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Sketch(book) a Day!
Sketch(book) a Day!more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch(book) a Day! 2018-03-08T17:05:18+00:00close

Today's theme is "creator owned", so, instead of doing a sketch, i'm doing a sketchBOOK.... which is also something i need to do anyhoo, and i'm cutting it REALLY freaking short to get them in on time before my first show and blah blah blah.

ANYHOO. Heads up that, should things go as planned, i should have not one, but two sketchbooks available for preorder tomorrow.

One will be an 8.5x11, and has my paintings, personal sketch cards, process art, basically a whole mishmosh of things. Current size is about 48 pages or so?

The second is a smaller, 6x9 book of the full run of Project Sexy -- all 62 pieces done will be in it... i think it's still running at about 36 pages, hahah.

ANYHOO, i'll be sure to have some Patreon perks for you fine folks, but i wanted to give you guys notice first :)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #858122 - 8 Mar 18 17:08
As an art / artist fan I really like these sorts of books. I'm really curious to see what gets included in each. :-)
user avatar
User #7904792 - 8 Mar 18 20:02
I’m excited!
Sketch a Day(s)!
Sketch a Day(s)!more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day(s)! 2018-03-07T18:33:43+00:00close

For both yesterday and today, themes being gaming and comics, respectively :)

Both are $100 for non patrons, or $75 for :). You know the drill from here, hahah.

Thanks everyone!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #9769983 - 7 Mar 18 19:18
So awesome.
user avatar
User #3278585 - 7 Mar 18 18:34
Claim both!
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 7 Mar 18 18:37
Hair tutorial stream! 2018-03-07T16:28:15+00:00

I’d wanted to start at noon, but i have some techs coming over around that time (yay, home upkeep stuff), and that won’t really work for something being done live, lol.

SO, I’ll do it after they leave. Hopefully won’t be too long!

Thanks everyone!

Tutorial Tuesday! 2018-03-06T18:44:11+00:00

Is on track for later tonight! I'm doing one on hair, since it's been asked a few times, most recently as of this weekend. Rounding up references now, and i should have it up later this evening, between 8-10PM EST. I'm also going to do a video session to explain part of it as well, because some of it you need to see in motion. If time allows, i'll stream it, but regardless you fine folks will have a link :)

Now to figure out how to embed it into a wordpress post, LOL.

ANYHOO, i'm going to get cracking on this. I'll update shortly with all the good stuff!

Thank you everyone!

(oh! And i'd like to do a quick little sketch a day -- today's theme is gaming, so if anyone has suggestions, i'd love to hear them! Likely will just be a quickie head sketch, but sometimes those are the most fun!)

Sketch a Day 3/4/2018!
Sketch a Day 3/4/2018!more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day 3/4/2018! 2018-03-04T16:58:57+00:00close

Creator owned Sunday means a bit of Ereshkigal/Nyx for you folks :)

Ink on Bristol, 6x6, $75 for Patrons, $100 for non :)

Comments (4)
user avatar
User #8226657 - 4 Mar 18 19:18
Could you do a tutorial on hair?
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 4 Mar 18 19:30
Sure can! Any particular aspect?
user avatar
User #8226657 - 5 Mar 18 00:14
Kind of hard to articulate. But sort of like how to draw it with volume and separation. The hair in the drawing above has some separation but still looks like strands. When I do it it just looks stringy.
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 5 Mar 18 00:33
Aha, I know what you mean — I’ll get one written up for Tuesday! Might end up actually being a video, coz it’s something you kinda have to see in action, lol
Sketch a Day 3/3/2018
Sketch a Day 3/3/2018more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day 3/3/2018 2018-03-03T16:51:53+00:00close

Thundercats, hoooooo!

A bit different than my others, this one is 3x5”, and was done in Copics. $125 for non patrons, 95 for :)

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #116221 - 3 Mar 18 17:20
So the sketch was done an hour ago and then this was completed and posted 30min later ?! You are that fast with this level of quality ! ? ! ?
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 3 Mar 18 17:21
Yessir. Started at 10am
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 3 Mar 18 17:21
Also note that i did comic interiors for a living for a short while. Gotta be quick, hahaha.
Sketch a Day 3/3/2018 sneak peek
Sketch a Day 3/3/2018 sneak peekmore_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day 3/3/2018 sneak peek 2018-03-03T15:41:39+00:00close


Comments (1)
user avatar
User #908017 - 3 Mar 18 15:51
That’s not nice
Sketch a Day 3/2/2018 -finished!
Sketch a Day 3/2/2018 -finished!more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day 3/2/2018 -finished! 2018-03-02T17:33:48+00:00close

Did you guess? I think you guessed.

He’s available for $60 for you fine folks, or $75 for non patrons :)

Paint’s still a little wet, hence the zoomed out photo so i don’t get as much glare, lol.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #858122 - 2 Mar 18 17:37
Wow! You have so effectively rendered depth for those horns. I expected to read the description for this post and learn you actually molded these horns in clay ... :-)
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 2 Mar 18 17:38
Hahaha, color theory! It's a lot of orange and purple in there :) BTW, keep your eyes open, i'm working on your piece today :D
user avatar
User #8047776 - 2 Mar 18 17:57
Amazing! So inspiring!!!
Sketch a Day 3/2/2018!
Sketch a Day 3/2/2018!more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day 3/2/2018! 2018-03-02T16:53:30+00:00close

Guess who?

Should be done by 1230– paint’s taking longer to dry than anticipated :P

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #934652 - 2 Mar 18 16:54
AH! <3
user avatar
User #8111796 - 2 Mar 18 17:31
Sketch a Day 3/1/2018
Sketch a Day 3/1/2018more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day 3/1/2018 2018-03-01T22:41:24+00:00close

It’s a Creator owned day, SO, we have Aria in both forms today :)

It’s a set, and though I’m super happy with how it turned out, I’m still gonna put it up for grabs if anyone wants it. It’s $200 for non patrons, or $150 for Patrons.

I finished it later than I wanted, so Patrons have until 10pm to claim dibs :)

Thanks folks!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2579233 - 2 Mar 18 01:39
They came out gorgeous! ♥
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 1 Mar 18 22:41

user avatar
meghanhetrick - 1 Mar 18 22:41

Pre-Show commission information: 2018-03-01T16:06:42+00:00

I've had a number of folks ask about commissions for my upcoming shows, not necessarily here on Patreon, but I still wanted to share the info, which is here:


If any Patrons are interested, you guys will get special perks.

Level 1 gets bumped to color.
Level 2 gets a full background
Level 3 gets a $200 discount.

Just so ya know :D

Now i'm off to do today's Sketch a Day, lol. It'll likely be a little after noon before it's posted, because i've been nose deep in the business side of things this morning, but it'll be coming shortly.

Thanks everyone!

Sketch a Day 2/27/2018 redo!
Sketch a Day 2/27/2018 redo!more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day 2/27/2018 redo! 2018-03-01T03:21:45+00:00close


$95 for Patrons, $125 for non. Patrons have first dibs until 9am tomorrow morning, then it opens up for everyone :)

So glad i redid this, LOL.

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #2826909 - 1 Mar 18 03:39
This looks glorious! Cant wait for tomorrow's sketch *counts pennies* aiming for that!
user avatar
User #934643 - 1 Mar 18 08:26
Dibs please!!!
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 1 Mar 18 13:49
You got her! Message incoming :)
Sketch a Day 2/28/2018
Sketch a Day 2/28/2018 more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day 2/28/2018 2018-02-28T17:49:18+00:00close

Finished! $125 for non patrons, $95 for, though i think she’s already been claimed by Danny, hahah.

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #2826909 - 28 Feb 18 17:52
She's GORGEOUS! Jelly!
Sketch a Day, 2/28/2018!
Sketch a Day, 2/28/2018!more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day, 2/28/2018! 2018-02-28T16:02:25+00:00close

Will be a Psylocke :) might be a bit after noon before it’s finished, because this morning was a bit of a mess, but she’ll be done shortly.

Also, I’m going to do a different one for yesterday, game related. I wasn’t happy considering any of yesterday’s streaming pieces as part of this, SO, redo it is. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to say!

Thanks everyone!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #8226657 - 28 Feb 18 16:05
I don't play that many video games, but I did just buy assassin's creed. So maybe something from that?
user avatar
User #2962354 - 28 Feb 18 16:03
I'll take it
Sketch a Day!
Sketch a Day!more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day! 2018-02-27T15:44:49+00:00close

Will be a bit different today, in that I’m going to be starting at noon and streaming it. Patrons have first dibs on whatever i make during today’s stream :)

See you soon, folks! YouTube.com/meghanhetrick if you want to check it out!

Dollar Store art!
Dollar Store art!more_vert
Post file flag
Dollar Store art! 2018-02-27T01:11:38+00:00close

Allrighty folks, it’s time: Dollar Store Art is going to happen tomorrow via YouTube, starting at noon EST. Come join me if you’d like to watch me drive home the point that it’s not the tools but the ARTIST that makes things happen.

That’s the plan at least. For all I know, this whole thing could turn out to be an embarrassing mess, hahha. I don’t think it will though.

YouTube.com/meghanhetrick if you want to see!

Sketch a Day- in progress!
Sketch a Day- in progress!more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day- in progress! 2018-02-26T16:41:32+00:00close

Might done a little after noon, because horses are freaking hard to draw, but it’s coming!

Post file flag
Stuffs! 2018-02-25T20:14:44+00:00close

As you folks are more than aware, i'm starting to branch out a bit from just the standard art stuff -- mainly so that i can have my art accessible however folks want it.

So in that mindset, i started a society6 account for "stuff". You want stickers? I'll have stickers. You want tote bags and t-shirts? I'll have those too. Even pillows, because why the hell not.

Patreon folks will have a BUNCH of exclusive "get" things that I can't offer through society6, like buttons and whatnot, but i thought I'd share this anyhoo in case anyone might be interested in, well, stuff :)


^that's the easiest way to find the things, hahah.

I'll be uploading more as i go. Sticker sheets and crap will be available through me, but this is a good spot to go to for one off things for the time being (and hey, it'll get shipped to you quicker, which is always my downfall).

Thanks folks!


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #799008 - 25 Feb 18 20:40
Love this!
user avatar
User #2368788 - 25 Feb 18 20:18
They look great! Thank you for offering a range of Meghan Hetrick art! (My fave is the coffee cup! ❤️?)
Sketch a Day 2/25/2018
Sketch a Day 2/25/2018more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day 2/25/2018 2018-02-25T16:52:29+00:00close

And it’s Aria (aka Death) from Covenant!

Photo is a bit zoomed out because my camera’s eating the colors.

She’s $75 USD for Patrons, or $100 for non :). If you’re interested, just call dibs!

And also a note, so I don’t spam your email boxes with update notifications: I’ll be posting a Sketch a Day “theme” schedule later. I realized pretty quickly that if I don’t do that, I’ll lose my head pretty fast trying to think of something every morning. Plus, it makes it easier on you folks to plan and know what’s coming up if there’s anything you’re interested in :)

ANYHOO, back at it for me. I hope you enjoy, and I’ll be back in a short bit with sticker designs!

Thanks everyone!

Comments (4)
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 25 Feb 18 16:53
Dammit, just realized that posted early. Bah.
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 25 Feb 18 16:53

user avatar
meghanhetrick - 25 Feb 18 18:42
And snagged via a Patreon DM coz they didn’t want anyone to know. Your secret is safe with me!
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 25 Feb 18 16:53
Here’s another shot of the piece though:
Sketch a Day: 2/24/2018
Sketch a Day: 2/24/2018more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day: 2/24/2018 2018-02-24T17:50:33+00:00close

Behold, the one and only GI JOE art I’ve done and will likely ever do because fuuuuuuck those guns.

PSC sized, 2.5x3.5 inches, watercolor and ink on Arches hot press.

$125 for non Patreon folks, $95 for patrons (I kept it an even number for ease).

Call dibs if you’d like her! She gets put out to the masses at 8PM EST :)

thanks everyone!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #5890921 - 24 Feb 18 20:32
I'll take that one too =)
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 24 Feb 18 23:26
Hahha, all yours! Thank you!!
user avatar
User #2826909 - 24 Feb 18 17:54
if only i had 95 /cry lolol looks fantastic!
Sketch a Day! 2018-02-24T15:36:07+00:00

Might be closer to 1PM EST today, cooooooz... I just woke up :P. I was OUT, lol. I think I’m going to go with something nostalgic today. Not sure what just yet, but something fun will be done :D

Thanks folks!

Sketch a Day - 2/23/2018!
Sketch a Day - 2/23/2018!more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day - 2/23/2018! 2018-02-23T17:01:54+00:00close

It’s a Night Elf Druid from WoW!

This game has been part of my life for almost half my life now, lol (I’ve been an active subscriber since about four months after launch). In fact, Blizzard as a whole has probably been the biggest influence on my art, even including comics :)

ANYHOO, she’s 2.5” x 3.5”, so sketch card sized, and was done in watercolors on arches hot press. Price for Patreon folks is $75, price for other folks is $100 :)

If you’d like it, call dibs and I’ll shoot you a message :) it’ll go out to the general public at 8pm EST if it’s not claimed, and I’ll take her down tomorrow to be set aside for shows and such if she’s still here then.

Thank you everyone!


Comments (7)
user avatar
User #934652 - 23 Feb 18 17:06
GAH! Damn being broke till the 1st :( My daughter plays a Feral NE Druid. (I faceroll with a Dranei Frost DK)
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 23 Feb 18 17:07
Hahaha, there very well might be a stack of WoW related stuff coming up soon, just coz I miss being able to play. I have this girl, a troll boomkin, and a night elf frost DK as my mains :)
user avatar
User #934652 - 23 Feb 18 17:12
I've been grinding the $*(!ing Legion Pathfinder stuff so I can fly, then I'll probably work on getting my ret pally 110. I play very casually (ie: highly distracted running old stuff for transmog gear) (still don't have my Judgement breastplate for my Pally, damnit) but I'm enjoying some of the new content and world quests a lot.
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 23 Feb 18 17:02
And another shot of the colors :)
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 23 Feb 18 17:02

user avatar
User #5890921 - 23 Feb 18 17:05
can I call dibs? =)
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 23 Feb 18 17:05
You certainly can :D
Sketch a Day! 2018-02-23T14:15:53+00:00

I'm about to start today's --- any requests? I haven't had enough coffee yet to think of anything, LOL.

Comments (10)
user avatar
User #7904792 - 23 Feb 18 14:58
A really handsome male naga?
user avatar
User #2826909 - 23 Feb 18 14:30
maybe something to do with greek mythology? plenty of beautiful people and monsters!
user avatar
User #2368788 - 25 Feb 18 20:47
Oh thank you ? ??
user avatar
User #858122 - 23 Feb 18 14:29
Staying in the Marvel Cinematic Universe theme ... be cool to see your take on a Groot. I'd prefer the _Baby_ version personally, but any Groot would be cool! ^.^
user avatar
User #8226657 - 23 Feb 18 14:24
Maybe one of the warriors from Black Panther? Really cool costume design IMO.
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 23 Feb 18 15:11

user avatar
User #2368788 - 25 Feb 18 20:20
Lion-O from the original ThunderCats (1985)? A hotty catoid?
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 25 Feb 18 20:22
Oooooh there will definitely be a Thundercats piece at some point very soon, hahha
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 23 Feb 18 15:12
All requests noted, thank you! I ended up going with something not mentioned, and that’s a night elf from Warcraft, hahha
user avatar
User #2368788 - 25 Feb 18 20:21
Okay! (darn lol)
Question! 2018-02-22T22:24:41+00:00

I have some Shrinky Dink film on the way, so i can start making some pins and such, buuuut I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me also doing full, unbaked sheets of lineart that you fine folks could then color in yourself and make your own little doodads? Charms, buttons, whatever you’d like. I just provide the art pre-printed.

Just gauging interest and seeing if that would even be up anyone’s alley, lol.


Comments (3)
user avatar
User #7904792 - 22 Feb 18 22:37
Yes that would be a lot of fun I think!
user avatar
User #4913653 - 27 Feb 18 15:17
This is a great idea!
user avatar
User #8111796 - 23 Feb 18 03:56
I think it could be pretty fun too!
Aquarius - Color mock :)
Aquarius - Color mock :)more_vert
Post file flag
Aquarius - Color mock :) 2018-02-22T18:05:47+00:00close

I'll be starting on paints ASAP, coz now i'm super freaking jazzed to do so :D

Comments (5)
user avatar
User #8047776 - 22 Feb 18 18:13
user avatar
User #2368788 - 22 Feb 18 22:27
Wowwww, already over it.
user avatar
User #3370027 - 22 Feb 18 20:58
Awesome!! ❤
user avatar
User #2826909 - 22 Feb 18 18:09
that looks FANTASTIC! if i do say so +P
user avatar
User #934652 - 22 Feb 18 18:12
Sketch a Day! 2/22/2018
Sketch a Day! 2/22/2018more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day! 2/22/2018 2018-02-22T17:21:00+00:00close


Glad I checked to see if this posted, coz, well, it didn't! Last time i try to use the "schedule" crap.

ANYHOO - as mentioned yesterday, i'll be offering daily sketches for folks :) You guys get first dibs, and if whatever's done doesn't get snagged by 8PM EST, it gets opened to everyone.

First up is Ereshkigal from my upcoming OGN Covenant. Note that the white bit on her right boob is actually from my scanner, and is not on the card itself.

She's sketch card sized, so 2.5x3.5", and was done in watercolor on Arches hot press. The price for Patreon supporters is $75, and for everyone else is $100 (which includes domestic shipping).

First one to call dibs snags her!

Thank you for your support folks!

Comments (7)
user avatar
User #2368788 - 22 Feb 18 22:29
No doubt it was snagged! Beautiful, as usual ?
user avatar
User #2826909 - 22 Feb 18 17:25
hope that one helps. i meant the explanation mark but the question mark came up first and i just hit it lol
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 22 Feb 18 17:26
Hahahah, she's yours!
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 22 Feb 18 17:26
Goddammit, i hit enter too quick too. Must be going around. ANYHOO, i'll shoot you a message!
user avatar
User #2826909 - 22 Feb 18 17:24
dibs! =P
user avatar
User #2826909 - 22 Feb 18 17:22
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 22 Feb 18 17:23
Iiiii'm not sure if that's a question, or a claiming, lol. ... i might need more coffee.
Sketch a Day!
Sketch a Day!more_vert
Post file flag
Sketch a Day! 2018-02-21T17:47:19+00:00close

I’ve had a bunch of requests lately to do a sort of “sketch a day” thing, so, I’m going to give it a try, and to make it a bit more fun, I’m going to post the pieces for sale.

Patreon supporters will get a 25% discount on each (so, if it’s a $100 piece, it becomes $75 if you’re a supporter) as well as first dibs.

They’ll be posted at noon EST for Patreon folks, and then posted on other spots at 8PM EST if there are no takers here, then they’ll get taken down when the next one goes up :)

First one to be posted tomorrow will be this lady here, Ereshkigal from my upcoming OGN, Covenant. She’s sketch card sized (2.5”x3.5”) and was done in watercolor on Arches hot press. She’s $100, or $75 for Patreon folks :)

If anyone has suggestions for future folks, LMK, and I’ll see what I can do :D. I’m just trying to make this interesting and fun, while also being nose down in 1000 other projects, hahah.

Thanks for your support folks!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #858122 - 21 Feb 18 18:22
Patreon perks! Woot woot! ^.^ Really pleased for the growing list of supporter exclusives, so thanks for that.
user avatar
User #2667246 - 21 Feb 18 18:02
This is awesome! I'll definitely be picking something up, thanks for giving this a shot!
Livestream! 2018-02-19T20:15:01+00:00

Hey folks! I’ll be doing a livestream tonight starting at 8pm EST via YouTube— it’s going to be part of my tutorial series on here, but a day early, coz i have a few things to get done tomorrow, and likely won’t have the time to do this then.

The subject will be how to use Daz3d as reference for checking your art. If you caught my stream on Friday, you likely heard me say that i needed to double check some anatomy — this is how I’m going to do that. I’m doing it live to show you how to morph/manipulate stuff, which can’t be shown in still images.

My Patreon folks will have access to it whenever they’d like, but if you’re not a Patreon supporter, tonight’s the only chance to get it, coz I’m going to archive it and lock it down for anyone else.

ANYHOO, if you can swing in, please do! Www.youtube.com/meghanhetrick :)

OH! If you don't have the program, and want to follow along, you can get it for free at www.daz3d.com -- no need for extras, I just use the base package myself :)

Post file flag
Streaming! 2018-02-17T01:10:40+00:00close

Going to test the connection and see if I can get a stream in tonight, with “all the pencils” as the focus. Not sure how well it’ll go, but fingers crossed it’s successful.

YouTube.com/meghanhetrick, and i should be up and running by 830pm EST :)

Post file flag
Streaming! 2018-02-14T17:11:03+00:00close

I’m going to do a quick one for about an hour, through YouTube, if i can get it working.

I’ll post a link in just a second when I turn around at my desktop, haha.

Edit --> Bit of a delay, because i didn't realize that I have not one, not two, but THREE separate freaking youtube accounts, and now i'm trying to sort everything out.


Edit #2 -> 1230PM EST: Finally got it working!


I'll be on until 1PM EST.. ish :)

Edit #3 -> So, we're having some issues with latency on our line, which made streaming damn near impossible. Tech will be coming tomorrow to fix, so hopefully i'll be back up and running tomorrow night.

I'd wanted to do the Supergirl piece start to finish through streams, but i gotta keep working on it so i can stay on schedule. I'll save the coloring for later though :)

Time for all the things!
Time for all the things!more_vert
Post file flag
Time for all the things! 2018-02-14T05:48:47+00:00close

That there are layouts for three 16x20 paintings, one 11x17 cover (also a painting), two 11x17 commissions, also painted, and an 8x10 sketchbook piece and a 3x5 piece that are *gasp* marker for a little variety.

I’m going to trrryyyyyy and stream me working on these things. Not sure how well it’ll go, but I’ll post info as to where as soon as I figure it out. As for the when: whenever I’m working, lol.

I’ll post info soon!


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2368788 - 14 Feb 18 07:23
You can do eeet!
user avatar
User #5972188 - 14 Feb 18 05:49
Hellraiser - Hell Priestess mockup
Hellraiser - Hell Priestess mockupmore_vert
Post file flag
Hellraiser - Hell Priestess mockup 2018-02-13T18:10:38+00:00close

One of the many layouts i've been working on the last few days -- This one of a Hell Priestess from Hellraiser.... which i've never seen, so forgive any errors here, lol.

Clip Studio Pro for the mockup, which i'm starting to fall in love with. Final will be done in gouache :)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #2579233 - 13 Feb 18 18:15
Looks good. And Clip Studio is where it's at, seriously :)
user avatar
User #4913653 - 13 Feb 18 19:15
Need to start working with Clip Studio more. Still learning how to use it properly.
Moar pirates!
Moar pirates!more_vert
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Moar pirates! 2018-02-12T17:25:28+00:00close

For the undisclosed project ;)

Comments (2)
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User #3218394 - 12 Feb 18 18:44
user avatar
User #2368788 - 13 Feb 18 22:25
Love your technique and results!
$50 Patreon Reward!
$50 Patreon Reward! more_vert
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$50 Patreon Reward! 2018-02-11T18:15:16+00:00close

And it’s Storm :D

There are still spots left if you’d like one! Next round will be done next month :)

Thanks, everyone!

Comments (2)
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meghanhetrick - 11 Feb 18 18:16
Lol, photo is not an accurate representation of the colors -- they're a lot less saturated in person :)
user avatar
User #9450994 - 12 Feb 18 21:34
Such a beautiful picture!!
Conventions! 2018-02-10T15:43:11+00:00

Link to my site, because the Patreon formatting is f*cking maddening and broken. Very, very broken.


Since I can't draw at shows anymore, I've decided to do exclusive prints for each show I attend. Patreon perks are that you don't have to make it to the show to get the print -- if you're a Patron, you can order it from anywhere in the country :)

Comments (1)
user avatar
User #858122 - 10 Feb 18 19:40
I really like the idea that patrons have the ability to purchase show-exclusive prints. A very cool perk! ^.^
Lens? Lens! 2018-02-07T02:11:31+00:00

Apparently Patreon now has stories, like Instagram and Facebook. Maybe Snapchat, but I’ve used that thing probably less than once so i have no idea.

ANYWAY. I’m going to fiddle around with it a bit, so if you guys see strange updates or notifications, you know why: coz I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing :)

Learning is fun!

Ch-ch-ch-changes! Pt 2: The Verdict 2018-01-30T01:56:47+00:00

Okay, so, the time is nigh for me to actually decide what i'm going to do about the whole raffle thing, so, here we go.

On Feb 1st, I'll do the last drawings for the print winner, and the one and only drawing for the art winner (the mermaid piece I did). Those tiers will then be modified or removed, depending on specifics.

The modifications will be as follows, and i'll be putting them up throughout the night, so that people have time to shuffle their pledges around by the deadline, since i don't know how that works if i just nix a whole tier.

ANYHOO. Changes!

-- Across the board, the only way to get a commission from me, aside from for/at a show, is to be a Patron (and I physically can't do sketching at shows anymore, so, yeah).

-- $1/3/5 tiers stay the same. Since the tutorials take so long to do, i'm also going to start including lineart downloads into the 3/5 tiers. For the folks wondering where my color tutorials are: they're in the pipeline. Recording in my current studio is incredibly hard to do for a variety of reasons (mainly being the central location in the house, and the horrible lighting), but we've started work on building out my "proper" studio, which means that i'll be able to stream and stuff again soonish.

-- $10 will have the print/portfolio review option removed, and have exclusive art access each month, specifically for the tier. There will also be an exclusive coupon for $10 a month for my store. They'll expire each month, but hey, if you choose to buy something, you'll actually not be losing any money, LOL.

-- $25 tier will be replaced with a $30 print option. These will be Patreon Exclusive prints, and will be different from any other ones I offer, though the differences will vary depending on the piece itself. Consider it the "limited edition" print tier. I'm working on the pieces I wanted to use for it now, and there will be a pretty steady rotation of them once i get the ball rolling. You sign up for this tier, you get the print, with domestic shipping included. Limited to 10.

-- $50 headsketch tier -- these will be exactly like the ones I did a few days ago. After this last round, i realized I'd have to raise the price on this tier, because of fees and shipping costs (holy crap USPS, seriously), so apologies for that. However, you will be guaranteed a sketch card sized head sketch every month, of a character of your choice, including original characters. Gotta let me know what you'd like though, so be prepared to check your messages or LMK in advance and i'll make a note. Limited to 10.

-- $400 commission tier -- LIMITED TO ONE (for now) -- I've had a bunch of folks ask for this, so i'm trying to accommodate as best as possible with my current workload. You will have a few options for this: Choices are: 9x12, 2 characters, ink, with light background, OR 9x12, 1 character on toned paper, greyscale copic, light background OR 10x14, 1 character, color (my choice of watercolor or Copic -- depends on subject), light background. If i can open up a few more slots on this down the line, i will, but for right now this is all I can really promise to finish with my current workload. Domestic shipping is included.

I'll do a blog post tomorrow with examples of everything, since the format on this isn't really the best for that stuff. That way you know what you're getting into, LOL.

So, we'll give this a shot for a month or so, and see how it works out. If anyone has any input, please feel free to tell me :)

Thanks everyone!

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Ch-ch-ch-chaaanges 2018-01-25T15:13:24+00:00close

So, I got this email yesterday, saying that art raffles aren't allowed. I get it. I totally forgot about gambling laws and such, but the funny thing is, I don't remember getting an updated ToS notification, except for that clusterfuck of the fees idea they ended up walking back on.

That being said, I will have to change the structure of the tiers a bit.... and i'm kinda lost. I'm going to keep them up for this month, because I know folks were looking forward to them (or i think so at least), but going forward I have to knock off the print and art raffles.

I just don't know what to put in place to remedy it and still make it cost effective for you folks.

My ideas so far are these:

- The tutorial spots will stay the same (and i'm gathering the stuff for the next tutorial today, actually. Should be done for Tuesday!).

- replace the $25 raffle tier with a $30 print tier for Patreon exclusive prints. I was going to show the mockups later, but since i'm talking about it now, i have a series of Zodiac pieces I've been cobbling together, that I was planning on doing for Patreon supporters anyway, so it kinda makes sense. I don't think these would be 11x17, because the original paintings won't be in that aspect ratio, but i'll see what i can figure out. They'd still be larger prints though, unless you folks tell me you'd like a smaller, easier to frame size.

- Add a $40 tier for head sketches, like the ones i showed the other day. These would be moderately limited spots, probably around 10-20. The cards are quick enough to do, but i also have some projects coming up soon that might boost this page's visibility, so i do have to put a number on those. You'd be guaranteed one a month for as long as you're in that tier.

- For the print raffle tier, i'll likely have to replace that with a lineart/coloring option on there. Exclusive digital print that you can color if you'd like. Or print out and hang on your wall. Or both! The choices are yours, LOL.

- I'm also thinking of putting in a "higher end" tier for a commission, for a commission in the 200-500 range. I haven't decided on a price yet, because i don't know what you'd like, though i'm suspecting "color" and "copic" are likely in the wants ;) This will be an EXTREMELY limited spot, we're talking maybe two, but likely one available, simply because I want to make sure it actually gets done with my current workload.

Let me know what you guys think of those, because i want to make this as friendly as possible for all of you. If you have other suggestions as well, please, please please tell me. Patreon's an exceptionally weird system to figure out, so any help is appreciated.

Thank you!

Comments (5)
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User #858122 - 25 Jan 18 15:53
Thanks for this level of transparency with your Patreon, Meghan. ^.^ One of the major reasons I joined your Patreon was to keep updated on future openings in your commissions queue, and maybe even to get "first dibs" access to the queue. The idea of a commissions reward tier is very interesting, but I suspect at the price point you'd need to set for that to have it make sense for your already jam-packed professional working queue not many of your patrons would want to stay in tier for an open-ended period of time. Like in my case : my ultimate goal is to secure *one* such queue slot for my dream illustration (a gift for my wife), and after that I'd be content to lurk in the background for a longer period of time at a more reasonably-priced tier (to continue to get access to Patreon-only art images -- I'm not an artist, just a fan of your work ... and the tutorials you provide are interesting but aren't anything that will operate on any level beyond that). Other Patreons I belong to do have monthly illustration rewards in the $15 - $25 range, but these are much simpler & streamlined single-character, line-art only, no background affairs -- not at all like the full-on multi-character with some background commission work you (& I) are thinking of here. :-) If there was some way to rotate the high-tier commission slots through those patrons who are interested in a "one & done" custom commission then maybe you'd have something. Perhaps making participation in your Patreon as the approved method of entry into your commission queue is a workable strategy. (Just my 2 cents for you! Take it for whatever it is worth. ^.^ )
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 25 Jan 18 17:02
Hahha, that .02 is worth it's weight in gold right now, thank you! I think the "Patrons have Priority" option is absolutely the way to go, and was the way i was planning to next time i opened up some slots. I can definitely see the monthly spot getting claimed by one person, and put bluntly, while that would work on a strictly financial end for me, it's not necessarily fair to other folks who might be vying for that opportunity themselves. Unfortunately, the $15-25 range won't work too well for me, simply because shipping has become insane (nevermind material costs and such). It might work for digital pieces though, but..... I'm really wary of doing that. It's not much difference than me offering up lineart for coloring, though, so it's something to consider if that's something Patrons would also be interested in. I will absolutely be doing the Patron Only access to art and images though, with some fun stuff coming up for that too :) Thank you again for your insights!!
user avatar
User #858122 - 25 Jan 18 18:02
By way of clarification I must say the $15-$25 patron reward range I see in other Patreons is indeed a digital-only reward ... so no shipping & materials overhead. Apologies for that oversight! ^.^ I think you are doing a wonderful job of trying to fine-tune the best balance of sustainable commitments in your Patreon for your fans, so thanks for that!
user avatar
User #337114 - 25 Jan 18 15:33
Ok, so... maybe it's just a matter of changing the wording/method? Is it gambling/raffle if you have a list of names, and you go down the list of names in order of date for the backer, and each person on that list is GUARANTEED to get something, and additional things the longer they're on the list once the list wraps back around to the front? 3 patrons Month 1. is Joe Month 2. is Sam Month 3. is Pete So, after Pete gets his print it's Joe's turn to get a second print. Or if Sally signs up in the middle of the list, maybe Sally gets something right away because she's brand new, and then you start going through the list for "2nd Time Around" patrons and resume where you left off?
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 25 Jan 18 16:56
The new rules seem to be a bit obtuse with what they consider what, so i think even that idea could be considered a raffle, or at least unfair to everyone else that's not "picked" that month. It'd also get really confusing on a logistical end for me here, because the patreon backend support is NOT the best for stuff like that (there's no way to sort out who's a new subscriber from month to month, you have to actually compare lists monthly to each other, and cross reference everything). If they'd make some changes to the logistics and clear up the language in their ToS though, i can absolutely see that being a viable option.
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Stuff! 2018-01-22T03:58:53+00:00close

A couple of days ago my dog needed a surprise vet visit, so I did a quick round of sketch cards, and these are the results. (These are all already snagged, except that bottom right Rogue).

lots of fun to do— I might actually do this on a semi regular basis. Uses up paper I’ll likely never use otherwise, and gives folks affordable access to my art, coz I’m very aware that my painted pieces are out of reach for many.

ANYHOO, I’ll have hi-Rez scans very soon, and I’ll make a coloring file for you guys if you’d like to have some fun :)

thank you!


Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5972188 - 22 Jan 18 04:01
I’d like that bottom right Rogue if it’s available!
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 22 Jan 18 04:05
LOL, that’s actually the only one that IS, so, good call! I’ll shoot you a message in the AM, when I’m at my desktop, coz messaging via Patreon mobile is infuriating, to say the least, lol.
Oh, Madelyn.
Oh, Madelyn.more_vert
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Oh, Madelyn. 2018-01-22T00:00:33+00:00close

Hey folks— just a quick pop in -- I had a very good client need to let this piece go before I sent it off to him, so it’s up for grabs.

It’s of the Goblin Queen on official Marvel Universe sketch card stock from Rittenhouse, size is 4”x5”, and was done in copic.

Edit, coz that's what i get for copy/pasting --> For Patrons, the price is $250 (my APs usually sell in the $300-400 range, for comparison). If you're interested, shoot me a message. If it doesn't sell direct in a day or two, i'll toss it up on the eBay :)

Thank you!

Comments (1)
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User #2434095 - 22 Jan 18 00:19
I am in love with this! <3
Dec 2018 Raffle winner!
Dec 2018 Raffle winner!more_vert
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Dec 2018 Raffle winner! 2018-01-19T15:43:36+00:00close

Apparently my scheduled post didn't post, so here we go again, haha.

Congrats Matthew! Check your message inbox, as well as your email in case something gets missed.

Thank you for your support, everyone!

Embed data


Provider URL

Dec 2018 Print/Review raffle drawing :)

I think you guys know what this is by now, right? Right. Congrats, Matthew!



Comments (1)
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User #5972188 - 19 Jan 18 18:21
Congrats Matthew. Meghan, what can I do to get into the raffle?
Updates! 2018-01-18T15:54:26+00:00

Tutorial password has been updated. It is now:


Super hard to hack, that one.

Link to them is:


Also, i'll be doing the drawing for the print/review tier tonight, likely 9PM EST :) Just gotta go through and get everyone's names down, which is a bit more of a PITA than one might think, LOL.

ANYHOO. Be in touch a little later with the winner!

Thank you, everyone!


Just finished!
Just finished!more_vert
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Just finished! 2018-01-16T21:37:23+00:00close

First painting of the year, done, lol. Commissioned piece of a client's original character, Solace. It's about 10x15 or so, and was done in gouache.

I ended up building a lighting reference in Daz3d, because the lighting on this was just getting nutsy since there are three separate sources, and each will have an effect on shadows. I still took some liberties, but yeah. When you need to work on something complicated, and your timeframe is super limited, by all means use reference. Just know how to do it without ref as well. I always keep it in greyscale as well, because it forces you into seeing things in proper values without confusing yourself with color (this is also the reason why I always recommend converting your art to greyscale, so you can make sure everything pops out correctly).

Also attached on here is one of three different color mockups i did -- the only differences being the lighting from her right hand, specifically the color of it.

No real walkthrough with this one, because it was seriously a hunker down and get it done situation, but this should work for a bit of the "making of" idea :) There are also a stack of sketches and such too, but i'll elaborate on those another day, LOL. (and also, i can't add more pics to this because the Patreon interface blows for this sorta thing).

Okies, back to work -- have another two covers to do, and a stack of smaller stuff and oof. Not enough hours in the day, folks.

Thank you for your support!!

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #908017 - 18 Jan 18 20:45
Downloaded DAZ. Relatively intuitive interface. Thanks for the resource.
user avatar
User #5972188 - 16 Jan 18 22:38
Fantastic. Thanks for the tips on lighting a scene. I am working on a character now and want to include some interesting lighting when I get down to coloring time.
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eBay! 2018-01-14T02:03:46+00:00close

I'm taking a sick day -- sorta (stomach flu and sinus infection, NBD), but still needed to work because, well, i'm a freelancer and that's what we do, LOL.

Knocked these two out while the meds were in high gear, and decided to toss them up on ebay, just to see if i can get a gauge for how much they might go for, because i'm SUPER out of the loop.

If anyone's interested, the link is:


After these, i'll probably do a few just for patrons. Just gotta reset that bar first, LOL.


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Conan! 2018-01-13T17:55:09+00:00close

I heard the news last night that Marvel got the Conan franchise back, and after i squeed, i got hit by a fit of inspiration and knocked this out. For those unfamiliar with my art from almost a decade ago, my first published piece was actually a fanart contest won for DarkHorse's Conan run.

ANYHOO. This piece will be for sale, i just have no idea how much, and because of that i might end up putting it on eBay. Haven't decided yet, but if any of you folks are interested, feel free to hit me up with a fair offer.

It's 8x10ish, and was done in gouache on some heavy ass illustration board, so, it's not exactly tiny.

Okies, back to work on stuff i'm supposed to be working on, LOL. Thank you, everyone!


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Stuff! 2018-01-12T16:48:01+00:00close

Updates time!

- The piece above is for the $25 tier raffle reward :) It's 9x12 (i think) done in copic marker, acrylic paint, and white colored pencil, and was an absolute pain in the ass to scan/take a photo of because the ink went shiny on it, LOL. REGARDLESS, if you'd like a chance to win it, there's still time :) I think i might also dig out a few published pages, and toss one in the pile too, in case whomever wins the wheel spin doesn't particularly care for fish people. Choices! I give you choices!

- All of the December patrons seem to finally have been charged, so I'll be doing the print drawing on Monday for that tier :) I DID start clearing out older prints last month, but if you win, you don't need to pick anything just yet -- it's good for future use as well.

- I'm gathering stuff for the next tutorial, slowly yet surely. This industry is nothing if not a "feast or famine" thing, and i definitely seem to have been inundated with the "feast" side of it over the last few days. Nothing wrong with that at all, but it does mean shifting around of projects, coz this industry is ALSO one of those fun ones where you have to take the published work as it comes. But, that does mean that there'll be a lot, a LOT lot of work coming up, like: 3 new covers (fantasy, superhero, and scifi!), five new pages for a potential comic (pirates!), character designs for that potential comic, character designs and pinups for ANOTHER potential book (demony things!), and then also commissions (Hellraiser, Superheroes, and Sexy Things!), Covenant, Inktober catchup, and an astrological series of paintings I started noodling on, lol.

Okies -- gotta get nose down on that list of stuff mentioned above, but i'll sneak over some things as soon as i can.

Thank you for your support everyone!

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Shhhh!! 2018-01-08T17:12:29+00:00close

Behold, one of the reasons for my quietness -- I just finished this cover up and sent it over. All digital (well, mostly. I did traditional pencils, but they're SUPER freaking loose). I did it on my Surface Pro 4, in Clip Studio Pro for the most part, with some final tweaks in photoshop, just to make sure it was print ready. I also ended up needing to build a model in Daz Studio because this was proving damn near impossible for me to figure out without a bit of reference... then i built the model, and realized i was almost dead on with anatomy, but whatever. Always good to have a reference when you're unsure of WTF you're doing, LOL.

I can't talk about the project yet, but it was super fun doing this piece (and a break from the spandex clad superheroes, which is always nice). I can say, however, that the book is GORGEOUS and very, very creepy.

ANYHOO. Lots and lots and lots of stuff to get up and going for you guys, including the December print raffle, and still figuring out what to do for the first month of the art raffle. Gonna be something good, just gotta figure out what it'll be, hahaha.

Thank you for your support, everyone!

Comments (3)
user avatar
User #8226657 - 8 Jan 18 17:26
Incredible! This post made me think of two other potential turorials (if you need more): painting in clip studio (to get this painterly effect) and Daz studio (because I have no idea what that is, but I assume it's a 3d modeler?). Love your stuff as always.
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 8 Jan 18 17:38
Oh, i always need tutorial ideas! This is literally the first piece i've done in Clip Studio, so i'm not quite at "explaining my process" yet, but once i am, i will absolutely get a tutorial out. And Daz3D is a free 3d modeling program you can download at Daz3d.com. I ONLY use the free one, because they have gobs and gobs and gobs of add-ons and such you can put it, but to me, those get distracting, and run a very high risk of becoming a crutch. I can't really do a tutorial on that in the traditional sense, because it really does require the user to kind of figure it out, but i can definitely show how to use them for setting up a more complicated scene :)
user avatar
User #5972188 - 8 Jan 18 17:13
SOOO lovely! Wow.
New Year, new stuff! 2018-01-02T20:18:19+00:00

Happy New Year, folks!

There are going to be lots of changes coming this way soon -- nothing any of you folks have to worry about though, because it's all to your benefit.

First off, Patreon is going to become my primary "interaction" platform. I mentioned this before, briefly, but I'm cutting down my time spent with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (though I don't really use Twitter much anyway), because, well, I'm just kind of sick of them. I'll still be posting WIPs and stuff there, because business is business, and I still need to maintain a bit of relevancy, but Patreon here is where all my finished art and exclusive stuff will be 99% of the time. I might have to sneak one out into the wild occasionally, for the aforementioned relevancy, but it'll be the exception to the rule.

Another bit is that I'm going to start doing the monthly art lottery for my $25 tier subscribers. This first month i'm going to do it a bit differently, and take suggestions as to what you might like. It can't be anything TOO massive (yet), so no 24x36 oil paintings this month, but I'll still make it good. I'm just at a loss as to what to do, LOL, and I'd like to know what you guys would think would be a good value for a prize.

I'm also going to start doing some more regular sketches and offering them up here first through Patreon, like I did the inktober stuff (which i'll be finishing up as well. I hate leaving projects unfinished). These will be totally random in all likelihood, as i have a serious stack of oddball sized paper and such that's perfect for stuff like this.

Finally, I need your help for mini-tutorial ideas, as well as future long-term ideas. I'm obviously going to finish out the Nyx one we've been working on (that'll be up in about two weeks), but there are only two or three more increments of that, and i'd like to start planning out what comes next. I've also had a few people hit me up with suggestions for small little quick ideas, and I'd love to have some other input as well, because i'd love to know what you'd like to have some help with.

Okies, that's about it for now! I'm rounding up some goodies to share up, and i'll be doing the drawing for the December $10 winner once all the pledges get processed, so heads up on that as well.

Thank you for your support, everyone! And please add any comments or suggestions you might have in the comments!


(PS: The image above is from another book coming up soon that i can't talk about yet, so shhhhh).

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #8226657 - 2 Jan 18 20:31
I think almost all the art I have is 9 x 12. So that'd be my preference. As far as what it would be. I love your colored work, so if it had color that would be great (but I know that adds a lot of extra work). I like batman stuff (all my commissioned pieces are batman characters so they share a theme), but unlike most artists, I really dig your original work, so I'd be happy with whatever the subject is. As far as tutorials go, I mentioned the line weight one a while back. Other than that, the most stuff I struggle with in my own work is making dynamic shots/poses and panel layout/comp. Not sure if you feel particularly strong in talking about either of those, but I'd love to hear your thoughts regardless. Keep it up. Your work and willingness to share your knowledge is very inspiring to me.
user avatar
meghanhetrick - 2 Jan 18 20:38
Exactly the info i was looking for, thank you, Edward! I'll absolutely be doing a (likely very long) tutorial (or two) on composition and how it relates to storytelling after I finish up the Nyx one (it's where my Covenant stuff is going to come in very handy, hahah). Linework is a good one too -- not sure how I can go about explaining that though, since my linework is actually really simple, but i'll give it a shot! Thank you again!
Busy busy busy!
Busy busy busy!more_vert
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Busy busy busy! 2017-12-27T18:55:10+00:00close

Man, the last week or so has been insane! I’m doing layouts for three separate projects, plus general business stuff, plus holidays, plus commissions, then my guy and I also decided to tear apart our sunroom to turn it into a game room, lol.

So, lots and lots going on :)

Things should be settling soon, and man, there’s a LOT of art to post for you guys, so thank you for your patience, and for sticking around!

Happy holidays, everyone!


Spawn! 2017-12-20T19:22:33+00:00close

Hah! I was looking for a ref for another pic, and stumbled across this buried in an old art folder.

I thought it might be fun to toss up for you guys, in case you wanted some coloring practice, of the masochistic variety. I'm going to also see if i have the pencils laying around here too, and if i do, i'll post those as well :D

Link below! LMK if you have any issues with it!


EDIT ->> Found the pencils -- yes, that's what i consider finished pencils, lol. Have fun! I take no responsibility for any psychological damage that may occur by attempting to ink this ;)

Attachments (2)

inks_fin_HR.jpg (17.2MiB)
pencils 2.jpeg (17.9MiB)

Comments (2)
user avatar
User #5972188 - 20 Dec 17 23:52
user avatar
User #526191 - 21 Dec 17 04:36
This is great, and even better to see your process - thanks for uploading them both :)

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