because it is a real dungeon, but still there is a lot forests, and rivers, and even mountains.

Late September
Late Septembermore_vert
Post file flag
Late September 2015-12-01T08:04:36+00:00close

It was a picture from the archives for $15 Patrons for the previous month. :)

We post it here as an example of what you can see if you will became our Patron.


Comments (8)
user avatar
User #2573973 - 1 Dec 15 08:29
At first it was Deviant Art
user avatar
lingrimm - 1 Dec 15 08:33
Oh, this is even unexpectedly.
user avatar
User #2573973 - 1 Dec 15 08:13
Oh wow. A quick response. It's already getting better.
user avatar
lingrimm - 1 Dec 15 08:17
We try to stay in touch with our patrons, when we are not busy with our work on commissions and comic. :)
user avatar
User #2573973 - 1 Dec 15 08:19
It's really noble you guys dedicate into.
user avatar
lingrimm - 1 Dec 15 08:28
Can I ask you something? What brought you here, Tumbler or FA, maybe? Just interested.
user avatar
User #2573973 - 1 Dec 15 08:11
An awsome piece of art that stands up to be. I look forward for upcoming works as well as future commissions.
user avatar
lingrimm - 1 Dec 15 08:11
Thank you very much!
Art archives for this month is on it's way! 2015-11-30T07:07:33+00:00

Patreon is stating charging, and we already have an art-archives for you! There is a lot of tasty things in it - scenery, landscapes, special materials, colored pictures, WIPs and more!

Only fresh art for our $7 and $15 Patrons :-)

Lansu blocked the way!
Lansu blocked the way!more_vert
Post file flag
Lansu blocked the way! 2015-11-29T10:34:15+00:00close

L: I just wanted to make this, ok? XD

I was angry, but now I'm not.

Kinda Undertale fan art, but with mine OC, Lansu. I didn't know anything about his special attack, so I did lances, because lances is accordant with Lansu's name.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #382432 - 29 Nov 15 15:23
Very nicely done! The expression is great x3 I always enjoy seeing UT fanart c:
user avatar
lingrimm - 1 Dec 15 08:18
xD Thank you! We love UT so much, it's an awesome game. And the setting itself is so interesting too <3
Asomatous 1, Travellers: 20 page
Asomatous 1, Travellers: 20 pagemore_vert
Asomatous 1, Travellers: 20 page 2015-11-28T06:34:54+00:00close

[Idow noble-like mod-on]


So, 20 page was the last one? False :> We decided to make 21 and 22 pages, final opening. It will take one week more than usual, but we promise, you will like it. So, when? 12.12


Русская страница в прикрепленке!


P.S.: We played in "Undertale" recently, and Papyrus remind us Ruby :DD REALLY. HIS ATTITUDES. Nyeh heh heh

Attachments (1)

2015-11-28-20.jpg (1.2MiB)

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #840590 - 3 Dec 15 06:10
Ruby's excitement and Teresis' expression are probably the best things about this page~
user avatar
lingrimm - 3 Dec 15 08:56
Thank you! :D We always adore to draw Ruby's face, because it's so... flexible xD
user avatar
User #515893 - 29 Nov 15 00:05
I can almost see Discordiah thinking of ways to make money off of Ruby!
user avatar
lingrimm - 1 Dec 15 08:18
Yes, she is thinking about it too xD I'm sure.
user avatar
User #848090 - 28 Nov 15 07:44
user avatar
lingrimm - 28 Nov 15 11:00
Papirus mod ON
user avatar
User #2348409 - 4 Dec 15 05:42
I love Ruby so much!
user avatar
lingrimm - 4 Dec 15 12:33
Good to hear it! Thank you :3
user avatar
User #315274 - 2 Dec 15 06:45
Omgggg Ruby looks so happy being able to finally talk 8'DDDD Also amused by Teresis's expression in the last panel haha I love the details you both put into each page, and really enjoy where the story is going -- great work!
user avatar
lingrimm - 2 Dec 15 07:01
Yes, he is an emotional guy xD He could chat during a few hours, but it seems Discordiah doesn't want to listen to him. Thank you very much! We are doing it for you. You are our inspiration. :)
Post file flag
Sariah 2015-11-26T10:53:23+00:00close

In her bad mood.

Will be finished very soon x)

The Bull
The Bullmore_vert
Post file flag
The Bull 2015-11-26T09:24:21+00:00close

Post file flag
Tragedy 2015-11-26T09:22:00+00:00close

Sketch for the epic scene, that illustrated an episode of ayelahaian history.

So, you can see here a horned horse, that is Abada. And the hanged grahn... that is Jah-Nin.

Ophrydith, ACM
Ophrydith, ACMmore_vert
Post file flag
Ophrydith, ACM 2015-11-26T09:18:44+00:00close

Three-headed grahn that belongs to Austino, the captain of the city guardians. Btw, they both will appear in "Asomatous"! The next chapter will be full of grahn, as we decided already.

As far this sketch is ACM, we'll finish it and will post it here for 1st level patrons too :>

How dare you touch me
How dare you touch memore_vert
Post file flag
How dare you touch me 2015-11-26T09:14:39+00:00close

Sarissa and Kahli. They are kinda hate each other. I really hope that we'll finish it someday.

Cloudcat is dangerous
Cloudcat is dangerousmore_vert
Post file flag
Cloudcat is dangerous 2015-11-26T09:12:33+00:00close

...because they are fluffy and make you to love them and be lazy ass, lying on the couch all day.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #515893 - 26 Nov 15 12:49
user avatar
lingrimm - 1 Dec 15 08:18
Thank you!
Nowhere: little basilisk
Nowhere: little basiliskmore_vert
Post file flag
Nowhere: little basilisk 2015-11-26T08:29:53+00:00close

We very love this concept, but for a long time we tried to find a place for them. Finally, they are living in Nowhere now! And they are kinda intelligent creatures there.
Moony creatures.

Lyamin the sabeth
Lyamin the sabethmore_vert
Post file flag
Lyamin the sabeth 2015-11-25T17:43:47+00:00close

A colored sketch that will be finished sooner or later :)

Say 'yay' to the hard poses!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #515893 - 26 Nov 15 00:22
Yay! It might be a hard pose but it pays off!
user avatar
lingrimm - 26 Nov 15 08:37
Thank you, Ahst! :>
Sunflower the Sualokin (2)
Sunflower the Sualokin (2)more_vert
Post file flag
Sunflower the Sualokin (2) 2015-11-25T15:26:11+00:00close

Once again! We really love this boy.

He has a kind heart and a cute look.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #848090 - 25 Nov 15 16:50
I like sunflower :)
user avatar
lingrimm - 26 Nov 15 08:36
Yey to sunflowers :3
Sualokin fullbodies
Sualokin fullbodiesmore_vert
Post file flag
Sualokin fullbodies 2015-11-25T15:18:44+00:00close

A thing for the upcoming sualokin reference! Wow, can't believe we are almost done with it ,___, Finally.

This guys was originally created by RayEtherna too. As long as they became a part of Shang-La setting, their design was changed by us a little, but anyway.

We love this long snakes. So fuzzy.

From left to right - Sualokin's King, Lahkedemon, Wystemahr and Sunflower.

Post file flag
Untitled 2015-11-25T15:11:43+00:00close

That's a rought sketches that should be a part of a huge work on Sabeth concept. RayEtherna gifted this creatures to us, and we are very happy to have this guys in our setting.

We are thinking about their mainview. We came up with the idea that Sabeth have a pattern underside of their wings, that is similar to the pattern on the fabric. We also based on the general contours of the hoofs of reindeer when we first draw Sabeth legs design :D Yes, it's a little strange, but it turned out well!

Yeah, it's Reshiram and Zekrom as Sabeth in the right corner xD

Franjian dragons
Franjian dragonsmore_vert
Franjian dragons 2015-11-22T14:28:25+00:00close

Belrin, baby belrin and the Star Dragon. From Franjee with love.

Attachments (1)

dragons.jpg (637.2KiB)

Sunflower the Sualokin
Sunflower the Sualokinmore_vert
Sunflower the Sualokin 2015-11-22T14:21:11+00:00close

Gift to Grimm, I will finish it later.


Okay, I will attach the file below.

Attachments (1)

????????????.jpg (1.3MiB)

Asomatous 1, Travellers: 19 page
Asomatous 1, Travellers: 19 pagemore_vert
Post file flag
Asomatous 1, Travellers: 19 page 2015-11-22T10:56:00+00:00close




The next page was supposed to be the last, but we are quite sure that we will add one more.

It will appear here in the next Sunday :> Without delay.

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #840590 - 23 Nov 15 09:00
Well, that's a bit of a close call~
user avatar
lingrimm - 1 Dec 15 08:18
user avatar
User #382432 - 22 Nov 15 15:57
I would not want to get on Discordiah's bad side :s
user avatar
lingrimm - 26 Nov 15 08:36
*Discordiah's gaze* And you did what is right.
user avatar
User #515893 - 22 Nov 15 15:45
I am absolutely loving Discordiah and her dialogue. She's great. :D
user avatar
lingrimm - 26 Nov 15 08:34
Thank you! She is a queen of her little kingdom and she like to act herself like a queen, I guess.
Discordiah, character concept, ACM
Discordiah, character concept, ACMmore_vert
Post file flag
Discordiah, character concept, ACM 2015-11-17T14:20:52+00:00close

Argh, Patreon crashed our files again and again! D:<

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #515893 - 17 Nov 15 14:58
Boo Patreon, yay Discordiah!
user avatar
lingrimm - 26 Nov 15 08:33
We like her too xD
user avatar
User #848090 - 17 Nov 15 14:53
Chub chub cherub :>
Asomatous 1, Travellers: 18 page
Asomatous 1, Travellers: 18 pagemore_vert
Post file flag
Asomatous 1, Travellers: 18 page 2015-11-17T13:24:59+00:00close

Big Boss is coming! And his... Sorry, her name is Discordiah.

She is fat. Any fat sahash - it doesn't matter, what their gender is - are... Weighty.

They hold a senior position often, because their physique works like a charm spell for any other sahash. Other persons feel instinctive respect and desire to obey chubby sahash, and to follow them. Of course, any sahash with any body type can become a leader, but fat guys have charisma and ability to run business faster.

Needless to say that people do not understand the charm of fat sahash. However, Discordia is as rugged as to impress even Teresis. There is a story between them both, and we will lift the veil in the next chapter.

Also there are two custom characters on this page, which belongs to our friends, Tomo and Malik.We drew them here

Kagar and Darak are hotel staff of "Discordia" (the hotel has the same name as its keeper), and they are Teresis' friends as well.


And again, we apologize for the delay!

As you can see, an increase of the number of frames and decrease of time took a toll on quality of pages - to be honest, we are not very happy with the previous one. However, this new page looks much better and we like it, because we got a little more time than usual.

There are only two pages before the end of the first chapter, our friends. We hope that you can forgive us if we will change our schedule a little. Not too much, because we try hard to work fast without loosing the quality. Your support and your patience are two things that helps us from the start and right to this moment... That's inspiring! Thank you so much for that, guys.

This chapter will be finished before the end of November. But thats not the end of this story. There is still so much that need to be said and shown. Can't wait to start working on the next 'Asomatous' chapter!

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #382432 - 19 Nov 15 02:01
Very well done! I hope Nyorut get's something to eat. It's fun seeing Ceryl again c:
user avatar
lingrimm - 26 Nov 15 08:33
We reeeally love to draw Ceryl, he looks like hero :D
user avatar
User #515893 - 17 Nov 15 14:56
This is a huge page! Definitely worth the delay, with so many characters and so much going on. Hah! Just realized that Idow is hiding under a table. :D
user avatar
lingrimm - 26 Nov 15 08:33
Thank you very much! ;3
user avatar
User #848090 - 17 Nov 15 14:54
Excellent page! Lots of interacting characters in different poses. We hope Nyorut gets his dinner...
user avatar
lingrimm - 26 Nov 15 08:33
Someday he will :D
One not so important new 2015-11-11T10:36:50+00:00

Hi, folks!

We are here just to say one important thing: the next page will be delayed a little, just for two or three days. That is because we are have no stable internet and can't upload it right now (and page needs some fix as well).

And we decided that in the first chapter will be 20 pages and you will see the end of hotel's story even before December (:

Also, thank you very much for comments! We will answer on it personally as soon as we can. Have a nice weekend!

17 page sketches, ACM
17 page sketches, ACMmore_vert
Post file flag
17 page sketches, ACM 2015-11-11T10:35:48+00:00close

Maravin's ears concept
Maravin's ears conceptmore_vert
Post file flag
Maravin's ears concept 2015-11-11T10:33:57+00:00close

Maravins are puppets in Padmir :) This concept is a little outdated, but the ear concept is still working for them x)

Pakpao, WIP
Pakpao, WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
Pakpao, WIP 2015-11-11T10:31:43+00:00close

Pakpao the grahn. We found the current concept for grahn too, so the main info about them you will see on the reference (when we'll finish it).

I redesigned Pakpao from old character, she was sahash once (:

Some sketches
Some sketchesmore_vert
Post file flag
Some sketches 2015-11-11T10:30:16+00:00close

Vimba sketches and one little danga with a smoke from her mouth.

Parts of Sualokin's reference, WIP
Parts of Sualokin's reference, WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
Parts of Sualokin's reference, WIP 2015-11-11T10:26:21+00:00close

Raesheris aka Ray Etherna presented Sualokin to us, but in fact she is still creator. Anyway, we're working on them.

First sualokin is Lahkedemon (stress on "e"), he is King of his tribe. The next one is an OOOOLD character that was called "Sunfower", but have not real name yet. Grimm ressurected him from nothingness. The last one is Vistemahr.

Vimba sketches
Vimba sketchesmore_vert
Post file flag
Vimba sketches 2015-11-11T10:18:17+00:00close

L: I found Vimba's current concept and happy for this. They looks like nagas and have a strong, muscule tail, but they also have a feral body. Their hind paws hidden with little wings. On the first sketch a didn't draw wings just to show vimba's general anatomy.

The vimba on the second sketch is Gotye. He is Favaris' friend, that shown on the last sketch. We'll tell more about them sometime.

Kagar and Darak characters concept, ACM
Kagar and Darak characters concept, ACMmore_vert
Post file flag
Kagar and Darak characters concept, ACM 2015-11-11T10:13:17+00:00close

Two minor characters that belongs to our friends, Tomo and Malik. We'll draw references for them both too later.

They are hotel-worker and both Teresis' friends. I also designed work suit for them.

Ezaras character concept, ACM
Ezaras character concept, ACMmore_vert
Post file flag
Ezaras character concept, ACM 2015-11-11T10:05:27+00:00close

Concept of character that will appear in next chapters.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #515893 - 11 Nov 15 13:13
This person should be interesting! The bottom right sketch definitely adds some curious personality.
Ceryl reference, ACM
Ceryl reference, ACMmore_vert
Post file flag
Ceryl reference, ACM 2015-11-11T09:17:21+00:00close

Hello everyone!

If you remember, some time ago we were posted an article, where we thought about custom sahash character in the "Asomatous"-comic. So, you can see the first one, Ceryl, that belongs to Ahst aka Merp Derp Ceryl. This is a test and reward in the same time, because Ahst supports us for a long time already. Thank you, Ahst!

You probably saw him on 17 page. Also he will appear on the next page too.

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #382432 - 11 Nov 15 15:37
He's very cool. Nice hair c:
user avatar
User #811087 - 11 Nov 15 14:38
Wow, he's really gorgeous! Love his hair and outfit especially!
user avatar
User #515893 - 11 Nov 15 13:10
Once again, I'd love to say how super-cool it is for you guys to have done this. And he looks great! Thank you!
user avatar
User #848090 - 16 Nov 15 05:33
Amazing work!
user avatar
lingrimm - 17 Nov 15 14:19
Thank you!
Asomatous 1, Travellers: 17 page (eng+rus)
Asomatous 1, Travellers: 17 page (eng+rus)more_vert
Asomatous 1, Travellers: 17 page (eng+rus) 2015-11-07T13:04:23+00:00close

As promised!

Also, Ceryl belongs to Ahst, and we are very glad to have a chance to include him in this story :-)

Next page - 11.14

Attachments (1)

2015-11-07-17.jpg (1.1MiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #515893 - 7 Nov 15 14:08
Whatever's happening to that woman is getting more intriguing! But I'm guessing we'll have to wait to find out. :3
user avatar
lingrimm - 8 Nov 15 06:43
Yeah, she and other shangless people will be a part of the secret for now x)
user avatar
lingrimm - 8 Nov 15 06:44
Also - yay for Ceryl! It's cool to draw him here :D
user avatar
User #848090 - 16 Nov 15 05:34
Ceryl has some serious arms.
user avatar
User #515893 - 8 Nov 15 14:49
It's cool to see him here! I noticed but didn't want to say anything. :3 Thank you again! :D
user avatar
User #382432 - 7 Nov 15 16:13
That woman is so creepy yet interesting at the same time.
user avatar
User #515893 - 7 Nov 15 21:54
Yeah, definitely want to see what her deal is!
Monthly content for $7 and $15 patrons 2015-11-01T07:43:03+00:00

Hello everyone!

We collected a little bunch of art for October and we'll start to send it to you soon. Thank you very much for your support, but for you, we finished a lot of things that we would never finished. Thank you again!

Please, give us your email for sending art-archives - in comments or in private message - it doesn't matter.


Всем привет!

Мы собрали небольшую кучку арта за Октябрь, и скоро начнем рассылать его вам. Спасибо большое вам за поддержку - мы доделали огромное количество разных штук, которых никогда бы не закончили, если бы не вы. Спасибо вам еще раз!

Пожалуйста, дайте нам ваш е-мейл, чтобы мы смогли послать вам архив - в комменты или в приватные сообщения, не имеет значения.

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #398312 - 2 Nov 15 03:05
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User #396708 - 1 Nov 15 08:30
Woohoo! My email is the.torigami@gmail.com!
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roelark@yahoo.com ))
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Tomo92@yandex.ru :0
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nowviewing@outlook.com c:
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Asomatous 1, Travellers: 16 page
Asomatous 1, Travellers: 16 pagemore_vert
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Asomatous 1, Travellers: 16 page 2015-10-31T10:28:32+00:00close

This page is a visual puzzle, so there is no text needed.

The part of it is made of Idow emotions. So, is it a real smoke or it's just an illusion?..


Maybe the next page will appear here a day later than usual - irl stuff, work, etc. We'll try doesn't delay it anyway, so it's just a little warning.

Comments (3)
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User #401479 - 7 Nov 15 09:13
Your art is so amazing Q_Q Ohmy...
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User #515893 - 31 Oct 15 11:52
Really like these wordless pages. They always look great and have solid layouts. Nice work!
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lingrimm - 1 Nov 15 08:01
Thank you, Ahst! We like wordless pages too, here is many ways to show something strange, or character's emotions or strain. This is still pretty hard, but we are trying to work on it.
Mouen and her children
Mouen and her childrenmore_vert
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Mouen and her children 2015-10-28T13:03:41+00:00close

Mouen, the "mother" for two orphaned boys - Ceily and Kyozen.

Vimba heads
Vimba headsmore_vert
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Vimba heads 2015-10-24T13:37:15+00:00close

Concepting variations of vimba. Left one is a male and the right one supposed to be female, but actually it's unisex shapes.

Oldman's coat, ACM
Oldman's coat, ACMmore_vert
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Oldman's coat, ACM 2015-10-24T13:34:57+00:00close

We based on chinese vase's ornament, but it looks like a variant of "aloha shirt" xD Trendy.

Oldman finding, ACM
Oldman finding, ACMmore_vert
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Oldman finding, ACM 2015-10-24T13:33:01+00:00close

We had a lot of fun with this grandpa :D And he will never appear again.

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User #233921 - 25 Oct 15 15:23
Really cool design ;^;
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lingrimm - 31 Oct 15 15:12
Thank you!
Asomatous 1, Travellers: 15 page
Asomatous 1, Travellers: 15 pagemore_vert
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Asomatous 1, Travellers: 15 page 2015-10-24T13:28:50+00:00close

We'll reupload this page with a fixed translation a little later. :>

Русская версия в прикрепленке.

New pictures dump
New pictures dumpmore_vert
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New pictures dump 2015-10-20T12:46:09+00:00close

Announce for the $7 and $15 Patrons! As we promised, we will send new materials via email for those who supported us in October :)

We have collected a lot of fresh drawings for you guys. You only need to wait until the end of the month!


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