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Tonight: Mrs. DuPointe
Tonight: Mrs. DuPointe more_vert
Post file flag
Tonight: Mrs. DuPointe 2020-06-27T20:21:03+00:00close

The next segment of Mrs. DuPointe will be tonight - We will meet 3 of her students, Jack, Sam and Steve as they prepare with anticipation for her upcoming class...

For rest of June 2020-06-23T14:32:52+00:00

Just give you an idea of what I have planned for the last week -

-A coloured version of our blueberry guy of the month. I'm sure he'll be thrilled.

-Mrs. DuPointe chapter 2

-Josef Berry (for Boudoir 18+)

-Patron commission rewards both mine and Jhon's.

Thanks everyone for your support, I am leading up to some interesting ideas for next month, with the growing activity of my page here. :)

This week -- plus mystery script for Clue play + Discord 2020-06-08T07:04:10+00:00

Here's what's planned for this week - --

Mrs. DuPointe - We will meet 3 students - Amanda, Steven and Jack. Jack is especially dreading her music class in Period 3, he didn't practice the Swan number for homework. Will Mrs. D be lenient? Don't hold your breath.

A patron commissioned radio play project; the tale of Vincent Beauregarde. Hallowed Acquaintance patrons - 10$ and up will be granted access to the script, while the audio will be release twice - One for Tavern Tithers (5$) and the complete version for the Boudoir, given the adult themes of the full vision.

Also for the boudoir, I will be starting my Blueberry Boy of the Month; an illustration of a lad who catches my interest that I wish to see inflated.

Also script related, I wanted to share a mystery play I wrote - themed on the board game, Clue. I know some patrons here are also Clue fans, so this may be of interest, but I am directing a play for February, that will be an interactive mystery. The plot is set in an art club, with the victim being the new President of the Club. The Clue suspects are members who wish to see him dead, due to his plot to destroy the club and build a hotel on top. The script I have attached to this post, for whoever may be interested to check it out.

Finally - Discord. I wanted to revive the idea of having monthly, and maybe eventually weekly chats, as I have been seeing some patron interest there. I would like to start this Friday, at 8 pm Eastern Time - to start off, the subject will in fact be about Violet Beauregarde, discussing our origins in being interested in the character, and what we enjoy most about the different iterations. For anyone interested, shoot me a message if your not already linked to my Discord, I will make another announcement this week.


Attachments (1)

Clue Script - FINAL (1).pdf (106.6KiB)

For JUNE 2020-06-04T06:18:05+00:00

I will share what's planned for this month. There has been an excellent turn out from May, and I am deciding on a new goal post to consider in response. It's exciting to watch my page grow with such support....

As to features -

Blueberry Boy animation; I will be continuing progress on the cut-out style animation of the blueberry boys, getting onto the inflation sequence of turning Dylan into a blueberry blimp.

Mrs. DuPointe - the next segments of Mrs. DuPointe will introduce some of her students and them preparing with dread for her class; some who haven't been practicing the week before...how will Mrs. D react?

Josef-Berry continuum - Josef and Matt are still in the juicing cell, and Matt has learned how to juice Josef. He will try various techniques now...but at the expense of his own waistline? (For Boudoir and higher)

There's a project commissioned by a patron, in the works, again for the Boudoir tier and up, that will be a radio show-style audio and narration, the subject of one Vincent Beauregarde.

Non-blueberry - I will be continuing progress on the 3D forest for my personal animation, and preparing to get this project synched up with the compositions of music made by my composer collaborator.

Also, when I get a moment, I may pick up again on the musical composition to Planet Violet, the Oompa Loompa song for Violet, from my past Patreon Wonka series.

Plus other various creations, and patron commissioned works I (and now Jhon) will be creating on the way.


Tonight: Mrs. DuPointe 2020-05-28T09:33:07+00:00

I will be launching the debut of my new Tavern Tither and up series, The Ordeal of Mrs. DuPointe.

This is a comic idea I have about a cranky music teacher who ends up inflating by her own wrath. This will be a bit of an experiment as the subject is that of an older lady, so a bit different from my usual subjects.

Other than that, Josef-Berry continues this weekend in the Boudoir tier, and I'm thinking of extending his series out a bit further in that section for months to come.

I am planning on introducing a new addition to the boudoir section coming June - monthly blueberry boys - as I chance upon lads I like, I will convert them into an illustrated berry format for patrons to see.

Lastly, I have some patron reward commissions to showcase - and that will conclude the line up for May. Thank you all so much for your support - matt

Notice: Sales Tax 2020-05-20T18:35:30+00:00

Hi guys, I'm just informing you that Patreon is implementing a sales tax adjusted for different regions based on benefit percentage. As a result I am carefully going through each to tier to determine the benefits are are sound, and adjusting the weight appropriately. If anyone has any questions, please do send me a message! Thanks, and enjoy your day. :)

- Matt

Order of things for rest of May 2020-05-15T14:04:03+00:00

Hi everyone - I'll share my plan for content for rest of May. First, I will concentrate on this 2D animation with the blueberry boys, and hopefully have that done for you guys to see. Then I will be creating the 18+ alternative ending chapter for Josef-Berry. You will have to upgrade your pledge to the Boudoir (12$) tier or Guest Resident (25$ which comes with a small commission offer of thanks) to see this chapter. Lastly, will be the first instalment for the Mme. DuPoint inflation story for Tavern Tithers (5$ and +), and as well showcase any patron commission rewards. Happy Friday everyone.

Artist feature: Lorraine Lau's Miss Scarlet & Colonel Mustard
Artist feature: Lorraine Lau's Miss Scarlet & Colonel Mustardmore_vert
Post file flag
Artist feature: Lorraine Lau's Miss Scarlet & Colonel Mustard 2020-05-08T01:34:55+00:00close

This is some beautiful digital art made by a friend, Lorraine, who I wanted to showcase here for you all to see. Especially as it I was me who commissioned her to create these drawings. It was interesting to see her interpretations as she is not at familiar with Clue. She made some insightful creative decisions I found; for instance, she assumed when I said candlestick, that it was used as a burning weapon, thus created a candleholder for Miss Scarlet. For Colonel Mustard, she gave the wrench a yellow rubber grip which was neat. Her Colonel Mustard is interesting, making him younger than usual.

Media (2)

MissScarlet.png (1.6MiB)
ColonelMustard.png (1.8MiB)

Animation premise 2020-05-04T16:32:28+00:00

As mentioned last month, I am planning to work on a short 2D animation tester and I will reveal the basic plot of this animation which I will be starting this week - basically, it will be about four boys who have already experienced swelling as blueberries before are are now deflated, but still blue and chubby, who decide to covert one of their pals. They shove a hose into him and he turns pale blue and swells into a blimp, and flies overhead of them all, before popping. It will be set to the music of my first GarageBand attempt at an Oompa Loompa song (so cute, but very rough sounding).Patrons 5$ and up will have initial access to the content before I will release it to all patrons, and eventually make it public.

Also, I am intending work on some more chubby content for the Boudoir tier which I am looking to be promoting more for future. ;)

New Tavern Tither Idea: The Ordeal of Mrs. DuPoint 2020-05-01T01:14:40+00:00

So, I mentioned it in my last update, but coming after Josef Berry will be a colour comic concept I have, called The Ordeal of Mrs. DuPoint this story will be shorter, as it's a tinkering concept, I don't wish to invest too long in a story about a cranky old lady; I wanted to get this idea out of my head and onto paper. It is somewhat inspired by Aunt Marge from Harry Potter, and plus a few personalities I encountered in real life; the story will be about a frustrated music teacher who cannot control her class. The stress she builds up naturally causes her to swell, and no amount of propriety or self-restraint on her part can save her! What will become of poor Mrs. DuPoint?

In addition to starting this new story, I will be making an 18+ ending to Josef Berry, and as well, be showing developments to the berry boy animation I mentioned last week, all to come for May.

Logo designs in works
Logo designs in worksmore_vert
Post file flag
Logo designs in works 2020-04-26T03:12:23+00:00close

Jhon's been designing some logos. I'm quite excited. He truly wants to be part of the Gothic Greenhouse initiative. Will show his finished logos when he's done.

Goal for Boudoir Tier; Sensual inflation tales 2020-02-08T07:10:42+00:00

It's time I'd like to announce one of several goals I'm bringing to Patreon, having fulfilled others past bit by bit since I launched my page - I believe this site is a great way to fulfill personal and creative transformations and I'd like to utilize the goals feature to explore new ideas, including my 18+ concepts which can be seen in the Boudoir section of my site. That is why my next goal will be to reach 250$/month, at which I will launch a brand new series for the Boudoir tier, centered around recent interactions with a friend who has been contributing ideas towards sexual body gain and "filling". He has been quite enthusiastic in the imaginings we've had, and now I'm intending to turn it into story driven art.

So, to you ask, would you like to help push towards making this goal post come true?

I recommend looking at the 12$ and 25$ tiers; both giving access to the Boudoir section, and the latter including a one-page commissioned idea as a way to say thanks.

There are many more ideas I am going to start exploring, this is one of them. Of course this won't disrupt Josef-Berry, or any other on-going Patreon works, it's just one more I'd like to add and offer. -Matt

New Patreon Facelift
New Patreon Facelift more_vert
Post file flag
New Patreon Facelift 2020-01-28T08:04:31+00:00close

I drew this conceptual drawing of the gothic greenhouse based off a dream I had last night ..came in very clear, I had built the gothic greenhouse in a lot, and I saw distinctive cliffs in the background; Scarborough Bluffs. I remember the green home itself being black and portable. I suppose I created this to represent a shift I want to make in my art, and my being; something that has been present from the beginning, and I want to expand upon.

Speaking of expand, I did create an adjoining new profile picture, inspired by the classic thumbnail icon of Violet from the original film poster, where it looks almost she's more like a balloon being tossed by Oompa Loompas. This together with the new cover drawing, combines both my yearning for the isolated darkness, without losing the playfulness of berry inflation.

Media (2)

gothicgreenhouse.jpg (2.1MiB)
newpp.png (1018.7KiB)

Two screenshots of Fort WIP
Two screenshots of Fort WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
Two screenshots of Fort WIP 2020-01-09T11:34:04+00:00close

Some recent updates to the fort scene - a forest has been generated using MASH, duplicating three tree shapes into instances of 23,000 copies.

Boudoir Dawdler Launch
Boudoir Dawdler Launch more_vert
Post file flag
Boudoir Dawdler Launch 2020-01-07T06:26:21+00:00close

The boudoir is launched at last with its first post! My steamier content will now be allocated to this new tier (12$). With this pledge activated, you will have access to the boudoir content AND the Discord channel created specific to this tier (Discussion topics TBD) --- One of my upcoming ideas will be a juicier alternative ending for Josef-Berry when the series concludes.

The Guest Resident (25$) tier also has access to both the Discord and boudoir content, though with the added bonus for eligibility to pitch ideas (small commissions concepts) to be included for creation and feature! ;)

Media (2)

Boudoir_Dawdler.jpg (791.4KiB)
GuestResident.jpg (131.3KiB)

2020 2020-01-01T23:52:32+00:00

I would like to say thank you to all my patrons who've supported me over the duration of 2019, as well as some who've only joined now for this new year, and others who have been supporting me for a while now, with no expectation of tier reward.

While Josef-Berry is the current on-going series for my page at the moment - I will recap of some my recent completions - including finishing the Wonka kids chapters for each kid including Charlie, several completed paintings, in particular the Red Wedding painting which I had set as a goal post - which means I shall be creating some new goal points for this coming year. It is my wish to shape my artistic identity and pratice around the Gothic Greenhouse concept - that is combining Victorian revival with mystical/nature/environmental elements and ethics into my work and personal expression. The blueberry/inflation content I create will still be produced in the framework of this style. I will like to bring in more 3D and textural elements into my creations. Also, yes, music too. I've been dawdling on the creation of Planet Violet, trying to get the right inspiration for it, which sometimes has a tendency to come when I'm not at the computer.

I shall announce some new goal posts soon, and where I'd like to take my page, and practice into the year. Thanks so much again for everyone's support in my endeavours -Matt

Fort scene render
Fort scene render more_vert
Post file flag
Fort scene render 2019-12-31T11:40:44+00:00close

What have they got me wearing?
What have they got me wearing?more_vert
Post file flag
What have they got me wearing? 2019-12-05T22:07:55+00:00close

Its Christmas dinner and they cast me as the page boy. God help me. :/

This week 2019-11-11T15:46:54+00:00

Hi patrons - I have some developments I'd like to share to you all here -

As promised, I will be opening up Discord to 5$ patrons and higher. Follow me at Discord to directly connect one-on-one in a general chat, and discuss ideas in the works and what's up-coming. :)

I will be launching a new tier as well exclusively for my adult based content to keep it separate from the main content featured here on my page (namely, my blueberry and gothic work). In addition to this new perk, I've opened up an OnlyFans as an alternative to such content which you are invited to follow me there as well (Link coming soon)

This week: I will be focusing on completing my Red Wedding painting to be submitted for a small works exhibition at a high end art's Club. Also, I will be officially launching my personal website today, and effectively promoting immediately.

Thanks again for your support. :)

BINGO Berry Boy
BINGO Berry Boy more_vert
Post file flag
BINGO Berry Boy 2019-11-02T07:19:09+00:00close

Another victim of berry bursting, part of my BINGO berry promotion using the BINGO marker plunger to create the juice! The promotion is still on til November 15! DM for details!

Media (1)

BINGOberry4.jpg (2.8MiB)

BINGO berrygirl (Special Promo)
BINGO berrygirl (Special Promo) more_vert
Post file flag
BINGO berrygirl (Special Promo) 2019-10-26T00:33:16+00:00close

I'm pleased to show of my special promo BINGO berry girls - the concept of the promo being the commissioned creation of a berry person coloured with a recently acquired BINGO marker.

The promo is still running up to November 15. If you're interested, drop me a DM!

Media (1)

BINGOberry2.jpg (3.7MiB)

New Website!
New Website! more_vert
Post file flag
New Website! 2019-10-25T20:32:59+00:00close

Hi patrons - apologies in the delay in posts, I've been dutifully shaping up my new personal website. It is still in beta stage, as I still have more pages to create for it. It did mean having to put the next chapter of Josef-Berry on hold, so my deep apologies for that, the chapter is still on its way for this month.

Some feature of the site include a preview gallery of the different mediums I am focusing on to advertise my practice. Also, a complete contact for for commission requests. Be sure to check out the Commission Page to see the current pricing grid for new commissions. As you can note, commission making is still significantly cheaper on Patreon, though I will be doing a reassessment and overall of my rewards soon as part of my platform restructuring.

Enjoy my new site, please offer any feedback that would be helpful, and again, thanks for your patience for new Patreon content coming up. -Matt

Embed data


Provider URL


Welcome to my artist site and portfolio This is my personal page for featuring an expansive collection of artwork I've created over the years. As a Canadian professional artist and freelancer, I've been creating ideas for my own practice, and for clients domestically, and internationally online - with an emphasis towards painting, illustration, and 3D modelling and animation.



Nearer my God to Thee in B-Minor
Nearer my God to Thee in B-Minor more_vert
Post file flag
Nearer my God to Thee in B-Minor 2019-10-04T16:40:49+00:00close

Here's my completed effort covering Nearer my God to Thee. It's intended to evoke a mix of Pachelbel with Van Halen - the result of which I admit is rather cheesy and over-wrought, but still I thought it would be fun to make! Enjoy!

Embed data


Provider URL

Nearer My God to thee

My pop-electric cover of the famous hymn, Nearer My God to Thee, supposely performed during the sinking of the Titanic. This is my illustration of the ship's break-up.



Bran the Bloated (Patrons reward)
Bran the Bloated (Patrons reward) more_vert
Post file flag
Bran the Bloated (Patrons reward) 2019-09-27T06:11:47+00:00close

The boy who couldn't walk, so he rolled. Game of Thrones inspired patron's request. Thanks again for your support!

Media (1)

branberry.jpg (1.9MiB)

Blue self portrait
Blue self portrait more_vert
Post file flag
Blue self portrait 2019-09-07T04:33:31+00:00close

Unconcious blue 92.

The Shrinking Blueberry Boy
The Shrinking Blueberry Boy more_vert
Post file flag
The Shrinking Blueberry Boy 2019-09-06T21:24:40+00:00close

Recent commission - Violet looks for a new playmate and offers him some berries that cause him to swell and shrink!

Media (1)

TheShrinkingBlueberrybo.jpg (2.5MiB)

Polly - patron's badge
Polly - patron's badge more_vert
Post file flag
Polly - patron's badge 2019-09-04T20:25:38+00:00close

This patron's badge is of a muse of theirs, with a balloon theme. Thanks again for your support!

For SEPTEMBER 2019-09-01T14:50:31+00:00

As payroll continues to process for this month, I will share what I have planned for this time coming. I expect a busy September ahead with Patreon, my freelance work and resumed teaching. Also, DISCORD is now made available to Hallowed Acquaintances (10$ and up), having initiated it last month. Come join me to follow along with developments and future ideas in the works.

For this month, here's what I have intended upcoming:

JOSEF-BERRY: The next chapter, Matt and Josef discover the Inventing Room and that the rest of the tour has arrived already. Wendel Wonka is showing off a prototype gum machine from 1971, that has been in-inexplicably out of commission for decades. Josef, still under the influence of the endorphins falls in love with the gum produced.

RED WEDDING progress - Having moved onto at last the painting process for my red wedding painting, you shall see further development to this piece this month.

VIOLET animation - I am doing a test digital animation of my version of Violet's fruit inflation, as part of practice work for my teaching (I teach animation to kids). I will feature this piece for my class as an in-class example.

3D work - I continue work on The Mechanical Boy fort set, and as well, my own personal 3D project with young Mr. Boddy in the Titanic cabin.

In addition to this, I will be showcasing various patron commissions, and more, all to come! Thanks again for your support. -Matt

Cabin lighting render
Cabin lighting render more_vert
Post file flag
Cabin lighting render 2019-08-29T12:06:12+00:00close

Is the cabin truly safe?

Final Week of August 2019-08-24T07:11:16+00:00

Some exciting final things coming for end of August to watch out for:

-Progress of the Red Wedding painting. Yes, I've been stalling on this one for sometime now, and it is an ambitious painting for a subject different from the main line of fanbase pledged to my page, however, it is recorded as a goal point and once this painting is complete, I'll have some exciting new goals and projects to promote.

-I will release The Melancholic Tryst for 10$ Hallowed Acquaintance pledgers, as promised. After this release, come September, I will be initiating the 12$ Boudoir tier level (It's a small bit extra, but some will go back to any artists who assist), for further adult content, so if you'd interested in following along with developments in that realm, please consider upping your pledge to that level before September 1st. As among my first bit of content for this new tier, I will be featuring extended sequences and rough material from The Melancholic Tryst that did not make the final cut.

-As well, I am dabbling in creating two more tiers at the 50$ and 100$ level, still to be announced. Rewards at this level may entail discounts on more complex commission ideas, access to special 3D work in development, and delivered merchandise and artwork at discounted rates for anyone wishing to possess my work.

Lastly, I will be introducing the Hallowed Hall at last, thanking 10$ patrons and above. I am thinking of also implementing a feature of showcasing patron artwork, who may wish to showcase their talents on my page.

And very lastly, I will be releasing any patron reward commissions and special offer badges for those who made use of the special offer. :)

Discord 2019-08-24T02:16:19+00:00

Join me on Discord tonight as I work on my projects, to learn about details on my current and upcoming series. Currently, this feature open to Guest Residents (25$) but will look to open up availability in future. :)

Added tier, redesigned tier badges, Discord launched
Added tier, redesigned tier badges, Discord launched more_vert
Post file flag
Added tier, redesigned tier badges, Discord launched 2019-08-17T06:15:47+00:00close

I've instated a new tier level - Traveler's Tier, at the 3$ level. This base pledge amount is intended as a introductory pledge amount to be granted access to polls, one-off work and WIPs, and developmental work, particularly my 3D work which is still an early stage effort. My on-going series and finished original works start at the 5$ (Tavern Tither level) and onward.

Added NEW reward to Hallowed Acquaintance (10$) patrons and higher - A special thank you mention/shout-out each month. I will be messaging you about this reward shortly, you are welcome to opt out/remain anonymous if you wish.

Introducing now Discord to Patreon. I have already had an existing Discord account, and now I wish to bring it into full effect. At the moment, I have it set to the 25$ Guest Resident tier for now, with it being an experimental feature - you are the first to experience it. Eventually, it will be my goal to make it available starting at 5$.

Media (4)

TravelersTier.jpg (228.3KiB)
TavernTither.jpg (273.8KiB)
Hallowed_Acquaintence.jpg (83.0KiB)
GuestResident.jpg (284.7KiB)

Fan art of me
Fan art of me more_vert
Post file flag
Fan art of me 2019-08-06T05:36:08+00:00close

Here's a patron's lovely fan art of me as a blueberry! Thanks so much! Looks awesome! :D

Media (1)

Matt_Blueberry.png (604.2KiB)

Adult Content for Patreon? 2019-07-27T10:42:58+00:00

No, first off, I'm not turning my Patreon into an OnlyFans, thank you very much. :)


I wanted to ask you for your thoughts on revisiting an idea that I tentatively tried out before, and may wish to reintroduce again. I've noticed Patreon does now offer an adult content option in the creator's page (I don't believe it did before, previously, adult content was just not allowed on this site.) I am curious to try out that route (without abandoning the content I create that you've all pledged to see in the first place).

Now to the content I am considering to start:

-Blueberry art and storylines with a distinct sexual theme.

-My own personal created adult material, in fact, I am preparing a creation at this very moment, a gothic adult short film, called To Save A Dead Boy: The Melancholic Tryst. I would be very interested to show the results here on Patreon (as this project, I'm not prepared to release publicly quite yet).

Anyway, yes, I would like to know your thoughts. The idea in doing so it may broaden the crowd for my Patreon page, and hopefully will not influence current patrons to leave. I should mention that this extra content will fall under its own pledge level category and have the adult filters set, so any patron who doesn't wish to view it, won't, period.

Please vote and let me know what you think. It could potentially be extra route for my page that could be both erotic and fun. :)

Comments (3)
user avatar
gothicgreenhouse - 27 Jul 19 11:40
It would have a distinct artistic flair/purpose, some with inflation as the basis, so not conventional porn. ;)
user avatar
User #17673163 - 28 Jul 19 14:32
alright, so that could do well
user avatar
User #17673163 - 27 Jul 19 11:16
though it would depend on what kind of content it would involve and how said content would play out
Announcing personalized badges special offer
Announcing personalized badges special offer more_vert
Post file flag
Announcing personalized badges special offer 2019-07-24T18:36:38+00:00close

Hey patrons - I have come up at last with my special offer to celebrate the anniversary of launching my Patreon page in summer 2017. I wish to create Victorian-esque specialized badges for any existing patron (and new) who wishes to request one. So, no matter what level you are pledging, please send me a message if you'd like to have a personal badge made out for you (or someone you know). Here are the main factors I ask for:

1. A image or description of the subject (if it's of you, a photo reference would be great)

2. A motif - in the example of myself above, it's blueberries, however I am open to various ideas (an animal, an environment..etc.)

3. To have credit made out, and have your name included (as I do in my sample)

More examples to follow in my next post.

Thanks again to you all for your on-going support, especially during this period of artistic shift for me. -Matt

Page updates 2019-06-07T01:40:04+00:00

I'm working on some page updates at the moment - you may notice a new profile photo of me. :) As decidedly my Patreon is primarily pledged by blueberry fans, I am shaping my page to emphasis that, while still developing my other Gothic themed ideas which are strongly tied to my artistic purpose. I wish to mention one of my upcoming goal posts, that is, to soon be developing 3D blueberry art, and I shall be promoting at the right time to help generate pledges in that direction so that I can make that happen.

In other news, I shall be posting the next Josef-berry instalment later tonight, and would like to mention that I will be announcing yet another new inflation project in the works! :)

For April - continuing series and site change ideas 2019-04-01T19:31:02+00:00

Hello patrons (and anyone visiting or following),

Here's what I have intended for the month of April:

The next chapter for the Charlie series; Up and Out/The Other Kids go home. And then the final chapter for May will be returning to the Bucket Family home. As you can see, I'm opting for a darker take on Charlie, making him more of a schemer for the factory, than a passive winner.

I will reconstruct Augustus Gloop's instrumental number from the 1971 film on GarageBand.

My apologies over not releasing anything on the Josef berry idea last month. It is more of a case of still developing the idea for it. For this week, I'm planning on assembling a small-seconds long animation related to it, and will hopefully be able to construct the comic shortly there after.

Also, I will continue working on the Red Wedding Painting; I've purchased the wood board I will be painting it on.

Also, still engaged in my current non-personal projects; the 3D film fort, and another film project, where I will show you behind the scenes work that won't be seen elsewhere.

In addition to all this, I am going through some personal artistic development at this moment, I don't wish to use the phrase self-care, but more, I am tinkering with witchcraft and will be involved in a progressive spell that will intend to lead myself in a direction I wish to take. This must sound very esoteric, but I believe it will be very helpful for myself.

Lastly, I will be dumping the Boudoir tier which hasn't gone anywhere and will continue to work on developing use of the Special Offers feature included on Patreon, one idea involves crafting sellable/or reward based in this case, merchandise.

Happy April! (And no, I didn't think of any pranks in time :) )


John in the Ship Cabin
John in the Ship Cabin more_vert
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John in the Ship Cabin 2019-03-15T05:19:04+00:00close

This is a public posting as it is a screenshot shown on my site now, but it is a peak at a concept screenshot for the 3D animation movie I am putting together. I will be assembling this weekend, the proposal for the ultimate scope of the installation, which you guys here will be privy to read.

The scene above isn't a scene from the movie itself, instead a test at posing John Boddy's character model.

New goal announced - 250$ 2019-03-06T16:06:48+00:00

So I with the creation of my instrumental of Violet's Oompa Loompa song, someone on DA suggested another great idea; that I create the musical arrangements for the songs I created in my Wonka kids series, which would be The Oompa Loompa Song (Augustus), Planet Violet, The Flambe Samba, and The Saga of Mike Teavee.

Currently, with the 150$, my immediate goal is another oil painting, based upon Game of Thrones and the Red Wedding scene, that's what's pending at the moment.

What I am looking forward to is what I have set at the 200$ level - if you guys help me reach that point, it is my plan to take my blueberry work to a 3D medium and experiment with some berry model making. :)

To come for March 2019-03-01T17:47:58+00:00

Hello to all patrons, thanks once again for a wonderful month of February, I hope you enjoyed all the content I had to display. My page has only steadily been improving and gaining more interest, and am I'm glad I was able to issue out a couple of V-day blueberry commissions. To note, at the moment, the 25$ discount perk associated with that tier is still withstanding. I am continuing to work on thinking of ideas to attach rewards to these high tier perks, but that is still to come.

In the meantime, some work still to come I would like to issue out over the course of this month:

-I will like to revisit recreating Violet's Oompa Loompa number in GarageBand and create a more refined and dramatic version than the first attempt I made

-I intend still to produce a chapter for Charlie to complete the five kids chapter line up. This will be the last of the kid chapters for my Wonka series and my Patreon will shift gears, though I still may produce some spin-off extra content material.

-Also, I would like to visit and toy with this Josef berry idea, and make a story around him. He'd be a beautiful blueberry!

-Also, with the milestone at 150$/mo. unlocked, I will start planning my Red Wedding, Game of Thrones themed painting.

All this to come, and more!

Working on tier painting
Working on tier painting more_vert
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Working on tier painting 2019-02-21T05:57:23+00:00close

And a hello from Teddy

Cat commission complete
Cat commission complete more_vert
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Cat commission complete 2019-02-08T02:08:24+00:00close

Here's the completed portrait of the commissioner's deceased cat. I am making this a public post given that I am showcasing this painting on other outlets, however, I wanted my patrons to be able to see as well.

Texturing developments for Fort
Texturing developments for Fort more_vert
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Texturing developments for Fort 2019-01-18T08:51:43+00:00close

I've reinstalled my Substance Painter and am getting to work texturing the fort model I am making for The Mechanical Boy. So far, have gotten the basic roof work textured; the roof and chimneys. Next I will focus on the superstructure and windows. Eventually, I will need to give it all a weathered down look.

Completed Alexandre portrait
Completed Alexandre portrait more_vert
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Completed Alexandre portrait 2019-01-06T20:23:33+00:00close

My portrait of Alexandre is complete, based in the style of Fayum mummy portraits of Egypt.

Recent commission - daughter inflated
Recent commission - daughter inflated more_vert
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Recent commission - daughter inflated 2018-12-27T07:39:34+00:00close

This is just a recent commission I wanted to show you all, of someone's daughter inflated (non-berry) and being scolded by the mother. I am keeping it public as I have it showcased on DA as well.

New Badge Tier: Boudoir Dawdler
New Badge Tier: Boudoir Dawdler more_vert
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New Badge Tier: Boudoir Dawdler 2018-11-11T21:32:34+00:00close

Hello patrons - for the past bit of the week, I've been doing a bit of planning for a new 35$ level pledge section, called Boudoir Dawdler. It is here I will be posting another aspect of my artistic pursuits; namely other boys modelling for me. Believe me, I've encountered various degrees of eager interest, and now I would like to test the waters and see how this brand of art will fare on Patreon. I will be starting this week with some creations working with a good Brazilian friend (Who I'm sure was dissapointed with the outcome of the Brazilian elections as were many), and was very willing to help me out with source material. :)

So, at this 35$ section, what you will be getting monthly is access to a special section, not mainly advertised as my base Patreon creation line up, but now made available for those who will appreciate anatomical art. :)

Thanks, I hope to get some creations up for everyone this coming week. -Matt

October and My birthday
October and My birthdaymore_vert
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October and My birthday 2018-10-02T17:59:36+00:00close

Hi there; I wanted to announce that I regret I did not get the last Mike chapter up last month; I was under going a move to a new place and did not have access to some of my equipment. I hope to aim for this weekend so I may bring my Wonka series to a close and move onto new projects for Patreon. In the meantime, here’s a plate of moon cookies I baked. It was my birthday last night.

UPDATES for August 2018-08-02T04:00:21+00:00

Hello patrons -

First, one big update, I've activated the pay upfront option for new patrons. This is a feature I've been waiting a long time for - almost as much as the gracious and consistant pledges I have received from loyal patrons, there's still always scams and fraudsters who are able to make a faulty pledge and enjoy the content for the month before getting caught during pay out. So...this will hopefully be a thing the past as new patrons will be required to fulfil their donation upfront when they make the pledge. Good news for me.

That now said, content-wise, what I am working on. I will finish the Mike chapters this month. After Mike's finished, I will do a small chapter or two on Charlie, and then that will conclude the Willy Wonka kids series I've been doing since the inception of my Patreon page. What will come after, we shall see. :)

Over August too, I am working on some initial 3D models for an exciting animation short I have planned in the works. It will likely be the most ambitious project I will be doing in 3D, so please stick around for that. I will be exclusively featuring most of this project's development here.

In addition to that, am I working on extra content for my book, David in Black Manor, plus other mystery/Clue-themed projects.

Thank you once more for your kind pledges and continual support. As a reminder to patrons at the 10$ and 25$ level you are eligable for special commission-related stuff, plus other perks. ;)

Demo Reel update (v.2. - with more wireframe)
Demo Reel update (v.2. - with more wireframe)more_vert
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Demo Reel update (v.2. - with more wireframe) 2018-08-01T02:51:03+00:00close

I did some tweeking to my demo reel - I was told I needed to feature more shots of the wireframe of the room, so I made some additional shots and added it into the final reel sequence. I also cut some shots down and edited others - all in all, from an artistic standpoint, it affected the timing of it all and had consider the musical cues of the soundtrack in a different way.

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Matthew Chapman - 3D Modelling Demo Reel - 2018

My personal demo reel showcasing a Study set and weapons created with a Clue theme in mind, to showcase modelling capcity, for studio purposes.



<iframe class="embedly-embed" src="//cdn.embedly.com/widgets/media.html?src=https%3A%2F%2Fplayer.vimeo.com%2Fvideo%2F282523734%3Fapp_id%3D122963&dntp=1&url=https%3A%2F%2Fvimeo.com%2F282523734&image=https%3A%2F%2Fi.vimeocdn.com%2Fvideo%2F716582291_1280.jpg&key=96a16496e36611e091d14040d3dc5c07&type=text%2Fhtml&schema=vimeo" width="1280" height="720" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>
My Demo Reel - 2018
My Demo Reel - 2018more_vert
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My Demo Reel - 2018 2018-07-17T07:13:16+00:00close

This is a public feature as it will be something I will be sending out as part of a digital resume - I've been working on my 3D demo reel for the past three months to showcase my developing 3D skills. As you can see, it features the study room I made and the weapon case with three weapons; the dagger, wrench and revolver in particular, featured in detail.

Special thanks to a new composer I've befriended, Ricardo Ferro, who composed the mysterious theme in under a week for my reel, and is very talented and eager to collaborate for further projects. I am excited to have a willing composer at my side to asset and further ideas I may have, and he seems appreciative of the berry inflation theme in much of my work!

As well, thank you to my boyfriend, Luis Alberto who designed the elegant logo that's featured in the reel and as well, at my website, matthewchapman.ca.

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3D Modelling Demo Reel - 2018

My personal demo reel showcasing a Study set and weapons created with a Clue theme in mind, to showcase modelling capcity, for studio purposes.




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