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New Update!! version .25 is now public! 2020-08-01T17:15:24+00:00

July had a simpler update with less animation but more polish. August and September will be focused on animation for match 2 and match 3! The update is playable in #game-builds for lending-a-hand patrons and above tiers in my patron Discord! Check it out!!!

Fur-Rumble.35 features a whole bunch of background characters, music by the amazing AsherNinetails, new ref-fur-ses art, difficulty depending on rounds won, and a little bit of art for the 2nd match against Kers the voidling shapeshifter futa!

The Fur-Rumble.25 beta is attached to this post, give it a go and consider supporting my games! In a few months this simple pretty game should be complete and I have some ideas for my next game, something more ambitious gameplay wise :3

Thank you all so much for the support and I hope u enjoy the NSFW furry arts!


Attachments (1) (3.3MiB)

Fur-Rumble.25 UPDATE!!
Fur-Rumble.25 UPDATE!!more_vert
Post file flag
Fur-Rumble.25 UPDATE!! 2020-07-02T21:40:00+00:00close

Over June I added new animations for the playable character Sebastian and the first opponent Jamie! I also added background characters, added sound effects, and a unique game over screen for when you lose to your opponent!

Check out my Patron discord server to play the new beta!

Media (2)

Capture.PNG (30.6KiB)
Capture.PNG (30.4KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #37849526 - 2 Jul 20 22:09
Im in the discord and am a patreon but dont have the beta channel up please help.
Test the game Alpha! 2020-06-08T23:39:08+00:00

Attached to this post is the .zip of the game! Try it out and let me know what u think!

HowToPlay: Extract the zip and run the .exe. In game hit the spacebar at the correct time when the !!! appears to win each round.

Right now there's basically just the main menu, 1st level, and a couple gameover screens depending on if u are too slow or hit the button too early. The gameplay is mostly there but it needs lots of high quality NSFW art which I'm currently working on.

The playable character will be Sebastian! Here's a link to his FA. Fur-ses is the ref ;3

Future game build updates will be available for patrons. Thank u all so much for supporting the development!


Attachments (1) (2.5MiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #669536 - 8 Jun 20 23:40
Can't wait to try it when I can! Also, is the discord server still up?
user avatar
SesVanbrubles - 8 Jun 20 23:51
Here u go!
user avatar
SesVanbrubles - 8 Jun 20 23:51
Big Update! Game Development!!
Big Update! Game Development!!more_vert
Post file flag
Big Update! Game Development!! 2020-06-05T00:07:38+00:00close

I'm working on my own game Fur-Rumble(Temporary Title)

I'm going to focus on it full time for now! It's a basic timing game but I'll update it with new sounds and lots of lewd furry artwork >:3

I'll post more updates here about the game regularly, I still have to update my patreon and discord a bit but the tier rewards are changed a bit allowing early game access.

For 3$+ patrons you can check it out now on my patron discord server which is now PUBLIC! Feel free to share it with folks u think would be interested in a lewd bisexual furry game!

Media (1)

234234234.PNG (45.4KiB)

BIG UPDATE Early Next Month!! GAMESTUFF! 2020-05-22T00:39:28+00:00

In a few weeks I'll be changing up some tiers and I'll be taking a break from Monthly Animation Poll GIFs, Animation Breakdowns, and regular GIF Commissions. Instead I'll be working full-time coding and producing art within Game Maker Studio 2! There will be YCH Patron Tier slots for background characters for anyone interested!! It's a very simple game alot like Samurai Kirby but with lots of lewd furry art!!

With the update I'll post some wip screenshots and soon hopefully a build of the game with placeholder sprites. Stay tuned for GAME STUFF!!

May Patreon Poll! Vote on Discord!
May Patreon Poll! Vote on Discord!more_vert
Post file flag
May Patreon Poll! Vote on Discord! 2020-05-02T17:07:13+00:00close

Make sure to join the Discord for all the new art, voting in polls, and checking out Animation Breakdowns!

Media (1)

Capture.PNG (12.5KiB)

April Patreon Gif! + Update
April Patreon Gif! + Update more_vert
Post file flag
April Patreon Gif! + Update 2020-04-20T22:28:31+00:00close

So I've heard Paypal/Patreon and other places are cracking down on nsfw, furry, anime content lately so to protect my accounts I'm only gonna share Patreon exclusive NSFW art in the Discord server ses-says-Thanks! Sorry for any inconvenience, here's a link to it

Monster Hunter won the poll so here it is! Nergigante had a big dingdong and there's a futa hunter playing with the 4skin. Hope u see the full thing on the Discord and enjoy :D

Also here's a new sticker design!! Fur-ses battling a headcrab like Gaben! I'll print these right away!

Final thought, I've been studying Gamemaker Studio 2 and am working on something cool and simple. I'll share more info about it soon and probably shift my patreon goals and such to focus more on game development.

Thanks for reading and THANK YOU!!

Media (4)

MHWGIFsample.gif (5.6MiB)
MHWGIFsample.gif (1.3MiB)
Fur-sesCrabSticker.png (36.4KiB)
GodVSCrab.jpg (270.6KiB)

Patreon Shoutouts video! 2020-04-17T00:34:29+00:00

Here's a quick simple thing I'm trying, might do more like it in the future! Thank you!!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #391622 - 17 Apr 20 00:36
Pleasantly surprised I was the first one, ahah
user avatar
User #28406553 - 17 Apr 20 00:50
This made me improved my day just cause it got me to stop staring at the wall
user avatar
SesVanbrubles - 17 Apr 20 03:29
I appreciate ya givin me a look ;3
Monthly gif poll! Vote on Discord!
Monthly gif poll! Vote on Discord!more_vert
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Monthly gif poll! Vote on Discord! 2020-04-07T20:13:11+00:00close

Join the discord server ses-says-THANKS! to vote on the poll! It'll be a pretty big animation!! Poll closes the 10th, link to the server below

Media (1)

vote.PNG (19.4KiB)

Join the Discord!! 2020-03-17T01:08:26+00:00

Make sure to join the Discord group for the polls and to view all the content in one place easily! Thank u all so much!!

Poll GIF Isabelle X DoomSlayer >:3
Poll GIF Isabelle X DoomSlayer >:3more_vert
Post file flag
Poll GIF Isabelle X DoomSlayer >:3 2020-03-16T21:55:13+00:00close

This took about a full week of work, hope you enjoy! There may be an audio version released eventually, looking into it.

Media (1)

DoomEternalXAnimalCrossing.gif (7.8MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
SesVanbrubles - 17 Mar 20 17:50
Hope u enjoyed it!!
user avatar
User #31995173 - 17 Mar 20 14:06
Not even gonna lie I made an account just to see this lol
2nd Poll GIF Kass!
2nd Poll GIF Kass!more_vert
Post file flag
2nd Poll GIF Kass! 2020-02-28T22:35:30+00:00close

Just a standard loop since I'm short on time at the end of this month. Tomorrow I'll have new Animation Breakdowns available!

Also here's a link to the DIscord!

Message me if you need a fresh discord link, Thank you!!

Media (1)

PatreonKassHorseGIF.gif (183.6KiB)

Shoutout and Thank You!!!
Shoutout and Thank You!!! more_vert
Post file flag
Shoutout and Thank You!!! 2020-02-01T18:31:03+00:00close

A month overdue since my last one, this time it's animated and not just a Twitter text post!! It actually took hours to animate the scrolling text cuz there's no faster way to do it with Aseprite as far as I know. Anyways thank you all so much!!

Media (1)

PatreonShoutouts.gif (8.5MiB)

2nd Gif for this month! Loona from Helluva Boss!
2nd Gif for this month! Loona from Helluva Boss!more_vert
Post file flag
2nd Gif for this month! Loona from Helluva Boss! 2020-01-25T20:58:19+00:00close

It's a bit of a simpler one, business has finally picked up so I'm pretty busy. I'll make some more Animation Breakdowns for the end of this month and prepare something for the monthly shoutouts!

Thanks again!

Media (1)

LoonaGIFCUM.gif (1.9MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2491526 - 26 Jan 20 08:36
Put knotting please with cum inflation ~
New reward tier!!! STICKERS!
New reward tier!!! STICKERS!more_vert
Post file flag
New reward tier!!! STICKERS! 2020-01-16T23:38:14+00:00close

Here's my first physical reward tier! I'm making them with my own little printer, tools, envelopes, stamps, etc.

I hope you enjoy!!!

Media (3)

Capture.PNG (38.1KiB)
EOY0MrTWkAM6nVa.jpg (39.9KiB)
IMG_20200116_173341.jpg (40.1KiB)

Pixel art Poll on Discord!
Pixel art Poll on Discord! more_vert
Post file flag
Pixel art Poll on Discord! 2020-01-07T07:58:27+00:00close

Vote on your favorite couple characters and they'll be animated this month just for you patrons!

If you aren't already, make sure to join my Patreon Discord!!! There u can find all the wips, new art, polls, and animation breakdowns!

the December Poll GIF!! Toriel
the December Poll GIF!! Torielmore_vert
Post file flag
the December Poll GIF!! Toriel 2019-12-20T21:39:30+00:00close

Here's this months gif with an infinite loop/ non-cum version included ;3

Next month there will be 2 poll gifs since hitting the 50$ goal!

Stay tuned for some big updates in January

Media (2)

TorielGIFCUM.gif (2.7MiB)
TorielGIFLOOP.gif (82.0KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #13755849 - 28 Dec 19 20:19
I would love to have sound
user avatar
SesVanbrubles - 28 Dec 19 20:46
I need a good way to synchronize sound. I can use Sony Vegas and make it a video file but that method didn't work great. I wish my main drawing program Aseprite had audio streaming for lip sync and such
A BONUS Patron Poll Gif!
A BONUS Patron Poll Gif!more_vert
Post file flag
A BONUS Patron Poll Gif! 2019-11-09T06:56:22+00:00close

Dragaux and Gerudo Link Toon-ses tied on twitter to be the gif for this month and they tied so I decided to make both!

Media (1)

DragauxGif.gif (4.2MiB)

New Link to my Patreon Discord! 2019-11-06T20:03:58+00:00

Check it out for daily updates, wips, early access art, and Animation Breakdowns! Also say hi and we can chat :3

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #22374207 - 6 Nov 19 21:57
Patron Gif! ses-cosplay
Patron Gif! ses-cosplaymore_vert
Post file flag
Patron Gif! ses-cosplay 2019-11-05T21:55:48+00:00close

Here's one of this months early-access gifs! The cum version will be exclusive to patrons forever but the loop will be shared on Twitter and Newgrounds next month.
Next is a gif of Dragaux from Ring Fit Adventure so stay tuned >:3

Media (2)

ses-GerudoLinkGIFLoop.gif (765.3KiB)
ses-GerudoLinkGIFCum.gif (2.3MiB)

Next Months Gif Poll! 2019-10-31T18:54:00+00:00

Check it out! Vote for your favorite and you'll get to see it first!

More Animation Breakdowns coming!
More Animation Breakdowns coming!more_vert
Post file flag
More Animation Breakdowns coming! 2019-10-23T20:24:10+00:00close

At the start of next month I'll have all these animations broken down by layer to show how they work! I hope u find them interesting or educational!

Media (1)

Capture.PNG (754.0KiB)

Exclusive Monthly GIF!!
Exclusive Monthly GIF!!more_vert
Post file flag
Exclusive Monthly GIF!! 2019-10-22T18:00:40+00:00close

I did a poll on twitter on the 14th and Rouge the bat ses won! I hope you enjoy ;3.

On the first of next month I'll open the next monthly quickie gif poll and I'll do another, recommend some characters on my Patron Discord server! Also I'll shout out all patrons on the first on twitter!

Media (1)

ses-Rouge.gif (1.7MiB)

BIG CHANGES COMING SOON! 2019-10-13T04:42:51+00:00

I'm rethinking how I handle my Patreon so I can bring more attention to it. I'm gonna change the perks and whatnot very soon. Thank you for your support and stay tuned :>

Join my Patron Discord to see more!
Join my Patron Discord to see more!more_vert
Post file flag
Join my Patron Discord to see more! 2019-06-01T21:42:21+00:00close

Here's a link to my server where you'll get daily wips and get to see animation breakdowns like this!

Sorry for slow updates and stuff, I'm animating new content now and I'm going to try and stream more often. Down below is my stream link. I hope to see u there!

Commission for @BASTARDCATTE
Commission for @BASTARDCATTEmore_vert
Post file flag
Commission for @BASTARDCATTE 2019-04-04T00:31:21+00:00close

Another week early gif for patrons ;3

Commission for @Azul_Draconis
Commission for @Azul_Draconismore_vert
Post file flag
Commission for @Azul_Draconis 2019-03-28T17:22:21+00:00close

New Animation Breakdowns! 2019-03-23T15:32:47+00:00

Here's a new set, I hope someone finds these interesting or informative :>

Commission for @Dragomoo
Commission for @Dragomoomore_vert
Post file flag
Commission for @Dragomoo 2019-03-22T17:31:10+00:00close

here's another, I probly wont do much more cumflation just cuz it's quite a bit of work but I hope yall enjoy it :3

Discord Group bonus 2019-03-15T21:35:52+00:00

Join the group to see daily WIP updates and whatnot ;3

I'll update Patreon with bulk updates of WIPs and breakdowns but Discord is daily

Commission for @Blackmist3333
Commission for @Blackmist3333more_vert
Post file flag
Commission for @Blackmist3333 2019-03-14T23:54:08+00:00close

1st early access gif :3
1st early access gif :3more_vert
Post file flag
1st early access gif :3 2019-03-11T23:26:45+00:00close

Commission for @BigMaxwolf

Another bunch of wip sketches and gifs 2019-02-26T01:26:42+00:00

Here's another batch of rough and clean sketches and some rough animations! Dont forget to join the discord for daily art updates!


Attachments (25)

AshTired.png (152.2KiB)
BoogiemanOCSketch.PNG (83.1KiB)
Brokenwing.gif (16.4KiB)
Boogiemansketch.PNG (233.0KiB)
Brokenwingsketch.PNG (79.1KiB)
brokenwing.png (234.5KiB)
bw.png (113.8KiB)
CelloSketch.PNG (57.0KiB)
CelloConcept.PNG (220.2KiB)
Hanjo.gif (117.2KiB)
Capture.PNG (362.2KiB)
Hanjo.PNG (93.3KiB)
karashalkaiisketch2.PNG (110.2KiB)
Issh2sketch.PNG (181.3KiB)
KaraShalk.png (169.3KiB)
KaraShalkRough2.gif (38.6KiB)
KaraShalkRough.gif (112.4KiB)
Khloe.png (160.6KiB)
Khloe2.PNG (9.1KiB)
Khloe3.gif (34.7KiB)
KimberlyXCelloSketch.PNG (159.2KiB)
NewOCSketch.png (92.5KiB)
sesweek.PNG (94.1KiB)
SesYawn.PNG (87.5KiB)
SS.PNG (144.2KiB)

Another bunch of AnimationBreakdowns 2019-02-03T03:36:41+00:00

Hope yall enjoy em. Done forget on my Discord server I do DAILY updates!

A handful of WIP sketches and gifs! 2019-01-21T05:26:11+00:00

Here's a bunch of sketches and incomplete gifs I've done recently. I'm collecting them now to post here and on my Discord server too! Discord is where you'll get daily updates on art and stuff. Link below


Attachments (12)

HeyImTeedosketch2.PNG (7.6KiB)
HeyImTeedo.gif (131.4KiB)
HeyImTeedosketch.PNG (66.5KiB)
issh sketch.PNG (50.4KiB)
Issh.gif (75.3KiB)
Isshsketchpixel.png (7.4KiB)
Issh2.gif (140.7KiB)
OddsesCommissions.PNG (108.4KiB)
Shalkaii.gif (37.1KiB)
Shalkaisketch.PNG (70.7KiB)
Shalkaisketch2.PNG (7.7KiB)
OddsesCommsrough.PNG (297.9KiB)

Discord Server!! 2019-01-16T23:35:22+00:00

I made a Discord server for daily updates and animation breakdowns! I'll make bulk wip and animation breakdown posts here on Patron as well but Discord is just extra convenient for a nice chat :>

Post file flag
UPDATE! 2019-01-16T22:57:01+00:00close

The 50$ goal for a pixelart tutorial has been reached! I got a bit of practice
editing video with my recent project

that should help :> and I'd love to make more personal projects like that thanks to support from you guys!

I'll continue to update Patreon in bulk posts of Animation Breakdowns and WIPs

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #17605773 - 28 Feb 19 19:35
Another Set of Animation Breakdowns! 2018-12-29T07:39:53+00:00

Sorry for bein slow with updates. My patreon is pretty small still so I'll try to bring attention to it and update more often.

2nd Set of Animation Breakdowns! 2018-11-03T21:25:15+00:00

the're a little messy but what u dont see in the final product doesnt hurt ;3

I need to keep the animation practical so it dont take too frickin long. I hope yall enjoy lookin at em. You can use em as a resource for studying animation/pixelart, whateva.


Attachments (9)

Azul2Breakdown.gif (197.0KiB)
GieguesBreakdown.gif (148.6KiB)
KyroBreakdown.gif (208.8KiB)
ManaCatBoi2.gif (105.5KiB)
ManaCatBoiBREAKDOWN.gif (125.0KiB)
Ponii.gif (113.2KiB)
PsyADBREAKDOWN.gif (138.9KiB)
PudgyPrinceBREAKDOWN.gif (254.7KiB)

4 Patrons! Update 2018-09-24T06:48:35+00:00

I havent been posting since I've been waiting to collect patrons. I think 4 is adequate enough to post a couple times a month now with a poll for a pixelart pinup! You fellows get to choose the character from a set of 4 and the pinup is exclusive to Patrons ;3

Thank you all for supporting me! Have a nice dayyy

Every AnimationBreakdown so far!
Every AnimationBreakdown so far!more_vert
Every AnimationBreakdown so far! 2018-08-28T04:22:31+00:00close

Ever animation breakdown from now on will be exclusive to the 5$ Tier and above for educative purposes and just cuz they look cool!

More content will be added daily as more Patrons join new Tiers but for now Breakdowns will be the main focus.

Attachments (5)

AzulBreakdown.gif (73.0KiB)
Chuy3Breakdown.gif (147.3KiB)
ILikeButtz2Breakdown.gif (165.3KiB)
Zack2Breakdown.gif (162.9KiB)
Zack-FoxBreakdown.gif (86.2KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #14889568 - 28 Dec 18 21:48
Hello!/Pixel-Art Comics 2017-03-10T11:44:12+00:00

I'm planning on making Pixel-Comics in the near future, likely of the smut variety. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Fur-Rumble.25 1594166698