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A whole lot of declines 2020-03-02T00:44:09+00:00

There was a lot of declines for this month, I'm not sure why. But if you have suddenly lost access to posts here, your payment probably didn't go through. If you intended to remain a patron, you might need to check your account.

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Thanks again, everyone, for your support. I can't do the comic without your help.

$850 Goal - Coloring Book Pages! 2019-10-26T14:23:15+00:00

So you guys have finally hit the $850 goal for me to make coloring book pages. I'll be posting about this in November (as that won't "go live" until after that processes). I just wanted to let you guys know!

Assuming nothing major happens to drop that below the goal, I'll be asking some of the higher tiers what you guys want for this. So keep an eye out after the first few days in November!

And thank you all again, you make this happen. Without your support, I would not be able to afford to make Kaerwyn with such regular updates.

Storytime: The Heart of Leilani Part 2
Storytime: The Heart of Leilani Part 2more_vert
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Storytime: The Heart of Leilani Part 2 2019-08-01T02:02:13+00:00close

If you haven't read part 1 yet, it's here https://www.patreon.com/posts/storytime-heart-28752671

I forgot to mention in the last Storytime, but in the Kaerwyn RP, the characters can use the rifter (Unlike in the comic). So if you're wondering how they're world hopping, they use that device.

When we left our intrepid adventurers, they had just managed to get the second clue from the Island nation of Albion. They still have four more cities to visit, and they decide to hit the next peaceful city of Sprevane, in the Kingdom of Alamannei.

Lorelei opens the rift to just outside of the heavily forested area around Sprevane. It's cooler here, almost evening. And they can hear the sounds of a festival even from outside of the town walls. The town itself is very humble. Small buildings make up most of the housing. Everything is in good shape. It's not dirty or falling apart like Llundien's streets. It's actually quite pleasant.

As they enter the city, the one thing that hits them first is the smell. BEER and Sausage. There are also other foods like funnel cakes and whatever else goes with an Oktoberfest style festival. But mostly, there are beer and sausage stands everywhere.

Lorelei continues to wander on. As all the roads seem to flow into the center of town, it doesn't take them long to find it. But the damn thing is smack dab in the center of the festival. There are all kinds of tents and events going on right around it.

From the actual RP Logs:

[18:55] <Lorelei> Okay, here's th' plan. Renard, we're married. Neek is our child we adopted from th' Save th' Kaetif foundation.
[18:56] <Neek> "...\what?!\"
[18:56] <Lorelei> And Neek, because he's a retarded child, wanted t'climb th' tower.
[18:56] * Neek \eyes\ Lore.
[18:56] * Renard laughs.
[18:56] <Lorelei> And you 'n' I are too drunk from th' beer to care.
[18:57] <Neek> "My dignity can only withstand so much shame."
[18:57] <Renard> "Then we need to get you some beer too."
[18:59] <Lorelei> Yeah, let's get Neek drunk.
[18:59] <Neek> "..."
[18:59] <Neek> "These plans are terrible."
[18:59] <Renard> "As is tradition!"
[19:01] <Lorelei> Just imagine th' look on Niixa's face when we tell her that her father had to get shitfaced drunk to fix her.
[19:01] <Renard> "I know. As it tradition!"

Lorelei then goes to buy the group some sausages, and beer. After mass consumption is completed, they head to the clock. This one faces almost due west. Lorelei convinces Neek to pretend to be barfing as a distraction so she can go poke the clock's cornerstone.

Finally a glowing remark that was encouraging. Maybe.

There's only one city left that isn't in control of the enemy of Eros, The Gallianne. Everyone hates them. So instead, they go to the city that no one can pronounce, Affärsidkarehamn, Norden.

It's right on the coast and fishing is a big part of their daily lives. Lots of fishing vessels are coming and going. There's also a lot of tradesmen of various types, woodworkers, metal workers. It's a very industrious little city. But two problems. Lorelei doesn't know where the clock is. And no one speaks the local language.

[20:16] <Neek> "Perhaps we could ask the locals through illustrations."
[20:16] <Lorelei> Might work.
[20:16] <Renard> "You heard the man, Lore. He has volunteered to perform the Interpretive Dance.
[20:17] <Lorelei> Well these people are like, tradespeople right? Surely someone speaks Creedmoori.
[20:17] <Neek> "Renard's gun has finally rendered him deaf."
[20:17] <Lorelei> Renard's not deaf, but not-listenin' is his superpower.

Eventually Lorelei finds a local shopkeep and tries to converse with him, with highly technical terms such as "Clocky Tower" and "Time". This obviously doesn't work. Neek draws a crude picture of a clock tower. The shopkeep chuckles and points down the road, towards the water. They all get a sinking feeling - literally.

They head to where the fellow indicated and find that, yes, erosion of the area has claimed this land for the sea. They can see where the clock tower fell over. Lorelei refuses to enter the water. The only compelling information they have here is that Lorelei cannot sense the cornerstone on this one like she could the others, the 'heebies' as she calls it. That leads them to find a place that might have taken the cornerstone when the tower fell.

And in their journeys, they find a museum slash ice cream shop. Don't ask. They head inside and the 'heebies' tell Lorelei that the cornerstone is indeed in here. Renard distracted the old man at the ice cream counter, while Lorelei and Neek found the Cornerstone. Though it was behind a glass case. Lorelei wants to break it and run. Neek, unfortunately, has more respect for the museum owner, and doesn't want to break it. Renard gets some information about the "Alde Berikken", a claw shaped mountain where all the old clocks face.

Neek decides to go back to the shopkeep and explain that he's a historian and he'd like to get a rubbing of the cornerstone. The Shopkeep respects a fellow historian, and will allow it for a small donation to his museum.

[21:42] * Lorelei will move forward towards it, and will try to put herself between the cornerstone and the shopkeep so he doesn't see it. She'll touch it when Neek is ready
[21:43] * Neek is ready, with paper and pen in hand.
[21:43] * Lorelei touches it. It does the glowy thing. Somehow the shopkeep is oblivious to it.
[21:44] * Neek jots the information down, then actually makes the rubbing to fulfill the alibi.

"Teamwork. Fuck yeah." - Lorelei

Oh, now the stones are getting threatening. Again, this will not stop them. But there are two cities left. One is in a warzone. The other is in the capital of the most hated country on Raekarta. Since the last two cities are in hostile territory, they decide to leave Neek on Kaerwyn to study what they've found so far, while Renard and Lore try to get the last two on their own.

They decide to go to Turicum first. It is on the border of the kingdoms of Alamannei and Gallianni. Both countries claim it as theirs. The city is in a constant state of war. It is bordered by large mountains to the south, and a river to the north. Most of the citizens have left, but many refuse to leave. It was only just recently that the fighting escalated to more destructive methods.

First, Lorelei and Renard rift to Sprevane to buy medical supplies. Then they rift to the Alamannei side of the border near Turicum. Their goal is to pretend to be from a neutral party bringing medical supplies to the residents of Turicum. They know that Alamannei's troops would buy this, but Gallianne's probably won't. They expect a fight. So they have with them two horses and supplies in the saddlebags.

When they get to the first checkpoint, the Alamannei guards inspect their cargo and question them. Finding that they are indeed only carrying personal weapons and medical supplies, they allow the two to continue on - with the caveat that should they find themselves in trouble, the Alamannei cannot be responsible for their safety or extraction. Agreeing to this, the two continue in.

The town is in ruins, like bombs have gone off. Renard and Lorelei have seen actual "modern" warfare and they're somewhat surprised to see this in a town on Raekarta. Since They have no map of the town, and no real way to know where the center is, they rely on Lorelei's ability to sense out the cornerstones. They decide to stick to back roads to stay out of any of the fighting. This proves to be a mistake.

Immediately they are fired on with what appears to be focused energy weapons. Lorelei takes to the alleys to get behind the ambushers, while Renard tries to get his horse out of the line of fire, somewhat unsuccessfully. Renard has to abandon the horse and hide in the alleys as well. As soon as Lorelei makes it back to the street, she sees the ambushers are raiding Renard's horse for supplies. She manages to stab one in the back, and distracts the other so that Renard can end him with the point of his sword as well. Unfortunately, Renard's horse did not make it through the scuffle. And, of course, the two steal the energy weapons.

How the Gallianni were able to obtain the energy weapons is a concern, but a concern for another day. They have to help Niixa in the here and now. Now with just one horse, but better armed than they were, the two had to bullrush through what was an active fighting scene in the center of town. They sprinted across the area despite the fires, the bombings, and the horrendous noise and smoke. They managed to find the remains of the clock tower with the cornerstone still intact.

"Enough with the goddamn riddles already!" -Lorelei

They manage to escape, but only just. Now, the last city looms - the stronghold of the Gallianni: Parisius.

Lorelei takes Renard to Parisius. She has been here before and so just opens a rift to a back alley near the center of town. Like Llundein, the city is a mix of beautiful architecture, and slums. It has some amazing, artistic buildings and statutes, and also people literally shit in the streets. What is wrong with them?

As they step out on the main street, they find that this might be the easiest one to get to. The clock is right there, in the center of a field. There are a lot of people just chilling around it. Many are eating lunch from one of the many food carts and restaurants in the area. And there's no guards at all.

And oddly enough, they just walk right up and get it.

That makes them super paranoid of course.

Now the task before them: Solve the riddle. Which I will try to get to, when I post Part 3 later.

Media (1)

HuntersTrap.jpg (176.5KiB)

Storytime: The Heart of Leilani Part 1
Storytime: The Heart of Leilani Part 1more_vert
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Storytime: The Heart of Leilani Part 1 2019-07-30T02:37:31+00:00close

Most everyone here knows that The Realm of Kaerwyn is not just a webcomic, it's actually a Role Playing site that is open to anyone that wants to give it a go. (Seriously it's free, no strings, we do it as a hobby). Because I am an artist, there are a lot of visuals to this tale. If you are at all interested in the RP you can find info here https://kaerwyn.com/ and https://kaerwyn.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page

Note, that while we play the same characters as the comic in the RP, they are really completely different characters as their backstories and everything had to be altered to work for the comic. So don't consider anything from the comic as canon in the RP or vise versa. So what I'm about to tell you, and show you, is from a plot we recently ran on the Kaerwyn RP. (A plot is basically a story that we write as a group of involved players.)

Very recently we ran a plot that resulted in Niixa completely losing her memories, like complete brain wipe. Just as Endymion was about to give her up for dead, Lorelei reminded some of her friends about an ancient Raekartan artifact she once tried to find, known as the Heart of Leilani. It supposedly had the power to turn back time. Lorelei, selfishly, tried to find it when she was younger as a means to turn back her curse and allow her to die finally. She gave up on it when it became "Too much bullshit" for something she wasn't even sure existed.

But Lorelei told Renard and Neek (Niixa's father, who is a regular character on Kaerwyn) about this artifact and they convince her to try to go after it again, for a more noble reason: to save Niixa's life.

Lorelei went digging through her old notes, how she managed to find them is a mystery considering everything she's been through, and everything Kaerwyn has been through (including the town being destroyed twice).

Lorelei is none too shy about commentary in her notes.

All they really knew is that they had to find six clocktowers in six of the oldest cities in the continent of Eros. Lorelei tracked them down to these towns because they exist on leylines. They're also the oldest towns. So she feels like there's power here directing people to stay in these areas, and thus, they always remain.

And with a hand drawn map of Western Eros, they left Kaerwyn on an adventure offworld, to the world of Raekarta - the homeworld of Lorelei and Endymion.

Amazingly Lorelei's handwriting matches mine.

They started at the easiest one to reach in Aneda, Albion. The clocktower was located in a library. The hardest part of this mission was dragging the nerdy Neek away from said library, especially since he was looking up information regarding the Heart of Leilani. The clock faces east-southeastish. Unfortunately, they've turned the base of the clock tower into a gift shop and offer tours. They'll have to sneak around to find any hints of what to do!

A guard blocks their way from entering the clocktower itself, but that's not a problem for a rogue, a soldier, and a scholar. Lorelei convinces Neek to keep the guard distracted, which he does by asking annoying tourist questions that the guard stammers trying to answer. Renard keeps watch for Lorelei and she sneaks inside. Neek learns that the cornerstone of the clocktower was originally from the remains of the empowered buildings of the Ancients after the Great War. Renard and Lorelei find it, and rescue the guard from Neek's ever-pressing questioning. Renard convinces Lorelei to poke it, and when she does, they get a piece of a riddle in glowing text among the smooth gray stone.

"That certainly bodes well." - Lorelei

"Do Not Go On!" The Tale So Warns, "This Path Knows Only Sorrow." They all sorta stare at this note in shock and confusion, having no idea what it means, or what the squiggly lines are about. But there's one thing for sure, no fucking rock is gonna tell Lorelei what to do. They write it down and continue on their journey.

The next stop for them is in the south of Albion, to the large city of Lludein or is it Llundein? Out of everything Lorelei has been accused of, accurate spelling is not it. Either way it's a big damn city in Eros, on all of Raekarta, actually. For miles and miles and miles, as far as they can see: city. The streets are crowded, some are filthy, and it's full of all kinds of people - humans and Kaetif.

Lorelei leaves the alley and starts walking towards the palace. "So Llundein is the home o' th' royal family. And their clock is part o' their palace. This place is well guarded. They have a history of anti-monarchy rebels who want to overthrow th' kingdom for a more democratic government or some shit. They've tried to burn down the clock tower many times."

"Well, at least we don't want to overthrow the monarchy, so we have that going for us," says Renard helpfully.

The road to the palace is very large, open, and well maintained. The streets are cobblestone, and the path is lined with trees. It's actually quite lovely. The large open yards of the palace seem to be used by regular townspeople as they have picnics, or are studying, or just relaxing. The palace itself has the royal guard all around it.

The Trio are trying to figure out how to get to the clocktower. If all they have to do is poke the cornerstone, then this should be easy. Should be. But the royal guard is all around, and they do not want tourists, or anyone really, getting that close to the palace.

Lorelei puts on her thinking cap, "Well. Here's what I'm thinkin'. These guards are worried 'bout rebels. But they also have to deal with annoying tourists, right? And I bet they just shoo off annoying tourists. What if Neek pretends t'be a historian from Theropos who gets a little too close?"

You know a plan is not a good one when Lorelei starts it with "Here's what I'm thinkin'."

They can see the clock tower as they continue on towards the palace. It's built into the palace, but the exterior of the clock is still mostly standing on its own. The face of the clock tower points slightly north of east. They might also notice that the hands are not moving, it is broken.

Lorelei and Neek make a run for the clock's base. Lorelei instructs Neek to look 'interested'. Neek tries. His soul dies a little inside, but he tries. Wide-eyed and 'interested.'

As the guards approach and Neek does his best to bullshit them, Lorelei becomes impatient and pokes the cornerstone. Neek, Renard, the guards all stare. They quickly write down the note and the squiggles and run like hell. The guards seem really annoyed but also have to check out the clocktower to make sure those weird tourists didn't mess it up somehow.

"Although," They Preach, "The Hunter's Trap Is Lined With Streaks of Gold."

As the group studies it, they reach one remarkable conclusion. They have no idea what this means.

And that is the end of Part 1. I'll try to post Part 2 soon if people liked it. Note, this is not paywalled, so you can share it with people if you'd like.

Media (1)

AncientsReach.jpg (217.6KiB)

Comments (3)
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User #75816 - 30 Jul 19 02:55
The tag alone is worth a ♥.
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User #11531011 - 30 Jul 19 05:47
Hmm, fascinating.
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User #428374 - 30 Jul 19 03:36
Lorelei is my public speaking hero 😀👍🏼
New Goal and other stuff! 2019-06-04T16:15:51+00:00

I just wanted to take the time today to thank you guys for all your support. Without you I couldn't work on the comic "full time" like I do now.

Back at the end of April and the start of May my dog, Doobie, got very sick. He's a dachshund and was showing signs of back troubles. So he had to go in for two rounds of Xrays and some painkillers. This was not cheap and I had to put it on my credit card - during the same time period that I had to pay 2018's income taxes and the first quarterly taxes of 2019.

Doobie thanks you.

But thanks to your help, I was able to pay off my credit card this month (plus taking some extra commission work last month) so now it's all paid for. And Doobie didn't have any back problems afterall, and he's fine now!

If you've ever wondered, almost 100% of the money I make from Patreon goes to my normal bills: Rent, Power, Internet Access, Phone, Insurance, Food, etc. I'm just barely able to pay all this with what I make from both Patreon accounts, and anything extra I get from commissions.

But enough about that, I've added a new goal! If we can hit $850 a month, I'll start uploading lineart that you can download and color! You can print them out and color, or color them on your favorite coloring app of choice! I know it's not much but I thought it would be something fun to add.

That's all for now and thank you for your continued support!

Moving Update 2018-11-12T16:01:30+00:00

I am in the new place. Everything is set up. I've made sure my Cintiq and work machine are fully functional. I'm almost ready to go.

I am so sore, you have no idea. I spent all last week packing. And then from Friday to Sunday, we were doing nonstop trips back and forth between the apartment and the house.

I haven't even started to unpack yet and I really need to.

I'm going to try to work on the comics this week, though the updates might be sporadic. I might update for you guys only, and then next week post them publicly. I'm honestly not sure how it'll work out, but I don't want to leave you guys hanging for the rest of the month with nothing to show for it.

The good news is that our internet speed is siiiick. http://www.speedtest.net/result/7791973967 (We have fiber)

Anyway, that's all for now!

Comments (3)
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User #74680 - 13 Nov 18 18:58
Remember you need time for yourself... please rest some
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User #148788 - 13 Nov 18 19:11
No worries. Don't push yourself into exhaustion for those updates. We can wait.
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User #14889568 - 18 Jan 19 02:17
Update 2018-11-09T03:10:59+00:00

Just a real quick update. We'll be officially moved into the new house on Saturday. Internet is already hooked up. We just need to get the rest of our stuff over. Sunday we'll have to come back to the Apartment and do a lot of cleaning.

After that, I think things will be back to business as usual. I will probably take commissions next week, though I'm not sure how many yet.

I do hope to get right back to making the comics. Of course all this is dependent on the internet being stable, and my work machine (and cintiq) making it in one piece.

Other than that, things are going quite well so far. Thank you so much for your patience. I'll see you guys on the flipside.

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User #5285843 - 9 Nov 18 07:11
Yay new house!
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User #74680 - 9 Nov 18 03:14
Get yourself set up and comfortable. Please don't stress yourself on it *HUGGLES*
Vacation is Over. Back to work! 2018-09-10T14:12:16+00:00

Alright guys, I'm back from my minivacation and staycation. I'll be posting the comics again starting tonight.

Normally I wouldn't bother even mentioning this but there is one thing concerning me right now and you guys need to be made aware of it:

I am directly in the path of Hurricane Florence. I was hoping to find an image that had Raleigh on it, but I didn't have much luck with the updated storm track. Raleigh is basically just north and slightly left of the Landfall "M".

The last time we had a hurricane of this intensity hit Raleigh, several areas were without power for weeks. So there is a very good chance we might not have power for some time. If that's the case, I obviously can't work on the comic. And I might just have to bite the bullet and do all commissions one week to make up for the lack of income, which also means no comic.

Hopefully it won't come to that. But for right now, I'm going to continue working on the comic as usual. If it looks like it will be bad, I will post the comics early for you guys and possibly for the public. I will not be taking commissions this week on the chance we'll lose power.

I live far enough inland and on a hill that I'm not worried about flooding. You will probably see reports of Raleigh flooding for any part that's near Crabtree Creek. It floods everytime we have a bad rainstorm. I'm not near those areas. I am worried about the wind. We have a lot of trees that could be blown over.

That is all for now. Don't worry, I'll hang in there. I'll get pics if anything cool happens.

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User #74680 - 10 Sep 18 20:03
Please stay safe *HUGGLES*
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User #4682421 - 11 Sep 18 22:44
Please stay safe and take care of yourself, and loved ones.
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User #2852169 - 10 Sep 18 14:16
Welcome back from vacation, Jakkal! I hope you stay safe. :(
Labor Day Week/Upcoming Stuff 2018-08-31T16:39:16+00:00

Just letting you guys know that this week has the US Holiday "Labor Day" on Monday. I will be going out of town until Monday. Since this sort of throws my schedule out of whack, I've decided to just take the whole week off. I'll probably end up working on the comics anyway because I like to stay ahead. But I'm going to use this time to get some other stuff done.

In addition to this, I need some medical work done which is not covered by insurance. It's not life threatening or anything, but it will end up costing me a few thousand dollars out of pocket. I do need to get it done. This will be going on throughout September and maybe into October. I hope this isn't going to interrupt anything, but I'm not sure what's going to happen from it. I appreciate your patronage and your patience as I go through this. I'll do everything I can to try to prevent interruptions in the comic.

And then in November, I will be moving. Again I hope that this doesn't interrupt anything. But one never knows. We might end up not having internet for some time. Rest assured that I will be going crazy without the internet. But I can at least work on comics.

That is all for now.

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User #2280705 - 31 Aug 18 16:58
Hope all goes well.
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User #74680 - 31 Aug 18 19:23
Do what needs to be done, we will be here for you *HUGS*
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User #4682421 - 31 Aug 18 19:26
Best wishes and have a wonderful weekend!
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User #578583 - 1 Sep 18 18:13
Rest, relax, and have a good time
Coloring Book Style Lineart 2018-08-29T16:05:00+00:00

I asked this on Discord last night but only got a couple of responses. Would you guys be interested in some lineart images that you can color (Print out and color or digital)?

I can easily do the comic characters, generic werewolves, generic anthros. That kind of thing. I'm thinking about making this part of the $10/month reward set. What do you guys think?

And if you have any suggestions on this, I'd love to hear it.

Comments (4)
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User #578583 - 29 Aug 18 17:13
Sounds like fun. As for the Discord, for some reason it doesn't work on my machine. Once or twice a year, you might have a contest as to which coloring effort was the best (no prizes, just bragging rights for a while).
user avatar
Jakkal - 29 Aug 18 17:16
I'm afraid I can't do tech support for Discord, but there is a browser based version of it https://discordapp.com/channels/@me
user avatar
User #2280705 - 29 Aug 18 16:31
I like the idea. Color to your own OC kind of deal.
user avatar
User #5285843 - 29 Aug 18 20:20
I'd be down for that, sure.
Patreon Declines/Frauds 2018-08-02T15:02:53+00:00

Guys, there were a lot of declines and some listed as frauds this time around. I've been told this is a Patreon problem: https://twitter.com/G0ffThew/status/1025007391723511808

You might want to check the status of your subscription/pledge and make sure everything is in order. If you can't see the patron only posts in august (such as the comic tonight, which all Patrons can see) then you know your payment didn't go through.

You might be able to resend it, or contact Patreon support. It doesn't look like there's much (if anything) I can do about it.

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User #158474 - 2 Aug 18 23:04
Mine went through fine, but of course I used PayPal so although my payment went through later at night, everything was fine.
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User #148788 - 2 Aug 18 16:48
I'll try resending. It looks like they charged my card once, then refunded it. =/ *Edit* I couldn't resend it. I ultimately changed my payment method to Paypal and used my card that way. It appears to have processed.
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User #578583 - 2 Aug 18 23:21
I got the "declined" notice on my donation...but my bank showed that things had been paid. When I checked the actual Patreon release, it showed paid. My suspicion is that Patreon's bank screwed up and things were declined improperly. Most banks do an automatic re-submit in cases like that, and the second time was the charm, it went through. Perhaps they just want us to switch to Pay Pal...no problem there.
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User #620866 - 2 Aug 18 15:36
Looks like mine went through fine.
Discord Integration 2018-07-27T22:14:51+00:00

Just to let you guys know, I've added a new perk for you guys. Currently it's set up for $10+ Patrons. I expect to have to tweak this as we progress, as I'm new to discord and I'm not entirely sure what people might want from this.

Right now I've got it set up so that any $10+ Patron can access my server and chat. I've got a special room for the $35+ Patrons. I may end up posting special stuff in there, doodles or, whatnot.

At the very least my $35+ Patrons will have access to chat with me whenever I'm online. And unless it interferes with my work, I can answer any questions or whatever you guys might have.

Everyone else can use the general room to chat or talk to me, though I might not be following it as closely.

If you guys have any ideas for the discord chat, please let me know!

Kaerwyn Patron Q&A 24
Kaerwyn Patron Q&A 24more_vert
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Kaerwyn Patron Q&A 24 2018-04-17T01:04:26+00:00close

This was asked by Arrow. Such an odd question, clearly Endy loooooves birds.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #3872622 - 17 Apr 18 01:45
Or swans. He wouldn't get NEAR them.
user avatar
User #158474 - 17 Apr 18 01:09
At least he doesn't eat eagles or hawks!
user avatar
User #5285843 - 17 Apr 18 02:06
I completely agree
Kaerwyn Patreon Q&A Page 23
Kaerwyn Patreon Q&A Page 23more_vert
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Kaerwyn Patreon Q&A Page 23 2018-04-16T00:50:36+00:00close

This wasn't really a question that anyone asked me, just a response from me about all the comments we get on Niixa's size.

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #72565 - 16 Apr 18 02:40
isnt she a mage or something, creat magic box can be a spell, hell when playing gnomes i normal get something to make him a bit taller
user avatar
User #344268 - 16 Apr 18 16:09
AEF, as far as the Iirozians of Errux know it, can only do a few things: Produce fire, wind, or electricity, perform short-range teleportation, and create illusions. Everything else one would attribute to 'magic' is also considered fantasy by these people.
user avatar
User #80548 - 16 Apr 18 02:21
Tiny Racoon Lady :P
user avatar
User #3080783 - 16 Apr 18 15:25
All the better to get the best view to appreciate his delicious abs
user avatar
User #620866 - 16 Apr 18 06:55
Summon Soapbox!
user avatar
User #620866 - 16 Apr 18 06:56
And wow. Someone shorter than Sori-skunk! (she's 5'2"!)
user avatar
User #2852169 - 16 Apr 18 00:52
Magical crate! Brilliant!
Kaerwyn Patron Q&A 22
Kaerwyn Patron Q&A 22more_vert
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Kaerwyn Patron Q&A 22 2018-04-12T14:36:23+00:00close

For the non-patrons viewing this, I let the patrons ask the questions and I draw out the characters answering them.

I'm not sure when I'll post these on the comic sites, but this will be open to everyone. I thought about going with a set schedule for these, but I'm not really in the state of mind to think too much about that stuff right now. I just want to make sure you guys get the content.

Comments (5)
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User #554661 - 5 May 18 04:25
HAHA ;) I'm not surprised.
user avatar
User #3872622 - 12 Apr 18 15:20
Arf! Should have told him to roll under the fridge.
user avatar
User #5285843 - 12 Apr 18 14:42
HAHAHAHAHAHA thats awesome
user avatar
User #148788 - 13 Apr 18 07:10
Ah, only Endy could confuse a sand scrub with a mud bath. ;)
user avatar
User #578583 - 12 Apr 18 18:24
Perhaps we're seeing the genesis of a new continuing character; Niixa? She'd be an interesting lead, methinks.
Tier Reward Character Sketches
Tier Reward Character Sketchesmore_vert
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Tier Reward Character Sketches 2018-03-30T21:28:26+00:00close

The above image is for Arrow Quivershaft.

The above is for Corey Vulpe.

The above is for Homedragon.

The above is for Onom.

The above is for SavvyIdiot.

The above is for West.

Tier reward sketches are available to Patrons that subscribe at $35+. Thanks guys!

Comments (3)
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User #2280705 - 30 Mar 18 21:43
Always amazing! 😁
user avatar
User #158474 - 30 Mar 18 22:37
Never seen multiple images per post, Patreon acts really weird with it though, every image after the first I have to manually apply the image extension when saving.
user avatar
User #5285843 - 2 Apr 18 23:32
Awww yeah, lovin it
VICTORY! 2017-12-13T18:24:44+00:00

We did it folks! All of our ire came forward! Patreon is not rolling out their new fee plan. I understand that fees might go up because there are issues they addressed, but this is definitely the right direction.

I might still set up alternatives to Patreon, but I will not be changing my Patreon, at least not soon.

Thanks to everyone that made your voices heard!

More info: https://blog.patreon.com/not-rolling-out-fees-change/

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #4682421 - 13 Dec 17 21:40
Good, good!
user avatar
User #148788 - 13 Dec 17 18:29
Just heard the news on Twitter. Glad they finally listened. I just hope you can get back the Patreons you lost because of the original announcement.
user avatar
User #5285843 - 13 Dec 17 18:55
Alternatives to Patreon 2017-12-11T18:05:37+00:00

I'm sorry, all. I know you're probably annoyed and tired of all these posts related to the fee changes of Patreon. It's important to me because I feel it's unfair that you're now carrying the burden. But also, I pushed and pushed and PUSHED to get people willing to sub at $1 and now they're the ones being most impacted by this. I have about 25 patrons that sub at $3 and below. I've already lost almost $50 in subs, so that could easily become $75 if a significant number of people drop. That's a lot of money. That's a fuckton of money for me.

For the record, just thinking about this stuff constantly has made it difficult to do my other work, like right now I have severe artist's block trying to work on Kaerwyn - for what is a very important page.

In my poll, several of you said you're interested, but want more information. So let me lay out what I've been thinking about for the past several days.

Please feel free to reply with your thoughts.

Option #1: I create my own subscription/donation methods

My Site:

I spent all weekend looking at various Content Management Systems that have a paywall/subscription addon. Right now I'm seriously looking into Joomla with an addon that costs me a flat $30 for the software but allows you to subscribe using Paypal or Stripe. I would not have your payment information *at all*, all of your transactions would go through Paypal or Stripe, period. (Stripe is what Patreon uses as well, just in case you didn't know). I was also looking into Drupal that has another addon that's about $110/month and another that was $40/month. They all offer various things that makes me keep them in mind despite the higher cost. For the record, Patreon costs me almost $100 a month currently.

Now this would be my own personal site, it would not be connected to anyone else. Though Shadowsmyst (Creator of the Shifters webcomic) and I have talked about sharing a site so that we can provide content for all of our users (We tend to share userbases as well). We're still looking into if this is plausible.

Site Security is a real concern of mine, as CMS's are notorious for being hack targets, but Joomla has a pretty good record and they have auto-updates now. I've also got one running using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) as well. This is what turns http into https in your URL bar. This adds an extra level of security.

I would like to make it so that if the site gets hacked, then the only thing lost will be email addresses and maybe passwords. I know this sounds dire, but I'm always thinking of "when, not if" when it comes to this stuff, so I want to mitigate as much damage as possible. The likelihood of getting hacked is pretty low, but it exists.

A mailing list:

I've been thinking about this one very seriously for my $3 and under patrons. You get screwed the most, and you're the most likely to drop support. So I've been thinking about setting up some subscriptions for Paypal but also donations via Ko-Fi (uses Paypal for one time payments) and Google Wallet (Not sure if they have a subscription method).

I would add you folks to the mailing list and you'd get your early arrival comics delivered to you that way. I'd have to do this manually so, this adds more of a timesink, but I think it's worth it in the end until we can get an alternative.

If you use this to donate more than the $5 tier, I'm not sure how to get the special tier information to you, other than making a mailing list per tier? That might be difficult. This option is mostly for those donating under $5 who are impacted the most.

Option #2. Patreon Alternatives


Currently, there aren't really any good alternatives to Patreon. However, I have been speaking with Commiss.io's guys in their discord chat (Along with several others) offering advice on a subscription model like Patreon's. Commiss.io is highly regarded among artists getting commissions, so having them create a Patreon alternative is VERY exciting. I have told them all of my gripes with Patreon: The fees, Allowing you to donate more than one month at a time for your selected tier, Lack of static pages for things like information and downloads, gallery for special images, etc. We've made a ton of suggestions and they'e looking into setting this up, very seriously. Unfortunately we don't know when. But I am hoping that they will hit Patreon where Patreon has its strongest advantage: Get lots of artists on board and you can support all of them on one platform.


Drip is Kickstarter's version of Patreon. I have signed up for their waiting list, but currently it's in invite only beta. They expect it to be open sometime early next year. I'm watching this one, but currently Commiss.io is my preferred alternative.

This is all the information I have to give right now. I will be playing around with Joomla and other CMS's for my own site in the coming weeks. I will not have anything available before these damn fees hit. If you guys are interested in the mailing list option, please let me know so I can set up the appropriate paypal buttons.

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #2404008 - 11 Dec 17 19:32
I don't really have an issue with the change. I mean, a 20 percent increase sounds like a lot yeah, but for a 1$ a month subscription that's still only 20 cents, and I could lose way more than that just by buying an extra candy bar at the gas station every month. Of course, I don't have dozens and dozens of subscriptions in that bracket, so I guess the situation is slightly different for somebody who spends a hundred bucks a month on a collection of 1 dollar subscriptions.
user avatar
Jakkal - 11 Dec 17 19:36
A $1 sub is actually going up to $1.38. And yeah, if you're supporting 5 people at $1 now, it'll cost you close to $7 after the change. I know some people who were supporting 20 people with $1 subs, that'll up them to $27/month. I think someone else calculated that the creator only sees $.67 of that, when we used to see about $.80 of it. It's a wait and see game for sure.
user avatar
User #164843 - 11 Dec 17 18:40
Commiss.io does not seem a good alternative and d.rip you need to be part of an elite clique. I... don't favour any of those two. I'd suggest going for the "paypal/strype" and using the mailing list to deliver content. That seems the more sensible choice at the moment if you wish to abandon patreon.
user avatar
Jakkal - 11 Dec 17 18:43
I'm probably not going to leave Patreon entirely, but I want people to have options if they'd like to continue supporting me. On my end, not much will change (Probably just making a lot less). I'm curious why you think commiss.io isn't a good alternative.
user avatar
User #164843 - 11 Dec 17 18:49
Because they are starting right now, and as usual the initial conditions will not be respected as they will go through trial and error. Patreon here did a bad mistake, but their biggest mistake was that they did it sooooo late in development. Other sites that are starting right now to give subscription will do a lot more mistakes right at the beginning. So. Unless you like going through some heavy "beta testing". And thus receive a lot more crap than the one delivered by patreon, use established sites. At this moment the only "established solution" is Paypal subscriptions or Strype. I used Strype far less, but it's not much better/worse than Paypal, just very slightly different. I suppose it's "parallel evolution". Everything else got killed by stupid decisions like Patreon's latest.
user avatar
Jakkal - 11 Dec 17 18:56
Well, I was here on board with Patreon when they first started, and I've given a lot of my advice to Commiss.io's owner. Going through growing pains is going to happen, no matter what, but I trust Commiss.io more than Greedy Patreon. Patreon started out as the solution to getting supported by large numbers of microtransactions, but then they suddenly switched gears to only caring about "the whales". This is a huge problem. Now I'm not saying that other sites aren't going to head down that path, but I'm willing to give them a chance. Commiss.io has done pretty well for themselves in regards to artists and commissions. Also they're using Paypal and Stripe as well, they're not making some whole new payment system. And listening to their owner/programmer speak about what challenges they have and what needs to be done gives me confidence that they're leaning in the right direction. I'd suggest going on their discord and taking a look at what they have to say. They're not jumping into this unprepared, that's for certain.
user avatar
User #164843 - 11 Dec 17 19:06
I don't think patreon is "going for the whales" or something, i think they actually think they are doing good, and people will "see the reason if they "tough it out". I think they deluded themselves or did not really think of the consequences. and all the negative comments will not make them see the reason because by now they will have gone into hedgehog mode, trying to defend their indefensible ideas. It's far more common that an honest mistake does a really bad job, pisses everybody and then people will now try and defend it because they can't stand that their "bright idea" gets so much flak that they think it's "undeserved". Few corporations are actually greedy. Far more tend to make bad decisions, get attacked for making them and then die trying to defend the bad decision. A really greedy corporation instantly does a 180 flip. A misguided one will try and defend their idea to the death before accepting it's a losing one after near self-destruction. So basically, if on the 18th they will do a 180 then you can almost be sure they are greedy and dumb. If they will try and release more statements defending their idea then they are just dumb.we're currently past the date when they would have been "smart but did a dumb thing" and actually stopped all the stuff that it's happening right now.
user avatar
User #148788 - 11 Dec 17 18:28
My opinion on Patreon hasn't changed, I'm still willing to support you, whatever your choice. Though having a subscription service would make it easier instead of having to remember to donate each month. I worked for a career coach that had payments coming in through her own CMS site. Obviously marketing was critical. Going this way means you take all the risks, but BS snap changes like Patreon's would no longer be an issue.
user avatar
User #883770 - 11 Dec 17 19:15
I'm with silver. I may not be terribly thrilled about having multiple site accounts to manage, I'll support you wherever you decide to setup shop.
Thank You 2017-12-08T15:19:11+00:00

I just want to thank you guys for sticking with me. After Patreon's announcement, I've lost $46/month in subs. I expect that number to go up after they actually roll out this new fee structure (Garbage).

If they do roll out the fee structure, I will be changing my tiers so that you are paying as close to your original amount as possible - no fee headaches for you. I'll eat the cost. It looks like I'll be getting about 10% less than I am now. But I really don't think their fees are fair.

Because of this incident, I realize how reliant I am upon Patreon, and how they can easily screw me over with selfish policy changes. I am looking into alternatives to Patreon. I spoke with the guy (That I believe) runs Commiss.io, and he is looking into the possibility of creating a Patreon competitor. This company has a good reputation among artists. So I hope that works out.

Kickstarter is also working on their own version, called Drip. I have signed up for it. Unfortunately it is invite only right now, we have to wait for the invites.

If you want to dump Patreon and continue to support me:

Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/jakkal
PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/JakkalWolf
Google Wallet: jakkal@gmail.com

I'm also looking into Flattr, but their site is really confusing.

I might also try to make my own "Donator Site" Like I used to have during BT's reign. My only concern is making it simple to us and secure.

In the meantime, I will be continuing on as I've been doing, and I really hope you guys can weather the storm with me.

Comments (14)
user avatar
User #2852169 - 10 Dec 17 17:37
I'm going to stick around, but just to embargo Patreon I kind of just want to set up automatic payments through Paypal so Patreon sees no extra income...
user avatar
Jakkal - 10 Dec 17 17:50
I've been actively looking into a way to set up my own paywall site with the same updates and stuff that I post here. I've found one that's $99/month and one that's $30/month. I need to give this a lot of research though, I can't stand messing with other people's money and I have ot make sure this is done right.
user avatar
User #428374 - 10 Dec 17 06:58
I will give it a try. Thanks for the pro tip!
user avatar
User #5285843 - 8 Dec 17 17:07
This new fee is going cause so much damage across the board, especially to Patreon when significant amounts of of Creators and the Patrons that follow them leave the site. Wonder if they will be able to figure it out in time...
user avatar
Jakkal - 8 Dec 17 17:10
Their silence on this is deafening.
user avatar
User #5285843 - 8 Dec 17 17:20
Only because they don't want to admit how bad they screwed the pooch here. Unfortunately for Patreon, this supposedly "small" change could put them right out of business. Did a quick Google search for articles relating to this and 0% of them had anything positive to say on the subject. Every single one was a mirror of Wats post on the subject and both Creators and Patrons are abandoning ship because of it. Pretty sure Patreon has already lost thousands from this stunt and will continue to lose more as it goes on.
user avatar
Jakkal - 8 Dec 17 17:25
Yeah, this is why I hope they change their mind.
user avatar
User #5285843 - 8 Dec 17 17:30
Me too. This site was a really nice place to support creators, especially those just starting out, no gimmicks or hidden fees, no nickel-and-dime crap. Clear cut, straightforward. Now... And now that I think about it, one of the creators I watch only has two pledge slots: $2 and $5. He has a lot of patrons so he has $1,800 in pledges, but thanks to this new fee change...
user avatar
User #165003 - 9 Dec 17 16:17
I don't think that Patreon thinks they're screwing up. I think they're trying to keep their valuation as a growth company by changing the metrics investors look at, and they're willing to accept a loss of creators or patrons if it serves that goal. https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8532167/
user avatar
User #5285843 - 10 Dec 17 04:03
Right up until both the losses exceed the gains and those losses lead directly to competitor growth. I'm much more annoyed about how they phrased these changes. Supposedly they made these changes to support the creators, but the creators essentially get less out of this deal than before. The problem with hiding s#!t behind a smile like that is that is still smells, and everybody knows it. The only ones making money out of this is Patreon. Or they would be, if Patrons weren't leaving in droves the way they are.
user avatar
User #428374 - 10 Dec 17 06:19
I'm sticking around. I would appreciate a $2 or $3 tier with no additional benefits over the $1 tier to support you a bit more ($5 a month is too rich for me unfortunately). I have dropped other creators due to the death by 1000 fees model they are going to :(
user avatar
Jakkal - 10 Dec 17 06:22
You can put in whatever number you'd like to subscribe at. You don't have to follow the tiers.
user avatar
User #8042930 - 9 Dec 17 07:08
I'm sticking around as both a patron/creator. For now, I'll wait and see. I'm still a little sick so I want to think about it when my brain is fully operational.
user avatar
User #158474 - 8 Dec 17 22:39
I'm gonna stick here and see what happens but I'll move when and if I need to.
Guys, help me with the math. 2017-12-07T20:34:45+00:00

I've already lost $16, and two patrons dropped because of these changes.

I'm not good with the math but I'd like to change my tiers to reflect the payment problems. I want you to pay $5 or $10 or whatever and I will eat the rest.

Here's my tiers, I need to know what the price will be:

$1. (Sorry you can't go lower than $1 on these :/) I might have to remove this one. I think you can put in whatever you want for support, but I can't change this.
$5. -> $4.52
$10. -> $9.38
$20 -> $19.10
$35 -> $33.67
$50-> $48.25

I'm not going to do this right away, I want to see if Patreon changes its mind before it's too late. But I want to be ready for when they roll this out. Please help me figure this out so I can change the tiers accordingly.

Comments (24)
user avatar
User #164843 - 7 Dec 17 20:44
$1 -> $0.62 (Make the $1 "patrons only" stuff with no pledge minimum) $5 -> $4.51 $10 -> $9.36 $20 -> $19.07 $35 -> $33.64 $50 -> $48.20 math => X * 0.971 - 0.35
user avatar
User #158474 - 7 Dec 17 22:11
I should add it's not going to break my bank, my pledges are going up about $3.71 in total but I only pledge to 6 artists currently. (Technically 7 but he's 'per creation' and not very active)
user avatar
User #4181104 - 7 Dec 17 20:40
The issue is on an individual level there is nothing you can really do, look at those numbers and realize that they are very small, in fact the higher the pledge tier is the lower the percentage difference. The problem with these changes is that right now Patreon charges people based on bulk transactions and the fees reflect the savings that a single transaction fee on 10+ pledges has (a single 35 cent charge instead of 10). As you switch over to the new system you realize that someone pledging $1 to you and 10 other people is going to be charged 35% more total. I've made a big post about this here if you want to see what the real issue is: https://www.patreon.com/posts/patreon-fee-and-15760403 Even if you adjust prices the problem is that patreon is gouging people for far more than just adjusted fees, they are gouging people for a new revenue stream.
user avatar
Jakkal - 7 Dec 17 20:41
Yeah, but there's nothing we can do about that right now other than give Patreon hell. I'm trying to save my subs. This is at least something I can do.
user avatar
User #8042930 - 8 Dec 17 03:40
What confuses me is as both a patron and a creator, one of the reasons I liked patreon was it's clear what I'm paying each month. Now I need to figure it out based on what I pledge on top of the fees? I don't mind the increase so much as I want it clear. Like $10 tier with a note next to it indicating the total or something. I budget my money carefully and it's easy to keep X in my account for patreon every month but harder if I don't know how much.
user avatar
Jakkal - 8 Dec 17 03:43
Yeah, I know how that is. That's why I want to change my tiers so you end up very,very close to the original tier levels.
user avatar
User #8042930 - 8 Dec 17 05:36
At this juncture I don't think I'll necessarily change any of my current pledges, but it just seems unnecessarily complicated and misleading to potential patrons.
user avatar
User #5285843 - 8 Dec 17 14:46
And creators. After doing some rough calculations, if everyone did what Jakkal here is willing to do, they will make less than they did before the changes. Rather than the 80% of now, they will only get roughly 75% or less, depending on their average rates by comparison.
user avatar
User #8042930 - 8 Dec 17 15:10
I just don't see how this is going to be a good move, it's like saying we're passing the fees onto YOU, the customers. That's.. Never popular.
user avatar
User #5567162 - 7 Dec 17 20:39
5 -> 4.52
user avatar
User #5567162 - 7 Dec 17 20:39
10-> 9.38
user avatar
User #428374 - 10 Dec 17 06:25
I am hearing patreons of Doc Nickles The Whiteboard are having their non whole $ subscription attempts fail. May want to confirm/verify non whole $ subs are allowed before attempting to create the new tiers...
user avatar
Jakkal - 10 Dec 17 06:27
Oh jeez, that's just great.
user avatar
User #148788 - 8 Dec 17 02:24
I hope you don't do away with the $1 pledge totally, but I understand if you do to help make ends meet.
user avatar
Jakkal - 8 Dec 17 03:08
Well, I think you can still pledge $1 and you'll still see the comics early as that's set to "all Patrons" not just the $1 tier. But I can't change the $1 tier to $.62. It won't let me put less than $1.
user avatar
User #148788 - 8 Dec 17 06:58
No worries. Even if you could make the pledge $0.62 I'd still keep my pledge at $1.
user avatar
User #158474 - 7 Dec 17 22:05
"Starting December 18th, we will apply a new service fee of 2.9% + $0.35 that patrons will pay for each individual pledge. This service fee helps keep Patreon up and running. " I don't think they're backing out.
user avatar
User #5567162 - 7 Dec 17 20:42
user avatar
Jakkal - 7 Dec 17 20:43
user avatar
User #5567162 - 7 Dec 17 21:12
Personally I don't mind paying the difference myself, and I'm not sure adjusting your tier levels will help here. The problem may be the sudden realization by a lot of Patreon subscribers that Patreon can jack up their rates at will. It's going to be most significant to those who provide low-tier support to a lot of artists (someone who supports 100 artists at $1 each will be paying $137 under the new system, while someone supporting 2 artists at $50 will be paying $103.60).
user avatar
User #5567162 - 7 Dec 17 20:41
user avatar
User #5567162 - 7 Dec 17 20:42
user avatar
User #5567162 - 7 Dec 17 20:50
Wait, are they adding the 0.35 before or after they apply the 2.9% charge. If it's before, Simone's numbers are correct; if it's after they math would be [New Monthly Charge] = ([Old Monthly Charge]-.35)/1.029
user avatar
User #5285843 - 8 Dec 17 03:04
I'm on board with this. Also went ahead and read the article explaining the new fees and apparently only 428 of 2058 readers found it helpful. I was not one of those 428. Patreon, there are easier ways to commit company-level seppuku. Seriously. Edit: Sent the Help Desk an email with my opinion on the matter. Politely worded but still calling it what it is, with proper references to drive the point home.
Patreon Changes Part 2
Patreon Changes Part 2more_vert
Post file flag
Patreon Changes Part 2 2017-12-07T01:17:35+00:00close

Okay the above is the approximate cost increase for Patreon. Please note that this is for each individual pledge. That means if you're giving Artist A $1 and Artist B $1 currently ($2 total). The artist gets about $.80 each from that (guessing based on how much Patreon takes from me, but not sure what it is exactly). Then after the 18th, you'll be paying $1.37 each ($2.74 total). And each artist gets $.95 from it.

Remember this is PER pledge.

I really think Patreon should total up how much you're pledging across the board and THEN assign the fee to it. But they don't do that, because they won't make as much money that way.

The problem with this setup here is that people are going to start picking and choosing which Creators to follow, keeping up with some, dropping others, and paying the same thing they pay now. This ends up with both Creator and Patrons losing out.

If you are against this change, PLEASE let Patreon know. If you have them on twitter, they have @Patreon and @PatreonSupport. I think you can contact them here on the site somewhere too (That doesn't show for me since I'm in the edit window).

I don't mind paying the fees if it means that people can still give a set amount to their artists. But Patreon is saying the following on their twitter:

Yeah, I don't buy that either. I feel like all the 'researching' they've done is talking with people that rake in A LOT of money and Patrons that have plenty to spare. I think this is going to hurt the little guys a lot, people that only have $1-2 a month they can spent on things like this. I've long supported people that can only pledge $1 and this kills it for them, especially if they're pledging to more than one Creator.

Edit: Again, this is per pledge according to their twitter support:

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #74680 - 7 Dec 17 06:26
this does hamstring those who can only pledge a little bit.. And those artists who do descent but don't rake in the huge amounts.
user avatar
User #74680 - 7 Dec 17 06:44
sent tweet and contacted through Patron. "The new way you collect fees is going to push the smaller supported artists off of patrons. If you think people are just going to eat the new costs you are sadly mistaken. People like me budget and the changes you make force me to decide which of the Creators I support I can still do so. Please rethink this idea because you are going to harm Creators and lose money for yourself in the long run. "
user avatar
User #164843 - 7 Dec 17 07:22
🤔 yeah. You're not the first creator to say you think they just think about the big creators. If they were a "good" company they would think about the small creators. If nothing else because they are in a larger number and thus they do make them more money than the few big ones. 🤔 Plus most of the "few big ones" tend to collect small pledges. So they will see a substantial drop in patrons too. But on the other hand this might be the first sign of a "we'll be moving to pay upfront for every creator" as the stated fee is the standard that banks ask per transaction.
user avatar
User #232354 - 7 Dec 17 01:41
Wait. So if we have 20, 1 dollar pledges, it'll charge us 37 cents 20 times? Patreon takes the money as one lump sum, then distributes it out to the creators from there. Charge fees don't work that way. Has anyone verified this?
user avatar
Jakkal - 7 Dec 17 02:01
According to their twitter, it's "per pledge". I was going to add in a screenshot I took from their support twitter, let me add it to the main post.
user avatar
User #148788 - 7 Dec 17 18:16
I sent my thoughts to Patreon and Patreon Support on Twitter. I crunched the numbers for the people I pledge to and my costs were set to go up from $9 to $11.02 in January. So to keep within my budget I had to go from supporting four creators to just three. =/ I let that creator know why I was leaving, in case they hadn't heard the news. A lot of creators only heard about the changes on Twitter.
user avatar
User #5285843 - 7 Dec 17 05:04
Yeah, Patreon is pretty much shooting themselves, a number of small time artists, and the patrons that follow them, in the foot with this.
user avatar
User #2852169 - 7 Dec 17 05:50
Not just artists. All content creators :/ Some use Patreon as a tip jar since the ad apocolypse on youtube
user avatar
User #5285843 - 7 Dec 17 06:29
Patreon Changes 2017-12-06T20:13:59+00:00

So, Patreon is making some changes and I'm not real sure what to think about this. But I don't think there's much I can do about it.

So before, we Creators paid all the fees associated with our accounts. You pledge at $10, you pay $10. And we ended up getting about 80% of what was listed on our accounts. (For me, I was paying about $100/month).

Now it looks like Patrons will be sharing some of that fee, so that Artists get more of the payment (95%), while patrons cover the rest. That means I'd only be paying about $45/month in fees.

Here's what Patreon said about it:

A new service fee of 2.9% + $0.35 will be paid by patrons for each individual pledge starting on December 18th. This streamlines fees for both creators and patrons to ensure that you pay no more than 5%.

I'm not sure how that's going to affect you. It looks like if you sub at the $10 level, you'll end up paying $10.64ish?

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this. While I'd be getting more money percentage-wise, it's forcing Patrons to pay more. I forsee people dropping the amount they sub at. I'm not sure if that will hurt or help.

They said they'd email Patrons about this change tomorrow. So maybe it has more information for you about it.

Sometimes I think I should have a donator site again, though I'd worry about the security of it. But for that, the fees would be between myself and Paypal/Google Wallet.

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #165003 - 6 Dec 17 20:32
If the patron fee is "2.9% + $.35 per pledge" as described, and if that's the only fee, that means that the patron charge for a $10 pledge would be $10.64 ($10 + $.29 plus $.35). Personally, this won't affect my pledges for creators that I already give significant amounts to ($10 or more). There are some creators that I only give $3 to; I will almost certainly wind up raising some of these pledges and dropping others, keeping the overall amount unchanged but giving it to fewer creators.
user avatar
Jakkal - 6 Dec 17 20:36
Oh, you're right. I guess that's not too bad. I should edit the above not to scare people.
user avatar
User #165003 - 6 Dec 17 20:46
In terms of your strategy as a Patreon creator, this probably means that the standard tactic of "I'll hope that a bunch of people donate a buck a month and a few people contribute at higher levels" will become considerably less effective, because a $1 pledge winds up costing $1.38, which _feels_ like a considerable bite (even though it's only 38 cents). I suspect that a lot of creators will raise their suggested minimum donations to $3 or even $5, and hope that the higher donations will make up for a considerable loss in number of contributors.
user avatar
User #74680 - 6 Dec 17 20:29
Well I love supporting comics I read, but sadly I will have to cut back on some I support as I'm on a limited income. I will not be cutting back on you, but on those I really don't follow anymore
user avatar
User #73161 - 6 Dec 17 20:34
I did the math and it's not going to make it break me, just more annoying to track expresses.
user avatar
User #158474 - 6 Dec 17 23:24
Yes, this will be a pain in the butt
user avatar
User #5285843 - 6 Dec 17 22:16
Welp, my total payment would go up by almost four buck from this. I support only five artists with a total of $73 per month, most here cuz I really like the comic and that is about the max I can manage. I might have to drop one if they go through with this. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty sure this is going to hurt a whole lot more than it will help. In order to bring the budget back in line for many Patrons, they will have to cut pledges to some artists. At that point, it doesn't matter what the profit margin is for the artist, 95% of $0 is still $0.
user avatar
User #164843 - 6 Dec 17 23:37
yep 10.64, Not that stuff i saw in the email before coming here which said 13+ dollars or more... meh... i already pay 22% tax so it's barely going to make a dent. 🤣 Right now i'm paying 24.40 after this i'll be paying either 25.53 or 25.33 depending if the fees have to be paid before or after the taxes.
user avatar
User #148788 - 6 Dec 17 20:32
I'm also going to have to cut back on pledges. Not you, but maybe cut back on one. Thanks for the heads up! After crunching the numbers, the hit isn't too bad, but I'd still have to drop one pledge to keep within my budget.
November Schedule 2017-11-13T18:28:11+00:00

Just to let you guys know, I won't be updating the Kaerwyn comic next week. Next week has Thanksgiving in the US (Thursday) and I'm the one that cooks. So I have a lot of preparing to do. This also means I will not be taking commissions next week. If you want one, get it this week.

In the free time I get, I intend to work on BT pages. So hopefully I can make enough for what I owe you guys. If I get any time beyond that (very doubtful), I'll be working on sketch art for the $35+ tiers.

My Christmas schedule will be very similar. I will be taking two weeks off (Dec 17-31). Again, I will try to work on BT's and sketches. I'll also be working on Kaerwyn pages just to give myself a little breathing room.

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #164843 - 13 Nov 17 19:52
❤ Have care and good turkey massacre day 🤣 (not a vegan here, just an idiot who thinks he's clever)
user avatar
User #74680 - 13 Nov 17 18:36
I hope you have a wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving ^,^
Kaerwyn page 10 will be late 2017-10-23T18:28:01+00:00

I actually did up a page 10 already but we decided that we should throw another page in between that one and page 9. So the one I worked on today will become page 11. So as of right now, Page 10 does not exist. I try to post them to you on Monday as soon as I finish (Which would have been now), but now I have to start from scratch. I'm not sure when it'll be done, but definitely sometime later tonight or early tomorrow.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #74680 - 23 Oct 17 20:26
Take your time ^,^
user avatar
User #164843 - 23 Oct 17 23:20
Don't worry and don't die of overwork on us 👍😁
user avatar
User #578583 - 23 Oct 17 18:55
So, page ten is now page eleven, page ten does not exist and page nine will gain a page nine-A? Do you write Federal Income Tax instructions in your spare time? (JK)
user avatar
Jakkal - 23 Oct 17 19:35
No, but I'm just as confusing as tax forms!
Comic updating again and other stuff 2017-08-28T14:55:38+00:00

Okay, I got just enough done in Blender that I can limp along with the interior of the Artworks. I was unable to get Endy's new apartment started. But hopefully we won't really need it anytime soon.

This issue was supposed to go on longer, but during the downtime, we had a meeting about this issue and the next. The next issue was supposed to be a really important one - it was *the reason* I restarted the comic in 2013. So naturally I've been looking forward to it. Unfortunately, we're going to have to push it back another issue (Don't really want it to be issue 13, but don't see a way around it). That also means that Issue 11 will end sooner than I thought, because instead of trying to cram everything we need in Issue 11, we have another whole issue to work it out.

I'm not sure when Issue 11 will end, since I'm not that great at predicting these details (I don't plan the pages until the day I draw them). But when it's done, I'll need at least another week off from updates to work on the cover (As is traditional), the interior of the Artworks, Endy's apartment, and the setup for this in between issue. Don't worry, we've already figured out the major storyline for Issue 12, so that won't take any extra time. The details have yet to be worked out.

Anyway, just letting you guys know. Even when the comic is not active updating, I am still working on things necessary for it. I suspect this issue will end in the next week or two. Then onto Issue `12. Then finally, finally I can do the one I've been waiting for.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #164843 - 28 Aug 17 14:59
👍😁❤ Thanks!
user avatar
User #5285843 - 28 Aug 17 16:29
Do what ya gotta do. I myself can appreciate taking the time to plan such projects. A character I've been running in D&D revealed his own secret just yesterday that has been in the works for about three years now.
user avatar
User #73161 - 28 Aug 17 15:34
You've been waiting for? o:
user avatar
Jakkal - 28 Aug 17 15:35
I can't just jump into it, it needed a proper buildup. But not all the elements are in place yet.
August 2017 - Inspire me! 2017-08-08T23:22:38+00:00

Okay, you guys are holding to the threshhold, so let's do this again!

I realize that last time I didn't tell you guys what inspires me, so maybe this will help you out.

#1. It's much easier for me to draw my characters, so any suggestions of my characters are going to be heavily weighted. I know people probably don't like that, but it's just the way it is. I'll try not to pick my characters all the time if they're suggested. But if you guys legitimately want to see one of my characters in a scene, feel free to post it.

#2. While I do a lot of transformation (TF) drawings, if you notice in my own personal work, I don't draw TFs for TF's sake. I like there to be a story. If you suggest any kind of TF, give me a reason for the TF going on. Is it a punishment? Is it something the character has to overcome? I enjoy strife in the TF.

#3. I enjoy practicing action scenes. While it's hit or miss for me, I still need and enjoy the practice on it.

#4. You can suggest tutorials.

#5. If you really like a suggestion that someone else has made, you can always reply to that saying you want to see that too. If a lot of people want to see a particular thing, it will get more weight with me. If you have already suggested something, and then someone else posts something you want to see, you can still reply to it saying you want to see it.

Same rules as last time:


1. You must post your idea(s) in a reply to this post. Don't email me. Don't PM me, post it here. Remember, you only get to post 1 idea for every $10 donated. (Or 1 idea for those that donate less than $10). If you post more than your tier allows, then you will be disqualified for this round. If you edit your post to constantly change ideas, you will be disqualified for this round.

2. You must be in good standing with my Patreon. If your payment was declined, sorry, can't do yours.

3. ALL the commission rules apply. Keep in mind that I do not do NSFW stuff. Commission information here: http://jakkalwolf.deviantart.com/journal/Updated-Commission-Info-558114237

4. I am willing to draw the Kaerwyn comic characters in unusual situations so you can suggest them. Please note that I do not own Niixa, Renard, Callie, Tunc or any characters drawn for cameos. If you suggest any characters that I don't own, I need to get their permission first.

5. You are getting a free color and shaded image, but only one image. Don't suggest sequences or comics. It's just one picture, one character, one scene.

6. I reserve the right to refuse anything that I see fit, or to amend/edit/add/delete the rules as I see fit. Don't give me drama.

7. If you complain that you didn't win, you will be blacklisted from the Inspire Me reward. I don't and won't tolerate that.

Okay, now that the dirty stuff is out of the way, let's do this. I will try to get it finished before the end of the month. I make no guarantees on that. You will have at least until the 14th to post, however if I see something that really inspires me before then, I will run with it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, in replies, in PMs, in emails (jakkal@gmail.com)

Thanks all for your support!


Comments (4)
user avatar
User #428374 - 9 Aug 17 06:08
+1 for Shay's suggestion. One of your characters having a truly happy day would be pretty cool to see.
user avatar
User #3296661 - 8 Aug 17 23:31
1) "Niixa's best day." 2) "Lorelei's best day." 3) "Tristan's best day." 4) "Jakkal's best day." 5) Or else the "best day" of any other character you want to do. XD
user avatar
User #72560 - 9 Aug 17 04:23
Draw a robot fight.
user avatar
User #164843 - 9 Aug 17 07:25
+1 on this because robots need love too 🤣
June Patron Sketches: Storm Nobleheart
June Patron Sketches: Storm Nobleheartmore_vert
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June Patron Sketches: Storm Nobleheart 2017-07-07T18:04:01+00:00close

Sketches are for $35+ Patrons. June's theme was pin-up style poses.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #5594748 - 9 Jul 17 00:41
June Patron Sketches: West
June Patron Sketches: Westmore_vert
Post file flag
June Patron Sketches: West 2017-07-07T18:03:17+00:00close

Sketches are for $35+ Patrons. June's theme was pin-up style poses.

June Patron Sketches: Arrow
June Patron Sketches: Arrowmore_vert
Post file flag
June Patron Sketches: Arrow 2017-07-07T18:02:42+00:00close

Sketches are for $35+ Patrons. June's theme was pin-up style poses.

June Patron Sketches: Shaytalis
June Patron Sketches: Shaytalismore_vert
Post file flag
June Patron Sketches: Shaytalis 2017-07-07T18:01:39+00:00close

Sketches are for $35+ Patrons. June's theme was pin-up style poses.

June Patron Sketches: Onom
June Patron Sketches: Onommore_vert
Post file flag
June Patron Sketches: Onom 2017-07-07T18:00:18+00:00close

Sketches are for $35+ Patrons. June's theme was pin-up style poses.

Staycation 2017-07-03T02:54:14+00:00

Just to let you guys know, I'll be taking this week off (Fourth of July in the States). So I won't be posting comic updates this week.

I will be back and ready next week though!

Posting cameos in your galleries 2017-06-22T05:02:16+00:00

I was recently asked if it's alright for you to post the Kaerwyn comic in which you have a character cameo. I figured that I should probably post the official reply here.

Yes, you can!*

*As long as you leave all the copyright information intact, don't edit the comic at all.

Also, link back to either Kaerwyn's main page at http://kaerwyn.blacktapestries.com/ or the specific comic URL of your comic on it's main site. For example, if your character was on Issue 10 Page 98, you can link to http://kaerwyn.blacktapestries.com/comic/667

And lastly DO NOT post your cameo comic before it goes public. Remember you get to see them about 1-2 days before it goes public. If people start posting cameos ahead of time, then I'm not going to post them early anymore. So just do me that favor at least.

So there you go. Post away.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #6589622 - 27 Jun 17 12:54
Hi my name is Ephraim Mejia and please to meet you ma'am and I really like your comic book too. :-)
May Patron Sketches: West
May Patron Sketches: Westmore_vert
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May Patron Sketches: West 2017-06-15T02:58:42+00:00close

$35+ Patrons get a character sketch every month. I'm trying to catch up. Here's the ones from May.

May Patron Sketches: Storm Nobleheart
May Patron Sketches: Storm Nobleheartmore_vert
Post file flag
May Patron Sketches: Storm Nobleheart 2017-06-15T02:58:13+00:00close

$35+ Patrons get a character sketch every month. I'm trying to catch up. Here's the ones from May.

May Patron Sketches: Shaytalis
May Patron Sketches: Shaytalismore_vert
Post file flag
May Patron Sketches: Shaytalis 2017-06-15T02:57:38+00:00close

$35+ Patrons get a character sketch every month. I'm trying to catch up. Here's the ones from May.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #3296661 - 15 Jun 17 03:45
Thank you!
May Character Sketches: Onom
May Character Sketches: Onommore_vert
Post file flag
May Character Sketches: Onom 2017-06-15T02:57:02+00:00close

$35+ Patrons get a character sketch every month. I'm trying to catch up. Here's the ones from May.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #73161 - 15 Jun 17 03:10
O: What is he?
user avatar
Jakkal - 15 Jun 17 03:16
user avatar
User #73161 - 15 Jun 17 03:25
May Patron Sketches: Nodge
May Patron Sketches: Nodgemore_vert
Post file flag
May Patron Sketches: Nodge 2017-06-15T02:55:50+00:00close

$35+ Patrons get a character sketch every month. I'm trying to catch up. Here's the ones from May.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2852169 - 15 Jun 17 02:56
Yaaaay~ Blackwell is going to love this
May Patron Sketches: Arrow
May Patron Sketches: Arrowmore_vert
Post file flag
May Patron Sketches: Arrow 2017-06-15T02:54:46+00:00close

$35+ Patrons get a character sketch every month. I'm trying to catch up. Here's the ones from May.

Patreon pulled a dick move 2017-06-07T01:42:29+00:00

So we have some new patrons, hi guys! And it looked to me like someone just subbed with a $10 pledge, and that should have bumped the goal to $800, but for some reason it is listing the goal as $799.

I dunno about you guys, but if I were trying to reach that $800 goal and it did that to me, I'd be kinda mad.

So that's $800 as far as I'm concerned.

Since this goal was met after the pledge cycle, I can't guarantee you will get your $800 goal stuff this month. But I will be working on that BT page. And I will also try to make room for the "Inspire me!" challenge (That's a free commission for someone).

So don't worry about it being $799, I got yall covered. But again, I might not be able to squeeze it in for June, but you will get it before the end of July, definitely.

Thanks again for all your support!

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #2280705 - 7 Jun 17 01:43
Stoked AF! 😁
user avatar
User #164843 - 7 Jun 17 13:28
Wait... Isn't patreon's new pledge count based on what you actually get rather than what's actually pledged?
user avatar
Jakkal - 7 Jun 17 15:21
It's based on some kind of algorithm that seems to be mostly magic. I know someone else tried to bump it once to hit a goal and it completely missed. Also Patreon takes a cut, so I have a feeling of that $10 pledge, I probably see $8 from it. I imagine that's what happened this time.
user avatar
User #2852169 - 7 Jun 17 01:43
congrats on (almost) 800!
April Sketches: West
April Sketches: Westmore_vert
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April Sketches: West 2017-05-26T01:43:58+00:00close

West wanted his character Maya (normally a 2-tailed kitsune) turning into a camel.

Sketches are for $35+ Patrons.

April Sketches: Storm Nobleheart
April Sketches: Storm Nobleheartmore_vert
Post file flag
April Sketches: Storm Nobleheart 2017-05-26T01:43:09+00:00close

Storm wanted his dragon character changing into a giant cobra.

Sketches are for $35+ Patrons.

April Sketches: Onom
April Sketches: Onommore_vert
Post file flag
April Sketches: Onom 2017-05-26T01:41:29+00:00close

Onom wanted his dragon gal having difficulty maintaining her anthroish form.

Sketches are for $35+ Patrons.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #73161 - 26 May 17 02:11
April Sketches: Arrow
April Sketches: Arrowmore_vert
Post file flag
April Sketches: Arrow 2017-05-26T01:40:21+00:00close

Arrow wanted Nathan as a lamia.

Sketches are for $35+ Patrons.

Patreon Rewards Problems (Part 2) 2017-05-11T15:15:10+00:00

I was just informed that when someone signs up for my Patreon, their subscriber welcoming email is sending them the OLD tier information. I had to get rid of a lot of those because of time problems. I will be contacting Patreon about this. But I didn't want anyone to be caught offguard.

What you see on the right are the tier rewards that I'm offering.

Sorry for all the trouble folks, I don't know what's going on with Patreon. Everything that I have control over shows me the ones on the right.

The dreaded monthly decline post 2017-05-01T16:55:16+00:00

There was a lot of declines this month, not sure why. If you can't see the usual posts, it means your card was declined. You might need to check it or with your bank to make sure it's not being blocked.

Not sure why Patreon has these problems all the time. But you can see by the estimated amount of patronage, it took a pretty big hit from the declines.

Quick, Easy way to check and see if your payment went through: Can you see Patron-locked posts? Yes? Then your payment went through. No? You probably had a decline.

Thanks again for all your support!

Comments (9)
user avatar
User #620866 - 1 May 17 23:15
I checked my bank account and the $40 I overall donate to Patreon went through, so you should have gotten my bit. :)
user avatar
User #2680600 - 1 May 17 17:16
Hmm can't see your locked posts but I can see other creators
user avatar
Jakkal - 1 May 17 17:31
I should have specified comic pages, they're open to all patrons. There are some that are tier locked, such as the $35+ guys getting a free character sketch. If you can see this one, it probably went through: https://www.patreon.com/posts/kaerwyn-issue-11-9406663
user avatar
User #5941268 - 1 May 17 19:09
Sometimes banks block small amounts to things like Patreon as it triggers an anti-fruad thing. It went through for me tho.
user avatar
User #4682421 - 1 May 17 19:08
The payment seems to have gone through according to my bank but I have yet to see the April character sketches. I can see everything else though. Could this be the reason why?
user avatar
Jakkal - 1 May 17 19:13
The sketches are still being worked on. The post asking for people's characters is the one that's only visible to $35+ patrons. I was going to do them this weekend, but Kaerwyn's comic site decided to die a horrible death instead. We spent all day yesterday just getting it functional again, and it still needs work.
user avatar
User #4682421 - 1 May 17 19:16
Oh my, I hope you can get the site up and running properly soon.
user avatar
Jakkal - 1 May 17 19:32
I think in the long run, this is better. I finally found an alternative to Wordpress/Comicpress (Which was really unstable, hence the horrible death). But I need time to redesign everything. But it does work for now, it's just now Kaerwyn-y yet.
user avatar
User #4682421 - 1 May 17 21:54
Good to read that things are working out better.
Missing Rewards Listing 2017-04-26T00:35:46+00:00

So I just noticed that the Rewards are not listed on the tiers anymore. I didn't make this change. I don't know what did it, hopefully it's something that Patreon can just revert or fix.

Oddly, it kept the rewards titles and still shows when it was edited. Just the actual description of the tier (That listed all the rewards) is missing.

Anyway, I didn't suddenly take away the rewards. Just letting you guys know.

Edit: At least one other person on twitter has the same problem, so I know it's not just me. I'm not going to edit them back in incase there's something wrong, still waiting to hear from Patreon about this. Needless to say, there are special rewards per tier.

If they don't fix it in the next day or so, I'll post what the rewards should be, and possibly edit them back in.

Comments (11)
user avatar
User #4587698 - 1 May 17 19:18
I have this exact problem. Did you ever find a fix?
user avatar
Jakkal - 1 May 17 19:33
It seems to have fixed it by itself. So I'm not sure what happened or how it came back.
user avatar
User #72565 - 26 Apr 17 01:59
what rewards?
user avatar
Jakkal - 26 Apr 17 02:21
I see you have noticed the problem.
user avatar
User #72565 - 26 Apr 17 03:05
yes, and im wondering what your offering as i have no clue what plage gives what
user avatar
Jakkal - 26 Apr 17 03:09
Edit: Hold on, I think I found a copy of them. But the format is messed up. Give me some time to set it up.
user avatar
Jakkal - 26 Apr 17 04:53
Okay, here's a copy I got from a database export, so format might be wonky. Hopefully Patreon will restore them ones ASAP. 50 + Reward Description
  • Previous Tiers' rewards. 
  • Comic Character Cameo Rotation with dialogue  (When available)
  • Discounts on Commissions ($5 off every commission per  month).
35 + Reward Description
  • Previous rewards.  
  • Monthly character sketches. Send me your character info, get a quicky digital sketch.
  • Monthly Redline Livestream. (When available)
  •  Free Adoptable Recolor (From available sets). 
20 + Reward Description
  • Previous Tiers' Rewards
  • PDF of Past Issues
  • Access to Videos of  the comics being made. (When available)
  • Monthly Creator AMA.  
  • Get to suggest and vote  on Wallpaper ideas, Tutorials and Extras.  
  • Discounts on Commissions ($5  off one per month).  
10 + Reward Description
  • Previous Tiers Rewards.  
  • Bloopers & Stingers (When available)
  • Weekly "How you do dat?" - Comic Creation Progress from sketch to finish.
  • Patron Only Wallpapers (When available)
  • Character Cameo  Rotation (When available)
  • Ask questions for the  Monthly Character AMA.  
  • Weekly Sketches (Commissions, Comics, General work)
  • I'll follow you on Twitter, Furaffinity and DeviantArt.
$5 Reward - Previous reward. Tutorials. Plus reading the Monthly Character AMA. 1 + Reward Description For the price of a cup of coffee you get:
  • Jakkal's Thanks
  • Early Access to Comic Pages
user avatar
User #72565 - 26 Apr 17 07:16
Which if any are limited
user avatar
Jakkal - 26 Apr 17 14:56
None of them.
user avatar
User #4587698 - 1 May 17 19:35
Ok thanks, that's actually good to know. I won't try to go in and rebuild the descriptions myself and hopefully mine will fix on it's own too (I've also put in a request for help). Thanks so much for responding and have a creative week!
user avatar
Jakkal - 1 May 17 19:38
Hope it comes back for you soon!
Payment Declines 2017-04-01T18:14:36+00:00

Guys, Patreon seems to be having an issue with declines, and I've had quite a few of them this month. This is bad timing given the day, this is not an April Fools :P

If you were declined, don't try to resend it. They're working on it. Here is what Patreon is recommending: https://twitter.com/PatreonSupport/status/848201521460264962

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #620866 - 2 Apr 17 04:15
Having checked my bank account, the money HAS been taken, so hopefully you got (or will get) the payment. Let me know if it's okay!
March Patron Sketches - Storm
March Patron Sketches - Stormmore_vert
Post file flag
March Patron Sketches - Storm 2017-03-23T16:39:32+00:00close

Poor Storm, the dragon, has found himself reliving the past, as a triceratops.

Patreon Sketches available to $35+ tier patrons.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4682421 - 23 Mar 17 18:31
Awwwww, so adorable.
  March Patron Sketches - West
March Patron Sketches - Westmore_vert
Post file flag
March Patron Sketches - West 2017-03-23T16:26:30+00:00close

Using a random animal generator, poor Maya* was turned into a Kangaroo.

Patreon Sketches available to $35+ tier patrons.

*Maya started out as an anthro kitsune with 3 tails.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4682421 - 23 Mar 17 23:55
Neat looking transformation.

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