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Pirate Stream Tonight! 9/19/20
Pirate Stream Tonight! 9/19/20more_vert
Post file flag
Pirate Stream Tonight! 9/19/20 2020-09-19T16:31:15+00:00close

Arrr maties! Tonight starting at 5:30pm Pacific it'll will be my first ever all pirate themed Picarto stream to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

So join me for art, tales, plunder, booty, the D&D report, and a finest crew one could have in the have in the chat! We sail with the evening tide, so dontcha be late or you might end up marooned!

Media (1)

Sunsets_Treasure.jpg (197.9KiB)

Sorry. We're busy tonight
Sorry. We're busy tonightmore_vert
Post file flag
Sorry. We're busy tonight 2020-09-19T03:31:08+00:00close

Rarity leaned forward and slowly put her arms around Zecora's neck. Then she grinned at the two expectant stallions waiting for their answer.

"Thanks for the offer fellas. But sorry. We're busy tonight."

Bottled Rain
Bottled Rainmore_vert
Post file flag
Bottled Rain 2020-09-17T21:58:29+00:00close

A commission I finished recently. It falls under my series of genie ponies that I've drawing. Although in this case it's a kirin. In particular it's Rain Shine the leader of the Kirin.

On Saturday on 9/19/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming on Picarto. This Saturday is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. So join me for evening of art, stories, D&D report, and swashbuckling adventure. See you there!

Media (1)

Rain_Shine.jpg (128.9KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #739641 - 17 Sep 20 23:44
I suspect this bottle will end up in Applejack's bedroom.
user avatar
BaronEngel - 18 Sep 20 03:08
Well this is Rain Shine and not Autumn Blaze.
user avatar
User #13483703 - 18 Sep 20 07:40
Wow! Very beautiful! Thank you so much for this art! In General, the theme of genies in your performance is my favorite!
Her Latest Creation
Her Latest Creationmore_vert
Post file flag
Her Latest Creation 2020-09-16T21:33:04+00:00close

Applejack: Thanks to Fluttershy's freaky knowledge of sewing. Suited For Success. Season One.

One of a series a B/W commissions for Peruserofpieces. If you haven't seen their work before then I recommend you take a moment and check out their pieces here. Link

I could see Flutters making stuffed animals and dolls in her little forest cottage.

Media (1)

Her_Latest_Creation.jpg (234.2KiB)

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #3342168 - 16 Sep 20 21:42
This is several layers of cute
user avatar
BaronEngel - 16 Sep 20 22:02
Yes it is.
user avatar
User #739641 - 16 Sep 20 22:34
I'm assuming that, being a stuffed Petina, it's "anatomically correct"?
user avatar
BaronEngel - 16 Sep 20 22:42
Actually it's not in this case. Not everything she owns is naughty.
user avatar
User #739641 - 16 Sep 20 22:46
This is Fluttershy -- of *course* she owns things that aren't naughty. But this is also a stuffed Petina. Her fans have *expectations*. :P (Yes, I'm referencing the dialog in a pic I commissioned of Sabrina and Zig Zag examining a stuffed Zig Zag doll.)
user avatar
User #2611426 - 17 Sep 20 09:23
This picture is so beautiful.
Pirate Art Stream 9/19/20
Pirate Art Stream 9/19/20more_vert
Post file flag
Pirate Art Stream 9/19/20 2020-09-16T17:16:24+00:00close

This Saturday 9/19/20 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. So Saturday evening starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll doing an all pirate themed stream on Picarto. So join me for an evening of art, stories, D&D report, and high seas adventures. See you there!

Media (1)

2020_Will_be_streaming.jpg (212.3KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2807891 - 17 Sep 20 00:41
I’m looking forward to it. I really hope I can get some art from the stream.
Class is in session
Class is in sessionmore_vert
Post file flag
Class is in session 2020-09-14T23:59:58+00:00close

The eight and a half inch tall mouse slowly stepped through a tiny door in the wall near the chalkboard. With quick brisk steps she walked down a ramp and onto the desktop of the desk usually meant for a bigum. Stopping at the edge of the desktop she looked out at the classroom of expectant students. Her eyes swept over them and after a couple of second then she spoke with a voice that was surprisingly deep for her tiny size and could be heard at the very back of the class.

"Good morning. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Petina Demouse and I'll be your instructor for the Introduction to Economic Principles. I hope you find this class as interesting as I do, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask!"

She turned around and noticed that someone had left a bright, shiny, red apple on the desk. Slowly she sauntered over and sat down on it. She took a moment and adjusted her horn rim glasses. Then she addressed the class again.

"Okay. Who's familiar with the saying. Sex sells?"

A patron reward for James Birdsall.

Media (1)

Class_is_in_session.jpg (121.5KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2807891 - 15 Sep 20 00:01
Beautiful piece
Key Ring
Key Ringmore_vert
Post file flag
Key Ring 2020-09-14T00:58:19+00:00close

Having recently seen some art posts from other artists, and chatting with some folks this image and scene popped into my head last night in anthro MLP dreamscape.

Vinyl Scratch opened her eyes and paused the music on her phone. Glancing down at the time on the phone she removed her wireless headphones from her ears she looked down the hall toward the bedroom. From it she could hear her lover Octavia getting dressed.

Tonight was the Friday, guest only, reception and opening night for the Music Gone Wild! Festival. A 3 days exposition exploring new, experimental, eclectic, and some cases controversial styles of music. Vinyl was DJing at it tomorrow night, but this evening was a chance to hobnob and hang out with some really cool ponies. Also it would be a great opportunity to check out some outrageous outfits. The festival had specifically asked the artists and their guests to let their imaginations run wild tonight.

The unicorn knew that this style of music was normally not Octavia's cup of tea, but since they'd started living together the earth pony has been willing to be a bit more experimentative with her tastes, interests, and views.

Still if they didn't get going soon they'd miss the opening. "Yo! Octy baby! We ready ta go? It's getting late."

From the bedroom Vinyl heard a series of strangely metallic click, click, click, clack! Then sound hooves coming down the hallway. There was an unusual clunking metal sound to them. The unicorn stowed her headphones in her purse. She'd finished this and was looking up as her partner came walking into the living room.

"Hey Octy. If you're ready ta go lets get...." The words on her lips died as she saw the mare standing there in front of her. The earth pony was wearing a very snug, black, vinyl catsuit. Knee-high boots and elbow length gloves of similar material covered her limbs. Around her neck was a collar of black.

However what caught Vinyl's attention were the numerous padlocks that were attached to boots, gloves, and the front of the catsuit. A final padlock had the earth pony's cutie mark on it and hung from the collar. The mare stopped and looked at the unicorn.

"Well Vinyl dear what do you think?" The dove grey mare did a quick twirl, and Vinyl was positive she could see her reflection in the glistening black material. The padlocks festooning the mare chattered and clacked as she spun.

Finishing her pirouette Octavia smiled. "So! Do you think this is suitably wild for the evenings festivities?"

"Uh, um, yeah. Yeah, yeah that's wild." The unicorn lifted her glasses and stared at her. "Octy. Babe. Where didcha get that?"

"Oh Rarity and couple of our neighbors here in Ponyville helped me assemble it." She glanced down at her cleavage. "I will admit it's quite a stunning outfit!"

"Yeah. Stunning. That's a good word for it." She looked at her lover in the eyes and grinned. "Ya got the keys for them right?"

Octavia grinned and bit her lower lip a bit. She took her right hand and reached into her cleavage. After a second she pulled a small key ring with about a dozen keys on it. She twirled the ring on her finger. "Are you taking your purse dear?"

The unicorn nodded her head. The earth pony smiled and tossed the ring to her. Clumsily her partner caught them. "Good I'm because I'm not. Be dear and hang to those for me!" She smirked. "Don't lose them."

Then she turned and walked toward the front door and out of sight. Vinyl sat there on sofa holding ring of keys. They were still warm to the touch. After a second Octavia peered back around the corner.

"Vinyl are you coming or not?"

The mare stared back at her. "Yeah. I'm coming."

Media (1)

Key_Ring.jpg (128.9KiB)

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #371681 - 14 Sep 20 15:06
Oh my word.... that outfit will *definitely* turn heads! It certainly seems to have turned Vinyl Scratch's head.... =)
user avatar
User #2340373 - 14 Sep 20 01:17
Hmm. Petina, Carosel, and Rarity... oh yes indeed!!!! 'Axe
user avatar
User #127412 - 14 Sep 20 04:00
"Vinyl, dear. Come unlock your present!"
user avatar
User #805870 - 14 Sep 20 02:38
Fashion is weird. Now I'm imagining Octavia in that Cellophane dress/clothing which was the rage some time ago.
user avatar
BaronEngel - 14 Sep 20 03:06
Petina quickly jots down some notes as she wanders off muttering to herself.
user avatar
User #127412 - 14 Sep 20 04:03
As long as it isn't the cellophane fashions from the 1930's.
user avatar
User #8493810 - 14 Sep 20 01:25
I like seeing Vinyl Scratch get thrown off kilter every once in a while!
Ready for tonight's adventure?
Ready for tonight's adventure?more_vert
Post file flag
Ready for tonight's adventure? 2020-09-10T21:31:31+00:00close

Twilight Sparkle stared out the window of her palace bedroom as Luna's moon slowly rose in the east. The alicorn shifted nervously in her chair. For the evening Spike was have a sleepover and game session at Sweet Apple Acres. A couple of an hours ago Starlight had left with Trixie for a night on the town. The Princess of Friendship was pretty sure that their evening would end up in traveling magician's wagon. So Starlight would not be coming home. The rest of the palace staff had been given the night off. So Twilight was alone in the palace. Well. Almost alone.

There was a soft knock at her bedroom door. The violet mare closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Well as deep as the corset she was currently wearing. She could feel herself trembling in both excitement and apprehension for what the night had in store. Let the breath out slowly she spoke in the most regal voice she could.

"Enter." She said.

The door open and Twilight's closest Mare-in-Waiting and close partner Page Turner came walking in. Her leather sheathed hooves clicked across the bedroom floor and came to halt in front of her princess. The unicorn mare cocked a hip to one side. The soft lighting in the room shimmered off Page Turner's black leather ensemble. In one of her gloved hands she held a book. Twilight's eyes settled on book's title and swallowed.

Stories of the Strap.

Page Turner grins. "Ready for tonight's adventure your Highness?"

Twilight looked her in the eyes and nodded her head.

Patron reward for J. McDermott. He wanted an anthropomorphic version of Page Turner.

Media (1)

Ready_for_tonights_adventure.jpg (115.5KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #739641 - 11 Sep 20 00:14
The Princess reins? :P
user avatar
BaronEngel - 11 Sep 20 05:26
I like it.
Tongue Spelunking
Tongue Spelunkingmore_vert
Post file flag
Tongue Spelunking 2020-09-09T22:17:07+00:00close

That evening while I was working to improve relations with a certain member of Scratch's troupe Peace talks in my Equestria dreamscape, Amethyst Dream Grace Under Pressure was looking to get better acquainted with Petina. However she didn't mean to get roped into some carnal team-building exercise with Scratch and other members of the troupe.

Well whatever the outcome this will definitely be a character building experience for her. If it's any consolation for her Golden Bill appears to have been caught off guard as well.

To be continued.

Media (1)

Tongue_Spelunking.jpg (216.9KiB)

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #439962 - 9 Sep 20 22:51
Team building time!!!
user avatar
User #2743476 - 9 Sep 20 22:54
Amethyst has no idea what she’s in for...for that matter I dont think Scratch does either.
user avatar
BaronEngel - 9 Sep 20 23:22
Scratch has a better idea than Amethyst does.
user avatar
User #2284163 - 9 Sep 20 22:46
Spelunkable? WAHAHAH!
user avatar
BaronEngel - 9 Sep 20 23:20
Spelunkable is a new word you can add to your vocabulary.
user avatar
User #281720 - 10 Sep 20 11:19
The fire marshal's going to have a few words for them about exceeding occupancy limits...and will likely be promptly roped into the kerfuffle...
user avatar
User #739641 - 11 Sep 20 00:21
Amethyst Dream: "I wasn't expecting such a ready acceptance. Don't you believe in the chase?" Petina: "Only for the ones who try to run."
user avatar
User #3668943 - 10 Sep 20 05:05
I love that "You look spelunkable" LMAO
user avatar
User #315042 - 10 Sep 20 21:32
From suave temptress to being helplessly swept away by hurricane Petina in ten seconds flat...
user avatar
User #237295 - 10 Sep 20 01:50
Golden Bill will cave in to the social pressure.
Afternoon Breeze
Afternoon Breezemore_vert
Post file flag
Afternoon Breeze 2020-09-08T23:43:13+00:00close

Sandbar laid naked on his dorm bed. The summer afternoon breezes cause the thin white curtains to sway and ripple. It was one of those oppressively hot, late summer days, and just like clockwork the dormitory environmental control wards were on the fritz again. Thus the desperate measures to remain comfortable.

So after his swim team practice the earth pony had showered and retreated back to his room. Later tonight he had a life drawing class that he would be modeling for. Initially Yona had been less than thrilled at the prospect of her boi posing nude for an entire class full of students.

However Sandbar had pointed out the yak that he made a fair pile of bits doing this which meant he had more to spend on their dates. Also Yona had found quite a few mares who were in the class commenting that she was one lucky yak to have him.

This is one of the pieces I started during my most recent Picarto stream. It was fund raiser stream that I did to raise money for Second Harvest of Silicon Valley.

Media (1)

Afternoon_Breeze.jpg (181.8KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #145442 - 9 Sep 20 05:39
Very Niiice!
user avatar
User #3342168 - 9 Sep 20 15:29
I like turtles
Pre-Flight Inspection
Pre-Flight Inspectionmore_vert
Post file flag
Pre-Flight Inspection 2020-09-07T20:12:26+00:00close

Any equipment malfunction while in flight can have grave consequences. So it's important to perform a thorough inspection before one goes aloft, and sometimes it doesn't hurt to have another pair of eyes along to confirm that nothing is missed during the inspection.

Rainbow Dash appears to be performing a final check.

This was the final drawing I started during my extended Picarto stream on 9/5/20. It was a special stream to raise money for Second Harvest of Silicon Valley and wow did the folks who tuned in raise some money!

I had a target goal of $1,000USD. If we reached that dollar amount then from that point forward the stream would be NSFW. We surpassed that goal before the stream even went live at 5:30pm Pacific, and when it was done we'd raised $2,440USD to help feed folks in need. To everyone who tuned in that night thank you so much. You guys are the best!

Media (1)

Pre-Flight_Inspection.jpg (199.6KiB)

Comments (8)
user avatar
User #145442 - 7 Sep 20 21:51
user avatar
User #2807891 - 9 Sep 20 08:55
If that is for a pin up calendar I’d like to see the rest of it.
user avatar
User #739641 - 7 Sep 20 23:14
You forgot your structural supports, RD.
user avatar
BaronEngel - 8 Sep 20 00:38
She grins at. "Well duh! This is for the pinup edition of the calendar. When I'm performing, that kind of performing, not the other kind. I wear a sports bra and appropriate undergarments.
user avatar
User #805870 - 8 Sep 20 23:54
I like the idea of such structural supports being built in/embedded into the suit. Then the Wonderbolts can just wear their suits and not multiple layers of clothing, which I imagine could get pretty warm and stuffy when performing their routines.
user avatar
User #739641 - 11 Sep 20 00:30
There's also value in being able to separate suitable layers. For one, underwear not only protects the person from the clothing, but the clothing from the person.
user avatar
User #127412 - 7 Sep 20 22:58
Tour OC Sky Brush is one damn lucky stallion.
user avatar
User #439962 - 7 Sep 20 20:14
Front stabilizers....check!
Centaur Station
Centaur Stationmore_vert
Post file flag
Centaur Station 2020-09-06T21:03:44+00:00close

A patron reward. The character's name is Tchirajh and she's a cyborg. When I work on a piece like this I like to have an idea in my head what the character doing, and where exactly are they anyways?

So as I was working up this piece I had an idea pop into my head. This place is called Centaur Station. It's part of a series of space stations/habitats. All of them are named after mythical creatures with names that start with the letter C. So Centaur, Chimera, Cockatrice, and Cyclops would be examples. Very space opera in feeling.

Also I imagined that there would be locations in the station where the artificial gravity is either turned off or dialed way back. So one way to go or down in the station is to either jump or fly between them. Thrust could be just inertia, or some form of propulsion system.

The two triangular objects floating below and behind her are drone-like crafts that stay in formation with the character. This is definitely a case of rule of cool here.

Media (1)

Centaur_Station.jpg (289.0KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2807891 - 6 Sep 20 21:06
Wow that looks completely amazing.
user avatar
User #127412 - 6 Sep 20 22:03
Talk about an mage that makes you want to read the whole story! This would work well as a sci-fi book cover.
user avatar
BaronEngel - 7 Sep 20 05:04
Well, illustration and especially book covers was something I focused on in college.
Second Harvest stream 9/5/20
Second Harvest stream 9/5/20more_vert
Post file flag
Second Harvest stream 9/5/20 2020-09-05T17:48:35+00:00close

Hmmm, I wonder what the brain lubricant will be for tonight's Picarto stream? So join me this evening starting at 5:30pm Pacific on Picarto for a special stream to benefit Second Harvest of Silicon Valley. Link

So join me for an evening of art, stories, and D&D report, along with some really awesome folks. See you there!

Media (1)

French_75mm.jpg (351.3KiB)

Peace talks
Peace talksmore_vert
Post file flag
Peace talks 2020-09-04T02:01:27+00:00close

Keyboard gave me a cold stare from across the table in my Equestria dreamscape. This little peace talk had been arranged by Scarlet Tips. Keyboard's marefriend and fellow member of Scratch's troupe.

It was after 10pm and we were sitting on cushions around a large, low table in one of the outlying cottages on the grounds of the Silver Mirror estate. The cottage had been converted into a small conference room. A small pitcher of iced tea along with cups, sugar cubes, lemon slices, and a tray of lemon cooler cookies had been laid out as refreshments. Although at the moment they were being ignored.

Scarlet Tips had arranged this little meeting Context so I was letting her set the pace of this meeting. The griffin looked at both of us, sighed and got the ball rolling. "Alright. I've called you two here because I've already read this book and I know how it ends. There appears to be some misunderstandings that's going to lead to a heap of unnecessary drama unless it gets cleared up."

Since no other pony had the griffin decided to pour herself a glass of ice tea. She took a long sip and continued. "The reason why we're here, and are getting paid by Scratch, is to prepare for her upcoming concert tour. We're here to plan, prepare, and rehearse for it. If we're not committed to that then we got no business being here."

The griffin glanced at me. "Sky Brush. You're here strictly to offer advice and some tips on how we might improve some of our special effects during performances. Correct?"

Following Scarlet Tips lead I'd poured myself a glass of iced tea as well and was in the process of stirring in a heaping teaspoon of sugar. I finished that and took a large gulp. I hadn't realized how parched my mouth was.

"Correct. I'm strictly a part-time consultant for the duration of my contract which will run for no more than six weeks. And while Scratch is very interested in what I have say I have no managerial powers over her staff. Neither do I have the authority to hire or dismiss any member of her permanent staff, or any other consultants, suppliers, or contractors she is currently employing or has plans to." I was pulling out all the professional biz speak I could remember.

Scarlet Tips glanced over at the zebra-striped pegasus mare. "Keyboard you're the head pony in charge of cloud special effects and a backup dancer for Scratch's troupe. Technically you're overseeing all stage effects for this upcoming tour. Correct?"

The mare nodded her head. "Yes I am." She looked me in the eyes. "I'm the pony in charge." For a mare she had a surprisingly deep voice.

The griffin took another swig of her iced tea. Then she continued. "If everypony understands what the responsibilities and authority is then I don't see why there's this friction Keyboard?" She gestured at me with a wing. "Sky Brush here can only offer advice, suggestions, and possible ideas to Scratch. He cannot hire any new members nor can he fire any member of the existing troupe. Nor does he have the authority to override any decisions you make."

The mare snorted and glared at the griffin. " Oh come! You know as well I do that ponies go behind other ponies to get what they want all the time in this business. What's to keep him." She pointed a front hoof at me. "From just going directly to Scratch if he doesn't get his way?"

I felt my wings tense but I tried to keep my face as neutral as possible and my voice as calm as I could. "I'm left with the impression that while Scratch grants her crew a fair bit of creative initiative there's still a very clear chain of command." I locked eyes with the mare. "But circumventing that chain of command doesn't sound like something she's going to casually accept."

Keyboard's eyes narrowed and she glared at me. "Oh I've heard that story before! I've been cut off at the hooves too many times in my life by sweet talking ponies that promised me they'd never yank my tail!" She rose up and put her front hooves on the table. "Besides what can some cloud pusher from some podunk town know about stage effects? You must have some other angle!"

My face went deadpan and I did my best to ignore her comment about Ponyville being a podunk. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Then I imagined what Princess Celestia would do and decided to cut to the chase. "Keyboard I'm not gunning for your job. I have a job back home that I'm very proud of, and yes it involves pushing around clouds. I won't force you to accept any of my ideas, but how can you decide if any of them are any good or not if you won't hear them? You're correct when you say I know very little about stage effects. Maybe most of my ideas won't fit the theme of this tour, or will be impractical to implement. But dismissing them without even hear them out is just stupid."

Scarlet Tips took a very long sip of her iced tea and then gave her partner a very icy stare. "Let me remind you that I was born in and grew up in a hide and timber tent that was 2 days away from the nearest town and Scratch still gave me a chance. And the town you grew up in dear was most certainly a podunk as well but you still have your job. For now."

The mare stared at the griffin for a moment. Finally her wits burned through the haze of her emotions and she realized that she'd just stepped on a big old emotional landmine. She sat down and looked at her hooves. For several seconds she was silent. With her head still bowed she spoke softly. "I'm sorry Scarlet. You're right."

She turned her head and looked away from both myself and the griffin. She stared at the far wall for several seconds. "I guess..." She stared down at the black stripes on one of her front legs. "I guess I've been screwed over so many times now that I just assume that everypony." She quickly glanced at her partner and coughed. "I mean I just assume that most ponies I meet are going to do it to me again. And, and in this business especially the competition is fierce."

Keyboard looked at me. "So, when I heard that somepony who I've never of but Scratch is all excited about was coming down here I just figured the worst." She smiled and tilted her head toward the griffin. "Scarlet has seen me do this in the past." The mare shook her wings and ruffled her feathers. "So when I saw that little impromptu demonstration you gave today I let my fears get the best of me. You're rough Sky Brush but you're not bad at it."

I blushed a little. "Oh, I'm more than just rough." I finished my iced tea. "However here's one piece of advice I can give you Keyboard. Scratch has given you this position in the troupe. That means she has faith in you and she trusts your judgement. However from what little I know of her she's going to expect you to keep a open mind. She's going to want your opinion on my ideas, and I'm going to make some. So if you can't give her any constructive feedback that's what she's going to make her start wondering. You may end finding all of my ideas impractical but if you can give her an informed reason why you'll go a lot further with her."

"So Sky Brush–" The mare started to speak and I cut her off.

"Actually Keyboard. Just call me by my nickname. Brick."

She grinned. "Okay Brick. What ideas do you have?"

Scarlet Tips groaned and shook her head. Apparently she was familiar with these sudden mood swings in her mercurial partner. "Okay. Can we call these peace talks a success?" Keyboard and I nodded our heads. She looked at the mostly empty pitcher of iced tea. Good! Now! Before you two start gabbing on all night lets go get some real drinks! Sun and Moon I need one!"

To be continued.

Media (1)

Peace_Talks.jpg (154.0KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #439962 - 4 Sep 20 03:04
Well that’s out of an good way.
user avatar
User #739641 - 4 Sep 20 22:13
I suspect that Sky Brush doesn't actually have much of any ideas, because at the moment he hasn't seen what Scratch wants for the show -- aside from putting in some pole dancing moves.
user avatar
BaronEngel - 5 Sep 20 02:56
You'd be correct. This entire trip was a case of "Play it be ear." for Brick.
user avatar
User #739641 - 11 Sep 20 00:23
Besides, I doubt Sky Brush is the one(s) Scratch was excited about.
Afternoon Bath
Afternoon Bathmore_vert
Post file flag
Afternoon Bath 2020-09-03T22:38:46+00:00close

This is actually a piece that started earlier this year but it got side tracked so I fixed that today. This was reward piece from my last fundraiser Picarto stream for Second Harvest.

The character's name is Abdul and he's from my Andur dreamscape. He's a 3ft tall fennec and is the Master Dance and Acrobatics in the Sultan's palace. Originally from a simple semi-nomadic tribe out on the desert sands Abdul now holds a proper noble's title because of loyalty to the sultan and his courage in battle.

This Saturday 9/5/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming again on Picarto. Due events of the last few months and historic fires in the San Francisco Bay Area I'll doing another fund raising stream for Second Harvest. So join us for an evening of art, stories, D&D report while we raise money for a good cause. Everyone who pledges that evening will be in the running to win one of the pieces of art I'll be creating that evening.

Media (1)

Bathing_Partner.jpg (156.2KiB)

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User #2340373 - 3 Sep 20 23:27
That was after the SFW key was turned off!!! 'Axe
user avatar
User #94376 - 7 Sep 20 20:24
That is very, VERY okay!
user avatar
User #237295 - 4 Sep 20 00:52
user avatar
BaronEngel - 4 Sep 20 01:21
Is that a good "okay then"?
user avatar
User #237295 - 4 Sep 20 02:07
* mumble *
Second Harvest stream Saturday 9/5/20
Second Harvest stream Saturday 9/5/20more_vert
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Second Harvest stream Saturday 9/5/20 2020-09-02T17:38:34+00:00close

This is an example of a drawing I started during a Picarto stream to help raise money for Second Harvest. The San Francisco Bay Area over the last few weeks has experienced literally hundreds grass and forest fires. Some of these fires have been of historic size.

As a result thousands of households already feeling the economic pressure of 2020 have been forced out their homes. This has put enormous pressure on social services and charitable organizations like Second Harvest. So this Saturday 9/5/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'm trying to do my part to help those who need it most.

Just like previous fund raising stream, any donation made to Second Harvest during the stream will put you in the running to win one of the pieces I start during the stream.

So join me for an evening of art, stories, D&D report, and good times as raise money for a good cause. See you there!

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Winter_Masterpiece.jpg (245.7KiB)

Out of the office
Out of the officemore_vert
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Out of the office 2020-09-02T00:38:09+00:00close

Mayor Mare slowly strolled up the mostly empty beach and out of the late afternoon surf. The sun was dipping toward horizon turning the sea the color of liquid gold while the sky was starting to glow with pinks and orange.

At the edge of the surf the earth pony sat down and admired the spectacle as the waves gently washed and splashed on and around her. It felt good to be out of the office. She was proud to be the mayor of Ponyville and every day she tried to do the best for her community.

But a little me time was the best way to help her stay committed to her duties, and this 3 day weekend trip to Cob San Luna had been just the ticket. The mare closed her eyes and just listened to the sound of the surf crashing on the beach.

Unfortunately she closed her eyes right as a larger than normal wave came crashing ashore. The wave bowled the mare over onto her back. She let a whoop then spat out a mouth of sea water. Giggling the mare just laid her back and stared up at the clouds. A few seconds later she heard the sound of hooves crunching on the sand. Then a male voice called out.

"Are you okay?"

Rolling over her belly the mare looked at a younger unicorn stallion who was now squatting down beside her. The older mare slowly pushed a long, damp silver grey lock of her mane from her eyes.

"Ah thanks dear! No. I'm fine. Just a bit more wet."

The older mare noticed the the stallion was looking at her very intently. In her mind she chuckled. Still got it!

This weekend in the States is Labor Day weekend which many consider to be the unofficial end of summer, but there's still time for some swimsuits.

Also this Saturday 9/5/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming on Picarto. This weekend we'll be doing a special fundraising stream to help raise money for Second Harvest Foodbank. With thousands of Bay Area still homeless as a result of the historic fires which are still burning we're doing this help those who need it most. So join me for an evening of art, stories, and D&D report as we try to raise money for a good cause. See you there!

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Out_of_the_office.jpg (151.7KiB)

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User #739641 - 2 Sep 20 20:47
She may have just found her new -- assistant.
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User #970007 - 2 Sep 20 04:39
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User #2807891 - 2 Sep 20 00:39
She looks amazing. Beautiful work Baron.
user avatar
User #439962 - 2 Sep 20 00:42
Mayor on the beach!! Just a lovely sight.😊
Go with the flow
Go with the flowmore_vert
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Go with the flow 2020-08-31T21:40:16+00:00close

Continuing my Bottled Six series of anthro MLP ponies/genies in bottle. Can I come out and play? This time it's Twilight Sparkle. Originally I'd envisioned the Princess of Friendship in a fairly traditional bottle, but considering her nerdy, scientific background I could see Twi preferring a Klein-style bottle instead.

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Go_with_the_flow.jpg (196.4KiB)

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User #439962 - 31 Aug 20 22:42
Bottled Twi......intoxicating indeed.
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User #127412 - 31 Aug 20 21:47
Umm... would someone loan me a bottle opener? A Klein bottle opener? ... What do you mean there is no such thing?!?!
user avatar
User #739641 - 31 Aug 20 22:08
They're always open -- unless you put a cork (or other stopper) in its mouth.
user avatar
User #739641 - 31 Aug 20 21:45
Especially appropriate, as Klein bottles are (if constructed in proper detail) a physical impossibility -- they have to breach their own side, violating the specified topology. Magic, of course, should be able to accomplish it, because what can't magic do?
user avatar
BaronEngel - 31 Aug 20 21:57
Yeah Klein Bottle just seemed appropriate for adorkable Twi.
Sweetie Belle genie thumbnail
Sweetie Belle genie thumbnailmore_vert
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Sweetie Belle genie thumbnail 2020-08-29T18:27:47+00:00close

Some thumbnails of a grownup Sweetie Belle genie from a series of anthro MLP dreams I've had. Sweetie comes from a family of genies and is a professional swimsuit model. Also I sketched Twilight in a Klein Bottle.

Media (1)

Sweetie_Genie_thumbnails_01.jpg (224.6KiB)

Comments (6)
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User #3444029 - 30 Aug 20 22:40
Oh, love the Kline Bottle :)
user avatar
User #404570 - 29 Aug 20 18:31
Nice work!
user avatar
User #739641 - 29 Aug 20 20:10
Yes, Twilight is appropriate for a Klein bottle. I was wondering hw that would connect with Sweetie Belle; she'd seem to be a better fit (by name) for some sort of syrup.
user avatar
BaronEngel - 29 Aug 20 21:54
In this case she was modeling for a line of rums.
user avatar
User #739641 - 30 Aug 20 21:13
I haven't heard those are sweet (but made from some seriously sweet stuff). Good thing this Sweetie Belle's obviously (from her build) old enough to associate with booze, though.
user avatar
User #439962 - 29 Aug 20 21:28
Now that is a nice message.
Good first impression
Good first impressionmore_vert
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Good first impression 2020-08-27T22:52:38+00:00close

We had an electrician in today working in the kitchen which is next to the studio. So in the interest of social distancing I worked out in the living room on thumbnails, concept roughs, and little things I could easily on a drawing board. Also things I could put down quickly so I could answer questions from the electrician. Amongst various things I scratched this out.

Unlike my regular Equestria dreamscape which has continuous, ongoing plot line my anthro MLP dreamscape is more collection of various concepts and ideas that may or may not be connected to other dreams. Of course this maybe because Petina gets screen credit in them for creative directing.

I've always been fascinated with the idea of genies. Last year at Babscon I did a drawing of Rarity in a hoodie Link and then later realized I'd done the drawing on backside of sheet of paper that had some possible poses for a piece of fashion horse as a genie.

I was able to scan both sides of the paper and combine them together as one image. At the time several people comment that maybe Rarity in the hoodie was still a genie, just undercover or incognito? This got me thinking about her as maybe being a genie, and recent conversations with other folks has made me wondering more about it.

So recently I had a dream in which Rarity was a freelance genie along the rest of her family. Rarity ran a consulting business for other freelance genies that were looking to accept contracts from potential clients, or were looking to improve their image to get better clients. One way to get better clients was by making a good first impression which she's just demonstrated to Spike.

Media (1)

Good_first_impression.jpg (226.7KiB)

Comments (11)
user avatar
User #463529 - 27 Aug 20 23:45
I wouldn't put it past Rarity to learn how to actually do that.
user avatar
BaronEngel - 27 Aug 20 23:49
It's definitely a conversation starter.
user avatar
User #439962 - 27 Aug 20 23:00
Spike’s reaction would have been the same if she just walked into to room and just stood there.😳
user avatar
User #371681 - 28 Aug 20 18:02
Oh, my. She looks incredible here! I can only mirror Spike's reaction. XD Hmm... her poses remind me a bit of Dita von Teese... which just makes it more fantastic. ^_^
user avatar
User #2807891 - 27 Aug 20 23:13
That looks absolutely amazing.
user avatar
User #237295 - 28 Aug 20 01:47
Was it the electrician who had previously said he was replacing all the electricals in your unit one circuit at a time?
user avatar
BaronEngel - 28 Aug 20 03:49
No a different electrician, but he did sigh when he saw the aluminum wiring. Fortunately the wiring itself was fine.
user avatar
User #692553 - 28 Aug 20 04:18
Aluminum? Isn't that banned in new home construction?
user avatar
BaronEngel - 28 Aug 20 05:31
This isn't a new home. It was an apartment constructed in the 1960s or early 70s and has a bunch of grandfathered features that wouldn't be allowed today.
user avatar
User #237295 - 30 Aug 20 09:27
I have aluminum wiring in my own home... 1974 construction. I think that was the last year that aluminum wiring was allowed. Replacing it with copper would be EXTREMELY expensive. Rip out the drywall and crown/base moulding (which is attached to the drywall) to get to the old wiring, put in the new wiring + new circuit breaker box, install new drywall + crown and base moulding, repaint the full interior, cleanup and maybe new carpets depending upon how much paint gets spilled onto them. Not even close to cheap!
user avatar
User #13483703 - 28 Aug 20 07:35
Wow! Great! Just gorgeous! I really like this process of the emergence of gin.
After Hours in the Reference Section
After Hours in the Reference Sectionmore_vert
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After Hours in the Reference Section 2020-08-27T18:41:11+00:00close

This is a piece I finished a while ago but had to sit on releasing it until after someone's birthday which has now happened.

A librarian's job can often start well before library opens and run quite some time after it closes for the day. Inventory that has wandered needs to be returned to its correct place. Transfers and returns need to be processed. And sometimes inter-dimensional aberrations of chaos need to be dealt with.

The kirin, soon to be a nirik, in this picture is OC of client's wife. Her name Rattletrap and she's a librarian in a very special library. A library that sometimes has bug problems. For some of my older watchers who are anime and manga fans the bug may look very familiar. Especially if you were a fan of the 90's series Ah My Goddess. It's basically the computer bug the Skuld was hunting down and destroying with celestial hammer. Link

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #404570 - 27 Aug 20 18:56
Very nice picture and very nice reference to classic anime/manga! One of my favs actually.
user avatar
User #739641 - 27 Aug 20 22:15
Rattletrap seems to have a similar hairstyle to Sweetie Belle -- for now.
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Context 2020-08-26T22:14:35+00:00close

While Applebloom made her energetic sales pitch for letting Stone Mane come and stay with the Apple family. Applebloom gets a telegram I was wondering why a particular member of Scratch's crew seemed to be unhappy with me in my Equestria dreamscape.

One of the perks of being a special guests or part of Scratch's crew was that drinks were on the house. So after a very hot afternoon of working in Steel Strut's workshop Grace Under Pressure with the ponies in charge of cloud special effects I found myself particularly parched. As the afternoon turned to early evening I pulled up to the outside bar on the back veranda of the mansion. Finding an available rattan stool I plopped my haunches down and got the attention of the two bartenders who were starting to take the first orders of the evening. They were a part of the full-time staff at the Silver Mirror estate. Starting at 10am and until 2am and day of the week you could saunter up to the bar and get yourself an expertly mixed drink. Either from the veranda bar when the weather permitted, or from the bar located inside.

So after a minute or so I had a tall glass of chilled lemonade and an Old Fashioned to keep me company. Under a nearby gazebo several musicians were starting to play. The sound of steel drums began to drift across the grounds of the estate.

As the evening progressed more and more ponies, zebras, and griffins began to congregate around the bar. Nearby an outdoor fire pit had been lit. Soon the aroma roasting ears of corn could be smelled. A minute or so later skewers with shrimp, pineapple pieces, chunks sweet onion, and pieces of peppers went on the grill as well. After couple of minutes the cook staff started basting the skewers and corn with melted garlic butter. From the house kitchen baskets of fresh, warm Poola-pi bread were brought out as well. In a few minutes dinner would ready. For dessert freshly made vanilla ice cream and selection of chilled, sliced fruit were being laid out. It smelled great.

I was thinking about going and getting some food when a small, female griffin with brilliant scarlet-tipped wings came trotting up and grabbed a stool on my left. Raising one of her yellow-orange scaled taloned hand/paws and flagged down a bartender.

"Gin Gimlet please!" The newcomer put in her order. The unicorn stallion nodded his head and went to work.

The newcomer looked over at me. "Hey there! You must be one of the newcomers who came in last night from Ponyville." She extended her right front paw. Let me guess you're Sky Brush?"

I extended a front hoof and accepted her shake. "Yes. That would be me, and you are..'"

"Scarlet Tips." Said the griffin as bartender delivered her drink. She paused and took a moment to take a long sip of her drink. With that accomplished she resumed speaking. "You're the cloud sculpting expert that Scratch brought in aren't you?"

I finished my glass of lemonade and passed the empty glass to bartender. "Wwwweeellll. I don't know if I'm an expert, but I know a thing or two about it."

Scarlet Tips grabbed a paw full of chile-lime cashews and started munching on them. "Whatever you are. Munch, munch. You're obviously good enough that Scratch. Crunch, crunch. Was willing to pay your way down here to Ft. Trotterdale. So how did your first day with the crew go?"

I found the griffins line of inquiry to be oddly specific. "Well. It went about as good as could be expected for a first day on the job. I, uh met most of the crew in charge of special effects, and I met Steel Strut today. She seems like she's got some really big plans for the future." The Future

The griffin nodded her head and glanced over. Sitting at a table about 20ft away the earth pony I'd been talking about was in a very animated conversation with a couple of unicorn mares. Steel Strut had a bottle of chilled beer in one hoof; with her other hoof she was vigorously working an abacus as she was apparently calculating something. In her mouth was a pencil that she rolling back and forth with her lips. A small, tattered notebook laid open on the table. After a couple of seconds she finished whatever she'd been calculating was done. She picked up the notebook with her free hoof the jotted down some notes on it. She set the notebook down, pulled the pencil from her mouth, and took a long chug of beer. Then she spoke to the two mares at the table. This resulted in another series of further questions from the unicorns.

"How about the members of the team?" The griffin took a sip of her drink but her eyes never left me.

I shrugged my shoulders. "About as good as could be expected. Some of them seem to like me. Others, less so."

The griffin sighed. "Let me guess. A particular pegasus mare with zebra stripes was less than friendly?"

I took a very long sip and stared intently at Scarlet Tip. "Yes. She never said anything to me, but I definitely got the feeling that she didn't want me there."

The griffin sighed. Rolled her eyes to the heavens in frustration. "That's Keyboard. She's also my marefriend, and she's in charge of cloud and steam effects." New Equipment

I stared down at my drink. "So did she tell you that she was unimpressed with my performance today?"

Scarlet Tips ruffled her feathers. "No. She told me she was rather surprised by your impromptu demonstration. That's why she was unhappy with you."

I finished my drink and ordered another one. "What? I don't get it?"

The griffin held up a paw. "You did nothing wrong Sky Brush. You're doing exactly what Scratch has asked you to do." She paused and downed her drink. "Keyboard is excellent at what she does, but she's very insecure with her position in Scratch's troupe. This is her first, breakthrough job for her in the entertainment industry. So she desperately wants this to succeed for her."

"It's irrational, but she's afraid that you're going to take her job away. I told her that wasn't going to happen if she continued to do her job, but she can't shake her doubts."

My new drink arrived and I played with it for a moment. Slowly shifting it back an forth between my front hooves. " I hope that you and her understand that I'm going to do my job. Scratch hired me for this, and I plan to uphold my part of the bargain. But it would be nice if we could work together as a team. Do you think you could persuade her to talk to me. Maybe if I can tell her face to face it might help put her at ease."

Scarlet Tips shrugged and slowly shook her head. "I'll tell her. Maybe she'll go for it. May I suggest that I be there as well. I seem to put her more at ease when she's like this."

I nodded my head. "Sure. Anything that can help work this out I'll take it."

The griffin patted me on the wing. "Remember. So far you've done nothing wrong. I'll see what I can do. Enjoy your drink." Then she got up and wandered off. I sat there and continued to stare at my drink.

To be continued.

Media (1)

Context.jpg (161.4KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #739641 - 27 Aug 20 22:29
So it seems to be a projected fear that put a barrier between Keyboard and Sky Brush. The biggest argument for protecting Keyboard's position is that -- no matter how much Scratch might wish otherwise -- Sky Brush's little group are not likely to be permanent members.
Ready to set sail
Ready to set sailmore_vert
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Ready to set sail 2020-08-25T13:00:06+00:00close

This was the 1st drawing I started during my most recent Picarto stream. It's also a patron reward for Frank Oldread. He's having me do a series of drawings with the members of my all mouse girl band Move to the Music! This time it's Janet Huxley who goes by the stage name of Rhythm.

Since the band is based out of the UK at the moment Frank is having me draw the girls dressed in themes that celebrate the impact the British music industry has had on the world. Hail to the Queen!

Media (1)

Ready_to_set_sail.jpg (139.9KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #2611426 - 25 Aug 20 19:15
user avatar
User #439962 - 26 Aug 20 18:52
Sky of Blue, Sea of Green......
user avatar
User #2807891 - 25 Aug 20 13:02
She is very cute.
user avatar
User #3668943 - 25 Aug 20 13:59
Janet is my favourite member of the group.
Storybook Adventure
Storybook Adventuremore_vert
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Storybook Adventure 2020-08-24T21:41:47+00:00close

The second drawing I started during my most recent Picarto stream. This is a scene that occurred very recently in my Equestria dreamscape Twilight Sparkle and her first Mare-in-Waiting the unicorn Page Turner have started having adventures where they go into various books to take on the roles of various characters in those books. This is from one of those adventures.

The book they went into this time was an action, adventure novel set in a fictional world where an evil, ancient sea dragon called Black Tsunami ruled the seas and forced kingdoms of ponies, griffins, zebras, and even some dragons to pay tribute. If he was unhappy with a kingdom's tribute he'd start destroying their ships, enslaving their subjects, and wrecking their port side communities.

But was those who refused to bow their heads and submit to Black Tsunami's evil reign, and they battled every day to live their lives free of his tyrannical rule. Page Turner and Twilight took on the role of the protagonist and her best friend in this story.

Media (1)

Storybook_Adventure.jpg (211.1KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #739641 - 24 Aug 20 21:49
Titled "Pirates Face the Black Tsunami" maybe?
Sunny's dress
Sunny's dressmore_vert
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Sunny's dress 2020-08-24T17:34:18+00:00close

This is the 3rd drawing I started during my most recent Picarto stream. It's also a Patreon reward for Dusty Katt. He'd asked for drawing of Sunset Shimmer in a cheongsam dress.

Media (1)

Sunnys_dress.jpg (97.5KiB)

Flying Fish
Flying Fishmore_vert
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Flying Fish 2020-08-24T15:51:48+00:00close

This was the final drawing I starting last night's Picarto stream. It was request for Fluttershy in a one-piece swimsuit somewhat like anime schoolgirls will wear in PE class.

Note. This piece is already sold.

An admin note. As of Monday 8/24/20, 8:50 Pacific time I'm able to upload images again. So we'll see how things go.

Media (1)

Flying_Fish.jpg (269.1KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #439962 - 24 Aug 20 16:15
Now time for mane, tail, and wing preening.
user avatar
User #404570 - 24 Aug 20 17:06
Amazing work as always! Glad to see you posting again!
user avatar
User #2807891 - 24 Aug 20 15:54
Great to hear that you can post again .
Art Stream Today 8/22/20 and Patreon problem 2020-08-22T16:16:00+00:00

Tonight 8/22/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming on Picarto. So join me for an evening of art, stories, D&D report, and some great folks!

Now you maybe reading this posting and thinking. "Hey Baron usually has some artwork that accompanies posts like this?" And you'd be right. However as of this morning I cannot upload images to Patreon? My wife Smudge encountered a similar problem yesterday. I'll be submitting a report to Patreon about this but that's the reason for the lack of graphics with this post. Hopefully this problem will be short-term.

Silky Braids
Silky Braids more_vert
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Silky Braids 2020-08-21T22:07:16+00:00close

A character who's popped up recently in my Equestria dreamscape and will be joining Page Turner as being Princess Twilight's second Mare-in-Waiting. Her name is Silky Braids and she's technically taking over managing cooking duties and the growing kitchen staff in Twilight's Castle.

Now the show has shown all ponies to some degree but especially earth ponies using their manes and tails to lift, move, and even throw objects with what I've describe as being prehensile hair. Extreme examples in the show being Pinkie Pie Link and the Mane-iac. Link

Silky Braid is one of those earth ponies who's talent has allows her to use her mane and tail as additional limbs. This is very advantageous in the kitchen and for other activities.

Usually the Silky Braids keeps her very, very long mane and tail wrapped in braids. Depending on how much flexibility she needs from them she'll start to unwrap more and more of them. And if things fall into the pot then they get let loose.

Media (1)

Silky_Braids.jpg (197.2KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #739641 - 22 Aug 20 20:18
Chef, guardian of the pantry, protector against poisons and drugs -- and a pony you don't want upset with you.
Applebloom gets a telegram
Applebloom gets a telegrammore_vert
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Applebloom gets a telegram 2020-08-21T19:23:19+00:00close

Stone Mane laid on his back in bed and stared up at his bedroom ceiling in my Equestria dreamscape. It was after 10pm and he had school tomorrow but his heart was racing. Just a couple of hours ago he'd asked his aunt and uncle if this summer he could go and spend some time with Applebloom and her family in Ponyville. Summer Vacation

Much to his surprise they had been very supportive of the idea. However it all hinged on one important fact. Would the Apple family be okay with it? He was willing to pay for his train ticket, room and board, and he was certain that Applebloom would love it, but what about her big brother Big Macintosh her older sister Applejack or Granny Smith? He'd only met them once and now he was asking to spend at least couple weeks at their farm. Would they agree to it?

Adding to his apprehension was the realization after checking the calendar on his bedroom door that summer vacation started in a couple of weeks. So he was kind of late in asking to visit. He'd send a letter tomorrow morning before school, but even using express mail it would take 3 days to get there and another 3 days for Applebloom to get back to him. And that assumed she'd use express mail as well. So even in the best case scenario that was almost an entire week before he'd know yes or no.

Stone Mane chewed on his lower lip nervously. His next Dream Realm meeting with Luna and Applebloom wasn't for another 5 days. True he could get an immediate answer from Applebloom then, but he was more concerned with the rest of her family. So he'd have to wait for her to wake up to ask them. Then she'd have to send some form reply to him.

Besides the colt felt he should physically send a letter to AB's family. Not count on her to relay his message to them. If he was serious about this he should be willing to put his intentions in writing. There had to be a faster way to get a message to her? As the colt laid there in the dark an idea dawned on him. There was another option.

The colt left early for school the next day. Along his regular route Stone Mane made a slight detour and entered a building he'd walked past hundreds of time but had never given it any thought. The bell hanging above the door tingled as the colt entered the lobby of the Baltimare branch of the Royal Equestria Telegraph Office. Half a dozen ponies in the front part of the building were busily sitting at desks getting first messages of the morning organized for delivery or sending. Behind them dozens of ponies were sitting at telegraph stations sending or receiving telegrams from all over the kingdom. The constant clatter of a telegraphs created a dissonant room tone.

The stood colt there in the lobby of the office uncertain what he should do next. Fortunately a young mare noticed the confused colt and came trotting over. "Um, hello. Do you need assistance?"

This jogged the bewildered colt into action. "Oh! Um! Good morning! I, I wanted to know how one went about send a telegram to somepony? I've got all note to send to somepony and I need it get there right away! I've even written down what I need it to say!"

Stone Mane reached into the front pocket of his school panniers and fumbled around for a moment. Eventually he produced a roughly folded piece of paperwork. He felt like he was turning in his homework. "And I've got money to pay for it to!" He added.

The mare smiled. "Well. You've come well prepared. Lets go over to my desk and we'll get your message on its way."

The school bell hadn't finished chiming yet when Applebloom and the rest of the CMC came boiling out of the schoolhouse along with most of the class. Once again they were free from it's imprisonment until tomorrow. Applebloom was thrilled at her upcoming trip to Canterlot. In just 2 days she'd be flying up to the Royal Palace to spend an evening with Princess Luna studying the stars with one of the princess's own telescopes!

She was so excited and chatting with her friends about the trip that she literally ran into a young stallion standing at the front gate of the schoolhouse. After a frantic series of embarrassed apologies from all parties Applebloom got a look at the pony she'd collided with. She recognized him and his uniform as being a pony who worked at the train station in the telegraph office.

"Oh! Um! I'm a sorry!" Said the filly as he readjusted her panniers. "I was, uh, distracted." Her friends giggled at her inattentiveness.

"Well. It's alright." Said the station as he straighten his tie. "I came over to the schoolhouse hoping to run into you. Well, not literally but this saves me trip all the way out Sweet Apple Acres. Here this is for you!"

The stallion proudly gave the filly a now slightly crumpled envelope with her name on it. The filly eagerly grabbed it and tore one end open. There in the middle of the road she unfolded it and started reading it. As she did a smile crept further and further across her face.

"Well. What is it?" Scootaloo asked looking both amused and confused at the same time. "Who's it from?"


With that she shot off like a bullet from a gun leaving her bewildered friends and the stunned telegraph pony standing in the middle of the road. After a second the stallion spoke meekly.

"Uh, you're welcome."

Sweetie Belle looked down the road at the vanishing filly and then back at the stallion. She sighed and pulled a couple coins from her pannier and gave it to the stallion. "Here you go. Thanks for your help."

The bewildered stallion accepted the tip. "Thanks."

Applejack was sitting at the billing desk in the farmhouse living room trying to make sense out of an article in the latest Ponyville Grange newsletter when she heard the front door fly open. This was followed by a thundering of hooves down the hall.

The mare looked just in time to see her little sister slide to a halt in front her and promptly sit down on her haunches. Clasped between her lips was some piece of paper. Like some expectant puppy with a stick she sat there and stared up at her big sister while her tail thumped on the wooden floor.

"What the hay is gotten in ta ya?" asked the filly's bigger sister. "And what's that yer holding in yer mouth?"

As if AJ statement was some command Applebloom leaped up into her big sister's lap. "It's a telegram from ah Stone Mane!" The filly shoved the piece of paper into AJ's face.

"He's asking if can come here and visit me this summer! He's willing ta pay fer his train ticket plus his room, board and he's even willing ta help around farm! His kin are alright with it so can he come sis? I guarantee he'll be a good guest and I'll be able ta show him all kinds of neat things around the farm and town. Oh please say he can come! Please please please!" The filly's tail was thumping in time with her plaintive pleases.

"Whoa there sugar cube! I'm alright with him ah visiting, but lets talk ta Big Mac and Granny over dinner tanight. O–"

Before she could even finish her answer Applebloom gave AJ a bone crushing hug and then tore back out of the house to do her afternoon chores. The yellow-orange mare just smiled and shook her head. Then she went back to her newsletter.

To be continued.

Media (1)

Applebloom_gets_a_telegram.jpg (255.6KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #281720 - 21 Aug 20 23:20
I suspect that AJ is going to brush up on the practice of "bundling" while Stone Mane is over...
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Uncorked 2020-08-20T18:23:20+00:00close

One of the drawings I started during my most recent Picarto stream. Continuing my series of genie ponies it's Berry Punch as a spirit of the vessel. This Saturday 8/22/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming again on Picarto. So join me for an evening of art, stories, D&D report, and some really great folks. See you there!

Note. This piece is already sold.

Media (1)

Uncorked.jpg (172.1KiB)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2807891 - 20 Aug 20 18:24
Beautifully done. Great work Baron.
The Headline Act
The Headline Actmore_vert
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The Headline Act 2020-08-19T17:23:10+00:00close

This a piece I did for David Bliss. The character's name is Faun Miller. If this piece taught me anything it's that there's always something that you've never tackled before and there's always something new to learn how to do. In this case it was all the lace in that semi-translucent dress. I had to make numerous study/test pieces to finally get a good result. The piece was done in a mixed media of colored pencil, marker pen, technical pen, and white gouache.

On Saturday 8/22/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming on Picarto. So join me for an evening of art, stories, D&D report, and some really great people. See you there.

Media (1)

The_Headline_Act_01.jpg (144.2KiB)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #404570 - 19 Aug 20 19:50
That looks amazing! Hard to believe it was just hand-drawn. By the way, will the next stream have some fixed theme? Or will you play it by an ear and improvise?
user avatar
User #2807891 - 20 Aug 20 01:23
Amazing work as always Baron.
user avatar
User #739641 - 19 Aug 20 19:49
You, sir, have an incredible amount of patience with that level of detail.
user avatar
User #4345721 - 19 Aug 20 20:32
"Rosettes On Rosettes"
Do you need help?
Do you need help?more_vert
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Do you need help? 2020-08-18T18:46:36+00:00close

A moment from my anthro MLP dreamscape. The brown bear slowly sauntered down the forest trail bringing its rider closer to you. Coming up to stop alongside you Fluttershy looks down from the back of Harry the Bear. She smiles at you and shifts slightly on the back of the bear. Gently she digs her thigh-high, black leather into the bear's thick brown fur. After a second she speaks up.

"Um, hello. Do you need help? My name is Fluttershy. You uh, may not realize it but I'm, um, good with animals. Do you need help with an animal?"

As she says this she gently rubs the coiled, 12ft, black bullwhip in right hand against her right thigh and the cutoff demin shorts. Then she waits for your response.

This Saturday 8/22/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming on Picarto. So join me for an evening of art, stories, D&D report, and some really great folks. See you there!

Media (1)

Do_you_need_something.jpg (315.3KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #404570 - 18 Aug 20 19:28
I love this!
user avatar
User #2340373 - 20 Aug 20 15:22
As I said below, Flutters is the one with the whip... She has really developed as a character, hasn't she? 'Axe BTW, love the belt buckle
user avatar
User #439962 - 18 Aug 20 21:02
Not what I call it but you can sure try to tame it.😊
Rein it in! Combined
Rein it in! Combinedmore_vert
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Rein it in! Combined 2020-08-17T18:39:25+00:00close

And here's the CMC lined up together in their stage outfits.

Media (1)

Rein_it_in_combined.jpg (586.3KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2340373 - 20 Aug 20 15:37
What was the classic description??? "Gownless evening strap"???? Why do I think that AB has a bit of an "Attitude" here???Doesn't look very happy, for some reason. Hmmm.. Is she worried about AJ's reaction to this? Still would like to see Flying Fingers meet up with Move to the Music. I know that Celestia said no more crossovers, but may be Petina and Luna could arrange it. would be an interesting Battle of the bands, if nothing else. 'Axe
user avatar
User #739641 - 17 Aug 20 22:32
I see they're all strapping young ladies... :P
user avatar
User #439962 - 18 Aug 20 02:19
Yes.....lots of straps.😏
Rein it in! 03
Rein it in! 03more_vert
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Rein it in! 03 2020-08-17T18:14:02+00:00close

From my Equestria dreamscape Scootaloo rounds out this series of promo images Rein it in! 01 Rein it in! 02 for Flying Fingers release of the song Rein it in! which is on their most recent album Let it all hang out! The CMC started the band while in college and now across Equestria and beyond.

Note. This piece is already sold.

This Saturday 8/22/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming on Picarto. So join me for art, stories, D&D report, and some really great folks. See you there.

Media (1)

Rein_it_in_03.jpg (271.9KiB)

Golden Orb Weaver study sketches
Golden Orb Weaver study sketchesmore_vert
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Golden Orb Weaver study sketches 2020-08-14T16:20:45+00:00close

Another element that will be appearing along in the upcoming commission with anthro Fluttershy and Rarity is the Nephila pilipes also known as the Golden Orb Weaver spider.

Now I haven't drawn a lot of spiders in my time. I"m not fond of them, well except for jumping spiders, but I don't have a unnatural fear of them either. However my most vocal muse Petina has a phobia of spiders. So for this project she's punched out and told me I'm on my own.

Media (1)

Golden_Orb_Weaver_study_01.jpg (229.7KiB)

Comments (11)
user avatar
User #46887 - 14 Aug 20 16:22
Sliders are proof we should nuke the entire planet and move to Mars.
user avatar
BaronEngel - 14 Aug 20 16:26
Petina would agree with you.
user avatar
User #402699 - 14 Aug 20 16:28
According to the David Bowie album "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" going to Mars won't help avoid spiders......
user avatar
BaronEngel - 14 Aug 20 17:08
They're invading the entire system!
user avatar
User #4345721 - 17 Aug 20 20:17
Now there's a reference. Man, I loved that show. It would make me wonder the reasons why some minor details are the way they are, like how we came to associate red with "stop" and green with "go", to ponder the likelihood of something like that having come about in reverse.
user avatar
User #4345721 - 17 Aug 20 20:28
Oh wait, that was a typo. F***.
user avatar
User #52588 - 15 Aug 20 00:23
Oh! Golden Orb Weavers! Fun.... NOT! They and their webs are beautiful, but... At the old house, in a Florida oak hammock, there was one that just LOVED to spin her web across walkways. She could have done it between just about ANY other two trees, or higher up, and nobody would have cared. But NOOOOOOoooooooo! She had to spin her 6ft diameter web right across the path with her sitting just about eye level. No idea how many times I tore the webs down, but I never tried to kill her, or her daughters/granddaughters/whatever. But there was always one that did that.
user avatar
User #439962 - 14 Aug 20 17:59
I’m with her.
user avatar
User #739641 - 14 Aug 20 20:29
"Eight Legged Freaks" (was a movie). And Petina in tank top and shorts -- hmm.
user avatar
BaronEngel - 14 Aug 20 20:46
Tank top with bare midriff and shorts are Petina's default casual wardrobe.
user avatar
User #739641 - 15 Aug 20 21:26
I believe the usual term is "crop top" for the short(ened) hem. So a tank crop top and short-shorts. (Hmm. I recall some laced-sides denim short-shorts...)
Revised outfit for Rarity
Revised outfit for Raritymore_vert
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Revised outfit for Rarity 2020-08-14T15:51:20+00:00close

Yesterday I posted some outfit designs for an upcoming piece with an anthropomorphic Rarity and Fluttershy in it. Link The client liked the first design for Fluttershy as is, but wondered if we could combine elements from the other three outfits to create one for Rarity. This was the result of that discussion.

Media (1)

Rarity_outfit_revision_01.jpg (125.3KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2340373 - 16 Aug 20 22:59
But,IIRC, Flutters is the one with the Bull Whip??? 'Axe
user avatar
User #2340373 - 16 Aug 20 22:58
Hmm Sort of "Flutter Do" and "Indianna Rarity".....Interesting
Fluttershy and Rarity outfit ideas
Fluttershy and Rarity outfit ideasmore_vert
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Fluttershy and Rarity outfit ideas 2020-08-13T16:44:10+00:00close

Baron's Art Tip. Don't let yourself be locked into just one idea. Give yourself, and maybe your client, by trying different options. Here's some clothing ideas for an upcoming Fluttershy and Rarity commission.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #3668943 - 14 Aug 20 00:35
I quite like the 1st one of Fluttershy.
user avatar
User #404570 - 13 Aug 20 17:06
I like the outfit Fluttershy has with her midriff open. Clearly she's on a trip in some hot area! :D
user avatar
User #18964233 - 13 Aug 20 18:22
The corset style of #3 does look good on Flutters.
All Charged Up!
All Charged Up!more_vert
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All Charged Up! 2020-08-12T20:24:43+00:00close

Technically part of my Bottled Six series although Tempest Shadow is not one of the Mane Six, but when this image pop up in my head of Tempest in a Leyden Jar I had to draw it. Now before anyone starts commenting, yes there should be some metal foil around the inside and outside of the jar if it is going to function. However in the interest of being able to see her better I've deleted it.

And since folks can get weird about it let me say that, yes magic is keeping her safe and sound inside there.

Media (1)

All_Charged_Up.jpg (171.1KiB)

Hold that pose!
Hold that pose!more_vert
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Hold that pose! 2020-08-11T19:40:22+00:00close

A patron reward for James Birdsall. This is Chandra and she's one of James OCs and one of my muses Petina is very fond of her. This is not the first time I've drawn Chandra. The gift of giving, Time in the tank, Cocktail Party

Media (1)

Hold_that_pose.jpg (207.1KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2730844 - 12 Aug 20 17:31
like a skyscraper held up by two I-beams
user avatar
User #439962 - 11 Aug 20 22:12
She better not stand up too straight either. Might give herself a wedgie!
user avatar
User #3668943 - 12 Aug 20 03:05
Hot damn!
Lifeguard on Duty
Lifeguard on Dutymore_vert
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Lifeguard on Duty 2020-08-10T17:50:00+00:00close

One of the drawings I started during my most recent Picarto stream. It's also a patron reward for ColdSilverD. Continuing my series of Rule 63 drawings Captain of the team, After Work, Summer Swimsuit Scholar I'm doing here's Soarin.

Unfortunately trips to the beach whether by the ocean or at various lakes and rivers are a bit more scarce this year in light of current events, but I could see Soarin if they weren't a Wonderbolt making an excellent lifeguard somewhere.

Media (1)

Lifeguard_on_duty.jpg (217.2KiB)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #739641 - 10 Aug 20 23:26
I thought lifeguards were required to wear one-piece swimsuits, not tiny bikinis.
user avatar
BaronEngel - 11 Aug 20 00:02
Actually in some countries or states they are in one piece swimsuits. But I found examples of bikinis on female lifeguards. Now truth in advertising they weren't as small as this one is. This ia a promotional photo. Yeah that's it!
user avatar
User #739641 - 11 Aug 20 19:46
"Promotional" -- I'd go with that. Because it certainly isn't practical...
Laughter in the Sounds
Laughter in the Soundsmore_vert
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Laughter in the Sounds 2020-08-09T20:08:58+00:00close

This is the first piece I started during last nights Picarto stream. Last week was Everfree Northwest. Due to recent events the convention was an online affair, but they are already making plans for 2021. One of the mascot ponies for the convention is Marina who is an adorable Orca pony.

I've done a couple Marina pieces in the past. So in honor of the con I did another one of her last night.

Note. This piece sold during the stream.

Media (1)

Laughter_in_the_Sounds.jpg (274.1KiB)

Art Stream Tonight 8/8/20
Art Stream Tonight 8/8/20more_vert
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Art Stream Tonight 8/8/20 2020-08-08T17:18:37+00:00close

Tonight starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming on Picarto. So join me for an evening of art, stories, D&D campaign wrap up, and some really great folks. See you there!

Media (1)

2020_streaming_today.jpg (265.4KiB)

Thumbnail Sketch Dump
Thumbnail Sketch Dumpmore_vert
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Thumbnail Sketch Dump 2020-08-07T18:57:13+00:00close

I know I haven't posted as much recently. This is because I have several projects that I've started on that are either not yet finished, or are completed but I cannot show them publicly yet. So in the meantime here's a collection developmentally thumbnails I've done of drawings I've already finished or will be finishing hopefully in the near future.

Media (2)

Thumbnail_dump_02_.jpg (322.2KiB)
Thumbnail_dump_02_.jpg (311.8KiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #739641 - 8 Aug 20 19:11
Are there pages like this that might get offered for sale on the store?
user avatar
User #404570 - 7 Aug 20 19:04
Well, I hope to see a finished drawing that the first thumbnail at the top left side is about. I can see a certain draconequus getting possessive/grabby with his fav pony, while she's in her more open vampire fruit bat persona.
Unexamined Biases 2020-08-06T02:36:22+00:00

Warning. This article deals with matters of anatomy. If that bothers you stop reading now. Also some of the things discussed in this article have occurred more on Deviant Art or Fur Affinity than on Patreon.

Over the last couple of days I've encountered a couple of things that given reason to pause and reflect upon how myself and others might view certain subjects.

It started when I was doing research for the commission Not Again. In the picture there's an anthropomorphic female unicorn trying to put on a t-shirt with somewhat humorous results. Now folds and the drapery of clothing can go a long ways toward creating a believable piece of art. So I went to my reference library looking for images of women putting on t-shirts. Couldn't find any. Lots of images of women taking off t-shirts but those don't have the same folds, drapery or sense of movement.

So I went online and did some web searches, which I've gotten rather proficient in. So I started searching. Note. One thing do when image searching is go into tools on Google and look for only Large images. This detail might've skewed my results.

Google. Search for women putting on t-shirts.

Results. Women taking off t-shirts or slogans women have put/printed on t-shirts.
I tried several variations of the initial query with no luck. Finally I did a different search. People putting on t-shirts. I finally got results. All of them were of men and boys putting t-shirts. In frustration I grabbed a couple images of guys and boys putting on the t-shirts.

However I had to make adjustments because of female anatomy because of undergarments like a bras. These make the clothing interact differently with them. As I was making adjustments and thinking about all the images I'd found of women taking off t-shirts, and wishing I could've found a decent image of a woman putting on t-shirt. Suddenly I found myself thinking of what my search results shown at least when it came to t-shirts.

Guys put their clothes on and gals take them off.

The other thing that's gotten me thinking recently concerns people obsessions with male anatomy. In particular the penis; with particular emphasis placed on the shape of it in relation to anthropomorphic artwork. Many of the comment that goes something like.

"It doesn't look enough the actual species." or some variant of that. Often with it coming down to it looks too much like a human penis. However after some reflection I realized that I've posted literally hundreds anthropomorphic females with very human breasts and I've never gotten anyone say.

"Those breasts look too human-like."

Now having done a fair bit of animal drawing and I can say the human breasts are very different from most other mammals, but I've never gotten comments that my skunk OC Rosemary Parker breasts look too human. Same for other parts of female anatomy. Then I started going back thinking about it and every single case I can think of where someone has commented that a penis didn't look right or it was accurate to a specific species its always been a guy making the comment.

In fact I had female classmate in college make the comment. "So long as it fits well and feels nice I don't care what it looks like."

Upon reflection this might be one of the reasons I might have done so few male nudes. Every time I post one someone has to obsess over the anatomy. Now for the record I will say right now I have no problem drawing male nudes. You don't make it through 4 years of life drawing if you have a problem with a nude male body, and let me tell you the plumbing comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Reflecting further I realized how often I've taken up commission for male anthropomorphic characters, often with male customers, and found that their character description/background sheet will often include a paragraph or more describing the character's dick? This same character background sheet however will often not have the character's eye color or whether they are left or right handed?

However female character sheets, especially if provided by a female customer, will often much more useful and informative. Even saying if the character is right or left handed. Yeah!

Now I realize that my experience might not be the same as other artists, but these two events have made me pause and wonder what other unexamined biases myself and others might have. Its given me food for thought.

Comments (22)
user avatar
User #692553 - 6 Aug 20 06:01
I have found your art refreshing. Your female characters have real sized breasts and not watermelon sized. The males are beleivable and not gigantic.
user avatar
BaronEngel - 7 Aug 20 01:24
I guess that's because first I imagine characters as being first and foremost real people.
user avatar
User #692553 - 8 Aug 20 03:44
user avatar
User #127412 - 6 Aug 20 16:02
Do you have anyone who you can use as a female model? Someone who doesn’t mind posing for 15 minutes every once in a while?
user avatar
BaronEngel - 7 Aug 20 01:22
Not at the time I was working in the piece.
user avatar
User #4345721 - 6 Aug 20 05:35
Oh for pony's sake, the comment's getting deleted because I tried edit a spelling error, then a formatting error from pasting the copy. Sorry if this is spamming your email. Third time's the charm. Don't get me started. Don't even get me started. ... Imma get started. It's not just the breasts, but female genitalia is nearly always human on anthros as well. Even on ferals, female anatomy very, very often swings Homo sapiens, and teats are drawn with human breast structure. For stallions, I'd go so far as to say 95% of the artists that aim for equine anatomical correctness still don't know where male junk is located, and anchor it all to the character's rump, like a human bending down on all fours. I've tried to rationalize a justification for it, but I'm at a loss for anything practical. It's not a lack of research, because clearly the details of a stallion's dong have been scrutinized; it's not a preference for the familiar, because again, there wouldn't be such emphasis for a non-human phallus; it's not a lack of research, because some of these artists have been drawing for many years and understand the importance of references and figure study. Near as I can figure, it's a matter of male ego and objectivity. Not specifically sexism; rather, guys seem to view human female sexual structures as fundamentally part of what their baser instincts identify as "female form", while they see a penis as an individual, replaceable part that serves the function of displaying ego. Ergo, when they want to see a female of X species, it still has to have human female breasts and genitals in order to be recognized by their libido as "female", while the male genitalia needs to be crafted to this very specific expression of how they want to see the character represented. So for this common audience, a bestial phallus is a requirement to have in thematic parallel with a bestial face and tail, because they all communicate how the character identifies as an individual. So a human-looking penis on a non-human looks mismatched to them, while again, human female sexual components are considered inseparable from their mental definition of "female". So I guess, maybe it is sexist. At the very least, it's not a two-way street of thought. And yet they still want their dicks anchored to their butts.
user avatar
User #499192 - 6 Aug 20 03:23
i cant help but to snicker at these valid points you made. Females are often imposed as sensual, erotic and eye pleasing idoms, which can be used fairly.. and unfairly at times. what does ick me is when people tend to overly critique what they impose as an ideal female body, and in some instances;male bodies. Funny at first but get old and irritating real quick. I for one enjoy different drawn body anatomies. Be it anthro, human, hybrid or even different genders altogether. In any case, i enjoy the methods and take you make when drawing any full-body piece. i learn a lot from the shapes of your characters' body parts.
user avatar
User #145442 - 6 Aug 20 08:25
You make very valid points, Baron. Very thought provoking. And I have found the comments posted in response equally interesting. Thank you for bringing up the discussion. I look forward to reading more responses.
user avatar
User #739641 - 6 Aug 20 23:15
Your frustrated search does seem to reveal a bias in what's being offered -- or at least what's being searched for, which may affect what's being offered. (The source of a bias isn't always obvious, intentional, or for a predictable cause. Consider the early "pink Princess Celestia" in MLP:FIM merchandise.) The complaints about how you design parts of the characters you draw are -- well, I suppose I'd ask to see a real anthropomorphic horse for comparison. (Trick! We don't have any! Or do we?) Unless it's specified by a commissioner, it's all personal preference.
user avatar
BaronEngel - 7 Aug 20 01:22
user avatar
User #463529 - 6 Aug 20 22:22
On the topic of your initial search... I don't know where you can find pictures of women dressing, but there are any number of sites where you can find video of them undress and redressing Resolution and angle probably aren't what you're looking for though, and the search function on such sites may not be as useful as you'd like. If you can write it off as a business expense, there are any numbers of ladies willing to do livestreams, who are gwnerally willing to grant reasonable audience requests. Though there probably won't be much drawing involved at her end.
user avatar
User #463529 - 6 Aug 20 08:06
Personally I always thought its a little crass to criticise how an artist draws sexy bits. Unless you're paying for the art, then it's rude, you're unlikely to change their mind, and it's more productive to look for another artist who draws things the way you like. There's also the double standard of 'beastly men, sexy girls' at play, in that Furrydom tends to produce lots of animal dicks, but fewer animal vaginas. Particularly noticeable with nagas, mermaids and shark girls. Artists will often find any excuse to keep drawing human vulva and human butts, even when it makes the anatomy look impractical or impossible. Though since you bring it up... The breasts you most typically draw are kinda more human in placement than shape. (Some exist like that, but they are not common) Same with your eyes. Both are a little closer to 'anime/cartooons' than what those parts of the human body actually look like. And while I tend not to follow artists who draw very human penises very often, it's easily shown that most drawn penises are (like tits and eyes) often several times bigger than they 'should' be. A lot of that comes down to making improvements over nature. Essentially that you can have large tits without sag, or back problems, and you can have a large penis without suffering brain-oxygen problems when all your blood rushes south to fill it. Or a more aesthetically pleasing design, and furry offers plenty of options there. A lot of that also probably boils down to artists gravitating to what shapes they feel can be drawn quickest for the most likes, and/or money. I also get the impression that some artists may be concerned that if they draw even a single example of unpopular or 'contraversial' anatomy that it could negatively impact their ability to earn money in the future, especially outside the fandom.
user avatar
User #127412 - 6 Aug 20 17:24
That brings up a related point. There are numerous artists who specialize in furry hyper-inflation art. One of the reasons I like your art is that you do not. With the possible exception of Bulk Biceps but that’s more a matter of his natural — “YEAH!!!”
user avatar
BaronEngel - 7 Aug 20 01:21
With the hyper-inflation art it always feels as if the those characters are only life support systems for their (fill in the blank hyper-exaggerated body part). Their not individuals they just exist for whatever body part, or parts, they're drawn attached. It's also why I'm not into to hyper-ripped, muscle bound characters either.
user avatar
User #4345721 - 6 Aug 20 05:21
Uh... Was my comment too long? It's showing up on my phone app, but not on a browser or my desktop.
user avatar
User #3668943 - 6 Aug 20 04:30
None of that was ever an issue with me as far as I can recall.
user avatar
BaronEngel - 6 Aug 20 04:44
It is funny how the people who read and respond to posts like this are rarely the ones who I feel need to read them. Trust you're just fine.
user avatar
User #13483703 - 6 Aug 20 06:54
Hm. First of all, I want to say that I was interested, no, IT is very interesting to read this. Thank you very much for your story! Secondly, I will note that this is quite subjective (about guys describing a member on a paragraph). I am a guy myself, I made orders from different artists and I can say that I rather skirted this point in General in the description than wrote something. Description of hair, clothing items, or body position-Yes. There were large paragraphs and many sentences with pictures. But here is a description of the genitals(other than the description of the size of the female breast) I didn't do that. Third, about t-shirts. The answer is incredibly simple-Breasts. If a girl takes off her t-shirt , then she maximum exposes her stomach. If she puts it on , the viewer will see Breasts or underwear, and this is already TABOO in our strange society! Therefore, if in our society the ban on showing nipples and Breasts would be of both sexes - I think you would have very serious problems to find an example at all, even among men ;))) Fourth, a very interesting remark about penises and Breasts, and their resemblance to human ones. Indeed, even on my own example, I can say that I was also touched by such thoughts. But most likely it is more related to the way artists display gender identity. For example, Females are always more elegant and more similar to human women, and at the same time, Males are more related to animals than to people(they have more hair, claws, and other animal characteristics). Maybe that's the point. Maybe because of this, the Viewer in a more elegant and human body sees the match of a human female breast, and in a much more animal male character expect to see an animal member and not a human one? Fifth, about the character sheets. I do not think that specifying the parameters and characteristics of the character depends much on the gender of the customer. Rather, it depends on the character's thoughtfulness and important features for the customer. If the Customer does not see it necessary to indicate right-handed or left-handed - then it's possible he just doesn't need it or he thinks these items are "self-evident thing not asking her clarity". That is, it is about as "He did not indicate that the eyes are two and on the head... Maybe then there are no eyes or out of 7 all over the body?" Sixth - in fact, there are more of them than you think(about different features and biases), they are just too hidden or are an everyday part of life that is not paid attention to ;) Seventh, sorry for my poor English. It's not my native language.
user avatar
User #692553 - 6 Aug 20 06:03
I play the MMO City of Heroes and the default breast size works out to HH Cup. Or as I call it - are those your breasts or are you trying to smuggle watermelons?
user avatar
User #4345721 - 8 Aug 20 04:34
I thought that went offline a decade ago?
user avatar
User #692553 - 8 Aug 20 08:39
It did go under in 2012. BUT COH is BACK! One of the Devs saved the software and has been running A server quietly for years. It went public last year and is ALIVE AND WELL! The forum is here Feel free to join the fun!
user avatar
User #2807891 - 6 Aug 20 03:47
I have never had any issues with the way you draw a character’s body features. It is quite true that no two bodies are the same. So do keep drawing the way you do and I’ll and many others will be there to support you in whatever you do.
Not again
Not againmore_vert
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Not again 2020-08-05T23:37:45+00:00close

Rrrriiiipppp! Minty Root paused and sighed.

"Not again! This is the 3rd t-shirt this month!"

A commission for Minty Root. In all honesty unicorn might routinely use something a bit more streamline, but similar in concept to pillow protector ball I've depicted before. Late night reading Slip it over your horn then put your t-shirt or sweater on, then remove it. Kind of like a shoe horn, but for your actual horn.

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Not_Again.jpg (166.7KiB)

Comments (1)
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User #2807891 - 5 Aug 20 23:39
Great job Baron
Evening Reading
Evening Readingmore_vert
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Evening Reading 2020-08-05T17:55:39+00:00close

This is the final drawing that I started during my most recent Picarto stream. This was a drunken, NSFW stream to celebrate passing 3500+ followers on Twitter.

Along with Gallus this was the second male drawing of the stream. It appears we're interrupting Sunburst bedtime reading.

This Saturday 8/8/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'm streaming again on Picarto. This Saturday's stream will be a regular SFW stream.

Note. This drawing sold during the stream.

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Evening_Reading.jpg (221.8KiB)

Comments (3)
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User #94376 - 5 Aug 20 18:19
Gallus is a very handsome stallion. Beautiful work Baron.
user avatar
BaronEngel - 5 Aug 20 18:33
Well this is Sunburst. Gallus is the griffin I post a day or so again.
user avatar
User #94376 - 5 Aug 20 18:58
Oops, I goofed! I wrote Gallus, who is also quite handsome, when I should have written Sunburst. I, um, may have been a bit distracted. :D
Art Stream 8/8/20
Art Stream 8/8/20more_vert
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Art Stream 8/8/20 2020-08-05T17:19:57+00:00close

This Saturday 8/8/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'm streaming again on Picarto. So join me for an evening of art, stories, D&D campaign wrap-up and some really great folks. The fun will go on till 9:30pm. See you there!

Media (1)

2020_Will_be_streaming.jpg (284.9KiB)

Comments (2)
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User #739641 - 5 Aug 20 19:15
*scurries about getting his monthly Patreon information organized and sent out*
user avatar
User #2807891 - 5 Aug 20 17:21
I look forward to being there.
Fire and Passion
Fire and Passionmore_vert
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Fire and Passion 2020-08-04T17:58:02+00:00close

During my most recent NSFW Picarto stream I started a drawing of my character Jedel from my Andur dreamscape. However that was a drunken stream and the combination of ethanol and working very fast meant that upon further review I felt the drawing I'd started wasn't up to snuff. But I had started a drawing of her so I was going to post a drawing of her. So yesterday I did this drawing.

For folks who are not familiar with her background Jedel looks like an ordinary young doe, but she's part demon as was her mother. Jedel is a pyromancer. She likes to burn things and is immune to thermal damage. However her wardrobe isn't as lucky, so situations like that shown in this drawing are not uncommon.

This Saturday 8/8/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming again on Picarto. So join me for art, stories, D&D campaign wrap up, and some really great folks!

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Fire_and_Passion.jpg (161.8KiB)

Comments (7)
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User #439962 - 4 Aug 20 18:07
Cue Def Leppard......Pyromania!
user avatar
BaronEngel - 4 Aug 20 18:11
Or UFO's, Too Hot to Handle. Or Sammy Hagar's, Baby's on Fire.
user avatar
User #439962 - 4 Aug 20 20:53
Blue Oyster Cult.....Burning for You.
user avatar
User #739641 - 4 Aug 20 22:31
"Fire" written by Bruce Springsteen, popular version by the Pointer Sisters.
user avatar
User #439962 - 4 Aug 20 23:28
Fire.....The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.
user avatar
User #515605 - 4 Aug 20 23:59
Johnny Cash.....Ring of fire.
user avatar
User #3668943 - 5 Aug 20 01:37
Jedel is cute. It's a shame we don't see much of her.
Feather Pillow
Feather Pillowmore_vert
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Feather Pillow 2020-08-03T23:55:41+00:00close

Gallus leaned forward and rested his hands on the headboard. He smiled and glanced over.

"You know they say feather pillows are the best for a good nights sleep.

Another of the drawings I started during my most recent Picarto stream. That was a special, NSFW, drunken stream done to celebrate getting 3500+ followers on Twitter. My next regular stream will be this Saturday 8/8/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific. Art, stories, and D&D wrap-up report. See you there!

Note. This piece sold during the stream.

Media (1)

Feather_pillows.jpg (251.1KiB)

Comments (4)
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User #4345721 - 4 Aug 20 02:01
Looks like I'd missed one. It can be a little trickier to tell an anthro griffon from a feral when he's not standing up, but the nipples are a good giveaway.
user avatar
User #94376 - 4 Aug 20 00:31
Oh yes, sleeping with those feathers would be delightful.
user avatar
User #5072678 - 4 Aug 20 11:47
Whew yes please, that'd be a real nice rest. Real cool to see some more dudes in these situations from you.
user avatar
User #17062430 - 4 Aug 20 17:58
His dick looks weird
Dripping Wet
Dripping Wetmore_vert
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Dripping Wet 2020-08-03T19:07:39+00:00close

"One of the best way to stay cool darling is a good soaking!"

One of the drawing from my most recent Picarto stream. The character shown here is Vipera Vixen. I don't consider her a muse of mine like Petina and Rosemary, but she is a character who's been in my dreamscapes since 1992.

This Saturday 8/8/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming again on Picarto. So join me for art, stories, D&D report, and some really great folks. See you there.

Note. This piece sold during the stream.

Media (1)

Dripping_Wet.jpg (153.4KiB)

Comments (2)
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User #439962 - 3 Aug 20 19:47
Now hang on....things get slippery when wet!😊
user avatar
User #13483703 - 3 Aug 20 19:15

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