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Sales Tax :/ 2020-06-30T04:31:41+00:00

Sooo Patreon is now on some more shit and decided to start doing a sales tax on patreon pledges because "COVID has effected us" and whatever effects them, obviously means creators have to suffer too.

I do not fault anyone from wanting to regress to $5 to avoid it. I really don't. Considering how COVID is still a thing and a second wave is supposed to happen, which is why some sources are believing to prepare, I'm trying to make sure I can hit a certain amount before we move to our new place so we have plenty of cushioning for a month and avoiding unnecessary spending on any items. And if that includes subscription services, that unfortunately means this as well.

So please, if you need to drop your pledges for any reason, I will not be angry. The world is on fire right now and people need to keep their money and make sure to save up for emergencies. I can scrap by ith commissions I've been getting, but I am going to need to find another way to generate income without overrelying on commissions because I NEED to work on my game fully without interruption.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #118880 - 30 Jun 20 05:09
I’m sticking with you sis, and at my current pledge. You’re not getting rid of me THAT easily. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
user avatar
User #238743 - 30 Jun 20 04:38
The government has to fuck with everything and get their piece. Don't plan on going anywhere.
user avatar
β˜… nemesisart - 30 Jun 20 15:26
Bless you guys for having to keep your pledges even with things going the way they are;;; I love you so much!!!
user avatar
User #4215744 - 30 Jun 20 09:28
I don't plan on going anywhere babe, don't you worry. Don't let this nonsense get you down ❀❀❀
Disastrous Update
Disastrous Updatemore_vert
Post file flag
Disastrous Update 2020-06-08T01:39:26+00:00close

So! I will be working on the game once again ya'll. I'll be posting some updates on both Twitter and here, before I make some exclusive content that will only be seen in your guys' eyes. I'm extremely excited to continue working on the game, and prepping myself to hopefully get Delta's figurine done by next month as well.

In the meanwhile, have ya'll been enjoying all the Sorbet postings? She's been my comfort character and I'm hoping to get some stuff done with her with other people!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #238743 - 8 Jun 20 12:09
Wooo! DE stuff! And Delta! Sorbet has been a lot of fun too!
Calamity Figurine FINISHED
Calamity Figurine FINISHEDmore_vert
Post file flag
Calamity Figurine FINISHED 2020-05-07T18:46:59+00:00close

Cal is finally finished, after a month of waiting and days of planning her out! πŸ’™ I was super excited about this figurine in particular because a lot of people were asking me about when hers would be finished. Now that she's completed like Catastrophe, I can move on next to Delta's Figurine by June, and by July, Primrose's Figurine. Then Rinvel will be next, and Vanessa I'll be saving as promotional material for Disastrous Events 2, due appearing there only.

You can purchase her here: https://www.shapeways.com/product/7SXHFNFNK/calamity?optionId=161186304&li=shops

And thank you guys for subscribing to me, and making this entirely possible to do!

Media (3)

calamity_wip_05.png (2.1MiB)
calamity_final_01.png (2.3MiB)
screenshot012.png (1.0MiB)

The Divine Gods' Figurine Vote! 2020-05-07T02:58:04+00:00

I can't believe I'm actually able to post this... The Divines will now go through some voting themselves!
How this will work is that as usual, my patrons apart of my tiers get extra votes. Tier I gets 1 vote, Tier II gets 2 votes, and Tier III gets 3 votes. You can break up your voting to be put into other places, but you have to let me know in the comments below for that.

The most voted on God will be made first, and I will slowly go down the list as time goes on and do it in order!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #238743 - 7 May 20 03:02
Clicked on Nemesis, other 2 votes for her too.
The Duchess Wins!
The Duchess Wins!more_vert
Post file flag
The Duchess Wins! 2020-04-21T20:16:03+00:00close

"Fascinating. I never knew any of your... fans would be so interested in me."

The Duchess will be the next character after Sin to have a figurine made off of her! I'll probably have her posed with her katanna too.

As for updates with the game, no progress just yet. I've been very busy with commissions and avoiding burn out so I've slowed down somewhat. But I AM excited to do more and I'll have much more to show you guys later on as well!

Media (1)

bloodbath_bust_mar11.png (1.4MiB)

SECOND FIGURINE ROUND 2020-04-14T01:01:48+00:00

So since Sin had won the first round, and will be the one I do once I have everything sorted with the Trio + 1 and Rin, we'll move onto our next one!

As usual, if you are at TIER II OR TIER III, PLEASE COMMENT YOUR ADDITIONAL VOTES! I want to make sure people are able to make those count. Tier I = 1 vote, Tier II = 2 votes, Tier III = 3 votes!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #238743 - 14 Apr 20 01:58
Clicked on The Duchess, and I want my 2 remaining votes to her as well.
It is April, my dudes
It is April, my dudesmore_vert
Post file flag
It is April, my dudes 2020-04-01T15:30:31+00:00close

March was SUCH a garbage fire, wasn't it? The only good things that came out of it was getting some new VAs, having my journal plugin finished and that Catastrophe figurine. Everything else was stressful and full of drama X_X

But now it's April! And with that we can start April off with the goth baby herself, Calamity! I'm pretty excited about working on her more and drawing her out, as the last successful character month she had was back in 2018, in October when it was originally her birthday. I want to fix up her bust shot a little as I feel like her expressions are a little too exaggerated compared to what her personality is now, and of course, work on programming the game like mad this time!

If you guys got specific suggestions for both the game, Calamity Month, or otherwise, please let me know!

Media (1)

calamity_month_mar20.png (2.8MiB)

The people have spoken!
The people have spoken!more_vert
Post file flag
The people have spoken! 2020-03-31T17:50:16+00:00close

Sin will be the next figurine created after the Trio + 1 has been created! She's so surprised all of you picked her! "What is it about little ol' me that's worth turning into a figurine?"

With that in mind, I'll be creating her full bodied shot to prepare for that, as once Calamity, Delta and Primrose will be finished I'll be saving up once again to tackle Sin. Once Sin's figurine is being worked on, I'll create another poll that'll be restricted to Patron members first, then made public for a day of voting :D

This is so exciting! If you got suggestions for characters for me to put on the polls (remember, I'll pick 4-6 characters at a time and avoid repeats unless necessary!), feel free. Static and Whisper have also been added to figurines that will be created along with the Divine Gods and Rinvel, so don't worry about those two. Everyone else however is free game!

Media (1)

sinshock_1.png (85.3KiB)

The Divine Q&A (Patreon Introduction) 2020-03-30T19:14:32+00:00

Well! If you found this post, it means that you may interested in having to join my Patreon if I managed to snag your attention! I want to explain a few things that I feel like would extend my front page too far for my liking.

Early Access to the Videogame Content
The biggest contender that I like to offer to people is patron members will be able to have direct access to betas of my game if they pledge high enough, concept art for characters and creatures, and even music that will be commissioned/created. The highest Tier will always get betas first and foremost, then it trickles down to the others by being spaced out by weeks before being fully accessible to the public. It'll take time to work on this game, which is why I want to reward subscribers first and foremost!

Polls/Voting System
My Patreon is a way for fans to connect to me. Another way for interaction is being able to let you guys see first hand projects I have in store, and voting on them.
The biggest project currently that I like having people vote on is my Disastrous Figurines. I'm working with a 3D artist who can design printable 3D figurines to make merch. Although this costs a pretty penny, my Patreon members are making it entirely possible to be able to get one per 1-3 months, depending on commissions. Once I hit my $500 goal, however, I'll be able to get it done EVERY month as a good chunk of that can go to getting the figurines done. The more money I make on Patreon, the more bonuses you'll see pop up at the end of the month!

Purchase of my figurines will be available by my Shapeway shop. You'll be able to view a turn around as well!

Delta of the Month
Because of Delta's strange abilities that give her quantum immortality, this also gives me a perfect reasoning to have another thing to hit my goal - I can begin to draw out all of the other forms that she has, such as Holstaur!Delta, or Banshee!Delta, or Mad Scientist!Delta, and the list can keep going. If I hit bigger goals overtime, Delta fans will be able to see a calendar being created with all of the forms for each month. If I REALLY hit high enough, I can make it completely physical and ship it out to the highest pledgers first before I trickle down.

I'm hoping down the line that I can commission some animatics, some which will be about 2-3 minutes long. These would be pictures cross fading (as I can't animate yet), but it will pertain to Disastrous Events, such as bonus scenes from the game, and sequel, in between said games, and even the prequel that I have planned if this is successful enough! I don't have this apart of my goals due to this being an idea right now, which means I have to see how successful my other endeavors are first!

Any other information that I will want to talk about, will go here to give you a glimpse of being my Patron. If you're considering now, I'm glad! If you want to be one, welcome aboard! <3 And if you can't for any reason, your support is still valuable, and I only hope that I can make Disastrous Events a really great piece of media for all of you to enjoy.

3D Figurines - Next Batch 2020-03-30T00:21:25+00:00

Despite this being in the far off future, I want to ask you guys who you would love to see done! Right now, I have the Trio + 1, Rinveleidenaul, and The 10 Divine Gods + Asphodel planned out for sure. So I want to do this not only so that Patron members get to have some decision to lead my projects, but because there's SO MANY characters for Disastrous Events, and I want the fans to tell me what they want to hear!

I'll go with four or six at a time, and the poll will always reset.

Remember! Tier Is have 1 vote, Tier IIs have 2 votes and Tier IIIs have 3 votes! Don't forget to comment if you're adding all of your votes (if you have multiple) to the poll!

Here are the choices for this batch!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #238743 - 30 Mar 20 01:47
Put one vote on Sin, one on Undefined. Want my last vote on Undefined as well.
The End of March! 2020-03-23T20:17:17+00:00

Hello my lovelies! <3 I hope that you are doing great today.

It is now, officially, the end of March. This basically means that we will be transitioning into April, which means a LOT of things in store:

*Chronicles Week has now started in my server, which is going to be dedicated to my husband's story, The Chronicles! This means I'll be drawing full bodies of his characters, though because they're important references needed, they won't be Patreon restricted. Don't worry though, I'll get to that juicy information in a bit ;)

*Next week will be Bridge Week, which is dedicated to my wife's story! I'll try to draw her main cast, but she's working on reference sheets for that. Hopefully she'll keep her Patreon updated with any and all information regarding that, otherwise as usual, look forward to that in our server.

*Catastrophe Month is coming to an end, making way to Calamity Month. I'll be drawing more of Cal for April, though I'll still talk about other Disastrous Events stuff as I've realized my attention span is NOT suited for Character Months whatsoever. I'll talk about the character much MORE than usual during their Month (mostly on their birthday is the biggest thing), but it'll just pretty much be a DE intense focused Month I'm thinking. Regardless, I'll be streaming something with Catastrophe this week, and as usual, make sure your notifications I turned on in my server for this.

*The Gamma for the Game!!!! I am EXTREMELY excited about this, as I am THIS close to finalizing it to where we could release a very tiny beta for my Patrons to play. I've been busy working on commissions and taking a break off of the game to rest my eyes a tad, but I'll be working like crazy this week on it while Ope goes off to work so that I can finalize this. I'm hoping within the next 2-3 weeks we will have this fully out.Keep in mind, it'll be small though! There will only be so much gameplay, and some cutscenes won't be fully drawn out, rather still sketches if I'm not far along with it. I can't wait for the hype over this though.

The next month will be extremely exciting, and I will keep all of you posted continously on the efforts I'm making to make this game a thing! <3 Thank you so much for your support, and i await to hear from all of you!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #238743 - 23 Mar 20 21:17
Can't wait to see the Gamma!
What bust shot should be next? 2020-03-18T17:24:18+00:00

So far, as you guys have seen, we're done Bloodbath, Amber Alert, Halcyon, Catastrophe, Calamity, Sin, Cynneburrh, and I've finished Whisper and Static as well. Who should be next?

Post file flag
Nyctophobia 2020-03-13T19:01:01+00:00close

Athazagoraphobia and Oudenophobia's daughter, Nyctophobia comes from the Voidspace. Like her mother, she has a pension for causing trouble on Eon and adores messing with mortals. She's heavily curious in the cultures there, and tends to visit to indulge herself. She appears in Disastrous Events 2, as a small antagonist before she befriends the Trio + 1.

Oh wow a concept for DE2! After this post, however, any content related to DE2 will be sealed to TIER III ONLY. After all, we are nearly done with DE1's script and all we have to do is program, so once we get half way through the game, I can start working on DE2's script and programming!

Anway, the art belongs to Foxy/Alex, my wife! She doesn't have a voice actress yet, but when she does, I'll announce it here!

Also I apologize for the massive posting, it'll slow down once I get into a pattern/rhythm!

Media (1)

Cyclops-Nyctophobia.png (368.4KiB)

Catastrophe Bust WIP
Catastrophe Bust WIPmore_vert
Post file flag
Catastrophe Bust WIP 2020-03-12T19:57:31+00:00close

Since its Cat Month, I figured what the hell! I've already posted this to my server so this will be one of my public posts.

But when I finish his expressions and all, that will be Patreon restricted to Tier II <3 I'm so excited about getting everybody sketched out and the busts updated today!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #238743 - 12 Mar 20 20:12
Can't wait to see all the busts and expressions. Of course, Kitty Cat is at the top of the list.
user avatar
β˜… nemesisart - 12 Mar 20 20:29
I'll probably be done with his today and have the rest of the Iliad sketched out is my hope!
user avatar
User #238743 - 12 Mar 20 21:01
You can do it!
Patreon Revamp is GO! 2020-03-11T06:40:04+00:00

Hello my lovely patrons! I'm here to announce that I've finally revamped my Patreon once more by clearing old posts and starting clean from scratch, now that I'm well enough to work on my videogame once more.

My Patreon will be used for exclusive things for the game, such as commissions, fanarts, conceptual and final work, character voice lines, all of that good stuff! Having to support my Patreon really helps me continue work on my videogame, before I can do my Kickstarter project. I still want the Demo of the game to have voice work, and maybe I can get some cutscenes going with fully drawn pictures, but without the support of people helping with it, I can't really afford it!

Either way, I can't thank you guys enough for allowing for this to happen and I'm terribly excited to work on my game AND have my Patreon fully functioning to allow for it to happen. If things go really well, I'll add a fourth and final Tier to my rewards list, which can be people having a chance to cameo within the game as a character!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #6084953 - 11 Mar 20 14:48
I’m very excited! I work in insurance right now but I graduated with a minor in game design and development! I’m a little rusty but I might be able to help be a fresh pair of eyes if you ever need them! I haven’t been able to pursue my ideas for games but being able to help someone else and see the process is amazing and you have my support for as long as I can afford it!
user avatar
β˜… nemesisart - 11 Mar 20 14:54
Thank you so very much for the support! I definitely need plenty of eyes and people to go over this with me, and Patreon being the way to do that once more has me breathing easier haha!
Revamping! 2019-07-02T00:13:08+00:00

Hello my lovelies! I'll be revamping my Patreon page starting the end of this week. Redrawing icons for the tiers, creating a new banner for Disastrous Events, all of that great stuff. The new banner will also become a wall paper that, if people join my Patreon regardless of the tier, they will be getting a HD of!

I'll be making 3-4 tiers, each one modeled after my characters. I won't go too crazy with the rewards system, as I want to have time to balance commissions and working on my game pretty well.

Thank you guys for still pledging, and I'm utterly excited to resume Fanart Of The Month and Delta Of The Month with my renewed vigor and finally figuring out how I can manage Patreon without it hurting me!

January 31st, 2019 2019-01-31T20:07:23+00:00

Jeez did January fly by like crazy!

I've been distracted with Kingdom Hearts 3 all week, which totally knocked me off of my art tango I was doing. So I'm VERY behind, but I'll be making up all of the lack of updates and everything today. By the end of the day you guys should inidividually getting your Patron rewards for the month. I don't know if I'll be able to get all of the Delta forms done completely, but I at least want to get half of them done by the end of the day, and I'll bundle them apart of February's pack. I've also been working on making the wallpapers as well for Patreon, so that you guys can change your backgrounds to 'em and enjoy the art <3

Tomorrow is the official beginning of Alastor Month so I'm working on his reference and getting that done first and foremost. I'll probably be up all night preparing since Kingdom Hearts just stole all my attention span. Delta month was pretty fun, but I wasn't able to get as much done with her unfortunately. I hope I can fix that for Alastor.

If you saw my Patron posts up on my discord, I had already begin sketching the YCH. Allie isn't as popular as my other characters(which I want to change this month!) so I'm kind of throwing own ideas so that there's variety. I may jut do both in the end put up the YCH but leave Date Night as an option for commissions for people. They'll be discounted at a price, while YCH will just be discounted for Patrons.

AND OF COURSE I want to work on Disastrous Events!!! I was programming it the other day but I haven't had much luck! Having to start all the way over with reprogramming because of some bugs in the battle system knocks some motivation out of you :'(

Get ready for Alastor Month! And thank you guys for your continued support!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #238743 - 31 Jan 19 21:57
Delta month was fun! Still love the other Singer pic. Made a great phone background. I'm glad you liked Kingdom Hearts though, good to treat yourself. I'm excited to learn and ask about Alastor too!
Nemesis' Patreon + FAQ 2019-01-10T21:31:27+00:00

This is just for some clarification for people who are interested in pledging and have no idea how my Patreon might operate since it's a liiittle different than other people's.

I charge upfront for my Patreon, which means money will be automatically deducted from whatever you use. This is to ensure that I won't have people unpledging and repledging randomly for any reason. And because of this, I distribute my rewards a little differently from that as well.

Once the payment is confirmed, you're absolutely obliged to join my Discord. I recommend doing so because it's very active, and I post things for both my general discord and for Patreon. The Tier Channels are the last channels in a category set up that's only visible to people who has their discords connected to Patreon. Your name will change in accordance to the tier you decide to pledge to.
[TIER I] :: Light Blue
[TIER II] :: Light Red
[TIER III] :: Light Green
[TIER IV] :: Silver(Also known as The Deluxe Tier)
[TIER V]:: Gold(Also known as The Supreme/Super Deluxe Tier)

Rewards are usually distributed randomly to prevent people from just grabbing and going, but most times than not I do them right at the end of the month.

For HD files, they are all put into a google drive folder that I share exclusively to everyone on Patreon. Since 2018, I usually delete the HD files after a short amount of time since I'm going to use Gumroad for making Standard and Deluxe Packages. All of the art posted to my social media is usually low res, cropped images for that reason.

For Delta of the Month, this is another fun project that I've been doing since I created Delta in 2018. The premise is that because of her character design, Delta exists in every single dimension(story) possible and has every single form possible to be in said dimensions(stories). This whole project is dedicated to Delta's forms, which I estimate is well into the tens of thousands of possibilities. Patrons pledging at [TIER I] and higher are able to vote, but the higher your tier, the more votes you're able to do. Some people think of Delta as their favorite character and like this as a way of their opinion counting. I usually post up a poll, but for now on, I'll post up and image and have people comment. It makes it easier to track for voting. Once I get high enough, I'll start making digital calendars or merchandise out of the forms that I draw out for people to purchase.

For Fanart of the Month, this is the "side" with the meat and potatos(Disastrous Events and Dark Wonderland) that I offer for people who want to see me draw canon characters. [TIER I] and above are able to vote on whatever character I randomly choose and put out. I usually eye for the popular characters that people like, but if you pledge high enough, you'll be able to have a direct say in which characters you would like to be added to the poll.

For adoptables, I post them to the [TIER II] channel and wait 10 full minutes. Some people like my character designs enough to where they'll want to claim their favorite as quickly as possible. I may post 1-3 design WIPs to the public but I reserve the rest for Patrons who may want to have first looks at what I'm creating.

For Character Of The Month Specials, this is a fun project I've started since October of 2018. Basically each main character I have(all 10 of them) have a set month to them where I showcase them more by drawing, talking about and revamping them. I've now included a choice for people pledging at [TIER II] and higher where you can pick to make it a standard YCH, where I draw your character in, or Date Night, which will be an entire commission of your character on a date with the chosen COTM. YCHs are usually $40 to Patrons, with Deluxe add ons if people are interested, while Date Night will be $60-80, but comes with two pictures, along with the HD of the Date Night promo, and can be anything the person asks for in my range.

For beta testing, this is essentially the meat and potatoes of my Patreon. This is for people who pledge at [TIER III] or higher. I will send out a google drive link, drop box link or some storage place where you can download Disastrous Events' beta tests, and other future games I'll create. This is important not only to ensure my game runs smoothly for feedback but to also have you guys experience first hand what I'm doing creating my games. I usually give a date ahead of time in the Tier Channels on Discord.

For additional things, such as cameos and artwork done; Cameos are done at [TIER V] only and have to process over 2 months time at least. This is so that we have time to work on the character and figure out what said character will be in either story you want them to cameo. Dark Wonderland will take less time while Disastrous Events will take more time. The longer you stay pledged to this tier, the more added to the character, such as being an optional side quest or even being added to the party as a playable character.
Artwork is done as soon as the pledge is successfully processed, and I usually message over Patreon or Discord for handling the requests. You will fill out a form of what you're interested in. Keep in mind however, that these are treated in the light of high priority commissions. They will be done as soon as I am able to complete them.

People pledging high enough at [TIER V] will get [DELUXE] versions of my games 3-6 months in advance than other people.


Q:: Can I just pledge for one month for a reward then unpledge once I recieve them?

A:: Of course! I have no qualms regarding this. If you want to get a quick commission done at [TIER V] you are free to do so. But again, if you would want something like say, a cameo, it needs to process twice, over two months.(For example, if you pledge in August, you need to let the pledge go again for one full month, then for September, then another full month, for the cameo)

Q:: Is it alright for me to post up my Patreon commission at its high quality? Or any commission I get from you?

A:: Yes, you can! They're commissions so I don't bundle them as Deluxe Packages for Gumroad. The only ones that apply are my own original art or the Patreon Rewards like DOTM or FOTM.

Q:: Can I switch Tiers temporarily?

A:: Yes, I don't mind this. The only issue would be that you won't get the rewards that you pledged for once it processes for the new tier you choose. (Say you drop from one tier into the tier below; by next month you won't be receiving the rewards from your old, higher tier.)

Q:: Can I post up the HQs from ____?

A:: No. Unless they are commissioned pieces, please use the low res I will provide via discord or I post to the public.

Q:: Hey, I'm a _____ and I would love to help you out with Disastrous Events. Is there a way to contact you?

A:: Yes, you can email me at the9divinearts@gmail.com. The game is going to be free, but production of it will not be. I appreciate any offer for help, whether you're a musician, you want to draw art, etc. Beta testing is patreon only however.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you can become a Patron if you haven't!

Fanart of the Month:: January 2018-12-25T04:13:58+00:00

Once again, the last public voting poll I'll allow before it's entirely Patreon restricted!

Pick your girl that you would like!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #238743 - 25 Dec 18 04:15
All votes for Blue.
Disastrous Events v1.0 Now Released!
Disastrous Events v1.0 Now Released!more_vert
Post file flag
Disastrous Events v1.0 Now Released! 2018-12-17T01:12:29+00:00close

There ARE some glitches people are reporting, which I'm keeping track of with my deviantART page. But people have so far enjoyed what they've gotten so far and for the rest of the night I'm going to spend some time reprogramming the game to make it clear, easier and not as rushed, along with fixing the mistakes people have told me thus far as well!

This is the pre-alpha demo, which means there is two more demos to release; one which will include more content, which will be called the Alpha Demo and the final one which will be the Demo, and it'll have all of the content that I wanted to add to the game; "favors"(side quests) that you can do for people, sleeping at Inns and having some interesting character dynamics, and being able to fight the first goddess that you'll come across, Gaea. I may include another one, as Nemesis will be soon after, along with Alastor.

Either way, I'm extremely excited to continue working on the game at this point. After tonight, I'll be jumping back into commissions and fully taking my time with making sure the game is programmed fully well!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #168391 - 7 Jan 19 05:56
For some reason the window's version keeps throwing an error, fail to load img/system/Balloon.png
user avatar
β˜… nemesisart - 7 Jan 19 05:57
Thats the first time Im hearing this... Not sure why, all the image assets should be there.
Disastrous Events PREVIEW 2018-12-10T18:31:53+00:00

All of you lovely patrons will be able to play the game that I'll be releasing this Saturday! :D I've been working my ASS off programming, setting things up and also working on the story. After I release the actual demo of the game, I'll probably take about half of the month in January to work on fleshing out the story, the characters, all of that good stuff. But I'll still be programming and setting up towns of course!

I am TERRIBLY excited and cannot wait for you guys to actually play the game. The music is awesome, the cutscenes I'm going to try to draw out too; just all kinds of great things are going to happen!

Comments (2)
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User #14889568 - 17 Dec 18 00:29
user avatar
β˜… nemesisart - 17 Dec 18 00:32
Delta of the Month 2018-12-25T03:52:49+00:00

As I had said before, this is the third and last poll that I'm allowing for public voting. Then after that all voting done will be restricted to Patrons only.

Please pick a form of Delta that you would love to see me do for January! As usual, if you have advantages for voting, you're free to split up your votes or pool them all into one form if you can't pick.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #238743 - 25 Dec 18 04:02
All five votes for gargoyle.
December! 2018-12-01T18:27:29+00:00

Wowzers my guys, it's December.

December 31st I'll be moving in with Foxy abd for the first time spending New Year's I'm extremely excited. So there's a lot of things to announce. First, ALL COMMMISSIONS WILL BE RUSH COMMISSIONS AT THIS POINT. Any commissions i get WILL be done the same day they're received unless they're full color(they take me a little longer). This is so that i can keep the flow moving, and i can catch up with old commissions I have while working on Adoptables. This can be anything, from custom character designs to being standard commissions. I'll be posting up my new commission sheet by the end of the day today. I'm also packing my stuff, or continuing to pack. I'll be alternating between working on 3-4 commissions at the same time to packing things in my room. I'm not trying to burn myself out but it'll just be hectic as hell on my side. I'll try to chat but I really need to finish commissions and things owed to other people.

As I mentioned before, December 24th is my birthday, so I'll take time off that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to recuperate. Hopefully by then I'll just need to do a little bit of tweaking on my game and I can publish it to patrons only that week. Anyone subscribing for an even higher pledge will be getting it a little earlier than everyone else. If not, the first or second week of January. Moving is a huge deal and i don't want to mess up too badly.

So I'll be plugging my stuff hard so I can make back my money spent for rent and have enough for January! I want to make enough to where I can take February off(and maybe play KH3 by then) and rest with Foxy while i take care of stuff to become a resident in Canada!

Delta of the Month 2018-11-30T00:23:19+00:00

As I had said before, this is the second poll that I'm allowing for public voting. We have one more to go, then after that all voting done will be restricted to Patrons only.

Please pick a form of Delta that you would love to see me do for December! As usual, if you have advantages for voting, you're free to split up your votes or pool them all into one form if you can't pick.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #238743 - 30 Nov 18 03:09
3 of my votes for Drider, 2 for Slime. This was a tough one.
Fanart of the Month 2018-11-30T00:19:00+00:00

As I had said before, this is the second poll that I'm allowing for public voting. We have one more to go, then after that all voting done will be restricted to Patrons only.

Please pick out the character of your interest with the choices given! If you have an advantage, you're free to split the voting or put all your votes into a few or just one character.

Patreon Rewards for NOVEMBER 2018-11-30T00:08:52+00:00

Hello my lovelies! We are at the end of the month, and because of that, I am sending out the rewards for the entire month :D

As usual, it'll be sent via google drive in a neat little folder. I'll only give you guys until the 5th to save what you would like, then I'll be deleting the folder and waiting until December to post up the low rez rewards. Do not post up high res solutions anywhere, please only post up low res if possible!

Thank you guys so much for the support, and I'll be posting up the next poll for Fanart of the Month and Delta of the Month!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #238743 - 30 Nov 18 03:12
I love Lamia!Delta! And that Tae! <3
Pick one of my girls! 2018-11-25T03:29:59+00:00

So I'm deciding that for December, I'll be drawing a full colored pinup of one of my main girls(or femmes), as an exclusive to you guys and I'll make it into a wallpaper as well. I'm thinking there will be an SFW and NSFW version. The rest will be put on gumroad for an ample $5 that people can purchase, including the PSD!

Just vote who you would like to see. I'll probably do this every 2-3 months until all my girls are done, and I'll add HD files of any other drawings/sketches/goodies of the female character ;)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #238743 - 25 Nov 18 03:31
I feel like my first choice surprises no one.
user avatar
β˜… nemesisart - 25 Nov 18 03:32
pftahahaha and thats totally fine
I'm A Sick Fuck, I like a Quick Fuck
I'm A Sick Fuck, I like a Quick Fuckmore_vert
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I'm A Sick Fuck, I like a Quick Fuck 2018-11-24T05:25:08+00:00close

This has been stuck in my god damn head for like... forever. So I've decided that Catastrophe is in love with 1980s aesthetic and definitely will wear that jacket as an alternate outfit for DE:: Deluxe.

I'll be coming back from my break on Tuesday, my lovelies! I think I'm finally ready to socialize once more. Plus I'll be moving in with Foxy in about a month or so, so I need to get commissions done and get off this break now that I've had my time to relax <3 Thank you guys for being so patient.

Character of the Month Fanart? 2018-11-19T13:01:00+00:00

So this will be the first poll I have created in a LONG LONG time. And for great reasons! To draw attention to this Patreon and help me get into the swing of things once more. Now, these are character I've picked out for popularity's sake and/or they're apart of a media I've consumed and enjoyed. If you have a suggestion to add to the next fanart poll, please comment down below!
(Keep in mind this is for NEXT month, not this month.)

The first three polls for my Patreon will be public before I switch over to exclusive. This is to tease people for what's to come and encourage people to pledge on Patreon!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #238743 - 19 Nov 18 13:05
3 for Tae, and 2 for Marina.
..::HUGE Announcement::.. 2018-11-17T06:25:48+00:00

Hello, my lovelies, it is Nemesis as usual.

So I have some very important things to touch on because my mental health has not been doing very well. I've been feeling like absolute shit, and things have taken a turn for the worst, even while I came back from a weekend break.

With that, I will be on another break. Much much longer. Because I need this. I'm very tired, I'm exhausted, I haven't been getting the sleep that is required and I've been extremely stressed out about moving in with my fiancee, Foxy. And, a lot of other things have been going on as well, which is finishing commissions, working on both a videogame AND 3 other webcomics and a plethora of problems that I feel like aren't dying down even with as much care that I've been taking to take CARE of said problems.

Here are some things I'm addressing:

1.) This Patreon page isn't going anywhere, in fact it is getting a huge revamp. I've been trying to invest my time into looking at other popular artist's patreons and seeing how theyre doing it. I REALLY want this to be the major source of income for me for everything, whether its my stories or my art, or even a mixture of both. Commissions are very lovely and there are some that I do enjoy doing, but Patreon is better because people are directly supporting me doing something I absolutely adore, which is working on my own stories. I have a huge dream of turning my stuff into canon franchises that people will recognize online and I feel like I haven't gotten anywhere with that. A lot of the frustration that I've been feeling of late is contributing to this feeling that I have to amount to huge greatness with my characters and my stories because everyone around me is doing better but I'm at that skill level, and it's a lot of peer pressure.

2.) Because of this, once I move in with Foxy, commissions will be closed to the public. The only people allowed to commission me will either be people who are apart of my Patreon and they'll have my regular commission sheet or people who are within my discord and are interested. If I do open up commissions, it'll be at least once every 2-3 months, and with only 5 slots with 2 commissions per slot. They'll be a little pricey than usual, but they'll be anything a person wants. Character design commissions will ALWAYS be open regardless, just the main commissions will be exclusive and closed off. Again, this will be once I have my stuff straight and I'm fully on my way to moving in with Foxy.

3.) My Patreon will still be focused on my stories, in that anything that I post up with pertain to previews, and sneak peeks to things, and not just some sketches but flats and full colored stuff as well, which is what I've been doing more of as of late(hope ya'll have been enjoying it). I'll be working on Disastrous Events during December, so any in game art and concept art will be immediately posted here while I am on this break. And not just in game art; a full beta will be worked on and released by the end of December. You guys will essentially get the hell spoiled out of you and see much more art than my discords will.(Since I left every server that I'm possibly in sans a couple, but I'll be much more active here.)

-Adding ontop of this, I will be making my discord server more pronounced in being about my stories and patreon. I still allow for people to have channels and be active in the server posting their own stuff, but I really do want to make a category for posting up Patreon exclusive things there, while also posting them here; since I'm already active on Discord, it would make sense that my server could be both. This also makes me want to modify the channels in my server and start deleting ones that either really aren't used or could be merged with other channels; once I get back to my own discord, I will announce that and talk with people on that, but anyone who is a patron here, please let me know your thoughts.

4.) I will be bringing back drawing fanart every month to my Patreon so that there will be something of attention grabbed onto here besides my own videogame and comics. I will try this out for December, so you will see me post up a poll and you guys can ask what characters from any franchise you'd like to see. I still get the squicks with underaged characters being aged up to 18+(unless they've recently turned 18, but again like, underaged just gives me the squicks), but i will try my best to accommodate. To make it more fun, I'm going to stick to franchises that I'm familiar with first, then it'll sort of expand from that point.

5.) I'm thinking of also starting a Kickstarter or Indiegogo page so that I can work on Distastrous Events and Dark Wonderland without the worry of finances and resources holding me back. I'm still on the fence about this since those two sites are a little more infamous due to people taking their sweet time with projects, delivering shitty quality or just not delivering at ALL. And I don't want that to happen because you guys know how it can be with my schedule... Just wanted to say that's also a consideration for the future.

-Moreover on this subject, Merchandise that is created off of my stories, if people are pledging high enough, will get it for free. Leftovers I can sell to people in lover tiers at a discount, and in public, full price + shipping to whatever location. Foxy and I have been discussing of making things like plushies off of popular characters(so Calamity, Catastrophe and Delta for Disastrous Events, and Ursula + Francine for Dark Wonderland, keychains, and even candies and food, like partnering up with a company and making the special cakes and drinks that are served in Dark Wonderland(you know except without the debilitating drugs)

I think that's pretty much everything that I've been wanting to get off my back, and I'm glad I figured out the root to all of my issues I've been having lately and my outright unhappiness. I hope I can take these revelations and these ideas and put them forth, and not just that but for the sake of my future with my stories, my art and being able to flourish as a person.

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #238743 - 17 Nov 18 06:52
The Discord changes sound like a good idea, still leave us with a chance to have our own community, but more focus on your work and encouraging people to spread it could help for networking. A Patron exclusive channel would be good, chatting and messaging on Patreon is hit or miss. Would be easier to talk to a fanbase on Discord. A full beta to test and play sounds incredible. And merchandise too! Kickstarter and Indiegogo do have a reputation, but you're really only going to hear about the bad ones, if everything goes smoothly and people get what they're promised, no one complains about those.
user avatar
β˜… nemesisart - 17 Nov 18 06:56
Alight, discord changes it is then. It is much better because everyone is essentially on there. I'll probably have to mess with the colors again, Patrons will be assigned special colors for their roles that way, so it'll still be separated regardless.
user avatar
β˜… nemesisart - 17 Nov 18 06:58
I've been really wanting to work on DE. Since I'm taking my break and I'm thinking of just leaving for the rest of November, Francine month is pretty much wrapping up to a close. I'll draw a little thing for the end of the month as thanks, but at this point the shift is going to fully go to Nemesis and her month, and I'll be working on doing Disastrous Events. I'm hoping I can get to the part in DE where they crash into Delta and maybe 5 bosses before it comes to a close. I'm terribly excited about working on the game at this point,
user avatar
User #238743 - 17 Nov 18 07:03
I can't wait. This reminds me, Twitter has a tag #screenshotsaturday where people post up gamedev stuff, so might be a good thing to try out to get some word on the game out.
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November! 2018-11-01T21:45:17+00:00close

Wow guys, it's actually November, how crazy is that? I'll be sending out your rewards, with PSDs and HQ pictures unwatermarked of the best art I've done for October. :D I'm thinking of bringing back my one fanart a month thing since I need to find a way to get more traffic to my Patreon. Let me know what you think and if ya'll have any character suggestions for it.

It's also Francine's month so I'll be drawing a ton of her, revising her character a little and overall giving her the love she deserves. I'm extremely excited for this month since Calamity Month went so well!

TCAS:: Chapter 1
TCAS:: Chapter 1more_vert
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TCAS:: Chapter 1 2018-09-27T19:58:30+00:00close

Well its finally here! We've officially started TCAS once more, with the first chapter and Violet Purple performing her well known and treasured concerts! But something is a little off... I wonder what it'll be?

I've also started working on Disastrous Events once more, you will be seeing screenshots of that! Juggling 3 projects at the same time is difficult, 4 if we include Foxy's other projects!

She's also made her own Patreon if you're interested!: https://www.patreon.com/foxydeamondsart

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #382345 - 27 Sep 18 22:31
Wooo! This is gonna be a fun ride~
Patreon Warning
Patreon Warningmore_vert
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Patreon Warning 2018-08-02T03:06:47+00:00close

Hi hi guys, please make sure that you're not using Paypal; my Patreon is flagged as NSFW so this MAY happen to you.

Thank you for reading! And make sure to spread this around if you can.

Embed data


Provider URL





It is August, My Dudes 2018-08-01T21:23:52+00:00

Hello guys, I hope it's been a great month for you so far. I'll be sending out the proper rewards in the next 4 days, ontop of opening up some bust headshots for yall later on in this month. Thank you guys so much for the support.

I hope to be able to continue work with my webcomic and you'll be seeing some concept art for RGBY as well, since that's coming back by the end of the month!

This is going to be a great month, I can feel it.

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DARK WONDERLAND:: NOW LAUNCHED 2018-07-16T04:19:19+00:00close

Heya guys!! Well, I'm happy to announce that Dark Wonderland has now officially started! I'm anxious about how this comic will go but I'm very excited as well. I've been wanting to make a webcomic on my own for a while but the issue being that I absolutely SUCK so this will be a good learning experience. :'D Thank you guys for continuing to support me.

I hope that I may get more supporters so that I can continue making more pages!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #382345 - 16 Jul 18 05:52
Best of luck! This comic's off to a strong start~
Jupiter's Home(Astronomical Forces Announcement)
Jupiter's Home(Astronomical Forces Announcement)more_vert
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Jupiter's Home(Astronomical Forces Announcement) 2018-06-23T01:05:12+00:00close

I've been working on this story idea for the last week, a concept I've had since I was a little girl called The Astronomical Forces. They're essentially things in our solar system personified. I had a thought of making it into a webcomic, complete with a stylized version of my style! It'll be updated bi weekly, and drawn in a panel style with flats. A very simple style, with a fun twist.

This will be launched in July. I'll be postin up concept art on here and on Discord before I post it publicly, so you guys will know what I'm doing. ;)

I'm very excited to add the Astronomical Forces to my roster. It'll be much easier to do than my other stories since they are collaborated pieces with Foxy and she has been busy tryin to find a job now that she's complete college.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #382345 - 23 Jun 18 02:57
That is an awesome looking building! Very well done with lots of detail ;D
March! 2018-03-03T04:45:06+00:00

Wow, its been really flying by, hasnt it? It's crazy how much this year has progressed. o.o;;;

A huge update! Foxy and I are starting our work on RGBY again. We've been working on revamping the characters, and how they'll be looking, the overall story, and with a ton of other stuff as well. I've also been revamping Disastrous Events and Dark Wonderland; I'll have to redraw the sprites, the title screens, everything! The stories are also being revamped as well.

This month is going to signal a lot of change, and you all will e getting some delicious sneak peaks at things that other people won't :D It'l be very fun and exciting!

For now, thank you for pledging, even if this is a little tip jar! I'll be finishing Marina soon!

Ill also be streaming Saturday, March 3rd, with a friend in a multistream! It'll be requests, so if you want one, please be sure to pop on in!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #382345 - 3 Mar 18 04:57
Looking forward to seeing more RGBY! :D
Changes! 2018-02-19T18:59:33+00:00

So I decided to turn my Patreon more into a tip jar. As I get closer to my goals and all, I'll be able to go back to doing requests and character of the month. But for now, commissions take up so much of my time that its my only way of supporting myself.

Hopefully I can reach this goal within the year! It would be great to make a full time job out of doing my art!

Regardless, thank you guys for supporting me!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #382345 - 19 Feb 18 19:22
Thanks for the heads up!
December Winner! 2017-12-09T17:34:12+00:00

Marina won! Just 4 votes ahead of Francine! Ill be starting the drawings of her, both NSFW and SFW.

As an update, I saw that Patreon has also done some updating on its side and honestly, if ya'll want to end up unpledging/lowering your pledge, I don't mind it. It's frustrating as hell that they would take advantage like this but what can you do.

Thank you for supporting me regardless.<3

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #382345 - 9 Dec 17 18:06
MA-RI-NA! MA-RI-NA! MA-RI-NA! Can't wait to see what you make~
Update! 2017-12-02T20:28:01+00:00

Hello fellow patrons. Godit's...been a while. ^^; I'm so so sorry for the lack of updates. I've had to put the Patreon Pinup on hold due to my full time job. It's been really busy with me, having to balance commissions and outside work, trying to save up so I can move to Canada next year...

I'm now bringing back the Patreon poll so you have who you would like to see for this month. One version will be NSFW and the other SFW. Im trying some new things with my style for next year, so I'm excited to see who wil be thewinner by next week!


Cast your votes and let me know!

Ontop of that....

I will be having a sale all throughout December for everyone! But Patrons get 35% off due to them already pledging. <3

Hope to hear from all of you soon! And dont forget to send in your sketch requests.

More Updates! 2017-09-25T04:11:07+00:00

Hi Patrons.<3 I know its been forever and a day, and I have to apologize; I've been in and out of the ER this last month. I've visited it 2 times alone, and 4 times for the whole year. I've been going through nothing but illness, and itsbeen delaying a lot of things besides my Patreon; commissions, my webcomic, and my videogames. It's truly been a sucky time. >.<

On topof that,I've been trying to find a job so my income can stabilize. It sucks I'm not making quite enough yet on here to make it a job but hopefully I can get there.

Thank you guys for being so patient! I'm so sorry that my sickness has really taken a lot out of me. It sucks hard but I'm starting to bounce back and by next month I'll start the Patreon Pinup poll once more. Shantae and Raven will be exclusive bonuses. And I'll be accepting requests for $10+ donors!

Hope to see you around.<3 Love you all lots!

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #382345 - 25 Sep 17 04:20
Thank you for the update! <3 Love ya too and hope everything goes well.
user avatar
User #6260034 - 26 Sep 17 02:23
Oh no! Darling do feel better! We hope you can find a job asap! Sending luck and health your way! <3
user avatar
User #120887 - 25 Sep 17 19:28
Aww take it easy. ;w; β™‘ Hope you feel better!
user avatar
User #4249692 - 30 Oct 17 09:18
Nice news)))
user avatar
User #120887 - 25 Sep 17 19:28 - revision 2
Aww take it easy. ;w; β™‘ Hope you feel better!
Change in Rewards 2017-09-05T00:44:51+00:00

Hey Patrons! :D Just an update.

I've been so busy trying to finish commissions, along with having a full time job and training for it. I'll finish up the Raven and Shantae drawings, however, Pinup Girls will be put on hold until I have a stronger footing with my finances and finishing commissions.

So for now on, anyone who is pledging above $10 will get a sketch of their original character/request, and it can be of anything they wish!

Hope you understand the temporary changes. Thank you guys!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #4249692 - 30 Oct 17 09:18
Update! 2017-09-01T16:14:23+00:00

Hello Patrons! :D

I apologize heavily for my inactivity. I have just gotten hired for a tutoring position for a company in the school districts, so I've been busy prepping by filling out the proper forms and doing some online screening/training. I have Raven sketched out for Patreon but due to my busy activity, I may have to limit the choices for her slightly. And I still need to get to Shantae, which may end up SFW only.

Foxy and I will begin making RGBY pages as early access again due to the prologue coming to a close, however the pages have slow down due to her being in college. Once they resume,Ill be posting up updates and teasers of whats to come!

I havent been able to work on my game but I hope to get backinto the rhythm of it with stable income now. Disastrous Events will probably be first, then Dark Wonderland.

I hope that once I get this full time job, things will even out and itll be more on schedule for me!

Also, if you haen't voted for September's girl, please do so here!:


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Update! 2017-08-18T15:40:47+00:00close

Hey guys, sorry for not having to update Patreon. It's been really hectic irl. I'm moving to Canada in 9 months, so it's been nothing but my fiancee and I planning it out by where we're going to stay, what ill be doing when I get there, etc.

I'm running a fundraiser due to Foxy herself being in school and won't be able to save up as much as she can for it, along with covering some expenses such as moving my things there, fees for the citizenship application, and many other costly things that I've taken into account. I'm trying to find a more stable job in real life in the meanwhile, since I'm not able to live off of my Patreon just yet.

I don't expect you guys to donate since you already are pledging, butif you are interested, the link is here!: https://www.gofundme.com/thebigmovetocanada

Just wanted to keep you inform of my situation and why its taking me so long. I'll try to finish up Raven and Shantae for the month.

Comments (6)
user avatar
User #382345 - 18 Aug 17 16:02
I hope everything works out for you, Neme. :D
user avatar
β˜… nemesisart - 20 Aug 17 14:22
thank you!
user avatar
User #382345 - 20 Aug 17 14:27
My pleasure~
user avatar
User #6260034 - 18 Aug 17 16:52
We wish you two luck! We may be moving soon as well, we know the pain! You got this! *thumbs up*
user avatar
β˜… nemesisart - 20 Aug 17 14:22
Thank you! Im just trying my hardest haha
user avatar
User #6260034 - 20 Aug 17 17:35
You can do it dear! :) Stuff like this makes your relationship stronger! <3
July Update! 2017-07-28T17:11:41+00:00

Hello fellow Patrons! <3

Unfortunately this month was a sucky one. D: Between losing money for some billsI had to take care of, to being very sick with allergies and having a hard time with art block, I haven't been able to get to Shantae as of yet. Either she'll be a double reward for next month or I'll skip her all together and ya'll can have free requests. Which ones sounds better?

Either way, Raven wonfor next month's Patreon poll so I will be doing a SFW and NSFW drawing of her! I wanna see how well this works out for Patreon.

Thank you guys for the awesome support and I hope to see you next month! And please bare with me, I have SO much to do in terms of commissions and stuff going on in real life!

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #382345 - 28 Jul 17 17:26
Hey Name, thanks for the update and I hope next month goes better for you! Looking forward to seeing the Raven art too <3 Unsure about the Shantae art though, maybe make it a double reward for next month?
Patreon's August Pinup Girl Poll! 2017-06-23T19:02:14+00:00

I have created the poll for August! You guys can choose which babes you would love to see for the month.

I'l be working on Shantae and for this month, send out Rosalina's pinup as well! :D Thank you guys for once again, supporting me for the month! I'm very excitd to show you the results!


Comments (3)
user avatar
User #120887 - 23 Jun 17 20:29
Meowwwwww i would love to see one of your girls prrt :////3
user avatar
β˜… nemesisart - 23 Jun 17 23:44
:'P make sure to get some votes in for them then! Looks like Raven is winning
user avatar
User #120887 - 24 Jun 17 00:54
Nyuuuuuun β™‘β™‘β™‘
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WINNER FOR JULY PATREON PINUP 2017-06-20T05:08:42+00:00close

Shantae!!!! I was not surprised she had won, haha! xD What a poll that was. She won in a complete landslide.

I'll be posting up August's poll once I send out Rosalina, the Patreon winner for June! Again, if you have any suggestions for waifus, or even husbandos, comment or message me in any way possible on Patreon! I will guarantee a spot for my Patrons. :D

Thank you guys again for supporting me! I hope you'll lik the Rosalina reward once she is ready!

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WINNER FOR JUNE'S PATREON PINUP:: ROSALINA! 2017-06-09T15:43:20+00:00close

It was a SUPER close tie. But Rosalina ended up on top and she won! :D
I am working on drawing her right now as I type this up. Meanwhile, a new poll has been made for July!


And as I had said there was going to be a bonus for you guys. <3 I'll be drawing your OCs as sketch requests! Please message me if you are interested in the deal!

May Patreon Pinup:: Bayonetta!
May Patreon Pinup:: Bayonetta!more_vert
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May Patreon Pinup:: Bayonetta! 2017-06-02T02:38:53+00:00close

Hey fellow babes! <3

I've finished up drawing Bayonetta for the May Patreon Pinup!
All Patrons will receive all versions of the drawing done, along with a wallpaper! $5+ ties will receive the PSD so you can see all my inner workings. >:'P
I will also be posting this up to gumroad for purchase!

Thank you guys for the support, and cheers for more patrons joining us!

I've also posted up the June Patreon Pinup choices, so vote for your faves! :D
If you have suggestions for the next pinup in July, please message me privately or post on my wall!

Patreon Pinup for June! 2017-06-01T02:17:52+00:00

Hello fellow supportive and awesome fans :D!

I have just created the poll for June, and if you would like to vote, please place it HERE:


I've been working on the Bayonetta Patreon pick and I should be done between the now and June 5th.
Due to my lateness, i will treat you guys to something ;)

Thank you guys so much for your support, and cheers to more people joining! :D


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