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Highway 2020-02-08T14:37:10+00:00close

Trying my hand at landscapes
Sucks or ok?

Media (1)

road.jpg (1.2MiB)

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SuperGo 2020-02-06T20:33:54+00:00close

Inspired by the great vibing animation oftwitter.com/SmallBuStudio
Check them out and give them some love.

Media (1)

SuperGo.jpg (810.1KiB)

Inugami Korone
Inugami Koronemore_vert
Post file flag
Inugami Korone 2020-02-03T19:46:42+00:00close

Wanted to adopt a new style and start doing new things
So here's the first:
A fanart for Korone the best fam in Hololive~

Media (1)

Koro-san.jpg (376.2KiB)

Rain (14)
Rain (14)more_vert
Post file flag
Rain (14) 2020-01-24T18:38:00+00:00close

Familiar street, unfamiliar face

Media (1)

rain.jpg (1.3MiB)

Post file flag
fine 2020-01-14T17:18:08+00:00close


Media (1)

Xen.jpg (1.0MiB)

Post file flag
Noshiro 2020-01-05T19:56:42+00:00close

★Supporters will get:

★$3 Tier:

  • HD ver.

★$5 Tier:

  • Alt. version pack
  • Progress gif

★$10 Tier:

  • Monthly pack included

Media (1)

Noshiro.jpg (957.1KiB)

Thanks for another year
Thanks for another yearmore_vert
Post file flag
Thanks for another year 2019-12-31T13:52:11+00:00close

A love you all~

Media (1)

snow.jpg (759.1KiB)

Post file flag
Hunger 2019-12-25T17:29:06+00:00close

Tried doing more different things~
How did this turn out?

Media (1)

New_Canvas.jpg (641.5KiB)

Post file flag
01 2019-12-08T19:15:07+00:00close

Hope you can read my scribbles, they suck

Media (1)

normal.jpg (581.4KiB)

Patreon Newsletter #12
Patreon Newsletter #12more_vert
Post file flag
Patreon Newsletter #12 2019-12-02T17:40:11+00:00close

Newsletter for November 2019

Thank you for another month of support!
Generous patrons this month:
Unrealair, ADK, Tortle, Yuu,

Special thanks to top supporters: Unrealair, ADK, Tortle

It is thanks to all of you I continue drawing!

Media (1)

patreon.jpg (2.1MiB)

Commission - Rawr
Commission - Rawrmore_vert
Post file flag
Commission - Rawr 2019-11-22T20:14:27+00:00close

Commish for HierarchDQ

Media (1)

11.jpg (836.2KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7529779 - 22 Nov 19 20:42
nice and cute
Commission - Blanket
Commission - Blanketmore_vert
Post file flag
Commission - Blanket 2019-11-20T15:43:03+00:00close

Funded by AGS

Media (1)

nervchib.jpg (134.5KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7529779 - 20 Nov 19 23:45
Commission - Blood Red
Commission - Blood Redmore_vert
Post file flag
Commission - Blood Red 2019-11-08T19:01:20+00:00close

Dedicated to ADK
Grants on the raffle~

Media (1)

spook.jpg (862.8KiB)

Commission - Sharky
Commission - Sharkymore_vert
Post file flag
Commission - Sharky 2019-11-07T17:50:38+00:00close

Funded by GijinkaMagenta

Is it shark or is it a dog?

Media (1)

sharky.jpg (272.4KiB)

Patreon Newsletter #11
Patreon Newsletter #11more_vert
Post file flag
Patreon Newsletter #11 2019-11-05T17:47:42+00:00close

Newsletter for October 2019

Thank you for another month of support!
Generous patrons this month:
Unrealair, ADK, Tortle, Yuu,

Special thanks to top supporters: Unrealair, ADK, Tortle

It is thanks to all of you I continue drawing!


Media (1)

patreon.jpg (1.8MiB)

Everyday Yuri - #2
Everyday Yuri - #2more_vert
Post file flag
Everyday Yuri - #2 2019-10-29T16:56:05+00:00close

More yuri <3

I love making these casual non-story pages
Prolly gonna do some more, maybe with a bit of a story?

Media (1)

yuri2.jpg (1.5MiB)

Commission - Verena
Commission - Verenamore_vert
Post file flag
Commission - Verena 2019-10-29T16:47:51+00:00close

More character design work~
I fucked the wing up tho -3-

Media (1)

drag.jpg (1.0MiB)

Halloween Witch
Halloween Witchmore_vert
Post file flag
Halloween Witch 2019-10-23T18:06:09+00:00close

My contribution to Halloween this year :>

Media (1)

witch.png (2.2MiB)

Tiny Fluff
Tiny Fluffmore_vert
Post file flag
Tiny Fluff 2019-10-19T19:01:35+00:00close

Funded by Spookytime Sadness

I rarely draw any animals, but when I do they turn out alright?

Media (1)

ca.jpg (254.9KiB)

Queen Slime (ref sheet)
Queen Slime (ref sheet)more_vert
Post file flag
Queen Slime (ref sheet) 2019-10-16T18:02:11+00:00close

Funded by TheGearPunkMan

One of the more intricate dresses lately~
Sometimes I look back at what I did and I wonder: how the fk did I do that?

Media (1)

queen_slime.jpg (1.3MiB)

Watermelon slime
Watermelon slimemore_vert
Post file flag
Watermelon slime 2019-10-13T17:44:11+00:00close

Funded by Devine Potato

Media (1)

111.jpg (412.0KiB)

Commission - Thiefling
Commission - Thieflingmore_vert
Post file flag
Commission - Thiefling 2019-10-10T18:45:14+00:00close

Funded by Spookytime Sadness

Media (1)

theifling.jpg (665.9KiB)

What happened to my page -3- 2019-10-09T18:56:12+00:00


This journal has been long overdue and I can't apologize enough for it
Recently I've found myself doing nothing but commissions and neglecting thing I wanted to draw myself. It's not all bad of course, since commissions bring money, but they are also the reason I can't put out a lot of patreon content.

I've noticed that I have been neglecting what I've set out to do, such as videos, manga or CG sets. Today it stops~
I want to start prioritizing patreon content again, which means more standard stuff.

While I am sad to say this for now the "You and I" manga will stay frozen till I figure out what to do with it. But to replace it I have though of doing weekly-ish simpler manga, not connected by one story.

It would be yuri situations with random characters -3-
Which I've always had a liking for. These will probably be early access here and extras or uncensored ones exclusive to patreon.

I think that's it for now,
Again, I apologize for neglecting patreon for the sake of commissions, hope you all won't hold it against me

Commission - Thiefling
Commission - Thieflingmore_vert
Post file flag
Commission - Thiefling 2019-10-09T18:25:33+00:00close

Funded by Spooky Sadness

Media (1)

theifling.jpg (665.9KiB)

Commission - Friendly lap
Commission - Friendly lapmore_vert
Post file flag
Commission - Friendly lap 2019-10-05T16:46:46+00:00close

Funded by HierarchDQ
A quick doodle -3-

Media (1)

sleep.jpg (1.0MiB)

 Patreon Newsletter #10
Patreon Newsletter #10more_vert
Post file flag
Patreon Newsletter #10 2019-10-04T16:48:57+00:00close

Newsletter for September 2019

Thank you for another month of support!
Generous patrons this month:
Unrealair, ADK, Tortle, Yuu, Fluffeh

Special thanks to top supporters: Unrealair, ADK, Tortle

It is thanks to all of you I continue drawing!


Media (1)

patreon.jpg (1.6MiB)

Commission - Together
Commission - Togethermore_vert
Post file flag
Commission - Together 2019-09-21T11:56:48+00:00close

Funded by HierarchDQ

Media (1)

hug.jpg (1.0MiB)

Post file flag
Crimson 2019-09-14T15:52:52+00:00close

Planned a simple-ish artwork, but it turned to this strange half black and white one
More versions for patrons later~

I actually made 6 of them -3-

Media (1)

crimson_bw.jpg (639.5KiB)

Patreon Newsletter #09
Patreon Newsletter #09more_vert
Post file flag
Patreon Newsletter #09 2019-09-03T13:14:05+00:00close

Newsletter for August 2019

Thank you for another month of support!
Generous patrons this month:
Unrealair, ADK, Tortle, Yuu, Fluffeh, Sakura Yumura

Special thanks to top supporters: Unrealair, ADK

It is thanks to all of you I continue drawing!


Media (1)

patreon.jpg (2.0MiB)

Summer feast
Summer feastmore_vert
Post file flag
Summer feast 2019-08-19T16:59:06+00:00close

One of the best foods of summer :>

Media (1)

summer_food.jpg (479.8KiB)

Commission - Elanore
Commission - Elanoremore_vert
Post file flag
Commission - Elanore 2019-08-16T19:58:52+00:00close

Funded by HierarchDQ

Media (1)

1.jpg (745.4KiB)

Post file flag
Storm 2019-08-11T17:11:03+00:00close

The new addition to AL seemed cool, so I decided to doodle~
Balty turned out to be kinda yandere tho, but we'll deal with that

★Patrons will get:

★$5 Course:

  • 4 version pack
  • Progress gif

★$10 Course:

  • Monthly pack included

Media (1)

balt2.jpg (1.7MiB)

Commission - Suddenly a Fox
Commission - Suddenly a Foxmore_vert
Post file flag
Commission - Suddenly a Fox 2019-08-09T19:06:10+00:00close

Funded by HierarchDQ

Media (1)

aaa.jpg (2.3MiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7529779 - 9 Aug 19 19:10
Patreon Newsletter #08
Patreon Newsletter #08more_vert
Post file flag
Patreon Newsletter #08 2019-08-01T13:32:17+00:00close

Newsletter for July 2019

Thank you for another month of support!
Generous patrons this month:
Unrealair, ADK, Tortle, Yuu, Fluffeh, Nanzin, Sakura Yumura

Special thanks to top supporters: Unrealair, ADK

It is thanks to all of you I continue drawing!

This months we got:

  • 13 Projects/Artwork
  • 6 Commissions
  • 3 Image sets
  • 2 Manga pages

Media (1)

patreon.jpg (1.7MiB)

Post file flag
Qiyana 2019-07-26T17:18:51+00:00close

You may now appreciate them~
(the thighs that is)

More versions to come around 6 total
Most NSFW obvs -3-

Commission - Wrapped
Commission - Wrappedmore_vert
Post file flag
Commission - Wrapped 2019-07-24T17:39:25+00:00close

Commissioned by HierarchDQ
Ignore those hands, I know I am awful T^T

You and I - Chapter 1.5
You and I - Chapter 1.5more_vert
Post file flag
You and I - Chapter 1.5 2019-07-21T17:53:03+00:00close


Another page done~
We finally get the first glimpse of our second main cast~
But who is she? Will our monster decide to help?

Next page: page 6 Previouspage: page 4Cover:TBA
(patrons will get early access)

Post file flag
Thea 2019-07-19T19:23:35+00:00close

The redesign for her is finally done and I can continue drawing the manga~
She is one of the 2 main leads so I had to wait till I am happy with the design (tho it might have slight changes in the future)

Along with the design changes I decided to brush up on her personality a bit as well
One thing let to the other and I decided that the name which had been decided before doesn't fit. So here we are~

You and I - Chapter 1.4
You and I - Chapter 1.4more_vert
Post file flag
You and I - Chapter 1.4 2019-07-14T15:20:47+00:00close


I promise there won't be anymore dragging out next page ^^
Currently redesigning an important character for page 5

Who would that be?
Find out on the next page

Next page: page 5 Previouspage: page 3Cover:TBA
(patrons will get early access)

Commission - Love
Commission - Lovemore_vert
Post file flag
Commission - Love 2019-07-12T17:27:02+00:00close

A little late, but here's a birthday gift from TheGearPunkMan to HierarchDQ
Enjoy your hugs -w-

You and I - Chapter 1.3
You and I - Chapter 1.3more_vert
Post file flag
You and I - Chapter 1.3 2019-07-02T19:08:43+00:00close


A bit of a backstory in this one~
I plan on letting everyone know more about this girl as we go on~

But who was screaming tho?
Find out on the next page~

Next page: TBA Previouspage: page 2 Cover:TBA
(patrons will get early access)

You and I - Chapter 1.2
You and I - Chapter 1.2more_vert
Post file flag
You and I - Chapter 1.2 2019-07-02T19:06:42+00:00close


I tried hard to figure out how to draw backgrounds and settled on a simplified style
Saves time and is still alright to look at~

I will probably keep changing/improving the artstyle as I go on
After all I've never draw a manga before~

Next page: page 3Previous page: page 1 Cover: TBA
(patrons will get early access)

You and I - Chapter 1.1
You and I - Chapter 1.1more_vert
Post file flag
You and I - Chapter 1.1 2019-07-02T19:05:06+00:00close


Here it is, the manga I've been hyping~
The first chapter might seem confusing as it doesn't instantly dumps a load of exposition at once.
If you are wondering what this girl is, then you'll find out on page 3~

I decided to start slowly telling about the world through character thoughts and opinions
Besides, this isn't a story about a really grand adventure (yet) but rather about the 2 characters~
You could say it's a adventure/slice of life kind of deal, with a dash of comedy and yuri

Next page: page 2 Cover: TBA
(patrons will get early access)

Patreon Newsletter #07
Patreon Newsletter #07more_vert
Post file flag
Patreon Newsletter #07 2019-07-02T11:07:51+00:00close

Newsletter for June 2019

Thank you for another month of support!
Generous patrons this month:
Unrealair, ADK, Tortle, Sakura Yumura, Fluffeh, Yuu, Nazrin.

Special thanks to top supporters: Unrealair, ADK

It is thanks to all of you I continue drawing!

This months we got:

  • 12 Projects/Artwork
  • 5 Commissions
  • 2 Image sets
  • 3 Manga pages
Manga update 2019-06-28T17:52:02+00:00

Figured I'd share the current progress~

I've started work on page 3 today and I plan to finish it by Monday
Once that is done I'll start posting it~

The first 3 pages will go up public and after that patrons will get pages around a week earlier. I have also decided on the name: "You and I"
Hope you're looking forward to it~

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7529779 - 28 Jun 19 18:00
My own manga? 2019-06-20T18:15:54+00:00

Hey there~
Figured I need to write this update sooner or later, so here we are.

What's this about?
It's not as grand as it sounds, but I'm starting development on my own comic featuring the two recent OCs I made as the main cast. A pic of them (still WIP): link
This comic is not that big or well produced as the manga you are reading online, but it's my own little thing that will hopefully grow.

Details so far?
This comic will be about the relationship between the two and should be considered slice of life (I guess?) with a dash of yuri in there~ Rather than a full blown chapter by chapter story line, this will be more simply with chapters going as separate stories most of the time, with a few linked here and there. The overarching plot being the relationship and struggles a monster and a rich girl can face when they want to be together~
We all like heartwarming yuri manga right?

How I'm gonna post it?
It will be free for everyone no doubt. But I want to give something extra to supporters, so patrons will receive wips and early access to new pages.
I won't make a schedule for the release and just post pages when they are ready.

Lastly, this project is not going to take away my usual artwork, so rest assured I'll still draw whatever I did up until now.
Oh and, a big inspiration to this is a manga called "Beauty and the Beast girl"
(google for it, i'm sure you'll find it)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7529779 - 21 Jun 19 04:40
Hope it turns out great.
Commission - Hug
Commission - Hugmore_vert
Post file flag
Commission - Hug 2019-06-19T19:47:01+00:00close

Commissioned by HierarchDQ
His and his friend's OCs~

Posting it early here~

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7529779 - 20 Jun 19 04:04
very nice
Commission - Two
Commission - Twomore_vert
Post file flag
Commission - Two 2019-06-17T18:15:27+00:00close

Commission for TheGearPunkMan
Long ass work day with this, but worth it~
I had some doubts about this one, in the end I think it worked out just fine~

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7529779 - 17 Jun 19 18:22
forgot the image, lol Edit - lol its there now.
Post file flag
Iris 2019-06-15T17:58:51+00:00close

The second OC done~
Imma start posting stuff with her and the previous one for a while~

This one turned out rather simple compered to the previous, but that's quite a good contrast i guess?

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7529779 - 15 Jun 19 19:14
cute, like the teasing tongue poke out
Post file flag
Leiyah 2019-06-13T16:30:46+00:00close

Finally finished new OC
Took a lot of work, had design changes and restarts everywhere -.-

But we done now and I am very happy~
I plan on using her for a few works in the near future

Thank you to all who suggested names for her!
Special thank you toHierarchDQ for helping me out with this one~
(the name I chose was also his idea)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #7529779 - 13 Jun 19 16:59
ohh. nice new oc :)

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