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The next character sheet 2020-09-16T15:49:01+00:00

Will be a special one indeed. Pick whoever you like best. Do you even have a choice in the matter?

What are we going to do this time? 2020-09-16T15:38:46+00:00

Honestly, I don't know. Part of me wants to give the dungeon another go, and hopefully maybe finish at least some of its routes. Another part of me wants to do one of the other afternoon four segments, each of which will bring its own unique flavour of content to the table. Pick your poison.

Oh, and that image I said was going to be added, has been added! Made by TruFezan, it depicts one of the three ways in which Tak-Tik can submit to female Moe. Which one? Go find out for yourself!

Anyway, I'mmah put up a character sheet poll, and then hit the hay as usual. See you guys later this week, when I'll post a status update. Thanks for reading my worthless dribble instead of skipping to the poll. See yah!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #16598424 - 16 Sep 20 16:33
Im between Blue and Red
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 17 Sep 20 10:24
You are? That's kinda hot!
user avatar
User #16598424 - 17 Sep 20 15:08
Little mage with brawler in love, I like to see that with Red beating Tak-Tik and Kayun with his love one (as a option of Moe) going to Kayun homeland.
Yastara's character sheet is live
Yastara's character sheet is livemore_vert
Post file flag
Yastara's character sheet is live 2020-09-15T11:33:36+00:00close

As per usual, I'm sleepy as heck. Let's go through what's been added, and then I'll go hit the hay. First and foremost: Yastara's character sheet. You can find the backstory, along with the NSFW versions, on the character sheets page. I'll also be posting the NSFW artwork for patrons-only in a little bit.

Besides the sheet, one new piece of art has been added to Varanar, Night Three; depicting the foot foreplay when entertaining the Ten Paw Gang. This drawing was made by Heartless Squirrel, and it has two variations depending on whether your kobold has titties or not. Furthermore, two new works of fan art, made by VermelhaTan and joykill respectively, have been added to the fan art page.

I'm expecting one new piece of artwork to come in tomorrow, at which point I'll tell you guys what I'll be getting up to next. Furthermore, I'll be posting a character sheet poll at that time, but it'll be out of the ordinary alright. You'll see. That's all for now, thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, and I'll see you after I've gotten some sleep. Good night.

Media (1)

yastara-sfw-full.png (105.3KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 16 Sep 20 19:24
Oh yes, sleep is the best thing after a long day of work! Intrigued by the news of "out of the ordinary" poll ...
aCheat is live
aCheat is livemore_vert
Post file flag
aCheat is live 2020-09-07T19:11:45+00:00close

Writing for Kobold Adventure has not progressed along at all since the last update. I've been feeling dreadful, and as a result I've only barely been able to write anything of worth whatsoever. I tried my hardest, but nothing came from it. So, ultimately, after a week of attempting to make what I had planned on making, I gave up on it, and I made this instead.

So, what the heck is this? aCheat is a brand new feature for Kobold Adventure. It allows you to visit any scene you like, and alter your stats, statuses, name and gold count to any value you so desire. This will allow you to play through the game without needing to worry about planning a route to get to the content you want to see.

The video above showcases a few applications of aCheat. It's a pretty versatile tool, that you can use to see a whole range of different things. Find an option you can't access because you lack the stats or an item? aCheat's got you covered. Want to see what changes in Night Three when you mess with the gang in the forest? Enable shared changes, load and restart the forest, mess with them, skip straight to Night Three, and there you have it!

Note that certain scenes simply aren't made to encompass things like having boths sets of genitals, or being equipped with a zweihander when the most you should have by then is a stick. Things might not work as expected, or break outright. I can't offer any guarantee that anything you end up trying using this tool will actually end up working.

I've had a bunch of people beta-test the new feature and we've ironed out a few of the kinks already, but there's surely a million bugs and unforeseen interactions with any number of scenes present still. Please, try out as many different things as you possibly can, and report any bugs or issues you might find. There's probably a few of them that I can't fix, but I'm certain I'll be able to patch up whatever leaks you might find. One thing I can think of right off the bat is maybe some issues with the scene stack may arise; but we'll see.

In order to find how to access aCheat, you'll have to carefully read the titlescreen. A new segment has been added to it, explaining how to get to the new feature. It is not enabled on the main game itself, since any potential longterm effects on your savegames have yet to be tested. All forms of milestones, including achievements, are fully disabled in aCheat. You can, but you really shouldn't save your game in it.

Anyway, yeah. Like I said: writing for Kobold Adventure really was not progressing. I tried my hardest, but it wouldn't work. To relieve my frustration, I've written a small story on the side concerning a fox and a human in a modern day setting. This story will be uploaded to FurAffinity after once the thumbnail art for it is done, which in turn will be made after the Yastara character sheet is finished.

Speaking of the character sheet, that's what I'll be working on next. Hopefully, the writing required for it will bring me back into the flow of things, when it comes to writing for Kobold Adventure. For September's character sheet, I have something special in mind. You'll see what I mean once the poll for it goes up; after Yastara's sheet goes live.

Once the sheet is done, I'll give writing for the dungeon another shot. I hope the small time off of it I took will have sufficed to refresh my writing juices. If it doesn't work, I might switch focus to either enslavement or something. We'll see!

There are two new pieces of art in this update, both in the turning the tables on Tak-Tik segment; exclusive to female kobolds. Both were made by TruFezan. Kudos to him on his great work!

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. I'm sorry I couldn't squeeze more content out of the writing machine. I really tried my hardest, but the words just weren't coming to me. The one or two small segments that I finished weren't particularly well-made, and too low quality to be added without thorough rewriting. Thank you for your interest, and I'll see you when the character sheet is done.

Embed data


Provider URL

Kobold Adventure aCheat Demonstration

This video showcases the potential of the new aCheat feature of Kobold Adventure, made to explore every path the game has to offer with ease. Stats: (0:00) Items: (0:55) Status: (1:47) Shared History: (2:07) Body and Stats and Items: (2:55)



Comments (4)
user avatar
User #4939793 - 8 Sep 20 04:12 - revision 2
Don't force it to point of burnout, that's no fun and generally gives bland writing.
user avatar
User #4939793 - 8 Sep 20 04:12
Don't force it to point of burnout, that's no fund and generally gives bland writing.
user avatar
User #31894109 - 8 Sep 20 09:24
Woa! I like this new feature. Last time I tried to use CE to cheat, but end up in vain.XD Probably opened wrong process....
user avatar
User #299570 - 9 Sep 20 22:24
You didn't really even need to go that far - the save file could be exported (as JSON), edited, and imported again x3
user avatar
User #31894109 - 10 Sep 20 02:02
Thanks. I didn't know the exported file could be edited. I thought the file is only used when the device changed. LOL
Distributable released 2020-08-25T06:15:39+00:00

Along with one new piece of artwork that has four variations in total. It's Moe posing on the stage during noon two of enslavement, made by Lucky Ducky. Anyway, see you guys later this week! I'll be working on the dungeon, and depending on when the artwork is done, the next update may or may not include Yastara's character sheet. See you later!

Stormbrew is live
Stormbrew is livemore_vert
Post file flag
Stormbrew is live 2020-08-24T05:07:20+00:00close

Version 2.62 (Stormbrew) is now live. As per usual, I am on the verge of collapsing. Let's go over a few things at a rapid pace, shall we? First off: this is a pretty beefy update. It contains one ending to the church and the start of dungeon, including the start of the persuasion and the start of the cowering branches. There's a bit of lewd, there's a bit of non-lewd. Both of these branches will be expanded in the next update, but the stage has already been set quite well, if I do say so myself. My favorite part about writing this segment, was having the player's own actions come back to haunt him or aid him. You'll see what I mean when you get busted.

On top of the textual contents, this update comes with three new pieces of art and two new pieces of fan art. For the game itself, we have Emeraude's panty-clad butt, drawn by Cage. This detailed drawing has three different variations, all three of which appear in the game. Moe doing things to Footsie's butt was drawn by TruFezan, in his new single-pixel line style. I like it! Finally, a mood-setting background for the dungeon, drawn by our very own Sneaky. You can see that one at the top of this post, although ingame it's transparent, coupled with the home-made theming system to produce a black background.

The two pieces of fan art depict a rather menacing Footsie, and a naturalist Moe. They were made by Heartless and by Omaden, respectively. Good stuff! Go check out both them in the fan art gallery.

Being a new version number, this significant update comes with a new iteration of the distributable zip. The downloadable version, in English. Sadly, I'm too tired to make one right now. I'll do that tomorrow. Then, after that, I'll also finally order shirts and statuettes for this month, which I have regrettably still not yet done, because I've been busy developing the update itself. My apologies for that.

For the character sheets, Yastara and Juliet ended up tying. I personally did not cast my vote, so I'm going to call it in favor of Yastara. Her sheet's been a long time coming, and it jives pretty well with the lore being revealed in the dungeon segment. I don't really know what to write about Juliet, since most of her story is already clear as crystal in the game. Have an old piece of concept art, at the very least.

Anyway, like I said: I'm very sleepy. That's all I have to say for now. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, and I'll see you in a few days when I'll post about what's coming next on Law & Order: Special Kobold Unit.

P.S.: Tamasty5, if you're reading this, please reply to your Patreon messages as soon as possible. I need to know what size shirt to send you!

Media (3)

dungeon.gif (15.9KiB)
dungeon-non-transparent.gif (15.7KiB)
dungeon-non-transparent.gif (15.7KiB)

Character sheet poll & what's up? 2020-08-15T14:49:13+00:00

Hello! Writing on the next update is progressing at an average speed. Could be better, could be worse. Hopefully, the heat will die down in the coming few days, and I'll be able to pick up the pace for one final sprint before the end. The update is scheduled to go live somewhere next week. It will contain at least one of the many planned endings for Varanar, Noon Four, along with the beginnings of one of the envisioned scenes for Varanar, Afternoon Four.

Since a bunch of different scenes are planned for this timeslot, I'm going to try to keep each one of them rather brief, cutting down on available options without sacrificing player sovereignty or quality or detailed descriptions. What does this mean? Concretely, these scenes will have a rather limited range of outcomes, slightly railroading the player into their respective Night Four continuations. Example: if you end up getting saved by Blue, then you will spend the night at the Mages' guild. Whether this is in Blue's bed or not, is for you (and her) to decide.

Anyway, it's also time for this month's character sheet poll. We're still running behind on those, but we'll try to get it done ASAP. Sorry for the delay. Choices are a bit limited, because we're kinda running out of characters to depict.

For future polls, I'll either have to give you guys some heavy lore spoilers, or maybe some character concepts that I haven't yet fully fleshed out. Or we can dip into the realm of HSLR and give that some character sheets. Or maybe we can combine character sheets with concept art for an unrevealed project I'm working on. We'll see. Choose wisely. Thank you for your interest in Kobold Adventure. See you guys somewhere next week.

P.S.: Shirts and statuettes for this month will be ordered somewhere next week. Patron intro messages for the past week will be sent tomorrow, or the day after that. Thank you for your patience.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #10617666 - 22 Aug 20 22:36
well considering the results it only makes sense to release these at the same time, sure it will take longer for them to be ready together but it would make sense to me.
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 24 Aug 20 05:21
Sorry, only Yastara!
user avatar
User #10617666 - 19 Aug 20 19:27
man this exact balance of votes...must of been a thing, also seem to be the only anwser it could of had in the first place, the number says it all.
user avatar
User #16598424 - 19 Aug 20 19:53
A perfect Balance a should be!
This month 2020-08-08T03:01:34+00:00

This month, I want to write some SFW content. What I would really like to do, is beeline straight towards Night Four of Varanar, but there is still the ending of the noon and an entire afternoon in the way. I'm not sure yet if I want to rush through all that, instead of building upon it. Of course, whatever doesn't get made now will be revisited at some other point in the future. Suffice to say that, for now, I will be busy writing the ending of noon four. Once I'm done with that, I'll start on Afternoon Four - the Dungeon. This is one out of six planned scenes for the fourth afternoon.

I don't really have much else to say, for now. An intense heatwave has me in a perpetually drowsy state, but I'll try to not let it affect my work. Thank you for your interest in Kobold Adventure, and I'll see you in a few days when I give a status update on how things are going. I also need to throw up yet another character sheet vote one of these days. See you then!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #31894109 - 8 Aug 20 04:11
I'd like to see some SFW content too
user avatar
User #16598424 - 8 Aug 20 03:09
I like to see a normal romance with Footsie. (I know is very difficult with Tak-Tik)
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 10 Aug 20 07:35
That's what will happen if you *don't* cheat on him.
Flora's character sheet is live
Flora's character sheet is livemore_vert
Post file flag
Flora's character sheet is live 2020-08-07T07:25:28+00:00close

You can find the backstory, along with the NSFW versions on the character sheets page. There's also new background art for the forest, made by latchk3y. Sorry for the slight delay. Again, I find myself writing this post while very sleepy. I'll give you guys more details on what I'm doing tomorrow. Thank you for your interest in Kobold Adventure, and I'll see you then.

Media (1)

flora-sfw-full.png (62.5KiB)

2K9 is live 2020-08-03T00:31:45+00:00

Update 2.6145 (2K9) is now live. It contains the main part of the Cassidy voyeurism, which is pretty darn hot if I do say so myself; as well as a new ending with the Ten Paw Gang, two additional pieces of art made by TruFezan and a piece of fan art made by an anonymous fan of the .webp format.

I am on the verge of falling asleep. Character sheet in two or three days, and I'll tell you guys a bit more about my plans for this month at that time. Thank you for your interest in Kobold Adventure, enjoy the new content, and I'll see you during the character sheet update.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #16598424 - 3 Aug 20 00:46
Give a rest a week or 2, my friend!
What's up? 2020-07-27T13:38:51+00:00

Since the last update, productivity has been markedly lower than the first week of this month. While I've written some pretty darn great stuff (if I do say so myself), it's rather low in quantity. Very unbefitting of the month of content. I find myself yearning more and more to write things that aren't Kobold Adventure in my spare time, and this lust to branch out is impacting my willingness to work on the project as a whole.

What am I trying to say here? I'm trying to say that while for one week, writing both recreatively and professionally for the game worked swimmingly, I feel like it's not something I can do for prolonged periods of time, let alone an entire month. Does this mean the recreative-writing experiment was a failure? Hell no. I've learned some invaluable things about my own capabilities this month, pieces of information that might allow me to produce content at a higher rate in the future.

While limiting myself to nothing but Kobold Adventure for an entire month is not a good idea, doing so for small sprints at a time could potentially lead to some interesting results! This is what I will test next month. Three weeks of regular business, where I mix writing for game with writing for fun; and one week of 100% Kobold Adventure focus. We'll see how that plays out, and then decide at the start of September if any further changes need to be made moving forwards.

The coming few days, I will be shifting gears back towards combining Kobold Adventure work with recreational writing, hoping that will allow me to re-attain at least nominal performance. The next update will be coming a little bit later, probably near the end of the week. Things that it will contain for sure are the ending of hiding in Cassidy's bedroom, and the ending of tending to Footsie during Varanar, Night Three, dropping the fork. Especially the former has some pretty spicy parts in it. I don't know yet if the character sheet will be done by then, but if it is, I'll write a quick backstory and lump it in with! Flora's looking good, I can reveal that much.

I still have a tiny tidbit of Emeraude that I have yet to continue, and people have been asking me for Enslavement, Noon Three for ages now! However, after this coming update, I think I'll be feeling some mellow storyline over more porn. I don't know yet! Maybe I'll put it up to vote. Whichever one doesn't get picked now, I'll see about getting started later in August, or early in September.

In order to make up for the unfortunate ending of the recreational writing experiment, I have a bunch more art coming up for the game. Good art. Lewd art. One SFW piece will be added this update, four more NSFW pieces are on the way, and a bunch of sketches may or may not end up being finished.

Furthermore, the forest bandit art is creeping ever-closer to completion. That'll be a pretty hefty chunk of art, and it'll open up the path to more drawing for Night Three. Once Sneaky has finished putting the final touches on, I'll be pilfering him for a new, as of yet unrevealed and undisclosed project of mine. Like HSLR, it's nothing that'll interfere with work on Kobold Adventure.

Speaking of HSLR, I really, really hope I can get the final pieces of art for it sometime this week, but sadly the artist working on it is having a long-lasting streak of misfortune. At this rate, I might as well call them bi-yearly updates. I'm certain the end result will be worth the wait, and if that other project I was talking about earlier comes through, then maybe it'll help facilitate more rapid development of Heavy Scales, Lonesome Roads in the distant future of 2021.

And that's all I have to say for now. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure. I hope the raw quality of the coming update will make up for its lacking wordcount. I'll see you guys later this week when I might be announcing my plans for the default route of Varanar, Afternoon Four (not being saved); and ultimately Night Four where the storyline will really get going. If I haven't hooked you yet, give me the benefit of the doubt until you've seen what I have in store for you then. Catch you on the flipside. Good night.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #16598424 - 27 Jul 20 14:44
Not worry, work at you pace. At least we gonna have love to Footsie/Kayun.
Sour Mood is live 2020-07-15T23:34:46+00:00

As the title of the update might hint at, I am in a very poor state of mind right now. I will spare you the details, but suffice to say that I'd best cut this update notice short, before I speak my mind on certain topics best left untouched.

This update brings two new branches of content. First and foremost, there is the entirely new breaking in through the window segment of the Breeding Barn Breakin. This leads to a pretty good voyeurism segment, which sadly is not yet completely finished. Still, the first part of it alone is plenty spicy. Go give it a read, and tell me I'm wrong.

Secondly, another branch has been added to the Footsie's Boyfriend route, which has both you and the half-goblin at the mercy of Tak-Tik. The ending coupled to this route has not yet been implemented, but you can already decline Tak-Tik's invitation, so it's not a complete dead end.

For the first week of progress, the recreational writing experiment worked wonders. Most of the content in the update, were created in the ten days following the previous update. Since a few days ago, however, my will and ability to write took a sharp nosedive. I feel like recreational writing for the game is a decent avenue to more content at a higher pace, but it isn't suited for all kinds of content, nor can it be done over larger stretches of time.

Up next, I will add the ending to the new branch of Footsie's Boyfriend, and I will finish the Cassidy stuff added in this update. Originally, I had planned for "ambushing" the lady to have her ultimately get trapped in a windowsill, but I'm not sure yet if I'll go through with this, or if I'll simply let it lead to the already-written fighting scene. We'll see. There may or may not also be extra Emeraude content in the next update, depending on whether I feel like writing it or not.

The update will probably have typos and errors and bugs and whatever. I'm in no mood to properly playtest it right now. I gave it a quick run-through earlier before my smile turned upside down, and everything seemed to be in order, so I hope it'll work. That's all I have to say for now. Thank you for your interest in Kobold Adventure, and I'll see you when I'm less pissed off, grumpy and grouchy.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #4649510 - 16 Jul 20 00:23
yeah, this year's been a piece of shit, and has put everyone in a fowl mood. On the bright side, it means everyone at least has that in common. Here's hoping better times are ahead for you.
user avatar
User #12849533 - 16 Jul 20 00:43
Unfortunately, this is a rather frequent state of a person ... I hope everything in your life is resolved in the right way. Cheer up!
user avatar
User #16598424 - 16 Jul 20 04:08
I a shame for this year. I wanted the Kayun/Footsie had a win at least
What's up? (and character sheet stuff) 2020-07-10T11:51:42+00:00

I'm going to keep this post short, since I value your time as much as you value mine. Writing is going decently. I've got some pretty darn steamy stuff ready for you guys. I'm going to cram in a bit more content, and then there'll be an update somewhere next week. The recreational writing experiment is going swimmingly, and I hope you'll agree with me that the results are remarkable after I've pushed the update.

A small side project that I was working on for HSLR was, unfortunately, cancelled earlier this week, due to unfortunate circumstances. The effort I spent on it has not gone in vain. In its stead comes a new design, repurposed and refocused. It's too early to go into details, but suffice to say there will be more kobold content for those amongst you who are less interested in reading.

Shirts and statuettes for this month will be ordered somewhere this weekend. If you haven't replied to your Patreon messages, be sure to do so! We also need a character to make a sheet of for this month, so please do pick your favorite(s) down below! For once, this poll is open to the public, so show me which characters you guys really want to see! That's all for now. Thank you for your interest, and see you next week!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #12849533 - 10 Jul 20 18:25
It is a pity that the side project failed, but there is a positive side to this, that the efforts were not in vain.
Erik's character sheet is live
Erik's character sheet is livemore_vert
Post file flag
Erik's character sheet is live 2020-07-01T23:09:00+00:00close

I'm going to try to make this post short, while still bringing up a lot of different things. Here we go! First off, Erik's character sheet is live. Two safe for work versions, one not safe for work version. No, the NSFW version does not include the dog. Anyway, you can find both versions on the character sheets page, along with their respective stories. Go give'em a read right now!

Besides Erik's character sheet, nothing else has been added to Kobold Adventure. On top of writing his backstory, I have spent the past week preparing for the content-churning month which technically already started! Tomorrow I will finish stitching together Bea's Descent chapters 4, 5 and 6, and the day after tomorrow I will start the Kobold Adventure recreative writing experiment!

Just a quick reminder: what this means is that, on top of professionally writing for Kobold Adventure, I will attempt to focus my recreative writing efforts on the game as well. Hopefully, this will lead to a surge of content, although it remains to be seen how long it will take to bring this additional content up to the same level of quality as the rest of the game.

Since I didn't get to making any additional Breeding Barn Breakin stuff during the past week, I will focus my attention there first, on top of wrapping up some things I started writing but never got to finishing. After that's done, I will pick and choose a few critical segments that could do with additional choices. By that time, I believe two weeks will have passed, and I'll push an update for you guys to enjoy! We'll see what happens next at a later stage.

Alas, despite my friendliest of requests, the art for the Heavy Scales, Lonesome Roads update is still not yet done. After getting the art, I'll need to spend a single day on spit-shining the new pages to perfection, but that won't hamper my other work too much I hope. Speaking of HSLR, since I am not content with the seasonal pacing the story is progressing at, I'm doing something special for it. You'll see what I'm talking about when it gets closer to completion, which is still a long way off.

Bang bang, I shot you down.

And that's all I have to say for now. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, stay tuned for Bea's Descent tomorrow, and then hopefully a heap of lewd content later on the month, spread over various parts of the game. I hope you'll enjoy Erik's character sheet in the meanwhile. See you then!

Media (2)

erik-sfw-full.png (130.6KiB)
erik-sfw-alt-full.png (126.2KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #16598424 - 1 Jul 20 23:19
Lets see if Vaquero Kobold's adventures go!
What next? 2020-06-24T12:46:05+00:00

What do you guys want me to work on for the remainder of the month, if I have some time left after doing all of the other stuff I said I was going to do? Note that I probably won't be able to add a lot to whatever you choose, but I'll try to fit in something, at the very least!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #16598424 - 24 Jun 20 15:40
Like I say: Let make this The Year of Footsie!
Tomato is live
Tomato is livemore_vert
Post file flag
Tomato is live 2020-06-23T13:47:21+00:00close

Update 2.613 (Tomato) is now live. Due to my abysmal sleep the past few weeks, there is sadly little in the form of written content. Four segments in the church, and that's about it. The primary attraction of this update is seven new images. Five of them were made by Papaya, their first contribution to Kobold Adventure (they also made some art for the next HSLR update). Pretty cartoony, but I like it! The other two images were made by TruFezan, who's made a lot of great art for the game so far! Go check both of them out!

You can find these pieces of art ingame, spread across several scenes. Two of them are in Seki's store, two are in the breeding barn scene, one is when Seki buys you, and the final two are after approaching the Ten Paw Gang during Varanar, Night Three. Of course, you can also find all of these images in the recently revamped gallery. I hope you'll like them!

On top of these new images for the game, there are two new pieces of fan art depicting Tak-Tik and Moe, respectively. These were drawn by the talented artist Heartless Squirrel, who may or may not end up drawing something for the game itself! No pressure, of course. We'll see what happens!

Of course, all of this new art doesn't even begin to compensate for my personal lack of progress in this update. As I've mentioned in previous posts, the past two weeks have been absolutely atrocious when it comes to sleeping. I didn't get to finishing the Fenrir butt stuff (which is already implemented, but lacks an ending), nor was I able to add the Emeraude things for which I've written a paragraph or two.

Here's what I'm going to be doing for the remainder of this month, in no particular order:

  • Wrap up Fenrir's butt-stuff (for now)
  • Write and implement Erik's character sheet (art pending)
  • Maybe add one more piece of meaningful content (poll)
  • Art willing, finalize and push the long-overdue HSLR update
  • Finish and publish Bea's Descent, chapters 4-6

If I can manage to do most of this, I'll consider June an okayish month, and not a downright failure. A lot of it is prep-work to get all of the side-ventures out of the way for the content-focused month of July, which'll be an experiment in itself. Let's hope it works out.

Anyway, as per usual, I'm dead-tired writing this. I'll put up a poll somewhere tomorrow. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, sorry for not progressing a lot this month, I hope you'll enjoy the new artwork, and I hope I'll see you again the next time I lament my existence in the form of scalie content.

Media (1)

store-full.png (39.7KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #16598424 - 23 Jun 20 18:12
Tak-Tik the Chad
What's up? 2020-06-19T03:43:37+00:00

For the first time in almost two weeks, I have finally managed to sleep. While I have written some extremely small scraps here and there since the last update, I have sadly not been able to make a lot of progress on Kobold Adventure. Presuming I can continue to get more than four or five hours of rest per day, there will be an update either at the end of this week, or early next week.

This update won't come with a whole lot of new content. What it will contain is a little bit of church, the ending of Fenrir's butt-stuff, seven new drawings, and very maybe (if I get to it) a bit of Emeraude too. After this update, I will create Erik's character sheet, and then I will finalize the HSLR update (of which I hope to receive the remaining art somewhere along next week).

I sincerely apologize for the lack of progress during the past few weeks, but I really really really can't write worth a damn when sleepy, and prior to today I've been nothing but a yawning, sleep-deprived mess. Hopefully, I'll be able to make it up to you guys next month, which as I've already mentioned, is where I'll be trying a thing where I recreatively and professionally write for Kobold Adventure, instead of solely professional.

One good thing that has come out of barely-awake-week, is that I've had some time to discuss with Sneaky how the ending of the Church-scene should go. I will post the details below a massive spoiler line, at the bottom of this post. It's way better than what was originally envisioned, I can tell you that much.

Anyway, I'm going to get back to work writing. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, sorry for feeling like shit, I hope I won't feel like shit for at least a few days so I can make something worth a damn, and I hope I'll see you in the next bard-told lizard tale.


At the ending of the church segment, regardless of the player's choices, Moe will be accosted by a pair of guards who want to capture the kobold, to make them pay for crimes they may or may not have committed. Depending on the player's choices, they may automatically be captured, which will lead to the afternoon scene; or they may escape the church and get chased through the streets.

In the latter scenario, the player will not be able to escape on their own account. They will need help. And help may come from unexpected angles. A dragoness who wants her locket back, for example, could shoo the guards away and take the thief with her. A red-scaled kobold looking for revenge might show up out of nowhere, to make sure the guards don't rob her of the chance to make things right. Vanishing tricks are the pride of every mage and wizard worth a damn. And maybe, just maybe, there could be a canine crossbreed sitting in the road when a clumsy steel-boot-clad guard steps on his tail.

What's up?
What's up?more_vert
Post file flag
What's up? 2020-06-13T01:27:31+00:00close

I have good news, bad news, and an announcement to make. The bad news first: writing is going very poorly. I've been sleeping like shit, and it is severely impairing my work and my general ability to function. I'm going to put in some earplugs tonight, and hope for the best, so that tomorrow I can put in some major work, and hopefully salvage the next update.

On the bright side, I have seven (six if you don't count gender variations) new pieces of art to add to the game, along with some fan art! That bumps the total of this month up to a pretty darn high number. Still reaping the delayed rewards from the art month! Feels pretty good, although I do think this'll be the last big batch for a little bit. At least until next month (apart from this month's character sheet).

And now, for a bit of an announcement. I'm going to be trying something next month. Currently, I do two different kinds of writing. Professional writing, AKA writing for Kobold Adventure. In this kind, I thoroughly think about every single word I put in, and I constantly look for references I could make, side plots that are not immediately obvious, deep lore that requires some thought to figure out, and so forth and so forth.

On top of this high-quality writing, I also write recreatively on the side, making things that I want to see for myself and others, typically focusing more on the lewd stuff with less consideration for plot and artistic merit. While this typically produces decent to good to sometimes even great results, it doesn't always make for the best of stuff. You know, it's good on its own, but it doesn't quite meet the bar that I've set for Kobold Adventure.

So, next month, I'm going to try something new. I'm going to try writing recreatively for Kobold Adventure. What this means is that, on top of the regular writing I do for the game, I'll be spending my personal time writing some additional lewd content whenever I feel like it. I will probably need to proofread and potentially even rewrite this stuff before actually putting it in the game, but I still feel like this could potentially lead to a surge of new written content.

So that's a concept I'll be toying around with next month. I don't know yet what'll come out of it. Hopefully, some more raw wordcount for Kobold Adventure. At the worst, I'll deem the quality too low for the game, and I'll turn the stuff I wrote into a separate story like Diamonde's Wedding. Either way: more stuff for you guys, directly related to the game!

And that's all I have to say for now. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure! Update somewhere next week, although depending on whether or not I can finally get some sleep, it may not be the best of updates. It will have art regardless, and with some luck the HSLR update won't be too far out either. See you soon, partner. It's well past high noon.

Media (1)

03-seki-ensl-day.png (42.3KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #16598424 - 16 Jun 20 00:48
Seki rescue Moe.
user avatar
User #16218059 - 13 Jun 20 06:59
"Go to sleep and get better!!šŸ¤£šŸ‘" And I hope you are doing fine
user avatar
User #891552 - 13 Jun 20 01:50
Don't push yourself so hard that you burn out!
user avatar
User #18819266 - 13 Jun 20 04:08
The next character sheet 2020-06-06T11:23:23+00:00

Will be coming somewhere before the end of this month. Choose whoever you want to see! You might not recognize some of these names, but you'll see who they are once their sheet gets made!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #16598424 - 6 Jun 20 14:29
Who is the Eagle Boy?
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 7 Jun 20 02:39
The eagle *man*, you mean? That's Falco.
user avatar
User #16598424 - 7 Jun 20 02:43
Yup, that one. The only one in the story that gets FMoe pregnant with a happy ending for the moment. (The most of the time.)
Blood Diamonds is live
Blood Diamonds is livemore_vert
Post file flag
Blood Diamonds is live 2020-06-04T13:44:45+00:00close

Update 2.612 (Blood Diamonds) is now live. It contains four main attractions. Diamonde's character sheet, a teensy bit of Fenrir content, a whole load of new art, and a separate story about Diamonde. Let's go over each of these elements in turn.

Diamonde's character sheet has six different versions, the most of any character sheet so far. As per usual, it can be found on the character sheets page. Her backstory explains the dynamics of her relationship with Onyx, her husband. Note that there are significant differences between the SFW and the NSFW versions of the story. In order to understand the tale fully, you'll probably have to read Onyx and their three childrens' sheets as well.

Supplementing Diamonde's backstory on the character sheets page, I have written a short (2000 words) story detailing the most tragic day of her life. You can find this story on my FurAffinity page, which I sadly can not link here. Suffice to say, I have the same name on FurAffinity, as I do on Patreon.

Fenrir did not receive a whole lot of content this update. His scene was significantly altered, both conceptually and programmatically, to cut down on a few of the branches that I would probably never get around to writing anyway. This took quite a bit of work, but it had to be done so the scene can actually get finished instead of dragging on forever.

There is a tiny bit of new content in the form of the rear-sleeping worship segment. Don't expect too much, but there is a pretty darn hot twist at the end. I'll finish this path next time I work on Fenrir, or maybe I can squeeze it in with another update somewhere.

As mentioned: there is a lot of new art. The reluctant first stage of Rolande has been illustrated by Rabblet, along with every route of the cyan kobold in morning three by TruFezan. Seven new pictures in total, with five more being rather close to completion. They might have taken a bit longer to get here, but these are the fruits of April, which was dedicated to procuring more art for the game!

The already existing art of the cyan kobold has been replaced with newer works. TruFezan felt like he had improved a lot since he'd made the previous pieces, so he redid all of them while adding a few missing segments. The old art can still be seen in the gallery, under extra.

Despite not bringing a whole lot of content to the game itself, this has been a pretty considerable update, containing a wealth of things beyond simple wordcount. Alas, amidsts all of this good stuff, I have one bad thing to announce.

The Heavy Scales, Lonesome Roads update which was planned to go live alongside this Kobold Adventure update, has been delayed until later this month. One of the artists who was scheduled to draw out a page, has sadly not been able to deliver on his work. Someone else is picking up the slack, and once the final page is illustrated I will spend a day or two designing the pages themselves and adding audio and all that fun stuff, and then it'll hopefully be released without a hitch!

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, I hope you'll enjoy the character sheet and the new content and the new art, take a look over at FurAffinity to find the supplementary story about Diamonde's wedding, and I'll see you guys tomorrow when I'll put up a poll or maybe even two. Tahtah!

Media (1)

diamonde-sfw-full.png (78.4KiB)

Comments (12)
user avatar
User #16598424 - 4 Jun 20 13:57
What is the diference of the sizes of the Royal Family members? I bet Onyx is the tall one and Emeraude is the short one.
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 4 Jun 20 14:49
Diamonde is smaller than all three of her children. Diamonde, standing upright, barely reaches up to Onyx' chest.
user avatar
User #12493777 - 9 Jun 20 21:35
so will Diamonde have a route just for them?, sorry if this is a stupid question haven't been really keeping tabs on the game recently.
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 13 Jun 20 00:51
Diamonde may make an appearance during day seven, but I don't think she'll be extensively featured.
user avatar
User #12493777 - 13 Jun 20 00:53
But both of their children are getting one yes?
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 13 Jun 20 00:58
Diamonde has *three* children, not two! And it really all depends on your definition of a "route". Will there be some endings involving them? Definitely! Will they get an entire branch of the game dedicated to them? Probably not!
user avatar
User #12493777 - 13 Jun 20 01:02
Sorry I forgot about him but they only have two children that I'm interested in and big sad I wanted to see a kobold knight ending / quest line.
user avatar
User #13278300 - 4 Jun 20 17:51
Thanks for the update! I really like the new art with the cyan kobold. Just curious, will you do more Diamonde stories in the future? Iā€™d love to see the contrast between their first time together and one of the more recent times together
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 4 Jun 20 22:25
Ehhhh, probably not. It was more of a one-shot to showcase their wedding in particular. But who knows? Maybe. Very maybe. Don't get your hopes up, though! Sorry!
user avatar
User #13278300 - 4 Jun 20 22:36
Thanks for being honest! Don't worry about it, I was just asking out of curiosity, nothing more. Keep up the good work!
user avatar
User #31806590 - 6 Jun 20 07:38
In Onyx's story, his distaste for Diamonde is very apparent. However, in Diamonde's story, she seems to think that Onyx is treating her better over time/softening to her. Could this be Diamonde simply imagining it or is Onyx actually "warming up" to her? I love these characters so much, though I love all the beefy dragon boys no matter how sinister so I suppose I'm a bit biased there :-)
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 6 Jun 20 10:10
It is a natural instinct for a dragoness to at least somewhat appreciate the father of her offspring.
A story on the side 2020-05-26T14:48:41+00:00

Hello! I've got an announcement to make. In my free time, I've been working on a story completely unrelated to Kobold Adventure. Today, I have finished a decent enough chunk to publish for the world to see! Sadly, I can't link it here, but I'm certain that if you have an affinity for fur, you can find it by looking for the name of the scalie main character of Night in the Woods.

What is the purpose of this? Two reasons. First and foremost: recreation. For Kobold Adventure, I ensure my writing quality is of the highest standard. Stuff like this story follow a more relaxed set of rules I impose upon myself. This makes it lighter and easier to write. It's a nice change of pace, and a constructive way to spend my sparse few free days in between Kobold Adventure updates.

Secondly, I'm hoping that this story might draw some fresh attention to Kobold Adventure. People unaware of the game will see my writing, and they'll hopefully want more. Anyway, I am very sleepy as usual. A small Fenrir update is coming either in a few days, or at the same time as Diamonde's character sheet. We'll see. It'll have a teensy bit of new art as well. Have a nice day, you guys, and see you soon!

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #7016486 - 26 May 20 15:34
Can anyone link it here in the comments for google impaired?
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 26 May 20 15:54
I'm afraid I can't allow that. You can find it on FurAffinity. My account name there is the same as my account name here.
user avatar
User #7016486 - 26 May 20 15:57
Ah, same nickname! Got it now, looks amazing. But what's the reason you can't post a link? Some patreon rules or what?
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 26 May 20 16:50
You've got it!
user avatar
User #6997637 - 27 May 20 17:23
May I DM it to gapaot if he still hasn't found it Tinker?
user avatar
User #7016486 - 27 May 20 17:27
I've found it, thanks. And boy is it absolutely deliciously depraved.
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 27 May 20 19:15
I mean, I can't *condone* of you private messaging people links to it, but at the same time I can't stop it. You get what I'm saying?
What's up? 2020-05-21T23:37:27+00:00

The previous update, as I mentioned, did not contain everything I wanted it to contain. Due to misfortune, I was sadly not able (or in the right mindset) to write for the entire duration it took to make the update. To make it up to you guys, I want to do a mini-update somewhere between now, and when I need to start working on the seasonal HSLR update (along with Diamonde's character sheet). This poll is to decide what I will be working on during these few days.

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #3764402 - 22 May 20 15:49
Damn, really like emeraude stuff.
user avatar
User #34710081 - 22 May 20 02:39
As curious as I am about the Church and stuff with Footsie and the gang, I feel like you could use a break from writing about all that!
user avatar
User #16598424 - 21 May 20 23:52
We say this is the Year of Footsie!
user avatar
User #5487188 - 22 May 20 18:28
Emeraude stuff all the way for me! Though Fenrir is great too.
user avatar
User #3605024 - 22 May 20 00:51
Gota love me some big fuzzy Wolf and a even messier night. :3
Blood is live 2020-05-20T22:39:43+00:00

Update 2.611 (Blood) is now live. It contains much less content than I would have hoped I would be able to add. As per usual when writing these update posts, I am on the verge of passing out. Let's go over a few things real quick.

The main addition is Varanar, Noon Four, the Church. Only three segments of this have been written, detailing Moe entering the church and attending a sermon. I rewrote the sermon completely, since I was not satisfied with the first iteration. I hope the second attempt is a bit less confusing than the first one was.

On top of the church, I have also added the ability to decline joining Tak-Tik's gang during the (currently) singular ending point of looking for Footsie during the boyfriend route. This really should have been in the last update, but I ran out of time.

Anyway, I can feel myself slipping into unconsciousness, so I think I'm going to round up here. I'll make a more detailed post tomorrow, at which point I'll also send out messages to new patrons and update the credits all at once. I also have a new piece of fan art ready to be added, but right now I really don't feel up to it.

That's all I have to say for now. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, and I'll see you tomorrow when hopefully neither of us will be having trouble staying awake.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #16598424 - 20 May 20 23:05
Keep resting, my friend.
What's up? 2020-05-13T13:06:48+00:00

The past week has not been very good. My string of bad luck has continued. Things that have broken so far include a tower fan, my U.S. Airforce headphones and my four year old desk chair. Tragic losses, which took a decent bite out of my emergency fund.

As a result, writing hasn't progressed a whole lot due to my distracted, worried mind. I'm also doing some things for HSLR on the side, further inhibiting my writing. HSLR will be receiving a new update at the end of the month, for the record. Still, just because I'm not ready to push an update for Kobold Adventure, doesn't mean I've given up on the church altogether. Read on to find out my plans!

Normally, around this time of the month, a character sheet would be going live. This month, Diamonde will be depicted. Originally, what I wanted to do, was push out the church update right now, so that I'd have a couple of days to write her backstory while Sneaky draws her. However, with circumstances being as they are, that's not an option. So, what are we doing?

Together with Sneaky, I've decided that it would be best to postpone the character sheet to the end of the month, bundled together with the HSLR update. Why? That gives me some extra time to work on the church. Hopefully, by the end of the week, or early next week, I will have something to show for, presuming my stuff can stop fucking breaking for seven goddamn days.

After this first update, I will try to add some more stuff to the church during next week, and after that I will turn my attention towards the character sheet and HSLR both. I think I should be able to combine the two, and make something you guys will like on both fronts. Remains to be seen if my idealistic expectations will be met.

Once again, I must apologize. I had really hoped that after the absolutely horrendous weekend I had last week, my string of bad luck would be over, and that I could get back to just making my game in peace. But the universe still had a bone to pick with me, and it decided to break some more of my shit for whatever reason. Let's hope I can finally stop worrying about everything falling apart, so that I can write the content that I want to make, and that you guys rightfully deserve.

Tomorrow, I will send out Patreon intro messages for new pledges, which I haven't done for a few days. I shipped shirts for this month, along with a statuette, I think somewhere rather close after the previous update. Some of them might have already arrived! Thank you for your bountiful support. Without you, this project would not be possible (although at least a little bit of luck would be very nice to have right now).

Anyway, that's all of my ranting for now. Character sheet along with HSLR update at the end of the month, update later this week or early next week. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, and I'll see you during the next episode of "what more needs to break before you do?"

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #16598424 - 13 May 20 22:06
Shit happens, take a rest or a vaction.
user avatar
User #5487188 - 13 May 20 13:57
No need to apologize, sorry to hear stuff's been crapping out on ya. Hope you're doin' alright!
Next character sheet 2020-05-07T00:20:50+00:00

You know the drill. Who do you want to see this month?

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #16598424 - 7 May 20 00:35
Give us the Queen!
user avatar
User #16598424 - 12 May 20 19:09
The Queen won!
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 13 May 20 19:39
God save the queen!
user avatar
User #16598424 - 13 May 20 20:09
She is going to need an entire pantheon to safe her and her children of her husband, his family and the bad luck of her world.
Sniffy is live 2020-05-04T22:08:10+00:00

Update 2.61 (Sniffy) is now live. I had intended for this to be the largest update of the year thus far, but alas, my weekend has been extraordinarily terrible, with fate kicking me in the nuts at every possible opportunity. As a result, while still a pretty beefy chunk of content, this update falls just shy of being the biggest one of 2020 to date.

Remember how I said I was going to write the church? Yeah, that was planned for this weekend. I have a little bit of the church ready, but not enough to justify adding it quite yet. So what is in this update? Two main pieces of content.

First and foremost, one branch of the Night Three Tak-Tik x Footsie stuff has been completed. This contains a pretty lengthy ending, which describes what happens when a naive submissive slut Moe joins the gang of robbers.

I had meant to add declining the offer to join the gang as well (thus offering a way to access the rest of the game from the Footsie's Boyfriend route), but that was another thing that was planned for this weekend which I did not get to do, sadly.

The second thing that was added, is something requested by you patrons. As per usual, I try to listen to you guys as best as I can. As such, the internal climax segment of the Breeding Barn Breakin has been added. It's pretty darn spicy if your kobold is hung (both mPlus and the ants). I hope you guys will like it!

On top of the new content, five pieces of art have been added. These new artworks have about ten variations in total, meaning there's like fifteen new pictures that's been added in this update. This is one piece of art for the new Tak-Tik stuff (made by TruFezan), one for high-charisma gentle Ruby stuff (choose to help her undress, also made by TruFezan), and three pieces of art for sewer through_wall segment (made by Cage).

To celebrate this influx of art, with a lot more still to come, the gallery has been slightly reworked. Thumbnails are now shown in a square grid, and total numbers are displayed next to each individual scene. This should make it significantly easier to navigate the gallery, and find what you want to see.

When making the totals calculator for the gallery, the result was pretty darn nifty and eye-opening. In total, Kobold Adventure has roughly 162 different pieces of art. This does not include random assets (like the images used in the lockpicking minigame or character sheets), nor does it include the thumbnail versions of each image. This number does include variations of images, however, so a good estimate of the total number of completely unique art assets would be a solid eighty pictures.

That's not nothing at all! If we take the 162 number, and we divide it by the amount of months Kobold Adventure has been live for (roughly 31 months ago), that gives us an average of five pictures per month. That's pretty darn good if you ask me! Of course, it can always be better, but still, I think the artists working on Kobold Adventure deserve a solid pat on the back!

To make things even sweeter, a large amount of drawings are still being worked on at this very moment. And by large, I mean a solid chunk of double digits. Stay tuned for more drawn goodness!

Since I was incapable of including the part of the church that I have already written so far, my next goal will be to complete that, along with declining Tak-Tik's offer to join the gang. This shouldn't take too long, I hope, unless my streak of soul-crushing bad luck continues, which I sincerely hope it won't.

Since this is a two-decimal update, there will be a new downloadable package made for it. However, I'm too sleepy to do so at this very moment. It'll have to wait until tomorrow, when I will also order shirts and a statuette for the new Noble and Baron-tier patrons! Oh, right, before I forget: the store has a few new patterns in stock. Go check it out!

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, and I'll see you on the next trainride to Koboldia.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #237812 - 6 May 20 06:14
I hope things get better, but its great to hear you've gotten so much done even still!
I overdid it a little 2020-04-20T02:58:03+00:00

I think I stayed up just a liiiiitle bit too late to get the character sheet out. As a result, today, I've been very sleepy and low energy. As per usual, I think I'm going to go to bed again after posting this quick update.

So, yesterday, Onyx' character sheet went live. It was a bit later than expected, but the art was pretty darn good, and the story itself was a smidgen larger than previous side-character sheets. I hope you guys liked it! It took more than the usual effort to make, but I think that shows in the end result. Remember that you can view both the SFW and the NSFW versions, with their accompanying stories, on the character sheets page.

Anyway, with Onyx out of the way, work on the church will resume tomorrow. With some luck, I'll be able to produce enough content to justify another update before the end of the month! If not, early next month, at the latest. There's still five more pieces of art that are being worked on, but the artist in question fell a little ill (no corona, luckily), so they might be delayed until the month of art has already come to a close.

And that's all I have to say. I wish I was awake enough to write all of this out before hitting the hay yesterday, but I'd been awake for quite a while. I hope you can understand why I postponed the majority of this post until today. Either way: thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, and I'll see you during the next kobold rock collector convention.

Onyx' character sheet
Onyx' character sheetmore_vert
Post file flag
Onyx' character sheet 2020-04-19T03:54:18+00:00close

Tired. Sheet late. Art took a while to make. Story below. Patreon intro-messages, along with credits update tomorrow. Check out the character sheets page for the NSFW version and other sheets. Good night. See you tomorrow.


Before the formation of kingdoms and counties, the western half of what would one day become the Dragon Empire was ruled by groups of nomadic, tribal dragons. Warlike by nature, these clans fought one another for sport and hunted whatever foreign intruders dared wander into their lands. Despite the fierce, savage inhabitants, civilization found its way to the wild plains over time. In the span of centuries, grazing fields gradually turned into sprawling cities, driven by the colonization efforts of the freshly formed eastern empire.

Their very way of life threatened, some tribes integrated into the newly formed societies, while others migrated to greener pastures. A few openly rebelled against their instated rulers, but there was little their crude weapons could do against modernized armies equipped with chainmail hauberks, nor could dried hide shields hold up against state-of-the-art steel weaponry.

The Khan clan was one of the most brutal and bloodthirty amongst the tribals. Direct descendants of the feral dragons of old, they possessed fearsome traits that the impure member of their kind could only dream of having. Imposing wings, a size and bulk dwarfing even the tallest of lesser dragons, and the ability to spew impressive gusts of scalding fire for extended durations. Suffice to say, they were wisely left to their own devices during the formation of the western dragon kingdom.

The Khans were left completely undisturbed. Despite their land being claimed by a king and a queen in a city far away, nobody dared question the tribe's absolute rule in person. Hunting and foraging the plains provided them with all they needed. Extorting a few nearby villages for luxuries allowed them to completely forego trading, a practice which had robbed the identity of many rival tribes, gradually transforming them into roaming traders. And so, throughout several generations, life went on as usual for the proud purists, completely oblivious to the changing world around them.

That is, until a particularly clever and cunning dragon by the name of Genghis became the patriarch of the Khans. Unlike his forefathers, Genghis was not so inward-focused. He was interested in things beyond the tribe's internal affairs and immediate needs. Instead of sticking to raiding the minor settlements surrounding their ever-moving warcamp, he sent out scouts to map the patterns of regional trade caravans. How frequently they passed, where and when they were last seen, and most important of all: what they were carrying.

Under Genghis' lead, the clan began to target the most valuable of trade caravans, containing exotic goods from all across the Dragon Empire. Fine silk from the east, malleable steel from the north, spices from the coast, imported barrels of booze, more food than they could eat, and plenty of livestock to butcher later. What they didn't -- or no longer -- had a use for, they discarded when migrating to new pastures. Although the tribe was swimming in luxury, their honor and pride-based society prevented them from falling into the pitfalls of overindulgence and debauchery.

The Khans thrived. They accumulated wealth beyond measure, adorning their leather tents and clothing with gold, marble, silver and ivory. But their recent exploits had came with a baggage of considerable notoriety. Merchants beseeched the ruler of the western dragon kingdom to act, to strike down the steppe-tribe so trade could once again flourish in the region! The king downplayed the issue. It was just a single band of roving thugs. How much havoc could they possibly wreak?

The monarch would soon come to regret those words. Upon plundering yet another caravan, Genghis stumbled upon a weirdly painted piece of rolled up cloth. He recognized some of the landmarks depicted. The dragon-shaped rock his ancestors worshipped, the giant, solemn cherry blossom tree which had hosted his marriage, the river that flowed throughout the lands, and the lake they were encamped next to at this very moment! Bringing the scroll to one of the few survivors of the surprise attack, the tribal leader offered the man a simple deal: "Read, and you live."

It was a map. Not a term the nomads were familiar with, but it was easy enough to explain. What was more interesting, were the contents of the map. It depicted the western dragon kingdom. And that revelation raised a lot more questions than it answered. Who were these pretenders staking claims to the land of Khans? After a lengthy clarification, the patriarch was left boiling with rage. While this emperor fellow sounded a bit too powerful to assert dominance over, the king was well within the clan's reach. It was time to show the world who really ruled these plains.

Rallying the tribe's warriors, Genghis immediately rode out towards the regional capital, using the stolen map for directions. Arriving at Salamar come nightfall, it did not take long for them to find the palace. It was a massacre. The unsuspecting guards, half of which were asleep, stood no chance against the invading group of natural born killing machines. They were effortlessly slaughtered. The proud warriors buthcered their way to the royal bedrooms. Dragging the king and queen out of their bed, the two impure dragons were abused, humiliated, degraded and ultimately beheaded by the nomads.

The rest of the royal watch was exterminated to the very last man. Even the ones that begged for mercy, received only death. In the end, the sole survivor of the bloody coup was princess Diamonde, the former king's only daughter. Genghis saw fit to hand her to his oldest son, Onyx, for the young warrior's courageous valor in battle. As night slowly turned to dawn, the nomads decided to take over the palace completely, some of them holding watch to make sure the stupid townsfolk wouldn't try anything hasty, while the others indulged in excessively sized beds, the royal harem, and the finely aged wine kept in the cellar.

In his drunken stupor, the brilliant Genghis had an epiphany. He had executed impure dragon nobility, reducing their bloodline to a single captive woman. Now he could ascend the throne himself, and officially take control over the steppes. But there was a problem. If this emperor of the lesser kin was as influential of a man as the tribal leader had been told, then his rule would be a short one indeed. Should tonight's events reach the emperor's court, an imperial army would no doubt be dispatched, to do unto Genghis as he had done unto the previous ruler of the western dragon kingdom.

The patriarch being crowned king was out of the question. That would arouse far too much suspicion. But there was still the girl. Diamonde. With her parents' death, she was now the rightful queen of the land. And she was, at this very moment, getting to know his son. As the bloodthirsty warlord passed out from inebriation, snoring loud enough for the entire palace to hear, a dastardly plan formed at the back of his mind.

The next day, late in the afternoon, Genghis' schemes were set into motion. A mock marriage was arranged, a local bishop pressured into wedding Onyx and Diamonde. Immediately afterwards, the tribe spread the news that the previous rulers of the land had unfortunately passed away overnight. The same cleric was made to coronate the new king. And so, the young Onyx went from being a nomadic tribe leader's eldest son, to becoming the new monarch of the western dragon kingdom.

To the imperial court, it seemed like an ordinary succession. The king and queen had died, the princess and her new lover took over. In reality, a nomadic tribe had wrestled control away from the royal family, ensuring their kind would have great influence over the kingdom's affairs for generations to come. Genghis, having masterminded the entire ordeal, was content with knowing that he had lead his people to greatness, even if he could not call himself king.

Leading was in Onyx' blood. After all, his ancestors had commanded absolute power of their tribe since time immemorial. The savage youngster saw his ascension to monarch, merely as an early coming of his rightful position as tribal leader. A few edicts were swiftly ratified. The Khans became royal bodyguards, gaining permanent residence on palace grounds. Pure dragons, from all walks of life, were granted an elevated position in society. Councilmen, mayors and other important members of the court were replaced with tribesmen, loyal only to Onyx. Ironically, the country had never been more unified.

Unlike the previous king and queen, the new monarch wasn't afraid to speak his mind at the bargaining table. When a big, strong pureblooded dragon states his demands, there are few who dare to deny him. This aggressive style of negotiation caught meeker envoys off guard. A few previously signed pacts were renegotiated, resulting in far more beneficial deals. Under the strict rule of Onyx, the western dragon kingdom flourished.

It wasn't too hard for the former nomadic warrior to grow accustomed to the civilized noble lifestyle. After all, being worshipped by impure dragons was his birthright. His new position was a powertripping fantasy come true. Sure, his new wife might not have loved him, but she understood the consequences there would be, should she ever disobey him. The sheer size difference between the two made things a little hard in the bedroom, and not in a good way.

Besides bedding Diamonde and imposing his will upon other rulers during meetings, the king was free to spend the remainder of his time with the royal court and his tribal family. He could often be found sparring with the other nomads, letting the various ladies of the court and the royal harem worship his glorious, pure body in every way they saw fit, or seeding a new generation of pureblood warriors within the wombs of the women of the tribe.

But the amazonian dragonesses weren't the only ones getting impregnated. Diamonde, too, fell prey to nomadic virility. Her once-slender belly grew, and she ultimately gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter. Not quite as pure of blood as Onyx, and as such not allowed to bear the name of Khan, the young Saphira would swiftly grow to become the king's favorite child. Diamonde's defiance waning further with every passing day, the three formed a somewhat functional noble family.


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onyx-sfw-full.png (83.7KiB)

Comments (4)
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User #16598424 - 19 Apr 20 04:55
Truely a beast but there someone more powerful that him, Grandaddy himself, Genghis Khan!
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 20 Apr 20 02:39
Granddaddy's growing old.
user avatar
User #16598424 - 21 Apr 20 01:57
By Human's lifespawn Standars or Elf's lifespawn standars? Because if is the latter granddaddy can kick asses for decades to few centuries. Or the Purebloods lost their longevity?
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 26 Apr 20 08:38
By dragon standards! So slightly older than humans.
What's up? 2020-04-13T12:03:44+00:00

Sorry for the very short post yesterday. I was exceedingly tired, and could not force myself to stay awake for much longer. Yesterday's update contained a pretty straightforward single branch of the Footsie's boyfriend route. I will be expanding upon this route in the future, but right now I really don't feel like writing more NSFW content.

As such, after Onyx' character sheet, I will start work on the first segment of the Church (Varanar, Noon Four). This will be a scene with a bunch of lore exposition, and some hard choices for Moe (and you, the player) to make. It will segway into Afternoon Four, which will be the last lewd stuff up to a dramatic story-point during night four.

I have a good idea of what I want Onyx' backstory to be, so it shouldn't be too hard to write. Expect his sheet to go live in two to three days, depending on how swift the artwork can be produced. He's going to be unique amongst all the dragons seen so far, I can reveal that much. In what way exactly, you'll have to wait and see.

After the first segment of the church, we'll see what we do next. Maybe we'll go back to finish at least one segment of the Footsie's Boyfriend route, perhaps we'll go check in with Cassidy during the Breeding Barn Breakin, or we might go see what Fenrir is up to. We'll decide when the time is right. For now, I have my goals, and I'll see to getting them done. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, and I'll see you in a few days.

Lex Talionis is live 2020-04-12T10:52:33+00:00

Update 2.609 (Lex Talionis) is now live. I am very sleepy. More Footsie's Boyfriend stuff. Two new pieces of art (for Rolande and for Fenrir facesitting). Three new pieces of audio (Farmer's Maid ending, Rolande's store and Varanar Morning Four). Things are probably buggy and/or broken (although I hope not). I'll fix them tomorrow, if you report your issues in the comments or on Discord. I'll also make another post tomorrow, explaining what'll happen next. Good night.

The next character sheet 2020-04-07T01:24:53+00:00

Pick whoever you want to see!

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User #237812 - 8 Apr 20 18:33
Would really like if you finished that scene with Cassidy for the break in, should be short enough.
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 8 Apr 20 20:22
Which one in particular?
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User #16598424 - 9 Apr 20 18:11
The one that rape her and put your seed in her. Or you want wait for epilogue for how many bastards that male Moe have during the story?
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User #237812 - 9 Apr 20 20:04
To finish in her
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ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 12 Apr 20 10:46
If I can remember, I'll put it on the poll next time I write lewd things.
What's up? 2020-04-07T01:22:14+00:00

I've been meaning to post this for a few days now, but I've had a pretty darn busy weekend. Writing is going swimmingly, and I have some spicy things ready to show you guys. There'll be an update later this week, containing the fruit of my labour.

The scene I'm working on right now has grown considerably since its inception. I've had several great ideas on how to enrich this branch in particular, and I hope you'll agree that they're each pretty darn good concepts in their own right. It'll take a bit longer to make, but there'll be more options, more content and something for everyone, once it's finished.

I haven't yet updated the scene tree, and I'm not sure if I will prior to making more of it. Heck, maybe I'll keep the overview it as-is, and leave this segment for players to explore. We'll see. I have one more lewd segment to write, and maybe a less-lewd section or two, and then I'll get to implementing everything.

I'll put up a character sheet poll for this month in a bit. A little late this time around, but still on time. Speaking of things that are late: I've made the executive decision to postpone the planned HSLR update to next month. This way, HSLR can become a seasonal affaire, receiving new content once every three months.

Instead, Kobold Adventure will be the project receiving some tender love and care this month, in the form of new art and music. I already have three new musical tracks, and one new piece of art (with male and female variations) rearing to go. There'll probably be more coming as the month progresses, so keep an eye out for brand new visuals!

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. I really wanted to make this post like Friday, but it's been kind of hectic. I apologize for keeping you guys out of the loop for a little bit, but I hope the raw quality of the content being added will make up for it. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, and I'll see you during the next adult kobold entertainment board commission meeting.

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User #16598424 - 7 Apr 20 01:25
We understand in this time of keeping oneself in house.
What next? 2020-03-27T09:36:46+00:00

Up next, I will start (and potentially also finish, depending on what is picked) one of the main branches of the renewed Footsie's Boyfriend route. For more details, you'll have to take a look at the scene tree, available via the menu. Choose wisely. I personally think the last option will be the easiest, and potentially the most fun to write.

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User #2672937 - 3 Apr 20 06:09
Just curious, can the basilisk scales be used yet?
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ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 3 Apr 20 07:35
Not yet!
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User #16598424 - 27 Mar 20 17:05
Lets make 2020 be the Year of Footsie/Kayun
user avatar
User #16598424 - 30 Mar 20 04:31
Come on! Focus on Footsie!!!
Table Manners is live 2020-03-27T09:21:11+00:00

Version 2.608 (Table Manners) is now live. It contains several segments of the highly revised Footsie's boyfriend scene during Varanar, Night Three. The scene has heavily grown from what I had initially predicted it to be, but I feel like the new parts are all pretty darn great in their own right. Now, the only issue will be actually getting them done.

This update contains one of the technically hardest-to-write segments in the game thus far. I spent more than a week on the groping fragment alone. I found it exceptionally difficult to put into words, because of all of the different emotions and motivations driving the different actors at the dinner table.

Luckily, now that these initial segments have been written, the rest should be a lot easier in the writing department. Easier writing means higher wordcount! All that remains to be seen is which segment we'll begin with. On that matter, I'll put up a poll either in a bit, or tomorrow, depending on how sleepy I'll be feeling by the end of this post.

I personally think the new content's pretty steamy, but I acknowledge that it's not for everyone. The three segments on the poll, too, will not interest all of you. I hope you can understand that, sadly, not every branch can appeal to every single person. Even if something is picked that you don't like, please do keep in mind that there will always be stuff you do like on the horizon!

On top of the new content, and the massively revised scene tree, there is also new art by TruFezan, and new fan art by him! The new art depicts Moe during the water trough segment, with and without Fenrir's gag. The fan art shows Ruby and small-dick low-charisma Moe. Great stuff!

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. As par for the course, I am on the verge of passing out from sleepiness. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, I hope you'll enjoy the new content, please do vote in the poll I'm going to try to post before falling asleep, and I'll see you during the next travelling kobold circus.

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User #12849533 - 27 Mar 20 21:04
The main thing is that you have completed the most difficult part of the work and now it's time to focus on more important things.
What's up? 2020-03-19T08:28:28+00:00

Work on the Footsie's Boyfriend route has resumed. It's coming along a little slower than expected, mostly because it's a harder subject matter to write, and because I'm doing some fun stuff instead of keeping things run-of-the-mill for this set-up. I'm trying to distantiate it from other media that display similar scenarios. I expect I'll have something to show for during the first half of next week.

There'll be some more new art in the next update, which I think looks pretty darn good! Sadly, I don't really have much else to say, and I really should have included this small tidbit in my previous post, but I was dead-tired as per usual. Oh, right I have something to mention to one of my patrons, in case he's reading this. Earoist: please reply to your Patreon messages!

Anyway, thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, sorry for the super-small length of this post, and I'll see you all during the next Kopodcast!

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User #12849533 - 20 Mar 20 17:48
I think your work is progressing in full force and soon you will really show a lot of interesting things that you are working on now!
user avatar
User #16598424 - 20 Mar 20 02:11
This route is gonna have a possible happy ending without Moe suffering (depending how you are getting Moe between metting Footsie 1st time to the 2nd encounter with him and the Gang) seeing Footsie and Moe going to the Firelands (If Moe is female maybe having o be pregnant with Footsie's child(ren) to meet Footsie's mom) and having the option to call Footsie by his true name, Kayun.
Orange's character sheet (NSFW)
Orange's character sheet (NSFW)more_vert
Post file flag
Orange's character sheet (NSFW) 2020-03-17T20:22:41+00:00close

Art only. You can find the NSFW story on the character sheets page.

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orange-half-nsfw-full.png (56.2KiB)
orange-nsfw-full.png (53.6KiB)

Orange's character sheet.
Orange's character sheet.more_vert
Post file flag
Orange's character sheet. 2020-03-17T20:19:41+00:00close

Orange is finally getting her backstory! A bit longer than I'd anticipated it to be, although the final bit is restricted to the NSFW version (which you can find on the character sheets page). Without further ado:


When the most powerful person in the entire world, the Dragon Emperor, was struck down by a mere courtesan, the booming prostitution business in the eastern Dragon Empire changed forever. Suspicion and mistrust drove the wealthiest of clientele away from even the most trustworthy high-class harems. Well-paid whores were now seen as assassins in disguise, waiting for an opportune moment to strike.

With profits dwindling, brothel owners pursued new avenues of income. Some began to offer maid services with benefits, other brothels were converted into inns selling nightly company at a reasonable rate. The entrepreneurs running a few of the more illustrious houses of ill repute, however, saw value in the veil of stereotypes. In secret, they began to train their geishas and oirans to be spies and murderers. In shady backrooms, pricey deals were negotiated, sealing the fates of many unsuspecting victims.

This marked the start of a vicious downwards spiral. The more dead bodies turned up, the less people were interested in the traditional services of naive prostitutes. With fewer clients, more brothels turned to assassination to make ends meet. The misconception that every adult entertainer was a secret agent slowly became a reality. High-class prostitution became a corrupt political tool, rife with backhanded double-crossing and massively bloated bounties on the heads of the most influential figures across the land.

Meanwhile, a new class of prostitutes were on the rise. Lowborn whores were more wanted than ever, by nobility and commoners alike. Due to their disposable and volatile nature, it was highly unlikely that someone would spend the time and effort needed to train a measly serf to become an assassin. And if a slave was given the tools to fight, they would not be a slave for much longer. This all but assured that the more affordable option, was also the safer bet when it came to seeking pleasure in the Dragon Empire.

Due to popular demand, the highest echelons of adult entertainment were gradually phased out in favor of working-class maidens. A wedge was driven between the existing brothels. Some turned into full-blown assassin dens, while others acquired a range of new working girls to cater to their audience's changing tastes. Slave owners, always looking for new ways to profit off of the suffering of their thralls, wanted a piece of the growing pie. They began to rent out their slaves on a day-to-day basis, forcing them to cater to the most wicked and debased whims of the dragons wealthy enough to afford their services.

And that brings us to Xineki, as her parents named her. The kobold daughter of a pair of sex slaves, she was swiftly nicknamed Lily by their elderly owner. The master did not fancy his nicknames going unused, so her real name was all-too-soon lost to time. Born into slavery on the eastern coast of the draconic realm, Lily was never destined to live an easy life. When she was young, her daily routine consisted mostly of intensive manual labor in return for meagre scraps of food. In the evening, her parents were sent off to ply the more adult trades that she was kept sheltered from, for now. They often did not return until morningtime, leaving their child to suffer many lonely nights in the slave pens, with little protection from the maddening whispers of the other desperate serfs.

On the very night he had planned to introduce Lily to the same prostitution business her parents had been serving in for years, the master's ancient, sultry mind suddenly spewed out a bright idea. Earlier that day, he had been approached by a shady fellow looking for a slave trained to kill. But, as he explained to the veiled man, teaching a serf how to wield a blade is a good way to get yourself stabbed. Most slaves had nothing to lose. They would fight to the death for even the slightest chance of attaining freedom. But, or so the old man realized rather late, Lily's case was special. She did have something to lose. Her parents.

During another lonely night, a cart stopped outside of the kobold's slave pen. Her cage was unlocked, and she was torn from her relatively safe confines. Still half asleep, the young slave was thrown into the back of the carriage, and away they rode. Her mind was racing. What was happening?! Had she been sold? Were her parents coming, too? They weren't in the cart. They were coming, right?!

None of these questions would get answered until the break of dawn. The carriage arrived at the next village over. There, her master was already waiting. He explained in small, simple words, that the tiny lizard had been chosen. Instead of becoming a common whore like her mother, she would be trained in the arts of espionage and assassination.

He wanted to shape her into a murderer, mould her into becoming his own personal killer. If she refused, or if she ended up harming him or her handlers in any capacity, then she would never get to see her parents again, and he would ensure they die a horrible, painful death. But if she did as she was told, then she'd be fed, clothed and taught things her parents would never be able to show her.

Lily was left with little choice but to accept. It was on those one-sided terms, that her training begun. To start with, she was given some actual food, instead of the disgusting slop she'd been eating all of her life. Mid-feast, she was taught her first valuable lesson: never to let her guard down. A spilled bowl of rice, and a painful beatdown later, the first day of training ended with her getting knocked out.

The cramped hut the kobold woke up in, was quite the improvement compared to the cage she lived in before. Still, the hard wooden floor wasn't nearly as warm as her parents' loving embrace. The guards posted outside meant escaping was out of the question. For now, at least.

The coming week, a lot of gold was spent to facilitate the little lizard's training. A smuggler taught her how to hide objects of all sizes on and in her body. One of the most famed prostitutes in the entire region introduced her to the fine art of seduction, showed her how to best please a man to lull him into a false sense of security, and taught her a newly invented paralyzing grip. A thief instructed her on the basics of lockpicking and pickpocketing. An acrobat of a travelling circus explained how to climb a rope, and how to best stay out of sight. And a former assassin explained where to sink blades to ensure a swift kill.

After the first seven days, Lily already felt like she was ready for action. But her training had only just began. Her owner had planned for an entire year of rigorous workouts and trial assignments, before she would finally be sent on her first real mission. Alas, it was not meant to be. On the morning of the eighth day of the kobold's coaching, her master failed to show up. The old man later turned up dead under mysterious circumstances.

The report left Lily with a creeping uncertainty at the back of her mind. Part of her was glad that the old bastard was gone. But what would happen to her, now that the person orchestrating her elaborate education was dead? Heck, what would happen to her parents, without their owner?!

Some answers were provided not too long after the news hit, when the same carriage that had brought Lily to the village dropped off a hideous, bloated crossbreed of a man at her hut. The master's son, a slothful lout that hadn't worked a day in his life. With his father's death, it had fallen to him to clean the old man's affairs. And that had led him straight to Lily.


As per usual, I am tired as fuck. I'll post some update progress tomorrow. The images made by TruFezan during the last update had apparently not been added to the game itself, because I forgot to compile after adding them. That has been rectified. Anyway, good night. See you guys tomorrow. Tell me what you think of the character sheet in the comments down below, and be sure to check out the NSFW version on the website.

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orange-sfw-full.png (56.0KiB)

What's going on? 2020-03-10T08:30:55+00:00

Another short post. I should really stop doing these right before I head to bed. Anyway, I'm currently working on the Footsie Boyfriend route. I hope to get a good chunk of the introduction done, which is everything that happens at the dinner table. That is the current goal.

Sadly, I don't think I'll have enough content to warrant inclusion in the next character sheet update, somewhere near the end of the week, or the start of next week. If I don't include what I have so far along with Orange's character sheet, then there'll be another update the next week to wrap up this segment of Footsie.

So, to summarize: working on Footsie, character sheet with maybe extra content at the end of the week, if no extra content, then content update the week afterwards. That's all I have to say for now. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, and I'll see you during the next Kobold Liberation Movement speech.

The next character sheet 2020-03-06T22:08:31+00:00

Who should it be?

Comments (1)
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User #16598424 - 7 Mar 20 01:07
Some wants to see the Queen, others wants to see the Asshole in charge, the King and few wants to see a Secret, Martial Artist with a Vulcan tecnique.
TT stands for 2020-03-06T07:04:16+00:00

This will be a very short post, since I am on the verge of falling asleep. Update 2.606 (TT stands for) is live. It contains a guest-written segment where Moe uses aPlus lotion on Tak-Tik. To reach this scene, you need to get to the turn the tables part of Night Three with an aPlus lotion on hand. It's pretty darn good if I do say so myself, but do excuse any typos or errors, I haven't really proofread anything.

On top of the additional content, there are two new fantastic pieces of art by TruFezan. It's Moe kissing Footsie, and Moe fingering Tak-Tik. I like these a lot! Furthermore, the menu (that button in the bottom left that nobody knows exists) has been reworked slightly, and now includes tiles for both the store and HSLR.

And that's all I have to say for now. I wanted to do a character sheet poll, but it'll have to wait until I wake up, as will any game-breaking bugs or issues. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure. I'll see you after my nap. Good night.

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User #7463229 - 7 Mar 20 05:51
I thought I told you to sleep!
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 9 Mar 20 03:40
Y-yes, Sir!
user avatar
User #27719311 - 7 Mar 20 01:22
Get some sleep! I have to say this checks all the boxes for me. I love utterly dominating someone in a position of power like this and making Tak-Tik your bitch is simply a thing of beauty.
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 9 Mar 20 02:52
I'm glad you like it!
user avatar
User #584844 - 30 Mar 20 18:49
Where does one find the aPlus anyway? I haven't seen it anywhere.
user avatar
ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 31 Mar 20 10:05
You can steal some from the massage parlor, or get some from Cassidy's barn.
What's up? 2020-02-29T18:54:06+00:00

Hello, kobold lovers and haters alike. This weeks has gone pretty darn poorly for me. I haven't been sleeping well, which is impacting my writing. Even right now, I am teetering on the edge of unconsciousness, and I'll be heading to bed as soon as I finish detailing my plight.

So, what have I been up to besides failing to fall asleep? After a brief interlude, work on Kobold Adventure has resumed along the course of the past week. However, I found the Footsie Boyfriend route too complex to properly write while in my sleep-deprived state.

So, instead of more Footsie Boyfriend, the next update, coming somewhere in the following week, will entail a guest-written segment where male Moe, turning the tables on Tak-Tik, uses aPlus lotion on the dastardly bandit leader.

It showcases further how failing at their attempts to pin down Moe, and especially when the kobold gives them a taste of their own medicine, the dynamic of the Ten Paw Gang changes significantly, which will play a role in the third encounter with them on Night Five or Six. I haven't decided yet.

This next update will be another smaller one, but I hope that in the following month, I'll be able to pump some more raw content and wordcount into the game. With some luck, I'll be able to finish -- or at least put a large dent in to -- the Footsie Boyfriend route after this sidetracked segment is implemented.

During my small break, I planned out and wrote a few more pages for HSLR. I will be able to implement and release them whenever the artists finish depicting the storyline. Probably somewhere around April.

Speaking of artists, after the next Kobold Adventure update, I think I'll finally rework the Patreon goals. "More art" will be one of them. I think we're reaching the level where a decent amount of scenes are depicted, but there's always room for more, and that's exactly what will happen once the goal is reached.

Anyway, I'm tired. Thank you for reading my half-awake rambling, and for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure. See you in a few days, when I'll have a small update for you to enjoy.

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User #10463101 - 29 Feb 20 23:02
Maybe some sleep aid will help? Hope you get better.
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User #7463229 - 1 Mar 20 17:05
Get rest homie
user avatar
User #16598424 - 29 Feb 20 23:48
Yup, sleep more, mate. Is a shame, I wanted to see if Footsie would have a True Happy Life, as he returns to his land with Moe as his girl/boyfriend. But in other hand like to see how Tak-Tik suffers all the pain that he deserves.
Welcome to Heavy Scales, Lonesome Roads
Welcome to Heavy Scales, Lonesome Roadsmore_vert
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Welcome to Heavy Scales, Lonesome Roads 2020-02-21T21:01:21+00:00close

Heavy Scales, Lonesome Roads is an adult, text-based webcomic written by me and heavily illustrated by various artists. It is the result of several months of thinking, doing, programming, writing, drawing and even composing music by an entire team of developers.

HSLR follows the story of a kobold bounty hunter, who sets out on a mission to clear his name. Getting cold-blooded revenge on a few old friends has left his reputation in the gutter. Will he survive long enough to get rid of the price on his head, or will he fall prey to others plying the same trade?

The webcomic can be found at , a self-made website that I will update Kobold Adventure to link to somewhere in the next few days. Currently, only the first three pages are live. More will be made during months to come, although it will remain strictly a side project, so don't expect a chapter to be added every week.

Anyway, the past few days have been exceptionally hard and stressful for me. Let's just say the team hit a few snags on the road to release, but the issues were ironed out, and I dare say we ended up with a better comic that we have more faith in as a result. With the base frameworks fully developed, and a decent outline of the story in place, I hope future additions will be less demanding to implement.

While the main artist of Kobold Adventure, Sneaky, is not officially a part of the Heavy Scales, Lonesome Roads team, I would still like to thank him as my main source of inspiration, and the driving force behind my entire being. Thank you for making this possible. I couldn't have done it without you.

And with that said, I hope you guys like the first couple of pages of the comic. I tried to make things as stylized and as memorable as possible, and I hope you will get to experience the raw passion I have poured into this pet project of mine. I hope it will hook you into the post-apocalyptic world, and keep you wanting for more.

That's all I have to say for now. Thank you for your continued interest in KA&HSLR, I hope you'll like the comic, and I hope I'll see you next time, on the local-kobold-works-himself-to-death show.

P.S.: work on Kobold Adventure will resume in a day or two, after I've recovered a bit from the emotional rollercoaster of the past fourty-eight hours. Thank you for your understanding.

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User #27719311 - 22 Feb 20 00:54
I'm excited for this!
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User #8297340 - 22 Feb 20 14:34
Holy shit that was such a GREAT READ!! I can't wait to see more from this
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User #740086 - 24 Feb 20 03:29
Wow it's nothing
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User #138961 - 22 Feb 20 23:17
Your a Kobold... On a Steel Horse you Ride!
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User #4649510 - 23 Feb 20 05:17
You're wanted, wanted, dead or streamed live!
The tentacle plant's character sheet (NSFW)
The tentacle plant's character sheet (NSFW)more_vert
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The tentacle plant's character sheet (NSFW) 2020-02-17T12:58:24+00:00close

Here's the not safe for work version of the tentacle plant's character sheet. Can you see the difference? It's naked! How lewd! See the website for the full story.

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The tentacle plant's character sheet is live
The tentacle plant's character sheet is livemore_vert
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The tentacle plant's character sheet is live 2020-02-17T12:57:59+00:00close

You chose it, we made it. The tentacle plant's sheet. Short, and to the point. You can find the safe for work story down below! The NSFW version of the imagery will be posted on Patreon for patrons only, but you can find it along with the NSFW version of the story on the character sheets page of the website. Without further ado:


In the vast depths of the massive forest surrounding the human capital of Varanar, there exist terrors far beyond the imagination of the average peasant. Unchecked, rampant evolution has lead to biological monstrosities of all forms, shapes and sizes. Giant spiders, eyeless echo-cats, furred dragon-wolves, carnivorous forest ponies and the infamous, fast-growing strangle trees are but a few of the unbridled horrors the uncivilized part of the woods has to offer.

The thing to be feared the most in the deepwoods is perhaps not the mindless wildlife, but instead the intently malicious groups that call the nightmarish hellscape of overgrown flora and fauna their home. Cults, squatters, tribes and desperate men on the run from the law can all be found within the darkest depths of jungle-like forestry. Little is known about the outlaws and hermits that spend their lives as far away from the comforts of civilization as possible. Since we know nothing about cults worshipping polypus things, let us instead concentrate on one deepwoods specimen in particular.

The tentacle plant is an invasive species which has overrun a large part of deepwoods through sheer numbers and devious tactics. Its main survival tactic is fitting in with the rest of the flora, burrowing its mobile roots into the ground to suckle on the nourishment of fresh soil. In this potted state it can remain dormant for months at a time, pretending to be a regular plant while constantly on the lookout for prey to devour. When an unsuspecting victim draws close, be it a naive traveller lost in the woods, or a resident herbivore unaware of the danger the plant poses, it springs into action.

A myriad of barbed tentacles lash out, attempting to ensnare the target. While rather weak on their own, the sheer number of writhing tendrils combined with the element of surprise and the sharp, painful barbs lining each individual tentacle, often suffice to overwhelm the victim. The point of this initial assault is not to outright injure or kill the prey. Instead, the plant seeks to restrain its quarry, preventing it from escaping until it has calmed down enough for the next step to begin.

The victim will typically thrash and squirm about, trying to sever the constraining tendrils with all of its might. Eventually, the self-inflicted pain from struggling against the barbs, along with the exertion and exhaustion from fighting for their lives, will have worn them down to the point where they are too tired to fight back. Only the most powerful and enduring stand a chance at escaping. The rest bear witness to the third phase of the tentacle plant's hunting regimen.

Alas, this segment is too explicit for the safe for work version of this character sheet. Check out the NSFW version of the story on the website if you want to read about the kind of things a tentacle plant does to its prey.


And that's all there is to say about the plant. Tomorrow, I will continue work on the Footsie boyfriend route for a day or two, until about the twentieth of February. At that point, I will try to get the ball on HSLR rolling. It might take until the twenty-first to go online, but hopefully no longer than that.

Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, I hope you liked the short, somewhat silly character sheet (be sure to check out the slightly longer version on the website), and I'll see you during the release of Heavy Scales, Lonesome Roads!

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User #12849533 - 18 Feb 20 07:28
OMG! This is truly an unrealistic intimidating plant. Very impressed with the story about the plant, well done!
Boldkiss is live 2020-02-14T05:52:12+00:00

Version 2.601 (Boldkiss) is now live. This is a very minor update, as mentioned in my previous posts. It's basically just two segments, including one of the starts of the Footsie boyfriend route, and what happens immediately after Moe joins the Ten Paw Gang's dinner table.

Up next will be the tentacle plant's character sheet. Originally added as a joke option to the previous character sheet poll, it ended up winning despite all odds. Don't expect too much of a backstory. Maybe some lore on the deepwoods in general, but there isn't much else to be said. This will come probably the day after tomorrow.

After that, I will resume work on the Footsie boyfriend route until around next week, when I hope to launch Heavy Scales, Lonesome Roads (which should only take a day or two at most). I still have a little bit of layouting work to do, as well as picking some audio tracks, putting everything together, and then throwing it all on a server, making it work properly and registering the security certificate and stuff.

After HSLR is launched, I will go back to working on the Footsie boyfriend route, and with some luck, the majority of the dinner-introduction (everything up to the point where Footsie asks Moe to come upstairs with them) will be included in the next update, which will hopefully be a lot bigger than this one.

I apologize for the lack of wordcount in this update, but as I've mentioned before, this is a very busy month for me. Things that have been set in motion months ago are coming to fruition, and they need just a little bit more tender love and care to prosper and bloom. My zeal in developing Kobold Adventure has only increased throughout these past few weeks, and I assure you that there's plenty of fun stuff left to come in Varanar, Night Three, the Footsie boyfriend route.

That's all I have to say for now. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, and I'll see you in a day or two, when we talk about a particular species of plants that rarely see the light of day.

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User #22171326 - 14 Feb 20 19:34
Can't seem to figure out how to start this even when looking at the flowchart, is there anything specific that needs to be done before reaching the inn? I feel like i have tried all the options starting from the inn.
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ā˜… TinkeringTurian - 15 Feb 20 05:13
You need to masturbate with Footsie in the forest in order to unlock his specific route. Earlier decisions always matter!
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User #564005 - 15 Feb 20 10:47
I'm kinda hoping that some of Footie's boyfriend section has some cuckold.. >x>;
Wah, what are we gonna do on the adventure? 2020-02-05T11:12:46+00:00

The previous poll dictated that the Footsie boyfriend route is next on the table. I will start work on this by potentially revising the concept a little, tomorrow. It will be a multi-update segment, with a small, first part coming somewhere next week. Don't expect a lot of it, but it will be more than nothing.

This month will be a very busy one for me. On top of working on Kobold Adventure, I will be finishing the first three pages of Heavy Scales, Lonesome Roads, setting up a web server for it, releasing it to the public, and if I have the time for it, I will also write up the fourth page, so I can feed the text to an artist for illustrating.

Designing Heavy Scales, Lonesome Roads has not been an easy task. The base design was hard enough to make, but on top of that, I aim to make every page unique in its own way, and that includes a lot of intricate UI work; both time consuming and draining to create, but pretty darn satisfying when it all comes together.

With the basics down, and a pretty darn fancy first page, I hope the next ones will be a little easier on the technomancy side of things. At the very least, I hope the exceedingly significant amount of effort, care, heart and soul that goes into every single page will be reflected in the final product, and that you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed watching my painstaking labour bear fruit, one intricate line of code at a time.

So yeah, pretty satisfied with how the first page turned out. In between Kobold Adventure brainstorming sessions, I'll be designing the second one tomorrow. The third, which already has a strong visual theme going for it, will have to wait until after the Footsie Boyfriend route's first update.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Kobold Adventure is, and will remain my number one priority project for a long time to come. Work on Heavy Scales, Lonesome Roads will not interrupt the development of the game, in any way, form or shape. At worst, I'll take a day or two off come launch-time, to make sure everything goes over smoothly.

But that'll be a one-off thing. For the rest, work on HSLR will be contained to my sparse few days of break time. And that's pretty much all I have to, and all I need to say for now. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, and I'll see you, during the next kobold biker reunion.

The next character sheet 2020-02-04T03:38:54+00:00

Who do you want to see?

Comments (3)
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User #5060488 - 4 Feb 20 17:10
Tentacle plant isn't a real gender mate
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User #16522190 - 4 Feb 20 03:42
Lets play a roulette
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User #6692324 - 4 Feb 20 16:07
Tentacle Plant for president 2020
What next? 2020-02-01T08:43:03+00:00

Like I said in the previous post, I feel like writing storyline in the form of Varanar, Noon Four, the Church. This will include some world exposition, along with a few moral choices to make. Alternatively, I could make one of the million lewd things that still need making. Pick whatever you wish!

Comments (1)
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User #12493777 - 1 Feb 20 09:50
give me the footsie I NEED IT!!!
Painting is live 2020-02-01T07:59:21+00:00

Update 2.6 (Painting) is now live. The main attraction is a guestwritten segment for Varanar, Night Three, which has the Ten Paw Gang use Moe's own aPlus lotion on them. Requirements are beef with the gang, an aPlus lotion, and sleeping at the inn overnight. On top of this segment, all of the parts of the breeding barn breakin that were previously continue-locked (lacking an ending) have been completed.

I personally think that, having rewritten it, the guestwritten content is pretty darn decent to say the least! Give it a spin, and tell me what you think. This update would have released roughly half a week earlier, had I not fallen ill. I still don't feel fully recovered, mostly a nasty, continuous cough along with trouble breathing every now and again, but I'll live!

There is sadly no new artwork in this update. Right now, I have a few artists working on Heavy Scales, Lonesome Roads, of which I intend to release the first three pages somewhere in February. There's some pretty darn good art for it so far. A few more pieces, and it'll be ready to ship!

For Kobold Adventure, I personally want to continue the storyline a bit more. You guys are in control, however, so you get to choose whether I'll write the church, or if I add more lewd stuff first. I'll put up a poll in a little bit.

As per usual, I am tired as heck. I'm going to hit the hay after opening the votes. I hope you'll enjoy the update, and if you don't, please be sure to tell me why not. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, and I'll see you during the next late-night lizard lapdance.

Comments (3)
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User #2634406 - 1 Feb 20 08:53
I'm really confused on how to get the aplus lotion. I know that you use it on Cassidy in the turn the tables branch of the breeding barn, but how do I actually steal it without using it? I just can't find the right path and i've tried a couple dozen variations now. I assume, from what you said, there's probably a previously locked path that can get it now. But I have no idea which one that is.
user avatar
User #2813191 - 1 Feb 20 17:08
You can get two from looting the human in the human district after you've attacked him.
user avatar
User #27719311 - 1 Feb 20 17:10
Thank you!
What's up? 2020-01-23T10:11:07+00:00

I have been sick for these past few days, but it wasn't a major illness. Just a minor cold. I am slowly starting to feel better, and as such, work on Kobold Adventure has resumed. Despite the small delay, I feel like I can add enough content to justify an update before the end of the month.

First and foremost on the schedule, is implementing a guest-written segment for Varanar, Night Three. After that, if I have time left (I hopefully will), I will finish whatever Breeding Barn Breakin stuff needs finishing, and if I finish that before the end of the month, then you'll get the update sooner than expected!

We'll see how things turn out. Anyway, I'll keep this status update short, and get right back to work. Thank you for your continued interest in Kobold Adventure, and I'll see you during the next kobold travelling circus itinerary roundup.

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User #12849533 - 23 Jan 20 17:17
Get well soon and gain strength, now everyone has a cold, because the weather is so cold...brrr... Get the update ready!
Kobold Adventure 2.1.0 (Teatime) 1513352385

Standalone version of Kobold Adventure version 2.1.0.


Kobold Adventure 2.0.95 (Feelbird) 1513352323

Standalone version of Kobold Adventure version 2.0.95.


Kobold Adventure 2.0.9 (Feelbird) 1513352293

Standalone version of Kobold Adventure version 2.0.9.


Kobold Adventure 2.0.8 (Plantlife) 1513352260

Standalone version of Kobold Adventure version 2.0.8.


Kobold Adventure 2.0.7 (Bless this Mess) 1513352197

Standalone version of Kobold Adventure version 2.0.7.