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TUTORIAL VIDEO TEST 2017-11-20T23:36:40+00:00close

This video has been "Unlisted" so that only those with the link may see. So I assure you this is private for just you guys.

I have been sick today so I have not really been able to do much, but I did finally get this uploaded for you guys. I hope it is helpful even though it is basically just a test!!

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Provider URL

Tutorial TEST

Alrighty so here is the small test!!



Comments (3)
user avatar
User #82634 - 23 Nov 17 20:44
That was very cool to watch. :) Some of your approaches are quite unique compared to what I've seen various artists do in streams.
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 25 Nov 17 17:33
I'm really glad it was interesting and really? Thank you!! That's super awesome to hear actually
user avatar
User #82634 - 25 Nov 17 18:44
Really! :)
REWARDS 2017-11-19T21:39:44+00:00

I'm most likely going to get in contact with everyone tomorrow in terms of what you guys would like for me to draw for your rewards.

I hope to get rewards finished by the 27th

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #820142 - 19 Nov 17 21:42
Can't wait to see what you'll come up with.
Com wip
Com wip more_vert
Post file flag
Com wip 2017-11-19T21:39:00+00:00close

I love this so far ~

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #6768722 - 19 Nov 17 22:42
Oh gosh it's so so cute!
user avatar
User #82634 - 19 Nov 17 21:54
These ears. This smile. Squee-licious~! :p
Tutorial Test 2017-11-18T21:46:13+00:00

I recorded the process of some doodles a couple days ago, I am going to be making a test tutorial with it. Not a larg or very informative tutorial the least bit, it's to test the waters and try some features. I'm hoping to have this video up for you guys within a couple of days.

Fox concept
Fox conceptmore_vert
Post file flag
Fox concept 2017-11-18T02:42:19+00:00close

I'm not so sure about the face markings yet

Wip of a new oc
Wip of a new ocmore_vert
Post file flag
Wip of a new oc 2017-11-17T22:17:45+00:00close

It's my birthday so I am making myself a present haha

A red marble fox character

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #82634 - 17 Nov 17 22:36
user avatar
User #6768722 - 17 Nov 17 22:21
oo they are so pretty! happy birthday!
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 18 Nov 17 02:44
It makes me so happy that you think so! And thanks so much aahhh ???
Wip of personal oc
Wip of personal oc more_vert
Post file flag
Wip of personal oc 2017-11-11T20:56:09+00:00close

I actually doodled her up a few days ago, but iv'e been sick (but I am starting to feel a little better) so I am now just playing with design. She is a protagonist character, but I am trying to achieve an assassin or untrustworthy look.

I am iffy about small scars, but I have larger scars planned out for her that will be an optional feature.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #82634 - 11 Nov 17 22:40
You have the serious "cold calculating villain" look pretty well here. I don't think "untrustworthy" fits however. You sure wouldn't want to do business with them, unless you must; but I think they'd actually stick to their word if they'd give a promise. Such promise as "I'll complete the contract if paid as agreed. I expect you to stay quiet about this. Don't try to weasel out or you'll regret it."
Colored the scribble in C:
Colored the scribble in C:more_vert
Post file flag
Colored the scribble in C: 2017-11-09T05:30:09+00:00close

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #6768722 - 9 Nov 17 05:41
it's a super cute scribble
user avatar
User #82634 - 10 Nov 17 21:50
... so I'm scrolling down frome newest posts, saw this, and um, made a very much undignified noise upon seeing this cute curious nosey fluffer... :p (can I pet those whiskers?)
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 11 Nov 17 20:55
yeee! and yes, pet the whiskers! I am sure the fluffer would quite enjoy it
user avatar
User #82634 - 11 Nov 17 22:42
*pets carefully* <3
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 9 Nov 17 05:56
Thank you!! I'm glad you like it
A super fast scribble
A super fast scribblemore_vert
Post file flag
A super fast scribble 2017-11-09T05:09:19+00:00close

Finished character for GalloViking !!
Finished character for GalloViking !!more_vert
Post file flag
Finished character for GalloViking !! 2017-11-09T01:08:56+00:00close

I LOVE how she turned out! I hope you like her too!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #82634 - 10 Nov 17 21:51
She's very pretty. ^^
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 11 Nov 17 20:55
Thank you <33
Wip of a character for GalloViking ~
Wip of a character for GalloViking ~more_vert
Post file flag
Wip of a character for GalloViking ~ 2017-11-09T00:10:43+00:00close

Here is the flat color version!
Here is the flat color version!more_vert
Post file flag
Here is the flat color version! 2017-11-08T03:17:52+00:00close

Finished! (Shaded version)
Finished! (Shaded version)more_vert
Post file flag
Finished! (Shaded version) 2017-11-08T03:16:35+00:00close

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #82634 - 10 Nov 17 21:53
Some fuzzies don't look good with sabers. He, however, looks pretty darn cool with them. :)
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 11 Nov 17 20:55
I am really glad you think so!
He now has color!
He now has color!more_vert
Post file flag
He now has color! 2017-11-08T01:01:52+00:00close

Comments (2)
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 8 Nov 17 01:54
Thank you! I was kind going for that look of authority ish, just a big bad butt dude
user avatar
User #6768722 - 8 Nov 17 01:18
he is so fluffy and alpha looking
Lines for the floofy boy
Lines for the floofy boymore_vert
Post file flag
Lines for the floofy boy 2017-11-08T00:20:51+00:00close

Big buff wolf boyo wip
Big buff wolf boyo wipmore_vert
Post file flag
Big buff wolf boyo wip 2017-11-07T23:57:09+00:00close

I felt like drawing a saber wolf, he ended up wicked floofyyy

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #82634 - 10 Nov 17 21:53
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 11 Nov 17 20:54
Opossum oc for Nyumire <3
Opossum oc for Nyumire <3more_vert
Post file flag
Opossum oc for Nyumire <3 2017-11-07T21:08:31+00:00close

Thank you so incredibly much for your support, I really hope you like them <3

Comments (3)
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 7 Nov 17 21:55
You're welcome, and I am glad ?
user avatar
User #6768722 - 7 Nov 17 21:25
omg thank you so much I do!!
user avatar
User #82634 - 10 Nov 17 21:54
That cute widdle nose and the curious but slightly suspicious expression are just perfect. :p
Free characters!? 2017-11-07T02:07:21+00:00

If anyone here has been wanting a new character, send on over a dm! I'll make you a simple character for free :D

Possible lemur oc??
Possible lemur oc??more_vert
Post file flag
Possible lemur oc?? 2017-11-07T01:48:57+00:00close

I really like ringtail lemurs, and Iv'e always wanted to make a character of one. I think I just might finally do that. Here is a concept!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #6768722 - 7 Nov 17 03:14
so cute
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 7 Nov 17 03:33
Thank you ???
Art requests ***** 2017-11-06T00:09:03+00:00

I took some money off of my commissions for everyone, my stuff isn't selling and I really need it to. I can still give you guys even more money off, or I could do a couple of small requests for you. Dont hesitate to ask me and we can totally talk about it

***PATREON ONLY DEALS*** 2017-11-05T17:10:25+00:00

Get $3 off on https://twitter.com/OpalCompass/status/926683724007313408 Get $10 off on https://twitter.com/OpalCompass/status/926962298622828544 Get $5 off on https://twitter.com/OpalCompass/status/ Thank you for your support ?

Comments (1)
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 5 Nov 17 17:14
Oops looks like one of the links didn't work, get $5 off on https://twitter.com/OpalCompass/status/926894519529943040
Com wip ~
Com wip ~more_vert
Post file flag
Com wip ~ 2017-11-03T21:18:44+00:00close

Ych discount ***
Ych discount ***more_vert
Post file flag
Ych discount *** 2017-11-03T04:54:48+00:00close

I have this ych available on my Twitter for $25.00 usd, but if anyone here is interested I will sell for $20.00 Will have shading ~

*Discounts* 2017-11-03T04:47:30+00:00

I'm going to making a big batch of YCHs, I'm probably going to give discounts on them to you guys! Depending on the prices I set, either $3-$5 off

Sketch ~
Sketch ~more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch ~ 2017-11-03T04:10:58+00:00close

A gift for a friend ~
A gift for a friend ~more_vert
Post file flag
A gift for a friend ~ 2017-11-03T03:40:33+00:00close

A mini-ref for a friend I wanted to thank ;u;

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #626699 - 3 Nov 17 12:35
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 3 Nov 17 14:46
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 3 Nov 17 03:44
*wonders if they will notice their twitter DMs or this first*
user avatar
User #6768722 - 7 Nov 17 03:15
such a cute!
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 7 Nov 17 03:33
Thank you ;;
Eye Brush
Eye Brushmore_vert
Post file flag
Eye Brush 2017-11-02T22:18:41+00:00close

Hey guys! I wanted to post the brush settings I use when I draw eyes! This brush is also good for details on noses or rocks, etc. I hope it can be of use for your own projects

IMPORTANT 2017-11-02T21:35:09+00:00

I WILL BE CHANGING SOME OF THE REWARD TIERS The $20+ tiers will be changed or even removed. Lesser tiers will remain the same or very minimal change

Tutorials?! 2017-11-01T17:29:51+00:00

I really want to make some tutorials to post here! But I have no clue what they should be about? Is there anything you guys would like to learn from me?

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #6768722 - 7 Nov 17 03:17
You have a really lovely painterly sort of colouring style. I know I would love to see tutorials on that. I've personally tried to do painterly styles a few times and I have a really hard time with it
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 7 Nov 17 03:33
Ahhh gosh thank you!! And that's actually a really good idea for a tutorial! I totally need to do that. And honestly painterly sorts styles are so hard. I'm still trying immensely hard to learn more and improve. I would love to all out paint things but I still just have to have lineart and go off of it.
Doberman oc idea??
Doberman oc idea??more_vert
Post file flag
Doberman oc idea?? 2017-10-28T05:25:58+00:00close

For some reason inspiration to create a doberman character hit me like a freight train so here is an idea?? I already love her??? I need to make a legit ref!

Comments (2)
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 31 Oct 17 18:37
*flails* thank you :D!!!! I'm so happy you like her!! I still need to make a full ref for her yet haha
user avatar
User #82634 - 31 Oct 17 18:25
I'm not a huge fan of dobies by default, but HOLY YARP THAT LOOK 0.0 She's amazing, so full of attitude :p
Tweaked again
Tweaked again more_vert
Post file flag
Tweaked again 2017-10-26T01:20:51+00:00close

Got rid of that extra fluff from his other cheek, that was hanging under his chin. It looked awkward

Also me: Tweaks it
Also me: Tweaks itmore_vert
Post file flag
Also me: Tweaks it 2017-10-26T01:05:58+00:00close

I have a feeling I am going to keep on adding things gaah

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #82634 - 26 Oct 17 22:59
You may find this relevant... :) https://twitter.com/johisart/status/740597160962592769 (click for full size, Twitter cuts off the top and bottom)
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 28 Oct 17 17:08
Hahaha yesss that was so me
I do believe this bad boy is done!!
I do believe this bad boy is done!!more_vert
Post file flag
I do believe this bad boy is done!! 2017-10-26T01:02:39+00:00close

Now to get prints made!!

So faaarrrr
So faaarrrrmore_vert
Post file flag
So faaarrrr 2017-10-25T19:54:57+00:00close

Com wip!!
Com wip!!more_vert
Post file flag
Com wip!! 2017-10-25T00:32:25+00:00close

I love this character SO much!! I am having so much fun!

Chibi wip!!
Chibi wip!!more_vert
Post file flag
Chibi wip!! 2017-10-23T02:15:07+00:00close

I am experimenting with a chibi style!

This cutie is going to be turned into a character for sale

Live Streaming? 2017-10-20T23:33:32+00:00

So I have realized on here that you can have patreon only livestreams with youtube?

I might attempt one of those in a few days?

Detail close up
Detail close up more_vert
Post file flag
Detail close up 2017-10-18T23:00:06+00:00close

I need to do more work on the nose. I'm just kinda messing around with it until it looks good.

And the random line art poking through the fur will be gone later on

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #82634 - 19 Oct 17 17:55
You know, leaving some of lineart visible is a cool effect sometimes. :)
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 20 Oct 17 23:36
You think so?? I sometimes worry that it might look messy ;;
user avatar
User #82634 - 21 Oct 17 12:09
It may look messy, it may look cool, depends on how you pull it out. I do remember a pawful of artists who do leave the rougher "cleaned sketch" lines on top of the colored/painted surfaces to a very good effect - and I think you could play with it too. :)
Another update
Another update more_vert
Post file flag
Another update 2017-10-18T22:58:51+00:00close

More details!
More details!more_vert
Post file flag
More details! 2017-10-18T16:56:26+00:00close

I've been waiting on commissioner replies, so I am continuing on this bad boy!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #82634 - 18 Oct 17 17:48
Fuzzier and fuzzier... :)
Close up on the details so far!
Close up on the details so far!more_vert
Post file flag
Close up on the details so far! 2017-10-18T16:10:26+00:00close

Another wolf wip!!
Another wolf wip!!more_vert
Post file flag
Another wolf wip!! 2017-10-18T16:09:26+00:00close

I can't wait until this is finished so that I can go get it printed!

Wolf wip!!
Wolf wip!!more_vert
Post file flag
Wolf wip!! 2017-10-18T03:41:52+00:00close

This dude is going to be available on prints soon after I finish him!

Here is another wip for you guys <3

Possible print idea??
Possible print idea??more_vert
Post file flag
Possible print idea?? 2017-10-18T02:10:25+00:00close

This was originally going to be a ych.

However, now I really want to finish it and make it into a print to sell!

Cheetah commission wip!!
Cheetah commission wip!!more_vert
Post file flag
Cheetah commission wip!! 2017-10-17T18:05:56+00:00close

Iv'e had a bunch of fun roughly sketching this dude out. I really hope the client likes it so far so I may continue!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #82634 - 17 Oct 17 21:27
Hey, you're cheeting! :p And more seriously, I think you've done quite a good job at capturing the very specific shape of a chee face. :)
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 18 Oct 17 23:02
Haha! And thank you!! I've been looking at a tons of photos of them, I really wanted to make sure it wasn't wonky.
Close up!
Close up!more_vert
Post file flag
Close up! 2017-10-16T01:37:46+00:00close

Ref sheet wip!!
Ref sheet wip!!more_vert
Post file flag
Ref sheet wip!! 2017-10-16T01:37:01+00:00close

I loovveee how this is turning out!!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #82634 - 16 Oct 17 17:54
I may be biased a little, but after the face (both the front and the profile - there's actually something... attention-calling in the profile) my favourite de-tail is DAT TAIL :p
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 17 Oct 17 18:16
I am so glad you enjoy the profile! AND YES, ALL THE FLOOF!
A close up <3
A close up <3more_vert
Post file flag
A close up <3 2017-10-14T22:56:47+00:00close

Another ref sheet wip!!
Another ref sheet wip!!more_vert
Post file flag
Another ref sheet wip!! 2017-10-14T22:55:21+00:00close

The client wanted a ref in a realistic style this time ~

Comments (1)
user avatar
OpalCompassCreations - 14 Oct 17 22:56
Please note the ref itself wont be shaded, I just have a thing for adding shading as I sketch?
Wip! more_vert
Post file flag
Wip! 2017-10-10T01:26:47+00:00close

I saved the image to my phone so you could see a good quality wip. I have no idea what's wrong with my internet but it sucks so bad right now

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #82634 - 14 Oct 17 17:51
You know, it's almost ridiculous how *cute* this is despite the really impressieely detailed gore. Not many people beside you would be able to combine it like that to a good result!

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